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    Broken Screw

    I have a broken screw on one of the hinges for the livewell lid on my Parker 2320. If I remove the other screws for the hinge the broken screw is just below the surface of the fiberglass so I can't get a hold of it with vise grips. Its a small diameter stainless screw so don't think I can...
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    Parker 2320 Livewell

    I recently bought a 2007 2320 SL with a bracket and have been working on it taking care of some deferred maintenance and also rigging it the way I want it. The transom livewell on this thing is huge but really doesn't provide a lot of use for fishing up in norcal (salmon, halibut, sharks) other...
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    Fuel Tank Size

    from looking at every post here and a bunch on Classic Parker, it appears that my 2007 2320 has a 150 gallon tank. In 2008 Parker went to the 136 gallon tank. Am I correct? I’ll be contacting Parker with my Hull number to confirm
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    Joining the Family

    Took a big leap forward in boat ownership this week and bought a 2007 2320 SL with a 250 Yami on the back. Belonged to a six pack charter who was selling it to pay for his newer 2520. Boat is super clean and other than mounting downriggers, I have very little work that I have to do. I've been...
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    870 2-speed drops out of gear

    I have an E series 870 Boss Magnum 2 speed. When using it in low gear if I turn the handle back against the dogs it will pop out of low gear. It doesn't take much to make it happen, just pausing while fighting a fish is enough. Any ideas?