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    How's the All Depth Season Going?

    Curious how people are doing, the size of the fish, etc.
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    Tried to put a friend on sand dabs, failed 5-11-2019

    Friend was new to fishing, but wanted fresh fish for Mother's Day, so I intended to put him on the easiest food fishing I knew. This is the story of how the plan failed. First, the conditions: weather predictions called for thunder storms after 11 am, so stayed local. The thunder storms never...
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    Minimum Boat Size "Safe" for Outer Banks

    I currently own a 21 feet center console that is relatively "cheap" to operate and which I take almost every where, from in shore to the back side of San Clemente island. At almost 4 miles per gallon at a speed of 25 to 30, I'm more than satisfied with the performance and consider it a success...
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    Santa Barbara Island 3-17

    Short and sweet: * Head sea was worse than forecast, but no wind and coming back was a breeze. * About 9 private + 1 party boats around the island. Most fishing in the 200 feet zone. Imagine most people are trying it out since the new depth limit changes. Saw a few that were fishing deeper. *...
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    White fish- err... Rock fish open short report

    So, fished Tanner banks over the rock fish open, you can probably figure out how since only 1 or 2 boats made it out there. This was my first time actually doing BOTTOM FISHING at the bank, so it was an interesting experience and one more checked off my list. I didn't take any pictures because...
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    Worth it to fish the Rock Fish open?

    This is a ritual for many, but unlike with lobsters, I have mixed feelings about fishing the rock fish open. For the past few years, I've tried to participate in it, but my results have not been significantly better than later in the season. To be sure, it's always exciting to drop your line in...
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    Fish unique to southern California?

    I can’t think of any relevant to fishing. Seems like all our current species are caught in Mexico as well. Thoughts?
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    Break in at Sunset Aquatics Marina

    Just learned about this. Thieves cut the fence to the dry storage over Christmas break and went through multiple boats taking what’s valuable. If your boat was stored dry here I’d go check as soon as possible, police reports being filed right now.
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    Rumors of Proposed Changes to Bottom Fishing in 2019

    From:,%20skipper! Summary: * Use of 75-fathom curve instead of 60-fathom curve for general bottom fishing, so you can fish up to 450 feet deep * 40-fathom curve in cow protection areas, so you can fish up to...
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    75% Chance of El Nino This Winter Could explain all the recent tuna this year. Not a big one like 2015, but with the recent warm water, could still send it over the top.
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    Revenge is Short and Sweet: Catalina 9/9

    Last time I posted a long report about a heart break loss at Catalina island at the end of the day. You can read it here: Didn't get to go out much in the last month, but this time I took sweet...
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    Important: Changes to Rock Fish Depth Limits, Effective August 25

    Didn't see anyone post this... No changes in the Southern Management Area, but every region to the north has had a depth limit decrease of 60 feet due to too many yellow eye being...
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    Catalina 7-29 Report, Yellowtail Point to West End

    Short: very slow day with one heart break at the end. Long: Been watching conditions all week, saw the nice weather, but also the full moon and the increasingly disappointing surface fishing reports. Saturday's reports and counts gave me last minute second thoughts. I didn't want to bottom...
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    Bad News for Recreational Fishing?

    Seems like they're going to open up more areas for bottom commercial trawling:
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    How important is the Modern Fish Act?

    Saw this on the front page: Seems like a lot of recreational organizations are supporting it? What's the practical benefit beyond politics?
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    Local Redondo Yellowtail in January...

    Am I reading it right?
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    Sculpin Closed Until March 1 2018...?

    I came across this while trying to answer another guy's question, but thought it was too important not to post in a separate thread. Fish and game updated their web site with 2018 rules this morning: Here is what it...
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    Why do people fish the groupon boats?

    Like most people here, I started my ocean fishing journey with shore and party boat fishing. I found much to love about both, and still do them. So believe me when I say, I'm trying to keep an open mind. But what I just can't get is, why do so many people fish groupon boats? Yeah, it's cheap...
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    For those wondering about the rock fish depth laws, read this... I remember we've had several discussions about this topic just in this year. The article above was written by Merit McCrea, who acted as a committee lead for the recreational fishing camp in...
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    2018 Predictions?

