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  1. fishing fool746

    06-01-2020 Where to go???

    Going out on a private boat Monday, where are they biting? Bf, Yf or Yt Our plan right now is the back side of Catalina, leaving out of Seal Beach
  2. fishing fool746

    Reel for throwing iron???

    I understand for throwing irons 40#-50# line is best. What reel do you all think is the best? Star drag? 2spd? Lever drag? Smaller reel like newell 229, saltiest BG30 or newell 338, saltiest BG40? Note: for some reason the "search" button would not work and yes I did go back a few pages to look.
  3. fishing fool746

    Flat fall jigs (hooks)

    Not too sure if this is the right place to post this. Question..... Where should the hooks be on flat fall style jigs??? Top or bottom of the jig? I have two and one is on top and the other on the bottom. I have seen them on top and with a trailing hook. Can I get more information on what is...
  4. fishing fool746

    Line for Penn 6/0

    What is the best lb/test for a Penn 6/0 with upgraded drags??? The reel is backed with Dacron and I only have 100yrds of 80# on it now. The line is 2yrs old and I want to replace it. Thanks
  5. fishing fool746

    Jigs, Flat falls, top water or ?????

    Divorced 2yrs ago and ex too everything I had............. If you had to take 4-6 jigs. flat falls top water or whatever lure what would it be??? Local off shore fishing day over night to 2 day. BF, YF, YT, Dorado and......
  6. fishing fool746

    Overnight pricing

    Looking at going out in early June. I have been looking at the landing counts (I know it will change in a few weeks) but what I have notice mostly is the pricing. Boats down south are $325+ as the boats from OC or San Pedro are $170+...... Both are catching Bluefin. I just don't get it............
  7. fishing fool746

    Newell 338 rod clamp

    Where would be the best place to get one? Or would a cork puppy be a better choice? Or????
  8. fishing fool746

    Line size/drag for boat trip

    I am starting over due to ex taking ALL my fishing gear. If you only could take 2 poles for a overnight trip what line size would you take?? Lever drag or star drag? I like Daiwa reels myself Sometimes I hate the internet because the more I read and learn the more I get confused and can't...
  9. fishing fool746

    June Overnight boat

    Hello everyone, It has been 2yrs since I have been out on a boat. I want to take my girl out on a overnight boat sometime in June leaving Saturday night. For the life of me I can not find any boats that leave Saturday night. Most fish during the week. Can I get a little help on getting my line...
  10. fishing fool746

    Throwing irons???

    Is a Daiwa Saltist BG40 ok for throwing irons???? It has 19.8# of drag and would be fished with 50# line. I already have one but looking to switch what I am using it for. Thanks Mike
  11. fishing fool746

    Drag vs line size???

    Can a reel with 22lb of drag handle 50# line? How about 26lb drag with 60# line? I know with lever drag reels the drag is MUCH more then star drag reels. What really determans line size on a reel?
  12. fishing fool746

    Okuma reels, good or bad????

    I know I ask a lot of questions but I just know as much as most of you... How are the Okuma Catalina reels? good or not? and how much are they worth?
  13. fishing fool746

    Pro Gear 440

    Can this reel be fished with 60#????
  14. fishing fool746

    Commander 5/22 1.5 day Who is going????

    I just book on this Booyya trip anyone else going out???
  15. fishing fool746

    Are they any "all inclusive" resorts in Cabo to bring the family

    We would like to take a family vacation this summer and I am looking for a resort that would be good for the wife and also good for me to fish.
  16. fishing fool746

    Weather (sea) report?????

    Where is the best place to see what the weather (sea) is going to be this weekend? Thanks :cheers:
  17. fishing fool746

    What boat for Friday night 5/8

    I'm looking on going out this Friday night (5/8) I have it down to 2 boats Thunderbird out of Newport landing or Freedom from 22nd St What boat would you go out on?
  18. fishing fool746

    Need advice on rod to use

    I just got a daiwa 30,2 speed. I put 30# on it and plan on useing it for live bait. The two rods I have are a Fenwick and a seeker jig stick. What rod would you use?
  19. fishing fool746

    Need advice on what rid to use

    Please DELETE
  20. fishing fool746

    Check this out

    Can anyone tell me about these rods? Are they worth the money? Is it good to add 21" of aircraft aluminum to a rod? I am new and have no clue on what they are worth or if any good. Thanks
  21. fishing fool746

    2 speed reels why for lite line?

