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    Help with trim tilt on Mercruiser

    Trim tilt function has been a bit spotty, then it just stopped entirely. Pulled the limit sender sensor thingys apart and cleaned them up (they were horrible). Still no joy. Just a clicking sound at the pump. Looking further, the wires from said sensors after passing through the transom turned...
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    Salmon jigging rod?

    Thinking of picking up a dedicated salmon jigging rod. Down rigger and other rods are all 8'6+ and have quite a bit of "give". Kinda a pain trying to jig with them. Thinking something between 7 and 8' with a pretty fast action, good power, and light weight. Any favorite suggestions? ETA -...
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    Favorite P "fill in the blank" T junk food on board

    Almonds, beef jerky, vienna sausages, Spam rolls with wasabi and ginger, fig newtons....... Water and cold beer.
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    Free boat shit....

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    Red Dot 254 Heater.

    New, never installed, Red Dot 254 heater. $100 - pick up Gig Harbor/Tacoma area.
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    Motoring north

    Nice! I’d enjoy hearing about it. Fuel and over night stops, water and weather, shipping traffic, etc.... When are you headed up?
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    Motoring north

    Holy smokes! I figured it be about like the sound for the most part. 10+ foot wind waves. Yikes.
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    Motoring north

    Appreciate the feedback! Trip will be a few years out. Littlest just turned one. Excited to start planning it though!
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    Speaking of tossing cheeks..

    15 years ago you could spend a day carving cheeks out of halibut carcasses at the fish houses on Kodiak. Used to be a kid could fill a couple five gallon buckets with what they were tossing. Doubt that happens anymore.
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    Quality Go Kart(on/off road type).

    I have no idea about brands, but as a kid in the 80’s, we looked for light weight and a solid axle. The old 5-7 hp Briggs were great, but for a while we had two car batteries powering a SBC starter motor. It was violent. Broke chains nearly every time. I still have thoughts about building...
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    Motoring north

    Thinking about motoring up Discovery and Johnstone straight to the north of Van Island in our 23’ fishing boat. Make a 6-10 day trip out of it with the kids. Has a small cuddy, would camp most every night. Bring supplies and reload at the bigger ports. I hold about 100 gallons of gas, cruise...
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    Heading to Neah? Beware... Hwy101 and fuel dock.

    I took 101 out to Lapush and back Fri/Saturday. I must have hit it right. Sat there for less than 5 minutes and started moving. Slow going around the lake but it opened right back up. Was just over 3 hours from Gig Harbor to Forks. Coming back Sat I got stopped at one of the temp lights and...
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    Canned clam recipe?

    Post a thread about eating clams and look what happens.........Lol.
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    Permatrim or Not?

    Why not trim tabs? You get fore/aft trim adjustment and also port/starboard.
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    Canned clam recipe?

    Whose got THE canned clam recipe? Tried some this weekend that were really good. The fella that had them didn’t know the recipe. Has a 3rd party can up them up and they don’t spill the beans (or clams) when it comes to the how to. They were definitely packed with a bit of oil. Not much, after...
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    Metal carport/Boat shed

    Yeah, I just got my contract from CYT and it has 14ga listed. Seems at 12' high, should be 12ga?
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    Metal carport/Boat shed

    12 or 14 gauge? Is the 14 fine or the 12 worth the buy up?
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    What Outcome if You Did This?

    I can’t speak for everybody, but pointing out the hypocrisy and wrongheadedness of the current situation in regards to tribes and treaties isn’t bashing. It is just simply common sense. Not that that will make it palatable to the tribes. Like most businesses, they will take advantage of what’s...
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    What Outcome if You Did This?

    The treaties should be rescinded. There is absolutely no reason for them to continue. They were a short sighted mistake at inception and continue to be a stick in the eye of all Americans. Indians born today are no more native than any other American born on this soil. Allow them to incorporate...
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    Metal carport/Boat shed

    Thanks all for the recommendations!
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    Metal carport/Boat shed

    Give a holler if you’d like to grab a beer.
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    Metal carport/Boat shed

    Almost made it! Lol. Where are you at on the island. I’m off of 8th ave (just up the hill from the old ferry dock towards Zogs).
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    RIP Patrick

    Was the best part of Outdoor Life when I was a kid. Godspeed!
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    Metal carport/Boat shed

