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    6-22 front side Catalina

    Forgot to mention bait... live/ fresh dead squid. (Battery issues killed my bait)... and plastics worked well on the calicos
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    6-22 front side Catalina

    Fished near Long Point for wide open calico bite with a few cuda and sheep mixed in. One for one on the yellows around 20 lb range. Nice weather for the crossing both ways. Big thanks to the guys on the "Fish & Chips". Had some battery issues and these guys went out of there way to give a jump...
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    Cat 05/30

    Great report. Thanks
  4. antdog562

    Yellowfin east 226 8/31

    Thanks for the report and great info. Nice trip
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    Cat 17th and 18th

    Awesome report. You guys kicked ass
  6. antdog562

    Green buoy 7/9

    Thanks for the report. Gonna head out tomorrow afternoon for a short session.
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    Need fuel pressure regulator 2003 merc 115

    After changing multiple parts chasing my lack of power issue in my 2003 merc 115 4 stroke, a buddy of mine found that I have a faulty fuel pressure regulator. I found one at Dick Sherrer marine for 370! Anyone know where I can find a better deal?? Any feedback helps... thanks
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    Conical Hoop Nets 36 inch Promat Eclipse and 34 inch Danielson

    If still available I will take them. 562 556 0086 Anthony
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    La Jolla 9/26/16

    Super cool pics. Nice report
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    6-pack to Catalina 9-9

    Nice Goin. Good load of fish
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    Cat - 8/26

    Nice report, healthy lookin bone head!
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    Quick sesh at cat west end 8/26

    Thanks for the report! Nice cat trip
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    East end 7/31

    Great report. Thanks for all the details
  14. antdog562

    Catalina July 24th fish report

    Nice yellows! Thanks for the report
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    Rocky Point 7/23

    Cool, thanks for the report
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    CAT REPORT 6-25-16

    Great report and , thanks
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    Seal beach shore fishing

    Nice day for you
  18. antdog562

    6/11 Catalina Recap

    Cool looking rod! Healthy yellow also, Wtg!
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    Saturday 6/4

    Nice reds in there!
  20. antdog562

    Catalina 6/3/16

    Nice goat. Sorry to hear about the ticket...
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    Catalina Monday May 30, 2016

    Nice run. Thanks for the report
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    Local Lings 05-15-16

    Healthy lings there! Thanks for the post
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    Looong Weekend at Barneys

    Thanks for the report and great read! Nice reds and sheep
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    Sheepshead on the new boat,

    Fat goat! Congrats on the boat
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    Catalina Sunday May 1st

    Thanks for the detailed report
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    4-17 La Jolla Jack

    Nice yellow, hope the boats ok...
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    4-13-16 catalina

    Great report. Nice yellows
  28. antdog562

    Halibut Whistler Area 4-12

    Nice flatty! Thanks for all the info also
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    First post/kayak

    Nice Goin on the PB
  30. antdog562

    Rpt.-03-01-16 The Pipe, NP Reef, 150 and Reds at the Rigs!

    Another great read and pics. Thanks. Awesome that you guys are always on the water, and constantly catching!
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    Nooner with Carl

    Perfect quick session! Nice yellow!
  32. antdog562

    Izor's / Breakwall

    Nice job on finding some
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    Killed the BUGS

    Wtg! Nice load of bugs!
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    2-17 160 Bass PV Blowout

    Great report and pics! We were out there also, great fishing. U guys were bent every time i looked over
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    LB Bugs 2/11

    Nice fat bugs! Wtg
  36. antdog562

    Rpt.-WFO Local Bass'n!

    Great report again. 100 count is awesome
  37. antdog562

    SOLD 1970 boston whaler 16' cc

    sold. hull. Console and trailer need some work. 85 hp evinrude was running a few years back, needs to be re wired and tuned up. Hull Perfect for re power. Pinks in hand! 2500 Sold
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    LB Hooping LB Chaffee Island

    Wtg on the bugs! Thanks for the report
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    Catalina Report - Yellows, Bonito, and More - 1/16

    Awesome report and pics, nice day at the island
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    VIDEO - Bassin

    Cool video. Thanks
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    Slow for me in LBC

    Thanks for the report, Wtg on the bugs
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    Catalina bugs 12-30-15

    Great report. Sorry to hear about the lost hoop
  43. antdog562

    Just another Bug Report.....

