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  1. bajaandy

    Helium balloons?

    36" Balloons is who I've been using. US made latex balloons, super durable and under $5.00 for a 2 pack. (Not quite as cheap as Ali, but then, well....)
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    5/31/2020 Super Cow

    <Note to self: Put block and tackle on boat.> Holy smokes guys! That's the definition of "Fish of a Lifetime". Great story, great catch, awesome job all around!
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    SD and Mission Bay Recreational Boating

    Enforcement Officer: "Can I see all of your ID's please?" Enforcement Officer: "You have different last names and different addresses." Enforcement Officer: "Do not pass GO! Do not go fishing. Pay a fine." Somehow I don't think they're gonna buy it when you say you all live in the same house...
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    8/24 226/302/corner

    Is that a new show on cable? Sign me up! barf
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    Capsized Parker

    Didn't see her in the water. I don't monitor 72 anymore... too much of a $h!t show. It was almost comical on 16 hearing the number of boaters reporting the capsized boat. (But good on 'em for taking the time to do so!) Each time the coasties patiently replied that they were aware of the capsized...
  6. bajaandy

    YFT Chum? Anything other than live stuff?

    Couple things I do: 1. Save any leftover bait. Bag it and freeze it. It becomes chunk and/or chum in the chum buddy next time out. 2. Every once in a while I lift the fill tube out of the bait tank a few inches to flush the tank. All the scales in the bottom of the tank flush out the outlet for...
  7. bajaandy

    Parker MPG on 2520

    I've got a 2530 with dual 225's. I get a consistent 1.3 mpg avg.
  8. bajaandy

    Your favorite way to prepare yellowfiIn?

    Hard to pick a favorite: Seared sesame crusted Sashimi Poke Smoked (as is or turned into a killer cream cheese spread. Also try the smoked tuna for tuna salad.) Grilled
  9. bajaandy

    Nados, Yellos, beached boat and an IMPORTANT LESSON

    Good job on responding to the mayday call. Good on you for offering up assistance. Somebody up thread mentioned tapered wood plugs. That's a good call, but I also carry extra toilet wax rings. They're malleable enough to mold to fit a hole and plug it up quickly and sticky enough to stay in...
  10. bajaandy

    HELP!!! Shelter Island Port Master Plan REMOVES PARKING LOT

    I wondered if this was going to be the case, that the graphic image used to indicate said green space was simply put in the wrong place. I indicated such in my letter to the Port. Regardless, it is wise to call out such discrepancies and make sure our voices are heard. Here's what I sent, and...
  11. bajaandy

    Lost rod and reel at Coronados

    When I was 9 or 10 years old, fishing on a fishing dock at a local lake, I accidentally kicked my setup into the water. I was so bummed knowing my ride didn't come until that afternoon. Some guy on the dock said go tell the ranger, he's got a grappling hook. Sure enough, third drop and up comes...
  12. bajaandy

    Dana Landing Launch Ramp

    Oh my God... No sh!t, right? Can you say "clueless"?
  13. bajaandy

    How did you pick your boat name and why?

    WET-O's. It's a double entendre. When pronounced in proper Spanglish, it depicts the ethnicity of the guys who are usually fishing on her. (The correct spelling of the Spanish word is 'Guerro'.) I'll let you guess at the other meaning. Hey drewski, what about something like "3 degrees port"...
  14. bajaandy

    7/17 Nados Report and Non-fish Catch of a Lifetime!

    A. Good on you for actually picking up the line and not just leaving it there to wrap around someones prop shaft. B. What are the odds that there would still be a fish on that hadn't been macked by a sea lion? C. And you kept on pulling on that line after you'd already lost the fish. D...
  15. bajaandy

    Are you calling me Yellow? Punching well above our weight class at Cat Isl.

    I'm pretty sure it's illegal to have that much fun with a spinning rod.
  16. bajaandy

    7/14 South Nado w/fleet

    Sweet! Love the pics of the grom getting it done and posing with his catch! Memories for life!
  17. bajaandy

    Just back from BdeLA

    Excellent! What road did you take to the coast? Congrats to your boy!
  18. bajaandy

    Draw Results Out!

    Is it irony that on the first heat wave of the summer I find out I got drawn for D12? Can't wait to get out there!
  19. bajaandy

    Best Way to Remove Boat ID #s

    Try this stuff. Sold as an air freshener, but it dissolves adhesives.
  20. bajaandy

    Dad’s Tuna Kite

    Waiting to see that this season... Reminds me of my graduation from college. I sneaked in a bottle of helium under my graduation gown. Someone else had brought a blow up doll. I gassed her up and she became almost neutrally buoyant, gracefully floating around the graduates during the ceremony.
  21. bajaandy

    Kill bag zipper replace/repair?

    Depends on what part broke. On my Pelagic Kill bag, the little pull tabs that connect to the zipper slider broke off, but the actual part that weaves the two halves together was just fine. My fix was to use a split ring through the slider body and attach bright colored webbing to the split ring...
  22. bajaandy

    Lobster Diver attacked by shark at Beacons

    Got this from a FB post, so take it with a grain of salt, but latest word is that the 13 year old boy who was hit by a shark early Saturday morning while lobster diving is stable and doing well.
  23. bajaandy

    Lobster Diver attacked by shark at Beacons
  24. bajaandy

    First Cow with 7 year old on the Royal Star

    Super cool! For those of us who grew up fishing with our dads, and then became fathers ourselves and taught our sons and daughters to fish, we know how this will encourage your son to engage in a pastime that will bring him years of enjoyment (and frustration!), not to mention memories that will...
  25. bajaandy

    Building the ultimate workshop wood and metal. Need your input.

    You are speaking my lingo! I've been a shop teacher for the past 28 years and before that I was a stair builder and cabinetmaker. (And yes, I still have all ten fingers and they are still factory attached.) This is just my opinion, but personally I don't like to mix media. That basically means...
  26. bajaandy

    Predator Control

  27. bajaandy

    First Archery Bear

    Nice! Congrats on filling your tag.
  28. bajaandy

    Every Bait was a fish

    I hate it when that happens... NOT!
  29. bajaandy

    San Clemente Island Saturday with a side of offshore action 8/18/18

    Bingo. I wrote a nice report a few weeks back and got bitched out by the "it's not your paddy" whiners of BD when clearly the issue was boats fishing for stopped boats. I've said it before and I'll say it again: It is a practice I will not condone nor participate in. I believe it shows a lack...
  30. bajaandy

    92 Davis Cortez - Repower and Refit

    Holy smokes! That is LEGIT! You are so stoked! Got a question; What is the triangular shaped part on the starboard side of the bracket? Kicker mount?
  31. bajaandy

    A shout out to those that helped my son today.

    Kudos to the helpful boaters. And kudos to your son for not only keeping his head and getting help, but for keeping that fish as well! What a story he will have to tell in the future and with the scars to prove it! Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your boy. Keep an eye on that wound. As...
  32. bajaandy

    The 302

    Nice! Dig those close up shots of such a beautiful fish. The colors are intense! Good job on getting a couple.
  33. bajaandy

    Trailer Jack JUNK

    This. Works like a charm.
  34. bajaandy

    "The Shark ate my hat!" PENN's Vagabond 6-day scores big time

    <Aussie accent> "That whitey ate your ball cap!"
  35. bajaandy

    Will Fish Tackle TLD2 Frames - 20s and 30s Available

    I called the other day. Craig was super cool to talk to, no pressure. I was asking about the 20ii but he said they don't have any of those frames right now. However, for an additional $30 for a spool and spool shaft, you can convert a 20 into a 30. Everything else is the same. And they'll put in...
  36. bajaandy

    I have this next to my avatar, what does it mean?

    You can change it. Hover over your screen name in the status bar (next to Inbox and Alerts) and you'll get a flyout menu. Click on Personal Details. In the Custom Title area, type in whatever you want that to say.
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    Big Florida Amberjack Catch And A Lot More

    Wow! The three F's: Fishing, Food and Friendship. Excellent! Love those Amberjack, they pull like a freight train!
  38. bajaandy

    Best Trolling Lures YFT

    Wait. So you're saying that lures are designed and marketed to catch fishermen and not fish? Who'd a thunk it! LOLLOLLOL Totally agree... it's mostly about time on the water. As my son likes to say, the popular color is only the color that someone decided to use that day and then report on it...
  39. bajaandy

    Big YFT

    Sluggo! Nice!
  40. bajaandy

    Zero to Hero in one drift

    Excellent! Way to persevere and get 'r dun!
  41. bajaandy

    Long boat ride 8/2

    Ouch. Too bad you got the stripe. 16.8 gallons. You almost paid more for bait.
  42. bajaandy

    SOLD SL20SH w/ upgraded frame

    That is my go to reel. I frikin love it. Bummed he stopped making the conversion kits. I'd build another one pronto. Congrats on the sale.
  43. bajaandy

    They're out there! Any day now!

    Yup. They wouldn't touch it.
  44. bajaandy

    Restore My Faith In Humanity? Helping the Carly Rose 7-28-18

    Well done. Way to be a first responder. An eye opener to the rest of us for sure. Almost all VHF radios have dual scan mode to scan 16 and your other favorite channel.
  45. bajaandy

    They're out there! Any day now!

    Excellent! Super glad you guys scored! No, wasn’t us. We didn’t quite get to the 371 and we were out on Monday. The boats that did approach us came in fast and there was no radio contact in either direction. Your radio exchange is exactly how it should be done. A polite heads up from the other...
  46. bajaandy

    They're out there! Any day now!

    Wow… what a debacle. Leave it to all the real fishermen on this forum to suss out the main point of my report. Well done. No sense in focusing on the multiple areas reported on, the fish caught, baits used, the water conditions, weather or other positive aspects of the report. If your main...
  47. bajaandy

    They're out there! Any day now!

    I wired in a timer relay that shuts off the pump after a pre-determined amount of time. That way if the switch gets left on accidentally and you trailer your boat, the pump won't burn out. Don't ask me how I know this...
  48. bajaandy

    They're out there! Any day now!

    I respect your opinion and agree that sharing can be beneficial, and I too have been a part of a shared paddy. But I strongly believe that sharing must be initiated by the sharer, not the sharee. Calling out numbers to other boats is an honorable trait, and as you said sharing can make someone's...
  49. bajaandy

    They're out there! Any day now!

    Made a run out of MB yesterday with my son Ben and friend Mike. Got to the Dana Landing ramp just before 0500 and headed over to the barge for some nice bait. I think we had maybe half a dozen out of a full scoop roll on us. Bait was a mixture of 3”-4” & 5”-7” sardine and a couple of macs. We...
  50. bajaandy

    7/29 9,302,371

    Slugs! Nice work!
  51. bajaandy

    201# Cow at SCI 7/26

    Holy crap my back hurts just watching that video! Congrats on a hell of a fish. Well done!
  52. bajaandy

    Jalama Beach Fishing

    Quick tip: WD40 takes the tar off your feet and gear. On Edit: Oh, and this stuff. Probably better than WD40 on your skin.
  53. bajaandy

    A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. And a Big Ass Shark

    Friggin boats! Why do that have to do that? Awesome report. Thank you for posting the intel, even if you didn't score any fish. Shark sighting was legit! Big ol whitey!
  54. bajaandy

    Need insights on how to repair killbag

    Mine did the same thing. I tried glue, 5200. Nothing worked. I don't even bother to plug it any more, just let it drain.
  55. bajaandy

    07/21/18 @ the NW 43, 181, 182, N9, Point Loma

    Great report write up! I always appreciate when someone has the ability to put together cohesive sentences and paragraphs and write a good story. It's always eerie to see a submerged vessel. I remember seeing one in Quivira Basin when we were headed to the bait barge once. Kinda gives you the...
  56. bajaandy

    BW 17' Handrails

    That is a sweet looking skiff, and the rails just add to the look. Isn't that a unibond construction so you'll just be drilling into the foam core? Or do they incorporate some sort of backing at the areas where the rails attach when they build them? Is there some sort of stainless insert that...
  57. bajaandy

    Best topping for YFT on the bbq?

    You can do this on the grill, but it's really a recipe for seared ahi. Sea salt the steaks. Dredge in mixture of sesame oil, soy sauce, minced ginger and minced garlic. Season with steak seasoning then roll in toasted sesame seeds. Sear in hot cast iron skillet max 15 seconds per side. Slice...
  58. bajaandy

    Problems Hookup baits

    HAHA! What's that old joke? "Ya fvck ONE goat..."
  59. bajaandy

    Emergency small craft missing

    First, I am glad your boy is home safe and sound. You were absolutely right to sound the alarm. Second, I totally agree with you that I hope he learned something. I just hope what he learned was not that he got away with another one, but that he could have done things much differently to keep...
  60. bajaandy

    SOLD 19’Gregor center console

    It was for sure a fishy boat. My son and I and my friends caught a lot of fish on this boat. I think I was the second owner. I bought it from an old Asian guy in '06 I think. Sold it to a guy the next year when I upgraded to a Parker. The original owner had put a canvas splash guard on the front...
  61. bajaandy


    You said 30EX but you posted a pic of a 30EXW. Two different beasts, capacity wise. If I recall, I think I got 700(+/-) yds of 130lb braid on my EXW with room for a topshot. You might call any of the reputable tackle shops and ask them since they're spooling em up all the time.
  62. bajaandy

    SOLD 19’Gregor center console

    Wow! What a trip... I owned that boat for a few years. Glad to see it's still getting fished. Good luck with the sale.
  63. bajaandy

    “The Year of the Cow”

    Excellent! What an epic trip! Nice job on the write up too!
  64. bajaandy

    7/17 La Jolla Jello

    Oh boy! NOW you've done it! "Dad, can we go fishing?" "Dad, can we go fishing?" "Dad, can we go fishing?" "Dad, can we go fishing?" "Dad, can we go fishing?" "Dad, can we go fishing?" "Dad, can we go fishing?" Excellent catch! Congrats on getting a really nice yellowtail. And more importantly...
  65. bajaandy

    Lewmar Sprint 1000 repair referral

    I'm not exactly sure... it seems to me that the rocker switch should be controlling a relay switch somewhere else. Generally the helm switch won't be able to handle the amperage needed to run the windlass. Follow your wiring if possible and see if it takes you to a relay. Sorry I can't be of...
  66. bajaandy

    7/15 on the Ole Pacific - Tuna Time

    Nice fish!!! Well done! Nice boat too. (But I'm biased.) (And now also jealous.)
  67. bajaandy

    Brine to smoke Tuna and YT???

    Here's mine. I really like using the Morton's tenderquick to make the brine. Brine recipe: 1 Cup of Morton’s Tender Quick curing salts 1/4 Cup teriyaki sauce or soy sauce 4 cups Water: 1 cups hot water, 3 cups cold water. To prepare the brine solution, dissolve sugar and salt in hot water...
  68. bajaandy

    Lewmar Sprint 1000 repair referral

    Funny, I just read something last night about a similar situation. The solution was to check the contacts in the relay switch. Apparently they get corroded from use and need to be cleaned occasionally. Maybe this is why it only goes in one direction? Worth a look.
  69. bajaandy

    No Receipt at Bait Barge Again

    Sabot. I suspect you started in an 8 foot Sabot. Many of us did. Sabbath is a day of religious observance and abstinence from work. But you probably knew that.
  70. bajaandy

    Opah SW of 302

    You're gonna need a bigger fillet table... Congrats on an epic (and tasty!) catch!
  71. bajaandy

    7/9 181-182 corner 43 La Jolla back to Dana Point

    Intel is intel, whether you get em or not. Thanks for the report.
  72. bajaandy

    Trail cam photo of the year

    "Just the bear necessities..."
  73. bajaandy

    Use helium balloon with the kite?

    Good point. I edited my post to reflect that. Cylinder is most definitely secured and stable. Break a gas valve and you've got a torpedo on board looking to get out!
  74. bajaandy

    Use helium balloon with the kite?

    Yup. Every time. I use large (36") balloons that I got from and fill them with quality helium from a local welding gas supply. I keep the gas cylinder (secured) on the boat during the season and run a coil hose from it to a simple air gun nozzle. Easy to fill the balloon with...
  75. bajaandy

    Dead creatures

    Rack 'em up! Nice work!
  76. bajaandy

    Gun for my son

    You either love it or hate it... take a look at the Mossberg 464 SPX in 22LR. It's got a cool tactical look in a lever action 22 and it's under $400 new. Plus, with an adjustable stock, he can grow into it...
  77. bajaandy

    Don't forget to report your hunt success on your tags.