    I texted Cover Your Toys. It’d be nice to do business with a neighbor. That looks nice RC. Not sure if I want that style or the A frame with vertical ribbed roof panels. The A and vert roof are nice, but a bit more money. For sure not pouring a pad on mine. The site is pretty protected from...
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    Metal carport/Boat shed

    Just googled ‘em. Hell, he’s here on the island.
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    Metal carport/Boat shed

    Cover Your Toys is the name of the company? Lol. My mind went somewhere else.
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    Metal carport/Boat shed

    Robodad- that looks sweet! Installers no habla? If you don’t mind, what was the lead time and cost?
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    Metal carport/Boat shed

    Any of you fellas have any advice or recommendations on a carport/RV/boat shelter? I’m looking for something 20x30 and need about 12’ of clearance.
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    New boat cogitation......

    Budget? Not even sure. Under 40K out the door for sure. Pontoon ain't a half bad idea! I remember seeing a guy trolling in the Gulf of Mexico on a pontoon boat years back. I was a kid, but remember thinking that guy was nuts as it was pretty sporty out! The dual console is out. My current...
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    New boat cogitation......

    Appreciate the feed back. Resale is a concern, weather, not as much. I have a 23' with a cuddy and hard top now. Love it except for its a heavy and deep SOB. Bow access sucks, IO is a bit of a pain, and it burns a lot of gas. Doubt it'd be fun to ski behind as it takes a bit to plane with...
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    New boat cogitation......

    Looking at maybe getting a 18-22' boat to play and fish with here in the Sound, on the Columbia, and lakes and rivers on the east side. Maybe even the occasional trip to the straight or coast on flat blue bird days. Wife and two boys, fish, crabbing, water ski, tubing, float around in the sun...
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    I/O servicing

    Thanks folks. Appreciate the feedback. I think I'll tackle it myself. I have the room and can turn a rudimentary wrench. lol. If I pull the engine I can clean up the bilge and get some fresh paint on it and the the motor. Biggest pain will be getting a hoist rigged up. I hope anyway. :)
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    I/O servicing seems I have some work to do on my outdrive. I believe its a pre Alpha MR type drive. When I bought the boat it had some side to side play in the drive. Guessing worn gimbal ring/pin? Wasn't much, but its been 7 or 8 years and gotten a bit worse. Bellows and hoses haven't been...
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    Smoking tuna

    Year or so ago I posted about smoking tuna belies. Got some great info. Now I'm looking to smoke some loins. Anything different? Cut the loins into medallions or cut longways into strips? Anybody use any store bought cures or brines? Thanks!
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    Drowning explained the parent of a couple young boys, that video scares the shit out of me.
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    I hope all our trips are like this...

    Whoop! That's a sexy looking beast! (The boat.......)
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    I'm with clockwork. It's up to me when I hire a boat to be content with his knowledge, insurance, equipment, and skill. So long as the folks fishing were licensed and fishing within the seasons and regs, I'm ok with it. So he doesn't pay the state? Fugg the state. Just be prepared to take...
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    How to add pictures in posts

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    which bottom paint?

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    which bottom paint?

    Petit Vivid over barrier coat is what I have. Mostly trailered, will soak for a week or two in the summer. Has been great. Just make sure your barrier coat and bottom paint are compatible.
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    A Seawolf is born 33'X 10.6" build thread

    That boat is a beast! Moving right along too. Did you mention power?
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    Trailer Build Question

    Lookin' good! Great to meet you folks today. I'd love to try and make it back whenever you need help.
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    First time at Sekiu this Saturday

    Jfhines- I took a couple pics. Have to see if I can post them. I've gilled and gutted thousands and thousands of pounds of halibut, but never filleted one. It was super easy. Just fried up some trimmings. Pretty tasty!
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    First time at Sekiu this Saturday

    BTW- How the fugg do you fillet a halibut? Gonna have to consult the Googler.
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    First time at Sekiu this Saturday

    The post was mostly tongue in cheek, hence the hotdogs. Mostly looking for advice in general, not yer spots. Just got back. Fished early west of the bay then headed east. Beautiful morning, little lumpy heading west to CQ in the afternoon. Caught my fish near Hoko. Little fugger, but I bet...
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    First time at Sekiu this Saturday

