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  1. TonyG

    Rotating seat and 20x20x12" lockable seat box. Perfect, used only briefly

    I have a 20"x20"x12" tall lockable seat box with a rotating captain's chair for sale. All mint & clean. I pulled it out of my previous boat and replaced it with a suspension seat. This is out of an alumaweld intruder. This seat is from bentley. Box is lockable as seen in pictures. In...
  2. TonyG

    Raymarine Element 9 RV

  3. TonyG

    Bostrom suspension units.

  4. TonyG

    Crab pots -

    I have 2 crab pots. Heavy ones with stainless mesh. Looking to get rid of them. No need for weighting. Barely used. As seen. Make an offer.
  5. TonyG

    Winter Crab Punch Cards Due It's pretty fast to report zero crab caught.
  6. TonyG

    Winter boat project - deck lights

    @Genie Aye Paul hooked me up with some sweet vision X deck lights and some LED strip lights this week. Came out great. Great light. This is a picture of the deck in a pitch black garage. And for deck blue lights: And for the hell of it, I replaced the LED truck backup lights I added...
  7. TonyG

    WP moorage sat/sun night this week?

    Any of you want to rent me your slip? Happy to pay you instead of transient.
  8. TonyG

    Boat tow harness - any suggestions?

    I'd like to have a proper tow harness setup in my boat in case I ever need to tow someone or get a tow - any suggestions on a specific model/design. To be clear I am NOT pulling water skiers with this - I hope to never need it, just want something better than a single rope. -tony
  9. TonyG

    Freezer thermometer alarms with WiFi connection?

    Anyone have one that they like? There are plenty with just an alarm but I'd like one that's connected. Not sure how well it will connect inside the faraday cage but wanted to see if anyone tried and liked some version?
  10. TonyG

    We pick up hitchhikers!

  11. TonyG

    Anyone looking for a fun charter?
  12. TonyG

    RAY E15023 Raymarine Smartcontroller

    I have a complete raymarine smartcontroller as listed here. I decided to add a second autopilot control to the rear helm and decided not to use this. It was really handy to adjust the AP when I was not at the helm. 100% functional and barely used. Make a reasonable offer and it is yours...
  13. TonyG

    another dead furbag...

    heh. comments are awesome
  14. TonyG

    Boat extinguishers - what do you use.

    I want to replace the extinguishers on my boats. On my salty boat the last boarding the coasties said my kiddie extinguishers were shitty and suggested replacing with more reliable ones. I like people who are candid. It's off season. Need two for the NR, 1 for the alumaweld. I do not want...
  15. TonyG

    Forget EOH - try this!
  16. TonyG

    FG knot for braid to topshot -

    Switched over a while back. Easy to tie, top strength and perfectly clean through the guides. Any of you use it?
  17. TonyG

    9/28 JUMPERS!

    Had an awesome day Friday fishing with @Tailwalker , @Swede and some new folks I just met. We bombed out of port and made a long run SW about 60 miles. We set up 4 troll rods and started exploring. We started seeing single fish at 100', 75' almost immediately and pretty consistently...
  18. TonyG

    Neah 10-13 Aug

    Returning for round 3 @Neah Bay. Was hoping tuna would be more reliable at this point or we'd be heading down to WP. If any of you jokers are going to be at Neah, give a shout. I think I'm on D-12 this time. -tony
  19. TonyG

    Neah 2018, Round 2 with kids!

    My son, buddy, his son and I fished 3 days @ Neah this week. Sun/Mon/Tues and we had a hell of a fun time. @Chtucker note that we are out there breaking the law with inflatables as well for our kids. Day 1 we just got kids into rockfish and lings. Day 2 it was blowing a bit and a little...
  20. TonyG

    @wdlfbio Found your new boat

  21. TonyG

    purging hydraulic steering - ultraflex UP Series Helms + AP Pump

    I think I have some air in the line down at the AP pump which is causing it to work intermittently now. The way it's set up the forward helm is the high point so I'd think air would work it's way to the front. Maybe I have another problem. I'd like to purge the system before a trip out to...
  22. TonyG

    Raymarine CP470 High Power Chirp Black Box

    I have a like-new Raymarine CP470 high power chirp with cables that I would like to sell. I have replaced it with the new RVX1000 unit. I have been using it for 1.5 years paired to an airmar TM275 LHW (not for sale). Absolutely perfect condition. This thing is awesome...
  23. TonyG

    Stackable Ladner Shrimp Pots

    Have any of you guys used these stackable Ladner weighted shrimp pots? I'm thinking of getting 4 of them but wondering how they fish compared to the rigid octagon style I currently have. Seems like they'd be really slick to stack and toss on top of my cabin for extended trips. Any...
  24. TonyG

    F300 100hr service

    I'll just leave this here as a refresher to y'all with 4.2l yamahas.
  25. TonyG

    Raymarine A125 - mint, with power cable

    Raymarine A125, with mount, rubber protective cover and power/data cable. 100% mint. Boat lives in garage. I can send pics if you want. Perfect condition, updated to latest firmware. Purchased fall 2015. FWIW, even though these are still...
  26. TonyG


    @goatram You been fishing out east? South? I think you are doing it wrong, for what it's worth. I think it's not snook but RED SNAPPER.
  27. TonyG

    Anyone here use an Actisense NGW-1 (NMEA2000/NMEA0813)?

