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    Any insight on bent and tested NEW Graftech rail rods?

    Thought Phenix Axis rods were a terrific value @ $400 for cow rod (got more than several!); now Graftech intros what looks like legit cow rod at half the retail price of an Axis! Yes, offshore made, but LR anglers love gear and spending $500-600 for a single rod isn’t easy. Biggest question is...
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    Annual Mex permit online question and LR boats

    Going long again day after Xgiving, Yeehaaa! Fuk Ya! On the Indy! Q: I'm considering buying an annual Mexican fishing permit online ( for not only this 15 day trip but for a 3.5 day Maximus/constitution trip in April 2018. Is the bajasur website the only and best...
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    Constitution 3.5day trip mid April 2018 : Advise

    Thinking about a trip to PV after a biz conference in Vegas aboard the Constituion. Never been on the Maximus nor Constitution nor fished PV, but plenty of LR SD experience. What's to be expected mid April? What advise on what to bring? Thx.
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    Lower gearing available for Metaloid 12?

    Currently using 4 black metaloid 12s (single speed) reels for halibut and bottom fishing, but am not used to nor liking the high 6.4:1 gear ratio (previously mainly used Penn 320 LD's). Are lower ratio gears (4;1 or 5:1) available for the single speeds? Can the 4.7:1 high gear from the 2=speed...
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    Potential new LR boat, needs visionary benefactor

    perusing Yachtworld tonite and ran across this gem for sale at $2m. 165 foot LOA with nice beam and awfully sweet wave cutting design and a 360 walk around design already in place. Vessel would need obvious modification but she could be a LR monster!
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    Metaloid drag cams

    Where / how can i get "regular" drag cams to replace light drag "east coast" cams for Metaloid 12s reels? I'm assuming nothing else needs changing other than the cams?
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    Abu Garcia C3, C4's, C5's, D5's

    Time to thin the herd . . . Cull . . . Reduce . . . To make room for more stuff! ;) With the exception of the C3 (not sure where the how the heck i ended up with a lefty!) that is in decent condition (nothing a good cleaning wont solve), the rest of the reels are in very good to spectacular...
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    Avet Reels: MXL, JX's, Pro EXW 4/02

    Need to reduce some gear to make room for more All reels have been thoroughly torn down, serviced and put back together and working excellent with one exception (MXL, see below). The "schmoo" in around the joints, etc is Cal's grease to mitigate build up of salt and NOT corrosion. $100 (1)...
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    Fury 500 and 600: AR bearing strength?

    What is the force or torque limit of the AR bearing for the 500 and 600's? I'd prefer AR and dogs, but understand the cost shavings by eliminating dogs and not fishing this reel to extremes and reducing the need for dogs. Also, how easy are the Fury's to service by a decent tech (myself, i work...
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    WFN's "the Blue Realm" and Revilligigedo islands

    This Sunday afternoon i caught a few glimpses of the new show on WFN and i could swear it contained multiple angles and footage of Clarion Island including shot of the whole island and rather distinct view of what looked like a bad angle of the cathedral and kong. The volume was off so I don't...
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    $3 Wahoo wired bait leader keeper idea

    Firstly, this is NOT my idea, I am merely sharing my inexpensive attempt to copy. Last 15day trip aboard the XL, I saw the device owned by Pat Gallagher made for him by an engineer friend. Pat was kind enough to allow me and several other anglers multiple inspections/fondlings. This original...
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    ART and long range fishing

    i think it safe here to express my love for LR fishing. Curious to see what others with same passion have for "decorating" their man cave or home with ART work depicting this special fishery. Can you share the name of a favourite artist? Can you share some pics of LR art? Thinking about getting...
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    JX handle (knob only) replacement?

    looking to replace the knobs on older JX reels. Have 3 older JX single speed reel that have the solid metal grip (counterbalanced) which i find uncomfortable and want to switch to the soft oval handles. if i can, prefer to buy just the oval grip and not an entire assembly that includes arm and...
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    Wood Rail dimensions on Indy?

    Hey guys, i'm fab'ing a similar but smaller rocket launcher rod holder that i've seen used by Dane and Rick Ozaki (you can see one pictured in the new Avet Reels brochure), but i need some help. I need the rail width (average) and thickness dimensions of the wood rail on the upper deck of the...
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    Panama, Costa Rica or Guatemala in Mid to Late Feb ???

