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  1. FAT CAT

    Nancy's Jigger

    This is a sister rod to one I made last year. The customer's wife tried his jigging rod and found she liked it, so we made her one of her own. Custom Builder blank, rated for 40-60 pound lines and 4-6 oz. lures. Built as a spinner. She wanted the Throop wrap to look like a wahoo colored...
  2. FAT CAT

    Twisted Sisters

    This is a pair of Am-Tac Bushido vertical jigging rods. One for 40-60# lines and 5-10 oz. lures and the other for 50-80# lines and 6-14 oz. lures. Both rods have Acid Wrapped guides. I built myself one of these about 5 years ago and I now think acid wrapping is mandatory for speed jigging, as...
  3. FAT CAT

    Regulation Rasta

    This is a I.G.F.A. 24KG (50#) chair rod, that my customer is presenting to a charter captain in the Turks and Caicos islands. I guess he's big time Rasta-man.
  4. FAT CAT

    2020 Donation Rod

    I made this one for the Orphanage Fund raiser. Ten foot surf spinning rod, on Am-Tac blank. The STTWs in the split-grip and ahead of the fore grip are a Doc Ski variation of the tiger wrap. It's a double open tiger over a base wrap of Voodoo Flash (a mini-braid). Basically two tiger top...
  5. FAT CAT

    Last of 3 for Cosmo

    This last rod has a story. I made Cosmo a popping rod a couple of years ago on a close-out blank (he was aware) and he loved the rod. That was the first popping rod I'd built, so I was happy it turned out so well for him. In the thread for the first rod of this threesome, I mentioned him...
  6. FAT CAT

    2nd of 3 for Chef Cosmo

    This one is built on a Calstar GF700M/H, has a gold seat, custom EVA grips, a rubber gimbal and Fuji HD casting guides. Cosmo wants this one for local yellowtail fishing in Ensenada. When I asked him about colors (via e-mail) he said gold, copper and brown -"unless you think that would be...
  7. FAT CAT

    1st of 3 for Chef Cosmo in Ensenada

    Calstar 6460H shortened 5 inches from the butt. AFTCO seat and gimbal, smooth butt rear grip and EVA fore grip, Am-Tac turbo guides with blue rings. This wrap was inspired by a rod Cosmo had purchased from my tackle store display several years back for his wife and lost while returning to...
  8. FAT CAT

    Can these be called fishing rods?

    I call these things Poor Man's Center Riggers. Center console boats, like mine, usually have a rocket launcher (rod holders) at the back of the T-Top for storing rods that are not being used at the time. A number of anglers down here actually fish (while trolling) their shotgun rod from the...
  9. FAT CAT

    Will this qualify Steve?

    Steve Tomiyama (8 Week Wonder) was kind enough to send me a selection of Gudebrod matt finished metallic threads that I had missed when they were available. Steve had only one requirement, which was, to "make something cool with them." So all threads on this rod are from that thread selection...
  10. FAT CAT

    Vertical Jigger-Spin

    I started my wrapping season last fall with a build for a new customer. He wanted a 50# stand-up trolling rod. He liked his rod enough to order a second one to match. Below are the pair. He next wanted a vertical jigging rod, but was not sure about just what he needed. So, while he was...
  11. FAT CAT

    Versa-Blend Fish

    It's official, I'm stuck on fish wraps. This time it's a faux tigerfish design over a Pro-Wrap "Versa-Blend" variegated metallic base wrap. This will be the last "future" rod for the tackle shop for this year and is one of my cheaper options. Built on an Am-Tac glass blank, rated for 30-60...
  12. FAT CAT


    Calstar Grafighter 7465M/L, Pac-Bay seat and gimbal, Fuji SIN guides. At least it's a different kind of fish wrap this time. Sorry, there's something different going on here. I'm being told my photo files are too large and I've cut them down several times, but they're still too large. Never...
  13. FAT CAT

    More fishies

    I think about half the cross-wraps I've done over the years have been fish wraps. They have always seemed appropriate for a fishing rod. This is my latest version, done on a Calstar 6465H blank, with Fuji Hardloy guides, Pac-Bay seat and gimbal and EVA grips.
  14. FAT CAT

    Last for the rack

    These two rods will be the last for the tackle store for a while. These are my cheaper options, so nothing too fancy or time consuming in the builds, but they still have to look good. Both are built on the same MHX Power Tip blank. Six footers, rated for 50 -80 pound line.
  15. FAT CAT

    OOPS! I spilled my Crayons.

    This one is a MHX graphite blank that I'm going to keep for "testing" purposes (that's what I told my wife). It's rated for 30-80 pound line, got some tri-color Clemens grips, AFTCO seat and gimbal and Fuji Alconite guides. I decided to have some fun with color.
  16. FAT CAT

    CALSTAR 660H for the rack

    This one is for the tackle shop rack once they've sold one that's already there. I don't have much on the books right now and no looming deadlines, so thought I'd build a couple future rods. Basic E-glass with Pac-Bay seat and gimbal, Fuji SIN guides, Smooth butt rear and EVA fore grips.
  17. FAT CAT

    A couple of retro-wraps

    These two rods will fill up the rack at the tackle shop and are my more moderately priced selections, so I wanted something quick, but they still need to look good, so did old school open cross-wraps with only two thread colors in each wrap. First rod is made on a MHX Power Tip Blank (solid...
  18. FAT CAT


    Guacamaya is a popular lure color combo here on the East Cape. It's a combo of neon yellow, orange and green. I've been wanting to build a rod with those colors for awhile and decided to build it for the tackle store. It might be on the shelf for awhile, as it's not everybody's cup of tea...
  19. FAT CAT

    A Flashy Murder

    I really can't build a totally black fishing rod. When I've been asked to do so in the past I've just told the customer they needed to find another builder or just build it themselves. However, there are folks that like that look, so I thought I'd build a dark rod for the tackle shop. This is...
  20. FAT CAT

