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    Sheephead, steamed

    Probably I shouldn't call it a recipe, as this fish tastes so good with any method:p Due to its size and the thickness of the fillet, we had to improve the way to steam it. It's not the authentic way, but it's the best tasting way to steam it in our experience! Enjoy :cheers:
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    Visited Ferry Landing Pier, the pier closest to USS Bonhomme Richard to find out the latest

    My fishing buddy was concerned about the impact to bay fishing in SD after watching the fire from news, and got a big relief after checking out conditions around the pier and beach in person. Tight lines :cheers:
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    3 methods to reduce fishy smell

    My friends asked whether it's possible to make frozen fish taste as good as freshly caught fish. It's hard but we gave it a try. Here are the 3 most popular methods and let's see which works the best through experiments. Enjoy! :cheers:
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    The 4th is with us at full force at OB pier:)

    ull moon, clear sky, warm water ==> crazy session Here are a few photos from last night's session about other's catch. I was told that it's hard to avoid 6 feet distance all the time, especially when a trophy fish is pulled up to the pier, so some face covering is good for everyone. May the...
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    Lake Hodges to reopen and here is my favorite rig for it

    It reopens on July 1st, this Wednesday. The fish there probably have forgotten what a hook looks like after this long break :D As an online fishing buddy has asked, I've put together a video on my favorite rig for the lake, in case you're interested. Tight lines:cheers:
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    Piers just reopened, finally! This is what we found out at ocean beach

    We missed the piers so much! Took the kids out there after their summer officially kicked off. We never found a parking spot so easily around noon at ocean beach :D . Tight lines and see you on the pier :cheers:
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    Some good official news on SD beach fishing on 04/27

    Finally see some light at the end of the tunnel. Key takeaways: time 2:02: fishing from beach is allowed time 4:40: motorized boat not allowed, but yaks, paddle board ... are allowed from beach Stay safe and have fun. Looking forward to a smooth transition.
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    Walk a dog instead of a fish:)

    In case you're just back from fishing, here is the latest news on statewide shelter-in-place: If you have a dog, you're lucky, as news said that it's considered essential to walk a dog, so still plenty of...
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    Fishing or not during covid-19?

    This topic was discussed on my local forum, just want to share my experience here as well, hope it could be of some help. My hometown in china just went through the quarantine and 3 key lessons learned are: stay away from the crowd as most people are asymptomatic (so stay home or go...
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    6 Tips for Pan-Frying Whole Fish with Little Oil, an easy 15-minute recipe for pan fish

    When you only get limited time to cook the fish, either after a long day of work or fishing :cheers: , try this easy recipe that only require a little oil.
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    Best Baits for BIG CATFISH fishing: worm vs mackerel! Which one is more effective? Let's find out!

    We've used worms for a long time for catfish. After learning mackerel is good from an amigo at lake dixon :cheers: , we gave it a try. It indeed worked! But is it better than worm? We compared them in a trip and here is the video: Tight lines:cheers:
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    Unforgettable trip: encountered coyotes and a big fish that broke 20lb line

    The spring season is coming, with our local lake hodges open in Feb. I guess you may encounter some coyotes like us if you try to fish a very secret or secluded spot;). Here is a video about our close encounter with two coyotes and lessons we've learned: Fishing is the main theme of the...
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    $142 per pound for a perch? I made OVEN ROASTED fish to see if its taste is worth the money!

