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    Chevy Wheels

    2500-HD Goodyear Wrangler LT267/70R 17 All lug nuts and caps. Located in Lynden. $400.00
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    Scotty #1091 Longarm Manual Downrigger w/ 60-Inch Telescopic Boom

    Used but in great shape. I kept this on my boat as a spare for years and definitely came in handy a few times. Spooled with Scotty Braid. 175.00
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    Do you top shot?

    Why and for what
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    To all you BD knuckleheads!
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    In case you have't heard.. Coho rule change

    Limit reduced to 1 coho salmon daily in most Puget Sound marine areas Action: Reduces the daily limit for coho salmon to one. Effective date: Monday, Sept. 23, 2019. Species affected: Coho salmon. Locations: Marine areas 5 (Sekiu and Pillar Point), 6 (East Juan de Fuca Strait), 7 (San Juan...
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    Advice? Packing gear for away trips.

    I want to fish my own gear on trips to Mexico, Costa Rica etc.. Anyone have (REAL) experience doing this? Any suggestions?
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    Airmar P66 Transducer - $50

    Used Airmar in great condition. BEST OFFER! Original box with all paperwork and hardware included. PN# E66054
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    BISON COOLER 75 Quart Large Double Insulated $200.00

    This is the Brute before they became Bison (Exact Same) Been used once or twice to chill beer pop etc. This is an incredible American Made cooler. ✅ PREMIUM COOLING: Pressure-injected 2" thick lid and insulated walls for maximum ice retention. Double-wall silicone gasket for tight seal keeps...
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    I don't normally do the "Venting" posts but WTF! August has always been my favorite month of the year for salmon fishing and now it's gone. Probably for good! Who knows? They could just decide this is the answer and it's gone forever. Sorry! just sitting here looking forward to the summer season...
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    Let the shit show begin!

    Shrimp opener usually means some unusual behaviors and actions. Let's all be careful and of course respectful of others out there. Lets go kill some bugz!
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    Fuel and road-use taxes?

    I know this was hashed out a few seasons back but, does anyone bother to claim this on their taxes? and is it worth the hassle?
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    Would you turn them in?
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    How often do YOU replace your line?

    I hate posting this question cause my answer would simply be "whenever you feel like it" but I'm doing some reel maintenance and it could add up sooo. Whatcha got? Oh! I'm asking specifically about mono for my salmon rods. I don't care about braid for salmon fishing.
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    Has it finally begun?

    Oregon begins killing sea lions after relocation fails
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    Happy New Year! I hope you all have a great 19 with easy limits and as much fun as you can squish into the seasons we have. Cheers! :cheers:
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    A whale of a story...

    OLYMPIA, Wash. — A state task force on critically-endangered orcas wants to temporarily suspend whale-watching boat tours focused on those whales. The group that advises Governor Jay Inslee voted to recommend a three- to five-year moratorium on viewing southern resident killer whales by all...
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    Electrical Help Please?

    Installing my new Disco Bay puller today, could anyone chime in on how to install the breakers? The instructions were kinda vague and I don't have a ton of electrical experience. Pictures would be awesome if you got em. Thanks
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    New Orleans in Sept. Whatcha got?

    We're going down in Sept. I thought I might throw in a day of fishing. Anyone got any ideas?
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    Installing a davit puller

    Any advise on installation? Specifically the floor and gunnel mounts on a glass boat. I'm looking at the discovery bay puller. Thanks.
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    Yami 9.9 Trolling speed control

    Having trouble hitting that "sweet spot" and maintaining it. This is not a new issue, It's been like this for some time. Just getting sick of constant adjusting of the throttle. The motor runs and starts great. What do you think? Fuel? Filter? Adjustment? Need some real advise not speculations...
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    Go Eagles!

    Cause I just can't watch the Pats take another one
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    Islander MR2-LA Gold

    New. Got one for Xmas. don't need this one. Spooled with 30 lb $400
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    What if the Pilgrims shot a cougar instead of a turkey?

