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  1. Johnny J

    DW-1’s Go Up For Sale On BPT @7

    Blue Pacific Tackle received almost 500 DW-1’s last night. Sale starts at 7am.
  2. Johnny J


    Blue Pacific Tackle received almost 500 DW-1’s last night. They will be loaded up for sale at 7am.. I don’t think they will last long...
  3. Johnny J

    FS 9’ Olhausen Pool Table

    Selling dads table. New bumpers and felt. $1100 table is located in Anza. $1100 (951) 551-0851
  4. Johnny J

    Invite from the Bug Rider

    I got an invite from The Bug Rider to go and pull on some hoops. We were done by 8 and headed home. I was told not to give out secrets. What I can say is I did learn how to use the snickers bar. Looking forward to the next pull..
  5. Johnny J

    JRI Custom Lures/Blue Pacific Tackle Vagabond Report.

    We had another successful adventure coming home with many happy and tired anglers. After loading and filling the boat with bait everybody was eager to get on the fish the first day with the mass being only 35-40 miles from home. As usual lite lines 20-25 and small hooks 1/0-1’s was the key to...
  6. Johnny J

    Getsome Products setup at West Marine on Rosecrans!!!

    Come by and check it out.
  7. Johnny J

    JRI Custom Lures/BPT 2.5 day Colonet Report

    Everybody gathered at the landing looking forward to a few fun days. Left the dock about 7:15 and headed south. A little talk in the galley had us setting up for yo-yo and some great weather. Woke up and started playing the game at around 200’. We had plenty of heavy Stingers, BPT yo-yo and...
  8. Johnny J

    I thank God for guns!!!

    When I first posted this the only information we had Was my daughter heard a person enter her house down stairs at 2am. She confronted this man with a loaded firearm. He claimed to be a pastor sent to her house. Not knowing if he was being truthful or not she informed him this was not the case...
  9. Johnny J

    4.5 day in February on the Constitution (1 Spot)

    We have 1spot available February 20-25. Cost is $2080. Great opportunity to catch your PB with 4 days fishing in PV. For more info send me a pm or call. Johnny J 951-551-0851
  10. Johnny J

    Church in Montana!!!!

  11. Johnny J

    JRI Custom Lures/Blue Pacific Tackle Vagabond 5.5 to 7 (Late Report)

    Our group watched the trip before us unload a nice grade of Hoo and some toad yellows which was promising as we where head to the same area. We loaded up gear and bait and pointed south. Capt. Mike came down with the usual speech and said we were heading straight for the ridge. With that said we...
  12. Johnny J

    Is my boat ready for Bluefin?

    17’, 7 gallon bait tank, GPS, VHF, Fish looker for, 5hp and I can put up an umbrella if I need to. Electronics solar powered.
  13. Johnny J

    JRI Custom Lures/Blue Pacific Tackle 8day report

    Headed down early loaded up the cart with the usual gear and a bunch of goodies for the guys. Jerry always provides top of line giveaways that you can put to good use. He also threw in some new things to test. Filled the boat with bait and headed out to sea. Capt. Mike came down and gave us...
  14. Johnny J

    Free UFC on FS1

    Shogun Rua and Glover Teizeira both fight tonight.
  15. Johnny J

    Pops went to be with Jesus,(Tough week)

    It’s been a tough week as my dad decided it was time to go, still working through the emotions. Battled the cancer for years. Love ya Dad. I am going to miss the lectures. His last song 10 day before. via @YouTube...
  16. Johnny J

    Kim Jung is mad!

    See what happens.......
  17. Johnny J

    For Sale 21’ Chris-craft project for sale

    Posting for a friend. My fishing buddy past last year and this was in his garage for years. His son has no interest so told him I would see if I could help. There is no paper work that I know of. He say he has many parts along with the interior?? No engine either. $1500..Send me a PM and I will...
  18. Johnny J

    We have been hacked???

    ?????? Baka Laka Derka Derka...
  19. Johnny J

    Any fight fans?

    Frankie Edgar and Cub Swanson fighting now.
  20. Johnny J

    DATD 2018 Blue Pacific Tackle Specials (Who is Going)

    DAY AT THE DOCKS is happening this Sunday, who is going? Blue Pacific Tackle will be there with some awesome deals. A special thanks to JRI Custom Lures for providing us with some awesome product for some crazy deals including these 5 original bodied XL Intruders which were painted just for the...
  21. Johnny J

    JRI Custom Lures Vagabond 2.5 Day (Late Report)

    Sorry for the late report, moving again (second time in three months).... Arrived at the landing and loaded the cart with all the gear and giveaway goodies (Jigs, Getsome, shirts, hats, hooks, stickers and sinkers). We also had some raffle stuff provided by 5star and JRI Custom Lures. The...
  22. Johnny J

    (1 spot) 4.5 Day on the Constitution Feb 21-26

    We have one spot on a 4.5 February 21st -26th on the Constitution. Cost is $2080. Great group of guys with a few newbies (to PV). Here is a chance to target your fish of a lifetime an get your personal best. Give me a call for more info. John. (951) 551-0851
  23. Johnny J

    JRI Custom Lures 2.75 on the Vagabond January 12-15

    JRI Custom Lures 2.75 day Colonet yellowtail special on the Vagabond. Trip departs January 12th pm and returns the 15th am. $770 includes meals, permits and visas. Contact the Vagabond office to book.
  24. Johnny J

    Free fights tonight

    Just in case anybody cares.
  25. Johnny J

    Porcelain God Fishing

    My buddy Matt fishes his mom’s glasses from the deep.
  26. Johnny J

    PV Cow Fishing - 4.5 day in February (1 spot) On the Constitution.

    I have a spot that just opened up on the Constitution. This is a 4.5 day departs February 21st and returns the 26th. 13 is the load. Cost is $2080. PM for more information.
  27. Johnny J

    JRI Custom Lures Vagabond 5.5 to the Lupe

    Wow, what an epic trip for my first time back since it closed years ago. Well worth the wait! Departed around 10pm loaded the boat with some nice bait and headed for the check in. Arrived around 8:30 and 20min we were on our way. ETA was about 4am the next morning so we had plenty of time to rig...
  28. Johnny J

    Need 40' shipping container.

    Anybody have a contact or line on a 40' container??
  29. Johnny J

    DOJ and US Marshall in my driveway and informed that the Sheriff is in route CHP over head??WTF

    I will put this in Gabe format. Short .. Pulled in my drive to find a white truck blocking my entrance, I block him in. I am informed by occupant that he working with DOJ and Marshalls who have information on illegal activity in my house. He has contacted sheriffs department and the are in...
  30. Johnny J

    JRI Custom Lures 3 day on the Vagabond 13th-16th

    The boat departed on time and filled the tanks with some nice deans. Gogo gave the usual run done on what to know about the Vagabond as we made our run to the area where Mike had been fishing the previous trip. After the run down Gogo helped with the raffle prizes and the goodie bags. Thank...
  31. Johnny J

    Free UFC

    Fox Sports... Rashad Evans up next. First fight was pretty good.
  32. Johnny J

    Not a cow but its my best!

    Made the right call to fish with Madrugador Chad on my BD yesterday. What an awesome day fishing in style. Chad, JD, and Capt. Pierce on his 35' Cabo made it happen. Fishing the Yummy is not for everybody, it's constant work. Not only rigging the kite and balloon but keeping it skipping (out...
  33. Johnny J

    So my boat got changed this coming weekend.

