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    Accurate BX2-500 stuck at strike

    Try backing off the cast control feature on frame first .
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    How much line on a BX2-400?

    65Lb Spectra 375 yards is what we reccomend . We do not have specs on how much 80 lb it will hold - sorry .
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    New exclusive color

    The brushed finish looks great , you should buy one .
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    I love that Idea of a camo in Yellow to support the troops - OHH -RAA
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    Anti-Reverse Failure?

    The BX - anti reverse bearing is larger and can withstand more inch pounds than B-665 anti reverse bearing . We went with the larger bearing on all new Accurate Extremes .
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    New exclusive color

    There is difference in the way the way the parts were finished - the above orange had a sandblasted finish and the new orange at Richards has a brushed alumnuim finish . It does affect the final color a bit . Both reels were anodized Orange.
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    Anti-Reverse Failure?

    Our A/R bearing in the extremes are rated to 153.12 in/lbs before it will fail .
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    gear noise

    We offer a great tune and lube service . The cost is $ 25.00 and at that time we could identify if gears need replacing or maybe its a bearing issue . One of the above posters was right when saying the Accurate had changed materials and are using a harder S/S now when manufacturing gears , but...
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    Anyone actaully ever have to use their mex insurance

    Louies is a good guy to know and fast becoming one of the key players in Ensenada Charter Buisness .
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    Anyone actaully ever have to use their mex insurance

    We had a serious accident in January where we totaled a brand new Dodge Pickup in a single car rollover , luckly no one was hurt . Thought we were end for a nightmare , luckliy someone went to the next town and notified the local policeman who then came and helped us by going back to town where...
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    Great ideas keep them coming .
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    Hi all I work alongside Matt here at the factory , what color would Bloodydeckers like to see this year ? Give us your suggestions ?
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    Ensenada 6-4-11 Yellows and barracuda on Magic Metals

    Dang Louie Roger waited all morning for you call to go fishing . How could you do a brother like that , then you catch yellows too .
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    Ensenada 4-26-11-Salsipuedes Bonanza

    Looks great Louie , sorry I did not call when I was down last week . Lost my phone Monday riding quads on the beach like a bonehead . Call me I need your cell number and Rodgers if you would be so kind .
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    Small issue w/new reel

    Call Aly at the the Accurate Factory she can get your info and have reel picked at Accurates expense and then make sure this issue is dealt with and your reel has good freespool . The number number is 1-888-222-8372 and again ask for Aly tell her the issue with the reel , I'am out of the office...
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    Ensenada Governors Cup 2010-Never Again

    Sorry about hat Louie but thats Mexico and you are an American , what do you expect ... Come back to the States LOL
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    Frame Swap

    Frame costs $ 144.29 plus $ 25.00 to install unless a tune and lube is performed . Please call ahead if you want a frame it will ussally take at least a week to get frame polished and annodized .
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    Working on it will be very soon .
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    Stiff Shift Button on ATD 30

    Yes its harder but the spring is stiffer to prolong the life of the spring and to guarantee a positive shift into high gear every time .
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    Just placed a nice fat order this weekend

    If your interested in seeing the factory let me know , 1-888-222-8372 ext.21 George
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    Ensenada 8-17-10-Inshore

    Good job Louie .....
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    old 870

    No where I answered your question by phone a few days ago ??????
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    Ensenada 7-15-2010-Albacore and a tow

    Were the pic of you getting towed in LOL but really glad yoiu made it back .
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    SEEKER Why not Accurate

    l Looking forward to see this ...
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    got caught w/my pants down

    Please get reel into us , we can look at the serial number and confirm the purchase date , if you have your orginal receipt that would help . We can then get your registered into your name . The main thing is we want to fix the issue with the reel and get you back fishing with it . Please call...
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    thanks accurate!