    Nice Goin on the monster bug
  44. antdog562

    150 12-9-15

    Sounds like a good day. That thresher must have been exciting!
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    Catalina lobster 12-5

    Great report. Nice bugs
  46. antdog562

    Dana Point halibut 11/22

    Nice halis! Great memories with you're boy
  47. antdog562

    Rpt.-11-19-15 The 150 Spot

    Nice fat goat there! Thanks for the great read
  48. antdog562

    2015 Recap Video and Thanksgiving

    Congrats on an awesome year. Great vid!
  49. antdog562

    Not too bad

    Not bad at all! Monster bug
  50. antdog562

    Lings and Lobster 11-14-15

    Awesome report! Looks like a perfect trip!
  51. antdog562

    Long Beach/Newport Bassing 11-13

    Nice read. Thanks for the report
  52. antdog562

    Lobster Report MB 11/10/2015

    Dam, that seems to be my story most the time too. Thanks for the report
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    Catalina Sportboat trip 11/7/2015

    Great read. Good job on the yellows
  54. antdog562

    Long beach horseshoe area

    Thanks for the report. Nice yellow
  55. antdog562

    Northern pv

    Thanks for the informative report. Sounds like a great half day on the water, minus the ignorant boater...
  56. antdog562

    Change out your line

    I'm guilty of constantly over looking my old line situation. Sucks that you lost the hoo over it
  57. antdog562

    Buggin out in Long Beach 10/4/15

    Nice job, I was out there near queens gate for nothing. Moved inshore more and got one... still learning. Thanks for the info
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    Wed on the Taxfree

    Nice! Sounds like a good outing
  59. antdog562

    Crappy weekend for me!!!

    Wtg on passing up the babies...
  60. antdog562

    9/20/15 Front of Cat, same story= Micro YT Kid loved it.

    Fishing with your boy is always the best. Great report!
  61. antdog562

    Long Beach 9/5 report with the wife

    Thanks for a great local report. Wtg out there
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    YT at Catalina

    Congrats on the jp
  63. antdog562

    Fished LJ today (8/31)

    Nice Goin on the yellows and big hammer jewelry
  64. antdog562

    Newport pipe bite 8.30.15

    Cool, thanks for the report
  65. antdog562

    La Jolla 8/29

    Good job with your boy. Those are Healthy bones
  66. antdog562

    SHOE SLUG 8-26

    Bad ass! Where'd you get those hats? ?
  67. antdog562

    14 to the shoe, lots of the 4 Bs, 8/26

    Great report, sounds like a dam good trip
  68. antdog562

    s out of luck on the Shoe today

    Atleast you made it out there for some surface iron action. Thanks for the report
  69. antdog562


    Congrats on a great moment
  70. antdog562

    Fished the 105 8/23/15 caught 2 yellowtail

    Nice yellows with your boy. Good lookin lmb too
  71. antdog562

    The 3 Bs instead

    Way to salvage the trip!
  72. antdog562

    WSB in CBAD

    Hell of a catch. Congrats
  73. antdog562

    8/22 Green buoy / Shoe YT

    Nice way to take one from the dog
  74. antdog562

    105/shoe Saturday

    Great way to get em solo on the skiff
  75. antdog562

    The Shoe 8/18

    Nice solo work dale! How's the whaler coming along? I'm loving the boat I got off of you, been fishing it once a week so far, runs great. Thanks again
  76. antdog562

    8/17, East Horseshoe /105, 6YT

    Great read. Nice yellows and boat
  77. antdog562

    Triton Monday 8/17/15 Yellowtail Fishin'

    Great local report. Nice yellows there
  78. antdog562

    Good YT on the 150!

    Way to nail em on the plastic!
  79. antdog562

    8-16 YFT near 209

    Nice report. Great pic
  80. antdog562

    Lbs jurel 8-14

    Way to nail em out there!
  81. antdog562

    Horseshoe yellows Fri 8/14

    Great job. How's the bait from sp?
  82. antdog562

    8-13-15 Long beach

    Awesome! Time with your boy is priceless. Nice yellows
  83. antdog562

    Finally, Postworthy Catch 8/10 Shoe

    Nice read, great job on the yellows
  84. antdog562

    horseshoe area 8/11

    They were up. Kind of frustrating when you see the occasional yellow boil. But action is action.
  85. antdog562

    Bloody Deck...Finally!

