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  1. mrfish11

    WTB Mens Mountain Bike

    Hey guys, Anyone have a mens mountain bike laying around that they want to sell. I need one for hunting. PM me with what ya got. Thanks, Brian
  2. mrfish11

    Flashers FS

    I just flat out have too many flashers. Time to get rid of some duplicates. All are used (some need new tape/stickers), except the 4 q-coves that are brand new in package with pins. I acquired some of these for a good deal, so I will sell to a BD bro for a good deal. How about $100 takes them...
  3. mrfish11

    Mixed bag-tuna gear

    Continuing to thin the herd. How about $50 for everything pictured? Majority of it is used. 1 each Yo-zuri trolling rabbit float. 2 each mexi flags. 1 each mexi feather. 1 each blue jet head. 5 each tuna doubles (have some rust but work fine for troll). The black live bait hooks are mustad...
  4. mrfish11

    White starboard

    Anyone have a small scrap of 5"x7" x1/4" thick piece of white starboard laying around? I dont make it up north much to the plastic shops....especially during their business hours. We can talk about some trade options I have available. PM me. Thanks.
  5. mrfish11

    Raymarine EV-1 Sensor core

    I dont think mine is not working correctly, anyone have one laying around that they want to get rid of or that I could borrow to see if that's my issue?
  6. mrfish11

    But yet we cant fish....

  7. mrfish11

    Need a number

    Friend of the family needs to talk to someone about a Mercruiser Bravo 3 repair. Who has the number of a reputable shop or person who works on these? Thanks.
  8. mrfish11

    Give us all your $$$$$

    This should have been titled, "You cant do shit, but we still want to take your money!" WDFW NEWS RELEASE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 1111 Washington St. SE, Olympia, WA 98501 April 20, 2020 Contact: Wildlife Program, 360-902-2515 Sam Montgomery...
  9. mrfish11

    2 EA scotty's

  10. mrfish11

    Truck electrical work near Oly?

    Anyone got any good recommendations? My wiring for my trailer lights on my truck is messed up and needs to be looked at. Thanks, Brian
  11. mrfish11

    Tanacom Reel Cleaning

    I recently recieved three tanacoms back from cleaning and drag washer service by @Redzwulf . He is a great guy to work with. Very good communication from initial shipping through them arriving back on my doorstep. Reels look like new and the turn around time was awesome. If you need your...
  12. mrfish11

    Scotty booms

    2 EA standard length scotty booms. Pick up in olympia. Trade me for something cool or just come get them. Dust and cob webs is also free.
  13. mrfish11

    WTB Yami 9.9 HT prop

    @Fish_on! and I dinged one pretty good. Anyone got a good used or new one they want to part with? Thanks, Brian
  14. mrfish11

    Tre-Fin Sport Jackpole

    Like new 8' Tre-fin Sport Jackpole with 2EA 7' 150lb flurocarbon leaders and 2EA 4/0 Owner Gorilla hooks. This whole setup is right around $400 after tax at Englunds I believe. I will take $300. Pickup in Olympia. Thanks, Brian
  15. mrfish11

    Ilwaco fuel

    So I fished salmon saturday and decided to not fill her full for the drive down to save a little weight. (She was about 80 gal down). Fished salmon Saturday then got to the fuel dock to fill her full for the tuna run yesterday. BIG MISTAKE! Started pumping, glanced over at my pump to check...
  16. mrfish11

    Cabelas Dry Plus Camo

    Very lightly used cabelas dry plus Seclusion 3D camo. Coat and pants. $50 for all of it. Size L. Pick up in olympia or ship at buyers expense.
  17. mrfish11

    Fishing gear

    $75 for all this gear. Pick up in olympia. Or ship at buyers expense but it wont be cheap...theres a lot of lead. Some b2 squids are weighted, some are not. Sweeten the deal....Foodsaver plus some accessories included for free. All i did was plug it in and it still turns on and sounds like...
  18. mrfish11