    Yeah, the Noaa forecast looks like it's gonna turn to suck at some point. I'd like to be on the trailer and drinking beer by noon. I'll give you a shout Fishy Hooker!
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    First time at Sekiu this Saturday

    It'll be my first time at Sekiu and first foray for halibut in WA. Any suggestions? I hear hotdogs are the hot bait? Who else is headed out Saturday?
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    Need a new VHF

    Going to replace the old 1980's unit on my boat. I'd like one with built in gps/dsc but the budget is limited. Likely buy at Cabelas seeing as I have a few gift cards for them floating around. I'm thinking the Standard Horizon gx1700. Thoughts? Recommendations?
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    fish processing

    Bleed and ice right away. Fillet and vac pac or bag and ice until I can vac pac. Wipe with a clean paper towel if needed, but never rinse in fresh water.
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    Optima battery?

    I don't know how many years people typically get out of batteries, but I just replaced my two Costco batteries after 4 years with a couple new ones from same. I certainly could of taken better care of them. I left them hooked up and drained them on several occasions. Never used a tender. Yank...
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    It just needed a little TLC

    Nice project! She'll have a huge deck with outboards. Twins? A couple 250's on a floatation bracket would be sweet.
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    What oil Merc/Chevy 5.7

    Straight 40? The fella I bought my boat from ran syn 15-40 and a standard size Fram TG filter. I have have replaced it with the same each year. It has done a fine job afaik. No sludge, noise, oil always looks good when I drain it. I'm thinking of switching it up this year. I picked up one of...
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    What oil Merc/Chevy 5.7

    What oil are you folks using that run a SBC in a I/O or inboard set up? Filter?
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    Anyone here do pest control?

    Little fuggers suck. Don't smash them. They have a queen, like a bee colony, only if you start fugging with them they will start raising more queens and splitting the colony. In other words, your problem gets worse. Termidor is what my pest guy uses. It takes a week or two and then nada. No...
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    Trailer Build Question

    NIce! That trailer is going to be a beast. Let me know when you can use a hand. I'd love to try and make it up, see how it comes together.
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    Clearing up the rumors about us moving

    I grew up in GA and lived in PCola for a couple years. Love that part of the south. Congrats on the new family addition.
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    Penn downrigger repair

    You the man!
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    Penn downrigger repair

    Thanks for all the help and offers! I used a socket and beat on it a good bit with no luck. Maybe some break free juice will do the trick. I'll let it soak with some kroil or whatever I have in the garage and try it again. I like the riggers and am not looking to replace them. Besides, I have a...
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    Penn downrigger repair

    I have an older 625 with a broken boom. I can't get the broken off section in the frame to budge. Anybody around the south sound repair Penn D riggers?
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    We're gonna make some rods

    Just saw this thread after commenting on your rods in the Show thread. Very nice.
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    Boat Show Report

    Loved the Xtaero and the Coldwater out of the tin boats. Really liked the Steiger 25 with the open pilot house. Yeah, that Outrage 370 is ridiculous. Jesus. The rods on there looked great. Those yours Stair Guy? Very nice.
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    Blackman 23 Outerbanks

    Whooa! Beautiful work! I've seen people fab extensions and fiberglass brackets, but seeing an aluminum bracket completely glassed in is a first for me. Looks outstanding.
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    Repower for Reelaxation

    Nice job. Doing anything to the bilge while the motor is out?
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    Smoked tuna bellies

    Thanks Binks!
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    Smoked tuna bellies

    Pulled some out of the freezer. Haven't smoked them before. Anybody wanna share some hints? Brine/temp, etc.....
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    Tuna on the fly

    Thanks! I'll have to stop down there and see him.
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    Tuna on the fly

    He also suggested worms.
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    Tuna on the fly

    7' 3 weight with a clicker reel. Guy at Bass Pro said I'd be money with it.
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    Tuna on the fly

    Heading out Wednesday for tuna and want to play with the fly rod. Any suggestions for flys?
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    What a great marina

    PS: Hefe ain't supposed to be salty!
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    What a great marina

    That, and smell it before you take a sip!
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    4th of July Puget Sound Deadly Accident - Drinking and Boating Don't Mix

    The fella that hit the couple is a "friend of a friend". All I can say is I hope the cops were on top of collecting evidence. He deserves everything coming to him from the sound of it.
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    Good hulls for projects...