    So I booked a spot on a 26' Blackman to go chase big fish on my birthday. Today I get a call that they have tentatively moved me up to a (I think he said) a 32' Cabo. Dammit.......:D:D
  34. Johnny J

    New truck new sticker!

    First thing a new truck gets is a new sticker.
  35. Johnny J

    Day At The Docks 2017 Specials

    Blue Pacific Tackle will have its debut with some awesome deals at the Day At The Docks event which takes place this Sunday in the parking lot of Fishermans Landing and Pointloma Sportfishing parking lot. Starting at 9:00am. We will be offering JRI Custom Lures surface irons @ $13.99 buy 3 get...
  36. Johnny J

    Vagabond 5day June 10th-15th

    Onecool Tuna (Sticker Boy) and Getsome Products (me) have have our annual 5 day to kick off the tuna season. Might even be a Tackle Shop joining us with some swag.;) We still have some open spots, this is always a fun trip. Maybe those extinct long finned critters will make a showing. :rolleyes...
  37. Johnny J

    1964 Ford F100 $3500

    I am selling this for my sister. Dogs have chewed wiring to tail lights, starter, squirrels got to plug wires. For Sale: $3500 1964 Ford F100 Custom Cab 292 V8 Body is in good shape, no dents, has all chrome. 60,000 miles. New tires. New muffler. California truck, 1 owner previous to my...
  38. Johnny J

    UFC tonight

    Great first round,Miller in trouble.
  39. Johnny J

    Free UFC tonight

    Just saw an awesome Knee break. Brutal!!
  40. Johnny J

    It's the Law. Awesome Daughter Again!

    So about a 2 weeks ago I got this in the mail. I did not know what it was. So I opened it. It was filled with this. So since I opened my Christmas present early on accident it's the law she has to send me another one. Yesterday this shows up. And yes I needed to see what was inside...
  41. Johnny J

    Old freshwater stuff,, Any value??

    A buddy sent me some pics and asked if this stuff was worth anything?????? I know nothing.
  42. Johnny J

    Found a few Choice Items today. Wooden Boxes

    Thanks Eric
  43. Johnny J

    JRI Custom Lures/Getsome Products Vagabond Adventure.

    JRI/Getsome has their first sponsored trip this year departing on the Vagabond January 13th-16th. This trip departs 3pm Friday and returns Monday AM (2.75 day). Cost is $765 includes meals/visas/permits. I hear Jerry has a ton of stuff to giveaway along with some new stuff in the works. Our...
  44. Johnny J

    Happy Thanksgiving from Montana and morning paper.

    Have a Great Day.
  45. Johnny J

    Free UFC

    On FS1
  46. Johnny J

    4.5 day in February Open Spots (COWS)

    We have few openings on this trip fishing for cows in PV. (Just for you Hugo) Departs February 22 Returns February 27, 4.5 day on the Constitution. Cost $2080 includes meals. They have all the gear on the boat just bring or purchase terminal tackle. They have that too. Doesn't include tip...
  47. Johnny J

    Daughter is still at it. 720 yrd.

    My daughter is making her dad proud!!!! Some where near Boise. 720 yards, Totally Awesome. I think I have to make a trip with an ice chest.
  48. Johnny J

    Go CUBS.

    Kershaw doesn't have his stuff.
  49. Johnny J

    4.5 on The Constitution Feb. 22-27

    We have few openings on this trip fishing for cows in PV. (Just for you Hugo) Departs February 22 Returns February 27, 4.5 day on the Constitution. Cost $2080 includes meals. They have all the gear on the boat just bring or purchase terminal tackle. They have that too. Doesn't include tip...
  50. Johnny J

    My Daughter is at it again.

    She is going back for Elk after this.
  51. Johnny J

    Last Chance Bait & Tackle Vendor Day/10 year Anniversary Parking Lot Sale

    Last Chance in Hemet is having a huge parking lot sale October 8th. If you haven't been to this shop you need to check it out. They have a huge huge supply of Saltwater and Freshwater gear. And if Megan doesn't have it she will do her best to get it in. There will be many vendors and pro bass...
  52. Johnny J

    Free fight good card

    Free fights , cyborg, big country, big foot, santos, fox sports 1
  53. Johnny J

    Files to large issues???

    Anybody else having problems loading pic. Pictures that I loaded some time ago now say file to large when I try now. Maybe it's me.
  54. Johnny J

    Vagabond 3 day leaving Sunday 2 spots.

    We had two cancelled spots on our trip that departs Sunday returns Wednesday. If interested call the Vagabond office. (619) 224-6500
  55. Johnny J

    Holy Holm fight tonight (FREE)

    On dish its channel 11. Starts at 5.
  56. Johnny J

    Labor Day 2 Day on the Voyager.

    We have a few open spots on this 2 day trip Labor Day weekend. The little wet boat departs Friday night and returns Sunday night so you can relax Monday. Cost is $455 includes meals. Mexican permits and visas are extra if needed. You MUST have a passport. You can PM me or Hugo BendO. We will...
  57. Johnny J

    The News has broke. Kieth and family have a new ride.

    The Constitution. I can't wait!!! Congratulations.
  58. Johnny J

    The News has broke. Kieth and family have a new ride.

    Sorry it doubled
  59. Johnny J

    Annual Vagabond 5 day,, departs Saturday.

    Just putting some stuff together. You know your connected with a great line of product when the premiere BFT captain in the fleet calls you for a personal order. Thanks Jerry keep up the awesome job.
  60. Johnny J

    Hooker Intruder XL on eBay
  61. Johnny J

    Maximus Report (3.5 days of Fun and Fish).

    The Maximus put together an awesome trip for our group. We had a few newbies to this style of fishing. When I was first introduced to the big fish adventure I was hooked and knew others needed to experience the adventure. So each trip I like to have a few friends who want to get their Big Fish...
  62. Johnny J

    A New Toy or Tool....

    Picked up a new toy for up coming Maximus trip. I needed this. Thanks Jim Akuhead for the art.$$$
  63. Johnny J

    Shamrock & Gracie 3 tonight

  64. Johnny J

    Always make friend with your buddies children.

    So I borrowed a reel a few times to kill big fish. Well I asked to borrow it again an was informed it was missing. I was sure I returned it. After some time and some investigation it turns out his young daughter came to the conclusion that it was mine and hid it for me. It's good to have friends.
  65. Johnny J

    JRI Super Bowl square game

    The JRI Super Bowl square game has been post in the Fishing Chit Chat forum.
  66. Johnny J

    Hard Question,, which combo for 8 day in Oct.

    I have a buddy coming from Idaho for our JRI 8 day in October. He asked me if he were to buy one combo for the trip what would it be? He did not specify bait or jig fishing or price. I imagine he would want option to do both. If you have something relatively new let me know.
  67. Johnny J

    Hard question???? One rod for an 8.

    I have a buddy coming from Idaho for our JRI 8 day in October. He asked me if he were to buy one combo for the trip what would it be? He did not specify bait or jig fishing or price. I imagine he would want option to do both. If you have something relatively new let me know.
  68. Johnny J

    Penn Fathom 40NLDHS 60" per/crank.

    Fished the Fathom 40NLD2 on the JRI 3 day. Capt. Mike put a bunch on board as loaner reels. I really like the feel of it. Fished it as a dropper rig and the low gear was smooth and spun the yellows up with no problem. I saw a single speed on a guy's rig and noticed it was one of the new 7:1's...
  69. Johnny J

    JRI / GETSOME Vagabond 3day report.