    Given the last few years, perhaps the best attitude is to not try to predict anything. But since I'm bored at work, and the San Diego boats are out catching limits of tuna in the middle of November, I kind of want to talk about next year... I see a lot of blue down south, but a bunch of red...
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    Lingcod: is it just me or do they seem less common this year?

    I'll start with a small report - two recent trips, one to San Clemente Island, and one to Santa Barbara Island, produced just 1 barely legal lingcod each, both on the iron even though my friend fished live bait all day long. I thought depth was the issue at Santa Barbara Island, since we could...
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    What went wrong with this boat?

    This was on the Washington fishing forum but I thought I'd open a discussion here, since there is an increasing popularity of bay / flat boats on the West coast. Watch the video, look at how the conditions caused this boat to fail in rough water, and then give your opinions...
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    Yamaha engine service going rates

    Just wondering what people are paying for their every 100 hours services... It seems to be going up every year and I'm thinking about switching to self service...
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    Where have the Rock Crabs gone?

    Been doing lobsters, and I just have a question. Why have rock crabs become so rare in southern California? I remember a time when rock crabs were all over the shallow water areas, especially in the late fall and winter. You could even catch them during the day. What is happening? Was there a...
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    Catalina Lobster Opening Day 9-30

    I'm surprised nobody has posted any report on Catalina's lobster opening day, considering the amount of boats I saw. I wasn't going to post initially because we had an equipment failure with our buoy lights and could only do a single set but since nobody else is talking, I'll post a short...
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    Rock Fish Closed Beyond 30 Fathoms for Rest of 2017 Season Central and Northern California only

    This applies to Central and Northern California only. Following Oregon's closing of all rock fishing in September, it seems California is heading in the same direction, though for now it's just canceling the depth limit increase for 2017, and probably the all depth season planned for November...
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    Oregon Closes Bottom Fishing Tough for the near shore guys up there, with a short salmon season, halibut about to close, few tuna within easy reach, and now this problem in the middle of September. Heard it's...
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    150 Oil Rigs Saturday Morning Short Report

    Went there in the morning hoping for yellowtail, didn't find any yellowtail. Dropped around the oil rigs for a couple of vermillion rock fish. Surprised to see decent size vermillion rock fish as usually I get trash rock fish from that area. Two party boats arrived along with their dozen...
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    October? Wahoo?

    Possible but still too early...
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    Is this a bocaccio?

    Found this picture from the Mirage - NOT MY FISH - a boat I always follow for conditions up north. Couldn't even recognize it until I looked more carefully. Have never seen a bocaccio that fat, so for a moment there I thought they killed a BSB.
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    Point Arguello Canyons

    A while ago, I had the time to read through Jeff Spira's Saltwater Angler's Guide to Southern California, an informative book of the way fishing used to be, before all the closures. In it, Jeff talked about various well-known spots that are no longer open to fishing and the awesome time he used...
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    Catalina 8-19 Report

    Thought I'd follow my own advice in another thread and hit Catalina for yellowtail on Saturday. It wasn't the only game in town, but seemed like the best bet launching from Long Beach. Launched from Long Beach around 6 am. Went to Nachos to pick up half a scoop of sardines. Last week the bait...
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    San Clemente Island Navy Exercises till August 31

    This just got posted on the official website. Seems like with the latest threats from North Korea, Navy's getting extra diligent about training. Be careful out there. Notice: Major Fleet training exercises are being conducted in the vicinity of San Clemente Island through August 31st 2017.The...
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    How many hours do you put on your boat a year?

    Recently read that the average recreational boat gets about 50 hours of use a year. Thought that was absolutely insane, unless we're including all the fresh water boats that sit in people's back yards but never get used... For salt water fishing, I can't see how you can put in less than 100...
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    Where would YOU fish this weekend? Long beach challenge

    Now's an excellent opportunity to test your fish finding skills - The sand bass bite on the flats has recently dried up Months of daily pressure by sport boats have reduced the 150 sculpin to a slow pick The barracuda schools at the shoe have been scattered The WSB bite has slowed down all...
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    Small Boats at San Clemente Island: What Changed?

