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  1. louisde

    The Epic Summer Re-Cap

    Great video!! Its been an epic fall as well.
  2. louisde

    Late: constitution fishing 10/4

    I went the following day. Capt. Frank decided he was tired of fishing in a crowd so we went further south and west. Morning was slow at 9:30 we hit a paddy and Frank warned us that it was loaded. At 11:30 we were done, 8 hr. Ride home, the weather was perfect, so we could make good time riding...
  3. louisde

    East San Clemente island 10-3-14

    I hear they are delicious with some fava beans and a nice chianti.
  4. louisde

    New fish cleaning requirements for the Sporties?

    Typically there is a little blood line left to trim on standard filets prior to the skin being left on. Same deal with the skin filets. It is a little more work to pull the skin off but does not require special equipment other than your hands.
  5. louisde

    8/1 First time on New-Lo An & 1st YFT for 70 year old

    Jig master a good set up on these fish. Congrats.
  6. louisde

    Late August YFT recomendations please

    You should be all set. Good luck. Borrow another rod 7 footer 20-30 from a friend for the penn.
  7. louisde

    Late August YFT recomendations please

    Bring a selection of hooks, anchovies 4s to 1s, sardine 1/0 to 4/0.
  8. louisde

    Late August YFT recomendations please

    What test line you use has more to do with bait than fish size. If it is anchovies a 20lb outfit that can cast it 15 feet away from boat is good. Sardine a 30 to 40lb out fit with 25 and 30 lb flouro leader about 3 feet is good. Don't make the leader too long knot needs to clear top guide before...
  9. louisde

    RR3 Bluefin Jim 5-day 2014 Report, Photos, Video

    Saw your trip offloading impressive catch! Must have been a great time. Toad yellows big bluefin and lots of in between.
  10. louisde

    Local bluefin tuna (We need Help)

    It is worth commenting. The CBD counts on our silence to fulfill their agenda.
  11. louisde

    Legend 1.5 Day 6/29

    I was on that trip I got a bluefin on a 4 oz. crippled herring in anchovy in the morning. Smaller 3.5 oz. megabaits in anchovy seemed to be working too. The halcos were working well on the troll but it seemed like they would hit pretty much anything I got a yellowfin on a Mex Flag Zuker. Fish...
  12. louisde

    Limits on the Limitless

    Glad your son had good time. Nice fish!
  13. louisde

    20 minute WSB

    Nice job Mary. Beautiful fish. Paul looks like a happy camper.
  14. louisde

    Gordo Banks Pangas 9/27-29

    Thanks for the excellent report heading out to San Jose del Cabo Thursday!
  15. louisde

    2-Day On Ranger 85

    Thanks Guys, Forgot to mention we also got 40 nice sized whitefish, on our last drift at Cruz this guy got one that was the biggest I have ever seen it looked like a football tuna it was so big and fat.
  16. louisde

    2-Day On Ranger 85

    Had a great weekend of fishing on the Ranger 85, thanks to Capt. Dustin and his excellent crew, some reasonable weather, and a few toads. After a Dustin gave quick seminar to explain rigging and the game plan we left Friday night with live squid and anchovy/sardine mix for bait. We were all...
  17. louisde

    Tropic Star Presents - Beat this Caption - Contest ends June 2nd, 2011 : 5:00 PM

    Wow, I did not think Gramp's pubes were soooo long!
  18. louisde

    Pacific Islander vs. Pacific Dawn

    I went out on the Pacific Islander Saturday night April 9th, crew was pleasant and hardworking, helpful, always on hand to put your fish in the sack, untangle your line, polite, clean well run galley, etc. nice people. And yes the bunks have mattresses!! Weather was nasty Sunday morning, we...
  19. louisde

    Fishing at redondo pier

    Thanks Garr. By Saturday hopefully they have moved up coast.
  20. louisde

    Fishing at redondo pier

    All that bait in the water is a good sign, think I'll take my daughter to Malibu Pier this weekend.
  21. louisde


    Redondo Harbor
  22. louisde

    good boccacio and rockfish spot?

    You don't need coordinates. go out in the morning stay on the northwest side of the outside rigs in 275 -290 feet water. Look for a sawtooth 'slight' on the graph.
  23. louisde

    Epic Day - On the Mardiosa

    :2gunsfiring_v1:Wow! That is a fine day of fishing.
  24. louisde

    Which East Cape Resort with the wife?

    Rancho Leonero. Great fishing and the pool is not green. Depends on chubascos.
  25. louisde

    What tackle store?