    Kids Radio Flyer Horse

    My kids loved it but out grew it. Looks like they are about $150 ish on ebay. How bout $50? Perfect toy to help them get used to crossing the bar on those rough seasick possible days. Pick up in olympia. Brian
  19. mrfish11

    Scotty downrigger parts help

    So i tore my riggers apart to clean them and noticed one tiny part corroded and broke off. Does anyone know where i can find the teeny tiny keeper ring that goes on the side of the line counter. If you havent seen it before, you probably didnt even know one went there. Watching the cleaning...
  20. mrfish11

    Fishing raft frame

    For sale is my river raft frame. Bought it planning to set it on a new Aire Super Puma but @Fish_on! bought a new raft and frame so I dont need this frame anymore. In good shape. You can see dimensions below in the pics. This is a 2 piece frame (attaches together with straps). Needs ice...
  21. mrfish11

    Upload error

    Is anyone else getting this error (see below in quotes) every time they try to upload a pic? Never gotten it before. I just want to send a dang pic. "The uploaded file is too large for the server to process"
  22. mrfish11

    Pyramid Anchors

    2 EA driftboat pyramid anchors for sale. Dont need these 2 extra anchors. The bigger one has 3 marks so im pretty sure its a 30lb and the smaller one is either a 20lb or 25lb. I'll weigh em if someone wants to know exactly. How bout $55 for the big one and $45 for the smaller one. Here...
  23. mrfish11

    WPS fish hold

    I have this WPS fish hold insert i bought from another guy on here. Ended up not needing it. I think i paid $25. So how bout that. Inside dimensions are about 38Lx18Wx9H. Handle on each side. All the dust on it is free.
  24. mrfish11

    Rogue Jet

    Anyone have any experience with a Rogue Jet? My bud is looking at the Yukon or Coastal 20'. Tell us your positves and negatives. Thanks.
  25. mrfish11

    No floaters!

    I have fished deepwater 3 days so far and have seen next to no floaters. This is a huge improvement based on what i have seen in previous years. I think people are using their descenders and it is clearly working. When wdfw checked me that was one of the first things they asked to see. Good...
  26. mrfish11

    Lost winch handle WP ramp

    My winch handle fell off on the ramp at wp today. If you found it and I could get it back, that would be great.
  27. mrfish11

    Trailer brakes help needed

    Does anyone have this setup on their trailer and can speak to its effectiveness and how long it has held up? I need a full new brake set...the whole meal deal. I have tie-down engineering now so anything is considered an upgrade. I have had nothing but problems with tde.
  28. mrfish11

    For Sale Actisense: NMEA0183/NMEA2000

    Actisense NGW-1 STNG NMEA0183 - NMEA2000 Dont need this anymore on my boat. $100. Buyer pays shipping. Can do paypal.
  29. mrfish11

    Actisense NMEA0183/NMEA2000

    Actisense NGW-1 STNG NMEA0183/NMEA2000 Do not need this anymore on my boat. How about $100.
  30. mrfish11

    For Sale High Speed Abyss Jigs

    Williamson High Speed Abyss Jigs 10.5 ounce/300g 3EA Blue 2EA Pink 2EA Green 2EA Black How about $75 for the 9 jigs. I think they are about $10 to $15 EA normally. Will ship if buyer pays shipping. Thanks!
  31. mrfish11

    Save yourself a halibut day...

