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  1. Scootinthunder

    Cannon Service

    Anyone know who does warranty service on Cannon downriggers. I used to take them to Larry on the east hill of Kent but I sounds like he retired. The switch will work to retrieve the ball but shuts off around 100'. The other downrigger works fine on the same plug. Also the down does not work on...
  2. Scootinthunder

    Garboard Plug

    Make an offer.
  3. Scootinthunder

    Lake Wynoochee Trout

    Any good advice on fishing the lake? Heading up in a couple weeks to camp for a few days We have camped there for the last 5 or 6 years and love it but am going to bring the boat this year and would like to get a line wet. Fished a lot of salt water but not many lakes so pretty new at this...
  4. Scootinthunder

    Glasply Boat Cover

    Anyone with a 19.5 Glasply hard top have any luck finding an off the shelf cover for their boat? Getting mine back next week with a new floor and need a cover to go over the boat. Don't want to put a tarp over it because I get away with it parked in the street and a tarp would draw more...