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    SOLD Tranx 500HG

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    SOLD BNIB Talica 12ii

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    Seeker Hysteria?

    Maybe I am just not in the “know”. To me it just seems as if a little trend has recently popped up with these Seekers in the classifieds. Maybe the local fishing just sucks and people want to blow some dough?(That’s cool with me!) I understand the hype around the CEX Blue seekers... But what’s...
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    Seal had no chance

    Thought some of you might get some satisfaction out of this. Nature... you crazy!
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    ?Rod Restoration Guidance?

    I got this rod in a trade years back and I’ve decided that I wanna do a restore (if it’s worth it?) I’ve never done this before, not sure if I am posting this in the correct place? Also not sure what it will cost or if I can get some feedback, and advice it would be much appreciated. Are the...
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    Liberty 7/11 Touch and Go

    Took a buddy out on his first boat trip ever on the Liberty yesterday. I pre rigged everything the night before so we were able to rack the rods do a little debrief then take a nap until I heard enough boots shuffling around to get up. Upon arrival we slowed things down just north of the tuna...
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    TRADE S.D. Makaira 10ii SEA

    ::TRADE PENDING:: Willing to trade locally in San Diego a Mak 10ii SEA for a Tranx 500 HG or PG. Shoot me a PM with details
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    WTB U.C. RUC 711M or MH

    Looking for one or both of these rods in the San Diego area. Let me know what you have available thanks.
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    Arizona Folks

    I am currently looking to move out to the Phoenix area from San Diego by the end of the year. I was wondering out of curiosity how often you Arizona fishermen make it out to the Pacific and fish. I love the Ocean but the rising costs around San Diego/ California just don’t seem to be worth it...
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    WTB S.D. Spinning Rod

    Looking for a medium action 20#-50# Spinning Rod in San Diego. Shimano, Seeker, Phenix, open to most brands. Let me know what you got. Thanks.
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    For Sale $0LD

    Selling for a friend. The rod is in good used condition. First guide has some chipping clearly displayed in photos. $soldFIRM Text or PM me here
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    WTB Talica 12ll San Diego

    I got $420 for a BNIB Talica 12ll PM me here if you got one your are willing to part with. Tight lines...
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    Yuma Dove Scout

    So I headed down to Yuma Thursday 8/23 morning to take a look around at things. Started off in Dome Valley on the Gila River at the usual spot. Arrived at 6am and it was 70* out!!! Quite a bit cooler than previous years. Upon arrival I noticed a lack of flyers. Just 4 deer walking along the...
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    For Sale All Gone

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    Xtratuf size 5 $40 used once

    Got a pair of Xtratufs worn on one half day trip. The sea just isn't for some folks. Lol. Excellent condition soles look brand new. $40 Pm here or text Ian~ 6196770607 Local transactions only
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    Shimano Tranx PG-SOLD

    I have a used Tranx PG in mint condition with box for sale. Has spectra and clamp ready to catch fish. I can't remember what kind of spectra is on the reel it was put on a couple years ago but it's still ready to rock. $380 firm No shipping Text or Pm me here Ian 6196770607
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    Trinidad 14a San Diego

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    Seeker New w/ tags

    Seeker STL 8030 $140 Brand new Local San Diego pickup only Prices are firm Text or Pm Ian ~ 6196770607
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    Trinidad 40N *Not Mine* For anyone who's looking for one! Decently priced. Just passin it along.
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    WTB 8' calstar or seeker

    looking for a 6480 in a seeker/ SS or Calstar GG, gfdh, 800m, or bwc. Local San Diego face to face transaction only. Thanks in advance.
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    New to crimping

    So I am taking a 8 day in October on the RR3 and have never needed to rig wire for wahoo before. I've searched and read quite a bit of the threads here, YouTube, and other online posts and have learned a lot but haven't made any terminal tackle purchases yet with the exception of the Nicopress...
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    WTB Curado EJ

    Looking for a mint condition Curado EJ local in SD. Shoot me a PM if you have an extra on your hands.
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    A different approach (video)

    I came across this video on YouTube. Thought it was interesting the setup and technique this angler took on this big yellowfin. Thought it was worth sharing. Enjoy.
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    Shimano reel cost going up?

