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  1. slydawg

    Gaffed in the leg?

    Ok, who was it that was gaffed in the leg at SCI? Overheard the panic call while fishing behind Cat Saturday?
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    For Sale Yamaha Prop

    Power Tech, Stainless15.25", 3 blade 18 pitch. Great shape. Selling, as I need a 15 pitch. Will trade for 15 pitch SS! $300
  3. slydawg

    Breaching Great White near the 43, Sat 8-17.

    I read somewhere that someone had a GW under their boat, then it breached. Pretty sure we saw this from a distance by the 43 Sat around 10 am. There were a couple other boats in the zone. It was too small for a whale, too big for marlin, dolphin, fish etc. Anyone see this?
  4. slydawg

    SOLD Chain/Rode

    35' of Chain, 3/8" or 3 G?? (see pics). 265' of 1/2" 3 strand rope. Very good condition. Changed windlass, so don't need this. $200 May be open to trade for a reel or?
  5. slydawg

    WTB Windlass

    Delete pls. Thx
  6. slydawg

    WTB Looking for 15 3/4 x 15, RH Yamaha OB prop

    Hey folks. Would love to at least try one actually. LMK if anyone has one laying around! Thx
  7. slydawg

    Newport 9-22

    Brought a colleague, his son with 2 buddies and my daughter out fishing today. First fishing trip for our company! Hit the pipe for wide open Calicos, CPR, then hit the Bonito! Saw all of the Newport sporties searching while bassing. We pulled anchor and joined the hunt. We boxed the zone for...
  8. slydawg

    Good inshore action- Newport -LBC recommendations??9-2-18

    Ok, with with shady weather, I’m in a pinch.... Bringing my son(8) and 2 of his best buddies and fathers out for some fishing. I’m usually a go for broke guy who doesn’t do much inshore stuff... However, this is my son’s Bday trip and his best buddy is the principal’s son. Don’t wanna beat them...
  9. slydawg

    TRADE Kodiak 1 scoop bait tank

    Good shape with mounting hardware/lid. Holds a scoop. 30 gal?Would like to trade for a or rod/reel, Flyfishing outfit Or?? PM is best
  10. slydawg

    WTB Kill bag wanted

    Looking for a large bag. Pls PM
  11. slydawg

    Dodos, 8-19-18

    Brought my son, my buddy Jeff and his son out early Sunday out of Dana Pt. Launched at 4:30am and got a nice scoop of dines and a few Macs. Tired of striking out in DP, so ran 2 hours down to about 10 off of Oside, where we found our first paddy at gray light. Jeff gets bit in short order and...
  12. slydawg

    For Sale Looking for left handed Avet or ?

    Prefer LX or JX size. Preferably loaded with braid. Looking for an all around socal rig for a cousin. Thx.
  13. slydawg

    Local Wahoo??

    JD reports rumors of local hoo/ blue marlin. Repeat of 2015? I bagged one large Hoo and lost 2 BIG blue Marlin right off of Dana Point. Any sightings? Water in 80 in areas and with the Hurricanes down south and abundance of bait..... Sounds feasible.
  14. slydawg

    371 5-6

    Lots of paddys in the area, about half holding 6-12 lb YT. Light fluoro worked best. Had a hand full that came on cedar plugs, feathers and a turqoise Halco. BFT were around, but lock jawed.
  15. slydawg

    Silverwood 3-31

    Browns are on the chew in Cleghorn cyn. Hitting meal worms, mini jigs pretty well. Also saw a school of 3-5 lb stripers about 100 yards off the spillway. Thumbed their noses at us.
  16. slydawg

    2 tickets for FURY limited load overnight 8-19

    Limited to 21 anglers. $200 each, Leaves Fri 8-18 out of Dana point at 9 pm, returns Sat night.
  17. slydawg

    07 DRZ 400

    2007 DRZ 400S
  18. slydawg

    Aggressor- LAME

    If you book an overnight out of Newport, make sure you're on the Thunderbird, don't assume. I have nothing nice to say about the boat or Captain and will NEVER ride on the boat again. Reminded me of an operation out of Bodega bay.....Subpar. Crappy, hot, small bunks, weak crew, poorly laid out...
  19. slydawg