    Arrived at the landing and had to change into shorts and flops. Capt. Mike was correct in saying we would have some great weather. We left the harbor around 4 with a nice mix of dines and macs. Jerry made sure there were plenty of giveaways. Shirts and 3 pack of jigs for all (with the new...
  70. Johnny J

    Left it left.

    Next kicker please.
  71. Johnny J

    Half day with Offlimits

    We are going to go out for a afternoon half day Wednesday. Looking at the Premier. Any wahoo still around? I think Gabe is going to go teach me the half day game.
  72. Johnny J

    My Fishmas Tree

    The wife said decorate the tree.
  73. Johnny J

    Tied up

    Pretty good game.
  74. Johnny J

    Some cool Metal Art.

    Seen this off the highway on the way home to Anza. I thought it was some pretty cool stuff.
  75. Johnny J

    JRI Custom Jigs 3day Yellowtial Special on the Vagabond

    Come join us on this San Martin Yellowtial Special trip. January 8th-11th. $795 includes permits and visas. Tons of giveaways as usual. I am calling this a Fish with Jerry trip. Contact the Vagabond office to book your spot.
  76. Johnny J

    Killed Some Critters

    Received a call from Mikey to make a fish run. Trolled around for the Hoo fish with no luck. We had guy on the boat who has a connection with a thing called Ed's Jigs (We don't need no stinking bait). Well the Hoo did not play so Mikey says lets go to Reds Galore. Well the current was ripping so...
  77. Johnny J

    Lake Dixon Great White (Seriously)

    I took this photo of an article that was in a news paper I saw while in Pats Tackle.
  78. Johnny J

    Limit fishing on Yt. ""Who did it"""???? PATHETIC!!!

    No respect.
  79. Johnny J

    One spot Voyager 2day 25-27

    One spot just opened up on a Voyager 2day. Dude called and said He still has not got his passport, So he will be standing on the dock. Trip leaves Friday the 25th PM -- returns Sunday the 27th PM. Cost is $495 includes meals, permit and fuel. Let me know.
  80. Johnny J

    First Brown

    My Grandson Carter caught his first Natural Brown. This was taken somewhere on a hike in Idaho.
  81. Johnny J

    Free UFC tonight

    Starting now. Since I can't go fishing.
  82. Johnny J

    Price of fuel,,,,,Orlando

    I am out here for ICAST and gas is 2.34. SERIOUSLY.....this is home for 4 days.
  83. Johnny J

    Maximus Openings in Feb.

    I have a few spots open in the last weekend in Feb. Dates are 25th-29th with 3 full days of fishing. Fly into PV on the 25th jump on the boat, fish the 26th, 27th, 28th then back at the dock on the morning of the 29th, to airport and home. If you want a shot at the fish of a life time let me...
  84. Johnny J

    The wife left me alone for few days!!!

    This is what happens!
  85. Johnny J

    Happy Fathers Day

    Have a great day.
  86. Johnny J

    Short notice 5 day Vagabond trip

    Just had one spot open up on our 5 day leaving Saturday. If interested contact the Vag office. You know Capt. Lackey will find the biggins.
  87. Johnny J

    Part II of Just to see what you think? Catching fish or fisherman??

    I am thinking he is getting better. Yo Yo.. I haven't see them in person.
  88. Johnny J

    Just to see what you think...

  89. Johnny J

    The things you find Cleaning Up

    It's 7" and ready to fish. :eek:
  90. Johnny J

    Pacific Voyager JRI Custom Lure trip to SCI

    Another great trip in the books. I want to thank Chuck for putting together this trip, Capt. Mark and the entire crew for making this a great trip. JRI would also like to thank Chuck and Capt. Mark for letting JRI Custom Lures jump in with short notice as a sponsor, giving away jig packs to all...
  91. Johnny J

    Googins Go to PV and Kill It..........!

    What a trip. We could not have put together a better group of Googins. Everybody pitched in and had something to do with making this an epic trip. From the texting weeks before the trip to the final ride home where the rod tube comes out of the truck and gets run over twice ($2000 worth of rods...
  92. Johnny J

    FG Knot (Braid to Fluor)

    Anybody tie this with bigger lines? Very simple. I use Tony P, RP, Albright, Mod Albright and other just for fun but have never done this one.
  93. Johnny J

    Free fights on Fox now.

    First fight was quick KO.. Looks like a good line up.
  94. Johnny J

    JRI Sponsored 3day Yellowtail Special on the Vagabond.

    The first JRI sponsored trip of the year is in the books. Capt. Mike told us the game plan was to run to San Martin spend the day there putting some nice grade yellows on the deck then make a run in the evening up to Colenet to finish the next day off with some nicer grade fish and some bottom...
  95. Johnny J

    You might be a redneck if-----Reel backing???

    I had this left over in the barn. It was for baling hay.
  96. Johnny J

    100% Knot???

    I know it's knot a report.. Figured this was the place to ask. Anybody know what this knot is?
  97. Johnny J

    On the road in Montana

    Not a hunting report, but I thought I would share what my daughter and I came across on the road driving the back roads in Montana.
  98. Johnny J

    Merry Christmas and a reading of Twas the Night Before Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all BD family.
  99. Johnny J

    Lyoto Machida now!!

    UFC Free..Fox Sports
  100. Johnny J

    Two new Tiagra 16's FS

    $350 ea. Helping a buddy sell these. Never had line on them...I will give you his number if interested.
  101. Johnny J

    Ultimate Rail Rider...

    Going to have Fishybuzz test this out for me.
  102. Johnny J

    You saw it here first,, The Ultimate Rail Rider!!!

    I saw another post about rail rods. Sooooooo.
  103. Johnny J

    Which one of the fits you best...

    My name is John and I am an addict.
  104. Johnny J

    Saltwater gear Seeker, Shimano, Penn

    Posting up some gear for a buddy. All of this gear is a 10. Tiagras haven't even had line on them. Only the Torium has a small scratch. Reels have boxes and contents. Rods don't have a scratch either. Sorry if the pics aren't in order. Location is Temecula. I am just the poolguy. Bob -- (951)...
  105. Johnny J

    JRI Sponsored 3 Day on the Vagabond.. Jan.

    JRI Custom Lures has a 3 day San Martin (Yellowtail Special) sponsored trip on the Vagabond. This trip leaves Friday Jan. 9th 3pm --- returns Monday Jan. 12th. in the AM. Cost is $775 which includes Meals, Mexican Permits and Visas. I hear rumor there are some special jigs being made for this...
  106. Johnny J

    My wife buys me cool things Too..

    Yes it's a 2speed. I really like the handle and the thin lever for the drag.
  107. Johnny J

    RIP my friend "Mario"

    I just read that a friend and fellow sportsman has passed...Mario Ghio
  108. Johnny J

    Tuna still HERE.

    Just read that the Eclipse has over 200 fish onboard so far....
  109. Johnny J

    Free fights on Spike now.

    Tito vs. Bonnar is the main event.
  110. Johnny J

    Bluefin Tuna limited to 2 fish discussion (merged threads)

    If this is true we are in trouble.
  111. Johnny J

    JRI 8 day on the Vagabond is done.

