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  1. hendo7

    battery reccomnendations for house and start

    thanks for all your replies
  2. hendo7

    battery reccomnendations for house and start

    that sounds perfect for my situation
  3. hendo7

    battery reccomnendations for house and start

    that's right i do not have a charging issue i have a draining issue and yes "as i have said" i do have a ACR problem which i will solve by replacing but for now i just turn the battery switch to combine (5511e) when i am charging, Again the problem i have is a quicker than wanted discharge...
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    battery reccomnendations for house and start

    Group 31 Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Batteries, 12V, 105 Amp Hours, 200 Res. Min., 800 CCA, 1000 MCA, 9 3/8"H x 12 15/16"L x 6 3/4"W, 69 lb. 15020258 WM8A31DTM these are the batteries i have now from west marine. i don,t think its the alternator at all as my alternator charges the batteries back...
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    battery reccomnendations for house and start

    its a merc 260 hp not sure the alternator output
  6. hendo7

    battery reccomnendations for house and start

    i don,t get the green light but still when i combine the batteries it does charge both batteries and my set up does not run the house requirements for more than 4 or 5 hours so imay just buy another battery for the house and replace the combiner
  7. hendo7

    Plumbing experts needed!!

    i think you will be better of having a 1 " through the hull then 2 tees then a ball valves on both sides or 2 tees with 3 ball valves in 3/4 " ,so you can turn either one off and also run 1 bait tank at a time or both at a time ,at least this way you will have only 1 through the hull and 3...
  8. hendo7

    Plumbing experts needed!!

    i think you will be better of having a 1 " through the hull then 2 tees then a ball valves on both sides or 2 tees with 3 ball valves in 3/4 " ,so you can turn either one off and also run 1 bait tank at a time or both at a time ,at least this way you will have only 1 through the hull and 3...
  9. hendo7

    battery reccomnendations for house and start

    i have one of those and i think its not working as i still have to put my battery switch to combine when i am running the motor, i may have a faulty one but it still does not let running all my electronics for over 3 or 4 hours without draining the battery thanks for your reply
  10. hendo7

    battery reccomnendations for house and start

    i have 2 group 31 AGM batteries 1 for bank and 1 for starter both are fairly new , the problem i have (only when not paying attention) is that i run a lot of power through the house WHEN ENGINE IS NOT RUNNING (DRIFTING) 3 head units,radar on standby, high flow bait pump,2 radios,stereo...
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    how old are they ?
  12. hendo7

    auto pilot install help

    i cant understand why you are having trouble ,with my install set up it ask for rudder all the way port then enter all the starboard then enter, then it was done ,went really easy , but then again i did not have the rudder position sensor so maybe try without it as mine works awesome and dont...
  13. hendo7

    removing carpet... what's a good option other than carpet?

    i just finished doing Kiwi grip on my boat deck and i do not like it ,it dried like flat water based paint and picks up dirt real fast ,my sandals left marks on it that i can not get off ,i wish i did Herculiner like i did with my other boat but thats what i get for trying a different product...
  14. hendo7

    26 ft. Shamrock Pilothouse

    any pics ? where is the boat at ?
  15. hendo7

    34' Californian 27,000 twin perkins

    looks like a good set up,i am going to look into slip fees now
  16. hendo7

    Farallon 24 walkaround

    did you sell the boat ? my buddy has been trying to get a hold of you
  17. hendo7

    32# king by 7 year old

    does your kid give fishing lessons
  18. hendo7

    White Sea Bass Grow-out pens in Channel Islands Harbor

    yes they do been bitten by 2 within 3 months apart once on the wrist and could not use my hand for a month, looking at the pic that's just the first stage of infection I had a swell the size of a tennis ball on the side of my wrist that cut of circulation ,very painful at times
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    fathom 15ld2 175.00

    that's a great reel
  20. hendo7

    3 brand new reels

    awesome reels
  21. hendo7

    SB Report/ Channel Islands Tuna Trip

    gotta work thurs another time ,i will keep you in mind
  22. hendo7

    Real decent day for us....finally!

    now thats a bloody deck, good job awesome
  23. hendo7

    What Gloves would you Recommend?

    x3 you dont need no stinking glove, ever tried tying a knot with a glove on
  24. hendo7

    Is my rig too light for 2 day tuna trip coming up out of San Diego?

    with the heavy gear you might hit some tuna in the 40-50lb range if your lucky so its nice to have that set up around as you do not want to be breaking off while others are reeling them in otherwise you can use it for a yo-yo rig or rock fishing( if you do get to do that which i doubt very...
  25. hendo7

    Is my rig too light for 2 day tuna trip coming up out of San Diego?

    yes you are too light on your set up ideally on a 2 day you will want at least 3 rods better with 4 , 20-30 ,30-40,40-50 and maybe a 50-80 you should be able to rent them of the boat if not fisherman's landing rent them I think for $20 a trip, if you got the coin they also have some good deals...
  26. hendo7

    Patty Hopping the Ridge for limits of Dorado (video)

    awesome you guys work pretty well together , grandpa's rule
  27. hendo7

    Need boots recommendation......Again....Saloman Suck!

    if you got wide feet, take a look at Keen ,i have light weight Keens never tried the heavy Keens before but the ones i have i could sleep in so comfortable ,The Danners i used to have were comfy (mine made in China)and lasted almost two years as work boots (plumber) i also had Solamans a few...
  28. hendo7

    Channel Islands 8/6-8/8

    i was out there too around the same time ,tried to get the squid but too few as you said lots of macs , i got broke off a few times as the bite was few and for between so i went light (bad mistake) so then i went heavy got broke off with 40# leader one big one missed , i wish i did fish...
  29. hendo7

    SB Report/ Channel Islands Tuna Trip

    i should be leaving the launch around 5 or 6 AM friday morning ,hopefully earlier, i have a 25 foot downeaster pilot house ,i would like to buddy boat the gap and Santa Cruz maybe Santa Rosa i also may stay friday night at yellow banks so if anybody interested let me know 818 634 3968
  30. hendo7

    SB Report/ Channel Islands Tuna Trip

    i may get in touch if you want a buddy boat and i have room for those who want to help out
  31. hendo7

    8-1-15 Birthday present for my daughter

    congrats to you and your girl great job
  32. hendo7

    20 or 30lb mono for Avet SX for 1 day trips Yellowfin and Yellowtail

    just get a 25 yard spool of fluro in 20# OR 25# tie to your braid set a light drag and your good for about anything under 35#,there enough room set the drag higher if needed and have no fear that reel can handle lot more
  33. hendo7

    Dave Hansen Incredible Fisherman

    been thinking of calling him myself,be nice if he chimes in but I dout he will
  34. hendo7

    Anacapa Marlin

    great report and awesome catch and what a great mate along side of you , nice release
  35. hendo7

    Blackman 23 Outerbanks

    just a few changes ,wow indeed , great stuff Kelly , that boat is going to fly and you will get great gas mileage , I did a skippy conversion went from almost 2 mpg to over 4 mpg plus way more top end speed using a Honda 225 it ,took some time to get the motor the right height but glad I did it...
  36. hendo7

    Hey son, wanna go tuna fishing on Thursday? Yes please

    awesome i am up for adoption though being over 50 i don,t cost much to maintain just take me fishing and i,m happy
  37. hendo7

    It looked like a desert 07-23-15

    that is great your son has a new reeling in technique using the rail and elbow i got to learn that one ,great job there and a good day i bet the kids loved it
  38. hendo7

    cloudy gas

    my situation is a little different as i have a diesel truck but still the gas has got to go, i was on my way back from picking up a boat on the east coast made all the way to CA ok until i put my last tank of diesel in to get me all the way home and sure enough it started running real bad with...
  39. hendo7

    Looking for Avet reel and shimano rod

    i have a brand new mxl on a carnage rod both never used still in plastic ,the reel has threadlock 60lb hollow with seagar fluro 30lb, it over $300 set up for sure , only you can have it for $200 otherwise i am not selling to anyone else , i hate thief's aswell as anybody
  40. hendo7

    WTB: Avet MXL or JX Raptor

    they are awesome reels
  41. hendo7

    which spectra??

    i bought three rolls of toro tamer and fish them ,took the line off after that and put on thread lock ,toro digs into itself and soaks up water like a sponge ,thread lock seams to be half the size of toro tamer and a lot smoother toro tamer maybe easier to thread a loop etc but its all about the...
  42. hendo7

    48,5 lbs at Sunrise - Extreme Kayak Fishing

    awesome you kayak guys amaze me
  43. hendo7

    Fuel cell hatch removal

    if you can get some wire in there try sawing it out with lubricating the wire with dish soap so it does not get too hot,another way i would do it is just to pry it out without damage to the deck break it if you have to and replace it they are not that expensive, which ever way you go good luck
  44. hendo7

    Guess The Weight-Win a Okuma Metaloid

  45. hendo7

    metaloid or mxj?

    avets, I have the sx raptor just caught 4 YT over 35lbs no problem, could of used my mxj or the mxl raptor but did not need to, big reel muscle in a little reel that cast great plus there are California made with great customers service (never needed myself)
  46. hendo7

    any tips on auto pilot install?

    sorry did not mean to hijack your thread on help i need as this thread was intended on help you may need but i do appreciate thanks
  47. hendo7

    any tips on auto pilot install?

    sorry i guess its not like the one int he pic as did not notice it was a cable operated one mine has two lines coming from the power steering pump on the engine and two lines coming from the helm
  48. hendo7

    any tips on auto pilot install?

    yes i do ,its a power assisted hydraulic ram
  49. hendo7

    any tips on auto pilot install?

    now i am confused ,i do have hydraulic steering that is assisted by power steering from the engine and was told i do not need to get rid of the power assisted ram i already have thanks for your help confused listener
  50. hendo7

    any tips on auto pilot install?

    yes that look exactly like it
  51. hendo7

    any tips on auto pilot install?

    i do have the ram that comes with the bravo 2 and heard its about 100cc ram that will work with the ev100 any bigger than 150cc i would have to go with the ev200 just not sure if the power assisted steering i have will work with the hydro pump with the ev100
  52. hendo7

    any tips on auto pilot install?

    thank you all for the info Wayne you have confused me ,i do have hydro steering now and was told told the ev100 just goes in with a tee on the existing hydro lines, Kindafishy, like i said i do have hydro now and hope i dont have to buy that stuff but thanks for the info, i supposed to talk with...
  53. hendo7

    any tips on auto pilot install?

    i went to west marine today to go and buy a ev100 but got turned around because i was made unsure it will be big enough for my 25 foot boat i can do around $1500 but the next step up will be around $2800 for the ev200 and after looking in the box with no fittings for the hydro lines got me...
  54. hendo7

    Lowrance fishfinder gps help! Fuel flow sensor, charts etc

    it took me 6 months to get the ep-10 fuel flow sensor had it on order in 4 different suppliers west marine finally came through,i heard Lowrance have quit making them because of continuous problems with them and they still have not come out with a replacement yet,with that said i would suggest a...
  55. hendo7

    ev200 autopilot anyone using it

    ops just noticed how old this thread is
  56. hendo7

    ev200 autopilot anyone using it

    i thinking about buying one in the next day or two but worried it will not work for my 25 foot boat,west marine says it will , i find it hard staying on course in moderate weather with my boat as light as it is what also bothers me is that Raymarine says its a complete easy install ,how can it...
  57. hendo7

    My girl is SOLD!

    nice clean boat
  58. hendo7

    Prettiest skipjack ever!!!! 20kobo

    nice boat ,bump for ya
  59. hendo7

    Prettiest skipjack ever!!!! 20kobo

    cant say anything bad about this boat great mileage
  60. hendo7

    Prettiest skipjack ever!!!! 20kobo

    30" is the set back
  61. hendo7

    SenorTuna 3.5 day Channel Islands $495.

    george can u pm your phone # still trying to make and want to see if theres room if i can
  62. hendo7

    SenorTuna 3.5 day Channel Islands $495.

    i just might do it again this year will have to see if i can get off work
  63. hendo7

    Yamaha 70hp for sale (parts motor)

    thats a great motor if you can get it going, i had one for 6 yrs never a hickup
  64. hendo7

    Livingston 19 Input

    great little boat but not at that price
  65. hendo7

    looking for the YT

    looking for the YT
  66. hendo7

    thirsty for yellow blood

    maybe we should trade a trip ,me down there and you up here ,always good to learn some new stuff of each other , trucks been a bitch fighting with dodge over whos responsible for the repair so I,m just going to by a old tow truck just to get me out there ,good luck
  67. hendo7

    thirsty for yellow blood

    now I see your out SD but looks like the gap between Ana Capa and santa cruze still if you ever want to come up here and fish it maybe not as good as down there in SD the yellows are here but we just have to find them
  68. hendo7

    thirsty for yellow blood

    my boat is just ran it over the weekend to chck things out, but my truck is down at the moment my by another truck this week so I will be ready for the weekend or in the week work allowing
  69. hendo7

