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  1. Mr Lingcod

    Solo boating/fishing

    I fished solo once. I found it to be pretty boring. Half the reason to buy a boat is to share great times with friends and family! So many strange danger situations get compound when solo. Two radios (one battery powered) go a long way. Also personal flotation, like a kayak is huge. It's all...
  2. Mr Lingcod

    For Sale 1978/2018 sea ray pilot house/flybridge

    It's a 30" shaft on mine as well. Scott, can you post some photos? It sounds very similar to some of the other boats here. From my experience, the 70's SeaRey hull is fast, sea worthy, heavy. Good platform. Not great at downswell, but good. But how often are you coming back from Miguel when it's...
  3. Mr Lingcod

    SOLD 2000 Davis Rock Harbor Long Cabin for Sale w/ Trailer

    Silly question, but I'll post it since there's so much discussion on RPM and WOT speed. Can you re-prop it to run faster at cruise but still hit the needed WOT RPM?
  4. Mr Lingcod

    SOLD 2000 Davis Rock Harbor Long Cabin for Sale w/ Trailer

    What are the cruise and WOT speeds with the Volvo KAD43?
  5. Mr Lingcod

    For Sale GRADY WHITE 228 Pilot house W/pod & Mercury Verado 300hp

    Great first ocean fishing boat for someone. Very user friendly platform. Good mix of fast/safe. GLWS. BUMP.
  6. Mr Lingcod

    For Sale 1978/2018 sea ray pilot house/flybridge

    Yeah, lets do it. She's a great boat and the reliability I think would be hard to match for 25k. It's a good sweetspot and pretty sea worthy too. Hey, I started putting salmon trollers off the side cleat for overnights. Huge difference. Really nice. Even a flopper stopper would be an...
  7. Mr Lingcod

    For Sale 1978/2018 sea ray pilot house/flybridge

    GLWS! Bump. I have pretty close to the same hull with a bracket and 300HP outboard. Diffrent cabin, though. Neil and I were chatting through the re-build. He did a great job and did it right. These hulls are pretty great, which is surprising to most on BD. One inch thick fiberglass and they do...
  8. Mr Lingcod

    In-slip outboard engine bag?

    I had the same issue. Email this guy, he's out of San Diego: [email protected] Basically add just a touch of chlorine and that'll stop the growth but not kill the lower unit. It's better for them to be out of water, but this will buy you a year no prob. Cheers.
  9. Mr Lingcod

    Anyone have a video of a Radon going downswell?

    That's pretty great, right there. You can see how the big belly really keeps her form burying the bow. Downswell this gets really magnified. Thanks for posting.
  10. Mr Lingcod

    Anyone have a video of a Radon going downswell?

    I'm a full believer. I thought a video would be cool showing it, versus telling it. Seems like such a video does not exist.
  11. Mr Lingcod

    Anyone have a video of a Radon going downswell?

    Very curious if anyone has a video of a Radon going downswell in good size swell. Not flat seas. Anyone? After a long time of talking with people, observing and being on the ocean, I've come to understand how the design works. In simple terms, the soft front end and big belly for buoyancy equal...
  12. Mr Lingcod

    Davis Boat Owners

    I walk by three 25 foot Rock Harbors to my boat in the SB harbor. The diesel I/O does around 8GPH at 22kts, which is pretty nice. Gas, not so great. Two of the three owners have told me they'd consider outboards if they had to repower, and I agree there's huge advantages. Perhaps the most...
  13. Mr Lingcod

    200hp Merc Outboard only getting 1.2 mpg??

    Try splitting the cost with your friends! Most friends love to split the cost because they love going out. That's the best way to make the cost (not the burn) less of a killer.
  14. Mr Lingcod

    Life Raft?

    I"m the guy with two kayaks and paddles on the roof, one surfboard in the cabin, an e-purb & handheld radio ready to go. Will my boat sink mid-channel? Hell no. But that's hardly the point. Just like your excessive anchor chain in your anchor locker, there's a good amount, then there's...
  15. Mr Lingcod

    Just received my property tax bill from the county of Santa Barbara

    The guy you want to call for the SB harbor (if you want it reassessed) is Daniel Burger: 805 346 8382. He's on vacation and will be back on Monday. They we're over 100% off on my valuation and so I have to speak with him next week. Good luck. I believe it should be as simple as showing what you...
  16. Mr Lingcod

    F150 3.5 v6 Ecoboost e/ 13,500 towing - realistic capacity?