    In San Jose Del Cabo now! Need boat Fri 6-10

    Wide open wind all week! Got a Hoo on Sunday! We just poked out of the harbor this am and turned back after a few miles... 5' swell at about 6 sec, caps --- we're out! Not worth it. Other boats did the same. I'm looking for a cruiser tomorrow Fri 6-10, if anyone needs an extra angler... Pm...
  20. slydawg

    Paso Pigs 5-14-16

    Just a quick report.... Went out with a couple of buddies and guide Tom Willoughby and his son Blake for some piggin' last Saturday. We looked around the San Miguel area on private ground for a couple of hours before spotting a nice Sow climbing a hill. We pulled up ahead of her and I jumped...
  21. slydawg

    2003 Yamaha HPDI 200 cowling

    Needs a linear ctrack repaired on back, but is in great shape otherwise. I'm in IE.
  22. slydawg

    Pig down!

    I hunted a private Ranch outside of Paso Robles Friday. We looked all morning for little sign,until we spotted a group of 12 hogs on a hill. They busted us from afar and bolted. My guide knew right where they were heading and we hauled ASS on his quad to cut them off... Sure enough, we were...
  23. slydawg

    Jason caught a Wahoo!

    12 miles off the domes on a Tony the tiger marauder, 9 knots, 10am, 10-17.
  24. slydawg

    2003 Seaswirl Striper 2101

    It's time to move up! This has been a GREAT boat! Yamaha 200 HPDI (2 stroke) runs fantastic! 920 hours. Gets better than 2 mpg at cruise- 25 MPH. WOT- 40 MPH. Just did major service on her including ALL filters, including internal fuel pump/injector filters. Injectors ALL cleaned at that time...
  25. slydawg

    Dana Point, 9-21 - 9-25 wrap up with LARGE heartbreak at the end....

    Had this week off, so planned on fishing hard! Had people lined up for most of the week, which was an issue my last week off in late July. (Yeah, the week the large storm rolled in, lol) In reviewing the weather, looked like mother nature was gonna say no on Mon/Tue, with the chance of...
  26. slydawg

    dp wahoo, leaving at 3

    Heading to Dana point right now to fish for wahoo this afternoon on my boat. who wants to come ? Pm soon!
  27. slydawg

    TRINIDAD TN 30 - Antireverse parts?

    Hello, I'm in need of an antireverse bearing and dog. The bearings are back ordered 3 months with Shimano. I have an email out to Alan Tani. Any ideas of where I can find these parts? Appreciate insight. Billy
  28. slydawg

    Sunday 8/23 5 mi inside of the 209

    Found a paddy in 73 degree water loaded with dodos. Not the best grade, but loads of fun and fillets. Kept 8, released a couple and farmed many. They ate chunks and dines. Not line shy....Left em' biting! Caught a 10 lb YFT about 12 off the domes on a paddy. Great day with new buddy Jeff! DP...
  29. slydawg

    Looking for 2 Seeker Trollers

    American series, Orange Rod with blue/white wraps. PM me
  30. slydawg

    Looking for some sticks in the Rancho Cucamonga area...

    My boat(21' striper) is in Dana Point. I like to go at least every weekend and have a week off in Sept. I need peeps that know the drill... IE, chumming, cleaning boat and fish, backing trailer,actively searching for paddies and fish. Not looking to bring along dead weight. Have a sense of...
  31. slydawg

    Heading out of Dana Point, 3am, 8-14.