    Vehicle Back up Cameras..... what's your take?

    my boat does not have one
  70. hendo7

    thirsty for yellow blood

    i also see you were at the gap somewhere , i,m serious about going out ,all my friends stay at home when the wind blows over 10 knots
  71. hendo7

    thirsty for yellow blood

    awesome job ,your the man for getting out there in such bad weather in your boat , i want to fish with you someday plus going out on a full moon and getting some ,let me know when you want to go out my boat or yours
  72. hendo7

    County line and anacapa

    I need some one to tow my boat to the launch ram and back and I will take you fishing all day, let me know tonite and be here in moorpark at 3 am 25 foot downeaster pilot house ,weighs about 8k at most with trailer my truck is down for a while
  73. hendo7

    Ok here we go again Im a idiot 20ft Wilson

    looking tip-top Wayne
  74. hendo7

    Tax glue top shots, Part XVXXI

    good to know thanks,i have just got some 40 and 80 of toro and some 80 and 60 threadlock ,yes the thread lock is definitely smaller in diameter than the toro in the 80 lb (all hollow) must be the same for the other
  75. hendo7

    Tax glue top shots, Part XVXXI

    you say you stripped off the toro tamer because of its size ? is it much bigger in diameter ?
  76. hendo7

    went out lookin on 4 15 2015

    thanks for the report ,i almost was heading down there this weekend but not worth 2 days of no sleep
  77. hendo7

    wts Shimano terez and gloomis rods

    wish you were closer but atleast a bump for ya
  78. hendo7

    How I spent my Easter vacation...

    love that power wagon its awesome
  79. hendo7

    Radar wiring question

    what he said
  80. hendo7

    Toro Tamer 80 Hollow Core Sold out

    i will take 80lb hollow 16
  81. hendo7

    Misc. Boat and tackle

    did you ever find out if the AP works ?
  82. hendo7


    great reel have 2 ofum and love um
  83. hendo7

    Toro Tamer 80 Hollow Core Sold out

    thanks for the quick shipping
  84. hendo7

    Going commercial

    live your dream and make it work ,at least your fishing and doing something you want to do,go for it
  85. hendo7

    Toro Tamer 80 Hollow Core Sold out

    are you getting anymore in stock ?
  86. hendo7

    Toro Tamer 80 Hollow Core Sold out

    i will take a spool of 40lb hollow 16 strand if you got it
  87. hendo7

    Ok here we go again Im a idiot 20ft Wilson

    Wayne where are you getting your windows from? this is neil who got the bait tank from you about 6 months ago
  88. hendo7

    Fathom VS Avet

    totally agree
  89. hendo7

    35/12.50/17 nitto mud grapplers

    where and what price ????
  90. hendo7

    boat shipper

    i dont recommend Uship ,i got jerked around by those guys for over a month ,i was told several times my boat was going to be shipped but after a month of weird stories and excuses from their shippers, 6 different carriers let me down i had to go get it myself, Michigan is a long haul its going...
  91. hendo7

    Towing a boat with a 10' beam around SoCal...your thoughts?

    my boat has a 9,10" beam towed it here from NC and been towing it around here since ,with no problems, no permits
  92. hendo7

    Yanmar 6LP-STP

    a bad story turned good ,and good for you it was just a small repair that could have been thousands
  93. hendo7

    Yamaha 225 and Yamaha 9.9 4 stroke kicker...........

    dang it,i just got the money together ,let me know if it does not work out
  94. hendo7

    plastic or aluminum fuel tank

    that's what i would think and i cant smell any smell from my moeller tank ,i,m not saying plastic is better ,but i don't use ethanol gas and i do see it it lasting longer than alum ,i have up to (in this thread) now never heard of a plastic tank leaking, i had plenty of plastic tanks sitting in...
  95. hendo7

    Yamaha 225 outboard

    tom does that come with controls ?
  96. hendo7

    plastic or aluminum fuel tank

    not to hijack your thread but i think its in the same ball park, why are so many alum tanks made when there is plastic that last a long time maybe longer whats the benefit to alum versus plastic ? i put a moeller in my skipjack with no problems its only a year old but why alum ?
  97. hendo7

    Misc. Boat and tackle

    i have no problem paying the shipping ,just need to know if you will let me know how you want to get paid
  98. hendo7

    Misc. Boat and tackle

  99. hendo7

    Misc. Boat and tackle

    how about the auto pilot will you ship ?
  100. hendo7

    Misc. Boat and tackle

    i will take the auto pilot if it is a stand alone can you will ship
  101. hendo7

    Misc. Boat and tackle

    is the ap unit a stand alone unit or does it need a simrad head unit ? if it does not i will take off you if you ship,and as long as it works
  102. hendo7

    I Smoke Marijuana

    beautiful video pointing out the good part of pot, the part that does not get you high ,also the effects of the part that does get you high
  103. hendo7

    any yellows north of Dana point recently ?

    has anybody got any recently ,north of Dana point ?
  104. hendo7

    Penn Fathom vs. Torque

    i dont find the engaging being a problem ,, i think the free spooling makes it a great casting reel worth the trade off,besides the hard to engage does not happen all the time just now and then
  105. hendo7

    proline 23wa $2500 obo

    called and left you a message yesterday ,let me know if you did not get it for any reason
  106. hendo7

    By Catch

  107. hendo7

    Need fiberglass repair help on deck lids

    dont do what i did ,i redid my hatches with apoxy and glass only not too heavy but on of the 3 i did not clamp down on a level flat surface and i ended up warped good luck with your project
  108. hendo7

    Penn Fathom vs. Torque

    nice info
  109. hendo7

    yamaha 70 2 stroke

    ok sent you a message
  110. hendo7

    proline 23wa $2500 obo

    still for sale
  111. hendo7

    Blackman 23 Outerbanks

    dont want to hyjack this good thread but thanks i will check them out but if you have a link would grateful for a pm but they look like they are in the UK must be very expensive
  112. hendo7

    Farmed Raised Salmon....BAD!

    very interesting(both vids)i am certainly going to look at my fish i caught from now on , i have already stopped eating Salmon at the sushi bars only due to the fact that i don,t know where its from fish stores around here theres no telling where its from and i am not going to believe the labels...
  113. hendo7

    Blackman 23 Outerbanks

    thanks i will check them out
  114. hendo7

    Blackman 23 Outerbanks

    looking great ,where did you get those windows from ?
  115. hendo7

    yamaha 70 2 stroke

    the motor does not need any work ,it has the wiring harness key switch just the binnacle needs to be put back together
  116. hendo7

    Avet jx raptor soldsoldsoldsold

    what it going for ?
  117. hendo7

    Structure Scan, Insight, Navionics...what is all this and do I need it?

    i think the structure scan is the shit but others think not ,the only reason i dont like it is its does not go much deeper than 150 feet with clarity with my set up its not designed to work going much faster than 4 knots i have the transome mount transducer and the through the hull ,the HDS 10...
  118. hendo7

    yamaha 70 2 stroke

    still for sale
  119. hendo7

    boat items for sale...

    i need a 18.5 sorry
  120. hendo7

    boat items for sale...

    any news on the props ,what outdrive did they come off ? what size and pitch ?
  121. hendo7

    raymarine auto pilot .. sportpilot+

    let me know if it did not sell
  122. hendo7

    boat items for sale...

    what props are they ?
  123. hendo7

    boat items for sale...

    whats the price of the bracket ? and the radar pedistal ?
  124. hendo7

    yamaha 70 2 stroke

    still available email me at [email protected]
  125. hendo7

    1990 parker 2520

    looks good you will be fine with a 225 on that boat IMHO may not go 40 mph but who ever does and how often
  126. hendo7

    Forward facing light bar or remote spot?

    there is picture on the show me your skipjack thread that show bow lights recessed into the bow which i think looks good and will work well ,sorry i cant find the pic
  127. hendo7

    broncos escaped with a win at home

    hats off to the Dolphins
  128. hendo7

    Forward facing light bar or remote spot?

    i just got the 6 bulb version of that one two lights for 27 bucks they are bright but not as bright as i thought they would be but the price was right and i wil still install them as side light to help with hooping and squid-ding for bait
  129. hendo7

    Which Power Plant?

    theres a lot of opinions out there on outboard over i/o i personally go for outboard for the reasons of economy while a inboard maybe cheaper to maintain over a outboard but in the long run i think a outboard has more beneficial factors more deck space for one ,better ride for another and less...
  130. hendo7

    mercury 5.7 with merc tr2 out drive

    i think its a 270 hp .i don,t know if the pan stainless , do not want to separate at this time ,sorry all or nothing oh its a 1991 as far as i know look really clean no rust
  131. hendo7

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question

    i totally agree ,i was lucky enough to find a 225 Honda four stroke with 300 hours attached to a boat for 6K i like your boat Nardo
  132. hendo7

    mercury 5.7 with merc tr2 out drive

    fresh water cooled motor with tr2 outdrive 18.5 stainless prop, water cooling spray kit,runs perfect wiring harness etc about 900 hours ,fresh tune up and wires if i can get $6k for it all its yours as i am thinking of going out board motor and outdrive only of course
  133. hendo7

    yamaha 70 2 stroke

    need this gone i hate to see it sitting ,i will let her go for $1800
  134. hendo7

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question

    i sold the boat to a good friend and we go out fishing together in two boats , the skippy runs absolutely fantastic even better than i expected and is amazing on fuel took a little dialing in but way worth it .I regret selling it but glad its gone to a good friend so it was not like loosing a...
  135. hendo7

    Keeping a boat at MDR?

  136. hendo7

    Need help picking out new Electronics for the new boat!

    Simrad ,stay away from Raymarine or go lowrance,i,ve had raymarine for the last 4 years service can be good and can be very bad on warranty but with 2 and 3 yr old models i should not have problems but i did cables/Raynet are expensive when Lowrance is way less than half the price (in...
  137. hendo7

    Xantrex inverter

    i here they are the best you can buy ,like to know aswell
  138. hendo7

    My baby boy was born

    congrats to u and ur wife ,good job on both ur parts,it will not be long before hes pulling on a big yellow
  139. hendo7

    Made in America wins again, thank you Danner

    Danner and whites definitely the best boots made
  140. hendo7

    bait tank needed fibre glass 40-60 gallon

    thanks Wayne great deal you gave and nice talking with you
  141. hendo7

    bait tank needed fibre glass 40-60 gallon

    can you can send a pic and price and pic to my phone 818-634-3968
  142. hendo7

    bait tank needed fibre glass 40-60 gallon

    must be fiber glass round corners, off shore etc i,m in ventura county
  143. hendo7

    BAIT TANKS for TUNA !!

    knock knock
  144. hendo7

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question

    mines a a 81 deep v
  145. hendo7

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question

    finished it recently ,took some dialing in but its 90% finished , i will post some pics in the next few days rides great ,quiet,lots of room and so far seams a lot better on fuel but no numbers yet as my flow gauge is not working
  146. hendo7

    proline 23wa $2500 obo

    it does have a workable trailer ,brakes dont work a little rusty but works fine boat needs some sanding as the previous owner filled in some areas to be sanded good solid hull has power steering helm and hoses ,i will post pics a soon as i have a chance ,if its not gone by next week i will be...
  147. hendo7

    proline 23wa $2500 obo

    i now have the ,took it in as a trade and yes its still for sale email sent
  148. hendo7

    Bait tanks for sale

    can i see a pic of the inside of the square one please text sent
  149. hendo7

    yamaha 70 2 stroke

    best offer i may take it
  150. hendo7

    Amsteel Line

    thanks Antares for the popcorn police action i guess the seller just wants to sell weather it is not good for anchor line or not
  151. hendo7

    Tony Reyes Charters

    hope to make a trip this or next year
  152. hendo7

    Tony Reyes Charters

    showed me 14 spots filled 3 years ago ,then it cancelled due to not enough people had to arrange a alternative in short notice for 3 people so beware
  153. hendo7

    Need Some Fiberglass Advice

    put some rod holders in there
  154. hendo7

    Amsteel Line

    i am not so worried about the chafing due to having a 20 feet chain line ,its the less of a stretch thats concern,s me ,i know its good line as i have it on my 4x4 winch but worried if the less stretch will jerk the anchor loose i like the line due to its soft feel easy to handle
  155. hendo7

    BAIT TANKS for TUNA !!

    interested in the offshore how much ? or did i miss the price anyhoo need one quick let me know [email protected]
  156. hendo7

    Here we go 2014 bitches.... are you ready for some footballlllllll

    going out on a limb ,Miami(maybe its a thin branch)
  157. hendo7

    proline 23wa $2500 obo

    i can help you out there with the questions ,it had a 225hp honda on the back (four stroke) its located in channel island ,i,m sure the trailer comes with it , it does have a self bailing deck can sleep 3 adults , has complete walk around deck with lot of deck space ,solid hull great fishing...
  158. hendo7

