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    Looking for a Simrad Sonic hub

    Jasper, Great meeting you today, and look forward to seeing the boat in Westport. Also found the other speakers and will throw them in the truck so when I see you I can get them to ya.
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    Looking for a Simrad Sonic hub

    @jasper hickman , Sedro Woolley, I will get it all back in the box and we can make a plan. PM me and we can get together whenever, I am headed back to Westport Wednesday for the Halibut Opener Thursday.
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    Looking for a Simrad Sonic hub

    I have a Sonic Hub 2, purchased to install on my old boat and never did. Pulled out of the box to plan attack, never moved forward and have new bout with stereo already installed. I would let go for $275. Edit, mine is Lowrance, so-the speakers say Lowrance not Simrad, but they are the same unit...
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    Riddle me this... fuel economy and RPMs suffering

    I would hook it to a computer and verify the TPI is calibrated correctly. If it isn't throwing a code and the fuel system checks out, TPI would be a good bet.
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    Miss Manners Raises Her Ugly Head

    Jay or is Mr. Dash to most now days ya cantankerous old bastard! Hope you have a great fuckin weekend ya douche bag!
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    Welds broke on boat

    Unfortunately, if it cracked there I would assume it is a stress fracture of the weld. Something is not braced correctly. I have seen and heard of cracks like this happening from wave pounding in rough water. Not being able to see really close up I could be wrong, but from my tablet it does not...
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    Excellent Grady White 265 Express

    $9000 worth of motors and you take 35k off the price, Swede you cheapskate! hahahaha
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    Westport Tuna Thursday 7-30

    Changed it back, don’t need any more boats crashing Kelli Ann Bait stops looking for custom poured swimsuits!
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    Westport Tuna Thursday 7-30

    Gonna head down either in the morning or later this evening. Packing a bunch of a new style swim-baits I designed and poured up and plenty heads all powder coated. Made both troll and throw sizes up.. Hopefully first string team on Kelli Ann will get in em and load up. See ya'll bitches down there.
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    Navionics accuracy

    I have both Navionics and C-Map Genisis, I normally use Navionics at the house when scouting and Genisis on the water with update mapping running all the time, so I am drawing my own maps all the time. Not sure when Navionics lost it’s edge, but will say the C-Maps sure makes things nice.
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    Delivery to Westport tomorrow

    Just offering to deliver to Westport tomorrow. I will be heading down to pick up the Kelli Ann return crew and will have an empty vehicle (2500 HD GMC) and will be traveling down the I-5 corridor around noon. So if you need something taken down or brought back up, let me know soonest and we can...
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    Kelli Ann. Anacortes to Westport

    I will be waiting in Westport for immediate transport back to Arlington or Anacortes, depending on how Vance and crew get to the Kelli Ann the morning of travel.
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    Time for a Pot Puller

    Don’t know why someone would pull this one up, but since they did I am still using the Ace Brutus I bought shortly after starting this thread and it is still pulling pots perfectly fine.
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    Shrimping report

    It was all good, plus after beating those pots up for 5 years, it was time to replace them. Thats what I get for buying cheap pots and buoys to learn how to shrimp.
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    I need a new marine insurance policy.

    Both mine through Pete, he is an alriht guy!
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    Etec’s toast....

    Not minority in the least, I have a 13 year old Etec 150 on my small boat, keep XD100 in the oil tank, change impeller every few years, clean thermostats when I change the lower unit lube, spark plugs every fews years and run it like I stole it. Zero issues.
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    Can’t make this sh*t up

    Another batch sent out this morning. If anyone needs some for ling, hali or tuna, hit me up with whatcha need and colors.
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    Can’t make this sh*t up

    Sweet, Congrats Steve!
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    looking for ideas for lowering kicker

    Vances manufacturing makes a drop down plate, same as jack plate only down instead of up. If you need 10 inches of travel I am not sure they make one that has that much vertical travel.
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    Can’t make this sh*t up

    Well, the big ones I posted for sale are more for targeting Halibut and Lingcod, but if someone gets the notion to put these in there troll spread they might just catch a MONSTA! #dragonballs you in?
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    Can’t make this sh*t up

    Shipped and should be to you tomorrow!
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    !#%!#*!! Tweakers

    Reminded me to go take all the shit I can off my boat. This sux! I hope insurance can make you whole and they find the [email protected]!
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    Can’t make this sh*t up

    Corey G this years the year Brotha!
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    Can’t make this sh*t up

    If you want to adjust the sink rate you can add salt to the plastisol, but it will effect the durability of the the finished product.
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    Can’t make this sh*t up

    Nope, not breaking out all the secrets!
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    Allright, which one of you was it?

    Fuck, I just tied it up to go park the truck!
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    Can’t make this sh*t up

    With UV flashlight, I added UV Powder to clear just to see what the effect would be.
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    Can’t make this sh*t up

    Made a new prototype and mold and now have a bigger version in the 9-10 inch range with a bigger profile. PM if anyone is interested in picking a few up, they will be around $3 each and I can pretty much do any color. Solid colors with glitter or basically whatever color you come up with.
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    Gunwale rail systems

    Cisco, Cannon, Traxstech and Bert‘s all interchange including accessories. All are great products and work as designed, plus you are not “forced” to use someone’s higher priced accessories.
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    2020 halibut

    Yep, got mine yesterday.
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    Can’t make this sh*t up

    Let me know what you want and I can pour some up and we can come up with something.
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    Can’t make this sh*t up

    Here is the better show of the color on the middle one being Mexican Flag, bottom Nuke Chicken, top is just chartreuse with pink back.
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    Can’t make this sh*t up

    Those are Mexican Flag to mimic the trolling feathers and tuna clones. We run them on a 2 ounce head with 8/0 hook trolling them for tuners. I was never able to find swimbaits in Mexican Flag, and there are days thats what they want and won’t hit anything but swimbaits.
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    Can’t make this sh*t up

    The big ones are about 7 inches, the smaller are 4-5.
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    Can’t make this sh*t up

    I made the molds and have all the plastisol and colorants to pour them. The only thing that sucks is the amount of time to make them, each layer has to cool, then I have to hit them with a heat gun to tack them up so the next layer with melt together.
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    Items needed for fishing

    I walked onboard Slapshot a couple times, do I qualify by “proxy” to become a Smith?
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    Gov just announced opening of fishing!

    Just saw on the news, only immediate family members on boat together. Must have got questions from guides and chartrs trying to get back in business.
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    Can’t make this sh*t up

    Well, yes I can. The all new Mexican Flag swimbaits. Gonna run these this summer!
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    Just a suggestion, I picked a couple up last year through Amazon for $220 each on sale keep an eye out and that maybe an option.
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    RIP blackmouth fishing

    Ordered my passport a few weeks ago, looks like it will be put to good use. If it is shut down this year, what will the runs be in 3-4 years? If they aren’t huge, then someone lied about the reasoning and the research is a failure.
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    Loop prop

    I think I-will contact them and see if they need a tester on heavy PNW Aluminum Offshore boats.
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    Loop prop

    Great if it comes in like they said it will, but damn $9k. Must be attempting to get all his money back before selling out to a prop company to making millions.
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    Everett BM Derby

    I am all loaded and ready to roll, boat is fuel and gear is tied. Now the wait. Gonna go dump the boat in tomorrow and put it in it’s resting spot so we can get on and go without dealing with the ramp. Good luck to all and be safe out there.
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    Everett BM Derby

    Who’s in? I will be out there in the Duck swingin for the fences!
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    7 MM Win. Short Mag ammo

    Too short for me as well.
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    cover your ass

    Yep, Pete is awesome and I have my boats through him and my cousin (new owner of Tactical Strike) went through him as well. All on the words of Vance and BD Brotherhood.
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    Washington Tuna Classic Update

    Simple solution for those that choose not to enter this year, give Goat the cash so he can in-turn get that donation doubled so it can go for the good cause that is the reason for the WTC in the first place. Then take your crew and enjoy a non-pressure day of Tuna fishing with a great group of...
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    Do you top shot?

    I don’t run a top shot and the only mono is the gear with the hooks tied to it. I also don’t run the clothesline type downrigger clips, I run Pro-Release, just 3 wraps of braid and clip in place and done.
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    Transducer for Lowrance 9 live

    P66 is 600W non chirp, although that is my second transducer on the boat and I frequently chirp through it, but it isn’t optimal.
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    Transducer for Lowrance 9 live

    The 300W max cuts down on the ability to track bottom over 600 feet, but inside about 300’ it gives a pretty good picture. I have never had any issues with marking fish throughout the Puget Sound and San Juans, but I will definately upgrade to a 1k before getting serious about chasing deep water...
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    Transducer for Lowrance 9 live

    I have been running TM150M with my Carbon and it does pretty well, but only using 1/3 of the power the head units has really limits what it can see. The Live and Carbon can put out 1K of power and the TM150M is only 300W, so leaving a ton of capability on the table.
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    Tactical Strike is for sale

    BOOOOOOMMMMM, This just happened! Congrats Norm and Carrie!
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    Lowrance 9 live Xducer

    I am running TM150M with my Carbon and can mark shrimp schools in 300fow. Great Transducer but does not reach the potential of the head unit on Lives or Carbons. It is only a 600 power and the Carbon and Live will put out 1K.
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    Farallon 25 Twin inboard to Outboard conversion

    If you only got 4900 at WOT, you have 1100 RPM at WOT on the table. I would recommend getting a prop that will get you to at least 5800 at WOT or you will be killing that motor slowly by lugging it. 15 pitch 4 blade is only going to pick up about 300 RPM at WOT if your 17 is a 4 blade you are...
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    Shimano trevala’s now breakable

    Nope, don’ t do anything other than lube it up with some chapstick. Wouldnt hurt to clean it up each year when doing reel maintanence and reapply.
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    Shall call it “THE INSTIGATOR”

    I am going to pour acouple with the head in the body and also may add a stinger hook off the jig head hook further back in the body for the “short” strikers. Most will be poured just the body, that way when they get torn up I can re-melt and pour to keep the cost down over time, not that it...
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    Shall call it “THE INSTIGATOR”

    I am going to make a curly tail, But I need to figure out how I am gonna do the tail since I hand pour all mine and hand poured would put the tail on one side of the grub rather than in the middle. I may have to do a 2 part pour to make it work right, or make a 2 piece mold I can inject.
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    Shall call it “THE INSTIGATOR”

    Benjamin, mine measures 9 3/4 tip to tail, but it is about 2 inches deeper back to belly. Gonna be about 4 or 5 ounces of plastisol if my calcs are correct, so with an 8 or 10 ounce head should almost make a pound.
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    Shall call it “THE INSTIGATOR”

    they should catch a MONSTA!
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    Shall call it “THE INSTIGATOR”

    I have always been a fan of the square tails, they kick more than the round tail versions do With much less effort. This 9.5” version is just an extended version of the 6.5 I built and ran last year for trolling and cast and retrive produced a ton of commotion. I wasn’t on the Kelli Ann when...
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    Shall call it “THE INSTIGATOR”

    I can make them in any size, just have to make the master. I have about every color you can imagine as well as different glitters and pearl pigments. I won’t have any idea how much they are to pour until I can get one poured and weighed to see how many ounces of plastisol each one takes. I have...
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    Shall call it “THE INSTIGATOR”

    Decided to go big with the newest swimbait. Figured tons of Ling and Halibut are caught on big swimbaits each year, and I won’t have to search around for live bait. I think I might even convince Vance and Mikey to pull it for Albies after that bowling ball thingy last year, hell it might even...
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    Sportsman Show 2020

    Gonna go Friday with my cousin, making a day of it and hitting the boat show first thing when it opens then rolling to the Sportsmans show on the way back out.
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    It was a great day, turned bad

    Well shit, now what?
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    Downrigger weight styles

    Pancakes always seem to be way more effected when you have any type of side current. Unfortunately in the areas we tend to fish, the upwellings and banks have a tendency to swirl the current below causing havos to that type of DR weight.
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    Salmon/ling jig reel

    If it were me I would find an Abugarcia Revo Toro 61, should be able to get that in the price range you have and the newest ones are smooth,light weight and can handle anything you would throw at it in the PNW.
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    It is done

    Beautiful Boat! Congrats!
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    For Sale 2015 EZ loader galvanized double axle trailer

    Blair, You might want to get that in writing from them, based on their website, if you are 10,000 pounds on the trailer you are already over the max load of the boat before stepping foot onboard. Max rating for the boat, motors, fuel, gear and all persons onboard is 9700#’s. Reason I state that...
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    Fishing Thailand?

    Very tough to get anyone that has any real experience fishing rod and reel in the area. Most of the commercial fishing in the area has fished out the close areas, and I was never able to find anyone that did any sort of Sportfishing Charters.
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    Newbie: Scotty 1106 vs Cannon Magnum 10 STX

    Scotty’s for me and i fish the Puget Sound and San Juans. They are super easy to work on and there are several facilities that can rebuild them in house, had mine since 2003 and never needed anything other than new line and brake pads, both of which I replaced in a couple hours time. The other...
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    Playin on wife’s new toy!

    Yet you still opened this up in hopes you would bring back some of your AF dream days, ye olde goathave you not learned enoughh about me.
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    Playin on wife’s new toy!

    You mean you don’ like the tall, flat-bill over one ear caps? Huh, whoda thunk it! Haha
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    Playin on wife’s new toy!

    I am gonna order some hats today and see what we can do to figure out the hat attachment. This one is pretty important to me being a hat wearer.
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    Playin on wife’s new toy!

    Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1050X, 10 thread unit. It is a bit intimidating right now, but the wife is figuring it all out as we go.
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    Playin on wife’s new toy!

    Haven’t tried that yet, she bought all the attachments to do hats. Might have to order some and get it figured out. I had no idea what the possibilities where until we started messing with it. This is another one of those hobbies that could get pretty expensive if you let it.
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    Playin on wife’s new toy!

    She got herself one of them high fallutin embroidery machines a while back and she let me pick some stuff out. Done a couple up for Vance aka Dragonballs and really liked them, so decided my Dad needed a couple new shirts for Christmas. Him being an “old school” Sturgeon fisherman for longer...
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    MC “BIGZ” and Duck/Goose Sticks

    Thats the type of laying around I do as well Norm! But most this season has been spent in a Tanglefree Frame Blind!
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    Instrument Switch Recommendations

    If the LED is too bright, go pick up a can of thats spray that auto guys use to darken their tail-lights lenses. Tape the rocker switch so the only thing exposed is the led lens. Light spray each coat and test between each coat so you get it to the shade that works for you.
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    MC “BIGZ” and Duck/Goose Sticks

    Love goose, whether smoked or shredded, but my new favorite is snack sticks.
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    MC “BIGZ” and Duck/Goose Sticks

    Just put another 10# batch on the smoker. This time trying out the Sweet and Hot, doesn’t seem like it will be too spicy and the sweet ought to go good with the goose/duck really well. Now to wait 5 hours.
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    MC “BIGZ” and Duck/Goose Sticks

    Thats what a rainy Saturday in December is good for, 10#’s of Duck/Goose snacks sticks on the traeger smoking and cookin. Even had the time to head out in the shop and pour up some MC Bigz Swimbaits for next Tuna trolling season. Gotta love hobbies to keep me going between seasons. What does...
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    reel grease, and Oil, bearings

    Only Cals on the drags, any other petroleum grease will gum up the drags. TSI 321 is a great oil, but I generally use Reel Fast by Corrosion X for all the bearings that I do. Evinrude Triple Guard for all screws and light coat on all surfaces inside the reel using a tooth brush to spread around...
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    WTB Lowrance LCX 113 or similar for LRA1500 Radar

    Will it work with an HDS 10 gen 1? I have one in the shop, but not sure about the LRA1500. I know it worked with the Broadband Radar when I upgraded to the Carbon it has been sitting in the shop.
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    Prop advice

    About 250-300 drop per inch on 4 blade. I would take the prop you have to the Prop Shop and have them measure it. Props have a tendency to be off a little from the factory. Give them all you information, RPM at full throttle, Speed, attitude of the boat ect....they may be able to tweak the one...
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    Salmon For Soldiers 2019

    Being my first time Captaining, I forgot all about pictures. Next year I will have a camera at the ready and rolling throughout. Ended Friday with 3 in the box and a King to the net for my 2 Vets. Saturday put 1 in the boat and lost a nice one before it got too choppy to be effective, and 1 of...
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    Salmon For Soldiers 2019

    Well, here it is 0341 on the eve-morning prior to S4S and I am already up like a kid at Christmas. Meeting up with the group around 5 to head over and meet with the group on my boat for the event. Looking through the phone to see where the nearest coffee joint is and when they open. Looks a bit...
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    Salmon For Soldiers 2019

    I hope pre-fishing tomorrow doesn’t require going through that sloppy mess getting to Kingston this afternoon. Rough as hell with the south wind blowing up through here.
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    Salmon For Soldiers 2019

    I will be Captaining my Offshore, dumping the boat in Everett and heading to Kingston to moor Thursday night and pick up my crew and deckhand to pre-fish Friday, then head into Everett Marina in the afternoon to grub and make the game plan for Saturday. Fishing Saturday wherever the fish seem to...
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    Edmonds Coho Derby

    Nets weren’t needed for mine, just grab the leader and brought them in. Area 10 had fish everywhere, they just didn’t cooperate at all. Hopefully they put on the pound a week I keep hearing about and there are some mid teeners flying around for the Everett Derby.
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    Edmond's Coho Derby

    We fished oil docks south, weighed a 3.5 and 2 hoping for the mystery weight. Long line released a few, but they were not contenders anyway.
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    Edmond's Coho Derby

    Picked up a ringer this evening, my son appears to have the day off so we got online and picked up another ticket. Good thing for me, since running the deck and driving the boat can get pretty hectic. See ya’ll in the morning, say hi if ya see me. We will be in the 26 Offshore with the single...
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    Curado 200 Spool Won't Engage

    Easy fix, take it apart and replace the engagement dog, might even just need cleaned.
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    Edmond's Coho Derby

    However, don’t keep a non-clipped in area 10 then fish in area 9 with it on the boat, that could be costly.
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    SlapShot - WP to Everett - Open seat

    Just passing on what was offered to me, mine is trailerable and what you and Carrie are doing for Salmon 4 Soldiers on that phenominal boat is admirable!
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    Edmond's Coho Derby

    Dave, Kim and I will be out there and hope to see you at the scales with something worthwhile to weigh!
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    19 Hewescraft 25 Alaskan or 25 north river Seahawk os

    Roll the bones on the Washington forums has the 250 Alaskan, I am sure he would answer any questions you might have. He seems to really like his and runs it all over the PNW out to 50+ miles offshore for Albacore and Halibut.
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    Sonar interference from another vessel?