    Tackle Shop Trollers

    These two rods are for my display at East Cape Tackle. Both are built on Calstar GF7455XH blanks and have Pac-Bay aluminum butts and AFTCO HD roller guides. Made as 80# stand-up trolling rods. One rod features a STTW and the other a JTDS. My display holds 12 rods, but is currently only half...
  21. FAT CAT

    Back to building

    The season is changing down here and it's been cool enough to do a little rod building. Only working for a few hours in the morning, before the temps are too hot, but got the first build finished for a new customer that's only here for a month and wanted to fish his new rod while he's here...
  22. FAT CAT

    Ladies choice

    This lady customer picked all the colors used in this build, however, because I'd been wanting to make this design for quite awhile, I may have influenced her choice by showing her these threads first. So, I hope she likes the results as much as I do. American Tackle blank for 20 to 50 pound...
  23. FAT CAT

    Rare Earth

    Well, these earth tones aren't seen much on big water rods and it had been quite awhile since I've built one in these colors, so decided to knock one out for the tackle store in earth tone colors. Calstar E-glass 6460H, which is a great all around blank for here on the East Cape. Am-Tac seat...
  24. FAT CAT

    Billy Fish & Left Coast Fade

    This is a spinning rod for the tackle shop rack. Calstar GF700M, AFTCO seat, EVA grips, rubber gimbal and some older style Fuji SIC spinning guides. The fish pattern is from Billy Vivona's book and I did a little California fade to go with it (I call them that because I've seldom seen this...
  25. FAT CAT

    Deckhand grip solution.(?)

    I was doing some random searching here in the rod building section and got caught up looking at posts about deckhand grips and the issues involved with holding the reel in place without a seat. I've never thought that the idea was a good one, but it is popular with California anglers who seem...
  26. FAT CAT

    Remedial Rod Wrapping (or back to old school)

    Last year I posted a old school style rod that was an addition to a set that I've been building for a customer/friend for about 12 years, a couple of rods at a time. Because he'd only ordered one last year, instead of his normal two, I thought maybe his set was complete. Turns out he's bought...
  27. FAT CAT

    B. C. Chinook Salmon

    This one is a first for me. It's a Lamiglas 101/2 foot down-rigger/mooching rod, rated for 15 to 40 pound line and 1 to 6 ounce lures. It's not my first salmon rod, by any means, but the first for the big single action Islander reels that they use in British Columbia. Hope it works out OK...
  28. FAT CAT

    Bandanas and Blue Jeans

    I have a new neighbor that has agreed to bring down rod building supplies. He's from Chicago and in route at this time, so I threw together a little surprise to thank him for his help. Blank is a un-taged composite and guides are Pac-Bay. I played with some more duct tape.
  29. FAT CAT

    Waaaay Purple!

    That's basically what this customer said he wanted for this rod. Bout as purple as I know how to make. Blank is a Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid PHD660X3H, seat and gimbal are Pac Bay, guides are Fuji SIC. Hope it's purple enough for you Cosmo. Last shot shows what it looks like in the sun.
  30. FAT CAT

    Tuna Pop

    This is a 71/2 foot MHX tuna popping rod. Rated for 40 to 80 pound line. Features Fuji SIC surf spinning guides, Am-Tac seat, X-Floc over EVA grips and a Fuji rubber gimbal. There's a JT style "Crouching tiger/Hidden dragon" in the split grip, but the tiger is so hard to see and the dragon...
  31. FAT CAT

    Charity Surf Rod

    I'm donating this one for an up-coming auction to benefit a La Paz orphanage. Ten foot blank for 20 to 40 pound line and 3/4 to 4 oz. lures. Colorful cord grips with a Fuji wrap on seat. Tiger wrap is a three layer job, as it was too dark with black on top, so added another layer of neon...
  32. FAT CAT

    Cerveza Pacifico

    A matching pair of Phenix Black Diamond Hybrids. A PHD660XH and a PDH660X2H. They feature AFTCO seats and gimbals, Fuji SIN guides, Smooth Butt rear grips and EVA fore grips. The customer couldn't decide on a color combo at first, but then said to "just use the colors on a Pacifico label."...
  33. FAT CAT

    Rose-gold for Julia

    This is a replacement rod for Julia, to get her husband out of the doghouse for loosing her custom rod last summer while fishing the Dorado Shootout at Palmas de Cortez. It fell out of the boat while running back to the beach somehow. Calstar 6455 E-glass blank, Perfection seat and gimbal and...
  34. FAT CAT


    This is likely my last rod build for this season. Rod is built on a Calstar 765H blank and features Pac-Bay seat and gimbal, Fuji HB SIC guides and a custom EVA fore-grip. Throop tiger wraps for the art and they're under all the guides.
  35. FAT CAT

    Before and After

    I really haven't done a lot of repair work in my career, but since moving to Mexico, I get asked to do repairs often. These rods were so butt-ugly that I just couldn't refuse to fix them. They're custom wrapped Seekers that originally were made with cork tape "deckhand" style grips. When they...
  36. FAT CAT

    Mike's on acid!

    This is a Custom Builder jigging rod, rated 40-60 pound line, that I made for a neighbor. Parts only build, so nothing too time consuming in the build - just old school chevrons, but he wanted to try an acid wrapped guide train. Did the "simple" spiral on this one, with only one transition...
  37. FAT CAT


    This is for the tackle store and is an "economy" custom rod. MHX Power Tip blank, 7 foot, rated 20-40 pound line. The graphics are the same product that I used on the American Flag rod a month or so ago. Nobody ventured a guess then about what I used and I'm not telling until someone does.
  38. FAT CAT

    Expanding the family

    This one is rod number 7 in a set that I've been building over about 10 years. The customer orders a couple every 3 to 4 years to add to his arsenal. I guess, because he only ordered one this time the set is likely full now. 'Bout as old school as they come. Calstar 655H E-glass, AFTCO seat...
  39. FAT CAT