    Thanks for the reminder...
  78. bajaandy

    Tying Mono to Braid?

    Tony Pena. Easy to tie and strong like bull. Oh, learned a cool trick from Lori down at Turners: Use some chapstick to lube the knot (any knot) before you cinch down.
  79. bajaandy

    The one that got away, a fish tale.....

    Holy crap! That's a lot of work! Thanks for taking the time to write it up and post your story. Epic read. I can only imagine what must have been going through your head when you'd get it to the surface and then it'd dive again. Get out there and get em!
  80. bajaandy

    What's hiding in the warm water off the West end

    According to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, "East side lovers living on the West End". But that's pretty old intel...
  81. bajaandy

    Reminder: Change your fuel filter with pictures

    To help cut down on the corrosion issue, I like to put a layer of grease around the outer rim of the filter, outside the gasket.
  82. bajaandy

    Smoke YT Need Help

    Know you're already done and trying to save this batch. Might just have to gift it and do another. I prefer to use Morton's TenderQuick and add in whatever floats your boat. I usually use some soy or some teriyaki sauce. Also, don't forget to rinse after the brine and let the pieces sit for a...
  83. bajaandy

    Best live bait hook

    Exactly what I was going to say. My son swears by the Mustad and I love the Ringed Owner Flyliner.
  84. bajaandy


    Yeah, but can it tow my boat? How about an electric equivalent for my dual Yamaha outboards? Never gonna happen. (At least not in my lifetime.)
  85. bajaandy

    Mini Ditch Bag on PurrSeaStance

    Excellent public service announcement. I hope people take it to heart. I keep the radio, SPOT, signal flairs, couple of water bottles, a powerbar (those things last forever) and ID in the ditch bag. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.
  86. bajaandy

    7/24 Paddy Hopping.

    Didn't count sporties, but probably half a dozen? They may have been closer to the beach.
  87. bajaandy

    7/24 Paddy Hopping.

    Is it still considered paddy hopping if it's only two kelps? Went south 50+ miles with my son Ben and friend Mike. Crossed the temp break and found 73 degree water 15 or so miles south of the Hidden Bank. Trolled a few pods of porps for nada. Ben spots a nice kelp with a trash bag marker and we...
  88. bajaandy

    Kelping - 7/24

    Nice! Way to slay em! We did the same but you guys found the larger grade. Way to go the distance and make it pay off.
  89. bajaandy

    Yummy Bites 7/22

    Way to get it done! Nice work!
  90. bajaandy

    Not a cow but its my best!

    SWEET! That is a birthday to remember! Great job!
  91. bajaandy

  92. bajaandy

    43 and farther 7-22

    Thanks for the timely report. Good intel. They're gonna go on the chew again soon.
  93. bajaandy

    Thur 7/20 Late Report

    Pretty sure we were the guys north of you that responded. Everything looked right, just no predators.
  94. bajaandy

    7/21 182-43 fish watching

    Thanks for the report. Sounds like the same as the day before. Hopefully they go on the chew soon.
  95. bajaandy

    Moon phases

    Last weekends bite happened pretty close to the 3rd quarter after the full moon. I have no idea if that means anything or not. Just an observation.
  96. bajaandy

    182-Corner-43 outside and up the line

    Fly, wash, rinse, repeat. Ditto for the Wet-O's yesterday.
  97. bajaandy

    Rpt.-Thur.-07-20-17 Bluefin Tuna Ghost hunting.

    Right there with you in the same zone brother! We'll get em yet!
  98. bajaandy

    What a day.... 7/20

    Sweet! Nice work! Way to find your own fish. Ya gotta love it when that happens.
  99. bajaandy

    Bluefin Fishing San Diego 7-20-2017

    Some days you get the bull, some days you get the horns. We went outside and got blanked.
  100. bajaandy

    Thursday 7/20/17 at 43, to Clemente island.

    Feel your pain. Did the same thing in the same area all day yesterday. Saw the spotters, saw the seiners, looked for fish and never even saw a single one. Heard a couple guys get knock downs, one guy claimed a fish. Dunno. Came across a sportfisher that was flying a drone. There was a spotter...
  101. bajaandy

    7/20 182 wish I went yesterday

    We were out there with ya, only we busted west for nothing except a bigger gas bill. Got into the pretty water but still never found em.
  102. bajaandy

    Thursday 7/20 Report

    Made a shake down after doing some boat maintenance. Boat ran great, got the kite and yumee dialed in. Got into some good looking water at 32.47, 118.10 but never saw a single fish. Worked that general area up and down the 118 line sometimes inside, sometimes out. Oh, and does the Island have a...
  103. bajaandy

    7/19 43 report

    Thanks for the same day report. Did you make it out past the 118W line?
  104. bajaandy

    Lower Unit oil dribble from vent screw

    Not stoked to hear this. Now I gotta keep an eye on another issue. Great. Wonder why don't they use an O-ring on those plugs?
  105. bajaandy

    "THE CORNER" bait market

    Right on. Thanks for the report. We'll see you out there on Thursday.
  106. bajaandy

    Ken's Custom Reels Trip, American Angler

    Great write up. Looks like you had a good trip. Ken and the crew at his shop are legit.
  107. bajaandy

    Lower Unit oil dribble from vent screw

    Gear oil is cheap and it'll only take a few minutes for peace of mind. Did you know that Yamaha changed the gaskets for the bleed and fill screws? They used to be red, now they are black and there is a service notice on how to tighten them. Basically you coat the gasket and the threads in new...
  108. bajaandy

    Skip... Skip... They bite - SD Offshore BFT - 7.16.17

    Got it! Thanks. I was thinking a longer top shot and using up precious spool space. Makes perfect sense now.
  109. bajaandy

    Skip... Skip... They bite - SD Offshore BFT - 7.16.17

    They're actually running 450# on the leaders. I get that. Bite off, tail slap, etc. I was just trying to figure out the need for the 200# main line on top of the 130# braid. Thanks for the clarification Brett. Yeah, I guess why not? Right? You can't argue with success.
  110. bajaandy

    Skip... Skip... They bite - SD Offshore BFT - 7.16.17

    Hey Ali, question for you: You guys are using the VISX 50's with 130lb braid and 200lb topshots, right? Why the heavy topshot? Isn't that a lot of weight when you're flying the kite? Is it just to maximize the drag those reels can produce?
  111. bajaandy

    A fellow Spear fisherman could use your prayers.

    Beautiful prayer. Amazing recovery! Amen.
  112. bajaandy

    ATV gun mounts

    PM sent
  113. bajaandy

    Anyone have a yamaha trim cylinder tool I can rent? SD

    You're welcome to borrow mine if you can't find anything closer to your location. Let me know.
  114. bajaandy

    ATV gun mounts

    Would you consider throwing them in a flat rate box if I paypal'd ya $40?
  115. bajaandy

    San Diego Offshore Fishing Report 7-13-2017

    Catching slug BFT off the San Diego coast? Epic. Sending your boat partner the pics while he's at a convention? PRICELESS!
  116. bajaandy

    Yearly Maintenance- Impeller Changing

    I do my own twin Yami's every other year. Yesterday the woodruff key on the starboard engine was stuck, and I mean STUCK. I finally resorted to taking the lower unit down to my shop and welding a plate to it to get it out. Worked like a charm. School of YouTube.
  117. bajaandy

    Got a borescope I can borrow?

    The BD coconut telegraph comes through again! Woohoo!
  118. bajaandy

    Got a borescope I can borrow?

    Looks like I'm going shopping... 8-)
  119. bajaandy

    Got a borescope I can borrow?

    Doing the impellers on the Yammi's this week and want to do an exhaust corrosion inspection. Anyone have a borescope I can borrow? Was gonna buy one of the cheapies off Amazon, but I just don't know if they'll do the trick. I'm in Esco, but willing to drive to p/u. Refreshments willingly provided!
  120. bajaandy

    Anyone have a yamaha trim cylinder tool I can rent? SD

    Also made my own a couple years ago. Some careful drilling on a drill press and tapping worked just fine. It sounds like you've got it covered, but if you need it, just let me know. I'm in Escondido.
  121. bajaandy

    2017 Tags

    Here's the list of what's left. No D9's. And here is the link to the big game hunting page.
  122. bajaandy

    Took my oldest boy fishing

    Right on. Nothing like fishing with your boy. Way to go on the WSB.
  123. bajaandy

    new to kite fishing, any tips?

    Two reasons for the balloon: you can fill it with helium for lift and, if you splash the kite, you won't be reeling in a sea anchor. I have a Tigress kite which I modified by adding a tail to stabilize it. I also use a large helium balloon tied to the back of the kite. I found 36" balloons...
  124. bajaandy

    CA 2017 hunting draw results are in, what did you score?

    HA ha! No kidding. Got the off road part handled, that's not the problem. I don't know diddly about the zone, so I think I'm just gonna pick one relatively small area and spend a bunch of time scouting. I just need to narrow down where to start.
  125. bajaandy

    CA 2017 hunting draw results are in, what did you score?

    D12 and AO. Man, I'm outa my element in D12. Gonna need some advice for that one.
  126. bajaandy

    How to make a Yummee Flying Fish "Cow Tuna" Kite Rig

    Genius! I am so gonna fly a cedar plug off the kite this year. You know it'll work!
  127. bajaandy

    big bluefin

    Nice! Great report and pics.
  128. bajaandy

    Pig hunting 5/24-5/25

    Great report. Beautiful country. You got some nice pics. What I wouldn't give to spend time with my dad again. Good on you for making memories. That is the reason my son and I go fishing/hunting every chance we get. (Well, and we do like eating fresh fish and game, so there's that.)
  129. bajaandy

    Dana Landing Launch Ramp

    The white zone is for loading and unloading only.
  130. bajaandy

    Thoughts about San Diego launch ramp closure

    Can't wait to get to use a new and improved launch facility. Anybody who bitches about this closure obviously doesn't get the fact that this is a FREE public launch and parking area in arguably the most used port with access to some of the best offshore fishing in Southern California. The...
  131. bajaandy

    Private Transfer of Firearms

    Google is your friend... Just did this last week and yes, you must have all the requisite paperwork such as a safety certificate, proof of residency, CDL, name of first born son, etc, etc. On edit: Don't forget your safety lock and a receipt that proves...
  132. bajaandy

    How to Jetty fish...

    More like winner, I'd say.
  133. bajaandy

    The scourge that is long range "hunting"

    Shooting precisely! (Sorry, I had to.) Articles like these really piss me off. This is presented in the mainstream media as if it's common practice. IT'S NOT!!! This is a "sport" practiced by a very few, and practiced well and with accuracy by even fewer. It's disingenuous to present this to...
  134. bajaandy

    New woman is on her way

    Congrats! And welcome to the Parker family! Awesome boats.
  135. bajaandy

    Question for reloaders

    Your Barnes brass looks exactly like mine after it comes out of my .270. Been thinking the same thing about getting into reloading
  136. bajaandy

    Tanner bank 11/18

    Great report! Awesome fish! I can think of nothing harder than to try to write in a foreign language. You did a great job of getting the story across. No need to apologize, just keep practicing!
  137. bajaandy

    Kaibab Youth Hunt

    Nice! Great job to you and your daughter!
  138. bajaandy

    Wyoming Bull Elk(s)- Success- Late Report 10/14-10/21

    Awesome report! Way to go on those bulls! What a story, with the tough weather and tough hunting. Congrats on a successful hunt.
  139. bajaandy

    AZ Youth Elk Hunt!

    Great story! Don't know who to be more stoked for, you, or your daughters! Nice job, all of you. What unit were you in?
  140. bajaandy

    26 Seaswirl....sinking near 9 mile bank currently 10:35 am

    THIS. Better than trying to get some wooden or rubber plug to fit. Never had to use one, but always keep em on board.
  141. bajaandy

    Can anyone help me get these damn caps off. I have a spanner wrench I can't get them to budge

    Get a hold of that wrench and put a long cheater bar on it. You'll get 'em. Just takes quite a bit of force. Here's the thread that shows my home made wrench.
  142. bajaandy

    How do u fish the sinker rig BFT?

    Check it:
  143. bajaandy

    Need Help...My garage door opner stop working

    Hey Mike, mine crapped out a few weeks ago too. If it's a Genie model, you might have to replace the internal circuit board. I bought one from this company and now it's working great.
  144. bajaandy

    First Hawaiian Buck

    SICK! That's frickin bad-ass!!! Nice job! What'd you drop him with?
  145. bajaandy

    Shelter Island ramp renovation

    Tell me about it! My Parker 2530 has dual Yammis mounted to a transom bracket, rendering an LOA of over 30 ft. It's a squeeze job to get that damn thing to float off the trailer on a negative tide! Wouldn't it be cool if the powers that be could install another "drop off and pick-up" dock just...
  146. bajaandy

    Mexican fishing license?
  147. bajaandy

    FMM Question

    Yes you have to pay for each crew member, including yourself, each and every time you go. There is no accounting for crew you don't know yet. Can't be done. You either have all crew data, or you don't. I keep a master manifest with all crew, past and present, then cut and paste to make the...
  148. bajaandy

    Need 2 non working 8' VHF antennas

    I've got one you can have, but it's in Escondido.
  149. bajaandy

    Shelter Island ramp renovation

    Surprisingly, the math does add up... Based once again on my highly un-scientific measurements taken with Google Earth, the current basin is about 267' x 122', equaling 32,574 sq.ft. If we assume (I know, I know... never assume) that the existing jetty is gone with a concrete wall at the outer...
  150. bajaandy

    Shelter Island ramp renovation

    It will make an appreciable difference to remove the rock jetties and replace with concrete walls. The width of the footprint of the jetties is roughly 60 ft. (per my highly UN-scientific measuring job using Google Earth). If they build a 5 ft wide wall at the outside edge of the jetty...
  151. bajaandy

    Halco Roosta Poppers on sale at Cabela's

    The 195 is the 7-3/4", as you noted. The sale was for ALL sizes that they had listed. That's why it was such a killer deal. It looks like they just had them all listed under the 105 number, but you can pick the size you want. Here's a clip from the email I got from Cabela's. They're all listed...
  152. bajaandy

    Halco Roosta Poppers on sale at Cabela's

    Mine said June 21st also in the email confirmation of the order, after the purchase. But it looks like they're all backorder now.
  153. bajaandy

    Halco Roosta Poppers on sale at Cabela's

    Looks like a lot of orders have been placed! When I ordered, they were all available. Now it looks like many of the colors and sizes are "backorderable" (whatever that means).
  154. bajaandy

    Halco Roosta Poppers on sale at Cabela's

    No worries guys. Just passing on the bargain. Scored four of them myself.
  155. bajaandy

    Halco Roosta Poppers on sale at Cabela's

    Just thought I'd pass this along. They've got a few selected colors in sizes up to the largest one Halco makes all on sale for $13.79, which is a pretty good deal since the big ones are usually over $20.00...
  156. bajaandy

    Rapala CD14 popper mod

    Now that is innovation right there! Love it! Got a few of those old CD14's sittin around myself... and some epoxy resin. Might just have to give it a go.
  157. bajaandy

    Trophies only 6/8

    You guys killed it! Way to get after 'em! Buzzed that same zone yesterday for nada. Way to go!!!
  158. bajaandy

    OPAH on the WET-O's

    Thanks for all the likes guys. Yeah, you can tell in the video that as soon as we boated it we were all like "Did that really just happen?". Stunned. Once in a lifetime event.
  159. bajaandy

    OPAH on the WET-O's

    Thanks for the pic Melanie!
  160. bajaandy

    OPAH on the WET-O's

    Went out chasing those elusive BFT's. Got spanked on that front (zigged when I shoulda zagged), but started the day off with a stop on some birds going crazy over some porpoise right on top of the nine. Mike drops a flatfall and on the first drop, hooks up on the wind up. An hour later and this...
  161. bajaandy

    Share Your Favorite Halibut Recipes Please!