    We'd all be eating pussy for Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving you Turkeys!!:finger::cheers::finger:
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    Friends of yours?? OR
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    No Albies..

    We tried for Albacore out of Westport a bit early in the season with no luck, so we changed locale. Lisa and I brought home 17 YFT, 14 Dodo's and a Pompano. We released that many more! It was a fantastic way to end the summer and a trip I won't soon forget.
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    Crab Seasons?

    Anyone have intel to share on openings? I'm curious about A6. I have relatives visiting and my area won't open early enough to take them.
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    Stolen Boat. Ouch!

    This has got to suck for the guy...
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    :hali_olutta: Pouring a drink to friends we have and those we've yet to meet. Have a great 2017 guys and gals!
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    Small pilothouse, rod storage?

    One of my winter projects is to arrange some kind of rod hangers in my boat. The ceiling is too small so the walls are the only option. I'm sure I can come up with something, but I figured maybe someone else has dealt with this? Thoughts? Pictures?
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    Was there a game today?
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    Somewhere in the Sound...

    I quit posting reports on here some time back but this ones worth it..Last week my good friend Nick invited me to come fish with his crew. I tried hard to fit in and boy did it pay off! I pulled my weight on deck and earned some respect from the hardened crew especially after we put 2 on deck...
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    New look same flavor!

    Just got this back today. Swing by for a :finger: if you see me.
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    Securing the anchor to the roller?

    How do you do it? I'm considering a tensioner but I'm not a fan of drilling holes..
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    The Next Generation in action video
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    Raymarine apps

    I know this was asked before but I didn't see the answer I was looking for. Does anyone use the Raymarine apps for devices such as tablets or phones? How do you like it? Does is eat up a lot of data? How about battery life? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Tin to Glass!!

    Let's not get into that..:Beat_Them... The "Barracuda" our beloved 20' NR Seahawk has been a fantastic boat for us for several seasons and her legacy will forever be in our hearts. We have many fond memories aboard that boat. I caught my first salt water salmon on her, our first Halibut (in our...
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    Gotta love them! Great video!
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    Great Honest Service

    I've been having issues with a leaky tilt cylinder for about a month now and this time of the year all the shops are busy. I tried to replace the seals myself but after 1 attempt at removing the cap (without the proper tools) I quickly realized I was in over my head. I made an appointment that...
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    Yami trim n' tilt leak??

    A few days ago I noticed some oil on my shop floor, after some investigation I found that one of the trim pistons had some oil on it. When I tried to tilt the engine up it would not go all the way without my assistance. I assumed the seals had given up on that piston so I ordered a set. Removing...
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    Shrimp Gear

    3 complete set-ups including 400' lines. $300 Posting to CL in a week
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    Good Luck Everyone!

    I want to wish you all a great season and remind everyone to play safe... It seems like every year some incident happens during the bottom/prawning season, most times these problems could of been avoided by taking some precautions. I'm not getting on a pedestal here, just a friendly reminder...
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    Cabo 1st week of October

    Any recommendations on a ((reasonably)) priced charter? Single day just the wife and I. I've already been scouring and the prices seem to be per boat/day not per person. Just looking for some 1st hand experience. I've also been considering just looking for one while I'm down there. Thoughts??
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    Just passing this on..
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    EZ Steer

    Is anyone interested in one before I post it to CL?? It's OB to OB I Bought it new last season but didn't use it much at all. I am willing to part with it but not for free.
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    South Sound to San Juan Islands

    I had a great couple of days fishing with friends this weekend. On Friday my friend Nick invited me down to A11 for a break from the high winds that we have been suffering in Bellingham. We had multiple fish to the boat one of which gave a hell of a fight but spit the hook just before the net...
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    Yamaha/West Coast Marine Bham.