    Yep, adjust it to chirp at 105Khz and you will be ggod to go and still get the great picture you are seeing now.
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    Transducer help- airmar B175M

    General is 1000 FOW, Shallow is 100 fow, Freshwater is 400 Fow. Had to go in and verify I was giving correct information
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    Transducer help- airmar B175M

    If you have a B175 that is a 1Kw transducer, the B75 is the 600W transducer. You’ll definately want to ensure which one you have and have the correct one selected in the installation page.
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    Transducer help- airmar B175M

    Get a used Carbon 9 or 12 and run that transducer, the Carbon has 2 processors and is super fast, and will put a full 1Kw out. I run a Carbon 16 on my big boat with a TM150M Transducer off the transom and the picture is awesome, far superior to my 9 Gen 3 I run off the back through the same...
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    Shotgun Advice

    I would use a really good gun degreaser to get all the packing and storage grease/oil out. I take a lint free cloth, put 3-4 drops of Corrosion X gun oil on the rag, then wipe everything down. The film of oil left over won’t be enough to collect dust of powder residue.
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    Shotgun Advice

    If it were me, and I have several 3.5 Semiauto shotguns, buy a case of 3.5 shells and go out and shoot several boxes through the gun to “break it in” before attempting to shoot 2 3/4 target loads for trap, sporting clays or Dove. The spring needs to be exercised alot to get everything running...
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    Transducer help- airmar B175M

    Unfortunately, having a 1KW transducer and only running it at 50% will cause a loss in capability. Have to jump up to the Carbon or Live units to have 1 KW of power from the head unit. Gen 3’s only run at 500W.
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    Transducer help- airmar B175M

    You will get a much cleaner signal in the depth you are looking by changing the initial setting to “Shallow Water” setting in installation. This will set optimal settings based on 100 feet column of water, then adjust sensitivity to get an even clearer picture. I will need to go look to be...
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    Transducer help- airmar B175M

    You will get a much cleaner signal in the depth you are looking by changing the initial setting to “Shallow Water” setting in installation. This will set optimal settings based on 100 feet column of water, then adjust sensitivity to get an even clearer picture. I will need to go look to be...
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    X Rap Hook Change

    Go with the Gamakatsu 510 assist hooks, weight the trebles and the hook you plan to replace it with and add the correct split shot right at the eye of the hook to make up the difference.
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    Bad news for WestPort

    Cleared to get a job or go fishing.........little confused here as there aren’t many jobs in Westport that I could see. Good to hear you are doing better.
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    Hot set up for this last weekend

    No fish were harmed in the filming of this feature presentation! @marlinmike @dragonballs
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    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    And still has 350-400 RPM yet to give, thats sweet as hell!
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    FS: Aluminum “cedar” plugs

    When is Slapshot supposed to be in town? Either way I will be coming back down or the week of the WTC. Chad
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    FS: Aluminum “cedar” plugs

    Laurence, I will take them. Currently sitting in Tokeland and will be heading back to Westport Monday morning to put the trailer back in Tuna Town spot 17.
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    Tuna are here!!

  113. M

    Tuna town 2019 now open

    Just locked ye olde’ trailer in 17 the morning on a quick turn and burn. Was even able to bring some stuff up for Vance that was left behind his trailer for him. Long freakin day!
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    Levee Lumber - liquidation auction (Westport)

    Sending my info to you as well.
  115. M

    Levee Lumber - liquidation auction (Westport)

    O If it will help a BD’er out I will stick around till wednesday to pick it up. I am retired and can make it happen if needed. Chad
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    Levee Lumber - liquidation auction (Westport)

    Why can’t you make it work, I will be in Westport monday to drop the trailer in Tuna Town and can transport back if needed.
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    Ice Machine! Manitowoc Series 250. $400.00

    But apparently Suge Knight could.
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    From under the rock......

    Ok, now that your comeback crap is done, go make me a sammich!
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    Fuck it I want a new truck

    Fly in to Boise and go to Kendall Automall, saved about 8K over anything local. I can always have my brother pick you up at the airport and stay at his place till you pick up the new one.
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    Huge shout out to Sharkster Bob

    Thats Sharkster guy is a pretty good dude!
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    Is the hds7 touch chirp capable?

    You have to get the sonarscan box and a chirp transducer to be able to read chirp on the G2 Touch.
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    Bad news for WTC

    Ohhh nooooo, never forget where that is, coffee on the other hand happens when I am not fully awake yet! HAHAHA
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    One time at band camp 2011

  124. M

    WA BOLO.

    Missing hell, my son was pissed cause I had told him all about the beanbags onboard only to find out they were missing! WTF that needs to be the BOLO.........
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    6/6/2019 Westport Hali

    That was the second gaff attempt, first one didn’t stick and the missed the timing of the swell. After the miss about 7 or 8 foot shark swung on the fish and missed, thats when Miles looked at me and said you need me to gaff it, thank god it stuck the 2nd time. That fish beat the hell-out of me...
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    Lowrance HDS 10 and 8 Gen 1 FS

    The 8 is gone, still have the 10 and other stuff.
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    Metabo electric impact wrench

    Get Off BD, you are supposed to be on Vacation. Have a great trip and be careful on the Helo Ride
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    Lowrance HDS 10 and 8 Gen 1 FS

    Picked up the new to me boat and transferred my head units over, so these are up for sale. Listed online for $550 and $450 if sold separate, $900 if they go together, take $25 off each unit if sold to a BD’er. This is just the head units with bracket and cover. Can test them and show they work...
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    Metabo electric impact wrench

    These are BADASS! Absolutely no problems breaking bolts free!
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    30’ Duckworth XL Offshore Build Pics & Intro

    Thank You! And I will try to keep the questions to a minimum.
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    30’ Duckworth XL Offshore Build Pics & Intro

    He still owns it until the bank releases the check today or tomorrow, so technically his boat on his avatar....LMFAO!
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    Ugly stik repair

    Or bett yet get you some rod building shrink wrap tubing and slide it up form the butt end and heat shrink it in place after applying the epoxy and the grip will have an even better feel when done.
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    30’ Duckworth XL Offshore Build Pics & Intro

    2010 Duckworth 26 Offshore that was owned by the owner of this thread.
  134. M

    30’ Duckworth XL Offshore Build Pics & Intro

    It is at Goatrams getting a notch cut and welded in the new taller transom so the motor will tuck in when tilted up, then bringing home to clean her up and get her on the market. Gotta do something so I can add Raymarine to the new boat.
  135. M

    Misc boat stuff and Volvo penta parts

    What do you gotta have for the TM150M, don’t want to offer something and be off on it.
  136. M

    30’ Duckworth XL Offshore Build Pics & Intro

    @orlings Thanks for taking us on this journey and allowing us to watch this build. I have a vested interest in the past week on this build, but you probably don’t know why. You see, you going through the process of upgrading has allowed me and my wife to buy our “Dream Boat” being your 2010...
  137. M

    Das Boot

    Be rolling in a mini caravan with Vance in a couple hours, see ya this afternoon.
  138. M

    WA License $$ Donation for Vets This is just the explanation, I believe many of the donation come from people when they buy their lisc. they request to pay more and it gets added to the program.
  139. M

    WA License $$ Donation for Vets

    It is a donation deal, there are several groups and individuals that pay it forward and it goes into a pot of money, if you are in the system as disabled and there is money in the pot, that much comes off your Fee.
  140. M

    Lead Melt Door Prizes

    T That would be mine, I think I was trying to hold a downrigger mold together and needed both hands.
  141. M


    Hey Damnit, good thing I am gonna be at the burn now!
  142. M

    Lead melt April 13th info

    Weather pushed the derby till Sunday......soooooo I will see all you bitches at the burn!
  143. M

    want to mirror my Gen3 sonar screen..,

    You can Bluetooth it to an Ipad, I do that with my HDS 9 Gen 3 all the time. Just be carefull who has the ipad as they can change the settings from there and effect the unit.
  144. M

    Lead melt April 13th info

    ROLLIN’ ROLLIN’ ROLLIN’, man’s gotta fish, if I had a bigger boat I wouldn’t have to jump at these chances when I can, but thanks for making me feel wanted ya old bastard! See ya on the flipside Brotha! On that note, anybody want to meet up and take my molds down with them to the burn? I will...
  145. M

    Lead melt April 13th info

    Conflicts are a pain, I may be in the same situation. Gonna have to discuss with the wife and see if I can convince her to fish the derby with me. I will make arrangements to get my molds to the burn so they can be used, but if I have the chance to get the wife on my boat and fish that will be...
  146. M

    Lead melt April 13th info

    FL300, 400 and 500 respectively.
  147. M

    Save yourself a halibut day...

    Yup, just did mine on the Etec this last week. Wasn’t bad, but I wanted to check the seals and replace the exhaust seals. Do it once every 2 years and life is good.
  148. M

    Lead melt April 13th info

    I will bring my Do-It Flutter Jig Molds 1/4 ounce all the way up to 5 ounce. I will bring as many of the wire frames as I have, but you may want to grab some in the sizes you wish to pour. I will also bring 6 oz bullet head mold for grubs and 8/0 hooks and eyes, if you want them on 10/0 hooks...
  149. M


    Don’t forget to bring mold release. Looking forward to it I wll need to look, but should have a couple cans of mold release I will throw in.
  150. M

    Bad news for WTC

    Don’t mean to one up ya........but, 1. It is also my Birthday week and I’ll be turning 50 2. I retired with 30 years in the Navy last summer. 3. I have some very badass experienced friends with a badass boat. 4. I have built some lures that the fish have never seen, and 5. Shit, where did I...
  151. M


    I have 20,32,40 ounce cannonballs I can bring along with enouh eye to pour about 10,000 of em, ok maybe not 10,000 but alot.
  152. M

    Brand New Penn Spinners

    $220 for both or $110 each, or ???
  153. M

    Brand New Penn Spinners

    I would need to sell alot more than 2 reels to buy one of those sweet things.
  154. M

    WTB: Pipe Jigs

    I have 7-8 in the 1# and 8 in the 32-42 ounce poured up. They have sat in the shop for several years never used and didnt add any hooks to them I could let go. You would just need to come up with a price cause I have no idea on value.
  155. M

    Brand New Penn Spinners

    SSV, I think they are on SSVI now.
  156. M

    Brand New Penn Spinners

    Decided I have no real desire to fish these and I bouht them thinking I would try them out. 1 Penn Spinfisher V 4500LL and one 6500LL. Paid $120 each and just looking to get close to that out of them. Will ship for an extra $5 each but would prefer meet and pick up. These are brand new in the...
  157. M


    I am in and will bring all my molds as well.
  158. M

    Might wanna throw one in

    Yeah, I can see a bunch of breath holding contests coming to a boat near you.
  159. M

    Re-Spool Time...

    I would agree with you, but based on his original post he is using his rods with a DR and doubt he is deep dropping 7-900 feet, probably 250 feet out at any given time.
  160. M

    Re-Spool Time...

    You would be hard pressed to have the water and salt permiate all the way to the spool if it is spooled on tight. Usually only find evidence of permiation through about a third of the spool.
  161. M

    Re-Spool Time...

    I love Tuffline XP, get it from amazon in large spools. You can always come up and use my spooling station to save a bit as well. Also you could just take from one reel directly onto another as you are probably only using the top couple hundred feet and have fresh all the way to the spool...
  162. M

    Do Boca Bearings increase cast distance and free spool?

    Flush the bearings you have now and add the TSI321 with just a drop in each bearing and you will probably be at the limit of your potential as far as distance is concerned. I am not knocking your abilities in any way as I do not know you, so don’t mean to sound that I am. The real benefits will...
  163. M

    Need Help: SoCal Navionics or SD Card Maps for 2002 Lowrance LCX 110c

    Sent you another PM with my number. Give me a call and I can help you out across the board.
  164. M

    Need Help: SoCal Navionics or SD Card Maps for 2002 Lowrance LCX 110c

    I have a couple cards and an LCX 37C in my shop. I will check them in the unit and see if they cover your area and if the work. Are you also running the GPS puck externally?
  165. M

    HDS 8 Gen 1 complete package

    And pending again
  166. M

    HDS 8 Gen 1 complete package

    Back up and available.
  167. M

    Dog transport crate - FREE

    Glad to see it getting paid forward again. It was a great crate and I had it for several years before passing it on to Matt. Great job Matt! Glad it worked out for you as well.
  168. M

    HDS 8 Gen 1 complete package

    Ok, we can talk Monday, I am retired and will be around all day.
  169. M

    Track system advice

    I absolutely love the ability to remove, add and adjust where stuff sits for the different types of fishing we do. I have even hooked into halibut with mine and never had any fear of getting anything ripped off the boat.
  170. M

    HDS 8 Gen 1 complete package

    It sure is, forgot all about that stuff.
  171. M

    For Sale New Tuna clones 5in and 9in

    I will take all of them if we can work out shipping and such. PM if you are good, I am up in Washington.
  172. M

    Track system advice

    I have been running Traxstech on my Alumacraft for 11 years. I run Scotty’s on the pedistals and my pot puller and rod holders for everything. My tracks are 36 inch in the back and 18 up front. I made sure and ran the backing plate below and have even snagged bottom trolling with the...
  173. M

    Bay Reel Recommendations

    If you can find one, I really like the older Okuma Serrano. Great little reel that can take the abuse of saltwater and feels great in the hand. I think I have 4-5 I still use for saltwater lings and rockfish.
  174. M

    Shimano Moiching reel drag upgrade

    They will be smooth, especially if you used Cals drag grease on both sides.
  175. M

    Shimano Moiching reel drag upgrade

    I purchase the carbon drag material from Australia and cut my own, ends up being very inexspensive to do all my reels. I use gasket cutting hole puches and can go up to 2 inch diameter I believe.
  176. M

    HDS 8 Gen 1 complete package

    I am finally getting around to putting this on here. Comes with everything that came new with the unit. Box, Owners manual, gimball and bracket, travel cover, new power cord, Structure Scan and Transducer. All you will need is an ethernet cord and you are set with everything. The unit has no...
  177. M

    Duck gun

    Lets see, I have SX2, SBE II, and Stoeger M3500. Last season and this so far I have been shooting the Stoeger with Patternmaster Duck Tube. I will say that the single most important thing I did was pattern the gun and shim it to fit me and when I take my time on the shot I have been crushing...
  178. M

    Offshore in August?

    We will be flying down monday, do you have charters in mind?
  179. M

    Offshore in August?

    We will be flying down monday, do you have charters in mind?
  180. M

    Offshore in August?

    Going on my first vacation ever with the wife and best friend and his wife first week in August. Me and my buddy want to do a day trip and I was hoping for Tuna, Mahi ect. But not sure if they are running that time of year. This is my 30 years in the Navy retirement gift to ourselves and thought...
  181. M

    New sonar

    I am out of town until Monday evening, if you don't have anyone to help you I can meet you in Coronet and get you dialed in. Chad
  182. M

    Aftermarket Fuel Tank for Duramax

    Damn, unfortunately that is one of the last days I actually have to put the uniform-on and go to work
  183. M

    HHHHHMMMMMM, what would you do?

    just wonder what you guys would do if you were retiring on the 29th of June like I am? Just curious....:finger: :fighting0061:
  184. M

    Aftermarket Fuel Tank for Duramax

    What happens the 21st in Westport? I retire the 29th on Whidbey.......
  185. M

    Vacuum Sealer Options

    I too have used the foodsaver brand for years. Last year I stepped up to better units. VACMASTER last year and the seal quality is much better and the seal is much wider. I picked up a second unit this year off craiglist when the guy upgraded to a bigger commercial grade. The new one to me is...
  186. M

    14 1/8 X 18 Cyclone Prop w/extras

    I have a like new SS Prop with TBX Hub for Evinrude 15 spline (ETEC and V6's) and a one for what I believe is Yamaha. I bought the prop to run on my boat with and ETEC 150, but after Goatram replaced my transom and got rid of a ton of weight from soaked foam, it won't work for me. It has...
  187. M

    Chirp transducer

    You could put an Airmar P66 with it, that has chirp ability, but the Gen 2 isn't going to use the Chirp Tech, you have to move up to an HDS Gen 3 to get the Chirp. You could add a Sonar Hub and get some of the updated technology, but would be pretty cost prohibitive.
  188. M

    Lowrance FishReveal - Anyone Try it Yet?

    I downloaded it and ran it on the kitchen table. I did a bunch of adjustments checking different setings and it looks like it will help me out a bit.
  189. M


    I have it set for XD50, that is what I meant by regular oiling. And I think the setting I am referring to is TCW3 setting, but I would have to hook up my computer to verify.
  190. M

    Value rods and reels

    I build my own so as to get the quality stuff at a value price. I still have some "value" stuff, but for the most part I run custom that when completed it is priced at the value level but very high end result. I also buy the higher dollar reels on different forums at "value price" and rebuild...
  191. M


    I had my guy keep my motor set on regular oiling just so I would have the piece of mind. I would rather have a little more oiling/lubrication for longevity and continue to decarb each year. Alot of the carbon build up occurs from the fuel used and the additives in it rather than the oil used...
  192. M


    I purchase the Evinrude/Johnson Engine tuner in the gallon cans. I have a 2007 ETEC 150 that has always been run on XD100 oil, and I decarb every spring and you would not believe the amount of crap and crud that comes out of the exhaust/prop. I disconnect the Air Box and spray directly through...
  193. M

    Ducer help!