    Haven't tried this one yet, but I plan to after my Alaska trip next month. Lobster Stuffed Halibut Ingredients 2 cups raw lobster meat 2/3 cup light cream 1/8 tsp white pepper 1/8 tsp black pepper 1/3 cup chopped onion 1 1/2 lb fresh halibut 1 8oz package garlic and onion croutons...
  162. bajaandy

    .308 for elk????

    My father in law has been harvesting elk with a lever action .308 for as long as I've know him, which is well over 30 years. The elk he shoots always end up in the freezer and on the dinner table. I'd say as long as it's a shooter, you're gonna be happy.
  163. bajaandy

    Daiwa sealine for yellowtails?

    With the upgrade kit from the Sealine goes from a good off the shelf reel to a very stout little machine. Short answer: Yes it will work!
  164. bajaandy

    Quepos - Costa Rica

    Nice! Excellent trip report. Well done!
  165. bajaandy

    Need upholstery work. Suggestions?

    Gracias Amigos. Will hit him up.
  166. bajaandy

    Need upholstery work. Suggestions?

    Need to have the cockpit padding and tower seat back re-upholstered. Any suggestions for who does good work?
  167. bajaandy

    Parker Boat question

    I see a boat parked in the same damn place day after day after day. Been there as long as I can remember. While I admire your detective skills in using satellite imagery, I have to wonder; all those times I've driven past that boat, who's to say that the dude isn't just parking it in the exact...
  168. bajaandy

    Az Draw...

    My group got blanked for cow elk.
  169. bajaandy

    Looking for 2 to fill 4 person charter in Ketchikan

    Excellent! Glad you were able to make the hook up! Hope you and your son get some fish. My son and I and a friend and his son will be fishing with Darren for three days at the beginning of August. I'll try to remember to get back to you about how we did.
  170. bajaandy

    Looking for 2 to fill 4 person charter in Ketchikan

    I have not personally, but a coworker fished with him a couple years ago and had nothing but positive things to say.
  171. bajaandy

    Looking for 2 to fill 4 person charter in Ketchikan

    Check with Darren Nelson. We'll be fishing with him first week of August. Pretty sure he'd do a 2 person charter.
  172. bajaandy

    Got One!

    Sweet! Congratulations!
  173. bajaandy

    Pick Up Truck Rod Saver

    Been doing that for years. Works great.
  174. bajaandy

    Yamaha F225 - low RPM stumble

    No, I never did take the time to get this issue truly resolved. However, the problem is not as bad as it was, so I'm wondering if it's a partially clogged injector that cleaned up a little.
  175. bajaandy

    Father Daughter Hunt

    Way cool! She can change a tire, drop a deer and ride a quad. And when she gets back to school she cheers for the team and plays H2O polo. Thanks for sharing your pride. Well done both of you!
  176. bajaandy

    Hoop net repair

    Check these guys out too...
  177. bajaandy

    Hoop net repair

    Not tryin to rain on your reply, but I admire a guy who wants to keep his gear in working order and is willing to fix it rather than just throw it out. As to the OP, you're gonna have to find someone who knows how to mend nets to show you how. There are also some good examples on line if you do...
  178. bajaandy

    How to clean egg stains of gel coat?

    Did you try CrudCutter?
  179. bajaandy

    vhf radio checks

    Glad someone posted this up. (I don't recall seeing this posted on BD in the past but it probably has been.) Hopefully more people will get the picture that you don't need to ask for a radio check on 72. As the OP says, just go to Ch 27 and say whatever you want into the mic. It will be recorded...
  180. bajaandy

    WSB in CBAD

    Fukin A !! Nice way to rebound from a bummer start to the day!
  181. bajaandy

    Bananas, Bozos, and Broken Vows

    Good Saturday morning read. Good on ya for getting some AND for calling out the paddy poacher. Is it just me, or does that picture of the LOANER look like is says "Dumbass" on the side of the boat? Maybe I need to get my glasses...
  182. bajaandy

    Thank you Everingham Brothers Bait!!!!!

    Agreed! Thank you EB! You guys ROCK!!
  183. bajaandy

    The one that didn't get away... mb

    That's f-ing BAD ASS! So funny! Good on your buddy for fast thinking and reaction!
  184. bajaandy

    Fly Tying Station

    Can't wait to see it with the finish. Very nice station!
  185. bajaandy

    Metered fish below, dropped down a camera to see them

    I've tried it and it loses signal as soon as it goes underwater.
  186. bajaandy

    8/10, Between 277 and Mackerel Bank, 5 BFT, 6 YFT, 1 YT

    Advice? Keep doing what you're doing! Dang nice haul! Congrats!
  187. bajaandy

    Hammerhead Shark! Caught & Released - Channel Islands

    Has anyone ever eaten one of those things? Are they any good? I checked the DFG regs and there is no listing for hammerheads. Cool for C&R I guess.
  188. bajaandy

    left them biting again 8/8/15

    Did you mean 233° bearing out of O-Side? 133° would put you on the beach!
  189. bajaandy

    8/4/2015 - Bucket list, Check...

    Right on dude. That's beast mode right there. Congrats on a super bucket list accomplishment! Got a question for you... when you're flying the kite, are you using a drift sock or sea anchor to slow your drift/direct the boat?
  190. bajaandy

    Yamaha F225 - low RPM stumble

    No shit! That's the first thing I'm gonna check. Hoping that the simplest solution is the right one this time!
  191. bajaandy

    Yamaha F225 - low RPM stumble

    Thanks for the replies guys. Gonna check these items out. Don't think it's the t-stat as I haven't noticed any sooting or running rough other than at specific low rpm's. Starts and idles fine, which I'm not sure it would if the low pressure pump was not working, but not certain about that. Hate...
  192. bajaandy

    Sat July 25 Non Fish Report Oceanside to the Domes

    Don't feel too bad. We did that routine on Friday. Bait wasn't too bad. Lasted all day, but it was the big stuff. Fished the tuna grounds 10 or so miles off and to the south for nothing and then went outside to the 312 and the 209 for lots of really nice paddies with no fish on them. Came home...
  193. bajaandy

    Yamaha F225 - low RPM stumble

    I've got dual F225's on my Parker, and lately the port motor has developed a low rpm stumble. Starts and idles just fine, runs in high rpm's just fine, but when between 800 - 1600 the motor stumbles and looses rpm. It does not die, just coughs and sputters until it's bumped up above 1600. I've...
  194. bajaandy

    Put the Bass Rods down and went Offshore

    Sweet pics! Now I know why those pectoral fins are so long! Those things can fly!
  195. bajaandy

    Great day of Yellow, dodos and tuna bad day for my new Phenix Rod

    Epic day fishing! We were out yesterday out of O-Side and got blanked. (I know, I know... how can you miss with a season like this?) Sorry about your rod. I had a similar experience with a different AMERICAN rod manufacturer; tip of the rod broke 6" down while casting a jig. No damage on my...
  196. bajaandy

    7-16 More Dana Pt. Fish!

    Best report yet! Attitude is EVERYTHING! Congrats on the time to go fishing, and congrats on the great catch!
  197. bajaandy

    It took me 57 years exactly. Epic Bluefin fishing on my Birthday

    So sweet! Nothing better than spending your birthday with your son fishing! That's a good kid! Congrats on the epic BFT!
  198. bajaandy

    Need boots recommendation......Again....Saloman Suck!

    I have a very heavy duty pair of Salomon mountaineering boots that have lasted through 2 pairs of resoles, but I would never think to hunt in those things! My go to light weight hiker is the Asolo Fugitive GTX. Google em. First pair eventually wore out. Second pair is still going strong. But as...
  199. bajaandy

    Questions About Launching Solo?

    All good info above. I have a 25 ft Parker 2530 and solo launch all the time. When you can't back down next to a launch dock, my best trick is to tie both ends of a single dock line to the bow cleat on deck and let the loop hang down over the bow. I then unhook the winch strap and safety chains...
  200. bajaandy

    Help me pick out a hunting pack

    I bought a Crooked Horn Outfitters Non-Typical. It's the weirdest looking pack... all square and blocky, but damned if it isn't the best fitting, best carrying pack I've had.
  201. bajaandy

    July 4th- almost lost my little boy! Warning to all parents:

    Wow... makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Thank you for sharing that story and thank God you reacted as fast as you did.
  202. bajaandy

    2 accurate counter balance handles and a power handle

    Not affiliated, but have you checked these out?
  203. bajaandy

    182 yellow fin

    Awesome! That's a beaut!
  204. bajaandy

    July 5 nine mile bank "I am NOT a DICK" report....

    BS without pics of Bubba dog and Simrad display.
  205. bajaandy

    Insoles for boots

    Slip an insole in and your boots will probably fit a little better. Plus, an insole will make them more comfortable to stand in all day long on deck. Is it really necessary? No. But it can make your feet a little less worn out at the end of the day.
  206. bajaandy

    Trailer repair needed asap stuck in oceanside

    Right on dude. Glad you got it handled! Good luck with the rest of the repairs!
  207. bajaandy

    What would you do?

    Interested to hear how this turns out. Just my opinion, but I don't believe you will ever get a paint job from this guy that will have the quality and longevity of a factory job. Might look pretty at first, but down the road... Caveat emptor! I like the solution that Kid Creole said... he buys...
  208. bajaandy

    Trailer repair needed asap stuck in oceanside

    Think he must be busy trying to get it taken care of. I PM'd him with my number and offer to help as well, but no reply yet. Hoping you're getting it all taken care of and back on the road. GOOD LUCK!
  209. bajaandy

    Butcher block counter top guys, please

    I buy tops from my hardwood lumber supplier and then prep and finish to suit. Check with your local hardwoods guy.
  210. bajaandy

    2 Meter Radio

    I guess I just don't fish with the right people... my 2M is almost always quiet.
  211. bajaandy

    Trailer repair needed asap stuck in oceanside

    There ya go! If the springs are good, swap out the axle and get her rolling back to the ramp.
  212. bajaandy

    Trailer repair needed asap stuck in oceanside

    Just thinking out loud here, but a low-boy trailer/car hauler with a winch? Is that even feasible?
  213. bajaandy

    Trailer repair needed asap stuck in oceanside

    Got this guy's business card on my truck at Shelter Island yesterday: Henry's Trailers. 619-339-8344. *NOTE: I don't know the guy, have no affiliation with him, and cannot vouch for the quality of his work. All I know is he's one of those annoying guys that leaves business cards on other...
  214. bajaandy

    Didn't kill it, but caught a couple

    Hey, I was fishing with my friend, my son and his bro-in-law? What more can you ask for? Catching is just the icing on the cake! Launched the boat yesterday afternoon (Thursday), partly to avoid the negative low tide at 0500, and partly to avoid the expected crowd on a holiday. It's bad enough...
  215. bajaandy

    62 lb yellowfin

    Pretty sure that's what the owner of this site was alluding to here: But that's cool. Maybe that's just the way the homies in the EC roll. Absolute truth: Fish have fins and they swim. Stating where you caught is no...
  216. bajaandy

    What would you do?

    That's total bullshit! The ONLY thing he should do is pay for the cowling to be shipped back on HIS dime. I don't know who you're working with, but this sounds like a total scam to me.
  217. bajaandy


    My heart grieves and aches for you. I know the feeling of arriving 15 minutes too late. So sorry for your loss. And I don't judge you one bit for sharing your loss. We're here to be your keyboard ears to listen and your shoulder for support.
  218. bajaandy

    scoop thru hull

    My first boat (a 19ft Greggor) the dude who installed the bait tank put the intake scoop facing aft. I had no idea until the first time I bought bait and headed out. Tank started to drain when I got up on plane. YIKES! Turned it around after I got back and all was well in the bait well forever more.
  219. bajaandy

    Sunday snap off....

    Got a Rapala Xrap bit clean off outside of O-Side last Friday. Short zip on the reel and nothing. Clean cut on new 50lb mono. Figure it was a mako.
  220. bajaandy

    Yami trim n' tilt leak??

    Just replaced the seals in my both my Yami twins hydros. I was too cheap to buy the wrench, so I made my own. The original caps were so frozen that it required a 1/2" drive with 2 ft cheater bar to break loose. Other than that, it's a fairly easy job to replace the seals and o-rings. The bummer...
  221. bajaandy

    WTB power trim/tilt unit for a 1996 Honda 4 stroke 90 hp

    From what I hear (and I'm just a rube, so what do I know?) they try to sell you a new or used unit because it's too time consuming to pay a tech the time it takes to do the rebuild. Easier to just sell the whole part and bolt it in. No, I did not have to remove the motor. At first I thought I...
  222. bajaandy

    WTB power trim/tilt unit for a 1996 Honda 4 stroke 90 hp

    Go here and look up your parts.
  223. bajaandy

    WTB power trim/tilt unit for a 1996 Honda 4 stroke 90 hp

    Do the rebuild work yourself. I just rebuilt both tilt/trim units on my twin Yami's. It is totally doable. Just be patient, be willing to make new a few mistakes, and deal with the inevitable bumps in the road. (I had a 12mm stud break off removing the unit. PITA to drill it out and remove, but...
  224. bajaandy

    O-side harbor police can...

    I sent an email to the O-Side PD. I never got his full name, but mentioned his first name and location/time of day, so hopefully his supervisor sees it.
  225. bajaandy

    O-side harbor police can...

    The DW suggested that I send an email to the OPD and tell them so that his supervisor can know. I don't know if it'll get to the right place, but I did anyway.
  226. bajaandy

    tomorrow 6/26 Oceanside/267/209 buddy boats

    Current intel: Launched outa O-Side today and worked the area about 12-15 miles out towards the 209. (Never went all the way out to the 209.) There were zero paddies in the area. A couple of stingers but not gamefish. Lot's of porpoise in the area, and I metered fish on them, but couldn't get...
  227. bajaandy

    O-side harbor police can...

    So after two weeks of what seemed like never ending boat maintenance (impeller job led to new upper main shaft seals on both of the lower units, then the hydro seals were leaking, so both sides got done. New electrical switches, latches, blah blah blah. You get the picture...) it was time for...
  228. bajaandy

    Ripcharts, I'm having buyers remorse

    Many years ago I bought a years ripcharts service. The next year I went FD and never looked back.
  229. bajaandy

    Baja Camping/Fishing Expedition 6/14 - 6/19 w-pics

    And THAT is how to enjoy the Baja! Well done!
  230. bajaandy

    33 24.700 117 38.500 June 22 2015

    Did it hit the cedar plug, or the blue and white iron?
  231. bajaandy

    you buy the gas and bait tuesday AM

    You no make weight, you no feesh!
  232. bajaandy

    Go pro mounts

    Mine is up on the tower looking down into the cockpit. Wide angle catches most of the action. Also fun to stick it on a gaff and get the underwater shot.
  233. bajaandy

    TLD 20 2 speed for BFT ?

    The 20 and 30 have the exact same drag plates and stacks. You can upgrade em to get more drag by putting in one of the oversize drag plates. Think you can still get em from Tiburon. Filled with braid and a mono top shot, I think you'd be doing pretty good with a TLD 20 2 speed.
  234. bajaandy


  235. bajaandy

    First report....trip of my life

    Wow! Awesome catch! Bucket list fish for sure!
  236. bajaandy

    WOOH HOOOH! 100lb + Local Dana Point Tuna

    That's a NICE grade of fish! Four hours is a long time! Good on ya for landing that sucker.
  237. bajaandy

    Big Bluefin and a little yellow bird

    Damn dude! You were f-ing FISHING right there! That's some cool shit! Sorry you didn't boat em, but hey, at least you got em biting! That a lot more than what I've heard from most guys out there yesterday.
  238. bajaandy

    Battle of my life, starting tomorrow!

    Super stoked for you and your girls! Glad the system didn't let you down, and glad you were composed and that it all came together for you. Congratulations! :appl:
  239. bajaandy

    Passports required to fish in Mexican waters

    What bad timing... In order to renew an existing passport, you have to send in your old one. I procrastinated and didn't send in for the renewal until two weeks ago. Guess I'll be testing the limits of whether or not a drivers license will work! Oh, and I'll be able to give everyone an update on...
  240. bajaandy

    Charter Recommendations for Port Canaveral

    My son and I fished with these guys a few years back. Very knowledgeable and fun to fish with. Put us on some big amberjack, mahi and even a sailfish. Cocoa Beach Sportfishing. I'd go with them again.
  241. bajaandy

    How is Sirious XM on the water????

