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    Anodes for 2012 Parker 2320
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    Home Built Line Winder

    Been wanting to build one for awhile. Nice job
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    Clamp on rod holders needed

    The Hayward Tackle ones are what you want
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    Post your last fishing Pic!

    My wife with a nice halibut from Sunday
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    Marine Deep Cycle Batteries vs. Car Batteries for Boat + How they effect Downriggers

    You need to check the voltage at the battery and at the downriggers when you are running them to see if you are getting a voltage drop due to wiring or connections.
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    Shimano reel repair/greasing

    Then check out Alan Tani's website, just google his name. I just checked, there is now a whole section on spinning reels. If what you are looking for doesn't have a tutorial, just post a question and someone will help you. Great bunch of reel heads over there
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    Broken Screw

    Was originally thinking this route but it broken off far enough below the fiberglass surface that getting cutoff wheel to it would cause a big slice in the fiberglass. Thinking drilling around it will probably be the lesser of the evils.
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    Shimano reel repair/greasing

    Alan Tani's website has a lot of reel tutorials, however he doesn't work with spinners much. You maybe able to find some other coffee grinder guys on there that have some tips. However like Swami said, its probably more than just grease.
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    Broken Screw

    That makes sense. Thanks.
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    Broken Screw

    I have a broken screw on one of the hinges for the livewell lid on my Parker 2320. If I remove the other screws for the hinge the broken screw is just below the surface of the fiberglass so I can't get a hold of it with vise grips. Its a small diameter stainless screw so don't think I can...
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    Question on Yamaha engine zinc anodes

    Maybe something the previous owner or shop did? I have several Yamahas and none of the anode holders have numbers.
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    Your Invited to the next fish fry

    How cool is that. Too bad I live in Nor Cal
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    Boat rewire project

    I have one suggestion, get some di-electric grease or no-ox grease and coat the wire ends before you crimp them and also all the ring connectors before attaching them to the fuse panel. It will really help prevent future corrosion down the road.
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    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    Always look forward to your posts Soda and appreciate that you take us along for the ride.
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    New Suspension Seating

    I put the Smooth Moves Ultra suspension seats in my Duckworth. Made fishing the ocean bearable.
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    Hercules Braid

    I've been using the everything from 30 up to 80 for a variety of fishing. The 60 and 80 I use for sturgeon and big sevengill sharks. The sharks, while not anything like tuna, can exceed 300 lbs and have incredibly abrasive skin. I've been really happy with the stuff and haven't had any mystery...
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    Kodiak 22 gallon bait tank

    A full scoop would be crowded and you would probably have a lot of dead loss
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    Independence Sportfishing 15 day trip report.. Nov. 29- Dec. 14

    Wow great trip, been waiting for your report Soda
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    Shield/cover for ignition switch

    Hard to tell from the pic if you have enough room on the side of your boat but what I have seen guys do is to put a stainless U-bolt through the side of the boat so the loop forms a shield around the key.
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    Hercules Braid

    Have used it for the past couple years, the eight strand is good stuff
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    True Story, Mostly

    Different but related. I recently was selling a small trailer for a 12-14 ft aluminum boat. My add listed the various dimensions. I get a text message: “Hi, will this fit my fishing boat?” No other info.
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    Looking to buy first Aluminum Fishing Boat

    North River, Duckworth, Weldcraft are some of the good ones. I have a Duckworth but do not have the convertible bench seats
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    Joining the Family

    I have Cannon Downriggers and I used the gimble mounting plates to mount them in the gimble rod holders. I wanted something that was easily entirely removable for when I'm fishing for other fish than salmon.
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    Red Rooster trip report.. Guadalupe Island and off shore

    Always love reading your reports Soda. Very cool in bringing your guest
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    Marking braid with a sharpie?

    I've done the sharpie thing and have had it fade but it does work. I recently needed to mark my anchor rope and tried several different dyes but none would stay on the nylon rope so I tried Dippin Dye for plastic worms and it worked great. Going to try it on some braid soon.
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    Guadalupe sharks.

    Awesome video and editing.
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    Parker 2320 Livewell

    Thanks for everyone's input. I also posed this question on the Classic Parker Forum and a guy that actually lives quite close me posted a project he did on his where he made an insert for the center section. Its a pretty slick setup.
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    Parker 2320 Livewell

    I recently bought a 2007 2320 SL with a bracket and have been working on it taking care of some deferred maintenance and also rigging it the way I want it. The transom livewell on this thing is huge but really doesn't provide a lot of use for fishing up in norcal (salmon, halibut, sharks) other...
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    Radar Wedge

    Well that answers one of the issues I want to address on my new to me 2320. Thanks!
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    For Sale Parker Steering Wheel

    You guys are dicks. $31
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    Fuel Tank Size

    Thanks for that. The previous owner swore up and down that it was a 136 gallon tank. Just trying to get clear on it.
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    Fuel Tank Size

    Thanks Kevin. So am I correct in that my 2007 has a 150 gallon tank?
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    Fuel Tank Size

    Geeze, looking at my post now from my office computer, I should refrain from posting from my phone as the typos were terrible. Fixed it now. Thanks for your response djam, I'll look at bmoore's posts.
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    Fuel Tank Size

    from looking at every post here and a bunch on Classic Parker, it appears that my 2007 2320 has a 150 gallon tank. In 2008 Parker went to the 136 gallon tank. Am I correct? I’ll be contacting Parker with my Hull number to confirm
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    Joining the Family