    233's, Seacrafts, Bert's, Makos.... All can be had in different configurations and made into what ever you want. Lots of cool old boats out there!
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    Shake down cruise

    Boat hasn't been in the water for over a year and hadn't run since the holidays. Got it all cleaned up and fired it up at the house on the muffs. SBC 350 fired right up, ran up to 155, and seemed to hold there just fine. Changed engine oil, checked coolant, put new lights on the trailer and...
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    Bottom Painting

    You're likely right. I didn't recall what I paid for the paint and just googled the Vivid and saw $80-$100. Probably quart price. I'm sure a gallon would be $250+. I think I paid $150 or so for the round trip. It sounded like Chevy's bottom is already painted. If he wasn't having issues...
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    Bottom Painting

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    Bottom Painting

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    Bottom Painting

    If you have a day and some simple tools, it's not very hard. Round trip on the lift, toilet bowl cleaner, tape, sand paper, paint and rollers should be a few hundred bucks or so, depending on your travel lift cost. Make sure you use a paint that is compatible with what is already on there. I...
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    Lapush boat accident 30 miles west

    That'll buff right out....... Glad everyone is ok!
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    Boat Trailers

    I'm starting to look at new trailers for my boat before the current one gets in too bad a shape. The current trailer is a 35 year old Caulkins painted steel job, and I dont' want to sink money into a rusting hulk. Boat is about 24' and 5-5.5K #'s. Any recommendations for local or otherwise...
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    Homey caught a Wolf Eel

    Eat it. Bet it's tasty.
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    "Bed liner" or roll on coating for boat interior?

    Nice! That's about the color in looking at as well. How long has it been on? How's the texture? Barefoot friendly?
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    Suzuki 250 HP outboard help

    Holy balls. The guy is a fuggin' crook. Did he reimburse you for any of the work you had paid for or the damage he caused? Who is it?
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    24' skipjack open project

    Damn!!! That looks sweet! Hope the wife heals up quick.
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    "Bed liner" or roll on coating for boat interior?

    The glass behind the old carpet is pretty rough and I'm sure the adhesive will be a bitch. My plan is to remove the carpet and wire brush / sand as much of the old glue off as possible before wiping down and priming. Don't want to do a lot of surface prep for aesthetics. I'm wanting bedliner...
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    "Bed liner" or roll on coating for boat interior?

    Nice! Tuff coat is one I haven't looked at. How are you planning to use it? Monstaliner seems to get good reviews from what I've seen. I think I'm going to call a few places today and see what they say.
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    "Bed liner" or roll on coating for boat interior?

    I'm pulling the old carpet out of the inside of my gunnels and don't want to put carpet back in. I was thinking a roll on bed liner style product might work well. Any experience with Durabak or any of the other products? Has to be roll on. Textured is fine, though I'd not want any really...
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    Bottom paint

    My boat had the gel coat stripped and an epoxy barrier coat applied when I bought it. Had some old azz, worn out, bottom paint on top of the epoxy. Year before last I sanded it down and put on Petit Vivid. Went on easy and looks good. It was recommended because I trailer and its supposed to be...
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    My new ride!!

    She's a beast! Great looking boat. Congrats!
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    Going from glass to tin.

    ESD- If I keep my glass boat, I may look into a keel guard. Rocky enough most places not sure how much good it'll do! Dip- the "plastic" boats are pretty neat, but if I buy another boat, it'll be tin. Sency- Standard 260hp Mercruiser and an Alpha. If I decide to keep it, I foresee a 383 build...
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    Going from glass to tin.

    Blackelk- I dig the little Arimas! Part of the reason I'm looking at tin is so I don't have to worry as much about the bottom. Where I launch, there is no dock and I'd like to be able to beach without worrying about busting up gel coat. Ease of hull upkeep as well.
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    Going from glass to tin.

    HD- Can't deny the ride of heavy glass and 24*'s of dead rise! TDub- I've looked at a few boats. Liked the Thunderjet Luxor and 185. Both look pretty flat with low sides though. The OS version looks like a lot of boat. Duckworth 20 Navigator Sport looked nice as well. Better sides but still...
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    Going from glass to tin.

