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  1. openclass

    Bluefin leader size

    Without geting into too much detail, what size leader should I be looking at for trolling for bluefin tuna. Im looking at various lures to get up and going quick as a bite in Norcal is somewhat on.
  2. openclass

    SOLD Garmin 4210 Chartplotter

    Like the title says...I'm looking for a Garmin 4210 chartplotter in good condition.
  3. openclass

    Tuna water?

    Question for the So Cal guys. In Northern California our offshore fishing consists pretty much of albacore and a rare dorado or other stray warm water fish. The fishing for albacore consists more or less of fishing the warm water break, usually + - 35 miles out and about 59° temp. No one ever...
  4. openclass

    Seal Hunting in Sweden.

    It might be time for an overseas hunt.....Do I get my weapon of choice:Beat_Them
  5. openclass

    Scammer alert - Javiena Means

    Dude just joined................... Has no posts Immediately has shit to sell Shit is dirt cheep Has been questioned on other forums because of the above. One example -
  6. openclass

    WTB WTB Garmin 5212/5012 bail mount

    Just like the title says.....I want to overhead mount a Garmin 5212 chartplotter I just picked up. I need the bail mount with the knobs. Maybe someone has a leftover from a flush mount?
  7. openclass

    Transducers again

    I just did an upgrade on the electronics that came with the boat I bought a few months back. I guess this stuff was pretty decent when it was new in 2006 but it currently is left wanting by today’s standards. I don’t have enough for a full blown chirp system until 2021 so I’m doing an...
  8. openclass

    SOLD 12" 6 lug brakes for sale

    These brakes were on a new trailer that moved my boat from SC to CA. The use going cross country is minimal as its all highway miles. The brakes have never been dunked in water, salt or fresh. I replaced these brakes with all stainless steel, the reason for selling. They come off of a magic tilt...
  9. openclass


    I'm constantly seeing a feeding frenzy when a waffle ball handle becomes available. I would personally buy 3-4. How about a run to satisfy us with an affliction to the original reels?
  10. openclass

    My White Bottom

    Thinking about keeping the boat in the water for a day or two maybe up to a week. Is this an issue with a white bottom IE no bottom paint. Is there any reasonable time limit and what are the consequences of being in the water just a little too long.
  11. openclass

    Hole burnt in my pocket.

    I've been trying to buy a couple of new grafighters 800Ms for three months now..... they are on back order. I'm getting weary which is hard for me. Does anybody know where/ what shop carries a good supply of them so I can make this a wrap?
  12. openclass

    Top of the food chain

    Just when you think you are the top of the food chain then a bigger bad ass comes along and........
  13. openclass

    Banging a Fur bag

    This guy is a dumbass showing his mug while banging a fur bag. It won't be cheap by the time its over with.
  14. openclass

    JB Spectra for Calibut

    I'm looking for recommendations for what lb test for some JB hollow spectra for California halibut. I'm definitely looking for JB hollow for dual role fishing. I will be using the string for bounce-balling for halibut and for salmon trolling off the downriggers......60lb anyone?
  15. openclass

    Garmin 3010C - Which card?

    I will have to use the electronics that came with the boat I bought a few months ago. The card that came with the Garmin 3010C is an East coast card which of course doesn't work on the West coast. Ive been trying to look online for a card for fishing in my area Sf - Bodega but getting anything...
  16. openclass

    Trolling Hook Choice

    I'm re rigging all my fishing tackle in the winter time in preparation for this years fishing (Private boat). I've always used the Mustad 7982HS-SS, double hook, for Albacore trollers but recently I read an article that someone was using 7691s. The reason given for the 7691 was easier/quicker...
  17. openclass

    WTB Calstar Baby Boomer 9+

    Looking for a couple of Calstar Baby Boomers in factory wrap.......9+ condition.
  18. openclass

    Albacore Trolling Reel

    After being out of the game for a few years I'm jumping back in running. Picked up a Parker 2820 and I'm in the process of outfitting it for Nor Cal. I need enough rigs to troll for Albacore and I'm looking at the Dauntless DX2 600. Not being familiar with the reel I'm looking for opinions on...
  19. openclass

    SOLD Accurate B2-870C.

    WTB a 2nd reel to match what I already have - Accurate B2-870C, my go to halibut reel. I'm looking for a clean reel 9.5/10 or better.
  20. openclass

    WTB Triple Axle

    I'm looking for a triple axle trailer 12,000lb + ....looking for something ready to go, no thrashers, rust buckets etc and will pay accordingly. Prefer newer Aluminum
  21. openclass

    2820 Bunk Setup Help

    I will be picking up my 06 Parker 2820 in about a month from the East coast (I'm in Northern California). I will be using a trailer I already have (Aluminum 12,000lb EZ loader) with the two big bunks in the rear of the trailer. So the big question is what is the bunk spacing - WIDTH. I know it...
  22. openclass

    Backflip Over 72ft Canyon - Kelly McGarry Red Bull Rampa

    I'm not sure if this has been posted before........FN Bad ASS vid
  23. openclass

    DPX2 reviews

    I'm considering updating my accurate reels (665H, B2-870, ATDs etc,etc...) to DPX2s & topless ATDs. I'm cool on the ATDs but I'm finding virtually no consumer reviews on the DPX2s. I know they are relatively new so I'm not sure if they have been thru a full fishing season/year thus generating...
  24. openclass

    ACR wiring

    Not sure if I got this ACR wiring right (see the attachment), electricity is just not my bag. As an alternative should it be wired in between batteries 1 & 3? The idea, of course, is to charge both banks from one source. This will be hooked up to a VP D6-350 with a 115amp alternator and 4...
  25. openclass

    How many batteries

    I'm about to do a total rewire on my boat due to a re-power & the fact that the old wiring just needs too much repair work. The boat (25' Farallon Whaleback) had four batteries, two house, two engine which seems like overkill. Whats the thinking on the number of batteries run on a similar size...
  26. openclass

    Panga anyone

    Anyone personally know of a good quality super/panga to fish the off shore waters IE Corbetena or El Banco. About all I see online now a days is the cabin cruisers for the larger$$$.
  27. openclass

    Caulking removal

    I'm trying to remove the caulking left overs after removing the rub rail on my boat (whoever put it on put WAY too much on). I cant believe how tenacious this stuff is. I have scraped & cut about as much as i can without scratching the gel coat underneath but there is still some to go. I have...
  28. openclass

    Triple Axle Trailer

    Triple Axle Trailer No Longer Wanted My 1983 tandem axle trailer has reached the end of its life. Its not financially feasible to repair due to issues with bunks, brakes, cracks in cross members etc.....The boat was a tad heavy for the trailer anyhow. Anyone with a lead to a triple axle trailer...
  29. openclass

    Farallon pictures needed

    To make a long story short my wife hires this dude to haul away some junk at the house. He walks past the junk which is set aside at the front of the house, goes down the side of the house. He then takes the helm cabinets/side panels for my 1983 Farallon which are out while I'm re-powering &...
  30. openclass

    Teleflex Twin S Control - Single Function - Two LeverTwin S Control

    SOLD Twin S Control - Single Function - Two Lever SOLD I bought & installed the control in my boat. It was in the boat for six months & used maybe six times. I took it out because I repowered to a diesel & could not use it. Its in virtually new condition except for the detents (from my old...