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  1. Matt Moyer

    Want to buy: Big Pancho and LK

    DM me and I give you their contact information. Pancho went through some medical issues and just now get back into pouring. Both guys will only pour if you put in a decent order as they both have full time jobs.
  2. Matt Moyer

    Friday May 29 Offshore - That's more like it.

    Great Report Ali! Stoked for Jake; he's a great guy! Moyer
  3. Matt Moyer

    5/31/2020 Super Cow

    So stoked for you Robert.
  4. Matt Moyer

    Bug rider at it again

    Crushing it! All my spots have been picked clean. I went on a recon mission to find some new spots that I marked when bass fishing and came up with some shorts and 1 legal. Most of my spots are 30-40 feet. Think my next time out I'm going shallow.
  5. Matt Moyer

    Show me your BASS...

    That's one hell of a catch. Bummer that we have to kill them to submit. I've had some friends that have done the same thing. Such a process. I hope you got it mounted to keep her spirit alive! Congrats!
  6. Matt Moyer

    Baja Coast Quick Trip

    Been awhile since I was able to get out and play checkers. With very little free time I've been concentrating on catching YT, YFT and some Lobsters. Launched out of SI with my buddy Jim Sammons around 7:00 a.m. and headed south. It was far from wide open like I've had down there, but overall...
  7. Matt Moyer

    Us "skiff" guys owe a big thanks to the Jig Strike

    Really glad you are all okay and got your gear off the boat.
  8. Matt Moyer

    Us "skiff" guys owe a big thanks to the Jig Strike

    Glad they are okay! I hate hearing stories like this. Be safe out there boys. Carry a hand pump and extra bilge pump. Invest in a personal Iperb. Probably will never have to use and replace it every 6 years but well worth it.
  9. Matt Moyer

    Boat flipped at SCI

    That always scares me when we sleep anchor up in Pyramid. Always do the double pick for peace of mind but never really sleep that great. Glad he is okay and hopefully they can recover and get his boat running again.
  10. Matt Moyer

    YTSO Report-Ballast Point Fishing Team

    This is our 3rd year fishing (Donating Money) at the YTSO. Every year I've learned something different. The first year we fished at the Nados (2 rats), The second year SCI (3 rats) and this year Paddy Hopping (3 larger rats 32 lbs). I'm primarily a Calico Bass fisherman so chasing YT can be...
  11. Matt Moyer

    BFT at San Clemente Island / 2019

    Was out this past Monday and there is a crap load of Flying Fish. I'm sure it wont be long. My guess is there are still a lot out there since there is food.
  12. Matt Moyer

    Question/live well

    You got to fizz them. If I get a chance I will do a demonstration video. When we fish deep we will reel them in slow which allows them equalize. Doesn't always work but found success in doing that. Fizzing them can be done on the back of their crushers or on the outside where their lateral...
  13. Matt Moyer

    Anything about Long Beach

    The Wall is fun to fish especially at night. If you fish during the day the A-Rig will reck them. At night fish creature baits or Gulp Jerk Shads. I throw right up on it and work it slow back to the boat. Fish 60 lb Floro with your drag button down. There are some big girls on that wall. I find...
  14. Matt Moyer

    10 lb Huddleston Bass!!

    Congrats! Damn nice fish!
  15. Matt Moyer

    For Sale 2007 Seafox 17 cc w/ 2007 75hp Mercury 4 stoke and trailer

    I have lots of good memories on that boat! Good luck with the sale. I got to tell you its a bad ass 17 footer. Ride is dry and we took her to SCI several times. Someone will be stoked.
  16. Matt Moyer

    New Podcast

    That's weird! Google Cast and Crank SoCal Fishing Podcast and it will come up. I originally had it spelled wrong but its still doing the same thing. I also believe you can get it on iTunes.
  17. Matt Moyer

    New Podcast

    Hey guys! There is a new podcast called Cast and Crank and features a lot of Bass Knowledge from some very good sticks. I've learned some things just by listening on my way to work. I recently was a guest with Mike Lane and Scotty Pethtel which should load by the end of December. Nick and Justin...
  18. Matt Moyer

    Bay Reel Recommendations

    I'm a little bias because they are my sponsor but the Okuma Helios reels are money. I've had mine for 3 years and never had a problem or had them serviced. The new ones are coming out soon and they look money and they are upgraded. The price is right as well.
  19. Matt Moyer

    SWBS 2019 partner needed

    Need to bring the fun back LOL
  20. Matt Moyer

    SWBS 2019 partner needed

  21. Matt Moyer

    Komodo SS Users

    Depends on what you want to do with it. That rod would be great for throwing a weedless bait for Calicos. If you want to catch Tuna or YT on it I would go with the heavy. It could double as a Bait stick, Popper Stick or Iron Stick.
  22. Matt Moyer

    SWBS 2019 partner needed

    That's greatly appreciated. I will be on the Cast and Crank podcast 11/18 with Mike Lane and Scotty Pethtel. Competing is fun. Things got a little twisted with sponsorships, social media, trash talk, opinions, etc. just like any series. I admit even I got caught up in it. I would like to see...
  23. Matt Moyer

    Birds & Bass-Traeger

    Come down to Fast Lane Kayak this Saturday. Rory from Traeger and I will be talking turkey, brines, etc with a little Bay Bass seminar afterwards. Hope to see you there.
  24. Matt Moyer

    SWBS 2019 partner needed

    SWBA was run by Eric Bent, James and Susan. 2 years ago James and Susan decided after so many years they were done. EB continued but with several circuits brewing it became a challenge and participation was not what it used to be. EB has not announced anything so this is just grapevine talk. I...
  25. Matt Moyer

    Been Way Too Long...SCI 11/5/18

    Miss you my brother from another mother! Sweating in the kitchen again allowed me to drop about 10 pounds:)
  26. Matt Moyer

    Been Way Too Long...SCI 11/5/18

    We all know life throws us curve balls from time to time. I'm a chef for those who don't know so finding time to fish can be challenging. My first chef assistant (Chef De Cuisine) left me after working together for almost 17 years. I had to find his replacement and work some long days and nights...
  27. Matt Moyer

    SWBS 2019 partner needed

    I heard that the SWBA will unfortunately not be around any longer. Gerry runs the SBS and its a very good series.
  28. Matt Moyer

    White flesh lobster meat. Not cooked yet

    As a chef I have seen lobster tails that color several times. I have always returned them and never got an explanation. I would speculate that it has to do with their diet. I would be interested to hear what a biologist has to say.
  29. Matt Moyer

    For Sale Foul Weather Gear XXL

    Bump OBO on this stuff. Just laying in the garage.
  30. Matt Moyer

    Which PCH rod for Makaira 10

    Not sure if you have checked them out or held them but I was really surprised when I first checked out the XXH. Light weight with a lot of backbone and not as beefy as anticipated.
  31. Matt Moyer

    New Okuma PCH Inshore Rods

    They are outstanding! Perfect inshore/island rod for bruiser calicos and yt. They Make one for every application you need. Lots of backbone!
  32. Matt Moyer

    Which PCH rod for Makaira 10

    I personally would go XXH.
  33. Matt Moyer


    I have the 9' PCH XH and I love it for throwing iron. I am however 6'5" about 260 and love stiff rods. I can throw it a mile with that rod. If you are a small guy you might want to consider the H. Just my 2 cents.
  34. Matt Moyer

    What rod for Andros 16ii

    I have mine on the new Okuma PCH-C-741 XXH. Its is a perfect match. I switched my real handles out to the Mak T handles.Bad Ass!
  35. Matt Moyer

    Epic bassin at Cedros

    Miss that place! It's been too long and have to get back! Great Pics!
  36. Matt Moyer

    For Sale Foul Weather Gear XXL

    $75 XTraTuf/China Size 13 Barely Used/ Grundens Jacket $75 $50 Huk Rain Jacket Light Weight $300 Jacket and Bibb Style Pants HuK Gear $150 Grundens
  37. Matt Moyer

    Big spotty and green bass back to back days

    100%...Few know the secret for that!
  38. Matt Moyer

    Big spotty and green bass back to back days

    Full Body IP's for SBB....shhhhhhh;) Congrats on a couple of GIANTS!
  39. Matt Moyer

    Going Hard 5/23

    Great Report! I've heard good things about those 170's!
  40. Matt Moyer

    Great day on the Victory!

    Always the best! Great Report and Day with your son!
  41. Matt Moyer

    Tuesday 05/15 on the Pac Queen

    Awesome Report! Congrats!
  42. Matt Moyer

    BARRETT LAKE - Report 5/2

    Man Af, that sounds like a tough day at Barrett! Every report has been the same out of there. Thanks for the report!
  43. Matt Moyer

    Barrett media day report

    Thanks for the report Rick. Totally forgot to try to get tickets. Hopefully I can find some down the road.
  44. Matt Moyer

    MC Split tail slug

    1/2 Owner Sled Head is how I would rig it. Nice and weedless, great for kelp and fishing shallow rocks like Zuniga Jetty and also fishing The Wall.
  45. Matt Moyer

    Quick PL Run

    Took a look local for some Calico Bass. It's been awhile since I fished local and the Kelp is looking like it came back in a big way and very healthy. There wasn't much current anywhere and the water was Gin Clear. We hit the tip of Point Loma and found some good current which had the fish...
  46. Matt Moyer

    Bay Bass Seminar-Feb 18th

    Hope to see some Bloody Decker's at this Seminar Sunday, February 18th @ Dana Landing Tackle/Fast Lane Kayaks from 7:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. We will be pouring Ballast Point Samples.
  47. Matt Moyer

    MB 1/29

    Good Stuff! Thank you for sharing. It's been awhile since I've fished SBB. Might do a combo trip this Monday. I will post a report.
  48. Matt Moyer

    MB this week

  49. Matt Moyer

    MB 1/12

    So bummed...Couldn't get out. I sold all my kayaks but thinking about getting one or the new Savage Gear Float Tube.
  50. Matt Moyer


    Congrats on your PB. Great Article!
  51. Matt Moyer

    MB 1/12

    Awesome! Thank you for the report. I've been wanting get out to MB. Might hit it tomorrow. What was working?
  52. Matt Moyer

    SCI 1/7/18

    First trip of the year and what better way to spend it but with friends (Mike Lane, Scotty Pethtel, Gary Reyes, Frank Ochoa, Jay Jones, Mike Bonhoff, and James Little). We decided to do a little wager (Money Between Friends) and smallest fish had to put on the under-roo chones. The crossing...
  53. Matt Moyer

    OFF MARKET - 2014 SeaFox 220 Viper (Ballast Point Fishing Team)

    Unfortunately that is not an option LOL I really do love the red thought:)
  54. Matt Moyer

    OFF MARKET - 2014 SeaFox 220 Viper (Ballast Point Fishing Team)

    LOL! The wrap will be removed. The boat is all white underneath. If you buy it Nic and I will buy you a case of Sculpin;)
  55. Matt Moyer

    Frustrating night hooping

    Roger that! You speak the truth. That has happened on many of occasions. One of the reasons I stopped surfing was because of crowds. Its very much the reason I like fishing in Mexico. Dilly Dilly!
  56. Matt Moyer

    Frustrating night hooping

    I had my first run in with a Jack Wagon this year. I had a friend and my 10 year old on the boat and lets just say he is lucky my son was with me. Set our hoops 15 minutes before sundown and motored outside of them to have dinner. Dudes roll up and drop right on our string. I motor up and...
  57. Matt Moyer

    Relentless 3/4 11/24/17 - Good Fishing, Heart Failure!!

    Glad to hear he is okay. Sounded like everyone pulled together and did the right thing. I love to hear about humans pulling together in times of need. Great Report!
  58. Matt Moyer

    Pt Loma Whristler Area 11/18

    Great Report! Sounds like you had fun fishing! My 10 year old loves rock fishing.
  59. Matt Moyer

    2010 skeeter bay boat 2250

    Someone should jump on this boat quick. Basically brand new for half the price.
  60. Matt Moyer

    2010 skeeter bay boat 2250

    Isn't that Bill Shaefer's old boat? Didn't you just purchase that about 6 months ago? Bummer you are selling it. Great boat and well taking care of. GTWTS
  61. Matt Moyer

    Finally Did It!!!!

    Thanks Yanni! You know I don't fish Dana;) I've heard Salt Creek has some giants though. That one will be hard to beat. I found a thread that had some trolls stating no way was that a 10. probably 15 people replied saying how big I am lol. The girth on the fish was just stupid. I don;t really...
  62. Matt Moyer

    Finally Did It!!!!

    Okuma Komodo 350
  63. Matt Moyer

    Which Rod for Revo Inshore?

    Check out the new Okuma PCH rods as well.
  64. Matt Moyer

    The Big Bay was on fire yesterday!

    Epic! I was out Monday evening and we got limits on lobsters for 2 guys with 4 nice ones.
  65. Matt Moyer

    San Clemente Island Monday 10/2/2017

    Thanks for the report Benny! Just got the boat back with new trim tabs and 100 hour service. Been awhile since I've been out. Ready to roll.
  66. Matt Moyer

    Most Popular Hardbaits for Calico/Sand/Spotted Bay Bass...?

    Oh Yes! Calicos love those Mint and Bone Wax Wings. I throw the JRI Jigs. You can get them at Dana Landing Mission Bay. They Swim insane! Jigs often score the big girls.
  67. Matt Moyer

    Float tube fishing Newport Harbor 3/26/2017

    Awesome! Thank you for sharing. I miss my float tube:(
  68. Matt Moyer

    Finally Did It!!!!

    Got it on a Capt. G. Custom Rod 7'8" straight Izor 65# braid.
  69. Matt Moyer

    Inshore vs. Islands

    If you are throwing the A-Rig and catching nothing but small ones you need to move. Look at the pic above by Tito with the A-rig. That small one ate first and the big one was the follower for sure. If you are get small fish and no larger followers...Move! The A-Rig kills on The Wall but you will...
  70. Matt Moyer

    Finally Did It!!!!

    Thank you. Need one of those days in my life soon!
  71. Matt Moyer

    Inshore vs. Islands

    Matt- Catalina can be tough and really hasn't been that great in the last 2 years. If you want to catch a trophy that's the spot you want to fish. I believe more DD fish have come from that island in US waters than anywhere else. I personally always want to fish an island vs. inshore just to get...
  72. Matt Moyer

    Finally Did It!!!!

    Just over 6 pounds
  73. Matt Moyer

    Most Popular Hardbaits for Calico/Sand/Spotted Bay Bass...?

    Floating mostly in the Bunker color.
  74. Matt Moyer

    Finally Did It!!!!

    I've seen some that I thought were just as big that I didn't hook. Still searching for a bigger one.
  75. Matt Moyer

    Bass, Bycatch and Upwelling - Long Beach Report Saturday 6/24

    Nice report! WTG Decka! That WSB looks all spawned out. Looked like a fun time.
  76. Matt Moyer

    Check out this Bass

    Damn! Right on its pooper! I've caught some that look like they have been in a fight are chewed on by a Sea Lion. Pretty epic that they heal up and are healthy.
  77. Matt Moyer

    Did the impossible..

    Same thing has happened to me before at Cat. Sometime that place just shuts you down. I've been there many times when it has also gone bananas. Only advice I have is be sure you have enough beer to at home to drown your sorrows. Better fishing next time brother.
  78. Matt Moyer

    2018 Salt Water Bass Tournament Partner Wanted

    Hope you find someone John! Those tournaments can be a lot of fun. I will let you know if I hear of anyone in need of a tournament partner with or without a boat. Those BR Key West are nice!
  79. Matt Moyer

    Big Sc calico - 6/17- pb!