    I arrived at the docks early as always as sleeping the night before is tough. As the line starts to gather Capt. Gogo comes up the ramp with a load of coffee for those who would like some and Capt. Mike shows up with a few dozen fresh donuts. Service is always top notch on the Vagabond. Shortly...
  112. Johnny J

    Getsome Products and Accurate Fishing Products

    I just wanted to give a big shout out to Accurate Fishing Products for giving us a chance. Our GS1000 is now available on their online store. GS1000 is one of if not the best fishing lubricant on the market today. Totally non-toxic and fish safe. Our product will not affect mono and keeps braid...
  113. Johnny J

    JRI 8 day leaves in 7, who is going?

    Looking forward to a great trip. Jerry, the man behind the jig has once again loaded up this sponsored trip with tons of goodies. It's kind of like fully loaded truck, to much to list. Thank you JRI,
  114. Johnny J

    How much is your freezer worth?

    I need freezer insurance.
  115. Johnny J

    JRI Custom Lures sponsored 8day Wahoo Special -Openings on the Vagabond.

    This trip just had 2 spots open up on a Limited Load (22) charter. Trip leaves Oct. 11th and returns Oct. 19. Cost is $2485
  116. Johnny J

    JRI Custom Lures sponsored 8day Wahoo Special -Openings on the Vagabond.

    This trip just had 2 spots open up on a Limited Load (22) charter. Trip leaves Oct. 11th and returns Oct. 19. Cost is $2485
  117. Johnny J

    It was 100lbs when I hooked it!

    In case you missed it. They are out there. 96.7
  118. Johnny J

    Vagabond 3 day JRI Custom Lure report.

    A special thanks to Jerry (JRI) for all the product he provided for this trip. The group was really amazed at all the giveaways that Jerry puts into these trips (jigs, hats, shirts, visors, tackle boxes, stickers and margaritas to boot). He also rounds up other stuff from various outfits to give...
  119. Johnny J

    Vagabond JRI three day.

    Checking to see how many BD'ers we have on this trip. We are going to have a blast. JRI is providing tons of giveaways along with many other. Jim Akuhead is also on the boat with a few rods to giveaway as well.
  120. Johnny J

    My Daughter makes the front page before me, Proud Dad for sure.
  121. Johnny J

    Gill is getting old.

    Happy Birthday Day.
  122. Johnny J

    ICAST 2014 and GS1000 Debut.

    Packing Orlando to debut our new product. I will also be checking out some of other new gadgets that will be hitting the market.
  123. Johnny J

    Salmon in Idaho

    Went to Clark's Fork with the grandson and his dad.
  124. Johnny J

    Vagabond 5 day (late report)

    Well, another June 5day is in the books. Capt. Mike Lackey and his crew were top notch. Capt. Gogo and Capt. Dave alternated as deck boss and kept things running smooth. Two new crew (Brent and John) where all business keeping our tangles manageable. Graig and Josh provided some excellent meals...
  125. Johnny J


    Rumor has it the Eclipse boated a Dodo today........................
  126. Johnny J

    My Pic of the day.

  127. Johnny J

    20th Annual Labor Day trip on the Eclipse

    Ok, not the 20th but been doing this since she went in the water. Trip departs Sunday August 31st PM and returns Tuesday September 2nd AM. Cost is $350 (includes meals). 25 people Send me a pm or give me a call. (951) 551-0851
  128. Johnny J

    DATD, pretty good turnout.

    Looked like a pretty good turnout for the annual event. Lots of the usual stuff and great people. Stopped by a few of the regular hangout and found a few new ones. Thanks Tommy for the great taco deal, got in line behind a guy who put in order for 40. Only took a few minutes. Like the set up...
  129. Johnny J

    POOL TIP...

    I have been in the Pool & Spa biz for 18 years. There is a product called the Pool RX (Google It). I have been using this product for the past three years and I makes my job easy. Clean the filter, bring the Chlor level up and add this to the Skimmer.................. I am just the Pool Guy. No...
  130. Johnny J

    JRI Custom Jigs 8 and 3 day on the Vag.

    Only 2 spots left on the JRI sponsored 8day (Oct. 11th-19) and 3 spots on the 3day (Aug. 10th-13th).
  131. Johnny J

    Someone got photobombed!

  132. Johnny J

    Tribute tomorrow?

    Anybody on the 1.5 day leaving tomorrow? Darrell has stories to tell.
  133. Johnny J

    UFC free

    Anybody see that there are free fights on tonight. Only 2 left and they look to be good one. Dish it's on 150 fox 1
  134. Johnny J

    Vagabond 5day June.

    There are only 4 spots left on this early June trip. Departs Sat. June 7th returns the 12th. This is a JRI Custom Jig--One Cool Tuna sponsored trip. Lots of goodies to hand out. Cost is $1325. Always a great time with great crew. Just figured I would post up in case any BD'ers wanted on. It will...
  135. Johnny J

    Last Great Run by a Bronco

  136. Johnny J


    Worst ever!!!!
  137. Johnny J

    JRI Jigs Super Bowl Giveaway

    Pretty Cool, JRI Jigs is giving away some product. Guys who respond to this thread link and get their name submitted will be add to the game.
  138. Johnny J

    PM messaging?

    We need the pop-up back that tells you a pm is in your box, Lost a deal as I guess they were unaware of my pm. Also I should have replied to them saying pm sent, my fault.
  139. Johnny J

    California, here's your sign.

    sorry trying to fix it. Can somebody get this to open like they use to and tell me how you did it? New Guy
  140. Johnny J

    Maximus Supers

    Fred just sent me a text saying E Decked a 302:notworthy, Scott has a 301 and Tom landed a 270. That is all I know. Some awesome fishing to be had down there right now. Congrats to all...Plus they are spending the time hanging by the pool then back out again.:finger: Would loved to have seen...
  141. Johnny J


    When it says 106 robots are currently on line what does that.mean?
  142. Johnny J


  143. Johnny J

    INOXicated name change.

    For anybody who cares and even if you don't. BD powers have allowed me to change my user name. Thank you.... Go Chargers:waglleybooty:
  144. Johnny J

    Daughters Latest, Elk, Deer now this..OVER THE TOP!!!

    Proud DAD.........Carolyn had to wait 2 hours for herd to separate. She had a few shots but calfs and bulls would come quickly surrounding the biggest cow. Finally she got a few steps in front of the herd and had a perfect broadside shot in her sites. Shot rang out and she didn't take another...
  145. Johnny J

    Weight question

    Who makes the best sliding sinkers?
  146. Johnny J

    Just looking out the Back Door.

    Just another Day
  147. Johnny J

    Shaking some where!

    I thought I felt a little wiggle.
  148. Johnny J

    TN40 Like new..........

    Frank (hugo bendo) has this up for sale. It will go quick. TN40 loaded with 85lb spectra, top with 100 yards of Maxima 40lb. I took it to fish and buy but never put it on a rod (it was to pretty). No scratches this is a 10/10 reel. $400 (760) 403-5276
  149. Johnny J

    3day leaving Tomorrow Maybe.

    The Eclipse has a 3day leaving tomorrow at 5. I am trying to get the bosses permission to go. With up coming PV I don't know if it will work, anybody here on this trip.
  150. Johnny J

    My daughters Week. Elk, Turkey, Grouse, YFT, Dodo and YT.

    I am a proud DAD.
  151. Johnny J

    Mountain Goat Down

    My buddy Jake (from State Farm) drew a tag for this once in a life chance. It was taken at 398 yards.
  152. Johnny J

    Clothing scent question.