    Amsteel Line

    does this give the needed stretch for anchor line
  159. hendo7

    yamaha 70 2 stroke

    taking offers need it gone
  160. hendo7

    proline 23wa $2500 obo

    thats going to be a good boat for somebody definitely priced to sell fast
  161. hendo7

    raymarine a78

    actually i,m done with Raymarine
  162. hendo7

    yamaha 70 2 stroke 1996 fuel injected

    still for sale ,its a great motor
  163. hendo7

    yamaha 70 2 stroke

    bump for a good motor
  164. hendo7

    24' skipjack open project

    i bet your happy about getting the pilot house on there and out the way, looks similar to mine but aluminum ,wish i did mine in aluminum less work as i must have about 4k hours in mine and still not done with sanding etc
  165. hendo7

    Volvo 280 drive hard shift

    good luck with it and fix it right what ever the problem is ,i blow apart two of my 280 ,s because of hard shifting,once the plugs got fouled up rev up the motor to clear them while i was approaching rocks in a current had to slam it in gear at a high idle and bam, threw out the anchor real...
  166. hendo7

    24' skipjack open project

  167. hendo7

    Skipjack 24 Open

    shes a beauty
  168. hendo7

    22 Bertram

    yes indeed love their hulls
  169. hendo7

    24' skippy open dry weight

    had mine weighed at one point on the trailer with gas tank half full ,pilot house ,gear 6800 pounds it was weighed though a flying J station give and take 100 pounds or so because it was still hooked to my truck
  170. hendo7

    whats the recommended load on a ignition switched wire from a outboard

    thanks for your help ,got it all wired up with the blue sea 4 terminal switch n VCR on two banks ,engine data and running ignition is only on the starting battery (ignition switch)which separates the the two banks while running but charges both when needed
  171. hendo7

    raymarine a78

    nice units because you can add a lot to them ,light house feature is nice,and if they come with the down vision is a plus but if you dont fish deeper than 600 feet the new Dragon fly system could save you some money and are good for what they do as a stand alone unit around $900 for down vision...
  172. hendo7

    Airmar Vs Lowrance 50/200

    through the hull is better but if you want struture scan /down vision they are expensive from Airmar not sure if Lowrance offers a through the hull transducer for the HDS but what ever you get make sure its the one you want if going through the hull they are a bitch to take out and replace
  173. hendo7

    raymarine C80

  174. hendo7

    WTB Farallon

    well make sure its a full deposit returned as i got the impression they keep some of it for their time, sure would be nice to deal with the owner though.i think its a great boat without the sea trial as i have been on one before but do make sure you put it through its pacers on the sea trial and...
  175. hendo7

    WTB Farallon

    i looked at the boat too ,its in good shape but the no trailer,no coming down in price without a formal bid and deposit of 10% to make a offer. the broker said no way to make a verbal offer. killed the deal the seller may want it gone but not the broker, i also made 3 trips up there to meet...
  176. hendo7

    lowrance HDS 7

    Lowrance HDS 7 gen1 w/card B164 transducer and cables with box and manual $700.00 o.b.o.
  177. hendo7

    how connect a garmin gps antenna to a ray marine ?

    thanks , Bare wire
  178. hendo7

    raymarine C80

    great condition with box, manual ,flush mount and deck mount (navionics inc) $800.00 Airmar B164 with raymarine cable (still in boat) $300.00 raymarine DSM 300 (still on boat) $300.00
  179. hendo7

    how connect a garmin gps antenna to a ray marine ?

    to clarify i have a c80 and a e7a but more concerned about hooking it into the C80 also can the antenna be used for two units ?
  180. hendo7

    how connect a garmin gps antenna to a ray marine ?

    i know this has been done seen it but how do you do it ? lots of wires which ones ? please help thanks
  181. hendo7

    yamaha 70 2 stroke

    still for sale they go for over 3500 on ebay this a good motor
  182. hendo7

    Airmar Vs Lowrance 50/200

    you need to find out what airmar transducer you have ,airmar do make a adapter cables for different head units but a through the hull transducer will give you a clearer picture due to less turbulent water passing by and mostly less air bubbles
  183. hendo7

    1986 20 ft sea ox cuddy

    very sturdy built boat miss my 23 sea-ox
  184. hendo7

    yamaha 70 2 stroke

    SOLD this has been the best and most reliable outboard i ever owned always used yamalube $3000.00 new price $1800 comes with cable harness but binnacle needs some work (no gages) can ship on your dime motor came off a 18 foot eaglecraft
  185. hendo7

    Fathom 25N - Gear Lever Needs Force

    its has happened to mine a couple of times ,i just crank it a 1/4 turn n its fine, i dont find it a issue with mine
  186. hendo7

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    beautiful came out nice ,great job
  187. hendo7

    Here is a nice vehicle! If you have $135,000 laying around!!

    i saw the titties in the vid
  188. hendo7


    nice trip, i always wanted to fish around there and wondered if its worth hauling my boat there and back
  189. hendo7

    WTB penn fathom 25n (found one)

    can,t have mine either
  190. hendo7

    Looking for a hardtop for a 24' cuddy

    go red neck and put a truck bed cover on it
  191. hendo7

    For sale: Penn Fathom 12 near mint. Sold to Hoss

    thats a awesome little reel with a big reel attitude
  192. hendo7

    yamaha 70 2 stroke 96-2001

    still for sale on this little reliable work horse
  193. hendo7


    i use a Sabiki rod that is hollow and the Sabiki line goes inside for storage ,works great and stores safely out the way and quick to use, no hooks exposed
  194. hendo7

    Spectra Adhesive

    after reading all of this i am now officially confused , glue or not glue
  195. hendo7


    do thos working womens go on long range boats ?
  196. hendo7

    65 Gallon Offshore Bait Tank 400.00 OBO

    no i traded already but i think i traded for one a little too small
  197. hendo7

    going slow as work is getting in the way hoping i can test it this weekend

    going slow as work is getting in the way hoping i can test it this weekend
  198. hendo7

    i already traded it for a smaller than i expected one ,not even sure of the size but i maybe...

    i already traded it for a smaller than i expected one ,not even sure of the size but i maybe interested
  199. hendo7

    WTB: Penn Fathom 15

    i bet u do they are great reels
  200. hendo7

    Looking to buy a 24 fb skippy

    i would like to hear some performance number on this one sounds like a great set up and a great price
  201. hendo7

    Seeker Hercules reviews anyone ?

    did the search thing not much came up i,m in the market for a jigging type hybrid rod that,s also capable of few other types of fishing, rather have a 8 footer medium to heavy , not interested in the Phenix as some may recommend rather stick with a local built rod thinking about the 30-60 line...
  202. hendo7

    Bilge pump wiring question

    i,m installing two in my bilge both on water triggered switch,s one has the helm switch(Rule) automatic/on with fuse in the switch panel that's the lower one ,the other one is set a little higher connected straight to the battery with a inline fuse also installed a buzzer so when the second high...
  203. hendo7

    Off Shore Bait Tanks still in business

    just got one the other day that i had swapped from a offshore 85 gallon as it was too big ,now i think my tank is too small not sure of the size but may trade this one also but still is a great looking and well built tank
  204. hendo7

    Alumaweld for Santa Barbara area ?

    just sold my alum Eagle craft 18 footer loved that boat mostly because she was so sturdy at rest never rocked at all barely leaned with three big guys on one side hoop netting, built like a tank ,she did pound in the swell and was built for the river but i am old with a foolish young spirit to...
  205. hendo7

    Batteries - where to buy and quality

    check out AC/DC he will sell agm,s around half the price west marine sells for, i thinks hes in buena vista look him up ,i got two batteries of him and Xantrax charger for way less let me know if you can not find the listing and i will look up his reciept
  206. hendo7

    Tell me about Farallon Boats (the newer ones)

    all i can say is that i have rode on a Farallon and found its the most comfortable ride in the swell than any other boat i have been on,rocks a little at bay but that what you get from a steep dead rise Davis,radon which the same hulls (or similar ) don't seam to rock nowhere near as much ...
  207. hendo7

    26' Blackman Outerbanks #0 or 1

    its a hard choice between the D4 ( a great motor ) and a little more power but more weight of a AQAD 41 or even a 315 with plenty of power i guess its about the money and what drive you have i like the idea of taking out the sink and making it a more usable bench seat/bunk/storage
  208. hendo7

    26' Blackman Outerbanks #0 or 1

    nice boat there ,awesome layout n ride , what engine is in it ? any pics of the cabin or is it the same as a typical outerbanks
  209. hendo7

    Chief 2.5 Day 5/29

    is there any spaces left and how much
  210. hendo7

    yamaha 70 2 stroke 96-2001

    still for sale
  211. hendo7

    yamaha 70 2 stroke 96-2001

    you got it,call u tomorrow or call me 818 634 3968
  212. hendo7

    where do I mount my water fuel separater?

    yes before suction bulb ,it is a good idea away from the batteries due to having to drain the water out of your filter/water separator and if some water / gas gets around a spark and then you know what. but if its the only place to put it close to the batteries due to restrictions you may think...
  213. hendo7

    Question which Trinidad should i buy?

    nice reel but you can buy 2 fathom,s for the same price or less and have 2 set ups of your choice ready to go for more weight class
  214. hendo7


    torque is made in the usa ,fathom made in china
  215. hendo7


    try clark shoes they have extra wide water proof boots but they are a hiking type Lacrosse have a wide fit in their neoprene style boot but no support comfy but sweaty, hope that helps
  216. hendo7

    2hours 43minute wait to pull a boat at LaPush...WTF!

    i checked the area out on google maps and thought that's a great place to fish ,close to Vancouver Island and remote ,so i thought that would be a great to fish and have a chance at getting some of those big Hali,s not many people but now knowing the the traffic it gets forget it, Why is it...
  217. hendo7

    Pacific Edge Rectangular 80 gal bait tank

    now i know 2 fill and 2 drain,was,nt sure if both tanks run off one pump and one drain will measure it out tomorrow,thanks
  218. hendo7

    Anchoring at Catalina?

    go get a mooring and hang out at Avalon and have a blast ,water taxi ,s if u sleep on the boat if not sleeping on boat get a room,fish in the early AM
  219. hendo7

    Pacific Edge Rectangular 80 gal bait tank

    can we see a pic of the under side
  220. hendo7

    Wellcraft 248 Sportsman, WA Cuddy

    nice thinking maybe my next project
  221. hendo7

    Pacific Edge Rectangular 80 gal bait tank

    thats a great deal for a well built tank
  222. hendo7

    Off Shore Bait Tanks still in business

    thanks for clarify that dont want to filter water unless i have a fish tank
  223. hendo7

    Off Shore Bait Tanks still in business

    i,m not too sure if i like the filter system on blue water tanks ,do they make the regular pump in circulate and system ?
  224. hendo7

    65Gal offshore split bait tank $500 obo

    I know this is old but by any chance is this still available ?
  225. hendo7

    Boat fire, Avalon

    we are all accident and insurance investigators
  226. hendo7

    Boat fire, Avalon

    i see that now at first the bait tank looked like a outboard but as far as the stern staying a afloat ,it looks far enough away from the rocks at the stern to be able to go deeper either way glad no one was hurt and i hope it was insured
  227. hendo7

    2015 curado 300?

    i heard they are coming out with the same as the new 200 with exterior cast control adjustment
  228. hendo7

    Boat fire, Avalon

    i want the same kind of bilge pumps on my boat, outboard motor no blower necessary , could of been a few things but most likely a electrical short
  229. hendo7

    SOLD: Fiberglass Bait Tank 30 Gallons $300

    are you looking for a bigger one ?
  230. hendo7

    65 Gallon Offshore Bait Tank 400.00 OBO

    i have a 85 gallon trade for a 65
  231. hendo7

    yamaha 70 2 stroke 96-2001

    i uploaded a file with the pics hopefully it works
  232. hendo7

    1980 skipjack 24ft open

    its a problem i,m trying to deal with right now ,i either go with alum custom made with frames and seals at over $350 apiece and i would like 5 from this place (i may coat them with white or light gray coating so not to be hot on the bare feet) or go with the...
  233. hendo7

    yamaha 70 2 stroke 96-2001

    still for sales, reliable motor
  234. hendo7

    65 gallon oval bait tank

    i have a 85 gallon offshore i will trade for the 65 (no windows)
  235. hendo7

    whats the recommended load on a ignition switched wire from a outboard

    whats the recommended amount of accessories can i run from a switched on wire from a Honda out board what i plan on using is 1, senders, fuel, engine info etc 2, trim tabs 3,dash lights (gauges) 4,flow scan 5, bilge pump all connected to my starting battery all other electronics will...
  236. hendo7