    I've been thinking all winter about selling my fiberglass boat and buying a smaller tin boat. Current ride is an older Formula 233. Great boat. Awesome deep v hull with really cool history. Like all heavy, deep boats, she's also thirsty and a bit if a pain to launch and recover solo...
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    Watch your kickers

    God bless hounds and fugg the worthless douche bags. Happy they didn't make off with your property.
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    Guess the "Sense of Entitlement" is not specific to the US.

    Nothing quite so grateful and eager as a fat chick at 2:00 AM.
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    boat batteries

    I bought a couple from Costco a couple years back. I think there are only a couple manufactures of batteries. They just get re-branded.
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    Need advice on new boat.

    I'd want the 300 if going single.
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    Engine horsepower question

    For $3400 I'd be going with the 200's.
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    Guess the "Sense of Entitlement" is not specific to the US.

    Whoaa! That is a sure 'nuff She Beast! I'm shocked she found two different fellas to knock her up....
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    Mono or braid?

    As long as everyone is on the same page....Ha! I think I'll give it a go on one reel and run straight mono on the other. See which set up I blame more.
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    Mono or braid?

    Any down side to using braid with a top shot of 20# mono for DR/salmon? The reels see double duty on some bottom fishing rods and figured 50# braid with an appropriate, and easily changed, top shot of mono would be the ticket....... but would the lack of stretch lose me hook ups? Knowing...
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    Boat Insurance Part Deux

    After reading this thread I called Anchor Marine. They are sending a quote this mornin'. Will say they were incredibly helpful with questions about different policies/coverage. I look forward to doing business with them.
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    Penn 320 and Convergence rods

    Getting some riggin' together for salmon this year. I had a couple old Penn 320 reels and while they looked kinda big, thought they would be fine so I picked up a couple 10.5 Convergence rods. Holy sh!t balls. The reels are kinda huge on there. Had to wedge the reel seat in to get it to fit...
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    bottom paint

    The fella that's in the picture helped me out. He has done paint/glass/gel coats for over 20 years and recommended the Vivid. It's good stuff and is easy to work with.
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    Newby looking for gear advice

    I gots no clue what a "hot boat" is and prefer my box to be white or asian.... Wheres that leave me?
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    Newby looking for gear advice

    I'm going to pick up a Convergence 10'6" and a CG90 and run them both. See which I like better. I'm going to order some drags and washers for the 320's and clean 'em up. They haven't seen action since the early 90's. As far as Tuna and Hali, I think I'll go on a couple paid trips to see what...
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    bottom paint

    I just did mine. Looked like shit before. Pettit Vivid Black. Non copper so you can paint your outdrive and super hard for trailered boats. I have an epoxied bottom so it was just sand and paint.
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    Help! I lost an old friend!

    I have a leather Carhartt belt that has lasted me 10 or so years of daily wear. Its survived much abuse by me and a puppy chewin' the sh!t outta it.
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    1978 26' Uniflite $11,000

    Clean lookin' boat. Good luck with the sale.
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    Newby looking for gear advice

    Absolutely, good idea. Just trying to not blow coin on a bunch of fuel and time to figure out I'm a monkey with a football. I'll pick up a 2# jig and see what it feels like.
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    Newby looking for gear advice

    Thanks both for the feed back. What do you think about the Kunans for tuna and 'But?
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    Newby looking for gear advice

    Hello Blody Deckers- Got my first boat towards the end of last summer and spent most of my time on it fuggin' off and playing around, occasionlly dragging a spoon straight of the back. Caught a few (2 coho actually), but this year I want to get after it a bit more. I live in the south sound...
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    The Karma Gods smiled- off to La Paz but when

    I went to Cabo in early March, which I guess is not supposed to be prime for much of anything, and had an awesome trip. Three mahi and three striped marlin. The mahi came home, the marlin were released boat side. Weather was perfect, before the spring break crowd, off season prices. Good...
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    NEW BD members post a hello here

    Hi, I'm fairly new to the area and PNW fishing in general. I recently picked up a older Formula 233 with a hard top and look forward to putting some fish in the cooler. Anyone around the Gig Harbor / Tacoma wants to get together for a beer feel free to give me a shout. [email protected]
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    inboard vs outboard

    The outdrive on a I/O requires a little more maintenance than that of an OB or straight IB. I think the "boom" reference is to what can happen to a carburated engine in a small box. Gas vapor, small enclosed area, spark = BOOM. Thats why you run a blower and pay attention. They all have +...