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  1. Marlin Mike

    Tuna town campsite for tonight

    Bring it, you guys are always welcome in tuna town
  2. Marlin Mike

    BD Decals?

    I know nothingggg
  3. Marlin Mike

    Delivery to Westport tomorrow

    can twotap pat ride in the bed of the truck on the way back asking for a friend
  4. Marlin Mike

    Golf and Boating?

    that might leave a mark
  5. Marlin Mike

    SlapShot is back on Float 12

    great report see you guys on float 12 Friday night. we are getting the band back together look out
  6. Marlin Mike

    Tuna Tuna Tuna🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟

    my bad you are abosoluety right. I was confused with Raymond and rainman.
  7. Marlin Mike

    WP Slip available

    With the fishing reports in Westport I can’t believe no one has jumped on this.
  8. Marlin Mike

    Tuna Tuna Tuna🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟

    Guy who used to be on here all the time. Went from thick skinned to thin skinned. Protested sight But sure he’s a lurker
  9. Marlin Mike

    WP Slip available

    looks like a no brainer to me gl bud
  10. Marlin Mike

    Don’t try this at home. Safety first

    super man don't have shit on me
  11. Marlin Mike

    Westport RV Recommendations??

    I would stay away from westport inn. they have a group that stays there for the summer. kinda shaddy group of rejects.
  12. Marlin Mike

    The Paragon

    saweet, congrats ,can't wait to see finished toy
  13. Marlin Mike

    New entrant for WTC 2020

    I know nothingggggg
  14. Marlin Mike

    Let the games begin

    his new name paulish
  15. Marlin Mike

    Westport to anacortes 4/13

    just N FYI my buddy say thanks for the bails that you dropped off at the border
  16. Marlin Mike

    Best video ever. Fuckers

    one trip the will always be remembered. lets all go fuck sum shit up!
  17. Marlin Mike

    Brutha needs some support

    having positive thoughts for ya Larry
  18. Marlin Mike

    Lift Raft or Survival Suits

    when. todd had the Iso kala we had it mounted on the bow. worked well up there but than. again. we never had to actually use or deploy
  19. Marlin Mike

    Washington Tuna Classic Update

    this is all starting to sound like Charlie brown's teacher..... blah blah blah
  20. Marlin Mike

    What? I can totally tow that!

    I really dont see a problem with that. just run it
  21. Marlin Mike

    Only turn 40 once…

    the real question is what's your budget and what time of year you want to go.I. vote for kona and if you decide to go there I can hook you up with a top notch captain and boat. I wouldnt wait to long to book any trip. boat and captain are the most important things when. traveling to fish...
  22. Marlin Mike

    Opened up the winch

    what kinda rod you gonna put that on
  23. Marlin Mike

    Sometimes life is just unfair

    quit crashing our bait stop damnit
  24. Marlin Mike

    Sometimes life is just unfair

    we would if someone would put the right numbers In for a waypoint
  25. Marlin Mike

    Sometimes life is just unfair

    damn commies think they own All Waterways give the weekend warrior a lil room. we can all work together
  26. Marlin Mike


    old dragoonballs has the co tact for bags. the best cooker to use for large quantities is all american model#930 I did 88 80z bags one cook that 44lbs at one shot with 100% success rate. if doing small runs presto 23quart pressure cooker did 37 bags that's just under19lbs. again 100%. the keys...
  27. Marlin Mike

    Sometimes life is just unfair

    there goes @Oldschool1500 andy always crashing the baitstop. give the googans alil room brah
  28. Marlin Mike

    Kona fishing trips

    Sea genie II capt gene vanderhook
  29. Marlin Mike

    Tackle/ fishing organization in shop

    @goatram Nevermind
  30. Marlin Mike

    Playin on wife’s new toy!

    Xwow wasn’t sure what to expect from title. Nice work
  31. Marlin Mike

    Anyone Ever Live on a Boat?

    talk with Pete pau hana I know he has lived on a boat for quite some [email protected] pau hana
  32. Marlin Mike

    Something wicked this way comes

    congrats on the new ride I love those wide hips she has,your gonna love it
  33. Marlin Mike

    Boat transport company

    Just a reminder before you have a vessel shipped acrossed the country............. thru bolt that kicker damnit
  34. Marlin Mike

    Squid jigging

    Clean and cook
  35. Marlin Mike

    Vessel insurance update- Fall 2019

    thanks for the update Pete always good idea to review policies. and coverages
  36. Marlin Mike

    Best information I could ever pass on

    Can u you say spell check and quit yelling
  37. Marlin Mike

    Shout out to Mark Coleman and company

    NIce job all rivers @MarkColeman
  38. Marlin Mike

    Smoking Albacore bellies?

    @dragonball had a good one but hes out hunting send him pm
  39. Marlin Mike

    Fishin' Luhrs Replacement

    I heard the name of the boat is 9 LIVES with all the shit those guys have been thru since they moved and to keep on going. think its perfect just sayin
  40. Marlin Mike

    All Quiet on the Albacore Front.......?

    what you talkin bout willis the seacawwwk shutdowns the water from entering. sooooo if he has to replace pump as sea, just close the seacawwwk. and no more water . do your work open seacawwwwk and presto your upp and running. or am i missing something here ?
  41. Marlin Mike

    All Quiet on the Albacore Front.......?

    your ball ball valve needs to be after the pump. as to not restrict what the pump receives.for water. but what the out put is into your tank also should prevent burst of water to come thru tank. if that. make sence.
  42. Marlin Mike

    Fishin' Luhrs Replacement

    al I can say is SAAAAWEEEET. sure would like to hear her purrrrrr. congrats on the new pussy
  43. Marlin Mike

    Open tuna seat on Friday October 11th

    What u talking bout willis
  44. Marlin Mike

    Free Beer in Westport tomorrow

    ya she was a lil fuckered up
  45. Marlin Mike

    Logging in

    Big brother is watching
  46. Marlin Mike

    Logging in

    you guys watch to much porn on your devises, Jason and Ali have it set up so if you watch to porn on your devise makes it' a bitch to stay on. clear your history or go Incognito. duh
  47. Marlin Mike

    Boat porn Mavrik Marine

    Where’s the pic of said boat I don’t see anything
  48. Marlin Mike

    Tuna Tuesday?

    No ice they lost the recipe
  49. Marlin Mike

    Boat porn Mavrik Marine

    "Kinda like those high heel too"
  50. Marlin Mike

    Boat porn Mavrik Marine

    As quoted in “every body wants some” Van Halen “I like the way the line goes up the back of the stockings”
  51. Marlin Mike

    All Quiet on the Albacore Front.......?

    add a ball valve after the pump to regulate flow rate.
  52. Marlin Mike

    Whose the Expert in Ice Slurries?

    Yes leave heads on. I cut the gills and where meet but lower jaws. Then you should be able to make one pull get all guts out. Next I cut the stomach to check contents. As to match troll gear to match size of tackle to contents. .put all contents in bucket if your not under power.(keeps sharks...
  53. Marlin Mike

    Kids life jacket needed in Westport in the AM (Saturday the 21st)

    Thanks for letting us slide in front of you sat morning, greatly appreciated. I have to admit there’s something about a 8 yr old while being a bait stop yelling “ toss bait guys,toss bait,make it rain”yay plus watching her bringing in fish is Awesome.
  54. Marlin Mike

    Whose the Expert in Ice Slurries?

    Remember though air is your enemy always pack your ice and cover /insulate as much as possible.
  55. Marlin Mike

    Whose the Expert in Ice Slurries?

    Okay guys here’s my take on ice storage and slurries and what I do. Number 1 Rule. Air is your enemy in storing ice We take full tote of ice and goes in fish boxes over night. 3 Tripp’s down the dock with 2 garbage cans full ice. Between each trip after the ice goes in the box. It gets...
  56. Marlin Mike

    Just another shit show

    great job fellas and Rhett too
  57. Marlin Mike

    On a side note....

    Friends don’t let friends drive dodges
  58. Marlin Mike

    It's official this time... ShortRound is heading east!

    We’re gonna miss ya lil buddy. Wanted to keep it short.
  59. Marlin Mike

    Tuna bleeding done wrong

    I Just cut there throat buy the heart pumps . Blood pumps out like a squirtgun
  60. Marlin Mike

    Westport exotic. Not pelagic

    is that exotic or erotic
  61. Marlin Mike


    now that's BALLIN
  62. Marlin Mike

    Good Times on the High Seas

    great report with pic nice job. your boat has a fricken awesome profile on the water while underway. I was admiring as you went by on your way in. tight lines
  63. Marlin Mike

    Look who we saw at tuna town

    damn I thought that's what he needed for all them pedals the cab. first you use the blocks to get in the truck then slap em on the brake and gas pedals.
  64. Marlin Mike

    Loaded the boat.

    very true. the only problem with that is. our captain was down on the deck doing work. our new captain for the day was Claire Cory G seven year old daughter. she had plenty to do. Looking for jumpers, birds, and yelling" TOSS BAIT GUYS, MAKE IT RAIN. marlin mike drop
  65. Marlin Mike

    Tuna are here!!

    Nice jog great pics
  66. Marlin Mike

    Tuna are here!!

    pics biatch
  67. Marlin Mike

    Need to rewrap 2 gaffs

    what there's a new mayor in town
  68. Marlin Mike

    Posting in correct forums....again...

    wow havent seen mo this active in like 12 years
  69. Marlin Mike

    Posting in correct forums....again...

    ya all just shut the fwk up
  70. Marlin Mike

    Fresh Pavement on the Tuna Highway

    Just stop already
  71. Marlin Mike

    One time at band camp 2011

    doin the ole dance
  72. Marlin Mike

    Curmudgeon Reunion

    me tooo. knot
  73. Marlin Mike

    Missed connection...

    I heard she whistles in the wind hmmmmmm
  74. Marlin Mike

    Missed connection...

    I remember a guy back in the day who brought a leopard print pillow to sleep on the boat. Some guy named tommie?…………………………………………… MmmmmmMAYBE
  75. Marlin Mike

    Missed connection...

