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    FS: Shimano Curado 300E

    Selling my Curado 300E spooled with 30# yellow Sufix. Reel has been used twice to throw stick baits. Asking $185 shipped. Paypal fees not included unless gifted. Pics will be up tonight. Reel is 10/10 mech and cosmetically.
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    FS: Okuma Andros A-5 II

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    Shimano Talica 8

    PM replied.
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    Shimano Talica 8

    Selling a used Shimano Talica 8. This is the single speed, not 2 speed. Reel is 10/10 mech and is 9/10 cosmetic. Reel was used on 5 trips last year and hasn't been used since (all live-lining). Reel is spooled with brand new 20# mono Hi-Seas Quattro. I also have the box. Asking $325 plus...
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    Shimano Torsa 16N

    Sorry not looking for trades as of right now. bump
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    Shimano Torsa 16N

    Selling a barely used Shimano Torsa 16N. Reel is in mint condition. Mech 10/10 and cosmetic is 9/10. Reel will be sold without any line. I also have the box for it. Asking $425 plus shipping. Paypal users add 3.5%. Must sell! Pics can be provided tonight. Thanks for looking.
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    Shimano Trinidad 14

    Selling a used Trinidad (gold) 14. Reel is spooled with 30# Berkley braid. Mech is 10/10. Cosmetic is 7/10. Reel has been used for a few years but reel is as smooth as day one. Reel has not been used since last spring striper run. I have the reel only, no box. $215 + shipping. Paypal users add...
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    Penn TRQ 100 - Made in USA

    Selling a used Penn TRQ 100. Have had the reel for 1 year with about 5 trips on its belt. Mech 10/10 and Cosmetic is 9/10. There is a tiny scratch where the free spool lever is. I can email pics (will be available tonight). Reel is not spooled (hasn't been used since last Aug) and I have the box...
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    Trinidad A dog conversion?

    According to Shimano's reel schematics for the 10A-14A, all three models do have double dogs. Here is the 10A: Here is the 12A...
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    Newell 229

    Looking for a used but in good condition Newell 229. Must also be willing to ship to NJ. TIA.
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    Calstar, Seeker, Shimano, and Newell

    Any pics of the newell 229? willing to ship? tia.
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    Daiwa Saltiga 15

    15SA is no longer in production. Also a fav for us east coast bottom fishing guys.
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    Talk me out of buying a Torque 100

    Not to jump subject but my TRQ100 has single dog, not double. Otherwise great reel.
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    Penn Torque 100

    Mine has been problem free since using it. Only thing I didnt like was the dry drag. It was a little bit jerky so I added some cals drag grease to it. More then enough drag, holds plenty of line (i have 300yrds of 50# and it could hold plenty more-at least another 100yards +), but heavy. Reel is...
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    Daiwa Pluton SH

    PMed you.
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    Accurate 870N w/ CC

    Forgot to mention, reel is single speed and is the 4:1 ratio. Thanks.
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    Accurate 870N w/ CC

    Selling a black Accurate 870N with cast control. Reel has been used once. Spooled with new yellow 50# tufline. I have the box as well. $325 + shipping. Paypal users to add 3.5%.
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    Shimano Torsa 16

    Selling a mint condition Torsa 16. Reel is made in Japan. Reel is spooled with new 65# tufline braid. I have orig box. $450 plus shipping. Paypal users please add 3.5%.
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    Shimano Trinidad 14

    Have a used Trini 14 FS. Has some minor scuffs and rash. Loaded with new Berkley 30# braid. Reel only. Do not have box or paper work. $250 plus shipping. Paypal users add 3.5%.
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    Curado 300, Trinidad 12 and 14 (ALL SOLD)

    Pics of the Trini 12? Willing to ship and do you accpt pp? tia.
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    Accurate BX2-500

    I have a silver/blue Accurate BX2-500 FS. Reel is spooled with 350yrds of blue 80# Jerry Brown Hollow Braid. Have original box and all. Reel was out on 1 trip w/ no fish caught on it. Asking $550 plus shipping. Insurance is extra and buy responsible. I accept Pay-Pal (will need to add 3%). I...
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    OK Slater, now what?????