    My daughter who is going on a 2.5 day with me wants to know if she should wear her coat that she hunts elk in? She is worried about the smell of fish and blood while she is on the elk hunt the week after she gets back. I told her to join the site and ask some questions, but I figured I would in...
  153. Johnny J


    I think we might need one of these at this point.
  154. Johnny J

    Happy Birthday Derf

    If my math is right Mr. Fred Brandt (Derfsondeck) turns 50 today. You made it and can still kill fish like a kid. Have a great day Dude.
  155. Johnny J

    Brandon Hayward's New Gig!!!!

    I was was made aware of this in a post by Fred Brandt. If you liked reading Brandon's Column in WON or his books this should be good. Let's help this fly. Here is a link to Fred's post and one "The Bight" a journal for the saltwater angler...
  156. Johnny J

    Maximus 3.5 day 2014 1 Spot

    I have 1 spot on a 3.5 day Maximus trip. Depart Feb. 27th--Returns March 3rd. Cost is $1370, meals are included in cost. Load is 10. John (951) 551-0851
  157. Johnny J

    2.5 Day on the Eclipse. Columbus Day Weekend!!!

    Boat----Eclipse When----Departs Friday Oct. 11 7pm--Returns Monday (Holiday) Oct 14th 7am. Cost---- $550 Includes Meals (Fuel & Permits Extra) Load----25 Two custom Phenix Rod with be raffled. $10 per/ticket You can book @ link below or give me a call. Thanks John (951) 551-0851 Charter Trips
  158. Johnny J

    Free UFC Tonight

    On Fox, prelims have been going on for awhile on FX. Got the inlaws coming over so I have to record it.
  159. Johnny J

    Caught bft and yellow on the Outer Limits

    Jumped the Outer Limits for a overnight. Boat was clean and well kept, they run a good operation, I will fish it again. Woke up as the engines shut down on our first kelp which was the best of the day. Hooked up on a little yellow maybe went 8lbs then my first tuna about 18lb. Finally get my...
  160. Johnny J

    Going on the Outer Limits tonight.....

    Got home and the Pride was full. So I booked some spots for 2 buddies and me on the Outer Limits, first time on the boat I will let you know.
  161. Johnny J

    Pride tonight?

  162. Johnny J

    Eclipse 1.5 day fishing Labor Day

    Landing-- Seaforth Sportfishing Boat--Eclipse Date-- Sept. 1st departing @9pm---returning Tuesday morning around 7am. Cost-- $360 includes meals and fountain drinks. Load-- 24 Fishing has been good this year so we are expecting a great trip. We also have lots of giveaways so everybody goes home...
  163. Johnny J

    1.5 next week (mid week). (Eclipse)

    Thinking about jumping on a mid week (Tues PM to Thur AM) $295 includes permits. Anyone on this trip? I am thinking it will be a very lite load running mid week.
  164. Johnny J

    Silva KNOCKED OUT????

    Somebody tell me this is the true................. Got home late could not order fight.
  165. Johnny J

    Vagabond 5day June 8th--who is going?

    Trying to see how many BDer's are on. John (Jiggerman) in Riverside would like to carpool if anybody is coming from that area. Vagabond is on a 8 hopefully Mikeill have a good idea of the BFT location for us on the way down. Also still 2 spots left if anybody is interested. Some stuff to give...
  166. Johnny J

    New Maui Jim "Guy Harvey Edition" Mahi Mahi

    New in case. $150 Sorry for the bad pic.... Also did not see away to delete one of the Pics.
  167. Johnny J

    UFC Tonight Free.

    On FX. Just passing it along.
  168. Johnny J

    46 Chevy Project of the day.

    Been working on this for awhile. Hopefully it will start tomorrow. Fuel pump broke dropped a piece in the new motor, luckily fished it our with a magnet. New fuel pump then the fuel line brakes. Not mine getting it going for Dad. Maybe some day (right).
  169. Johnny J

    SKB FS

    Putting this up for a BD'er who doesn't know how to post pic. 7100 SKB $160. User name Hugo Bendo.
  170. Johnny J

    Vagabond 5day in June (BFT) & Cedros.....

    There are 2 spots left on this trip. Capt. Mike Lackey loves killing BFT. Looks like this year won't disappoint. We fish tuna on the way down, kill some quality Yellows at Cedros then kill some more tuna on the way home. 2 years ago Mike added a day just so we could fill up on the BFT to 60lbs...
  171. Johnny J

    Going to miss Brandon's column and blogs.

    Good Luck buddy on your new adventure. Going to miss reading your weekly input. Very informative and on my level which isn't high at all. Waiting to see where you pop up next. :hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  172. Johnny J

    DC Crabbin new season starts now.

    I just love this crap. Anybody else care.
  173. Johnny J

    Sewet Gun Range Grand Opening

    Saturday the 6th Sewet Gun Range will have their opening event. Lots of activities to participate in. Ares Armor will again be offering courses from handgun to sniper training. Click on the link below for a list of training courses. There is a certificate for an 80% lower if you are good enough...
  174. Johnny J

    The Ultimate Fisherman

    Sorry if it's repost, still cool.
  175. Johnny J

    Sewet Gun Range teams up with Ares Armor

    Below is some information on an event happening at the Sewet range. Check their FB page for other events. Also an all ladies Pistol Self Defense offered March 30th. ------------------------ Ares Armor Tactical Training is proud to present the 1st Annual Tactical Rifle Challenge(TRC) at...
  176. Johnny J

    Jeff Gordon Test Drive

    I am rolling.
  177. Johnny J


    I felt that!!!!!!!
  178. Johnny J

    Vail today

    Fished Vail today for the first time in 20 years. Got the hookup with Mike from Bluewater in Temecula. Keith from the Maximus joined us. With Mike's awesome rig and gear we killed it. Something like 40 or 50 fish. Beautiful day warm and glass with tons of action. Thanks guys...
  179. Johnny J

    SB Commercials?

    Paul Harvey Dodge Ram :urno1:
  180. Johnny J

    New Range in Anza.

    A buddy of mine has opened a new gun range in Anza. Here is a link the FB page. Going down to check it out. I will have some more info later.
  181. Johnny J

    Voyager Overnight fishing Sun.

    Leaves Sat. fishing Sunday. $125 Last chance to fish San Clemente before closer. (858) 220-1593
  182. Johnny J

    The Official End of The World Thread

    In response to Mika Tan's thread on the Mayan's I have started to prepare for the time at hand. My first step in preparation is booking Januaries Maximus trip. Next I am stocking up on Charger gear for next year, you can find it cheap now. That Oreo say "Chargers Superbowl Champs after the end...
  183. Johnny J

    Old looks new (threads)?

    Why do olds threads popup like they have new posts in them, like the Avet vs. Penn. Not that I care just wondering, maybe its just me--- and Mike. My post time is ok now.:D
  184. Johnny J

    UFC Tonight Free.

    Flipping channels found this. Diaz vs. Henderson, Penn vs. Macdonald, Brown vs. Swick. On Fox
  185. Johnny J

    Frank Update (Kind of)

    Tried to send text to cell. Ended up being the house. Something called text to talk, shows what I know (nothing). Anyway the boss left a message back saying Frank was moved to ICU at around 5pm. She had not heard from Frank yet but was assured everything was fine.
  186. Johnny J

    Voyager 1.5 leaving Fri-8pm

    One more please. Trying to get out one more time before my trip to the Rocks. $295 (includes permit) for a 1.5 day leaving Friday night 8pm. Doesn't include meals or fuel. 16 peeps will be the limit. You need to book directly with Jodie. Lets go kill some fishes........(858) 220-1593
  187. Johnny J

    2 spots this weekend.