    Not in the bidge. It’s now called the boot locker Camooon
  76. Marlin Mike

    One time at band camp 2011

    Let’s go fuck sum shit UP
  77. Marlin Mike

    Huge shout out to Sharkster Bob

    Did someone say weeds and grass
  78. Marlin Mike

    Unusual Recommendation Request

    sounds a lil personal but THANKS for sharing
  79. Marlin Mike


    Thanks for the Intell markie
  80. Marlin Mike

    BD’er potty training

    Yes Hollywood we ALL know how you roll
  81. Marlin Mike


    You have so much stuff could you please itemize and price each indivually. Thanks
  82. Marlin Mike

    Metabo electric impact wrench

    So it comes with batteries but they aren’t needed. Wth
  83. Marlin Mike

    need a ride - La Push or Neah this Week

    BOat leaves at 0500 be there we dont wait
  84. Marlin Mike

    30" Scotty booms

    Dude I will take these too it will go great with my new tr1
  85. Marlin Mike

    TR-1 Components

    Dude I will take it and pay shipping
  86. Marlin Mike

    Need Help..Big Island fishing charter 7/2019

    Sea genie ll Capt gene vanderhook
  87. Marlin Mike


    thought i saw em hanging at the sound view
  88. Marlin Mike

    Bottom fishing report...Westport

    Thanks for the share great porn
  89. Marlin Mike

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    I know nothing about said story
  90. Marlin Mike


    i have NEVER thrown a swim bait so far without even putting any effort into it. that thing is the BOMB
  91. Marlin Mike

    The Journey

    I heard landing craft
  92. Marlin Mike

    The Journey

    Have grinder, sawzall will travel. Safty first boys
  93. Marlin Mike

    Hell is pretty damn cold

    Nice job and the best porn I’ve seen in a while
  94. Marlin Mike

    Sporty but Fishable

    If it’s blowin we’re goin
  95. Marlin Mike

    Yamaha prop like goat (has scars)

    Ya but ya still have scars turbo aka goatram
  96. Marlin Mike

    We need your help Washington

    It’s a wrap
  97. Marlin Mike

    My hat

    Sorry boot locker is empty. Wtg sammy
  98. Marlin Mike

    My hat

    I will check the boot locker. For the missing hat
  99. Marlin Mike

    FG knot for braid to topshot -

    For sure and it makes a birds nest look like a walk in the park
  100. Marlin Mike

    Need plumber in Lacey

    I think Hollywood I mean waterdog. Is a plumber
  101. Marlin Mike

    Westport Charter for bottom fish in May.

    C'mon pat advantage give your buddies the business
  102. Marlin Mike

    FG knot for braid to topshot -

    What you talkin bout
  103. Marlin Mike

    See Vance.... they do live in Lk WA

    Ya they poked the wrong bear on that one
  104. Marlin Mike

    FG knot for braid to topshot -

    Plenty of spit so it cinches down tight. Ya don't want it to slip when your in the battle
  105. Marlin Mike

    FG knot for braid to topshot -

    Double over hand to finish it off
  106. Marlin Mike


    I have the same ones as mark and the boys and love em quick snip and clean cut
  107. Marlin Mike

    FG knot for braid to topshot -

    I tried a new knot this year and swear by it. Haven’t found the video yet but look it up easy to tie and quick. The improved balloon knot.
  108. Marlin Mike

    See Vance.... they do live in Lk WA

    I remember that night on the boat. With you having that conversation with the cca guy . Funny shit. That was a hell of a way to meet you Troy.
  109. Marlin Mike

    Need somthing transported?

    With those guidelines it takes all the fun. Out of it
  110. Marlin Mike

    Let’s name RTB’s new boat for him

    Tube steak That way your still a prick. .02
  111. Marlin Mike

    Honda quad.

    Who needs trolling valves with that power house
  112. Marlin Mike

    The Choice

    Boom that just happened
  113. Marlin Mike

    How Do I Contact A BD Administrator

    There are no Mods in wa state
  114. Marlin Mike

    Everett derby lodging

    Big spoon makes the rules..... that’s what miles always says
  115. Marlin Mike

    Westport Float 12 Moorage

    Just sayin that you followed the group over to 12. Not like you started something new. But you already know that ole man. My .02
  116. Marlin Mike

    Bait tank 50 Gallon (Big Salt) Sold in 22 Minutes!!!!

    I heard is was gonna be a BLOW BOAT hes getting tired of the fuel expense with the long runs
  117. Marlin Mike

    Westport Float 12 Moorage

    WRONG..... goat is just a goat................... not a shepard
  118. Marlin Mike

    New guy from the midwest.

  119. Marlin Mike

    New guy from the midwest.

    sounds like elkfins to me.just sayin
  120. Marlin Mike

    Washdown pump replacement

    contact charlie roll the bones im pretty sure hes been down that road before
  121. Marlin Mike

    New guy from the midwest.

    Well at least he did a proper intro and welcome to the board. Now about those pics?
  122. Marlin Mike

    Atta bouy

    So with another weekend around the corner. Whos gonna go for a off shore run for some long fins? Give it the atta bouy try
  123. Marlin Mike

    Assorted Live Bait

    we took 3 scoops friday night. had three floaters in the morning, half way through the day got half a bait net out of the bottem and the rest were gtg
  124. Marlin Mike

    Sold Grady White 2006 282 Sailfish

    REALLY? WOW..... I. I hate to see her go this boat is maintained to the top notched staus. The bonus is. Is that it is a turn key boat. and SLAYS tuna. Many good times on centercut hate to see her go. glws
  125. Marlin Mike

    Line twist - cedar plugs

    I will take all the ones you shit can
  126. Marlin Mike

    They made me do it

    Good fun trip to start the season for us Damnit limey rinse the ice off before the pic.
  127. Marlin Mike

    Open Seat Saturday on Center Cut

    What happened? super Jew have the sniffles
  128. Marlin Mike


    Any help wood be appreciated
  129. Marlin Mike

    What type boat is this???

  130. Marlin Mike

    Anacortes boat launches

    what time of year do you do the trip? and what kinda truck do you have?
  131. Marlin Mike

    Westport, hali thks weekend?

    I like the way you think.
  132. Marlin Mike

    Weather determination

    What a FNG
  133. Marlin Mike

    WTC reborne

    Yep just use the public bathroom please. Not the cars....
  134. Marlin Mike

    Tanacom cord

    Just go manual Problem solved
  135. Marlin Mike

    WTC reborne

  136. Marlin Mike

    Landscaping needed

    Pics or it didnt happen. We saw the before, now lets see the after
  137. Marlin Mike

    More Batteries??????

    Which cup fills first
  138. Marlin Mike

    Need to be a Boat ho (this year)

    Enough out you
  139. Marlin Mike

    Too soon? Heh

  140. Marlin Mike

    Fucking cancer...

    Sorry for your loss buddy. Thoughts and prayers to your family
  141. Marlin Mike

    Westport kids need our help

    Right across the street Camooon
  142. Marlin Mike

    That'll buff right out!!

    Which road is that? Skid road
  143. Marlin Mike

    Cinnamon Bear Rug for sale

    So you named your bear cinnamon?
  144. Marlin Mike

    Boat load of rod holders

    I’m a dick so nevermind
  145. Marlin Mike

    Canadian pilgrimage #2

    Good meeting you guys this summmer. We are always ready for a good joke at someone else's expense
  146. Marlin Mike

    Stinky clothes

    Tuna blood on cloths.= always tuna cloths
  147. Marlin Mike

    Dont cook your tuna bellies

    Puff pufff pass
  148. Marlin Mike

    Dont cook your tuna bellies

    I have had them smoked before the hardest part is rolling them up
  149. Marlin Mike

    Thought I would share

    Tbats what friends are for
  150. Marlin Mike

    No ice in Westport brua.

    Also confirmed ice house up and running at westport seafoods
  151. Marlin Mike

    No ice in Westport brua.

    Just got back in, don't know will check in am
  152. Marlin Mike

    No ice in Westport brua.

    Word is parts came in this afternoon should be up and running soon, just in case have a plan b
  153. Marlin Mike

    Theft on Float 12

    Goats been a baaaaaaaaaad Boy
  154. Marlin Mike

    Theft on Float 12

    That's what I'm talking bout WILLIS
  155. Marlin Mike

    Week three of GIANT Albies

    Looks good for tomorrow
  156. Marlin Mike

    Canadian pilgrimage to Westport

    It was good meeting you guys at camp tight lines and thanks for the report
  157. Marlin Mike

    Theft on Float 12

    Yep this is true I heard the WHOLE conversation. That damn goat ram can't remember if they go out or down. It must suck getting old. Marlin mike drop
  158. Marlin Mike

    WTF where are the WTC results

    Thank you for the results......tight lines to all
  159. Marlin Mike

    WTF where are the WTC results

    Grabbing a drink and popcorn This should be a good one
  160. Marlin Mike

    WTF where are the WTC results

    Brain fart! Point and click Just a thought
  161. Marlin Mike

    Washington Tuna Classic 2017 in pictures

    Thanks great pics that's a kik better Atta bouy
  162. Marlin Mike

    Washington Tuna Classic 2017 in pictures

    Only thing I see is the luma cat and some prize pics
  163. Marlin Mike

    What happened to Tailwalker Charters

    Dave's not here man
  164. Marlin Mike

    Doors and wood trim

    Caaaaamoooooon Atta bouy nice try
  165. Marlin Mike


  166. Marlin Mike


    I heard there's a fire sale on totes
  167. Marlin Mike


    Tuna fishing has been rough for some guys. It's amazing what they will do for some numbas
  168. Marlin Mike


    Tuna fishing has been rough for some guys. It's amazing what they will do for some numbers
  169. Marlin Mike

    Who likes gossip

    Pete's a great guy and has helped a lot of my fishing friends and boat owners with the proper insurance package. Catered to their boat use. Definitely worth the phone call to update or revise your current policy. Just my .02
  170. Marlin Mike

    Zero Hero's

    We got a.nice lil bite early yesterday.and waited for the afternoon bite. But not so much
  171. Marlin Mike

    WTH is the Goat doing?

    Ya never know with that guy
  172. Marlin Mike

    Tuna Charter

    What's your name.? Nevermind I see it's Jason
  173. Marlin Mike

    Anyone wantin a hand in WP after 4?