    May I recommend another idea? Hire a company to tow your boat that long distance and downsize to a smaller truck or car. I know many people that are doing this now. Better on some companies insurance.... and when you plug in deprecation of full size trucks and all that, it's about a wash. And...
  17. Mr Lingcod

    F150 3.5 v6 Ecoboost e/ 13,500 towing - realistic capacity?

    I own a 2017 F150 3.5L ecoboost. I also own a 10,000lbs (wet) boat. How does it work all weighed down with stuff? Great. Thing is a rocket. Engine and 10 speed transition isn't the issue, however. It's the suspension that's too soft (even with the FX4 package). Also completely disregard all the...
  18. Mr Lingcod

    Docking ethics?

    There's no etiquette. Many are just are not self-aware. What I would do is ask him nicely, but do it immediately! Don't stew on it. Just ask him, even throw in a little intolerant edge, "Hey! How 'bout a little room! Thanks." That way any on-lookers will assume you're right and all shall...
  19. Mr Lingcod

    For Sale 26 2014 Radon Twin 200 etecs

    On Don's newsletter it says they're 250HP. Here it says 200. Not to nitpick, but can you clarify?
  20. Mr Lingcod

    Fastest Offshore boat 21-23ft

    Get a center console. Then make sure you have roughly 2000-3000lbs to 200 hp with nice v hull. Good luck.
  21. Mr Lingcod

    F150 Ecoboost

    I've got a 2017 3.5 L Ecoboost FX4 XLT. I found it to be the best bang for the buck on the F150 line. (Lariat is 8K worth of funky tech and just decent leather seats. Use that savings to upgrade to Catskin if you do upgrade.) For towing, the 3.5L on the 10 speed transmission is great. It's an...
  22. Mr Lingcod

    Boat Loan Advice

    Thank you
  23. Mr Lingcod

    5 Must Fishing App Downloads

    Motion GPS - Mark spots, make notes (once you were able to download Google Maps, but that era is over). Easy because you can plot locations, see maps, measure distances, share GPS locations with friends. Windy - Check wind/swell models. The three day out NAM 5km is really good. ECMWF 9km is...
  24. Mr Lingcod

    Gas vs Diesel

    If you're asking the question, buy an outboard. Which one? They're all generally the same. What shop do you like to work with? That should answer your question. Enjoy!
  25. Mr Lingcod

    Custom Flopper Stoppers

    Good tip. I think for my personal use I'd use them for overnights. Just makes it all more enjoyable. Especially if the wind comes up for a few hours.
  26. Mr Lingcod

    Custom Flopper Stoppers

    Damn. That's perfect. (I feel like whenever I post to BD there's always someone who totally has the overwhelming knowledge on whatever nitch I"m inquiring about!) Never occurred to me to run them moving! I surf/dive/fish on calm days normally, blasting 25-32kts out to where I'm going. But the...
  27. Mr Lingcod

    Custom Flopper Stoppers

    Haven't tried the orange plastic ones? I always thought they looked cheap. But I'll take your word. Major difference.
  28. Mr Lingcod

    Custom Flopper Stoppers

    A commercial fishermen buddy let me try these seemingly custom flopper stoppers. Wow! My 70s Searay hull rolled a little at anchor with that modified V. But just one of these things made a big difference. Two of them, off each back cleat, was a game changer! Anyone have experience with these...
  29. Mr Lingcod

    For Sale 26' Crystaliner Pilothouse - 300HP Cummins Diesel

    Great boat! How does it have a 300HP Cummings and only does 20-22kts? Gearing?
  30. Mr Lingcod

    Boat: How Close to Beach or Piers

    I'd like to know how close to oil rigs. They say pretty far away on the signs, but I've seen fishermen get pretty close.
  31. Mr Lingcod

    Scallops with little crabs inside

    Was diving for scallops at the islands and kept finding little crabs inside. The Internet says they're "pea crabs" and actually parasites. This does not seem to be an issue for human consumption, except that these crabs tend to make the meat in the scallop much smaller. Are these scallops okay...
  32. Mr Lingcod

    Leaving Your Boat Unattended // The Double Shackle ?

