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    Furuno help

    In search of STGChamby I lost your phone number
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    Furuno help

    My tablet and my transducer are fucking me over I tried to delete the double post
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    Hey Steve I lost your phone number message me Eddy C

    Hey Steve I lost your phone number message me Eddy C
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    Anchoring in shipping lanes

    I was trying to figure out a safe way to anchor my closed bow boat for a couple years............I finally asked on here ..........Wild Bill and bloodydeck brothers had me good to go in about 30 minutes thanks bloodydecks!
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    Anchoring a closed bow boat

    Thank you!
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    Anchoring a closed bow boat

    Looking for a safe way to anchor. I don't have access to the bow. ??
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    Canvas Top

    My old canvas ripped beyond repair. Who does tops in Everett or Whidbey would be better?? Thanks GO HAWKS
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    Another Vacuum Sealer

    What do you think of the vp120?
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    Bulk 200 lb braid?

    Is that what John is spooling on? If so that's good enough......
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    Bulk 200 lb braid?

    Thanks goat......except its made in china. I think I better try to find bulk power pro.
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    Bulk 200 lb braid?

    I need to replace the line on 3 down riggers. I like the line John puts on but that's 2 trips to town. Where can I order a bulk spool?
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    Anyone heard from Blackmouther?

    LOL LOLAHHAHA :rofl:
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    Stay away from John's unless you have plenty of anal ease............
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    anchor line

    How much rope to depth? What's the ratio? Lets say I want to anchor in a100ft of water to keep it simple. How much rope? 300 '? ....1 to 3?? More? Less? I have anchor and chain.
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    Fishfinder Problems

    I have an older Furno same problem. I had Steve Chamby come out and work magic on it money I ever spent.... When I upgrade I will have him set it up for me save the time and frustration. STGCHAMBY! !!!!!!
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    Looking for Shimano Bantum 1000 Plus.......
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    Comments needed, or nows yer chance to bitch!

    The meeting in Lynnwood is from 9am -till 5pm. What's the best time to go?
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    Melting lead

    I got a laddle and a cast iron tea pot and was able to successfully pour a couple of 15 pounders.......I'm getting better at it. Thanks guys
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    Melting lead

    I have a 15lb. mold for downrigger ball I have some lead. I have an old cast iron pot for melting. How do I pour the lead into the little hole in the mold? I've never done this before. Looking for advice please. Do I need more eguipment and where do I find it?....Thanks
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    Area 9

    Where's the bait? Area 6?
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    The Year of the Plug??

    That's a great tip there........Thanks!
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    What brand mono?

    Good didn't quit catching fish... I quit using it and went to flouro......
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    The Year of the Plug??

    Swany There is a king out there with a 6" Tomic 602 in his lip. No more flouro!
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    What brand mono?

    A couple years ago I started tying flouro leaders. Then I got too cute and started using it for a top shot also. So far I have lost 3 nice kings because my knot came untied or broke. The first time I didn't think much of it I looked at the little curlys and thought what the hell I've been tying...
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    What brand mono?

    Why do you think braid sucks?
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    What brand mono?

    I've always used Maxima Ultragreen. It's time for new line and leaders. Whats good line for sound and straights? Or is it still Ultragreen. No more flourocarbon!
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    Please read

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    Holiday Sports rant

    So after he handed you the right reel why didn't you just buy it?
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    Holiday Sports rant

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    Boat underwater off lopez

    One can learn a lot on here. What are pie plates? I fish out of a small boat I don't have pie plates. Sorry for the dumb question...........
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    Everett Blackmouth Derby?

    How do I find the results of the Everett Blackmouth Derby??
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    Vaccum Packer

    Need advice on vacuum packer? Food Saver sucks! Fish and elk are to expensive to waste. What are you guys using? I know there is better stuff?
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    MA 9: It's not over yet.