    Damn I thought this was an add for a Dutch rudder
  174. Marlin Mike

    Be warned........

    :frehya2: I heard he use to do gay por and now hides behind his shades.:frehya2:
  175. Marlin Mike

    26' Duckworth Offshore, school me.

  176. Marlin Mike

    DR Balls and Pipe Jigs

    One shouldn't t be fast to throw the first stone. If I tend we right I might have seen a couple attached to your Davey Jones rod and feel. Just saying
  177. Marlin Mike

    Diamond Seaglaze Window $295

    Looks like goat missed out on another saweeet deal
  178. Marlin Mike

    Limey's Luck

  179. Marlin Mike

    Time to start wearing a cup fishin.

    Half sac pat Nap sack pat Just a few more
  180. Marlin Mike


    There's always Carrie just sayin
  181. Marlin Mike

    Lapush roll call

    Tell us how you really feel
  182. Marlin Mike


    just curious where everyones going for the hali kick off. chime in say where your going, who your going with and crew.
  183. Marlin Mike

    I have Jeff Norwoods phone

    Don't forget to take plenty of pics before returning phone. I'd ya know what I mean
  184. Marlin Mike

    Firoentino Offshore Parachute Anchor with Rigging

    The only way to do over nighterrs.
  185. Marlin Mike

    Wtb. White ford canopy.

    Shoulda bought vances just sayin. A couple of rattle cans and your good to go
  186. Marlin Mike

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    Welcome to the madness
  187. Marlin Mike

    WTB Qcove flashers

    I believe that well is dry
  188. Marlin Mike

    Trevala Spinning Rods

    What you mean Willis? I didn't get an invitation
  189. Marlin Mike

    Well We have jumped in with both feet!!

    Way cool. Ya all com back now, ya ear
  190. Marlin Mike

    WTC ice maker

    No your the goat keeper. Ooooooooopppppps I mean gate keeper
  191. Marlin Mike

    Lets see your Bait Tank

    Party on garth
  192. Marlin Mike

    Post op check in

    Prayers and good thought sent your way.hope she has speedy recovery.
  193. Marlin Mike

    Lets see your Bait Tank

    Cuts and easy work with. Like hot knife and butta
  194. Marlin Mike

    bitcoin/ cyber currency

    NiP nip nip
  195. Marlin Mike

    You are doing yourself a huge disservice!

    Knotty pine on a Friday night you can get limits of crabs from what I hear
  196. Marlin Mike


  197. Marlin Mike


    I have been asked not to show any videos from LA push, tuna town. And camp videos. So I guess it didn't happen. Knot.. I will see what I can come up with.......... Maybeeee
  198. Marlin Mike


    The shit that goes on at camp is priceless
  199. Marlin Mike

    Slip in Westport

    Oh never mind. Not worth my time
  200. Marlin Mike


    I'm not sure water dog has been talking so much shot about the bd staff I think he deserves a pair of new boots and a new avatar. Just my .02
  201. Marlin Mike

    Some yayhoos

    I just met miles last year. What ya talkin bout
  202. Marlin Mike

    WTB: clamp on rod holders

    So think he will always be in the dog house. With the bosses
  203. Marlin Mike

    Reliable Kill Bag RF3072

    QUOTE="goatram, post: 4269298, member: 98280"]I'm settled down but ready to play dick punch with anyone but Tommy? Sounds a lil bieber to me. Just sayin
  204. Marlin Mike

    Tickets for the Boat show

    John I heard there's a swap meet /lead pour going on . Better start heading south.
  205. Marlin Mike


    Amazing the response you get with a ice cream sandwich around Elaine and crew
  206. Marlin Mike

    New guy

    Just saying. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  207. Marlin Mike

    New guy

    True but there's a lot of bullshit that goes along with that
  208. Marlin Mike

    Electric reels

    They just aren't as close as you and your new friend. As your avatar
  209. Marlin Mike

    Reliable Kill Bag RF3072

    Settle down francis
  210. Marlin Mike

    Tickets for the Boat show

    I will take em can u drop em off
  211. Marlin Mike

    Reliable Kill Bag RF3072

    Allse I hear is blah blah blah
  212. Marlin Mike

    Some yayhoos

    It all went down hill from there
  213. Marlin Mike

    Some yayhoos

    Way cool didn't even know that existed. First bd get together. Fun weekend
  214. Marlin Mike


  215. Marlin Mike


    I didn't know we were showing Elaine videos. Hmmm I wonder if I have any.
  216. Marlin Mike

    Ruining your kids

    Keep up the good work dads
  217. Marlin Mike

    Name change

    My bad you got this one
  218. Marlin Mike

    Canning tuna newbie

    1/2 pound of tuna per half pint if your not adding any extra flavors to the jar
  219. Marlin Mike

    Electric reels

    Ya betta run the Big numbas than
  220. Marlin Mike

    Name change

    Read the entire post..... Caaaamoooooooooon
  221. Marlin Mike

    3 Gallon Paint Pot

    Damn goat, better get in on this stuff
  222. Marlin Mike

    Accepting Applications: WTC

    Looks like we may have a candidate
  223. Marlin Mike

    Please be on the look out.

    Let me know what I can do to help.
  224. Marlin Mike

    Adjustable boat trailer going at auction

    Thanks for looking out for the brothers
  225. Marlin Mike

    full size 8' truck bed canopy for sale

    You have enough shit you don't use already.
  226. Marlin Mike

    The shit a waitress will say when you tip her enough

    Even with pics I calls BULLSHIT
  227. Marlin Mike

    WTC registration

    I know noooothiiiinnnng
  228. Marlin Mike

    Washington Tuna Classic | THE BEGINNING

    Yes Garibaldi is in Oregon. Just sayin
  229. Marlin Mike

    Washington Tuna Classic | THE BEGINNING

    Tuna fishing in Washington state. That's just silly talk, Caaaamoooon
  230. Marlin Mike

    Trade "Favors" for Moorage

    what ? did someone say something?
  231. Marlin Mike

    Diamond Seaglaze Window $295

    grab the popcorn. percs should be kickin in soon
  232. Marlin Mike

    Diamond Seaglaze Window $295

    A collector never stops collecting shit they don't use . Look in the fuckin mirror Marlin mic drop
  233. Marlin Mike

    Diamond Seaglaze Window $295

    Low ball and backed out if I remember right
  234. Marlin Mike

    Seeker Bait Rods For Sale

    Ya might want to give Charlie a call, just sayin
  235. Marlin Mike

    New Ride

    That will fit right in at Tuna Town
  236. Marlin Mike

    The Journey

    Slooooow down turbo. Have another perc
  237. Marlin Mike

    Diamond Seaglaze Window $295

    Surprised goat doesn't have this yet. Thought he wanted it.
  238. Marlin Mike

    FREE 14'x53' mobile home. Clear title

    How bout some pics bro
  239. Marlin Mike

    Road trip with my ninja's

    Russel wasn't to sold on going thru a drive thru coffee shop. But after the first Drive thru he said he could drink coffee all day
  240. Marlin Mike

    Road trip with my ninja's

    All I can say is "Dynamite comes in small packages" Marlin mic drop
  241. Marlin Mike

    Somebody better check on Vance

    Come on you know the rules. Pics or it didn't happen
  242. Marlin Mike

    BD Winter Party Get Together. 1-21-2017

    Big spoon makes the rules. Looks like your Fukt pat
  243. Marlin Mike

    BD Shop Inspection: Dragonballs.......Another Violator Busted!

    Caaaaaaamoooon we all know how he gets shit done. It's all done with a phone call to someone else. He's a professional
  244. Marlin Mike

    The Journey

  245. Marlin Mike

    Combo deal - (1) full tote w/ (1) 1/2 Tote, fully insulated

    Hey how many do you have left. been passing the word around might have some interested parties.
  246. Marlin Mike

    The Journey

    Why don't you clean up that mess. so you can actually do some work and be productive.. just sayin
  247. Marlin Mike


    Yep i remeber that day lots a salad. anf there is the beers after fishing that day. charlie had to tap out
  248. Marlin Mike


    And he's not joking....... what a dick
  249. Marlin Mike

    Combo deal - (1) full tote w/ (1) 1/2 Tote, fully insulated

    Yep got a tote a bag of popcorn and NEW pair of boots. What did you get? Oh I know bieber:indabutt:
  250. Marlin Mike

    Raymarine CHIRP Sonar Screenshots!

    Thats pretty badass
  251. Marlin Mike

    Full totes - price reduced

    What a dick move
  252. Marlin Mike

    Full totes - price reduced

    Thanks doug and the popcorn is off the hook
  253. Marlin Mike

    Combo deal - (1) full tote w/ (1) 1/2 Tote, fully insulated

    I jusf gotta say the half totes are FUCKIN AWESOME. hinged lid and no damage they are good to go. Some of tbe nicest ones ive seen in a while
  254. Marlin Mike


    If there was one in there you would need a saint bernard to find it. just sayin
  255. Marlin Mike


    Yes i agree if only there was a lil less talk and a lot more action
  256. Marlin Mike


    Goat, it goes to show THAT YOU are a bad influence on all bd brothers. you said you just showed up before we got there, yet you were sitting in the middle of the pile of shit. playing with flashers. and tossing parts and pieces all over the shop. if one were to look at all the other BDOSHA post...
  257. Marlin Mike

    Full totes - price reduced

    It might be easier for me to bring ours down to you and do any repairs. if needed Jist sayin
  258. Marlin Mike

    Full totes - price reduced

    Hey doug i want another one for tuna town Pm sent
  259. Marlin Mike

    Auto Mechanic

    Streamline automotive in monroe. give AL a call
  260. Marlin Mike

    Northriver bait tank

    Take it easy Francis
  261. Marlin Mike

    You know it was a good birthday party when...