    GIANT! Looks all of 8 and maybe more. Look at the gut on that Girl!
  80. Matt Moyer

    Had to call an "Omaha"

    Anglers: Matt Moyer, Nic Dragomire, Daniel Ramos-Okuma Boat: 22' Sea Fox Viper-Ballast Point Fishing Team-Even Keel Destination: Ensenada, Mexico Wind picked up big time down in SQ so we had to cancel our trip. So bummed! I've been wanting to fish down there for year's and it just didn't work...
  81. Matt Moyer

    Saltwater Smack Down

    Thanks brother! That was the Local Knowledge boat owned by Ali and Rush. Think has some serious BALLS. We had poor fishing that day. Funny part was I asked Ali "Are you ready for a clinic":) Fishing bass out there without a trolling motor is tough if you fish tight like we mostly do. We did get...
  82. Matt Moyer

    Okuma Tesoro 10s

    We had to cancel our SQ trip because of wind but we put together a 3 day trip to Ensenada. If you want to read the report it will be on the Bass Forum. Cheers! Matt
  83. Matt Moyer

    Does any one know where to get these or something similar Browse this website and you might find something similar for cheap.
  84. Matt Moyer

    Barrett lake bluegill on the popper

    Dry Humpage! Nice!
  85. Matt Moyer

    Saltwater Smack Down

  86. Matt Moyer

    Most Popular Hardbaits for Calico/Sand/Spotted Bay Bass...?

    Diawa Salt Pro Minnow is my go to when fishing cranks. They won't brek the bank at $9-$10. I like the Bunker color. I also throw the LC 190 but make sure you put a crankbait snap on them. The DD22 are a standard in my box...
  87. Matt Moyer

    MB 6/1

    Bummer about the boat but at least you got to pull on a few!
  88. Matt Moyer

    SCI 5/21/17

    Just guessed which I'm usually pretty close. The big one was pushing 6 and the others were from low 4s to high 4s. Figured our 5 big fish bag went about 22lbs.
  89. Matt Moyer

    SCI 5/21/17

    Nice Jeff. We stayed on the East End all day. Wasted a lot of gas getting out with the Trim Tabs buried for a smooth ride. Good to see the island biting like the old days.
  90. Matt Moyer

    Okuma Tesoro 10s

    I will give a detailed report for sure. I'm going with 6 other guys and one of them is Daniel Ramos from Okuma. He is bringing down some of the new PCH rods. Can't wait to try those out as well. Stay tuned...
  91. Matt Moyer

    SCI 5/21/17

    Thank you everyone for the kind words. It was nice to finally get out and pull on some fish. Next week we have a SQ adventure...Stay tuned.
  92. Matt Moyer

    Okuma Tesoro 10s

    I've had a chance to field test the Tesoro and it's and awesome reel. So much lighter than the Cedros star drag. You can huck the jig a mile on it. I only caught a few small Calicos on it but it performed perfectly. We will be doing a lot more testing next week at SQ and hopefully pulling on...
  93. Matt Moyer

    SCI 5/21/17

    Been awhile since I've posted a report. Every day off I've had has been blown out or raining. Grabbed a couple SCI virgins that I've been promising to take out and SCI didn't disappoint. We ran out of Mission Bay and the ocean was a little unkind to us taking 2 hours and 45 minutes to reach the...
  94. Matt Moyer

    Freshwater/Inshore/Offshore Sunglass Lens

    The Green Mirror and Copper Silver Mirror are best for sight fishing. I'm not sure if I'm at a disadvantage or not because I'm Red-Green/Blue-Purple colorblind. I personally like the Copper Silver Mirror. I really like the Copper for everyday and fishing Calicos. The Blue are great for offshore...
  95. Matt Moyer

    Freshwater/Inshore/Offshore Sunglass Lens

    Eric, I hope I can help you. I wear Costa sunglasses as does most of the fishing industry. They make a 580g which a tempered glass. They have a ton of frame styles and also different lens colors for every condition. Take a look at their website which I attached. They are a little spendy but are...
  96. Matt Moyer

    Super Abrasion-Resistant Fluoro

    XXX Izorline mono
  97. Matt Moyer

    Okuma Komodo

    I will take a picture and post it.
  98. Matt Moyer

    Capt. Clowers Bay Bass Fundraiser 4/9/17

    Bump...This Sunday out of Pepper Park. Hope to see some of you there.
  99. Matt Moyer

    San V / Sessions

    Awesome! Thank you for posting Afran!
  100. Matt Moyer

    Lake Barrett 2017 media preview report

    Great report! Hope to score day 1 tickets! Fingers crossed!
  101. Matt Moyer

    Lake Barrett Media Pre fish day

    So rad to see the lake is back! It was so disheartening the last few years. I can see the "Stick Ups". Hopefully I can get first day this year. Great report Rick!
  102. Matt Moyer

    Capt. Clowers Bay Bass Fundraiser 4/9/17

    Captain Alan Clowers Bay Bass Shoot Out The funds that are raised will assist Alan in offsetting the costs incurred in fighting his latest battle with cancer. A little more about Alan, Alan started the San Diego CA. in 2009. He worked with the organization thru 2014. The...
  103. Matt Moyer

    Best braid for the komodo

    60lb Izorline Spectra-Grey is what we use!
  104. Matt Moyer

    Anyone used makaira Spinner?

    Daniel let the boys field test it last year and they said the reel is a beast!
  105. Matt Moyer

    SCI 3/9

    Weather looked way too nice to pass up a run to SCI so Chris and I took the day off and went for it. Lake Pacific was so flat and calm we made it over in no time at all. Fishing was pretty good. We were targeting Calicos landing about 30+ by no means was it classic San Clemente. We found some...
  106. Matt Moyer

    200 Sized Baitcaster for Calicos...???

    This is my Local PB 7.9 Calico I got on the Okuma Helios 200 size reel. I was fishing a weedless bait on outside stringers on straight 30lb spectra which IMO is okay to do. If I'm fishing structure tight and boilers I'm going with 65lb braid and 350 size reel with the drag button down. I prefer...
  107. Matt Moyer


    There are several in the SD area. What kind of information are you looking for. I would be happy to help.
  108. Matt Moyer

    Komodo SS Power Knob - Upgrade-able ?

    So I spoke with Daniel from Okuma and its something they may possible do in the future but as of now you can not use the Cortez handle on the Komodo. They did take a Cortez handle and had machined to fit and he said it was pretty bad ass. So I guess if you have the money and you know someone...
  109. Matt Moyer

    Komodo SS Power Knob - Upgrade-able ?

    JC- I don't believe that the Cortez handle will fit on the Komodo. I will email my contact at Okuma and try to reply to you asap. Sorry you have not gotten a response. Stay Tuned.
  110. Matt Moyer

    Andros 12SNii a

    Most likely too much grease when the reel was put together.
  111. Matt Moyer

    Okuma Komodo

    There is not a clamp for the Komodo. I put my 400ss on an 8 ft jig stick for throwing iron. I used stainless steel hose clamps and then bought some soft baseball bat tap and wrapped the clamps. Worked and turned out awesome. Very comfortable. Now I have an awesome set up for Jumbo Calicos and...
  112. Matt Moyer

    Frank "Big Pancho" Ochoa Needs Help!

    Thanks for the Bump Love Mark
  113. Matt Moyer

    Frank "Big Pancho" Ochoa Needs Our Help!

    Thank you JB. He's a good man and outstanding friend.
  114. Matt Moyer

    Frank "Big Pancho" Ochoa Needs Our Help!

    Thank you guys! I've never been this close with someone who has be dealt so much in such little time. Cheers to all of you!
  115. Matt Moyer

    Frank "Big Pancho" Ochoa Needs Our Help!

    Frank "Big Pancho" Ochoa has been a BD member since 2008. If you any of you have ever been on the HOME BUILT FISHING LURES forum you definitely know who is. He is a very talented sculpture who makes Big Pancho Swimbaits. He has always been a helpful and giving person. His passion for life and...
  116. Matt Moyer

    Frank "Big Pancho" Ochoa Needs Our Help!

    Frank "Big Pancho" Ochoa has been a BD member since 2008. If you any of you have ever been on the HOME BUILT FISHING LURES forum you definitely know who is. He is a very talented sculpture who makes Big Pancho Swimbaits. He has always been a helpful and giving person. His passion for life and...
  117. Matt Moyer

    Frank "Big Pancho" Ochoa Needs Help!

    Frank "Big Pancho" Ochoa has been a BD member since 2008. If you any of you have ever been on the HOME BUILT FISHING LURES forum you definitely know who is. He is a very talented sculpture who makes Big Pancho Swimbaits. He has always been a helpful and giving person. His passion for life and...
  118. Matt Moyer

    How to Fish the Larger Lucky Craft Flashminnows?

    Thanks for the link to the egg snaps. Always wondered which size was the best and which ones to use.
  119. Matt Moyer

    Santa Cruz Island 1/5/17

    Don't know much about those islands but when Santa Cruz is going those fish are beasts. Would love to check out Conception/Cojo. I'm always down for an adventure. @get some San Miguel looks small but figured it doesn't get much pressure and also figured there would be giants there. Would like to...
  120. Matt Moyer

    Santa Cruz Island 1/5/17

    I agree with you D. Pretty damn sketch. We are thinking of doing San Miguel later this year. 34 miles from SB. We will be looking for w good weather window.
  121. Matt Moyer

    OBB Roll Call

    Thanks for adding the link @get some Erik. It's a fun event with lots of boats. They have an awesome BBQ afterwards and great raffle. Hope to see you there.
  122. Matt Moyer

    OBB Roll Call

    Nic and I will be there
  123. Matt Moyer

    Headed to LJ in the am

    Good luck. @Djennings56 we have a Sea Fox 22' Viper and love it. Bad ass boats.
  124. Matt Moyer

    Santa Cruz Island 1/5/17

    It's gnarly!
  125. Matt Moyer

    Santa Cruz Island 1/5/17

    So we decided to start the New Year by making Santa Cruz Island our first trip of the season. I'm pretty sure we will make it an annual trip. The island is so full of character and full of beauty. We woke up at 1:30 a.m. and met Mike Lane and Scotty Pethtel in Orange County for a quick gas up...
  126. Matt Moyer

    SCI 12/12

    At 6 foot 5 my arms are much longer than Mr. Lane's. LOL
  127. Matt Moyer

    SCI 12/12

    Told you Ali that you need to have a boat that can get tight...When you coming?
  128. Matt Moyer

    SCI 12/12

    It's been about a month since I last got out because the wind decides to blow on all of my days off. Left out of Dana around 5:00 a.m. with a smooth one and a half hour drive to the NW end. Fishing started slow but managed to stick nice 6 pounder. Water was gin clear with small surf. Mike Lane...
  129. Matt Moyer

    Dana Bassin 12/8/16

  130. Matt Moyer

    SD bay bugs 12-9-16

    Thank you for the report. Been dying to get out. I caught that nasty cold so I've been landlocked. We've used the Gooch...Seems to add oil. We spray it on the bait before we chop it up. Figured it can't hurt.
  131. Matt Moyer

    W.E.S.T. Fishing Tournament-San Diego

    That's the plan. I will keep everyone posted once I hear something from the powers that be.
  132. Matt Moyer

    W.E.S.T. Fishing Tournament-San Diego

    As far as I know they are planning on continuing. I know they have secured the LBYC for 3 events and Ballast Point Long Beach for 2 events. They are talking about opening the series up to anyone that wants to fish. Details are still being worked out. Stay tuned.
  133. Matt Moyer

    Wide Open San Vicente

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing. How deep were you fishing?
  134. Matt Moyer

    Lake Havasu

    Nice! Those Redears are Giant!
  135. Matt Moyer

    SD Hooping 11/19

    LOL! Ali motivates differently than others:). I did try one of his spots that got us a whole lot of nothing...thanks for the tip @Ali
  136. Matt Moyer

    SD Hooping 11/19

    I was in San Diego Bay Hooping 15-40 feet. John, I'm very familiar with the MPA areas. I have them all marked since I fish many bass tournaments. We tried the carpet bomb method and it did not work. I may start going shallow to see if that increase my catch.
  137. Matt Moyer

    SD Hooping 11/19

    Got out Saturday night with my buddy Nate so see if I could get a few more lobsters for my Mom's birthday. Tides looked good, bait looked good, weather looked good (Front Moving In) but the lobsters must of slept all night. We set a total of 10 strings with a approx. soak time of 30 minutes. We...
  138. Matt Moyer

    Personal best Calico bass on the boilers

    FLIPPING AWESOME! That's a Giant. WTG!
  139. Matt Moyer

    Hooping SD Bay 11/16

    @TheGunslinger not sure I understand the question. If you are talking about the Dominator Boat...No, I've never fished it. Amazon?
  140. Matt Moyer

    Hooping SD Bay 11/16

    Bait: @scalesofjustfish Fresh Sardines chopped up from Bait Barge Could have used a puller and partner to drink some beers @screaming reel Should have called you Steve @Bottom Line . Next time. How have you been doing? @FloMar When you are friends with @Ali you have the keys to the city LOL...
  141. Matt Moyer

    Hooping SD Bay 11/16

    Got out of work early so decided to load up the boat and try my luck. Couldn't get any of my buddies to go with me so I rolled out "Han Solo". First string went down at around 6:00, pulled them at 6:30. Yielded 3 shorts so I opted to stay. Pulled the second string at 7ish and got 2 nice legals...
  142. Matt Moyer

    kreepy krawlr plastic lures what is the best color to use?

    I like Black with Chartreuse, Black and Purple. Ron who makes Hot Sauce has some killer baits called Condor. Those on 3/4 oz heads seem to me deadly. Stanley makes an Itzabug that gets licked as well. If you can find 7" Gulp Jerk baits in Nuclear Chicken on a 1/2 oz. Owner Sled head you will...
  143. Matt Moyer

    Norcal to Socal Lobster

    Awesome trip Boys! One to remember for sure!
  144. Matt Moyer

    Motorguide 36 volt 105 thrust Trolling Motor

    SOLD Just over a year old. Just trying to unload it quick. Motorguide-Great White 36 volt Hand Tiller 105 lbs. of Thrust 60" shaft *needs plug adapter
  145. Matt Moyer

    100# GBFT on overnight trip.