    East Cape Anglers

    East Cape Anglers is a local fishing club and I built these two rods for the club to give as awards for a couple of their tournaments. Most of the members know me, but there's always new members that have just moved here, so I thought I'd donate a couple of rods to let them see what I do...
  40. FAT CAT

    Teal Tigers

    Am-Tac blank, AFTCO seat and gimbal, Fuji Alconite guides. Throop tiger wraps everywhere. Had to shoot photos both in sun and shade to get the color right (didn't look teal in the shade).
  41. FAT CAT


    This is an example of what a rod wrapping addict (I prefer addict to idiot) does when he has some time and a blank to build on. This is an un-marked, un-finished, clearly cheap blank that was one among those my friend brought down last summer. I figured I'd build it and play with it for awhile...
  42. FAT CAT

    Fishing Art and a Fish Story

    This isn't rod art, but it's pretty cool I think (maybe because I caught the marlin). This is a Gyotaku print made by local artist, Lyle Brunson, of a 506 pound blue marlin that I was lucky enough to catch this summer while fishing on the charter boat AWESOME. The print is hanging at the...
  43. FAT CAT

    Just for the Halibut

    These two rods are gifts for a couple of friends. One of them (Richard) surprised me last summer by bringing down some rod blanks he found at a tackle store in Huntington Beach where the rod wrapper was retiring. They weren't anything fancy or high tech, just some Pac-Bay E-glass and a totally...
  44. FAT CAT

    A Set of Abs

    That's Abs as in abalone. This is a four rod set of stand-up trolling rods heading to the Mississippi gulf coast. I built a rod like these for the tackle shop last winter and this customer bought it and wanted to make up a set. Two Calstar GF7460Ls for 50 pound with AFTCO straight/short...
  45. FAT CAT

    One last gaff

    This one is a larger model with a 5 inch hook for the boat that I caught the thrasher shark on a couple of weeks back. That fish slapped the shit out of the deckhand, so I made them a little longer gaff (six footer) for future thrashers.
  46. FAT CAT

    Phoenix Black Diamond Hybrid 660X3H

    This one is for me, so it's all experimental. I towed down a friends boat from Loreto last May and he gave me a brand new Talica 25II as a reward (lucky me!), so I decided to try out the Phoenix blank for the first time. I'll use this for a Swordfish caster, a blue marlin stand-up troller and...
  47. FAT CAT

    Another Gaff

    This is another 6 foot gaff with a 3 inch hook. Black/gold/silver to match a set of rods I made several years ago for this customer. Old school.
  48. FAT CAT

    More Custom Gaffs

    Fishing season must be around the corner and everyone has high hopes, as there have been quite a few gaffs shown here lately. I built a few too. These are on Am-Tac Kits. First one is a three inch hook for my main "mule" and has his boats name weaved in. Next is a pair of four inch...
  49. FAT CAT

    Lil' Puffer

    In the past, when I heard someone call this boat on the radio, an image of a northern sea bird came to mind. From here on I'll get a different picture. Am-Tac blank, rated 30-60 pound line, fuji Hardloy guides and built as a bait caster.
  50. FAT CAT


    This is an American Tackle composite blank, rated 20-40 pound. Fuji SIC guides in gold. Home painted reel seat and a wrapped plastic gimbal. Old school fish wrap, but all metallic this time (I love Bullard metallics - now Voodoo).
  51. FAT CAT

    Berry Pickin'

    These two rods are the other Calstar E-glass builds for the tackle store. After exercising my wild side with the neon abstract, I decided to do these up in a more classic and classy style. First rod is a 6460 with AFTCO regular roller guides. It's got a JT Dragon scale with a Throop Tiger on...
  52. FAT CAT

    Neon Abstract

    This is one of three Calstar trolling rods I'm building for the tackle store, all on good ole' E-Glass blanks. This one is a 6460H with AFTCO HD rollers. Not a totally successful graphic design, but I was just playing around and it's at least acceptable.
  53. FAT CAT

    For the orphans

    I'm donating this one for a charity auction to benefit a La Paz orphanage. Eleven foot surf spinner on an AM-TAC blank. PAC-BAY seat and some older Fuji hardloy guides in gold. Mexican Flag theme.
  54. FAT CAT

    Swordfish caster

    This is a swordfish/marlin caster with a nod to the swordy, as it's a E-Glass Calstar 6465H, and the softer action makes pulled hooks less likely (they have soft mouths). Perfection seat and gimbal, Fuji HD casting guides (2-20s and the rest 16s), rear grip is X-Flock over cord and EVA fore...
  55. FAT CAT

    A different Predator

    I've had this Predator wrap in mind since doing Billy V's version a couple of years back. It's a reverse of the original in that it reverses the sequence by making the predator first and the bait last. Also only one potential victim with this version. With the exception of the silver metallic...
  56. FAT CAT

    Ab & Mary-Jane

    These two rods are for my custom rod display at East Cape Tackle and are our moderately priced choices, so I wanted something that would look good, but not take a lot of time to build. One rod has abalone veneer and the other a vinyl graphic. The blanks are Pac-Bay, Seats are AFTCO and Pac-Bay...
  57. FAT CAT

    Starting easy

    Although there are still good numbers of marlin, sailfish and finally some dorado swimming around offshore the friggin' north wind has been blowing 15-25 for a month, so it's time to swap passions and start building rods. Starting with a couple of easy projects. First is a dorado gaff for me...
  58. FAT CAT

    What a change!

