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    Where to stay in abreojos?

    Richard, I would call the fishing good. One day we went south, and fished around Roca Ballena, and the reef a half mile offshore from it. That's a fishy place. We caught a few of the biggest, meanest calicos I've ever seen. Also some really good sized bonito. We didn't get any yellowtail, but I...
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    Where to stay in abreojos?

    We ended up staying a few days at La Bocana, in the cabins on the beach. They were very comfortable, and reasonable. Thanks for all the info. And - nice meeting you, Mike.
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    Where to stay in abreojos?

    Thanks all. I can't wait to check it out.
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    Where to stay in abreojos?

    Fished the last couple of days at San Lucas Cove. It's extremely humid, and thinking of relocating to abreojos. I've never been. Any recommendations on where to stay?
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    Questions on BOLA

    Thanks for all the great advice. Are there any other recommendations on hotels?
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    Questions on BOLA

    I'm a rookie, as far as BOLA goes. I'm thinking of heading down there with my 22 year old son, the first week of September. I have a few general questions: What are the camping accommodations like? What are the hotel accommodations like? Which ones are air conditioned? How much do they cost...
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    Late 7-1 report. 9/182/almost corner

    Thanks for the report. It's valuable, even if it wasn't productive!
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    Santa Rosalia

    I also have met Deep Dave and his wife Martha. They are very friendly and generous people, the type that make up fond Baja memories... Have a great trip!
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    Tony Reyes.

    Excellent pictures, thanks. Seems like a real adventure!
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    Recent visit to San Lucas Cove campground?

    Thanks Jim. I appreciate the update.
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    Recent visit to San Lucas Cove campground?

    I was wondering if anyone can provide a recent report on the San Lucas Cove campground? Are the toilets and showers working OK? Is there anything to be concerned about? Thanks in advance!
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    Any reports from San Lucas Cove/San Bruno?

    My son and I are heading down for our annual trip in a couple of weeks, and were wondering if anyone has any recent information? Thanks in advance...
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    Downrigger camera bycatch

    Love your videos! Thanks for posting them.
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    San Lucas Cove 7/12 - 7/19

    Thanks for that, Jim. I'll have to remember it for next time.
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    San Lucas Cove 7/12 - 7/19

    Sorry for the late post. Got back Tuesday 7/19, from a week at San Lucas Cove. My 16 year old son and I went for a little bonding time. The drive down was fine, except for a few 5-6 mile stretches of road repairs, where they detoured us onto the "auxiliary roads" off to the side. That...
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    Large Marijuana Farm in SQ Affecting Anything?

    I just came back from San Lucas Cove on Tuesday 7/19, and there was no indication of anything gone awry. The drive was smooth.
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    Need advice for Brisbane area

    I'm going to be spending a few days in Brisbane. My son and I are looking for a way to sample the local fishing - no more that 3/4 day, or so. We won't have any gear with us. Any suggestions?
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    Baja Pvt. Aircraft hijacking

    I saw the travel alert in the LA times this morning....
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    Story on Baja incidents - KCAL 9 2:00 today

    They didn't have any new incidents to talk about. Mostly the one from 10/23, where the couple's RV was shot into, and the woman was raped. They suggested checking the State Dept's web site for info.
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    Story on Baja incidents - KCAL 9 2:00 today

    Just saw a preview that they're going to run some kind of story. don't know if it's just re-hashing old incidents...
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    It Finally happened.

    Doc, hope you guys had a great trip! - Steve & Gavin
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    Tempur-pedic beds

    I agree with most of the comments. I was shocked at the price (bought at Wickes, or a place like that). But my wife and I both love it.
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    Note to self - clean halibut at home! Domes - 6/21

    It was the Laguna Hills court (OC). I don't remember the judge's name, but apparently, he's the normal traffic court guy.
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    I don't think too many people got the Oracle crack. Tommy, you help make this board what it is. Thanks.
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    Oscar Pereiro wins Tour

    It's hard to remain a fan. This year's Tour was a mess, too, with Vino and all the others....
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    Note to self - clean halibut at home! Domes - 6/21

    Couldn't actually cook it - the DFG confiscated it (to add insult to injury).
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    Note to self - clean halibut at home! Domes - 6/21

    A follow-up: It took the DFG almost three months to get the citation to the court, so they could enter it into their system. When it finally came through, the bail was set at $605. Needless to say, I made arrangements to get to court. When I had my turn in court, the judge was somewhat amused...
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    269 & vicinity 8/28

    Launched from Dana Point around 9:30 for a late morning/afternoon trip to look for paddies. At the bait receiver, I was given a choice of chovies or dines. I opted for the latter. I noticed that the water in the harbor was 63 degrees. On the way out to the 269, I saw the temp drop as low as 59...
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    Dorado verus 10\0 Hook

    Damn! That could have turned out a lot worse. Barb is really a gem! Best wishes - Steve & Gavin
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    279 & Vicinity 8/17

    No fish, but I think it's still good info. Took a quick run out to the 279, and headed east from there. Bait was a mix of dines and small chovies; all pretty weak. On the way out (from Dana Point), saw some water temps up to 72 degrees. As we got nearer to the bank, it dropped as low as 68...
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    Mulege 7/26 - 8/1

    Near the end of our trip, there were reports that dorado were showing up near Isla Tortuga, as well as farther offshore from Mulege. I didn't run that far to confirm, however.
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    Mulege 7/26 - 8/1

    Just got back from nearly a week in Mulege. - Road conditions: EXCELLENT. Probably less than five miles where pavement conditions were of any concern. Best I've ever seen it. - Water conditions: constantly changing. Inshore was usually around 83 deg. Offshore ranged from 79 to 82 in the same...
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    Question about S Baja

    I may be going down to Mulege at the end of next week. If so, I'll have a look-see....
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    Feedback on Hotel Serenidad?

