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    RR3 12-1/12-17-2019 Trophy Hunt

    I've been on that trip for the last five years, nixed it this year to take the family to Los Barriles and on the return through the Cabo airport I was blown away by seeing Charlie, L.A. James, Herman with his lovely wife Victoria with a big smile, then I was double blown away when I found out...
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    Why do you go Long Range Fishing? Why do you read this forum?

    It's in you blood, whether its hunting a lion with a spear, an elephant with a camera, shooting a deer, or driving a harley, it what some people needs. Much rather have to eat cold food after last call on hot bite, then tuna parfait on a cruise ship. It's in your blood.
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    Spinners on the Rail?

    Hooked a cow at the banks on saltiga 6500 and seeker 600 xh, and was beaten. First time I've ever handed off a fish, first time spending or should I say sharing a fight for over three hours, used a friend's harness and still could not lift him. We had it button to 30lbs. So grab your set up and...
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    Archipiélago de Revillagigedo FB Page

    Two sides to every wall, and every wall needs not to be on ground. Maybe proper negotiations from the right people with a little respect to people on both sides may help. Just my 2 centavos.
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    Valiant 300 with Clicker?

    I purchased the 300-c last week and my first fish was a 32 lb salmon, second fish 27lb salmon, reel was on the downrigger, clicker was a must have. Drag was smooth as all my other accurates 3 50adt. 2 30 atd and a 12 adt with 30 gears,and 870. I called accurate to complain about the handle...
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    Is There a Reason Most LR Captains Tell Everyone to Fish 130?

    I think the idea is to shorten the battle for the deck hands , in a WFO bite with half the fish being over 200, the 80 to 100 ( one even use 100 on the kite ) with 3 or 4 fish hanging the corners, it just make their job a lot tougher, while the kite guy starts bragging and smiling about the cow...
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    I've been on most of the boats out of SD and that bunk was good as any,if not better, I do not...

    I've been on most of the boats out of SD and that bunk was good as any,if not better, I do not like the stern bunks, its only problem is the shower are upstairs as well as the heads.
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    Bow State Room on the Rooster

    Just got off the RR last month for 13 day and would take the bow A room any time, but I would not share the room, I singled on all of the long trips. Gear on top bunk, sleep on lower bunk. We will miss Christine and never had a problem with the office in the past 20 years. P.S. Draining the main...
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    Red Rooster 11 cows and 1 super yesterday

    True, he's the man. I felt like a rookie with only a 226, 195( should have let keep eating a bit longer) , 165 and a few more over 100. Great trip. A few got three cows in three hook ups.
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    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    I danced with a cow on a HS saltiga 6000/hercules 60xh on the RR3 for 2 and a half hours at the bank, tough to lift a big fish on a spinner. Derek helped me for halfthat time and he is a beast, first time I ever handed off a rod. Listen to those in the know and be ready for the dance.....
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    Spinner Question

    I believe the rod to lift the big fish is the most important issue. Tie a 25lb dump bell on your line and see how long you can hold the rod and to lift it up a couple feet. When I tangle with a big my ss 60xh I could only lift a few inches at a time. I got killed on this fish and after 2 1/2...
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    Rod covers

    I just stuck it in boiling water, so I just made quality covers on the cheap, sorry if wasted your time. mr cheap
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    Rod covers

    Just picked up some woven cable wraps to cover my rods. I used heat shrink tubing to close the tip end, but how to I seal the insert portion do it doesn't unravel. thanks for any help
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    American Angler cuts trip short???

    I can imagine it cause our boat lost generator at the bank, all lights were shut off, bait had to be watered ( 5 gallon bucket brigade ) and the capt. and crew went into high gear. All the boats at the bank pull on us for help and after 4 or 5 hours of consultaions and parts the generator was...
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    Dan, didn"t Andy say nothing under 100 lb to be used right before your fight? Those 150 to 180lber were on steroids on this trip. Nice fishing with you. jack
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    What rod??

