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  1. Reel_Newbie

    SOLD Kodiak Tank

    Kodiak bait tank. No idea what size it is. Approx 32” tall. $60 Located in North Fontana. Net not included.
  2. Reel_Newbie

    WTB 20-22’ Bay Boat

    Looking for a 20-22’ Bay Boat with a 4 stroke. Trolling motor is a plus but not required. Cushion package and rear seat would be a ++. Please PM me. Getting ready to sell my Whaler and need to find a replacement. Thanks!
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    SOLD Minn Kota Terrova Riptide trolling motor

    Terrova Riptide I-Pilot 80# 24v 60” shaft in great condition. Used 6 times. Includes controller of course. $1200 Please text Cesar 949-254-509 two
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    For Sale Boston Whaler Dauntless 18 Yamaha SWSII 150

    EDIT: Back on the market 3-12-2019. Thanks for all the interest last year, but was unable to find a boat to replace this so we held onto it until now. Still looking for a bay boat in the 20-22’ range to replace this. 1998 Boston Dauntless 18 1998 Yamaha Salwater Series II 150hp Second owner...
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    SOLD Found a Rod Thx!

    M or MH would be good. Let me know if ya got one for me. Thanks.
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    SOLD Accurate BV400

    Phenix PSW 808mh (15-40) trigger seat as new has 1 boat ride never fished. SOLD Accurate BV400 w/ #50 braid. 1 boat ride and 1 WSB. Box and clamp included. Purchased less than a month ago. SOLD Revo Toro S used one time. Box included. No braid included. SOLD Located near Bass Pro but travel...
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    For Sale REVO Toro REVOT2S60 Abu Garcia

    Used exactly one time. Braid not included. Will consider trades for nice spinning reel in the 5000-6500 size. EDIT trades added: Jig stick 8-9’ Or Shimano MH spinning jigging rod $200 Thanks
  8. Reel_Newbie

    WTB Seeker ISP 809

    Lemme know if ya got one for me. I live 5 minutes from Bass Pro and travel thru OC into Playa Vista almost daily. Thanks in advance. PM or Text: 949-254-50 Nine 2
  9. Reel_Newbie

    WTB Found . Thx

    Let me know if ya got one
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    WTB Sold A Boat Thx

    Looking for a small dual console in the 18-20 range. Maybe a Wellcraft Sportsman or Trophy 1806 or Whaler Ventura (or similar) Please let me know if you have one, or know of one. EDIT: Open to Triumph 190 Bay also. PM please. Thanks Cesar
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    2008 Striper Bay 2200 Yamaha 250F

    EDIT: 7/15/17 Boat is sold. Thank you Will, please take good care of her. Thank you all for the interest (including the extreme low ballers). Life style change forces sale. I am the second on and took possession in 2013. Original owner purchased and rigged boat new in 2009. Motor has 5XX...
  12. Reel_Newbie

    !Yamaha F250 2007/2008 Bogging Blues... Help!

    Never had any issues until recent. September last year installed all new fuel filters and low pressure fuel pump. Ran like a champ until 3 weeks ago. Won't throttle past 3gph or aprrox 2500rpm while under load. No issues if she's just sitting in water, it'll rev up but of course never reaches...
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    Yamaha Service in IE

    Looking for a good Yamaha service shop in the IE. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Fuel Pumps on 2008 Yamaha F250

    Can anyone elaborate on level of difficulty involved in replacing low/high pressure fuel pumps on a 2008 F250? Considering taking this on myself. Was heading out yesterday and it would only stay running while pumping the bulb. My understanding is that the low pressure pump has gone bad, but...
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    Anyone fish the Wall at dark lately?

    Just curious. Let me know how it was/is.
  16. Reel_Newbie

    WTB Terez Spinning M MH H

    Have never really put any effort into spinning gear, but want to try this year. Looking for something in the Terez family. Please PM me if you've got one. Send specs. Okay to text as well. 949-254-50 nine 2 I'm near Bass Pro, and travel to LA/Hollywood daily. Thanks
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    Help finding local service center

    Find one. Thanks.
  18. Reel_Newbie

    Your Bay Boat Fuel Consumption/Cruise Speed...?

