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    John Bretza needs to weigh in

    Director of product development, can you give us some clarity about your new Mak light? There is some issues being not taken care of yet, and I would love to hear an official response and insight on the corrections come soon. Thanks for the time!
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    Penn 3130RS paired with 12T.

    I have a 3130 im thinking of using for a trolling and light dropper loop/small flatfall set up and found a used 12T near me for 250$ Would this reel pair up well? The rod is rated 20-40 but is pretty stiff, i think it will handle 40 well. I may upgrade the rod in the future if the style...
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    Drag curve for komodo and CDX

    Is there a way to get the drag curve to ramp up a bit quicker, may a shim idk...seems like the drags are coming in too late and much of the adjustment is in the no drag zone.
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    Local support here on BD

    Does Okuma have a southern California local representative here on bd?
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    Alijos 16

    How would the 16 pair up with my PCH 741XXH for 60-80# looking for something for the 100-150# fish
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    Komoto 200

    Anyone use the little 200? Was looking for line capacity on the website but it's not on there. Thinking about one for inshore/kelp paddy fishing.
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    Looking to upgrade a 545.

    Can anyone point me on a place to find after market parts for a 545. Looking for better bearings, drags and handle. I'll do all the install. I bought the reel in like-new condition when i was getting into ocean fishing and plan on using it on party boats/ rock fishing trips/ loaner for friends...
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    Rail rod and Mak suggestions

    What's the minimum SCT or PCH and size Mak/max cuatro to target the big blues at SCI?
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    Komoto SS rod clamp

    Does anyone know if the Komoto has a clamp for jig sticks. I ordered one for my SCT jig rod and I'm worried now it might not have the clamp. Thanks for the heads up.
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    Fathom 15LD2 feels stiff winding in free spool

    When I drop the lever to free spool and turn the handle I feel an abnormal about of resistance. Second gear seems fine and smoother. Any recommendations on how to service the high gear drive assembly? Thanks!!!
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    Fathom 15 for 40#

    Not all that surprised how well this reel fished 40 and made quick work of this 50# bluefin. I have 250 yards of 65# braid and a short too shot of 40 floro and a 4/0 J
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    Tac12ii at SCI????

    I'm heading out to SCI this weekend and my tac12 is the biggest thing I have. I'm planning I'm filling it full of 80# maxcuattro, maybe 600 yards, using a short 100-130# floro. Think I will even have a shot at the bigger models if they bite or should I beg borrow or steal a 16 or 20? Thanks for...
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    SCT rods getting discontinued??

    I noticed both the boat rods and the inshore models are no longer on the okuma website. Are these being replaced by the PCH? I still want to add a few of these SCT rods to the arsenal so do I need to grab up stock now or is this just a website mistake?? Thanks for the info and TIGHT LINES VATOS!!
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    What size Cortez should I use YT and schooleys

    Paired with SCTi rod, used for light live bait and small jigs. I ment to say Coranodo...oops
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    New Coronado?

    Just saw this with a #icast2018.
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    Okuma and United Composite

    Seems like the SCT series has alot in common with the UC technology. Both duel helix and carbon construction. Both have unidirectional tips. Any relationship there?
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    What went wrong with the Metaloid spinner? What rod would work?

    I've herd they have put a hold on this reel anyone know why? Second the sct spinning set ups only go to a 20-30 # class, with these higher drag spinners coming on the market will they bring on something more like a 40 or 50 # setup??
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    Metaloid spinner

    What do you guys think of addding a spinning setup for those days where u really need to get a bait out there? What size would you use for local 3/4 yt trips? Thanks