    I'm looking at all the smaller 2 speed reels and wonder why would you need 2 speed for 20#- 30# line? I could understand if the high speed was hyper speed and the low was normal (6.3-1)
  22. fishing fool746

    Braid backing or not?????

    I have a Daiwa Saltist 30H and need new line. I got it used and don't know (don't think) if it has any braid. The question I have is.... No braid? Braid with a 100yrd top shot? 50yrd? or all braid and only 6' shot? Reel says 245yrds od 25# Thanks
  23. fishing fool746

    What do I need for blue fin?

    I have scheduled up for a 2.5 day trip on the Eclipse next month. If blue fin are biting what do I need?
  24. fishing fool746

    Want to go out 3/14/15

    I am thinking about going out Saturday 3/14... Any suggestions on what would be a goo LIMITED load boat? Looking to get something a little more then rock fish. Thanks Mike ps..... Or would not mind going out on a personal boat.. $$$
  25. fishing fool746

    Fenwick jig stick question????

    I was wondering if Fenwick made a jig stick. I just purchased a Seeker classic and would rather have a Fenwick. Does anyone have a Fenwick and wants to trade? Thanks.
  26. fishing fool746

    Question about a custom wrapped rod.

    I am looking at buying a custom wrapped rod (Calstar), the guy said it was wrapped buy a guy named Moon. Does anyone know who this might be? If not is there anything I should be worried about when buying a custom wrapped rod? Thanks
  27. fishing fool746

    Looking for a 2 speed reel

    I would like to get a 2 speed reel for straight braid. Let me know what you think....
  28. fishing fool746

    Eyelet repair

    I just wanted to give a big thank you to Ed at whopper stoppers. One of you guys told me about him and WOW. Great work fast turn over and a great price. I had two eyelets that needed replaced and I asked him if he could remove the mane on the rod (custom rod I bought from someone else). $20 for...
  29. fishing fool746

    Daiwa saltist 40H line???

    Just ordered one on Amazon (great deal for $153), the question I have is what line? I want 30# and go all mono or back it with braid? Thanks
  30. fishing fool746

    Carbontex drags.

    Are they really that better on a new reel? If you were to buy a new reel (saltist) are the better the. The shock ones? I can understand if you were to have a lower class reel or old one. Thanks
  31. fishing fool746

    Fishing belt

    Looking at getting a belt. What are your comments on belts and what do you all use. So far I am looking at these two.
  32. fishing fool746

    Looking for a boat for Oct. 17 weekend

    I'm thinking about going out the middle of October on a 1.5 or 2 day boat. What will be biting and what boat do you guys suggest? Thanks Mike
  33. fishing fool746

    Bloody deck.

    Went out on the Freedom Friday night and we killed it. Over 200 fish were caught. The fish were biting on 80# mono. Just about everything you threw out the would hit it. The deck hands cleaned fish for 7 hours straight. My take of the trip.
  34. fishing fool746

    What line???

    I just picked up a Daiwa Saltist 30 and was wondering what size line to spool it with. I have a sealine 20 with 20# and a 40 with 40#. I'm not sure to put on 25# or 30#.
  35. fishing fool746

    Overnight boat ?????? which one

    I'm thinking about going out on a overnight boat 9-12. Which is the best boat for tuna??? Thanks (not sure if this is the right place to post)
  36. fishing fool746

    Newbe here

    Hello everyone, New to the site and just wanted to say Hi. I have not fished for about 5 years due to a motorcycle crash on a dirt bike. To add my exwife got all my poles, I was lucky enough to get my tackle boxes. I am starting to get back in to it. Please don't yell at me if I ask a stupid...