    I connected one of these to interface to the older tech. parts of my network (Yamaha Command Link Plus and Standard Horizon 2200 strictly NMEA0813, AXIOM non-pro is strictly NMEA2000). I need to reprogram the one I got for the AIS version. I ordered the parts but looking for any guidance...
  28. TonyG

    Any interest in a Raymarine A128 and/or A125?

    Following up on an earlier thread, and after some great help from @DEEP MAGIK, I'm upgrading my other 2 MFDs to the Axiom. I have a mint A128 and A125. Not sure what to do with these (<2yr) "old" ones. I have not put them up on classifieds yet and figured I would see if any of you guys...
  29. TonyG

    Gap envy

  30. TonyG

    lowrance lms-339 c df igps, lgc-2000 ups, navionics sd/13xg-2

    anyone interested in these?
  31. TonyG

    a VERY special bloody deck. USS Carl Vinson

    I was aboard the USS Carl Vinson today. I got an amazing tour top to bottom stem to stern. humbling. the picture of the landing deck shows a tie down conspicuously painted red. that's where they unloaded Osama bin Laden from an osprey aircraft. apparently he bloodied the decks!
  32. TonyG

    Tailwalker Tuna, 24 Sept

    Got out with Patrick and a good crew of folks on 24 Sept. The ocean was very friendly. especially in that sweet boat. About 5 miles short of the general area where we were heading, we saw a good number of birds then porpoises and then jumper tuna. We tried to slide in on 2 pods of this and...
  33. TonyG

    launchers at last

    finally got some launchers on the boat. nothing fancy but good. tony
  34. TonyG

    Hard to know what's doing on the tuna front

    but I get it. spotty and long range seems to be the theme this year... I'd love to fire up my boat but I have gotten no sense of promise. Bummer year so far. Taking the family for trip 5 (for me) to Neah.
  35. TonyG

    Raymarine Axiom 3D Sonar added!

    This weekend I added a 12" Raymarine Axiom/RV100 to my system ([email protected]" A-series, CP200, CP470/TM275, Evolution EV200 Auto, 24" HD Color Radar etc). I took the family out on the sound for a shakedown and this thing is crazy. 3D can be some tricky shit to understand but this is completely...
  36. TonyG

    Awww, look at the cute sea lion.
  37. TonyG

    Self-Inflating vests? Yes or no? What exact ones if yes

    I have a couple mustang ones from about 8 years ago. Still check out according to the coast guard. However, I've heard that the coasties stopped using them. They are a hell of a lot more comfortable to wear all day. What all do you jokers use? What brands? Any of you ever actually get...
  38. TonyG

    12-digit HIN # requirement

    F-me. My 2005 sled has an 11 digit. I need to add a zero, make a new HIN stamp and attach it next to the old 11-digit one. They need proof that I actually did it before I can renew the tabs. Any of you guys having to do that too? What are you using? -t
  39. TonyG

    Brazilian Seafood Stew - Shout Out to Chef Patrick!

    Last night I made this recipe as-is. It was fantastic hit with me and the family. Working on the last of my freezer, I used 1.5# rockfish, 3/4# of crab and 1/2 pound spot prawns. This is a new standard in my house. Try it! -t
  40. TonyG

    My boat's bottom is getting the spa treatment

    Omakase Bob on the case. Arrival at the spa: Elevated and leveled out: Waterline masked, transom de-cluttered (Bob's words not mine. That "clutter" shit cost me a MINT) Got down to business today, sandblasted hull, epoxy primer coming up next
  41. TonyG

    Another BD'r gets his NR balls removed.

    I pulled the balls out about a year ago and was running with the scuppers uncovered. Never had an issue. The boys at 3 rivers did the operation and the boat healed nicely. They fabbed them from scratch and as always did a great job. No more of those damned ping pong ball scuppers getting...
  42. TonyG

    Storm Craft Boats?

    Any of you know about these guys? Interesting hull design.
  43. TonyG

    XtraTuf Ad -

    This may be the greatest ad for boots ever. But it makes me rethink the folks I fish with more than it makes me want to buy boots.
  44. TonyG

    Tony G - Fishing with ARSC Thursday!