    The boats been sitting for a bit and the weather has been in the teens so I decided to check out all my systems and run my motors on hose for a bit before the opener (yesterday). Everything was going fine till I went to start my 2yr old 9.9, I had left it in forward gear and since it needs to be...
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    Mullet Video

  49. Barracuda1


    I thought I would throw this up here for any you guys working on a project or two. There is a ton of new stock items there as well. If I wasn't going to be out of town I would certainly be there...
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    Pacific Marine Exchange

    Closing after 22 yrs! This was my go-to place when I got my first boat. They are liquidating their inventory so if you have a project your working on or just never been. Check it out before it's gone.
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    Diver Rescued

    Way to go coasties!
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    Handy with an older 2 stroke?

    My friend recently purchased a very nice Arima boat with an older Johnson 110hp. This boat sat for 2 seasons but he anticipated issues. He decided to take the boat to a local shop for tuning /repairing any issues with the main. The "mechanic" did the once over told him the engine is sound and...
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    Happy Fathers Day!

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    Used Arima Questions

    My freind is looking at buying a 17' Chaser. Is there anything in particular we should be on the lookout for???
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    South Sound to San Juans

    Got an invite to fish A-13 on Saturday from my buddy Nick and found a few nice Chinook! The water was calm the Fireball was cold and the Salmon gods were generous with multiple takedowns of feisty spring salmon. On Sunday (after a couple frustrating seasons) we finally put Halibut on the...
  56. Barracuda1

    Yamaha tilt issue

    On our last outing my main engine got stuck in the full up position. This has never happened before. After cycling the switch for a while it eventually came down. I played around with it today and was able to get it to do it again. As long as I don't tilt it all the way up it functions fine but...
  57. Barracuda1

    Shrimp Pots, Lynden/Bellingham

    I was going take these to Pac Marine today but I thought I would give someone on here a chance at them first. I used these for several seasons and they work just fine. I just bumped up to more expensive gear to lose.. At 30 bucks a piece it's an inexpensive start to prawn fishing or extra gear...
  58. Barracuda1

    A7 Blackmouth Fever

    I hope there is no cure.... It's been kind of hit n' miss for us the past couple of weeks but we manage to keep our heads up and maintain a positive attitude (fireball helps). My good friend Nick came up yesterday to learn a few spots on the north side. Marty and I had scouted the day before and...
  59. Barracuda1

    Ressurection Derby Updates?

    Anyone hear anything about current results? I was kinda bummed I could'nt make this one but with this weather it turned out to be a blessing. I hope everyone plays it safe out there..
  60. Barracuda1

    Outboard Engine Cleaning

    I'm sure someone has asked this before but.. With the off time in fishing I have been doin the maintenence/cleaning on the boat (this may be more expensive than fishing) and I noticed some salt crystals on the engine under the cowling. I use the Corrosion Guard product from Quicksilver...
  61. Barracuda1

    Another good weekend.

    Got to go with the Salmon Addict on friday. The weather was fantastic outside of some fog in the morning. We got to the spot with a buddy boat nearby and the fish were jumping all around us. We released a bunch of wild coho and that many more pinks. We ended our day with a king and a couple nice...
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    A7 Past couple of weeks

    The last couple of weeks have been pretty good with decent fish movin through some of the usual areas as well as some new spots we have tried. It's been a mixed bag for us but if your hot for pinks, now is the time. They are out there thick and some have been very fiesty and fun to catch. I...
  63. Barracuda1

    Yamaha Tech anyone???

    I wasn't going to do this but here goes...I've been tryin to resolve this issue for quite some time now. The analog tach for my main has been giving me issue for about a year now and has finally quit working all together. Before now it would work for a while, say about a half hour in to the day...
  64. Barracuda1

    Our 2013 Bellingham Derby Story

    We started our derby adventure this year with a donated dock space at Sandy Pt.Our good friends the Larsen family were gracious enough to host us for a couple of days and of course we could not pass that up. I delivered the boat to the“Larsen Nation” Thursday after work and went home to get a...
  65. Barracuda1

    Not so smart phones...