    Awesome on the 100 pounder! sounded like an epic trip. Those are my boys! Epic trip Josh and Ryan. I've been in crappy weather on Ty's 23 foot Key West and it handles it nice. I would like to say that a lot of us in those skiffs traveling that far are beyond safe, always wear our PFDs, wear...
  146. Matt Moyer

    San V

    Sounds like there is a lot less pressure @JeffB I'm going to try to get out there again without my son so I can fish:)
  147. Matt Moyer

    SD lobster report decent crawl 6 November 2016

    Thank you for the report! Good stuff. Only had 1 run in the 3 years we have been doing it. Kind of the same thing that you went through. "Told the guy it's just hooping, why you so mad." I offered him a beer and then we were friends on night long LOL. We lost 3 hoops recently and they resurfaced...
  148. Matt Moyer

    Lobster Report 10/28 SD Bay

    @Ali Aren't you the one who posted the sticky tab "Don't be a Dick"? LOL! Lets go Amigo when you are done gallivanting around Florida my friend.
  149. Matt Moyer

    Lobster Report 10/28 SD Bay

    Hope you find them Austin. All this info is great.
  150. Matt Moyer

    Lobster Report 10/28 SD Bay

    Thank you everyone for the replies. Yes @RenoG We chop them up really well and seem to do better. I've heard salmon heads, bonito, etc. etc. so if anyone has good ideas I'm all ears. @Sherm lets go partner. It's been way too long and I know you have always done well on the kayak. I keep trying...
  151. Matt Moyer

    Lobster Report 10/28 SD Bay

    Launched around 7:00 with my buddy Andy Wright. Picked up a half scoop of fresh bait, loaded the traps and heading out to Ballast Point Area. This will be my 3rd year hooping and I'm still trying to figure it out. I've had more bad days than good. We ended up with 4 legal lobsters and about 15...
  152. Matt Moyer

    W.E.S.T. Fishing Tournament-San Diego

    Tomorrow is the last day to register. Hope to see some new faces and some old ones as well.
  153. Matt Moyer

    San V

    I was disappointed that there wasn't a topwater bite when we were there. I had 1 blow up on a frog. Has anyone thrown an A-Rig?
  154. Matt Moyer

    W.E.S.T. Fishing Tournament-San Diego

    Thank you brother. Hope some new people try it out. It's a great group of guys and you can't go wrong with the price.
  155. Matt Moyer

    San V

    Awesome Report Jeff. Thanks bud!
  156. Matt Moyer

    W.E.S.T. Fishing Tournament-San Diego

    This is the last WEST event of the year and it's going to be a good one. Anyone is welcomed to fish but will be limited to 35 teams. It will be a first come first served basis. Entry Fee is $300 plus $25 registration fee. The good part is it is 100% payback. On top of that you will get breakfast...
  157. Matt Moyer

    Okuma Pros win AOY Congrats to my good friends Ty Ponder and Todd Kline.
  158. Matt Moyer

    San Vicente 9/26/16

  159. Matt Moyer

    San V 9/26/16

    It's finally open after 8 years if you didn't notice...LOL! the only way you would not know is if you stayed off of social media. I tried to get opening day but could only land Monday. With hot weather forecasted, Santa Ana winds and 500 boats pounding it before us we had a feeling that fishing...
  160. Matt Moyer

    San Vicente resivor

    We are going Monday, September 26th. Going to take my 9 year old. Hope the fishing is good!
  161. Matt Moyer

    Komodo 450

    I've been testing the 450 and you guys are going to love it. I have been throwing iron and large plastic weedless baits with it. Flippin awesome! I'm not sure when it is going to be out but you won't be disappointed when you get one.
  162. Matt Moyer

    SCI 6/28

    Almost 65 miles to Pyramid. we cruised over at 30 mph and got there in 1 hour 45 minutes.
  163. Matt Moyer

    PB Spotted kind

    WTG! Giants!
  164. Matt Moyer

    SCI 6/28

    I've been missing SCI so I saw a nice weather window so I decided to make the run out of Mission Bay with Ryan Kyle and my other buddy Steve Weiss. The ride over was amazing. We brought our tuna sticks just in case. We had one shot at some milling fish but they quickly sank out when we threw a...
  165. Matt Moyer

    Finally, the time has come!

    Congrats brotha!
  166. Matt Moyer

    W.E.S.T. Qualifying Event 5/7/16

    Here's your chance to join W.E.S.T. May 7th grab your partner and your bass gear and qualify to fish W.E.S.T. in 2017. If you qualify you will also have the option to fish the final 2 events of this year (Long Beach-Island Open and San Diego-Inshore Only). These are Calico Bass Only Tournaments...
  167. Matt Moyer

    SCI Run

    Had a nice weather window so decided to make a run with Chris and Steve. We ran out of Dana Point with some sketchy fog for the first 7 miles and lump leftover from the day before that was unexpected but it opened up and had a nice run for at least half the way over. We started at China Point...
  168. Matt Moyer

    M. B. Foolishness

    Sounds like a good time! Thank you for the report.
  169. Matt Moyer

    SD Bay 4-4-16

    Not bad brother! you always find those Grey ones! WTG.
  170. Matt Moyer

    Breakwall Area 3-19-16

    Local trips catching fish are some of the best times. Thank you for the report!
  171. Matt Moyer


    I actually use custom Rods LOL. I only use the Okuma Shadow Stalker for Cranks. I would get something Extra Heavy in the 7'2-7'6" range that feels comfortable. I fish 65lb Izorline Braid with a 60lb top shot of floro.
  172. Matt Moyer

    Okuma Citrix 364PA feedback?

    I have one! Almost identical to the Komodo just less bearings. Holds up great and fishes great! I actually wish the Komodo was Matte Black like the Citrix.
  173. Matt Moyer

    Hardbait / ripbait stick??

    I change it up a lot. I get hit on the pause a lot. I will burn it and then pause, burn it then pause.
  174. Matt Moyer

    Hardbait / ripbait stick??

    I've been using the new Okuma Shadow Stalker 7'6" XH. The tip is soft and the rod packs a ton of backbone.
  175. Matt Moyer

    Local Knowledge with the Boys

    Maybe you're just bad luck!
  176. Matt Moyer

    Local Knowledge with the Boys

    It's awesome! Lots of room! It is fast! Great boat for offshore fishing!
  177. Matt Moyer

    Diamond valley 2/20

    Awesome! I'm going next month for the first time. Can't wait to throw some big baits!!
  178. Matt Moyer

    Local Knowledge with the Boys

    Got the a call from Ali earlier in the week and he wanted to run the Andros CC out to SCI for some Calico Bass fun. I thought for sure with the nice stable weather that we would be able to get some good footage. We got out to the island and it was absolutely beautiful, almost too nice. We...
  179. Matt Moyer

    Newport/HB Hard Bottom 2.13

  180. Matt Moyer

    Catalina Feb 11/12

    Thank you for the great detailed report! Seems like the fish are stacked up at Cat right now when you find them. Really wish the kelp would start coming back.
  181. Matt Moyer

    Inaugural W.E.S.T. Tournament Report

    Leading up to the event my partner Nic Dragomire got out and made the long run to SCI and found some biting fish. We thought with what he found we could be in contention to have a very good day. The weather had other ideas as we got closer to Saturday. 24 hours out because of wind and a big...
  182. Matt Moyer

    SD Bay 1-23

    That's how I started Jeff...Kayak fishing is the best way to get on the water for cheap.
  183. Matt Moyer

    WEST Western Elite Saltwater Tournaments

    Yes. The last one of the year on Oct. 22 out of the Bali Hai San Diego Bay. Inshore Only. Hope to see you there.
  184. Matt Moyer

    WEST Western Elite Saltwater Tournaments

    I don't think so Ryan unfortunately.
  185. Matt Moyer

    WEST Western Elite Saltwater Tournaments Hey bass guys! Just wanted to share a new saltwater bass series that is start this Saturday, January 30th at the Long Beach Yacht Club. This is an invitational series but there will be several open tournaments that will allow you qualify. You are...
  186. Matt Moyer

    SD Bay 1-23

    Jeff- You know that bay pretty damn well! People that don't know you, Jeff has been catching toad Sandies for years. WTG and congrats on your first place finish brother!
  187. Matt Moyer

    2015 Best Catches...Lets see them!

    Tom- Sorry just saw this. Next time PM me. I'm the admin for the Bass Forum and I can remove post. Looks like someone else did it for you. Cheers and Tight Lines!
  188. Matt Moyer

    2015 Best Catches...Lets see them!

    You guys killed it in 2015. WTG G and J!
  189. Matt Moyer

    Spotty Session 1-13-2016

    Nice fish on the last pic! Awesome!
  190. Matt Moyer

    Huntington 1-20-16

    Awesome! Been awhile for me. We are hitting SCI on Monday. Thanks for the report.
  191. Matt Moyer

    2015 Best Catches...Lets see them!

    Future Stick right there!
  192. Matt Moyer

    Catalina Monday

    Hope you get em Joel! I hope that storm washed away those red crab.
  193. Matt Moyer

    2015 Best Catches...Lets see them!

    Those are some nice ones!
  194. Matt Moyer

    2015 Best Catches...Lets see them!

    He looks like a 10 lber Ryan! Awesome!
  195. Matt Moyer

    2015 Best Catches...Lets see them!

    I'll start! Managed to get my first 10 lber and 3 fish that went over 8. Best Calico year I have ever had.
  196. Matt Moyer

    19.5lb Calico?

    Come to find out...That fish was 19.5 kilograms. At least that is what I heard from a reliable source. He had the scale set wrong.
  197. Matt Moyer

    Catalina Monday

    Nic and I hit Catalina on Saturday with perfect weather and the bass bite was dead. The island was loaded with Red Crab and Gin Clear water. Found some biters in dirtier water on the backside near the V's. Hopefully this weather washed out the crab and made the water a little more off color...
  198. Matt Moyer

    Surface iron for calicos

    Uncle Lee...You're gonna have to try the Komodo 7:1 400 when it comes out. Its money!
  199. Matt Moyer

    Dana Monday 11-23

    Awesome! Thanks for the report! Today looks much different. We are headed out to SCI Friday and staying the night. I will give a report when I return.
  200. Matt Moyer

    Mission Monday

    Way to get out there Sam! I'm still trying to fall in love with an A-Rig...It's just not for me.
  201. Matt Moyer

    Surface iron for calicos

    Definitely not behind the curve with that set-up. Me personally, I was thinking Calico Bass with the chance of hanging a YT. When targeting YT I usually go with a traditional Jig Stick and Reel.
  202. Matt Moyer

    Surface iron for calicos

    Some of these new reels they are making... Okuma 350, 450, Lexa 400, Shimano Tranx are packing some serious drag these days. I caught a 25 lb yellowtail on the Komodo 350 no problem. I am a traditionalist and still use the prototypical iron reel/star drag but I have to tell ya, fishing these...
  203. Matt Moyer


    Kevin is right on the new MC 9". My buddy Ty is on the MC Pro Staff and he fished it last time we were out. He rigged it weedless and it looked good. It has a much fatter tail and body...great if they want a slower thumping action.
  204. Matt Moyer

    Braid to fluro connection? From the bass guys?

    Uni to Uni only because it hasn't failed on my and I know how to tie it well. I've seen some much better ones that slide through the guides better but I'm not great at tying them.
  205. Matt Moyer

    back side of catalina

    Nice! Way to get out there!
  206. Matt Moyer

    dock flippin newport harbor

    Potholing for SBB is one of my favorite pastimes!
  207. Matt Moyer

    Surface iron for calicos

    This year I've been throwing Surface Iron with the Okuma Komodo 350 and it has worked awesome! I even landing a few YT up to 25 lbs. on them. This reel is perfect for Calicos but even better...We just received the prototype Komodo 450, a 6.3:1 and a 7.1:1 which I am very excited about. They...
  208. Matt Moyer

    5 Day cedros/bentios island trip

    Great Write Up Ed!
  209. Matt Moyer

    Half Day

    Got out early with Nic before the sun came up. Fished SBB in Quivera for about an hour and half and got 3 nice ones and 1 break off. Tide was ripping. Went out to PL to play with the Calicos. Took us a bit to find the right water but once we did had a nice pick. Nothing huge but we both stuck...
  210. Matt Moyer

    We went Wahooping instead

    Next time you get one of those big one, bring it to me, I'm a chef, I'll teach you how to cook those. The leg meat on those big ones is the best.
  211. Matt Moyer

    Stolen boat Dana point embarcadero

    That's South Shores Launch Ramp by the Queen Mary. So glad they found your boat....Stupid People Do Stupid Things...Like steal a bitchen blue Parker and then use it an hour North. Love a Happy Ending!
  212. Matt Moyer

    We went Wahooping instead

    Finally got our crap together and had a successful night on our first trip. We launched out of Shelter Island, San Diego Bay around 5:30 p.m.. It was Me, Nic, Nic's Dad Chuck, and my Mini-Me Maddox AKA "Our Good Luck Charm". We hit the bait barge and got a quick scoop of Sardines and began...
  213. Matt Moyer

    Battery help

    This is the best and the most popular. You definitely get what you pay for. I think that any deep cycle battery charger will do you well. We fortunately have a plug in which makes it really easy. Good Luck!
  214. Matt Moyer


    Nice ones Cesar! That Wall is super fun to fish at night. I've definitely have had my chances on some big girls. I wonder how much fishing tackle has been taken by that Wall...LOL!
  215. Matt Moyer


    7" Gulp Jerk Shad on a 1/2oz. Owner Sled Head gets licked on that wall. You will get a lot of bites working it slow. I don't fish anything lighter than 40lb can't give those big ones and inch or you will get corn holed instantly. Button your drag all the way down. I also like...
  216. Matt Moyer

    Laughlin this weekend

    If the bass don't bite there is a ton of Carp which are a blast on light line.
  217. Matt Moyer

    Shogun Skiff Trip

    LOL Ed! I so want to go on one of those trips! Someday! Bucket List. Catch a Giant Duder!
  218. Matt Moyer


    Flipping Awesome!
  219. Matt Moyer

    Better Late Than Never....

    Work, Family and fishing as much as possible has kept me from writing a report. Nic and I fished the SWBA 2 day championship at the end of last month in Long Beach. Fishing was actually pretty darn good. We don't get up there enough to really know all the structure spots inside the break wall...
  220. Matt Moyer

    9/19 Wide Open

    Nice! Been looking for a day like that! Congrats on finding your own fish. Love that!
  221. Matt Moyer

    SIMMS PRO DRY Demo Day

    Sorry Pat...Been so busy I have not had the chance to do a report! I will try to do soon.
  222. Matt Moyer

    9/11/15 What a day...

    Nice Robert! Hope your dope helped Nic find them today!
  223. Matt Moyer

    SIMMS PRO DRY Demo Day

    4 of the BEST Saltwater Bass Pros right there! I would go if I lived in the area.
  224. Matt Moyer

    Cumberland + gear

    How much w/o the waders?
  225. Matt Moyer

    Boat Selection Dilemma

    Too many nice days in Southern California to fish crappy ones. Even in a big water boat, if its blowing over 20, I'm fishing Spotties:)
  226. Matt Moyer

    Boat Selection Dilemma

    I would tell you to get a 24 Sea Fox Viper but you can't find them new. I've been on Pathfinders and they are well made boats. Fishing up near you I would also think about getting a Boston Whaler Outrage.
  227. Matt Moyer

    Boat Selection Dilemma

    Pathfinder Hands Down!
  228. Matt Moyer

    8/10/15 yellowfin delight

    You Guys were very professional, wish there were more like you. Wish we had ice for you but with the size of the fish we even stopped on our way in to get more. Tight Lines!
  229. Matt Moyer

    2016 Salt Water Bass Tournament partner wanted

    Hope you fine someone John. Saltwater Bass Tournaments are a blast and there are a lot of good guys fishing them. Some of my best friends have been made through those tournaments. Hope to see you next year.
  230. Matt Moyer

    8/10/15 yellowfin delight

    Such an epic day! Always fun to spend time on the water with the Jones Boys. Robert didn't mention it but Maddox got seasick. Typically give him half a Bonine before he goes asleep the night before but he stayed the night over at their house. I gave him half in the morning but it didn't kick in...
  231. Matt Moyer

    Lowrance transducer HST-WSBL

    Going to buy the HDS 5...PM Sent
  232. Matt Moyer

    8/4/2015 - Bucket list, Check...

    So rad Ali! Congrats brother.
  233. Matt Moyer

    Finally Did It!!!!

    Thank you once again all! Big shout out to Bloodydecks Ali and Jason for the support. Thank you boys!
  234. Matt Moyer

    Okuma Komodo 273 inshore/bay reel?

    They are working on the 400 size reel as I write this. Can't wait to try it out when it is available.
  235. Matt Moyer

    Okuma Komodo 273 inshore/bay reel?

    Great Reel but like Ty I am a little bias because I to am a pro staffer for Okuma. I fished the Komodo and the Helios 200's. I prefer the Helios but my tournament partner prefers the Komodo. I caught a Local PB Calico on the Helios that went over 7 pounds, its a great reel. We fish them hard and...
  236. Matt Moyer

    FS Lowrance HDS-5

    How much for just the HDS 5?
  237. Matt Moyer


    Iphone 6
  238. Matt Moyer


    The one and only Rob!
  239. Matt Moyer

    YFT chewed the paint off the boat and a few nice dorado.

