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  1. Matt Moyer

    Baja Coast Quick Trip

    Been awhile since I was able to get out and play checkers. With very little free time I've been concentrating on catching YT, YFT and some Lobsters. Launched out of SI with my buddy Jim Sammons around 7:00 a.m. and headed south. It was far from wide open like I've had down there, but overall...
  2. Matt Moyer

    YTSO Report-Ballast Point Fishing Team

    This is our 3rd year fishing (Donating Money) at the YTSO. Every year I've learned something different. The first year we fished at the Nados (2 rats), The second year SCI (3 rats) and this year Paddy Hopping (3 larger rats 32 lbs). I'm primarily a Calico Bass fisherman so chasing YT can be...
  3. Matt Moyer

    New Podcast

    Hey guys! There is a new podcast called Cast and Crank and features a lot of Bass Knowledge from some very good sticks. I've learned some things just by listening on my way to work. I recently was a guest with Mike Lane and Scotty Pethtel which should load by the end of December. Nick and Justin...
  4. Matt Moyer

    Birds & Bass-Traeger

    Come down to Fast Lane Kayak this Saturday. Rory from Traeger and I will be talking turkey, brines, etc with a little Bay Bass seminar afterwards. Hope to see you there.
  5. Matt Moyer

    Been Way Too Long...SCI 11/5/18

    We all know life throws us curve balls from time to time. I'm a chef for those who don't know so finding time to fish can be challenging. My first chef assistant (Chef De Cuisine) left me after working together for almost 17 years. I had to find his replacement and work some long days and nights...
  6. Matt Moyer

    For Sale Foul Weather Gear XXL

    $75 XTraTuf/China Size 13 Barely Used/ Grundens Jacket $75 $50 Huk Rain Jacket Light Weight $300 Jacket and Bibb Style Pants HuK Gear $150 Grundens
  7. Matt Moyer

    Quick PL Run

    Took a look local for some Calico Bass. It's been awhile since I fished local and the Kelp is looking like it came back in a big way and very healthy. There wasn't much current anywhere and the water was Gin Clear. We hit the tip of Point Loma and found some good current which had the fish...
  8. Matt Moyer

    Bay Bass Seminar-Feb 18th

    Hope to see some Bloody Decker's at this Seminar Sunday, February 18th @ Dana Landing Tackle/Fast Lane Kayaks from 7:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. We will be pouring Ballast Point Samples.
  9. Matt Moyer

    SCI 1/7/18

    First trip of the year and what better way to spend it but with friends (Mike Lane, Scotty Pethtel, Gary Reyes, Frank Ochoa, Jay Jones, Mike Bonhoff, and James Little). We decided to do a little wager (Money Between Friends) and smallest fish had to put on the under-roo chones. The crossing...
  10. Matt Moyer

    Had to call an "Omaha"

    Anglers: Matt Moyer, Nic Dragomire, Daniel Ramos-Okuma Boat: 22' Sea Fox Viper-Ballast Point Fishing Team-Even Keel Destination: Ensenada, Mexico Wind picked up big time down in SQ so we had to cancel our trip. So bummed! I've been wanting to fish down there for year's and it just didn't work...
  11. Matt Moyer

    SCI 5/21/17

    Been awhile since I've posted a report. Every day off I've had has been blown out or raining. Grabbed a couple SCI virgins that I've been promising to take out and SCI didn't disappoint. We ran out of Mission Bay and the ocean was a little unkind to us taking 2 hours and 45 minutes to reach the...
  12. Matt Moyer

    Capt. Clowers Bay Bass Fundraiser 4/9/17

    Captain Alan Clowers Bay Bass Shoot Out The funds that are raised will assist Alan in offsetting the costs incurred in fighting his latest battle with cancer. A little more about Alan, Alan started the San Diego CA. in 2009. He worked with the organization thru 2014. The...
  13. Matt Moyer

    SCI 3/9

    Weather looked way too nice to pass up a run to SCI so Chris and I took the day off and went for it. Lake Pacific was so flat and calm we made it over in no time at all. Fishing was pretty good. We were targeting Calicos landing about 30+ by no means was it classic San Clemente. We found some...
  14. Matt Moyer

    Frank "Big Pancho" Ochoa Needs Our Help!

    Frank "Big Pancho" Ochoa has been a BD member since 2008. If you any of you have ever been on the HOME BUILT FISHING LURES forum you definitely know who is. He is a very talented sculpture who makes Big Pancho Swimbaits. He has always been a helpful and giving person. His passion for life and...
  15. Matt Moyer

    Frank "Big Pancho" Ochoa Needs Our Help!

    Frank "Big Pancho" Ochoa has been a BD member since 2008. If you any of you have ever been on the HOME BUILT FISHING LURES forum you definitely know who is. He is a very talented sculpture who makes Big Pancho Swimbaits. He has always been a helpful and giving person. His passion for life and...
  16. Matt Moyer

    Frank "Big Pancho" Ochoa Needs Help!

    Frank "Big Pancho" Ochoa has been a BD member since 2008. If you any of you have ever been on the HOME BUILT FISHING LURES forum you definitely know who is. He is a very talented sculpture who makes Big Pancho Swimbaits. He has always been a helpful and giving person. His passion for life and...
  17. Matt Moyer

    OBB Roll Call

    Nic and I will be there
  18. Matt Moyer

    Santa Cruz Island 1/5/17

    So we decided to start the New Year by making Santa Cruz Island our first trip of the season. I'm pretty sure we will make it an annual trip. The island is so full of character and full of beauty. We woke up at 1:30 a.m. and met Mike Lane and Scotty Pethtel in Orange County for a quick gas up...
  19. Matt Moyer

    SCI 12/12

    It's been about a month since I last got out because the wind decides to blow on all of my days off. Left out of Dana around 5:00 a.m. with a smooth one and a half hour drive to the NW end. Fishing started slow but managed to stick nice 6 pounder. Water was gin clear with small surf. Mike Lane...
  20. Matt Moyer

    SD Hooping 11/19

    Got out Saturday night with my buddy Nate so see if I could get a few more lobsters for my Mom's birthday. Tides looked good, bait looked good, weather looked good (Front Moving In) but the lobsters must of slept all night. We set a total of 10 strings with a approx. soak time of 30 minutes. We...
  21. Matt Moyer

    Hooping SD Bay 11/16

    Got out of work early so decided to load up the boat and try my luck. Couldn't get any of my buddies to go with me so I rolled out "Han Solo". First string went down at around 6:00, pulled them at 6:30. Yielded 3 shorts so I opted to stay. Pulled the second string at 7ish and got 2 nice legals...
  22. Matt Moyer

    Motorguide 36 volt 105 thrust Trolling Motor

    SOLD Just over a year old. Just trying to unload it quick. Motorguide-Great White 36 volt Hand Tiller 105 lbs. of Thrust 60" shaft *needs plug adapter
  23. Matt Moyer

    Lobster Report 10/28 SD Bay

    Launched around 7:00 with my buddy Andy Wright. Picked up a half scoop of fresh bait, loaded the traps and heading out to Ballast Point Area. This will be my 3rd year hooping and I'm still trying to figure it out. I've had more bad days than good. We ended up with 4 legal lobsters and about 15...
  24. Matt Moyer

    W.E.S.T. Fishing Tournament-San Diego

    This is the last WEST event of the year and it's going to be a good one. Anyone is welcomed to fish but will be limited to 35 teams. It will be a first come first served basis. Entry Fee is $300 plus $25 registration fee. The good part is it is 100% payback. On top of that you will get breakfast...
  25. Matt Moyer