    Was wondering if anybody else had noticed the cost of Shimano reels going up recently? Maybe it's old news? Maybe I am tripin? And if it's true does anyone know as to the reasoning why cost is going up? Just curious... Thanks.
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    BNIB Trinidad 16A~ $400

    BNIB Shimano Trinidad 16A $400 firm. Never spooled never been mounted on a rod. Local pickup in San Diego only that means no shipping. Shoot me a PM or text if interested. Ian 6196770607
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    Tribute overnight 8/20

    Fished the Tribute Thursday on an overnighter. Went just south of the Coronados. Paddy hoppin style of fishing for limits of yellowfin, some dorado, and a few yellowtail mixed in. Bait, heavy jigs, and poppers were all getting bit. Weather was good fishing was good. I fished the popper most of...
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    Phenix~ Hybrid, Axis, M1, Abyss

    All rods are factory wrapped in excellent condition with the exception of the m1 has a few scratches is all. PSX 808 white cord Sold HAX 820MH Sold HAX 780H Sold PHD 700XH Sold PHD 760H Sold M1 SMX 711MH Sold No trades, no offers, no flakes...
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    WTB: Talica 8ii

    As the title states I am looking for a Talica 8ii that's new or in new condition located in SD face to face transaction only. Shoot me a PM let me know what ya got. Thanks.
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    Okuma Metaloid 5ii

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    Seeker, Calstar, Shimano gear

    1. Super Seeker SD8 SOLD 2. Super Seeker S36 SOLD 3. Seeker Black Steel 980 titanium guides SOLD 4. Seeker Black Steel 6470 titanium guides SOLD 5. Seeker Black Steel r/s r/t G6460h $200 6. Seeker American Series A660xh r/s r/t SOLD 7. Shimano Tallus (spinning) TLS-7' 8-20# $60 8. Calstar...
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    FS: Seeker 7x

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    Wanted p332

    lookin for a p332 in clean condition that is 10/10 mechanically. San Diego deals only let me know what you got.
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    Calcutta 400f & 800f

    Has anyone had any experience or feedback from these reels? They look better than the 400d. Was wondering how the F models would compare to the old te design?
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    Pens closed..... AGAIN

    At seaforth right now boarding an overnighter. Crew from the Tribute claims pens are closed again.... Fuck my life.... Hope this Glenlivet 18 takes the pain away :(
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    So what's next?

    Myself being blind sided along with quite a few other fishermen with the new Bluefin regulations in Mexico, and not seeing what was to come of the Bluefin fishery. Leads me to the question of "what's next?" I can understand if the Bluefin population is significantly low and it's being handled...
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    Sea Adventure II thoughts?

    Was thinkin of doing a overnighter on Wednesday but haven't ever fished the boat. Anybody fish this boat have any feedback on their operation?
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    WTB: Phenix abyss 808

    Lookin for an 808 in San Diego. Shoot me a pm
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    New Belt suggestions

    Went on a 6 day took one of those cheaper SUMO belts with me and by the end of the trip there was nothing left of it. The cardboard rod cup had torn off and there was nothing but a flat piece of material left. So I was in the market for a heavier duty rod belt and was looking at the large day...
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    Makaira 8ii sea San Diego

    Sold gone done bye, thanks Nick
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    New Seaforth pm last week & dishonest crew...

    Late report.. headed out last Wednesday on the New Seaforth to check out this local calico bite in the PM at la jolla. took my Pops and a family friend from out of state as they wanted to go catch something. nice weather, sunny as can be, caught a lot of fish. chovies with a sliding sinker was...
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    trinidad 20 (gold) & TE400

    looking for these two reels in very good condition. pm me price. located in san diego. thanks
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    Phenix Hybrid 760h

    trying to get back into the game here took some time off too much spearfishing... looking for a new stick if you got a phenix hybrid 760h pm me condition and price. I am located in San Diego. thanks again. :hali_olutta:
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    Fred Hall deals?

    Do they usually give deals on demo kayaks at the Fred hall shows?
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    Trinidad 20 tld 30a GUSA 9ft

    Trinidad 20 with dc pawl backed with 50# Izor in great condition with box ~ SOLD TLD 30a filled with 80# Izor with box ~ $200 GUSA monster 90 purple and black titanium guides cork tape handle 30#-60# ~ $240 phenix 909h tuna cord wrapped factory wrapped rod ~ $SOLD call or text for faster...
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    GUSA, Green- SS(s), calstar, seeker.

    GUSA monster 90 9' solid titanium guides 30- 60# $250 Green Super Seeker SD8 $200 Green Super Seeker S36 $200 Seeker Black steel (titanium guides) 6460h rsrt $225 Seeker Black Steel 6470 ( gold guides) $160 Super Seeker 670S (spinner) $180 Calstar 660xh bwcs 40- 100# $140 dont ask me the line...
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    Factory Phenix 700xh and factory Calstar 700m

    phenix 700xh HYBRID 30-80# as close to brand new you'll find fished one 6 day $300 calstar 700m really good condition $100 619 677 0607 call text or pm. if you call leave a message. i can text you pictures. today and today only need the $$$......
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    Phenix 760h & 700xh

    Hybrid 760h $320 pending payment... 700xh $350 These rods are factory wrapped. Used in like new condition. Fished only 1 six day trip. Call text or pm Ian 6196770607 no shipping located in San Diego. And if I don't answer LEAVE A MESSAGE...
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    Calstar 700m

    Awesome used condition calstar 700m. I can text you pics over. $130 6196770607 or call. Located in San Diego. No shipping.
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    Accurate 270II & 870II, Trinidad 16.