    Those are some cool ass pics. Nice job out there
  86. antdog562

    horseshoe area 8/11

    Half scoop from nacho at 6 am. Found some birds near the shoe so stopped and chunked. Went 1 for 3 on yellows then seals showed up. Looked around for a while for one red on the plastic. Ended up near the fleet and my dad nailed 2 more yellows. I kept getting sand bass. All in all good day away...
  87. antdog562

    Quality YFT 8-11 267 area

    Dam! U killed it out there! Wtg
  88. antdog562

    Best day ever without landing a fish!

    Great read. Congrats to you and your daughter.
  89. antdog562

    105 area 8/9, one YT

    Thanks for the info. Wtg on the hand off
  90. antdog562

    Catalina YT 8/8/15

    Nice yellow! Thanks for the report
  91. antdog562

    Back at it...

    Prefect short trip
  92. antdog562

    Oside 8-5-15 7 and 1/2 fish

    Dam you scored! Awesome pics
  93. antdog562

    Slow start to our Catalina week!! One dodo!

    Good luck out there man. Sounds pretty awesome to be out there like that regardless... if yellows don't wanna play, light line for Calicos is always fun
  94. antdog562

    8/2 Catalina rat yellows released

    Yeah I check the weather and conditions and take my time getting over there. I usually head back before or around noon before the winds pick up
  95. antdog562

    Boat trouble, mako, tons of little dorado

    Fixing the problem yourself, and especially on the water makes for a good day
  96. antdog562

    8/2 Catalina rat yellows released

    Took my son to the island to look for his first yellow. Found lots of rats On the front side of West end. 110 feet of water, Live sardines from nacho worked well, also a few on whole dead squid. Caught about 10 all around 5 pounds. Explained to my boy that we don't need to keep the rats, it...
  97. antdog562

    Catalina yellows 08/01/15

    Nice work. I was there yesterday and couldn't get one over 5 pounds
  98. antdog562

    Catalina mid week report - big yellows

    Good thing the dog didn't pull you in... thanks for the info, I know it will be crowded, but I plan on going to the island Sunday to put my son on his first yellow (9 yrs old). So your Intel is well appreciated.
  99. antdog562

    7-29 Wed Local LA

    Sounds like a good day. Thanks for the report
  100. antdog562

    Killed it Today! 7-28-15

    Nice load of fish there. Dodo pics are awesome
  101. antdog562

    DP 7/28

    Thanks for the report
  102. antdog562

    Dana at noon

    Nice fish and boat
  103. antdog562

    Dana To Catalina

    Awesome trip. Thanks for the report
  104. antdog562

    2003 115 mercury shifting hard

    Thanks for all the responses guys. I have Friday off so I'm gonna swap them. I was just kind of surprised that my last boat had an 88 merc on it that shifted perfectly for the 7 years I owned it.
  105. antdog562

    2003 115 mercury shifting hard

    I've been reading old posts on different sites and they are saying that it's a common problem, but somewhat normal. Any additional feedback on this would be greatly appreciated
  106. antdog562

    2003 115 mercury shifting hard

    Cool, thanks for the help. I'm gonna look into doing that this week.
  107. antdog562

    2003 115 mercury shifting hard

    Yes when disconnected from engine, it shifts freely.
  108. antdog562

    2003 115 mercury shifting hard

    Also, after disconnecting the cables from motor, it is still very hard, nearly impossible to shift into reverse by hand. Think it could be lower unit problems?
  109. antdog562

    Shakedown 1st report

    Thanks for the report. Was out there today for one short Cuda
  110. antdog562

    Church on Sunday

    2 beautiful fish. Good job
  111. antdog562

    2003 115 mercury shifting hard

    I recently bought a 88 17' invader with an 03 mercury 115 on it. I realized it takes a lot of force to shift in and out of gear, whether it be forward or reverse. It has the original shifter I think, which is an 88. I've already tried adjusting the cables with no success. When I disconnect the...
  112. antdog562