    Surprisingly, the reception I get on the Serious XM receiver on the water is spotty. Not at all like driving around in my truck. You'd think it'd be perfect out there with no interference, but maybe it's just where they point the signal. If we're listening to tunes, its on the i-device these days.
  242. bajaandy

    Nados 5 23 15 ... MX Navy put us on the fish...WTF..?

    That's a toad YT! Way to keep at it and reap the rewards! Shhhh.... don't tell anyone about the ridge! HAHAHA!!!!
  243. bajaandy

    Boat stuff

    PM sent for the PFD belt.
  244. bajaandy

    Lengthening anchor rode

    Taper your eye splice. Next time you splice onto the chain, do a normal splice and then cut off the first tail. Weave the second two and cut off the second tail 1/3 longer, weave the last tail 1/3 longer still. Makes a smoother tapered splice.
  245. bajaandy

    Lengthening anchor rode

    Does your eye splice at the chain make it through? Should be the same diameter if you splice on another length of rode.
  246. bajaandy

    Old Fenwicks

    Thanks for looking.
  247. bajaandy

    OffRoad Tires - Best Source?

    I jumped off the BFG bandwagon a while back and went with Hankook AT's. Very happy with the product and got a decent price from Discount Tire
  248. bajaandy

    SOLD 2- Penn 6/0 Senators on Tiburon frames SOLD

    George, sent you a PM. Can't meet today, but the rest of the week is open.
  249. bajaandy

    SOLD 2- Penn 6/0 Senators on Tiburon frames SOLD

    Couple of workhorse trollers for cheap. Come and get 'em!
  250. bajaandy

    Old Fenwicks

    To the crew: Any info on a Fenwick HST 785? Era? Weight? Line Class? Gracias!
  251. bajaandy

    SOLD 2- Penn 6/0 Senators on Tiburon frames SOLD

    Stock Penn gears, so 2.8:1 Yes, just took 'em apart to service before I listed them. Cleaned, greased and lubed. They do, however, need new line. Yes, 6 stack SmoOoth drag set, Cal greased. Nope, just these reels.
  252. bajaandy

    SOLD 2- Penn 6/0 Senators on Tiburon frames SOLD

    Special price for you, Miguel!
  253. bajaandy

    SOLD 2- Penn 6/0 Senators on Tiburon frames SOLD

    SOLD 2- Penn 6/0 Senators on Tiburon frames. These are work horse reels. Well maintained. Equipped with SmooOooth drags and Tiburon cranks and handles. Line is old. Would like to sell as a pair, but willing to split up if the price is right. Not in any hurry to sell, so please keep your offers...
  254. bajaandy


    My three go-to knots are: Palomar - Flouro/Mono to Hook Triple Surgeons - Flouro to Mono Tony Penya - Braid to Mono/Flouro Also good to know: Bimini Twist Albright (or any version thereof) Dropper Loop Improved Clinch San Diego Jam
  255. bajaandy

    Red diamond Rattlesnake.....

    I don't want to speak for the crowd, but I'd like to think that the majority of us are not indiscriminately killing every snake we see. That's certainly not what I do, and not the impression I want to project. I live on 8 acres in a very remote area with miles of native habitat in all...
  256. bajaandy

    Red diamond Rattlesnake.....

    Jeff, I appreciate your point of view and your candor in a decidedly anti-rattlesnake thread. Obviously you know how to handle yourself in a pit full of vipers. Good luck with your book. I seriously doubt that you're going to change the mind of any one of us that replied to this thread, but good...
  257. bajaandy

    Red diamond Rattlesnake.....

    No, I'm sure you're not sure what he was talking about. You ought not make assumptions. He was specifically referring to the snakes that are endemic to the Southern California area, specifically those in my location, including the western diamondback and mojave, as well as the red diamond and...
  258. bajaandy

    Red diamond Rattlesnake.....

    Dr. Oliver W. Johnson, Emeritus Professor, Herpetology, NAU. And yes, that advice was give some 10 plus years ago, and I am sure was tempered by the fact that his daughter and grandson were the potential victims of a rattle snake bite. But ya know what? He still feels the same way today.
  259. bajaandy

    Red diamond Rattlesnake.....

    Lived in Esco all my life. Built a house in the outback, way up in the hills where the deer and the rattlers play. My father in law is a retired professor of herpetology. The first time he visited my property and heard about the rattlers we have every year, his advice was "Kill any one that you...
  260. bajaandy

    Pacific Trailers in Chino what a joke!

    Pecks Heavy Friction in Escondido and in El Cajon. Carry all the Kodiak brake rotors and parts. Last time I dealt with Pacific Trailer it was not an enjoyable experience.
  261. bajaandy

    FS : AVET $360

    PM sent
  262. bajaandy

    Big Chichen

    That's SO cool! Congrats to her AND to you!
  263. bajaandy

    Cartridge display board

    Cool use for a typesetters drawer.
  264. bajaandy

    ARE THESE SALAS 6x jr DAMAGED???????????

    Buck a piece? Cut your (MINIMAL) loss and toss em. Even if it just the coating that's cracked and not the actual jig, you wanna take that chance? Buy some new ones and go fishing. Hang those from the ceiling in your garage.
  265. bajaandy

    Ok, actual Report

    SWEET !!! Very stoked for you and your boy. What an awesome hunt and a terrific success! Well done on all counts!
  266. bajaandy

    A22 who's still at it.....

    Fish and Game Code Section 2009. 2009. (a) A person shall not willfully interfere with the participation of any individual in the lawful activity of shooting, hunting, fishing, falconry, hunting dog field trials, hunting dog training, or trapping at the location where that activity is taking...
  267. bajaandy

    My kitty is back again!!!

    Damn! That's kinda close to the casa! Cool pics tho.
  268. bajaandy

    Ok, tag soup check in thread

    Aw shit... I had to be after Carolyn's post. Oh well, someone had to. I ate my D16 tag. <burp>
  269. bajaandy

    kitty kitty

    Followed a trail that had these tracks on it for almost two miles today. Maybe it was because these little critters were in the vicinity...
  270. bajaandy

    Christmas Parker 2520

    That is a man who knows that the things we value in life are not material, and he has recognized in you those same traits. Congratulations to you and best wishes to your friend.
  271. bajaandy

    CDFW Deer Hunter Opinion Survey

    I found some of the questions pretty ambiguous, like "How many points would you consider to be a trophy buck?". I don't pretend to be the most educated man on deer populations, but if this survey is state wide, wouldn't you need to differentiate between deer species/locations in order to...
  272. bajaandy

    CDFW Deer Hunter Opinion Survey

    Anybody else get an email from the CDFW about answering a survey regarding deer hunting?
  273. bajaandy

    Finally - Rocking R Ranch Elk and Deer report

    Nice write up on a nice hunt trip. Congrats!
  274. bajaandy

    My daughter does it again in D16

    NICE! Well done dad! You've raised her well!
  275. bajaandy

    Lobster Hunting Fail!

    F-ing hilarious! Nicely done!
  276. bajaandy

    Who needs a plane.........

    Dude on the pulpit has to wear scuba in anything bigger than 1' seas.
  277. bajaandy

    Fed. 308 and 30-06 150grn sp

    I'll buy some of the 30-06 if there's any left.
  278. bajaandy

    impeccable form

    You guys are all so critical. It's obvious he was simply trying to split the paddy in two, thereby increasing the chances for more fish to be caught by all. (And if you believe that, I've got some kelp paddies I'd like to sell you...) That dude's gonna have to paint his boat, change the canvas...
  279. bajaandy

    Wide Open Dorado and some Tuna Fish

    Yeah Jesse! Way to kill some! Jim told me you guys scored. Good on ya!
  280. bajaandy

    Anyone see the UFO @ 5:30am today leaving SI ??? WTF!!!!

    "All right, Beatrice, there was no alien. The flash of light you saw in the sky was not a UFO. Swamp gas from a weather balloon was trapped in a thermal pocket and reflected the light from Venus."
  281. bajaandy

    50.1lb WAHOO ON THE JOKER 8/30

    Not just a Wahoo, but a DAMN FINE one at that! Way to go!!!
  282. bajaandy

    8-24 Father Son YFT trip Success

    So stoked any time I can get on the water with my boy. Way to get it done. Good times and memories for life. Good on ya for passing on the stoke.
  283. bajaandy

    MAW quick report

    Thanks Jason. I was surprised that we got the team win with all the fish being caught. I was told that we won it by one point.
  284. bajaandy

    8/23 MAW

    Nicely done! Congrats on the first place tuna! Somehow we managed to get the team total to win the small boat team championship. I thought you guys had us with that big bluefin. Way to go.
  285. bajaandy

    MAW quick report

    This just in.... Team WET-O's wins small boat division team championship! Yeah baby! Bring on those jackets! Oh, and 6th place tuna, 5th place tuna, biggest Dorado and Dorado side pot. SO stoked!
  286. bajaandy

    8/23 MAW

    Nice! We fished outside of you and never got into the BFT. Good luck at the awards!
  287. bajaandy

    MAW quick report

    Fished the MAW today. Headed out Friday night with 2 very nice scoops of mixed sardine and anchovies from EB bros. Had heard that there was no bait, but fortunately they got a load in and we scored. Apparently later that night that they did run out. Headed out to some numbers near the 300 that...
  288. bajaandy

    9-20 West of the 302 - 7 year old bags a limit

    Fishing is one of the BEST things you can share with your boy! Those pictures are priceless! I'd give anything to be able to fish with my dad again, but I just love fishing with my boy. Way to go dad!
  289. bajaandy

    The Best Fish & Chips In North County SD?

    Go fishing. Catch fish. Fillet. Batter. Fry. Eat. Repeat. Honestly, I can't think of a place that serves really good fish and chips anymore. I used to get 'em at O'Sullivan's on Grand Ave in Esco, but the last time I had them there I was disappointed. (Still a pretty cool pub tho...)
  290. bajaandy

    A deer

    Are you stoked, or what? Nicely done!
  291. bajaandy

    Great White chewing on an Opah at the South Nine

    That's bad ass! I'd love to just see an Opah OR a GW. And you got 'em both!
  292. bajaandy

    Galvi Boat Trailer Hubs - Where to buy??

    No idea if they have galvi hubs or not, but a great resource for trailer brake parts in SD is Pecks Heavy Friction in El Cajon 619-442-3368. They carry the Kodiak product that I have on my trailer.
  293. bajaandy

    Sat 8/16 Persistence and Afternoon bite paid off!

    Dude from NY is ruined. Anyone from outa state that fishes this epic bite is ruined. I can just hear him now going home and telling all his homies how awesome the tuna fishing is off sandy-eggo. Super stoked you guys waited it out and stayed on the hunt and got paid. Thanks for the report.
  294. bajaandy

    Give me a Break!

    Man, you go out for a full day of fishing and only get a half day. That blows. (Congrats on the limits, by the way.)
  295. bajaandy

    Lost Rod and Reel

    Reminds me of a couple years ago when we heard someone on the radio calling out about a lost fish with a gaff still in it. Not five minutes later we see the fish with a gaff sticking out of it swim by.
  296. bajaandy

    Light line is the trick 182, 43 8-13-2014 and a few errors

    Awesome! I totally agree with you, I love fishing with my boy. He usually out fishes me, but that's ok. I just love fishing with that kid. Bummer on your lost rig, but hey, what are you gonna do? Cry about it? Way to slay some fish with the light line and the maybe not-so-healthy bait. You guys...
  297. bajaandy

    Limits of Yellowfin Tuna

    Hey Jesse, nice haul man. Way to get it done. It was good to make contact with you out there last Thursday.
  298. bajaandy

    Bait pump...

    I have the SHURflo Bait Sentry, and yes, it is loud. It's like a little grinder down there whirring away. But it flows my tank just right and I rarely have any bait issues, so I'm not complaining.
  299. bajaandy

    BFT in US waters, they're out there

    Now THAT'S what we want to see! Perfect! Nice job!!!
  300. bajaandy

    launching at oceanside

    That's a good way to do it if you wanna leave early since the O-side bait barge doesn't open til 5am.
  301. bajaandy

    launching at oceanside

    Yup. No worries.
  302. bajaandy

    *Birthday fishing BD Tuna Jihad Style! 8/9/2014*

    Now THAT is the way to celebrate your birthday!
  303. bajaandy

    Wide Open Dodos - 8/9

    Nice! Great report, great pics and deckhand who can fix a bait pump. Keeper!
  304. bajaandy

    below the 371 yft , yt , dorado and a broken foot

    Pffft! You're gonna be fine. Make sure you get a non skid boot. I ruptured my Achilles a few years back and had to wear a boot after surgery for three months. Nice score on the feesh! Way to whack em!
  305. bajaandy

    Did some 4 x 4, broke something....

    Are you running stock Ford springs now? If so, you might try some of the off road stores that do lifts and ask if they have any stock springs that came off one of the vehicles they've put a kit on. You might get lucky and get a set that'll fit your truck on the cheap.
  306. bajaandy

    Went catching today..

    Nice! Congrats on a successful day.
  307. bajaandy

    Not so good news on El Nino

    Exactly! If we don't get a good El Nino, then we won't get the associated warm, WET winter which the entire western part of the US desperately needs. Is fishing incredible right now? Sure it is. But that don't mean a thing towards easing drought conditions. The Sierra Nevada had only 20% of it's...
  308. bajaandy

    8/7 - YFT Limits - Corner Area

    You guys killed it! We stopped a few miles inside of you and didn't get the same volume. Nicely done.
  309. bajaandy

    Did some 4 x 4, broke something....

    Not exactly convenient for you, but these guys know their chit.
  310. bajaandy

    Still biting at the 226

    Jason, way to get it done man! And yes, always tip the bait guys. (We just don't have swag like you guys do! :D) We wound up getting bait out of the same box and it was great stuff! You better stop posting pics like that or next time I'll just follow you around like a lost puppy.
  311. bajaandy

    Still biting at the 226

    I'm just dicking with Jason and the boys... We were leap frogging at the barge to the open pen and it worked out for the Tuna Jihad to get the go ahead. It's all good.
  312. bajaandy

    Still biting at the 226

    Took my buddy's family out to chase some tuna again today. Don't think any of them had ever fished tuna before, so it was kinda fun. Launched out of SI and hit the line at the bait barge. Yes, a line on a Thursday. Took close to an hour to get served. And then just as we were next in line, some...
  313. bajaandy

    Another Gay tuna report!!

    Man cannot live on tuna alone... Nice job. Now there will be one less boat out there.
  314. bajaandy

    Sliding up on the tuna 101

    It makes the dead chum feel sexy.
  315. bajaandy

    Sliding up on the tuna 101

    Excellent technique. The only thing I would add is to STAY PATIENT! Don't try to "run and gun" up to the school. Keep it at idle speed or just a tad above, then when in position shut down and use your momentum to push the boat up to the school. Try to use the wind to your advantage. Use your...
  316. bajaandy

    hunter safety course

    Not Lakeside/Santee, but 2nd weekend of the month at the Escondido Fish and Game range near Lake Wohlford.
  317. bajaandy

    8/5 Tues Excellent YFT Fishing

    Cool man. We were in the same general area. (Mostly around the 226.) Way to get it done!
  318. bajaandy

    8/5/14 @ the 226

    Hit the bait dock just after 5 am. Got a nice scoop of very good bait that lasted all day. Set a course for the 226 trying to avoid the boats headed to the 302. Sea was a little lumpy today, but it was very fishable. Put the trollers in about 3 miles shy of the high spot. Got there and found a...
  319. bajaandy

    182 Area (8-2) Found the right YFT - All Alone

    Nice! That's the way to get it done. Epic pic of the tuna coming to the boat. Congrats!
  320. bajaandy


    5 hooked and 3 landed! That has to be some kind of a record for these things. Wow!
  321. bajaandy

    GoPro underwater mounts, what do you use?

    Parts List: 4" to 2" reducer coupling 2" slip coupling 2" cap short piece of 2" pipe Stainless steel screw eye Weighted keel (you could buy a pre-made boat hull zinc) Large torpedo weight (I think I have a 12oz on mine, 16 might be better) GoPro tri-pod mount bracket and 1/4-20 stainless bolt to...
  322. bajaandy

    GoPro underwater mounts, what do you use?

