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    Masks or no masks.

    The question about real world masks on long range boats is legit BUT .... we should be asking if its now ok to bring an exercise bike on a 7+ day trips! Priorities, man! Jan 2021 15 dayer cant come soon enough.
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    WTB 282 sailfish

    What kinda budget do you have? If u dont mind me asking
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    WTB 282 sailfish

    USD$95k, located Van Isle, BC Canada 2002 282 Sailfish just re-powered fr Yami F225’s to Zuke 300’s fly by wire, Just a few weeks ago mid-Jan, but got my eye on a bigger boat o_O. 6 year warranty! Boat is well cared for and stored on tri-axle alum trailer (no bottom paint) and under its own...
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    Cow jig reel?

    Why i prefer a 50 for cow bank jigging? usually low light situation and so go with the heavy tackle and 130+# lines—why jig with 80 or 100# when you can get the best odds of landing a cow on 130 or 150#? And the mechanical cranking advantage of a 50 too Should not be left out. I set the rod on...
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    Okuma Makaira 15T II SEa on the water

    Less than one week until 15 days of bliss on the Indy! Got 2 new 15T’s to try on this trip and hope the wahoo are in full speed and chew!
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    Any insight on bent and tested NEW Graftech rail rods?

    Thought Phenix Axis rods were a terrific value @ $400 for cow rod (got more than several!); now Graftech intros what looks like legit cow rod at half the retail price of an Axis! Yes, offshore made, but LR anglers love gear and spending $500-600 for a single rod isn’t easy. Biggest question is...
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    Oldie but Goodie Revisited

    I didn't make out the make and model of that fine bamboo unit. Never seen this one, must be new or secret prototype. Someone help me out, it looked like it had the new 3 speed shifter ...
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    Tofino or Ucluelet??

    The ethos for Tofino vs Ukey is quite different. Tofino is like "Guicci" fish town where you can go hit trendy cool restaurants, find fancy barista made coffees, do some tourist shopping, get a spa treatment, drink cool micro brew beers, grow your beard, hug trees with the hippie locals, try...
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    New reel for Alaska Salmon fishing, cant decide!

    Fly rods and trout go together like peanut butter n jelly. Salmon and single action reels ("knuckle busters/dusters") are no different, way more fun! But does mean you will likely also need to bring a 9-11' mooching rod too. Islanders are nice but $$$ (i got 4!) but the Shimano GT2000 or...
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    UV Charging, One Hand and the Rail

    Neat ideas. I'd jump on the bandwagon too but IMO, glow intensity is second to jigs swimming action. The jigs with most the glow paint scrapped off from teeth marks seem to work better than those new and fully "charged" jigs. That being said, i'm planning to pack a mini powerful LED flashlight...
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    SOLD Custom Phenix HAX-720X4H

    Thx vic, sister received the reel yesterday.
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    Long Range Art

    One more pic ... there's enough room up on the top of those walls for a full size mount of a 300# YFT which i will have a mount created once I manage to eventually land one ;)
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    Long Range Art

    About a 4.5 foot shark made of natural travertine stone that remarkably resembles those pesky brown galapogus shark we love so much down at Clarion and HB. Saw it and small school of bait fish at a nice home furniture place and i knew it would be coming home with me!
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    Annual Mex permit online question and LR boats

    Going long again day after Xgiving, Yeehaaa! Fuk Ya! On the Indy! Q: I'm considering buying an annual Mexican fishing permit online ( for not only this 15 day trip but for a 3.5 day Maximus/constitution trip in April 2018. Is the bajasur website the only and best...
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    Constitution 3.5day trip mid April 2018 : Advise

    Thx for the good advice guys especially from SSUfish and about a soft sided cooler. Booked with nicole for a buddy and myself in April. Fun in the sun, fishing and a break from the Canadian winter, yahoo!
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    Constitution 3.5day trip mid April 2018 : Advise

    Thx guys, I especially like the idea of bringing a soft sided cooler for bringing back some fish. Who cuts the fish? Freezing on board available? Of the 3.5 days, how much fishing and how much travel on average? Can you pack jigs in with your carry on luggage? Beverages on board? Or buy in...
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    Constitution 3.5day trip mid April 2018 : Advise

    Thinking about a trip to PV after a biz conference in Vegas aboard the Constituion. Never been on the Maximus nor Constitution nor fished PV, but plenty of LR SD experience. What's to be expected mid April? What advise on what to bring? Thx.
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    Spooling an Andros 12 II

    Spooled up 4-12s (single speed but same spools) with 475-500 yds of 65# solid Powerpro (on sale locally at 50 off) on my 12s with about 50-100 feet of mono top shot to spare.
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    Lower gearing available for Metaloid 12?

    Currently using 4 black metaloid 12s (single speed) reels for halibut and bottom fishing, but am not used to nor liking the high 6.4:1 gear ratio (previously mainly used Penn 320 LD's). Are lower ratio gears (4;1 or 5:1) available for the single speeds? Can the 4.7:1 high gear from the 2=speed...
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    Potential new LR boat, needs visionary benefactor

    perusing Yachtworld tonite and ran across this gem for sale at $2m. 165 foot LOA with nice beam and awfully sweet wave cutting design and a 360 walk around design already in place. Vessel would need obvious modification but she could be a LR monster!
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    Excel on Wahoo and Tuna in the lower zone

    Donate shark bite fish to the galley. Crew will salvage what they can and from the looks of this pictured fish there's plenty to salvage. Last long trip a couple shark bit fish were RSW'd and when they were hauled out of the hold, they looked real bad especially close to the chomped bits. If...
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    Pro EX 4/02 for Dropper Loop and Cost Benefit Question

    Here's something to consider, if you step on to a 10-15 day trip or hope to soon, that targets the big tuna, the Ex 4/02 will not cut it. i sold mine because i need my larger reels to have freespool at 27-30# at strike. The Ex 4 could only manage about 19# before loosing good freespool--not...
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    Pro EX 4/02 for Dropper Loop and Cost Benefit Question

    What mechanical and cosmetic shape is it in? Is it a wide model? If its in good shape and a wide model, there is a strong demand on the east coast for this reel and you can expect $200-300 for the reel. Recently sold one myself for $250 and could of sold it easily for more. The better it looks...
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    is it cool to bring an exercise bike on a 7-10 day trip?

    Just for the record, i was a bit younger as were all of you when the thread started and things were different. Took a few years to enjoy the 2 day boat ride down to the fishing grounds on an 8 or 10 day trip. I'm sure there are many people who just cant imagine a trip where it starts off with...
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    Metaloid drag cams

    Emailed okuma and have left a voice mail with contact as per okuma. $4.95 per cam plus shipping, cams should be marked as to what kind they are. Ill be getting 4 regular / gradual cams to replace the east coast steep curve low drag cams. Thx guys, looking fwd to catching some PacNW 'butts with...
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    Metaloid drag cams

    Where / how can i get "regular" drag cams to replace light drag "east coast" cams for Metaloid 12s reels? I'm assuming nothing else needs changing other than the cams?
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    Okuma Andros 12iiA

    do u still have the original handle as well?
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    Abu Garcia C3, C4's, C5's, D5's

    Time to thin the herd . . . Cull . . . Reduce . . . To make room for more stuff! ;) With the exception of the C3 (not sure where the how the heck i ended up with a lefty!) that is in decent condition (nothing a good cleaning wont solve), the rest of the reels are in very good to spectacular...
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    Avet Reels: MXL, JX's, Pro EXW 4/02

    Only MXL remaining. Reduced to $90 + shipping.
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    Avet Reels: MXL, JX's, Pro EXW 4/02

    Blue JX SOLD. I've been asked about shipping, est $10-15 lower 48.
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    What size rings for doing my own brazing?

    x2 Ringlord i think Butane is maxed at 1200C/2100F, propane and MAP gas are hotter but the little torches are very convienent and 1200C is good enough. Years ago saw Garret do some on the Shogun and took lesson--thx Garret! I suggest a cheapo clamp base fly tying vise ($10-15) as your extra...
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    Avet Reels: MXL, JX's, Pro EXW 4/02

    Need to reduce some gear to make room for more All reels have been thoroughly torn down, serviced and put back together and working excellent with one exception (MXL, see below). The "schmoo" in around the joints, etc is Cal's grease to mitigate build up of salt and NOT corrosion. $100 (1)...
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    Fury 500 and 600: AR bearing strength?

    What is the force or torque limit of the AR bearing for the 500 and 600's? I'd prefer AR and dogs, but understand the cost shavings by eliminating dogs and not fishing this reel to extremes and reducing the need for dogs. Also, how easy are the Fury's to service by a decent tech (myself, i work...
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    The journey has begun!

    10 Knots = 11.5 MPH or 18.5 Km/hr The general speed of the LR fleet, some go a touch faster, some slower and also depends on wind, currents, waves, etc for speed made good and factor in how itchy the captain is that moment--but generally just think 10knots. Most distances discussed in...
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    1st 16dayer on the Indy. Rod selection

    Hi Matt, you jumping on any trip(s) this spring? Likely not myself but hope to share the rail with you again. Good times. About the Axis 4XH, i just recently acquired this rod for my last fall trip--FYI i give it 2 thumbs up! You probably are thinking of the Axis 3XH which i used alot because...
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    1st 16dayer on the Indy. Rod selection

    16 days, NICE! Indy, SUPERB! You will have fun! Enjoy. My 0.02 Unless you have money burning a hole in your jeans, consider using the boat's rod(s) for some of your fill in gear. The INDY recently replaced most their rods with new Super Seekers. Also, IMO $500-600 is a fair chuck of change to...
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    UC CX 76 Centaur

    Anyone know the final built weight of a UC 76 centaur rod? While i like my 70 Invictus, its a heavy bitch and not my go to rod for most big tuna applications. The Centaur sounds like a great 100-130# BUT if it too is packing "cement in its britches", i'll take a Phenix Axis 4XH or Calstar 775XXXH.
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    Ideal length to cast your bait from the boat

    Avet HXW Raptor or Mak 20SEA for 80# and 100# coupled with a 7' or 7.5' (Phenix Axis or Hybrid 3xH, Seeker 2x4, Calstar 700xh or 2xH, etc) are capable of making a decent to good cast with small bait yet HD enough for a bigger fish should one jump on your line ;) IMO, if seals are bad but the...
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    WFN's "the Blue Realm" and Revilligigedo islands

    This Sunday afternoon i caught a few glimpses of the new show on WFN and i could swear it contained multiple angles and footage of Clarion Island including shot of the whole island and rather distinct view of what looked like a bad angle of the cathedral and kong. The volume was off so I don't...
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    Backup rigs

    Most guys on trips targeting big tuna are fishing no less than 25# drag at strike. Mostly 27-30# and fishing 100-130# string (not 80#). Most times a good fish will take the line down to half the spool or a little more. But . . . . Even with 30#+ drag, i've seen the odd mean fish go for what...
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    Indy 9/3 - 9/10 short report

    Good report and pics. Nice job on the BFT and catching them so close to SD and at tail end of the trip should mean top quality eats. Looks like the shoeless R.Martinez was on your trip. Great guy and good to see him fishing.
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    Thoughts on Phenix Axis HAX-720X3H

    Great 100 bait rod. My hybrid 7003xh's have been demoted to 80# duty. Axis is paired with mak20se This axis has more back bone lifting power than the hybrid 3x but still casts a sardine well.
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    Calstar GFGR875H LR Wahoo Special

    Might I throw a wrench into your plans? Should consider Phenix Axis 780XH or if willing to spend more $, Phenix Hybrid 800XH FYI, I have and use 875H and like it for 'hoo but prefer the 780XH
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    $3 Wahoo wired bait leader keeper idea

    Firstly, this is NOT my idea, I am merely sharing my inexpensive attempt to copy. Last 15day trip aboard the XL, I saw the device owned by Pat Gallagher made for him by an engineer friend. Pat was kind enough to allow me and several other anglers multiple inspections/fondlings. This original...
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    Upper deck rail dimensions

    I've thought about wood n plastic options but my fear was losing expensive gear due to being too much of an el cheapo, if your get what I mean. Rod n reels with 30's and 50's are heavy outfits multiply by 6 sets and coupled with wet and rough seas, I'm not sure I'd sleep well at night knowing my...
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    Upper deck rail dimensions

    4-5" wide by 1-1.5" thick ; kinda depends on which boat and what section of rail you measure. If you do a search, I made a SS unit for 6 rods which turned out pretty well. Mine is a bolt together unit as I'm not a welder--but I can disassemble mine for storage or smaller portability if required...
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    Excel Okuma trip openings

    3pm boarding on the 20th.
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    Excel Okuma trip openings

    Will call XL office Monday as I got a couple other questions. Is the trip full yet? XL website shows 2 spots still.
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    Excel Okuma trip openings

    Trying to avoid bringing too much stuff but I'll find a little space to pack my torch and MAP gas. Might be some other passengers who need a ring done or replace the treble from a jig and add a HD single hook so I'll bring silver solder, flux and extra SS rings. So a heads up for fellow XL...
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    Excel Okuma trip openings

    Thx for info Choate. Looking forward to the trip and potential wahoo bite. Speaking of wahoo, got a lucky maurader that received a busted ring when deckie 5 ironed a wahoo last trip, do you know if the XL has silver solder and braising stuff to solder/braise the SS HD ring and get the maurader...
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    Excel Okuma trip openings

    I've only done 2 other spring 15 day trips: one in Feb and the other in March. ANything different for a 15 day trip leaving late April?
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    sardine fishing with mak 20/100lb. and which rod?

