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  1. Mr Lingcod

    Anyone have a video of a Radon going downswell?

    Very curious if anyone has a video of a Radon going downswell in good size swell. Not flat seas. Anyone? After a long time of talking with people, observing and being on the ocean, I've come to understand how the design works. In simple terms, the soft front end and big belly for buoyancy equal...
  2. Mr Lingcod

    Custom Flopper Stoppers

    A commercial fishermen buddy let me try these seemingly custom flopper stoppers. Wow! My 70s Searay hull rolled a little at anchor with that modified V. But just one of these things made a big difference. Two of them, off each back cleat, was a game changer! Anyone have experience with these...
  3. Mr Lingcod

    Scallops with little crabs inside

    Was diving for scallops at the islands and kept finding little crabs inside. The Internet says they're "pea crabs" and actually parasites. This does not seem to be an issue for human consumption, except that these crabs tend to make the meat in the scallop much smaller. Are these scallops okay...
  4. Mr Lingcod

    Leaving Your Boat Unattended // The Double Shackle ?

    Going to hike a cool wash out at the islands this weekend and will be leaving the boat for about 5 hours. I 100% believe in my nylon rope, boat-length chain, and oversized danforth anchor. Works every time. But ... this isn't really about safety. This is about "calming the nerves" while leaving...
  5. Mr Lingcod

    300 Verado: From 6cyl to 8cyl?

    Not sure if anyone noticed. But Mercury came out with a new 300 Verado a number of months ago. They changed the 250HP and 300HP to a V8. The 350 still has the older configuration: 2.6L inline 6 cyl with a supercharger. Wondering if this is a cost thing (they all used to be 2.6L inline 6 cyl...
  6. Mr Lingcod

    Double Anchoring: What's Your Technique?

    When pulling up to an anchorage, I've seen people on 26-ish foot power boats motor close to shore and make an abrupt turn so the bow is facing back out of the anchorage. Then, they do the following: 1) Drop the stern hook, dragging until they feel some "set" 2) Let out the stern rode big time...
  7. Mr Lingcod

    Greenough: Exotic, but how do they ride?

    What's the deal with the Greenough build? How do they ride? Why are they so fuel efficient for the size/weight? Does that near-tri-hull design make it pound in exchange for increased roll-stabilization and economy? If so, how does it work for our ocean on the West Coast?
  8. Mr Lingcod

    Why are nearly all Parker boats underpowered?

    Just a question that's been on my mind for some time now. Take an average 25 foot Radon, these boats tend to have 350-450+HP. Take an average 25 foot Parker, it'll have 225-250HP. I get that the Parker is lighter, perhaps by 30%, but the V in the hull alone would potentially justify that...
  9. Mr Lingcod

    Wet Foam, But Bad Stringer?

    After a little rain I got curious and cut open the bottom cabin in my boat. I found wet foam and a small crack along the bottom. Of course, I was alarmed and wanted to follow through. I spoke with a local boat builder, along with another boat guy I trust. Both actually said the same thing: It's...
  10. Mr Lingcod

    Raw Hotwater Bathtub... with Outboards?

    Those of us divers, spearfishermen, surfers, know the cold hard truth about Winter/Spring. It gets cold! It gets really cold. Especially when you get lost in whatever you're doing and spend more time in the water than you should. Sometimes, you just can't warm up fully until you're home and...
  11. Mr Lingcod

    My new 300HP Verado must live in saltwater. Is it really that bad?

    One the main advantages of having an outboard, they say, is that you can tilt it up and out of the water after use. But the slip I'm in is very tight and even if I take off my bow pulpit I will not fit in the slip with the engine up. So, it looks like I"m keeping my new 300HP Verado in the...
  12. Mr Lingcod

    225 2 stroke Mercury Boat Engine

    Have to sell this weekend. Asking 2k for it. Runs fine. Just pulled it off my boat and on a crate with controls ready to be picked up. Upgraded to a 4 stroke. 30 inch shaft. New lower unit from SEI. 7 hours on it. Call or text with questions: 8o5 7o5 726o
  13. Mr Lingcod

    1978 Sea Ray built like a Radon?

    Alright, now before the Radon crowd asks for my head on a platter, let me first off say that I admire the Radon design as much as all of you do. There is a brilliance in design that is second to none - and just about everyone who spends their time on these forums wants a Radon. It's the best...