    Alan, if you want, i can send you mine to inspect. Its a NIB and I have no use for it as of now so you can tinker all you want. LMK.
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    saltist 20 and 30 h

    You got a PM.
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    New Everol 6/12

    Will accept any reasonble offers.
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    NIB: Black Accurate 870N w/ CC

    Will accept any reasonble offers.
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    NIB Daiwa Saltist 20 lever drag

    Have a NIB Saltist 20 Lever Drag FS. Asking $230 shipped obo (will accept any REASONABLE offer). Insurance is additional and buyer responsible.
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    NIB: Black Accurate 870N w/ CC

    I have a NIB Accurate 870N with cast control and wiffle ball handle. This is the limited ed. in black. $375 plus shipping. Insurance is additional. Paypal will need to add additional 4%. Edit: Will accept any reasonble offers.
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    penn baja special

    Still avail?
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    New Shimano Calcutta 300TE

    Deal! Sold to Richie.
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    New Shimano Calcutta 300TE

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    Daiwa Saltiga 30T w/ Upgraded Carbontex Drag Washers

    Yes. $300 shipped. Insurance is additional.
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    New Everol 6/12

    New Everol 6/12. $315 shipped/insured. Only removed reel from box to inspect it and attached handle. Never been spooled or used.
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    FS: NIB John Baker 4

    Pending payment sold.
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    FS: NIB John Baker 4

    Yeah I know. Mine is new as well and loaded with 300yrd of JB hollow.
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    FS: NIB John Baker 4

    Sounds good. LMK.
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    FS: NIB John Baker 4

    Its gold. I was told only the 2spds come in black.
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    FS: NIB John Baker 4

    I am going to wait on the trade for now. Thank you guys for the offer. Will let you know if I change my mind. Price reduced to $300 shipped minus JB hollow braid.
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    FS: NIB John Baker 4

    What gear ratio is it and does it have cast control? TIA.
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    FS: NIB John Baker 4

    Will also trade for an Accurate reel.
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    FS: NIB John Baker 4

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    Saltiga 20

    PMed you.
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    Saltist 2 SPEED Lever Drag

    How much wider and taller is the 30H over 20H? Thanks again!!!
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    Saltist 2 SPEED Lever Drag

    How much wider is the 30H vs the 20H? Just trying to figure out what size I want. I already have a 20H star drag but it doesn't even hold 300yrds of 40# JB.
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    Saltist 2 SPEED Lever Drag

    Looks like I will be getting a new toy. Are all the reels black only? Also, is the new 20H lever drag the same size as the current saltist 20h? That would be great, same sized reel only a lot more drag.
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    Shimano Conquest 1000F

    Yep. I just don't have the reel bag.
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    Shimano Conquest 1000F

    I have a mint condition Shimano Conquest 1000F for sale. This reel was just serviced. The drags are also upgrade to Penn HT-100. The reel is freshly spooled with 40# white Jerry Brown braid. I am asking $275 plus shipping. If you do not want the line, I will do $250 plus shipping. I accept MO...
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    Pro Gear, Penn Mag 525 and shimano Triton Mark

    LMK if the Penn falls through
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    Daiwa Saltiga 50

    Still available?
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    Avet HX MC Vs. John Baker 6

    Baker hands down. Its built like a tank, heavy drags, great double dog anti-reverse. And free 2yr upgrade. Great price for what it is.
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    Max Drag on a Penn International 965 Baitcaster

    10# of drag per Penn's website
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    Do the new Avet SX come with narrow foot seat?

    I was curious if the new Avets come with the narrow foot seat since the older ones didnt.
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    Pro Gear 251 info

    Anyone have the specs on the PG251? Which HT100 model drag washer would I get to replace the stock ones? I was told the squidders? Any diagrams of a 251 torn down? Any info would be great. Thanks.
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    Accurate Reels

    You will love the Accurates. I bought a used 270 of this site and have landed fish to 80lbs with no problem. I also have added a 870 to my arsenal. I love them as for as lever drags go.
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    Cardiff or Abu C4?

    Yes. I had a corvalus for awhile and didnt have any problems. Then again it was just used for light duty fishing. I also have a bunch of Abus but I never use them.
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    Avet or Accurate

    Sold all my Avets, Abu Garcias, and Shimanos for my Accurates. Nothing wrong with Avets. I liked mine but I love my Accurate.
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    Accurate 870 good enough for Tuna?

    Would any og you guys use it for chunking? It seems these reels are more for jigging?
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    Accurate 870 good enough for Tuna?

    Was looking to purchase a Accurate 870 for Tuna and some deep sea fishing. Its this enough reel or should I step up to a 665? Any help would be great. Thanks!