    Bob Sands in Van Nuys, Sepulveda and Vanowen.
  26. louisde

    Is This a Missprint?????? 3/4 Day Voyager

    It's listed as a 3 day trip on
  27. louisde

    Fishing the oil rigs in long beach

    You cannot fish deeper than 360 feet according to the regs. You will not need to fish that deep. 275 to 290 feet has been good.
  28. louisde

    Fishing the oil rigs in long beach

    In the morning before the wind really kicks up head out to the outside rigs, south west side last 2 look for 270' to 285' feet water bottom fish for the big boccacio in the area, limit 2, you'll see other people drifting in the area. Sardine on single or 2 hook rig, i like single hook with long...
  29. louisde

    Just Sharing Info

    Cuda are good to eat. Not the sun dried bent gunny sack variety, keep them straight put them on ice. They have won many a jackpot on packed twilight boats bringing some good money. Fishing for anything is good I wish I was barracuda fishing right now. Slimedogs, Stink Sticks, Slime Sticks...
  30. louisde

    Need 6th person on Josie Lynn 8/26-28

    Cost is $900 which is very discounted, send Capt. Mike or me a PM.
  31. louisde

    Help me to choose a 2 days trip

    I like the Pacific Star, and yes parking in Seaforth is the most convenient of SD landings.
  32. louisde

    9th Circuit Rules in favor of Steelhead

    :finger: Some good news for a change. Wild steelhead to retain endangered species status, court rules Federal appeals panel rebuffs Central Valley irrigators' efforts to relax U.S. protections on the Pacific salmon. Wild steelhead to...
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    Brandy you're a fine girl, what a good wife you would be, but my life, my love and my lady is Eat Me...
  34. louisde

    San Martin Island

    Basically Sam Martin is 160 miles from San Diego so the Coranados must be closed too.
  35. louisde

    corn for carp?

    Carp have pharyngeal teeth that grind and break things up in the back of their throat, pulverising and mashing the corn. Chum with bread balls made with the corn juice if legal.
  36. louisde

    corn for carp?

    I find Green Giant Mexicorn works well. Add some salt to toughen it up.
  37. louisde

    Where's a place to buy dry ice in the LA area?

    Praxair NORTH HOLLYWOOD 5508 Vineland Ave. North Hollywood, CA 91601 (818) 760-2012 FAX (818) 766-2784 Store Manager: Stephen Schltz
  38. louisde

    From the "Don't Leave Your Bottled Water Unattended" File...

    I went to the article and there was an ad for wine that had the sound effect of a glass being filled up, perfect, what a nut.
  39. louisde

    Seal huggers are out to get me

    The seals are probably going in the water because they see spear fisherman and hope to catch any fish they stir up or wound. They are obviously not afraid of people as people are marching by on the seawall constantly and that where the seals are hanging out. The narrator's ignorance is amazing...
  40. louisde

    Making the most of your Humboldt squid, w/pics.

    Cool post. Once in the East Cape 2 years ago, we wanted to catch triggers for ceviche, the deckhand gave us the squid's lungs sliced for bait, they worked great. Later that day we used the mantle to chum for and catch tuna and dorado.
  41. louisde

    CA DFG in Gulf of Mexico?

    Even if BP is paying that is still a resource that is desperately needed here in CA not in the gulf.
  42. louisde

    Friday 1.5 day - what do I need?

    Divine intervention. Good luck I hope your trip marks the change.
  43. louisde

    The Nuge gets busted for CA hunting violations

    From OL web site. The DA dropped the charges for shooting the spike, what bullshit. I like many of you are tired of hearing about the DFG spending 50 grand to catch poachers and the courts fining them...
  44. louisde

    Need 6th person on Josie Lynn 8/26-28

    We have a 2 day chartered on Josie Lynn <cite></cite> out of San Diego. Leaving Thursday evening 8/26 and returning Saturday night 8/28. One angler can't make it so we need a sixth. Cost $750 includes food and drinks. Email me at [email protected] if you would like to go.
  45. louisde

    Opah on Night Shark Fishing Trip

    Eat it, they are delicious. A rare catch by sportsmen ussually dropping deep when albacore fishing. A really great catch!
  46. louisde

    Fathers Day on Pacific Star Yellowtail!

    We left Seaforth Friday 6/19. It was a 2 day trip we spent Saturday getting the snot kicked out of us on the bluefin grounds, Deadliest Catch weather, no joke, for no fish. We saw fish, had them rush the stern but no bites. We went to the beach to anchor for dinner catching a bonito on the troll...