    Here's a short clip of the test run made last week. Takes a few seconds to settle in. You can see the buffeting from the propwash. At about 25 sec you can hear dolphin. They were all over the place, but never got into the viewfinder. It's really hard to see, but believe it or not you're looking...
  323. bajaandy

    GoPro underwater mounts, what do you use?

    Super stable. Tows very straight. I think the key is the big lead keel. I made that one on the cheap with some melted lead in a steel half pipe. My biggest issue was that it was a bit too close to the propwash, so it got buffered a few times, but it turned out to be a very stable image...
  324. bajaandy

    Paddy Poaching

    Well said Captain Unknown. And let's extrapolate your theory to an open ocean plunker bite like what's been going on lately. Often it takes just as much time and patience to get the school of tuna to come up to the boat and finally get on the chew. Such was the case yesterday as I fished the...
  325. bajaandy

    GoPro underwater mounts, what do you use?

    Here's a couple of my home made tow behind. I've only used it once to test it, but it worked great. Just never saw any fish
  326. bajaandy

    Go Fishing Right Now -302

    I have to concur with the OP. Got out to the area just north of the islands yesterday about 6:00. Birds everywhere. Shut down and chummed a bucket of cut bait (ALWAYS keep your leftover bait and use it for cut chum!) and started chumming 'chovies. Had em boiling off the stern and had an awesome...
  327. bajaandy

    Did some 4 x 4, broke something....

    Does it make the noise when the suspension drops, or when it compresses? Couple of things maybe... Have you ever replaced your ball joints? Could be you had one on the verge and it finally gave way. I had all four of mine get so worn out I was eating up tires. Also, you're right about the sway...
  328. bajaandy

    Smoking Tuna Collar and belly!?

    I have about 6 batches of bellies and collars through the smoker so far this season, both YT and YFT. I found a recipe somewhere years ago and have tweaked it over the years to get a pretty consistent product. I use one of the super easy "Little Chief" electric smokers. Here is the recipe I...
  329. bajaandy

    lesson learned. 9 mile bank and 10 miles west 7/25

    So I'm thinking that the reel must have been in gear for the whole thing to get dragged off the boat because the line was tangled in the paddy. So, if that's the case, then there ought to be a set-up dangling 10-20 ft under a paddy out there somewhere. Of course, by now some other angler may...
  330. bajaandy

    7-24-14 182-181

    Fished that same area that day, but no Mahi for us. We got 1 YFT between the 181 and 209 and 4 YT off a set of adjacent paddies near the 181. Nice job on the Dorado.
  331. bajaandy


    Nice! Thanks for the same day report.
  332. bajaandy

    late report - 181, 7.22, GOT EM'

    Score! Nice job! Great couple of days on the water.
  333. bajaandy

    Late Tuna Report + Tuna Cam Version 1.0

    Cool vid. Love the shot of the puddling fish.
  334. bajaandy

    Another through hull problem

    If not a 90, maybe a 45 degree elbow? Takes up a bit less space. Or a short straight pipe to get the valve above the bulkhead?
  335. bajaandy

    7/20/14 upper 9 & 182 good day

    Fresh fish for dinner and fishing with your dad... Priceless.
  336. bajaandy

    boat goes up in flames today mission bay ramp!!!

    Wow... that's gnarly. So sorry for your loss, but so incredibly happy that you and your son and your pop are all alive and well and can now tell the tail. It's just stuff. You can replace it.
  337. bajaandy

    Aluminum skiff welding

    Years ago I had a Gregor that needed some welding work and Tom at Pacific Yacht Towers in San Marcos was kind enough to help me out. Don't know if they'd be willing or not, but it's a place to start your search.
  338. bajaandy

    Bigeye ID

    Very concise and to the point. Excellent information. Thanks!
  339. bajaandy

    "Any word on that big tuna being caught"

    Hell yes! Congrats on an epic battle won and an epic San Diego catch! Well done!
  340. bajaandy

    Late Post 7/13 at 182

    Damn Daryl, that sucks! Good on ya for toughing it out and staying on the fish! Hope you heal up quick. See what happens when you fish on someone elses ride?
  341. bajaandy

    Is Fish Dope worth it????

    I started with FD the year they started selling subscriptions ('08, i think?) and renewed it every year since then up until this year. I decided last year that FD just wasn't living up to the banner motto "Burn Less Fuel, Catch More Fish". Maybe it's just me and maybe I'm just unlucky, or maybe...
  342. bajaandy

    Barnum & Bailey over HSUS by TKO in Round 14

    As of last week Charity Navigator removed its rating of HSUS and replaced it with a “donor advisory.” Most places would have to fold up after they took a 15 million dollar hit. I can only hope that this will have...
  343. bajaandy

    YFT and Yellows at the 425.

    OK, not exactly at the 425. Got a healthy half scoop of very nice 'deans at the receiver. Ran out to the islands at about 22 knts. Went five miles past the islands and put the trollers in: Black and purple cedar plug, dodo cedar plug, natural cedar plug and two black and purple daisey chains...
  344. bajaandy

    Going to Mexican waters

    Not that big a deal. Follow the instructions in Mikey's link above. If you're boating in from US waters, and plan to fish the islands or closer than 12 NM from shore, you'll need your FMM, which is a "visa" allowing you to fish in the "economic zone". If you're outside 12 NM you do not need it...
  345. bajaandy

    Heading out Sat. 7/12

    Check it out...
  346. bajaandy

    SoCal Coastal Weather Video Update 7/9

    Thanks for the update. Looks like next Monday might be a good day to give it a go.
  347. bajaandy

    What Trout Fishing Reel/Rod Combo?

    Close to $100 I would recommend a Shimano Convergence rod (I use a 6') paired with a Shimano Sedona 2500. Lot's of bang for the buck.
  348. bajaandy

    182/43 Report

    Thanks for the report. I made that run a couple weeks ago for pretty much the same results. Was really hoping to hear that the body of fish had moved that way. Still on standby.
  349. bajaandy

    Trailer Boaters The Ramp?

    What stanky said. Turn off your headlights! It's the polite thing to do. They are literally doing absolutely NOTHING for you while you're backing down the ramp. You're looking backwards anyway! Just run your running lights if you're worried about people seeing where you are.
  350. bajaandy

    Maiden Voyage to Cat; no idea what we were doing

    Awesome trip report! Congrats on the new ride and on the first trip to Catalina. Some of my fondest memories with my dad were times we would spend on the water and going to Catalina. Wish I could share that with him again. But now I spend time on the water with my son, so the tradition...
  351. bajaandy

    Official In Stock Ammo Thread

    Already gone. SOLD OUT.
  352. bajaandy

    after 5 hard years of trying to dail it in....

    I am So gonna hate on you... for misspelling the word "dial" in the title! HAHAHA!! NICE CATCH! And frikin' SWEET action shot! Good on ya!
  353. bajaandy

    FMM Website

    I remember reading somewhere that you need to make sure there are no "special characters" in the form... apostrophes, hyphens, quotation marks, etc. Just a thought.
  354. bajaandy

    S Cal tag draws, what did you pull?

    Tags showed up in the mail today.
  355. bajaandy

    Long run 6/24

    Ho man! That's a long run! Mucho thank you's for reporting back. All reports are good reports for the rest of us. Wondered what the 60 Mile Bank would hold. Thanks for checking that out. Thinking about Monday but might wait it out for a couple more weeks.
  356. bajaandy

    .22LR Winchester 333rds $24.94 Shipped

    Thanks man. Just ordered. 1 per order per person per day. Get another tomorrow if they still have em.
  357. bajaandy

    Missing child, please help

    Posted up to my FB page. Prayers coming your way.
  358. bajaandy

    Traveling with the Dog to Baja

    This is exactly the same experience I've had when taking my dogs to Baja. Had paperwork and never once asked to show it. That being said, I haven't taken my dogs to Baja in a number of years now, so YMMV. If I were you, I get the vaccination proof and call it good. Enjoy Baja with your pooch.
  359. bajaandy

    S Cal tag draws, what did you pull?

    Maybe it's because we live in Escondido...
  360. bajaandy


    Agreed. I generally use the wifi only for set up. It's the only way to actually see what the camera is pointing at and make any corrections (fixed mount only, obviously.) If it's mounted to a gaff or other hand-held device, then I don't use the wifi. Could you get away without it? Sure. Oh, and...
  361. bajaandy


    Hero 3 with wifi. You can control it from your smartphone. I have the Silver edition and it works awesome.
  362. bajaandy

    S Cal tag draws, what did you pull?

    D16. Tag hasn't arrived yet, but license was here just days after I placed the order.
  363. bajaandy

    The dog and the rat.

    Same story with the BBQ. Rat got into the bottom "cabinet" part of the grill. I slowly pulled out everything that was in there one piece at a time until it had nothing left to hide behind. Then I opened the doors wide and let my Australian Shepherd annihilate it. Gotta love that killer instinct...
  364. bajaandy

    What's the proper way to paint vinyl fence

    Fire up the propane torch and give it nice glazing like Creme Brulee. :D (Or, just leave it alone and get used to it.)
  365. bajaandy

    PB'er 3 for 3 on YFT 6/23

    Nice! Way to get 'er done!
  366. bajaandy

    Oceanside 95 Sardine Slayfest 1 1/2 Day Trip

    Way cool! Great to hear the O-95 got into em. I haven't fished that boat in years. Stoked that it looks like the fish are moving up! Way to get em and congrats on a great trip!
  367. bajaandy

    182 and vicinity non-report

    HAHA! Sorry guys... I'm an idiot at the keyboard... yes 67.2 to 68.6. LOL! Sixes and nines baby!!!!
  368. bajaandy

    182 and vicinity non-report

    Headed out to the 182 and a few miles up the ridge today. Water temp in the area ranged from 67.2 to 68.6, cooler to the south. Water looked good and we rolled up on half a dozen paddies, none with predators, a couple with bait on them. Fished em all for no love. Long boat ride. The stage is...
  369. bajaandy

    Six days solo in Baja

    Ya shoulda been there Mike!
  370. bajaandy

    Six days solo in Baja

    You wanna know how to get there? Here ya go!
  371. bajaandy

    Six days solo in Baja

    I did tell you where. First sentence. The directions are: Take Mex 1 South. Turn right at the little cactus. Follow a dirt road for over 40 miles through Cardon forests, Cirio trees, Elephant trees, silt beds, arroyos, rocks and cobblestones to the beach. Ta-Da! You're there. The most specific...
  372. bajaandy

    Six days solo in Baja

    Six days solo in central Baja. Wasn't really going to try to leave anything behind or do any soul-searching, but those things happened anyway. Wasn't really looking for fish, but found some. Ate well. Got a little surf in a relatively surfless area. Did some outstanding off-roading, using 4x4 to...
  373. bajaandy

    Ghosts on video

    Great video and great music to match. Way cool.
  374. bajaandy

    Rescue at sea ! non fish report

    Kick ass video! Major props to the US Coast Guard! Sorry you guys had a sick passenger, but thank god the CG was able to pick him up and medivac him outa there. Hope Mark makes a full recovery.
  375. bajaandy

    It's a beautiful day at sea ,sir !!!

    Nice gaff shot on that last one.
  376. bajaandy

    GoPro advice needed...

    Silver has wifi also and you can control it through your i-phone. The only thing I'm bummed about it battery life. It won't last long in video mode. Buy a couple of extra batteries for back up. I built one of those home made trolling housings. Haven't got any great footage yet, but hoping to...
  377. bajaandy

    Win a pair of Minox Binoculars - A $699 Value - Caption Contest Ending May 16th, 2014

    "And Ali on the Tuna Jihad thinks they get some killer chopper pics..."
  378. bajaandy

    Sick drone footage of our boat

    Super rad. (And I thought having the GoPro watching the deck while we fish was cool.) I made one of the trolling housings last season. Only used it a couple times. Gonna do more this year. Hmmmm... maybe attached to the kite?
  379. bajaandy

    guess who is going bow hunting in 7west :)

    7 west is a nice unit. Mostly mixed juniper/pine with a lot of open meadows and flats. Lot of tanks, and high spots to glass from too. Make sure you get up to date maps. Some of the forest roads have been closed, and just to confuse the issue even more some of them are National Forest roads and...
  380. bajaandy

    Need 55 gallon clean plastic drum

    I picked one up at Hawthorne Feed store in Esco. Not sure it's clean enough to store drinking water. Had some sort of vitamin or feed additive which washed out easy enough.
  381. bajaandy

    A22/D16 Scouting already...anyone?

    Seen a dozen deer in the last two weeks. Also seen a lot of these. Look close at this one. She had kittens with her.
  382. bajaandy

    WTB Mossy barrel

    Looking for a used accu-choke barrel for my Mossberg 500 12ga. 24" would be sweet, but anything 20"-28" is good.
  383. bajaandy

    Rifle Build Gun Porn

    Talk about breathing new life. Incredible build.
  384. bajaandy


    I use a Little Chief electric smoker, and this recipe works perfectly every time: Smoked Turkey Brine ½ Cup Salt (Morton’s Tender Quick Cure) 1/3 Cup Brown Sugar ½ tsp Maple Flavoring 1 tsp Onion Powder or cut up Whole Onion 1 tsp Celery Salt 1-2 Bay Leaf – crushed 1...
  385. bajaandy

    Thanks to the boat that caught the David fish

    Holy smokes! That's one scary story! Glad Dave lived to tell the tale. I had a slip one time way off shore on night watch while everyone else was asleep. Scared the schit outta me. Since then I always wear an inflatable vest on deck. Oh, and that's one more good reason to KEEP YOUR BAIT!!! I...
  386. bajaandy


    I fished with him a couple of summers ago. He seems to know his trade, but that day we only boated a small dodo right out of the harbor and caught nothing for the rest of the day. That's just fishing. The only thing I found weird was his discussion of his personal life, previous business...
  387. bajaandy

    Kayak WSB and Pesky Bycatch

    Just think, if you wouldn't have farmed those others, you'd have missed out on that nice flatty! Excellent work!
  388. bajaandy

    Win a pair of Minox Binoculars - A $699 Value - Caption Contest Ending July 10, 2013

    "Perfect! I think we're starting to gain some line back."
  389. bajaandy

    Go Pro mounting

    X2 on what seahawk does. Mine is mounted on the rocket launchers aimed at the deck. Works great. Also gonna try making one of those underwater mounts for trolling, like this
  390. bajaandy

    Big Mako Eats Marlin with Man In the Water

    Damn!!!! That was incredible!
  391. bajaandy

    Question on hunting license and hunting coyotes....

    Escondido Fish and Game Association. Hunter Safety / Training: Frank Alessio 760-743-8718 Escondido Fish and Game Association
  392. bajaandy


    Never did sell these reels. They're still packed up in a box if anybody wants em. Hit me up.
  393. bajaandy

    Yamaha F225 4stroke exhaust corrosion.

    Holy smokes dude! You're braver than I am. I didn't have the guts to pull the power head... just dropped the lowers and scoped it out. What you did is WAY more thorough and the correct way to do the inspection.
  394. bajaandy

    Yamaha F225 4stroke exhaust corrosion.

    Whew! Feel like I might have dodged a bullet. Dropped the lower units on both motors ('04's) on Saturday and took pics and snaked a camera up inside to make a video. Took the images to Robby at Boating Dynamics and he seems to think it looks pretty good. Gonna be cautiously optimistic and run...
  395. bajaandy

    Good Backpack - Boots

    No need for tall boots if you get a good pair of gaiters. REI has em.
  396. bajaandy


    Bump. Still available.
  397. bajaandy

    Good Backpack - Boots

    OK, here's the thing with boots... Don't let ANYBODY talk you into a pair just because they like 'em. You simply have to try on different pairs from different manufacturers until you find the ones that fit YOUR feet. Lot's of good brands out there... Asolo, Lowa, La Sportiva, Salomon, etc. All...
  398. bajaandy


  399. bajaandy


    Reels are still available. Just posted an add on CL since I wasn't getting any responses here. Hit me up with a private message if you're interested.
  400. bajaandy


    Bump. Still up for sale.
  401. bajaandy


    One more time... ttt
  402. bajaandy


    Bump to the top. Make me an offer?
  403. bajaandy


    Bomb proof. Some boat rash, but 100% sound mechanically. They have the Tiburon cranks and handles. Thinking $250.00 OBO for the pair. (C'mon... they're a matched set!)
  404. bajaandy

    Yamaha F225 4stroke exhaust corrosion.