    I am glad it was able to work out for him, and you guys put them to use. At some point I need to get all that stuff out and get it sold before it gets too old.
  194. M

    Ducer help!

    I can always give you back the Lowrance stuff and you give me the Axiom’s and you won’ have to drill any new holes and we can both be happy!
  195. M

    Veterans - Sound Off....

    88-Present US Navy, retiring next Oct with my ceremony and leave starting in the end of June. Made mission gone fishin!
  196. M

    Need a civil lawyer HELP

    Definitely not looking Pro-Bona, just want justice and also this guy needs to be ousted in the courts. As soon as the deals started going south I began all communications via text because I knew there was a good possibility of ending up in court, so I have lots of stuff that I am sure he is...
  197. M

    Need a civil lawyer HELP

    Nope, he never wrote ECU on any paperwork, that is what he stated when I told him that it should be covered under warranty. He sent to me via text that "he told me the ECU caused the first and now the second engine to blow up, and that he had told me the part was bad and that I chose to replace...
  198. M

    Need a civil lawyer HELP

    I was hoping that someone knew or had used a specific Lawyer and had a recommendation on that. The RCW law and Attorney General will be a start, but they generally will only act as a middle man and try to mediate the situation, I don't feel that is the route I want to go as knowing he has...
  199. M

    Need a civil lawyer HELP

    Unfortunately they have a cap of $5000 in small claims and the initial rebuild was $4500 plus $1500 labor. At this point I want expose him and go after the full amount plus being without the vehicle 10 of the last 12 months.
  200. M

    Need a civil lawyer HELP

    I know this is a fishing site, but I have seen what the BD Brotherhood has the capability to do. I have a situation that has happened with a repair facility, and they have attempted to rake me over the coals with the repairs. I have been around cars and worked on them my whole life. The only...
  201. M

    Time for a Pot Puller

    I have a fairly small boat and intend to be able to fish arounf, si trying stay a little more compact if possible. Looking more towards the Trac and Scotty. Thanks for the offer though and looks like someoneelse already wants it.
  202. M

    Time for a Pot Puller

    Wife is pretty much giving the green light for a puller so we can take advantage of some shrimping. I have Scotty Downriggers and have them mounted to a traxstech rail system, so I would like to get one that can be added to a scotty mount so it can be removed when not in use, and also plug into...
  203. M

    new transducer

    Not being able to get xid on the Low band would just cause you to have to optimize all settings manually rather than allowing the unit to get you close and then fine tuning from there. The problem ends up meaning you would have to go in and fine tune everytime you select Low band. I am not sure...
  204. M

    new transducer

    BCTony, you sure did, guess I stepped in it that time.
  205. M

    Dog kennel wanted

    I have a large aluminum one in the back yard, it was used for a large lab. I will get a picture and post.
  206. M

    new transducer

    Just got done speaking with Airmar, with the TM265 as long as you get them with 2 Lowrance pigtail plug-ins you could have H/M on one unit and L on the other. And you could run them simultaneously since they are running across different frequencies. I think I would have the Low/Medium on the...
  207. M

    new transducer

    They have always rated the power in watts RMS.
  208. M

    new transducer

    I think you would still only be able to chirp on one frequency at a time, I dont think they have the ability to send both signals at one time throught the XSDCR. The new Carbon units can chirp across both frequencies at one time and show both pictures side x side on one unit since it has two...
  209. M

    new transducer

    Airmar rates their transducers in RMS not peak to peak, so 1k would be 4k peak to peak.
  210. M

    new transducer

    Pulse goes across the whole frequency sending several signals across the rating when using chirp (think machine gun )with standard transducer it is only across the listed 50/83 or 200Hz (think single shot). Essentially the newer Lowrances are 600 RMS or 4800 watts peak to peak, so they are not...
  211. M

    new transducer

    RMS is Root Mean Power, or the ping power. Some use peak power to describe the power output of their units, but that is misleading as the unit would become damaged if it was at peak all the time, RMS is the power that it sustains while pinging without damaging the unit. Hz and Khz is the...
  212. M

    new transducer

    You are correct, but the thread question from Carrie's Bait Boy wasn't what 2 transducers do I need to buy, it was do I have to split the transducer to use both head units and the answer is no, you can use one transducer and see the image on both units, just like he could before with the units...
  213. M

    new transducer

    I think people are confused. when running 2 separate Head Units, in this case HDS Gen 3's and one transducer, only the head unit that has the transducer attached is sending and receiving a signal from the transducer, the second head unit that is attached via Ethernet cable is just getting the...
  214. M

    Complete Boat Electronics package for sale

    Over the last year I have upgraded all my electronics on the boat and have for sale a complete Boat Package. I remove my head units daily and they get cleaned and stored in my house, so they are in great condition. For Sale is 2 complete HDS 8 Gen 1's with all brackets, knobs and covers w/ the...
  215. M

    HDS 8 G1 with Complete Structure Scan

    Upgraded to G3's with 3D Structure so this ones up for sale. Comes complete with new power cord and new 83/200 transducer. Willing to ship for $850, or less if we can meet up for the transaction. They are both in the boxes but may be tough to ship and cost prohibative, face to face between...
  216. M

    HDS GEN3 with TM150 or TM185

    Yeah, been in Sedro for the past 13 years. I make quite a few trips down to your area.
  217. M

    HDS GEN3 with TM150 or TM185

    I will have to make a decision on what transducer I am going to use on the electric trolling motor up front. Will let you know if I intend to get rid of it.
  218. M

    HDS GEN3 with TM150 or TM185

    That's kind of what I was seeing with the different videos. Looks like an upgrade will be coming soon.
  219. M

    HDS GEN3 with TM150 or TM185

    Anybody out there tested either one of these transducers with the Gen 3? I am thinking about getting one or the other to replace the P66 in place now. Looking to get the best I can out of the electronics I am running.
  220. M

    Advice on prop selection

    All props have a rubber hub installed, at least our outboard ones do, it is made to slip when you hit something. The rubber should give long before the gears or shaft unless you have one that is going bad already. The hub can be replaced for around $50 if you slip one.
  221. M

    hds7 gen2 touch screen unresponsive

    Bring it up on a known good battery, let it go through start up then do the touch screen calibration, if it works after start up that is. Never had this issue on my 9 gen 3, so probably not much help there.
  222. M

    Which transducer are you running with your Lowrance?

    I am running an Airmar P66, had it on my HDS 8 Gen 1 and left it in place when I upgraded to the HDS 9 Gen 3. Great picture and I also get a great signal at speed when in Chirp mode, although not getting the most out of it due to it not being a Chirp XDCR. I am thinking about upgrading to...
  223. M

    Need new engine

    Not something I want to do with my time, got away from the cool scene when it started costing too much money. I just want to fix this one as a spare car, and a work driver.
  224. M

    Need new engine

    Only issue is they only go up to 2004 and this is the 07.
  225. M

    Need new engine

    Probably should have prefaced this with the fact I can pull the old and put in the new. I have looked around for used, but they all seem to have some inherent issues with head gaskets and PCV valves causing them to use oil, no management system or low oil warning system to let you know and...
  226. M

    Thumb Guard / Protector

    I used to see our postal delivery guy with a rubber thimble type thing on his thump to help sort mail. Looked sort of like a thimble my grandma used for sewing, only heavy rubber. They sell them at K-mart, search rubber thumb thimble and it will come up.
  227. M

    Need new engine

    I am in need of a rebuilt or possibly get the one I have rebuilt. It is in a 2007 Impreza 5 speed non turbo 2.5 (1 code in the vin, so EJ251 engine). Unfortunately I am going to get stuck with this car and will just drive it to work to recoup some of my money after the repairs. Looking for...
  228. M

    Riveting boat cap

    My concern would be finding out why the rivets broke in the first place. By replacing the rivets with stainless bolts or anything with more strength than the rivets that were in there, could cause the stress to move elsewhere and cause cracks to happen. I would definitely research further and...
  229. M

    Inshore Fishing - Best electronics????

    Lowrance Elite 9 would be the one I would get if on a budget. I have HDS 9 Gen 3 with Structure Scan and it is used for inshore structure fishing for Ling COD and other bottom fish. Also used for Salmon and freshwater bass, sturgeon, Kokanee and anything else we fish for.
  230. M

    WTB 1 Ton tow rig.

    One way flight to Boise, head to Edmark Nampa. Brand new 3500 Duelly for around 51,000. I have bought a few vehicles from them as well as my brother, completely crushes prices anywhere around here.
  231. M

    Graphics printed... Good ol' barter work!

    Did you really have to put something on the Boat that signifies qualification on a boat that is built to sink on a boat that has tested the theory once already?
  232. M

    marbling products

    There is also a DVD video that you can get with it that shows how to use, as well as demonstration of how it works.
  233. M

    Careful around this guy in Westport

    Looks a lot like that Guy Fieri dude the goes around eating stuff, not sure though!
  234. M

    Comparison of RCJB84H and RCJB84XH

    I built an 84H for my dad a few years ago and it has whooped many sturgeon and a few were over 9 feet. He uses 80 pound braid and really puts the screws to them and has yet to reach it's limits.
  235. M

    Quick question on spiral wrapped rods

    Don't be surprised if reeling with your left hand feels weird. I have used conventional and spinners my whole life, and I reel spinners with my left hand and conventional with my right. That is what feels comfortable to me, and think you will as well. I spiral wrap most of my rods, and...
  236. M


    I have the RCLB79ML and the tips on both are pretty similar .5 size difference. The length is great for what you are looking to do, I actually spiraled mine casting style. The tip action on these rods is great, in my opinion, and would work perfect for popper action. I have used mine for both...
  237. M

    Shelf Time

    I would save it and use it for marbling and other uses, but I would buy new for finish coats and thread work.
  238. M

    knife sharpener

    I'll stick with my WorkSharp, when I become a professional cook I'll look into something else. I have the standard size, but also looked at the Ken Onion version.
  239. M

    American Water Spaniel Pups

    I expect they will go pretty quickly now the word is out. Lots of people asking questions and inquiring. Female first pick is gone and have another that will be deciding male or female pick in the next day or so, so 5 pups left.
  240. M

    American Water Spaniel Pups

    Our Female Mocha just had her first litter of pups with our Male AWS Remington. Gonna be some awesome hunters and can't wait til they hit 6 weeks and we can get them on some birds to check their drive and desire. If they are anything like their lineage, expect a few of them to rock the...
  241. M

    Reels for sale

    Vance, I'd like the Tekotas!
  242. M

    American Water Spaniel Pups

    Seven pups born between 2am and 630am this morning. Moms doing great and pups have some lungs and are all healthy and plump.
  243. M


    I guess I am one of the fortunate ones, LMS 332's for several years only had to replace one GPS puck free under warranty, HDS 8 gen 1's never an issue, now HDS 9 gen 3 and it has never let me down.
  244. M

    American Water Spaniel Pups

    Here they both are, Remington standing Mocah laying down.
  245. M

    American Water Spaniel Pups

    Sorry guys been out fishing with my Dad that comes up every year. I will get pics posted up. Mom hunts and Remington's first year hunting would have been last year and I deployed. Remington is the son of Sharon Mann's Mann'rs Maggie Mae and Carolina's Duck Gumbo owned by Dave McCracken, Mocha...
  246. M

    American Water Spaniel Pups

    Our female will be having pups in the next week or so, if there is any interest send me a PM. Some of the best lineage out there, both dogs are on premises. Female is my dog and the Male is the wife's. Look like 8 pups, but having X-rays on Wednesday to reaffirm. This was not a planned...
  247. M

    SIMRAD 3d structurescan vs B175

    The stock transducers are actually pretty good, so I would go with the 3D to add another level to the capabilities. Then purchase the higher transducer later.
  248. M

    Why interference on graph on certain trolling motor speed

    Sorry about the last blank post, having some issues. If your trolling motor is as old as you say, it might need to be tuned. Over time the bushings in the motor will wear. To tune the motor with the boat out of water, remove the prop, inside you will see 2 opposing bolts, loosen them until you...
  249. M

    Gps/sonar under 3000.00

    Lowrance HDS 9 Gen 3 and add the Structure Scan 3D, $2800 and you will get the ability to do the Wifi to an IPAD and the input for video. Chirp Sonar Transducer comes with it and upgrade transducer later if you feel the need.
  250. M

    I'm going to destroy some blanks

    45 degree off your forklift is going to give a good indication of strength, the one shown is only going to show that if your not paying attention and the fish runs under the boat your rod is going to break.
  251. M

    Not quite a Grady crashing my bait stop... But close..

    Dude, you're gonna need a bigger boat, and if that's any indication on what's in the lake that he was trolling with 3 grown men at the end of his line, I'd be packin up and leaving!
  252. M

    Resin Type?

    Easier than a vacuum chamber is a pressure chamber made from a pressurized paint can, you can get them at Harbor Freight, 40 PSI of pressure through the curing process will keep the bubbles from forming at all.
  253. M

    Casting rod V Spinning rod

    Conventional rod with spiral guides gets you the best of both worlds, that way when they run out you can bring em in and if the fish is vertical doing circles you have the control.
  254. M

    Acid wrap

    I wrap about 95% of my rods this way, the other 5% are only because my friends or family I wrap for just can't get past the look of it. I even have a few Bass crankbait rods I have wrapped that way and I never have an issue with rod twist, or the need to grasp a rod tightly to keep it in line...
  255. M

    What Did I just do???

    How much for all the Plugs, don't really need a bigger boat right now, but I love repurposing and airbrushing old plugs?
  256. M

    How many guides should i use for a spiral wrapped rod 7ft 20-40lb?

    Depending on the style of spiral, generally it is the same as the length of rod. I would place the guides where they look close with the handle in place and a reel in the seat, string the line through and static load. Adjust the guides to where there is a smooth flow of the line.
  257. M


    Done as well.
  258. M

    Metaloid 5ii

    They have been on the market a couple years now and I am looking for a report as to how well and any known issues. I plan on picking a couple up and have the blanks to build the rods they are going on for Halibut in the area. I won't buy if the issues outweigh the price, and if need be will...
  259. M


    What ever you end up deciding to do, make sure you do not end up with a smooth surface on the the bottom of the boat or you WILL loose performance.
  260. M

    Halibut fishing perference for inside the Puget Sound, anchor or drift?

    Love drifting wherever we are fishing, but it is pretty tough now days since all my favorite spots are all locked up with anchored boats. I like going to the fish rather than waiting for them to come to me. I don't have an issue with anyone that anchors, just prefer to be on the drift.
  261. M

    New boat almost here!

    That sounds NICE. Very smart move on the Jack Plate, especially going from Prop To Pump and back. Setting up the prop is nearly impossible to do without the JP being able to fine tune to eliminate torque steer and help identify the correct prop for you application. That thing should fly with...
  262. M

    New boat almost here!

    Thinking serious about making Columbia as my next boat purchase. What size, options and power did you go with?
  263. M

    Clunk sound in burb when launching

    I place the parking brake on prior to shifting into park while still in neutral thus eliminating the transmission from holding the weight.
  264. M

    Clunk sound in burb when launching

    When you get to the bottom of the ramp and go from reverse to park the release the brakes the truck will tend to move and inch or so causing the pinion gear to settle very tight against the back side of the ring gear, when you get back in and place into drive to pull up the ramp it will have a...
  265. M

    Best sonar/GPS combo for around $500

    I have run HDS 8's with Structure Scan last few years and also bought Dad an elite 7 for X-mas. I am using my on deployment money to purchase new HDS 9 Gen 3's with built in SS and Chirp. In your price range I think you can shop around and get an Elite 7 close to what your looking to pay and...
  266. M

    Tekota 500LC's

    Pete, I was on the Lincoln from 2003-2007, DC Div LCPO and I ran DCTT. Chad
  267. M

    Tekota 500LC's

    I am wanting to pick up 4 of these, just not seeing the prices I was when I wasn't looking. Anybody got any good buys on them? Chad
  268. M

    Best Price Tekota 500LC's

    I am wanting to pick up 4 of these, just not seeing the prices I was when I wasn't looking. Anybody got any good buys on them? Chad
  269. M

    Lead melt.

    Man I hated to miss this one and I hope nobody need any reels gone through prior to the season. Based on what I have going on I will probably miss the next years as well, but after that I plan to have a table as long as Kelli and Vance will have me. In the mean time if any emergency reel issues...
  270. M

    Lead melt.

    I'll be on a DET, but will make it a point to get your reel to you before I leave.
  271. M

    WTB 22-250 Brass

    22-250 brass for reloading
  272. M

    WTB 22-250 Brass

    Looking for around 200 pcs so I can work up some loads for my rifles. Let me know what you have and what you'd like to get. Chad
  273. M

    WTB 22-250 Brass

    Looking for around 200 pcs so I can work up some loads for my rifles. Let me know what you have and what you'd like to get. Chad
  274. M

    Guide question

    I would contact the builder and give them the chance t check it over, that way if he/she finds an issue they can prevent it on other builds.
  275. M


    I'll be going after them on the opener, then heading to a DU dinner in Bellingham in the evening. Might do a couple evening shoots on some patterned geese, then another DU Dinner in Oak Harbor on Saturday, and finish up with a morning hunt with my sons on Sunday to close it out. Not seeing...
  276. M

    Money sent to get 2nd AWS!

    I have seen a total of 3 up here and I think they were Eurasion Ring Necks, which is open year around. I'll wait till Monday just to be on the safe side.
  277. M

    Money sent to get 2nd AWS!

    I had my first back in the mid-90's. They are phenominal lap dog sized retrievers that have a serious drive to please. Getting a male this time to get a little bit more size since the female is right at 33#'s. Gonna be a fun year and even more so next. Just wish we had some Dove up here so I...
  278. M

    Money sent to get 2nd AWS!