    Years ago, I was told that you should not go to San Clemente Island with any boat less than 26 feet. In fact, even in 2011, this was the common wisdom in a thread here at BDOutdoors. But now, on youtube, you find tons of videos like this: What do you think? Are today's outboards just...
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    How Dangerous Are Swells Without Wind?

    It's common wisdom among small craft owners that "heavy wind = don't go." Not only is it uncomfortable, but white capping waves can go right over the side of a boat and swamp the cock pit, even in closed bow boats when you're not direct to the waves. But how dangerous are swells without wind? I...
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    Catalina Island East End to West End 7-2

    Knew going out that conditions looked bad for surface action. Saturday's reports and fish counts told me as much. Still had to try to get out since the wind finally let up, so decided to do a Catalina run since I had to be back before dinner. Long story short, front side has some bonito and...
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    "Baby Rockfish": Southeast Bank Report

    Date: 6-25-2017 Short version: lots of halfbanded rock fish; not much else. Long version: Been out to the Southeast Bank several times this year, the latest being this Sunday, at the request of friends who wanted to rock fish instead of chasing tuna and yellowtail. I should have convinced...
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    What happens to the rock fish bite in the summer?

    I know a couple of friends who have no interest in drifting for WSB or halibut or any of those go big or go home type of activities, so rock fishing is the usual activity when we go out together. One issue I've noticed is that during the summer months, my local spots near long beach/seal...
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    Channel Islands Madness

    June 23rd, 2017 Pacific Islander 2 Day 24 people 95 White Seabass 1 Rock Sole 50 Ocean Whitefish 368 Rockfish Ranger 85 3 Day 32 people 5 California Sheephead 188 White Seabass 43 Lingcod 8 Rock Sole 2 Calico Bass 725 Rockfish 15 Ocean Whitefish 1 Cabezon Mirage Overnight 18 people 54 White...
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    Anybody on the Mirage Today?

    Their fish count caught my eye. Did this actually happen? 15 people: 45 white seabass 150 rock fish 9 lingcod Pretty crazy they had enough time to limit out on 3 WSB per person and still get a limit of rock fish after. Was actually thinking about getting on the boat last week but they were...
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    Sand Bass: Are They Back?

    Hearing lots of reports recently of sand bass limits from Long Beach area boats, mostly from the Huntington Flats or the Horseshoe Kelp. Think this is a sign the sand bass are making a come back? Or is it boats just not having any other fish to target so they're going after the bass that's...
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    150, Horseshoe, Southeast Bank Short Report 6/4

    Did not have the time to fish the islands this weekend, much less go offshore, but did manage to take the boat out on Sunday for a quick run to the local reefs to scout out how conditions were around the Long Beach / Huntington Beach area. Long story short: Sculpin city at the 150. Every half...
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    How Do Sand Dabs Mark on the Sonar?

    I was asked this question recently by a friend, and realized I didn't know the answer. The discussion we were having was on how to distinguish sand dabs from scorpion fish. They're both around the same size and seem to inhabit many of the same areas. I told him that I don't think sand dabs meter...
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    Major Winds and Cooling On the Way

    For those wanting to get in on the surface bite around San Clemente island, I'd do it before Friday. A major weather system is moving into the region. Surface water temperature have already dropped 7 degrees over the last weekend. The lower temperature and winds coming this weekend will drive it...
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    Ken Jones: A Hundred Years Ago at Redondo

    Normally I would not link to other fishing forums, but this post from Ken Jones about the fishing at the Redondo pier and wharf over 100 years ago deserves much more views than it's gotten. It's an important time in history and shows what the waters of California were like before industrial...
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    Any Recent Studies on DDT and PCB Levels in Southern California Fish?

    The last study and health guide lines I can find are from 2009. For those who don't know, in the 1970s the Montrose Chemical Corporation dumped over 130 tons of DDT into the Palos Verdes shelf. This move, along with DDT and PCB run offs from agricultural work in general, contaminated the...
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    Boccaccio: Trash Fish or Not?