    Okuma Pros win AOY Congrats to my good friends Ty Ponder and Todd Kline.
  26. Matt Moyer

    San V 9/26/16

    It's finally open after 8 years if you didn't notice...LOL! the only way you would not know is if you stayed off of social media. I tried to get opening day but could only land Monday. With hot weather forecasted, Santa Ana winds and 500 boats pounding it before us we had a feeling that fishing...
  27. Matt Moyer

    SCI 6/28

    I've been missing SCI so I saw a nice weather window so I decided to make the run out of Mission Bay with Ryan Kyle and my other buddy Steve Weiss. The ride over was amazing. We brought our tuna sticks just in case. We had one shot at some milling fish but they quickly sank out when we threw a...
  28. Matt Moyer

    W.E.S.T. Qualifying Event 5/7/16

    Here's your chance to join W.E.S.T. May 7th grab your partner and your bass gear and qualify to fish W.E.S.T. in 2017. If you qualify you will also have the option to fish the final 2 events of this year (Long Beach-Island Open and San Diego-Inshore Only). These are Calico Bass Only Tournaments...
  29. Matt Moyer

    SCI Run

    Had a nice weather window so decided to make a run with Chris and Steve. We ran out of Dana Point with some sketchy fog for the first 7 miles and lump leftover from the day before that was unexpected but it opened up and had a nice run for at least half the way over. We started at China Point...
  30. Matt Moyer

    Local Knowledge with the Boys

    Got the a call from Ali earlier in the week and he wanted to run the Andros CC out to SCI for some Calico Bass fun. I thought for sure with the nice stable weather that we would be able to get some good footage. We got out to the island and it was absolutely beautiful, almost too nice. We...
  31. Matt Moyer

    Inaugural W.E.S.T. Tournament Report

    Leading up to the event my partner Nic Dragomire got out and made the long run to SCI and found some biting fish. We thought with what he found we could be in contention to have a very good day. The weather had other ideas as we got closer to Saturday. 24 hours out because of wind and a big...
  32. Matt Moyer

    WEST Western Elite Saltwater Tournaments Hey bass guys! Just wanted to share a new saltwater bass series that is start this Saturday, January 30th at the Long Beach Yacht Club. This is an invitational series but there will be several open tournaments that will allow you qualify. You are...
  33. Matt Moyer

    2015 Best Catches...Lets see them!

    I'll start! Managed to get my first 10 lber and 3 fish that went over 8. Best Calico year I have ever had.
  34. Matt Moyer

    Half Day

    Got out early with Nic before the sun came up. Fished SBB in Quivera for about an hour and half and got 3 nice ones and 1 break off. Tide was ripping. Went out to PL to play with the Calicos. Took us a bit to find the right water but once we did had a nice pick. Nothing huge but we both stuck...
  35. Matt Moyer

    We went Wahooping instead

    Finally got our crap together and had a successful night on our first trip. We launched out of Shelter Island, San Diego Bay around 5:30 p.m.. It was Me, Nic, Nic's Dad Chuck, and my Mini-Me Maddox AKA "Our Good Luck Charm". We hit the bait barge and got a quick scoop of Sardines and began...
  36. Matt Moyer

    Better Late Than Never....

    Work, Family and fishing as much as possible has kept me from writing a report. Nic and I fished the SWBA 2 day championship at the end of last month in Long Beach. Fishing was actually pretty darn good. We don't get up there enough to really know all the structure spots inside the break wall...
  37. Matt Moyer


    Got out yesterday with Chris Bona owner of Bassknuckles in search of my first tuna of the year. We launched out of Dana and picked up some bait which did pretty good for most of the day. We ran off of Crystal Pier and also made some Macs. Around 7:30 we were set and started to run straight out...
  38. Matt Moyer

    Put the Bass Rods down and went Offshore

    Yesterday 7/24 got a out with my buddy Matt before work. Launched out of MB and grabbed a full scoop of Dines. Not great but not horrible but they were all 7" for the most part. Headed out towards the 182 and ran on a kelp first thing. It was loaded with Dorado 4-12 pounds, they swam right up...
  39. Matt Moyer

    Finally Did It!!!!

    Launched on Sunday morning (7/19) out of Dana Landing with Ty Ponder to make the run down the Mex Coast in search of Giants. We got down to the zone before sunrise and I nailed a 6.6 on a Big Pancho 5" Crooked Tail Swimbait right away. As the sun rose it felt like the bite would turn on but it...
  40. Matt Moyer

    SCI Run 7/12

    While everyone else was chasing Tuna, the boys got together for Mike Lane's Birthday and made the run to SCI. Super bummed that Nic had to work! Next time bud! We left from Dana which is the closest point to the East End of Clemente. It was Me, Bona, Scotty P and Mikey Lane all riding dirty on...
  41. Matt Moyer

    Point Loma/La Jolla 6/2

    Hit up an evening session with Nick Green and Matt Kim. Got out to PL and the breeze was just right for biting fish. It wasn't wide open but the grade was nice. Matt stuck a 7 lber right off the bat and Nick got a 3 with a bunch of GIANT followers. I was netting Matt's fish at the time so no go...
  42. Matt Moyer

    Stuff for Sale

    Go Pro 3+ Black Excellent Condition $275 Shimano Crucial CRC-X70H 12-25 (Missing Guide-Cheap fix at Squidco) $50 Cal Star GF 700ML 20-40 $125 Phenix Inshore Assassin PSW-760M 10-30 $125 Okuma EVX (Was 7'5" now 7' 1") Broke the tip off. Great bay bass rod or starter rod for a kid. Retails for...
  43. Matt Moyer

    SWBA round 3

    Nic and I had a tough tournament. It all started with having to work first thing in the morning till noon. It took us 3 1/2 hours to get from San Diego to Long Beach. We made it in time for very little chit chat and then we launch the boat. The wind was howling but we've been in worse. We opted...
  44. Matt Moyer

    3/20 New PB

    Got out yesterday with Ty Ponder on the SPY Mobile. Ty and I always have fun when we go fishing together and after a dismal 2nd round at the SWBA I had a bone to pick with these Calicos. We opted to run down the Mexican Coast a little which IMO is still our "Backyard" people just don't utilize...
  45. Matt Moyer

    Fun MB Report 1/26/15

    With the first round of the SWBA Series about to take place on Feb 7th, Nic and I have been doing some pre-fishing. It's going to be a real challenge to find 5 fish over 14.25" but we think we have the stuff to do it. We have found some good fish and fishing but basically had to weed through a...
  46. Matt Moyer

    BP Brewing COC Report

    ***Let me start by saying this is our favorite tournament of the year! The SWBA (EB, James and Susan) do an absolutely killer job. The staff at The Banning House Two Harbors Catalina are first class. Locked and Loaded! Our ride over was simply amazing with the Pacific Ocean honoring us with...
  47. Matt Moyer

    Sunday @ Cat

    We have the SWBA California Offshore Challenge this weekend so Me, Nic and Ryan Kyle thought we would give Catalina a shot to see if any Calicos wanted to play. It was pretty slow for the most part until we found the right area. The whole island is like an aquarium right now. I was fishing a...
  48. Matt Moyer