    Just sent the money to get another American Water Spaniel. This one is going to be sired by one of the highest point AWS's ever "Gumbo". Can't wait till December!! I will be hunting my female Kei-Rin CNC Mochacinno (MO) this year in anticipation of the new pup coming for Xmas and being ready...
  279. M

    Poll: Low Profile Baitcaster Shoot Out: Who's got the nuts?

    My vote goes with the Revo Toro. I have fished a few of the listed reels and own a couple of them, always reach to the Revo when I want to be in the fight. The only thing I don't have is the ability to fish for Calico Bass or YT, but I would put them on Big Lings and Sturgeon in a heartbeat.
  280. M

    reel repair

    Thanks for the offer Calis, but I have quite a few Penns in various disarray throughout my garage now. Great opportunity for someone that may be getting started out and needs some reels to start out with. I'd be happy to get them cleaned up and such if you had someone in mind. Chad
  281. M

    Early goose advise?

    You wil also notice that the geese as a whole are not that vocal this time of year. You will hear 1 or 2 in a small flock "talking" so I keep it very simple with calling. They will sometimes get agressive just before landing to "direct" the young ones where they want them to land. Simple...
  282. M

    Columbia River Buoy 10 Rod

    GWB, Really depends on what and where the rods is used, i.e bow rod holder, mid, or back. Normally the longer rods are used up front to keep the bait further out the sides and shorter moving back. 10' 6" capable of using up to 20oz cannonball sinker, flasher and bait. BP1266 or the...
  283. M

    Early goose advise?

    Best advice I can give for early geese is ...........DON'T SHOOT CLOSE to the roost. Where I hunt there are a few guys every year that set up right on the roost and they blow it for everyone in a huge radius. I will pattern the geese for a few weeks before the opener and have a good game...
  284. M

    Rod abuse

    Uhhhh, I hope he got the money back for them wrapping them.
  285. M


    Another check that might be very helpful is to rub the blanks down with something that has a UV additive in it, maybe some Pro Cure UV liquid, then once it dries wipe the blank down again with something that will take the film off the rod itself, then in a dark room turn on a black light and...
  286. M


    PICS or it never happened..........To Soon?
  287. M

    Few will understand

    I ended up going gold the second time around, so I would have gotten both.
  288. M

    Need advice on aluminum boat transom repair

    Contact made, and moving ahead in the next few weeks for the plan of attack.
  289. M

    Watch out Oregon!

    That shark needs to make it way further north and feed on seal/sealions up here.
  290. M

    reel repair

    Calis, Not a lot of parts in the Delmars, I can break it down and do a good cleaning and re-lube as long as noting internal is broken. Some of the older Penns had a tendency to have the spool gear corrode to the spool shaft and would not go into free spool. But I can absolutely take a...
  291. M

    Need advice on aluminum boat transom repair

    Damnit, cannot believe I did not think of the Goat. If nothing else, I bet he would provide me with the complete scope of the job and recommended repairs, and maybe even be my "assesor/inspector" for the process.
  292. M

    Need advice on aluminum boat transom repair

    I have a 2006 Alumacraft Navigator 185 Sport that has the dreaded transom corrosion from not being properly sealed during rigging. So water has sat inside the transom against the aluminum and corroded from the inside out in several areas. I have contacted the manufacture and they have given me...
  293. M

    reel repair

    I didn't reply here since you were looking for someone on the E-Side and I do it as a hobby , not income and didn't want to pull any business from those that do. That being said if you would like to send it to me I will go through it and figure out if/what needs replaced and get it back into...
  294. M

    Broken rod- looking for cause

    I am with Good Wraps Bob, it appears that the "cut" goes into the epoxy which would be a dead giveaway that an exacto or box knife would be the culprit. I would have him take a higher resolution picture at the transition into the epoxy and send that to you, but in the long run I would assume...
  295. M

    Absolutley Nothing to do with rod building - Please Read.

    Doc, Is this vaccine something I can request from the Navy, even though I will not hit the 50 mark prior to retiring in 2018? It might be something I would look into getting a referral for outside if you think it can be done.
  296. M

    HOW TO: Pull the pin (bar) on TOMIC plugs

    Just found a box of 25 shorter fat version J-Plug blanks (probably 4.5") with bug eyes and rattles, looks like I got some wintertime fun to have. I am going to have to figure out a good sealer to put on over the paint. Most bass plugs I do I use Diamond II rod epoxy on. Going to have to...
  297. M

    HOW TO: Pull the pin (bar) on TOMIC plugs

    I have about 75 of these flatbar type plugs that are blanks (unpainted) that I have to paint any way I want. I even picked up some Glow in the Dark pigment to add to my topcoat. Gonna have to break out the box and give a few a go with the airbrush. Mine are all the 6" variety.
  298. M

    Anyone missing a River Hawk?

    Is this what the cali guys call "fishing the wall"?
  299. M

    Pet Insurance?

    I have an American Water Spaniel (9 months old) and she will be hunted for both upland/waterfowl. Obviously the initial investment is always considered to be a small investment in the grand skeem of things. Cost of health care is also a concern in the long run. Don't get me wrong I would go to...
  300. M

    Pet Insurance??

    I have an American Water Spaniel (9 months old) and she will be hunted for both upland/waterfowl. Obviously the initial investment is always considered to be a small investment in the grand skeem of things. Cost of health care is also a concern in the long run. Don't get me wrong I would go to...
  301. M


    Look at the bright side, your writing and punctuation skills seem like your education is paying off well and you can always have a career in the writing business. Stick with it, errors are all part of the learning process.
  302. M

    Please read

    Just posted my review on FB, we'll see how long it lasts.
  303. M

    oh no its alive again.

    Without video proof this thing is running..........this is all just BullShit and a ploy to make those of us that didn't buy it feel bad and possibly help Vance sell some of the other stuff laying around. Next thing you know your gonna be telling us the motor pulled out of the old truck required...
  304. M

    HDS 8 Settings

    bassbagger69, Each setting has its own tweaks, Fresh Water setting optimizes for 0-400 feet of water, Shallow water setting optimizes for 0-100 feet of water, slow trolling adjusts ping and screen speed, faster trolling raises screen speed ect. Just have to figure out which setting gets...
  305. M

    Look out in northern MA10; underwater 'something'.

    I have SS, and would love to come have a look. Damn work is in the way though.
  306. M

    HDS 8 Settings

    Travis, Now I just need to find the time to get it back out in the salt and test and fine tune this sucker!
  307. M

    HDS 8 Settings

    Went out to Baker Lake this evening to get a good run in fresh water with the boat. Played with setting and never got real good results, so I reset back to factory and waaallllllaaaaaa, everything is great again. There must have been a ton of crap saved in the system cause it looks great now.
  308. M

    Simrad NSS7 Issues

    Just a suggestion, but I would save all the data you have listed on a seperate card, then get a program that allows you to seperate information and load only what you would be using for any given day. What I mean is if you have information for everywhere you fish, but will only be in a specific...
  309. M

    HDS 8 Settings

    I thiink that just pinpointed my issue, I had originally set my unit up following these guidelines, but when tweaking and messing with it over time I adjusted the Ping Speed below Broadband capability and lost some of the sensitivity and power of the unit. I will have to head out and test this...
  310. M

    Area 9 close calls

    The only reason we stayed where we were was because I knew if something happened we were in a place where someone would be able to help us if something happened. Pretty bad when that is why you're staying in a touchy situation and not getting to safety, but it is what it is and we got home safe.
  311. M

    HDS 8 Settings

    Travis, I am continually bouncing between SS to verify it is a bait ball or not. Yesterday was really bad, and I adjusted to a point I could not get it anywhere close to something I liked. I want to find a spot where I turn the damn thing on and go. I only marked one bait-ball yesterday and...
  312. M

    HDS 8 Settings

    I have 2 HDS 8 Gen 1 units with the back one having the Airmar p66. I added Structure Scan as well. Anybody have any good tweaks because I find myself always double checking my settings and tweaking here and there, but have not been able to get it to the place I really like. The Structure...
  313. M

    Area 9 close calls

    Took the day off to take a good friend and his wife out for the opener, on the water at 0530, lights on and slow go to the fishing grounds. Once there found where I wanted to start and deployed gear. Over the next couple hours in the pea soup, had no less than 5 close calls with boats that...
  314. M

    Length of release and why?

    Swanny, The distance from the DR to the clip release is what I am asking about. I run Pro-releases and let out about 20 feet before clipping in for the ride down.
  315. M

    Bellingham derby

    Dang $5 a gallon gas musta hurt a bit. Great job on the fish and that will be a heck of a rod to get broke in on the new boat.
  316. M

    Length of release and why?

    Just curious as I was out fishing, or should I say riding around in the boat with baits in the water, I saw quite a few differences in what appeared to be length from ball to release. A few of the boats I noticed the line from the rod entering the water several feet behind the boat, and I mean...
  317. M

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 21, 2014

    So this is what it's like to be a Naval Submariner!
  318. M

    Gonna try something me

    Siv, Awesome, that is very similar to the carolina Rig with the exception of using an egg sinker instead of a sliding sinker. Have you found that the plastic sleave type slider is better than a snap swivel? Just curious as to the benefits of the plastic slider being any more effective...
  319. M

    Area 7 7/8

    Tom, You'll notice you were not the one my post was referring to, but thanks for noticing. Chad
  320. M

    Area 7 7/8

    Why would the guy post what he caught it on and how deep? The only outcome of doing that would be fishing with 500 of your closest friends using the same stuff he is the next time he goes out, all because he posted it on here. Besides that with the Bellingham Derby this weekend and all the...
  321. M

    Gonna try something me

    Siv, Sounds very similar to the Carolina Rig we used when bass fishing. Having been a tourny bass fisherman and having done that for years before coming to the PNW, alot of my techniques mimic those. I have a ton of cannonball sinkers as well as molds, so seeing the rig your talking about...
  322. M

    Gonna try something me

    I have over the past 10 or so years learned a lot of techniques and some have been pretty effective. Well I want to add Mooching to the arsenal. I have amassed the correct tools and have spots to test it out, but just looking for some advice from those of you that have perfected the "art" and...
  323. M

    Calling out to the MA7 crowd! I want some intel.......

    Gonna do the same thing Friday, gonna drop pots and get our crabs Thursday, probably catch some herring to brine up as well, and then spend the rest of the weekend in the SJ's chasing whatever salmon want to jump in the net. Would be nice to use a few of those "and 2 extra sockeye" lines on...
  324. M

    Is My Motor Mounted Too Deep???

    Not to mention the added drag when the motors are too low causes undue wear and tear as the motors are laboring more. Similar to pulling a heavy load with a gas motor all the time has a tendency to add build up of carbon deposits and such. Get them up where you can utilize the efficiency of...
  325. M

    Looking at a new blank

    Thanks Scold, great info and I will look into the Abyss line up. Chad
  326. M

    Looking at a new blank

    I have spent a ton of time with Carol both on the phone and in the shop in Sequim buying stuff, I love the Batson line up and have a ton of them, but I want something that's rated to 35# test on the high side but still has a fairly small diameter tip ie. extra fast action. This is why I am...
  327. M

    First Tiger and it was my Grandaughters PJ's that inspired the colors.

    Nice looking and very clean, My brothers in the mess continue to rep it here!!!
  328. M

    Looking at a new blank

    Nirvana, I am a huge fan of Batson, have about 15 of there rods built and 10-15 (couple RCLB's and a RCKJB in the mix) more blanks in the garage. But the ones in the line rating that I am looking at end up with a tip guide size that indicates a pretty heavy blank. And I am a huge fan of...
  329. M

    Looking at a new blank

    I have been using a California Calico Special CS80H 12-30# from what I can recall, and I was screwing around this weekend fishing Lings and broke it, decided to bounce a Kelp Greenling bass pro style and snap. Not a big deal as I have been wanting to build a new rod specific for Lings up here...
  330. M

    Guide Question

    Place the reel you intend to use in the reel seat and run the line through the first guide taped on the blank, put random guides down and run the line through and put a fairly good bend I the rod adjust the stripper guide (first guide from the reel) until the line does not touch the blank when...
  331. M

    Thinning the herd, Perfection and Aftco seats and gimbles

    I would like to be in line for the Reel seats size 20 and smaller.
  332. M

    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    I have 3 SLX40's I would love to do this too, but does not appear they have made a kit for those yet. Looks awesome though and will keep my eye's open.
  333. M

    Totally off Subject but Important at least to me.

    Well Said Brother!! And I extend my hand from long distance for setting the foundation for my service. I will continue to follow in your footsteps until they tell me mine are no longer required.
  334. M


    Doc, Sent you a PM. Chad CMDCM(AW/SW) VAQ 140 Patriots
  335. M

    For Sale (2) Custom Batson RX7's 9'6 Med/HVY 10-20lb

    Crappy deal to have someone back out on you, I hope you got a hefty deposit before they backed out. Sharp looking rods and good luck on the sale!
  336. M

    Custom Power Rod Wrapper w/Lots of Supplies

    Jeff, Great meeting you today, and it will get plenty of use and all the extras will make it's way onto many a custom rod in the future. Thanks again for the great deal on an awesome wrapper. Chad
  337. M

    Custom Power Rod Wrapper w/Lots of Supplies

    Hoghunter, I will take all the stuff. I realize it is Mother's Day, but I can come down with cash today. Regardless I want this and you can consider it sold. I am sending a PM as well. Chad
  338. M


    Sabre 30-80 lb rod
  339. M

    Been MIA

    Put it in some warm water and see if it clears up, if not I would not trust it after all the work done so far.
  340. M

    Bone color paint...???

    Opaque White, transparent Yellow, transparent Brown. Make sure you "test" the color outside in the sun after heat setting the paint and adjust as needed. Always start with the white as the base, couple drops of yellow and then add brown to darken a bit. Again, it takes very little of the tint...
  341. M

    gurushi test

    I think based on the fact this is not on a blank, you could go around the Urushi with a dremel tool with a small carbide bit and highlight around each shell, then add a layer of black. Once you went through the sanding process it would highlight each shell and really give a good outline contrast.
  342. M

    Building wooden Reel Seats

    Could you use a food vacuum sealer and just keep an eye on it so that it didn't into the vacuum chamber? Better yet fill a vacuum food canister and submerge the seats completely in it then vacuum it with the tube....I think that would work perfectly for what your intentions are.
  343. M

    Building wooden Reel Seats

    Good Wraps, i think the best way to do what your trying to do is get ahold of some custom duck call makers and see what their source is for Acrylic Stabalized wood.
  344. M

    Batson blanks

    skipjackrobert, I have been using Batson for my blank needs since I began building my own custom rods the last several years. I have always bought the blank based on my intended use, and don't have alot of experience with other brands of blanks, with the exception of several FW Bass type...
  345. M

    Results: Glow Paints for Sinkers and Jigs – Free Samples

    I think I might be the furthest away as far as shipping and my weights got here today. Unboxed them and did the once over, I will do an initial review, fish them, then do a complete on the water review in mid May once I get a couple weeks under the belt, then finish up with the long term...
  346. M

    Down/spiral wrap direction...???

    Carl, Anytime that the rod will be used for any type of verticle presentation I like the Spiral Wrap. I even have a few spiral wrapped crankbait rods as well. I think it is personal preference anyway.
  347. M

    Spring Bling king.

    No need to long arm that one for photo, IT"S A BEAST! Congrats, and have BV on your side definitely helps.
  348. M

    Results: Glow Paints for Sinkers and Jigs – Free Samples

    PM sent Tautog, thanks for the opportunity. Chad
  349. M


    Thoughts and Prayers headed your way Todd!
  350. M

    Rod holder track system?

    I have had Traxstech on my boat since it was new, did them myself so yes had to drill holes. I have 3' section on both sides in the back and 18" on each side in front. It makes it easy so I can remove my downriggers and go with rod holders on the back ones. Being able to remove accessories I...
  351. M

    lowrance help

    I would be that there is an internal battery of some sort, similar to a car stereo to keep preset channels, that may have gone dead. Have you verified that it took the update from here...
  352. M

    lowrance help

    I think this unit may reqiore an SD card to retain the information on?
  353. M

    2014 Lead melt dates and info...

    Ebay, a company that goes by cnc-works. Saw one of his molds at the lead burn and was impressed (same ones that owned the flask had this one).
  354. M

    Blank for AK Halibut

    I built a Rainshadow RCLB79M last year for PS Halibut and Sturgeon when I go to Idaho. Spiral wrapped and it has a very good action. Or if you like the bend of the Knife Jigging Blanks you could go that route too.
  355. M

    2014 Lead melt dates and info...

    Reel Repair and Maintenance kit...Check Evinrude Triple Guard Grease....Check Ultrasonic Cleaner....Check Drop Out Mold release....Check Extra Cash in case someone brings something I want to buy to the swap meet.....Check Looks like I am ready for SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  356. M

    Safety talk?

    Pretty simple on my 19 foot Ling Slaying machine, I am providing it and you are wearing it. Period no discussion
  357. M

    How many Occult members on here ?