    I treated opaleye as one of the regular perch spices for a long time, till I read articles saying that it's 1000 RMB (roughly $142) per pound in China. Hard to believe! I don't know why it's so expensive, but we have abundant opaleyes around jetties in SoCal. All we need is moss, shrimp, clams...
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    A trick that helped us get more bites, both in lakes and in bays

    I typically post my saltwater fishing videos only in the saltwater forum. Today's I'd like to make an exception as the trick (shake rod tip to trigger more bites) in this video also worked for us for fresh water fishing, especially for school fish such as crappie, white bass, stripers. For...
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    How was the fishing condition 2 days after cold front? Here is my report

    We saw how challenging it was right after cold front in an earlier report. These are the follow-up clips we took 2 days after that. Many experienced folks have probably figured out the results based on timing, hope you still enjoy it:cheers: Tight lines and see you on water
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    Simple stir-fried fish with vegetables

    To get rid of the holiday weight gain, we stir-fried fish with more vegetables. This 2-minute video shows how simple it is. It works for bass, catfish, perch, rockfish, cod, tilapia and any other white-meat fish we could think of. Hope you and your family enjoy it so that we get more support...
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    3 Little Tricks helped me get Big Catfish

    This is not for a recent trip, but a new summary of my past trips for catfish fishing. To keep it short: No. 1, found a point with dropoff nearby No. 2, fished next to a rock pile on the point No. 3, used a special two-hook setup Hope these help you hook bigger ones as well in 2020 and see you...
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    Discovered a new bait and got an $1000 fish, after losing almost 1 lb of sinker

    You're a serious bay fishermen if you've figured out what the fish is before watching the video :cheers: These are some highlights we took when we fished the barge the first day after cold front. No much bite but lots of fun:D Link to the video:
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    Simple steamed fish recipe with pepper

    If you prefer a strong flavor for a fish dish, this simple recipe is for you. We use this for holiday parties for its colorful presentation, nice smell and good taste. The combined flavor of fresh pepper, garlic and green onion makes the dish very tasteful. Here is the video: My kids...
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    Simplified fish ball recipe

    Today I will share with you a simplified fish ball recipe. First chop up 600 grams of fish paste manually or using a food processor, add two egg whites, three green onions, and 5 grams of minced ginger, 2 teaspoons salt, one teaspoon cooking wine, half teaspoon bouillon powder flavored with...
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    Bait boat helped us hook some fish during slack tide

    We almost got skunked during slack tide last time until we found the hidden "power" of bait boat. Hope this trick works for your and me next time as well.
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    World’s best steamed fish recipe for fresh scorpion fish, poisonous and delicious like a puff fish

    Today I’m going to share 3 techniques with you. 1, The recipe, works for most fish with white meat 2. How to steam the fish without a steamer 3. How to prepare your own sauce in simple steps. If the video below doesn't show properly, here is the direct youtube link We use a scorpion fish...
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    Simple and oil-free bass recipe, oven "steamed”, good for kids

    Today I’d like to share a super simple and oil-free bass recipe using oven. No oil is needed and we essentially “steam” the bass in oven. If your kids or friends don’t like fish bones, this is a good dish for them. We only need a few simple ingredients besides bass fillet. They are...
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    An epic fishing day with Bass, Halibut and more in San Diego bay

    This was the footage we took on Sep 28th when San Diego had the first rain in autumn. As it rarely rains around this time, we were curious to find out how the rain in early fall would affect fishing conditions. There were up and downs, but overall it turned out to be a good day after we found...
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    Classic fried fish recipe | can it handle fresh carp we caught in US?

    I’d like to share with you a classic chinese recipe for fried fish. It works for various species of bass and croaker. In today’s video, we’d like to try it with freshly caught carp for two reasons. First, catch-and-release is not allowed at my local lakes. Second, many people claim that carp...
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    Simple recipe: pan-fry freshly caught sea bass

    Today I’d like to share with you how to cook a fresh sea bass in simple steps. This is the sea bass we caught in our first night fishing (youtube link) First let’s remove scales. Next, use the tip of the blade to cut through the skin as shown in the video. Then slowly cut along the backbone...
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    Bass and halibut fishing at night, with some tricks we've learned

    We had a night fishing trip targeting for bass and halibut. The ocean at night was so beautiful but fish was reluctant to bite. We've figured out that small frozen bait was the key and got some keepers and hope this tick would help you in your future trip. If you have some tips on how to deal...