    BNIB Torium 14 $140

    No Line-PM Me.
  49. Matt Moyer

    BNIB Torium 14

    No Line-$175 Firm-Pick UP or Pay for Shipping and its yours
  50. Matt Moyer

    Custom 809 Seeker + Costa Sunglasses $175

    2 for 1 deal pick up only! La Mesa Rod is custom by Ken Bush, 809 Seeker blank, Fuji Reel Seat, Alpine Guides, Murdered Out, Very good condition. Love it but got to part with it. Paid $200 Costa Double Haul Sunglasses 580g Polarized. g stands for glass. Glasses retail for $180 $175 and they...
  51. Matt Moyer

    580g Costa Sunglasses $100

    Just like these. Used a couple times. No Scratches...
  52. Matt Moyer

    LJ to PL to MB

    Well, you always here about the good reports. Yesterday was not the best. Launched the Sea Fox with Ty Ponder because Nic had to work. Heading to LJ and conditions sucked. Water vis was about 40 feet and No current anywhere. Had a few lookers blow up but nothing that exciting. Fished LJ for an...
  53. Matt Moyer

    Bass Contest 2014

    So unfortunately we have not had the participation that we thought we would get ,therefore we have decided to postpone the bass contest until further notice. We hope to come up with something fun in the future that will get more of you involved. Thanks again to those who participated and...
  54. Matt Moyer

    SBS Finals

    Nic and I made it to the SBS Finals which were held in Long Beach this last weekend. With 2 days of fishing, Day 1 Spotted Bay Bass Only, Day 2 All 3 Species....We knew going into it that it would be a grind. Neither one of us got to pre-fish so expectations were not as great as they could of...
  55. Matt Moyer

    SBS Island Inshore 9/6

    Well the regular season has come to an end and Nic and I secured a spot in the 2 day Championship in Long beach on Sept. 27/28. We had a dismal year in the Bay Region but finished 4th overall in the Inshore/Island Region. The last event of the year was this past Saturday with the Islands open...
  56. Matt Moyer


    Got out locally to play Saturday Night with Ty Ponder and John Beerling. Fishing was not great but fun with a lot of laughs. JB was the hot stick at first sticking 5 quality fish before the sun went down and then it was a slow pick after that. Fish seemed to be keyed in on smaller swim baits. I...
  57. Matt Moyer

    Balboa Angler's Club Spottie Tournament

    Hey bass fishermen and women! I'm posting this for my good friend Jimmy Decker. Great little tournament to do with Friends and Families! Contact Jimmy for questions. Cheers!
  58. Matt Moyer

    WTB Anchor/Rode

    Looking for a good deal for our new 22 footer. PM me.
  59. Matt Moyer

    WTB Anchor/Rode

    Looking for a good deal for our new 22 footer. PM me.
  60. Matt Moyer

    7/21 late report

    Nic and I got out Ryan Kyle on our new 22' Sea Fox Viper for our first offshore trip of the year. Boat is ridiculously dry and eats up the chop. Ryan put together this little video. End up catching a ton of rat YT and 1 BF that was about 15lbs. on the troll (Zuchinni Feather). Stayed on the 9...
  61. Matt Moyer

    New Backyard PB

    With the SBS tournament approaching and no boat at this time my good buddy Ty Ponder called me up to do a little fishing in our backyard. I've been super busy at work so I haven't had any time to play. Nic and I have also been working on getting the new 22' Sea Fox Viper which has finally fallen...
  62. Matt Moyer

    85' 14 foot Valco-$2500 OBO

    "The Goliath" 1985 Valco (Riveted) 1984 Trailer (Good Shape) 2004 Johnson 15hp 4 Stroke (Electronic Start/Manual) I'm having it serviced this Friday before I sell it. Engine is a champ, starts every time. 36lb. Thrust Minnkota Transom Trolling Motor 1 year old battery Bow and Stern Lights (Both...
  63. Matt Moyer

    Father's Day Point Loma

    After spending most of the day with the my Family at the shores I got to get out on Ty Ponder's 22 foot Bahia for some Calico fun. I brought my very good friend and renown kayak angler Jim Sammons. We got out to the our zone and the conditions looked perfect, downhill current, clean water, 69...
  64. Matt Moyer

    JUNE BASS CONTEST - Spotted Bay Bass - Point to the Eye! - Presented by Okuma

    The BloodyDecks 2014 Bass Contest presented by Okuma Species: Spotted Bay Bass Signal: You must point your finger to the EYE of the fish Winner will receive a prize pack from: 2014 Bass Contest Rules Open period: Contest is open from 12:00am on the 1st of the contest month to...
  65. Matt Moyer

    New Sea Fox 22-Sea Witch Marine Not sure if any of you are familiar with Sea Witch Marine in Vista but their service has been outstanding for Nic and I. We run a 17 foot Triumph Skiff with a Yami 90 4 stroke. They have kept our boat...
  66. Matt Moyer

    May Calico Bass Contest...C'mon Guys!

    1 submission this month is weak. Okuma has stepped up in a big way along with others such as War Baits, Fools Bait Co, SRG Spinnerbaits and of course BD. Jazz Moorhead won last month and Okuma sent him a rod. Let's see the pics guys! measure shot and a point at the tail shot...To Easy!
  67. Matt Moyer

    SBS Island/Inshore Tournament 5/17

    Nic and I had a win even though our 7th place finish out of 26 teams didn't show it. Gerry let us barrow his boat because there is no way in hell we would make it over there in Nic's boat without breaking our backs (Thank you Gerry). Our goal was to fish Catalina all day because it had been very...
  68. Matt Moyer

    Cat 4/14

    Had an epic day at Catalina aboard Ty Ponder's 22 Ranger Bahia. We launched from Dana Point Marina and had a smooth ride over, wish I could say the same coming back but we got our asses handed to us. Had a good day clearing about 35-40 fish. The Hot Ticket was the Big Pancho GC, anything with...
  69. Matt Moyer

    Chronarch 200e7

  70. Matt Moyer

    SBS Mission Bay Ballast Point

    Finally getting around to write a report about Nic and my day. Leading up to the event the fishing was tough. Seems the Calicos are just starting to move up to Spawn and we caught a lot of small fish. Tournament day wasn't much different and we found a small pattern of anything red 5" Viejos and...
  71. Matt Moyer

    1 Last BD Bass Forum Update

    Thank you to all who have rejuvinated this Forum with great pics, reports,etc. Ali was extremely busy and then got sick after the FH Show so we are going to kick everything off on APRIL 1....Don't worry, No April Fools Jokes Here. Ali will be putting up the updated rules sometime next week...
  72. Matt Moyer

    UPDATE: Monthly Contest

    Ali left a message on my voicemail and said that the contest rules should be updated by this Monday. He has obviously been slammed with FH etc. We thank for you patience. Should be fun! March will be Spotted Bay Bass...Stay tune as changes will happen gradually. Tight Lines! Moyer
  73. Matt Moyer

    SBS Junior Division Announced

    SBS is doing a pretty cool thing this weekend and launching their SBS Junior Division. It is $50 per team which will be fishing Spotted Bay Bass (14" or more) for 5 fish. Check the website for official rules and start time. I know Michael Gasparro is going to make it but it is great exposure...
  74. Matt Moyer

    Tomorrow @ Fred Hall LB

    I will be working at the Okuma Booth tomorrow so if you are there stop by and say. Also take a look at the bass line of reels and ask questions. I currently fish the Helios, Komodo, and Citrix line. They are all money. Okuma rods are the best bang for your buck. My Partner Nic Dragomire is...
  75. Matt Moyer

    Sorry for the delay....