    Awesome Report! Wish we would have found that biting tuna school yesterday.
  240. Matt Moyer


    Nice Shirt As Well!
  241. Matt Moyer


    LOL! I was a Pelagic Hunter before I went full Bass Geek. I've been around those type of guys on a boat and you can just tell they are out of their element!
  242. Matt Moyer


    Thanks Cory...I normally do but I hit the wrong button when sending them from my phone to email. If I get time tonight I will fix them.
  243. Matt Moyer


    Oops...Sorry for the Giant pictures...must of hit the wrong button:)
  244. Matt Moyer


    Got out yesterday with Chris Bona owner of Bassknuckles in search of my first tuna of the year. We launched out of Dana and picked up some bait which did pretty good for most of the day. We ran off of Crystal Pier and also made some Macs. Around 7:30 we were set and started to run straight out...
  245. Matt Moyer

    Put the Bass Rods down and went Offshore

    Hey guys, thank for all the kind words. If you want to get some high resolutions please contact my buddy Matthew Moran on Facebook. He is a professional photographer but I did get him close enough to get the shot ;) LOL I thought they might be saueries @Kareem Korn Pretty sure if we had some...
  246. Matt Moyer

    Put the Bass Rods down and went Offshore

    Yesterday 7/24 got a out with my buddy Matt before work. Launched out of MB and grabbed a full scoop of Dines. Not great but not horrible but they were all 7" for the most part. Headed out towards the 182 and ran on a kelp first thing. It was loaded with Dorado 4-12 pounds, they swam right up...
  247. Matt Moyer

    14' pacific skiff (whaler style)

    Rad little skiff! Wish I would have held onto mine:(
  248. Matt Moyer

    Finally Did It!!!!

    Thank you for all the replies! I especially LMFAO @cacahuates and @Ali replies. I'm very sensitive but far from gay...Which there is nothing wrong with if that's your choice. Its been quite a year. I got my PB in January Pre-Fishing CAT for the SWBA COC which went 8.46. Then I upgraded a...
  249. Matt Moyer

    Finally Did It!!!!

    Launched on Sunday morning (7/19) out of Dana Landing with Ty Ponder to make the run down the Mex Coast in search of Giants. We got down to the zone before sunrise and I nailed a 6.6 on a Big Pancho 5" Crooked Tail Swimbait right away. As the sun rose it felt like the bite would turn on but it...
  250. Matt Moyer

    7/17/2015 San Diego yellowfin and dodo's

    Ya Robert! We miss you and Christy. Lets get together soon and also get the boys on some Tuna. Glad to see you are finally getting out brother. Cheers.
  251. Matt Moyer

    Big pancho

    My pleasure! Here are a few style you must have. All are fished with a 10/0 weighted Owner Beast Hook. Game Changer Angry Grumpy Face Grumpy Face If you have a specific color you like be sure to ask for it but usually I just ask Frank to do his magic. Also, his Crooked Tail Swimbait gets...
  252. Matt Moyer

    Anyone seen a great bay boat deal lately?

    Those are funny looking bass;) WTG! I will be hitting Mexico Mainland with Ty Ponder early morning looking for my Double Digit Calico. I will post a report.
  253. Matt Moyer

    Nice la jolla calico fishin 7/17

    WTG! I love fishing LJ in the evening.
  254. Matt Moyer

    Big pancho

    [email protected] Here is his email Pat. Give him some time to respond. He has a lot going on in his life right now.
  255. Matt Moyer

    Anyone seen a great bay boat deal lately?

    Right @errock_22 ! Boat ownership is definitely not for everyone. But as a chef, know body has the same days offs as me. It is nice to make a last minute call and hook the boat up and get out. I have everyone I know and their mother asking me to take them out right now. With gas prices going...
  256. Matt Moyer

    Anyone seen a great bay boat deal lately?

    Cesar is spot on! The 24' Cayman is a very nice looking boat. I have never been on one but hear good things. If you are ever in the market, it wouldn't hurt to take a look at the 24 Viper. If you are going to get a used boat and want the best of both worlds, check out the Key West BR 23. 18...
  257. Matt Moyer

    Anyone seen a great bay boat deal lately?

    I would like to add that we were looking at the Key West BR and Pathy before we purchased the Sea Fox. I'm not pushing it because of sponsorship. It is truly a great sled as are the other 2 I mentioned above. I have never been on the Robalo but I have been on the 22 Ranger. If you are looking...
  258. Matt Moyer

    Anyone seen a great bay boat deal lately?

    You would need to call Sea Witch Marine in Vista. Talk to David or Bill (760) 724-3323 We have the 22 but the 20 is money as well. Just took Mike and Scotty, owners of a Pathfinder and Chris Bona, recent owner of a Skeeter and they couldn't say enough about how soft the ride was in the slop...
  259. Matt Moyer

    SCI Run 7/12

    Thank you Danny! Well worth the money.
  260. Matt Moyer

    SCI Run 7/12

    While everyone else was chasing Tuna, the boys got together for Mike Lane's Birthday and made the run to SCI. Super bummed that Nic had to work! Next time bud! We left from Dana which is the closest point to the East End of Clemente. It was Me, Bona, Scotty P and Mikey Lane all riding dirty on...
  261. Matt Moyer

    Anyone seen a great bay boat deal lately?

    Spend the money and get the 22 Sea Fox Viper...It's truly is a bitchen boat!
  262. Matt Moyer

    Point Loma/La Jolla 6/2

    So he tells me! You 2 sounds like an old married couple.
  263. Matt Moyer

    Point Loma/La Jolla 6/2

    Andy...He is so shy! I don't think he will be talking crap anytime soon. He was complaining that it sucked where I picked. I said "just wait till we hit 40 feet of water". He stuck the 7lber in 40.2 feet of water:) Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Lets just say he didn't say anything about my...
  264. Matt Moyer

    Point Loma/La Jolla 6/2

    Unfortunately no fish pics because that rookie Nick Green is still learning how to use his Ho Pro. It was a fun evening.
  265. Matt Moyer


    Sick Af!
  266. Matt Moyer

    sd back bay

    So much fun back there when it gets like that.
  267. Matt Moyer

    Crank Kills! 6/30

    Is that a DD22 Crank? Great Report! Next time put it on the Bass Forum if you like.
  268. Matt Moyer

    Point Loma/La Jolla 6/2

    Hit up an evening session with Nick Green and Matt Kim. Got out to PL and the breeze was just right for biting fish. It wasn't wide open but the grade was nice. Matt stuck a 7 lber right off the bat and Nick got a 3 with a bunch of GIANT followers. I was netting Matt's fish at the time so no go...
  269. Matt Moyer

    Sea Dek

    You can order from SeaDek and cut yourself. Pretty sure gillygreen cut his own. They also have an area on their website with discontinued or discounted mats. Hope this helps.
  270. Matt Moyer

    Calico Bass Report

    I'm going to buy you one lol! We are in it for the stoke. Always cool to know what they weigh.
  271. Matt Moyer

    Calico Bass Report

    Giant! Let me guess Vince....No Scale:/ Looks close to 10# Time on the water pays brother...WTG!
  272. Matt Moyer

    Sea Dek

    Thanks guys! All we need is a Finder up front by the TM and the boat will be complete. I can't believe more people are not buy these Sea Fox Vipers. We've made several runs in less that stellar conditions and the boat eats it up. Can't wait to fish a long day on the SeaDek. Typically my knees...
  273. Matt Moyer

    Sea Dek

    Update: 6/30/15 We finally got our custom SeaDek installed. Working with Kira at SeaDek was so easy. She is absolutely awesome. The hardest part was tracing the areas (Definitely easier with 2 people). After we got the whole boat traced we sent it into SeaDek. They made a CAD copy and sent us...
  274. Matt Moyer

    Spotted Bay Bass Technique - Newport

    I haven't been to Newps in a longtime. Place has always been fickle for me. I've done best on big fish with the crankbait. Great report, glad you are getting out there.
  275. Matt Moyer

    Bass knuckles idiots

    This is going nowhere! I treat others as I like to be treated...PERIOD! BTW, I drive a Prius and do 80 in the fast lane. Not all things appear as they look. ...and Biggest T, even though I don't agree with s lot of your writing and generalizations, I'm the type of person who would reach out...
  276. Matt Moyer

    Bass knuckles idiots

    I'm a Patch Monkey, I'm don't feel entitled to anything, and I know the gentlemen that owns the Bass Knuckles boat very well. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body and has a ton of experience on the water. I'm pretty sure if you were cut off, it wasn't on purpose. Being stereotyped and...
  277. Matt Moyer

    Getting serious this year....

    Looking good!
  278. Matt Moyer

    Mission Bay 06.13.15

  279. Matt Moyer

    Epic trip on the Fortune

  280. Matt Moyer

    "ninja" fishing

    I'm so down Phil
  281. Matt Moyer

    "ninja" fishing

    I know of a guy that got stabbed for mouthing off to the wrong group of guys. I love fishing at night but it's always from a boat. We still managed to get hassled by people living on their boats. You just got to be careful and not hit the boats and definitely do not get on the docks to retrieve...
  282. Matt Moyer

    bass slaying

    Very nice! Way to get out there.
  283. Matt Moyer

    Crankbait question?

    Sherm...I'm going disagree on brand and agree on depth. Working the right depth is always key but bass are so vibration driven. Sometime when you are not getting bit on one style you will get bit on another. Just my experience.
  284. Matt Moyer

    Crankbait question?

    So many good ones and it depends on how deep you are fishing. Savage Gear, Megabass, Lucky Craft, Rapala, Normans, DD22, KVD Strike Pro, Diawa. Colors: Sexy Shad, Fire tiger, Perch are some of my favorites. Mostly its a confidence thing for me. You can tell when you have a good swimmer...
  285. Matt Moyer

    Catalina 5/25

    Love Cat!
  286. Matt Moyer

    Kelp Trick Weedless Hooks

  287. Matt Moyer

    Kelp Trick Weedless Hooks

    Heard the Malibu people who live on the beach can be real a-holes to us bass fishermen?
  288. Matt Moyer

    Kelp Trick Weedless Hooks

    I'm all about the 10/0 Owner Beast Hook! @malibufishnsurf The Kelp Trick hook to me is a great Tournament application, but I personally see no need for it recreationally. It was created by tournament bass anglers who were losing good fish. I have not used it so I can't tell you if I like it or...
  289. Matt Moyer

    Meanwhile, in La Jolla

    Bon...Wait till we get the SeaDek on it. Pig Yellow Partner...Bummed I was working that day! Okuma putting in some work.
  290. Matt Moyer


    I'm selling a 3+ Black for $275
  291. Matt Moyer

    Stuff for Sale

    Go Pro 3+ Black Excellent Condition $275 Shimano Crucial CRC-X70H 12-25 (Missing Guide-Cheap fix at Squidco) $50 Cal Star GF 700ML 20-40 $125 Phenix Inshore Assassin PSW-760M 10-30 $125 Okuma EVX (Was 7'5" now 7' 1") Broke the tip off. Great bay bass rod or starter rod for a kid. Retails for...
  292. Matt Moyer

    SCI Calicos

    So ready for a SCI and Me time! Great report and fish.
  293. Matt Moyer

    Any first hand review on Komodo 364p?

    Raddest Reel on the Planet. Crushed this 24lb YT on it. I have also caught all of my PB Bass on it as well. The drag pressure is smooth and strong. You can cast it a MILE!
  294. Matt Moyer

    Going to Lake Bacarac for the first time...

    Hit up Ed Smith. He has been there several times with his family. He post on here as SeaTech. He is an alright guy...Has a very big ego! LOL JK of course. Ed will hook you up. Send him a PM.
  295. Matt Moyer

    Sea Dek

    Looking good!
  296. Matt Moyer

    Late Report:Newport Harbor 5/8

    Good Times
  297. Matt Moyer

    Sea Dek

    I will post some pictures of ours after we install it. Should be next month sometime.
  298. Matt Moyer

    Rod question? Okuma Shadow Stalker

    Nic and I got to field test the shadow stalkers before they were released. Great Rod, Great Value, Great for Calico fishing.
  299. Matt Moyer

    Need some chart plotter help... Lowarance has the ability to put icons. We use a Stop Sign for the MPA's I've attached the link for the GPS Spots.
  300. Matt Moyer

    Sea Dek

    I personally think it is well worth it. None of us are getting any younger;)
  301. Matt Moyer

    Sea Dek

    I was on a boat that had it on there for 8+ years. It was stained but still had the traction and comfort. It seems to me that the gray color holds its color best. I suppose it depends on how hard you are on your boat and if you keep it covered. SeaDek has a 36 month warranty of defect...
  302. Matt Moyer

    Barrett Lake Report

    Great report! Sickening that its become so low. We were fishing those stick ups together last year Ali. I hope it bounces back soon.
  303. Matt Moyer

    Sea Dek

    We are about to have it installed. I've fished on it several times and being a big guy it totally saves your back when fishing those long days. We invested in a pressure washer which will take care of that blood problem. Totally worth it IMO
  304. Matt Moyer

    Boston Whaler

    You can never have too little thrust but I think 80lb would be perfect for that rig.
  305. Matt Moyer

    New PB sandbass 4-27-15

    Giant! Nice!
  306. Matt Moyer

    Newport 4-24-15

    WTG Max! 15 was about the age when I started fishing saltwater bass. Welcome to the club of bass addiction:)
  307. Matt Moyer


    Matty knows...He and Erik kill the Sand Bass up their way.
  308. Matt Moyer

    Getting serious this year....

    I believe around $650...I will have to check.
  309. Matt Moyer


    I throw mostly 1 oz. for Spotties. I like to feel the grass and the heavy blade seems to get through it a little better. You want to keep it right above the grass. Google 2.5 Blade Runner Spinnerbait. I get mine from my friends who are on their Pro Staff so I'm not sure where to buy them.
  310. Matt Moyer


    So many different guys have their favorites for spotties. Chart/White has always been my go to color. All white gets the job done as well. Pick a color you are confident in and fish it. They are more enticed by the thumping vibration and flash than color IMO.
  311. Matt Moyer


    I typically only run a trailer for spotties. 1/0 usually with a reaper. I don't typically run a trailer for calicos...They usually eat it.
  312. Matt Moyer


    Depends on what they want but sometimes the flash of a spinnerbait gets em going. I throw these 3 Stanley 1 oz. Big Shot Blade Runner in 1.5 oz and 2.5 oz. Reebs Bolt Thrower 1 oz. Browns and Orange Chartreuse and White These are my go to colors. I also like to rig them with a 3"-5" swimbait...
  313. Matt Moyer

    4-13-15 Catalina Island

  314. Matt Moyer

    Paddle board Calico bass Fishing - Baja

    Awesome! Would love to go on one of those trips.
  315. Matt Moyer

    SWBA round 3

    Ya bro! Stoked for you! Nothing like making your life busier by adding numero dos! Trust me...I know!
  316. Matt Moyer

    What is this swimbait?

    Sent you a message.
  317. Matt Moyer

    Newport 4/13/15

    Glad to see Newps biting a bit.
  318. Matt Moyer

    Newport 4/10/15

    That's a good'n
  319. Matt Moyer

    SWBA round 3

    ^^^LOL! Have fun with that. Nic and I are going to put 30 lbs. in the live well at Cat first thing and then go have cocktails at Two Harbors.
  320. Matt Moyer

    SWBA round 3

    I guess it could have been worse! I'm just glad there is no more Sand Bass Tournaments! Onto the Islands! Even if the fishing sucks...The view is always rad!
  321. Matt Moyer

    SWBA round 3

    Nic and I had a tough tournament. It all started with having to work first thing in the morning till noon. It took us 3 1/2 hours to get from San Diego to Long Beach. We made it in time for very little chit chat and then we launch the boat. The wind was howling but we've been in worse. We opted...
  322. Matt Moyer

    Spotty Newport Boat docks

    There you go! Nice!
  323. Matt Moyer

    My Girl's Fish is Bigger Than Yours!

    Sweet! Congrats! Nice Hat...That's my buddy Nick's Bar.
  324. Matt Moyer

    Getting serious this year....

    I think it is a very good call when running around Long Beach. We went with Raymarine VHF with (ais) that is intergraded with our Lowrance HDS-10. Not as good as radar but still gives you good piece of mine in the Fog. We don't travel in fog unless we have to. Fog to me is one of the scariest...
  325. Matt Moyer

    Getting serious this year....