    270 SOLD 870 was fished on one 6 day and a couple 1.5 w/ 65# izor and a short 50 or 60# topshot trinidad was fished on one 6 day w/ 50# backing 30 topshot all reels are in awesome shape and line has been fished on one trip. accurates are selling for $340 a piece...
  53. Uglybones

    g\Gols Ttrinidad 16

    used in AWESOME condition very small hairline scratches. backed with whith 50# izor & 30# blue izor topshot. no box, and these reels never came with clamps. $220.00 i can send pics with my phone since i dropped my camera in the ocean... call text or pm Ian~ 619 677 0607. this thing is in...
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    Talica 10 II and Accurate bx2-500

    Talica 10 II used 1 season loaded with 50# white spectra $350 Accurate bx2-500 used one trip loaded with 65# with a short 50# blue izor top shot. $450 both reels come with box, dont ask for pictures, we all know what these things look like, if not move along... both reels are in GREAT shape...
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    Gatku Pole Spear

    3 piece breakdown 7ft in total length with single flopper spear used 2 seasons $90 the flopper goes for $40 alone. local deal in san diego only.
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    seeker 6470h

    black steel or super seeker just want it in newer condition. and local in san diego. let me know what you got?
  57. Uglybones

    here ya go... video... :hali_olutta:
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    Accurate vs. Makaira

    looking at a new reel for my 6 day in sept. so i walked into a local tackle shop with accurate on my mind (bx2-500) and came across this okuma makaira. at first glance i wanst impressed till i picked it up and started toolin around with it. this reel seems SO tight and SO well put together. and...
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    Phenix 660xh 700xh or 760xh

    if you have one of these rods that you wanna get rid of let me know.:hali_olutta:
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    All tackle aside...

    so i am headed out on my first 6 day trip and i am sure i got the tackle down that i need but was still curios about all the other miscellaneous bullshit to tote along with like a foldup chair, extra batteries for the camera, snacks, energy drinks... is there something you wish you had while you...
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    First timer here...

    so ive fished numerous overnight and 1.5 trips over the past few years. and i have always wanted to do a long range trip.. so nows the time. everyone says its a completely different experience so i broke down and i am looking into a 6 day on the RR3 in septrember. not exactly sure what i should...
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    Phenix, GUSA, SSeeker, Stradic, Calstar, Accurate,.... Okuma

    Rods: Phenix 909h custom green tiger wrap with black guides corktape with blank through handle--- GONE Phenix 909h custom black on black on black x-wrap---GONE GUSA Monster 90 GONE Calstar bwcs-660xh-rsrt 40-100 factory wrap 1 boat ride--- $140 Super Seeker 670-7'S SPINNING rod brand new 1 boat...
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    Best Day FH show..

    i am gonna hit the fred hall show in L.B. this year havent been up there in awhile and the del mar show just aint cuttin it for me... whats the best day to go up for the best deals? the first day? or the last day? let me know your opinion... :hali_olutta:
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    ???White Sea Bass vs Cornvina???

    just wondering what the difference was? are rainbow bass real? or are they just mythical creatures?
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    Seeker, Seeker, Calcutta, OC, Okuma reel

    Rods Seeker Black Steel 6490~ $180---- been on several trips great condition titanium guides Seeker American Series A 669XH-6' RS/RT~ $70--- been on the boat never used Shimano Calcutta CLC- 80H 20-40~ $150---- used 3/4 and 1 overnight OC orange county rods HALE7HF 7' 20-50~ $70---- used 2...
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    Okuma Seeker Trolling setup

    Here we have a NEW Okuma Titus 30 2-speed never used never seen the boat. comes with box, screws, paperwork, but no clamp. Box Price is $219.99 my price $100 Also for sale is a Seeker American Series (A 660xh-6' rs/rt) been on a boat ride but never used. Never even had line ran through the...
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    The look of jealousy...

    so my chick and i were thumbin through some fishing pics when she pointed out these dudes faces... she called it the look of jealousy and thought it would give you guys a little chuckle and was wondering if anyone else had any pictures similar? :D
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    whats the gayness about warming your bait up?

