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    For Sale Avet pro exw 30/2 black

    I bought this from another member and never used it so passing along to someone who will I will take $450 for it. Loaded with 100# spectra and in excellent condition. I will be in Long Beach Friday and jumping on the Independance saturday morning. Number is (707) 656-7871
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    Raider 290 offshore

    I just put down a deposit on a 290 offshore by Raider Boats and want to hear from anyone who has experience with Raider Boats. Have you rode in one, own one, etc. It seems they are real good value giving you alot more boat for your dollar and i know they are a spinnoff of Hewescraft boats.
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    For Sale Newell P440-F $175

    Newell P440F serviced last year with new washers and 40# izorline mono and not fished since. I dont believe i put any braid on this but dodnt strip down to check( i have braid on al my reels so i probably have some on this one also). Comes with box, spare spool and paperwork. $175 and will ship...
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    For Sale Gold TN40

    Shimano TN40 - filled to top with 65# power pro but that is at my failing memory trying to post pics now but cant figure out. Will text pictures if interested Will ship on buyers dime Reel is sold!! Thanks BD Brothers
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    Indy 3 day

    Just got back from my 3 day trip on the independance. Ill make it short no tuna seen hooked or landed. We left the landing Friday at two and had the Captain tell us about how there is more bluefin around then has been seen in long time. We saw the fleet driving and looking but very few...