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    Matching set of Penn 80TW International II

    Selling a matching set of Penn 80TW International II single speed with matching 5' poles with straight aluminum butts. Reels are 8 out of 10 and Poles are 9 of 10. $500.00 each prefer to sell as a set and would consider selling reels without the poles.
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    We headed out of Maunalua Bay on Tuesday. The Plan was to head to the Banks and follow the ledge South. However the current seemed to be running the "wrong way" so we decided to head East and look for open schools of Mahi in the channel. We had set lines and my fishing partner Mark decided it...
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    Kaneohe Bay Channel Closing Out?

    Well I was planning on heading out of Kaneohe Bay Tomorrow (Sunday) and Im looking for a little input on how the channel has been at high tide. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Mahalos in Advance. Steve
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    Lets go fishing West Side

    Hello, Id like to go fishing tomorrow and I dont have a partner lined up. Id go solo however Id prefer a partner that is seaworthy. The boat is iced up and ready to go. The plan so far is to troll out to CO buoy and jig and/or palau at the buoy depending on how it looks. Then we'd troll out or...
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    The Banks

    Howzit fellow fishermen. Im planning on heading out to the Banks on Saturday and was wondering how the bite has been lately. The waters been flat so Im not expecting much Mahi. Has anyone found any Ono out there lately? Thank You for any info good or bad.