    Need Help Getting Tackle Box Ready For Cedros

    lots of irons and mega bait plenty of fluro and more irons for the yellows as well as for the big calicos you see yellows from 25lbs to 35lbs maybe 40,s ,expect some hali in the shallows as well you can,t take enough irons on my experience there (twice)
  237. hendo7

    Lazy Afternoon at Catalina - 5/3

    very cool,great day for you and your daughter looks like shes a keeper
  238. hendo7

    yamaha 70 2 stroke 96-2001

    sent you a message,its for sale now for sure
  239. hendo7

    yamaha 70 2 stroke 1996 fuel injected

    not i a rush to sell as i,d rather find another boat to put it on
  240. hendo7

    New Wise Capt chair and used Parker bench

    how wide is the seat, got it posted same time,i will go n measure soon
  241. hendo7


    where was u two week s ago i just bought a 85 gallon a little too big for me but ur 45 would have perfect
  242. hendo7

    Bait Tank Pump Question? Mount to Swim Step?

    u could get a through the hull type and put a fitting on it with a inlet tube just below water line ,well bracketed and your good
  243. hendo7

    yamaha 70 2 stroke 1996 fuel injected

    this has been a awesome motor never had a hick-up ,i,m selling because i have sold my boat its on and the new owner does not want the motor ,it is on the boat now till Sunday and Tuesday the boat and controls will be heading north to Canada ,so if you like to see it run you got till Sunday its...
  244. hendo7

    Tons of $$ headed my way!

    can u loan 50k i,m need of a boat
  245. hendo7

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question

    i have done lots of research and all contradicts what you are both saying Got my Honda (300 hrs) with controls boat and better trailer for less Parker, Reliance,earlier Boston Whalers,Osprey,just to name a few all have optional armstrong or stainless outboard brackets on them hers a quote...
  246. hendo7

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question just another good reason, also look on there web site you will see Parker boats with them on
  247. hendo7

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question

    Increased Speed - Better Fuel Economy - Better Handling - Greater Flotation - Drier Ride - More Functional Space Click here to view: “BRACKET PERFORMANCE TEST VIDEO.” Armstrong Positive Flotation Outboard Brackets are among the finest outboard mounting systems in the industry...setting...
  248. hendo7

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question

    Armstrong is also a top quality bracket heres a link
  249. hendo7

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question

    the biggest sheep head i,ve ever seen too
  250. hendo7

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question

    Hey Mike,the pic of the aluminum bracket is not mine tho i wish its just a pic of one of the internet .that stainless bracket you have is really nice wish i had that one even more did you buy it new ? now i have to give stainless a call, nothing like doing it right
  251. hendo7

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question

    heres a pic of a bracket i like
  252. hendo7

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question

    Hey Preston awesome looking boat you got there , you will find a lot of people on here who are opposed to a outboard conversion ,not me and a few others and it has been done with amazing results , i,m not done with mine yet, i have just found a Honda f225 with just over 300 hours that i am in...
  253. hendo7

    Converting Fresh water tank to fuel tank? (93 Trophy)

    its also not coast guard compliant it has to have a pick up tube from the top of the tank
  254. hendo7

    SkipJack 20' open restoration

    nice job on the hali ,nice fish box too, i decided to turn my engine room into a 37 gallon tank as i have a insulated fish box already just a question for you ,are finding you need to the trim tabs less now with your new set up ?
  255. hendo7

    for sale penn fathom fth 12 $115

    thats a awesome reel love my 15 ,25 n 30
  256. hendo7

    ahi assassin rods

    thanks for your replies
  257. hendo7

    ahi assassin rods

    looks like a well designed rod expensive makes me think now which would be better a terez extra heavy with a life time warranty or a $380 rod with a 1 year warranty
  258. hendo7

    ahi assassin rods

    tuna ,yellows,maybe grouper,also want it handle a shark
  259. hendo7

    ahi assassin rods

    black hole ? which Penn would you recommend ?
  260. hendo7

    ahi assassin rods

    looking at there jigging rods they seam pretty stout n light weight anybody have one ? are they worth the coin ?
  261. hendo7


    Catholic coffee Four Catholic men and a Catholic woman were having coffee. The first Catholic man tells his friends, "My son is a priest, when he walks into a room, everyone calls him 'Father'." The second Catholic man chirps, "My son is a Bishop. When he walks into a room people call him...
  262. hendo7

    For Sale 1989/2005 29' Crystaliner - $70k OBO

    now thats a boat , i will give left n right knacker for this ,does not get much better than that
  263. hendo7

    Bait tank trade ?

    i have a plastic one thats smaller or how much do you want for yours ?
  264. hendo7

    Considering getting a bigger ride/project on the cheap -which hull?

    just buy it problem solve n let your new buddies wait in line
  265. hendo7

    Yacht broker?

    i tried to buy a boat through a broker recently and before i could submit a offer they wanted a deposit, i wanted a sea trial and they wanted a non refundable deposit who wants to do that
  266. hendo7

    i wonder if i may bug and ask ,how does that yammy 200 handle your boat ,is enough power ? is...

    i wonder if i may bug and ask ,how does that yammy 200 handle your boat ,is enough power ? is the fuel consumption great ? is that the 4 or 6 cylinder ?and is it on your 24 foot or 25 foot boat ? and how much are your charters in june time for fishing yellows ?
  267. hendo7

    Urgent Message!

    so what you guys are saying is if i have a fishing license i can carry a gun to and from my boat and while i am on the boat legally ? never mind the Clint Eastwood i can shoot some one protecting myself and my boat ? without any recourse ?
  268. hendo7

    Water impeller pee stream weak?

    run some saltaway through worth a try
  269. hendo7

    New Curado

    it has a external cast control and is only in the 200 series that's all I know ,I was hoping it was going to a 300 series or bigger but not as big as the tranx
  270. hendo7

    Fishing Shows,Events,Displays.

    they say the FH show is the biggest here in California happens twice a year , the events are about a month apart and around 200 miles from each other. you will see a lot of boats well probably about 60 from ski boats to full on fish boats lots of fish tackle venders and seminars about fishing...
  271. hendo7

    24' skipjack open project

    looking good
  272. hendo7

    Deciding on a good 17 footer

    its for sale ,solid built ,very sturdy but no cuddy
  273. hendo7

    Kaiden's Adventure, Area 7

    absolutely awesome thats what its all about, thanks for sharing
  274. hendo7

    Stay in your boat

    somethings fishy about this story
  275. hendo7

    Blue Ocean Marine ???????

    I called them they have great prices but they are in Indonesia or somewhere like that ,I did not like their payment plan as they would not do paypal wanted a bank transfer only no credit cards and they have the same name as a company in Australia ,I was just too worried to sent money over to...
  276. hendo7

    SoCal SportFishing Club

    aug trip sounds cool
  277. hendo7

    Blackman 23 Outerbanks

    I see you took a break just like I did with my project ,I have done basically the same thing with my Skippy and think a Blackman hull is very similar to mine ,I have the bracket on already just looking for the right outboard , your boat looks great and I think you are going to be very happy with...
  278. hendo7

    26 Blackman Express Advice

    I think that's a good question, great riding boats are not the best at rest or having two or three at on side can get a little nervy sometimes but I have got used too it in my skippy not sure about a Blackman, I have never heard of a boat tipping over from having too many people on one side at...
  279. hendo7

    Yacht broker?

    why not try and sell it here first ?
  280. hendo7

    Outboard Bracket

    I'm in the middle of doing my boat with a bracket , after all the research I have not found one bad thing about taking out a I/O and putting on a outboard,i had a lot of negative response about doing it but that was from Skippies telling me skipjack,s are not built for it etc etc but from what...
  281. hendo7

    Old 73 3/4 TON CHEVY LONG BED

    good deal for someone wanting to tow a boat 2 or three times a month
  282. hendo7

    Licence Needed for Surf Fishing

    Samara Russia ?
  283. hendo7

    Licence Needed for Surf Fishing

    from what i,ve always known is that pier fishing is the only license free fishing you can do here in CA ,easy to check go on ,otherwise wait for a free fishing day there are also maps in there where you can fish and can not fish
  284. hendo7

    Full sized Broncos

    nice ride
  285. hendo7

    heading over to little harbor

    wheres little harbor at ?
  286. hendo7

    Leader Knots

    I like this knot but its hard to get it to grip on the leader at times , so it slips I put a hitch knot between the sets of wraps
  287. hendo7

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question

    bracket has been done for a while now but still looking for a deal on a outboard, when the outboard is on and sea trialed I will post thanks
  288. hendo7

    This is cool but not to sure if I would want it behind my boat!

    thats amazing wish i was there heard about it from a few boaters orca,s are all over the west coast
  289. hendo7

    Air bags and air tanks

    i would take them if i was close by you for a future project but got a lot going on right now but its a good deal for someone bump for ya
  290. hendo7

    WTB-Yamaha F70 Outboard

    i need more weight on the transom thinking at least a 115hp 4 stroke, my scuppers are allowing water in instead of out while i,m at rest , light weight is nice but it does not work in my eaglecraft aluminum boat
  291. hendo7

    WTB-Yamaha F70 Outboard

    I have a c70 and love it to bits its so reliable hate to think about selling it but I need more weight on my transom so if you can come up with some thing heavier and maybe more hp let me know
  292. hendo7

    pacific edge bait tank

    did it sell ?
  293. hendo7

    island bound

    good luck to you guys ,you will have fun even if you do not catch any big ones,very interested how it goes
  294. hendo7

    W/D Hitch

    you may get hung up on some ramps because that type of hitch hangs so low, i have a friend that has one on his trailer he says it helps control the sway but he has a hard time getting over the hump in his driveway,so he runs a ramp made of wood in the right place to get the hitch over the hump
  295. hendo7

    Considering getting a bigger ride/project on the cheap -which hull?

    pursuits are a great ride and a good quality built boat (wish i had one ) plenty of pursuits were built with a out board and if you add a bracket to the boat you have the ride is going to feel more like a bigger boat plus more space around your deck , the money you will spend on a bigger boat is...
  296. hendo7

    Phenix Rods??? I was told there made in China?

    sorry if I had miss quoted you Glad to hear you buy American even though at times I'm guilty of not , I drive a American truck with close to 200k miles on it with no problems got a Penn reel that's over 30 years old never had a problem can u say that for Hyundai or Daiwa not directing all of...
  297. hendo7

    free diving breathe time

    really you should sign up for competition
  298. hendo7

    Phenix Rods??? I was told there made in China?

    American cars don't have 20 yr old technology they have some of the most newest technology, Asian made cars are made of our copied technology and are allowed to get away with it and it goes the same with rods and is become the same with reels Ajking copy of Avet not to mention loads of copies...
  299. hendo7

    1983 Skipjack25 cabin criuser

    someones getting a steal there
  300. hendo7

    Phenix Rods??? I was told there made in China?

    met the chinese exporters at the show and yes they are made in China yes it was a surprise to me then again we buy copper pipe made in Usa japan but they put USA on the pipe and we think its made in the old us of a just like phenix
  301. hendo7

    real woman

    good one very funny
  302. hendo7

    New, one of a kind flats boat, finally here

    how is it in a 3 foot swell and at what speed is comfortable when its not flat ? looks awesome
  303. hendo7

    Here comes El Nino!

    i remember the last El Nino i mean the real one back in the late 90,s ,you could swim in the ocean without a wet suit and catch tuna surf fishing well i did at least twice during 98 bring it on
  304. hendo7

    For Sale: Selling my 1993 Radon Cortez that I just finished the total refurbish and power up grade.

    i have read it twice and could not find a price please post a pic it could sell better that way
  305. hendo7

    amf and white water boats looks awesom

    AUS and NZ built boats that look like they can take a beating 6mm aluminum hull ,they dont even look alloy theres a jet boat in there that does stuff i would never try on a boat (vid on utube )
  306. hendo7

    how to get to know the hours on a honda ?

    i tried to get the seller to do that but he said the nearest dealer around was 150 mile away and was not going to let me take it without paying for it first too risky of a deal and a days drive there and a day drive back ,not doing it thanks for ur relpy
  307. hendo7

    how to get to know the hours on a honda ?

    thanks very good to know
  308. hendo7

    how to get to know the hours on a honda ?

    for get that i thought i might get away with a scanner like the ones you plug into a vehicle anyway this guy has 3 motors from a 04 to a 06 but after taking some advice from a friend i think i,m going to pass on a engine bought from a government auction plus with the costs of a extension not...
  309. hendo7

    Kitchen and Bath high end stuff for sale

    if it does not get sold let me know the dimensions and price thanks
  310. hendo7

    Kitchen and Bath high end stuff for sale

    thanks looks like a drop in sit up tub ,is that right?
  311. hendo7

    Bimini with full enclosure

    are you going to the fred hall show in long beach and if so when? pm me
  312. hendo7

    Kitchen and Bath high end stuff for sale

    what the size of that tub ,also have any pics of the plumbing fixtures ?
  313. hendo7

    Towing a 25ft Cabin Cruiser....the dilemma.....