    After being spanked at the bank with SHS60XH/6500 saltiga HS, using glow knife ,jigging deep, What rod would I use for imparting the jig action on my HS atd50, currently I've 770XXXh that seems stiff, but is fine using pl68s, maybe dropping down to SS2x4or 775 xh??I I need lifting power and the...
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    Spinner for cow Tuna

    Yes ,very good technique and the capt. of the boat help keep that fish in the stern and I believe that Sami could have landed that fish I lost on a proper rod and harness, as well as a number of anglers that's in condition. Here's a pic of derek working the fish. He a beast and wanted that fish...
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    Spinner for cow Tuna

    I pick this off the ledge at the HB at 200 to 250 depth, not sure of the bottom , so it possibly took another 400 to 600 ft of spectra off the ledge I'm sure, that turns out to be a lot of high sticking, with 25 to 30lb drag, it soon turns into holding on and using leg power. Being able to bring...
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    Spinner for cow Tuna

    I always log the suggestions, I've only harness once before with Graboskie waltzing around with me on a kite rig 80atd , swore I would never use one again, also I don't own any rod belt, my bad. After the first trip around the boat a buddy tossed me his rod belt then fellow angler from Florida...
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    Spinner for cow Tuna

    Not one word of encouragement , first words were 'do you want to splice it to another reel', next was' You @#$%^& idiot' and then finally after a couple hours of back and forth after I said button down full he came back with ' it's about @#$ing time '.
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    Spinner for cow Tuna

    Mr. Harry Bush is who, import me a few more, not sure of the name, nor could I print the letters on this keyboard. If that fish was out from the boat it would have been much less painful so maybe I should try horizontal jigging instead of vertical jigging. I did have the 770XXXH/ 50ATD / PL68...
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    Spinner for cow Tuna

    I concur, split a few beers in cabo with the man, he is top shelf and being from the lower shelf, I met my match with the spinner( yes ,the rod bottom out) and it will be YT and small tuna only. Yes Capts. have every right to give the glance of ' what the hell ' I personally would not fish with...
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    Spinner for cow Tuna

    I was the Okie couple weeks ago, or even 'That Guy' by dropping a glow in the dark glow knife jig at HB on my spinner. ( saltiga 6500/Hercules 60xh , 2ft 100lbTS/ over 100 JB ) As I was telling my buddy this might be a mistake, bam.. on the first drop. I was on for 2 1/2 hours before buttoning...
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    cancelled trip

    I was going to book that trip on the rr3 today, but.. so I took that last spot on the indy and still going rr3 for 16 in nov., great boat, as well as the indy, and shogun, etc.....
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    Captain Jimmy Bombs Wahoo Jigs

    Not to hijack cpt Jimmys thread, but what is the lure that Jack and another guy caught 2 of the 12 wahoo on, with yellow skirt, on the rooster this trip??
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    10 day Intrepid Nov 2-12 report

    I wish my friend rodman29 could weigh in on this, but he's been bumped off bd. I believe he will have a clear report in the future on this boat.
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    Which boat has the best food?

    Shogun, been on most LR boats ( Shogun ,Indy, RR3, RP, XL, Intrp,and 105), all are with great food, snacks and found the portions of food on Shogun to be a bit smaller and I didn't gain the lbs and felt better over the trip then on the other boats , cause if it's on my plate I'm eating it and on...
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    Trip Report: RR3 Calstar 6 day 09/26-10/2 - Hero or Zero

    Love it when Capt. Andy says you only need 3 rods on the trip down to lower banks, if everybody just brought 3 friggin rods it would be hell. Kite, troll, jig, bombs, dropper , bait , flyline, skippies, sharks, burnoffs, mega tangles, sorry Andy, I'm bringing my toys, all 12 of them, but only...
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    Very Productive Wahoo Bombs-Compliments to the Maker

    Compliment to Capt. Jimmy. I gave a couple rides to Jim from HMB to the RR3 a couple time and he is a great guy and learned a lot from him. He didn't like my music selection and wanted to hear jazz for whole 9 hr drive, as in fishing as well as fishing he's old school, but makes a great bomb and...
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    New diseaase spreading, Long Range Wasting Disease (LRWD)

    I'm guilty of all and love it. I did one 15er with one day notice, had to drive from sf to sd thinking about what I forgot all 9 hours of the drive. Lucky enough to just steal couple towel from the vag and ask for a couple more shampoos from the maid. You do not get the full experience without...
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    Longrange Jackpot Drama

    Since I was in this JP , since I had a couple tonight, since there is no agreement on this rant , since if a deckie would have helped ( take my rod )me in the last 15 minutes of bringing in MY cow we might not have this NON -since. After 20 years of JPs, I finally won a few ( not #1 though )...
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    Longrange Jackpot Drama

    Nicks got it right, to many drama queens and kings on the trip leads to to much drama on land and on BD.
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    Longrange Jackpot Drama

    Being on the trip that started this thread, being in the JP that started on the trip and being (almost JP winner ) and a bit puzzled on the outcome of the JP . Capt. did state JP goes largest target fish with the necessary handoffs, and that was the puzzle, the pieces were, when DHs take a rod...
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    Royal Polaris Trip report - Big trip 1

    Thanks to Roy and fellow anglers for the support and time spent with us on the Shogun during the trip, as well not laughing at our bucket brigade. jack
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    pulled the hook....