    After a half dozen trips in my own boat, I figured it was time to learn from a pro. We've done well but there's a ton to learn from a well-oiled machine. Looking forward to fishing with one of Mark's boats Thursday! Hell, I might even get convinced on live bait instead of the IQF that have...
  45. TonyG

    How to update the Raymarine firmware in your electronics - 3 easy steps

    Step 1, beer Step 2: turn on all the components of your system and connect your system WiFi to a network. In my case my boat garage is near enough to the house to work. Step 3: tell it to look for updates and install them. In this case only the 2 autopilot control heads and the 2 12"...
  46. TonyG

    Taller portable cleaning table

    I have a cleaning table I got from Home Depot. Typical gray plastic deal like I see others use. But it's too short for cleaning a bunch of fish. Better solutions?
  47. TonyG

    Sunday tuna?

    Looking to make a final tuna run Sunday. Any of you going? Any Intel? It's been conspicuously quiet...
  48. TonyG

    Tuna Poke Excellent recipe

    I made 2# of fresh albacore this way last night. My wife, 8yr old and I tore through it in one meal. This tuna is incredibly good. This is very much the style Poke that I enjoy in Hawaii. Cheers, -t
  49. TonyG

    Name change - SalmoGairdneri to TonyG

    If anyone gives a shit, I asked the mods to change me to TonyG - that's who I am on the radio. Carry on.
  50. TonyG

    WTC - Hearing only crickets!

    Not a single report or mention of the fishing @ WTC?
  51. TonyG

    Another 3-rivers shout out!

    So, it appears that I hosed my yamaha 25 HT kicker this spring. Leaving it down by accident is not OK with these because the big prop and low gear gets them up to crazy RPMs even at modest planing speed. I don't specificaly recall that I did it but clearly I did. I did that with my previous...
  52. TonyG

    Lucky day for us. Tuna, Saturday 23rd

    Saturday was a pretty scratchy day for tuna. Lots of radio chatter of 0s and 1’s. Everyone was searching and even Mark Coleman/Tailwalker were still out on the grounds after 3:00 and on still the troll. Not sure how they did. My buddy and I got out early, headed down to 13 over 54 based on...
  53. TonyG

    Raymarine deep water sounder settings help

    Last year when I went out for tuna I was able to set my sounder to show the top 100 feet and (I think) I didn't need to be seeing the water depth. It was awesome to see the tuna. This was just with the A128 interntal sounder/chirp. Since last year I added a CP470/TM275 high power chirp...
  54. TonyG

    Good to meet more of you jokers over the weekend @ WP

    Cheers to the new folks I met - or was close enough to chat on the radio. Good group of people here & generous with information. Fishing report in the saltwater section. Cheers, Tony
  55. TonyG

    WP Tuna novice report

    My buddy and I went out and fished west of guide canyon on Friday. A couple other BD brothers were out there too. Between 3 boats, 1 fish landed, 1 lost. We never had a bite. Ocean was really nice. 65 gallons gas. Up later and a bottomfish harvest Saturday. Nice day off. Sunday we...
  56. TonyG

    Can I rent your [email protected]? 1,2,3 July

    Last minute change of plans has us fishing down @ WP. I'm sure I can get transient moorage but if one of you has a slip empty, I'd happily give you the money instead. Just let me know. Arrive afternoon 1st in time to ice up, leaving morning 4th. -t
  57. TonyG

    Adding a tilt sensor to a Yamaha 25 HT kicker?

    I want to add a tilt sensor to my kicker. I don't care about degree of tilt, just up or down. I'd like to have some indication on my helm. This is to help prevent me accidentally leaving it down when I'm running. It's easy to have the sensor powered when I turn on the key for the main...
  58. TonyG

    Puget Sound Blackmouth - originated Dworshak Hatchery, Idaho

    Just got a letter from WA DFW. One of the blackmouth we got this winter originated from the Nez Perce Tribal hatchery. Clear up in Idaho. Released 13 June, 2013 Then got whacked by point-no-point sometime in Feb or March 2016. I had no idea - I thought all the hatchery BM in puget sound...
  59. TonyG

    Breezy up here in the San Juans!

    Took the family up here to Snug Harbor by boat. Decent day coming up yesterday (Friday). I got up to do some ling fishing this morning. By the time I had a few greenling (07:00) the wind had picked up quite a bit. I figured I'd grind it out to some places I like to fish along the border...
  60. TonyG

    Breezy up here in the San Juans!

    Took the family up here to Snug Harbor by boat. Decent day coming up yesterday (Friday). I got up to do some ling fishing this morning. By the time I had a few greenling (07:00) the wind had picked up quite a bit. I figured I'd grind it out to some places I like to fish along the border...
  61. TonyG

    Admins - WTF does this mean?