    That's cuz they're from the south end
  262. Marlin Mike

    Lessons learned in tuna town

    The price you have to pay sometimes
  263. Marlin Mike

    Lessons learned in tuna town

    Heres a kodak moment for you goat Note the pants, two tap specials!
  264. Marlin Mike

    Lessons learned in tuna town

    Wtf ole man whats a polgy. new ebonics?
  265. Marlin Mike

    Lessons learned in tuna town

    Fanny bags are not cool. Either are front packs. tuna town special
  266. Marlin Mike

    Lessons learned in tuna town

    Oh damn I have one for you too miles pics coming soon
  267. Marlin Mike

    Lessons learned in tuna town

    well it's raining and fall is here. so I thought I would share a few things I learned this year so everyone can learn from my experience this year. Always wake DB up a half hour before he sets his alarm for before a trip. NEVER leave your spare boots in site of others If Patrick Walker...
  268. Marlin Mike

    Help Wanted

    Oh SNAP
  269. Marlin Mike

    Poll....Who got drunk dialed by Vance and 2 Tap this morning

    Not only did i get a call from db but two minutes later pat calls. Of course I know better to answer that shit after midnight. The voicemail is priceless. Pats you can at least understand. Vances not so much. I wish I had closed caption on VM or some kind of app to convert to text. Second...
  270. Marlin Mike

    Bought This

    Just add water
  271. Marlin Mike

    It has been an Honor and a Pleasure

    Thanks for everything that you both have done for all the warf rats in Westport over the years. Both you and the admiral will be missed. Good luck and best wishes in Florida and don't forget about all us lil people in wa. Wazzzup fuckers
  272. Marlin Mike

    Accidents happen!

    Custom a/c.... damn son You could have just ordered that way
  273. Marlin Mike

    Deck repair

    My bad. I thought it said dick repair and thought that was a pic of goat after stood infront of a glory hole. Sorry for the miss communication Mm standing by
  274. Marlin Mike

    Deck repair

    Not so much
  275. Marlin Mike

    WTB Bait Pen

    We tried in westport a couple years ago. Bad news. Things i learned. Make sure you holes are large enough for circulation but small enough to keep chovies in. Also the growth in te summertime is outrageous. So you need to make sure your holes stay clean and clear, or no bueno
  276. Marlin Mike

    Deck repair

    Thats ONE fuckin ugly CLOWN
  277. Marlin Mike

    Big Ass Ice Maker For Sale

    Really? Looks like an add for SANFORD AND SON
  278. Marlin Mike

    Big Ass Ice Maker For Sale

    Jesus clean up yout shit. Had to blow the pic up just to find the ice maker in the pic. Just sayin
  279. Marlin Mike

    Free Trailer

    What kinda camo would you call that paint job. .......PNW.
  280. Marlin Mike

    What do you do when your livewell breaks down?

    After trial and error. When the bait pump foes to shit. Clean out ALL the dead shit and put in bucket. The deads release toxins and kill all tje others then throw throw the wash down hose in and hope for the best. Looks like things worked out. Good job on adjusting to fucked ip circumstances. In...
  281. Marlin Mike

    We still know how to "fuck sum shit up"

    I think they have the same mix
  282. Marlin Mike

    We still know how to "fuck sum shit up"

    From the looks of the post . It looks like no whiskey. Has been hitting the ba ba a lil bit. Just sayin
  283. Marlin Mike

    You are responsible for your wake

    LUCY ! u have some SPLAINING to do !
  284. Marlin Mike

    Thrashing Some Rods

    Bend at the knees not in your back. Camooon
  285. Marlin Mike

    Called up to the Big Leagues

    Way cool the largest cash prize for a igfa tournament in the world Go fuck sum chit up.
  286. Marlin Mike

    Somebody hit Miss Eliza

    Sucks ass
  287. Marlin Mike

    Somebody hit Miss Eliza

    Maybe? Someone should follow the cans in and not shoot the gap. Just sayin
  288. Marlin Mike

    The Fishin' Luhrs is For Sale

    It looking a lil fishy around here
  289. Marlin Mike

    West coast Tuna

    :git:Damn travis wipe that smile off your face :gaygroup:
  290. Marlin Mike

    WP Offshore Tuna Report North vs South

    Very nice report it was good seeing you guys down there. Glad to see you got into the long fins. Tight lines
  291. Marlin Mike

    Squid everywhere

    Way cool looks like a blast
  292. Marlin Mike

    Tuna bite going off 35mn off Westport right now

    Now thats what im Talkin bout Camon
  293. Marlin Mike


    You would make a nice match
  294. Marlin Mike

    Sum fun chit

    Not one fuckin x rap was involed yesterday. Cause thats how we roll.
  295. Marlin Mike

    Sum fun chit

    We put a crew together for a sunday run. DB,MM, Benjamin, two top tap, our buddy rich, and my oldest son. Nick AKA (TURBO)..... which is where it all began. ,left the dock 5.30 hit the bait dock and on out way. Ran about 2 hours dropped em in at had a single. With 4 more on the long soak...
  296. Marlin Mike

    A Mako!

    I wanna see some.mako porn. .......... CAMOOOON
  297. Marlin Mike


    Hope the pic explains itself
  298. Marlin Mike

    Found these fish 1 hour from Westport

    Sharin is caren, thanks for keepin us in the loop
  299. Marlin Mike

    Anniversary in Friday Harbor | Hotel Recommendation

    I didnt know you got married., must have missed my invitation in the mail. Dont set standards you cant live up to for the rest of your life. Sleep on the boat
  300. Marlin Mike

    Ice tote split Saturday Afternoon

    All depends if you can store what you dont use. You can use that clean ice for your catch ofvyhe day. Just sayin
  301. Marlin Mike

    Really......... there are still plenty of Tuna in Westport

    Will someone please pass the popcorn over here
  302. Marlin Mike

    Crab depth?

    well when their fart bubbles make their way to the surface sometimes they ride em up
  303. Marlin Mike

    Crab depth?

    Try the bottem and work up from there
  304. Marlin Mike

    1976 SeaRay 240 SRV Hardtop aka Mr. Happy :-)

    how about letting me on the crew
  305. Marlin Mike

    WTC - Hearing only crickets!

    are you sure it wasnt MOOOO MOOO ?
  306. Marlin Mike

    PSA Ocean Anglers August meeting

    Huh? What? Where? When? Just sayin
  307. Marlin Mike

    WTF is it

    Ruined for life
  308. Marlin Mike

    WTC - Hearing only crickets!

    She kept yelling wheres moe wheres moe?
  309. Marlin Mike

    a big thanks to the bd brotherhood

    So it with the bad mojo? Fng
  310. Marlin Mike

    Well? WTC Updates?

    Ruv u rong time
  311. Marlin Mike

    Well? WTC Updates?

    I know just giving you some bd smack. Thats my job
  312. Marlin Mike

    Well? WTC Updates?

    I guess our 57 lbs didnt count.
  313. Marlin Mike

    WTC - Hearing only crickets!

    Oh i forgot to mention that the busta bars are the BOMB
  314. Marlin Mike

    WTC - Hearing only crickets!

    What do expect when running x raps
  315. Marlin Mike

    WTC - Hearing only crickets!

    What a nice day on the water. Left the dock at 430 swing by to say hi to jose. Returned to slip get everyone on boardand make the turn. Im stowing lines and clearing the deck. I hear the motors start to spool up and Db Is rollinng thru traffic. I look up at and wipe clean the port side of the...
  316. Marlin Mike

    Big screen TV

    parked right up your azz
  317. Marlin Mike

    Endless fish bags

    I like the way you ROLL.........knot
  318. Marlin Mike

    Big screen TV

    That is fyckin classic maybe time for a bdosha video for all ths doubters
  319. Marlin Mike

    Westport Tuna Reports?

    Better put your big boy panties on
  320. Marlin Mike

    Westport Englunds Tent Sale this weekend

    Im there, thanks for the heads up always a good time and dont forget to try there fried tuna.
  321. Marlin Mike

    WTC Smack talking thread

    Lame come on where's the A game?
  322. Marlin Mike

    Some TailWalker swag in PV Mexico

    We had a blast thanks for posting the pics. I guess the cats outta the bag now. Addios mother fuckers
  323. Marlin Mike

    WTC Smack talking thread

    Camoooon. You guys suck ass
  324. Marlin Mike

    PSA Ocean Anglers July 23rd....Tuna!!!

    I will show up to continue my raffle prize collection. Just sayin
  325. Marlin Mike

    For safety's sake

  326. Marlin Mike

    WTC Smack talking thread

    YEP you got that right Ducker. Just the tip So now you can suck my CAAAAWK
  327. Marlin Mike

    Looking for a slip, or two, in WP weekend of 7/23-24

    it sounds mlike he went down baaaaaaaaad something about satisfaction guarnteed
  328. Marlin Mike

    WTC Smack talking thread

    she didnt steal it. i left it there . i like a lil nasty
  329. Marlin Mike

    Cornfed talkin tuna at Wednesdays Renton PSA meeting

    Who is this CORNFED you speak about?
  330. Marlin Mike

    Jim's Q cove flashers....brand new

    I want 6 green ones. Knot
  331. Marlin Mike

    Misc. boating items for sale

    What the hell arron? Finger cramps?
  332. Marlin Mike

    #231 Bluefin

    nice work thats fricken awesome
  333. Marlin Mike

    Kid's on Fiyaah

    nice job and love the salute
  334. Marlin Mike


    u gotta love the spot
  335. Marlin Mike


    Ya gotta love THE SPOT
  336. Marlin Mike


    Ya gotta love THE SPOT
  337. Marlin Mike

    I'm about to become Carrie's permanent bait boy

    Congrats to you guys best wishes and tight lines
  338. Marlin Mike

    Please explain what combined means

    Combined means adding two or more things together. 2+2=4
  339. Marlin Mike


    I know nawwwwthing
  340. Marlin Mike


    You go cowboy
  341. Marlin Mike

    a cod question.

    there are no cod in san juans
  342. Marlin Mike

    Follow me.

    nope, they were a one time run thing. no more left
  343. Marlin Mike

    Englunds Supercenter coming to Westport

    Your talkin crazy talk now
  344. Marlin Mike

    My morning on the fourth

    Db you fuck sum shit up bro
  345. Marlin Mike

    Upgraded rod holders

    That looks like some sexxy shit. I cant wait to see it in person. Gonna be worth the wait Thanks steve i know it was a journey
  346. Marlin Mike

    BD Special Report

    Bump it up
  347. Marlin Mike

    Need a Bruthas Help

  348. Marlin Mike

    Testing Thrasher rods

    If I remember right goat has a history of letting rods go overboard. Just saying incase he forgot due to old age
  349. Marlin Mike

    Boat Heater and A/C help needed

    Just don't turn it on . And problem solved
  350. Marlin Mike


    :rockin: Quit typing damn it and get back to work:rockin:
  351. Marlin Mike

    Testing Thrasher rods

    Okay here is what I have to say, I loved the small diameter of the rods it felt you were going light tackle. But wait you had all the power you needed in the backbone of the rod. And the sensitive tip. Ooooooooooh baby you know how that goes. You could totally put the wood to the albies on the...
  352. Marlin Mike

    Where was everyone today??