    I heard on the radio the other day that you get a chevy Cruise for 59 bucks a month with little down from I think it was Victorville chey or desert chevy at least that way your wife can drive a economical car and get a big block older ford/chevy/dodge truck for around 3k just for towing ur boat
  314. hendo7

    how to get to know the hours on a honda ?

    yes no doubt, but how much do these cost ? and is it worth it just to go and see how many hours are a motor
  315. hendo7

    how to get to know the hours on a honda ?

    thinking about buying a Honda 225hp 4 stroke with unknown hours the seller does not know ,he does says they where purchased at government auction ,he also says he has one on his boat and it runs like new but all that don't mean diddley , do I need a expensive Honda read scanner ? he has 04,05...
  316. hendo7

    22' Anderson - Honda 250hp+20hp vs Twin 135hp...?

    very impressed with the performance , I want one of those Yamaha 4 cylinder 4 strokes
  317. hendo7

    Dish vs DirectTV?

    now that the companies are emerging expect less response time and eventually more cost,they now have the monopoly ,your bills are their own
  318. hendo7

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question

    I guess I,m not so good at downloading pics
  319. hendo7

    What rod for Tranx?

    9 foot rod will work with that reel let it rip
  320. hendo7

    Whats up with Seeker

    really people would you buy a north Vietnamese product just to save a buck
  321. hendo7

    Whats up with Seeker

    I heard seeker has just messed up there deal with west marine, now west marine will no longer carry seeker due to the new owner of seeker, now a law suit is going to happen to the new owner over w hat ever I,m not too sure but heard seeker have lost a lot business from 186 stores, just quoting...
  322. hendo7

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question

    lets see if i got the pics to workwell the pic did not come out so well of the one in CL but put a couple in there of mine thats about the best i can with that pics of the skip jack in CL
  323. hendo7

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question

    I hear you there Mike, mines not got a outboard on there yet but dreading the day grinding my teeth with fear of sinking when I take mine out, never mind being worried to death about all the extra space on the deck and below deck I better get more life vest pictures to come at a later date as I...
  324. hendo7

    22' Anderson - Honda 250hp+20hp vs Twin 135hp...?

    from what i have recently learned, the boat in the pic has more of a hull extension instead of a bracket,the hull extension adds more buoyancy (for the two 225hp Honda)and makes the boat ride like a longer boat (of course) and a bracket makes most boats perform better by getting on plane quicker...
  325. hendo7

    Towing a 25ft Cabin Cruiser....the dilemma.....

    there is a lot of new 1/2 ton pick-up trucks on the market now that can tow up to 9k lbs but i like the over kill with the diesels but still don't get great mileage but better than the v10,454,460,but for 15k you should be able to get a dodge diesel that's not too old maybe a 04 that could get...
  326. hendo7

    Bimini with full enclosure

    looks like you are in san diego ?
  327. hendo7

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question this link explains a lot about brackets
  328. hendo7

    Rail fishing question

    the pink ones work better
  329. hendo7

    Hurry....New Curado I

    whats the diff between a 300ej just the drags ?
  330. hendo7


    why would people buy that ? i can understand if they caught it them self but its not really art or anything close and at that price to me its like buying a trophy for a competition i did not win just reads fake all over it and a moving sale on top of it cracks me up
  331. hendo7

    100 gal bait tank for sale

    is it capable of adjustable water levels and are both end /side the same radius ?
  332. hendo7

    W.T.B. 3 Gallon gas tank

    i have one can trade
  333. hendo7

    FS BNIB Shimano Curado 300EJ

    worth every penny
  334. hendo7

    Cloudy epoxy....

    really I had it happen to me when I was using the west system ,temperature was right in the day when I was applying it but as soon as the sun went down and the moisture came in two coats was messed up
  335. hendo7

    Cloudy epoxy....

    get ur sander out at least you will know u will have a smooth surface
  336. hendo7

    Span Can 7.62 x 54 R

    that's one hell of a bullet ,I used to have a Russian ww1 rifle that shot those , I,ve shot through engine blocks ,brick blocks ,1/4" steel tubing, 4 foot diameter trees just messing around , they have a mean punch, but that's when I was stupid now I,m stupider I have a boat
  337. hendo7

    Pressure test fuel tank

    I can agree with you there , but I would leave the tank under pressure longer
  338. hendo7

    Lake Trout Through the Ice

    now that looks cool literally
  339. hendo7

    Davis Cortez 22 vs. Blackman Billfisher 26 vs Blackman Outerbanks 26 vs Bertram 28

    nice to see you rolling on ur back in laughter ,its a good medicine
  340. hendo7

    Pressure test fuel tank

    maybe I should be more informative , get a 1-1/2 jim cap from hard ware store a gas test gauge(0-15 lb) they usually are 3/4 " fip a 3/4 x 1/8 reducer a 1/8" to 3/8" barb fitting a rubber cap from a auto parts store that's fits a 3/8 line (if needed on return line) and cap off any other lines if...
  341. hendo7

    Pressure test fuel tank

    you can do it yourself with a gauge a pump and a few fittings
  342. hendo7

    would like your honest review/opinion of Parker pilot house

    nice to hear a honest reply from a parker owner ,I have been on a 2320 and was not impressed too much on the ride in 3 foot seas and yes being at the aft in any boat is going to be a better ride but I'm going to be the operating the boat , I think and cant wait to check out a farallon
  343. hendo7

    Dish vs DirectTV?

    dish sucks in my area
  344. hendo7

    Buying a new truck

    don't believe all the things u read, nice to see that some people can be honest about their fuel mileage, I have a 07 dodge 4x4 I can get 20-23 mpg if I stay below 60 mph and baby it but realistically I get a average of 15-17 mostly highway but I drive 75 whenever I can I know 4 people...
  345. hendo7

    WTB - X-tra tuff or Shimano boots

    I agree with the lacrosse
  346. hendo7

    Simon pulls it off.

    I paid do I need to send my info so those other deadbeats do not get away with it again?
  347. hendo7


    lost two good friends and about to loose another and that's not counting my grandmother, grandfather two uncles and one aunt god bless all those who are going through cancer and lets hope and pray there is a cure soon
  348. hendo7

    Tired of Tuna

    I would be in if the price is right
  349. hendo7

    Which Fathom?

    what weight fish are you going after with it ? I love my 15 casts a mile my 40 not so far my 25 is marginal caster but they are all great reels but out of all of them I like to use the 15 the most maybe not for jigging but I will if I can get away with it
  350. hendo7

    make sureyou got your boats paper work in order upto date

    this is from the log Mexican IRS Impounds 338 Vessels posted: 1/10/2014 <!--Read comments--> Read Comments (4) <!--Recommended--> <!--Email to Friend --> <!-- SHARE THIS SCRIPT -->...
  351. hendo7

    29' Dyer diesel sportfisher

    Very rare Dyer 29' sport fisher, 150hp cummings diesel that will give you 6mpg at trolling speed, bait tank, riggers, new AC/DC refer, Inverter, New head, pressure water +++ This is by far the cheapest Dyer 29' in the country, needs a little TLC but runs great and what is the cheapest 29 going...
  352. hendo7

    29' Dyer diesel sportfisher

    nice, can't wait to see the price and more pics
  353. hendo7

    Three aluminum chairs for sale

    how does the seat handle the swell and how many hp ? is the engine inboard or out board ? any room for over nights ? or is this in the wrong section ?
  354. hendo7

    1978 26 feet walk around pilot house

    has anybody had a reply for a possible purchase ? , is she really for sale ?
  355. hendo7

    1978 26 feet walk around pilot house

    email me some pics and price very interested [email protected]
  356. hendo7

    catholic cofee

    Four Catholic men and a Catholic woman were having coffee. The first Catholic man tells his friends, "My son is a priest, when he walks into a room, everyone calls him...
  357. hendo7

    Looking for FJ80 Land Cruiser Info

    slightly modified fj
  358. hendo7

    Penn Fathom 625 Downriggers (2x) loaded with wire

    what size is that window in the back ground and is it for sale ?
  359. hendo7

    Good video on SoCal Steelhead

    awesome hope they come back in plenty glad to here that there is many looking out for them and maybe i can go catch and release them someday ,fly fishing would be great
  360. hendo7

    F/S PENN FATHOM 12!!

    where is panorama ?
  361. hendo7

    tony pena knot

    u tube it
  362. hendo7

    1999 Carolina Classic 25'..Ready To Fish

    like to see the fuel burn numbers , cruising speed and distance plus pics of cabin layout
  363. hendo7

    Boat Stuff.

    even Walmart ships and they are on minimum wage part time LOL - - - Updated - - - at least a bump for ya - - - Updated - - - lazy ******r
  364. hendo7

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    i,m so glad i paid
  365. hendo7

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    added a help in expenses take it for yourself or up the the jackpot with it
  366. hendo7

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    payment sent via paypal bitch
  367. hendo7

    A good morning...

  368. hendo7

    anchor rope

  369. hendo7

    getting old

    Hell to be Old OLD people have problems that you haven't even considered yet! A 79-year-old man was requested by his Doctor for a sperm count as part of his physical exam. The doctor gave the man a jar and said, 'Take this jar home and bring back a semen sample tomorrow.' The next day the...
  370. hendo7

    What's wrong with this picture?

    the seat has been licked clean
  371. hendo7

    Boat Stuff.

    that all HE has to say
  372. hendo7

    Boat Stuff.

    what are you talking about here ,i,m trying to buy the hatch of you for what you are asking and even offering more money for you to ship
  373. hendo7

    Boat Stuff.

    still have the hatch
  374. hendo7

    24' skipjack open project

    nice work looking forward to seeing the pilot house wish i did mine in aluminum
  375. hendo7

    Boat Stuff.

    still have the hatch ? if so i will take it ,i will pay you more to ship
  376. hendo7

    Anyone wiling to give up spot on San Diego for Seawatch for cash Saturday?

    wish it does happen that way but never seen it
  377. hendo7

    Anyone wiling to give up spot on San Diego for Seawatch for cash Saturday?

    just did that sucked plus i had to pay for it
  378. hendo7 nbox&f

    not sure if this is the right place to post but sure needs some attention
  379. hendo7

    WTB Volvo 350 engine

    if you want to come up here with your boat so we can install my motor on your boat its no problem install should only take 4 hours at most, all you have to is help and pay me for the motor
  380. hendo7


    broncos-patriots= broncos win
  381. hendo7

    Lets talk Tuna boats... Outboards vs Diesel i agree with jskfish beautiful well laid out platform on this trueworld sounds like it will fit your bill
  382. hendo7

    WTB Volvo 350 engine

    looks like its set up for your wye pipes aswell
  383. hendo7

    Booked a spot to Cedros

    you will not regret as far as fishing goes
  384. hendo7

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    i will put a ck in the mail
  385. hendo7

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    you football pool guys sound so sweet and you"really know how to stick it to um"
  386. hendo7

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    i,m in where do i sent the money or should i say receive it
  387. hendo7

    whats for dinner

    i just had red thai curry with chicken extra spicy no tuna eye balls for me
  388. hendo7

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question

    Hey Steve ,hopefully a new honda maybe hanging on the back soon i will find out tomorrow as waiting on credit check ,i have been having problem s with the bracket it came back from being powder coated and looked like crap so had them redo it and i think that made them take their time,also the...
  389. hendo7

    Nissan 9.9hp 2 stroke

    comes with tank and fittings, its reliable and starts right up every time $500.00 i have a bracket for it also for another $75.00the backing wood is molded to fit a skippy but will also fit anything else
  390. hendo7

    Tent Camping suggestions.... maybe in sequoias?