    I used to use Phenix Hybrid 700 3xh for 100# but they have been bumped down to 80# bait sticks. My current go to 100#ers are Phenix Axis 3xh or SS 2x4 with OK Mak 20SE's and arguably a bit light but casts bait fantastic Avet HXW Raptor. Use the other HXW Raptor for 80#. Will be buying a Phenix...
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    West Coast Mkt/Seguar/Avet /Raider 16 day Indy 3/29/16

    hi rick, if my schedule permits i'd love to join. unfortunately won't know for some months and those 5 spots likely be gone by then (good for you bad for me!) fished with you few years back on a 15 day in Nov and had a good trip. if i can swing it and spot is still available i'll be bringing...
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    ART and long range fishing

    Donna, I dont think i've shared a boat with you before--cause i'd remember, especially if you looked anything like that pic ;) you my dear are the 1% of 1% of long ranger fishermen/women! PS. got any more photos you'd care to share?
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    ART and long range fishing

    jeff, if there a trick to view the attachment on my ipad?
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    ART and long range fishing

    Haha! yes, between that and pics of the great food, my fishing trips could morph into something else. Hope the pics of the blood, guts and stinky old fishermen may sway gals from formulating ideas otherwise ;) PS. have met a few really nice gals who love to fish and are great fishers on LR...
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    ART and long range fishing

    i think it safe here to express my love for LR fishing. Curious to see what others with same passion have for "decorating" their man cave or home with ART work depicting this special fishery. Can you share the name of a favourite artist? Can you share some pics of LR art? Thinking about getting...
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    Is There a Good Map of LR Fishing Grounds?

    NGA chart 502, pretty mcuh same as the 4802 but $27.00 not $39.95. 502's in paper stocked at Seabreeze Nautical books, just across from Fishermans Landing on Scott St. picking up acopy of the 502 myself after next trip
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    662.2 pound blue marlin captured off San Diego

    congratz! freakin phenominal! good choice to tire the fish before risking a pissed and green c-monster top-side. 10'6" is gonna be a very expensive mount! P.S. wish i had that problem!
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    JX handle (knob only) replacement?

    Fin, sent Avet an email a while back and no response yet, should i call the shop Monday?
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    JX handle (knob only) replacement?

    fin, whats the protocol to order some of these?
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    JX handle (knob only) replacement?

    looking to replace the knobs on older JX reels. Have 3 older JX single speed reel that have the solid metal grip (counterbalanced) which i find uncomfortable and want to switch to the soft oval handles. if i can, prefer to buy just the oval grip and not an entire assembly that includes arm and...
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    Wood Rail dimensions on Indy?

    Bluesashimi, i have met but never fished with john Collins, but Dane is a very good bait fisherman and he told me he credits much of his bait expertise from watching/observing john. by this fall, i most likely will not have observed john in action, but do intend on keeping an eye on Dane and...
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    Wood Rail dimensions on Indy?

    well after some delay, finally got 'er done measures approx 16" long, 15" wide and 12" high. made from 304 SS, so no anodizing or powdercoat. overall, i like how it turned out but would have made it slightly different if i had to do it all over again (went a bit overkill on some of the...
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    Wood Rail dimensions on Indy?

    heyJoe! once i get the thing built, i'll post some pics and if you like it, i'm not planning to slap a patent on it, so you would be welcome copy it. cheers, nal
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    Wood Rail dimensions on Indy?

    Thx guys, i'll look to either call the Indy early next week, call Rick or do something! Sometimes "brilliant" ideas hatched in the late hours of the night are brilliant but the other small simple details or solutions required get skipped when the answer is in plain sight!
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    WTB Hydraulic Steering System

    Have a Teleflex hydraulic tilt helm with a new rebuild/seal kit. can find the exact model/part # a little later. Helm was replaced with a new helm. Out fishing and a seal in the helm went out, no parts available but to next day a full helm and swap out the old one, so ended up with an expensive...
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    Wood Rail dimensions on Indy?

    Hey guys, i'm fab'ing a similar but smaller rocket launcher rod holder that i've seen used by Dane and Rick Ozaki (you can see one pictured in the new Avet Reels brochure), but i need some help. I need the rail width (average) and thickness dimensions of the wood rail on the upper deck of the...
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    100% Knot???

    interesting knot, will try to learn and bench test it out with heavy test (130# mono). looks to be a fairly small profile knot as well so good for flylining bait. lately been practicing in perfecting the Joe Miller for heavy test (80-150#). Love the miller for ease of tying, strengh, and size...
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    Rod/Reel/Rigging recommendations - 1st LR Trip

    i think of my gear i'll need in terms of "techniques" and "tools" every year i lean towards one designated tool/outfit per technique rather than using an outfit to pull double duty as bait and jig or such. Definitely more expensive investment to have 10-15 sets, but a chunk outfit set up quite...
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    Rail Buddy

    lets for a moment go back to the OP. I think a "device" that raises the "rail fulcrum" can be used for those "vertically blessed" and those with cursed knees--BUT i can't see having such device getting fixed to the rail, if even temporary. Rarely do you see an angler able to contain a decent...
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    Independence 15 day after Thanksgiving

    shizzle sticks situation. only days away and shiz pops up!?! is it really that urgent? hope buddy's work appreciates and will compensate with a later 15 day and add at least another 10 day trip! who can't make it, joe?
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    30# bait, jig, iron ??? My preference for bait in this order: Ok Andros 5, Daiwa Saltiga LD30ii, Avet MXL-2 spd, Okuma Metaloid 5 or 5N. smaller, lighter and lower profile spool make life easier on baits ability to pull line off. Little need for more than 5:1 ratio for top gear. a lower second...
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    How to rig kite connections??

    Here's what i've learned, light air conditions it is best to go straight spectra to swivel (much lighter than 150-200+# mono of any length allowing your bait to fly away from the boat and keep the rig in the air) then to what ever rig for terminal end (double dines, squid, macks, flyer, etc)...
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    Making bait at Cedros with pictures

    did the same thing at cedros with what looks like the same mexican guys couple weeks ago. didn't see our capt pay the mexicans but wasn't really watching out for that but heard it cost $600 to black out our wells with 5-6" plump sardines. did not get asked to ante up for the bait by anyone from...
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    Good Long Range tackle box

    probably near top end $ for a box but SKB. went thru 2 bags/boxes $100 ea and finally bought the skb when i should have bought it to begin with, would haved saved me some $ if i did.
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    Avet reel for 40lbs test?

    JX for 40# is perfect IMO. I have not 1 but 2 JX2's for 40#. get the 2 spd if you can swing it (replaced all LR gear with 2 speeds). I have an older JX single speed in 4.5 ratio for sale if you are interested (blue or gold, both very good shape).
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    at what drag lb does the jx 2spd starts binding the handle?

    i usually fish the JX for 40# outfits and drag at strike about 15#s which is the published rating at strike for this reel. At this setting there is no issues of freespool or binding and even if the drag is pushed to max (approx 20#) when required to help put the brakes on a hot fish, binding...
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    Advice on 100lb reel

    IMO, a 100# flyline bait outfit will be in your hands most on a 15 day. my go to flyline 100# "Bait" set up is Phenix 7003XH paired with Avet Raptor HXW. very light weight and can handle "most" big fish, that being said, if i know the fish are all 180#+ with lots of 200#+ models, i'd perfer to...
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    Upcoming 8-Day Trips - What's the Scuttlebutt?

    Surface temps look very good for both Rocks and Ridge for 8 day'er . will be on the Shogun leaving the day after the Star also an 8 day trip. if temps continue to slowly rise or even stay where current temps are, we should see YFT and perhaps even some hoo and the odd Dodo. I've promised to...
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    rp update

    70+, 80+ cows !?! wow, pure epic YFT fishing at its pinnacle. Gotta go on more trips to hope to have a chance at epic fishing like that! amazing fishing when the captain has a cut off anywhere above the 150 mark. fish of a lifetime for many. I believe the Indy has the largest fish holds in the...
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    rp update

    San Diego fleet record?!? what length of trip and time frame are you conditioning this statement? not saying Roy is doing a great job, but was on an Indy 15 day trip year and a half ago which officially saw 50 legit cows + piles of 140-199 fish--was a very good trip, but no super (albeit our...
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    Drones for Offshore Fishing

    sometimes it can happen . . . kamikaze Wahoo jumps right over the rail and into the boat . . . angler cut and hurt. We all know it can happen (a couple things could be done to reduce/mitigate the problem), but we still near universally love to chase wahoo and the possibility of an errant flying...
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    MAK 20 or new EX30/3 speed

    only got to use my new 50/3 once on last trip but did appreciate and use all 3 gears.
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    Favorite 100lb reel?

    1. Avet HXW raptor 2. Mak 20 SEA
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    Panama, Costa Rica or Guatemala in Mid to Late Feb ???

    Need some help to decide on a trip. Considering a fishing trip mid to late Feb to take my father on his 73rd birthday. He's in good shape and enjoys fishing almost as much as i do! Logistics will be a factor as this will be a relatively short trip (1 week) and thus neither my father nor i want...
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    tools for Ex Pro 30s and 50s ???

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    Tools for Makaira's (10s Ma20s 30s 50s) ???

    thx guys, bought a set of "bits" with 1/4" hex drive that had torx and hex/allen bits that should cover my reel needs. bought from Princess Auto (canada's equivalent of Harbour Frieight). not the greatest quality but should get the jobs done. also ordered from Eecol electric (electric...
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    tools for Ex Pro 30s and 50s ???

    Hi jarhead, i did already check with Alan's website. on his exceptional breakdown tutorials he fails to note the exact tool and it's size used. I caught a pic with a shot showing the tool with the size stamped on it but the hex/allen tools he uses are too small or concealed of their size...
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    Tools for Makaira's (10s Ma20s 30s 50s) ???

    THX!!!! Torx T-10 and T-15 are the bits required for Maks and Cedros reels.
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    Tools for Makaira's (10s Ma20s 30s 50s) ???

    Already in possession of multiple factory Okuma tools which came with each reel (in fact i threw a few out as i had too many in the reel bag). Hoping to ELIMINATE factory torx tool and find, purchase and UTILIZE 1/4" driver bits as i much prefer it than factory tool provided. Rather than buy a...
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    Tools for Makaira's (10s Ma20s 30s 50s) ???

    Need some help on info for required tools for disassembling Mak 10s, 20s, 30s and 50s. Unfortunately no info on Okuma's website and my gear is kept in a locker 2500 miles away in SanDiego, CA. Looking for correct size of "specialty tools" like the size of Torq/hex/allen keys used for side plate...
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    tools for Ex Pro 30s and 50s ???