    ...and check those impellors. I'm pretty sure i just saved myself either a butt or tuna day and a long ride back in on the kicker.
  32. mrfish11

    Star board near Oly

    Anyone know of a place near Olympia that sells star board? I know of the few companys in Seattle but was hoping not to drive up there. Thanks.
  33. mrfish11

    Deep water life vest

    Seems like a pretty good deal if anyone needs one. West marine. Just got an email about it. 1 day only.
  34. mrfish11

    Small Downrigger

    Anyone got a small lake style clamp on downrigger they want to get rid of (need it for kokanee)? My buddy is looking for one. Let me know what you guys got. Thanks.
  35. mrfish11

    Tractor attachment

    Cant remember if i put this on here or not already but this damn thing is still sitting in my shop. When i bought my house the seller left it. Question 1. What is this used for? Hauling hay bales with tractor? Question 2. What is it called? Question 3. What is it worth? Question 4. Who...
  36. mrfish11

    Line twist - cedar plugs

    What is the best way you guys have found to keep your braid from twisting when running cedar plugs? Ill tell you what i tried and what DOES NOT work.....well it gets bit, but it twists like a SOB too. I tried running a little plastic tee bead, then a bumper bead to a large Berkley black clip...
  37. mrfish11

    Just get out there.....

    They are here and they were all BIG! We were pretty much straight west of Ilwaco..... a tad south. Closest fish was well under 40 miles out. Covered water from the 08 line in to the 52. If you want exact numbers pm me and ill look tomorrow, but right now i just pulled in to the driveway and im...
  38. mrfish11

    Coldwater This might make a few of you hard!
  39. mrfish11

    For Sale Simrad Autopilot Smartstick

    For sale is a new in box Simrad AR4502SI smartstick autopilot rudder reference. Cheapest I found on ebay was $288. Will sell for $200 and you pay shipping. Brian
  40. mrfish11

    Need help- Oil tar shit on boat

    Fished in an oil slick today and it stuck to my boat and dawn wont cut it. What do I use to get it off and not ruin gel coat. Thanks, Brian
  41. mrfish11

    Free Penn 330gt

    Penn 330gt is froze up. Decent shape besides that. Need it for parts? Come n get it. Going in garbage soon.
  42. mrfish11

    Favor from Benjamin's shop

    Anyone live near or gonna be near Benjamin's shop and could pick up my shrimp pots on their way to wp on Thursday or Friday? I could meet you in the cabelas parking lot in Lacey or wherever is convenient???? Was hoping to use them on Saturday. I could hook you up with a homemade pipe jig or 6...
  43. mrfish11

    Seat pedestal for sale

    Took this off my Parker and went to a suspension pedestal. It's a 27 inch pedestal with the bushings for the foot rest (using the foot rest on my new pedeatal). Make offer. I have no clue what it's worth....Or trade for something cool I need like crab pot, shrimp pot, tuna rod whatever.....
  44. mrfish11

    2013 Parker 2320 wipers

    Anyone know what model or brand these are and where I order them? No markings on them and I need replacements. I believe they are stock wipers off my 2013 Parker 2320. Starboard side is about 12 inches long, port is about 14 inches long. Would like to order online and just have them shipped...
  45. mrfish11

    Raymarine connector/cable

    Anyone have a spare t connector or blue cable laying around that you are not using? See pics below of what I'm looking for. Thanks, Brian
  46. mrfish11

    Need yamaha trim seal cap tool

    Anyone have the tool to remove the trim seal caps off my yamaha 250 4.2L? It's like an $80 tool and just thought someone may have one I could borrow? looks like this: I need that MT0004 model. Thanks.
  47. mrfish11

    Shop lights

    I've got 4 just sitting here. These are the 8 footers. My shop uses the 4 footers.
  48. mrfish11

    Shimano curados for sale

    Two of my older reels I don't use anymore. They crank fine but could use some drag work. Found an ambassador too......Make reasonable offer.
  49. mrfish11

    Kids furniture

    Selling the following furniture from my daughter's room: 1. Crib: converts from crib to toddler bed or twin bed. 2. Tall dresser 3. Short dresser that can be used for changing table. 4. Rocking chair and ottoman. Will not separate 1, 2 and 3. Selling the set for $1200. 4. I will...
  50. mrfish11

    WTB Gloomis

    Anyone have an 1141s they want to get rid of? Had one go in the drink last weekend. Let me know.
  51. mrfish11