    It looks like things are picking up here on the East Cape. I was out the day before yesterday and we caught 2 striped marlin from four bites. I'm on the beach today and listening to the radio and it has gone WFO! Multiple striper hook-ups, several blues and even a black marlin already in the...
  59. FAT CAT

    Neon Fade Test

    I was asked if maybe I could run a fade test on neon threads to go along with the metallic fade test I was doing. I thought that was a good idea, so here we go. Test is on Bullard Brites and Pro-Wrap Color-Fast. I thought that because the Bullard threads are poly, they'd need color preserver...
  60. FAT CAT

    Something cool at Voodoo

    I just got an order in from Casey at Voodoo and I'm excited about a new "thread" they're carrying. It's called Voodoo Flash and it's listed as a trim thread, but it's actually more like a micro-braid. Besides using it for quick trim inlays, I'm thinking it might make a good base wrap for a...
  61. FAT CAT

    Metallic Thread Fade Test

    OK guys, here's a test stick that I'm going to leave out in the sun to see how the colors hold up to the UV here in the Baja sun. We're just 23 degrees north of the equator, so our sun is pretty intense. I'll post further up-dates from time to time, so we can all see how these thread brands...
  62. FAT CAT

    Offshore Feather Flinger

    This one's a little different for me. It's been about 15 years since I built a fly rod. We have a group of Danish guys that are "Fishing Instructors" that come down here every year to fish for a couple of weeks. They all prefer fly and light tackle and they usually do very well. One guy...
  63. FAT CAT

    A classic colored set (with a surprise ending)

    This is a five rod set for a new boat on the East Cape called "Un Dia" (some day). The set contains four stand-up trolling rods on Calstar 7460L blanks and a marlin bait caster on a 7465L blank. The client ordered the rods in classic black/gold/silver, but he saw the Mexican Flag wrap I'd done...
  64. FAT CAT

    El Regalo

    El Regalo is spanish for "the gift" and it's a 35 foot Cabo that charters here on the East Cape. This rod will be their live bait marlin caster. Calstar GF7465L, Fuji SIN guides, Am-Tac seat and gimbal, X-Floc over Hard-butt for the rear grip and EVA up front. There is no black thread used...
  65. FAT CAT

    Can you hear me now?

    This one's so loud you can probably hear it screaming from there. And it's screaming - LOOK AT ME! Eleven foot surf spinner on an Am-Tac blank. Rated 20-40 pound line and 2-6oz. lures. Fuji SIC surf guides, a home painted Fuji spin seat and cord grips. It's got kind of an old school style...
  66. FAT CAT

    A pair for the rack

    I built these two to add to my rod display at East Cape Tackle. A pair of Calstar Grafighter 700s. The first one is a 700L and uses a set of Pac-Bay guides courtesy of Grant Darby at Utmost in Squim, Washington, so I did it up in Seahawks colors. Just a quick open chevron cross-wrap. The...
  67. FAT CAT


    I don't know, this one looks a little classy for a guy who's handle on BD is Mongo. But don't let the classy colors fool you this one is all business. Calstar 770XH blank, Fiji SIC guides, Pac-Bay seat and gimbal. It's got X-Floc over Hard-Butt for the rear grip and EVA up front. The...
  68. FAT CAT

    Acid Test

    I'm almost afraid to post this one with all the animosity I saw on another thread recently. Although this isn't the first spiral wrapped rod I've built, it's the first in a long time. My first were salmon rods I used with down-riggers in Alaska back in the early eighties. I used the then new...
  69. FAT CAT


    This is a fifty pound class chair rod. Seeker Regulation 50 (heavy) blank, AFTCO Stor-a-butt, AFTCO Big Foot roller guides, Leather wrapped fore-grip. All threads are size C on this big boy.
  70. FAT CAT

    El Burro

    Built this jigging rod for a friend of mine that supports my rod building addiction by bringing down my building supplies when he drives down each year. Just a means of saying thanks. Custom Builder blank, rated 50 to 100 pound line. Pac Bay seat, Dale Clemens custom grips, Fuji guides and...
  71. FAT CAT

    Surf Buddies #2

    This is the second surf rod for my Alaskan buddies. This rod is also made on a Lamiglas blank. This one is a Tri-Flex CSB1322M composite. He wanted a classic black/gold color scheme and it's got my second weave in 25 years. I had a little trouble with the metallic unraveling and had to...
  72. FAT CAT

    Surf Buddies #1

    Just finished a couple of surf rods for two of my Alaska buddies, so they can chase roosterfish from the beach when visiting down here. This one is made on a Lamiglas Super Surf blank (SSU120-2MH) and I used a wrap-on seat and a cord grip. I also did a name weave on the opposing side from the...
  73. FAT CAT

    TEREZ Customs (or how a rod builder can fish factory rods)

    Maybe some of you guys remember my asking about blank recommendations for rods similar to Shimano TEREZ. Well, there really weren't any made, so I just bought a couple of factory sticks and re-made them. These rods are the most amazing things I've ever fished with. I have them set up with...
  74. FAT CAT

    Danish Fun

    A group of visiting anglers from Denmark had a little fun today on the East Cape . This gentleman caught his first blue marlin toady and on a spinning rod to make it even more special. He caught his first billfish of any kind yesterday (a striper). Fish looks to be about 225 pounds. It died...
  75. FAT CAT

    Doc's here safe and sound

    Just to let everyone know, Doc, Rocky and Vicky made it to the East Cape. Doc says his internet is a little "iffy" so he asked me to let you know.
  76. FAT CAT

    The Flamekeeper Project - Take 3

    Kenny asked me to build a couple of rods for his Grandson's custom collection too. These are my contribution to the very cool project. Everything but the grips are Baston components. Rainshadow RX-7 IMU76H, Alps titanium guides and Alps seat and butt cap. Gotta' say the blank has one of the...
  77. FAT CAT

    Stuart Builds

    I've had these two sets of colored Stuart Roller guides laying around for several years and finally decided to build something with them. Blanks are Calstar 670XH (tipped 2 inches), with Mud Hole aluminum butts. Tried something a little different on the blue one. I put a silver metallic lure...
  78. FAT CAT

    Donation Rod

    I made this one for a local non-profit to raffle-off at an upcoming fund raiser. MHX blank, Pac Bay seat, Fuji Hardloy guides and custom EVA grips.
  79. FAT CAT

    Ever see this?