    Man, that is really good news! Thanks for posting that. I only just responded to the BoatUS consumer report article a few days ago, so I suppose my name will be quite a ways down the list. Still gonna hope for the best and hope to get some sort of financial help. Haven't made an appointment to...
  405. bajaandy

    another advantage for having a trailer spare tire

    That was my question too. 2-5/16" hitch on a 2" ball is a recipe for disaster. Not saying that's what you did, just wondered how it bounced off the ball.
  406. bajaandy

    Yamaha F225 4stroke exhaust corrosion.

    Ali, did you have yours inspected? I'm keeping a close eye on this since I also have two Yammi 225's on my boat, and they're '04s. Sheesh... just what I don't want to have to do. But I agree with you... best to wait and see if Yamaha makes good somehow.
  407. bajaandy

    Fred Hall, over blown, or ??? Poll

    Been doing the Del Mar FH for years. Finally went to the LB FH last year for the first time... and it was cool and all, but I wasn't really that impressed. Yes, it was a bigger venue, and there seemed to be more people, but I didn't get the impression that it was any better than Del Mar...
  408. bajaandy

    Baja Surf Fishing Adventure Video......

    Thanks Kirk, posted your OP and the video at Baja Nomad.
  409. bajaandy

    Baja Surf Fishing Adventure Video......

    Hey Kirk, you should post this video over at the Baja Nomad board. Lot's of folks from Asuncion and La Bocana on that board. I'm sure they'd love to see it. I'd post it there myself, but I'd like to have your permission to do so first.
  410. bajaandy

    Baja Surf Fishing Adventure Video......

    Wow... by far one of the best Baja adventure videos I've seen. Very cool that you kept your head and kept making video after the truck got stuck. Can't tell you how many vehicles I've seen in the water down there in Baja. Thanks for taking the time and effort to put together such a cool video...
  411. bajaandy

    Going to Baja in about 10 days - Rosalilita

    If you can, head north from there and take lots of Crocodiles. The Halibut bite's been good this year.
  412. bajaandy

    Launch Ramp Etiquette

    The funny thing is, while this guy was right where you see him, I had time to get off my boat, go get my truck, squeeze past him between the sign and his boat, pull my boat and then go back and take pictures. Classic.
  413. bajaandy

    Launch Ramp Etiquette

    No one in the vehicle, standing around, climbing up in the boat, prepping... Apparently they can't/won't read English.
  414. bajaandy

    Simms wading boots

    Interested in your boots, but not sure they will fit my size 12 feet with waders on.
  415. bajaandy

    Pay Attention!!!

    HOLY S#IT!!! That's amazing that nobody got hurt and the boat didn't sink! I LOVE MY PARKER!!!
  416. bajaandy

    ORW: source for trailer brake lines

    True dat! But now you're back to the online ordering thing. Nice to be able to walk in and pick it up off the shelf.
  417. bajaandy

    ORW: source for trailer brake lines

    This is probably gonna seem like a no brainer... Couple a weeks ago one of the hard steel brake lines failed on my trailer. You know how it is... they corrode and eventually fail. No big deal, I thought. I'll just pop down to the local autoparts store and pick one up. Nope! Went to a bunch of...
  418. bajaandy

    23 Albacore and some amazing video

    Bad ASS!! That was freakin cool! Super clarity and awesome close up imaging. Nicely done!
  419. bajaandy

    Offshore 8/7 with a Surprise Ending

    Right up until the GPS tracking unit lead the authorities right to your front door. Seriously though... seems like you should've at least been given something for the find and return.
  420. bajaandy

    This one goes to 11

    That's sick! One of a kind for sure. I love the melding of VanHalen/SpinalTap/Fishing. Well done.
  421. bajaandy

    Opinions on bayrunner bajas

    I had a Gregor 19' center console and it served me and my son well for a few seasons. Fished inshore, the islands and a couple of trips to some of the local banks. Had a gas sipper 40HP. Not super fast, but then you don't buy an aluminum boat to go fast in. Biggest issue for me was the light...
  422. bajaandy

    Dorado @ 425

    Nice! Thanks for the report. Congrats on the dodo's.
  423. bajaandy

    Best Overall Pilothouse

    My vote is for Parker. (Hmmm... wonder why?) But I did talk to Harold and look at the Davis boats. That is a NICE platform. If I hadn't gotten a deal on the Parker, I probably would have gone with Davis.
  424. bajaandy

    2006 PARKER 2820

    Nice idea on the microwave location. Might have to add that to my Parker!
  425. bajaandy

    Tragedy and Triumph in Baja

    Well done Amigos. Mex 1 is a road that demands respect. Nice job on the first response. And way to go on the fish! Looks like you had another one of those awesome Baja getaways.
  426. bajaandy

    Stone Brewing Reverses Support of MLPA!

    I have to say kudo's to Greg for even responding. Is it possible his company made a corporate decision based on insufficient information? Sure it is. Personally, I think it's commendable that the issue is now being addressed by the top dog of the company and not relegated to some...
  427. bajaandy

    Big Fish Seminar Tonight

    HA HA! Typo! It's tonight, Thursday, August 2nd at the Bali Hai. Guest speaker tonight is Captain Ron Baker. See you there.
  428. bajaandy

    07-21-12 NADOS/ ROCK PILE 2 YT.

    Nice work on the yellows. Congrats.
  429. bajaandy

    7/20 Nados. Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!

    Yeah, there were some choice radio communications out there yesterday. Almost sounded like a typical Saturday! For sure. Those guys were very cool and professional. Just doing their job. They asked us who was the vessel owner, who was the captain, were we commercial or private, etc. One of the...
  430. bajaandy

    7/20 Nados. Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!

    They did not specifically ask for passports, although that's what we handed to them.
  431. bajaandy

    7/20 Nados. Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!

    Spent the day at the Nados. If you go, have your paperwork in order. Got an inspection by the navy today. They just wanted to see license and ID. (Oh, and my first aid kit. ???) No mention whatsoever about any FMM or any other form. Oh yeah, and we caught some fish...
  432. bajaandy

    Fishermans landing no warranty on custom rods,,,

    Doug, really appreciate your post and going the extra mile to satisfy your customer. Your appraisal for the replacement makes me feel a little better about the cost I had to pay Seeker to replace my Blue Lightning a few years back. (Although, that was an off the shelf, stock rod. Not a custom...
  433. bajaandy

    Show me your Dog - Win a PENN Carnage Rod from Rotations Pet Food

    Here's Rusty the Australian Shepherd. From 3 months old to 3 years old. If he had thumbs he'd be driving...
  434. bajaandy

    High Country Trout Trifecta!!!

    NICE! Way to go on the brown, 'bows and goldens. Well done!
  435. bajaandy


    Oh man! SO sorry to hear about Bandit. I know how much it hurts to lose a dog. At least you were able to do a little detective work and figure out how he died. I hope that knowledge can give you a little peace in this hard time. Hang in there... time will help.
  436. bajaandy

    Fishermans landing no warranty on custom rods,,,

    Truth is, some rods do just break. I bought a brand new Seeker Blue Lightning inshore series rod a few years back and after two days of casting, the tip weakened and broke off. I did nothing wrong with the rod. No problem... great rod, great manufacturer, I'll just get a replacement. I was...
  437. bajaandy

    Customs Ops Sunday 7/15/12

    I like that explanation... simple and to the point. And the only way to determine if they were taken illegally elsewhere is to ask for verification of a legal means to take them elsewhere. I guess the problem I have is that the government of one country is checking and enforcing the...
  438. bajaandy

    To the woman who was txting and rear ended me today.....

    Grease that bitch when you lock her up. And put a little in the key hole too! On Edit: My apologies to lynndeva. I really was talking about the locking hitch pin. Sorry if that came across kinda vulgar! MY BAD!
  439. bajaandy

    Customs Ops Sunday 7/15/12

    If you read my OP, you'll see that I had my valid, filled out declaration form with me. I keep a stack on the boat. But thanks for throwing in the link.
  440. bajaandy


    You're livin' a charmed life there Rich. Congrats.
  441. bajaandy

    Customs Ops Sunday 7/15/12

    Happened to us on Sunday too. US Border Patrol boat pulled us over before entering the bay. Told us to go to the Custom's dock. Said they were running a "drill" and that custom's would only take a few minutes. We did, and low and behold, no customs officials, just DFG personnel. Had my licenses...
  442. bajaandy

    PARKER 2120

    Nice boat! You are gonna dig that setup. Parker's are kick ass.
  443. bajaandy

    Yamaha marine grease

    Sea Witch marine in Vista has it. I just picked some up the other day.
  444. bajaandy

    ***STOLEN BOAT***

    Sorry for your loss. Hope it turns up. I know it's no consolation, but just over a month ago on May 26th I was walking out of Home Depot and saw my truck backing out of the parking space. I took off running and jumped up on the passenger side running board trying to open the door so I could get...
  445. bajaandy


    Thanks for this thread. My dad passed in Dec. of 2000 and I miss him so much. I owe my love of the ocean to my pop. That's me at 9 months old at Mission Bay for my first time on the water in a Sabot that he built. I remember him telling me stories about he and my grandfather fishing out of San...
  446. bajaandy

    First Spotter Plane Flight

    Thanks for the spotter plane update. Hopefully things will kick into gear pretty quick. Cool to get this kind of info this early in the season.
  447. bajaandy

    Japan's radiation found in San Diego bluefin tuna

    This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "We got color!".
  448. bajaandy

    T.Shark towing 3.9.12

    BbbbbbBAD TO THE BONE! So cool! Congrats man!
  449. bajaandy

    Fishing SD Bay with my girls

    Super cool. Bringing 'em up right!
  450. bajaandy


    Insane catch! Nicely done! Just goes to show that if you catch one, keep working the same area.
  451. bajaandy

    piss off a seal humper?

    Someone needs to buy a bull horn and go down there to yell at people that it's their beach and they can do what ever they want.
  452. bajaandy

    Not safe to eat

    What really ticks me off is how these enviro-bozo's point out the high levels of pollutants in the water and yet the Steal the Bay group (funders, underwriters, supporters of the MLPA) never once made addressing this issue a part of their beloved MLPA at all! The focus of their attacks was the...
  453. bajaandy

    Best Day from Work, EVER! Yellowtail on San Diego

    Sweet! Nice report. Way to time your day off! You just gave everyone reading this serious yellowtail envy.
  454. bajaandy

    Cody - Rest In Peace Buddy

    Ahhhh crap. I hate these kinds of posts. There are no words to take away the pain of loosing a good dog. I feel for you, and know exactly what you're going through. My dog Yankee got cancer and I had to put him down a couple years ago. I still miss that dog. My thoughts are with you Amigo.
  455. bajaandy

    Having fun with a scammer.

    This is f-ing awesome. But I think you should have made the title of this thread "Trolling for Scammers". I think we have a hook-up!!!!!
  456. bajaandy

    Safeway supports MLPA > boycott them!!

    Apparently they're getting the message... or perhaps more than they care to respond to. I sent my letter in four days ago and have yet to receive a reply. Time to send another one!
  457. bajaandy

    Safeway supports MLPA > boycott them!!

    Drafted a nice long letter and sent it off. Planning to give this information to all the members of the Rod and Reel club this coming Thursday as well.
  458. bajaandy

    Nor Cal to So Cal, need transpo

    One more time... Trying to get this rack down from Redding to SoCal before I take off for Baja. If anyone's is coming down from up north, hit me up. I'll help pay for some fuel.
  459. bajaandy

    MDR Lings - Sunday 4-3-11

    Nice! Gonna have to try to work a Shakespeare quote into my fish reports from now on.
  460. bajaandy

    Morenci, AZ Camping/ATV Trip

    Sweet! Love those remote camps.That's the way to do it! Nice pics of the sheep.
  461. bajaandy

    Nor Cal to So Cal, need transpo

    Doh! I missed him. That's what I get for letting the Del Mar Fred Hall show happen and not logging into BD. Oh well.
  462. bajaandy

    Nor Cal to So Cal, need transpo

    Bumping this back up. Still looking for someone to help transport a roof rack from Redding in Nor Cal to San Diego. If anybody's making that run in the first or second week of April, I'll throw down some $ for fuel.
  463. bajaandy

    Nor Cal to So Cal, need transpo

    Thanks Mark. It's a beast... 4'-6" x 8'-0". It's one of those ConFerr racks you see on vans and SUV's and Land Cruisers. Pretty sure it'd fit in the bed of a Tundra. I'll kick down $100.00 for the transfer.
  464. bajaandy

    Nor Cal to So Cal, need transpo

    Bump. Anyone, anyone... Bueller?
  465. bajaandy

    Nor Cal to So Cal, need transpo

    Just thought I'd throw this out there. I'm looking for somebody who can transport a ConFerr roof rack from the Redding area down to the San Diego or even LA area. I'm willing to pay some cash if anyone is making this run and can help me out.
  466. bajaandy

    mexico rookie

    Personally, I think it's best to pay for everything in Pesos. That way you avoid any potential problems with the exchange rate. Besides, it's a "When in Rome" kind of thing. Shows a little respect that you're not just some gringo flaunting your dollars. Nailing down prices might be a bit...
  467. bajaandy


    Used the link to the governors office and copy/pasted the letter. Easy.
  468. bajaandy

    Amazing German bicycle girls

    Damn!!!! That's insane talent. Talk about balance and strength.
  469. bajaandy

    Kona charter in mid Feb?

    Looking forward to hearing who you went with. I've got a trip to the big island planned for June and want to do pretty much the same thing that you mentioned in your first post.
  470. bajaandy

    External Hard Drive Warning!!

    Same thing with the my IOSHMEGA. The good news is that your data is probably still recoverable. Seems to be an interface or power supply problem with mine. Most of the time the HD is still good. Mine started to glitch, and luckily I was able to make a backup of the backup. Only wound up loosing...
  471. bajaandy

    Santa Needs Help

    Glad to see you got it all dialed in. Did the online deal for the first time last year myself. Easy way to go. I also do my Mexi licenses on line. Cheers, and happy new year!
  472. bajaandy

    Santa Needs Help

    Yo Elf... Get the boss man updated with the digital age and the WWW (you know, the thing that you're using to access this forum) and go here to get your license online: CA DFG Online License Sales Says so right there on the page..."You may purchase a sport fishing license for yourself or as a...
  473. bajaandy

    Aluminum cracks-need welder?

    Tom at Pacific Yacht Towers did some welding on my old Gregor tinnie. Super cool people at PYT. I had to drag the boat over there, but no biggie. I hear that cracks around the bow eyes are pretty common, especially with the guys who beach launch and recover down in Mex.
  474. bajaandy

    Hoopnet Tragedy at Santa Monica

    Sad news. What a tragedy. My condolences to the family and friends of both men.
  475. bajaandy

    DFG infraction

    Absolutely agree with you Glenn. In this case the bull is already out of the pen, and steps must be taken before the gate can be closed again to keep the bull shit where it belongs. Life is one big learning curve. Some of us find that curve to be steeper than others. I'm betting this will be one...
  476. bajaandy

    Made my own bait cages for hooping

    Hey Jim, I remember reading about those not too long ago. Thanks for posting the pics and video. I'll check them out at tackle days. I was planning on coming to your hooping seminar anyway. I know what you mean about the rust issue, but coating the cages would be WAY more money than it would...
  477. bajaandy

    DFG infraction

    So did the kid go to court yet? I'd like to hear the outcome. If he's smart, he'll make copies of a lot of the info provided in the posts in this thread to plead his case. (Notice I didn't say everything... he can leave the jackass comments out!) At the very least he's got enough circumstantial...
  478. bajaandy

    Made my own bait cages for hooping

    I'm thinking of making a short loop of wire leader crimped to the bottom ring of the hoop, then clip it to the bait cage with a mini carabiner or snap of some kind. Would make for easy change out of the baits when hooping.
  479. bajaandy

    Made my own bait cages for hooping

    Not trying to offend you Mike. I was just saying that I don't care if they rust, and surely they will. But then I've seen a lot of rusty old lobster traps down in Mex that still catch bugs, so who knows? Maybe they'll need to get a good rust going before they work good. I plan to post the...
  480. bajaandy

    Made my own bait cages for hooping

    Not stainless, just plain 'ol raw steel so they're gonna rust. But they're bait cages, so who cares?
  481. bajaandy

    Made my own bait cages for hooping

    Yeah, they did turn out a bit burly. But hey, hopefully they'll last a while! And it didn't cost me anything in materials and only took a couple hours of my time so it's all good.
  482. bajaandy

    Made my own bait cages for hooping

    Had some left over expanded metal in the shop so I bent up some bait cages for hooping. They're just a tad smaller than the Promar models, but I think they'll work. Now I just need to get 'em into the water to find out.
  483. bajaandy

    Couple of jumbos

    There ya go! Nice ones!
  484. bajaandy

    what's a scoop of bait and how much?