    We will be monitoring 65/72 - Stratorcaster. Haven't decided on a starting point... Would be happy to work together to find em'. Billy
  32. slydawg

    Dana Point

    Of course fishing tanked locally on my week off... Sat- skunk Mon- skunk Tue: Inside the 209. Jumped several times next to the boat while running. Dropped a dine back and it was on. Saw lots of dodo on paddies outside the domes, which had no interest... We fished local spots...
  33. slydawg

    May need a ho or two- dana pt. tue 7-28

    21' striper, in the water. Leaving 4:30 am tue. Be cool, mellow and ready to hunt. Just need a bait stick or two, I have the rest and know the drill well.... Pm me. Billy
  34. slydawg

    YFT from the Jetty!!

    Well, we knew this was gonna happen. Gotta a call from my buddy in Newport last night, who was out of a family evening cruise. As soon as he cleared the harbor, he saw jumping YFT and a guy at the end of the rocks full bendo.... What next?
  35. slydawg

    Line size- local giants!

    So..... How are these hundred plus tuna being landed locally on light (30)lb line locally?? Even aboard sporties....
  36. slydawg

    Looking for a stamped concrete guy, IE

    Also looking at doing some concrete staining.
  37. slydawg


    Fished with fleet from O'side- DP on Sat 7-18. Saw only a couple boils, not much on the sounder, and only one boat hooked up. Bait pump failed and bait rolled early. That coupled with the rain and lightning, we made like a baby and headed out. In FL, people bail when lightning begins, atleast...
  38. slydawg

    For the win.....

  39. slydawg

    14 mile bank, 4-19-15

    My kids and cousins ftom Kansas out for a quick paddie hop. Weather was nice and found several nice paddies. The only thing home was the Turtle, although there were some nice marks on one of them a shade above the 14. Yoyo'd to no avail. Water cleaned up above the 14. Temps were in the late w...
  40. slydawg

    Thunderbird SCI report, 3-12-15

    A quick run down: West end closed due to naval activity. We fished Pyramid area. First drop was around 7am in about 180'. First drop: Salas 6X Baby Poo colored jig dropped to the bottom. 5 cranks and It gets slammed! Seal got it at color, ~ 15-20 lb YT.:mad: 4 others hooked, couple sealed, 2...
  41. slydawg

    Anyone have an Albin 28 or 31 TE?

    They appear to be fairly uncommon on the West coast. I would love to check one out/get feedback from owners. Cheers, Billy
  42. slydawg

    Ok.... for those of you with Kiddos looking for Xmas Lawn Bling!!!! I apologize in advance if this has been posted.... It's 50$ cheaper than Lowes with free shipping! Happy Holidays!
  43. slydawg

    Catalina 10-4-14

    Just a quickie here... My father and I launched from DP Sat am around 10 am. Bolted across to Avalon, paddy hopping along the way for nada. Ran across an approximate .5 mi area of Porpoise that were going nuts. Metered a sprinkling of tuna down about 50 feet, so shut down and dropped back a dine...
  44. slydawg

    WTB Seeker American Series troll rod

    Trying to match up trollers.. thx
  45. slydawg

    Pro Gear 454- silver

    Right handed, in nice shape with minor boat rash. $150, or trade/partial trade for avet or trini? Has no clicker, which is why I'm selling it.
  46. slydawg

    Anyone need a Carfax report?

    I just bought 5 reports, because it was only $10 more than buying one... I have 4 left and bought a truck... PM me with a VIN# if you need me to run a vehicle for you. Cheers, Billy
  47. slydawg

    late report - 181, 7.22, GOT EM'

    Wanted to report on my Dana Point adventure.... Got a slip for the week, as I'm on vacation. Fished Sat on the inside with my Pop and a buddy, ~12-15 mi outside from the domes - Oceanside for not much. Caught a Mako pup on a green Xrap for a release. Lots of bait/ponies. Did a lot of trolling...
  48. slydawg

    Blackman thoughts

    Hello. I'm on the hunt for a boat. I'm looking pretty hard at Blackmans at the moment. Any thoughts on this one: Wasn't this posted here before, but was recently sold?? I've looked at so many boats lately, they all run together! Any thoughts on different Blackman models in the 26' range...
  49. slydawg