    Good times was had by all. I can't wait for the video should be VERY interesting
  353. Marlin Mike

    Shipping Boats without Trailer?

    The cops stayed with you while you blew your TranNY? Hmmmmmm
  354. Marlin Mike


    OK ..................... SUCK MY CAAAAAAAWK.
  355. Marlin Mike


    What goat does on his own time is up to him and fucker I mean ducker
  356. Marlin Mike

    DCW Go big or go home!

    that underdress for the shadow is nice. whens the first fitting
  357. Marlin Mike


    No I have been here the whole time just like Das boot
  358. Marlin Mike

    WP Tuna boats

  359. Marlin Mike


  360. Marlin Mike

    Really West Marine??? PFD sale fail

    thanks for taking the heat brother, I had you the batton
  361. Marlin Mike


    I know nawwwwthing
  362. Marlin Mike

    Am I a grady prick now

    I want that fuckin boot if it's a lefty
  363. Marlin Mike

    Here is your chance

    maybe it was a group effort more than one. hmmmm
  364. Marlin Mike

    Here is your chance

    the video will be shown I'm sure. DB is in possession of such video. maybe we start a poll to to see who it is? let it die ? or follow it thru till the bitter end?
  365. Marlin Mike

    Here is your chance

    not even close
  366. Marlin Mike

    No matter how bad your day is

    was there any eye contact?
  367. Marlin Mike

    Need a boat your name/info here.

    Okay that's it. I'm getting your account frozen
  368. Marlin Mike

    Reminder: What's really important

    you better give Mark a call and have him check the weather for you
  369. Marlin Mike

    Need a boat your name/info here.

    Damn ole man can't you fuckin read? This a boat ho thread. Not a fuckin open seat thread. You better get your shit together.
  370. Marlin Mike

    What a shitty way to spend a birthday.

    condolences pat to you and your family. if want to raise a glass tonight or this afternoon you know where I live
  371. Marlin Mike

    PSA Ocean Anglers May 21 meeting

    your just all ass hurt cuz you didn't get to win all the prizes for once. it about time you donate to my cause. REMEMBER YOU ALL OWES US MONEY
  372. Marlin Mike

    PSA Ocean Anglers May 21 meeting

    I finally made it down. to re up my dues. what nice group and the new promotion is awesome you join by $20 worth of tickets and win 7 items. see you next month
  373. Marlin Mike

    Have you seen Mike's boot?

    gonna be long summer for the culprit. always looking over their shoulder. tic toc you can suck my CAWK
  374. Marlin Mike

    Have you seen Mike's boot?

    if the boot fits
  375. Marlin Mike

    Have you seen Mike's boot?

    Okay so no boot last night woke up this morning and boot mysteriously appears. thanks to who ever returned. the rest of you fuckers can. SUCK MY CAAAAAAAAAK
  376. Marlin Mike

    Have you seen Mike's boot?

    yep got here no boot. not appy
  377. Marlin Mike

    Have you seen Mike's boot?

    FINAL NOT ICE the perpetrator has approximately 3 hours
  378. Marlin Mike

    Have you seen Mike's boot?

    the honeybonjer don't give a FAWK
  379. Marlin Mike

    Have you seen Mike's boot?

    were goin back down this weekend. plzz return boot with gel insole to the kelli Ann no questions asked. or i will need to check video. then pay back will commence.
  380. Marlin Mike

    Reminder: What's really important

    couldn't have said it better. oh wait. SUCK MY CAAAAAAAAWK
  381. Marlin Mike

    Have you seen Mike's boot?

  382. Marlin Mike

    My Crane ride to LaPush...Mr. Happy ;-)

    bd brotherhood ROCKS
  383. Marlin Mike

    Have you seen Mike's boot?

    they installed the camera cuz they heard Carl was coming to town.
  384. Marlin Mike

    Travel trailer parking in Westport for summer

    for sale not for the taken
  385. Marlin Mike

    Reminder: What's really important

    team up with Mark and you could figure out weather and mark your calendar for fishing dates. just sayin
  386. Marlin Mike

    Have you seen Mike's boot?

    I'm going to talk to the owners of said camera this weekend. someone has some splaining to do
  387. Marlin Mike

    Travel trailer parking in Westport for summer

    your just all butt hurt cause you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar.... camoooon
  388. Marlin Mike

    Have you seen Mike's boot?

    what you talking. bout Willis
  389. Marlin Mike

    Travel trailer parking in Westport for summer

    American sunset is the cleanest. tuna town I'm sure is full by now for extended stay there always the totem but looks a lil shady. but walking distance to boat. good luck just my .02
  390. Marlin Mike

    Admins - WTF does this mean?

    i still think to much midget porn
  391. Marlin Mike

    Looking for an open seat WP 5-10

    make sure goat stays awake he has a baaaaaaaad habit of dosing off
  392. Marlin Mike


    make sure he stays awake............... just sayin
  393. Marlin Mike

    Have you seen Mike's boot?

    he likes over nighters cause he sleeps on the way out and then on night watch. a goddamn cruise ship went by and he didnt even know it. ......goat you baaaaaaaaad
  394. Marlin Mike

    Have you seen Mike's boot?

    its okay i dropped a fuckin roll of pennies down your bildge after you fags left with our ice last sunday. not sure why your posting an open seat your gonna need one for yourself. hey dont a fall lasleep crossingthe bar tomorrow mm out
  395. Marlin Mike


    not fair you said pm
  396. Marlin Mike

    Just south of Canada lead pour

    good for you on training both the cawk and ths wife. or maybe your wife trained the cawk and you followed. just sayin
  397. Marlin Mike

    Extra tuff boats, dock shoes etc, sale!

    i got in on her first order. i figured after 8 years it was time for some new gear. i picked up a new pair of their deck boots i really like them new colors with neoprene tops super comfy. and a pair of shoes that rock. extra tuff has all kinds of new products and colors. check out their site...
  398. Marlin Mike


  399. Marlin Mike

    Just for Dr Fong

    yep looks like dr fongs collection alright. at least my boots were xtra tuffs. not some cali style of footware. almost forgot Dr Fong. from cali
  400. Marlin Mike

    Have you seen Mike's boot?

    camoooon they will show up and when they do, you are gonna hear bout it
  401. Marlin Mike

    Funny shit said at the docks

    they dont know ,what they dont know
  402. Marlin Mike

    Have you seen Mike's boot?

    it will be interesting to see where it turns up. than we will see who fuckin with who
  403. Marlin Mike

    What makes a good seat whore/crew member?

    thanks norm always feels food to be wanted. rtb mighr be the ungrateful prick. just sayinn
  404. Marlin Mike

    What makes a good seat whore/crew member?

    wtf i guess no more invites from you. wheres the love
  405. Marlin Mike

    What makes a good deckhand?

    i hear is blah blah blah kinda like charlie browns teacher just saying. useless babel but whats new coming from you ole maaaaaaaaan
  406. Marlin Mike

    What makes a good deckhand?

    who the fuck are you to do any talkin?
  407. Marlin Mike

    Im back bitches....

    and you are who?
  408. Marlin Mike


    i know naaaaawwwwthing!
  409. Marlin Mike

    What makes a good deckhand?

    after just getting back from kona i learned one more good tip. feel free to make conversation with customers. known when to shut up maybe they had enough of your stories.
  410. Marlin Mike


    you guys are killing me
  411. Marlin Mike


    camooon, really?
  412. Marlin Mike

    I need two of these. Kid's boat

    way cool, thanks for sharing
  413. Marlin Mike

    Carl spotted in kona

    I went up to him and said, man you gota have balls to wear that out........on second thought. maybe not.
  414. Marlin Mike

    Mutha Chucka

    awesome work chucka thanks for puttin it together
  415. Marlin Mike

    Kona update 4/24/16

    Chucka is working on vid as we speak.should be up my morning if all goes well keep an eye for it.from what i under stand the last 5 min are the best
  416. Marlin Mike

    Day three

    All of our billfish were were tag and released DB was doin his own tagging
  417. Marlin Mike

    Day three

    Yep just remeber to bring your bd thick skin After chucka gets the vids done you will know what i mean
  418. Marlin Mike


    Very nice looks like things are getting back on track. Nice job pat
  419. Marlin Mike

    Quichsticks name change

    I know nawwwwthing
  420. Marlin Mike

    Carl spotted in kona

    Not sure why you didnt come over and say hi. But who paid your way here. Is that what tsa left you in your carry on
  421. Marlin Mike


    Pics or it didnt happen
  422. Marlin Mike

    Day three

    In more ways than one brah
  423. Marlin Mike

    Quichsticks name change

    STFU ole man We are over here fuckin shit up!
  424. Marlin Mike

    Quichsticks name change

    How much wood, could a wood chucka chuck, if a wood chucka could, chuck a wood Youl'l neva ever know, if ya neva eva go
  425. Marlin Mike

    Day three

    Wrap up of the day we ended up the one spear for the day, what an awesome 3 day trip all pics and vid to follow. CHUCKA is responsible to post vids and pics, so feel free to call him out. Heading home tomorrow see you fawkers on the grounds next weekend. MM out
  426. Marlin Mike

    Day three

    IJust released a spear Camon
  427. Marlin Mike

    Kona short bill spearfish

    Just released our forst fishof the day 1 spear. More tocome
  428. Marlin Mike

    Kona short bill spearfish

    Camoooooon the saga continues stay tuned for an update today fellas
  429. Marlin Mike

    Quichsticks name change

    The ladies are at home and were doin work over here
  430. Marlin Mike

    Quichsticks name change

    I am currently in kona with db and quicksticks. After 2 days of bill fishing brain has 3 spears. Also known as chuckers. Quicksticks new name is CHUCKA and so it written and so it shall be.
  431. Marlin Mike

    Kona short bill spearfish

    Herea a wrap up of our day DRAGONBALLS Caught and released a bueatiful 275lb Blue Marlin. Quicksticks landed another elusive Spearfish that makes 3 for him so far. MM not so much. Still one more day to go anything can happen. By the way after db got his blue Capt Gene tells him mix a drink...
  432. Marlin Mike

    Kona short bill spearfish

    Db just boated a 275 blue looks like he is sitting down drinking for the rest of the day
  433. Marlin Mike

    WTC Smack talking thread

    Your mamas so fat that when she sits around the house................. She sits AROUND the house
  434. Marlin Mike

    What makes a good deckhand?