    Hunting stuff

    Hideaway pack board $50 Mathews soft bow case $50
  52. mrfish11

    Need transducer help

    So on my new boat it came with a thru hull airmar transducer and some older tiny screen garmin unit. Im at work so i dont remember model numbers right now. The boat is a 2013 so the stuff isn't that old, I do know that. The unit has not read bottom at all since I bought the boat. I can maybe...
  53. mrfish11

    Salmon concoction

    I have waaaayy too much gear. Most All of it is used. A few of the spoons could use a little cleaning. $100
  54. mrfish11

    Happy 4th of July

    Hope everyone is having a great 4th of July. I'm doing boat trailer bearings all day!
  55. mrfish11

    Scotty 1116 downrigger - new

    I have one new Scotty electric downrigger 1116 propack. New in box. Going with a different model instead. Sportco price is $560 + tax so about $610 total. Selling for $550. Pick up in olympia.
  56. mrfish11

    Shakespeare 3' whip VHF Antenna

    Took it off my boat and installed a bigger antenna. Worked fine when I took it off today. How bout $25.
  57. mrfish11

    WTB Mercury Rev 4-15 pitch prop

    If you have a merc rev 4 15 pitch you want to sell please shoot me a pm. Thanks.
  58. mrfish11

    Mercury rev 4 15 pitch

    Anyone have a used one they want to sell me before I go buy a brand new one? Worth a try I guess.... Thanks.
  59. mrfish11

    More gear....tuna gear

    Well since my luck wasn't very good selling bottomfish gear, I'll switch over to tuna gear. This is just a bunch of extra stuff I've got and I've come to realize I can't troll 100 poles at a time (who trolls anyways :p). 3 xrap 30s 1 xrap 20 1 no name 20 1 xrap 15 4 yo-zuris about size 20s in...
  60. mrfish11

    Autopilot Smart Stick For Sale

    I got this with my new boat but the guy bought one that works with Simrad and not Raymarine like I need. It is brand new in the box. He said the boat was over correcting on autopilot and the raymarine guy said he needed a new smart stick. I looked on eBay and they are $275. How about I sell for...
  61. mrfish11

    Tackle for sale

    Cleaning out all my fishing tackle and just have too much stuff. There is a mixture of halibut and bottomfish gear here. All gear is used but will work perfect for rockfish lings etc.... How about $70 for everything shown. Local pick up in olympia or tumwater.
  62. mrfish11

    Autopilot Smart Stick For Sale

    I got this with my new boat but the guy bought one that works with Simrad and not Raymarine like I need. It is brand new in the box. He said the boat was over correcting on autopilot and the raymarine guy said he needed a new smart stick. I looked on eBay and they are $275. How about I sell...
  63. mrfish11

    Rod holders for sale

    So these are the 4 rod holders I bought from Dragonballs a while ago for $200 shipped.... I couldnt get them to fit on my new boat. They were just a shade to big for my rail. They are brand new. All 4 for $160. I can meet anywhere in olympia or will be in wp for butts.
  64. mrfish11

    Ideas needed: Boat transport CA to WA

    I'm flying down to southern kali right now (literally typing from the airport:-)) to buy a new to me 2320. I decided I'm going to get it shipped back. Any ideas or recommendations on transport companys you guys have used or would recommend? Once I sea trial and sign papers tomorrow I was just...
  65. mrfish11

    Need Frozen Anchovies

    Anyone got any in the freezer from tuna season that I can buy off ya? They are damn expensive in the stores for the little pack. Worth a try I figured.
  66. mrfish11

    Cabelas purchase

    So I'm gonna buy a pricey rifle (rem sondero 300 UM ) in the next few days and am trying to get as good of a deal as possible. Anyone know where the gift card (buy $100 get $120) deal is online or anyone have any coupons laying around (that oh course don't exclude gun purchases) or anything...
  67. mrfish11