    Need some help to decide on a trip. Considering a fishing trip mid to late Feb to take my father on his 73rd birthday. He's in good shape and enjoys fishing almost as much as i do! Logistics will be a factor as this will be a relatively short trip (1 week) and thus neither my father nor i want...
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    Tools for Makaira's (10s Ma20s 30s 50s) ???

    Need some help on info for required tools for disassembling Mak 10s, 20s, 30s and 50s. Unfortunately no info on Okuma's website and my gear is kept in a locker 2500 miles away in SanDiego, CA. Looking for correct size of "specialty tools" like the size of Torq/hex/allen keys used for side plate...
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    tools for Ex Pro 30s and 50s ???

    Need some help on info for required tools for disassembling Ex Pro 30s and 50s. Unfortunately no info on Avet's website and my gear is kept in a locker 2500 miles away in SanDiego, CA. Looking for correct size of "specialty tools" like the size of hex/allen keys used for side plate disassembly...
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    late Nov to early Dec 15 day trip: what to expect?

    Miracle i have not killed neither staff nor customer having to work without a break to go fishing for almost a year now. I really don't know how i did it. But, have booked a date on the Indy for a 15 day trip just after Thanksgiving. If for some reason i don't get to go on this trip--someone...
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    no more 8 day spring trips???

    Need to go fishing as i'm getting the itch pretty bad! was really looking forward to jumping on a boat in March or April for 8 days but no boats leaving for 8 days until late May unless i manage to get on a 15+ day trip (would be sweet, but i just don't think i have that much time). on the...
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    where can I find rod Weights?

    Shopping for a few new rods and would like to compare the physical weight of the rods. Neither Calstar, Seeker, or Phenix list the rods' weights in grams or ounces. Initially started my long range rods with Calstar BWC rods but after fishing the much lighter and more sensitive Grafighters...
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    100# Rod recommendation for bait

    Got my fingers crossed to get my butt on a boat for at least 10 days before this year is over. Likely a Dec 26-Jan 5 trip again. Ringing in the new year fishing in Mexico :hali_ruahahaha: Just bought a Avet HXW Raptor to use as a super light 100# bait reel (likely to be spooled with 80 or...
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    Alaskan King Crab Fresh Vs. Frozen?

    Very difficult to find the stuff except in frozen varieties. i know from personal experience as a self proclaimed "crab connoiseur" and snob (i won't eat frozen rock or dungies) that fresh never frozen crab especially from clean cold water tastes much better than frozen. I prefer Red rock crabs...
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    38 fountain with trips on WCVI?

    Overheard a charter is running a 38 around Ukey or Tofino. Anyone seen or know about this? Heard the dude can do 3 trips a day running limit trips (get your salmon limit and head back home or in This case rocket back!) Can running "a go fast 38" really go that much faster than my 28 WA...
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    why don't LR boats use sprays?

    doin' a little seach on the web i came across a few pics of commercial boats fishing tuna with jack pole and utilizing water spray (i would presume to simulate frenzied bait). Q: has any LR boats tried to utilize this? why or why not? here's a decent pic of what i'm talking about.
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    Current info of temp @ Alijos Rocks?

    Current Ocean surface Temp at Alijos? anyone with Terrafin that knows the conditions? just over 3 weeks until i head to the rocks and am curious and hoping the waters are decent in temp for shots at some nice tuna.
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    Avet Ex40/2 Wide clicker issues

    got a EX 40/2 Wide that wasn't used for a while and sat until recently. Noticed that the clicker will not completely disengage when reel in put in gear and handle turned OR if trying to manually trip the clicker off. Clicker is OLD style and on the left side plate (1/2" ish small turn knob...
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    Stubby wide slot screwdrivers, where to buy?

    looked hi and low locally for a stubby wide slot screwdriver. you know, the wide thick one you need for reel clamps/feet without damaging/mutilating your screwheads. I've used dimes and pennies, but a few of these screws are recessed so no dice with the coins as they only get me so far...
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    Teflon Tubing for anti-chafing

    Looking for a source for teflon tubing for anti-chafing in lieu of using springs which i can find at tackle stores. The teflon tubing i've seen is more "stealth" as it's usually clear or slightly opaque in color, smaller profile thus able to fit the eye of smaller hooks, more evenly...
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    Fishing in Hilo in mid to late Feb Charter recommendations

    hi guys, originally i'd posted about fishing in Kona as that was my intentions, but its looking like our group will be based out of Hilo rather than Kona so fishing out of Hilo looks like a better choice logistically. Can i get some full day charter recommendations for Hilo? Is the fishing...
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    Kona charter in mid Feb?