    In if you deck hand for dragonballs. Well..........we all know what he likes no secret there
  435. Marlin Mike

    What makes a good deckhand?

    Most important thing I thinks is. This might the the one trip of year for them but just another day for you. So do all you can to make em feel like it's their first fish
  436. Marlin Mike


    Does it come with the tank too
  437. Marlin Mike

    8" balls for sale

    That's a negative ghostrider
  438. Marlin Mike

    New Boat Graphics

  439. Marlin Mike

    8" balls for sale

    Pot calling the kettle Just sayin Side kick
  440. Marlin Mike

    8" balls for sale

    Thought for sure they were going name be blue not orange
  441. Marlin Mike

    kelli ann should be GTG

    Those weren't mimosas those brooms as. Pretty sure everyone benefitted from that morning. Who else looks out for his brothers and pops champagne at 5 am in westport.
  442. Marlin Mike

    WFC Receiving $798,000 From WDFW

    Ya but how's the weather lookin
  443. Marlin Mike

    Contest you might want to jump on

    Did it I'm such a tackle whore always lookin for more
  444. Marlin Mike


    My bad all those seamen can't keep em straight. Ooops Not sure if that came out right?
  445. Marlin Mike


    So I heard he broke the ship forgot to grease the bearing or something
  446. Marlin Mike


    Only place to go is UP
  447. Marlin Mike

    Fish of a lifetime for the Local Knowledge team.

    AWESOME read I can't wait to see it on film. Theres another notch in yer belt. Wtg
  448. Marlin Mike

    Flasher?? Blown transmission? ?

    I thought blowing traniess was on his list of duties
  449. Marlin Mike

    Hannah's short bill

    Nice job way ta go
  450. Marlin Mike

    Clearing up the rumors about us moving

    Count me in for relocating the fishing luhrs. Team flexible schedule
  451. Marlin Mike

    Tactical strike the story untold

    I know. Nothiiiing
  452. Marlin Mike

    Awright - who was it?

    Well it was in oregon, shouldn't really be surprised
  453. Marlin Mike

    Rod Holder

    Try keeping it in your hands
  454. Marlin Mike

    Everett Blackmouth Derby

    Ohhh no you didn't
  455. Marlin Mike

    Everett Blackmouth Derby

    The honeybonjer don't give two shit bout tigger. Just sayin Turbo out
  456. Marlin Mike

    Everett Blackmouth Derby

    Looks like it might be time for another bdosha visit. Just sayin
  457. Marlin Mike


    Be there in a month from today fishing on SEAGENIE II Top notch captain and fishing vessel video to follow with a full report on return.
  458. Marlin Mike

    BD forum computer issue

    Your guys problem is TOO MUCH PORN
  459. Marlin Mike

    Flat tire costco

    I like the way you guys think
  460. Marlin Mike

    Honda Warrenty

    Does that mean your done now? Go back to work will ya
  461. Marlin Mike


    Done I want an update to see how she finishes up in the contest. Just remember pay backs are gonna be a BITCH, especially with us Washington guys.
  462. Marlin Mike

    3D gotta love it

    That's way cool
  463. Marlin Mike

    Okuma Cedros spinning reel

    I had one and after numerous problems. Got so passed I threw the piece of shit in the trash. At Tuna Town 2 years ago. Replaced it with a penn and love it. Way better rig
  464. Marlin Mike

    Honda Warrenty

    Don't you know ole man. That's what happens when you trade your menstrual cycle for a honda.
  465. Marlin Mike

    I pulled the trigger…

    Nice new ride looks like part of the pahka family now.
  466. Marlin Mike

    Dimenstions on a Tote

    I would tell you, but what are dimenstions? Please explain
  467. Marlin Mike

    You have to love Cambodia...

    Have a cawktail for me at those prices have 2 or 3
  468. Marlin Mike


    Glad to see you back todd.
  469. Marlin Mike

    Shout out to Shakedown and Cap'n Poon

    Especially those north end guys. They rule
  470. Marlin Mike

    WTC Smack talking thread

    I don't give a shit. ole man's side kick Why don't go guys go hump that poor sheep that's on boatrams bow
  471. Marlin Mike

    WTC Smack talking thread

    Your mouths written checks your ass can't cash
  472. Marlin Mike

    Shout out to Shakedown and Cap'n Poon

    Gotta luv the brotha hood
  473. Marlin Mike

    WTC Smack talking thread

    Ya right news to me
  474. Marlin Mike

    salmon on roids

    Maybe that's where all the kicker motors are dissappearing too
  475. Marlin Mike

    Replacement Glass truck canopy

    1/2 a sheet of OSB should make to fit right in westport
  476. Marlin Mike

    WTC Smack talking thread

    Camon can't we all just get along
  477. Marlin Mike

    Anyone else having trouble around prime time

    You guys need to lay off the porn
  478. Marlin Mike

    QCove Flashers - Any ideas on fabricating release pins?

    I was down in westport this weekend and kevin and cindy had some of the breakaway flashers they also said they might have some pins. Give KC sport fishing a call and check it out.
  479. Marlin Mike

    MK tile saw for sale

    Looks like a great deal someone should step up ......bump
  480. Marlin Mike

    (Sold) Three, Penn 113H (4/0) Senators

    Yeah well see if you get the monopoly money for em
  481. Marlin Mike

    Topshots and braid

    Hit up limey he should be able to show you some good knots for the connection. From braid to top shot.
  482. Marlin Mike

    New Offshore Combo.... Tekota or ..... T I A G R A !

    She's in the slip on Tuna town
  483. Marlin Mike

    Swim Baits

    Don't even bother with swim baits. The so called tunas hate em. Just a waste of time.
  484. Marlin Mike

    1 central 50 gallon or twin 30 gallon bait tanks in the corners

    Yep single just makes sense for what we do. If in Florida might have different opinion
  485. Marlin Mike

    1 central 50 gallon or twin 30 gallon bait tanks in the corners

    Yep single just makes sense for what we do. If in Florida might have different opinion
  486. Marlin Mike

    Peninsula Lead Melt

    We still gots lotsa work to be done da boat. Safe n sane you guys
  487. Marlin Mike

    Cabelas polar cap coolers

    With any cooler or storing ice. AIR is your enemy.
  488. Marlin Mike

    We're gonna make some rods

    I checked em out in full detail and gave my feed back , but what it comes down to is personal preference. Can't wait to see what production brings. I think I see some new rods in my future
  489. Marlin Mike

    Needs some help on new swim platform

  490. Marlin Mike

    Big rigs for 2nd Bday

    Way cool GO big or go home
  491. Marlin Mike

    WTC Smack talking thread

  492. Marlin Mike

    Triton Tuna Tackle

    Yep buy all barbie rods and throw some avets on and spool with JB GOOD TA GO
  493. Marlin Mike

    WTC Smack talking thread

    And so it is written and so it shall be
  494. Marlin Mike

    FYI the stories are true- dont buy off brand spectra

    keep using the cheap shit and power pro. spool it up for tournament day. increases my odds
  495. Marlin Mike

    WTC Registration is open!

    hmmmmmmm...... do you guys have a team photographer look like your one teammate short. just sayin. might want to rename. to team PRICELESS
  496. Marlin Mike

    WTC Registration is open!

    I guess the goat Is done talking shit and back at the......... BAAAAAAAAARN
  497. Marlin Mike

    WTC Smack talking thread

    Oh reallllly .talking shit and doesn't even have a knife
  498. Marlin Mike

    WTC Registration is open!

    Just bring your rivet gun to westport to fix all your stand by Captains ( cough cough) FINE WORK. Gives a Hole new mean meaning to risserized. That shit just happened
  499. Marlin Mike

    WTC Registration is open!

    Slooooooooow down TURBO. Hasn't anyone told you OLE MAN DON'T HATE the playa, HATE the game. And if you wanna start flinging your goat shit around. I will gladly play the game. Thick skin my OLD friend.
  500. Marlin Mike

    WTC Registration is open!

    Team yall owes us money is in
  501. Marlin Mike

    The Saga Of The Broken Hand

    Good luck with recovery biddy. By the way how's the stranger treating you?
  502. Marlin Mike

    Local Knowledge TV Show starring ALI

    Way cool keep em coming
  503. Marlin Mike

    New to me

    [Ooooooooooh.........That just happened
  504. Marlin Mike

    Acid wrap

    If you have right blank in my opinion for our albies, not necessary. But they look cool
  505. Marlin Mike

    Merry Christmas.... Lets see your family Holiday cards

    TT is the man........?
  506. Marlin Mike

    Decent trailer tongue Jack?

    Thought you liked to play in the jet wash Camon
  507. Marlin Mike

    Decent trailer tongue Jack?