    Just curious for comparison, what are u guys getting for fuel consumption vs. speed on your 20'+ bay boat? (average) 22' with a 250 30mph cruise @ ~3800rpm puts me around 7gph or ~4mpg
  19. Reel_Newbie

    Bait pouring stuff dirt cheap.

    Glitters, coloring, Pyrex microwave cups, couple swimbait molds, small microwave, pearl glitters. Dye's and Glitters like new! Everything you need to start pouring your own baits, you'll just need plastic, or you can melt down your old swimbaits. Take it all for 50$...! Text me. Cesar...
  20. Reel_Newbie

    Revo Winch 120$

  21. Reel_Newbie

    WTB: Blanks - Phenix- Seeker- Or?

    Looking for blanks in 7' 6" - 8' Phenix M1/PSW or Seekers in the 10-25lb or 15-30lb range. Or let me know what you have. Oldies and odd balls welcome. Thanks.
  22. Reel_Newbie

    Bass Gear FS/T

    LAST CALL ON WHATS LEFT. SHOOT ME OFFERS/TRADES. NEED THEM OUT. Quantum IR 300PT 6.4:1 ratio loaded with 65lb Sufix 832. 300 size salt reel in new condtion. 140$ Abu Garcia Revo Winch in good condtion. Sold Shimano Teramar TMC-X711HBRA in great condition. Sold iRod Genesis II Fred's Magic Stick...
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    Wall Session 3/15

    Got in a quick wall run with the wifey last tonight. Watched the sun go down (that's the wife part), then pulled decent fish including a near 6lber. Big 5 went 22lbs.
  24. Reel_Newbie

    Leader Knots

    Anybody using this knot? I tend to just go with a uni/uni or Alberto, but this knot is streamline. I just changed the amount of wraps (4 wraps 3 times makes for a tighter knot). Curious if anyone has put it to the test?
  25. Reel_Newbie

    Swimbait Storage

    Curious how others store their swimbaits..? You guys ever worry about deformed tails or colors bleeding after prolonged storage?
  26. Reel_Newbie

    FH Show Phenix Blanks (seconds?)

    So in passing, I noticed tons of green blanks for sale at the Phenix booth. The not so kind gentleman working the booth told me they were seconds or blems, but no mention of brand or what the blem could be. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? They were priced low, and a few had appealing...
  27. Reel_Newbie

    Wall 2/22

    I'll be spending the night at the wall. Stop by and say what's up if you're out there.
  28. Reel_Newbie

    Pedestal fishing seats.?

    Refitting my boat with new fishing seats. What are you guys using, where did you buy them? Thanks !
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    WTB Kayak ?

    Maybe this is the wrong place for this. Looking for an entry level kayak. No frills in the 200$ range. PM me. Thanks
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    New To Kayak's...Looking for a cheap starter.

    Looking to try kayak fishing mainly in harbors only (PITA taking the boat every time). So if you have one you'de like to sell, or trade for tackle, or can direct me to a good starter at a decent price.. let me know. Thanks guys.!
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    Looking for a freshwater jerkbait rod.

    Got one. Thanks all.
  32. Reel_Newbie

    Shimano Crucial Swimbait sell/trade

    In like new condition. Shimano Crucial Swimbait heavy. I have far to many swimbait sticks. 100$ or trade for a lighter bass stick in the 7' range such as a Powell or Phenix. Let me know what you have. text 949-254-5092
  33. Reel_Newbie

    Anyone hittin the wall tonight 8/23

    Anyone gonna be out there?
  34. Reel_Newbie

    Wall PB...!

    Haven't had alot of time to get out with a newborn at home, but was able to sneak in a midnight wall session this weekend. Good bite with lots of 1-2's, a few 3's and my wall PB at a hair over 6lbs. Stoked!Pictures aren't the greatest, had to use the gopro as I was solo.
  35. Reel_Newbie

    New to Pouring....Field Tested Results...Thrilled!