    Here's what Everingham Bro's have to say about it... Everingham Bros Bait Co
  485. bajaandy

    A Two Island road trip pays off BIG!!!

    Nice job, both the 'butt and the jellos. Be interesting to know more about the orange cylinder.
  486. bajaandy

    Hoop pulley

    If you're looking for floats, I just ordered some from this place: "Buoy"-Style PVC Floats White 5"x11" $4.83 each. They also have the bridle and tag floats. No minimum order.
  487. bajaandy

    So glad to be on this e mail list

    Why waste the dollar? Just send the crap.
  488. bajaandy

    funding MLPA

    Understood. But I haven't been looking at any prop 21 political porn, so I'm thinking it's linked to something less benign. In any case, the fact remains that it's an ad which ought not be showing up here, regardless of ones personal browsing habits. If I see it again, I'll get the link and send...
  489. bajaandy

    funding MLPA

    Yes, it is a Google ad. And I've only seen it on BD twice, since the ads are constantly changing, but it was most definitely a pro-prop 21 ad. At first I thought I was just reading it wrong. Then I thought it must be some kind of a stunt to debunk prop 21. And then I realized that it was...
  490. bajaandy

    funding MLPA

    Ok, help me out here... we can all pretty much agree that 20+ million from prop 21 is going to be used to help fund the MLPA. mumblemublemumble mumble mumble. Is anybody else seeing this?
  491. bajaandy

    S/W 425

    X2. Learned the hard way to keep all your personal shit on you during a search. I think it's like finders keepers to these guys. Some things never change...
  492. bajaandy

    Mexican Navy

    This sucks, but alas it is nothing new. The same tactic was used on me when I was stopped in the middle of the Baja desert by the Mex. Military. Head honcho all very professional, joking with me and my buddy. We even gave them a roll of parachute cord... said they needed new boot laces...
  493. bajaandy


    I knew the three young men from Escondido that lost their lives in this accident. One was friend... a talented young man... musician, fabricator and race car driver... snuffed in the prime of his life. So sad. Such a loss. Wrong place at the wrong time. Thanks for posting the FAST-Aid link...
  494. bajaandy

    2nd Annual Battle of the Sexes

    Cool report! Well written and great pics. I've only fished the OL one time, but found it and the crew to be outstanding.
  495. bajaandy

    Outer Limits 2-day Report

    Did you change out the hook on that P-Line Hologram? I picked up a couple of those at Turners a couple weeks ago and pulled the stock hook off and replaced with a good quality J hook.
  496. bajaandy


    Bring your bolt cutters. Happens every year. You hear it on the radio someone asking for cutters. Good info on the BFT's. Hope it pans out.
  497. bajaandy

    24 hours of looking-- no tuna

    Sounds like you had a long pleasure cruise. Bummer the fish boogied out. Buddy of mine had the same results in the same area yesterday, so you weren't alone. And hey, I never recycle the bait! It goes into a plastic bag and right into the fish freezer. Makes great chum the next time. (Also makes...
  498. bajaandy

    177 pound OPAH

    INSANE! Nice fish. Would love to catch one of those. Congrats!
  499. bajaandy

    Mission Beach afternoon 5/25/10

    Nice Red Diamond Rattlesnake you got there. One of the So Cal locals.
  500. bajaandy


    Zombie, Yes, the AP hydraulic lines are set up the same way you describe, to the steering device at the helm, not back near the engines. Thanks for the link to the other thread about Crazy Ivan. Wow... sounds like RayMarine has got a bit of a reputation for this particular occurrence. As I...
  501. bajaandy


    Cj5orion, that sounds suspiciously like what I have going on. I'm gonna check all connections with a fine tooth comb. Gecsr1, the problem is not when going from manual steer to AP. I agree that it's best to be "near" the proposed AP heading before switching to AP to minimize oversteer and...
  502. bajaandy


    Thanks for the replies. Yeah fishnazzi, I'm sure a phone call will help. That's my next step. I tried the RM webpage but found no information regarding the type of situation I'm having. Zombie, I'm not familiar with the term "virtual steering". If by that you mean that you can actually steer...
  503. bajaandy


    Ok, here's the deal. I've got a Raymarine ST8001 AutoPilot in my Parker 2530. On the initial setting of the auto pilot (like when I start a new trip and input a waypoint on my Furuno 1723C Radar/ChartPlotter and set the bearing on the Autopilot) everything runs just peachy. But here's the...
  504. bajaandy

    302, 43 and west of the 182

    Thanks for the report. I was gonna head out that way tomorrow... that temp break looked just too good and I figured someone has to be on it when it goes. I think you're right about a couple more weeks.
  505. bajaandy

    paddys sunday

    Somebody's gotta' be the first one to get on 'em! Got that Southwestern bottom fish tourney this weekend, but might just do an exporatory run outside next weekend.
  506. bajaandy

    Anyone have the #'s of the high spot of the 9?

    Dude, I'd steer clear of that spot. Too many whitey's.
  507. bajaandy

    Steve's first Yellow Tail 4/25

    Nice fish. Cool video. Everybody misses with the gaff at least once in their fishing career. The fish didn't pop, so no harm no foul. Good job.
  508. bajaandy

    Punta Baja launch ramp

    I've been down there to try to chase swells for waves. You'd be surprised how relatively calm that particular place stays. I asked the dudes at surfline about it and was told that despite it's prominence, the combination of direction/underwater contours/swell shadow make for a poor wave...
  509. bajaandy

    Punta Baja launch ramp

    There are actually two places to launch out at Punta Baja. There is one ramp out towards the point by the lighthouse tower and another sandier ramp nearer to the fish camp. I've seen both used by the locals. Back when I had my 18 Gregor I was going to take it down there to launch but wound up...
  510. bajaandy

    Oceanside Halibut Tournament

    Atta' boy! Nice flatties! Congrats on the win and on the new record!
  511. bajaandy

    The sky is falling and I am chicken little!

    I love it. Dude from the IE joins BD just to post this. One thing's for sure... as inaccurate as the title of the post is, it's sure to generate hits.
  512. bajaandy

    White Seabass La Jolla-Pics

    Hey, your fillet table looks a lot like mine. (Nice job on the ghost.)
  513. bajaandy

    surfboards and bikes

    Blanca, sorry I missed you guys this time. But no worries. The couple of bikes I have aren't going anywhere so I'll just try to hook up with you guys in July. I'll talk to Scott before he heads back down and see if he has room and wants to take them.
  514. bajaandy

    surfboards and bikes

    Les, I met you a couple weeks ago in La Bocana. I was one of the guys in the old brown Ford staying at Scott's place. Hey, if you're still in town (San Diego) I have a couple of bikes I can donate. I'm in north county, so just let me know when and where we can meet.
  515. bajaandy

    Any updates from Bahia Asuncion

    Was south of Asuncion last week at La Bocana. Took a panga out for one day. Fishing was wide open... if you like short sand bass. My buddy got a decent sheephead, but that was about it for the offshore thing. We fished the La Bocana estuary for bites on almost every cast. Cabrilla, spotties...
  516. bajaandy

    Moss Backs and Lings

    Sweet! Nice job Gary. Way to spend a birthday on the water.
  517. bajaandy

    Boat Trailer

    My bro is looking for a boat trailer to replace his. Needs to be big enough to fit a 21 ft Sea Ray. Figured I'd ask around here to start.
  518. bajaandy

    Rpt Wed 8-26-09 3/4 T-Slam+ a Do Do!

    That's the way to write a report. I love the details. Nice job on all the tunnies and the dodo!
  519. bajaandy

    Bad Skunk on the water

    Holy smokes Daryl! That's a hell of a story. Glad you guys got back in safe and sound. Not good when you're taking on more water than you can get rid of!!!
  520. bajaandy

    Link to legislature rep search page

    Done. Letters sent. Thanks for posting up that link.
  521. bajaandy


    The San Diego Rod and Reel Club BIG FISH TOURNAMENT is just around the corner. See you on the water!
  522. bajaandy

    August 3 My comment

    John, I was there and heard you speak. Although you were a bit wound up, you had some salient points to make. Thanks for getting up there and speaking. I believe the chair (and at least me in the audience) thought you said "psychopath", not sycophant. (But then my hearing sucks.) I had a card...
  523. bajaandy

    1,000 BDers needed August 3rd!

    Maggie, you rock! Thanks for taking the time to not only speak, but to point out the fisherman (and women) in the room. I don't think anybody was ready for that. Yeah, we kinda got off on the wrong foot there with that one guy... but his heart was in the right place. I think some people don't...
  524. bajaandy

    Outer Limits overnight....YFT galore!!!!

    I dig that crew and that boat. Good dudes. Way to score.
  525. bajaandy

    1,000 BDers needed August 3rd!

    Excellent overview. I saw you and your kids there with the sign, and I overheard some enviros sitting next to me that they were wowed by the fact that cub scouts were against the closures. Good call on that one! I also left before all the speakers finished. Some good, some so-so. There were...
  526. bajaandy

    East Fly, 230, San Salvador

    Nice score! Those are some decent lookin albies. Way to go.
  527. bajaandy

    Long Boat Ride......8-1-09.......

    Nice. Way to save the day with the mako.
  528. bajaandy

    Marlin on 20lb test w/ pics 8/1/09 279 area

    That's the shizzle right there! Nice pics!
  529. bajaandy

    Alb, YT, BFT 7/25

    That is a TOAD! Way to get it done! SWEET!!!!
  530. bajaandy

    7/25 Dodos at the 181

    Damn! Looks like you got the bull and the his whole harem!
  531. bajaandy

    7/24/09 mixed bag

    Excellent report and cool pictures! I dig that first one with the forky on the gaff and the guy hooked up and the paddy in the background. And cool shots of the tuna! Way to get a nice mixed bag.
  532. bajaandy

    302 on 7-24-09

    Nice report, and nice to hear you repeat what ought to be basic patty etiquette. When I was out yesterday, every single patty that we spotted and found and fished, we had some a$$-hat roll right on up and sit on us. You guys know who you are. You all read this forum and you don't know how to...
  533. bajaandy

    Whining, Bitching, & Complaining--Mission Bay

    In my (limited) experience, the SI bait servers always give a nice generous portion and are very professional and courteous. I cannot say the same for my (limited) experience in MB. However, please look at the Everingham Bros page. Check out the portions. Everingham Bros Bait Co
  534. bajaandy

    7/22 and 7/23 Kidney bank and vicinity

    Fished Wed. 7/22 with a crew of 4. Left SI at about 4:00 and got a nice scoop and a half of very good bait. Not one bait died in the tank. Slow start. Lots of trolling. Good signs of life all around the 302 to the 230. Breaking tuna under working birds as well as flashing tuna on or just under...
  535. bajaandy

    The OFFICIAL word from DF&G

    Thanks for that. A copy of that letter or the specific code and section numbers that spell it out might be a nice nugget to have in your pocket if the DFG warden didn't want to see it your way.
  536. bajaandy

    Wed 7/22 to 230

    Hey gents... I'm going to be launching solo tomorrow, and it's a low tide, so feel free to side tie if I'm tied up to the dock parking the truck.
  537. bajaandy

    Wed 7/22 to 230

    I'll be in the same general area also, 'bout the same bat time, same bat channel.
  538. bajaandy

    7/12/09 Oside to 209 and Back

    The fish just haven't moved north yet. Everything is right... good water, good temp, kelps... just need the feesh to come to the party.
  539. bajaandy

    Steve Ross Baddog gets busted again!

    THIS is COOL. I love it! Where else but in the good 'ol USA could you even begin to have this kind of a discussion, let alone on an internet bulletin board about fishing, fer Christ's sakes. (Oops... hope I didn't offend anyone with that reference to Christianity!) 1. Guy calls somebody out for...
  540. bajaandy

    Hit a blue whale!

    Channel 8 news had a story about the blue whales tonight. Said something about them not usually being in our local waters but that for some reason now they are.
  541. bajaandy

    One Fat Albert 7/11

    I feel ya there... I think I burned about 120 gallons. You're signature line says it all. I told my buddy we should just give this up and start doing cocaine. It'd be cheaper. He said no way... the high is better when you're offshore fishing. He's right.
  542. bajaandy

    Hit a blue whale!

    I can see the headlines now: "Whales Exact Revenge! Private Boaters Attacked!" But seriously, glad to hear it was only some boat damage and not a full on sinking or worse. Scary stuff.
  543. bajaandy

    One Fat Albert 7/11

    Funny that I didn't hear your hails yesterday. Seemed like there was unusually good radio contact yesterday too. We made a couple of contacts with you in the morning, and I think I remember hearing you talking to a couple of other boats as well. We stayed pretty much west of the fleet yesterday...
  544. bajaandy

    One Fat Albert 7/11

    I can't tell you how many times I have replayed what I could have done differently on that one.... Oh well.
  545. bajaandy

    Long day on the Water 7/11

    Hey Daryl, way to go on getting to shore in time for the weigh in! Sorry to hear about your fuel issue. It was tough out there and scratch fishing for sure! Made for a LONG day.
  546. bajaandy

    Fishing 7-11 sorry late post

    Nice report and nice catch! Heard you guys on the radio while we were out there. We were much further west. Way to kill 'em!
  547. bajaandy

    One Fat Albert 7/11

    Jim, I bee-lined it outa there right after I weighed in, so I don't know. It sure sounded S-L-O-W out there yesterday. I know there were a few other albis weighed and few yellows, but I don't know the rest of the results. I got a call after weigh in closed to tell me I had the biggest tuna.
  548. bajaandy

    One Fat Albert 7/11

    Not sure about Fox and Daryl. I heard they just made it to the weigh in. Haven't talked to them yet.
  549. bajaandy

    07/11 Went catching again.

    Heard you out there yesterday. Not a lot of signs of life and a lot of people working for a few fish. We stayed west of the crowd, but it wasn't any better where we were. Congrats on the catch.
  550. bajaandy

    One Fat Albert 7/11

    SHORT VERSION Left SI at 12:00. Ran to the 1010 Trench. Lines in at 5:30. Breaking tuna five minutes later... no love. Beautiful blue water. 65.4 to 66.7 most of the day. Sloppy choppy windy conditions. Got one fat albert 39.7 lbs. Big enough to win the SD Rod and Reel club tuna tourney. Also...
  551. bajaandy

    July 9 Blue Water Tackle 1.5 Day on the Aztec

    That's the best... taking your kid fishing. Sorry it didn't go WFO for you guys, but then for the little guy, maybe that's an OK thing. Thanks for the report.
  552. bajaandy

    Apollo 2 Day 7/5 to 7/7 Done Deal!!!!!