    This is a first for me. I built this rod in 2005. It spends all its time down here in Baja, mostly in an un-airconditioned garage. The "flames" cross-wrap was color preserved with Flexcoat CP (water base). Because the wrap is a color fade, most of the passes were done one thread at a time...
  80. FAT CAT

    Fire Breathing Dragon

    I also thought about calling it "50 Merc Custom," as that's the inspiration for this one - lots of chrome and a candy blue faded paint job. Got to give a shout out to Bassmandan for the inspiration to use the tag ends of the dragon under-wrap to make flames up the ramp, as I'd just re-read his...
  81. FAT CAT


    Made this to go along with a specially dragged AVET T-RX 50 Wide that pulls 75 pounds @ full drag. Blank is a Calstar 765H that I beefed-up by trimming a little less from the butt than normal and 4 inches from the tip. Customer will fish 100 to 130 pound line with it. Wrap is old school...
  82. FAT CAT

    Acapulco Gold

    I really didn't have a name on this one, until my wife went by while it was spinning on the dryer and asked if I'd made marijuana leaves on it (she didn't have her glasses on). So, it got a name. Calstar E-glass 6460H, AFTCO HD Roller guides, Perfection seat and gimbal.
  83. FAT CAT

    Abstract Swirl

    This one is a bit dark and looks even darker due to some over-cast skies while taking the photos. Calstar E-glass 6460H, AFTCO HD roller guides, AAFTCO seat and gimbal. Great panga rod for the East Cape with 40 to 60 pound line. All Pro-Wrap threads on this one. I miss Godebrod! I do like...
  84. FAT CAT

    Playing Marbles

    About a year ago I did my first marbling on a fishing rod. I knew then that I'd be doing more of them, but somehow time just escaped me and I never got around to it. After seeing a couple of marble jobs posted here recently by Jim Trelikes and others I decided that I had to do some more...
  85. FAT CAT

    Shimano Terez rods

    This past summer I fished with several guys here in the East Cape that have converted to using Shimano Terez rods for their trolling outfits. They started doing this a year or two back and were bringing them to me to replace the broken tip tops. The Fuji tops where clearly not designed for the...
  86. FAT CAT

    Tackle store re-stock

    I view the tackle store here in Los Barriles (East Cape Tackle) as my "enabler" as they give me a place to satisfy my rod building addiction in times of no customer orders keeping me busy. I get to decide what I make and what type of art I'll do, so I can make some rods I've been wanting to...
  87. FAT CAT


    Just finished this seven rod set for a Mexican National. It consists of four Calstar 7460Ms for 50 pound and three 7460H's for 80 pound. Stand-up trolling rods with AFTCO Uni-butts in black and gold to match the black/gold threads. All AFTCO Roller Guides - HDs for the 50s and Big Foots for...
  88. FAT CAT


    This rod is a bonus rod for a matching set I'm building. I was trying to come up with something new to do with black and gold that I hadn't done on other sets in the past. I guess this would be the prototype, as I'll change it up on the set itself, as I don't like the shape of these fishies...
  89. FAT CAT

    "Green with bling."

    That was the lady's response when I asked her what kind of colors and art she wanted on her light surf spinner. I always try to give the ladies what they ask for, so I hope I've blinged this up enough to make her happy. Blank is a Lamiglas, Ron Arra, eight and a half footer, rated for 12 to 25...
  90. FAT CAT

    Guess What??

    Guess what I got?
  91. FAT CAT


    And as often happens, the original was the best version. This is another AM-Tac Viper blank with the Texalium re-enforcement. I was originally going to paint some kelp and rocks on this one, but I just wasn't in the mood when I started building. I did apply the fish decals on the blank...
  92. FAT CAT

    HOT ROD Lami

    Lamiglas "International Sardinia" blank, 61/2 foot, rated for 20 to 40 pound line, Pac-Bay seat, EVA grips, Fiji HD casting guides and a Fuji rubber gimbal. This one is mine, so I made it bright like I like 'em.
  93. FAT CAT


    , or the absence of color. This is the second of three surf rods I'm building. Lamiglas Tri-Flex composit blank, ten and a half foot, rated 12 to 30 pound line, Amtac seat, Fuji guides. Three shades of grey and black.
  94. FAT CAT


    This is the first of 3 surf rods I'm building this season. Lamiglas ISU1202MH blank, rated for 17 to 40 pound line, Fuji K guides, simple cord grips with a customized fuji seat and also a custom butt cap. The grips were calling for a tiger wrap to match, so it's got that. The tiger is very...
  95. FAT CAT

    El Dorado

    This is the other roller guided rod for the tackle store. I went with a dorado theme on it. Same Lamiglas blank as the other rod shown today, AFTCO HD rollers in gold, Perfection seat and gimbal, Slick butt rear and X-Flock over EVA front grip. I added a little blue, green and yellow glitter...
  96. FAT CAT


    I asked my wife and a neighbor lady if they though the colors on this one were too feminine to attract a male buyer. They both said it just looked sophisticated and not feminine at all. So, I hope they're right. Although I'd said the two rods I last showed were the last ones for the tackle...
  97. FAT CAT


    After nearly a week of north wind here in Los Barriles, we've got a calm weather window for a few days, with today (Thursday) being the first. So, five of us drove up early this morning to Muertos Bay and got a couple of pangas for a day of yellowtail fishing. The mackerel were a little hard...
  98. FAT CAT

    TWINS (don't look anything alike)

    Blanks (Lamiglas), Seats (AFTCO), Guides (AM-TAC) and handles are the same and they both have Throop wraps (everywhere), but the colors are different. These are the last two to replenish the stock at the tackle store, so they're quickies, but I'm very happy with the outcome non-the-less...
  99. FAT CAT


    This is the second rod for the guy whose Shimano surf rod I re-wrapped awhile back. Lamiglass "International Sardina" blank (means it was made in China). Really not a bad blank and I bought a bunch of them from Anglers Workshop as close-outs very cheaply. Blank is 61/2 foot and rated 20-60...
  100. FAT CAT