    No T-Top! Clothes have come a long way. Wear a BUFF and Watermans Sunscreen!
  326. Matt Moyer

    3/20 New PB

    I can't seem to get that big upgrade Erik! It's coming....I can feel it! Thank you everyone for the kind words.
  327. Matt Moyer

    Ranger Bay Boats

    That's what I tell my wife so I can at least go fishing LOL
  328. Matt Moyer

    Ranger Bay Boats

    Pre-Fishing is overrated sometimes.
  329. Matt Moyer

    Ranger Bay Boats

    I will be very objective even though I co-own and push Sea Fox Boats. I've been on 4 different quality Bay Boats coming back from SCI in tough to very tough conditions. 2015 Key West Bay Reef 23' 2014 Sea Fox Viper 22' 2001 Pathfinder 22' 2013 Ranger Bahia 22' In my...
  330. Matt Moyer

    Show me your BASS...

    I don't always catch 8's but when I do I get my PB. 8.6 in right hand and 8.1 in the left hand.
  331. Matt Moyer

    Show me your BASS...

    Great Color On that Jig Matty! Nice Fish!
  332. Matt Moyer

    3/20 New PB

    Got out yesterday with Ty Ponder on the SPY Mobile. Ty and I always have fun when we go fishing together and after a dismal 2nd round at the SWBA I had a bone to pick with these Calicos. We opted to run down the Mexican Coast a little which IMO is still our "Backyard" people just don't utilize...
  333. Matt Moyer

    LB two nights of fun

    Thanks for the report! Awesome!
  334. Matt Moyer

    Bama rigs. Umbrella rig. Tomato. Tomatoe

    Licking turds! Nice!
  335. Matt Moyer

    Dana 3-9-15

    Love me some bass
  336. Matt Moyer

    3-4-15 After show special

  337. Matt Moyer

    Early season Bass/Yellowtail fishing at Cedros Island

    @malibufishnsurf They pick you up on the American side usually at the Outlet Mall. They drive you down to Ensenada and you fly out of the Mexican Military Base. The Flight is roughly an hour in a half. I've done it 3 times and feel it is very safe. My friend Ty Ponder has taken his son several...
  338. Matt Moyer

    14 western with 15hp 4 stroke mercury

    I want to buy this rig so bad...I miss my "Goliath" 14' Valco. We (Nic and I) of course have a beautiful new big boat but these little guys are perfect if you just want a quick little session. Also rock for pre-fishing SBB Tournaments. Good Luck with the sale. I'm sure it won't last.
  339. Matt Moyer

    2/16/15 San Diego coastal slabs

    The "Halibut Whisperer" has whispered! WTG Roberto!
  340. Matt Moyer

    Winter Bottom Bouncing

    I've been fishing 6" Big Pancho Crooked Tails, Brow Top-Clear Red Fake Bottom slow and low. 1.5 oz. on 5" Red Rum or Red Calico Hunter always gets bit especially with all the red crab around. I like the 5" Xmas tree MC Viejo for "dumpster diving" as well. Emergency Kit- 7" Gulp Jerk Shad on...
  341. Matt Moyer

    Pearl Swimbaits

    I buy mine at FH Long Beach every year.
  342. Matt Moyer


    Really tough fishing @Juny We caught some fish but it wasn't on fire. A lot of the Spotties were skinny which you can tell by the weights. Typical 14.25" fish goes at least 1.50lbs. We had a 15" that wasn't even our heaviest fish. Come say hit on the 14th.
  343. Matt Moyer


    @socalwhiteboy The new Minnkota 112 has some issues they need to resolve. This is actually our 3rd one on the new boat. We reported it to Minnkota and they are looking into it but this is the second time it has busted during a tournament. The head becomes loose for some reason and the gears...
  344. Matt Moyer

    Explain the Trolling Motor

    We are Wussies when it comes to fishing boilers. We like the boilers on the front side of the islands;)
  345. Matt Moyer

    Explain the Trolling Motor

    Lothar are correct but those guys are old school and a different breed! You have a DTMG (Designated Trolling Motor Guy) too. So funny that we were talking to you guys about our TM's crappiness in the morning and then it breaks....that sucked!
  346. Matt Moyer

    Explain the Trolling Motor

    TM is a must have if you bass fish. Not only does it help you cover ground but also holds your position at time you are in a good bite or if the wind is blowing. It also gives you a much stealthier approach. They make different sizes for different size boats. We have been having issues with our...
  347. Matt Moyer

    Ripped em a new one

    Get Some!
  348. Matt Moyer

    13ft boston whaler center console

    Such a perfect little bay bass boat. Wish I had the coin because I would make this boat a Spotty slayer with a TM on the front.
  349. Matt Moyer

    Fun MB Report 1/26/15

    @get some I told you...Mission Bay;)
  350. Matt Moyer

    Fun MB Report 1/26/15

    With the first round of the SWBA Series about to take place on Feb 7th, Nic and I have been doing some pre-fishing. It's going to be a real challenge to find 5 fish over 14.25" but we think we have the stuff to do it. We have found some good fish and fishing but basically had to weed through a...
  351. Matt Moyer

    Best Bass Boat under 30k and under 60k

    Roger that @Reel_Newbie
  352. Matt Moyer

    First Skiff

    That boat is going to be fun.
  353. Matt Moyer

    New whip

    Congrats! Bass Slayer Machine.
  354. Matt Moyer

    Best Bass Boat under 30k and under 60k

    @Reel_Newbie We run a Yamaha 200 4 Stroke. That boat can handle the 250 as well but we wanted better fuel consumption. Our sweet spot is right around 4000 RPMs/28 MPH getting roughly 4.1-4.5 MPG. Trimmed up we can hit 49 MPH but we are only getting about 2.1 MPG The 2 boats Nick mention are...
  355. Matt Moyer

    Best Bass Boat under 30k and under 60k

    Trim Tabs up going 48 MPH in the 22' Sea Fox Viper. I love this boat!
  356. Matt Moyer

    BP Brewing COC Report

    Nick...I gotta watch out for you! You are always on point looking for a way to embarrass me...LOL
  357. Matt Moyer

    Show me your BASS...

    Catalina Backside Personal Best 8.46. Still looking for that double digi!
  358. Matt Moyer

    BP Brewing COC Report

    @michelle The YTSO is definitely on our radar this year.
  359. Matt Moyer

    BP Brewing COC Report

    We would also like to thank all of our Sponsors Ballast Point Brewing and Spirits Sea Witch Marine Deathsticks Okuma Get Some Lubricants Pelagic Polarized/Bass King Stanley Lure/Hale Lures Big Pancho Swimbaits Uni Butter Bait Wraps Savage Gear Owner Hooks Sea Dek Izorline
  360. Matt Moyer

    BP Brewing COC Report

    ***Let me start by saying this is our favorite tournament of the year! The SWBA (EB, James and Susan) do an absolutely killer job. The staff at The Banning House Two Harbors Catalina are first class. Locked and Loaded! Our ride over was simply amazing with the Pacific Ocean honoring us with...
  361. Matt Moyer

    Sunday @ Cat

    Thank you everyone for the kind words. Gonna be some laughs I'm sure Ed!
  362. Matt Moyer

    Sunday @ Cat

    We have the SWBA California Offshore Challenge this weekend so Me, Nic and Ryan Kyle thought we would give Catalina a shot to see if any Calicos wanted to play. It was pretty slow for the most part until we found the right area. The whole island is like an aquarium right now. I was fishing a...
  363. Matt Moyer

    Hookup to Landing Ratio w/ Weedless (MC 7")

    I do not slice it all the way through. I slice it deeper where the stock slit is. I fish mostly Big Pancho Swimbaits which come with no slit. I have to slice them anyway. I also use MC, IP, Pearl, and LK's from time to time and I slice the stock cavity on all of them to get more penetration. I...
  364. Matt Moyer

    Buddies new pb zebra

    Nice! I understand...I'm 6'5" 260 and when I hold fish they don't look quit as impressive as some other short anglers I know;)
  365. Matt Moyer

    Hookup to Landing Ratio w/ Weedless (MC 7")

    Lots a good info from some very experienced anglers. I would like to add something that I do which helps my hook up ratio on the big weedless baits. I take a razor blade and slice the hook cavity down deeper vertically. This helps get deeper penetration when setting the hook because the weight...
  366. Matt Moyer

    2014 Ranger 240 Bahia Loaded - Reduced to $45,999.00!

    Bump for Benny! Good luck with the sale Benny.
  367. Matt Moyer

    December Calicos 12/22/14

    LOL! Nice Report Nick.
  368. Matt Moyer

    Peacocking the Amazon

    Just Wow Ed! So Rad! Someday...Someday! Thank you for the report!
  369. Matt Moyer

    Mission Bay 12/17/14

    Nice! Been wanting to get out there. Thank you for the report.
  370. Matt Moyer

    BNIB Torium 14 $140

    No Line-PM Me.
  371. Matt Moyer

    BNIB Torium 14

    Reduced to $150
  372. Matt Moyer


  373. Matt Moyer

    BNIB Torium 14

    Better than no discount Andy...Just saying! Make me an offer....and I might take it.
  374. Matt Moyer

    BNIB Torium 14

    No Line-$175 Firm-Pick UP or Pay for Shipping and its yours
  375. Matt Moyer

    New MC Weedless @ SCI 11/08/14

    It's a 9/0 Trokar
  376. Matt Moyer

    New MC Weedless @ SCI 11/08/14

    Hey Bon, Ty owns a 23 foot Key West Bay Reef with a 250 Yamaha Show on it. We own a 22 foot Sea Fox Viper with a 200 Yamaha on it. Both boats are bay style boats and are very sea worthy. Ty's boat has a deeper V also known as dead rise. Making runs out to SCI are not dangerous if you pick the...
  377. Matt Moyer

    "War On The Wall"

    I will be there fishing with the Ballast Point Spirits Team Mike and Scotty. Nic unfortunately has guests in town. Should be a fun night for sure.
  378. Matt Moyer


    That's what it is all about!
  379. Matt Moyer

    New MC Weedless @ SCI 11/08/14

    I love it when baits get fuzzy like that! I still need to play with the ones I got.
  380. Matt Moyer

    Custom 809 Seeker + Costa Sunglasses $175

    2 for 1 deal pick up only! La Mesa Rod is custom by Ken Bush, 809 Seeker blank, Fuji Reel Seat, Alpine Guides, Murdered Out, Very good condition. Love it but got to part with it. Paid $200 Costa Double Haul Sunglasses 580g Polarized. g stands for glass. Glasses retail for $180 $175 and they...
  381. Matt Moyer

    580g Costa Sunglasses $100

    Just like these. Used a couple times. No Scratches...
  382. Matt Moyer

    San Diego Coastline 10/29/2014

    Robert "The Halibut Whisperer" Thanks for the meat bud!
  383. Matt Moyer


    Love it! Nic and I were supposed to go tomorrow but the weather closed the window on us once again.
  384. Matt Moyer

    Show me your BASS...

    Last Tournament of the year and our best finish! SCI was going off!
  385. Matt Moyer


    Gonna have to wait till I get Home...You Tube is blocked at my work:(
  386. Matt Moyer


    I use the Yumbrella. Seems to hold up well. Looks like Blade Runner just came out with a saltwater grade one that looks money.
  387. Matt Moyer


    Great Report and Great Pics. Spotties are still one of my most favorite fish to catch! What brand A-Rig is that?
  388. Matt Moyer

    Buggin with the grandson

    Sherm- You always get them. Nic and I are getting better but still haven't limited out. We got 11 on our first trip this year. We are basically going to try new spots this year. Would love to have you on the new sled sometime...Way may learn something from the Master!
  389. Matt Moyer

    Okuma Metaloid Single and Two Speed Reels

    I think they look great! With that gear ratio the Metaloid N will be money to throw Iron with. I think the guys that are looking for a lower gear ratio will like the Andros A 2 Speed. I love that Okuma is starting to push the market! Keep up the good work gentlemen!
  390. Matt Moyer

    A 350 Pounder On The Okuma Komodo 350

    You are going to be amazed Alex. took my bro out and he landed his first YT on the Komodo. Weighed 25 lbs and he kicked its ass.
  391. Matt Moyer

    Rigs I Need for Cedros 6dayer Here you go! I've been 3 times and usually bring 4 set ups. 2 Calico sticks with Okuma Komodo 350's filled with 65# braid. Floro in 40 lb. 2 YT set ups. 1 jig stick loaded with 40 lb. XXX Izorline and a yo-yo stick filled with 65lb braid...
  392. Matt Moyer

    Bass Contest 2014

    Sorry Blaine! Would love to see a report and some pics!
  393. Matt Moyer

    LJ to PL to MB

    Our local Calico Bite has not been what it's been the past couple year's. Maybe the Pelagics scared them off or they all packed up and moved the MPA's. I can see them talking now... 8 pounder to the 3 pounder: 8 pounder: "Hey, I found a dope place to live" 3 pounder: "Oh ya! Where?" 8...
  394. Matt Moyer

    LJ to PL to MB

    Well, you always here about the good reports. Yesterday was not the best. Launched the Sea Fox with Ty Ponder because Nic had to work. Heading to LJ and conditions sucked. Water vis was about 40 feet and No current anywhere. Had a few lookers blow up but nothing that exciting. Fished LJ for an...
  395. Matt Moyer

    Bass Contest 2014

    Thanks Brandon...We will be putting our heads together to come up with something fun.
  396. Matt Moyer

    Upright freezer

    I'll take it for free...Can't beat that price!
  397. Matt Moyer

    A 350 Pounder On The Okuma Komodo 350

    Crazy! Nice K-Mat
  398. Matt Moyer

    Found hoop nets in San Diego Bay

    Ah Man Cliff! Wish you would have grabbed it. Maybe it will show up:) Thanks for trying though.
  399. Matt Moyer

    Found hoop nets in San Diego Bay

    We lost 1 a couple weeks ago. Promar Conical. Had a black 2" tube with a rubber cap zipped tied in it. Either had Charger Color Reflective tape on the buoy or regular reflective tape. Should have had a bottle zipped tied to the buoy with a light in it. PM if that's ours. Thank you for doing the...
  400. Matt Moyer

    Mission Bay 10/15

    Great report. MB has been firing.
  401. Matt Moyer

    hooping at its finest!!!