    Toyo 285/70 R17

    Anyone need a good 10 ply spare (1 tire only). I just switched out and got new tires and this one still has 75% life left I'd guess. Make reasonable offer or trade.
  68. mrfish11

    WTB Parker

    WTB 2320 or 2520 XLD Parker. Must be very clean with low hour 4 stroke(s). 250 minimum hp on the 2320. Prefer no bottom paint and not moored in saltwater. Thanks, Brian
  69. mrfish11

    Need ideas-crab pot repair

    Acquired a free round crab pot but it's missing the top half circle door on top( no clue how it fell off / got lost but it was free as is). At Home Depot trying to find something to use but cant find or think of much. Needs to be cheap and something that won't rust. Fire me some ideas please?
  70. mrfish11

    15lb DR ball mold

    Anyone got a 15lb DR ball mold around the olympia area that I could borrow for a few days? I will find something worthy to trade you for letting me borrow it. Thanks.
  71. mrfish11


    If I want to buy some online where is the cheapest/best place to buy them and what are some other brands besides big hammer? I threw all my empty packages away that I bought from Englunds and can't remember the brand name. Thanks.
  72. mrfish11

    On the hunt...

    Anyone else looking to run for tuna on friday? I'm thinking a birthday tuna, ling n king day sounds pretty good??? Mr fish on 68
  73. mrfish11

    Cleaning out the garage

    Just moved into a new home and need to sell a few dust collectors. - 1 BFG Rugged Trail tire (no rim, just tire). 265/70 R17. $60. Would make a good spare tire (looks almost new to me, can't remember where I got it from????) -New net bag for larger Frabill or Beckman net. $15 - 2 EACH...
  74. mrfish11

    Cabelas coupon?

    Hey guys, I am making a big to me purchase (leupold long range scope) at cabelas soon and seem to have lost my coupon. A few weeks ago they sent me one of those bigger discount coupons I believe it was a spend over $500 and save xx?? amount and I can't find the dang thing. I know, their...
  75. mrfish11

    This ain't no BULLshit.....

    And here's the proof... He came in to 11 yards on the second day of season and was just a touch too big to pass up. The 2015 season is off to a great start...I hunt with 5 buddies every year and we have killed 4 bulls so far this season. The packs have been brutal but it's all worth it in...
  76. mrfish11

    Roof sealant question

    Need advice on the best sealant to use on my camper roof. Going to reseal all the seams and I want to use the best shit out there. What have you guys used, what works good and what doesnt? Thanks!
  77. mrfish11


    So this was a new one for me. I've fished wp for a long time and I've never seen this before. Sunday as I was headed in I came past the inside tip of the S Jetty (about 200 yards from the tip) and I noticed a boat that appeared to be VERY close to the rocks. I swung over to check it out and...
  78. mrfish11

    B10 Kings!

    We decided to hit the big river this weekend. Had a great time with friends and family. The kings were biting well in the early mornings but the silvers were tough to come by. We ended the weekend with only 1 coho but got full limits on kings both days for both boats. So so glad Jerry...
  79. mrfish11

    Moorage in Ilwaco this weekend...

    Worth a shot I guess....Anyone got an open moorage spot in either Chinook or Ilwaco for Fri and/or Sat night that they won't be using and would like to sell/trade? Both marinas are booked full up and we made last minutes plans to give it a go this weekend. Thanks. -Brian
  80. mrfish11

    A few more pics....

    Also found a few kings n lings the other day. I know everyone likes pictures so I figured I'd throw a few more up. My buddy from Idaho came over and I got him into some decent fish while he was here. He wants to go tuna fishing so bad but he had to leave last Wednesday and of course the...
  81. mrfish11

    When I started my boat was white...