    Golden Shellback Bluenose Order of the Ditch
  358. M

    Re-wrapping a Teramar 100 XH

    Nope, just strip it down and cut the reel seat off, I would just leave the butt grip on as it does not play any roll on the spline. Personnally, I would rewrap it Spiral and eliminate the need for more guides.
  359. M

    You 2 fishfinder guys

    I would agree running 2 transducers on 2 different units if they were side by side and able to watch both at the same time, but he has one up front and one in back so he will only be watching one at a time. I also run the P66 and Structure Scan at the back on my HDS8 at the helm, and feed the SS...
  360. M

    You 2 fishfinder guys

    Unless you are getting the transducer reading from a different point, for me I have 2 HDS 8's. The back one at the console reads the depth at the transom transducer, the front mounted at the bow reads the depth from the T-ducer on the trolling motor. Not uncommon for the depth to be 30-40 feet...
  361. M

    Just incase others have missed this... BD has a new PNW Hoodie and shirt available

    Love the hoodie, but isn't $17 for shipping a little steep?
  362. M

    Batson RCLB Series

    Got a RCLG70L on the dryer right now. Built for a good buddy for Ling Cod up here in the PNW, his name is Charlie so I put "Charlie's Ding-A-Ling" and did it in green and purple. Great rods and I have a RCLB79M I built for Sturgeon and Halibut. Great blanks all around.
  363. M

    Apple iTouch 64G

    Rj, Got it today, just got to get the wires for the boat stereo so I can get rid of Sirius. Thanks!
  364. M

    Lingcod/rockfish rod and reel help

    I have a ton of Ling set ups, my 2 favorites are amy Calico Special 8 foot 15-30 that I cut the guides and handle off and re-wrapped spiral. The reason I ended up doing tis is I was getting some corrosion on one of my guides and liked the action of the blank, plus it was not originally built...
  365. M

    Blank Advice

    I built a RCJB84H for dad to fish for sturgeon. He catches in the neighborhood of 200 a year anywhere from 5 foot all the way up to 10, and has landed a 9'4 and 9'8 on that rod with no problems. I built it acid wrapped and I don't think you could go wrong for what your planning to use it for.
  366. M

    Apple iTouch 64G

    PM sent your way.
  367. M

    Lb test for ling cods?

    I have eliminated as many factors as possible with my Ling fishing up here in the PNW. I run 65# braid mainline to a banana trolling sinker with 3 feet of 50# mono with a snelled 5/0 Gammy Circle hook. Add a lively fresh caught 6-8" herring reeled one crank up off the bottom, once the line goes...
  368. M

    How About Q Cove flasher Colors for Puget Sound

    Green Dragon and UV Board with Pearl Mylar in front of Coho Killer color of your choice. It did not seem to matter what color CK we ran as long as it was behind the UV Pearl Flasher.
  369. M

    2007 150 hp E-Tec

    I have a 2007 ETEC 150 on a 19 foot Alumacraft. Going on my 7th year and absolutely zero issues, and pushes my boat a little over 50 MPH.
  370. M

    Rod wrapper and wrapping supplies

    Would you be willing to seperate all the thread and cork? If so I may be interested if you would ship as well.
  371. M

    What's Your Favorite QCove Flasher Colors for the Ocean?

    UV Board Clear Pearl Mylar, then Green Dragon.
  372. M

    2014 Lead melt dates and info...

    I am going to bring a spray can of Drop Out mold release, for those of you that have not used it and your molds are candle smoked, do me a huge favor and clean your molds with acetone and a toothbrush to remove the residue and get with me before you pour. You will not regret the work you put in...
  373. M

    Electronic help

    What exactly do you get with the Point 1? I have 2 HDS 8 units on my boat, one at the helm and one at the front trolling motor mount. It is more of a Walleye boat so no real place for radar. I have read where guys have asked Lowrance whether the P1 will work with LCX113HD's and where told no...
  374. M

    UV or Glow in the Dark

    I have had much better luck with the UV, and my favorite has been the UV Board with Pearl Mylar. Why not get best of both worlds and buy the new one out that is both UV injected board with Pearl Mylar and has a Glow strip in the package to add where you want it. I will say that we caught all...
  375. M

    2014 Lead melt dates and info...

    Texmojo, On a lever drag reel, generally when the reel starts to grind on retrieve it is the right plate bearing that is going bad or binding, left hand reels it is the left plate bearing. Bring yours to the melt and we can do some preventative to ensure you don't have issues down the...
  376. M

    lead melt NORTHEND

    TeamSency, Just checked my molds and I have a 20oz, 32, and 40.
  377. M

    2014 Lead melt dates and info...

    Vance, Andros 5II if I remember correctly, and we will figure it out and get her fixed up.
  378. M

    2014 Lead melt dates and info...

    THIS IS AWESOME!!!! I will be bringing all my reel cleaning gear, as well as some new oils that have been reviewed by Alan Tani as some of the best and what he uses daily. I will also have a can or 2 of the mold spray release agent I brought last year. If you have a reel that needs maintenence...
  379. M

    lead melt NORTHEND

    TS, Chris, I think I have a 24oz ball I can check when I get home and let you know. I have a 32 and 40 as well.
  380. M

    lead melt NORTHEND

    THIS IS AWESOME!!!! I will be bringing all my reel cleaning gear, as well as some new oils that have been reviewed by Alan Tani as some of the best and what he uses daily. I will also have a can or 2 of the mold spray release agent I brought last year. If you have a reel that needs...
  381. M

    lead melt NORTHEND

    I ain't pourin nothing cause I end up doing that all year long and am usually ready for a break, but will be breaking down reels and showing people how to maintain there gear in tip-top condition.
  382. M

    lead melt NORTHEND

    And some fella sittin' in a corner working on fishing reels. Which reminds me, if you are going to want to have a reel maintained and think it could need new bearings or drag washers replaced, better order them now so you can bring them with you. As long as this is not the last weekend in...
  383. M

    Onboard Charger Questions

    I'm onboard with the AGM being the best for my boat, I have been running them for quite a few years. Cost up front is much better than lost days due to dead batteries.
  384. M

    Onboard Charger Questions

    Telltale, Yes it is a 3 stage, not as good as 4 stage but definitely better than the chargers I have been using to keep them up. AGM= Absorbed Glass Mat, not to be confused with Gel batteries, they are two different animals. I have AGM Optimas.
  385. M

    Onboard Charger Questions

    I think I have narrowed it down to this unit, just from the reviews and what I have as intended use. ProSport 20 Plus Heavy-Duty Marine Battery Charger, 20A, 12/24/36V, 3 Bank Charger
  386. M

    Onboard Charger Questions

    I have 2 AGM Optimas as my trolliing motor bank and also a seperate AGM Optima as my house battery for all my electronics and have in the past, when we got home, hooked them up to battery chargers to recharge for the next day. This has gotten to be quite the pain, since I have to monitor them...
  387. M

    Propshaft Balance Specs?

    Not sure what the "specs" are, but I would definately do a pressure test on the lower unit that has leaked and narrow down the search.
  388. M

    Finally finished my RDR96MH Downrigger rod

    Sharp, I have acid wrapped a few of the RDR blanks for DR, love them, and that reminds me I need to plan a trip over to Sequim and get some more supplies.
  389. M

    Is it worth getting knives professionally sharpened??

    Back when I worked for Bass Pro Shop part time while stationed in Great Lakes, I did a ton of knife sharpening. I didn't go through the training but learned on the fly. Not sure how good I was, but I did have people coming from miles around asking specifically for me to sharpen their knives in...
  390. M

    Lab pups

    If I didn't have an American Water Spaniel coming the first week of December, we would be getting one of these. Great looking pups and would fit right in with my YLF Baylee Cream.
  391. M

    Running out of time!!

    We ended the morning with 3 geese. Slow morning with not a lot of ducks in the air. Had a few teal buzz the deck when we weren't expecting them. Had a Speck fly over looking for his buddies but would not commit to the canadas. Gonna hit em again in the morning. Have not seen the DDW guys in...
  392. M

    Running out of time!!

    Whido, up and at em. Make sure you push some bird my way! Be Safe out there.
  393. M

    Running out of time!!

    All the decoys we will use this weekend are done with flocking and airbrush. Picked up some things to make a couple "in the decoys, away from blind flags" and gonna pull the duck deks out tonight since it didn't get done last night. The GHG flocked duck heads should be at the house today, so I...
  394. M

    duck hunting the tides

    whido, don't tell em that, I need as many out there as possible so they push the birds inland.......way inland.:hali_ruahahaha:
  395. M

    Running out of time!!

    Workin' it, gonna give it the old Navy try!
  396. M

    Running out of time!!

    Hope everyone else is ahead of my preperations for this weekend. I have been airbrushing goose decoys, flocking tails and heads, flocked tails and heads on old silo goose decoys, brushed the blind (twice cause the cows liked the brush) breaking out the ducks tonight to check weights and lines...
  397. M

    Washington Tackle Stores...

    I have some 150# and 200# mono I used for tying my halibut leaders. I am not sure how much is left on the spools, but I believe they were Trilene Big Game. Is this what your looking for?
  398. M

    as Goose as it gets, I mean, as GOOD as it gets

    Because they are good eating!
  399. M

    VV N133

    aeon, That is my biggest concern, my 250's shoot really well with 55gr (.5-.7) not so well when dropping below that, and there isn't a load listed above 51gr with out going to N130, 135, 140. Just hoping I can get a good pet load out of the N133 that gives me some good accurate loads.
  400. M

    VV N133

    Just recieved an 8# can of VV N133 from a close friend (his daughter found in some old stash her husband had still unopened) , we had discussed reloading several times over the years and he grabbed it for me before she got rid of it. No longer the case where I have a .223 to load for as I have...
  401. M

    Fall Project-Tuna Bait Rod....Blank Suggestions?

    I'm with ya, gonna get plenty hunting in as we have my youngest boy hunting his first year. Got to pick up a bunch of flocking and get some more goose decoys flocked up, and ordered some TSI 321 so I will be breaking all my reels down and flush and relube all the reels with that, plus build rods...
  402. M

    Fall Project-Tuna Bait Rod....Blank Suggestions?

    Chris, Good to hear you have time to get some stuff done. I would not hesitate to go with Batson RCLB80XL, picked up at Utmost in Sequim. I built a RCLB79ML and it is an awesome blank as well and I still have another one in the garage to build this winter during the down time between...
  403. M

    FS Shimano 300 Reels

    I have one 300DSV I upgraded the bushing to a bearing on the drive shaft. It is used but in 10/10 operational, 9/10 cosmetic with normal wear/minor boat rash. $140 shipped. and a BNIB 300E I would like to get $180 shipped. Buy them both for $300 shipped. Pretty firm on prices and not looking...
  404. M

    FS BNIB Portawattz 1000 Power Inverter

    I have had this in my garage for quite a while, was going to use it for camping and ended up going a different route. Found online for $180-220, but will let it go for $110. Box has seen better days and is weathered, ut the unit has never been pulled from the box or used...
  405. M

    Pro Mariner 1220P Battery Charger

    Probably looking for one that charges while running the big motor and the starter battery is topped off, lots of the bass boat guys run them to keep the trolling motor batteries charged throughout the day.
  406. M

    Pro Mariner 1220P Battery Charger

    John, Free Bump, I have been looking at these for my boat for a while. Gonna have to go through the G-rage and sell some stuff so I can get one without digging into the savings. Great unit for an awesome price.
  407. M

    X-rap question

    SoCal, the added weight/loss of buoyancy causes the lure to ride ass down which in turn forces the lure to the top of the water, and even if it stayed below the surface it would spin. Unfortunately the balance of the line pull position, water pressure at depth and buoyancy of the lure all play...
  408. M

    X-rap question

    Well since you already drilled the hole to drain, first thing you need to do is take either a plastic stick or toothpick with a dab of 2 part stick epoxy (devcon or similar) and stick in the hole. One it has set up trim off the stick as close as possible to the lure. Then with a mix of 2 part...
  409. M

    Outboard diagnosis help? (with video)

    Absolutely could be caused by the alternator, the batteries start the motor by giving enough power to all the required systems and the alternator takes over. Once it is running the alternator is providing constant power to all systems and recharges the battery from what was used to start the...
  410. M

    E-Tech Re-power

    I have had my 150 on my Alumacraft Navigator 185 Sport since new in 07' and I have ran it hard and it has never let me down. Great motor and fuel economy, when I can keep from hammering down.
  411. M

    Baker Lake

    Based on the lack of reports I would bet it is tight lipped and on fire, less reports = less fisherman to compete with. Might have to head up there and hit some fish.
  412. M

    WTC Results or report ?

    I saw on Facebook that the Batson Team took 4th team and 2nd on side bet. Nothing more though. Sorry to hear that Vance, looked forward to seeing good results from you guys.
  413. M

    Hit Area 7 today

    Went out for a few hours while the pots soaked in Deception. Hooked up 8 times, but they were all dogfish.........pulling gear no bait. Saw one net fly and it was a fairly nice fish.
  414. M

    Lowrance Transducer and Power Cord

    Didn't get this sold in time, I will be out of town for a while and will repost when I return. Thanks for the interest, just couldn't get it locked down and sold in time.
  415. M

    I-5 over Skagit river collapsed

    Dan is a good friend of mine. Just took him Ling fishing in the beginning of the month and returned his battery charger to his truck yesterday. He had called me in the afternoon asking if any fishing was opened for the camp they were going. Crazy that this one hit so close to home.
  416. M

    Who Knows Anything About BADFISH?

    I have, use there grease and some of their super lubes. All seem to be very good on the reels I have used them on and my saltwater bottom fishing gear has held up great. I have only been using a couple years, so no real long term tests completed.
  417. M

    Lowrance Xducer and Power Cord

    I have an extra Dual Frequency HST-WSBL 83/200 and Power Cord PC-26BL, both are Blue connector. I don't have the mount for the transducer since this one was on my trolling motor and I reused the mount for the new transducer when I upgraded to a Airmar on the back and moved the back ducer to the...
  418. M

    Lowrance Transducer and Power Cord

    I have an extra Dual Frequency HST-WSBL 83/200 and Power Cord PC-26BL, both are Blue connector. I don't have the mount for the transducer since this one was on my trolling motor and I reused the mount for the new transducer when I upgraded to a Airmar on the back and moved the back ducer to the...
  419. M

    Salmon for Soldiers Fishing Event

    Can you post a list of everyone that has rogered up so we know who and what has been volunteered. Then we can have a back up list if needed.
  420. M

    Fishing Washington area around July 25 through Aug 10

    Try to hook up with some BD'ers from that side of the water, it is a Pink year and you should be able to pitch jigs to them and catch enough to make your arms sore. Or cast a Buzz Bomb from the beah to the close in jumpers, should be able to hook up quite a few that way.
  421. M

    Mc and Big Hammer Swimbaits

    If 95% flake then the other 5% should have bought them already. Good Luck with the sale.
  422. M

    Need a Scotty DR part

    John's Sporting goods in Everett. If he doesn't have it he can get it.
  423. M

    Catching Kelp Greenling

    Kelp Greenling and Ling Cod are very similar in taste. The smaller Greens we send back down with bigger hooks cause they are Ling Candy.
  424. M

    Linking Two Lowrance Head Units With Ethernet

    I can't answer your question right off, but I do have HDS 8's linked with E-net your welcome to try the link if you want. We would just need to set up a meet sometime.
  425. M

    Shimano Bantam 50 Magnum

    Not to sound cliche', but this is one of those reels that defines the statement "it is worth what someone is willing to pay". Hugely sought out in the past as a freshwater salmon/steelhead and Bass fisherman reel alike. Great workhorse reel and really set the tone for alot of fisherman...
  426. M


    Tear it down and take an old toothbrush, apply a thin coat of Yamalube or Triple Guard grease to all non exposed surfaces. Then flush the bearings completely out with Naptha (lighter fluid) allow to dry completely, then add one drop of Reel X or Corrosion X to each bearing and it should be good...
  427. M

    GF700ML - Have a Cigar

    Sharp Colors, with a nice touch. Clean looking build.
  428. M


    Vance and Kelli, THANK YOU FOR HOSTING!!! Great time had by all and I was very glad I had the chance to meet everyone. Putting faces to names makes it a success. I know some where a little hessitant on using the mold release agent, especially Ted, but I think thats cause he is old and used to...
  429. M

    Bad Mouthing

    It doesn't matter, we all love what Silvia has done for all of us. Her and Grady's support of rod building as a whole far outweighs any BS that can be spread on here or anywhere eslse for that mater. Any chicken shit person that sends email anon without there real name is just a fake chicken...
  430. M

    Your choice of a trolling reel

    Okuma 20CV Convector Line-counter cause the only trolling I do is for salmon up here in the Puget Sound.:rofl:
  431. M


    Wild Bill, Thanks for the use of the Reel X, I only used it on a couple reels I knew were going back in saltwater but you were already gone so I left it with Vance as I don't know when I'll see you again. What an awesome time had by all, a few close calls, but nothing catastrophic. Vance...
  432. M


    Nice, reel looks pretty simple, drags should be no problem to get back into working order as long as there are no tears.
  433. M


    BRING IT ON!!!! If you let me plug my Ultrasonic Cleaner in at your house we will get them back where they need to be. What series Cabo's?
  434. M


    Awesome, I love working on shimano's as they are pretty straight forward. I also have the tool to remove the spool bearings and get them all back to top order. Abugarcias are fast as well, don't be afraid to bring those reels collecting dust on the shelf, we might be able to get them back in...
  435. M


    Reminder to those that want some reel maintainence done, please print out your schematics, bigger the better as my eyes aren't what they used to be. Also if you have a specific type of oil used, please bring as well. I have Yellow Rocket Fuel, Quantum Hot Sauce, Simple Green, Rosinol, Shimano...
  436. M

    Poachers busted!

    Very obvious they were doing this for financial gain, I sure hope they can track down who was buying as you would have a hard time convincing me it was their first time doing this. Good job to those involved in the catch!
  437. M

    What chart package?

    The Fish'n'chip was one they would throw in a few years back when you bout the Gold card. They have it incorporated into the Platinum now and might even be in the insight already. I have temp on mine but can't recall if it is in the LSS trans or the P66 I have, either way I love the set up and...
  438. M

    What chart package?

    Rjoe, I will jump in, I have the insight on one of my HDS8 plus Structure Scan and P66 transducer. I ran an ethernet to allow use of the SS on my forward mounted HDS8 as well on the trolling motor. Insight is great for identifying structure and contours to start with, then I fine une my area...
  439. M

    Salmon for Soldiers Fishing Event

    I am in the air right now, but if I am back from deployment I can take 1 or 2, and if I am not I will still offer up my boat. I can get someone to run it I am sure.
  440. M


    Vance, Any specific "Clown Oil" needed? I work on the base here in Whidbey and can make a quick run to the Commisary this week.
  441. M

    Anyone have this problem?