    need some recommendations on a full day charter in Kona. i'm taking my dad and mom to hawaii (Kona) in mid Feb for a week to celebrate his 70th b-day. we love to fish (not so much my mom as she gets sea sick, but she'll stay on shore with the other women and kids). most likely a 3 man crew: dad...
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    recommendation for vertical jig storage/bag

    looking for some recommendations for storage for my vertical jigs (aka: knife jigs, butterfly jigs, you know, the long skinny ones, but different from my irons such as Salas and Sumos which i hang in the jig section of the large SKB box). I can remember seeing a few storage idea like roll ups...
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    parts for JX 4.1:1

    I think i need an exploded schematic for some idea of what parts to order for my older JX 4.1:1. Are schematic and parts available? Problem is the anti-reverse on the handle has almost gone. Some spots are ok, but 50% of the time the handle spins backwards. (i just narrowly missed being...
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    Avet ever consider fly and single action reels?

    I've been seriously thinking about adding a 30/02 and a 50/02 SDS to my Avet arsenal for an upcoming LR trip, but have always wondered if Avet has considered making fly reels, center pin float reels, or single action mooching reels. Any info or inside track on this line of thought?
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    8-day Purfield's pics

    finally got around to posting a few pics of our epic trip.
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    Ucluelet June 2009

    Fantastic unreal hot weather for June, flat sea conditions, next to zero boat traffic and good fishing = yee ha! 4 days and 3 nites in Ukee on Van Isle was a blast and seriously looking forward to July and August for more. Average springs are larger than normal for this time of year with...
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    Hollow Spectra splicing needles--what do u use?

    The nail knot and spectra super glue looks like the cleanest and a quick connection of hollow spectra to mono/fluoro. I see there are a variety of splicing needles/fids to choose. what works the best and where can they be bought? Also, will this method work on any hollow core spectra...
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    Indy 8-day May 15-23rd--seasons 1st 8-day

    Thinking about joining some friends and going on the Indy on an 8-day trip. It's one of the earliest 8-day trips for any boat at the start of the longer runs. One of my friends who has done similar trips at this time says i really only need 3 outfits: 30#, 40#, and 50#. Also, can anyone tell...
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    Fishing Advice: Islamorada in mid FEB

    i'm in Islamorada for the first time for 10 days in mid Feb. gonna book at least 2 days charter to fish either the ocean side or the gulf side depending on the weather. on none charter days, i'd like to strike out on my own and walk/wade the flats with my fly rod. Any recommendation on where...
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    is it cool to bring an exercise bike on a 7-10 day trip?

    On longer trips, i would love to spend some of the travel time and down time keeping fit and staving off the extra pounds from chowing down the great meals and snacks. i know there isn't an over abundance of extra deck space on any boat to set up for a stationary exercise bike. i was thinking...
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    Needed:1o 2 persons to fish WCVI Aug 22-24

    i'm doing a "last minute" trip on the west coast of van isle (bamfield) and need an extra one or two people to fill the boat. I'd like to get 4 people including myself in the boat and share costs on what is expected to be another great fishing and nature expedition on the beautiful west coast...
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    NewZ in mid Nov--need fishing advice

    Folks bought a time share and have booked 2 weeks on Taupo Lake in mid November. They've invited me to stay with them for scratch. I'd like to try "a bit" of fishing while in the area. It sounds like the fly fishery for trout is excellent and as an avid fly chucker i look forward to that, but...
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    where to buy stand-up harness for LR?

    where's a good shop & price for a quality stand-up harness and smitty pad/belt for LR big tuna (internet or mail order as item to be shipped north of the border)? Which one? Braid's Power Play or OTR w/ smitty pad.
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    RSW Tank capacities? limits catch?

    Every good multiday long range boat has RSW, but how often does the capacity play a factor in limiting an angler's catch? any trip over 3 days in mexico, an angler can limit out with 30 fish, but can the boat hold that many? i've read some reports where the captain puts a min. size limit on...
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    just have to get it off my chest

    :Exploding_Smiley: i should be thinking of work and business, but i can't! i just finished reading the latest report on the royal star and got my heart really going. i think i might have fainted if the report had lots of pics of fish porn. my employees claim i have boat and fish on the...
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    10 day on shogun/royal star dec26-jan5

    cool forum and good info. going on my first LR trip ever just after xmas. really looking forward to this new kind of fishing (usually fish in pac NW for salmon, hali, and other bottom fish and chase trout inland with a fly) as the shogun sits with only a handful of reservations for this...