    Patch Monkey stuff with my friend - Catalina

    Nice. Was thinking of hitting cat Sunday if weather permits
  113. antdog562

    Yellowtails Out of Long Beach

    Great report, nice yellows. Thanks
  114. antdog562

    Fathers Day at the Island

    Awesome pics bro. Thanks for helping my kid land some nice Calicos a few weeks ago. He still talks about how cool of a crew the Gail force is.
  115. antdog562

    SOLD 21 ft Bayliner trophy

    I didn't think anyone would really want it, but it's sold. Sorry I didn't reply to the questions asked, I didn't get any BD alerts after the first day
  116. antdog562

    Hamachi lunch

    Nice yellow! Yeah both captains Mitch and Ryan are real cool guys...
  117. antdog562

    SOLD 21 ft Bayliner trophy

    Yeah, water some how kept getting in it, so it turned into a local and hoop netting rig
  118. antdog562

    SOLD 21 ft Bayliner trophy

    1988. runs good. Added a 28 gal external gas tank, due to original tank has A water leak. 175 mariner, custom aluminum top, new led lights on top, Cuddy cabin, not the best, but will get you some local action. 3000 obo Anthony 562 556 0086
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    Long Beach Yellows 5/23

    Thanks for all the great info. Nice yellows
  120. antdog562

    Another leo

    Nice Leo there
  121. antdog562

    Fishing from a sailboat- Catalina

    Great unique post. Nice yellows
  122. antdog562

    5/2 Newport Harbor

    Nice action packed quick session...
  123. antdog562

    thirsty for yellow blood

    Nice report. Healthy yellow
  124. antdog562

    external fuel tank help

    thanks for all the feedback guys. i dont think all the work of replacing the tank is worth it. id really like to be in a newer model center console by next year, and all that money and time could be put towards that
  125. antdog562

    Catalina 4/19

    great report and cool pics. thanks
  126. antdog562

    external fuel tank help

    thanks for the help guys. i think i am looking into the moeller, and the best spot to strap it down. thanks again
  127. antdog562

    external fuel tank help

    i have fuel tank issues on a cheap boat. i figured it would be a whole lot easier just to add an external tank rather than spending more time and money than its really worth. i hopefully plan on upgrading this next year, so this plan will hopefully keep us fishing this season. does anyone know...
  128. antdog562

    Coronados - 4/11

    cool pics. nice report
  129. antdog562

    My first yellowtail

    congrats. nice yellow, and report
  130. antdog562

    Cat Yellows Friday 4-3

    awesome pics and report. thanks
  131. antdog562

    Rpt-Wed.-03-25-15 A good Half Day on the Ducky!

    another great report. gonna head out that way sunday and try out my new fish finder. thanks
  132. antdog562

    Catalina report, Sunday 3/22

    great read and awesome pics. thanks
  133. antdog562

    Ultra- Catalina Island

    cool report, nice yellow, thanks
  134. antdog562

    Yellowtail Bycatch

    awesome report and pics as always. thanks
  135. antdog562

    Sat up the line3-14

    wtg on the perfect timing, and all the fish
  136. antdog562

    SCI - Sat 03-07

    looks like a bad ass trip!
  137. antdog562

    Local slugs

    nice local yellow there
  138. antdog562

    22feb15 long beach report near the 150... deadddd

    atleast the sandy saved the day. my old boat acts up from time to time, kind of throws the trip off. thanks for the report
  139. antdog562

    Watch your depth South Shore Long beach( hope this isnt old news to most)

    thats news to me. ive never launched there, but it was a plan before. thanks for the heads up
  140. antdog562

    Getting Things Dialed- CAT report

    awesome trip! thanks for the report
  141. antdog562

    Izors rain and bass 26JAN15

    good going on troubleshooting the issue. nice catch
  142. antdog562

    Humbling Half Day Pedro No Exotics 1-23-15

    cool, atleast no skunk! thanks for the report
  143. antdog562

    WSB on fin bait 1/11/15

    good going on the c bass
  144. antdog562


    good report, thanks for the read
  145. antdog562

    limits @ catalina

    nice catch! gonna try to hoop there soon... thanks for the report
  146. antdog562