    Great jobbb ...
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    E series

    Yes in respects to the new upgrades throughout the life of the boss reel .
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    B2 870 little free spool

    Boss Spool bearing - - $6.68 ea Boss Sideplate bearing - $ 11.94 ea Boss Frame Bearing - $ 8.35 ea Boss Tension cam bearing - $ 8.35 ea Small Boss Anti-Reverse bearing - $ 16.32 ea
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    B2 870 little free spool

    Great if you have any issues please contact me or Aly here at the shop .
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    B2 870 little free spool

    As Douglas mentioned you probaly do need your spool bearing replaced . I suggest you send into Accurate and let us perform a Tune & Lube - cost is $25.00 plus cost of bearings if they need replacing . Lead time is about 1 week to get done .
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    Sorry but not this year .
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    EFFTEX booth

    Looks nice guys .
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    270 clicker issue

    Outstanding glad it worked out .
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    270 clicker issue

    Fred your new Clicker ring is on the way , please replace per our conversation today .
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    Freespool issues on 870 2- speed

    Thanks for the support and thanks for fishing Accurates .
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    Freespool issues on 870 2- speed

    Look over the reel , we replaced spool shaft as promised . Hopefully this resolves any and all issues with the reel . Reel is shipping back out today 5-18-2010 .
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    Freespool issues on 870 2- speed

    David just making sure you PM your addresse . I have not recieved anything as of yet . You can email me your addresse if you like also . [email protected]
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    Freespool issues on 870 2- speed

    David it sounds to me that there is a burr on your spool shaft that is causing the spool shaft spring to stayed compressed thus not allowing it to go into freespool . When you pull the preset out manually it releases the spring thus allowing the freespool to work . This burr may have been so...
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    Let us know if he does not pay you . Never fish with that outfit if that is the case .
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    accurate reel service

    George we found your reel and it is ready to shipp . It was ready exactely per our lead time right now , which is two weeeks . Going to try you at number you gave us with your personnel info .
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    aftermarket "wiffle ball" handles

    If you are looking for red/black marbalized finished we here at Accurate are completely out , but is your looking for a solid red or black we might be able to help you .
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    Accurate knob insert

    Hey George thanks and I'am still waiting on your info so I can look up your repair that is here , and Criag since you only need one give me a call at the factory . 1-888-222-8372 and we will get one out to you .
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    accurate reel service

    George , sorry about the delay . Can you give me some info about yourself and a number where Aly in service can call you back ? I will get with Aly right now and see what is holding your reel up .
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    Accurate drag

    Just a quick note . If you bought the reel used it would good if it were sent in for a tune and lube ( cost is $ 26.00 plus shipping ) . If your drags are not greased they will be after leaving the factory . Also we can check to see if any upgrades can be made to the reel insuring a fun season...
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    Having fun

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    This may SAVE YOUR LIFE!

    Really happy for you that your son made it ... Thanks fr all the heads up info always was scraed about the boots weighing me down .
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    High End Spinners

    If you are going to use 50LB or 65lb braid the SR-30 ( 6.1 ratio ) or the SR-30L ( 4.1 ratio ) is the way to go .
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    High End Spinners

    Accurate 12,20 30 ,30L OR 50 - These things are built like tanks with a true twin drag system .
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    BX2-500 separating from base?

    Got your message the only thing I can suggest you do if you have any doubt is to make sure they are tight and if you look at the top of where the screws are visible in the frame it self you should see a little red residue on the end of the screw threads that would indicate locktite has been...
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    BX2-500 separating from base?

    Please call us at the factory , we would love to see the reel . We locktite all base screws in so we would love to investigate this problem deeper . 1-888-222-8372 ext.21
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    Accurate Service Center

    Nice meeting you Jeff when you came down here to train at Accurate .
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    Anyone going to Los Barriles Oct 18th to 23rd?