    Had exactly this issue when my Handheld VHF was keyed and too close to my Lowrance 332C. I went through and turned on and off each electronic item on the boat until I was able to duplicate and isolate the issue.
  442. M


    I was thinking about bringing my reel maintenence gear if anyone has a couple reels that need some attention. Just ask that if you do make sure you print the schematics for the reel since I am not sure where my schematics disc went. I have oils, grease tools and everything needed to flush...
  443. M


    I will also be bringing a 15# mold, plus 20oz,32oz and 40oz cannonball molds.
  444. M

    Da da da da dat All Folks

    It'll look like a sticker when your done cause thats how you roll. AWESOME DOC.
  445. M


    CPXtra for me.
  446. M

    Lowrance 337C

    Had the same units with external gps (332C) previously before upgrading to 2 HDS 8's and LSS1. Only issue I had ever had was GPS not responding, this was due to a bad GPS Puck which was replaced under warranty. My cousin has been running the 337DF for about 7 years and never a problem. Just make...
  447. M

    Lowrance SUCKS

    So let me see if I have this correct......You bought a product without researching whether it could do what "you" want it to do with the equipment "you" already have then get pissed at "them" when it won't work in your favor?:2gunsfiring_v1: Love my Lowrance HDS 8's with Structure Scan and...
  448. M

    JB braid.

    Unless you plan on running some type of top shot of flourocarbon or mono I see no reason to go with hollow.
  449. M

    Good Luck!!!

    Guys, just wanted to say good luck to those going out to tackle the Anacortes Derby this weekend. Weather looks like it will be awesome for you all. Not gonna fish it this year, but I am taking the boat down to Longview next friday to Superior Design and get a top built for it. Had the boat for...
  450. M

    Annual LEAD POUR

    I can pretty much make any days listed. I will bring 15# DR mold Cannonball molds in 1-4, 4-6, 8/10, 20, 32, 40 Bannana Trolling 1-5 oz Pyramid 4oz I have a plenty of each of the eyelets required for the molds I have, just need to provide your own barrel swivels if you want trolling...
  451. M

    Blank Suggestions?

    And if you're into the skinnier blanks, RCLB79ML 20-40 stick 7'9" variety.
  452. M

    FT BNIB Curado 300E

    Stryker, I am hoping for something more in the 3-10/4-16 size and will probably need to stay at 40MM Obj. to keep from upgrading the rings to higher ones (should have said that in the original post I guess). It is gonna be a carry gun for Coyotes since I already have a Savage 12FV with...
  453. M

    BNIB Curado 300E

    I would like to trade for a nice scope for my 700 BDL 22-250. Already has Burris Bases and Rings, but inexpensive scope. I need glass to enhance the already great set up and this reel has never had line on it. Chad
  454. M

    FT BNIB Curado 300E

    I would like to trade for a nice scope for my 700 BDL 22-250. Already has Burris Bases and Rings, but inexpensive scope. I need glass to enhance the already great set up and this reel has never had line on it. Chad
  455. M

    FT BNIB Curado 300E

    Like the post says, it is brand new in box, never had line on it I would like to trade for a nice scope for my BDL 22-250. I already have nice Burris Rings and Bases, just want to add a nice scope. Let me know what you have via PM or on here. Thanks, Chad
  456. M

    New revo inshore not going in gear?

    Bad Kick Lever, must have been an old stock from past because the newer ones have a stainless steel insert in the kick lever that eliminates this issue.
  457. M

    Tigers and marbles headed north

    RC, Did you use any CP over the BB-03 before finishing? I just ordered some brites earlier today before I saw this post, I am glad I did now. Gonna build Dad Brite Sturgeon rod and add Glow in the Dark pigments in the finish.
  458. M

    Polishing drag plate

    I would also do this on a sheet of glass, no imperfections like a table or piece of wood my have causing groves to be sanded into the drag surface.
  459. M

    Accurate introduces the FURY!! - Caption Contest ending December 14th, 2012

    See I told you all those family reunion invites would bring us all the bait we needed to test out my new FURY!
  460. M

    Rod finish WITHOUT UV protection?

    Moleculo is right on, when I am adding UV to salmon lures I use Envirotex Lite for the top coat and the UV shows through on a black light perfectly.
  461. M

    JT's work in action!

    That second picture looks like what happens when you get your hand stuck between the rod and the rail on a big fish. Pretty cool pics and rod!
  462. M

    Accurate introduces the FURY!! - Caption Contest ending December 14th, 2012

    Watch this, I saw a penguin do it once and I think I can do it!
  463. M

    3 Calstar 196-6' kids x-mas sticks!

    That is so cool, great looking rods. They should have some fun with those.
  464. M

    Rainshadow Inshore Rod & Curado 200G7

    What is the model number of the rod?
  465. M

    X-RAP for Xmas

    Tommy, Don't retire them, sand em, primer, repaint and seal with 2 part rod expoxy, throw em on the turner and repeat 2nd top coat and FISH EM! You'll have to re-tune them, but hell you already know how to do that part.
  466. M

    United Composites US 80 Wahoo

    GWB, Dad has fished the Chehalis just down from the fire station in town. He said he saw more sturgeon roll or jump in one day there then he could ever remember. He fishes the Snake River in Idaho, though he does come up every year to take advantage of Ling Cod, plan is to give it to him...
  467. M

    United Composites US 80 Wahoo

    Bill, Do you mind if I emulate that rod on a build I will be doing when I get back home? I just picked up a RCJB84H that my dad had mentioned he wanted to build for sturgeon. My intention is to build a acid wrapped rod, something he would never do himself, and add glow in the dark pigments...
  468. M

    Squid Grub Proto types in the works

    Clear with glow in the dark pigments and the Hali's down deep will hammer them.
  469. M

    Cool Video

    Looks like alot of fishing boat with very little fishing room. Maybe it is just me or the video, but looked really cramped for a boat of that size.
  470. M

    1998 Evinrude FICHT 150's

    I for one am running XD-100 oil on my 07' 150 ETEC so no need to run anything for carbon cleaning, the oil does it. Only time I add seafoam is the last couple tanks before shutting down for a while or winterizing for a fuel stabilizer.
  471. M

    goose calls

    My vote is for the Traffic, I have used all brands of calls at one point or another, but the Traffic has never come off my lanyard. It is just as the name implies, it is built to pull "Traffic" geese that are on their way somewhere other than your spread. It is fairly high pitched but can get...
  472. M

    Drag Grease?

    You should be able to get some grease at walmart in the sporting goods section. It will either be Penn or teflon grease in a small tube. Either one should work, the teflon keeps it from getting build up and getting sticky, the grease you have on it now if it gets warm will probably turn pretty...
  473. M

    how much does your 2005+ v6 tacoma pull

    Everything I have seen is Towing Cap is 3500#'s in any type of configuration, so that would indicate to me that the brakes are the same on all all of them and that is the limiting factor. 3500# would make it approximately 350# tongue weight, anything higher than that and getting into an accident...
  474. M

    Curado 200e5 problem... Please help!

    Probably corrosion in the dog/drag mechanism. Take it all down and clean it up, replace worn parts and grease the new carbontex drag washers.
  475. M

    Difference between new and old Abu Revos?

    The biggest difference will be in the weight and ability to balance on the rod better for less fatigue through out the day and better percieved sensitivity. I have not disassembled one yet, but will soon as I like to completely clean my new reels to remove grease and flush and relube the...
  476. M

    Boston Whaler hull repair

    I would pose the question to Captain Cabo on here, he does some awesome stuff to rebuilding boats. He would be able to aswer, but personally I cannot see why yoou could not get the foam out and rebuild the hole from the inside then refoam.
  477. M

    What paint to use for Wood Lures?

    You have to seal the wood before application of paint or it will get waterlogged and no longer be a surface bait. Minwax wood hardener is one solution, dip it in and let it dry, then prime and paint, then 2 or 3 good coats of clear should do it. I don't do wood lures, but from what I have read...
  478. M

    Deployment get away

    being deployed during the fishing season back home makes for some pretty boring times, what better thing to do than book a charter and get some fishing in on the off time. Got together 13 of us and started making phone calls, last minute I will add. Got ahold of Jody (not sure if it is spelled...
  479. M

    Whats your favorite duck/goose call?

    2 Saunders Guide Series Originals in Acrylic (1) and Delrin (1), Traffic in Maple/Acrylic, 2 GP's all for geese. Buck Gardner Buck Brush, Saunders Schultz Triple reed for ducks, duck whistle.
  480. M

    Labor Day weekend area 9

    Great job with the fish, too bad you found out the hard way with the owners. The cutting point hooks have a tendency to make a large hook opening because of the cutting surface which causes the fish the ability to "throw" the hook. Go with regular SSW and you will regain your catch percentage...
  481. M

    Thanks Silvia!

    Silvia and Grady are truly a couple of the greatest people I have not had the opportunity to meet personally, although they have still treated me as if we were family. They truly CARE and that means everything as far as I am concerned. On the bucket list is to one day meet them both in person.
  482. M

    More lowrance trouble.....

    I have been fortunate to have never had issues that could not be solved by Lowrance, been using them since the mid 80's and now have 2 HDS 8's with LSS-1. Only issues were on the old 332c that had a GPS puck go bad, replaced on warranty and the units are still working to this day. Guess I have...
  483. M

    Abu Garcia REVO STX

    I don't own the 7.1 but I have had the chance to fish one. The line retrieval is awesome when you are trying to catch up to a fish that has picked up the bait and is moving towards you, this is a much bigger deal when you are using mono line as the stretch has to be made up to set the hook...
  484. M

    need helps asap skipjack with a chevy 350 oil question

    If you didn't fill the Filter, that could be a quart. Should be 3.5-4 quarts in the pan and remainder in the filter and system.
  485. M

    transom support.

    First thing I would do is have the whole transom checked out, if it has rot you run the risk of ripping the transom off and finding outboard on the bottom. Don' risk a quick fix that could put you and everyone on the boat at risk.
  486. M

    Gotta break out the blade &&*^%&*(^&*

    AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA>>>>He is HUMAN!!!!! Oh wait, his the one he messed up on is still top notch, and it wasn't even his fault. Still looks awesome to me.
  487. M

    blank for kings,and cobia from southeast FL piers

    Just my preference, I like the action of the Batson Rods and have built quite a few for specific type fishing.
  488. M

    MA7 Newbies

    Great job on the report and fish, just hope you turned the "person" in you saw pulling your pot otherwise they will keep on doing it.
  489. M


    Thanks d.
  490. M


    Find the bait, figure out what they are, match the hatch, troll, mooch, jig until the fish hit and capitalize on that tactic. There is no fast and definate rule in MA7 as to the way they will stack in and if they will be where they were last year or years before. Good luck and enjoy the time on...
  491. M

    About Navionics Chips

    Damn, I have the FNC and was using it on my 332C, now that upgraded to HDS 8's I never put it on, looks like that is about to change!!!!!
  492. M

    I broke two of my 10 Commandments of Fishing Etiquette in one shot...

    Ali, I typed it up and the information comes up fine. But I see it is all OLD information. Chad
  493. M

    I broke two of my 10 Commandments of Fishing Etiquette in one shot...

    Quick call to the Coast Guard stating a near miss on you while you we not under power and he was with pictures may have fixed that issue.
  494. M

    sturgeon on the skagit / cascade

    Off the bank, near Mt. Vernon, but the river is running SUPER high and lots of trees floating down. I would say mid July before it gets back into order.
  495. M

    Senko color for lmb?

    By far my most successful color, probably 10-1 of any other color, Green Pumpkin.
  496. M

    FS Lwrance 332C

    I have one with a brand new power cord, GPS puck and mount, 200MHZ Transducer and brand new stainless mount, extra 25 ft extension cord for the GPS puck and one T. Unit worked great when removed, took it off last year when I got an HDS 8. Now I have 2 HDS 8's and don't need this one. Looking to...
  497. M

    electronics question

    Yes Simrad and HDS are both made by Lowrance. Simrad seems to have some higher end stuff like touch screens and such. If you are just setting it up to sell the boat, like said above, you will NEVER get your money back out of them. Look to just put something on to help the sale making it a...
  498. M

    electronics question

    I have the HDS 8's with Structure Scan on my 19 foot boat. I run one in front with a 50/200 transducer on the trolling motor, and a P66 Airmar 50/200 on the back with the SS transducer closer to the keel. Great picture and veryb accurate. Simrad would be my choice of the 2 you listed since you...
  499. M

    Curado 300 or Revo Toro?

    I have 3 Toro 50's and a 50 Winch, 300DSV, and 300E. By far prefer the Toro's over both Curado 300's, I use them for everything including Sturgeon and Lingcod. I don't think the gear ratio plays a part in the ability to crank in a fish like others though, I pull up and reel down and the ONLY way...
  500. M

    Lowrance HDS5X signal color help

    Legacy, Good question, I am not sure I can help though. I set my HDS on color pallatte #1 so I get the standard white/yellow/orange/red, so best I can tell you is go to youtube and type in Lowrance HDS Setup and go through the various videos and you should be able to get a good answer there...
  501. M

    simrad NSS8 ?? vs HDS10 ??

    Jeff, I think you'll be very happy with that. You can easily have a HDS 10 in your boat, the 8's in my "Walleye" boat are a little overkill, but I love the fact I can see the screen from anywhere in the boat. Chad
  502. M

    simrad NSS8 ?? vs HDS10 ??

    I have 2 HDS 8's and would have to say that the bigger the screen the better. I added the LSS-1 Structure Scan to mine this weekend and went out just to fine tune yesterday....SICK!!!!! Both units look awesome when set up right, and yeah they suck.....thats why so many Professional fisherman are...
  503. M

    Neah Bay spearfishing report....

    What is the limit when spear fishing? Do you have to carry your own fish that you shoot, or can you carry other people in the groups fish? Looks like fun, just not sure I would want to spend money on yet another hobby.
  504. M

    no disrespect intended

    Damn, fishing must have been good. I sure hope they weren't trolliing at the time this picture was taken.
  505. M

    Replacement Outboard Question

    The only way that value would go up with a repower is by getting closer to the max rated HP, I believe that is 90. I would look at Yamaha in the 4 stroke or ETEC 2 stroke. The etec is 40lbs lighter than the Honda 4 stoke.
  506. M

    New Rules/Regs - All respect gone for WDFW!!!!!

    Lawsuit filed by yourself and neighbors would be a start. Sounds like they lost the first 3 rounds so the legwork should already be done for the most part.
  507. M

    Halibut Fishing Question

    Watch Wicked Tuna on TV and DO NOT DO AS THEY DO!!!! Hey Muthafuka I been feeshin those numbers all month and all the sudden you anchor up in MY SPOT.
  508. M

    Lowrance blow out

    9/0, Just looking out and fell into one for myself.
  509. M

    Lowrance blow out

    Burlington was out last night on all 8 and 7's, but I called Silverdale and got the last HDS8 for $937 shipped plus the $200 rebate. Having 2 HDS 8's and the LSS1 for the opener should be awesome. Can't believe the prices!!
  510. M

    wire type?

    Tinned wire only on my boat, asking for trouble with anything else.
  511. M

    Scent bag: what do you think?

    I see no reason why it wouldn't work. You would have to use alot of oils or grind up the chum super fine, but as long as it was able to permiate through. I also think that a Halibut would tear that bag apart when it gets ahold of it, maybe attach a Go Pro Camera so we can see the carnage. Go for...
  512. M

    Curado or citica

    Looks like one bearing more in the Curado, and a different spool for reduction in spool weight. In the past you could add a bearing to the Citica and basically make it meet the specs of the Curado. I would go handle both and see if the difference in price is worth the feel and function to you...
  513. M


    Back when I fished out of San Diego we did really well on Mann's 20+ Deep Divers, but this was well before DD22's and 6XD's. I like Rapala Husky Jerks and Rogues for Jerk Baits, top water Sammy's and an old time favorite is Devil's Horse.
  514. M

    HOW MUCH???? DO YOU!!!!!

    Shit, I love to fish and so does the wife. I own my own boat outright, build my own rods and do all my own work on my tackle. Did I mention she loves to fish and is normally the one saying we need to get out more. But I spend nowhere near $1000 a month on fishing, even when I am going out 8-10...
  515. M

    Good starter set up???

    7 foot MH action 10-17lb line rating would cover most applications from Senkos to Spinnerbaits. A good baitcast reel that holds 100+ yards of 10lb test. I would also throw a spinning rod of the same rating and a good 2000-2500 reel with 6-8 lb test for throwing tubes and shakey heads and your...
  516. M

    Is there water in your fuel, want to know?

    Also called Water Indicating Paste, been using it in the Navy for years to indicate water levels in tanks more accurately on a steel tape.
  517. M

    Crankbait Colors?

    I absolutely agree that the action is the key, but after years of fishing crankbaits for Bass, I also think that a reaction strike can be enhanced when color flashes occur that trigger the fish. Subtle changes from off the shelf bought lures can make a HUGE difference in catch ratio. This...
  518. M

    Crankbait Colors?

    samgann, Don't let the title fool ya, I am a crankbait freak already. Well over 200 crankbaits in the arsenal, just looking to fine tune and custom a few.
  519. M

    Crankbait Colors?

    Cool, keep them coming cause I have a whole lot of crankbaits. Who knows, I might be stationed in San Diego before I retire and I will definately have the tackle to fish the SWBA/SWBS.
  520. M

    Crankbait Colors?

    You guys hitting the SW Bass, what are your favorite DD22/6XD colors? I am planning on custom painting a bunch of my crankbaits and would like some ideas on colors that are effective down south. I have purchased a bunch of DD22's and 6XD's and plan on going custom on them with an airbrush...
  521. M

    Revo Inshore Question

    If you get the REVO, you'll end up giving the kid the Curado.
  522. M


    BP, Your stuff continues to AMAZE me!!!! Second to none.
  523. M

    need help now!