    Ali and I apologize for the delay on the makeover. The Bass Contest will start this month but it will be a short month as we are still working out the rules etc. Ali is especially busy getting ready for Fred Hall Long Beach so stay tuned we should have something sometime soon. Thank you to...
  76. Matt Moyer

    Curado 200e7-Great Price

    Good shape...Just serviced $110 each or both for $200
  77. Matt Moyer

    Bass Forum Makeover Update

    So I met with Ali yesterday evening and we have some very cool things in store. Everything should be ironed out and updated by next week sometime. Our plan is to start the Bass Contest on March 1 @ 12:00 a.m. I will continue to give you updates and keep you all in the loop. Thank you to everyone...
  78. Matt Moyer

    2 each Shimano 200e7

    Both have recently been serviced at Fisherman's Landing Tackle Shop. $120 each FIRM 1 has no Line and the other has 30lb Green Izor Spectra Well taken care of...Good Condition! PM-Matt
  79. Matt Moyer

    SBS 2/15 MB Spotty Tournament Report

    I will do my best to give you a report after each tournament Nic and I fish. We were ready for this one! We pre-fished and found several baits they wanted to eat. We found good biters in both MB and SD Bay. We had confidence going into it and that is always key. 5 a.m.- The horn sounds and...
  80. Matt Moyer

    Favorite Bait...

    If you could only fish 1 bait for the rest of your life, what would it be? (Be Specfic)...
  81. Matt Moyer

    SBS Mission Bay 2/15/14 If you think you have what it takes to weigh five 14" Spotted Bay Bass come down to Mission Bay(Home of the WR Spottie caught by Paul Weintraub) next Saturday. Walk-Ups are welcome and you can stay and fish MB or travel to SD Bay. Be sure to read the rules. $200...
  82. Matt Moyer

    SWBA Live Weigh In

    Check out the live weigh in starting around 1:30-2:30 today. Long Beach Spotties. We couldn't fish today but always like watching what comes to the scales
  83. Matt Moyer

    Bass Forum Make-Over

    Calling all Bass Addicts...Calico, Largemouth, Sand Bass, Spotted Bay Bass, and Smallmouth slayers. Many of you know me but for those that don't my name is Matt Moyer. I'm a Bass Addict just like you. I have recently been working with Ali and others to enhance the bass forum to generate...
  84. Matt Moyer

    Ballast Point Victory at Sea at the SWBA COC

    What an incredible event like always! James, EB and Susan really handle everything and make it very easy to just show up and fish. Brant...Thanks for the Brats and James for cooking...they were ridiculously good. Very cool to have MitchFish helping out. Good to get the youngster interested...
  85. Matt Moyer

    Just a Heads up to SD Lobster Guys...

    Went out this last Sunday night with my buddy Nic and his Dad. We baited up and had our first string down by 6:00. We noticed that about 6 of our nets drifted about 10 feet inside the Channel Marker Bouy so we pull 4 and repositioned them. We were about to move the other 2 and SD Harbor Police...
  86. Matt Moyer

    2 each Revo Toro 50 HS $120

    Great Reels in Good Condition! PM or Text 619-990-3663
  87. Matt Moyer

    Last Night In Da Big Bay

    Got out last night with the kids on Robert's new 23 Parker Pilot House...Sick Boat! Bugs crawled a little at first and then dead until 1 a.m. and then we got some. We ended up with 5 legals and a dozen shorts. We lost 1 conicle out by the South Bait Barge earlier in the evening. If anyone finds...
  88. Matt Moyer

    SD Buggin 11/17

    Went buggin with my buddy Nic Dragomire on his 17 foot Triumph Skiff and my 6 year old Maddox. This is only our 2nd year doing it and we are finally getting some meals out of our trips. We have been strong arming some of our friends for info which has helped us a lot. We had 2 different people...
  89. Matt Moyer

    SWBA California Offshore Challenge

    This is the World Series of Saltwater Bass Fishing. 2 day fishing events weighing 10 Calicos. Most fish SCI, Cat, San Nic, Or SBI. Limited field so get your deposits in. Probably one of the funnest tournaments of the year. Go to
  90. Matt Moyer

    SBS Newport-Bay Bass-Nov.16th

    Not sure if any of you are interested but there is a Bay Bass Tourny Next Saturday in Newport. There are no boundaries so if you want to leave Newport and go to HH, MDR, or LB it's allowed. 2 man teams and the buy in is $200. Weigh your 5 biggest Spotties and when some cash. Fish have to be 14"...
  91. Matt Moyer

    Lexa HS $120

    Lexa 300 HS...I do not have the power handle. Used for 6 months but in very good condition loaded with Izorline 65# spectra. Also have the original box. Please PM me if you want it. Matt
  92. Matt Moyer

    Shout Out To The "Bushman"

    Thank you Ken for making my old rod look new my friend! You did a great job and the turn-a-round was fast! Can wait to start using it again.
  93. Matt Moyer


    Just wondering if any of you rod builders in San Diego area want to make a little cash fixing all my guides on one of my favorite rods. It's an 8 foot sapphire rod I got from Monty (M&M) about 15 years ago. Love the rod but the guides all need to be replaced. PM me if you're interested. Matt...
  94. Matt Moyer

    3 Days of Fun

    Had one of the funnest fishing weekends of my life. 7/27 started off fishing the SBS-Mercury Marine-WON Angler's Appreciation Tournament with Nic Dragomire. Nic has one of the 17 foot Triumph Skiffs so we decided to stay close and fish "The Wall" and Point Fermin. We didn't fair to well losing a...
  95. Matt Moyer

    Piggy-Mission Bay 7/17

    Got out for a couple hours with my buddy Mike Lane. Fishing was pretty slow for the most part cause the wind was working against the tide. I got this piggy on a 5" MC Viejo in X-mas tree on a 3/4 oz. Reebs Kelp Assassin Head. It's my biggest for this year. No scale but pretty sure it was at...
  96. Matt Moyer

    Diawa Lexa 300HS-$120

    Located in San Diego-Pick Up Only-Used but in very good condition PM you cell and I will shoot over some pictures. SOLD
  97. Matt Moyer

    SBS Catalina 5/25

    Reebs and I headed over to Catalina on 5/24 so we wouldn'g have to make the crossing in the dark Saturday morning at 2:00 a.m. We left Hunington Harbor in his 17 ft Sea Fox and got pounded by 15-20 knot winds. Took us about 2 hours to cross, brutal. Got to Two Harbors and headed to the bar to...
  98. Matt Moyer

    Big P...Question? Is this what you use to make your baits? What do you spray them with after you bake them to get a good seal? Thanks-Brother Moyer
  99. Matt Moyer

    Point Loma Before Work Session

    Got out this morning with my buddy Ty Ponder on his boat. We hit PL and headed out to an area that produced for Ty yesterday. We were fishing in about 20 feet of water with scattered kelp. Water was 60.5 with decent vis. We started out throwing swimbaits nailing a couple small ones. As the sun...
  100. Matt Moyer

    LJ 3/25

    Hit LJ with Nic Dragomire and Ty Ponder yesterday to go play Checkers. Bite was decent in the morning with the tide. We had a steady pick mostly on 7" Viejos. We caught all the fish in 40 feet or less and all throughout the column. I stuck my locally PB. Weighed 6.94lbs. Good times!
  101. Matt Moyer