    Unforgettable Dry Tortugas - December 2014

    awesome read and great pics. thanks
  147. antdog562

    Long Beach flatties 2015!

    nice, thanks for the report
  148. antdog562

    palmdale area stripers??

    just wondering if anyone has any general info they can share with me about the area. i have to go out there for the day and would like to try and hook into a striper with my son. is it legal to fish any area? what streets give access? any info helps, i will post a report after, thanks
  149. antdog562

    Panama Surf Fishing Report

    very cool report.
  150. antdog562

    Epic Night LB Hooping!! 12-13-14

    cool, congrats. gonna head out there in a couple hours. thanks for the info
  151. antdog562

    Lobstering on the slow

    we were out of long beach and only pulled 2 red crabs in 6 hours. i would have been happy with even a few more of those! not going too great...
  152. antdog562

    Lobster LBC 10-25-14

    good job, we were out also and didnt do great. thanks for the report
  153. antdog562

    hoopin 10/25

    thanks for the good info. i'll try that
  154. antdog562

    hoopin 10/25

    hahaha... maybe just liquor next time...
  155. antdog562

    hoopin 10/25

    hooped long beach about 6 hours for one legal bug, one spider and one red crab. tried different spots from 40 to 60 feet, used macks and salmon heads. got one sculpin on a plastic while waiting. still new at hooping, trying to put more than one in the basket.
  156. antdog562

    hoopin LB 9/28

    nice way to catch poachers... thanks for the info
  157. antdog562

    9/27/14 Point Loma Halibut

    nice going, thanks for the info
  158. antdog562

    hoopin LB 9/28

    2nd time out looking for bugs. 1st time pulling up anything. still have alot to learn. started just before sunset at the wall. only have 4 nets so far, used macks and sardine. 2spiders and 2 bugs in 3 hours. not much, but a success for me and my bro.
  159. antdog562

    La Jolla 15SEP14

    well done! thanks for the report
  160. antdog562

    Armstrong ladder

    i didnt see your post or it would have been yours. i only received messages from you and your buddy after it was sold
  161. antdog562

    2 kegs

    wish they still were full... just taking space now...
  162. antdog562

    Armstrong ladder

    i replied to your email that you first sent, so not calling to tell you the same thing doesnt prove having balls.. i guess i should have posted a "found" post.
  163. antdog562

    Armstrong ladder

    if i would have seen a post that mentioned the loss of a ladder, i would have given it back and not accepted any money. im on BD everyday and seen nothing about it. hell i even turned down an offer 5 minutes after i found it as i was trying to see who lost it. again i apologize...
  164. antdog562

    2 kegs

    40 each, or both for 70. pick up in norwalk. 562 556 0086 anthony
  165. antdog562

    Armstrong ladder

    came across this a few weeks ago. they go for around 200 and up. asking 50.
  166. antdog562

    Thank you coast guard

    thanks for sharing that. thank god everything turned out ok. your post helps a not so expierienced boater like myself.
  167. antdog562

    yellows near the 181

    great report. thanks for the info. after the skunk last sunday, any info helps for tommorow. thanks again
  168. antdog562

    San Pedro Tuna Report - 7/15

    perfect trip, thanks for the info
  169. antdog562

    Dana Pt - Local Bite

    dam! good job out there. i struck out on sunday there. i think i over ran them
  170. antdog562

    no luck out of DP

    the guys at the receiver told us only chovies for now
  171. antdog562

    no luck out of DP

    launched at 5 am, picked up some chovies. headed out stopping at the very few pattys we came across for no love... lots of dolphins and a few whales. couldnt find water warmer than 71. made it out 25 miles then decided to head back. no pics, was kind of bummed the way back in.... on the trailer...
  172. antdog562

    Local Dodo and Yellows

    wtg on the catch. gonna go out of dana sunday and look for kelp. thanks for the encouragement...
  173. antdog562

    West End San Clemente

    great report. nice calico
  174. antdog562

    Patty hopping out of Dp

    Had plans for Sd, but one of my trailer tires blew out on the 5 in tustin. After calling sea tow and waiting a few hours to get back on the road, Sd plans were out the window. Decided to launch out of dp instead of calling it quits. We were on the water at 930. Picked up some dines and headed...