    Dinkey creek then you can do some really nice wheeling in the area some hard trails like dusy-hershim or some not so hard bold mountain worth a stay and spectacular views lots of lakes up there big and small big ones being Shaver, Huntington ,Edison plus creeks everywhere going to small lakes ...
  391. hendo7

    20lb reel

    i agree fathom 12 or 15 being more versatile, cast really well great free-spool and inexpensive in comparison - - - Updated - - - i agree fathom 12 or 15 being more versatile, cast really well great free-spool and inexpensive in comparison
  392. hendo7

    Life goes on......... & Inboard to Outboard Transformation Thread

    nice to hear and a most accurate description of the skipjacks ability that a few have over looked
  393. hendo7

    Blew my motor up again

    just buy mine its cheap and a good motor
  394. hendo7

    Question to Yamaha owners/Yamaha technicians

    buy the boat and keep keep the two 25" shaft motors and i will buy the 30" of you ,save some gas ,get some of your money back on the purchase and have a more of a California boat
  395. hendo7

    etec or yammy

    i would like to see those deals , i,m ready to buy like last week
  396. hendo7

    etec or yammy

    sent him a pm seams like a great deal comes with all the rigging as well uship is that the company you use ?
  397. hendo7

    etec or yammy

    thanks i had seen that but its in new jersey or somewhere on the east coast ,sent him a pm to see if he will ship
  398. hendo7

    Water car

    i like those naked titties in the video awsome car/boat as well
  399. hendo7

    etec or yammy

    still its a hard choice for me to make as stated a etec with over 4k hours and another one with only 1.5k hours i know the yammies are good reliable motors and can last long but i,m still getting conflicting reports on the etec,s i know the etec may put out better performance numbers the only...
  400. hendo7

    etec or yammy

    i here what you are saying but some say a 2 stroke next to a four stroke take the four stroke even tho almost 1000 hrs more the etec seams like a great motor but its still a 2 stroke and looks like the resale aspect not good but i plan on keeping my boat forever
  401. hendo7

    etec or yammy

    most people like the etec once they own them but theres quite a few who dont and have trouble with them plus theres not much data around that states how many hours they are good for which makes it hard to make the right choice
  402. hendo7

    etec or yammy

    got a decision to make etec 250 hp with very low hours 230 or a yammy 250hp with 1200 hrs yammy 3k more than the etec both 2006 modals etec comes with all the rigging and new controls to get the boat on the water the yammy comes with most of the rigging but still need to purchase more to get...
  403. hendo7

    BD Pipe Jig Believer

    awesome great day for ya
  404. hendo7

    Bilge Pump / Float Switch Replacement; Rule or ???

    there's a lot of other alternatives out there that look more reliable i am trying the bilge witch from ac/dc in orange county work by a sealed water sensor which i think has no moving parts , i have never had a float switch last too long
  405. hendo7

    craigs list find ,blackman 23 i think it a good deal ,not affiliated
  406. hendo7

    24 Skipjack 1973

    nice pilot house, i,m sure you,ll have no problem selling her
  407. hendo7

    Just need rod holders

    10 gallons before you leave the harbor
  408. hendo7

    Help me choose a reel

    i would not use the SX for casting 0.5 -1.5 lures too small for the abu bait caster yes but then i use the SX for 5-30 lb fish
  409. hendo7

    skip jack cooler seat n misc

    COOLER BOX SOLD nice to have met you Ed thanks for driving so far
  410. hendo7

    skip jack cooler seat n misc

    left message on your phone
  411. hendo7

    Tower/Hardtop fabrication referral

    try Tom Rodgers hes on here as towerfab
  412. hendo7

    Area 10 king limits

    thats some cool fishing right there especially with ur daughter
  413. hendo7

    2012 BF 20HP Honda Outboard Short Shaft - $2900

    try the proper forum this ones for boat sales not engines - - - Updated - - - try the proper forum this ones for boat sales not engines
  414. hendo7

    Deep cycle batteries

    what make are they cca ?ah?size?
  415. hendo7

    beer in boat while fishing

    can u send me some of your beer sounds tastey - - - Updated - - - can u send me some of your beer sounds tasty
  416. hendo7

    The girls finally get their dog!!

    very nice they make great pets and a very beautiful daughter you have
  417. hendo7


    i originally got it for a 441s i believe it works in most modals
  418. hendo7

    yamaha 70 2 stroke 96-2001

    i will let you first thanks Neil
  419. hendo7

    Thoughts on the Best 4 Stroke Outboard to power my new boat

    those Stabicrafts are a different looking and heard they are very stable,can you show a pic ?
  420. hendo7

    SX or SXJ "limits"

    i like the sx got a sx raptor on the way going to use the sx for 20-30# sx raptor for 20-50# great reels i also agree with SALTWATERFISH on the sxj, sxj i think will make a great calico reel or even barrcuda reel as long as its nothing too big
  421. hendo7

    Shimano Terez rods (2)

    really ? i will pick it up from ur work
  422. hendo7

    yamaha 70 2 stroke 96-2001

    $2800.00 but not sure if i am going to sell yet
  423. hendo7

    yamaha 70 2 stroke 96-2001

    sounds good , i,m trying not to sell my alum eaglecraft but may have because of this huge dept i,m just about to get into repowering my skippy my eagle-craft is so economical its hard to get rid of
  424. hendo7

    Royal Star 7 Day 9/28- Still a few spots left...

    its tough being second in command
  425. hendo7

    yamaha 70 2 stroke 96-2001

    thinking of selling the Yamaha c70 fuel injected 2 stroke with control gauges and all its been a great reliable outboard hate to get rid of it ,its been the most reliable out board i ever owned great on fuel took my 18 foot Eaglecraft to Catalina all around the island and back to long beach on...
  426. hendo7

    Shimano Terez rods (2)

    will you deiver the rod to my house LOL
  427. hendo7

    skip jack cooler seat n misc

    yes it is and i,m in Moorpark,CA
  428. hendo7

    Shimano Terez rods (2)

    good deal for someone wish you closer
  429. hendo7

    Life goes on......... & Inboard to Outboard Transformation Thread

    jay nice to see a positive on input on a project like this some skippies are just not ready for change
  430. hendo7

    Boat Stuff.

    what he said plus how much and where are you at ?
  431. hendo7

    skip jack cooler seat n misc

    i have a 24 open its not a fly bridge
  432. hendo7

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question

    slow going as i am waiting for the bracket to be powder coated ,hopefully ready Friday,also decided to gel coat the tramsome while it is still bare,once the bracket is on i will incorporate a battery tray as a brace not that its needed but for extra support just in case , i could not believe...
  433. hendo7

    1990 Wellcraft 250 Coastal

    your reputation is scarred
  434. hendo7

    1990 Wellcraft 250 Coastal

    thats funny ,just like they put a brick in a toilet tank to save water maybe he was trying to save gas. rewire the boat yourself ,it takes time if done right but a shop will charge u a arm and a leg ,you have the basic there to follow so it can,t be that hard
  435. hendo7

    live action

    looks like you got one
  436. hendo7

    '08 Honda BF200

    pm sent
  437. hendo7

    WTB a hydaulic steering kit for yamaha 225hp

    please get a hold of me and tell me what you got thank
  438. hendo7

    Baystar hydraulic steering unit (complete)

    is this still for sale and what hp is it rated for ?
  439. hendo7

    Best Casting Braid

    i like super slick its got a soft feel and think helps in not digging into itself
  440. hendo7

    Re power ? What would you do?

    put yourself a fresh water cooling system on it this time and you will not have the problem of sea water getting to your valves makes it a enclosed system, well worth doing and makes your engine last longer
  441. hendo7

    Trim Tabs for skipjack FB

    i know this is a old post but ,do you still run these smart tabs ? and expect they do not retract when putting the boat on the trailer ?
  442. hendo7

    Which Manufacture makes the best freespooling reels

    i agree i am Avet guy but (i own 4 of em)i,m being led away by Penn , there's a reason why beach casting competitors use them i now own 2 Penn,s and soon to have another
  443. hendo7

    Help please!

    i,m just flabbergasted, i can,t believe it, what on earth is this world coming to ,i just don,t know what to say more
  444. hendo7

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question

    Steve,almost got the hole filled and was hoping on having a motor on it tomorrow but have to hold off a day, will let you know how it goes
  445. hendo7


    nice deal very interested
  446. hendo7

    '08 Honda BF200

    i called you and you told me the rigging is $1200 install is $1200 motor is $8200 and the prop is extra , now i see the prop comes with it and now the price is lower but the rigging and install killed it for me, i,m a serious buyer and plan on a purchase this week and may just go with a yammie...
  447. hendo7

    2004 Yamaha 225hp 4-stroke 190 hours Flawless

    i wish this deal was around today
  448. hendo7

    Can't Sleep

    good luck to you
  449. hendo7

    What launch should I use out of Long Beach?

    queen mary is nice free water and easy to get to
  450. hendo7


    still for sale
  451. hendo7

    1990 Olympic Hard Top 2200 I/O OB conversion

    make sure you bevel all the sides of the hole and the plug and layer the glass over beveled sides going smaller each layer so you samwich the plug in other wise your just relying on the over lap
  452. hendo7

    skippy parts for sale doing a conversion to out board

    i need some myself, i,m doing a outboard conversion not replace the deck or junking the boat
  453. hendo7

    scubba tanks ,full face mask.spear gun,hawaiian sling etc

    its a jbl corbine nothing too fancy i think i paid about 120 bucks for it never been used has two rubbers on it and about 32" long with a nice spear head onit
  454. hendo7

    1990 Olympic 220 outboard conversion

    wish it was that easy , you need to bevel all around the edges and glass the plywood in using layers of glass so your tramsom in samwiched in by the glass sheets even if you are putting the bracket over the hole it still need to be done properly to be strong
  455. hendo7

    scubba tanks ,full face mask.spear gun,hawaiian sling etc

    MASK,S HAVE BEEN SOLD twin tank alum 80 set up $200.00 with harness 100 c,u high pressure tank 3300 psi alum never been wet $160.00 3o" spear gun alum never used SOLD Hawaiian sling never used $40 6.5 mm wet suit med to lg never used $60 dry suit med - lg $200 needs new neck dam and coughs i...
  456. hendo7

    wye pipe (280 volvo) and i/o parts,dual prop DP

    wye pipe i/o parts 50-150$ DUAL PROP IS SOLD
  457. hendo7

    5.7 volvo/chevy in board motor fresh water cooled

    fresh water cooled engine 260 hp was new replaced in 94 so the previous owner told me runs great (going to outboard) i,m guessing it has about 600 hours on it $500 with flex plate housing and wiring
  458. hendo7

    anchor rope

    i think its 3/4 " about 200 feet $100
  459. hendo7

    window from a parker

    22.75 x 31.50 not a slider $150
  460. hendo7

    WTB Volvo 280 Steering Linkage

    i have those but the are kinda rusty but work pm me if interested
  461. hendo7

    Repower Caused Surplus Parts

    i,m interested in the hydrolic steering if its still available ?
  462. hendo7

    Small outboard needed ASAP

    i,ve got a 9.9 nissan works great with separate tank $500 and my name is neil also
  463. hendo7

    skippy parts for sale doing a conversion to out board

    pm sent - - - Updated - - - pm sent
  464. hendo7

    Which Manufacture makes the best freespooling reels

    i,m impressed with penn fathon and i hear the sqall is is great reel especially the price,i like avet reels but these things are changing my thoughts
  465. hendo7

    Cool skipjack for sale

    thats looks cool
  466. hendo7

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question

    looks great Steve i like the railing
  467. hendo7

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question you should of checked this thread out before you comment
  468. hendo7

    skippy parts for sale doing a conversion to out board

    not in the picture, broken one is in pieces edit = the 280 in picture is a good working order if interested call me 818 6343968
  469. hendo7

    skippy parts for sale doing a conversion to out board

    having trouble posting pics right now have to try with my other camera engine is a 5.7 assuming its a 270hp i have a dp lower and a single prop lower - - - Updated - - - i have to see if the whole engine package sells first
  470. hendo7

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question

    going with the full bracket with swim step and may put two smaller type bait tanks on each side
  471. hendo7

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question

    thanks Steve, i would like to get that info before i make the jump but i will be putting in a used Yammy which brings the cost down quite a lot hows your skippy doing ,on the water yet ?
  472. hendo7

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question

    thanks for the encouragement Darren i will get pics of the pilot house soon but its still not done yet
  473. hendo7

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question

  474. hendo7

    skippy parts for sale doing a conversion to out board

    DUAL PROP IS SOLD, COOLER SEAT IS SOLD engine runs good but need a carb rebuild was told it was replaced in 94 and has about 800 hrs on it fresh water cooled $550.00 engine cover full top opening $100 single lower $300.00 i have two outdrives complete for parts one broke and good for parts $10...
  475. hendo7

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question

    i do not see this boat sitting ass heavy and my skippy will have a floatation bracket
  476. hendo7

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question

  477. hendo7

    SkipJack 20' open restoration

  478. hendo7

    Yamaha 225 four stroke ob

    can you pm me price of one with controls if you are will to seperate
  479. hendo7

    2005 Mercury 225 optimax 3500.00

    is this still for sale, i may purchase this with a bracket of you
  480. hendo7


    WILL MAIL AND EXCEPT A CHECK ,PAYPAL OF COURSE CASH IS NICE ASKING $75.00 i thought it had sold because apparently its just the g2 card no fish eye view and maybe not a g2vision card gave the money back to the buyer so now its up for sale again back up for sale again as previous buyer said its...
  481. hendo7

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question

    i am thinging of getting rid of the troubles of the IO and going with a outboard on a bracket/swim step to create more room better economy and more reliability i know some have said that a skipjacks are designed to have the weight down low but with that said i figured i would put a fuel tank...
  482. hendo7