    Great point: the "point of failure" is not the rope snapping; it's the anchor dragging or not resetting well. So you don't need two. You just need one good one. I'm going to take off the double shackle because I don't want to compromise the same set up that's worked flawlessly in all conditions...
  33. Mr Lingcod

    Leaving Your Boat Unattended // The Double Shackle ?

    Thank you. Advise heard. But help me understand why for "something like this" you would advise against the double shackle? When would be a good time? Why not this time?
  34. Mr Lingcod

    Leaving Your Boat Unattended // The Double Shackle ?

    What about a wind shift? Then you have your boat unattended with wind/chop hitting it from the side or stern.
  35. Mr Lingcod

    Leaving Your Boat Unattended // The Double Shackle ?

    Going to hike a cool wash out at the islands this weekend and will be leaving the boat for about 5 hours. I 100% believe in my nylon rope, boat-length chain, and oversized danforth anchor. Works every time. But ... this isn't really about safety. This is about "calming the nerves" while leaving...
  36. Mr Lingcod

    Looking for some advise on a re power

    Does the boat sit in a slip, or is it on a trailer? If it is in a slip, make sure to add either getting a lift, and/or better bottom cleaning and replacing the overdrive more often. With outboards, make sure you fit in the slip with them up, and perhaps consider a new trailer (or adjusting it)...
  37. Mr Lingcod

    300 Verado: From 6cyl to 8cyl?

    Thanks Dave. That's just the type of info I was looking for (that I can't find anywhere else on the internet). Do you know why Mercury made this change? It can't be because the 2.6l was small and was blowing out, because there haven't been reports of that happening. My guess is that it's easier...
  38. Mr Lingcod

    300 Verado: From 6cyl to 8cyl?

    Not sure if anyone noticed. But Mercury came out with a new 300 Verado a number of months ago. They changed the 250HP and 300HP to a V8. The 350 still has the older configuration: 2.6L inline 6 cyl with a supercharger. Wondering if this is a cost thing (they all used to be 2.6L inline 6 cyl...
  39. Mr Lingcod

    Size outboard for 18ft aluminum?

    You'd just be un-American if you went with anything less than a 350 Verado! :)
  40. Mr Lingcod

    Double Anchoring: What's Your Technique?

    When pulling up to an anchorage, I've seen people on 26-ish foot power boats motor close to shore and make an abrupt turn so the bow is facing back out of the anchorage. Then, they do the following: 1) Drop the stern hook, dragging until they feel some "set" 2) Let out the stern rode big time...
  41. Mr Lingcod

    For Sale Wilson on cl

    I can't tell if that's a "12.5" HP or a "125" HP outboard. The picture is so distorted that you can't really tell, which tells you something. I think the "Wilson" part of it is the value. Everything else looks pretty funky.
  42. Mr Lingcod

    35 Skipjack

    The people I know who have Skipjacks love them. Great riding hull. Not the best downswell but easily passable. The floating condo element of the boat makes them. You catch the fish and find a nice place to post up and make dinner. Most boats you want to race back to dock. You could be out a...
  43. Mr Lingcod

    Just when I thought I was over it. Here it comes again: seasickness.

    Go see a doctor, tell him/her what you're doing. Get a prescription Scopolamine patch and use it for motion sickness. If he/she dosn't give it to you, date a nurse and ask for one.
  44. Mr Lingcod

    Hey Paul, do you know how to figure out if the guy is selling bait down at the SB harbor? Seems...

    Hey Paul, do you know how to figure out if the guy is selling bait down at the SB harbor? Seems like random, mostly Friday, Sat, Sun. But more random than anything. Do you know a number to call or smth? Thanks Paul
  45. Mr Lingcod

    Greenough: Exotic, but how do they ride?