    Thanks guys. Spent yesterday cleaning, doing some repairs and shopping for supplies after figuring out how I’m going to mount downriggers.
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    Joining the Family

    Took a big leap forward in boat ownership this week and bought a 2007 2320 SL with a 250 Yami on the back. Belonged to a six pack charter who was selling it to pay for his newer 2520. Boat is super clean and other than mounting downriggers, I have very little work that I have to do. I've been...
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    Who is filling helium tanks in SD

    Maybe check with a party store? They do a lot of helium balloons.
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    Shout out to Bass Pro

    Have to love a store manager who is dedicated to customer service. So many don't get it.
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    Flat-fall jig failure

    My buddy pours flat falls and the wire form is continuous from the nose to tail.
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    International 30 and Fathom 40nlds questions

    Regarding your fathom, no that's not normal. I have three and they all ingage on the first push of the button.
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    Moss Landing

    Sloooowwwwww. Water warmed up and fish went deep, like 300 ft and deeper.
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    On the water report. 16 day RP trip

    More updates, more updates!!!
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    Royal Polaris 16 day ... April 24-May 10 ... JOHN COLLINS SPECIAL

    Have a great trip, looking forward to updates.
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    RP update....21 cows, 1 super cow and plenty of wahoo and yt

    Looking forward to reading your reports and living vicariously through you guys.
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    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2019 15 day Intrepid Report

    I really need to get off the stick and make a plan. Have several buddies who go but they fish late fall when I am hunting.
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    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2019 15 day Intrepid Report

    Have really enjoyed your report. Have been considering my first long range trip and this has really got the juices flowing.
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    Trip Planned, Looking for Boat

    Not sure of six packs running out of HMB. Out of Berkley or SF I'd recommend Right Hook, Flash Sportfishing, Legal Limits. That time of year you may do rockfish, salmon or striper/halibut.
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    Rod Suggestion For 16VISX

    That was an awesome post Jamie, thanks. I'm just starting into learning about long range gear and that was great. Thanks.
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    Oldie but Goodie Revisited

    Worlds shortest fight other than the jackpolers.
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    Tennis/fishing elbow

    Been having a lot of issues with my elbows, shoulders and right wrist this year. Cause has been shoveling and moving litterly tons of dirt by hand. As we age our muscles atrophy if we don't stay on top of a workout program. As the muscles decrease the tendons have to do more and more of the work...
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    Penn HD Line Winder Review

    Thanks for that. Looks like a nice unit for quick spooling around the house. Looks like all the BP's around me are out though.
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    Interesting thing, today I went to the Okuma website because I wanted to look at the stats on my 16. When you bring up the Andros the only reel they currently show is the 5. Additionally, if you go to tackle direct they are out of the 16.
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    Grandpas Old Stuff

    Yeah back in the day they added the hoochies to the back in the Rebles and Rappalas. Now its a plastic worm on the back of a Yosuri.
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    How did you last get Spooled?

    I've seen more than one rod get spooled by trees at the ramp parking lots.
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    What's a super 12?

    As in 12 seconds
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    eBay coupon 20% off today

    Awesome! Thanks. Just ordered a Andros 16 two-speed for $331. Wooohoo
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    Feedback on xtreme braid

    I've been using it for a couple years now up here in Northern Cal. for sharks, sturgeon, salmon, halibut, stripers and even trout when trolling. Really happy with it. Started using it for Sevengill sharks because I was having a lot of fish pop off for no reason so a friend sent me some to try...
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    Mono specs - my Ande is too thick!

    Glad it worked for you. I started making wind-ons last year and its been a real learning experience on how to make it work without buying every possible tool out there.
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    Mono specs - my Ande is too thick!

    Take a razor blade and cut the end of the Ande off clean. Then take the the razor blade and cut the Ande at an angle. The first step removes any burrs on the leader from having cut it with clippers and the second step gives it a taper which really helps get it into the needle.
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    How did you last get Spooled?

    Last year fishing Sevengill on San Francisco Bay I hooked a big one on my Fathom 40 LD. Fished turned with the tide and just swam away. Went all the way to sunset on the drag and it was still going. Took me to the bottom of the spool and was gone.
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    The Broken (fishing) Marrage.

    I used to fish with this guy who insisted on casting off the front deck while on the troll for YF...
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    Best Fishing book you have ever read???

    As a kid I read Old Man and the Sea. It really captured my imagination and opened my eyes to reading.
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    Toro Tamer Spectra Needles?

    Point the needle straight down and thread the braid up the needle, really helps limit pushing through the braid.
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    Upgrade or modification to Penn Fathom 40 2-speed?

    I put a bigger grip on mine, one of Alan Tani's grips. Turns the reel into a grinder.
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    Your biggest fish on a Fathom 25?

    Approx 10 ft 300 lb Sevengill Shark in San Francisco Bay on a 25 lever drag 2-speed. 80 lb braid. Have used these reels the last two years on the Sevengill and they are still going strong.
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    870 2-speed drops out of gear

    I ended up sending the reel to Accurate as I didn't have time to tear into it. They did a through cleaning and replaced three bearings, reel is as good as new. Thanks for all the suggestions. Mike
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    870 2-speed drops out of gear

    Thanks AK, appreciate the direction. I'll give that a look.
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    870 2-speed drops out of gear

    I have an E series 870 Boss Magnum 2 speed. When using it in low gear if I turn the handle back against the dogs it will pop out of low gear. It doesn't take much to make it happen, just pausing while fighting a fish is enough. Any ideas?