    took a 1.5 trip last week. it sucked but it was still entertaining. the last few trips ive been on ive seen guys doing this and it kinda pisses me off. every chum line we started these dudes would run up to the hand wells and grab onto just about half the baits until they found the one they...
  69. Uglybones

    getting new spectra

    thinking of putting new spectra on my talica 10. ive used power pro's 50# white spectra for the last couple months and just want to try somthin new. the spectra will be used for flylining with a short 20# - 30# fluoro leader. let me know what you guys like the most.
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    Calstar GFGR 800m

    lookin for a like new or new factory wrapped rod with corktape handle in the san diego area. :hali_olutta:
  71. Uglybones

    Pacific Star Overnight $180

    filled, thank you...
  72. Uglybones

    quease ease?

    takin the girlfriend out on her first overnighter.. she usually does the dramamine thing. but was just checking up on a back up plan. was seeing if anyone has tried this quease ease stuff. every review i read online seems like an advertisment. any thoughts?
  73. Uglybones

    newb: wetsuits?

    new to the whole spear scene did some spearing in high school but that was 6 years ago. now i wont even get in the water with out a suit. was wondering what a decent suit was? i dont mind spending the $$$ just want a good WARM suit. i'll mostly be diving la jolla. shallow water stuff at first...
  74. Uglybones

    When the BFT or Albacore go deep...

    why dont we vertical jig them? too deep? bad idea? do they move too fast?found this video thought it was kinda cool :hali_olutta: cheers bitches.. YouTube - ‪Guy fighting a monster‬‎
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    When the BFT or Albacore go deep...

  76. Uglybones

    Dolphin Half Day PM Aug-5-2010

    waited around all night to see if i was gonna go on the 1.5 day again but no love from the reports. so i stayed inshore and hopped on the dolphin out of seaforth today. i guess their morning was real slow not many fish. but the pm's have been good calico fishin last couple days. so it was partly...
  77. Uglybones

    Trininda DC, should I or no?

    i have been looking at the trinidad dc's for awhile. i now have a few regular trinidads wich are good, but was wondering is there that much of a difference in the dc models? for you of those out there that have experience with these reels or have a valuable opinion let me know before i pull the...
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    Factory Super Seeker 670, 6470, 6480

    looking for these three rods new factory wrapped. send me a pm.
  79. Uglybones

    Saltiga 30

    Saltiga 30 used on a half day trip. caught one cuda on it. spooled with fresh 30# smoke izor. comes with box, papers, clamp, screws. reel cover. $300
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    Red Phillips knot

    been looking up new knots to tie. came across this red phillips knot seemed to be very very very strong but havent fished it yet. reason i am looking up a new knot is cause last week i had an albright take a shit on me and just after that hung into another yellow and had it hang for about a...
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    Baby Ulua match up...

    just got a new ss baby ulua. was wondering what reel i should match up with it. i was thinking a newell but have never fished them. i am running a torium on my other jig stick and like it a lot. if i were to get a newell what model would match up with this rod? or if you advise any other reel to...
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    6 foot troller ar or rs/ rt

    lookin for a trolling rod either calstar or seeker, black steel, custom, west coast, series, gf, american series, pm me the rod and prices and condition if the price is right we'll work somthin out. email pics to [email protected]
  83. Uglybones

    SS Super seeker 6470

    $SOLD----- brand new factory wrapped with the wahoo on it. never used never had a reel mounted. still in plastic wrap taken out ONE time... still with seeker tag stapled on.. black grip. no need for pictures this thing is new new new new. ss 6470 30-50# local pick up in san diego only price is...
  84. Uglybones

    trinidad problem??

    i was reading around and i seen a couple of peoples comments about trinidads having some kind of anti reverse complications? what am i missing here?
  85. Uglybones

    Seeker, Kencor, Teramar

    Rods: Shimano Teramar tmc-86xh 30-50# $GONE In EXCELLENT condition Kencor- GPOS- 800XHC 30-80# *NEW* $GONE Been on the boat never used Seeker Black Steel 6470 30(40) 50# *NEW* $185 Been on the boat never used Seeker Blue Lightning BCSW 705-7'S 8-15# $GONE Lightly used in the bay Seeker Classic...
  86. Uglybones

    Saragosa, Stradic, Saltist, LARGE spinners

    looking to buy a larger spinning reel. 8000-14000 in the shimano models. and 4500- 6000 in the daiwa model. let me know what you have... and possibly a 6470 spinning rod?
  87. Uglybones

    Seeker Black Steel, Blue Lightning, Teramar.