    I just got this and thought I would share...Too much technology out there these days so beware........... TAKE THE TIME TO WATCH THE VIDEO AND TAKE THE RECOMMENDED PRECAUTIONS.
  66. Barracuda1

    Solo Lingin

    I've been kinda bummed that my last 2 outings have been fruitless for some bottom dwellers so I took another day to straighten myself out and get my game on. The conditions today were nothing short of EPIC when the slack came it was as if I was anchored and the wind did'nt even exist. The result...
  67. Barracuda1

    Scotty Stuff

    I usually take my stuff to consignment but I thought I would give fellow bd'ers a shot at these first. I have here two Scotty rail mounts and a Scotty swivel base, $75 for the lot. I'll run this thru the weekend then pull to consign. Maybe someone needs em.
  68. Barracuda1

    Her first Salmon!!

    I've been a little busy this week but I HAD to take advantage of this AWESOME weather and get out on the water. I know the Anacortes derby is goin on and I wanted to at least join in with the brothas and try to get a fish on the deck. My wife Lisa and I headed out a little later than I like but...
  69. Barracuda1

    Too good not to go!

    As the title implies the weather promised to be good and it sure delivered! I got my maintenence done and the boss let me take a day off, my daughter had no school today so I drug her out of the house to get some sunshine and blackmouth. After a technical issue at the dock (batt...
  70. Barracuda1

    Another good day in da A7 hood

    Good friend Jerry and I hit up the CALM waters of the Rosario today and went 2 for four. These winter fish give up one helluva fight and we could not ask for better conditions. The FIREBALL toast had to wait cause I forgot to load it this morning....
  71. Barracuda1

    Island Blackmouth and Crab bonus!

    Shoved off yesterday with Matt (Salmon Addict) at bout 8AM It was a little chilly but we managed ok. The water was incredibly calm giving us a great ride. We get to the grounds and start pounding and throwing an arsenal of death dealing lures and bait at our unsuspecting quarry, but it was'nt...
  72. Barracuda1

    Island Blackmouth

    Here is the fruit of our labor on Fri in A7 we had a blast fighting and losing but no skunk and alot of laughs...
  73. Barracuda1

    A7 Solo Mission

    Put in early this morning by myself. Fishing buddies had other stuff goin on so I thought I would venture out an see what the morning bite brought out. Met Jon "Tenacious J" at the dock, I hope you guys slayed em!! Anyway, Picked up the 13lb coho on a gear change and the nook on some...
  74. Barracuda1


    We left Bham marina yesterday to some of the flattest calmest water of the whole season! We put on the majic lure and WHAM! FIREBALL!! we were in em good. I begged the 1st crazy ass fish to stop the head shakes,no fin,in the net. We hooked about 8 kept these 2. Marty and I gave looking for...
  75. Barracuda1

    A7 Blackies

    We just came off a 3 trip skunkfest so it felt pretty darn good to get some action on the boat. The coho proved to be elusive though there were some caught with the extra appendage, but none for us. Met up with the Salmon Addict fishing with his daughter, I meant to get a picture but spaced it...
  76. Barracuda1

    A7 Not Dead

    I spent the day Friday with expert anglers Matt aka "Salmon Addict" and Marty. We may have been on my boat but these guys took ME fishing. If you have a boat you know what I mean.. We were able to beat the odds and produce a fish and healthy limits of crab. We got at least 3 other hits that...
  77. Barracuda1

    MA7 Newbies

    Marty and I took a couple of fresh newbies out in the salt today. The water was calm in the morning which made setting the pots a breeze. We set out to our first fishing spot with a brand new "virgin" pole and picked up a fiesty 13.5 lbr. We fished a couple of other spots before the ORCAS moved...
  78. Barracuda1

    East Meets West

    My Nephew Dylan is visiting us from Maryland so I'm trying to show im a good time out in the salt. Not a bad start for a 15 yr old on his first two days of salmon fishing...... Course Marty and I had to git in on the action too.. This was 7/6 and 7/8.. OMG! what happend to the head on my fish...
  79. Barracuda1

    4th of July

    We worked for em but we got em! Great day on the water with good friends Marty and Matt aka, "Salmon Addict". this was the result.....
  80. Barracuda1

    Lingcod Time

    My wife and I got our limits and enjoyed some sunshine...
  81. Barracuda1

    Last Day Westport Halibut

    At 50lbs that's not for my first halibut. I got the boat record for the season and biggest fish of the day on both species. My wife picked up a 17lb and we got our limit of Lings before the weather really picked up. I'm hooked on halibut fishing but there is no way I'm takin my boat out there. I...
  82. Barracuda1

    Prawns! n' a ling?