    Started molding and pouring my own baits to pass time while we were expecting my third child. (couldn't get the boat out, so I played with plastic). With alot of help from BD, and even more help from BP, things came together thru lots of trial/error. Tried 60/40 Lurecraft and Caney Creek...
  36. Reel_Newbie

    Local Pond Putting Out Pre-Spawners

    Took the kids to the local fishing hole........pre-spawn hunting....found'em...along with tons of 1lbers. The biggin's all came via SPRO baby shad slow rolled low.
  37. Reel_Newbie

    F250/22' Bay Boat Prop

    Had a 14x19 and tached out in seconds. Currently using a loaner High5 of unknown pitch and hits 5800rpm/58mph at WOT. Need to give the loaner back and am looking for advise on size/pitch for a new prop. Would a 3 blade 14x21 fit my needs? Thanks.
  38. Reel_Newbie

    Tiller Control VS I-Pilot

    Faced with having to buy a new trolling motor. Currently have an ST w/I-Pilot. Anyone with experience with tiller controlled TM's, please provide some pros and cons. Thanks guys.
  39. Reel_Newbie

    Minn Kota Riptide ST Steering Bearings

    The steering bearings are shoot in my Riptide. Called Minn Kota and was informed that they cannot be replaced. Can anyone confirm this? Can they be replaced, or am I looking at buying a new steering unit? Thanks All!
  40. Reel_Newbie

    Lowrance Elite 7 or ??

    Looking to buy a new unit and the price tag on the Elite 7 has me intrigued. I already have a P66 mounted which was for a Garmin 545s. Few questions: Can/will the P66 plug into the Elite 7 with some sort of adapter? Will the dual imaging work with a P66? Are there other units I should...
  41. Reel_Newbie

    Yamaha Service in the Inland Empire

    Looking for a good shop in the IE. Thanks in advance.
  42. Reel_Newbie

    First Plastic

    Since it's been cold and my boat needs a service, I decided to pass time by building a few rods and "trying" to make my own swimbaits. This is the first master and I can say it's almost as fun as building rods. Still gotta make a few more variations to pour at least a 3-4 cavity mold. Thanks...
  43. Reel_Newbie

    Swimbait Mold Blanks

    What are you guys using to create/shape your blanks for casting molds?
  44. Reel_Newbie


    For those who pour their own swimbaits, what brand plastic are you using?
  45. Reel_Newbie

    COC Conditions & Roll Over

    So I followed both days of live weigh in for the SWBA COC. Noticed yesterday at the end of weigh ins, not all boats had reported, or may have reported late and day two bags had not been posted. Late last night my wife woke me up to read a FaceBook post from Bass Knuckles stating that there had...
  46. Reel_Newbie

    Anyone fish the new Teramar line-up yet?

    If you've fished the new WC Teramar series with the split grip and up-locking reel seat, please provide opinions on the action/actions. It's been a while since I've purchased a factory rod, and these are at the top of the list followed closely by the Abu Volatile. Thanks.
  47. Reel_Newbie

    Garmin 541s Freezes

    Well, went out last weekend for a midnight run and realized that the plotter stopped working as soon as we left the harbor. Now it freezes on start-up and won't get past the first screen. Any idea what it could be? Thanks.
  48. Reel_Newbie

    Up-locking trigger seat?

    Are there any current manufactures that offer up-locking trigger seats similar to what's found on the Shimano crucial and teramar rods? These style seats are by far more comfortable to me. I tried making my own and failed. Would seem like there may be a market for up-locking triggers?
  49. Reel_Newbie

    Ci4 VS. Revo Inshore Spinning

    Quick question, I'm building an Inshore/Calico spinning rod, can the Ci4 handle the rigors of inshore salt fishing? or should I be looking at the Revo Inshore? Thanks in advance.
  50. Reel_Newbie

    Light bait baitcaster

    Looking for advise on a light bait throwing baitcaster. 1/8-1/2 lures is what I'm planning on throwing with this set-up. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks
  51. Reel_Newbie

    12 Spotties + A ticket in 45mins in HB

    Well, few weeks ago my partner and I were on our way back into Anaheim Bay from a midnight LB Wall session. It was about 9am when we arrived to the area in fornt of the Naval Dock. As we all know, this is a NO stopping zone, but being ritual, we slowed the boat down to an idle speed and began...
  52. Reel_Newbie

    L.A. Area beaches near 10fwy I can hit before/after work.?.?

    Advise on productive L.A. beaches near 10 fwy. Looking for a quick get away spot I can hit before/after work. Thanks.
  53. Reel_Newbie

    Newport Harbor?