    Another M. H. Jigger

    Nothing fancy. Mude Hole jigger for a fishing buddy. Simple diamond wrap. Maui blue over Gudibrod gold without color preserver and a little blue metallic for the inlays.
  101. FAT CAT

    Bright and Light

    OK, I'm not sure how this is going to look, but these little rods are so cool that I wanted to show them. My crappy camera was not able to take any photos that were acceptable, so these were shot by the customer. They've been re-sized to send to me, so I don't know how they'll look on the...
  102. FAT CAT

    Trout Rod

    I haven't built anything like this in years. A little Lamiglas trout rod for my brother-in-law in Colorado. Blank is CS80ML and rated for 4-10 pound line. He uses a little ZEBCO Spin-cast reel, so a trigger seat and a short split grip. Throop wraps in the split and ahead of the fore-grip...
  103. FAT CAT

    Shimono Custom

    Seems like there's been several customized factory rods shown lately and I was doing one too. There's a lesson here for the newer builders. This customer wanted me to build him a surf rod and in talking to him about what he liked and disliked about his current rod, I found out that he was...
  104. FAT CAT

    This one....

    ..kinda' took on a life of it's own. It's built on an American Tackle "Viper" blank that was a close-out. It has this Texalium fabric re-enforcement on the lower section and that is what caused things to leave my control. I thought it was too cool to cover up with grips, so I checked...
  105. FAT CAT

    Industrial Strength

    Calstar 760XH, Pac Bay Channel-Lock seat, Fuji SIN guides. Silvia sent me some Gunmetal metallic thread and this is what came to mind. Also a silver metallic and the nylon is Godebrod dark grey. Somehow, I'd gotten in my mind that the Bullard thread came in 4oz. spools, but it's only 1oz...
  106. FAT CAT

    Black & Blue with a Bloody Nose

    Calstar 760XH, Forecast Easy Tight seat (very nice), Fuji SIN guides. Hard color combo to photograph, but here it is.
  107. FAT CAT

    El Loco Rooster

    This one's been finished for awhile, but it was a Christmas present, so couldn't take a chance of spoiling the surprise. I don't really know what the spanglish title is all about, except it's his handle. The design idea was to capture the colors of the typical Mexican fighting cock, but add...
  108. FAT CAT

    Trippy Tiger

    My favorite part of these Throop wraps is the reveal while pulling the sacrifice threads. I get excited like a 10 year old on Christmas morning. This one made me very happy. Although the photos show it fairly well, it looks much better in person.
  109. FAT CAT

    Jungle Camo

    At least that's what this Throop wrap looks like to me. Blank is a Calstar 6465H made as a marlin bait caster.
  110. FAT CAT


    This one's for the tackle store, so nothing too time consuming. Four axis chevron fade. Marlin bait caster on 6465 Calstar blank.
  111. FAT CAT

    Panga Jigger

    One of my Mexican amigos here asked me to make him a jigging rod. Tito is a sport fishing captain here and owns his own operation and panga. Most guys from Cali know what a panga is, but for you that don't, it's the spanish word for "skiff" or small boat. Tito's is 25 foot and Honda powered...
  112. FAT CAT

    A Pair of Converts

    The first convert here is the rod. It started life as a custom wrapped spinning rod, but is now made conventional. I'm the second convert. For many years I thought marbling was "cheating" and was used by builders that had poor thread skills to cover up their errors. My opinion has changed...
  113. FAT CAT

    Topless Tigers

    Hi guys, I'm playing with some Bullard variegated threads on a build I'm doing and thought these results were interesting. This is two threads (V-103 & V-131) wrapped simultaneously. On the larger diameter end it made pretty good tiger wraps without doing a top wrap with a sacrifice thread...
  114. FAT CAT

    Bahia Asuncion

    Just returned to the East Cape from a couple of days fishing the Pacific from Asuncion. It was my first time there, but the fifth year for the other two guys I went with. I'm betting I'll be going back too. We fished with Captain Manuel of Kalico Sportfishing. His place is out at the point...
  115. FAT CAT

    OMC era Evinrude 115 HP

    Hi all, I've got a 22 foot Twin-Vee cat that I bought from a fellow BDer about a year and a half ago. It's powered by a pair of 115 HP FITCH injected motors (2000 models). I had a problem last summer with one motor and it turned out to be an intermittent short in the electrical distribution...
  116. FAT CAT


    Well, not quitting entirely, but these will most likely be the last builds for this season. Getting too hot to work in my cubby hole and the marlin are showing up in better numbers than I've seen in 4 or 5 years, so it's time to go fishin'. These two rods are on AmTac AXAT60XH blanks. Made...
  117. FAT CAT

    Mexico Dos

    These rods are the continuation of my tribute to Mexico. However, these are a little more localized. Inspired by the southern baja peninsula where I live. First rods is for my wife and is an up-date to a rod I built her back in the 80's. The first rod was a SABER 660XH and was always her...
  118. FAT CAT


    These two rods are a little tribute to Mexico for letting me hang out down here. Something a little different for me in the wrap styles, but fun to build. First rod is a Mexican Flag theme. The other is inspired by the brightly colored Mexican blankets and table cloths we see everywhere...
  119. FAT CAT

    Old Style

    Well, I'm old and a lot of my customers are too, so we like these old style wraps. These two are joining their two identical sisters, who were born five or six years ago. Calstar 655 blanks, AFTCO seats and rollers. Sorry about the reflections. Probably too bright out for photos of all...
  120. FAT CAT


    OK, there's a little story that goes with this one. It's a Calstar 6465H built as a marlin bait caster. It's for my buddy that I re-built 6 trolling rods for earlier this winter (Killer Bees). Woody is probably the best gringo billfisherman in the East Cape and has taught me a lot about...
  121. FAT CAT

    For the tackle store

    Another group looking for their rightful owners. Nothing too time consuming in the builds, as the store wants some "cheaper options."
  122. FAT CAT