    Need some help on info for required tools for disassembling Ex Pro 30s and 50s. Unfortunately no info on Avet's website and my gear is kept in a locker 2500 miles away in SanDiego, CA. Looking for correct size of "specialty tools" like the size of hex/allen keys used for side plate disassembly...
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    Quiver for 15 Day plus Trips

    Kite outfit - 135# min, but prefer 150# mono with 200# spectra (about 100yards) spliced into 130/135# spectra Troll outfit - 130# with 50-75' top shot mono/fluoro to 130 spectra Big Bait (skipjack, big squid) 130# Chunk Bait outfit - 130# Jigging Outfit - 100/130# (2) Live Sardine outfit - 100#...
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    happy birthday to me

    Happy B-Day! shoulda had more kids then you'd get more rods! you sure will smile and enjoy pulling on big fish with those sticks. GL
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    Saltydawg SD70XXHP Rail Dawg Special gets a good one...

    nice fish! were u using it as a live bait "dine" rod or for larger baits? PS. Jesus is an incredible deckhand, one of my favorites and in fact hoping to see him on the Indy on my trip just after Thxgiving, but i guess he has moved to the Maximus.
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    Fighting a cow tuna

    call it fortunate or unfortunate, but you can research and "learn" all you can and prepare with what you believe to be the proper gear and perhaps even exercise to get you into "tuna fighting shape" -- but it all changes after you pull on your first big cow tuna. Then it continues to change as...
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    Almost time for the Cow trips...... Lets see when your trips depart

    Hey Joey, almost a full 2 months and you're already killing time on BD!?! Come on, go get some bad guys locked up. see ya at the dock after turkey day. cheers, Nal (one of the 2 Korean Canucks)
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    Southern Oman & The Quest for The Monster 60kg GT!

    wow, zillas! those are some of the biggest GT's i've ever seen! makes my arms and back ache just thinking about those behemoths! nice fish, cool report, and righteous pics!
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    Crazy Question

    hmmm, most definitely can be done and with success as TunaNorth visually verified and very importantly a great pile-o-fun, BUT the fly angler on regular LR trips should exercise great discretion in choosing his or her moments to use the buggy whip and get the prior thumbs up from the...
  101. T

    Shogun 15 day in May

    the fleet cruises best (best mpg economy, very important in long range fishing) at 9-10.5 knots. No, none of these boats can "pop up" and boat along on plane--regardless of HP available. Yes, all boats CAN go faster, but the speed gained vs. fuel burn does not increase linearly and most times...
  102. T

    Shogun 15 day in May

    I concur that Tommy was a great asset to the operation. In fact, i loved the "old crew" and zero complaints about any of them. Will be sad to not see any of the old crew on the Shogun, but look forward to meeting and getting to know the new guys. see ya guys at the landing bright and early!:ele:
  103. T

    Shogun 15 day in May

    Overall speed for the fleet is a mute point with only one exception that i see--multiple boats leaving port for similar length trips, the fastest boats (Excel and Indy) will be able to choose Hurricane or Clarion, slower boats would be forced to fish Clarion if the faster boats pursue HB. A...
  104. T

    Rainbow Runners

    hmmm, wanted to keep one or two of the larger ones to try for the table on a trip but was given the hairy eyeball by a deckhand and sighting it was a waste of a tag. Maybe next time i'll sneak one in for snack sashimi. Thanks for reminder as next month i got a decent chance to get a rainbow...
  105. T


    "Hello, my name is Jim, and I'm a tackle 'ho." Hi Jim, welcome to the club. Before we start step 1, some basic rules . . . we are not here for help for our addiction, but rather the sharing and proliferation of all things knowledgeable to fishing tackle. Ok, step 1: what tackle did you buy...
  106. T


    i'll settle this for you . . . get Phenix Hybrid 700 XXH, XXXH and a XXXXH! nahhh, just bustin'. As stated earlier, both are a little different from each. I think Fishordie nailed it. I have mostly Calstar Grafighters and like em, that being said, i bought a Hybrid 700 3XH and used it the most...
  107. T

    For those who use 30 size or smaller reels for cow....

    it's late . . . really late . . . 5:21 AM late . . . lost an hour of precious sleep due to darn day light saving. But had to check BD. This thread has got be hopped up for my 15 day trip due mid April--anther chance to pull on the big'ins! Nice to read some good technique reminders so i don't...
  108. T

    Win Free Tickets to the LA Boat Show - Feb 7th - 10th

    Take her down to periscope depth . . . aye aye, sir!
  109. T


    Okuma stepped out of the box with the Maks. why didn't they continue and name this reel a 17 or 18 to fit the middle size between 15 and 20? yes, probably confuse us dumb azz fishermen, but makes sense too. gotta take a look at one myself as i could always use another reel. PS. may your reels...
  110. T

    Bamfield Tuna Shootout

    how far out to the blue water and tuna out of bamfield? what was the surface temp for those days? did you guys use terrafin or similar data?
  111. T

    BC Salmon Slaughter-This is just not RIGHT

    3 fisheries: sport, commercial and native (indian). what is seen here is the native fishery at the Capilano river in N.Van with coho salmon returning. i'm liking the sight of the decent sized Cap fish, on the other hand i'm never crazy about native fisheries, but what they are doing is...
  112. T

    late Nov to early Dec 15 day trip: what to expect?

    thx guys, great input. A couple years ago did 10 days just after Xmas that saw the fleet steam to Clarion. Thats a long boat ride for 2.5 days of fishing -- but fishing was pretty darn good. Would love to have another crack at Clarion. Would also love to experience the little spot called...
  113. T

    late Nov to early Dec 15 day trip: what to expect?

    Miracle i have not killed neither staff nor customer having to work without a break to go fishing for almost a year now. I really don't know how i did it. But, have booked a date on the Indy for a 15 day trip just after Thanksgiving. If for some reason i don't get to go on this trip--someone...
  114. T

    Is there....Line question

    white is most popular for many reasons: natural spectra color, visibility, most common for dealers' bulk service spools to load reels with, overall availability, and even generally easier to work with (spicing, hollow), but i have chosen JB's blue on all my newer reels and switch overs. IMO...
  115. T

    Mini storage

    Busted rod tip, yes reimbursed, but a PITA and sometimes not easily repaired. Too many variables with luggage going thru the airline systems. If i didn't have storage, i'd never check my reels in but take them as my carry on, BUT some countries and perhaps North American TSA may begin...
  116. T

    Mini storage

    Extra bags are one thing, over sized (1 piece rods) are an additional charge. 1. Bag for clothes and boots (your 1 free checked bag for most airlines) 2. Gear bag for tackle (line, jigs, leaders, swag tools, belt, harness, cigars, etc, etc, etc, lots of etc), ($25-50) 3. SKB tackle box ($50-100...
  117. T

    Mini storage

    my buddy and I (from canada) keep our gear at Extra Space Storage which is conveniently located at the end of same street (a block away) as 5 star fish processing. much better than paying the airlines and their ever increasing luggage fees and worrying about your gear as it runs the luggage...
  118. T

    Hybrid sharks

    Hmmm, looks like the sharks seem to think the waters look greener on the other side and decided to go poke a few cows on the other side of the pond, doesn't seem to unlikely. Actually sounds pretty normal. Ps, does the pic not look like there's a bite or chunk missing from the shark's throat...
  119. T

    2 Open Spots on the INDY 11.25 Day 11/10/12

    hmmm, trip sounds fantastic and love the idea of the extra .25 to allow for a full day in "the zone" before heading up the hump, but only RSW? takes 2 days to get down to the lower zone and if you catch a nice one on the first fishing day (day 3), then 9+ days in the RSW until it hits the...
  120. T

    First BFT - at 95 miles

    That spot about 95 miles out always seems to hold the first tuna. I'd imagine that it was a trolled fish? hopefully the fish was donated to the galley and everyone on board was able to sample some nice first of the year fresh BFT.
  121. T

    vancouver island resort

    uhhh . . . van isle is pretty big. how much time and amount of travel are you intending/willing? once on land, are you renting a car to get around or are you packing bikes? length of stay is a weekend, so leave Friday and back Sunday? Doesn't leave much time to relax other than boating/travel...
  122. T

    Season's 1st Alijos Report: Looks Good!

    Couldn't go this past year or last spring either, but yes, i recall 2009 and 2010 were very good years for YFT at the Rocks in April on the Shogun 8-day. YFT to 100#, nice YT, grouper on the bank, sheephead, all the jumbo whitefish you wanted, and minimal sharks. Can't recall which year, but...
  123. T

    Red Tuna Shirt Club - Caption Contest - Ending April 16th, 2012

    Shark's silent voice: "Smiled and invited me for a nice cigar--got more than i bargained for." "ALL Fishermen are liars."
  124. T

    Tofino/Ucluelet--boat info

    congratz, you'll have a blast. if you're hard core and love the offshore fishery, you'll need a boat that will safely and comfortably get you there and back. average conditions are eyebrow lifting for many not used to the offshore PacNW waters. Ocean swell coupled with waves on top...
  125. T

    LR Boat with 3 person Staterooms?

    can only speak for the Shogun and Indy about 3 pp staterooms as those are the only boats i've been on with triples. The Indy staterooms with triples are nicer, more spacious than the Shogun, but for smaller kids the Shogun would be fine. i'd pass on a triple with 3 full grown men in a shogun...
  126. T

    Pelican Cases - Next Parking lot Sale

    might consider these guys as an alternative, they also have a store in SoCal for the locals. Similar products and pelicans cases with better pricing.
  127. T

    no more 8 day spring trips???

    Nope, spoke to Tracy a few weeks back, that RS trip is cancelled and the Star will be getting 2 new engines during that time. Good for the Star, bad for me. hmmm, memories of 2 years ago in the spring we were hooking quality YFT (a few over 100#+) at the Rocks! I need a fishin' fix soon!
  128. T

    no more 8 day spring trips???

    Need to go fishing as i'm getting the itch pretty bad! was really looking forward to jumping on a boat in March or April for 8 days but no boats leaving for 8 days until late May unless i manage to get on a 15+ day trip (would be sweet, but i just don't think i have that much time). on the...
  129. T

    Tofino last week in May

    May is still very early season, so you'll have your pick and may even find some places have not opened for business just yet. "Officially" May long weekend signals the start of the season, but it is not until into June things get going. This is not to say the fishing in May is poor, in fact...
  130. T

    Has anyone used a BLACK MAGIC EQUALIZER harness and gimbal?

    only significant difference i see is the "recessed" butt pocket, novel, but i have not had issue of a fighting plate/belt slipping off the thighs unless using too small a belt for big fish. The harness looks very similar to the Aftco MaxForce. what's the price? Aftco belt and harness is about...
  131. T

    jigs for buffer zone

    knife or butterfly jigs. granted i only tried it once in the buffer zone during the middle of the day as everyone was soaking baits so i opted to try something different. the 7oz jig first caught a salami, followed by a Night jack, followed by a Starry rockfish, and next drop produced a nice...
  132. T

    ATTENTION: December 26th Intrepid Anglers

    Would really love to go, but work has piled up beyond the eyeballs. 11 days? How about adding 2 days to make it 12 if headed to Clarion? Last year all the boats except the Star (12 days) were on 10 days and we were all very envious of the Star able to fish 4.5 days at the big C vs our 2.5 days...
  133. T


    i thought Bruce was the one leaving to run his new boat not Norm? if what above is correct, then Aaron and Bruce will be at the helm?
  134. T

    Super blues on sale

    if you use a couple nail knots, serves or even sato crimps, do you really need glue? stick that mono or fluoro 3+ feet up the hollow core and even a half azz knot at the end of the hollow spectra should keep the line from sliding out. Might get some creeping if you are jigging, but fly lining...
  135. T

    Ideas for LR Tackle

    just like to add a couple things. i like your list of equipment, stay with 2 speed reels as eventually if you haven't, you'll upgrade to them if you fish enough. Not a necessity for less than 60# gear but it can be very nice to have. Try to stick to fewer brands of reels as servicing and parts...
  136. T

    where can I find rod Weights?