    Seeker Black Steel 6455xh AR 50 60 80... 150 firm local pick up only. its in great condition. been on about 5-6 short trips. rod sells new for $385 SOLD!!! Seeker Black Steel 6465xh 6 1/2 ' C 30 60 80... 190 firm local pick up only. perfect condition. gimbal doesnt have a single scratch. blank...
  88. Uglybones

    Shimano TLD 15 lever

    lookin to buy a tld 15 lever drag... whatcha got? how much $$ to my door?
  89. Uglybones

    40# - 50# stick...

    Preferably lookin for Seeker or Calsatar thanks seniors :hali_olutta:
  90. Uglybones

    Seeker Black Steel G 6455XH- 5 1/2' AR

    50 60 80... 200 firm local pick up only. this rod is pretty slick ive brought up a couple stubborn fish on this thing. its in great condition. been on about 5-6 short trips. rod sells new for $385+ welfare contribution. nothing wrong with it maybe trades
  91. Uglybones

    Sabiki Stick

    anyone have an extra???? shoot me a message!
  92. Uglybones

    Keel saver

    anyone install one on their yak?
  93. Uglybones

    Torium 20, Teramar Inshore.

  94. Uglybones

    6470 SS, greenie, black steel...

    lookin for a seeker 6470 for my pops anyone want to part with theirs?
  95. Uglybones

    Hobie pro angler questions??? surf launchin and speed...

    i am looking into buying a hobie pro angler wondering if anyone can give me a tid bit of feedback on how this thing does launching in the surf and the speed loss comparisson to the revolution or outback. i am really new to this kayak thing and have never paddled or pedled a yak in my life. i am...
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    Fish Moved South...

    just got back from a 1.5 day trip this morning 9-11-2009. took BowBoy's advice and went on the Sea Adventure 80. Never been on the boat before. Good guys... Terry did put us on the fish no probs except for the somewhat choppy seas. Early dorito bite at grey light. then trolled for some short...
  97. Uglybones


    trying to hit a 1.5 trip tonight but not familiar with any of the boats that are running my options are Aztec out of seaforth, Grande or Holiday out of Point Loma or the Sea Adventure 80 out of H&M. whats the best pick!!!!?
  98. Uglybones

    late legend report 9-3

    1.5 day on the legend for scratchy fishing. dont know the exact counts they werent even posted haha...but it was somthin like 5 albies 2 yft my dorado then 2 mini dodos + few skippys... i would say 30 of the dudes blanked out. some mad people on the boat but thats fishing. matt asked if we...
  99. Uglybones

    outer limits 8-12

    Chartered trip: Barona Resort and Casino 23 people~ 25BFT 1 Dodo mind you only about 12 of these people were actually fishing and some were first timers with hour long fights...:Exploding_Smiley: 50 miles straight out of mission bay drift fishin 3 for myself weather was good little overcast...
  100. Uglybones

    what is considered rough seas? july 9th?

    suppose to be going out this day. what is best the way to look at a swell forecast? and what is considered rough? can someone look up this date and tell me what you think? i've used but dont know how accurate this website is? thanks...
  101. Uglybones

    Whos comin with me!? Legend 6-30-09

    made reservations for the 1.5 dayer excited... :gayfight:first offshore trip this year. just wonderin what the downlow was? tackle set ups i should be bringing?15 25 30 40# rigs? i have everything just hate bringing soo much tackle on the boats. anyone else headed out on this trip? thanks for...
  102. Uglybones

    Tyrnos 30 II speed Seeker Black Steel AR

    Shimano Tyrnos 30 II speed NIB with papers........................ $250 Seeker Black Steel G 6455XH-5 1/2' AR used good cond......... $200 50(60)80 no traders, no shipping, pick up or meet up. will take $425 on combo. private message or email at [email protected]
  103. Uglybones

    ?go to trolling reel?

    looking to buy a new trolling reel was wondering if i can get some input here:confused:? i had my eye on a tld30 or tyrnos 30. i want a 2 speed. so if you can give me some suggestions and some info on these two reels that would be awesome. thankyou guys again.
  104. Uglybones

    ???New Lo-An or The Legend???

    so next week and debating on wich boat i should go out on. its either the new lo-an or the legend? cant really make up my mind on either of the two? the new lo-an is a 1.5 trip vs. the overnighter on the legend... has the afternoon bite been more productive? or had it been more of a morning...
  105. Uglybones

    Wich Line for my reels?

    i am a newb to the salt fishing and i have been collecting some gear over the past few weeks. i have few reels i was wondering what line i should be putting on them. i've been told to run spectra, fluoro, mono, its doesnt matter... i've got pretty much every answer possible and was hoping i...