    ...and once we plugged on the first bait stop it looked a little different! Thursday at 5am we iced up, grabbed a scoop and at 6am we headed sw on a 235 heading for about 39 miles. Troll rods in the water and 10 minutes later the purple x rap was screaming. Chummed bait and then it was...
  82. mrfish11

    Need la push/neah tuna info

    I have a close family friend who is up fishing canadian swiftsure for the next week or so and they are thinking of trying a tuna run out of the Strait. They called and asked me if I've heard any reports from up north yet this year. Was just seeing if anyone has made any recent runs out of...
  83. mrfish11

    Tuna belt question????

    What brand of belts do you guys wear to carry your tools (pliers, knife, etc) in while your tuna fishin? I need to buy one. Thanks.
  84. mrfish11

    Wp Tuna 7/25

    Left Oly at 3am. Split a tote of ice with the bdrlgion crew at 5am and were in the water and grabbing a scoop of swimmers by about 6. Took a heading of 255-260 from the tips and 32 miles later we were in some nice clear blue WARM water. No jumpers and not much life but deployed the troll rods...
  85. mrfish11


    Well.....Saturday really beat the crap out of us! Headed straight out to the 290' line and dropped the riggers down in the 220' zone and had pretty steady action on kings with a glow green flasher and 742 hoochie. The middle rod with the diver and cut plug was pretty much non stop action on...
  86. mrfish11

    WP bait?

    Any fresh herring in wp yet or still just live chovys?
  87. mrfish11

    WP Saturday 6/20

    Hit a few out straight out in 315 fow then moved in to finish off the limit down south with the fleet and whales in 180 fow. Caught fish from the surface down to 140' on the wire. Got a limit of lings too! Great day overall!
  88. mrfish11

    Wp tomorrow

    I know the wind has been up lately but the nearshore pinpoint doesn't look horribly bad tomorrow and it looks lIke the swell will be down quite a bit. Anyone gonna give it a go? Have the big boats been getting out the last few days and has anyone heard if the fishing has improved since last...
  89. mrfish11

    Wtb crab pots

    Lost one of my good pots at wp last weekend that I bought from chtucker. Anyone got any they want to get rid of? Not the cheap folders please. Thanks.
  90. mrfish11

    Lowrance help needed

    Can someone tell me how to draw solid straight lines between waypoints on an hds 5? I want to mark out some closure areas and have the waypoints entered but I have searched my menus and can't figure out how to draw lines that will save in my gps. This may not even be possible....shit I don't...
  91. mrfish11

    Simms Gore-tex Bibs

    Brand new Simms gore-tex bibs. Size L. I own a pair of the older model bibs and bought these from a buddy thinking I may want a backup pair but my old ones are holding up just fine. Going for $400 most places. Will sell for $300.
  92. mrfish11


    I've got 4. 13" long. 3/4" Diam. Heavy duty inserts. 225# barrel swivels. 250# Owner split rings. 12/0 quality heavy trebles. You can add a barrel between the coder pin and the split ring if you want but I've run them this way for years with no problems with big lings twisting off. Pick...
  93. mrfish11

    FS: Salmon and Steelhead plugs

    100 plugs total if my count is right. A mixed bag of brads wigglers, kwikfish, flatfish, tadpollys, hot n' tots, hot shots, etc. Most are in great condition and some are brand new. A few are missing a hook or need a new duo snap. I'm selling them all together for $300. Thanks, Brian
  94. mrfish11

    WTB Plug/Hot shot rod(s)

    If you have a plug/hot shot rod laying around you want to get rid of shoot me a pm. Looking for lamiglas g1330t or similar. Prefer lami or loomis. Thanks.
  95. mrfish11

    FS: Garmin Rino 650

    For sale is my Garmin Rino 650. I used it one week during early archery this year. There is nothing wrong with it and its practically new. I have the charger, battery pack, original box and I also bought the seperate alkaline battery pack so you can use AA batteries instead of the rechargeable...
  96. mrfish11

    wp tuna 8-23-14

    quick report. ran sw...way way sw like 60 miles before we found some fish. warmest water we found all day was 60.7 and water never turned very blue. ran as far west as the 12 line and south to somewhere around the 30. fish were on big bird patches. stopped at 15 cause the wind started to rip...
  97. mrfish11

    wp sat...who's going??