    Shopping for a few new rods and would like to compare the physical weight of the rods. Neither Calstar, Seeker, or Phenix list the rods' weights in grams or ounces. Initially started my long range rods with Calstar BWC rods but after fishing the much lighter and more sensitive Grafighters...
  137. T

    100# Rod recommendation for bait

    Got my fingers crossed to get my butt on a boat for at least 10 days before this year is over. Likely a Dec 26-Jan 5 trip again. Ringing in the new year fishing in Mexico :hali_ruahahaha: Just bought a Avet HXW Raptor to use as a super light 100# bait reel (likely to be spooled with 80 or...
  138. T

    What hotel to stay at? or expedia or Canoe or other similar sites and shop for a hotel at the price you want and stay at a place with at least 2.5 star level. Definitely not peak times so some good deal to be had, might even find a 3.5 or 4 star hotel for less than $89. Go a head and pamper yourself a...
  139. T

    10 day on Excel vs Intrepid in late Dec.

    went on the big XL on this very trip last year which saw it and the fleet of other LR boats on 10 or 12 days head down to Clarion as it was the only game in town. Only had 2.5 days of fishing out of the 10 but Clarion is simply awesome with YFT averaging 100-150#s, there just isn't any small...
  140. T

    Blackwater FC

    definitely not my idea--i was shown this by a fellow LR fisherman. I give credit to (mike) aka divegod for showing me this one. i've tried sanding but just takes too much time and on lighter lines (sub 50#) it's just too hard for me.
  141. T

    Got the Idea to Possibly Host a Trip

    i think the idea is OK, just needs to be tweeked to fit the audience. Yes LR trips are a vacation, but definitely opportunity to do business, just have to be in tune with the guys. Perhaps a very quick intro as charter master but rather than a long winded speech, a brochure or some reading...
  142. T

    Blackwater FC

    use a razor or very sharp knife and cut the mono/FC at a sharp angle or set the blade at an angle onto the line on a hard surface and pull the line sharply to create a long taper. insert this narrower taper into the needle. This should be enough to hold the line while inch worming it up the...
  143. T

    king mount

    wow, very nice work. nice detail.
  144. T

    I liked them

    Great to hear! first bought the MK10ii and loved it--so much that i bought the MK50ii for a winter trip. No cows but got to pull on some 100+# fish with it and made it easy. Bought an Andros in the spring and haven't fished it yet. Itching real bad to use it, got my fingers crossed that...
  145. T

    Wire Leader Help

    what size or poundage for single strand Ti for wahoo (wiring bait)? Single strand Ti stuff i see comes in 20, 30, 40, 50, 75# ratings. similar to 44# single SS wire which is the norm, so 40# Ti for wahoo? for OP, i currently use haywire twist on 44# single strand SS wire (brownish or bronze...
  146. T

    PEI Long Range, 2011

    the guy with the Mustad had and Excel shirt closest to the fish's belly should just turn and sink his teeth into some premium blue fin toro before it goes to market. ohh so close. just one bite.
  147. T

    Accurate Presents - Beat this Caption - $200 Accurate Product Pack - Ending 9/22/11

    Backups are for Bitches! Suck it or pull harder!
  148. T

    Anybody try the butterfly jigs on Tunas here yet?

    i'm amazed at how effective the butterfly and knife jigs are for a huge variety of species. I got a couple of my nicest halibut on a 5 and 7 oz Benthos knife jig this summer. It out fished the traditional mudraker jigs, lead head scampi jigs, and even bait! 7:1 was the catch ratio for the...
  149. T

    Royal Star and others...?

    i've only been on the star for one 10day but it was first rate. Brian and Drew are stand outs IMO. always like to get back on but scheduling seems to never land right for me and the star. Lots of good chef/cooks, but Drew is really a stand out. i agree with what has already been said about...
  150. T

    A.A. market grade jig fish at 150 mi.

    awesome, but now the poor bugger will be screwed having caught a 100+# YFT as his first tuna.
  151. T

    drain plug light

    i installed the A3 Amphibian drain plug light on my boat with twin OB's and it was quite easy to install. In fact the most difficult part of the install was the wiring of the switch to the panel on the console--not really difficult just a PITA. The A3 puts out good amount of light, not super...
  152. T

    Cal Star GFTR 700H

    i prefer 700M for 40, 700MH for 50 and the 700H for 60, but that's just me and prefer to fish the lighter side of the spectrum on rods.
  153. T

    Tofino TUNA TIME!!!!

    3-5 miles!?! 40 miles is lucky, usually 60-120 miles out! A big reason to not go solo but fish with buddy boats when venturing that far offshore in what would be considered a "day boat". so, how far was the run from the beach this time out and what was the surface temp?
  154. T

    Alaskan King Crab Fresh Vs. Frozen?

    i've had crabs from markets which the live ones are kept in tanks, but definitely not the same as fresh out of the ocean. Sometimes the crabs are decent, sometimes they are poor probably due to being in the tank too long and "not being happy crabs". Tuff to tell how long they've been sitting...
  155. T

    Alaskan King Crab Fresh Vs. Frozen?

    Very difficult to find the stuff except in frozen varieties. i know from personal experience as a self proclaimed "crab connoiseur" and snob (i won't eat frozen rock or dungies) that fresh never frozen crab especially from clean cold water tastes much better than frozen. I prefer Red rock crabs...
  156. T

    38 fountain with trips on WCVI?

    Love the Freeman, was able a to test ride the 33 with F350's a couple years ago in Miami, BEAST! Not sure how comparable the 33 cat would be to a 38 go fast mono as 38 is much bigger. Been waiting to see what the cabin Freeman looks like for a while. No one seen this Fountain on the west coast?
  157. T

    38 fountain with trips on WCVI?

    Overheard a charter is running a 38 around Ukey or Tofino. Anyone seen or know about this? Heard the dude can do 3 trips a day running limit trips (get your salmon limit and head back home or in This case rocket back!) Can running "a go fast 38" really go that much faster than my 28 WA...
  158. T

    Wire & hook preferences for wahoo live bait rigs

    approx 15-20" long 44# single strand wire (avoid the super shiny silver kind) connected to a 4/0 - 5/0 size 'J' hook (ringed or non-ringed) via haywire twist to a 60# solid ring (very strong, small and light, helping bait swim much better; much better than a swivel) single strand kinks and...
  159. T

    Nanaimo, Vancouver Island - late June

    no significant 'butts on the inside unless you go to Oak Bay by Victoria or North of Campbell River. Best to go to Ukey or Bamfield for good offshore fishing for salmon, butts, lings, and cod. IMO, I love offshore June fishing. Most charters on west coast charge $800+ for full day and perhaps...
  160. T

    Teflon Tubing ??

    i posted a similar thread earlier, here's the link: I had limited opportunity to use this stuff this spring, but i much prefer it to the springs. I didn't buy any thin wall teflon--only regular and...
  161. T

    Turbot as bait ... bloody picture!

    i don't think that's a turbot (which are good eating); i believe what you used as bait was an "arrow tooth" flounder. Very slimy and bad azz teeth which are exposed unlike the relatively hidden teeth of a halibut. Decent eating IMO. General rule of thumb on my boat is arrow tooths are...
  162. T

    Alijos heating up

    i see that Kuni made it on this trip. glad to see him into the tuna as that's all he aim for and keeps. interesting to see what a degree and a half more in surface temps will do for the fishing. the earlier trip as mentioned by Pat was generally a bust, but i had a blast and caught my first...
  163. T

    Too light??

    IMO, i'm relatively new to LR fishing with 4 years and a little more than half a dozen 8+ day trips notched under my belt, but i now have (2) 700M's which are my 40# bait and 40# iron/jig rods. so i do love my 700Ms. They have done very well on med to large Cedros yellows and YFT at the rocks...
  164. T

    why don't LR boats use sprays?

    not only does it attract the fish to the boat, but right at the boat, no long soaks. the fish are so close that the guys using jack poles can hook up and vault fish on to the deck. do a google search and you'll be amazed at the size of fish guys are jack poling over the edge by themselves...
  165. T

    why don't LR boats use sprays?

    doin' a little seach on the web i came across a few pics of commercial boats fishing tuna with jack pole and utilizing water spray (i would presume to simulate frenzied bait). Q: has any LR boats tried to utilize this? why or why not? here's a decent pic of what i'm talking about.
  166. T

    Great Auction for 3 Salmon fishing trips

    Good cause. OP, perhaps clarify this auction. what does 50% mean? is it shared with another group of 3 people? or price is a min. of $1950 + winning auction bid? I don't think this is an attempt at fraud. The BC coastal season starts as early as May and runs into early Fall--most lodges...
  167. T

    Which reel?

    there is a significant difference in 30, 50 and 80 size reels. generally the larger the reel also comes larger gears and crank which give the angler a higher degree of mechanical advantage which should equate to shortening the fighting time and tilting more advantage to the angler especially...
  168. T


    which crazy under rated 60# line broke @ +101#? all mono line mfrs like to under rate their lines and we the anglers must compare lines by diameter to fairly compare. But 40# over line rating seems crazy excessive.
  169. T

    Current info of temp @ Alijos Rocks?

    thx guys, i sure hope things start to warm up . . . and quick! i'm hoping for a min surf temp of 66-67 in a couple weeks. Can the temp change by 4-5 degrees in 2 weeks or is that being far too optimistic for spring?
  170. T

    Current info of temp @ Alijos Rocks?

    Current Ocean surface Temp at Alijos? anyone with Terrafin that knows the conditions? just over 3 weeks until i head to the rocks and am curious and hoping the waters are decent in temp for shots at some nice tuna.
  171. T

    Do everyone just troll in Hawaii?

    i've heard the marina/harbour in kona is loaded with ballyhoo at night and in the morning. aren't they good bait live and dead? i'd take a big azz scoop of ballyhoo anytime. anyone chime in why this is not utilized?
  172. T

    Surf fishing Tofino?

    sorry, no idea what beach fishing in Ga is like to compare. But i'd recommend a long stick for long casts and line control (keep as much line out of the water as possible to maximize sensitivity at the business end), 30-50# braid would work well with no top shot unless fishing jigs then go...
  173. T

    Surf fishing Tofino?

    Pac NW surf fishing generally is a bait fishery. I've tried lures (mainly lead head bucktail jigs or minnow jigs), but bait did a bit better than gear. But not a bad idea to pack some jigs and cover more water. Haven't done it in a long time since acquiring a boat, but in order of catch...
  174. T

    Thread-through salmon lures

    salmon have a max of 7-8 year life cycle. i do not believe they have evolved to passing down their wisdom to the next generations and thus remain relatively dumb (thank God!). Much of the new gear and in all it's vast variety exist to lure, boggle, discombobulate, excite, and confuse fishermen...
  175. T

    MXL OR JX FOR 30#

    i fish my mxl with 60# hollow with short top shot mono for 30#. would not fish it for 40# as i don't think the drag is quite up to the task. my go to set up is a JX2 for the 40# with calstar graf 700M. Got me a nice 105# YFT on it fishing wired bait at Clarion. Reel did reely well even when...
  176. T

    Avet Ex40/2 Wide clicker issues

    thx for the help marc. i've emailed
  177. T

    Avet Ex40/2 Wide clicker issues

    got a EX 40/2 Wide that wasn't used for a while and sat until recently. Noticed that the clicker will not completely disengage when reel in put in gear and handle turned OR if trying to manually trip the clicker off. Clicker is OLD style and on the left side plate (1/2" ish small turn knob...
  178. T


    pure awesomeness. the Star sure is one big fishy boat.
  179. T

    Winter salmon

    many of the similar spots as in summer, but you need to go deep--scratch the bottom and in also generally use smaller baits/presentation rather than "jumbo" herrings or big plugs n' spoons. the best eating fish are winter fish, go get 'em.
  180. T

    AVET SDS EX 50 or Penn VSX 50 for 130lb Rig?

    Should consider the Okuma Makaira MK50ii. I have an Avet Ex Pro30/2 and an Ex 4/02 to compare to Okuma and the Okuma is a better reel IMO. Smoother drag, softer drag in lower positions with crazy powerful smooth drag when needed if pushed up, excellent free spool, helical cut gears are very...
  181. T

    Single action vs. level wind

    Or you can just back the drags right off your mooching reels and palm the reel for drag, but good luck on any chinook over 25#'s--you'll probably black and blue your fingers 'n knuckles. Try it and you'll see:idiot:
  182. T

    Ucluelet Aug.1 to Aug.11 2011

    you may have to look around at the rat's nose and keep your eyes open. The halibut can be right at the tip, or at the "egg" or just off that on the edges. Sometimes the seeing the "fleet" can tell you where the action is. Good luck at the Big Bank, i haven't had much luck there in the past 2...
  183. T

    Ucluelet Aug.1 to Aug.11 2011

    Halibut fishing is always better off Barkley sound earlier in the season than later. May or June usually produce more and better grade fish than late summer. i perfer to jig my 'buts, but have had to troll the past couple years as they fish tended to be scattered and not in their normal...
  184. T

    B.C. Halibut

    That final letter as already noted did not answer the question. All too typical political talk where the politician flaps his lips, smiles, nod in agreement with you, states the obvious, skirts the initial question and makes it sound like he is on your side working his bestest to make things...
  185. T

    Stubby wide slot screwdrivers, where to buy?

    no luck at the following local stores: Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Walmart, Totem Hardware, looked in a couple autoparts shops, eBay, very little even online google search under "stubby wide slot or blade or flat screwdriver". If you guys know of a brand or model #, i can get a dealer to bring...
  186. T

    Stubby wide slot screwdrivers, where to buy?

    looked hi and low locally for a stubby wide slot screwdriver. you know, the wide thick one you need for reel clamps/feet without damaging/mutilating your screwheads. I've used dimes and pennies, but a few of these screws are recessed so no dice with the coins as they only get me so far...
  187. T

    Alijos in Mar/April?

    star is similar in length to the shogun, but much narrower as the shogun has a 30' beam (wide azz!) which is a sweet asset on a LR boat so it can take a few more anglers. But having said that, i'm hoping it's not a full boat, last trip had 24 and it was a good number, usually the spring trips...
  188. T

    Alijos in Mar/April?