    I'm more interested in seeing the Dorado. 45 would be an epic local catch. WTG on the Giant Lobster.
  402. Matt Moyer

    Mission Bay - 10/8

    3 Banger! Nice!
  403. Matt Moyer

    Spring/Summer 2014 Recap

    Looks good.
  404. Matt Moyer

    Bass Contest 2014

    So unfortunately we have not had the participation that we thought we would get ,therefore we have decided to postpone the bass contest until further notice. We hope to come up with something fun in the future that will get more of you involved. Thanks again to those who participated and...
  405. Matt Moyer


    Thank you Michelle for your help. I wish we could have gotten more participation but it isn't for the lack of trying.
  406. Matt Moyer

    Spring/Summer 2014 Recap

    Great Pics! Thanks for sharing. Some of those Spotties are Donkeys Dude! Is that a 1 oz. Blade Runner SB?
  407. Matt Moyer

    SEPTEMBER BASS CONTEST- Spotted Bay Bass- Throw up a PEACE sign-Presented by Okuma

    @ Matt Kotch...I haven't decided yet. That is an expensive rod so I'm thinking of putting a twist on it. Stay tuned. Very nice of you to donate it.
  408. Matt Moyer

    Reactor Trident Watch (NIB) - $225

    Hey! I have that same watch!
  409. Matt Moyer

    SBS Finals

    ...or it was the other way around Nic;) LOL No problem Galen. Glad to help anytime. Hit me up if you have any other questions, we've been doing this for awhile.
  410. Matt Moyer

    SBS Finals

    All these tournaments are C&R. They do really well in the live well unless you catch them in deeper water, then you have to "Fizz" them. Usually its the Sand Bass you have to fizz. SBB do really well as do Calicos. Most release them right at weigh in. If we catch large fish we usually try to...
  411. Matt Moyer

    SBS Finals

    Congrats on that big Calico Josh. Nic said "Why do you think they are sitting there for so long?". I said "Probably a Big Fish Area". or it was the other way around. LOL...At least you won some gas money back. Looking forward to some fun fishing and hoopin. Congrats on #2 Dumalski...Should of...
  412. Matt Moyer

    SBS Finals

    Nic and I made it to the SBS Finals which were held in Long Beach this last weekend. With 2 days of fishing, Day 1 Spotted Bay Bass Only, Day 2 All 3 Species....We knew going into it that it would be a grind. Neither one of us got to pre-fish so expectations were not as great as they could of...
  413. Matt Moyer

    SBS Island Inshore 9/6

    No Erik...It was me and Nic is taking free shots. Doesn't matter how short it's how you use it;)
  414. Matt Moyer

    SBS Island Inshore 9/6

    Boat Porn! Nice Nic! Put up that pic of you going bendo on your 7
  415. Matt Moyer

    SBS Island Inshore 9/6

    Yamaha 200, Minkota 112 saltwater TM, Lowrance HDS 10, 2 live wells, head in the CC, Tons of storage and deck space, Beam is 8'6", Deadrise is 15' Goes about 48-50 MPH when the throttle is pinned. Sea Witch in Vista are also carrying the 18' and 20' models. Go check them out.
  416. Matt Moyer

    SBS Island Inshore 9/6

    Well the regular season has come to an end and Nic and I secured a spot in the 2 day Championship in Long beach on Sept. 27/28. We had a dismal year in the Bay Region but finished 4th overall in the Inshore/Island Region. The last event of the year was this past Saturday with the Islands open...
  417. Matt Moyer


    #nevergrowup #staygoldpony LOL...Those are my lucky shoes...They have about had it.
  418. Matt Moyer


    Got out locally to play Saturday Night with Ty Ponder and John Beerling. Fishing was not great but fun with a lot of laughs. JB was the hot stick at first sticking 5 quality fish before the sun went down and then it was a slow pick after that. Fish seemed to be keyed in on smaller swim baits. I...
  419. Matt Moyer

    Balboa Angler's Club Spottie Tournament

    Hey bass fishermen and women! I'm posting this for my good friend Jimmy Decker. Great little tournament to do with Friends and Families! Contact Jimmy for questions. Cheers!
  420. Matt Moyer

    Bay setup Citrix is a great little bay bass reel. Spool up with 30lb braid and a 15lb top shot and you are good to go throw Spinnerbaits, Swimbaits, Grubs, Creatures, Cranks, etc. Okuma makes good rods at a good price as well.
  421. Matt Moyer

    WTB Anchor/Rode

    Looking for a good deal for our new 22 footer. PM me.
  422. Matt Moyer

    WTB Anchor/Rode

    Looking for a good deal for our new 22 footer. PM me.
  423. Matt Moyer

    Fishtrap Dodo

    Awesome! So true!
  424. Matt Moyer

    7/21 late report

    Ryan did a stellar job! Those peanut YT are fun on the Calico gear.
  425. Matt Moyer

    7/21 late report

    Nic and I got out Ryan Kyle on our new 22' Sea Fox Viper for our first offshore trip of the year. Boat is ridiculously dry and eats up the chop. Ryan put together this little video. End up catching a ton of rat YT and 1 BF that was about 15lbs. on the troll (Zuchinni Feather). Stayed on the 9...
  426. Matt Moyer

    Show me your BASS...

    Joint Loma Backyard PB
  427. Matt Moyer

    Saltwater Bass Series Mission Bay Calico's

    So Stoked for the Ponder Boys. These guys put serious time on the water and are some of the nicest people I know who I am proud to say are my friends. WTG...You deserved this one and you would have won if it wasn't for those Pesky Stud Sticks From the Ballast Point Spirits team.
  428. Matt Moyer

    New Backyard PB

    ^^^LMFAO I'd F me;)
  429. Matt Moyer

    New Backyard PB

    @ Joe Bal...SBS and SWBA are the 2 main saltwater bass tournaments. I believe SWBA has 1 left this year and SBS has 3. Crossover freshwater guys usually do really well. PM me if you need info. Thank you everyone for the kind words. Hopefully She bites again for me on Saturday or Nic's line.
  430. Matt Moyer

    New Backyard PB

    With the SBS tournament approaching and no boat at this time my good buddy Ty Ponder called me up to do a little fishing in our backyard. I've been super busy at work so I haven't had any time to play. Nic and I have also been working on getting the new 22' Sea Fox Viper which has finally fallen...
  431. Matt Moyer

    help fishing mission bay

    Patrick- Plastic Swimbaits 3"-5" work great. I like the 5" MC viejos on a 1/2oz or 3/4oz swimbait head Spinnerbaits 1/2 oz. -1 oz. work great, can't go wrong with white and chartreuse Creature baits and grubs on 1/4oz head to 1/2oz heads Crankbaits in baitfish patterns 3'-10' divers work best...
  432. Matt Moyer

    LB Harbor

  433. Matt Moyer

    Not sue what his User Name is. I am not fishing the SWBA next week since I am so busy at work...

    Not sue what his User Name is. I am not fishing the SWBA next week since I am so busy at work. Fishing seem to bust WO. Hope to get out soon. See you on the water!
  434. Matt Moyer

    2011 Triumph Skiff - SOLD***

    @Carl De Melo It is till available. Nic has had some interested people but I think they might be window shopping.
  435. Matt Moyer

    CALICO Catch & Release Tourney.

    We are looking forward to it Tommy. Thank you.
  436. Matt Moyer

    85' 14 foot Valco-$2500 OBO

    Thanks guys! Bittersweet. Love this boat but upgrading with Nic is the only reason it's going to a new home. Btw, it's been garaged since I bought it.
  437. Matt Moyer

    85' 14 foot Valco-$2500 OBO

    "The Goliath" 1985 Valco (Riveted) 1984 Trailer (Good Shape) 2004 Johnson 15hp 4 Stroke (Electronic Start/Manual) I'm having it serviced this Friday before I sell it. Engine is a champ, starts every time. 36lb. Thrust Minnkota Transom Trolling Motor 1 year old battery Bow and Stern Lights (Both...
  438. Matt Moyer

    1981 Boston Whaler Montauk-

    So clean Connor! Good luck with the sale.
  439. Matt Moyer

    Saltwater Bass Reels...Care and maintenance issues

    I've tried it all. Saltwater Sucks! Seems to me that bearings and drags get affected the most. I know guys upgrade their bearings. What are you favorites?
  440. Matt Moyer

    SM - Big Bass!, Blue Shark & My Father's Day Catch!!!

    TOADS! Love the Yellow on the one Calicos face! As a tournament Angler, I would take that bag all day every day. WTG!
  441. Matt Moyer

    Red eye flights

    Nice SBB. I gotta get out there with you. Would love to fish some Virgin Spotties.
  442. Matt Moyer

    SWBA Rnd 4 Long Beach - Momentum Killer

    Bummer duder! Can't win them all. Sounded like the wind was brutal. See you on July 19th...San Diego usually treats you boys well;)
  443. Matt Moyer

    Father's Day Point Loma

    After spending most of the day with the my Family at the shores I got to get out on Ty Ponder's 22 foot Bahia for some Calico fun. I brought my very good friend and renown kayak angler Jim Sammons. We got out to the our zone and the conditions looked perfect, downhill current, clean water, 69...
  444. Matt Moyer

    Daddy day Loking,..

    Tubby Bitches! Nice!
  445. Matt Moyer

    Arooroo @ the SBS Mission Bay Night Event

    Donkey! So stoked for you.
  446. Matt Moyer

    Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming

    So Epic! Congrats! Fish of a Lifetime and on the best Line out there! Cheers!
  447. Matt Moyer

    JUNE BASS CONTEST - Spotted Bay Bass - Point to the Eye! - Presented by Okuma

    The BloodyDecks 2014 Bass Contest presented by Okuma Species: Spotted Bay Bass Signal: You must point your finger to the EYE of the fish Winner will receive a prize pack from: 2014 Bass Contest Rules Open period: Contest is open from 12:00am on the 1st of the contest month to...
  448. Matt Moyer

    Two Trips One Week

  449. Matt Moyer

    Halibut 5/31/14 San Diego Kelp

    WTG Robert...shhhhhh....Robert is whispering to the Halibut! That bad boy was tasty, thanks for the meat partner!
  450. Matt Moyer

    New Sea Fox 22-Sea Witch Marine Not sure if any of you are familiar with Sea Witch Marine in Vista but their service has been outstanding for Nic and I. We run a 17 foot Triumph Skiff with a Yami 90 4 stroke. They have kept our boat...
  451. Matt Moyer

    Newport Harbor 5-28-14

    Nice Report. Good to see you are making time to get out. Really like the color and style of that lead head.
  452. Matt Moyer

    Tribute Okuma 2.5 Day Report

    Incredible Dave! I gotta get on one of those trips with you.
  453. Matt Moyer

    SBS Island/Inshore Tournament 5/17

    Thanks D! Very fun fishing whenever you can get out to one of the Islands. Would like to see you and your partner at one of these events.
  454. Matt Moyer

    May Calico Bass Contest...C'mon Guys!

    1 submission this month is weak. Okuma has stepped up in a big way along with others such as War Baits, Fools Bait Co, SRG Spinnerbaits and of course BD. Jazz Moorhead won last month and Okuma sent him a rod. Let's see the pics guys! measure shot and a point at the tail shot...To Easy!
  455. Matt Moyer

    Arooroo @ the SBS Long Beach Inshore

    Always stoked for you guys when you do well. Old School kayakers got to stick together.
  456. Matt Moyer

    SBS Island/Inshore Tournament 5/17

    Thanks guys! Thanks Jason!
  457. Matt Moyer

    SBS Island/Inshore Tournament 5/17

    Nic and I had a win even though our 7th place finish out of 26 teams didn't show it. Gerry let us barrow his boat because there is no way in hell we would make it over there in Nic's boat without breaking our backs (Thank you Gerry). Our goal was to fish Catalina all day because it had been very...
  458. Matt Moyer

    SBS LBC Open

    Crazy Big Bag! Congrats
  459. Matt Moyer

    Show me your BASS...

    No Chris...LOL
  460. Matt Moyer

    Barret Lake PreFish April 30, 2014

    @ seemed like I was sloppy 3rds. Thank you for bowing out though. Really one of the coolest things I have been able to do in my fishing career. Thanks again.
  461. Matt Moyer

    Barret Lake PreFish April 30, 2014 Tim- This was the one they were murdering. I...
  462. Matt Moyer

    Barret Lake PreFish April 30, 2014

    ^^^^Ditto that! Wind SUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKED!
  463. Matt Moyer

    Stoked is an Understatement

    Super stoked for you Frank. Some people do it for money and recognition, you do it because you love it and it shows. Congrats my friend!
  464. Matt Moyer

    Barret Lake PreFish April 30, 2014

    Great write up Ali and a great time! I cannot thank you enough for the invitation bud. Ali did not mention the countless fish we lost at the boat or in structure. The fishing in the morning was epic, got my good one on a Stanely Top Frog that absolutely inhaled it. Good thing there was a little...
  465. Matt Moyer

    Benny Florentino Calico Bass Seminar @ SWYC

    Very cool! I might have to stop by to heckle Ole Benny!
  466. Matt Moyer

    The Duck Bite

    So Killer!
  467. Matt Moyer

    The close one 4/19

    Bad Ass...Love those Go Pro Shots
  468. Matt Moyer

    Question: Salt Water Bass Reel

    Mick- All of us Bass fisherman for the most part fish 65lb Braid with a 40-60lb top shot about 6' long with our drag wrenched down as tight as they can go. The reason we do this is because we are fishing for big bull calicos. Many of us have hooked other species of fish (YT, WSB, BSB, etc.) and...
  469. Matt Moyer

    Like your skiff. What kind of trades are you looking for? I have a 14 foot Valco with a 15hp...

    Like your skiff. What kind of trades are you looking for? I have a 14 foot Valco with a 15hp Evenrude, Transom Trolling Motor, Humminbird 383 color combo. Great little boat just want something a little bigger. Also lots of fishing gear. Looks really clean. does it leak at all? How many hours...
  470. Matt Moyer

    Question: Salt Water Bass Reel

    This is a good thread. You have a lot of Field Testers for different reels chiming in. I have fished all of them and don't really think you can go wrong. I have had the worst luck on the Lexas personally. Gears gummed up, squeaky, etc....just not for me. I have friends that swear by them. The...
  471. Matt Moyer

    Question: Salt Water Bass Reel

    Kevin- Having 2 kids has made me hard to fine...LOL If you see me don't hesitate to introduce yourself...I swear I'm nicer than I look.
  472. Matt Moyer

    NEW Okuma Komodo 364P

    Check out the thread on the Bass Forum. I've been field testing the Komodo and Citrix for a year now and I am blown away with the power (25lbs. of drag pressure is unmatched). the 6.4:1 gear ratio-10bb is perfect for all aspects of throwing large swimbaits, large weedless baits and small irons...
  473. Matt Moyer

    Question: Salt Water Bass Reel Just wanted to give you an update on this reel. I have now been a field tester for the reel for 1 year now. I have not had any issues with it and I have fished it hard. The only thing I do is wipe it down and...
  474. Matt Moyer

    Cat 4/14

    We ran out of Dana Point and we burned about $120 on Ty's 150 Merc 4 stroke. I'm sure a charter would be much more expensive. I know that Jimmy Decker, Benny Florentino, Gerry Mahieu and Evan Salvay are all offering trips to the Islands and I would think it is around $300-$500. But they are also...
  475. Matt Moyer

    April Bass Content - Spotted Bay Bass - Enter HERE to win some great gear!

    This obviously does not count because I'm a judge but for the love...I want to see some Spotty Porn! Tape Measure and Point to the Pec Fin on the fish!
  476. Matt Moyer

    Saltwater Bass Boats

    Gotcha B...You mean everything on the internet is not true....LOL! I want to check out your Outrage. To be honest, after getting the shit kicked out of me yesterday there might be something to be said about having a whaler over one of those sleek Saltwater Bass Boats. Lets get out there.
  477. Matt Moyer

    Cat 4/14

    Had an epic day at Catalina aboard Ty Ponder's 22 Ranger Bahia. We launched from Dana Point Marina and had a smooth ride over, wish I could say the same coming back but we got our asses handed to us. Had a good day clearing about 35-40 fish. The Hot Ticket was the Big Pancho GC, anything with...
  478. Matt Moyer

    Saltwater Bass Boats

    Erik- I think an article on picking the right boat for you would be great. I'm going to be getting a boat in a couple years and making the right decision is key. Right now I am leaning towards a Key West BR 22 (actually 21'6) based on what I have heard and read on the Hull Truth.
  479. Matt Moyer

    Chronarch 200e7

    La Mesa close to San Diego State
  480. Matt Moyer

    Question: Salt Water Bass Reel

    Okuma Komodo 350 would be rad for that rod as well. 25lbs. of Drag Pressure...Game Over!
  481. Matt Moyer

    SWBA Rnd 2 Mission Bay

    Nice Josh! You guys always seem to do pretty good in San Diego!
  482. Matt Moyer

    Chronarch 200e7

  483. Matt Moyer

    April Bass Content - Spotted Bay Bass - Enter HERE to win some great gear!

    Here it Guys! Hope to see some Giants this month. Thank you to the Sponsors of this Month: Okuma Family(Cotton, Bennett, Bretza, Brown), Sam Gann(SRG Spinnerbaits), Afran (Warbaits), and Travis Hernandez (Fools Bait Co.) and of Course ALI and JASON at BD Outdoors for supporting us Bass Geeks!:git:
  484. Matt Moyer

    New bass painting..almost finished.