    Not Sure

    This one is from a group I'm building for the local tackle store. They asked for a spinner and a few "cheaper" rods for my display. Because they wanted less expensive options, I thought I'd do a Trelikes dragon scale wrap, as they're quick to do. I thought this would also be a good place to...
  123. FAT CAT


    I built a pair of rods for this couple last year and they were pleased enough with them that they decided to have me build these three rods that they had already picked up most of the parts for at last years Fred Hall show. The husband has built a few rods in the past, but wanted more art then...
  124. FAT CAT


    This was a re-wrap, re-guide on a friends trolling rods. He wanted to replace HD AFTCO roller guides with Pac Bay turbos. Nothing fancy as far as thread work goes. Simple 4 axis chevrons. This was my first rod building project for this season and I'm happy to be back at it.
  125. FAT CAT


    Not really a fishing report, but if you've never experienced a fishing tournament shotgun start, you should. Sometimes the start is the best part of the day. These photos were from the recent K.I.R. Fish-n-Chips tournament out of hotel Palmas de Cortez. It was a one day tournament for tuna...
  126. FAT CAT

    5 For the tackle store

    The tackle store here in Los Barriles (East Cape Tackle) has been displaying my rods for a couple of years now. They help me with my addiction by giving me a place to build for when I don't have any orders to fill. Here's five I just finished up for them. All are on Calstar E Glass blanks...
  127. FAT CAT


    This is a pair for a husband and wife. I had a lot of fun building these, as they wanted browns and autumn colors, which nobody seems to ask for now days. They even wanted the Calstar blanks to be tan. They also wanted wraps like some I'd done years ago. So what I came up with was kind of a...
  128. FAT CAT


    Seems like there's been a lot of green rods shown lately. Maybe everyone drank too much green beer on Saint Patrick's Day and it inspired us to think green. I was building one too. Here it is. Built this for a fishing buddy that helped me purchase a new boat in San Diego. Couldn't have...
  129. FAT CAT

    LIT-UP (Version Two)

    I built a set of 50# stand-up rods and several marlin bait rods for a local boat a couple of year ago. The Captain wanted the colors to be those of a lit-up blue marlin. Those rods were for everyday local fishing here on the East Cape. He was pleased with those rods. This time he wanted a...
  130. FAT CAT


    I finally finished up the "wahoo in the sea" rod. Was waiting for guides that once I saw I decided not to use and went with some Fujis that I already had. It's a AMTAK blank rated 15-40 pounds that I tipped 4 inches. The rod has a "fish story" with it too. A local boat fishing a tournament...
  131. FAT CAT

    Opinions please

    I'm kinda' stuck on this one and thought I'd see what you all have to say. The build is a set of 4 IGFA 80# Trolling rods for a local boat that I built a set of rods for a couple of years ago. His colors are "lit-up blue marlin" and he asked me if I could do a tiger wrap on these new ones...
  132. FAT CAT

    Abstract Flames

    When I have a new customer I usually show them my rod photo album to get an idea of what types of wraps they're drawn to and to get color clues for their build. The guy that this rod is for settled on a really old wrap that I personally always thought was a failure, but has been one of the most...
  133. FAT CAT

    Wahoo in the sea

    I don't usually post "in progress" builds, but I'm so happy with the results I got on this idea that I thought I'd show it now. My goal was to make a wahoo decal look like the fish was actually under water and I think I got it. The wrap is kind of a Tiger/CKW cross breed. It uses a three...
  134. FAT CAT

    I'm bored!!!

    Since my boat was stolen I've been sitting around feeling sorry for myself and not really having anything to do. There are very few gringos around right now, so no one has asked me to fish with them lately. My rod building room is not air-conditioned, so it's way too hot to start wrapping. My...
  135. FAT CAT


    I see lots of questions on this and other rod building sites about what will happen if I do this or that with a tiger wrap. I really understand why this is, as the tiger wraps have given us a whole new thing to play with and creative people MUST play with their ideas. It wasn't very long ago...
  136. FAT CAT

    Bucket List Check Off

    Went out today to do some "Old Guy Extreme Sport," which is what I call marlin fishing solo. I caught my first solo Striped marlin about seven years ago (in fact, I released 3 first time trying), and I've hooked up with several blues in the past, but just couldn't keep them on long enough to...
  137. FAT CAT

    Close Tuna

    We're having a great time here on the East Cape catching 10-40 pound yellowfins in 30-60 feet of water a half mile offshore from Buena Vista. Mostly local boats fishing it, as most of the hotel boats feel like they need to take their clients farther out from the hotel. But, a few more are...
  138. FAT CAT

    Truline info

    I know there are several Truline experts on this site from prior posts, so I'm hoping one of you can answer a friend of mine's questions about a couple of rods he found at a garage sale. Both rods look to have been custom wrapped (restored?) and one has Truline misspelled. One is marked...
  139. FAT CAT


    I built this rod as a bonus rod for the guy that got the RETRO-MODERN Trolling Rods. As this is one of my first builds on American Tackle blanks, I want some feedback before buying many more. But, I do like their prices. It's a AXST60H 6 foot stand-up, rated for 30-60 pound. Black and gold...
  140. FAT CAT


    Or, would it be modern-retro? Anyway this is a set of regulation 80's. Seeker blanks, as they were the longest available. Listed at 5' 10", I was able to make them six foot (to the ferrule). The customer needs clearance for the corners of the cockpit. He wanted classic black and gold and...
  141. FAT CAT

    USC Theme Rod

    My customer wanted this rod to give to his Cardiologist as a thank you for saving his life. The Doctor is a USC alumni. Thanks to John(Venturarodlure) for the color suggestion. I used regular nylon candy apple red and HT metallic glitzy gold for the wraps. Tiger wraps under all the guides...
  142. FAT CAT


    These are a pair of rods for a local boat - WACKER. I built him a pair of 50 pound rods a couple of years ago and he wanted a pair for 80 pound to go with them. CalStar Grafighter 760H with AFTCO HD roller guides. HT Metallic red, silver and electric blue on basic black to match the colors...
  143. FAT CAT

    Is this what you wanted Capt G?