    Green Knight, which spring trip is $1760? most are $1560 for 8-day. which trip, if it's the one leaving Mar 26th, i'll see ya on the boat.
  189. T

    alaska or bc fishing resort

    Might i suggest Tofino, BC on Vancouver Island? Known locally as "Gucci fish town." Situated in a very beautiful spot on Van Isle. Scenery and wild life is first class (mountains, ocean, trees, eagles, bears, whales, seals, etc., etc ... ). Lots of shopping, spas, nice restaurants and amenities...
  190. T

    Alijos in Mar/April?

    i've done the 8 day early spring trips for the past 2 years and am already booked to go on the Shogun again at the end of March. These trips are great timing for me to escape the cold canadian winter and catch some fish before the Salmon and halibut fishing resumes in June for me. Trips have...
  191. T

    5 Star with Royal Star Fish

    going to pick up my 5 star processed tuna tomorrow at the airport (edmonton, ab, canada)! even had some smoked this time. gals are great and work extra hard. easily and highly recommend 2 thumbs up.
  192. T

    I made my choice (I think)

    IMO the vagabond is not a 5+ day boat. congratz to the capt, crew and angler for getting the 405, but IMO it's too much "roughing it" aboard that boat for anything longer than a couple days. Never been on the Rooster but has a great rep, better layout, galley and accommodations for more...
  193. T

    Buffer Zone??????

    had my first taste of fishing "buffer zone" at clarion this winter. i need to go back! are there any small fish at clarion? didn't seem like it!
  194. T

    Teflon Tubing for anti-chafing

    personal preference. if you can tie a very strong and small knot in 80#, 100# and even 130#, then by all means go ahead, but the consistency, ease, strength and "knot" size of attaching heavy test to hooks is best done with crimps. 80# i usually tie a knot using double san diego or double...
  195. T

    Fishing Bamfield

    also i agree with fish kid, if you trailer your boat, avoid the unpaved gravel logging road from port alberni to bamfield, put the boat in at clutesi marina (port alberni) and boat it up to bamfield. Faster and safer IMO (approx. 1.25 hrs by scenic boat ride with no road rash vs. 2 hours dusty...
  196. T

    Fishing Bamfield

    June is a great time for Bamfield. no crowds even on weekends, good offshore fishing (don't even bother with inshore as it will likely be too early in the season for that), usually the best time of year for offshore halibut and ling and good chinook trolled fish in that 8-20# range with a few...
  197. T

    Teflon Tubing for anti-chafing

    Thx Sum, ordered a couple sizes from Amazon. 50 feet is a hell of a lot of tubing for anti-chaf! perhaps others on my next trip will take a liking to the tubing and i can sell some off, or i guess i'll have a life time supply!
  198. T

    Vancouver Island Fishing

    Sooke, Port Renfrew, Bamfield (other end of Barkley sound, ruff road!), or Port McNeil/Port Hardy. The final 2 being the farthest but a paved hi-way. Lots of other destinations, but more difficult travels. All listed above would be similar cost to Ukey. PS. i've been fishing Bamfield and...
  199. T

    Another World Record!

    git 'er mounted at lyons and o'haver! wonder if there is even a mold for one?
  200. T

    Fishing in Hilo in mid to late Feb Charter recommendations

    finally nailed down and booked my trip to Kona/Hilo. Not the easiest thing to do with 3 different parties to get to agree to a common location and schedule! just gotta figure out the best day for a fishing trip in Kona. thx for the advise so far guys!
  201. T

    Single action vs. level wind

    completely agree that single action reels are much more fun which is an important part of fishing! Not ideal for all fisheries, but works well for the west coast salmon. Single action reels are also a large part of the fun for fly fishers too.
  202. T

    Splicing Hollow to Fluoro

    use a hollow splicing needle (buy a good full Daho set). with a sharp knife/tool/blade, cut the mono/fluoro at an acute angle and stick that end into a hollow needle. The mono/fluoro need not go into the needle all the way, by cutting the line at an angle you can get the mono to hold in a...
  203. T

    Teflon Tubing for anti-chafing

    Looking for a source for teflon tubing for anti-chafing in lieu of using springs which i can find at tackle stores. The teflon tubing i've seen is more "stealth" as it's usually clear or slightly opaque in color, smaller profile thus able to fit the eye of smaller hooks, more evenly...
  204. T

    Fishing in Hilo in mid to late Feb Charter recommendations

    hi guys, originally i'd posted about fishing in Kona as that was my intentions, but its looking like our group will be based out of Hilo rather than Kona so fishing out of Hilo looks like a better choice logistically. Can i get some full day charter recommendations for Hilo? Is the fishing...
  205. T

    World Record Fish

    The Excel has a few smaller mounts made by Lyons and O'haver hanging in their salon, they are the best fish mounts i've seen with exceptional detail. Glad to hear the possible record fish will be mounted by some of the best in the biz as i'm sure the finished mount will be nothing short of...
  206. T

    Makaira sea trials?

    bought the MK10ii for a fall trip and didn't really have much opportunity to use it a ton as it was my 50# bait rig and i used the 30 and 40# rigs more. The reel did perform very well and the drag was very smooth and nice with a very low starting level with more than plenty when pushed up. I...
  207. T

    Kona charter in mid Feb?

    Thanks guys, working on nailing down the dates and accommodations and then will figure out what's the best day for the charter in our schedule.
  208. T

    12/26 LR Trip Departures

    was on the star 2 years ago on this same trip, this time i'm trying the Excel. Lot of boats leaving the same day, glad i don't have to park a car in the lot. Hope my boat is the first to the bait receivers!
  209. T

    New Potential World Record Yellowfin Tuna - 405.2#!!!!!

    epic and world class! great job angler, boat and crew. i'm sure the fish lost more weight in blood than what a pile of rope hanging off the tail or mouth would weigh.
  210. T

    JX 2-spd MC -->Potholes/Speedbumps - ?!?

    so what was the issue? (bought a JX 6/3 used heavily on last 10day trip but no issue for me).
  211. T

    Possible 400 lb. tuna

    nice fish . . . i'm guessing 381#. am i right? what did i win?
  212. T

    JX or LD35?

    i would have bought the LD35 except it wasn't out yet! it came out just as the boat was leaving--too late! i added the following for my last trip: Saltiga LD30 2spd and JX 2spd, both loaded with 60# JB hollow with short top shots. The Saltist was very smooth (very smooth drag--love it), it...
  213. T

    Kona charter in mid Feb?

    thanks for the input! i figured most boat would be set up to troll since trolling can be pretty effective in covering the water and finding fish and likely more importantly places the captain and boat more in control of how well the fishing goes and not left to the hands of inexperienced...
  214. T

    Kona charter in mid Feb?

    need some recommendations on a full day charter in Kona. i'm taking my dad and mom to hawaii (Kona) in mid Feb for a week to celebrate his 70th b-day. we love to fish (not so much my mom as she gets sea sick, but she'll stay on shore with the other women and kids). most likely a 3 man crew: dad...
  215. T

    Larger Flrocarbon Spools ?????

    note that there is a difference between fluoro fishing line and fluoro leader material. The leader material being stiffer, harder and more abrasion resistant -- and more expensive. The main reason leader material is not sold in large spools is sticker $ shock and most people's budgets which...
  216. T

    40-50lbs yoyo reel suggestions?

    observe the trend and all the good "jig" or "yo-yo" reels share these things in common: - higher than normal gear ratios (min of 5.8 to 1 in hi gear) - tall spools - narrow spools - awesome free spool capability my choices would include mainly 2 speed reels such as the JX2, HX2-J (narrow)...
  217. T

    40# Set Up

    Yup, makes sense to me. also, some members have stated that a rod will "bottom out" which probably means the same as "shutting off" or unable to bend further. Stating the it's a bad thing for rods to "bottom out". In general, this is not a bad thing, IMO. When applying max or near max...
  218. T

    58,336 ESTIMATE: High numbers may trigger new regulations.

    5 kings per year!?! wow, that's tight. i'd have to check the back of my license, but i think it's 20 a year for BC/Canadian residents. Regardless of how you do the math and add up what Alaska, BC, WA, OR and even CA sport fishers take from the Chinook fishery, 58,000+ fish is a huge number to...
  219. T

    58,336 ESTIMATE: High numbers may trigger new regulations.

    i just emailed some of my concerns to my Minister of Oceans and Fisheries for Canada. others (canadian) in concern can do similarly and email the Cdn DFO-MFO >>> [email protected]
  220. T

    58,336 ESTIMATE: High numbers may trigger new regulations.

    in today's day and age, global economic conditions, and perhaps more importantly conservation efforts, i don't see the need in the big picture in general for bottom dragging and seine nets. Far too much bycatch that totally wastes valuable and needed bio species/mass. Yes, there are better...
  221. T

    Live Bait

    it's one more additional step before getting your bait in the swim and into the zone. any additional time and handling is not good for the bait which you want in as much pristine condition as possible as the best baits always get bit if there are fish around. bad bait = poor fishing especially...
  222. T

    40# Set Up

    i don't know where you get the last column as all the columns end with the rod action and in this case it's Ex-fast. the recommended line rating is the 20-50 and so 40# is perfectly fine and as i personally can say that i've fished it as my 40# live bait and iron (coupled with an Avet JX reel)...
  223. T

    40# Set Up

    i use the 700M (grafighter) as my main 40# go to rod. love it, no issues with YT or YFT to 60#, probably handle bigger tuna but have not landed any bigger on that rod yet; fought a couple fish well over 100# but either thrown hook or busted line -- rod felt fine and i didn't worry pulling on...
  224. T

    Top Shot Length

    i'm switching to a shorter topshot (to hollow core) as i've tried it and like it much better as the bait swims better and i have a better feel for the bait which means more hook ups. For live bait flylining it will be as short as 15' to 30'. Non loop to loops but only the Mono or fluoro...
  225. T

    recommendation for vertical jig storage/bag

    looking for some recommendations for storage for my vertical jigs (aka: knife jigs, butterfly jigs, you know, the long skinny ones, but different from my irons such as Salas and Sumos which i hang in the jig section of the large SKB box). I can remember seeing a few storage idea like roll ups...
  226. T

    Three Rules in Negotiating Long Range Trips

    sorry, but dudes, leave the wives and gf's at home. give me shit, but my opinion is on any trip longer than 3 days, i much prefer to fish on a boat sans women. i've shared the rail with a variety of women (some that could fish, some that thought they could, and some without a clue), but would...
  227. T

    Dates for Commercial Openings Bamfield Outside Banks

    awww, shizzle! :_diarrhea_::shithappens::Dynamite::2gunsfiring_v1: i hate fishing during and just after a commercial opening! I have 2 trips running June 10-13 and June 16-19th. Last year it took a week for decent fish to swim in and replace the 10's of thousands swallowed by the "fleet". And i...
  228. T

    Every Fisherman's Friend-Transient Orcas ID'ed as Separate Species

    we should find a way to help boost the evolution process and equip them with "laser beams" so they can more efficiently hunt their favorite prey and go from 300 to 3000. Just think of what 3000+ pinneped eating laser beam strapped killer whales could do! Calling Dr. Evil! calling Dr. Evil!
  229. T


    on the WCVI, conditions can and do change rapidly and coupled with commercial openings that can turn the salmon fishing off like a switch as they take out thousands of salmon in a short period of time and it can take a week or two for new stocks to move in. fresh solid local knowledge and...
  230. T

    Cell coverage?

    you`re on vacation . . . turn the phone off and put it away. if someone starts texting on my boat while we`re fishing, i`ll grab the ph or the fisherman and something is going over board.
  231. T

    parts for JX 4.1:1

    thx guys and finadict. i'm gonna try to clean the reel and re-lube first. what's the aprox vintage (age) of my reel? can it be changed from 4.1 to 1 to 5.x to 1 or even 6.0 to 1? would it be just to change a few parts (gears)? if so, approx cost on these parts?
  232. T

    parts for JX 4.1:1

    I think i need an exploded schematic for some idea of what parts to order for my older JX 4.1:1. Are schematic and parts available? Problem is the anti-reverse on the handle has almost gone. Some spots are ok, but 50% of the time the handle spins backwards. (i just narrowly missed being...
  233. T

    8 day rocks and cedros on the Shogun

    thx for sharing the pics tommie:High_Five FYI guys, we got about half dozen just over 100#s, and many in the 75-90# range to boot. Also a number of anglers including myself lost fish which were "guestimated" well over the 100# mark. I know we can only guess at what those lost fish would have...
  234. T

    Bobber down!!

    ahh the fine rewards for those dedicated and unfazed by skunked days past. Gotta love and relish the epic days paid with the dues of lost fish and the skunker days. well done, a fine day to remember for years to come, thx for sharing the love the pics!
  235. T

    Some news from the rocks.