    Anybody want to hop on a 2 or 2.5. this weekend. If interested Post up or send me a pm. Not sure of return depends on where we are. $300 doesn't include meals, permits or fuel. Leaves 5pm tomorrow.
  188. Johnny J

    Deer Crossings
  189. Johnny J

    2.5 Day Tues-Fri

    2 or 3 spots next week for $300. Doesn't include meals, food or fuel. Not a misprint. Plan is to leave early Tuesday afternoon if everybody can get there.
  190. Johnny J

    Cows and Drag... For Carl & Frank

    This is one should keep them from Jacking my thread, maybe.:rofl::rofl:
  191. Johnny J

    Drag vs Line for Cows.

    Just a question I have before I fill my 30exw. I have read about setting drags to 30% of line rating max, I run a less. Also hearing that a guy can realistically pull around 36lbs (what I have read never tried), why would you be running anything heavier than 130 in either spectra or fluoro...
  192. Johnny J

    153 Tonight

    Silva vs. Bonnar. Like to see Silva lose but I don't see that happening. Pretty good prelims on right now.
  193. Johnny J

    Page scrolling issues?

    Page scrolling is real jerky along with typing and searching. Just me???
  194. Johnny J

    Fluoro Blends?

    Stopped by BassPro to pass some time. Came across some Fluorocarbon Ploymer Alloy leaders. They have all the appearance and feel of 100% Fluoro. 80lb and 60lb in 100yrd for $11, pre-cut in 4' leaders. I think they also had 30lb and 40lb for $9. It is in the Offshore Basspro brand made in Japan...
  195. Johnny J

    2 spot on 7.5 Vagabond

    Just in, 2 open spots on 7.5 in Nov. $1700 each. Won't last. They are listed on the Vagabond site so jump quick.
  196. Johnny J

    Nov. Vagabond 5.5

    Looking for any BD'ers who have already booked this trip.
  197. Johnny J

    Customs Boats in O-side?

    Went out on my little Cat today and saw the Customs guys hanging at the ramp, about 15 guys and 7 cars. Exiting the harbor in comes 2 of the Fed boats each with 4 300's on the back and one Customs officer in what appeared to be a panga style boat close behind. All the guys on the Fed boat looked...
  198. Johnny J

    Endeavor Success

    Sorry for the late report. Jumped the Endeavor for an over night Monday. 57 miles was our farthest point. We joined a few other boat in the area and found a school first thing in the AM. I managed one then pulled 5 straight hooks, UltraPoint Mustad live bait ringed hook. Cut them fancy ass hooks...
  199. Johnny J

    Endeavor Mon. Night

    Just had to go. So I jumped on an overnite with David to kill something. Anybody here on this.
  200. Johnny J

    If the Lupe is Lost in November?

    What are the options? Does anything happen offshore or is Cedros the only alternative? What is fishing like at Cedros in Nov....These questions are based on a 5.5 day.
  201. Johnny J

    How to find a newly returned Vet.

    We have an opening on the BD Pointloma 3/4 day. Does anyone know how to find a newly returned vet that would like to fish? The spot is paid for.
  202. Johnny J

    Voyager 2day Aug 3-5 $495

    One spot 14 guys includes meals,fuel and permits. (951) 551-0851
  203. Johnny J

    Eclipse Labor Day trip (1.5 day)

    I have a 1.5 day Charter on the Eclipse. We leave Sunday Sept 2nd (PM) return Tues. Sept. 4th (AM). Cost is $335 includes meals, fuel and mexican fishing permits. 25 people (LOT OF GIVEAWAYS) If interested you can pm or call. (951) 551-0851 We have 1 spot left.
  204. Johnny J

    Over 90,000 members........

    How long till we break the 100,000? Maybe there should be should be some sort of contest.
  205. Johnny J

    Long Copper Head

    J. Akuhed put this together for me. 12' Fenwick with Copper head inlay. It killed some BFT with no problem.
  206. Johnny J

    If you listen to your Wife you wake up in the dirt.

    If you listen to your wife she will tell you she wants a driveway gate. If you want to build a driveway gate you have to use channel locks to fix the fence the tweaker ran through when he stole your 2.5 ton dump truck. If you use channel locks to fix the fence the tweaker ran through...
  207. Johnny J

    UFC 148 Really

    Ortiz vs. Franklin......I hear MJ is going to play for the Lakers....I know it's a ways off but really.
  208. Johnny J

    Vagabond 5day short report

    Not wide open this year. Mike had to work to put us on fish, and he performed well. Fish would play for awhile and sink away. Water around 64.8 wear the fish were found. We had the Spirit and Indy out with us on the grounds. Mostly YFT was the game with some BFT in the mix. Lots of rats out...
  209. Johnny J

    My Ship finally came in. Free trip soon....

    Just needs some final touches from Frank and Carl.
  210. Johnny J

    Vagabond 5day Cedros/BFT 6/9

    Any other bd guys on this trip? I understand Mike found some big ones today. Also heard they found a good bite on WSB. Site says still 6 spots left. This is pain from this IPhone. Just found the microphone below the keyboard no more typing
  211. Johnny J

    Newell series Questions

    This site answered alot of my Newell questions as far as what is the difference in the line of Newell reels.
  212. Johnny J

    Spotter Planes for our fleet!!!!!!!

    Southern Cal sportfishing fleet starting to use spotter planes to decrease search time and increase fishing time.
  213. Johnny J

    New Forum Section "Popcorn"?

    I am thinking we need a Popcorn forum. Kind of like the roadways, the more drivers the worse (or more fun) it gets. With all the Popcorn threads or potential popcorn threads we might need a better way to keep track of what is going on.
  214. Johnny J

    Happy Mothers Day and no water....

    Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms. Start of the day with the well pump going out. Maybe I should just go fishing!!!! It is never easy and always at the worst time. But no worries life is good. Now I have a project anyway.
  215. Johnny J

    San Diego

    Anybody here going on the SD tomorrow?
  216. Johnny J

    The Wife Asked

    The wife asked me what I did yesterday, I told her nothing. She then ask what was I doing today, again I told her nothing. I was wasn't finished yet.
  217. Johnny J

    Vagabond 5day.

    Just had a buddy of mine back out, he needs shoulder surgery. We still have like 7 spots left, $1250. Alway an epic trip. June 9th to 13th.
  218. Johnny J


    I bought two rods at a garage sale. One has all the appearances of a red Truline. It is a full 10' that was wrapped in the deckhand style with spinning eyes. The guys said his dad wrapped it about 25 years ago. The other rod I have no clue. It is 11' 6'' also wrapped the same. He was from the...
  219. Johnny J

    Temp fix kind of.

    If you have an over lap double click and hold like you are going to highlight and copy or print and you don't see the overlap issue. Not near as bad away.
  220. Johnny J

    Anybody Remember These? (Albacore)

    Just thought I would refresh myself with some information just in case.
  221. Johnny J

    BD Page issues??