    Dang fishing or trying to find a boat after the 22nd is going to be hard . The East Cape Classic starts the 22nd out of Palmas De Cortez , lots of fisherman . Good Luck .
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    In rememberance of a great man and expert angler

    Yes he was great fisherman but he was a better person . R.I.P. Del
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    Ensenada 7-21-09-Albacore, Bluefin and Yellowtail

    Big Louie killing Mex style - nice going and great job on ruining a newbie . What a trip get down my man . Love that Accurate in the background finally moving up so you can play along side the big boys . Fish Hard Fish Accurate ...
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    WTB: Lefty Accurate

    Accurate has all Reels in production now in true lefty models , can call the factory at 1-888-222-8372 and ask who has them in stock
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    Ensenada Yellowtail, Bonito and Calicos 5-28 and 5-29-09

    Looks like you are doing good on your new hometown , may be down your way this weekend .
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    Close very Close

    Roger you can not catch Marlin using bass gear ...
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    Looking for the Ensenada house rental hookup

    PM me my friend Roger sent you a message . He owns a beautiful 4 bedroom home on the beach ( Actually can fish from his backyard when the tide is up ) the home is 5 minutes from the corral and Roger is looking for responsiable people to rent to from time to time . Roger is not the greatest when...
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    Air Rifles

    BEEMAN are the [email protected]##$$%%ttttt . Taken alot of game with my .122 .
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    accurate reels

    And to answer your question on Accurate Lefty reels , we now make Accurates in some true leftys with all models being available in a true lefty by mid summer .
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    Accurate 870, 270

    Important - make sure your cast control knob is not engaed - sometimes people have too much pressure applied to the cast control knob so when dropped into freespool it still has engagement and that sometimes confuses the customer into thinking there is something wrong with the reel - back off...
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    wrong board, but monitor can move to ???

    I'am from Houston fished Galveston me entire young life . So sad to see so much lost just glad it did not turn into a New Orleans . May god bless them all .
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    friday 8/12 dana point

    Going myself out to the 14 , will be in a 19ft whaler . Any info will be appreciated by the "2 amigos " on 72 . Hopefully I oblige also .
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    MDR Critter Rpt 9/7 w-pics

    Vince any sugeestions on where to satrt looking for the faltties , taking the 19' outrage out Friday to test new bait tank .
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    MDR Critter Rpt 9/7 w-pics

    Vince nice job on these MDR fish . I'am the guy you ran into at the launch ramp in San Diego , we were going out and you had just came in . The offer still stands if you ever out in Corona and have the chance to stop by and see the shop .
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    Name the boat

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    Dana Pt 8-8 & 8-9-Dorado & Yellowfin

    That is Dan Hernandez look at the belly .
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    Accurate 870 drag too tight now!!

    If you have any issues at all call me at 1-888-222-8372 ext 21 and we help you get it right .
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    which accurate?

    The only real differnce in the B-197 verus the B-270 in the size of the spool for line capacity purposes , Both reels can acheive the same amount of drag . Go with the B2-270 and really have the versiltity to fish diffrent species - High speed for the Iron and low speed for winching Yellows out...
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    Hear it was ansome time , glad you all made it back . Now for the stories or does what happens in Mexice stay in Mexico or is that Vegas ?
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    Hey again thanks for the info just got off the phone with the group and they are going for it even with gas problem at the border . SOUNDS
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    Thanks for the info just got off the phone with the Steve Hut and passed info along . I think they are going to go for it wish them lots of luck especially due to the fact that if they run out I may be making a long trip to help friends out . See you have a whaler also , I have a 19ft center...
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    Its a RAT BASTARD THING some men are never meant to understand and thats okay . If one day you are ever honored with the name of RAT BASTARD you will understand how deep the term means to some . All Hail the RAT BASTARDS >
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    I have a big group of friends on their way down south to the Bay of LA , my buddy Steve just called me to inform that he had just been given gas after sitting at the pump over 45 min. in Ensenada as he was out . His limit was $100.00 and that was it . Anyone know of anybody that might have...
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    Baja Fuel in Big demand

    Help have friends on the way to Bay of LA now . This is a big group anyone out there know if in the Bay of LA they have fuel or does anyone have contact numbers to find out if fuel will be avaiable futher south they go .
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    Ensenada / Double 220 Report 6-13 and 6-14-08

    Nice report , at least you got some fish for your boat . Congratulations good going . Leaving for the Bay of LA with a stop in Ensanada also , hope our trip is as productive as yours .
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    2005 Yamaha 4 Stroke Fuel Pump Problems

    Run a new 2007 150 hp Yamaha , no problems runs like a dream .
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    Noah's Tackle is closing the doors...