    Only a week for the Shogun and counting .... yeahaa! I hope there is more than just yellowtail at the Rocks. I'm hoping for some nice YFT in the 40-60# class, perhaps some grouper and halibut to boot too. I'm bringing a new Avet Pro SDS30 with a Grafighter as 80# gear to drop down and break it...
  236. T

    anybody fishing the royal star easter trip?

    I couldn't agree with you more and would have loved to do that trip on the Star especially with a light load, but yes it was definitely cancelled. see ya on the boat divegod1, yeehaaa! now less than 2 weeks away.
  237. T

    Independence question

    Indy is a great boat (one of the largest and newest in the LR fleet). Capt Jeff and crew were awesome on my 8-day last May. Would not hesitate on jumping on again.
  238. T

    anybody fishing the royal star easter trip?

    made some quick changes and have made the call to go on the Shogun 8-day leaving Mar 27th. That's just over 2 weeks away! no seat sales on air fares and had to bite on an expensive ticket, but yahoo, i'm going fishing and can't wait!
  239. T

    Barkley Sound Fishing Report-March 9

    29#'er !!! wow! Great fish for winter or even for summer for that matter. You got me really looking forward to the summer now. got any pics to share of these sweet fish of the derby?
  240. T

    anybody fishing the royal star easter trip?

    spoke to Tracy today, this trip has been kaiboshed as critical mass was not reached :( huge dirty ratz azz for me as that might have been the only spring trip i could have made. even got a great deal on a seat sale for air fares which i need now to cancel. Shogun has an 8 day trip that just...
  241. T

    anybody fishing the royal star easter trip?

    Ok, work/business seems stable enough for me to slip away. seriously eyeing this 8 day RS Easter Alijos trip! Got some brand new gear that needs to have it's cherry popped!
  242. T

    Venice, LA with Relentless Sportfishing

    nice fish and pics dude! always nice to have the weather and fish co-operate. i haven't fished with Mike yet but met him in Miami last year--very nice guy and obviously knows his stuff. i can't believe you didn't mention THE BOAT in your report. The Freeman 33 is bad azz!
  243. T

    Alaska VS. B.C.

    Fraser is not a prop friendly river. The river has a 3 foot visibility at very best and normally about a foot. also the gravel bars are ever changing--this is jet engine territory unless you keep to the lower and deeper part of the river (which fishes good in early spring for sturgeon, but...
  244. T

    Clean Humboldt squid, with video.

    you guys don't eat the tentacles or the 2 triangular fins? the smaller tentacles (very small teeth ones) are pretty good as are the crunchy fins (no i'm not jokin'). cool vid otherwise. PS. first time i've ever seen these squid in the Pac NW last summer. There were thousands of them and were...
  245. T

    Alaska VS. B.C.

    what kind of river boat do you have? most folk in BC run a river jet boat style similar to what you'd see on the Columbia River system for our larger river systems (Fraser and Skeena). You'll see smaller open (sub 18' boats) boats on smaller river systems, but for the big rivers it's much nicer...
  246. T

    anybody fishing the royal star easter trip?

    pesca/phil, yup, i think we were on the same (purfields open) last may. definitely a trip to remember forever. indy is a great boat, but i have to admit that if young Drew is cooking aboard the Star his food is kick the smack down bad azz. Gotta love a guy who loves his job, knows it well and...
  247. T

    anybody fishing the royal star easter trip?

    that is one of the first 7-8 day trips for any boat. last year the Shogun went down and did well at that time. nice to have the waters all to yourself as likely you'll not see another boat (good and bad to that). the price for the trip is about as good as it gets and if it's a light load it...
  248. T

    ucluelet fishing

    Hali fishing for me and my crew stunk last summer. Did pretty good in June but that was it for year. Trolled most of those too. I hate trolling for my butts. Usually do well for my hali but last year was bad. Bad #'s and average was only about 20#. Glad to hear somewhere on the island the...
  249. T

    ucluelet fishing

    see my buddy nick of a very very good guide. Took 1st place in the annual derby twice in a row if memory serves me correctly, and now has a lodge, haven't been there myself yet but am planning to check it out this summer.
  250. T

    ucluelet fishing

    Been over 6 years since i fished just south of Pt. McNeil. Has much changed? What would the roads be like now for me to tow my 28' Grady from Nanaimo to Hardy and how long would it take? (Sorry, not to derail the OP thread)
  251. T

    ucluelet fishing

    Nice winter fish! i heard this winter has been kind to those willing to venture out. The thought had crossed my mind a lot over xmas but was stuck installing an autopilot for the boat and the reports of gale and storm warnings didn't help either. Good signs for 2010.
  252. T


    what's the beef with mentioning Josh T (assuming T = temple)? did i miss something?
  253. T

    A fish story

    WOW, superb patch job. I think i would have still be too pissed to make that job look as nice as it turned out. Belongs in the hall of fame of duct tape and definitely worthy of Red Green.
  254. T

    Avet ever consider fly and single action reels?

    so on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being highly likely), what value to this idea would you put it and what kind of time line could be possible?
  255. T

    Avet ever consider fly and single action reels?

    I've been seriously thinking about adding a 30/02 and a 50/02 SDS to my Avet arsenal for an upcoming LR trip, but have always wondered if Avet has considered making fly reels, center pin float reels, or single action mooching reels. Any info or inside track on this line of thought?
  256. T

    10-Day List for Intrepid 12/26

    The post Xmas 10 day trip has been a cow hunt trip down in the Mag bay area. Not a lot of variety fishing compared to a fall trip. If the big tuna are around in decent #'s then be prepared to wear a harness all day in anticipation (make sure you either know how to use the rail on huge fish or...
  257. T

    Grady White does it right!

    wow, i almost wish my 2002 282 Sailfish would develop some cracks but she's solid.
  258. T

    Tuna off the West Coast VI

    The blue water must be close as i just got back from my final trip of the season and saw 2 oddities: 1. a mola mola (just 2' baby) that liked my boat and hung around for a few minutes at 5 miles out and 2. humbolt squid (virtually everywhere when i was leaving by the thousands).
  259. T

    Chad's Coastwide Sportsfishing....Seasons are a changing...

    ahhh memories, but not quite yet for me. One last trip with good crew mid sept to Bamfield and perhaps a venture out to Swiftsure bank. nice pics!
  260. T

    Fishing Barkley Sound and Bamfield question

    tim, bamfield is kinda "ruff". Not a tourist mecca like Tofino--more hard core fish camp like with limited services. so don't buy your fuel in bamfield if you can help it (especially not from kingfisher's as he's rediculously overpriced, questionable fuel and often out of fuel). There's good...
  261. T

    Rod holders/milk crates?

    ditto on the above post. Most boats have enough rod holders on starboard and port sides and some at the bow. Keep one rod at the back--the rest kept stashed on the side--pretty simple. If you start allowing guys to bring crates, then everyone is allowed to bring "rocket crates" and they will...
  262. T

    Fishing Barkley Sound and Bamfield question

    thanks for posting how you made out. Hope the weather was kind to you guys. Definitely smart in taking a good amount of time to fish rather than try to cram it into a couple days and do too much. I hope to take about a week myself to fish and explore. I've fished barkley sound for years, but...
  263. T

    Fishing Barkley Sound and Bamfield question

    Just spoke with an awning/canvas guy who is heading out to Bamfield tomorrow (i guess my window awnings will have to wait). He said the fishing is on fire and his dad who is out there now keeps calling him daily with updates just to piss him off. Heading to Bamfield again in mid august myself...
  264. T

    Salmon reel

    I used to run my mooching reels straight mono, but been a couple years now since I switched and all my reels run spectra backing (+65#) with a short (100-150 feet mono) top shot for salmon and a 10-50' heavy mono for bottom fish on conventional or level winds. More fun and sensitive, less...
  265. T

    Bamfield Lodging/fishing info needed

    call or better yet, email Andrea (just had a new born) at Crown Charters. Nice accommodations (likely better than most), good lit dock with water and power, fish station, fish freezers, etc and good rates to boot. Been a slow year and they might have openings. Normally Bamfield is booked a...
  266. T

    Neah Bay Chinook (Day 2, 3, and 4) Follow Up

    good to see some yanks sporting the knuckle busters. once you go single action--there's no turning back, baby (unless the fish takes off and screams drag, of course)
  267. T

    Poll: What do you use for downriggin - Balls or Pancake?

    i forget every few years and experiment with 12/13# pancake weights again and always go back to my 15# cannon balls (no fins, thx). Next time they (pancakes) are not even making it on the boat as i was reminded this early July fishing aboard a buddy's boat that has pancakes. Haven't realized...
  268. T

    Barkley sound boat in camping ideas

    Note: it's a few years since i've camped and doubt Pachena still has any marine facilities such as fuel, ramp, docks, etc.
  269. T

    Barkley sound boat in camping ideas

    Poett Nook is 10+ minutes by boat up the channel from Bamfield and is the best camp facility if tenting. I've stayed there many times and am surprised they haven't called you back, they are usually pretty good about that. I'd try to call again. there's not much in Bamfield itself. Years ago i...
  270. T

    trolling reels

    Ditch the level wind or conventional reels when salmon fishing and go pacific NW Canadian style with a knuckle buster. Simple, very reliable, and most importantly mucho fun. At the low end of the budget but a good reel is Shimano GT2000 or GT4000 (either is fine) or Diawa M1, if you need bling...
  271. T

    Chad's coastwide Sportsfishing....Nash and Nooch 2009

    Very nice! 35# for June is super sweet. Beginning of June i caught a 25-26#er which is my largest June chinook so far. The average fish is pure quality this season. thx for sharing the pics. only 10 more days and i'll be back on the water!
  272. T

    192# yellowfin

    man, those are some sick sicles! YFT on the west coast don't seem to get those real long sicles like you guys on the gulf. congratz on the nice cow!
  273. T

    8-day Purfield's pics

    finally got around to posting a few pics of our epic trip.
  274. T

    Ucluelet June 2009

    i've heard of other reports from the coast and the consensus seems to be that the numbers are good (not crazy big, but close to what DFO is projecting which points to a good season) and the average fish are larger than usual. Heard (not seen yet) of reports of springs in excess of 30 and 40...
  275. T

    Ucluelet June 2009

    Fantastic unreal hot weather for June, flat sea conditions, next to zero boat traffic and good fishing = yee ha! 4 days and 3 nites in Ukee on Van Isle was a blast and seriously looking forward to July and August for more. Average springs are larger than normal for this time of year with...
  276. T

    Independence fishing report.. sounds excellent

    Was an epic 8 day trip. Great boat, crew, anglers, water conditions, wind conditions, food, cigars, spirits and fishing! Did pretty much a B-line to the stones and when we got there at 11am, we planned to look around before fishing but the troll rods went off, baits got pitched in, irons thrown...
  277. T


    pescador, are you going on this trip and then jumping on the Star for another one for a back to back 8 day trip? you are a true LR junkie!
  278. T