    What's the deal with the Greenough build? How do they ride? Why are they so fuel efficient for the size/weight? Does that near-tri-hull design make it pound in exchange for increased roll-stabilization and economy? If so, how does it work for our ocean on the West Coast?
  46. Mr Lingcod

    Anyone recognize this Wilson 26

    That's pretty cool. How are you going to handle the engines? Rebuld? Swap to a single new diesel? Go the bracket and outboard route? Many options.
  47. Mr Lingcod

    Has anybody tried flashing there ECU?

    "Flash it," eh? Does that mean altering the computer so you get some more HP? I've got a 300HP Verado 2016-17 that was a refurb. Just got out of my 1 year warranty. Always wondered what a 350HP would have done. Is this what you're talking about? In short, I haven't tried it but heard about...
  48. Mr Lingcod

    Spectra as anchor rode?

    I'm sure that would work. Out of curiosity, why do you need to anchor in 200 feet of water?
  49. Mr Lingcod

    First Time Buyer Gun Shy - Need Advice

    Check this out: Get a surveyor to sign off on the hull, buy it, strip it and paint it at a local shop, put a new outboard on it, you'll love it, and it will hold value when you sell. If you're really into it, get a...
  50. Mr Lingcod

    First Time Buyer Gun Shy - Need Advice

    Fools gold, amigo. Buy a panga, with a radio and the most simple electronics and put the money on the engine. Boats are so different than cars. Working but old boats are not worth a whole lot once it hits the unreliable level. Actually, they are not worth anything because you don't know if...
  51. Mr Lingcod

    Boat Loan Advice

    You posted asking for "Boat Loan Advise" so here is mine: You're asking someone to give you money, with interest, for a depreciating asset. Many people do this with cars. And it is the single biggest wealth-killer of the American middle class. For what. So you can kill a few fish? Charter a...
  52. Mr Lingcod

    Why are nearly all Parker boats underpowered?

    Thank you, very good explanation. Makes sense. Overall, how do you rate the hull of your Parker? You seem to have a great grasp of your boat. For a production boat, what do you think? Would you head 50 miles offshore with it?
  53. Mr Lingcod

    Why are nearly all Parker boats underpowered?

    Looks good. Do you think it's under-powered? I have a 300HP on my boat (24 SeaRay, 8,000lbs) and it's great. Could be more, but I really don't need it.
  54. Mr Lingcod

    Why are nearly all Parker boats underpowered?

    Yeah, it's like always 50HP less than it should be. Is the cost really that much? I'm sure it would be worth it, hands down, with enriched user experience.
  55. Mr Lingcod

    Why are nearly all Parker boats underpowered?

    Just a question that's been on my mind for some time now. Take an average 25 foot Radon, these boats tend to have 350-450+HP. Take an average 25 foot Parker, it'll have 225-250HP. I get that the Parker is lighter, perhaps by 30%, but the V in the hull alone would potentially justify that...
  56. Mr Lingcod


    BoatUS is so bad in our harbor (Santa Barbara) the local shops refuse to even work with them. I feel like "cheap" is really just one part of the insurance game. I'd rather have a policy that works across the board and pay what is needed for that.
  57. Mr Lingcod

    1984 Sea Ray?

    I have a 1978 SeaRay, but it's really just the hull. And, it was all sanded down and re-done. So it's not really a 1978 SeaRay anymore. Generally the hull is smooth but not great downswell. For coastal fishing, sure. Tuna banks, way offshore, maybe not. See how much has been made "new" on this...
  58. Mr Lingcod

    27' Northriver OS Twin 200's or 250's?