    My question is, is your Gramps healthy enough to be on a Yak?:finger:
  524. M

    Small(est) Baitcaster

    Curado 50E is a great small profile reel, but if it was for strictly salt I would get an Okuma Serrano. It is a sweet, light reel adn can cast light baits a mile with the right rod.
  525. M

    Recommend a Low-Profile Saltwater Reel

    For the smaller baits I have a Okuma Serrano, bigger baits I would go Revo Toro 50.
  526. M

    11" BAIT HAS LIFE!!!!

    Both are SICK, but have to agree the Curl Tail woould KILL the Ling Cod and Halibut in the Puget Sound. I even think the Swimbait would work on Big Halibut with some scent added. Keep them coming as it is an inspiration to all the up and coming bait builders out therre and really causes people...
  527. M

    How many pounds of drag do i need?

    I would thinkg that 10-20 lbs of drag is more than enough. I can't count how many halibut in the 100lb range have been caught with a daiwa 50H, not sure what pound test they put out.
  528. M

    Trolling Motor Help

    i would definately check the keyway to ensure engagement like get some stated, then if that does not work take it to an authorized service center. Should be a fairly easy inexpensive fix.
  529. M

    Bubba Blade's Looking for a Tag Line - Please help - Contest ends Mar 22, 2012

    Bubba Blade- The new definition of clean cut Bubba Blade- All the meat with none of the waste Bubba Blade- Making the trim work easy
  530. M

    Bubba Blade's Looking for a Tag Line - Please help - Contest ends Mar 22, 2012

    Bubba Blade.....THE FIRST CUT IS THE DEEPEST!!!
  531. M

    Wireless Trolling Motors

    I have a wireless minn kota, which I like for the fishing that I do, but it is not as responsive as I think would be best for Saltwater Bass. I have autopilot and it is good for going in straight lines against current or verticle fishing, but moving around in the surf and kelp would be much...
  532. M

    Guide & epoxy question if you will?

    The thread is the strength and the epoxy coating is just a sealer to keep the thread from being contaminated and therefore reducing the strength of the thread. The epoxy may give a little strength to the wraps but it will be minimal. I would always go for the authetically pleasing even look of 3...
  533. M

    Canadian halibut

    Don, Nice job on the fish. Rig that motor so it will hit 6000 at the weight you will generally be running and then you're still good to go if you're are light loaded, you will just have to adjust the throttle.
  534. M

    It's done!

    Congrats on making the right choice and winning. Now I pray your X gets a 6 figure job and is forced to provide you with MANY years of expensive child support.
  535. M

    Lowrance HDS Tuna Trolling Spotting Help n

    When fishing for Salmon you're not looking for the standard colors found in a fish with a swim bladder if you're using a color FF. You are looking at the verticle lines moving in and out of the bait or towards your offering. The standard bladder fish will show up with some yellow/orange in the...
  536. M

    How high of the cost of fuel till ya stop fishing

    Not gonna slow me down in the least as it is my Family Hobby and we all fish. Don't do a whole lot with other than the occasional trip with guys from work, but it is my boat and I fit the bill cause even if they aren't with me I am fishing anyway. Being on a deployment cycle like I am, I go...
  537. M

    New Motor is ON!!!

    Wasn't gonna chime in but too much misunderstanding to the amount of oil based on settings. XD-50 ann XD-100 does not indicate what percentage of oil is injected per gallons of gas. XD50 is semi-synthetic oil approx. 50% dino/50% Synthetic mix, XD100 is 100% Synthetic. When set on TCW3 setting...
  538. M

    Lowrance HDS Tuna Trolling Spotting Help n

    I have mine set up IAW Doc Samsons recommendation on his site. I will be fine tuning once I add the AIRMAR and LSS-1.
  539. M

    Lowrance HDS Tuna Trolling Spotting Help n

    I would thiink it is the adjustments on the unit and fine tuning. I have the HDS 8 and I can see salmon coming up towards the downrigger and lure prior to the take, I can even see the ones that come up and take a look and don't hit. i have gone onto youtube and typed in HDS Basic Setup and...
  540. M

    fish finder

    I already had the HDS8 and just picked up the LSS1 Structure Scan yesterday and checked when I got home and looked it up and low and behold a $150 dollar rebate. Now it the time if you have the money.
  541. M

    how will they bite

    If there is a big Barometric pressure change you may have to slow the presentation down, but early in the front the bass should be on fire. Good luck and I sure wish I was able to go after them.
  542. M

    Twenty Xtra Heavy Largemouth Bass Rod

    BADASS!!!! Throw a Zebco 33 and go feeeshin':rofl: Some very nice work, but I see three glow diamonds not two........
  543. M

    WTT my NIB Curado 300E's (2)

    Looks like both have been traded, I got what I wanted and these guys are getting great reels in trade. Thanks j fish and OG OUTCAST There in the mail and confirmation numbers in you PM. Thanks Guys. Chad
  544. M

    WTT my NIB Curado 300E's (2)

    HBH, Rather trade for the reel rather than money as once I get money in hand I never end up with what I really need, and I a;ready have the rod blanks for the reels in hand. j fish reply sent.
  545. M

    WTT my NIB Curado 300E's (2)

    Like the caption says, I have 2 brand new in the box Curado 300E's and really rather have Revo Toro 50's or 60's. Reels need to be in like condition. Let me know what you have. Chad
  546. M

    Fetha Styx Down Rigger rods For sale

    My opinion is that 9' and longer rods load up much better on the wieght and also takes up more slack line on the set when they take it out of the clip, only downside would be if you were in a smaller boat and could not back far enough up to get the fish in the net.
  547. M

    Q Cove flashers?

    Yep, Ken is top of the line, not a bad Halibut fisherman least as long as he is on my boat he was:finger::finger:
  548. M

    Happy with the sonar on your Lowrance HDS?

    I am very happy with my HDS8, I will also be upgrading to the Structure Scan next. The definition and detail of the unit far surpasses my expectations.
  549. M

    Rod/Reel Combo for Wife

    Get a custom rod Acid Wrapped. I have built 5 rods on the concept and there is no torque what-so-ever. As a matter a fact why not just build one for her? You can get all the components for less than $100, not to mention they are the same components alot of custom rod guys are charging $200-$400...
  550. M

    7strand 60# uncoated

    Sent you a link to the stuff your looking for.
  551. M

    new rules for sportfishing proposed

    This is BS, the fish currently located in the rivers up here are moving up those same rivers to spawn, they are not traveling to the CR to spawn. I have caught sturgeon up here with recent fin damage from the spawn, these are not fish that are traveling to spawn, they are spawning in the local...
  552. M

    3 rods for Bay/Harbor fishing

    Your Crazy if you don't take ezsmith up on the offer to build you three rods just from the component cost. Get EXACTLY what you want built custom to your configuration. You would be surprised at the difference in custom versus off the shelf and save you about half on the rod itself. $100 in...
  553. M

    USMC decal help needed

    Not sure if they have what your looking for on Whidbey Island, but I will give a look tomorrow and my shipping will be free. I'll get back on here tomorrow. Chad
  554. M

    The New RodCrafters Journal -- WOW!!!

    Finally got off my butt and became a member today, now I will have to figure out how to get a copy of this quarters journal...... Chad
  555. M

    Happy birthday Doc Ski

    Happy Birthday Chief!!! Hope you have a GREAT day!!!!
  556. M

    One Drink

    Gonna go with Bourbon on the rocks, maybe a cigar with it.
  557. M


    Silvia, This is but a SMALL Token for what You, Gene and Grady (Errand Boy) have done in support of all the great programs and support networks to our troops. During that 8 month deployment, the time spent enjoying something other than the day to day job kept many minds sharp. Thank You...
  558. M

    School of "Hot Perch" Custom

    Thanks for the compliment, just wish I could take better pictures as they don't look as good as in person. But I won't be hooking anything on them myself, they'll be wrapped and sent to Idaho for Xmas for Dad to fish Brownlee Reservoir. He caught a 4.1# Crappie on that color in a shad rap...
  559. M

    School of "Hot Perch" Custom

    Painted these up for my dads favorite SMB spots.
  560. M

    Mackerel? What kind off WA coast?

    I caught a couple in the 14"-18" range a few years back across from Mukilteo ferry landing while trying to get a few herring to brine for the Everett Derby, so it was late august i believe. They were running with some horse herring moving up to spawn. Wish I would have caught a bunch more for...
  561. M

    Boat Cover

    I'll take it if it is still available. Chad
  562. M

    Okuma Citrix reel

    I have had the Serrano for a couple years and had no problem pulling Lings to 17# in 90 FOW. The other big difference is the Serrano is build from corrosion resistant materials for saltwater. It is also marketed as an inshore saltwater reel. Great little reel so far.
  563. M

    Our Help is SERIOUSLY needed.

    Silvia has done more for others than anyone other than Grady could know and for that she is surely held in high regards everywhere. Godspeed on your recovery and know that we are all here for you like you have been here for us. Chad
  564. M

    I need more power out of my yammi 250! please help......

    Jailer, Next thing I would do is have the tachometer checked for accuracy. You may have already done that but I didn't read through all the posts. Sounds like you got it where you needed to be, one other thing to look at is having the prop bluepriinted to ensure all blades are exactly the same.
  565. M

    Pouring Downrigger Balls

    I realize this is a little old but I also use parafin wax in the cleaning process of the lead and it pours much smoother throughout the process. A good sized marble chunk mixed in molten lead stirred with ladel until it flames up. The molten wax pulls the unpure crap in the lead to the top...
  566. M

    70HP Johnson running on 2 cylinders

    Been doing the same treatment to all my vehicles and lawn mowers ect. for years and all of them are still running like new. Picked up a couple inches of vacuum in my wifes van before we sold it a couple years ago. The price of Seafoam has gone up quite a bit over the past 5 or 6 years but still...
  567. M

    Be aware (or rather beware) of Calstar (I'm "That Guy")

    Hoogan, So what your saying is you purchased PH 929H at the same time and "walked" out of the store with all rods in hand and could not see a FULL 6" difference in the rods that are only listed as 2" in difference and then slammed Calstar? Wow.....
  568. M

    ID Please

    Looks like a Sand/Spottie Hybrid, very cool looking fish. Probably would have held onto that one and had it checked out.
  569. M

    what to do with 8 St Croix rod tops?

    I agree with MCS, make some nice ultra light spinners out of them. That is some long upper sections off some long rods and should make a nice trout rod. Chad
  570. M

    15lb DR ball mold?

    Erik, Just bought one and poured 6 new ones this weekend. I will be heading to Boston for a week, but I am on leave now and can hook you up. I am here in Sedro, so let me know. Chad
  571. M

    Curado e5 45% off

    I ordered 3 of the 50's when they were $109.99 and recieved all of them in the box new all the way up in the Pacnorwest of Washington.
  572. M


    I picked mine up on here from Lugger (HDS 8) and I love it so far, going from a 332C with the 5" screen was a huge plus and the price was around $500 less than what I could buy anywhere else. I will be putting the structure scan on soon. I had priced the unit and LSS-1 and had figured on...
  573. M

    HDS -8 lowrance new in box !! $1275.00

    Sled, It was basic mapping and is now on it's new boat. Awesome unit and would definately recommend to anyone interested. Though I am a diehard Lowrance fan and have been for years so my opinion might be biased.
  574. M

    Rainshadow Drop Shot

    Zombie, Isn't that a XSB822.5? 82= 6'10" 2.5 weight rod? Just curious since I want to build a drop shot rod adn that is the rod I was gonna go with. Great colors and the marbling looks good and I bet the fish won't mind it a bit.
  575. M

    HDS -8 lowrance new in box !! $1275.00

    Installed on saturday, runs like a champ and great transaction. Thanks Steve, hope the wedding was great and you got some fishing in, saw your trailer still at the launch after we got done fishing sunday. Chad
  576. M

    MA 7 7/10

    First salmon trip since getting home from deployment. Wanted to get out and run the new HDS 8 I picked up from Lugger friday, Thanks Buddy!!!. Wasn't in a big hurry to get up and run out so we got a little later start. Rigged up with the jim's Break-a-ways and Coho Killer and needlefish...
  577. M

    rainshadow rdr86mh

    Very sharp looking rod. I have 2 86M and 2 86MH I need to wrap when I get home. They will also hav graphite handles and spiral wrapped.
  578. M

    50% off revo toro 50

    Damnit, wish they had an online order with shipping. This deployment sure is causing me to miss some great deals, I need 2 of these!!!!!
  579. M

    Any recommendations for sturgeon in NoCal?

    I definately have to agree on the 80# or heavier spectra, strictly due to the fact I have seen oversize sturgeon that have tangled with 50# spectra during the fight. It can and will cut the crap out of the fish. Where I do most my sturgeon fishing it is rare to catch one larger than 6 feet, so I...
  580. M

    Lowrance HDS5

    "M" is FF only and does not include the GPS Chartplotter feature. My purchase will be the HDS10 with the LSS-1, split screen on a 5" is very difficult to see from the back of the boat looking towards the console. Chad
  581. M

    Madeira Spool Issue

    Check with Silvia at Bullard, she carries some that go inside the spool and take up the space to match smaller spools.
  582. M

    Transducer mounting

    The difference in the picture at speed and at drift has more to do with the Ping Speed and redraw rate, both which are adjustable in the menu's. When on plane running at cruise speed I adjust ping speed to max (100) and screen redraw to Max(100). should help get a little better pic at speed...
  583. M

    If you had a free day where would you fish?

    Good Call, and there is a reason I have 3 kids and very happily married to a wonderfull women for over 20 years. And the caviat to all of it .......she fishes too!!! Hell she was even the one that told me "we need a bigger boat"....your deed will pay off big in the end. And congrats on the new...
  584. M

    If you had a free day where would you fish?

    Shit, give her the pass and take advantage of the benefits gained when there is more fish in the basin.
  585. M

    Shimano Trinidad 14 rigging

    Rainshadow RCLB80XL acid wrapped with ALPS MXL guides.
  586. M

    Neah Bay My parents first butt trip in 70 years

    That is AWESOME, way to return the favor what I am sure has been many ishing trips they took you on.:hali_olutta:
  587. M

    RCLB rod blank ?'S

    Thats the ones I am gonna build, looks like it is going to be longer than I thought before I get to build them due to some changes. I will order all the stuff while I am out here and get to it when i get the chance, just hope my Sturgeon Hole holds out until I get a chance to fish them.
  588. M

    RCLB rod blank ?'S

    OK, so this Deployment is winding down:lux: and it is time to order some blanks and components to build a few Sturgeon Rods when I get there. I have narrowed it down to the Batson RCLB series and they will be spiral wrapped with XN guides. Which blank should I go with.....80Xl or 80L? I use...
  589. M

    [4/10] A shitty start to the day...

    I have seen this a couple times and have to ask......Is it that damn important to get in the water quick? Hell No, disconnect once it is floating and save the money for more important shit, not repairs.
  590. M

    Need some help ASAP

    I voted for ya, but unless the guys from BD get hot your getting beat pretty bad right now.
  591. M

    real reel dilemma

    I hooked and landed a 20# ling cod on my Serrano last year no problems. Damn near ripped my arm off when it took the herring in 90ft of water. Smooth drag funtion and was able to crank him in with 50# PP.
  592. M

    stick lite

    I picked up some Glow Pigments to do the same thing on Salmon trolling plugs. I hope to get the same effect as you did on the rod. Very cool build.
  593. M

    Guide feet showing through

    Pink fingernail polish right over the ground feet.
  594. M

    More Guide Feet...

    I put a nice even coat of black fingernail polish on the guide foot after grinding. Should keep it from rusting after long use. Chad
  595. M

    Trip out on this, Ese

    C'mon G, take it easy on yourself, you're not fat you're just healthy.....:rofl: Sweet looking wraps by the way!!!!
  596. M


    Ken, Why is it I miss all the good ones???? DAMNIT IRAQ!!!!
  597. M


    I am over here in Iraq on deployment and I have ordered several times in the last few months. Always great to deal with Colleen and Julie, they keep an open line of communication in the event they are waiting for specific items as well. I will continue to support those that support the rod...
  598. M

    Lost a BIG ONE Today!

    A fish is never bigger in its lifetime except when it gets away. LOL I switch ALL my splitrings out to one size bigger and stainless, still doesn't mean they won't break, but better chance they won't. Sweet story though, and hope you bring him in next time!!!
  599. M

    thanks to batson

    This is exactly why I made 2 trips to Sequim, and have ordered and sent people to order and support Batson in every endeavor I have been through since deploying over here a couple months ago. I have several Batson Blanks and components for complete builds and will continue to do so for the future.
  600. M


    They don't just nibble, THEY EAT IT!!!
  601. M

    Salute to the Master Chief

    Thank You Nirvana, You have helped me greatly with the spiral questions, I owe you at least one!!! Fishnazzi, I plan on doing the same again this year. Hope to see you, Ted and your boy out there again. I got something for them biguns if they are hittin' plugs this year. Custom marbled with...
  602. M

    Qwikie 760M

    I couldn't figure out all the colors and designs in an hour. JT you impress everytime you throw one up on here.
  603. M


    Words cannot even begin to express Silvia and Grady's contribution to the Rod Building community or this military guy!!!! She is especially awesome!!!!
  604. M

    RCLB and Purple Throop

    Nirvana, VERY NICE!!!! I am building quite a few rods out here on deployment and have done a few throops, one purple (yours is way better), one metallic blue and one green. I see you spiraled the rod, if you don't mind my asking, what angles did you do and how many transitions? I am...
  605. M

    Nothing to do with Rodbuilding

    Doc, Prayers sent from the Chief's Mess!!! Need anything, don't hessitate to ask. Chad
  606. M

    Reminder from Batson Ent>>

    Bill, You guys already do a ton and from this military guy to you and your family/company, I salute you!!!! Hopefully I will be able to stop in and say hi in the spring early summer when I get back. Chad
  607. M

    Happy New Year from Bullard International

    Silvia, I big HAPPY NEW YEARS to you and yours, and a HUGE thank you from me to you for ALL YOUR SUPPORT, Especially from us military folks over here at this time of year!!! You are awesome!!!! Chad
  608. M

    I have a SERIOUS new disease. HELP!