    So Sick! Especially like the Spottie Matt
  485. Matt Moyer

    PB Spottie 15" in LBC on Fools Bait...

    Love Drop Shotting those. If you don't have them in your tackle box you are missing out! WTG on the PB! Stoked for you!
  486. Matt Moyer


    Glad to see you back in the mix MO
  487. Matt Moyer

    More SBS Mission Bay from the Ponder's - Team Hard Snore

    Tough fishing for sure Ty. TJ holding the fish makes them look should do that more often;) LOL Just kidding bud...You'll get em!
  488. Matt Moyer

    SBS Mission Bay Ballast Point

    Thank you! I will have to check the pictures. They showed up originally.
  489. Matt Moyer

    SBS Mission Bay Ballast Point

    Finally getting around to write a report about Nic and my day. Leading up to the event the fishing was tough. Seems the Calicos are just starting to move up to Spawn and we caught a lot of small fish. Tournament day wasn't much different and we found a small pattern of anything red 5" Viejos and...
  490. Matt Moyer

    Show me your BASS...

    Nice Calico Porn Boys
  491. Matt Moyer

    FLW College Fishing National Championship

    So Rad! Leaving the dream for sure! Great Report! The Helios line of reels Spinning and Conventional are the Shizzy! I think a lot of people on the west coast need to check out Stanley's line of baits from their Spinnerbaits to the Big Shakey Head...Money! My tournament partner Nic and I plan...
  492. Matt Moyer

    Sewer slugs

    GGGGGGiant Nick! WTG Bud! I've only ever caught one 3 pound fish in my life so far and it went 3.4
  493. Matt Moyer

    Wiper lookin' striper

  494. Matt Moyer

    SBS Mission Bay

    Awesome Report! Way to figure them out late on a tough day of fishing!
  495. Matt Moyer

    1 Last BD Bass Forum Update

    Thank you to all who have rejuvinated this Forum with great pics, reports,etc. Ali was extremely busy and then got sick after the FH Show so we are going to kick everything off on APRIL 1....Don't worry, No April Fools Jokes Here. Ali will be putting up the updated rules sometime next week...
  496. Matt Moyer

    Leader Knots

    Wend from Izorline taught me the Slime Beauty Knot and I really like it. Goes through the guides of the rod very smoothly and is easy to tie.
  497. Matt Moyer

    Wall Session 3/15

  498. Matt Moyer

    SBS Junior Division Announced

    2:00 for the Juniors and 3:00 for the Big Boys at Dana Landing Market Mission Bay
  499. Matt Moyer

    UPDATE: Monthly Contest

    Ali left a message on my voicemail and said that the contest rules should be updated by this Monday. He has obviously been slammed with FH etc. We thank for you patience. Should be fun! March will be Spotted Bay Bass...Stay tune as changes will happen gradually. Tight Lines! Moyer
  500. Matt Moyer

    SBS Junior Division Announced

    Kidfish...Those spotties stay really healthy if you keep changing the water out. They are not like Calicos or Sand Bass. FYI. Hope to see you there.
  501. Matt Moyer

    SBS Junior Division Announced

    SBS is doing a pretty cool thing this weekend and launching their SBS Junior Division. It is $50 per team which will be fishing Spotted Bay Bass (14" or more) for 5 fish. Check the website for official rules and start time. I know Michael Gasparro is going to make it but it is great exposure...
  502. Matt Moyer

    Island Calico Fishing 3/9 and 3/11

  503. Matt Moyer

    LB Harbor PB

  504. Matt Moyer

    Swimbait Storage

    Walmart $2.50 and they work awesome! Stackable and easy to lable.
  505. Matt Moyer

    WTS: Swimbaits

    How much for the 190's
  506. Matt Moyer

    First time at The Wall - Big Success 3/7/14

    Nice Sandie! Great Report!
  507. Matt Moyer

    Pedestal fishing seats.?

    Nic's worked well when I sprained my knee...Bad ass for fishing Calicos all day but I used to be a kayak fisherman who likes to sit for long hours...LOL
  508. Matt Moyer

    Tomorrow @ Fred Hall LB

    I will be working at the Okuma Booth tomorrow so if you are there stop by and say. Also take a look at the bass line of reels and ask questions. I currently fish the Helios, Komodo, and Citrix line. They are all money. Okuma rods are the best bang for your buck. My Partner Nic Dragomire is...
  509. Matt Moyer

    Sorry for the delay....

    Ali and I apologize for the delay on the makeover. The Bass Contest will start this month but it will be a short month as we are still working out the rules etc. Ali is especially busy getting ready for Fred Hall Long Beach so stay tuned we should have something sometime soon. Thank you to...
  510. Matt Moyer

    San Diego 2-26 before the storm

    Awesome Report Chris
  511. Matt Moyer

    2/22 Mission Bay

    Awesome Report! Thank you... Is that a Recon Swimbait in that Spotty Pic?
  512. Matt Moyer

    2/22 - Maiden run to SCI

  513. Matt Moyer

    LB Harbor Fishing

    Rad! That looks like an urchin in the throat? Great Report!
  514. Matt Moyer

    Bassin Before Hoopin

  515. Matt Moyer

    Sunday Funday at Whore Island...

    BTW...I love WHORE Island!
  516. Matt Moyer

    Great bite last night!!

    P-Dizzler! Nice Dude
  517. Matt Moyer

    9lb calico from the shore, new pb

    So Rad Mike
  518. Matt Moyer

    Sunday Funday at Whore Island...

    Great Report!
  519. Matt Moyer

    Don't forget to geek out

  520. Matt Moyer

    Newport Bay spotties

    6lb Floro working it slow. Crank baits all day every day in Pooport
  521. Matt Moyer

    Curado 200e7-Great Price

    Good shape...Just serviced $110 each or both for $200
  522. Matt Moyer

    Bass Forum Makeover Update

    You know it Sam! We have not decided if we want hand signals or an item in the picture yet. We will disclose that the day before the contest starts at 12:00 a.m. March 1st.
  523. Matt Moyer

    Bass Forum Makeover Update

    So I met with Ali yesterday evening and we have some very cool things in store. Everything should be ironed out and updated by next week sometime. Our plan is to start the Bass Contest on March 1 @ 12:00 a.m. I will continue to give you updates and keep you all in the loop. Thank you to everyone...
  524. Matt Moyer

    San Diego Back Bay Spotties - Video

    Awesome B! the new Skiff is money! Thanks for sharing your video.
  525. Matt Moyer

    SBS 2/15 MB Spotty Tournament Report

    Killer Josh! If you decide to fish, come introduce yourself. Tight Lines!
  526. Matt Moyer

    SBS 2/15 MB Spotty Tournament Report

    There are a few options. The SBS March 15th is all 3 species (Calico, Sand Bass, Spotted Bay Bass) and the Islands are off limits. Typically the tournament is won in PL, LJ or Del Mar Kelp. If you can run to the local kelps out of MB you are good to go. SWBA has a Spottie Tourny coming up out of...
  527. Matt Moyer

    2 each Shimano 200e7

    Both have recently been serviced at Fisherman's Landing Tackle Shop. $120 each FIRM 1 has no Line and the other has 30lb Green Izor Spectra Well taken care of...Good Condition! PM-Matt
  528. Matt Moyer

    SBS 2/15 MB Spotty Tournament Report

    Tito- There were many teams that stayed in MB the whole time. Running to San Diego can be a gamble but can also be rewarding. That is the risk you take, but I don't like crowds and MB gets really small when you put 33 teams pounding the same spots.
  529. Matt Moyer

    SBS 2/15 MB Spotty Tournament Report

    Ya Erik...MB had been good to us and that is the only thing we questioned...Should we have stayed. I don't know if San Diego Bay Bass fisherman even realize how good we have it. Newport has humbled me several times and have yet to fish LB or HB but I heard they are just as tempormental. Nic and...
  530. Matt Moyer

    SBS 2/15 MB Spotty Tournament Report

    I will do my best to give you a report after each tournament Nic and I fish. We were ready for this one! We pre-fished and found several baits they wanted to eat. We found good biters in both MB and SD Bay. We had confidence going into it and that is always key. 5 a.m.- The horn sounds and...
  531. Matt Moyer

    Bass Forum Make-Over

  532. Matt Moyer

    Tourney Prep

    Erick- That was all time! I usually drink about 4 Sculpin IPA's so I can sleep. My gear is always dialed, but I'm super anal. To answer about Pre-fishing at night for a day tournament...Totally different bight IMO. The one thing I will say is: Get out there whenever you can just to stay in...
  533. Matt Moyer

    Tourney Prep

    If you don't know, Nic and I are fishing partners. This is our first year fishing together so we are still figuring each other out. Our fishing styles are very similar and we laugh at just about anything so you could say the partnership is working. I'm the ultimate internet it...
  534. Matt Moyer

    Midnight calicos

    I bet you got a crap load of Johnny Bass too! There are some giants there,
  535. Matt Moyer

    Bass Forum Make-Over

    KYK- I will do my best! I'm super positive and there are some things I can't divulge but I will do my best to point you in the right direction. The best thing I can give you is look at what guys like (Scotty, P., Mike Lane, Evan Salvay, Benny Florentino, Matt Florentino, Erik Landesfeind, Matt...
  536. Matt Moyer

    Broken dreams in the LBC

    BTW...I think Scotty did catch a 10lb Grouper back there in Pre-fish....LB is weird just like SD back bay which has turtles, bonefish, and heard of someone catching a jack crevalle back there(never saw a pic though of the Jack)
  537. Matt Moyer

    Favorite Bait...

    I know what you throw Evan for SB;). Good Stuff...Thanks for the pictures Scotty. Trex- Been meaning to try some Baby Brush Hogs
  538. Matt Moyer

    Midnight calicos

    Awesome! Weather has been killer why not go out and play "Checkers"
  539. Matt Moyer

    Favorite Bait...

    DK- 3/4 is what I like. I like to feel the bait and the 3/4 helps me do that. If I'm fishing grass I might go lighter but depends on if its high or low tide. I do tend to fish faster than most getting as many cast as I can in a day...must be all the tournament fishing.
  540. Matt Moyer

    Favorite Bait...

    Lately my go to bait is a 5" Viejo in Christmas Tree on a 3/4 Reebs Kelp Assassin Head for Spotties. For Calicos it's been a All Weedless: Big Pancho "Game Changer", IP, MC, LK For Sand Bass: 7" Viejo ALL DAY
  541. Matt Moyer

    Favorite Bait...

    If you could only fish 1 bait for the rest of your life, what would it be? (Be Specfic)...
  542. Matt Moyer

    Broken dreams in the LBC

    I AGREE Westend:)
  543. Matt Moyer

    Bass Forum Make-Over

    I cleaned up your ideas and sent them over to Ali and he liked what he saw. Most likely the contest will be measurment and each month will have a different species. Okuma will be sponsoring the site and helping out with a lot of cool give aways to the winners. We are also talking about doing a...
  544. Matt Moyer

    Broken dreams in the LBC

    Mike and Scotty....Rad Pics! Thanks for posting Scotty. Next time throw a little report in there;)
  545. Matt Moyer

    San Diego Spotted Bay Bass Fishin

    Nice Sled B! Stoked for you! Hope to see Team No Regrets at SBS
  546. Matt Moyer

    LBC Stripers!!

    So Rad Scoty P. Shhhhhhhh! He's Whispering!
  547. Matt Moyer

    Show me your BASS...

    Chubby BigfishDM- Thanks for posting
  548. Matt Moyer

    SBS Mission Bay 2/15/14 If you think you have what it takes to weigh five 14" Spotted Bay Bass come down to Mission Bay(Home of the WR Spottie caught by Paul Weintraub) next Saturday. Walk-Ups are welcome and you can stay and fish MB or travel to SD Bay. Be sure to read the rules. $200...
  549. Matt Moyer

    SWBA Live Weigh In

    Check out the live weigh in starting around 1:30-2:30 today. Long Beach Spotties. We couldn't fish today but always like watching what comes to the scales
  550. Matt Moyer

    Bass Forum Make-Over

    Thanks Ty for the attachment! Good Tournament Stuff. Thanks for being a good friend and the support.
  551. Matt Moyer

    Bass Forum Make-Over

    So stoked so many of you have taking the time to reply to this thread! I will be closing the circle with Ali next week so cheers to good things to come.
  552. Matt Moyer

    Bass Forum Make-Over

    Thanks Partner for the support!
  553. Matt Moyer

    Spotties mission and SD bay 2/1

    Ben- Who makes that Creature sticking out of the Spotties Mouth?
  554. Matt Moyer

    Bass Forum Make-Over

    Thank you everyone who has responded....I hope to see some more. My friend and I Mike Lane have even talked about starting a Fantasy Saltwater Bass Contest in 2015. Would be something Like this: $5 to enter and you have to pick 3 teams(overall weight for that tournament) for each SWBA and SBS...
  555. Matt Moyer

    Bass Forum Make-Over

    Calling all Bass Addicts...Calico, Largemouth, Sand Bass, Spotted Bay Bass, and Smallmouth slayers. Many of you know me but for those that don't my name is Matt Moyer. I'm a Bass Addict just like you. I have recently been working with Ali and others to enhance the bass forum to generate...
  556. Matt Moyer

    Spanish Landing Float Tube Session

    Great Report! Way to get out there!
  557. Matt Moyer

    Spotties mission and SD bay 2/1

    Outstanding Report Ben!!! Congrats on your PB Spotty...That is a good one! Keep them coming and in the future if you need help spinning that pictures the correct way I would be happy to help you. Tight Lines.
  558. Matt Moyer

    Spotties Winter cold weather bites??

    My tournament partner Nic and I have been doing great on 5" Viejos in Christmas Tree with a Reebs 3/4 oz. Kelp Assassin head. We also have been doing well on the spinnerbait as well as drop shot. I personally think Spotties bite better when the water is a little colder...JMO. Mission bay is...
  559. Matt Moyer


    Great article Erik. Thanks for the pub!
  560. Matt Moyer

    Fishin Misson Bay

    Great Time For Sure...A little windy but we found some biters! Nic's with 2.5 and mine went 2.
  561. Matt Moyer

    San Diego Bay - Saturday 1/24/14

    WTG Robert AKA "Halibut Whisperer"
  562. Matt Moyer

    Largemouth eating Trout on Vans

    Super insane! Can't wait to get a tattoo from you CB.
  563. Matt Moyer

    22" Wall Calico

    Very nice Fish! Congrats!
  564. Matt Moyer

    Ballast Point Victory at Sea at the SWBA COC

    Oops! Forgot about that Nic! That's what friends/fishing partner's do! Thank you so very much bud! Pancho...Maybe next year Nic and I will be able to get a prototype made for us before the show like you did for the other Ballast Point Guys;) Thank you for the support my man and thanks for...
  565. Matt Moyer

    Which Rod for Revo Inshore?

    Listen to JB...He knows what he is talking about!
  566. Matt Moyer

    Show me your BASS...

    1/4/14 SWBA California Offshore Challenge Both over 8 lbs but "Goldie Hawn" went 8.36
  567. Matt Moyer

    Ballast Point Victory at Sea at the SWBA COC

    Thanks Ali and thanks for the info on how to clean out the cookies:) That sack is gonna be a tough one to top for sure!
  568. Matt Moyer

    Ballast Point Victory at Sea at the SWBA COC

    What an incredible event like always! James, EB and Susan really handle everything and make it very easy to just show up and fish. Brant...Thanks for the Brats and James for cooking...they were ridiculously good. Very cool to have MitchFish helping out. Good to get the youngster interested...
  569. Matt Moyer

    Just a Heads up to SD Lobster Guys...

    I agree Randy. The law is the law. Probably could have got a slap on the wrist because we were moving them but I'm sure there are some D-Bags that ruined any chances of that. Seems like I grew up being at the wrong place at the wrong time...LOL! We are adding some Chain Links to weight them...
  570. Matt Moyer

    Just a Heads up to SD Lobster Guys...

