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    Project Skipjack 20 Open

    1971 Skipjack 20 Open for sale, ** $1,750.00 OBO ** I purchased this boat last year from BD Member TRS. TRS removed the MerCruiser 165 hp straight six motor and replaced a rotten port side stringer. The motor was reinstalled in the boat but the accessories need to be reattached, i.e...
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    Bloody Decks discount at Trailrite?

    Does anybody know if we get a discount at Trailrite? If so, how much? Does it apply to parts and labor? Thanks, John
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    Diesel Blackman 23' center console $6,000.00

    Saw this boat for sale on Craigslist up in Sacramento. Listed for sale on 9/8/11. Looks like a nice boat for somebody. ***Not affiliated with this boat, just FYI*** Good Luck, John [email protected] Blackman 160 hp 6 cylinder volvo turbo diesel.2 way...
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    24 Skipjack Flybridge project

    Don't know anything about this boat but thought it had great potential for a Bloody Decker. The boat is listed on the San Luis Obispo craigslist page. Good luck, John Twin engine, 4cyl volvos New fuel tank, refrigerator, head, 4 batteries, vhf radio, depth finderk gps, achors, rod...
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    volvo penta duo prop help

    I'm thinking about upgrading to a duo prop on my 1985 290 drive. Is there a difference between a v6 and v8 duo prop lower drive? I know the gear ratios are different but don't know if the lower units are the same. My thought was that the upper portion of the drive is different (gear wise) but...
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    Above deck fuel tank in an enclosed box. Bad idea?

    Is it safe to mount an above deck gas tank (red plastic) in an enclosed box? I would like to increase the range in my Skipjack 20. Here is what I'm thinking. Pull out the back to back seat and build a box to enclose an 18 gal plastic gas tank. Mount a pedestal type seat on top of the box...
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    GLM exhaust manifold, spark plug interference

    Need help guys. I have a 5.7L small block Chevy in my boat (Volvo Penta 570). Bought the boat with a set of GLM exhaust manifolds. I tried to remove the spark plugs today and could not get a small 5/8 inch spark plug socket on the middle 2 plugs. The GLM manifold dips in the middle and...
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    20' Skipjack rear railing

    Does anybody have an original rear railing for a Skipjack 20 open? If so, please send me a pm with your asking price. Thanks, John
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    Skipjack trivia, proof of the Wellcraft Skipjack

    Cheap Wellcraft Skipjack for sale in New York for $300. Wellcraft Skipjack 24 I believe Wellcraft made the 24 flybridge in 1977/78 and also the 28 footer. Sellers on Ebay will list magazine ads for the 24 flybridge from time to time. Anybody got a Wellcraft Skipjack?
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    Skipjack aluminum trim/rub rail help?

    I'm looking to replace the aluminum trim on the inside of my Skipjack. The trim is about 1/2" to 3/4" wide and was stapled to the fiberglass/plywood just below where a coaming bolster would be installed. Most of the new boat manufacturers use Taco flex trim but Skipjack used aluminum. Does...