    WHHHEEEEWWWWW, after seeing DOC's building room I have come to realize I DO NOT HAVE AN ADDICTION>>>>>>>>>YET!!!!!!!
  609. M

    Soldiers receiving rods

    I am humbled by the statements that Silvia has made on my behalf, however I feel that the RFS program far exceeds anything that my crew could possibly gain from the generosity that I have seen on this board since joining. I believe that I have set my classes up for success with the help of...
  610. M

    Stay away from the yellow label stuff

    I bet a person would be better off wire brushing a bobcats ass in a telephone booth than messing with you right now!!
  611. M

    Shippping fishing gear to an APO?

    I can help out here, since I am in Al Asad,Iraq. Just got an order from Mudhole with 60" of graphite tubing making the box 5"x5"65" sent priority cost a total of $9.30. Thats not the insurance and all but just postage. Should give you a bit of an idea anyway.I would say the box weighed around...
  612. M


    Fish won't just put there lips around it, THEY BITE IT!!!
  613. M

    Reels Mod to improve casting distance?!

    Some of the easy ones to do are remove and clean all bearings with NAPTHA and canned air, Alan is actually using carb cleaner or brake cleaner I believe (Highly recommend goggles if your gonna use it) and compressed air, Be very carefull with the carb cleaner if you go that route as it can...
  614. M

    (Green is Good)

    THAT IS JUST FLAT OUT AWESOME!!! Damn G outdone yourself.......again. Chad
  615. M

    halibut rod recommendations

    MR2, If he is heading out for a couple days at a time he is going to either Port Angeles of across the border. BC max weight is 32oz and they drop anywhere from 100-300 feet using 65-80# braid, and can catch fish up to 200# but 50-80 is probably average if not a little less. For anything up...
  616. M


    I did the same, only I picked up 25 14.25" corks (I'll cut them down as needed), 25 aluminum fly reel seats without caps $9 off, Woven graphite 60" and few other things and $200 later with shipping to Iraq via military mail, actually shipping was only $14 of the bill. Chad
  617. M

    Gargoyles Sunglasses Present - Beat this caption - Contest ending November 29th, 2010

    If it had an eraser on it, it would be a pencil.
  618. M

    Gargoyles Sunglasses Present - Beat this caption - Contest ending November 29th, 2010

    Objects in water really do appear larger than they are.........
  619. M

    wood grip

    MR2, Unfortunately I cannot see the pics due to the location and the blocking of content here, but sounds like your putting your training to good use. Awesome!!!! Chad
  620. M

    father n law's first

    Hey G, answer from another military guy......yup!!! Chad
  621. M

    I made it to Iraq

    Thanks for the words ands I will pass them on to the troops. It is actually pretty nice over here and as long as I can get on here once in a while I will keep my sanity!! Chad
  622. M

    I made it to Iraq

    Well I am here and all the rod blanks made it in one piece, except the 2 piece rods of course. Once everything gets settled I will begin the process of setting up classes and start teaching and learning!!!!! Chad
  623. M

    Ok I need some educational help

    I like the 3rd one, I also like the 1st, but the 1st looks too much like something I have seen before. the 3rd has a different flare to it.
  624. M

    Remington Poll

    700 ADL 7MM REMMAG 1187 700 BDL 22-250 Never had an issue with any of them, but none have any mods either.
  625. M

    Ordering cork now

    Thank You Sylvia!!! I'll be giving a call tomorrow to get an order done. Some many things to do and so little time. Chad
  626. M

    Ordering cork now

    So, I have now built my deployment blanks up to a total of 14 blanks and will begin the process of ordering the cork for the handles today. I am making a trip back over to Utmost so I can pick up a bunch more blanks and some misc threads and guides ect...I even went to Joannes Fabric and picked...
  627. M

    Bullard purple / blue 6470 Seeker

    That looks awesome. I hope to be trying some of those out and seeing how they hold up to the heat in Iraq. Sweet and inspiring!!!! Chad
  628. M

    Am I ready??

    It's getting close and I will be making another trip over to Utmost to pick up a bunch more blanks and guides. Went out and bought some Sulky threads in some pretty cool colors and tested them building a IP902 blank I picked up last time over to Utmost. Making a trip to Mt. Home (Boise) Idaho...
  629. M

    Fishing for the "Q"ure, A rod in pink!

    Sharp looking rod right there!!! Someone is gonna be real happy and for a great cause too.
  630. M

    Any Update on the Abu Garcia Revo Kick Lever?

    My buddy recieved the parts and they are the new version. I will be replacing his on friday when he brings them up. Alan if you ordered the part I listed it will be the new updated one. Chad
  631. M


    Vermillion, Replace that tube with a stainless one from SureCycle and you will have a brand new gun. It will cycle flawlessly and ALOT faster. It will cost $156 and you can spend the other $1000 plus you save on something you really need. SX2 ALL THE WAY!!!! Chad
  632. M


    Whats the deal with your SX2? Just curious if it is something I can help with to get it back running. I am not a gunsmith, but have owned an SX2 and can give advise if needed. I love my SX2 and it has never let me down. Have you looked at the SX3? Chad
  633. M

    i want to buy a baitcaster

    I realize you have not listed the Okuma Serrano, I won one and it is a great little reel with the price point of 169, might be able to find somewhere for less. Great little reel with 10bb and good drag. It pulled a couple pretty big Lings this year (15-20#'s) another option for you if your not...
  634. M

    Any Update on the Abu Garcia Revo Kick Lever?

    Here is the new part #? This is the reply. "Chad, I spoke to our reel technician and got the part number for the new kick lever. The part number is 1156749 and they are available for $2.50 each plus s&h. You may order parts direct with credit card at 1-800-228-4272.. Thank you, Nissa...
  635. M

    Youth Shotgun

    Another option is the Mossberg 500 Bantam 20 pump. My son used his last year and did great with it and the cost is great.
  636. M

    Stillaguamish River 9/11/10

    Skagit treated me, my wife and 2 kids to 4 hours friday, 6 hours saturday and the same results. We saw 2 jumpers each day and alot of seals, I think they are following something into the river, but whatever it was they weren't biting.
  637. M

    Am I ready??

    Thanks G!!!! But I don't think that is gonna work!!! Mike, PM sent. Thanks for the words!!!! This place is amazing!!!
  638. M

    Am I ready??

    Email sent Doc.
  639. M

    Am I ready??

    For six months of rod building "Over There"....if you know what I mean.:eyepoppin I have five rod blanks so far, thread, epoxy, rod jig, dryer, color preserver, guides (need more though), cork, and handles that I picked up over at Utmost a couple weeks ago. What else might I need to throw in so...
  640. M

    Had Some Time Over the Weekend and Some Flo Orange thread???

    That's a fine looking color combo, wraps and finish looks awesome!!!!
  641. M

    WTT (2) St. Croix Bass Blanks

    OK, just took a better look at the blanks in the natural light vice flourescent, they are Dark Forrest Green.
  642. M

    Fast vs extra fast action

    Fast action rods will generally flex in the top 1/3 of the rod when loaded with the bait/jig, extra fast will generally flex in the top 1/4. I say generally because each manufacture has their own way of listing these tapers. I like a fast action taper when sensitivity is a factor, extra fast for...
  643. M

    WTT (2) St. Croix Bass Blanks

    I have 2 St. Croix SCIV or V rod blanks for bass fishing. One is 6' Medium Fast one 6'6" Medium Fast action that I would like to trade locally for a couple 8'6"-9' 2 piece salmon/steelhead blanks. The blanks I have are pre Legend Elite series so they are Black/ Dark grey color and not painted...
  644. M

    Dillon Optics Polarized Sunglasses Presents - 20 Questions - Start Date Aug 16, 2010

    It is the glasses up for the contest. What did I win?
  645. M

    Evening Possesion 8/15

    Left Everett Ramp at 1230, lines in the water from about 1300-1800. Got hammered on the 603 tomic 4" but didn't stick or pop the rigger. One dog on Coyote spoon white lightning, rockfish on the plug. Fished all over the bait everwhere from 90-200ft. The one good bite that didn't stick was wire...
  646. M

    inserts for resin heads

    I have been thinking about this for a while, why not buy some various sized egg sinkers, drill them out to match the copper tubing then pour the resin around it. I would think that it would be pretty well balanced and keep from having to guess how much weight your adding with bird shot. You...
  647. M

    Nuances of the Coho Killer

    CK's have been my go to bait the last couple seasons. Last year I ran mostly Green Dragon JBF with Cotton Candy, second color was anything with green. My wife's biggest fish hooked to date was on the Green Dragon with Cotton Candy CK rigged double. I actually connected 2 CK's end to end with a...
  648. M

    Electric Cannons and New Braided Line

    Not unless you have a way to send an electric signal down braided line. Cannon uses the magnetic signal from the steel line to tell the unit when to stop. I don't think there is a fix for this, they require the steel cable to work correctly. Sorry.
  649. M

    Qcove Break-Away Flashers

    I have been running Jim's Breakaways for 3 years now. I run all my spoons on 25-30# leader, hoochie's on 40-50#. Never broke a fish off on either, even caught a 52# halibut during the Anacortes derby last year on 25# P-line Flouro with a Green Dragon in front of a white 4 1/2" hoochie. So 30#...
  650. M


    Green Glow before the sun is penetrating the water, Green Dragon when the sun is shining in the water. never let me down laste year.
  651. M

    Free Downrigger Rod - BD only contest

    Guys, keep them coming for the sake of Ken, hell he is doing more than most wish they had the opportunity to do with our fishing. He has definately helped me out, and I have the stickers on my boat to prove it. The only flashers on my boat are from Qcove!!! I am stuck here in Rhode Island for...
  652. M

    Area 6 Hali tackle box prep...

    Pipe Jigs of assorted sizes/weights. Depending on where your located, might help out with that a bit. Squid was the bait of choice for the flatties for me last year, so plenty of that. Chad
  653. M

    its just not right...

    I will tell you that I had planned on replacing mine on my own since it was my fault. The price I recieved for just the 54" shaft in white was $22, the only reason I did not do it myself was I did not have a tap with the hole through the middle for the wires to go through to remove the loctite...
  654. M

    Fishing Rod

    Brand is not of concern, just want something that I can run my Okuma Serrano I won on here through the ringer and give a report. My buddy has a couple really nice rods for inshore, but he uses the baitcast and leaves the spinner for me and I am a bc guy. So I will keep my options open and hit...
  655. M

    its just not right...

    They did mine, I ran into the rocks in a current completely my fault and even told the service provider, he said doesn't matter how it breaks they guarantee it won't so replacement was free. But you are correct they do not have to warranty if it was not defected, guess I got lucky.
  656. M

    its just not right...

    It will not cost you a thing, they are LIFETIME warranty, just got my Riptide 54" replaced last week, went with a black replacement since he had it in stock. FREE!!!!!
  657. M

    Fishing Rod

    Hey Donnie, here's your report :finger: and pics of the:profile: fish. I know I posted in the wrong section, it was on purpose to get the quickest response since I will be in town tomorrow and won't have access to a computer!!
  658. M

    Fishing Rod

    Awesome, we are going there right off the plane to pick up essentials. Looks like it will be a one stop shop for me, and early christmas for him. haha Chad
  659. M

    Fishing Rod

    Flying into San Diego in the afternoon tomorrow to hang out with a fellow Navy buddy (Master-At-Arms Senior Chief) for the weekend. Plan is to go fishing saturday and teach him some fishing techniques since he is pretty new to fishing San Diego. We will be putting in at Shelter Island and...
  660. M

    Acid Wrap 2 piece ?'s

    Thanks Graya, looks like I won't be able to complete the rotation in the butt section alone, probably the 0,60 then put the 120 on the tip portion. Sounds like it will work well for what I want to do with them. Thanks guys, Chad
  661. M


    Email sent on Teramar, where are you located? If San Diego area are you able to meet around there Friday?
  662. M

    Acid Wrap 2 piece ?'s

    Thanks J.Akuhed, pretty cool to know thats where it originated. I was thinking of going with 12 guides, but 10+ 1 is a good option. I figured 0, 60, 120, 180 then remainder at 180 would be the ticket and gradual enough. Do I want to complete the rotation in the butt section and run all top...
  663. M

    QCOVE'S Website is LIVE!

    I ain't even sponsored and I run his stickers on my boat, I only use his flashers and have caught alot of fish with them in the past year!!!! Green Dragon has been my top producer, glow white a close second. Thanks Ken for all you do for us little guys!!!!
  664. M

    Acid Wrap 2 piece ?'s

    Thank you Mr. Adams, I will be using levelwind linecounter reels, wife and kids don't quite have the concept of guiding line on a non-levelwind reel as evident when I have to re-drop and wind line quite a bit when halibut fishing. Chad
  665. M

    Acid Wrap 2 piece ?'s

    Acid wrap on a 2 piece downrigger rod? I am going to build a set of 4 Downrigger rods when I return from deployment next spring (gonna save and buy the best stuff I can) and think the way to go is Acid Wrap due to the amount of bend I will be exerting on the blank with a 12-15# DR Ball. 1. How...
  666. M

    fighting belts

    Thanks Goat, looking at those sure makes it look like you would get one hell of a forearm workout. I am assuming thats not the case? Chad
  667. M

    Found this on craigs list

    I just sent him an email and will find out what he has going. Chad
  668. M

    fighting belts

    I use 65# braid on all my Halibut/Sturgeon gear, cuts through the current and makes feeling the light bites easier for the wife and kids.
  669. M

    fighting belts

    I picked one up a couple weeks ago, just an inexpensive one that will allow my wife and kids to use my new to me Saltiga Rods with the short butt to catch a halibut. I think you can go overboard with them pretty easy, but the concept is simple and don't think you have to spend alot of money on...
  670. M

    Help me decide

    Need pics to decide!!
  671. M

    Harrington 754 Complete Restoration

    Looks Great!!!! I now have a use for the 12+ feet of heavy duty shrink tubing I have had in my garage for the last 5 years. Only issue is that it is red and not black.
  672. M


    I will be coming down to Cali next friday. Gonna fly in for a Navy Manpower study for my command up here, decided to take a couple days leave on the left side so I can get down to see a buddy I was on IA Deployment with a couple years ago. We are gonna try to get out fishing on Saturday, should...
  673. M

    knife jigs how to make them

    You could always drill holes and pour with lead to add some weight, then seal the whole thing with 2 ton epoxy.
  674. M

    Pipe jigs

    Went and bought 10' of 3/4" pipe and poured 5 12's and 6 10's. Cost came up to $2.50 for the 10's and $2.90 for the 12's with swivels and rings, not including the hooks which I need to go pick up. Figured the price was pretty good since I have seen them as high as $12 ea. The 10's equals 32oz...
  675. M

    THE TRIFECTA: PA AND LA PUSH 04/10/10-04/11/10

    Bananas are just another excuse for BAD fisherman!!! hahaha Great report, can't wait for the 1st, since I don't have the money or rig to pull a boat like yours (jealous)!!!!!
  676. M

    Baitcaster or Spinning Reel?

    I have used both for my 35+ years fishing, got pretty proficient with a spinning reel back in the days also, but once you get used to the baitcast reels it is hard to go back to spinning. It is all in making sure the reel is set up properly to ensure you don't have the "professional overruns" on...
  677. M

    Spring fishing at Whatcom lake?

    Fishnazzi, I called up and was told that 4 stroke OR fuel injected 2 stroke is fine on Whatcom.
  678. M

    Sturgeon reel

    I run about 25 yards of mono on all my reels before the spectra to keep from having the spectra dig in, works like a charm.
  679. M


    Blueprinting: I have done alot of processes on various baitcasting reels I have owned through the years. There are quite a few different variations that can be done depending on the reel itself. Things I have done, which may or may not matter to some of the conventional stuff we use for...
  680. M

    Sturgeon reel

    Topshot is for fish that give a shit and sturgeon don't. Slide 1 100# swivel up main line, attach tag end of mainline to a 100# swivel (allows sinker to slide up mainline when the fish grabs the bait it won't feel the weight, also the lighter mono will break off the sinker if it gets snagged and...
  681. M

    Pipe jigs

    1/2" is just what I had on hand and found more at the farmers house. I plan on buying some 3/4" to pour some heavier jigs. The spot I Hali fish has more people running over the top of the fish going to deeper water, so 1/2" will work fine for the time being. I do plan on having some heavier on...
  682. M

    Okuma Serrano

    Evil, I believe that is the reel civic was referring to, I would be all over that if I didn't have 20 baitcast reels already.
  683. M

    Okuma Serrano

    I believe CIVIC is talking about the ABU Revo reel which is listed as 22# of drag and was comparing the differences. I will not have the chance to put the reel through it's complete paces until May 1st when ling cod opens. I have no issues testing this reel to the extreme since it did not cost...
  684. M

    Major Project!!!

    Was over at a farmer firends house last night looking for some old scrap copper water pipe to pour some more pipe jigs and ran across a very disturbing sight. On his porch was probably 40 old fishing rods in various stages of repair, not because he was fixing them but because he has had them out...
  685. M

    Sealine X-40HV

    Alan, Just went to your site and looked at the 9/0 handle, is this the same concept as the 900H as I drill the old handle out and screw the new one in? I am seriously thinking of doing this for my dad as it would be a great compliment to one of his sturgeon rigs and he could use the reel for...
  686. M

    Sealine X-40HV

    Alan, Which carbon fiber drag washers will I need? Are they the same size as you list for the 30, I believe it was the HT100 series that work but are not specifically made for the reel. I like the looks of the 6/0 handle and might just have to do the upgrades on one of the reels and give to my...
  687. M

    Pipe jigs

    Glad you posted this, I am going to have to pour some more jigs this weekend. I went over and picked up about 10 feet of old 1/2 copper pipe to pour a bunch. Being the size of pipe being a little small, what length should I be pouring? I poured 3 in the length of 7" and they are fairly light...