    Oh Damn! In that case maybe it's worth fighting! I will for sure keep everyone posted. Thanks again!
  571. Matt Moyer

    Just a Heads up to SD Lobster Guys...

    I truely appreciate the replies and pm's. Going forward we will not even toy with edge of the channel marker. Cheers!
  572. Matt Moyer

    Just a Heads up to SD Lobster Guys...

    Thanks Scotto! Want to buy some hoops:rolleyes: Like I said...We know the rules and we are not rule breakers...We were in the middle of moving them. We will most likely not challenge it and we are aware that they are just doing their job. There was no need for the officer to yell at us in any...
  573. Matt Moyer

    Just a Heads up to SD Lobster Guys...

    Went out this last Sunday night with my buddy Nic and his Dad. We baited up and had our first string down by 6:00. We noticed that about 6 of our nets drifted about 10 feet inside the Channel Marker Bouy so we pull 4 and repositioned them. We were about to move the other 2 and SD Harbor Police...
  574. Matt Moyer

    2 each Revo Toro 50 HS $120

    Great Reels in Good Condition! PM or Text 619-990-3663
  575. Matt Moyer

    Fall 2013 Lip Rippin

    Stoked! Great report and way to get out there and get them!
  576. Matt Moyer

    Best year ever with Okuma Gear

    Rich- Great Report! My tournament partner Nic Dragomire and I were just picked up by Okuma for the 2014 Season. I fished for Savage Gear this year and was really impressed with their 4 Play jointed baits. Mike Bennet sent me a a Komodo 364 and Citrix 364 to field test and I was thouroughly...
  577. Matt Moyer

    New weedless BP Swimbait

    Big P...I will see you Saturday at the launch ramp my friend. I'm glad to see that Mike and Scotty are getting you out there. Gerry and I will be charging out in his skiff and we will be armed with your baits of course. I'm telling you right now guys that his baits are money well spent. I...
  578. Matt Moyer

    San Diego Hooping Report

    WTG! SD has been good if you are in the right spots. Looks like some quality there!
  579. Matt Moyer

    New weedless BP Swimbait

    Can't wait to fish that one Big P! Looking good my man!
  580. Matt Moyer

    Last Night In Da Big Bay

    Got out last night with the kids on Robert's new 23 Parker Pilot House...Sick Boat! Bugs crawled a little at first and then dead until 1 a.m. and then we got some. We ended up with 5 legals and a dozen shorts. We lost 1 conicle out by the South Bait Barge earlier in the evening. If anyone finds...
  581. Matt Moyer

    Catalina Island Calico Bass Fishing Video

    Killer Vid Will! Nick knows that Island well and is a great stick. I'm sure you learned a ton from him. Would love to get out there with you guys sometime. Cheers!
  582. Matt Moyer

    SD Buggin 11/17

    Went buggin with my buddy Nic Dragomire on his 17 foot Triumph Skiff and my 6 year old Maddox. This is only our 2nd year doing it and we are finally getting some meals out of our trips. We have been strong arming some of our friends for info which has helped us a lot. We had 2 different people...
  583. Matt Moyer

    SWBA California Offshore Challenge Here you go Brett!
  584. Matt Moyer

    SWBA California Offshore Challenge

    Yes, send your $300 deposit to this address...Attn...James Shamblin Salt Water Bass Anglers (2013 Registration) 10702 Victoria Ave. Whittier CA. 90604 Details for this year's COC will be posted here soon. We have a few chicanes to navigate and have been working in earnest to provide you with...
  585. Matt Moyer

    SBS Newport-Bay Bass-Nov.16th

    Wouldn't put it past him B...Ripping tide that day.
  586. Matt Moyer

    SWBA California Offshore Challenge

    This is the World Series of Saltwater Bass Fishing. 2 day fishing events weighing 10 Calicos. Most fish SCI, Cat, San Nic, Or SBI. Limited field so get your deposits in. Probably one of the funnest tournaments of the year. Go to
  587. Matt Moyer

    SBS Newport-Bay Bass-Nov.16th
  588. Matt Moyer

    SBS Newport-Bay Bass-Nov.16th

    Not sure if any of you are interested but there is a Bay Bass Tourny Next Saturday in Newport. There are no boundaries so if you want to leave Newport and go to HH, MDR, or LB it's allowed. 2 man teams and the buy in is $200. Weigh your 5 biggest Spotties and when some cash. Fish have to be 14"...
  589. Matt Moyer

    Bubba Blade Caption Contest Ending October 30th, 2013 - New 9" Tapered Blade

    Bubba Blade...More like Boner Blade! "I'm a Chef...Here, let me help you" Is that a Bubba Blade or are you just happy to see me? Bubba Blades: So easy a blonde can use them. "Careful, I've been arrested once already for Master-Baiting in public" says Tommy! "How you Doing"? Titty...
  590. Matt Moyer

    2014 SBS / SWBA schedule conflicts

    I think that when you have 2 tournament series trying to accomplish the same thing which is to grow the sport of Saltwater Bass Fishing there will always be conflict. I personally fished 3 SWBA Events which included my favorite event "The COC" and 11 SBS Tournaments which included the...
  591. Matt Moyer

    Baylor Bass Fishing Team headed to the National Championship!

    Congrats! I've almost had fish jump out of the livewell! That is a bummmer but at least you Qualified! Good Fishing!
  592. Matt Moyer

    Got em again at Catalina

    Sick- Definitely want to try them. Expensive loss though, I'm sure they aint cheap
  593. Matt Moyer


    Stoked for you guys! We had shit fishing on Sunday! Glad you guys found em.
  594. Matt Moyer

    Lexa HS $120

    Reel Sold! Nice meeting you as well Scott. Let go do it.
  595. Matt Moyer

    Lexa HS $120

    Sale Pending
  596. Matt Moyer

    Lexa HS $120

    Need it gone...$110. I'm in La Mesa/Pick Up Only!
  597. Matt Moyer

    Thank you to these guys-The Point

    Very Nice! Need more people like that on BD and on the water! Hope you Sashimied that YT;) So Good
  598. Matt Moyer

    Los Angeles Rod & Reel Club Tuna-Yellowtail and Calico Bass !!! K&M San Quintin

    Wow! San Q is on my Bucket List to fish Calicos...Got to get down there.
  599. Matt Moyer

    Lexa HS $120

    Lexa 300 HS...I do not have the power handle. Used for 6 months but in very good condition loaded with Izorline 65# spectra. Also have the original box. Please PM me if you want it. Matt
  600. Matt Moyer

    Got em again at Catalina

    Rad Reed! What style stick bait is that...Its friggen awsome!
  601. Matt Moyer

    Tackle Talk - Weedless

    Thanks John! I've been looking at the 809 and you just sold a rod my friend. I use various rods as well...Phenix, Capt. G Customs and I will be getting that 809 before the my next tournament. Thank you for the valuable information my friend.
  602. Matt Moyer

    My boys 1st Overnight trip on the MIRAGE..!!!

    That's Awesome! My son is 6 and super into fishing. Can't wait to get him out long range. Good going Dad!
  603. Matt Moyer

    Shout Out To The "Bushman"

    Thank you Ken for making my old rod look new my friend! You did a great job and the turn-a-round was fast! Can wait to start using it again.
  604. Matt Moyer

    My 4yr old sons first legal stoked!!!!

    So Rad! Leave Your Legacy is what I always say! Way to get em out there Dad!
  605. Matt Moyer

    Owner beast hook vs Trokar twist look swimbait hooks.

    This might sound funny but the Trokar's are too sharp and IMO rip the fishes mouth which increases your chance to lose them (I've seen it happen). I'm biased since I'm on Owners Pro Staff but I only fish what I like and I feel that Owner makes a much better hook. All it comes down to is...
  606. Matt Moyer

    Salt Water Bass Series Mission Bay 8-10-13 and AOY

    Super stoked for you and Dave! Well deserved! See you in San Diego for the Finals!
  607. Matt Moyer

    Bassin Baja

    Looks fun! I want to fish there soon!
  608. Matt Moyer

    drop shoting sd bay / mission bay

    I dont' do it much but I have had good luck drifting the channel back by the Coronado Bridge. I do what I call a double trouble rig. 1/2 oz. lead head with a swimbait on the bottom then a drop shot hook tied about 2 feet above using a standard palomar knot. Chartreuse Mister Twisters work well...
  609. Matt Moyer

    looking to fish spotties in newport.

    Use Google Earth, Best application for finding new spots. I don't fish Newport often but when I do I have done well near the Lifeguard Station fishing the grass or the moored boats close by. Pretty sure there is free parking there at least there was last time I was there. I also like to fish the...
  610. Matt Moyer


    Just wondering if any of you rod builders in San Diego area want to make a little cash fixing all my guides on one of my favorite rods. It's an 8 foot sapphire rod I got from Monty (M&M) about 15 years ago. Love the rod but the guides all need to be replaced. PM me if you're interested. Matt...
  611. Matt Moyer

    3 Days of Fun

    Gotta tell you...It flat out gets bit! Big bait with lot of plastic but it holds up.
  612. Matt Moyer

    New at Icast

    Gotta tell you Jon, I've had issues with my Lexas. IMO not the best made reel out there. I fish a lot of tournaments and fish them hard and started having issues with the Lex after a couple months. I've been field testing the Komodo 350 for about 6 months now and not 1 issue. I have never washed...
  613. Matt Moyer

    3 Days of Fun

    It was so much fun but my body is paying for it. Leaving tonight to fish the Tuna Pens and then to the 471 area. I haven't got to fish this much in a long time. Good Times!
  614. Matt Moyer

    3 Days of Fun

    Tony- I just sent Frank Ochoa "Big Pancho" a text. He will post up some pics and give you the weight, size and demensions. It's a killer bait! Fish a 10/0 Owner weighted Beast Hook on it.
  615. Matt Moyer

    New at Icast

    I have been fishing the Komodo 350 and the reel casts a mile. I stuck a PB 7.46 Sand Bass on it and the drag pressure is ridiculously good! I like it much better than my Lexa.
  616. Matt Moyer

    3 Days of Fun

    Had one of the funnest fishing weekends of my life. 7/27 started off fishing the SBS-Mercury Marine-WON Angler's Appreciation Tournament with Nic Dragomire. Nic has one of the 17 foot Triumph Skiffs so we decided to stay close and fish "The Wall" and Point Fermin. We didn't fair to well losing a...
  617. Matt Moyer

    3rd Time is a Charm on Cedros Island

    Great report Buddy! Stoked you got to get down there this year...A little bit jealous! Now get your mind out of Baja so you and I can win that Mercury Marine-WON-SBS Angler's Appreciation Tournament in Long Beach. Great Pics.
  618. Matt Moyer

    Piggy-Mission Bay 7/17

    Got out for a couple hours with my buddy Mike Lane. Fishing was pretty slow for the most part cause the wind was working against the tide. I got this piggy on a 5" MC Viejo in X-mas tree on a 3/4 oz. Reebs Kelp Assassin Head. It's my biggest for this year. No scale but pretty sure it was at...
  619. Matt Moyer

    What float tube would work best?

    BTW Ben- I'm 6'5" 250 pounds and this tube floats me well.
  620. Matt Moyer

    What float tube would work best?

    Creek Company 420 Ultralight Float Tube : Cabela's I have a Creek Company like this one but in Brown and tan. Comes with pump and flippers. $120- I've only used it a few times. Hit me up on a PM if you are interested. Located in San Diego.
  621. Matt Moyer

    LB Wall

    Awesome! Thanks for the report.
  622. Matt Moyer

    Diawa Lexa 300HS-$120

    @ Rithy...Paddle.
  623. Matt Moyer

    Diawa Lexa 300HS-$120

    Will also trade for a Abu Garcia Revo Toro 50hs or Revo Toro NaCI
  624. Matt Moyer

    Diawa Lexa 300HS-$120

    Located in San Diego-Pick Up Only-Used but in very good condition PM you cell and I will shoot over some pictures. SOLD
  625. Matt Moyer


    Oh ya BP! I need some of those flavors in my arsenal.
  626. Matt Moyer

    Where to Buy Plastic for plastic baits

    I like using te M-F Saltwater Plastic. Holds up real good for Calicos, Sand Bass and Spotties. They also sell softener you can add if you want some of your plastics less stiff.
  627. Matt Moyer

    First Bass of the Day

    Congrats Bill! Toad!
  628. Matt Moyer

    Cedros 6 days in 10 Minutes

    Nice Ed! Can't wait to get back.
  629. Matt Moyer

    Weedless Swimbait Questions

    LOL! I've been fishing a lot of Pancho, Island Plastics, MC's, LK's and Pearls recently. They all make really good weedless Baits. Each one swim different and get bit better than others on different days. I gotta say that the new Pancho "Game Changer" flat out gets chewed. I think it is great...
  630. Matt Moyer

    Selling our 2001 Boston Whaler 130 Sport (LOADED)

    I think you should sell me your rig Cesar...Just say;)
  631. Matt Moyer

    Selling our 2001 Boston Whaler 130 Sport (LOADED)

    Sorry Al...I meant SkiNW
  632. Matt Moyer

    Spotted Bay Bass: Toads only! Video and Pics

    Nice fish and report!
  633. Matt Moyer

    Selling our 2001 Boston Whaler 130 Sport (LOADED)

    I've DNWed as much as you have guy...Does that make you Mrs. DNW?
  634. Matt Moyer

    Selling our 2001 Boston Whaler 130 Sport (LOADED)

    Ceez, If you upgrade to a bigger boat you won't have anything to blame it on when you shit the bed;) Nothing but love brotha. I will pass this around for you.
  635. Matt Moyer

    Overnight Calico Mission Isla San Martin K&M Sportfishing

    Gotta get to that island someday! Nice report
  636. Matt Moyer

    SBS Catalina 5/25

    Is because she catches bigger bass than you at San Q?:)=
  637. Matt Moyer

    SBS Catalina 5/25

    Nice Chunky Big Bass Josh 8.65! That is going to be a hard one to beat to win the 4 pack on The Seasons Trip. WTG! Lets just say Evan poked a 6 fot 5" 250 pound Bear with a stick that he shouldn't have....It was all in good fun though! I'm he will never challenge me again and I will leave it...
  638. Matt Moyer

    SBS Catalina 5/25

    Reebs and I headed over to Catalina on 5/24 so we wouldn'g have to make the crossing in the dark Saturday morning at 2:00 a.m. We left Hunington Harbor in his 17 ft Sea Fox and got pounded by 15-20 knot winds. Took us about 2 hours to cross, brutal. Got to Two Harbors and headed to the bar to...
  639. Matt Moyer

    5/11/13 EPIC Halibut Part 2

    WTG Robert! Killing it...Can't wait to get out there with you. We have to take the kids soon as well. Cheers Brotha!
  640. Matt Moyer

    EPIC Halibut 5.10.13

    Killed it Robert! Let's see today's report!
  641. Matt Moyer

    Playing With a few new baits.

    Can't wait to fish those Bud!
  642. Matt Moyer

    San Diego Bay Halibut 5/14/2013

    Nice Robert! I saw one of those shrimp before! Would make a nice color pattern for a bait. Thanks for the Halibut! It was epic on the grill Brotha. Lets get out there soon.
  643. Matt Moyer

    couple baits came to life

    Oh hell ya!
  644. Matt Moyer

    How to use bolt thrower

    Hit me up on a PM and I will help you out.
  645. Matt Moyer

    9 or 6 inch for San Diego kelp?

    There is so many options. When fishing swimbaits I typically use 7" or 9" Viejos by MC or 9" Red Calico Hunter by Big Hammer. The Quick Limit head only comes in 1.5 oz. right now but the 1 oz is in the works. I prefer the 1oz. Reebs Kelp Assassin Head for my swimbaits. I've gone almost strictly...