    Fishing 770xxh,30 atdt ,10 ft 100 bw fc 4/0 super mutu 4 a.m. in the morning with cabalito.2nd angler of morning picks up big one. 30 minute later I pick up one, I reeled into the fish to set hook and then I learned a lot. 2nd skipper Matt keeps telling me it doen't know it's hooked yet. Study...
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    Captain Jimmy Bombs is The Reel Deal

    That's capt jimmy in the background , jimmy bomb in the foreground on a RR3 trip, very productive tool for the hoos. PS He was not allowed to wear that hat on the drive from sf to sd. jack
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    Knot's for 100lb + topshot

    Erwin works fine. First time ( actual first time it hit the water)I used it was 6 yrs ago and pick up 130lb on jig. 600n /800h. Took over hour on 60lb and all I could think about was the knot, it held and thats all I use. Caught a 219 at HB on 100 BW. That's my knot in a pick or a hurry , crimp...
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    Shippers beware !

    I am learning the system. I took two 5 inch 8 ft pvc tube caped them with removable plugs at the end. Tied them together with zips with duct tape over zips. 1 inch strap around the tubes that I can hook to my shoulder strap. I can fit 3 770 xxxhs,2 770xxh, 1 770xh, 2 7465h, 765 and 1 700 xh...
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    Shippers beware !

    Went to ship my rods and one box ( with return shipping from sf to sd ) and POW! $495 friggin dollars. I went to work on my outrage at Oyster point and looked up and saw the shippers main warehouse and I put the stainless steel cleaner away drove to the main office. A couple very friendly...
  40. J

    Ball Bearing Snap Swivels for Kit Rig

    I use the crane swivel but slip a 3/4 inch thermal sleeve over it and heat to when it's fits snug. Some boats want quick changes on the kite set ups.
  41. J

    shogun/accu 15 day

    Hi Lance, I'm getting my tuna done but the price makes me think twice, it goes by the inch.
  42. J

    So What Did I Learn...?

    When my wife came home from her yoga thing and said excitingly about her new 'meditation thing ' " TO CONCENTRATE ON THE UNEXPECTED." That's fishing! Empty the mind (zen thing) and gather info ( be here now thing) current direction, bait selection, swing of the boat, what working , what's not...
  43. J

    15-day arsenal for late May trip...

    After a long lecture ( scolding ) by our captain on only needing 3 rigs for the trip, us with big quivers ( 10 and over ) just smiled. Sharks hit us, wahoo slit us and the white macrame did the rest. The crew knew why we were smiling. Bring what you have and know what you target. The lighter...
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    shogun/accu 15 day

    After getting rained by squid I stuck, one on my pl68, then dropped it down 60ft a got hit right off, still being in shock from the friggen squid, never slamed it home. Garrett thanks for post my pic, the only one on my camera was only half the fish on the scale, miss Bill at the landing.
  45. J

    shogun/accu 15 day

    Garrett writes a great report, but fishes much better. Ken and Garrett was bent over the whole trip. I tried fishing skippies on the trip, only to use bigger hook next time. I got lucky with a 287, my biggest flyline so far. First time on the Shogun and it wont be my last, first class capt. and...
  46. J

    Shogun 15 day in May

    Mark, I'll let you know may 4th. I promise to use my bait sparingly for those on the trip. PS i'm booking acc. trip mon.
  47. J

    Intrepid Trip Report Jan. 6-20

    Dave nice report. I was on the sister boat at the bank and had to fish the same conditions. Any long soak was pushing the bait way past the bow or the long soaks were on the balloons off the stern. Was the hot sticks catching off the stern or the bow. I picked up 190 midship with 2oz short...
  48. J

    Dos and Don'ts PART TWO the one that allows your wife and daughter to snaps pictures of smiling you and your fish in the path of us dragging 100 to 200 tuna to the cones, give us older dudes a little break while the few of us bust our ass.
  49. J

    Hey Guys I would like you opinion

    Back in the day Roy R. would jerk the rod out of my hand, bait it , toss it, hand back smiling and I have to put it gear to land a fish. That' why I still LR ing. Landing a fish is what it's about, work it clear let him hold the rod while you gaff it, it's the moment for him, your moment was...
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    Chewed or chafed?

    I agree that the terminal connections were the biggest problem, but after years of refining my serves and crimps the actual chew off or chafing is my biggest problem. Working that fish off the stern for 40 minutes then to lose him on the charge to the bow ticked me off. After examining the 3...
  51. J

    Chewed or chafed?