    SBS Long Beach

    We fished the SBS Tourny this last Saturday out of Long Beach and had a great night. Ended the night with 26.98 pounds good enough for 1st place and I got my PB Sand Bass and big fish honors 7.44 pounds. So Stoked! All the fish came on 7" Viejos and Reebs Quick Limit Lead Heads. Thank you to all...
  102. Matt Moyer

    Preview: Reebs Lures "Quick Limit" Swimbait Head

    Preview of the New "Quick Limit" Reebs Swimbait Head. This will be available at Fred Hall Long Beach for the first time. Come by and check it out and buy some. They will be only $2.00 per head. Check it out! This bait matches up perfect with most swimbaits, Big Hammer, MC, etc. Swims Awesome!
  103. Matt Moyer

    SWBA Round 1 Ballast Point Brewing

    Finally able to get around to a report on Round 1 SWBA. This was our 4th tournament in a 5 week span...I'm ready just to fun fish. We had a plan to basically throw spinnerbaits all day in MB and big swimbaits since the limit was changed from 5 fish @ 13" to 3 fish @ 14.25". Go big or go home...
  104. Matt Moyer

    SBS-2/2/13 Ballast Point Brewing Fishing Team

    Reebs and I fished the SBS this past Saturday which was the biggest field at 32 teams since starting last year. Gerry and his wife Maria did a great job! It was held out of Shelter Island at the Boat Club in San Diego Bay. Thanks to John Cassidy for hooking Gerry up, great venue. Reebs and I...
  105. Matt Moyer

    SBS-Great Day

    The stage was set for the 2nd Saltwater Bass Series event out of San Diego Harbor 1/19/2013. With the weather warming up all week and no low pressure systems on the horizon the "Stones" Reebs and I fish were shaping up to give us a decent shot to win. Gerry Mahieu-SBS Tournament Director blew...
  106. Matt Moyer

    Ballast Point COC Recap

    Well, this was our 2nd year fishing the California Offshore Challenge, Southern California 's biggest 2 day saltwater Calico Bass Tournament. Mike and I prepared for this one, adding 12 gallons of fuel so that we could get the range to fish San Clemente Island which is known for trophy Calicos...
  107. Matt Moyer

    Float Tube

    Only used a couple of times. Flippers and pump included Bought it for $200 selling it for $150 OBO Thought I would give the Bass Brothern first shot.
  108. Matt Moyer

    Rods and Float Tube

    Shimano Crucial CRC-X70H 7' 12-25-$80 Great Condition Float Tube with Pump and flippers-$150 Used only a couple times Pick up only in La Mesa, San Diego, or La Jolla
  109. Matt Moyer

    2012 SBS Schedule

    Here it is! There are 3 Divisions (Bay, Inshore/Island/Flex) All you have to do is fish at least 5 tournaments out of the 10 to qualify for the finals where you can win a Mercury 4 Stroke. Go to to see the schedules, Rules, and Sponsors. Gerry puts...
  110. Matt Moyer

    White Shark or Mako I heard about this from a friend so I looked for the video. Looks like a Large Mako but I could be wrong. Pointy Nose and arn't Makos the only shark who eats with its eye open...
  111. Matt Moyer

    Seeker Black Steel G 270H-8" CT

    10 (25) 30 Lb. Just had it re corked. Has Boat Rash. $150 Firm
  112. Matt Moyer

    7'6 Heavy Teremar

    Excellent shape $80
  113. Matt Moyer

    Bass Guy Goes Long

    I'm a chef at a private club and I got the call from one of our members to join him on his new 50 foot Mikelson S/F for a ride out to the 1010 trench. We left Monday night at 10:30 and cruised out on auto pilot. We were in the spot at sunrise and put out the trollers. First fish was a peanut...
  114. Matt Moyer

    Reebs Lures Labor Day Sale

    Reebs marked down his Bolt Thrower Spinnerbaits from $10.99 to $7.99 for this weekend only. Get em while they are in stock. Please order on Moyer
  115. Matt Moyer

    Shimano EJs

    I have 2 in good 8/10 chosmetically, 10/10 mechanically. $150 each-SOLDThey are both loaded with 65# Power Pro. I have the Boxes and 1 of them has the upgraded drags. Matt
  116. Matt Moyer

    Curado 300e/65#Power Pro

    $200 Matt-PM Me SOLD
  117. Matt Moyer

    SCI 8/4

    Got the call from Mike Lane and Scotty Pethtel the 2 newest Ballast Point Fishing Team members to run to SCI. We launched at 5:00 a.m. on Mike's 22' Pathfinder which is just an insane boat (I want one). We made it out in an hour and half and began fishing on the East end of the island. We began...
  118. Matt Moyer

    Fishing Mission

    Got a chance to get out twice this past weekend, once for an evening bite and once for a morning bite. The spotties were playing when the incoming tide swing started rolling. For the evening bite they were all over the swimbait fishing a 3/4 oz. Reebs Kelp Assassin smothered in Hot Sauce. It was...
  119. Matt Moyer

    Cedros June 22-25 Reebs Lures Trip

    Cedros Outdoor Adventures Fisherman/Camerman/Panga Driver Matt Moyer, Mike "Reebs" Ryba, Shea McIntee-Stoked on Fishing, Nic Dragomire, El Melon June 22nd at 8:00 a.m my buddy Nic Dragomire picks me up at my house in La Mesa and we are off to the Border. The whole group meets at...
  120. Matt Moyer

    La Jolla Calicos-5/31

    Fished La Jolla with Fellow Reebs Lures Team Member Nic Dragomire on his new 17CC Triumph Skiff which is an awesome platform to fish on. We started out picking away at the boilers right outside Children's Cove and then moved out to the stringers as the sun came out. All the fish came on plastics...
  121. Matt Moyer

    SBS-Mission Bay Night Tournament

    I decided to try out the new SBS-Saltwater Bass Series that Gerry Mehieu started this year. Reebs was fishing with a friend in it so I fished with my friend and Reebs Pro Staffer Nic Dragomire in his new Triumph Skiff. The format was a lot of fun. The tournament started at 5:00 pm and weigh in...
  122. Matt Moyer

    Barrett Opener 5/2

    I got the privledge to fish Barrett Lake for the 2nd time in my life. I was invited by a friend so I barrowed a buddy of mine's Ocean Kayak Torque which has a Minkota Trolling Motor drop in, the thing is sick. Hooked up with the boys on the boat and they towed me out to the Hauser Arm and the...
  123. Matt Moyer

    Maui Jim Sunglasses-Cheap

    Guy Harvey- Grander $75 Dark Blue Frames/Grey Lens Akamai-$50 Black Frame/Grey Lens Palms(unisex)-$50 Black Frame/Grey Lens All glasses have been used but cared for. I will mail if you pay for the shipping. If you would like to see picture I will be more than happy to text them to you...
  124. Matt Moyer

    SWBA Video

    This a very cool video that She Mcintee put together at the last SWBA Tournament. Shea is an awesome cameraman who shoots for Inside Sportsfishing and is now starting up his own production company Stoked on Fishing. Check out his videos on YouTube under FishJunkyshea. He is stoked on fishing and...
  125. Matt Moyer

    Curado 300e

    Like New Curado 300e with 60lb Spectra $175 Will also trade for a 300ej. PM-Matt
  126. Matt Moyer