    I'm probably going to Mulege soon. I've never fished out of there before. I'm thinking of staying at the Serenidad. Does anyone have any opinion, positive or negative? Thanks.
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    OC paddy hopping 7/7

    My brother and I launched at Dana Point around 7:00, got a scoop of straight sardines, and headed out towards the 279. Half the bait died pretty quickly. We got out near the bank, and started looking for paddies. Water was a pretty constant 71 degrees, and beautiful blue. We couldn't find many...
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    Note to self - clean halibut at home! Domes - 6/21

    Thanks for all the support. It sounds like some people learned from my mistake, which is what I was hoping for. I picked up some good tips on how to fight it, so I might try that.
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    Note to self - clean halibut at home! Domes - 6/21

    Just a quick post from work (pictures are in the camera, at home; sorry). Launched at Dana Point, got straight sardines for bait, and ran down to the domes. The water looked nice - 64/65, and clean. For us, fishing was slow around the kelp. Went over and drifted around the outflow from the...
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    Fishing Cabo with Wade Boggs

    Rod, excellent report! A big "hi" to you and Barb, from Gavin and I.
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    Any good links to east cape house rentals?

    I second that! It's a great place, with great hosts!
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    Recent info on Punta Chivato or San Lucas Cove?

    Thanks for the responses. I appreciate the info. I think we're sticking with San Lucas Cove...
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    Recent info on Punta Chivato or San Lucas Cove?

    I'm getting ready to take my 12 year old son down in a week or so. We usually stay at San Lucas Cove, and love it there. But we haven't been there for a couple of years, and I know things change. I'm interested in hearing the conditions of the bathrooms/showers, and general info about the...
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    Solo at DP

    Thanks for all the releases!
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    Could use some prayers gang

    Kurt, I don't even know what to say. Sometimes, life is really tough. Hope everything works out as well as possible. Hang in there. Steve
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    East Cape 9/25-10/1, fun with Otis

    Check out their rental at
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    East Cape 9/25-10/1, fun with Otis

    My 10 year old son and I just returned from the East Cape, 9/25 – 10/1. We found that Bill Collector (Rod, and his wife Barb) have a rental there. It’s actually the bottom floor of their house, but is totally a separate unit, with full amenities. It’s beautiful, and Rod...
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    East Cape 9/14 - 9/18

    Your dates indicate you were there in August. Did you mean September, or was it really last month? I'm headed down next week, and am looking for any late breaking info!
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    Get Ready for the CIC visit!

    Planning the next occupation takes a lot out of a guy. Obviously, he needs a lot of vacation....
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    What do you guys think about East Cape in mid-Sept?

    I'll be there with my own boat, starting the last week of Sept. It will be my first time there. I'm interested to hear what people have to say about it. Good luck! Steve
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    8/6 Local OC banks

    Name withheld to prevent a flame-fest... It was a PB. If he's a member, he knows who he is. If not, it won't do any good anyway. The guy running the boat was swilling beer at 8am, so my guess is he's not too serious about fishing...
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    8/6 Local OC banks

    The day started out great. Launched at Dana Point with my 10 year old, got some nice chovies from the bait operation, and headed out. Started at the 279 as it began getting light, searching for paddies. My fish finder broke (after four years of dutiful service), so I have no idea of the...
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    Would you go here?

    In Santa Rosalia, there's a little restaurant called El Mirador that overlooks the water. There's an island offshore (San Marcos), and the quality of fishing is possible. It's a hell of a lot farther than 5 hours from the border, though; try 13.
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    Camping/launching in the east cape area?

    Thanks for all the great info! I'd need either a hotel, or a campground with bathrooms and a shower. Is there a campground or hotel at Las Arenas? Frank, I'll be really interested to hear your feedback after you get back. Have a safe trip. Steve
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    Camping/launching in the east cape area?

    I'm looking for any kind of information on camp grounds and boat launching possibilities in the east cape area. My ten year old son and I usually stay at San Lucas cove, just south of Santa Rosalia (love that place). But I'm looking for something a little more exotic. We've got a 16'...
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    SD Bay or was it Cabo?

    Nice report, dude. Can't believe there are needlefish in SD bay. REVOKE anybody lately???
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    Dana Point, 5/15, slow day

    Took a buddy of mine and a couple of little tykes out today. We just fished the kelp, from Dana Point north. It was sloooow. Couldn't even find a wide open mackeral bite to keep the kids happy. Bait was straight sardines. Water was about 62, and murky green. Nobody seemed to be catching anything...
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    An O.C. source for simple bow rails?

    Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I'll check 'em out.
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    An O.C. source for simple bow rails?

    I'm looking for a source in Orange County where I could get a couple of simple (relatively inexpensive) stainless bow rails. I want to mount them to the inside surface my aluminum hull, one on each side. Any ideas?
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    dana harbor

    I've had good luck going north from the harbor entrance about two miles to Dana Point itself. North from there, there's lots of nice kelp. Good luck!
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    Oceanside & north report 4/16

    Fished out of Oceanside on Saturday. Headed north as far as San Onofre. There was a current line paralleling the coast all the way up; inside of it was red tide, outside, the water was a little cleaner. Temps ranged from 58 and change to 60. Fishing was decent at most spots w/kelp (red tide or...