    South Dakota/ NW IA Porn, 11-2- 11-10-13

    Well, thought I'd share some pics with y'all. Just back back from an EPIC trip! I will make this quick, as I'm beat and came back with a cold.... I was scheduled to leave from LAX on 11-2 am, but opted to switch flights to John Wayne due to recent events. The gal at Delta agreed that...
  50. slydawg

    Looking to get offshore the week of Oct. 15

    Hello! I play with a blues/funk band based out of New Orleans on occasion. I will be in town from 10-13 - 20th. I would like to bring my wife and a couple of others out on a trip. Personally, I'd like to go offshore for tuna/wahoo etc, but anything would be fine. I know nothing about...
  51. slydawg

    Have cash, wanna bring uncle fishing Monday, (Pheasant hunters??)

    Hi folks. My uncle, (retired fire capt) from south Dakota is out here and wants to fish Monday. He always sets me up with pheasant and fishing when I visit yearly. I would like to show him a good time. We are looking to fish the islands, rockfish, etc. If anyone is interested in hunting...
  52. slydawg

    Suggestions for overnight departing Sun, 3-4

    I have an uncle coming into town from Sough Dakota. Since he ALWAYS puts me on birds back there, I'd like to put him on some fish. Was hoping the Seahorse would be coming on line, as we will already be in Dana Point on Sunday. Any other suggestions? Was also looking at the Black Pearl out of LB...
  53. slydawg

    Vacuum sealer deal!
  54. slydawg

    South Dakota/Iowa Pheasant/fishing report

    Just got back from a 10 day family trip to Canton SD, and Primghar Iowa, where my wife and I have both have a lot of family. We have a cousin with a 30 acre farm in SD and a lot of land to hunt in both SD and IA,(58 miles apart) thanks to farmers in the family. I have done this trip for the...
  55. slydawg

    south dakota pheasant

    Short report.... not nearly as many birds around compared to years past. We found a nice batch yesterday while road hunting and got 3. Saw a handful while hunting yotes today. Gonna take a walk out back now. :2gunsfiring_v1: will report back. Cheers.
  56. slydawg

    Ever seen one of these??

    I bought these at a yard sale a few years ago. An old gentleman passed away and his wife was selling his stuff. Apparently, he invented this reel to handle Marlin and other big game. It has a foot switch and connectors. The Senator is a 14/0. Anyone have any info? 2011-10-30_12-26-12_817 by...
  57. slydawg

    ultra 1.5 day 8-19

    Quick report.... Easy limits of 20 lb avg Yft. 140 mi zone. Great boat. Great crew. Great times! One stop shopping after a quad. Dead bait, iron,rope..... Its on!
  58. slydawg

    3 free carfax reports

    Hey gang. I just bought a used vehicle, but purchased 5 carfax reports. I have 3 left, so if any of you are buying a used vehicle, just PM me the VIN and I'll run it and copy and paste the report back to you. Hate to see these go to waste, as they are $35 a pop. Billy
  59. slydawg

    shark charmer!

    What's going on at 3:00??:Smoke_Emoticon:
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  61. slydawg

    Model 98 Mauser 8mm

    Ok, so I may trade a guy some guitar stuff for this gun. He has had it for years, but has never shot it. The barrel has been blued, and it was sporterized in the 60s. He doesn't know if it's a German.Any thoughts in terms of value/quality? I know the scope is a cheapy bushnell... Thanks.
  62. slydawg

    food saver bags, cheap!

    Save 50% if you buy more than 8 boxes! FoodSaver® Bags & Rolls
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    Jay Cutler took the stairs to dinner after NFC championship game - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
  64. slydawg

    High powered pellet rifle

    Thinking about getting a hard hitting .22 cal pellet rifle for varmints. Any experience with these?
  65. slydawg

    Anyone interested in a Fender Stratocaster trade for a gun??