    Do you know the wet weight of the boat? I'd also look into the engine block size of the 200 vs the 250. I'm guessing it's the same, meaning the stern weight will be roughly the same. Totally go with the 250s and make sure to put the biggest trim tabs possible on the back so you can plane it at...
  59. Mr Lingcod

    Team baja 18 terminator

    There's something about safety and efficiency that is hard to argue with. Great value, especially if you put a cabin on it. They're slow and they pound, but they're safe and efficient.
  60. Mr Lingcod

    Mercury vs. Yamaha

    I'd buy the cheaper motor. Both really pretty much the same. Then replace it in 7 years and sell it on c-list. Take the money while it still works. Consolidate the engine depreciation with reliability, safety, and overall winning in life because you're on the water. (I have a new 300 Verado and...
  61. Mr Lingcod

    The search is over parker 2520

    I'd get the Garmin radar package on it. Radar is really really helpful. A must, really. Would be cool to do a through-hull transducer as well. Swim ladder, roof racks? Do you know the wetweight?
  62. Mr Lingcod

    Converting 26 blackman to bracket with twin outboards ideas, comments and experiences.

    Exactly! Your hull will go fast. I put a refurb Verado on mine. I can hear the water on the hull at 25kts. It's so quiet and the power steering is really nice. I love the added back platform to fish/dive off from. Just be ready for something A) custom, that you have to fine tune, and B) a stern...
  63. Mr Lingcod

    Converting 26 blackman to bracket with twin outboards ideas, comments and experiences.

    Did this to my 78' Searay. Get an armstrong bracket and some big trim tabs. The boat will love 25kts, and the tabs will keep you on plane at around 13kts if you're lucky. With new outboards, you'll feel like it's a new boat.
  64. Mr Lingcod

    My new 300HP Verado must live in saltwater. Is it really that bad?

    I know that this thread has faded from the front page of Bloody Decks, but I wanted to provide some closure to the problem that was originally posed. In review, my outboard was just a little too long to be in my slip while resting in the upright position, per the harbors measurement. So, I...
  65. Mr Lingcod

    Wet Foam, But Bad Stringer?

    That's a really good counter point. More chain equals more safety, but it's much harder to pull up, especially with a winch, and chain has no give. I use about 25 feet of chain (1X of my boat) and an oversized Danforth. Often, on rocky anchorages, I end up diving down to "unhook it" simply...
  66. Mr Lingcod

    What rides better then a parker 2520?

    There is no perfect boat, and no perfect hull design. If you live in San Diego and fish in Mexico, you're coming back home upswell. You want a V hull design. If you're out of Santa Barbara and want to fish Point Conception, you'd want a Radon-style hull because you'd be coming back home...
  67. Mr Lingcod

    92 Davis Cortez - Repower and Refit

    Talk about the right direction. The cabin extension, the extra pole holders, the 300HP with the Armstrong Bracket, everything, just dialed. I bet sometimes you even step out onto the bracket and fish. Boat feels a foot longer now. Protection from the sun/wind/cold must be a night and day...
  68. Mr Lingcod

    Wet Foam, But Bad Stringer?

    Because the Bruce holds a wind change better than a Danforth. It tends to stay set when the boat turns. A Danforth can have a harder time resetting. But a Danforth has better holding power, especially in the sand. I switched back to two Danforths, figuring that on an overnight I'm preventing a...
  69. Mr Lingcod

    Wet Foam, But Bad Stringer?

    I think that's the idea. The hull is over 1 inch thick! It just dosn't look like it goes down or has spread. As I said above, a boat builder in town thought that all SeaRay boats from this period would have this crack due to the excess of resin poured on the keel. I think a small bit of grinding...
  70. Mr Lingcod

    Wet Foam, But Bad Stringer?

    No sign. Dosn't leak, either. Was just stripped on the exterior for painting, but no sign from the outside. It's frankly pretty small on the inside, but I asked Don to take a look. Good news is it wouldn't be too hard to pull the tanks and get to it from the top if need be since the floor...
  71. Mr Lingcod

    Wet Foam, But Bad Stringer?

    Sure, I'd pull the tanks, which on my boat is relatively easy. Can be done without cutting floorboard.
  72. Mr Lingcod

    Wet Foam, But Bad Stringer?

    After a little rain I got curious and cut open the bottom cabin in my boat. I found wet foam and a small crack along the bottom. Of course, I was alarmed and wanted to follow through. I spoke with a local boat builder, along with another boat guy I trust. Both actually said the same thing: It's...
  73. Mr Lingcod

    Which 250 HP to buy

    Really like my Verado. It’s pretty much what Ford did with the eco boost: 6 cylinder with a turbo. Pretty sweet all around.
  74. Mr Lingcod

    My new 300HP Verado must live in saltwater. Is it really that bad?