    Two questions regarding Newport Harbor. #1.Where to launch that will put us close to question #2? #2. Productive areas for Spottie fishing? Thanks guys. Just don't want to spend alot of time hunting.
  54. Reel_Newbie

    Get Rid of the Small Rust Stains

    What are you guys using to remove small rust stains from your fiberglass/gelgoat? I've small spots/stains near the cleats and button snaps.
  55. Reel_Newbie

    #5 ISB822.5 "Bare Bones" the spinning twin

    So I enjoyed my first bare bones rod so much, that I built a spinner to match. This time I turned the rubber butt down to almost nothing in order to balance the rod. RX7 ISB822.5 Old school Fuji seat (it's comfortable) Fuji guides Charcoal Gudebrod And The Polished Rubber Butt shaved to minimum
  56. Reel_Newbie

    4000 Size Spinning Reel

    Looking for a 4000 size spinning reel (Shimano-Daiwa-Cabo) in good shape for use inshore and freshwater. Cash in hand. PM or post what you have. Thanks!
  57. Reel_Newbie

    Spinning Rod Guide Layout

    This will be my first spinner and I need a little help on guide layout. Blank is UC83H. It's stated to be a moderate fast, but it feels a bit quicker. I have Fuji tangle free's in 30 25 20 16 12 10 8 7. The smaller guides are single foot and I have a few in each size. Reel size will be...
  58. Reel_Newbie

    48hrs and the Epoxy is still tacky???

    I may have had a bad mix ratio, but it's been 48hrs and the final coat (3 total) is still tacky. What's the cause? Too much resin or too much hardener? What can I do now? Add another coat and change the ratio to increase final hardness? Thanks again.
  59. Reel_Newbie

    Drop Shot for Salty Bass?.,?.,?

    I've tried it.... Was broken off every time. 7' ML spinner with 6lb Sniper. ( freshwater drop) Used a Nervous Rex in black/silver color. Has anyone had success with this technique in the salt?
  60. Reel_Newbie

    Rod #4.. CB80H Acid Krank StiK. Bare Bones project "too simple"

    Rod #4. This one's for me and my D22's/Lite Swimbaits. "Murdered Out" as all the teens say. I was going for extreme simple and light weight. Complete rod weight is 4.8oz. Could have been lighter, but had to use the Polished Rubber Butt to create a nice balanced feel. RX7 CB80H 10-25# Fuji...
  61. Reel_Newbie

    Rod #3. Jaws Inshore Kaliko Kikker Acid Wrapped

    Well, just finished rod #3 and things are getting easier rod by rod. Lots of you have been very kind in lending knowledge, and it's appreciated..Thank You. I'll be using this for light salty bass and freshwater swimbaits. Handle is long and grips are thin(like my 1st rod). I was kinda going...
  62. Reel_Newbie

    Polished Rubber Butt

    Decided to pass this along. I searched prior to trying to turn my own rubber butt shapes and couldn't find much but I'm sure it's been done. Here it is. I love the feel of EVA butts and the durability of rubber butts. So, I turned and polished a rubber butt to feel like EVA and last like...
  63. Reel_Newbie

    Shimano 300E, 300EJ, Crucial Swimabait, St. Croix Tidemaster, G-Loomis BBR 904C

    For Sale. Shimano 300E (SOLD) Shimano 300EJ (SOLD) Shimano Crucial Swimbait (SOLD) St. Croix Tidemaster used with very light rash. $80 now $70 will trade for blanks or rod building materials/parts (see photo for ratings) G-Loomis BBR 904C. (SOLD) Please PM me. Items are located...
  64. Reel_Newbie

    Vertical jogging in SoCal

    JIGGING not this technique usable ib SoCal? Looks like a blast!
  65. Reel_Newbie

    Reason for reversing stripper on an Acid wrap?

    Any good reason for reversing the stripper guide on an acid wrap? (placing the bracing legs towards the tip) It looks abnormal, but interesting.
  66. Reel_Newbie

    Acid Wrap on a 10-20lb rod?

    Q#1-I'm interested in trying a spiral wrap on my current build. It's a Jaws 8' 10-20lb. It'll be used for inshore bass and green bass. Is it worth spiral wrapping, or is there no benefit on such a lite rod? Q#2-Does it make a difference which direction the spiral wraps (clockwise/counter...
  67. Reel_Newbie

    Flock over graphite... Perfect end cuts?