    well anyone running out in the morning? looks pretty nice just a little wind in the afternoon noaa says. still debating and waiting to see how guys did today. prob end up in guide canyon. mr fish on 68
  98. mrfish11

    westport tuners 7/26/14

    quick report. 2 guys on board. started at 50x50 area. sounded like slow fishing for most so we headed north to the south side of the canyon. ended the day with 13 longfins and 1 yellowtail. caught him on a casted sb under a floating wooden crate. most fish came on the troll with x rap 20s or...
  99. mrfish11

    Flare Information

    Thought i'd throw this out there fyi since i had never heard of it before. Sheriff checked me at the wp dock last sunday and said cg can write you a ticket for having expired flares onboard even if you have a pack of non-expired too. He said all expired flares must be marked "Training" in...
  100. mrfish11

    current wp weather??

    hey guys can someone who is down there give me a current weather report. blowing pretty good in oly all day. was gonna trailer down for salmon tomorrow but questioning the wind. noaa doesnt look too bad for tomorrow on the beach. thanks.
  101. mrfish11

    yamalube question

    Anyone know where to buy the cheapest yamalube 2 stroke oil? Thanks.
  102. mrfish11

    need help....boat wiring question

    Buddys 26' striper is at wp at the dock and now dead in the water. Coming back from salmon fishing came down hard and all electronics and auto pilot went black. Been working on it for hours and finally got it up and running then flipped on switch for live well or wipers and everything went...
  103. mrfish11

    wp salmon 7-21

    Well we did pretty dam good today. Got all six..the kings were all about 15# and the silvers about 5#. Lots of action all day with quite a few released. Here's a pic.....this salute's for you.....go get em there out there!!!
  104. mrfish11

    Sat. WP Tuna slay!

    Gave twenty tuna a free shuttle ride back to the dock on Sat. Water was glassssssssy flat and there were fish boiling everywhere pretty much all day. Best fishin for us was out by the 125 04 line between 46 39 and 46 34. It was only me and Tall Timber on the boat so twenty was pretty dam good...
  105. mrfish11

    Desert Bow Tag

    Anyone ever draw and have advice? I can't wait for this hunt I drew this year with my bro. Know the area pretty well and know there are lots of bucks but looking at the harvest reports the bow guys just are NOT getting it done. What's the deal?:hali_olutta:
  106. mrfish11

    Ilwaco Live Bait?

    This has probably been asked many times already there live bait in Ilwaco yet and if not, is there going to be this year? Thanks, Brian :hali_olutta:
  107. mrfish11

    WP Sat Tuna Run

    First trip of the year. Headed sw with most of the other guys....stopped on a temp spike and lots of sea life at about 37x52 while all others continued sw. fish on immediately on a cedar plug....tried to get a stop going but only one more taker on bait. Started trolling sw and had a double...
  108. mrfish11

    how far are wp tuners

    i know this is a little late but i was gonna fish tuners tomorrow out of wp and was wondering about how far they are out......if they are 35 i will prob go.....if they are 50....i may stay home and stay on the couch and watch this football game.... dont need numbers just an idea of warm blue h2o...
  109. mrfish11

    Westport Fri, Sat, Sun

    Who is heading out this weekend? The forecast looks a little iffy for tuners so i think it will be salmon only. What do you guys think. Been a few weeks since I have been....are the fish still thick aroung the gh bouy.:loverz:
  110. mrfish11

    Westport Tuna Report

    Hi guys, I am brand new to the I figured I would post a report to start. Want to start by saying thanks to Tonto this weekend for helping with numbers to the tuna and letting us use the badass cleaning station. We fished saturday out of wp and ended up with 18 and lost about 7...