    Hey guys. Thinning out the herd. I have a few very nice American strats. One is a strat-plus in Ash sunburst, and a metallic blue/purple standard. I also have gorgeous 62' reissue hotrod in white. I'm interested in an AR 15, and shotguns mainly, but may consider handguns etc. Shoot me...
  66. slydawg

    AR15 (CA model)

    Hey guys. Looking into possibly purchasing an AR15 for Varmit hunting. Good choice? Thoughts? I've always wanted one, and now have a plan for use. Thanks! Billy
  67. slydawg

    (late) Channel islands Monster halibut

    Got this several weeks ago on a live squid/dropper. 54 lbs bled, digital scale!
  68. slydawg

    baby WSB??

    We can't decide what this lil fella is. Caught at Santa Rosa, jigging squid off the bottom at night.
  69. slydawg

    Granite hookup?

    Want to have a top made for my BBQ island. 42"x84" Thanks! Billy
  70. slydawg

    want a Beretta 391

    I'm ready to bust a move....Looking for a 12 GA, 28" barrel, synthetic stock. I have cash, but wouldn't mind trading some fishing gear either......
  71. slydawg

    South Dakota Pheasant hunt, 12-9 - 12-12-09

    Well, decided that it was time for a break. Snapped up two plane tix for Pops and I and informed him of his early Xmas present. We are fortunate enough to have A LOT of family in SD/IA, so we decided to take advantage of free lodging and guiding! Some of these pics are of birds that we saw ON my...
  72. slydawg

    beretta 391 12 ga

    I shot trap with this gun the other day and loved it. I'm looking for a versatile shotgun for Pheasant/turkey and waterfowl. Is this as great of a gun as it seems? Any other semi auto 12 ga recommendations for this application? I'm lookin' to buy soon. Thanks!
  73. slydawg

    Canon Motion Stabilizing binos

    12x36. Great shape with hard case. $350
  74. slydawg

    Canon 12x36 image stabilizing Binos

    Like new with hard case. $375 Campbell Cameras - Canon Image Stabilizing Binoculars (12X36)
  75. slydawg

    white seabass stone necklaces... $60

    Getting rid of these for a friend who made em'. May take trades. $60
  76. slydawg

    Coral Sea, 8-16

    Fished a private charter with close friends yesterday. We fished 60 miles down. Looked like we were gonna limit on Albies, as it started with a bang. By 7am, we had about 23 fish. Unfortunately it turned scratchy after that point. Wound up with about 33 Albies with a few skippies thrown in...
  77. slydawg

    WSB stone necklaces

    A friend of mine made a few of these. They were made with stainless parts. There are 3 available. $95
  78. slydawg

    looking for trini 30 or 40N

    Can pick up in SD mid afternoon today. 909.292.8400 Billy
  79. slydawg

    Diesel Programmers and MPG....

    Ok. Who has used what? I have a Duramax with a K/N filter and a Bully Dog- triple dog. So far I'm getting 22mpg, combined hwy/town, from 16mpg! I'm only on my second tank so far, so I'm still calculating....... Unbelievable how responsive it is now! Toughest part is not stepping on it ...
  80. slydawg

    Concrete Sealer

    Hello. Getting ready to reseal my stamped concrete walkways/patios. Seems like I recall somebody recommending a high end sealer. I know the stuff at Lowes, HD, etc is not the best. Any suggestions? Thanks, Billy
  81. slydawg

    Ultra gets limits of WSB today.

    Gosh, I would have never guessed that Tim was on the boat, LOL. Awesome!!
  82. slydawg

    fastest shot

    Thought you might enjoy. Kim Komando’s Video of the Day Blog Archive Fastest shot in the world
  83. slydawg

    Santa tracker for tonight!