    Anybody else having a double problem. Look like one page over another.
  222. Johnny J


    All day and still coming!
  223. Johnny J

    Sabre Question

    Bought a custom deckhand style Sabre rod at a garage sale. Nice stick with gimbal butt. Feels like maybe 30-60 or a 20-50. Does anybody know anything about Sabre numbers. It says 865 XH. It is 7'.
  224. Johnny J

    Fortune Golden Ticket 3day

    I have a ticket for the Fortune 3day that was leaving the 16th now moved to the 30th. Anybody interested needs to pm or call me before Friday evening or it goes back to the landing. $475 (951) 551-0851
  225. Johnny J

    1.5 Day Voyager $175

    Have to give up my spot. 1.5 day on the Voyager this weekend. $175 Need 3 to go. Contact Jodie (858) 220-1593
  226. Johnny J

    Fish'n-Marine Center (BBQ)

    Anybody Going?? The new Fish'n-Marine Center in Lakeside is having a shindig on Saturday. Looks like they have a nice setup, tackle and marine services. BBQ starts at 11:30 with Capt. Bill Schaefer doing a seminar at 1:00. Not my shop just try to help out.. Fish'n-Marine Center 12365...
  227. Johnny J

    Steven Seagal arrested Really

    I am at my computer so I don't if I heard it right. It said he was arrested for the fires up in LA. Maybe a lookalike or I am hearing things.
  228. Johnny J


    These are the best I have found showing the places they screwed us out of. I will have my bronze badge soon. Need to set up Paypal.
  229. Johnny J

    Otter Duck boat for sale

    Otter Outdoors final attack duck hunting boat. My dad has one he wants to sell. He is in Fallbrook if anybody is interested. It's new never been in the water. Has back rest and paddle. Wheels around also. Send pm or call and I will give his info. $500 951-551-0851...
  230. Johnny J

    Snowing Heavy

    It's snowing heavy right now. They are saying snow level to 2500'. Can't wait to see what I wake up to tomorrow.
  231. Johnny J

    Visa Requirements Pass?

    Booked a 1.5 day first week of Jan. I was just informed that this stuff went through. Not bitching about it, just want to know the legalities of it. Private boater vs sportboats, areas or boundaries, where to purchase, length of time it is valid that type of stuff. If it has already been posted...
  232. Johnny J

    Black Friday Sale

    Any one going.......Anglers Choice Sale starts @ 7am.
  233. Johnny J

    Fishin hobiecat kind of

    16' Hobie kind of. Removed all the rigging and installed a 5hp tiller. Solar panel keeps the battery up for the bait tank and fish finder. Icechest holds all the equipment-- gps/vhf/epirb, anchor, cutting board and more. The chairs used to swivel but my buddy could not balance. I usually stand...
  234. Johnny J

    Buggin on the Pride?

    Anybody ever done this. A friend of mine booked the boat so I figured I would give it a try. I know he has 2 or 3 spots that guys back out on. Cost is $55. They have the gear. Leaves tonight at 6pm 951-551-0851
  235. Johnny J

    One Eyed Shark

    This was on the news today. Caught in the Gulf.
  236. Johnny J

    5Day Nov. Anyone going

    Anyone here on the Nov. 8th-13th Vagabond 5day. I understand there is still plenty of room. $1250
  237. Johnny J

    Avet conversion Question.

    I have 2 LX 2 speeds. I also have 1 JX single speed. Question is can I use one of the LX 2 speeds to convert the JX to a 2 speed?
  238. Johnny J

    Eclipse (Labor Day) Report

    Just back from the not hidden. All anglers arrived introductions were made and all were eager to get on the water. Boat was returning from 2 day made a quick turn around and off we went. Capt Rick gave us the game plan was to join the rest of the fleet and the pens. He said the fish are hanging...
  239. Johnny J

    1.5 day Eclipse (Labor Day)

    Leaves Sunday the 4th around 8pm----returns Tuesday the 6th around 6am. Cost is $350 includes meals, permit and fuel. I have 4 spots left. 951-551-0851
  240. Johnny J

    1.5 Voyager next Monday

    I need a redemption trip. Just spoke with Jodie and have a trip leaving next Sunday 28th PM returning the 30th AM. $250. Doesn't include meals or permits. 15 people
  241. Johnny J

    1.5 day Eclipse (Labor Day)

    Trying to put together a Labor Day trip. Leaving Sunday the 4th PM---Returning Tues:rofl: the 6th AM. Cost $350 includes meals, permit and fuel. We need 14 peep to go, 8 as of now.
  242. Johnny J

    UFC !33

    What is your thoughts. Just saw the weigh in. Tito looked ready but Evans is calm. Evans has not fought in 14 months.
  243. Johnny J

    Shark Week

    Anybody watchin this. Saw the lady and her ordeal with the GW at Cat. Lots of Lupe stuff.
  244. Johnny J

    Voyager 2day-2spots Aug12th-14th

    Just had one guy cancel some spots. I have 2 spots on the Voyager-- 2day. Leaves Friday Aug 12th PM-- Returns Sunday Aug 14th PM. Cost is $470 includes meals, fuel and permits. 16 people. John (951) 551-0851
  245. Johnny J

    Voyager Overnight (Friday $165)

    Got a call from Jodie. He had a cancellation on the 23rd. I have taken the boat for a overnight leaving Friday PM returning Sat PM for $165. Load is 16 peeps. Fishing areas has yet to be set. If the tuna are biting we go-- if not then maybe SCI for who knows. Anybody interested?
  246. Johnny J

    First thing you put on a new truck

    First things First. Need one for the pass side...
  247. Johnny J

    Vagabond 5day

    Left the docks with a nice load of bait. Mike told us first on the plate would be BFT offshore then to the islands for some YT. Arrived at the grounds put the jigs in the water at 5:30 AM. Nothing on the deck all day. Finally around dusk found a school that wanted to play I think we scratched...
  248. Johnny J

    Personal Traditions

    What is your personal tradition before you get on a long range trip. Not talking buying gear or tackle or stuff for the crew although I do round up a case of Monster for them. For me it's NEW socks. Nothing like a nice pair of new socks in the morning. Might be a strange, stupid question but...
  249. Johnny J

    No Yellow Love

    Fish the Voyager Saturday. Left the dock with big hopes as the SD showed up with 30 and lost 40 of the right kind. Jodie made a stop and we loaded up on some squid then off to the the pile for our spot. Woke up to alittle wind not bad at all. Worked it hard with no takers for us or any other...
  250. Johnny J

    Voyager Overnight

    Voyager Yellowtail trip is the plan. Leaves-- Friday 27th PM Return-- Saturday 28th PM. Cost $115 includes permit. 16 max load
  251. Johnny J

    VAG 5 Day

    June 5day on the VAGABOND, any other BD'ers here going on this trip? Hope to get some bft, albi.
  252. Johnny J


    A buddy sent me some Elk. Arrived today sat on porch nobody checked it. Came home half still mostly frozen, the rest is very cold but not frozen. Had Dry ice when it shipped but I guess not enough. Will it still be good if I put it in the freezer or am I screwed.
  253. Johnny J

    1.5 Day this weekend

    Buy my spot. Jodie (Owner of the Voyager) has a new boat. The Pride is running a Penn-Berkley trip this weekend leaving Friday night returning Sunday morning. I was booked on the trip and got a surprise call today, my 2 year old grandson arrives tonight (If I could take him I would) someday...
  254. Johnny J

    Help the military kids

    The I need help posted by Conseamate is about helping our military Kids. Not that Frank doesn't need help.
  255. Johnny J

    New Family Member

    Pick-up from a buddy of mine. Almost 5months. Duke is very birdy, already found a pigeon with a green band. He is not sure of horses yet. I have had many Shorthairs this is my first Lab.
  256. Johnny J

    After the BD Blood Drive

    Woke up to this. Made for slow drive home. Girls at the drive said I can't do any hard labor so had to tell wifey can't shovel snow or feed the horses. Sorry Frank my dog is to young to date.
  257. Johnny J

    Tackle Shop Giveaway....