    Ok, so I was'nt "camera" guy today but we did manage to get 2 limits of spots on deck by 10ish. Then we tried out the new Q for the boat(worked good) just after that the wind came up on us and we could only meek out 1 linger... Better luck tomorrow :food-smil
  83. Barracuda1

    Chillin A7

    Headed out solo this morning and managed one barely legal by around 10 Picked up the wife at the marina bearin beer and more bait and you guessed it.... she out fished me by ALOT. Mine was just 26" and hers was Just 36" We had a great time hangin out in the sun and enjoyed super calm water.
  84. Barracuda1

    Last Salmon post for a bit

    I sure hope some of you A7 guys took advantage of the weather yesterday and did a little fishin. The only waves we saw were wake from other boats! I mean you could of taken a Lund and fished the banks!! Anyway.. Matt (Salmon Addict) jerry and I left Washington park (we paid parking) early and...
  85. Barracuda1

    A7 3/23,24

    Well, I invited a couple buddies to take advantage of the break in the weather and took Friday off. We only got two hits and lost em both, Did'nt even mark much on the finder. But it was good practice! Today I had to go solo and the weather forcast was a little off. WAY more wind than predicted...
  86. Barracuda1

    MA7 day 2

    Well we gave it another shot today and the wind layed down nicely for us. The first fish was a wild bout 13LB! then nothin. We were just about to pull and head home when Jerry's rod came unclipped and the fight was on! all the way to the boat I was sure this fish would be a wild judging from the...
  87. Barracuda1

    Well? sort of...

    I was fortunate today in that my buddy Jerry was kind enough to invite me out on HIS boat so this was a good day for me to begin with... The weather didn't deter us, we jus went for it! and we did'nt even sweat the WDFW inspection as we always TRY to be inside of the rule of law... That said...
  88. Barracuda1

    Just 2 in A7

    Left Bham round 9 water was a little snotty but trudged on thru things calmed way down took us several passes without a sign of fish. and then we found em in the back eddy picked up the first one and came back to pick up the second in about the same spot, the bite quickly died off so we headed...
  89. Barracuda1

    MA7 Blackies

    Well we did it again!!!!???? a little nippy this mornin but we had it a little better'n some of our brethren out there in open boats. god bless em. it was freakin cold but they were out there on a beutifull western wash morning. No matter what, beats goin to work! Specially if work is goin to...
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    We got out at 8:30 and back in at noon! Marked a ton of fish and even threw one back. The wind was a little more than expected but all in all a good day...:2gunsfiring_v1:
  91. Barracuda1

    Am I wrong??

    I joined this forum just a few months ago with the intent of sharing info with fellow fisherman. I believed that was the purpose of this forum in the first place, a friendly exchange of information among folks who share the same passion for fishing, right?? Well,,,in the past few threads that I...
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    MA7 the big one

    9/14 We put in at 7AM by 7:30 we had her on the boat she faught like a beast! An hour later Wham! Marty picks up a nice coho, we keep trolling an hour or two go by and just when you start thinking the bite has died down, the clip releases! I pull and fight and he comes at me then runs for the...
  93. Barracuda1

    MA7 Hard to get pinks??

    Fished on the outside yesterday assuming we would have to strip the pinks off all day long but when we got to the "spot" there was a huge fleet of commercial boats just scooping em up. It was an ARMADA! anyway we drop in and whack! Marty lands a decent size pink. less than an hour goes by and...
  94. Barracuda1

    MA7 Eagle point

    First off sorry for the delayed report..8/16 Eagle point We started early trudged through the fog and found em shallow put a silver on the boat in 10 min and then it was pink,pink,pink then king, my buddy got 2 of em quick after about 3 hrs of stripping pinks the bite went off so before we left...