    Alright, so I'm trying shrink over shaped graphite and I'm having a difficult time getting perfect end cuts. I do plan to use trim checks to conceal the ends, but there has to be an easier way. Currently, I'm shrinking the flock on the graphite, getting the ends hot and turning them outside...
  68. Reel_Newbie

    Rod #2 Gift to my Father-in-Law (with story)

    Well, since having the day off, I decided it was a good time to try my second rod build. This will be a gift for my Father-in-Law, Steve (Love you Steve-O). I've known the guy for 15+ years and He's always been fair, understanding, and forgiving. My first fishing trip (ever) was with him. At...
  69. Reel_Newbie

    Lathe Ideas for turning grips?

    So i've searched without results. I was hoping some of you could post photos of your home built or partly home built lathes. In addition, maybe a brief description of parts used. I was thinking of flipping my drill press on it's side with a roller on the opposite end. . .? Again, any...
  70. Reel_Newbie

    Like new Chronarch 200E7 for E6 Chronarch or Curado or Other in the low 6's

    Gone. Got exactly what I was looking for. Thanks all.
  71. Reel_Newbie

    First Rod. Simple Inshore Rod

    Decided to try building my own rods, have to say it's a blast. As of now, I'm building just to suit my needs. I really like long narrow handles and no foregrip. This is my first attempt in process. United Composites US80MH ALPS 316 guides Fuji ACS reel seat Red X over shaped cork tape...
  72. Reel_Newbie

    Casting Fail!!! Cost me 400 bux

    Lost my Revo Inshore and Cedros rod. Damn newb! Otherwise and good day.
  73. Reel_Newbie

    Phenix PSW867ML $150 or trade

    SOLD.. Thanks Charlie. Rod is in great shape ready to go. Pick up in North Fontana $150 Willing to trade for a good baitcaster ..200 size let me know what you got. OR.. A power rod wrapper in good working order.
  74. Reel_Newbie

    Looking for a working used power wrapper/dryer

    Figured it would make more sense to post it here. I'm looking for a good used machine, something beginner friendly that won't break the bank. I wrapped my first rod last week and now I'm hooked. Thanks guys.
  75. Reel_Newbie

    Phenix PSW760L 7'-6" 8-25#

    SOLD.. Thanks Charlie. Phenix PSW760L in great shape. Sorry for the lack of pics. $150 cash takes it. Located in North Fontana, but can meet-up in OC. PM if interested.
  76. Reel_Newbie

    Catalina Vergin

    So we're planning a Catalina run within the next week or so. Being this will be my first time both taking my boat and fishing Catalina, I was looking for any advise/insight. Where to find the bass, what to expect, different baits or techniques. Thanks in advance, anything helps.
  77. Reel_Newbie

    Looking to try LMB fishing.

    So we're planning on trying some freshwater bass fishin' at my local lakes (Silverwood,Skinner,Perris,Elsinore,DVL etc.). Need advise on bait and technique. What works for spring/summer LMB? Should I be looking for structure or just fish the points..or both? Thanks in advance.
  78. Reel_Newbie

    WANTED: 21-23' Center Console w/trailer 05 or newer. Cash Ready up to 22k

  79. Reel_Newbie

    Reel life experience with MAKO 2201 Inshore

    I'm in the market for a new boat in the $30k- range. It'll be my first off the lot vessel and don't want to make the wrong decision. I'm leaning on a MAKO 2201 Inshore w/ a 150 Merc Optimax. It'll be used for lots of coastal kelp fishing and the not so often hop to Catalina. Looking for...
  80. Reel_Newbie

    05 Sea Pro 180cc. Yamaha 90 4stroke.

    SOLD!! GOOD LUCK JASON, SHE'LL BE MISSED!- -2005 Sea Pro 180cc with a low hours Yamaha 90 4 stroke. 36mph top speed -Stryker T-Top with 9 pod rocket launchers. top has a zipper and can set long or short -T-Bag storage -GPS / Fish finder -AM/FM/CD -VHF radio -42 gallon fuel tank (runs for weeks...