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    Help with trim tilt on Mercruiser

    Trim tilt function has been a bit spotty, then it just stopped entirely. Pulled the limit sender sensor thingys apart and cleaned them up (they were horrible). Still no joy. Just a clicking sound at the pump. Looking further, the wires from said sensors after passing through the transom turned...
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    Salmon jigging rod?

    Thinking of picking up a dedicated salmon jigging rod. Down rigger and other rods are all 8'6+ and have quite a bit of "give". Kinda a pain trying to jig with them. Thinking something between 7 and 8' with a pretty fast action, good power, and light weight. Any favorite suggestions? ETA -...
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    Free boat shit....

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    Red Dot 254 Heater.

    New, never installed, Red Dot 254 heater. $100 - pick up Gig Harbor/Tacoma area.
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    Motoring north

    Thinking about motoring up Discovery and Johnstone straight to the north of Van Island in our 23’ fishing boat. Make a 6-10 day trip out of it with the kids. Has a small cuddy, would camp most every night. Bring supplies and reload at the bigger ports. I hold about 100 gallons of gas, cruise...
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    Canned clam recipe?

    Whose got THE canned clam recipe? Tried some this weekend that were really good. The fella that had them didn’t know the recipe. Has a 3rd party can up them up and they don’t spill the beans (or clams) when it comes to the how to. They were definitely packed with a bit of oil. Not much, after...
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    Metal carport/Boat shed

    Any of you fellas have any advice or recommendations on a carport/RV/boat shelter? I’m looking for something 20x30 and need about 12’ of clearance.
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    New boat cogitation......

    Looking at maybe getting a 18-22' boat to play and fish with here in the Sound, on the Columbia, and lakes and rivers on the east side. Maybe even the occasional trip to the straight or coast on flat blue bird days. Wife and two boys, fish, crabbing, water ski, tubing, float around in the sun...
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    I/O servicing seems I have some work to do on my outdrive. I believe its a pre Alpha MR type drive. When I bought the boat it had some side to side play in the drive. Guessing worn gimbal ring/pin? Wasn't much, but its been 7 or 8 years and gotten a bit worse. Bellows and hoses haven't been...
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    Smoking tuna

    Year or so ago I posted about smoking tuna belies. Got some great info. Now I'm looking to smoke some loins. Anything different? Cut the loins into medallions or cut longways into strips? Anybody use any store bought cures or brines? Thanks!
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    First time at Sekiu this Saturday

    It'll be my first time at Sekiu and first foray for halibut in WA. Any suggestions? I hear hotdogs are the hot bait? Who else is headed out Saturday?
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    Need a new VHF

    Going to replace the old 1980's unit on my boat. I'd like one with built in gps/dsc but the budget is limited. Likely buy at Cabelas seeing as I have a few gift cards for them floating around. I'm thinking the Standard Horizon gx1700. Thoughts? Recommendations?
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    What oil Merc/Chevy 5.7

    What oil are you folks using that run a SBC in a I/O or inboard set up? Filter?
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    Penn downrigger repair

    I have an older 625 with a broken boom. I can't get the broken off section in the frame to budge. Anybody around the south sound repair Penn D riggers?
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    Smoked tuna bellies

    Pulled some out of the freezer. Haven't smoked them before. Anybody wanna share some hints? Brine/temp, etc.....
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    Tuna on the fly

    Heading out Wednesday for tuna and want to play with the fly rod. Any suggestions for flys?
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    Shake down cruise

    Boat hasn't been in the water for over a year and hadn't run since the holidays. Got it all cleaned up and fired it up at the house on the muffs. SBC 350 fired right up, ran up to 155, and seemed to hold there just fine. Changed engine oil, checked coolant, put new lights on the trailer and...
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    Boat Trailers

    I'm starting to look at new trailers for my boat before the current one gets in too bad a shape. The current trailer is a 35 year old Caulkins painted steel job, and I dont' want to sink money into a rusting hulk. Boat is about 24' and 5-5.5K #'s. Any recommendations for local or otherwise...
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    "Bed liner" or roll on coating for boat interior?

    I'm pulling the old carpet out of the inside of my gunnels and don't want to put carpet back in. I was thinking a roll on bed liner style product might work well. Any experience with Durabak or any of the other products? Has to be roll on. Textured is fine, though I'd not want any really...
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    Going from glass to tin.

    I've been thinking all winter about selling my fiberglass boat and buying a smaller tin boat. Current ride is an older Formula 233. Great boat. Awesome deep v hull with really cool history. Like all heavy, deep boats, she's also thirsty and a bit if a pain to launch and recover solo...
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    Mono or braid?

    Any down side to using braid with a top shot of 20# mono for DR/salmon? The reels see double duty on some bottom fishing rods and figured 50# braid with an appropriate, and easily changed, top shot of mono would be the ticket....... but would the lack of stretch lose me hook ups? Knowing...
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    Penn 320 and Convergence rods

    Getting some riggin' together for salmon this year. I had a couple old Penn 320 reels and while they looked kinda big, thought they would be fine so I picked up a couple 10.5 Convergence rods. Holy sh!t balls. The reels are kinda huge on there. Had to wedge the reel seat in to get it to fit...
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    Newby looking for gear advice

    Hello Blody Deckers- Got my first boat towards the end of last summer and spent most of my time on it fuggin' off and playing around, occasionlly dragging a spoon straight of the back. Caught a few (2 coho actually), but this year I want to get after it a bit more. I live in the south sound...