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  1. J

    Rod covers

    Just picked up some woven cable wraps to cover my rods. I used heat shrink tubing to close the tip end, but how to I seal the insert portion do it doesn't unravel. thanks for any help
  2. J

    What rod??

    After being spanked at the bank with SHS60XH/6500 saltiga HS, using glow knife ,jigging deep, What rod would I use for imparting the jig action on my HS atd50, currently I've 770XXXh that seems stiff, but is fine using pl68s, maybe dropping down to SS2x4or 775 xh??I I need lifting power and the...
  3. J

    Shippers beware !

    Went to ship my rods and one box ( with return shipping from sf to sd ) and POW! $495 friggin dollars. I went to work on my outrage at Oyster point and looked up and saw the shippers main warehouse and I put the stainless steel cleaner away drove to the main office. A couple very friendly...
  4. J

    Chewed or chafed?

    Last trip to the HB/Clarion I miss a couple cows on chafing, line being worn in about 3 to 4 inch section a ft or so from the hook. The other cow bumped the bow. Questions are, should I put more muscle to it to keep the head coming torward the boat? Does the FC need bumped up, maybe 130 or 150...