    Floats came out Sunday the 13th
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    Down rigger help Please

    Good advice Whalebreath. Turns out I do have a bent boom on one of them. Sanding the pulleys. putting on 200 feet of stainless instead of 300. Watch for slack when bouncing ball on bottom that was causing the cable to get under the pulley. Going to 12 lb balls instead of the 15's since riggers...
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    Down rigger help Please

    I've used braid before and I use a snubber. I think I have bigger problems? Thanks
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    Cleaning and lubing Scottys

    I was asking the same questions..I won't take mine back to John's Not bad mouthing Tray, but all he does is put on cable or braid.
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    Down rigger help Please

    I have older Scottys....I know they are old but I really can't afford new unless I have too. Who do you think can help? Maybe some one on here can help or know who can I take them to, to ask questions and service? I've put new cable on a couple of times the cable has been fraying that causes a...
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    Sending smoked salmon

    I would like to share some of the bounty......Anyone ever send smoked salmon??........It's vacuum packed of course.....What should I do before I eat it all??
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    Now for something completely different

    Brook trout aren't native to Co. neither are Browns:confused: Looks like a great time
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    Wax for old fiberglass?

    The color stripe on my fiberglass boat is chaulkey looking. What kind of wax or polish or rubbing compound will take it off? I know the fish don't care, but if I have to go running around in an old boat it could at least look good. I have a pretty good buffer.
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    Get-R-Done boat

    Black Hewes with Hondas Get-R- Done on the back. That's Curly Websters boat :rofl::rofl: I can't believe a tard like Curly could cause a 4 page thread. You'll be able to find him in Area 9. He also fishes off the beach when the humpies are in. Don't hurt him he's not right in the head.:rofl:
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    Olympic Penn/Discovery Bay Derby

    STG CHAMBY Thanks for stopping me before I backed my trailer off the side walk! Old blind fart
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    Guns on a boat....

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    Good 'ol Area-7

    That's a good one.
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    big ebb blackie

    Very nice
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    San Juan Trophy

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    The Blackmouther Boat

    I'm not trying to start any shit. I would like to meet up with you, but only to say Hi. I'll look at your profile again and see if I can find your boat. peace
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    The Blackmouther Boat

    How am I going to keep a look out for it during halibut season if I don't know what it looks like?
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    The Blackmouther Boat

    "Keep a lookout for my boat as during halibut season on the eastern straights i will be documenting gps numbers and helping you write your reports accurately. " Travis Please post a picture of your boat. Thanks Ed:notworthy
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    derby winner?
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    ID This Fish???

    What kind of fish is this??
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    Suggestions on a mooching rod

    I just happen to have one of those for sale:finger::finger:
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    G Loomis 1086's - sold

    I'll take one...................or both pm
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    Islander MR2 Loomis STR 1265 BC

    This is a great rod and reel. Price reduced.
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    Islander MR2 Loomis STR 1265 BC

    Yes send me a PM
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    Islander MR2 Loomis STR 1265 BC

    honeybadger doesn't have a sense of humor.
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    Islander MR2 Loomis STR 1265 BC

    I am a retired union carpenter. I have been afraid of iron workers ever since those two rod busters tied me to a column. So I decline to answer that question. This is a hell of a good deal on an Islander and Loomis BC.
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    Islander MR2 Loomis STR 1265 BC

    I've got a brand new Islander on a Loomis BC rod. I paid $895.00 before tax. $625 for reel $270 for rod. I"ll sell it for $645 thats $250 off. I used it 4 times 3 fish the skunk is off. Still new.
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    MA9 report

    Great report Chad! Now that you have a quality post under your belt maybe blackvelva will be your friend.......
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    The question of how many teams are entered was carefully avoided. Are you required to stay in Bremerton? Or can you weigh in and go back home? It seems more questions were raised than answered.
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    Fished the PA Derby

    Peteb Please show Mike these pictures. Tell him I am down on my luck and need a job so I can get gas money to go fishin. Thank you :rofl:
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    The rules state in 3 places a maximum of 4 anglers Could a team enter with less than 4 say 2 or 3 as long as the entry fee of $1000 or $1200 is paid?
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    Tailgunner gets a few

    I'll second every one else we saw you out there. I recognized the boat from the Tolman site. She looks great. We got every thing sea bass lings and hallybutts.