    Nope. They make you go straight.
  75. Mr Lingcod

    My new 300HP Verado must live in saltwater. Is it really that bad?

    After really looking hard at possible solutions, here is where I landed: a kill bag with a lifetime warranty. Slides on easy, keeps the engine out of the salt, BOOM. Done. A $200 solution to what could have been a move to Marina 3 and about $15k more. Seems like a winner.
  76. Mr Lingcod

    Kicker motor ?

    Great idea. One engine can be efficient. Two gets you home (or really out of a bad place if you get stuck). So much better to wait it out in a harbor versus the Potato Patch. One thing to consider. You can get a 18hp 2 stroke on C-list for $500 that'll get you home. A 9.9 will get you to a...
  77. Mr Lingcod

    Raw Hotwater Bathtub... with Outboards?

    I'm thinking a hot water shower would be more than enough and be super nice after a surf/dive. Planning anything like this for your new Radon?
  78. Mr Lingcod

    Raw Hotwater Bathtub... with Outboards?

    Those of us divers, spearfishermen, surfers, know the cold hard truth about Winter/Spring. It gets cold! It gets really cold. Especially when you get lost in whatever you're doing and spend more time in the water than you should. Sometimes, you just can't warm up fully until you're home and...
  79. Mr Lingcod

    My new 300HP Verado must live in saltwater. Is it really that bad?

    I knew they go tip to tip but I thought I could customize it a little more than I have been able to. Plus, I also got a smokin' deal on a 28 foot slip (31 feet total). I use the slip all the time: chillin', kayaking, buoy cruise. A family-oriented deal. SB is great. However, the ride back from...
  80. Mr Lingcod

    My new 300HP Verado must live in saltwater. Is it really that bad?

    Yeah, that would be great! Do you think the engine can live down with the liner in the Clorox?
  81. Mr Lingcod

    My new 300HP Verado must live in saltwater. Is it really that bad?

    Thanks for the advice. What bottom liner do you use? Boat Bunkers? Armored Hull?
  82. Mr Lingcod

    My new 300HP Verado must live in saltwater. Is it really that bad?

    Yeah, good idea. But it would just raise the engine. I have a length issue. How would it help the length?
  83. Mr Lingcod

    My new 300HP Verado must live in saltwater. Is it really that bad?

    Indeed. Thanks for the info. What do you think about the liners with the I'm with you. I think leaving it in the water would be pretty bad: not just the prop, but the entire lower unit, cooling system, gears, are all in the salt. Not good. I'd rather go for a bigger slip than a hoist, I...
  84. Mr Lingcod

    My new 300HP Verado must live in saltwater. Is it really that bad?

    It's 3 inches over with the pulpit off.
  85. Mr Lingcod

    My new 300HP Verado must live in saltwater. Is it really that bad?

    I'm really just inches away. I thought with the pulpit customization I could find the space. I'm 3 inches off. After seeing what the summer did to my trim tabs (which now have zincs on them) I can fully imagine what will happen to that Verado. But I can't help but wonder how different this will...
  86. Mr Lingcod

    My new 300HP Verado must live in saltwater. Is it really that bad?

    One the main advantages of having an outboard, they say, is that you can tilt it up and out of the water after use. But the slip I'm in is very tight and even if I take off my bow pulpit I will not fit in the slip with the engine up. So, it looks like I"m keeping my new 300HP Verado in the...
  87. Mr Lingcod

    SEI Marine Products?