    30" setback outboard bracket

    how do you determine weather you need a floatation bracket to a standard bracket ? i am wanting to convert my skipjack to outboard with bracket/swimstep but i do not know what size shaft i need on the outboard or a standard bracket /floatation ? i ask this so i can get a idea for a quote
  483. hendo7

    skip jack cooler seat n misc

    a free tackle box with any purchase
  484. hendo7

    Light load leaving tonight on the Condor

    wheres it heading to ? if its going out far i,m interested
  485. hendo7


    excellent tasting fish ,i eat all the time at sushi restaurants (when they have it) cooked it at home but be careful not to get it too close to the flame as it will catch on fire, i have always had clean underwear after eating no problems
  486. hendo7


    what kind of burn rate are you getting ? what year are the Johnson,s and are they original ?
  487. hendo7

    1996 skipjack for sale 760 951 5199 art

    OK now i have seen it $15
  488. hendo7

    skip jack cooler seat n misc

    approx 19dx23wx20h excluding the part that raises higher holding the cup holder/beer
  489. hendo7

    skip jack cooler seat n misc

    also have life jackets, anchor rope
  490. hendo7

    skip jack cooler seat n misc

    yamaha 6hp two stroke $400 and a nissan 9,9hp two stroke for sale $400.00
  491. hendo7

    1996 skipjack for sale 760 951 5199 art

    $10.00 cash ,site unseen you deliver
  492. hendo7

    Farallon 22 Pilothouse, Whats it worth?

    i will give you 5k for it
  493. hendo7

    Life goes on......... & Inboard to Outboard Transformation Thread

    awesome job, the numbers came out great. There has been a few comments on other threads that a skipjack,s were designed to have the weight down low and a out board would not work too well as far as handling which has deterred me away from doing the same thing but this thread has made me think...
  494. hendo7

    Good things about Avet reels on the STAR

    i cant wait to get my sx raptor ,caught some 30lbers on my sx with no problem made me think what a sx raptor can do, i hope Avet comes up with a sxj raptor i would buy it
  495. hendo7

    Need advice outboard blew on second trip of owning the boat.

    that honda deal sounds like a good deal i would go for it if i had the money, atleast you know your getting into a nice quiet outboard thats realiable
  496. hendo7

    New-LoAn or Pacific Queen 1.5 dayer

    PQ, had a great time on the boat great crew
  497. hendo7

    Seabass Hunters...........

    why did you not announce it on the radio ? i,m sure the coast guard would of said something if theres a violation in process
  498. hendo7

    Pilothouse 24 ft Skagit Orca volvo diesel 2001

    very nice boat wish i did not have my two boats and some cash
  499. hendo7

    Incredible capsize of the MOD 70 Spindrift

    the price they pay for that sport with a smile unbelievable
  500. hendo7

    anybody ever do well at these spots?

    i think you would do better looking at the kelp paddies of shore seeing the yellow tail are around and the inshore paddies are a for sure thing and a chance at the yellow if not a few kelp bass ,just took my father out to catalina for a week and nothing but maceral and a few kelp bass but its a...
  501. hendo7

    Cranking vs deep cycle battery

    a dual system is best but with a little boat not really necessary unless you are running a lot of electronics i would just go with a dual purpose battery like a blue top or what ever you have trust with(cranking and deep cycle) gives you lots of cycles (drained to 10.5 volts compared to a...
  502. hendo7

    hp rating on a eaglecraft

    5 foot with a 8 foot beam ,takes a 20" shaft outboard
  503. hendo7

    hp rating on a eaglecraft

    why do you say a merc optimax ,is it because the controls and wiring harnest is the same ? or you just like those outboards
  504. hendo7

    hp rating on a eaglecraft

    the boat is built like a tank 1/4 welded alum all around( no bolts or rivets holding this thing together),the original owner had twins on it but i dont know what twins , the previous owner had a yami 100 4 stroke and said it was too light in the back. i have a 70 hp yami 2 stroke it moves the...
  505. hendo7

    hp rating on a eaglecraft

    i recently had seen a picture of one on the internet with 225hp four stroke on the back ,no other info just the picture but now would like to know for sure ,thanks for your reply
  506. hendo7

    hp rating on a eaglecraft

  507. hendo7

    fiberglass bait tank

    i would like to take it of your hands but need it by next week but if you are in the glendale or valley area in the next week PM me and i will meet up with you
  508. hendo7

    wsb wide open Wed 05-29

    nice , what a great day
  509. hendo7

    what a good filler thats easy to sand after appling awlgrip primer?

    thanks really appreciate your help
  510. hendo7

    what a good filler thats easy to sand after appling awlgrip primer?

    i,m using apoxy resin and thought i had it smooth enough to start the painting but the imperfections showed up after i applied primer, just trying to avoid sanding of the primer, i will try putting several coat of primer on and hopefully it will fill after sanding between coats thanks for you input
  511. hendo7

    what a good filler thats easy to sand after appling awlgrip primer?

    anybody ? or is this in the wrong section ?
  512. hendo7

    what a good filler thats easy to sand after appling awlgrip primer?

    just did two coats of awlgrip primer and need to know what is a good filler to fill in slight indentations etc i used the d6070/d3707 i also have the d3001 /d8001 i am thinking of using as the final primer base any help will be appreciated thanks in advance
  513. hendo7

    1992 Skipjack 262 w/Diesel

    that is sure a pretty boat well worth the coin,well taken care of wish i did not have a project going on right now or it will be sold
  514. hendo7

    238 Wellcraft Costal

    what i have heard is that they have a ride similar to a skipjack and by the looks the hull looks like the same design
  515. hendo7

    WTB: 26' Pilothouse walkaround

    theres a davis in santa barbara craigs list ,its a 25 footer
  516. hendo7

    8HP Evenrude 2 stoke

    let me know if you come up to the LA area
  517. hendo7

    Four stroke kicker

    i hav a 9.9 2 stroke for sale looking for a 6 hp or close willing to sell
  518. hendo7

    A few recent shots

    very nice
  519. hendo7

    Sold--Davis Bahia 25 Diesel with Pilothouse

    that's a beautiful boat would love it, but $89k and no toilet
  520. hendo7

    CL Sweet deal on Livingston 14" for somebody gone down in price
  521. hendo7

    fuckin lazy thieves

    glad you got it sorted out but sorry about the shit you had to go through tweekers they are the worse and its a shame it seams to happen a lot up there
  522. hendo7

    sex on mars

    good one
  523. hendo7

    What brand of deck hatches do you recommend?

    thanks for your reply and info ,i will look into that
  524. hendo7

    What brand of deck hatches do you recommend?

    they dont make them big enough for what i need
  525. hendo7

    Win a NEW Custom Tackle Center from Boat Outfitters - Contest Ends April 21st, 2013

    i would like replacement hatches for a 1980 skipjack open need three
  526. hendo7

    Wild aspargus & hatchery Trout

    what bait did you used to catch the asparagus
  527. hendo7

    Three [email protected]

    looks like a boston whaler the last two reports of boats turned over where boston whalers,glad all where ok
  528. hendo7

    Springer fishing with new boat.

    looks like a nice boat what is it ?
  529. hendo7

    200 hp on a 18ft aluminum ..WHY?

    i need a 225hp on my 18 foot eaglecraft(needs the weight) but i only have a 70hp and my self bailing deck floods instead of bails
  530. hendo7

    Anyone Ever Done This?

    thats funny
  531. hendo7

    What brand of deck hatches do you recommend?

    i have also been looking what boat are you looking to put the hatches on ? the ones in the pic look strong and expensive but where is the locking devices ? skipjack make some replacement hatches that cost a little less
  532. hendo7

    Offshore/Islands/Long Range Weather Update 4/3

    love the reports, lets see some pics of you with fish sometime, well i hope you get out there
  533. hendo7

    SkipJack 20' open restoration

    look at that deck ,get a disco ball hanging play some b gees girls will be dancing on there with there tube tops on whoa
  534. hendo7

    2003 Mercury /yamaha 115 4 stroke

    what size shaft is that?
  535. hendo7

    2006 Tohatsu 2hp 4Stroke motor

    wish you were closer i would snatch that up for sure
  536. hendo7

    catalina new pb calico

  537. hendo7

    65 gal. blackman bait tank

    can you post dimensions ?
  538. hendo7

    1986 Skipjack 24

    nice skippy
  539. hendo7

    When is it time to upgrade trucks

    if you can afford it do it ,the ford 6.7 diesels are nice but dont expect great fuel milage i have a 07 dodge ram diesel been holding up great tows anything without a problem one set of brakes in 4 years (still have not done the back brakes yet),one set of tires in 4 years 160k on it with very...
  540. hendo7

    Anybody feel like a boat ride?

    very brave mne with great seamanship skills for sure
  541. hendo7

    ventura county sportfishing club

    sounds interesting
  542. hendo7

    27 Farallon

    email sent
  543. hendo7

    Big Game 90 now the Chief

    what they said
  544. hendo7

    Little help figuring value of a colt 1911

    i have one that i got on sale about ten years ago and would not sell it for less than $500 with case but think you should get more for it
  545. hendo7

    I love fishing, but I hate people.

    just run a ad to pay your share on cost to get on a private boat and offer a little extra you maybe surprised how many guys are looking for some help on a long run out there
  546. hendo7

    1969 Skipjack Pilothouse

    great deal for someone, fuel filters make good insurance to stop crap going into your engine,i have a 24 open and have been putting a pilot house on the ages and very costly,if i had seen this deal would of saved me lots of coin
  547. hendo7

    hp rating on a eaglecraft

  548. hendo7

    1969 Skipjack Pilothouse

    awesome boat your asking to less for it worth way more
  549. hendo7

    hp rating on a eaglecraft

    does anybody know the hp-weight rating of transom on a 18 foot 1987 Eaglecraft boat i emailed Eaglecraft and nobody there seems to know
  550. hendo7

    SECOND post to a few LESS idiots...

    and as the world turns so are the days of our lifes
  551. hendo7

    SECOND post to a few LESS idiots...

    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: that ,s funny
  552. hendo7

    Bank Robber...

    i like that one
  553. hendo7

    SECOND post to a few LESS idiots...

    i cant wait till the next episode "The Third Post"
  554. hendo7

    SECOND post to a few LESS idiots...

    some people on here love the drama,instead of watching it on stupid shows like the Kardashiians and new jersey wifes (whatever)they get to be active in it right here on bloodydecks and be manly about it WE ALL LOVE THE DRAMA
  555. hendo7

    First post to a bunch of idiots...

    why is it that we think that a man wearing a wig with big curls a fancy jacket a shinny buckle on his shoes has something smart to say ? if a man came up to me dressed like that i dont think i would take him serious
  556. hendo7

    Hip Replacement.......

    you should really look into prolo therapy, i was told my hip needed replacing but had the prolotherapy instead and never been in pain since ,i think nobody should go under the knife
  557. hendo7

    Thinking of moving to the big island

    kona is a great area but all depends on where you re working/living traffic from kona to the windy side Kilo,is is pretty bad in rush hour but not too many launching ramps, i would find a place near Kona
  558. hendo7


    did all those good looking BD,ers guys get the flower i sent you today on valentines ?
  559. hendo7

    Smb sanddab fishing advice

    great for tacos and they bite at almost anything
  560. hendo7

    Check my First Youtube Video!

    as old a fart i am i will take some good advice from up coming soon to be pros like this great job
  561. hendo7

    NSFW Nude photo of Manti Teo's GF circulating

    i guess i,m going to blow my girl again
  562. hendo7

    Boston Whaler stuff

    distance kills and shipping is a pain with those products,wish you were closer but let me know if you come up north anytime
  563. hendo7

    Boston Whaler stuff

    where are you located ?
  564. hendo7

    swing back seat

    i,m interested, post pics
  565. hendo7

    2005 Honda BF225

    wish it was a 20" shaft a little cheaper and had controls but i always ask too much good deal for someone who needs it
  566. hendo7

    Kicker motor

    i got it all ,nissan 9.9hp two stroke have a few brackets to choose from $800.00 takes it
  567. hendo7

    davis /davison/radon/wilson vs farallon

    wow nice boat,thanks for the info
  568. hendo7

    PORKY's Super Bowl Fiesta - Ensenada

    wish i went now ,next time
  569. hendo7

    What did she say?