    I just got the below several times. I didn't see an obvious way to report errors so here it is. FYI. ____________________________________ Failed to get controller response and reroute to error handler (XenForo_ControllerPublic_Forum::action) An exception occurred: Too many connections in...
  62. TonyG

    Trailer hitch on Ford Edge

    Hi, My wife wants to add a trailer hitch to a 2014 Ford edge - so she can add a bike rack. Any suggestions on where to get it done in the Woodinville/Snohomish area? Not keen on Kirshner @ Maltby after the cluster they did to my boat trailer. -tony
  63. TonyG

    Crabbing in style

    Just a disclaimer - I have not listened to the audio.
  64. TonyG

    8" balls for sale

    I have some clean 8" balls for sale. Orange. Inquire for price & condition. Pictures available. -t
  65. TonyG

    forum is unusable in the evenings!

    Just did a speed test. 84.34Mbps download, 7Mbps uplaoad. I'm swinging a big pipe! And I can't get this forum to load. I don't know what happened but it's gotten worse and worse. -t
  66. TonyG

    How many of you jokers lost power?

    Out at about 14:45 here between Monroe and Woodinville. Grilling tonight!
  67. TonyG

    NR OS Scuppers

    For what it's worth, I've been part of a number of conversations on the scuppers on NR OS boats. I have a 26' with OS bracket for 2 mains+Kicker but put 1 main+kicker on it. I mention this because it probably has a bit more flotation back there then if loaded with 2 mains or if it were the OS...
  68. TonyG

    What's in your Ditch Bag

    For you guys with ditch bags: What bag did you choose? What's in them? Where do you keep them on the boat? Right after the boat show, I'm adding a Viking RescYou Pro on my roof. It has some supplies packed in it as well. -t
  69. TonyG

    Hour Meter for Kicker

    My 2014 25HO Yamaha has no NMEA output. It's analog. I would like to know how many hrs it has for servicing the thing. On my last boat I changed oil on kicker when the main had it's 100 hr increment. But that's pretty stupid for me because I probably run 4-6x as many hrs on my kicker...
  70. TonyG

    Raymarine users - CP370

    Hello, After a 1/2 yr of using the built-in sonar/chirp that I have in my A128, i want to get something more powerful. FWIW I'm also using the inexpensive transducer that comes with the system. On my previous boat I had just installed a Furuno 587/airmar 260 xdcr. That thing kicked ass...
  71. TonyG

    Oil and DEF - where/how do you buy yours?

    My truck takes 13 quarts of oil each change. 5 gallons of DEF. Where do you guys get yours? I'd love a tip. Auto zone has DEF for $25/5 gallons right now. Is that as good as it gets? I bought 10 gallons. Oil? -tony
  72. TonyG

    Tuna Cherry lost, 19 Sept, 2015 - or how I came to owe Dragonballs $100

    We saw the fair weather prediction for Saturday and headed down for the first tuna run of my life. My buddy had been out fishing tuna out of Oregon on a charter and had some experience but we were going out there with not much knowledge and first time doing it ourselves. We had some gear...
  73. TonyG

    West side san juan islands action?

    Heading up to san juans with family over the weekend. Heard some solid reports from john martinez. Wondering if any of you all have any suggestions? -t
  74. TonyG

    Black Box by Pro Troll New in box

    Selling an extra ProTroll Black Box New in Box. Never used. It was a spare and I moved to Cannon downriggers that have this positive ion control built in. There's a reason why commercial trollers use this. Just saying. Retail is 125, I paid $100...
  75. TonyG

    Suggestions for Snohomish area Aluminum boat detailer

    Hello, I have a 22' Alumaweld Intruder. I'm looking for a boat detailer that will clean & polish the boat. I am looking for someone to detail it because I don't have time to do it myself this time. Do you all have any suggestions? -S
  76. TonyG

    Dual Axle Surge brakes - Service options Snohomish Area

    Hi, Looking for any suggestions on a place to get the bearings repacked and surge brakes serviced in the Snohomish area. Thank you! -S
  77. TonyG

    New GPS Raymarine RS125 for sale - with all accessories

    Hi, I have an unused, brand new Raymarine RS125 GPS unit wiht ST-STNG adapter bar and cables for sale. My 125 died this summer and I had to buy another to replace it. Raymarine sent me a new one for replacement so I have a spare. $200 -tony . gades @ gmail . com
  78. TonyG

    Lowrance Globalmap 5000C w/LGC/12w Antenna

    SOLD Hi, Just upgraded my boat to a Raymarine Radar/chartplotter. I am selling this chartplotter that has lived in the cabin of my boat since it was new. Includes cables/screen protector/manual. All mint...
  79. TonyG

    Lamiglas Rod Repair Advice - it's been 90+ days

    Hi All, I sent in 2 Lamiglas rods for repair on 8 August along with $40. I heard back from repair a few weeks later (late August) & I agreed to $120 charges to repair the Rogue river special and replace the Norwest special casting rod. Both rods were lifetime guaranteed but I'm in for $160...