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  1. antdog562

    6-22 front side Catalina

    Fished near Long Point for wide open calico bite with a few cuda and sheep mixed in. One for one on the yellows around 20 lb range. Nice weather for the crossing both ways. Big thanks to the guys on the "Fish & Chips". Had some battery issues and these guys went out of there way to give a jump...
  2. antdog562

    Need fuel pressure regulator 2003 merc 115

    After changing multiple parts chasing my lack of power issue in my 2003 merc 115 4 stroke, a buddy of mine found that I have a faulty fuel pressure regulator. I found one at Dick Sherrer marine for 370! Anyone know where I can find a better deal?? Any feedback helps... thanks
  3. antdog562

    SOLD 1970 boston whaler 16' cc

    sold. hull. Console and trailer need some work. 85 hp evinrude was running a few years back, needs to be re wired and tuned up. Hull Perfect for re power. Pinks in hand! 2500 Sold
  4. antdog562

    horseshoe area 8/11

    Half scoop from nacho at 6 am. Found some birds near the shoe so stopped and chunked. Went 1 for 3 on yellows then seals showed up. Looked around for a while for one red on the plastic. Ended up near the fleet and my dad nailed 2 more yellows. I kept getting sand bass. All in all good day away...
  5. antdog562

    8/2 Catalina rat yellows released

    Took my son to the island to look for his first yellow. Found lots of rats On the front side of West end. 110 feet of water, Live sardines from nacho worked well, also a few on whole dead squid. Caught about 10 all around 5 pounds. Explained to my boy that we don't need to keep the rats, it...
  6. antdog562

    2003 115 mercury shifting hard

    I recently bought a 88 17' invader with an 03 mercury 115 on it. I realized it takes a lot of force to shift in and out of gear, whether it be forward or reverse. It has the original shifter I think, which is an 88. I've already tried adjusting the cables with no success. When I disconnect the...
  7. antdog562

    SOLD 21 ft Bayliner trophy

    1988. runs good. Added a 28 gal external gas tank, due to original tank has A water leak. 175 mariner, custom aluminum top, new led lights on top, Cuddy cabin, not the best, but will get you some local action. 3000 obo Anthony 562 556 0086
  8. antdog562

    external fuel tank help

    i have fuel tank issues on a cheap boat. i figured it would be a whole lot easier just to add an external tank rather than spending more time and money than its really worth. i hopefully plan on upgrading this next year, so this plan will hopefully keep us fishing this season. does anyone know...
  9. antdog562

    palmdale area stripers??

    just wondering if anyone has any general info they can share with me about the area. i have to go out there for the day and would like to try and hook into a striper with my son. is it legal to fish any area? what streets give access? any info helps, i will post a report after, thanks
  10. antdog562

    hoopin 10/25

    hooped long beach about 6 hours for one legal bug, one spider and one red crab. tried different spots from 40 to 60 feet, used macks and salmon heads. got one sculpin on a plastic while waiting. still new at hooping, trying to put more than one in the basket.
  11. antdog562

    hoopin LB 9/28

    2nd time out looking for bugs. 1st time pulling up anything. still have alot to learn. started just before sunset at the wall. only have 4 nets so far, used macks and sardine. 2spiders and 2 bugs in 3 hours. not much, but a success for me and my bro.
  12. antdog562

    2 kegs

    40 each, or both for 70. pick up in norwalk. 562 556 0086 anthony
  13. antdog562

    Armstrong ladder

    came across this a few weeks ago. they go for around 200 and up. asking 50.
  14. antdog562

    no luck out of DP

    launched at 5 am, picked up some chovies. headed out stopping at the very few pattys we came across for no love... lots of dolphins and a few whales. couldnt find water warmer than 71. made it out 25 miles then decided to head back. no pics, was kind of bummed the way back in.... on the trailer...
  15. antdog562

    Patty hopping out of Dp

    Had plans for Sd, but one of my trailer tires blew out on the 5 in tustin. After calling sea tow and waiting a few hours to get back on the road, Sd plans were out the window. Decided to launch out of dp instead of calling it quits. We were on the water at 930. Picked up some dines and headed...