    Did not know where to put this post. Stopped by a Shop to pickup a chest that was not longer being used. I had to drive around all day with it in the back. If I would have had it full of fish I could have sold out twice. I know the laws and all that just saying might be a job opportunity for...
  258. Johnny J

    Overnight $99

    I have an overnight on the Voyager. Leaves Friday night, returns Saturday night. Fish tacos for the Superbowl. $99. (951) 551-0851. 5 spots left....16 total
  259. Johnny J

    Mikey's BD

    Happy Birthday Mike. So how long till you are a full time fisherman. See ya at the show. Did you ever find the pics of those new style deck boots?
  260. Johnny J

    Rod for New Years

    I know this might be the wrong place but I thought the Rod Builders would appreciate this choice item. A customer of mine said he had something in the house for me for Christmas, was I shocked when he handed me this. Said he bought it about 25 years ago and it has been in the closet ever since...
  261. Johnny J

    UFC Ultimate Fights Finale on now

    UFC Ultimate Fight Finale on Spike now. Might be some good fights.
  262. Johnny J

    1.5 day Voyager. Colenet 12/11

    Putting together 1.5 day Colonet trip. $185 includes permit (meals extra). Leaves 12/11 (Sat.) 5pm, returns 12/13 (Mon.) 5am. Anyone interested send PM. Sorry I just spoke with Jodie and we got wires crossed on what was included. My fault.....
  263. Johnny J

    Vagabond 9day Late Report (There's a reason)

    Left Saturday Oct 30th. I asked Mike if we would see the Rocks this time he assured me we would. It would be my first. After the 2day ride They came in to site (AWESOME), the AA was set up in the fishy spot on the west side. We put out the hook ( landed a few smaller grade) and waited our turn...
  264. Johnny J

    Vagabond 9day

    Check in to see hooo from the BD group is going on this trip #40. All I have left to do is pack the bags and buy 10lbs of candy. I understand that one spot is still available.
  265. Johnny J

    Feel the shaking??

    Just felt the shaking in Anza. Anybody else
  266. Johnny J

    Voyager overnight

    Trying to put together quick overnight. Leave Sunday night fish Monday. $180. Need 8 guys. Send pm or call. Just talked to Jody had 40 bft at 35miles.... (951) 551-0851
  267. Johnny J

    Game Time

    Chargers playin
  268. Johnny J

    Earthquakes & Fishing

    Talked with a guy that implied that the earthquakes and weird season fishing might be related. What do you think.
  269. Johnny J

    2day Voyager Aug 13th to 15th

    I have one spot on the Voyager fishing August 13th to 15th. Load is 14 on trip. Cost is $480--- includes Meals,Permits.
  270. Johnny J

    164 albacore!!!

    Seaforth landing has 164 albacore posted on their fish count board...... 1.5 day leaving Tues hope the stay-up:D I have spots open...... <style></style>
  271. Johnny J

    Eclipse 1.5 day (Rev.)

    Eclipse reverse 1.5 day. This trip leaves Tuesday July 20th 8am T and returns Wednesday July 21st 8pm. The plan is to get fishing in the afternoon and be on the fish at gray light. The cost is $365 (includes meals & permits for 2days). Send me a PM or contact Capt. Mark (619) 518-8701.
  272. Johnny J

    BFT on the Voyager.

    Left Saturday night for first tuna trip. Jody said BFT were showing signs down around 90 miles. Got on the grounds around 8am Cary on the Success called us to a school off his stern. Before we arrived the ocean blew-up with a huge froth of BFT about 3/4 the size of a football field, decked 4 of...
  273. Johnny J

    1.5 day Voyager $200

    1.5 day on the Voyager leaves 6/12 PM returns 6/14 AM. Cost $200 does not include meals or permits. Only 6 signed up so far. Send PM for contact info. Or contact Jody directly.
  274. Johnny J

    Big Hammer 2day

    Anybody here on thinking about the Big Hammer trip? May 19th & 20th. Looks like a very lite load. I called Mark only 3 signed up so for. $195
  275. Johnny J

    Idaho Brown

    This was sent to me by my buddy Idaho. I HAVE to get up there. He caught it on the Owyhee River. Using a 8' 6" 5wt rod with 4lb Leader 23" / 5.5lbs, 15 min fight.
  276. Johnny J

    Johnson Reels

    Anyone ever seen one of these?
  277. Johnny J

    Any Questions

  278. Johnny J

    Tuna Education

    The story of tuna is being aired again (now) on the History Channel in case anybody missed it.
  279. Johnny J

    Is this rape?

    Is this statutory rape?
  280. Johnny J

    Got a Tuna for Christmas !!

    Got a Frank Turner Tuna for Christmas. Frank was a long time friend, custom rod builder and artist. This picture is called Tuna with Attitude, it's 40"'x50"'. What did you get?
  281. Johnny J

    New Grandson (A CHARGER FAN)

    My new Grandson visited from Idaho. He is a Charger fan all the way. Super Bowl--- Chargers 30 Saints 27 in overtime
  282. Johnny J

    Reels 4sale

    My buddy is selling off some gear. Darrell (951) 659-3201 Penn 15KG 2-speed $175 Penn Jigmaster $40 ea. Avet MXL 5.8 $160 ea. Avet MXL 6/4 $240 Avet JX 6:1 $195
  283. Johnny J

    1.5 Day on Eclipse (Labor Day)

    1.5 Day on Eclipse out of Seaforth. Leaves Sept. 6th PM---returns Sept. 8th AM. $325 includes Meals & Permits. Send pm or contact Eclipse Sportfishing (858) 610-8844
  284. Johnny J

    1 Spot 1.5 day leaves Friday Night

    Had a guy back-out. 1.5 day on Voyager leaves 8/14 PM back 8/16 AM, 14 on trip. $350 includes Meals, Permit and JP. 951-551-0851
  285. Johnny J

    Voyager Overnite $89

    Jody has an overnite for $89. Friday night fishing Saturday.
  286. Johnny J

    2Day on Voyager reduced cost

    2 spots on Voyager July 20th (pm) to 22nd (pm). Price includes everything but tip/jp/fish cleaning. Limit 10 on trip. $500 e-mail--- [email protected]
  287. Johnny J

    George Carlin Dies

    Just read that we lost George today.
  288. Johnny J

    2Day on Voyager Limit 10

    I have 3 spots on a 2 day July 20th--22nd. Cost $570 includes permits/meals/fuel charge. Limited to 10 [email protected]
  289. Johnny J


    I am sorry for the problems caused by the posting of the Grip-n-Hook product. David is my neighbor who has nothing to do with the product. As far as the guy who asked about patents I have been in contact with him by PM. I just thought that in the first reply I would give him a link to my site so...
  290. Johnny J


    2 day on the Pacific Voyager. June 6th-8th Only 10 on so far. (951) 658-7410 Cost is $550
  291. Johnny J

    Wil they be there....

    I am on a trip June 6th to 8th on the Pacific Voyager. Think the albies will be in that 2 day range by then. Still only 9 on the trip so far. GRIP-N-HOOK - Fishing Rod Trigger - Hang on to your rod & reel investment with our Trigger Rod