  570. hendo7


    besides all the the knowitall comments that should keep their trap shut, i think this is a great deal for someone that has time and limited income to make this a great boat one day ,sure would like to see the project in action
  571. hendo7

    Navy Boat auction

    link does not work for me ,help
  572. hendo7

    curado j modal and this one
  573. hendo7

    curado j modal which model is this one
  574. hendo7

    curado j modal

    how does this Curado j compare to the EJ whats so different about it ? is it a new type not in our stores yet ? more info needed thanks
  575. hendo7

    Hoop nets

    why flat ?
  576. hendo7

    Talked to the Stabicraft guys at the show

    talked to the owner and his friends of a stabi in santa barbara just when they came in from fishing ,all of them said what a great ride the boat is and how quiet it is ,true it seamed like it did not has much deck space and looked like a tank but i can not believe how much they have not caught...
  577. hendo7

    SB Bay -Video

    awesome vid nice music who is that sounds jazzy
  578. hendo7

    yamaha c70 2 stroke 20"shaft 96-91

    WTB ,has to have the oil injection, counter rotating would be perfect but not necessary [email protected] or call me 8186343968 god bless us all i meant to say 1996-2001
  579. hendo7

    doctors visit

    <table style="color:#000000" border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" width="100%"><tbody><tr><td style="direction:ltr;font-size:12pt" width="100%"><table style="width:96.34%;color:#000000" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="3" width="96%"><tbody><tr><td...
  580. hendo7

    yamaha 70 2 stroke 96-2001

    yammy 70 ,2 stroke with oil tank in the cowling runs perfect its been a great motor with no hick ups $2800,00
  581. hendo7

    Anyone into motorcycles?

    looks awesome
  582. hendo7

    ez loader trailer 14to 16 foot

    ok now i am selling the boat aswell its a 14 foot Mckee possibly with a 9.9 nissan kicker great for a harbor /bay perfect for hooping, work boat,its not pretty it floats and a nice ride, open to all offers and yes it was the boat for sale on here a while ago
  583. hendo7

    100-150 yamaha outboard

    got your pm Shad thanks, the Honda,s seam like a good deal but beyond my budget with the freight from florida, besides i acquired a Yamaha 70 2 stroke that i will be testing out tomorrow on my new to me 18 foot eaglecraft
  584. hendo7

    yamaha four stroke 100 harnest will it connect to a 70hp 2 stroke outboard ?

    thanks for your help ,hook it up today very pleased ,the wiring harness all hooked and surprised that the gauges work the only thing that was different was the throttle was backwards so i had a hard time taking the shifter apart to get the throttle to open when when throttling up instead of...
  585. hendo7

    petition to keep johnson valley open

    19,794 and a 5,206 to go, its hard to believe that over a 100, go to the king of the hammers event and we are having a hard time to get petitions signed a good thing is i really think the petition is going to help
  586. hendo7

    Wife pregnant need some prayers.

    i,m sure everything going to be alright prayers are with you, keep close to your wife comfort her the best way you can ,keep her relaxed as she can be and the miracle of birth will be your blessing ,there's not enough love in this world and you can prove the world wrong ,be strong and the joys...
  587. hendo7

    Boat Sinks While Fighting a Marlin

    wow just wow
  588. hendo7

    skipjack 24 parts, electric stove, baittank, win A2Z surface irons

    i,m interested in the bait tank, swim step,bat boxes,glove box,perko switch,bilge pump,bats,transom mount hatches,chain locker door,table,horn and through the hull pm me whats left and price for all of what you have left thanks Neil
  589. hendo7

    skip jack cooler seat n misc

    still have the door and cooler plus everything else
  590. hendo7

    Xtra tufs made in china

    just got my new pair of lacrosse ,very comfortable
  591. hendo7


    just went across the channel in a 14 foot Mckee but that's when the weather is good definitely will not when the weather is bad ,also i will ever leave the bay without a radio,gps and a back up radio or power source
  592. hendo7

  593. hendo7

    yamaha four stroke 100 harnest will it connect to a 70hp 2 stroke outboard ?

    thanks for your reply ,now i have both boats i know more of what years model etc, my 1996 yamaha is a c70 and the motor that was on the boat i just purchased was a 2001 four stroke but don,t know what modal i will be transferring the motor of one boat to the other this weekend thanks Neil
  594. hendo7

    boston whaler over turned in channel isle area

    did anybody hear about this ? i heard it on the radio and i think it ended up on the beach, also heard no life jackets and one person could not was a calm day out on the ocean flat as can be just wondered what happened
  595. hendo7

    1965 Glasspar Newporter 21 Runabout For Sale

    first time i saw that pic i thought it was a air boat , wow ,what a concept does it rotate or does it go all the way up like that ? atleast its a bump for you
  596. hendo7

    skip jack cooler seat n misc

  597. hendo7

    ez loader trailer 14to 16 foot

    its hard to see but the bunks are easily adjustable
  598. hendo7

    yamaha four stroke 100 harnest will it connect to a 70hp 2 stroke outboard ?

    sorry not 80,s it was a 2001 yamaha 100 corrected it in the first post thanks for your replies
  599. hendo7

    The important things.

    looks like he knows what hes doing,there's a deckhand position available ad on this site you should get him a job
  600. hendo7

    ez loader trailer 14to 16 foot

    i will post pics today
  601. hendo7


    i heard that Diatshu is the same thing and the the same motor at a cheaper price but i have not yet to buy any as my boat came with two gallons and seams to last for ever with 70 hp motor
  602. hendo7

    100-150 yamaha outboard

    4 stroke would be nice must be in good running condition or a 70 hp yamaha 2 stroke
  603. hendo7

    ez loader trailer 14to 16 foot

    2004 trail rite, for sale, galvanized in great condition (no brakes ) galvanized wheels $800.00 single axle rated for 2000lb like new was meant to be $1000.00 but will let it go to BD members for the $800.00 SOLD
  604. hendo7

    yamaha four stroke 100 harnest will it connect to a 70hp 2 stroke outboard ?

    just purchased a boat with no engine ,it had a 2001 yamaha 100 four stroke and come with all the controls and gauges ,i have a 70 hp yamaha 2 stroke that i think is a in the 1996 ,do you know if they are connectable as far as the wiring harness ? have not got the boat yet but will try to...
  605. hendo7

    Automatic charging relay

    problem solve in all your cases
  606. hendo7

    How many batteries

    why do you think two house batteries and two starter batteries are over kill especially with a diesel motor ?, also more the better if your boat can handle the weight which i,m sure it can, its nice knowing your bait tank pump will not totally drain your batteries on a over nite stay,nice boat...
  607. hendo7

    Automatic charging relay

    there is also the Combiner from yandina ltd that has no power draw ,i have not installed mine yet but it will charge both batteries no matter where your selector switch is at,plus it has no relays that i believe and only 4 wires to hook up,small and simple
  608. hendo7

    davis /davison/radon/wilson vs farallon

    Thats the kind of advice i,m looking for, thanks for your reply and advice
  609. hendo7

    davis /davison/radon/wilson vs farallon

    thanks for the advice ,i know 5 foot swell does not seam much to some been out in rougher stuff and i am not a fan of going full out in any conditions well maybe when its flat and a comfortable ride but otherwise its all about safety ,just looking at getting something that will make me feel...
  610. hendo7

    davis /davison/radon/wilson vs farallon

    i should but i will end up spending every penny i have
  611. hendo7

    davis /davison/radon/wilson vs farallon

    thats what i have heard about the radon style hull but trying to get away from the expense of a more costlier boat ,i have found a deal on a farallon but with most of my trips to the islands wanting to fish the day i seam to always come back in following seas i have almost shit my pants in some...
  612. hendo7

    davis /davison/radon/wilson vs farallon

  613. hendo7

    Sexy Marge Simpson Weave.

    truly awesome
  614. hendo7

    Farllon Whaleback Diesel ends Tomorrow

    but its got two fire extinguisher and four life jackets
  615. hendo7

    petition to keep johnson valley open

    thanks for the help and i hope it all works out ,i have been going to Johnson valley several times times a year for the last 10 years watching sports events and participating in them i even built my rig to combat all the trails there . Over a million people go and play there year after year its...
  616. hendo7

    Anyone coming to Spokane!

    i,m coming from LA to Hayden in the near future
  617. hendo7

    So I'll try this a different way

  618. hendo7

    petition to keep johnson valley open

    please spent very little time to keep johnson valley open ,we need your support YOUR VOTE COUNTS I CORRECTED THE LINK AS THIS ONE WORKS BETTER THANKS DON
  619. hendo7

    19' radon?

    good luck with it sounds like a ech of a deal
  620. hendo7

    davis /davison/radon/wilson vs farallon

    compare a radon/wilson/davis/davison to a Farallon in following seas, is the extra cost of a Radon style hull worth the bucks here in so cal ?or does the Farallon compare in the ride quality and ability to handle rough following seas ? how are the rides compared to Farallon to the radon style...
  621. hendo7

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    this is not from a mold custom built from scratch
  622. hendo7

    19' radon?

    did you ever buy it ?if not pass it along i maybe interested
  623. hendo7

    Prop/RPM help

    Wow i will be happy if my skippy gets close to that . i have yet to finish rebuilding the boat and just purchased a DP for it but i dont have the vortech heads before the work started i was getting about 1mpg @ 25 mph @ 3400 rpms
  624. hendo7


    i will take any attention i can get,almost 90 thousand men think i am or know i am gay
  625. hendo7

    How does a Seattle Seahawk fan find a sheep in tall grass?

  626. hendo7

    Ruger made it easy

    done ,very easy
  627. hendo7

    Is this boat any good

    seams like a good boat to me dual prop 191 hours on properly a mercruser 5.7 for a first boat with that amount of cash glad you can do it,looks like a solid boat but i would have a running survey done by the craigs list ad pictures it looks like it has a lot more than 191 hours also the cabin...
  628. hendo7

    Western Australia, Wild yet beautiful

    awesome pics wish i could go there
  629. hendo7

    Avet Knob / Handle Bearings

    just get in touch with avet they are great on customer service top notch and they ofcourse will get you the part you need with no problem
  630. hendo7

    Bad ass right here!

    looks better than the tits on salukis avitar or a good excuse to look what 4x4
  631. hendo7

    New Addition! 9 Months in the Making

    congrats looks like a real cute baby ,you got to be the happiest man around a6t least theres one thing better than fishing
  632. hendo7

    the bet> > An elderly woman walked into the Bank of Canada one morning with a purse >

    > > An elderly woman walked into the Bank of Canada one morning with a purse > > full > > of money. She wanted to open a savings account and insisted on talking >to > > the president of the Bank because, she said, she had a lot of money. > > > > After many lengthy discussions (after all, the...
  633. hendo7

    HYMN # 365

    IRISHMAN IN THE ELEVATOR A little Irishman gets into an elevator, looks up and sees this HUGE black guy standing next to him. The big guy sees the little Irishman staring at him. He looks down and says: "7 ft tall, 350 pounds, 20 inch penis, 6 pounds of testicles, Turner Brown" The little...
  634. hendo7

    gettin olog

    Couple in their nineties are both having problems remembering things. During a check-up, the doctor tells them that they're physically okay, but they might want to start writing things down to help them remember .. Later that night, while watching TV, the old man gets up from his chair...
  635. hendo7

    HYMN # 365

    i am starting to think i,m gay because i laugh well almost laugh more like a chuggle
  636. hendo7

    shimano calcutta 200dc

    i have a curado 300ej new in box ,filled with power pro 50 lb ,30 lb floro top shot, never been used, have receipt and a c note but the distance is going to kill the deal
  637. hendo7

    shimano calcutta 200dc

    why do you want to get rid of that reel ?
  638. hendo7

    tackle pawn

    depends how cute he is
  639. hendo7

    tackle pawn

    besides all the bashing that goes on this site ,its great to hear about a good guy lending a hand:hali_olutta::appl::cheers::devil::lux::ele::eyepoppin:git::rockin:
  640. hendo7


    wish i knew how the hell 16 thousand men think or may know i,m gay
  641. hendo7

    misc boat stuff (seats,killbag,seat posts,leaning post)

    i will take two if you still have them
  642. hendo7

    Big Blue - Small Boat

  643. hendo7

    Assault Weapon Ban II - Thanks Dianne Feinstein (D

    agreed ,most the ones that complain are the ones that did not vote . why the hell would anyone vote for her is beyond my comprehension . I wonder that about most politicians ,really most Californians really thought that arnie could of done a good job as well ,no we vote for fame instead...
  644. hendo7

    seat wobble fix

    if you weld it ,it will work but you will not be able to move it when needed,get a thin piece of stainless sheet metal wrap it around the post and slide into the base
  645. hendo7

    Livingston with yamaha 9.9
  646. hendo7

    Dunked the new boat

  647. hendo7

    jet drives more economical ?

    heres some info that may conflict on whats been posted
  648. hendo7

    jet drives more economical ?

    this would be a awesome fishing boat if it was efficient
  649. hendo7

    jet drives more economical ?

    you are right and thats why i posted the thread on economy/efficiency
  650. hendo7

    jet drives more economical ? here you go this sounds great and expensive but awesome
  651. hendo7

    jet drives more economical ?

    thanks i will try that
  652. hendo7

    School of Flatties

    put a hook on that camera
  653. hendo7

    San Diego to Cabo Video

    awesome ,bucket list addition
  654. hendo7

    jet drives more economical ?

    wish i knew have to post a utube video to explain what i had seen on utube