    Team Ballast Point SWBA Report

    Not sure how you guys feel when you fish your backyard but all we can feel is pressure. Add Shea Mcintee on the boat for some filming action and you feel like you have to perform. Reebs and I had a really good day the Sunday before and felt like we could put a decent bag together to at least...
  127. Matt Moyer

    Reebs @ Fred Hall

    I will be working the booth with Mike "Reebs" Ryba tomorrow. Come check out the goods. We will have the whole assortment of jigs from 3/8 oz. -2oz. We have over 400 of the new 1oz. Bolt Thrower Spinnerbait. Come Say Hi. TL-Moyer
  128. Matt Moyer

    Pretty Epic

    So this was on a kayak fishing site I frequent. The angler saw this 5lb LMB floating belling up with a bluegill in its mouth. He pulled the bluegill out and put it on the stringer and drug it around for a few hours. When he was done fishing he thought he would see if it was revived and low and...
  129. Matt Moyer

    Ocean Kayak Prowler Trident 15-Olive-$500

    Top of the line sit on top fishing kayak. I will sell it with the Humminbird 385ci for $800. Selling it with Seat, Upgraded Center Hatch. Loaded with flush mount rod holders No Leaks Normal wear and tear scratches. This boat retails for $999 brand new without the rod holders and...
  130. Matt Moyer

    MBF Mission Bay 12/31

    Met down at Mission Bay to fish against some of San Diego's finest Bass fisherman. $20 team buy in Winner Takes all. Reebs and I fished just about the whole bay. We couldn't get that last fish for our limit...Dang It! We weighed in at noon and Bill Hokstead and Bill Garber took the LOOT and...
  131. Matt Moyer

    Big Bay Tubing/Reebs Bolt Thrower

    I'm almost 36 years old and I finally got a tube. My wife hooked me up for Christmas so I thought I would cruise down for a couple hours and check it out. Super Fun! My basic goal was to feel it out and get comfortable and do some Recon with the new Reebs Bolt Thrower Spinnerbait. This...
  132. Matt Moyer

    Hobie Outback SUV $800

    Excellent Condition This Kayak retails for $1600 Comes with Seat, Paddle and Mirage Peddles PM-Matt
  133. Matt Moyer

    10-29-11 LJ

    Fished with Reebs on probably one of the most beautiful days out of the year. 60 degree clean water with tons of bait popping everywhere. Looked for some YT for awhile and then decided to go play with the calicos. The bite was a little dismal with most of our fish in the 2lb. range. Got a...
  134. Matt Moyer


    My partner is Mike Ryba of Reebs lures and I decided to go all in and fish every event of the SWBA. Neither of us had ever fish an SWBA Series event in the past so this would be our ROOKIE year. I gotta say, we were pretty intemedated at first because we didn't know what to expect. The first...
  135. Matt Moyer

    Going to the SWBA Finale!

    Team Luremaker, Mike Ryba and Matt Moyer are going to the SWBA Season Finale. STOKED! This was our first year fishing the SWBA and we fished hard. We did well enough on our home turf to secure a spot to fish with the elite saltwater bass anglers. In this past tournament we needed at least a...
  136. Matt Moyer

    LJ with REEBS & BEEJ

    Slow Pick but finally found a Better Model late in the Day:2gunsfiring_v1: My New Favorite Kelp Assassin Color: June Bug with Whale Tear Eyes
  137. Matt Moyer

    9th Annual Steve Moyer Memorial Kayak Fishing Tournament

    Check out the link...Just added a Calico Bass Kayak Division sponsored by SWBA and Ballast Point Brewing Company. All Proceeds Go To The American Cancer Society 9th Annual Steve Moyer Memorial Kayak Fishing Calico Bass Division...
  138. Matt Moyer

    or Trade Calcutta 300TE

    $250 Firm or trade for a Curado 300EJ or 300E My reel is in excellent condition! Pm-Matt
  139. Matt Moyer

    Calcutta 300TE foo...

    CuradoEJ My reel is a 9/10
  140. Matt Moyer

    MO Bass Fo Mo

    Launch the boat around 5:30 with Reebs to try out some new prototype baits and to see if our Stones were holding. We got into some Grey Bass pretty damn good. It looks like they are starting to go in full spawn mode but with 7 weeks until the last event anything and everything can and will...
  141. Matt Moyer

    Calcutta 300te $300 OBO

    Reel is 9/10 I'm the original owner with box. Please No Lowball Offers.
  142. Matt Moyer

    SD Bay Spotties

    I took a couple of Newbies out on the kayak today. We launched from Tidelands park at 6:30 this morning. Great in coming tide. Set up off of Peohe's Restaurant and drifted the channel. A lot of dinks with some bigger models mixed in. I ended up with 30+ SBB with my big 5 going around 8 pounds. I...
  143. Matt Moyer

    Cedros- Reebs Lures Trip-Pics

    Mike "Reebs" Ryba Nic "The Badger" Dragomire Matt Kim "Kong" They will be back on Monday with more pics of slugs I'm sure. Tight Lines from Team Reebs Lures Moyer
  144. Matt Moyer

    Barret Bassing

    Good day of fishing. Not wide open like it's been unless you were fishing Senkos. I threw Spinnerbaits and Crankbaits almost all day. Stuck this pig about mid day. Finished with roughly 25 bass and 1 toad Crappie. I can mark Barret off my Bucket List. Enjoy! Moyer
  145. Matt Moyer

    Crucial CRC70 MH 10-20

    Pm Me
  146. Matt Moyer

    Crucial CRC70-MH 10-20

    PM me Matt
  147. Matt Moyer

    Calcutta 200b

    Great Condition And Just Serviced $125
  148. Matt Moyer

    Teramar is the TMC76MH 12-25 Med Heavy Used once $80

    PM Matt $80 and it's yours
  149. Matt Moyer

    Calcutta 300 TE $175

    Has some visible scratches but fishes brand new. Pm me your # and I will send you pictures from my iphone. Matt Moyer
  150. Matt Moyer

    Calcutta 300TE with 7-6 Teramar

    $330 for the Combo
  151. Matt Moyer

    Calcutta 300TE $250

    Just serviced at Fisherman's Landing and this thing feels brand new. Spent $50 on the service with new bearing, drags and washers. Slight boat rash but nothing crazy! PM Matt
  152. Matt Moyer

    Calcutta 300TE-$250

    $250 Firm Just serviced at Fisherman's Landing Tackle Shop with new bearings and drags. PM- Matt
  153. Matt Moyer

    Avet SX 2 Speed $175

    Blue in Very Good Condition Pm Matt
  154. Matt Moyer

    Trinidad 12 $175 Firm

    Boat Rash but it is 10/10 Mechanically PM-Matt
  155. Matt Moyer

    Curado E5

    PM Me.
  156. Matt Moyer

    Trini 12/SX Blue 2 Speed

    $200 for the Trini $175 for the SX Text Matt for Pictures @ 619*990*3663 Pick up in San Diego ONLY.
  157. Matt Moyer

    Calico Set-Up and Curado 200CU

    Calcutta 400 on a 7-2 Graftech 10-20 Rod $175 Curado 200CU $50 PRICES ARE FIRM! PM-Matt
  158. Matt Moyer

    20 Foot Bayrunner-What's Left!!

    Hoping for $2k. They took the Engine, Ignition, Throttle, Batteries, Bait Tank, Bench Seat, Fuel Tank. I will throw in the Raymarine C70 and transducer for and extra $1k (Retails for over $1,500.) Also have the Raymarine VHF Radio in great shape. The T-Top is in my garage and has a CD Player...
  159. Matt Moyer

    Stolen Boat!!