    I do use the BW & seagaur prm. 100 lb. , super mutus 5's or larger circles and to think of it I guess I don't really know the distance between the hook and the chafing so it could be a chew off vs a body chafing. Thanks for input. Both chafings were when the tuna was charging to the bow so more...
  52. J

    Chewed or chafed?

    Last trip to the HB/Clarion I miss a couple cows on chafing, line being worn in about 3 to 4 inch section a ft or so from the hook. The other cow bumped the bow. Questions are, should I put more muscle to it to keep the head coming torward the boat? Does the FC need bumped up, maybe 130 or 150...
  53. J

    Glow Iron at the lower banks?

    I put a squid skirt over my pl 68 last year ( with the over the shoulder glimpses and the rolling of the eyes ) bumped on my first drop, 150 lber and my second drop. One of the first in the water , couple hundred ft, couple jerks then fast crank. January last year, 3 am off buffer zone on the...
  54. J

    Nub / Nail Top Shot's

    Doesn't nub serves counter the insert length ( 24" vs 48") as well as the factor of diameter diff of maybe 150 bw into 200 JBH or the 100 FC into the 130 JBH? Since the slipping of the glossy FC out of the hollow the biggest problem is there a tested formula of any sort that would give us...
  55. J

    Thanks Captjimy...hoo bombs

    Here is that picture of Jimmy's bomb. -Jack
  56. J

    Thanks Captjimy...hoo bombs

    Jim, I tried to post a pic of your bomb hanging off your hoo, can't figure how to do it?? jack
  57. J

    Thanks Captjimy...hoo bombs

    Those bombs are so nice I'm going to hang one from my rear view mirror and that will be my 'Bling' bomb when I show up to town.
  58. J

    Short Cow Leaders and Fuel Surcharge Question?

    Hi Jim. The tuna was charging the bow 100 yrds out, maybe 100 ft deep. I was on for 20 minutes and no way was it circling. The hook may have been on the far side ,who know? We will solve the problem on the ride down. Bring da jimmy bombs, jack
  59. J

    Short Cow Leaders and Fuel Surcharge Question?

    I'll be getting lectures from him all the way from SF to SD 15 days on the water then all the way back about using the 80's and the harness has I did last year. His bombs were the "bomb" on that trip. I will never harness up again unless Graboski is there to help me. jack
  60. J

    Short Cow Leaders and Fuel Surcharge Question?

    Sardines using the 5 super mutus or 8 or 9 demon all circles. No probs with the big Js with the big baits. All BW FC seemed worn down in 3 to 4 inch frayed section ( a chew off or body abrasion ). It seems to me that big tuna with a lipped hook circle on the opposite side of tension running...
  61. J

    Short Cow Leaders and Fuel Surcharge Question?

    My last HB trip I lost three cows due to chafing above the hooks. Two of those on runs to the bow the 3rd at circle. I used 100 and 135 FC and the chafing was 8 or so inches from the hook. If the hook is on the opposite side of the fish, is the chafing just going to happen? Will bumping up to...
  62. J

    Mario's nvvvv

    "The Rodney Guy" crew lost our fish ( lugger with 30 to 40 YT and YF ) all over Roscranz . One of the funnest thing I ever seen, we were right behind the truck and it spilt right in front us. Next trip our charter master told us to keep and eye on our fish, so a couple pictures did not match...
  63. J

    Donation Fish

    I donate to crew, galley and those in need on the boat. I donate at the landing as well as processing couple hundred lbs to SF for more donations to those dying of cancer. I donate to friends. If that donated fish that I do write off goes to profit someone they should get tossed in jail. If...
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    Show me your Dog - Win a PENN Carnage Rod from Rotations Pet Food
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    dog photo

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    jigs for buffer zone

    I ask that question at Hi's today and they don't, though they just got some in today with tuna hooks on them. picked up a few for the rr3 trip in jan.
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    Cows, Super Cows, and ?

    volkswagon bus
  70. J

    Having trouble with nail knot connection

    I use 4" stainless carter pin that I hook on my wire line puller. My spectra is on a bow server and after I nail it I bowstring it over the nub then finish with another nail knot. Just finish a test with 6" insertion 80/135h , 5hrs with swinging 45 lbs weights. Put my foot on the wieght and the...
  71. J

    Accurate 30 & 50 Topless

    I'll pick up the 12. Jack
  72. J

    Daiwa Saltiga 15

    I got a salt. 15 with rod bracket $200.00 RH good shape (8 out of 10)