    Made the call to Judy this yester-evening, going on this trip with the Indy 8-day to the stones! yee haw! yellows here i come!
  279. T


    i'm hoping to go on this trip--got both fingers crossed and a few toes. Heard Jason is coming well packed with more chojang (Korean hot bean paste mix) for some more ultra fresh sashimi for the boys. He showed me the DVD from last year and it looked like a killer trip--perhaps some of the guys...
  280. T

    I herd you could catch tuna around vancouver island?

    one of these days i'll take my boat out off the WCVI for tuna if they push in within 40-50 miles. I think going in tandem is best and with back-up everything. Let me know if someone want to run tandem.
  281. T

    Where to go

    Ukey or Bamfield. Road to Bamfield from Pt.Alberni is a gravel logging road for 80kms which will take you 1.5 hrs. (logging operation trucks have right of way!). Paved road to Ukey but 3 hrs drive fr. Port Alberni. If you are wise and pick your days to run offshore for halibut, your boat...
  282. T

    Wader Recommendations

    I`ve heard Simms G3`s are sweet (but pricey) and my guide buddy can a test that they are durable too (3+ seasons!). Prior to that he had Wardell`s (Springbrook) which held up very very well. i think he went with Simms because the rep gave him a sweet deal. I have a pair of Wardell Hybrids...
  283. T

    Hollow Spectra splicing needles--what do u use?

    hmmmm, spending $80+ on needles vs. a cheap piece of single strand? I much appreciate the input and for saving me a small pile of $$. I guess all i really need to buy is a nail file to round over the leader material. Since i'm on this saving $ boat, is spectra super glue worth the premium $...
  284. T

    planning a trip to bamfield

    r u planning on bringing your own boat or charter? if it's your first time to WCVI or Bamfield, i'd recommend charter. i know a few top guides for Bamfield if you need. Generally, hali's earlier in season is best for size and quantity; starting in May to mid july and is done offshore a min of 7...
  285. T

    Hollow Spectra splicing needles--what do u use?

    The nail knot and spectra super glue looks like the cleanest and a quick connection of hollow spectra to mono/fluoro. I see there are a variety of splicing needles/fids to choose. what works the best and where can they be bought? Also, will this method work on any hollow core spectra...
  286. T

    July Fishing Charters for Vancouver?

    Ditto the island route for July. Either north end of the island or west coast of the island will provide good opportunity for bottom fish including halibut and salmon. Around Vancouver's Howe Sound, July can be decent for salmon, bottom fishing is sketchy particularly with current keep limits...
  287. T

    Have Catamarans been used for long range fishing in SoCal?

    Really!?! wow, that boat gets around! from it's build port, it's almost gone halfway around the world already. i guess it's good to see the owner actually uses the boat rather than another spawning ground for barnacles. i re-checked the boat's web home page. in small print on the contacts...
  288. T

    Indy 8-day May 15-23rd--seasons 1st 8-day

    My un-educated guess is that most boats will be running 70% of their trips this year and averaging 85% loads. Not good #'s. I hope i'm wrong and the #'s are better for the LR boats. Hope fishing rock this year as superb fishing can definitely help turn things around quickly. Keep up the good...
  289. T

    Have Catamarans been used for long range fishing in SoCal?

    i was just talking to a friend about a "fantasy" LR boat. it was taking SWATH technology to LR fishing. check out this boat and dream about converting it to LR fishing (58' beam, that's a lot of business end fishing space!) Yacht Silver Cloud SWATH Home the only hang up i see would be how to...
  290. T

    Indy 8-day May 15-23rd--seasons 1st 8-day

    Trip#2 (may 15-23) has been cancelled. Trip #4 has also been cancelled. These trips have been combined for Trip#3, the Purfield's Tackle. So far 20 of 30 spots booked and Judy says the trip is going ahead barring mass unforeseen changes. A week later may mean warmer weather and better fishing...
  291. T

    Fishing in/around Sidney BC ?

    I don't know too much about that area for halibut except that Oak Bay (just east of Victoria) holds some butts year round with some monsters coming out every year out of Oak Bay (150+ pounders). A fair amount of spot for nice ling around the nearby islands. Get a good map and study the...
  292. T

    Indy 8-day May 15-23rd--seasons 1st 8-day

    Did Judy of the Indy make the official call and say the trip was off for this year?
  293. T

    Indy 8-day May 15-23rd--seasons 1st 8-day

    Thinking about joining some friends and going on the Indy on an 8-day trip. It's one of the earliest 8-day trips for any boat at the start of the longer runs. One of my friends who has done similar trips at this time says i really only need 3 outfits: 30#, 40#, and 50#. Also, can anyone tell...
  294. T

    updated 2009 W.C. Vancouver Island Outlook

    Thanks Jay, Sound like a good season ahead of us, i can't wait to hook into my first salmon of the season and then sink my teeth into it! can u say sashimi!?! If the hali # look good for increasing limits later in the season, do you know if they are leaning towards a limit of 2 and possession...
  295. T

    Best Place to Fish in BC during June

    Start by crossing the Juan de Fuca over to Port Renfrew (make a stop enroute and fish the boundries of Swiftsure bank for halibut, ling, yelloweye, pacific cod, and troll at the bank for salmon since you're there--can be very good). Troll up the west coast from Renfrew to Bamfield (many nice...
  296. T

    Bamfield / Barkley Sound in June

    oh, a couple last thoughts, june is nothing like august. it's significantly colder, but no fog, water conditions can be tougher so listen to the VHF weather forecast and pick your days to run the 20+ mile offshore runs, and consider packing a portable propane heater.
  297. T

    Bamfield / Barkley Sound in June

    the salmon fishing in june is normally an offshore thing (5 mile bank, 7 mile bank, 10 mile bank and of course the 20/25 mile bank where the "chicken ranch" is also). productive salmon fishing "inside" the sound doesn't usually start until closer to mid july. Here the factor is baitfish, in...
  298. T

    Mooring aluminum Boat in the salt.

    definitely proper bottom paint is required or you'll have a new colony of friends tagging along for the ride robbing your speed and economy and possibly damaging the hull to boot. might consider adding a "grouper" anode to help defend against dock or someone else's loose current in the water...
  299. T

    Langara Island Report

    wow, don't let some of my friends see that epecially in shallow water. them's delicious.
  300. T

    One last drift PLEEEEASE! YES!

    some ling, butts, and pokeys from july. yeah, i know, not they're not from SoCal.LOL
  301. T

    Miami Boat Show Feb 12-16

    Going for 2 days (Fri&Sat). will be my first trip to the right side coast. will be doing some fishing in a variety of places too. ya hooo!
  302. T

    Super Cows continue

    hey jay, no problemo. i know the scales are not cheap and even cost a few nice dimes to calibrate, just wanted to be clear that the RS had theirs isn't afraid to use it. Don't know why every LR boat that targets cows or participates on trip jackpots doesn't have one. Not to sound like i'm...
  303. T

    Super Cows continue

    The R.Star had a scale on board when i was on it. was whipped out a bunch of times including weighing the 357# YF caught by Dave Hall almost this time last year in Mag Bay.
  304. T

    Fishing Advice: Islamorada in mid FEB

    i'm in Islamorada for the first time for 10 days in mid Feb. gonna book at least 2 days charter to fish either the ocean side or the gulf side depending on the weather. on none charter days, i'd like to strike out on my own and walk/wade the flats with my fly rod. Any recommendation on where...
  305. T

    Down to 2 boats.

    never been on Q105, but did the Star last winter on a 10 day. Gotta say that the crew worked darn hard and tirelessly. Randy, Brian and Crew were impressive, my hats off to those boys.
  306. T

    Happy Holidays!

    man i wish that were true. my family knows that i'm heavily addicted to fishing and boating yet they can't seem to find any gift ideas and actually end up asking me what i want or need. Is it that hard for a non-boater/fisherman? i know I've got pretty expensive tastes so i don't say i need a...
  307. T

    Help With Vancover Island Trip planning

    Depends on where you are going, but on the west coast of the island, june is only kinda busy on the weekends (fri-sun). as you move in to july and the weather gets warmer, the weekends can get pretty busy, mid week is still ok. Fishing and weather in august is best except as it gets warmer...
  308. T

    Help With Vancover Island Trip planning

    i'm going to check on the boat in Feb. and update the "black book" of hot spots for this year. Email me if you need/want any gps #'s for some offshore spots (most spots are well known and not any secret, so i have no problem giving em out)
  309. T

    Help With Vancover Island Trip planning

    early and mid june not too much good fishing inshore or near shore as bait is usually still offshore. For intended locations, June fishing is good to excellent for halibut offshore as is the salmon (5-20 pound chinooks) fishing offshore (must use downriggers and troll for salmon as you have to...
  310. T

    The ultimate Fishing Adventure - Ranfurly, East Cape, White Island

    $1150 kiwi bones = approx $640 USD or for me $780 Cdn dollars. Regardless, that for 3 days is sweeeeet deal for kick azz fishing, meals, and accomodations on board. I wish i knew of this earlier. For all you SD long range fisherman take heed of this deal.
  311. T

    The ultimate Fishing Adventure - Ranfurly, East Cape, White Island

    . i think the question: is 625.953 USD a misprint? is asking if the price is US$625.95 (six hundred twenty five dollars and change) or something else? We (NAmericans) do not use less than 1/100 of a dollar for currency in daily use. I too would like a clarification on the cost as the trip...
  312. T

    Help With Vancover Island Trip planning

    i can agree with Bones. To see the whole island or a large part of it is too ambitious for only 2 weeks. it would be a whole lot of driving and very little stopping and a big azz fuel bill to boot. cruise, fish, explore Barkley and/or Clayoquot sound is plenty and some of the best scenery...
  313. T

    Help With Vancover Island Trip planning

    ditto Farmer's recommendation to visit Buchart gardens. The place is truly amazing. They keep it fresh even for the locals by doing seasonal changes. Even in the glum gray winter days of pac NW, their Xmas thing is incredible and over the top. If going to Van isle in summer, you should stop...
  314. T

    No More Eating Prawns From Saanich Inlet!

    pics show lots of "squat lobsters" the size of prawns. very odd since i've never seen one caught in a prawn net, but i bet they taste pretty good! looks like there's an abundance of these small lobsters.
  315. T

    Help With Vancover Island Trip planning

    May is the early in the season for Van Isle. Most marinas and operators are just getting their stuff together and prepping and so not all services may be available. Season really doesn't get going until June. This is not to say the fishing is not good. The devoted halibut fisherman look upon...
  316. T

    is it cool to bring an exercise bike on a 7-10 day trip?

    nope, not mine, but ha ha ha ha ha someone else actually gives a hoot about what they look and feel like. thx for posting the pic of the bike!
  317. T

    Vancouver Island...Where can I fish? Crab?

    if you are going in oct. then there are only a few charters still kicking around, but the fishing for coho can still be good to excellent with big northern averaging about 10 pounds and some push closer to 20 (depending on location). bottom fishing is also available (hali, ling, rock cod...
  318. T

    is it cool to bring an exercise bike on a 7-10 day trip?

    i love life and love to eat, especially good tasty food. it's tuff to deny the good stuff. I'd rather enjoy and do some exercising to off set the rich food. I rather doubt there would be the kind of azzholes who would deep six someone else's stuff while the owner is in his bunk. I did a 10...
  319. T

    is it cool to bring an exercise bike on a 7-10 day trip?

    On longer trips, i would love to spend some of the travel time and down time keeping fit and staving off the extra pounds from chowing down the great meals and snacks. i know there isn't an over abundance of extra deck space on any boat to set up for a stationary exercise bike. i was thinking...
  320. T

    Needed:1o 2 persons to fish WCVI Aug 22-24

    Just thought i'd add a pic of the boat and of a recent trip this past july. does it sweeten the deal?
  321. T

    Needed:1o 2 persons to fish WCVI Aug 22-24

    i'm doing a "last minute" trip on the west coast of van isle (bamfield) and need an extra one or two people to fill the boat. I'd like to get 4 people including myself in the boat and share costs on what is expected to be another great fishing and nature expedition on the beautiful west coast...
  322. T

    Seward Report - Fred Archer Spiders kill the halibut!