    Sorry Kevin everyone here at Accurate will miss you guys .
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    Accurate 870 good enough for Tuna?

    Again if I can be of assistance call the factory 1-888-222-8372 ext.21 .
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    MDR Critter Rpt. 5/18 w-pics

    Taking my 19ft to fish SMB this weekend . Thinking of launching ut of MDR , any suggestions on where to begin fishing . This area will be new to me and any advice would be remembered and appreciated . Have a nice fishfinder and chartplotter/gps on the boat so any numbers would be appeciated or...
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    Accurate 870 good enough for Tuna?

    Yes the B-870 should be what you are looking for , it will hold 300 yds of 30lb mono or 400 yds of 50lb briad with a top shot of your choice , with a 4.1 gear ratio or 6.1 gear ratio . If your looking for the best of both worlds I would suggest you go for the B2-870 with the same line capacity...
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    accurate handle?

    Call me at the factory 1-888-222-8372 ext.21 and we will see what we can do to remedy your problem . George Cardenas
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    Horse Shoe 4/24

    Want to fish the same area on Sunday with the outgoing tide . Hopefully the butts will play if not plan to call it an early day and head in . hopefully the weather corporates , maybe drift the front on Cherry Beach also .
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    Galvaston, Texas - FJ74 Ninja Style

    Born and rasied in Houston , Tx and fish the intercostal canal / seawolf park , the jetties for all the hardheads you could ever imagine someone could catch , 100 I remember was my best all on dead shrimp , little tiny pieces was a blast although no good to eat . We ate the flounder though ...
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    Santa Rosalia 3-25 to 3-30-08-Yellowtail & Grouper

    Nice going , hope the mechanic for your Parker works out .
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    Visting Houston

    Nice I actually own some property on a canal in Sargeant , its been a long time since I have been down , last Hurricane destroyed the Trailer I had on the land there .
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    Galveston Tx

    Fishing out Port O'Conner later this month , hope I have some of he same luck you guys have had .
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    Visting Houston

    Locked down a spot to fish with the David / Scott Cummings out of San Antonio , taking me and brothers out Port O'Conner to fish the flats from what he told me . Either way its been a long time since I fished the Gulf of Mexico waters so I'am really excited , will post how trip turned out after...
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    Visting Houston

    Thanks for the info, I need to stay close Houston so the redfish / speckled trout option sounds good . I would love to use our new SR-12 spinner on some . Is there any guides that speacialize in near shore shark fishing . I hear Galveston has some big bull sharks close to shore and I know that...
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    Visting Houston

    Just curious , I'am in the fishing industry and have the pleasure of producing some fine fishing reels here in California . I'am a born and breed Texan who now lives in California , I'am traveling to Houston for brothers wedding 21 of March thru the 31st . Its been quite a while since I have...
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    Congratulations David , I would love to get one of those also . Love that reel in your hand , very nice .
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    picture of stolen rods and reels

    Paco I entered the info on the serial numbers we had and also posted a note to the the office personnel to be on the lookout for the special lasering you have on them , we will also be looking out for any that have certain area scratched out if they show up . I really hope we are able to help ...
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    Stolen rod and reels

    Anyone with Accurates make sure your reels are registered with the factory for your protection .
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    Stolen rod and reels

    Sorry about you losing the accruates reels, please call me at the factory . If you have the serial numbers we can input them into our system as stolen . Eventualy they will try to have them worked on or someone that is going to buy them may ask us to check the serial numbers . If we flag them in...
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    First time Experience to Mexico... La Paz 10/17 - 10/20

    Johnathon is great guy and hear he has a great operation .
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    Rockfish Trip with Lotsa Lings w/pics

    Very nice , I see you know you stuff . I saw nothing that you did not answer , some of the magazines could use a reporter like you .
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    East Cape Classic Tournament 10/10-10/13

    Awesome tournament , fun had by all . I got my first Blue estmated weight of #250 . Lots of great people and some of the best fishing I have ever seen . Arms hurt and still trying to get the cobwebs out of the head . I'll also be posting some great shots here by the end of the week , my boss...
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    La Paz Fishing and Boat unload

    Hope your new Blue / Gold reels came out like you liked .
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    Passport requirements...