    Goat says just jack on his tongue and he's good to go. At least that's what fogducker was talking bout the other day
  508. Marlin Mike

    New Style of Crab and Shrimp Pots

    Camman ole man figure that chit out
  509. Marlin Mike

    New Style of Crab and Shrimp Pots

    Hey TURBO, Don't worry about your so called missing pots. I was looking at Elis new pots and they look pretty familiar. Just sayin
  510. Marlin Mike

    Lucky Dog is for Sale

    Ya goat get with the fuckin program.................... ................... ...... . TURBO
  511. Marlin Mike

    Introducing my new boat "Turbos Palace"

    That's fuckin AWESOME, congrats on a new vessel for your fleet.
  512. Marlin Mike

    Dock Cart

    It's not a nap it's a siesta TURBO out
  513. Marlin Mike

    Skagit sheriff's boat

    Send it in to get recycled
  514. Marlin Mike

    Dock Cart

    Ya better stay outta the jet wash
  515. Marlin Mike

    Dock Cart

    So fog decker wants his name changed to skidmark? I thought we would save that for flasher if he were to change his name
  516. Marlin Mike

    Dock Cart

    WTF you talking bout? TURBO
  517. Marlin Mike

    Bayliner Top

    Must be some kinda new english
  518. Marlin Mike

    Dock Cart

    By the way go clean your fuckin shop so you can do work
  519. Marlin Mike

    Dock Cart

    Goat your a baaaaaad boy, ya ole fucker
  520. Marlin Mike

    2010 Parker 2820 w/ twin 250 yammi's

    Very nice boat and very fishy I have been lucky enough to fish on her. Plugged the boat every time. You gotta love it
  521. Marlin Mike

    Dock Cart

    Don't you know that your the GATE KEEPER, but Vance has all the keys to the UNIVERSE
  522. Marlin Mike

    Dock Cart

    Just a thought. You might want to put drain hole in the deck of that thing so when we drag carks up the dock so all the slime can run through so you have a nice little treat when you go to use it next. Also does it fit thru your side door I'm getting tired of picking up the cart over the gunnel...
  523. Marlin Mike

    Bayliner Top

    You were in the hospital and he built it? How the hell did he find any tools to work with? Looks like it's time for another bdosha inspection. Just sayin
  524. Marlin Mike

    Dock Cart

    Unloading from the truck is one easy step. Load all your shit in it while its still in the truck. Simply drop the tailgate and pull. Now loading it into the truck is a different story
  525. Marlin Mike

    Insurance claims- the ABCs of a claim

    Very good information. Thanks for sharing in the heat of the moment a lot of things are going through your mind take a deep breath and get collected. I worked with a lot of insurance companies in the past a good record of who you spoke with and what was said is always a good idea. E-mail is a...
  526. Marlin Mike

    Dock Cart

    I can't wait to bend that fuckin axle,
  527. Marlin Mike

    New theme song

  528. Marlin Mike

    Five brothers upgrade

    Congrats on the nice ride. It must a been a tough year for you. Glad to see your back in the game . Awesome for you
  529. Marlin Mike

    Simple Tuna Recipe Needed

    Yep only think to remember only 15 min in marinade. Cook some white rice and green beens. Once cooked immediately dice in bowl add rice and green beans drizzle some unused marinade. Makes AWESOME rice bowl. DO NOT OVER GRILL TUNA. when white meets white when grilling. Ya screwed the pooch...
  530. Marlin Mike

    So it looks like I will get out for a tuna trip this Saturday...

    I heard you guys were tri sexual. You'd try anything sexual. What a bunch a sick fawks
  531. Marlin Mike

    So it looks like I will get out for a tuna trip this Saturday...

    Get your ass down here and get your drink on Just sayin
  532. Marlin Mike

    So it looks like I will get out for a tuna trip this Saturday...

    Caaaaaaaaamon No one likes a quitter. Ya know that
  533. Marlin Mike

    So it looks like I will get out for a tuna trip this Saturday...

    Jesus fuckin Christ. MATT. You on your own fucked the water up for the rest of us. I hope your happy now. Thanks a bunch you fucker. Hope your bait does the back stroke. From the whole fleet to you
  534. Marlin Mike

    Wormy salmon??

    That's what happens when they eat the blue waffles
  535. Marlin Mike

    popped dads cherry after about 23 years

    I would have given anything to fish you and your dad. FISHING WITH LIMEY AND HIS DAD=.....PRICLESS IF ONLY YOU SPOKE WITH SUBTITLES
  536. Marlin Mike

    Roof sealant question

    Above the waterline 4200
  537. Marlin Mike

    good news KELLI ANN

    Stfu ole man No one axed u
  538. Marlin Mike

    good news KELLI ANN

    I can't wait to get HIS boat fixed and back in the water. So I can start calling her OURS again.
  539. Marlin Mike

    BD fires and a different build

    Is there room for the Playas club it's looking for a new home
  540. Marlin Mike

    Best tuna video yet!

  541. Marlin Mike

    Marine weather workshop - Oct 3 in PT

    I'm sure mark is all over that
  542. Marlin Mike

    Good news. On engine

    Wtf is that all about
  543. Marlin Mike

    Kill bags are great but not water proof ... 6 footer fits perfectly in an Outback

    Nice haul. I'm outta westport I'm sure we can figure something out. Game on
  544. Marlin Mike

    Kill bags are great but not water proof ... 6 footer fits perfectly in an Outback

    Well after thinking about your challenge. I thought that I would bring my OWN boat,carry it in the the back of My TRUCK . I'm not sure about your safety gear ,or fishing gear so it might be best if I bring my own. Another concern was your mariner status. So I will follow you across the bar...
  545. Marlin Mike

    Anyone smoke bellys with skin on

    Okay, heres the consecus, After round 1 ALWAYS. ALWAYS. ALWAYS REMOVE the skin, The finished product was inconsistent on the bellies with the skin left on. With the skin removed we were GOOD TA GO SKIN LEFT ON =NOT SO MUCH Just my .02
  546. Marlin Mike

    Kill bags are great but not water proof ... 6 footer fits perfectly in an Outback

    You fucking guys kill me. Either trade in the lezbaroos, or trade in your man card................ BITCHES
  547. Marlin Mike

    Good news. On engine

    Yep that's him. Hit him up
  548. Marlin Mike

    WTC smack talking thread

    just for you goat you can licka my BALLZ
  549. Marlin Mike

    WTC smack talking thread

    all you fuckers can suck my CAWK
  550. Marlin Mike

    Ice in Westport

    There is no ice bait or tuna in Westport kr anywhere in WA state
  551. Marlin Mike

    WTC smack talking thread

    Can someone pass me the popcorn ots getting to the good part
  552. Marlin Mike

    theres a new tommy in town

    if I remember right , it was CHUNKY blue cheese. Resembeled something like tapioca
  553. Marlin Mike

    theres a new tommy in town

    dont hate the players. Hate the game
  554. Marlin Mike

    Tuna Tool

    I haven't seen anyone put this one up. So here goes. Justflip the fish over after spiking.then cut throat right above the heart. That shit pumps out like you wouldn't believe. In fact once last year I kept hearing a whistling sound on the deck as I was doing bleeding . Finally figured out is was...
  555. Marlin Mike

    Offshore Northwest Wounded Warriors Tuna Slay fest!

    Tommy way to get ER done good job
  556. Marlin Mike

    theres a new tommy in town

    Fuck it your still TOMMY nice try on diverting the thread but you lose have a good day TOMMY
  557. Marlin Mike

    theres a new tommy in town

    call em how I see em
  558. Marlin Mike

    New Westport Brewery

    went to the new brewery and pizza joint last night The pizza is the best in town that I have tried. The IPA is off the hook
  559. Marlin Mike

    theres a new tommy in town

    I think the new crocs style is so you don't stub your big piggy just sayin
  560. Marlin Mike

    theres a new tommy in town

    I found this new guy in town. He took us out to try the new pizza joint in town. and it is now written in bd blood his name is . TOMMY and he wears his new style of crocs. Be sure to say hi to him when you see him around.
  561. Marlin Mike

    westport launch ramp

    look who's back on town
  562. Marlin Mike

    westport long term camping

    Caaaaaaaamon. Tuna town is set up in a disclosed location this year. American is a family friendly camp so most you asswipes won't get in. just sayin
  563. Marlin Mike

    westport long term camping

    just to give a shout out. If anyone needs some spots for 3 months American sunset might be able to help. I had reservations. Then we made other plans and they never cancelled our res. So we have cancelled now as of wed nite. So if your looking, dont wait and check it out.
  564. Marlin Mike


    thanks guys
  565. Marlin Mike

    Marking your line

    ever heard of a rubberband
  566. Marlin Mike

    News flash. Paul is an assman

    I saw him down there yesterday.he musta been on knees rub in it out for two hours.sounds like when he was done you got a haapy endding
  567. Marlin Mike

    Let's all help Kevin get elected!

    My ballot has been cast
  568. Marlin Mike

    Stolen boat

    very well said bruddah
  569. Marlin Mike

    Stereo upgrade stage 1

    I know NOTHING
  570. Marlin Mike

    Anybody Heard from Ugly Bayliner Recently??

    Ugly was spotted in Westport last night.thanks for coming by and visiting.,and tweeking some chit for us you are top notch.
  571. Marlin Mike

    sunfish and jelly's

    all you haters are just mad cause you had the angry snow dragon.
  572. Marlin Mike

    Pray for Goatram

    look like anyone from westport that we know?
  573. Marlin Mike

    Pray for Goatram

    that makes a nasty salad dressing
  574. Marlin Mike

    Getting close

    same ole shit different year............. just sayin
  575. Marlin Mike

    road trip???

    been there done it
  576. Marlin Mike

    Just for DR FONG

    no its a CAAWKTAIL
  577. Marlin Mike

    I'm back bitches.....

    glad you posted up. almost didnt see you.
  578. Marlin Mike

    I think I might have a problem......

    what the hell do you know
  579. Marlin Mike

    Tough goin for Westport Sammies

    that shit never works' out. justnsayin
  580. Marlin Mike

    we arrived

    caaaqaamon again?
  581. Marlin Mike

    Week two Westport Salmon!

    nice job thanks for the report
  582. Marlin Mike

    Kelli Ann has a wet spot

    and hand made cream sauce
  583. Marlin Mike

    Kelli Ann arrives in westport

    ya mine too. then pass the devils lettuce to the cop. should about wrap up an evening around a fire in La Push... ooops my bad
  584. Marlin Mike

    who is using a fusion stereo

    jensen triaxle 6x9s gotta love em
  585. Marlin Mike

    Ocean Temperature Data Sources

    i use either, Steve Pool or Jeff Renner it's usually hit or miss anyway.
  586. Marlin Mike