    20 Foot Bayrunner with 100HP Yamaha 4 Stroke. Stolen from SD off the 5 by Washington Street It has a cutsom Engine Bracket, Red 25 Gallon Fuel Tank, 20 Gallon Bait Tank, White Bench Seat. The Wood Floor Boards are newly Painted Gray. Merry Fucker Christmas Tweekers! I hope your arms...
  160. Matt Moyer

    $100 Calcutta 400

    Levelwind. Text me and I will send pics 619*990*3663 Matt
  161. Matt Moyer

    Calcutta 400 $100 Firm

    Call or Text Matt @ 619*990*3663
  162. Matt Moyer

    Calcutta 400 Levelwind $125

    text Matt for pictures 619*990*3663
  163. Matt Moyer

    Calcutta 400/Graftech Rod

    Both are in good Condition. The 400 is a levelwind. $200 for the combo PM me, My name is Matt
  164. Matt Moyer

    Brand New Bosch Electric Oven

    Stainless Steal $500...Retails for over $900. Come and Get it. Matt-619*990*3663
  165. Matt Moyer

    Daily Double...

    on WSB! With the new Baby Girl on her way I've been fishing as much as possible and it finally paid off this last Wednesday. Maybe 15-20 yaks and a few skiffs. It was some of the most fun I've ever had on the water, but catching fish is always fun. Very good vibe out there with a lot of good...
  166. Matt Moyer

    While all of you were @ the Nados

    58lbs. of Ghostliness:) Caught on the yo-yo Salas 6xJR blue/white A new personal best. Bad picture doesn't do this fish justice. Note: I'm 6 foot 5
  167. Matt Moyer

    Steve Moyer Memorial Kayak Tournament 2010

    Early Start!!!! Jim, Brent, and myself have already started working on the 2010 SMM tournament. Maui Jim has already jumped on board as one of our big sponsors by donated a $1,000 Jackpot plus their very cool shades. If anyone would like to help out or donate an item for this year please...
  168. Matt Moyer

    55" Sony Grand Wega

    I paid $3,500 brand new 4 years ago. Just checked on line and they are going for $1,200 refurbished. This one is ripe for the stealing $500 with the stand. Kid not inluded! Call Matt 619*990*3663
  169. Matt Moyer

    LAST POST!!!

    Hey Bloodydeckers! The SMMT is this Saturday Benefitting the American Cancer Society. Yes it is a Kayak or self powered tournament, but you don't have to be a kayaker to enjoy some great raffle prizes. All the money goes to fighting this horrible disease. Bloodydecks has generously...
  170. Matt Moyer

    North 9 Mile Bank 9-4

    Long Story Short...Killed it on the North 9 Mile Bank. I caught the money salad out of the corner of my eye. Nice grade of Dodos. Instant hook ups. We could have limited out but only kept what we needed. We also had a pair of Marlin finning as we were both hooked up. My big one was 15# and Matty...
  171. Matt Moyer

    2009 Raffle Prizes

    Steve Moyer Memorial Tournament Boy are you in for a treat this year! FYI- You do not have to be in the tournament to enjoy the BBQ festivities. All we ask is for $10 donation for the Food. You can also enjoy the Raffle which is going to be killer this year. Check this out! + Ocean...
  172. Matt Moyer

    T-Shirt Art for this years SMM

    2009 Steve Moyer Memorial Kayak & Spear Fishing Tournament September 12 2009-All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society $50-Gets you Captains Bag, T-Shirt, Mexican Buffet, Raffle Ticket Link to sign up: Thanks to Bill Canales of Full...
  173. Matt Moyer

    Nice Paddy YT!

    My buddy Matt is pretty humble and I know he won't post his fish so I'm doing it for him. This is his personal best YT off a Paddy west of the 302. What do you think? Pushing 40#? Congrats Matty! WTG my brother! Moyer
  174. Matt Moyer

    HELP!!!! Sponsors/Donations

    What's up Bloodydeckers? Help Raise Money for Cancer Research! My name is Matt Moyer and I put on the Steve Moyer Memorial Kayak and Spearfishing Tournament every year. I know that most of you are PBers as I am too. You don't have to be a kayaker or spearfisherman to get involved...
  175. Matt Moyer

    2009 SMM Tournament

    Seventh Annual La Jolla Kayak Fishing - Steve Moyer Memorial Kayak Fishing and Spear Fishing Tournament September 12th 2009 Rules/Entry Form/Waiver • Map/Directions to the La Jolla Launch site All proceeds to the American Cancer Society It is time again for the most...
  176. Matt Moyer

    2009 SMM Tournament

    Seventh Annual La Jolla Kayak Fishing - Steve Moyer Memorial Kayak Fishing and Spear Fishing Tournament September 12th 2009 Rules/Entry Form/Waiver • Map/Directions to the La Jolla Launch site All proceeds to the American Cancer Society It is time again for the most...
  177. Matt Moyer

    Long Run 7/26-7/27

    7/26- Cruised out with Nate, Shawn and Frank on the Long Run, Nate's 25 foot Davis Rock Harbor...sick boat! Left SI around 4:30, we got a little late start do to Santana's changing out their oil. We for sure had to wait because their breakfast burritos are the bomb! We cruised West of the 302...
  178. Matt Moyer

    Steve Moyer Memorial Tournament

    All Proceeds go to the American Cancer Society This Tournament is a 501(c)(3) Save the Date: September 12 2009 Place: La Jolla CA. Details: La Jolla Kayak Fishing Adventures, This is a Kayak and Spearfisherman Tournament but everyone is welcome to participate. Any...
  179. Matt Moyer

    Game On-Finally

    Stopped by Jim Sammons' house last night to pick up my copy of Game On. Jim asked my if I wanted to watch the film and have a beer with him...twist my arm! All I can say is that I am proud to be a part of such a epic production. They camera crew really caught kayak fishing at its finest. The...
  180. Matt Moyer

    Rockfish Opened March 1st

    ...which I'm sure you all know! Just found this on a website and it works really well. Much better than just letting little fish float away so a pelican or sea lion can eat them. I've been using one for a couple years now. How to hook SFD™ to rockfish mouth. Tight Lines-Matt
  181. Matt Moyer

    La Jolla Skiffing

    Hit up LJ in the Skiff this morning with 80 of my closests friends. It was a beautiful day, just wish the fish came to play. It was deadville! gave up around 9ish and fished some rock fish. We nailed a few small reds and 1 nice chucklehead, all were sent back their rocks safely. There was some...
  182. Matt Moyer

    40# 2oz.

    Weighed at Dan Landing 2-25-09 Looked more like a YFT. It was 38 inches long exactlypig:
  183. Matt Moyer

    Thanks Tommy!