    Happy Holidays! This is a great link for the kiddies! Official NORAD Santa Tracker
  84. slydawg

    OMC outdrive is shot

    Hello. I helped a friend/captain from San Jose Del Cabo purchase a 24' skippy flybridge with a 79' Chevy 350 with an OMC cobra outdrive. He recently blew the outdrive. What would be the easiest/cheapest way for him to get back on the water? Should he have his drive rebuilt? Is there another...
  85. slydawg

    Miramar airshow, 08'

    <div style="width:480px; text-align: center;"><embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" src="" height="360" width="480"><a href=""...
  86. slydawg

    GELCOAT Repair

    Hey fellas. Any good gelcoat guys, preferably in the IE? Mobile is even better. Thanks! Billy
  87. slydawg

    From Newport - the Butterfly 7-3-08

    For NADA!! Just got a voicemail from my buddy as he was pulling into Avalon a bit ago. He trolled from the 209 out the the Butterfly and is flying the skunk flag. Did not get a chance to talk to him about weather or anything else, as he is now fishing WSB on the backside out of range. Made me...
  88. slydawg

    US albies?

    First String LA harbor Sat Jun 21 2008, 06:16PM over night 24 10 Albacore Tuna interesting!
  89. slydawg

    Looking for Kona Charter

    Have a buddy wanting to take his 2 boys chasing pelagics for a day, next week. They are particularly interested in Wahoo. Any suggestions and or reports/info. Thanks, Billy
  90. slydawg

    WSB Limits for 2, 5-24 - 25

    Like everybody else, LOL we ran over to Catalina this past wknd. With SCI being closed, we reluctantly set up with the fleet in 110' of water at 6:45pm Sat night after being absolutely JUGGED with squid from Nick on the DEE DEE Marie. Water temps were 62ish, and to our surprise, it was flat...
  91. slydawg

    Watch your step! (Rattlesnake)

    My buddy went hiking in Corona hills today and came 2 feet away from this. Fortunately, he had a camera! Tis the season..... Watch your step.
  92. slydawg


    An interesting read for those of you who remember the amazing Blackbird...... What a neat machine . . . SR-71 Blackbird In April 1986, following an attack on American soldiers in a Berlin disco, President Reagan ordered the bombing of Muammar Qaddafi's terrorist camps in Libya...
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  94. slydawg

    Myspace, LOL

  95. slydawg

    Thru hull transducer

    Well, finally pulled the trigger on a thru hull ducer. Went with the Airmar B164, 1 kw ducer. Tried it out, and it marked fish clearly as I cruised at 22kts! Kinda cool to watch the bottom drop out on the way over to the island! I like the idea of hunting to and from the spots. Anywho, SURG...
  96. slydawg

    Star wars Redo

    Check this guys other videos out. His overdubs are a riot. YouTube - Star Wars Redo
  97. slydawg

    GMC hookups?

    Looking to buy wifey an Acadia. Billy
  98. slydawg

    Xmas fart song

    YouTube - Fart CHristmas Song
  99. slydawg

    Paco De Lucia Shreds, LOL

    YouTube - Paco De Lucia shreds
  100. slydawg

    Eric Clapton Shreds too! LOL

    YouTube - Eric Clapton shreds
  101. slydawg

    Eagle nails deer.

  102. slydawg

    OC Humbolts?

    Hey Gang. Looks like Davey's locker is still into the squirters. Pops wants to pull on one this wknd. Any daytime action close to newport? Thanks, Billy
  103. slydawg

    Any Photoshop experts???

    Ok, here's the deal. A buddy of mine just accidentally killed a duck with his ball while golfing last weekend. He's mortified, and we just found out about it. I dug these pics up, but need someone to place the ball next to the duck. I'm open to any other maybe a pool of blood...
  104. slydawg

    Great pics

  105. slydawg

    Lobster Butter

    Came up with a KILLER dipping sauce for Xmas dinner. Add ingredients to taste. Stick of butter, 4 fresh finely cut basil leaves, pinch of freshly crushed garlic, tbsp sundried tomatoes (in olive oil), cracked pepper. Simmer for a minute or two.MMMMMMMMMMMMMM
  106. slydawg

    Camel toe..

    Enjoy. :)
  107. slydawg

    Catalina this wknd... go or no??