    Curious about the spiders and the set up. is that a 8" hot spot or similar flasher in front of the spider or a bigger flasher? i've seen an inline triangluar shaped spinner/flasher (not a dodger) directly ahead of the spider to give some added flash, does the traditional hot spot shaped...
  323. T

    NewZ in mid Nov--need fishing advice

    thanks for info josh! by the way nice personal best kingfish--that's a hog! i think i definitely have to try to tangle with a kingy!
  324. T

    New to us. Mini Me catamaran

    nice! a few years ago i sold my 1993 14' livingston (with c20 yamaha+trailer). brings back lots of good memories! yours looks very similar to mine except mine had a grey interior and was a bit longer. can't beat these for stability, safety and performance! wish you a pile of memories. ps...
  325. T

    NewZ in mid Nov--need fishing advice

    Thanks David, what's the weather and water conditions like in mid nov?
  326. T

    NewZ in mid Nov--need fishing advice

    what would the average expectation be for a day charter out to white island in terms of catch? what would be a decent cost on a charter and what's the std procedure for tipping?
  327. T

    NewZ in mid Nov--need fishing advice

    thx for reply. what about the crazy billfish (sails and marlin) i read about? how far a drive and are they day charters or long range charters to target billfish? Or is it over rated and i should try to wrestle with the king's and groupers etc.?
  328. T

    NewZ in mid Nov--need fishing advice

    Folks bought a time share and have booked 2 weeks on Taupo Lake in mid November. They've invited me to stay with them for scratch. I'd like to try "a bit" of fishing while in the area. It sounds like the fly fishery for trout is excellent and as an avid fly chucker i look forward to that, but...
  329. T

    Use of glow sticks

    Most places in alaska and offshore banks of WCVI and Qn Charlottes the hali fishing is still quite good to great. i don't see the need to put everything and the kitchen sink on the line to catch halibut. Most of the time it's location location location. If u r going to alaska, just bring...
  330. T

    Signs of Spring on WC Vancouver Island

    ahhhh the signs of spring! only 3.5 months until my next trip to the WCVI--can't wait any longer, got fish brain and the snow is still on the ground. thx for the cool info on steelies jason. hey, i've only fished tofino once and that was a long time ago. is it really as bad as a hear it...
  331. T


    what's the price points on these new rods and how would they compare to what's already out there?
  332. T

    Looking for recomendations for June fishing

    A good experienced and professional guide is very tough to beat. Being on the water day in and day out really can give a guy a good 'pulse' on what the fish are doing and might do. Only experience and being on the water consistently will afford being in the 'zen zone.' for example for 3...
  333. T

    Looking for recomendations for June fishing

    Huh!?! close the fraser? i don't think so :slap: DFO might close it for certain times for certain species such as a certain string of coho, but very very very unlikely to close the river for the season. i don't we've come to that any time soon. i agree that WCVI and Qn Chartts is better...
  334. T

    where to buy stand-up harness for LR?

    anyone go short vids of an angler working a big fish utilizing the rail? i'd like to see the effectiveness and pressure on the angler.
  335. T

    where to buy stand-up harness for LR?

    thx for your input, mucho appreciated.
  336. T

    BC regs

    as usual, new regs will be late in getting out again (new annual lic. start april 1, but don't expect 2008/9 regs to be seen until much later). the salmon regs can change stupid quick, so last years can be used as a guideline for expectations, but u gotta check just before you go.
  337. T

    BC Salmon Trip

    r u planning to drive up or fly? if it's just one person, flying might be the way, but if a group thing, driving probably the way to go. am i assuming you r seaching saltwater fishing (there's fantastic river fishing in late july and aug for salmon and sturgeon out of chilliwack, bc (that's...
  338. T

    Looking for recomendations for June fishing

    you r travelling by car, right? how much time r u willing to travel? if u r targetting just salmon in saltwater, u can charter right out of vancouver! during mid july to aug this can be quite good. you save alot by not taking a ferry to the island or driving far north. also, what about...
  339. T

    where to buy stand-up harness for LR?

    on my 10 day trip, the royal star provided the guys with OTR harnesses and smitty belt/fighting pads. it worked well and comfortable enough that most guys kept them on while the boat moved in search of fish (the temperature was not hot 65-73 degrees so sweating wasn't a reel problem). The OTR...
  340. T

    where to buy stand-up harness for LR?

    where's a good shop & price for a quality stand-up harness and smitty pad/belt for LR big tuna (internet or mail order as item to be shipped north of the border)? Which one? Braid's Power Play or OTR w/ smitty pad.
  341. T

    When and where should I go out for Halibit in WA

    launch your ride on the WA side and boat it over to Port Renfrew on the Canadian side and fish out of Renfrew. Get a canadian tidal water licence (a bit pricey for americans, but worth it, i believe it's about $110 annually). fr. renfrew you will head out to one of the corners just outside the...
  342. T


    pacific cod inhabits similar areas as deep water bottom fish like halibut (usually gravel or sand bottom structure) difficult to specifically target unless you know the area very well and have the honey holes mapped on gps. usually these cod are bycatch when hali fishing or yelloweye fishing.
  343. T

    BC buttin'

    dude, u need to be specific in the area you are intending to fish. bc is a very large province. different areas have different and preferred set-ups. also a date will help too as different classes of fish can happen at different times in various areas.
  344. T


    Since you're diving and already know where they hang out, 3/4 of the battle is over. they have small mouths, so use small hooks (#2-6 will do). they are often close together, so a tandem bar rig (fresh water light tackle variety will work fine) baited with plastic grub, worm, small minnow etc...
  345. T

    Fishing in BC

    yes, pls narrow geograhy. generally, no halibut on inside coastal waters unless in southern Juan de Fuca (victoria/oak bay) or north of Knight's inlet. inside coastal waters is relative slow for salmon too in May. I would suggest west coast of van. isle for May fishing. if you are expecting...
  346. T

    Winter Steelheading

    Do you have a general destination in mind, length of stay, type of accomodations, and budget? I'm going to assume you are going west coast and stay in cda?
  347. T

    royal star

    let's add a few pics to the report. enjoy. i'll see if i can find some more later if people like these.:D:D:D
  348. T

    royal stars taggin trip

    if you have the time and $, the taggin' trip sounds like crazy azz fishin'. I chatted to a couple of guys on my 10 day RS trip that have done the tag trip and are going again this year and from what they say, it's well worth the cost for that unique caliber of prime fishing. The boat had a...
  349. T

    royal star

    greetings, this past 10 day LR on the RS was truly amazing in many ways. 1st i must say top kudos to the captain Randy and Brian and the deckhands for a fantastic job well done and gratitudes to Drew and Jeff in the galley. Fishing was tuff for most the trip but had highlights including wahoo...
  350. T

    boats within the code group??

    i'm a newbie, nob, freshman, greenie, whatever . . . will be going on my 1st LR trip on the Royal Star dec.26-jan5 (only 8 more freakin' days, man!) It makes sense to me that being a member of a group sharing info would be greatly advantageous. Not so much when fishing is hot just about...
  351. T

    Chad's Coastwide Sportsfishing....2 week review...Photo Heavy Again!!!!!

    what'z up? seriously with those "african" springs. must have been sniffing the fresh water streams for some time before you picked em up.
  352. T

    Tuna fishing Washington & Oregon

    That's one hell of a road trip! if you gots the time it would be awesome! better triple check the gear and trailer before sending off.
  353. T

    Kicker Bracket and placement?

    a fellow BD'er closer to where you r should be able to point a marine alum fab. shop out. with powder coat i'd budget $250. Install bracket $100, install kicker $100+, but you should be able to install bracket and kicker yourself.
  354. T

    New Transducer

    my 1st choice: Airmar thru hull flush mount tilted xducer (B60, i think). Performance on the plastic or broze is the same at 600watts. plastic is way cheaper, but probably bronze is the way to go as it is another thru hull. 2nd: in-hull mount xducer like M260 (i can't remember exact...
  355. T

    Kicker Bracket and placement?

    R u "the Bullshipper"? as in the same off THT? if so, hello from BC22
  356. T

    Kicker Bracket and placement?

    i'm with ya bull on that if it's for emergency use only, but if it's gonna be used often for trolling, go FIXED BABY! PS. looks like you're going to have to add trim tabs if you go with a kicker mounted permanently on the back.
  357. T

    Kicker Bracket and placement?

    looks like you want to mount it on step. i'd go to a solid welded 1 piece design. Then don't worry about tightening fastners or such. get one fab'd and powder coated to match the pretty boat. **even stainless will rust and can stain gelcoat**
  358. T

    Kicker Bracket and placement?

    check with mfr if you can put a bracket on the step. if you put a transom mt. bracket, it'll be offset and behind the alignment of the main OB and so tying into the main steering would be by EZ steer tie rod only (works ok at best but sucks balls in every way). if you can put it on step and...
  359. T

    Kicker Bracket and placement?

    I fish mainly in Barkley Sound (bamfield) where there's no sea tow--only coast guard (not the quickest for tow response unless deir emergency--better luck hailing over radio for closest fellow boater). the channel going up to bamfield is thru alberni inlet which is very deep and wouldn't be...
  360. T

    Kicker Bracket and placement?

    also OMC makes a very good HD tilt bracket if you must go tilt, but it's pricey.
  361. T

    Kicker Bracket and placement?

    If i had to do it again i would recommend the following set-up: long or xtra long T8 or T9.9 kicker with hyraulic tilt, elec. start, on a fixed bracket with steering tied to main engine. Had a Fulton HD tilt bracket to start but broke it in less than one season. Replaced with Garelick HD tilt...
  362. T

    Kicker Bracket and placement?

    What size is your trophy? if around 20-22' and a WA i had a similar boat (22' campion WA with OB) and had a kicker on it which was used for trolling but also for emergency too (only used once for that, ran out of 2 stroke oil having forgot to fill before trip and ran short 3 miles of harbour...
  363. T

    Kicker Bracket and placement?

    i don't know what kind of boat you have but i've had kickers on my boats used for trolling and as secondary e-power. most boat have been 22' or under so 8-10 hp was fine. always used as trolling, but once. Forgot to add 2-stroke oil before leaving on a trip and ran out of oil 3 miles short of...
  364. T

    What's the most powerful (longest range) handheld VHF on the market?

    also what about a cell phone booster antannae? these can significantly increase cell ph. range.
  365. T

    What's the most powerful (longest range) handheld VHF on the market?

    For range, it more about the location and the whip itself than anything else. if you need the power and are offshore, you cant substitute for a min. 8' whip and fixed 25 watt radio for safety. The bigger the whip and the higher it is the further it can receive or transmit. Also it is...
  366. T

    RSW Tank capacities? limits catch?

    Every good multiday long range boat has RSW, but how often does the capacity play a factor in limiting an angler's catch? any trip over 3 days in mexico, an angler can limit out with 30 fish, but can the boat hold that many? i've read some reports where the captain puts a min. size limit on...
  367. T

    just have to get it off my chest

    much thx tptrench! may the weather be good and the fishing even better . . . amen! and another amen to "grinding in a cow on new years"!!! God bless us all this holiday! :)
  368. T

    just have to get it off my chest

    i was hoping for some variety fishing, but if i have to settle for heavy gear for cow. . . i guess i can live with that ;) ps. The chinooks on that trip in aug in barkley sound was a hoot. good catches of small to med fish (not a lot of pigs, they showed up in close in numbers just as i was...
  369. T

    just have to get it off my chest

    :Exploding_Smiley: i should be thinking of work and business, but i can't! i just finished reading the latest report on the royal star and got my heart really going. i think i might have fainted if the report had lots of pics of fish porn. my employees claim i have boat and fish on the...
  370. T

    10 day on shogun/royal star dec26-jan5

    i've geared up and am chompin' at the bit to pull on some tuna! dec 26th just can't come fast enough (especially since i've already finished my xmas shopping ;>) i went out and splurged on a couple calstar grafighter rods (GFR700MH and 700M for 50# and 40# respectfully). i already had a few...
  371. T

    10 day on shogun/royal star dec26-jan5

    Just got the confirmation that the Shogun is a no-go so i'm on the Royal star. i've geared up for anything 60# and under and will use the loaner gear on board for 80# and up. they've assured me their gear is up to the task and is significantly better than the rental gear available fr...
  372. T

    10 day on shogun/royal star dec26-jan5

    cool forum and good info. going on my first LR trip ever just after xmas. really looking forward to this new kind of fishing (usually fish in pac NW for salmon, hali, and other bottom fish and chase trout inland with a fly) as the shogun sits with only a handful of reservations for this...