    Tommy- Thanks again for the Uni! We caught a shitload of bass at the OBB tourny, just nothing bigger than 1# 10oz. For those who don't believe...more for me! TL-Moyer
  184. Matt Moyer

    Birthday Nados Run

    Today's my B-Day so the wife gave me a get out of jail free card:loverz:. My buddy and me ran out to the North Island to do a little rockfishing. We had decent numbers but everything was small. We saw a dozen or so Grey Whales, looks like their migration is in full swing. If you have any kids I...
  185. Matt Moyer

    Big Bay 1/9 P.M. Shift

    Got out last night on the full moon thinking the bass would be chewing. My buddy Matt and I met up with some other Reebs Pro Staffers Mike Ryba, Kyle, and Jesse. Matt and I got out a little earlier launching at 7:00 pm. Hit a couple of spots for nothing. We finally found some fish, nice grade...
  186. Matt Moyer

    Tune Up On Yamaha 4 Stroke

    Where is a good place to take my Yamaha 100 4 Stroke to get tuned up? What kind of money can I count on it costing me? Any info would be much appreciated. Matt
  187. Matt Moyer

    PL Pipe Report

    Started off sucking and ending sucking. Fog was like Pea Soup with wet cold conditions. Fished 110 Feet -150 feet looking for lings and goats. We got a small chuckle head, canary, and vermillion all released. Wind was making the drift fast. Looks like I will have to wait until March to eat Ling...
  188. Matt Moyer

    Fish Poppers

    Hello BloodyDeck Members, My name is Matt Moyer and I'm the F&B Director and Executive Chef at La Jolla Country Club and I thought I would share a cool recipe for those of you that have frozen fish and don't know what to do with it. With the holidays coming up, this would be a great hors...
  189. Matt Moyer

    Tideland's Video Shoot

    My buddy Jim was doing a video shoot for the Fishing Network at Tidelands yesterday. We had a nice outgoing tide, unfortunately I was the captain of the boat so I didn't get to fish that much. They caught a lot of chunky spotties. If you have kids, Tideland is the best place to get them hooked...
  190. Matt Moyer

    La Jolla 11-17

    Fished LJ yesterday with my buddy Jim and it was absolutely flat calm. There was a shitload of bait on the North Edge of the canyon, so we loaded up on greenies for bait. We saw some birds working straight out from the pier so we headed out to do a little trolling. We hit the area hard for about...
  191. Matt Moyer

    Slow on the 9

    Went out and fished the 9 mile bank and it was slow! The highlight was seeing two makos and a dorado on a paddy that was retarded and wouldn't bite. We saw two whales and a Harbor Sealion Elephant Seal...Seriously, We saw this things head sticking out of the water and we couldn't tell what the...
  192. Matt Moyer

    Non-Report 8-22

    I hope Ali doesn't move this, I know most fisherman have a bad habit of just checking reports:hali_blablalba:. This is very important and for a great cause! 6th Annual Steve Moyer Memorial Tournament September 6th This is the biggest Kayak/Board Fishing/Float Tube Tournament of the year...
  193. Matt Moyer

    Late Monday Report

    We finally got to go offshore in our newly referbished 21 foot Bayrunner. It took about a month longer than we wanted but with the New Yamaha 4 Stroke 100hp we set our sites for the 182. Just past the 9 mile bank and about 7:30 am we decided we needed breakfast so we popped open our first...
  194. Matt Moyer

    6th Annual Steve Moyer Memorial Tournament

    Hello everyone! This is the biggest non-powered fishing event of the year. Last year we raised over $15,000 for the American Cancer Society. I know that there are a lot of people out there affected by this deadly disease as me and my family were 5 years ago when we lost my father to brain...
  195. Matt Moyer

    16 FT Bayrunner

    How much would a 16 foot Bayrunner go for with a 40hp 1991 Johnson. It's in good not great shape. It has a new 20 gallon bait tank, GPS, Depth Finder, 25 gallon custom aluminum gas tank, Trailors in good shape. Great boat, we've taken it as far as the 302. Whatta ya think? Matt
  196. Matt Moyer

    LJ Today!

    It Sucked! Nice swell forming, breakout the surfboards. Water Temp was at 62 degrees in spots. I only saw two other PBers out. I hope the full moon brings in the Biscuits! TL-Matt
  197. Matt Moyer

    I Got Mine!!!

    [/IMG] I figure now that the words out no one will kill me for posting two of my personal bests. 33# 29#:devil:
  198. Matt Moyer

    Steve Moyer Memorial Tournament

    When: September 8, 2007 For: All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society Why: We have all been affected by this horrible disease. My father died four years ago with a Brain Tumor. Unfortunately this is a kayak tournament and PBers are not aloud. Anyone is more than welcomed to help out...
  199. Matt Moyer

    Avet sx 4 Sale

    Barely been used Silver Avet sx. Only asking $150 for it. PM me if interested. Matt
  200. Matt Moyer

    A few hours before work.

    With a few hours to kill before work I got this bad boy in between the half and three quarter in about 100 feet of water. Gotta love summertime YTDeath_To_ [/IMG] TL-Matt
  201. Matt Moyer

    I'm back from the East Cape....

    Posted: Tue Jul 25, 2006 1:24 pm Post subject: Baja Report...I'm Back.... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- with a great big smile on my face . I guess Jim already mentioned what happened, so I will shortly give you the low down...
  202. Matt Moyer

    La Jolla 4/23

    Ditched the kayak today and went out on my buddies Bayrunner because the weather looked crappy. Turned out to be an OK day. The fishing was pretty dismal with one good Lingasaurous and severall Checkerboards. The good news is that there was sgins of Spring time YT. We saw to spots south of...
  203. Matt Moyer

    REDs & GROUPER 3/25

    Fished this morning on our secret spot and we limited out on Big Reds and Boccacio. We were done by 9:30. I got all of mine on a knife jig tipped with squid, I had one double. all the fish were 2-5lbs. Go get em! I can't wait to make a little Sauteed Snapper Salad:) TL-Matt
  204. Matt Moyer

    LOST SOME GEAR! Dana Point

    I fished the Dana Point Kayak Tourny with a broken wrist which turned ou to be a bad idea. I'm a La Jolla Kayak guide affiliate and I have been fishing from a kayak for about six years and I have never flipped or lost any gear....UNTIL NOW! I got my bait pump caught on a lobster bouy in Dana...
  205. Matt Moyer

    LOST SOME GEAR! Dana Point

    I fished the Dana Point Kayak Tourny with a broken wrist which turned ou to be a bad idea. I'm a La Jolla Kayak guide affiliate and I have been fishing from a kayak for about six years and I have never flipped or lost any gear....UNTIL NOW! I got my bait pump caught on a lobster bouy in Dana...
  206. Matt Moyer


    Here it is Fellas! Part of the Tournament Trail! La Jolla Kayak Fishing Presents the first ever YAK MASTERS CLASSIC! Two days, Two bays! $35 Entry April 29th and 30th SD Bay on the 29th (Tideland's Park) Mission Bay on the 30th (Sailing Center) Launch at...
  207. Matt Moyer

    Not a Report but for a good cause! AUGUST 27th Tourney

    Remember this date! August 27th 2005. La Jolla Kayak fishing is putting on the third annual Steve Moyer Memorial Tournament. Steve was my father who passed away two years ago with an inoperable brain tumor. All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. You must fish from a self motored...
  208. Matt Moyer

    New Boat/Couple of Bass...Mission Bay

    I just got my boat back from the shop which I bought a month ago. I had the steering done and a new water pump put in for under a thousand bucks :) I thought that was pretty good. The wife and I had the day off so I thought I would give the maiden voyage. First off, it's an old boat which I got...
  209. Matt Moyer


    What a way to spend your saturday....come on! Sign up, it's for a great cause. Everyone will have a good time. Fish like a Kid for the Kids!!!! TL-Matt Saturday June 4th at La Jolla Shores Proceeds are going to the Childrens Hospital! Biggest fish gets: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$