    Indeed, had two lower units in both blew out. They were free under warranty. But shipping and installation really didn't make it so free. On the sea there is an extra price to be paid for reliability that is just different when you're driving a car for example.
  88. Mr Lingcod

    1978 Sea Ray built like a Radon?

    Awesome conversion. A question. When you're going downswell at a good cruising speed (22kts?) how does it handle? I experienced a little bit of bow steering last weekend coming back from Santa Rosa - granted my boat was full, my tabs we're down a little, and the windswell was 5 feet at 8...
  89. Mr Lingcod

    1978 Sea Ray built like a Radon?

    Yeah, good to ask. The boat weighs about 8,000 and gets 1.2 - 1.5 mpg. Trim tabs we're huge! I fully recommend them, especially for a boat like this that is stern heavy. Really a wonderful upgrade. As my friend who often goes out on a Parker said, "It's just like a Parker, but a way better ride...
  90. Mr Lingcod

    Hey read your post from awhile back. I just got a slip in the SB harbor and got the boat painted...

    Hey read your post from awhile back. I just got a slip in the SB harbor and got the boat painted to stop growth. I have a tralier for it and was thinking about pulling it out every 6 months and power washing it and letting it chill out of water for a few days. Think that'll do it? I also have to...
  91. Mr Lingcod

    1978 Sea Ray built like a Radon?

    Send me a pic of your boat jesseaizenstat at gmail dot com . I don't know about the bracket. Whatever the shop had. Getting the right engine for your boat will be so much better. Personally, the 300 was just right for mine. 250 would have been underpowered.
  92. Mr Lingcod

    1978 Sea Ray built like a Radon?

    New engine is great. I don't understand why more people don't re-power good old hull boats. I got a Verado 300. If you get a "boat show motor" they're 20% off. Way worth it. You also might wonder about broaching with your modified V. Because my outboard conversion made my boat a few feet longer...
  93. Mr Lingcod

    Never Slip again

    I think you should splash some fish blood on it for the visual
  94. Mr Lingcod

    Livesay 26 - Full Build - 350 Yamaha Outboard

    Yeah, I hear you. But at least you take safety seriously. That's one thing that can't have a cost attached.
  95. Mr Lingcod

    225 2 stroke Mercury Boat Engine

    Sorry, can't deliver. 140ish in all
  96. Mr Lingcod

    225 2 stroke Mercury Boat Engine

    Have to sell this weekend. Asking 2k for it. Runs fine. Just pulled it off my boat and on a crate with controls ready to be picked up. Upgraded to a 4 stroke. 30 inch shaft. New lower unit from SEI. 7 hours on it. Call or text with questions: 8o5 7o5 726o
  97. Mr Lingcod

    1978 Sea Ray built like a Radon?

    You know, I was thinking about Santa Barbara and how our normal routes are pretty good for a Radon design, especially if you're a crab guy fishing the backside of Santa Rosa. "Coming home from work" means drive downhill with a fully loaded boat. Just as you were explaining in your initial post...
  98. Mr Lingcod

    1978 Sea Ray built like a Radon?

    Post a pic of your sled of choice ... and say why. I ran a 18 foot center console for some time; great for so many things.
  99. Mr Lingcod

    1978 Sea Ray built like a Radon?

    It is indeed crazy how thick the hull is. So it's a little heavy... but that's good and strong. The Parker boat owners I know always talk about how they get "thrown around" in the seas. Been in some snot in my SeaRay and found that it's heavy hull helps with this.
  100. Mr Lingcod

    1978 Sea Ray built like a Radon?

    Hi, thank you. That really helps. I think the reason I'm concerned is that I'm trying to figure out the general sea worthyness of this boat hull design. The Radon folks talk about those "white knuckle" rides downswell back to harbor. Will I get any bow steering with my SeaRay? Haven't...
  101. Mr Lingcod

    1978 Sea Ray built like a Radon?

    Wow, that's a cool boat. How fast would it go? What HP did it have? Was it rolly, since the weight distribution was changed?
  102. Mr Lingcod

    1978 Sea Ray built like a Radon?

    Indeed, thank you. My intention is to "use the hell out of it" and my 2-stroke was getting needy with constant repairs. In the end, the 4-stroke seemed like the way to go, but of course, majorly expensive.
  103. Mr Lingcod

    1978 Sea Ray built like a Radon?

    Alright, now before the Radon crowd asks for my head on a platter, let me first off say that I admire the Radon design as much as all of you do. There is a brilliance in design that is second to none - and just about everyone who spends their time on these forums wants a Radon. It's the best...