    Hey guys. thinking about running over tomorrow am. Swell is big, 6-8, but interval is too, 14sec. Not much wind. Are any of you guys planning on going out? Billy
  108. slydawg

    Guide to taking a dump at work

    Hope this isn't a repost.... The Guide to Taking a Dump at Work Everything you've always wanted to know...but where afraid to ask! Escapee -- A fart that slips out while taking a leak at the urinal or forcing poop in a stall. This is usually accompanied by a sudden wave of...
  109. slydawg

    Tourette's rears it's head
  110. slydawg

    Dumb Ass!

  111. slydawg

    Catalina 6-3-06

    Hey guys. Quick report here. Ran to Catalina Sat morning, by way of the 277. Water was 66-68.1. Hit 6 or so paddies for nada. Ran to the frontside of the island and enjoyed a steady pic on the calicos and goats. We didn't see any sign of yellows, but managed this 35lb. WSB after the pressure...
  112. slydawg

    Late report, OLD #7 5-28-06

    Sorry for the late post. Jumped on the OLD#7 on Sat night, fishing sunday. Was pleasantly surprised to see SWAZI,whom I had met briefly at Fred Hall, as a Deckhand!! Ride to Catalina was lumpy, but the boat took it in stride. We set up on the frontside for some sleep. Woke to Nick, the other...
  113. slydawg

    Cat 4-29

    Awesome weather, 61+ water, and a steady pick all day on various species. We started out fishing live squid tight to several frontside beaches for 5 short Halibut,1 legal and 2 mysterious FREIGHT trains that came unbuttoned. We fought them for 3 min or so in 8 ft., and never saw...
  114. slydawg

    CAT/SCI 4-27-28

    We're heading out early thursday am. Will check conditions, may run to SCI. Anybody else going? We would be happy to share info. I'll be on channel 68 Bill
  115. slydawg

    WHich VHF antenna??

    Hello. Gonna pick up a new antenna tonight for my hardtop. WHich one is best bang for your buck? Planning on heading offshore this year, so I need range! Thanks Bill
  116. slydawg

    Mexico Boating Caviots..

    Hello. PLanning on joining you guys in SD to chase some tail in MX. (First time on my boat) My insurance won't cover the boat in MX, so who do you guys use?? Other than Boat Permit and fishing permits for all aboard, is there anything else? I am aware that you must stop at the customs...
  117. slydawg

    Auto Pilot, Which one?

    I have a 20'grady. WHich one, and how much? THanks for your thoughts! Sly
  118. slydawg

    2 stroke oil.

    Hey Guys. I have a 98' merc 225hp. Is there any sense in continuing to get reamed on the "merc premium plus" stuff, or is it ok to switch over to west marine's much cheaper brand? If not, does anybody know if it is advantagious to buy in bulk? I've heard that WM's stuff burns clean and is...
  119. slydawg

    Hardtop for 20'Grady

    Hey Guys. Any idea of where I can get ahold of a hardtop? THanks Sly
  120. slydawg

    225 merc 2 strk OB, Prostate problem?

    Hello Fellas. I noticed that the stream of water from the back of my engine was gradually lessening when I was heading in Sunday. I'm hoping the water pump isn't crapping out. I know the lines get plugged from time to time. Can I blow this out with my compressor? WHat can I do if it gets...
  121. slydawg

    Spun prop? Yikes!

    Hello. Went out yesterday on my gready with a 2stroke 225 OB. Was hauling arse, stopped on birds for nada, spun around to continue my journey, when the boat felt like it slipped out of gear..... SHure enough, I gassed it slowly only to have it do it again. WHen I hit >2000 rpms, it fails to...
  122. slydawg

    2 stroke outboards

    So, the question I have is this: Does trolling at 7-9 knots screw up a 225hp 2 stroke merc? I know they load up, but does this trash them? I know they like to run hot, but what's the breaking point. How many rpms should one cruise at? Is slow trolling ok? THanks Sly
  123. slydawg

    98 225hp mercury "offshore"2 stroke

    Hey guys!Just got a boat, an 83, 20'grady white with the above engine. Is this a good engine? Runs like a top. I just got the boat and have several questions. First, I was warned against trolling with this large engine. Does this screw them up? Is slow trolling ok? I noticed it loads up at a...