    Kelli Ann has a wet spot

    CAAAAAMOOOOOOOOON wheres the love brother?
  587. Marlin Mike

    Tuna deckhand

    not bad for a first post i would be very careful NEWBIE camon gate keeper your slippin
  588. Marlin Mike


    I'm good ta go
  589. Marlin Mike

    A brutha needs your thoughts and prayers

    thanks for the update keep us posted on his recovery
  590. Marlin Mike

    Racor 10 micron vs 2 micron

    what's red hard and bad on your teeth. wait for ...... almost there......... one more sec....... a BRICK now shut the fuck up
  591. Marlin Mike

    No Fresh herring in Westport !

    there are no fish in wesport of any kind. just sayin
  592. Marlin Mike

    So, the story goes...

    thats quite a CAWK amamie story
  593. Marlin Mike

    Westport Inn

    i still dont understand what you mean.......huh
  594. Marlin Mike

    Westport Inn

  595. Marlin Mike

    Westport Inn

    i knooow noothingggg
  596. Marlin Mike

    A brutha needs your thoughts and prayers

    wow so sorry to hear. let me know if i can help you guys out.
  597. Marlin Mike

    Heads Up if Fishing La Push for Hali Sat

    i believe you get a DUTCH RUDDER and $4.50 in change.
  598. Marlin Mike

    Kelli Ann got her nails done

    I just gotta say the new dance floor is FUCKIN AWESOME. I stepped on board this morning, and fuck it has nicest kush to it. I than was doing clean up on my hands and knees.(DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT GOING THERE ALL YOU FUCKERS AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) no worries about sore feet or gouged up knees...
  599. Marlin Mike

    Kelli Ann is going to get ugly

    pimpin aint cheap
  600. Marlin Mike

    westport moorage

    shit that aint askin for much
  601. Marlin Mike

    Kelli Ann is going to get ugly

    WOE WOE there TUBOOO! HOW COME ALL THE HATE. Dont hate the PLAYA the game
  602. Marlin Mike

    Kelli Ann Update

    not sure exactly what he was doin down there, but im pretty sure he wont be without some sort of ass wipe. he is a boyscout leader. ALWAYS BE PREPARED
  603. Marlin Mike

    Bait- frozen Herring & Sardines

    he lives in stanwood, Caaaaaamonnnnnn
  604. Marlin Mike

    Homey caught a Wolf Eel

    brian is such a stud
  605. Marlin Mike

    Music is the key you see.....

    the kellie ann is going reel to reel
  606. Marlin Mike

    Maiden voyage on the Kelli Ann

    i knooooooow naaaaaaaaathing
  607. Marlin Mike

    A Great First Trip

    sound like the perfect start to your season and new boat... ATTA BOY
  608. Marlin Mike

    Lead melt.

    i know..........Nothing
  609. Marlin Mike

    Lead melt.

  610. Marlin Mike

    2015 WTC Registration

    he's runnin a charta that day
  611. Marlin Mike

    My new ride!!

    congrats on the new ride. Another killer added to the fleet
  612. Marlin Mike

    BD decals

    if you show up to the lead pour there might be a few hangin around
  613. Marlin Mike

    Lead melt.

    I'm sure there's always someone looking for some pot to use.
  614. Marlin Mike

    Uh Oh!

    keep that shit away from TT. Be does not do well with any kinda fireball. Just saying
  615. Marlin Mike


    just remember big spoon makes the rules
  616. Marlin Mike


    just hold the fuck on TURBO. If your lucky you might the throne in the head I think shotgun might already be taken. just sayin
  617. Marlin Mike

    BOAT SHOPPING Hewescraft,Northriver,Norhwest boats,ALUMAWELD, Allied and River Hawk

    damn son you missed out. dragonballs boat would have been perfect just one week to late.
  618. Marlin Mike

    Any jeep guys

    try going to hwy 99 rumor has it theres lots of trannies there
  619. Marlin Mike

    Has anyone installed a Deck Mount bait tank on Trophy 2509 Walkaround, or similar application?

    roll the bones has his set up for removable, try and contact him. Sure makes it nice on the hali grounds, than re install for tunars.
  620. Marlin Mike


    I heard it turned into MMA smackdown match .
  621. Marlin Mike

    Short video from today.... (that is not a short joke)

    forgot to add .................... BITCHES
  622. Marlin Mike

    Short video from today.... (that is not a short joke)

    you look like a frickin oppa Loompa back there , no worry about Rollin over board
  623. Marlin Mike

    Tuna blank suggestions?

    first you should match the blank length to the boat you normally fish. I went from a twin screw inboard with no outdrives so I built 7ft rods, now I'm on a boat with twin outboards and an 8ft rod would make the reach around the outboards easier. I'm sure there video floating around of me pinned...
  624. Marlin Mike

    Looking for a fly tyer

    take a class in the winter if your near Snohomish county look up gregs custom rods in lake Stevens, he offers classes
  625. Marlin Mike

    Well is it over?

    you have a window I think you should go for it and don't forget to post a report
  626. Marlin Mike

    What would Matt Bugeater do?

    way to much info
  627. Marlin Mike

    The build has started...not boat though.

    thats awesome, congrats on your new pad and mancave. Looking forward to following the build
  628. Marlin Mike

    Eastside Food and Booze

    WHOA WHOA there turbo! I was thinkin bout place up hear. U are reading to much into this.... Take a chillllll pill
  629. Marlin Mike

    Eastside Food and Booze

    Just thinkin bout burgers and such
  630. Marlin Mike

    Eastside Food and Booze

    fuck Thai food how about the soundview
  631. Marlin Mike

    Eastside Food and Booze

    if the date works out. im in balls deep
  632. Marlin Mike

    Anyone been on a Tomcat 255 in the ocean

    I heard another a good site is a lot of info there.
  633. Marlin Mike

    Weather forecast discussion/help

    when in doubt PM markfromsea
  634. Marlin Mike

    Buy the boat they said, Getting gear'd up bitches!

    one word sums up this build SSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWEEEEEEEEEEEEET. its just to damn short 2 B true PS. don't forget to tru bolt the kicka
  635. Marlin Mike

    BD web site virus problem

    I know what the problem is with your computer.. wait for it........................................... almost there............................. YOU LOOK AT TO MUCH PORN
  636. Marlin Mike

    Favorite Fishing Tune?

    crazy train as you leave the dock ALL ABOARD HAHAHAHA
  637. Marlin Mike

    Favorite Fishing Tune?

    really wtf
  638. Marlin Mike

    Favorite Fishing Tune?

  639. Marlin Mike

    A Proper Introduction...

    my name is mike and you can SUCK MY CYAWK
  640. Marlin Mike

    Q: When is the best time to join PSA Sno-King?

    I thought that the best time to join was the night before murphs party
  641. Marlin Mike

    The New Fishin' Luhrs :-)

    congrats on the new baby . she looks like a nice wide biatch
  642. Marlin Mike

    Westport Tunage

    that will give you guys big fendaas
  643. Marlin Mike

    Duramax the new TT

    damn son not again. glad to see the baton has been handed over to another boat
  644. Marlin Mike

    Who's running for tuna this week?

    wheres marks weather report? cant go till I have an updated DETAILED forecast from Mark
  645. Marlin Mike


    also double tuna hooks are not legal either
  646. Marlin Mike

    Anyone Making a Tuna Run Saturday?

    you might be able to get there, but you still have to be able to fish it
  647. Marlin Mike

    TUNA Open Seats Saturday 7-12

    There are no tuna in WA
  648. Marlin Mike

    Center Cut?

    quit fuckin with my post you know I'm a fuckin pole smoker
  649. Marlin Mike

    Center Cut?

    the reason rtb didn't hear you was cuz he never has his radio up loud enough, it gives him more fishing time. instead of giving tows and did you know I am a raging Homo.
  650. Marlin Mike

    Car issues could use a hand

    thats how the northend crew rolls
  651. Marlin Mike

    honda 10 hp outboard

    holdin out fir 420
  652. Marlin Mike

    Tuna Boats

    there are no tuna in wa state that includes westport
  653. Marlin Mike

    1987 Skipjack Flybridge 25'

    did i miss a price somwhere
  654. Marlin Mike


    that would be good to use for gettting firewood and I think u have a chainsaw
  655. Marlin Mike

    Dead Thread

    blah blah blah blah q
  656. Marlin Mike

    WP Annual Ramp Pass

    how much for your crystal ball weather forcast
  657. Marlin Mike

    Dead Thread

    damn son I should ha ve guessed it would be you. Who starts a fricken post on weAther a fukin week before guys are goin to hit the water. I think the gate keeper is going to slam the gate on you and throw key over board at the 125 line. Just so YOU can run out there and get it yourself...
  658. Marlin Mike

    Chainsaw for sale

    27.01 i want in
  659. Marlin Mike

    Topic Change Anyone? Sharpen Them Hooks!

    with a detailed swell and offshore forecast.
  660. Marlin Mike

    Chest thumping ( or just getting word out)

    damn you guys are still bitchin about this. if you don,t like it don't participate in posting reports it's not that fuckin hard to figure out. DUH
  661. Marlin Mike

    Defiance Marine's Spring Kickoff Event- April 26th 9:00am

    what you guys couldnt get Tony for the seminar?LOLLOL
  662. Marlin Mike

    2009 Defiance 220EX w/2012 etec and 2011 kicker (the first one fell off)

    sorry to hear that. good luck with your sale. but what the hells is the DUTCH RUDDER gonna do now?
  663. Marlin Mike

    New Shop Coming to Westport spring 2014

    congrats to you both and good luck with your new venture
  664. Marlin Mike

    R.V. Parking at Westport

    hows does forecast look Mark?
  665. Marlin Mike

    OWC quick report

    way to guys
  666. Marlin Mike

    How to keep my new kicker

    thru bolt that fucker on
  667. Marlin Mike

    Dock Electrical Work

    damn son, just run a cord form the condo
  668. Marlin Mike

    ketchican charter

    looking for any help on hali charters good or bad. Just put your.03 in
  669. Marlin Mike

    Crack in Columbia River dam

    they are going to be starting a riot to get the first hit