    Okay maybe someone can guide me in the right direction . I applied yesterday for express passport at post office here in Corona with the overnight package 9-19-07 , I have a trip coming up on the October 10th , that is exactely 3 weeks away . The expediated service says it takes 2 weeks to get...
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    Mexican Navy Boards then Sinks Boat off San Quintin (PICS)

    Oh well what do you do , I'am still going to go down and fish Mexican Waters , Hell it could happen here . We wish everything could be safe and sane all the time but the world does not work that way . Just do what they ask and you will live through it with a great storty to tell .
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    Cortez Bank 9-9-07 WFO (Sheephead)

    I agree with Louie its was brutal . Louie lets hoop the opener there . But stay at San Clemente one night and start early . 24hrs was too much , still hurting .
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    Cortez Bank 9-9-07 WFO (Sheephead)

    Great trip Louie we will get them next time .
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    Cortez, San Clemente, 277 and more

    Feel your Pain also , was out on the " its 4 reels " with Louie got beat up till we arrived at the Cortez Bank . Back at the Barn finished claning boat with Louie at 2 am then here at work at 7 am . Still hurting but worth the trip . Next we will get them , wish I could have made out the numbers...
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    God Bless you and your family during this tough period may you and family br blessed .
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    I See Them!

    Aewsome , what a trip , we were about 3 miles from the area and hit alot of patty's and made all the way to the Cortez bank but did not find the Albies .
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    For Sale: Accucrap 870

    Who ever has this reel , please call me at 1-888-222-8372 ext 21 ( George Cardenas ) , we at Accurate would never let a reel like this go out . I would love to know when it came in and under who's name so I can find the history and deal with the Service dept after finding out the facts . Sorry...
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    Accurate B2 665n

    We are hoping to release by christmas if not then of January 08 .
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    cat island wed 081507 bad/good

    Damn brother , glad it worked out . I would have humped the fat chick , would have defintely changed the KARMA . Sometimes you have to give to recieve .
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    Puerto Vallarta 7-03-07-Toro

    Nice Big Lou , on my way to Alaska , hope to have as good luck as you did . The Albies are here full speed . Hope to see a report that you killed them .
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    S.F. Bay Potluck

    Going to San Francisco with family July 30 thru August 3rd , if I wanted to get a half day of fishing in where would anyone suggest ? I'am staying in the downtown area of San Francisco. Southern Cal guy trying to understand some northern Cal fishing . What would you suggest I bring in regards to...
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    Barracuda Madness II-Huntington Flats 6-9-07

    Thanks Louie looking forward to pulling on fish with you in couple weeks , and the invite to visit the factory goes out to all bloodydeckers . Here at Accurate we love to show our fellow fisherman why we stamp our reels with the made in the USA brand .
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    Barracuda Madness II-Huntington Flats 6-9-07

    Chad no problem , I know how buddies can be . Hope we can get together soon and fish . Come by factory anytime . Just wanted to make sure any issues you might be having with reels were taken care of . Fish hard .
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    Barracuda Madness II-Huntington Flats 6-9-07

    Hope all is well Chad , give me a call at the factory if your having any kind of problems . Always looking for quality feed back from hardcore fisherman . 1-888-222-8372 EXT. 21
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    >>> 665H GEAR SWAP?

    Your looking at $100 to swap sideplates , and gears . You can get the full throw upgrade done and ask that we change gears 4.1 to 6.1 .
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    accurates on order

    Alan this is George , reels are coming off the line now on the 870's , I'am waiting for the gears to arrive for the 2-speed 665's at this time .