    I don't know if this is what you wanted Capt. G, but I think it is. Photos from Clemens' Custom Thread Art. Second one is a plus one thread in the border wrap, but lay-out is the same for both.
  144. FAT CAT

    Lots of fish

    I have a hard core fishing friend that has been doing real well here on the East Cape the last week or so. As an example; today they had 5 striped marlin on and have released 3 in three days of fishing. The funny part is that 3 of the 5 today were on butterfly jigs! They're not trolling...
  145. FAT CAT

    More on CKW

    OK guys, while I'm waiting for my rod building supplies to get down here, I've been doing a bunch of tiger experiments on a couple of old blanks. A while back, there was a question about the CKW wrap and I got to thinking that all of them that I've seen posted had clear mono on the over...
  146. FAT CAT


    Just a short report from a short day. Three of us fished off the East Cape's Punta Pescadero this morning and found the Wahoo there. We caught three and missed a couple of others and were home before noon. None were large, but there's no bad wahoo - so WAHOO!
  147. FAT CAT

    A Down Side to Bars?

    No, this is not a negative post about Archer Bars. But, it is something to be aware of and it is something that I'll be trying to figure out a cure for. Unless Captain Fred has already got one. This is a 4.75" squid bar that I fished yesterday here on the East Cape for Sierra Mackerel. It...
  148. FAT CAT

    60's Flash-Backs

    While I never tried LSD back in the 60's, I thought this Throop/Colby tiger looked a lot like the tie-dyed clothing the hippies wore back then. This is my fourth tiger wrap and my favorite so far. I used all NCP size A thread. The base wrap is goldenrod, orange and 245 blue. The top wrap...
  149. FAT CAT


    Hola Fred, Chris and David just left my place after delivering my new Archer bars. Can't beat service like that! Nice selection you all put together for me. I'll be giving them a workout right after Rick leaves the neighborhood.
  150. FAT CAT

    Hey El Capo!

    Here's testimony to how El Capo's lures rate their name HAPPY ENDING. 50 pound dorado caught today on the East Cape on "Monica." Now if the fat girl in the blue dress will eat it next week during the East Cape Bisbee I'll be creaming my jeans for sure! Thanks Mikey!
  151. FAT CAT


    OK guys, since finding this and other rod building sites on the web, I've been thinking about how neat it would have been if we'd have had the ability to share our ideas and work with each other "back in the day." Back then there was no Internet and nothing was digital. In the eighties...
  152. FAT CAT

    The handles

    Several of you asked me to post some more photos of the fore grips on the heavy stand-up rods I showed a few days back. Sorry to make you wait, but I "had" to go fishing yesterday and just took the photos this morning. I think some may not have known what a "tuna block" is and wanted to learn...
  153. FAT CAT

    Must be Black/Silver day

    With all the black and silver rods showing up today, I thought I'd add my version. However, when the customer asked for silver/black, I asked him if he was a Raiders fan, he responded by saying-"add purple." So, these rods have purple too. They're a semi-matching pair, because I reversed...
  154. FAT CAT


    Hi guys, I just did a little horse trading and ended up with an Avet LX 8.0x1 reel. I had never even heard of a reel with this high a speed. Looking at Charkbait's site I don't see any Avets faster than 6.0x1. So, my question is, is this something that was discontinued? What would you use...
  155. FAT CAT

    LIT UP!

    This is a set of rods I just finished for a local East Cape skipper. It's 4 50# trolling rods, 1 80# Stand-up with wind-on rollers and a striped marlin bait rod. Simple diamonds and chevrons on the wraps. He asked for the colors to be, "lit up blue marlin." Lots of metallic thread with...
  156. FAT CAT


    OK, here are a few more photos, before I forget how to post 'em.
  157. FAT CAT

    Hope I get this right

    OK folks, I've been enjoying all of your work on this site for awhile, but I haven't shown any of mine. My problem is that I'm not real good at this computer stuff and didn't have clue 1 about how to post. Plus the instructions on posting are for a PC and I use a Mac. But, I'm going to try...
  158. FAT CAT


    Just got home from 3 days fishing stripers at the Golden Gate bank. Fishing was simply off the hook! We easily caught 6-8 fish a day, with only 2 of us old gringos on the boat (our boat - not a charter). That was all we wanted and I'm sore all over. The fish are still group feeding on bait...
  159. FAT CAT

    East Cape Mossbacks

    Last year about this time there were a bunch of large yellowtail caught off the reef in front of Rancho Leonero. It was a "first" as far as anyone could remember. Well, it looks like they're back again! Several local anglers have found them in the last week or so. One fish bottomed out a 50...
  160. FAT CAT


    Here's a way to help save Baja's dorado and billfish. From Sea Watch. Thank you for you support in this important issue. A copy of your message can be found below. Next step? Please forward this e-mail to 5 friends. Together we can amplify our message and make our voices heard. We must...
  161. FAT CAT

    The bad guys won one

    I was very happy to see PARGON's post last week about the "good guys" winning one. Unfortunately, it appears (below) that Senor Corral has made a counter move. Anyone that loves fishing in Baja should get involved with those groups trying to overturn NOM-029. Besides Sea Watch, The Billfish...
  162. FAT CAT


    First the good news. East Cape blue marlin fishing is real good right now. We fished the area from the Las Arenas light house to outside Cabo Pulmo on Thursday. We were never more than 6 miles off the beach. We released 3 blues. Two of which were from a double hook-up. They weren't big @...
  163. FAT CAT

    Grande Yellowtail

    If any of you want to catch BIG yellowtail, you better get your tail down to Los Barriles. We're getting lots of 25-50# fish off the shelfs at Leonero and Punta Colorada. Really nice fish.