    Dude... you got the BOMB of a best man to do that kind of bachelor party. ('Cept where's the stripper????") Looks like you guys had an awesome trip. Nice write up and way to slay 'em.
  553. bajaandy

    2.5 day 7/3-7/5 long story, Orion w/ pics

    Wow.. that last picture really tells the tale. Way to go. Nice Butt! I had one last year that went 30 lbs and yours is WAY bigger. Got to be over 40, no doubt.
  554. bajaandy

    San Clemente Yellows

    Jesus! You take 1st and 2nd, win a bunch of $ and you guys can't even break a smile? I thought fishing was supposed to be fun. Just givin' ya shit. Way to go guys... those are some toad mossbacks.
  555. bajaandy

    Trying out the 302 and 371 for Alibacore

    Good to see that someone has the emoticons all figured out.
  556. bajaandy

    Trying out the 302 and 371 for Alibacore

    Fished north of the Hidden Bank last week and got 1 albi and 2 YT's. I'm thinking the 378 or the 390 might be a good call. Will watch the reports and get out there after it again next week.
  557. bajaandy


    Sweet! Nothing better than fishing with your kid. I'm enjoying this last summer of fishing with my son before he goes off to college. Great job out there on the fish!
  558. bajaandy

    Went catching today Albies/Yellow

    Heard you on the radio all day yesterday and talked to you once in the afternoon. We were in the same general area, north of you a few miles. Looks like you hit it better than we did. Very scratch fishing yesterday, but a great day on the water.
  559. bajaandy

    6/24 Hidden Bank

    To tired and lazy to make the report last night. Wasn't all that great out there anyway. Saw puddlers of bluefin northwest of the hidden bank. Birds diving, the whole enchilada. Thought we could get them to go, but they sank out fast. No go. Got one Albi northeast of the hidden bank. Blind...
  560. bajaandy

    2nd hand report on tuna today

    Heard it from a friend who, heard it from a friend who... Heard it from another you've been fishin' around(With apologies to REO Speedwagon.)
  561. bajaandy

    Goods news for our Bluefin

    Ya mean we'll see less of this?
  562. bajaandy

    fishdope or terrafin

    I like Fishdope. One of the things I like is the route planning feature. I can figure mileage plus leave a copy at home.
  563. bajaandy

    Friday 5/22/09

    Thanks for the scouting trip. Appreciate the info even if you didn't get into 'em.
  564. bajaandy

    Three day Skiff/Kayak trip on the Qualifier 105

    Nice web-page. What an awesome trip. Cool of you to do some free advertisment for the Q105. Maybe they should kick you down a free berth next trip!
  565. bajaandy

    5-21 Yellows at the Nados on the San Diego

    I love it when it breaks open like that! Ought to be a zoo out there today and the rest of the weekend!
  566. bajaandy

    YT at the 425

    There ya go! Way to get it done.
  567. bajaandy

    425 5-16-09

    Be out that way tomorrow... give you a shout.
  568. bajaandy

    Simple and Friendly Thresher Rig

    Just finished building my rigs similar to the ones shown, only all cable with the torpedo crimped in-line like ChesapeakChuck mentioned. Gonna try it out tomorrow and see if we can score a mouth hook up.
  569. bajaandy

    How to mouth hook your thresher shark

    I just made up my rigs and will be using them tomorrow. Let you know if I do any good. Thanks for the suggestion.
  570. bajaandy

    How to mouth hook your thresher shark

    That's a good question. I've never stress tested one of those things. Must be strong enough if it's working for the orignal poster.
  571. bajaandy

    What is up with the weather?

    Waiting for a report from someone who was out there today. You know how "accurate" NOAA can be. NOT!
  572. bajaandy

    Got lucky with Thresher shark

    Wow! Impressive pictures! That's one heck of a fish!
  573. bajaandy

    My 2 cents on the lucky thresher

    Yo! Way to go Admiral! (and Harry and the rest of the crew!). Nice thresher! May have to try to get one of those myself!
  574. bajaandy

    Squid Fishing..1-20-09

    Funny video. It's always such a laugh fest when you go squidding, especially when someone gets squirted. I got the full on inking last Sunday night, so I could totally sympathize with the guy.
  575. bajaandy

    so... any word on the return of the squid?

    Sent some info to fishdope just this morning. Got into them thick last night. Got the job done in about 15 minutes once we got on them.
  576. bajaandy

    Humboldt Squid Location?

    What kind of light are you talking about and where'd you get it?
  577. bajaandy

    Mexicio fish brought back to US

    Hey, I'm no expert on this, but we just had Bob Fletcher (President, Sportfishing Association of California) at our last meeting talking about the MLPA when this exact topic was brought up. He told us the same thing that @-EZ, Crazy Hawaiin and others have stated... The DFG guy is wrong. He's...
  578. bajaandy

    Jan. 3rd Nice PV Marlin 600+ - Great Pics

    Black or blue, that's a brute! Just look at the shoulders on that thing! Nice catch!
  579. bajaandy

    White Christmas Sung by Santa and the Reindeers

    Classic... cool animation to the tune.
  580. bajaandy

    One Cool Dog!

    Frickin' CLASSIC!
  581. bajaandy

    Son made New Record for Sand Bass

    Holy Fish Fins, Bass Man! That thing is a monster! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
  582. bajaandy

    11.09.08 Small Craft Advisory: When Bugs Attack

    Costco has a five pack of LED lights for (I think) 16.00. Comes with extra batts. Anybody tried those yet? By the way, nice haul on the bugs.
  583. bajaandy

    Red worm fishing

    True, there's nothing better than teaching your kid to fish... but I think what you did is just as good, if not better. Total stranger who probably didn't stand a chance of getting hooked up. Nice of you to take the time to not only provide bait, but teach a lesson as well. Hope the guy...
  584. bajaandy

    HUGE meter marks, but only 1 YFT

    Ian, we had the same experience last time we were out in that same area... nice meter marks, but just could not make anything happen. Tried everything just like you guys. We finally hooked up, but a blind jig strike on a free swimming cow dodo of all things. Like you said, they're out there...
  585. bajaandy

    9/21 209-181-289

    2 guys, 2 fish... awesome day
  586. bajaandy

    Mister Pig

    Yowza! That's a beauty!!
  587. bajaandy

    9/14 Albacore on the 182

    Should've stayed out there and fished. At least you wouldn't have been yelling and screaming at Ed Hochuli and his terrible calls! Sorry to hijack your thread. Thanks for the report, and congrats on the albi's!
  588. bajaandy

    9/13 Nothing going outside but.....

    FER CHRISE SAKES!!!! When are those dumb sheits gonna learn not to run right over the top? Sorry to hear about that, but glad you got some feesh.
  589. bajaandy

    My Son's First Tuna

    SWEET! Way to go Scott!
  590. bajaandy

    no tuna, but but but........

    If wishes were Opah's, dreamers would fish! Way to go on a nice one!
  591. bajaandy

    Fish Magnet Report for Chuck Byron Tourney

    Too cool! Fishing with your boy is just the best! Nice work Trevor!! Way to suck it up and land that tuna!
  592. bajaandy

    I didn't win MAW

    Hey Daryl, Glad to hear you got out there and got some fish. Sorry, I just couldn't make it happen this year.
  593. bajaandy

    9/2 Man Overboard and YFT

    Can you get an MMSI from that? Nice job on the fish.
  594. bajaandy

    300 lb SWORD!

    Can I have your sister's phone number? Seriously though... that's incredible!!! YOU 'DA MAN!!!
  595. bajaandy

    Three Albies on One Hook

    Nice feesh. Congrats. Just me, but I always keep my bait if I have any left.... even if it rolls and even after I get back to the dock. It goes right into zip-locks and straight to the freezer for chum the next time I'm out. Guess I'm just cheap that way.
  596. bajaandy

    08-27 Monster Dodo

    Wow... nice dodo! I can almost taste the steaks on the grill! Sweet catch.
  597. bajaandy

    YFT Outside North Island

    Bummer about the motor problems! Funny how it's always somebody's uncle to the rescue. Glad he got you up and running. Nice score on the YFT. Great to hear that they're still in close. Thanks for posting.
  598. bajaandy

    Fish Report

    Nice catch. Small knife = easy to cut tuna loins.
  599. bajaandy

    YFT and Dodos!

    Yeah dude! Nice score and nice frst post! Way to go on the YFT.
  600. bajaandy

    E-Fly: Albies & Bluefin

    Damn! Nice haul! Looks like the kid was killing it!
  601. bajaandy


    Magic Patty. Looks dead flat out there. Nice report.
  602. bajaandy

    Put 16 In The Box With The Kids

    Too cool... I just love seeing the kids bendo and grinding away. Nice job.
  603. bajaandy

    Why are people lame at the launch ramp?

    No kidding... I even turn 'em off and just run the running lights when heading back to the parking lot. Nobody needs to have their retinas burned out right before putting their boat in the water. Common sense here folks!
  604. bajaandy

    Why are people lame at the launch ramp?

    No kidding... I hear you and agree that people really need to lighten up when at the launch ramp. Last time I pulled my boat, it was a bitchen sunny day, no wind, a bit cowded... I looked at the guy next to me pulling his boat and I made the cardinal mistake of saying what a nice day it was and...
  605. bajaandy

    YFT under the football albies - shy of 230

    Cool story... love the high action of a limited crew trying to clear lines and fight fish.
  606. bajaandy

    Fish Dope is worth the moolah!!!

    I've been using RipCharts for the past year... my time to renew is almost up, but I decided to go with the Dope instead. Good decision. I think the thermal images might have been a tad better/easier to work with on RipCharts, but the fish counts, reports and predictions on FishDope outweigh...
  607. bajaandy

    Finally got the boys out yesterday

    Sweet. Nothing better than fishing with your kids! Way to go.
  608. bajaandy

    Many thanks & good karma

    Nice pics of the boy pulling on a fish. And I like the ahi spread with the knife and the Pacifico. Still life? Looks like a great day.
  609. bajaandy

    8/22/08 yft, yt and doritos

    Toad YFT! Nice fatty! Thanks for the report.
  610. bajaandy

    Used the "Alfresco III" again. It is beginning to be a habit.

    Wow... nice looking fish. THanks for the report.
  611. bajaandy

    YFT Limits Friday at the 182

    Sweet score. Way to go on the nice grade YFT. Can't wait to see the pics.
  612. bajaandy

    Day to Remember 8/22/08

    SLAYED 'EM! Wow! Nice going. Kid looks like he had a blast. Way to go daddy-o.
  613. bajaandy

    Short report 8/20

    Sweet! Nice YFT. Thanks for the report.
  614. bajaandy

    First time 182 and YFT

    Bummer about the camera, but stoked on the YFT! Way to go!
  615. bajaandy

    8/21 Report 226/182

    Awesome smiles...that's what it's all about. Nice post markis, you Hemet knuckle dragger. Hope it makes you feel good to brag about catching a bigger fish than a little girl.
  616. bajaandy

    Same Ol' Same Ol' 8/21 @ 425

    That's awesome. Nothing better than fishing with your boy. Sounds like you guys had a pretty good day.
  617. bajaandy

    Go Here

    NICE! Way to get 'er done!
  618. bajaandy

    8/20/08 at the 182

    Thanks for the report.
  619. bajaandy

    Reward Stolen/ Accurate 270 wtb

    Damn, and I wanted to see the clowns head explode. Oh well. Awesome story, and well told.
  620. bajaandy

    Reward Stolen/ Accurate 270 wtb

    Now I'm torn.... do I want to hear the story, or watch the psychoclown head explode?
  621. bajaandy

    Anchor Question ??????

    OK.. I'll bite... What makes the claw type anchor better? Easier to set? Do tell!
  622. bajaandy

    302 report 8-19

    Thanks for the report and the info. At least you got some fish! Glad to hear that the bait was better.
  623. bajaandy

    Bait Tank Pump Placement

    I bought a used aluminum boat that someone had installed a through-hull and put the screen on backwards. I wasn't aware of this until my first trip and as soon as I got up on plane, the water in the tank started to disapear. Before the next trip I turned the screen around and it worked great...
  624. bajaandy

    8/16 Sat with the fleet

    Didn't get any good shots out on the water, but here is the aftermath. Fresh out of the smoker and into the vacuum bags.
  625. bajaandy

    8/16/08 TUNASLAM!

    OUTRAGEOUS! Excellent day on the water. What an epic report!
  626. bajaandy

    8/16 Hidden Bank/S. of 371/425

    Way to go. Nice fish. Good call heading south instead of west. Heard you on the radio yesterday, but we were way to far north.
  627. bajaandy

    Epic day on the "Ocean Pearl"

    Wow... sweet YFT. Way to go. Tried that same trick, but just couldn't make it work. Maybe next time. Sounds like you had a great day.
  628. bajaandy

    8/16 Sat with the fleet

    Barry, we got the skunk on the east fly. Looked like a lot of boats (42 that we could see around us at one count). Heard a few people getting some small grade dodo's and a few tuna here and there. Saw a few sporties out at the San Salvador Knoll. A few clients were bendo. Good luck tonight.
  629. bajaandy

    8/16 Sat with the fleet

    Sorry, no pictures. Headed out of San Diego on Friday night and parked it near the San Clememte Bouy just to get away from the masses. Started a chum line at about 1:00 am hoping for the grey light tuna bite... it was not meant to be. Started trolling towards the 43 spot, then turned and...
  630. bajaandy

    Flourocarbon Leaders

    I like to use 3-4 feet of flouro and I've always tied with a surgeons knot. Simple and strong.
  631. bajaandy

    Making macs

    Thanks Daryl. Are we gonna see you out there this weekend? Gimme a shout on the radio.
  632. bajaandy

    Making macs

    Anybody been making mackerel bait out of SD harbor? Where's the hot spot?
  633. bajaandy

    Yeah,the bait rolled...

    I'm doin' whatever the dog tells me.... Nice report.
  634. bajaandy

    Lots o' bft in the counts

    Were you chumming chunk, whole dead, live???
  635. bajaandy

    Windy Thursday 9mi to 182

    HA HA!!! You must have fished the Make-A-Wish last year! What a beating!
  636. bajaandy

    Inside report 8.6.08

    Dude! Sweet video! Love the dub and the sneaker shots into the fish hold. The hook up shots are outstanding. Almost like being there! Thanks for taking the time to make the vid.
  637. bajaandy

    Fishing out West?

    Been waitin to hear if anybody's been out there. Let us know if you make the trip.
  638. bajaandy

    Late BET report

    Now THAT'S a nice fish. Way to go.
  639. bajaandy

    the Outside

    More likely the crew of the other boat WERE properly LIT. (I like your booby avatar also.)
  640. bajaandy

    8/3 Bluewater tackle/Outer limits overnight

    Had a blast on the OT last year. Good skipper and crew. Glad to hear you got into some quality fish.
  641. bajaandy

    7/31 Yellowtail, Dorado & Albacore!!!

    Sweet! You guys scored a nice selection of fish! Excellent day.
  642. bajaandy

    July 30, 371 and 302 mixed bag

    Well, I certainly won't dispute it! When they're small like that, they're harder to tell the difference.
  643. bajaandy

    July 30, 371 and 302 mixed bag

    Just a quick report. Hit the bait barge at 04:15 and got a nice healthy scoop to see us through the day. Lines in at 06:00 about 7 miles east of the 371. Twenty minutes later it's a nice little cow dodo off a kelp. Headed on out, then up to towards the 302. Got a bit better version of the...
  644. bajaandy

    10 year old catches potential world record Albacore...

    Saw this story on News 8 last night. Very cool video and story. Kid did an outstanding job on a nice fish. They say they want to submit this as an IGFA record catch. I'd be totally stoked for the kid if they award him that record. Will the fact that the deckhand had his hand on the rod...
  645. bajaandy

    Death on the 371

    Nice post and great report. It's nice to read a report that shows some humility. Seems like everyone on this board sticks out their chest and proclaims to the masses what awesome fishermen we are. (Yes, I'm guilty.) All of us had to start somewhere... make that first night run, wondering if...
  646. bajaandy

    Bloody Sunday on the 371

    Nice report. Ya gotta love fishing with your kids.
  647. bajaandy

    5 Below 371 7-27 with pics

    Love seeing the trifecta of dodo's, 'tails and tuna's. Nice job.
  648. bajaandy

    monster mako

    That ain't no shark! That thing's a torpedo!
  649. bajaandy

    Saltypup gets a slam

    That picture of him cradling that YT with a big 'ol smile on his blood smeared face is CLASSIC! Way to go, gramps!
  650. bajaandy

    7-26 302 SLUG Albies YT

    YO! Can you say Toad Albacore? Nice fish! Zach, I just realized that was you there with that toad! YOU SUCK!!
  651. bajaandy

    Fri 7 25 08 Abies Dodos at the 371 and 302

    Nice dodo's! Ain't it a bitch when you hook up early and think... "Here we go!" and then work ALL DAY before the next fish. But it makes the ride home SO much better when you get that afternoon bite. Nice report and great pics.
  652. bajaandy

    302 07/25/2008

    Hey... your last shot looks like my avatar. Nice going on the fish. Still a nice grade of albacore out there. Thanks for the report.
  653. bajaandy

    371 7/25

    Sweet. Nice score on the solo run.