    I've seen two kinds of people who go on rock fish trips. People who think boccaccio are trash, and people who don't. Party boats these days seem to love them, as they fill the bags when the reds aren't biting. I remember a time when the attitude was different, when people would tell you...
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    Sustainability of Calico Bass Fishing

    Discuss your problems with party boats & private boats keeping - as opposed to releasing - calico bass here. Also can discuss current bass regulations and the ethics of keeping any saltwater bass, since that seems to come up often. Split thread due to request from DagoAngler777.
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    Are These Yellowtail Big Enough to Keep?

    What do you think? Looks a little small to me! Picture from the Native Sun report for today.
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    What Boat Can Go Where in California

    What I've seen reading this board is that these questions keep getting asked again and again by people looking to buy boats. It's an important question, and dealers aren't likely to give you a straight answer. Now, I am in no way an expert captain, and am just repeating a lot of what I learned...
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    Cutting the Drooper Loop open for bottom fishing

    Since the start of this season has been slow, I'll share a fish story. This was a long time ago, on a party boat trip to the islands. This old guy next to me was landing lingcod after lingcod, sheephead after sheephead, while avoiding the smaller rockfish I and many other people around him were...
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    Planning Ahead: All Depth Season Options

    Anyone up there in Northern California excited about the all depth season you guys are getting this year? After a decade of fishing 120 to 150 feet, I thought there'd be more discussion. In any case, I'm planning to make a trip up there this winter to check it out. Probably won't bring a...
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    Fishing Down the Food Web: Not As Bad?

    Read an article today that I thought I should share. The paper, which I do not have access to, is said to argue that "Western-style, single-species management would decrease catches by reversing changes to the food chain that have...
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    Southern California Mussels and Clams

    Would you eat them? I've always used them for bait but have seen people taking them in the winter for eating. Not sure how safe that is, considering our pollution.
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    Northern California Gets ALL DEPTH Bottom Fishing Season

    Except San Francisco, that is. Source: Us in southern and central California don't get anything but worse limits. Unfortunate, but that's the way it is. We have too many people. But still, it is nice to see that fish and game ARE...
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    Is it actually legal to rock fish at the Cortes and Tanner banks?

    This has long been an issue in my mind, and I haven't had the chance to ask fish and game, so I'm putting it out here in hope other people have more experience. The latest rock fishing rules say you can't rock fish outside of the 60/20 fathom lines from the nearest shore, depending on whether...
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    2017 Rockfish Limits

    Seems like it's already decided: black rockfish from 5 to 3 per day, Lingcod from 3 to 2 per day, canary rockfish from 0 to 1 per day. Both of the decreased limits will affect southern California, while the increased limit on canary rockfish doesn't quite make up for it but can offer more...
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    Anyone do Mesopelagic Fishing Lately?

    All I remember a few years ago were large humboldt squid that made catching anything else difficult, but was thinking maybe the squid are gone now after three years of warm El Nino water. Haven't seen any deep drop reports lately, anyone try it? Not looking for areas, just a cool story.
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    Pacific Chub Mackerel: Can It Be Saved?

    Mackerel has many nice qualities as a food fish. It is high on the much praised omega-3 fatty acids, low on mercury, has plenty of minerals and vitamins, fillets easy and is readily available. But the problem is that it tastes like trash, no matter how fresh, and no matter how well taken care...
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    Edgewater 245: Any Owners Out There?

    Considering an Edgewater 245 center console for offshore use. Quality brand, all specifications look solid, fuel efficient, trailerable under California laws, reviews are excellent, feedback from sites such as are very positive, etc. Plus there's a local dealer so should be...
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    The Reasoning Behind RGC Depth Limit Restrictions

    Recently I learned that, despite not being a rockfish, sablefish are effectively off limits to recreational anglers because of the depth limit on groundfish across California and much of the west coast. This was a major disappointment as deep dropping for sablefish had been a dream of mine...
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    Sardine Population Continues to Collapse

    Despite the sardine fishery being completely closed in 2015, the population of sardines have continued to collapse. They are now a third lower than they were before the fishery was closed...
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    California Fish Stocks Declined by Over 70% Since 1970

    Not from an environmentalist group, and based on what looks to be solid data collection from the UCSD Institute of Oceanography: And for once, fishermen aren't to blame. The study seems to indicate that the decline is...