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  1. Hye


    Good point
  2. Hye

    2002 Parker DV 2530 Pilothouse ($10K Price Drop 10/20)

    Good to hear. Great looking boat. GLWS
  3. Hye

    Like new custom calstar 100j $200

    Looking forward to seeing the pictures
  4. Hye

    NIB WTF?

    Oh, they are down the street. I haven't drove by yet but I will today. Hope everything is covered under their insurance.
  5. Hye

    NIB WTF?

    Not sure what you are saying
  6. Hye

    NIB WTF?

    One option is bd:)
  7. Hye

    NIB WTF?

    I'm ok with them making cash on bd if that means we save cash on bd. Everyone on here has access to a quick google search for a price check. If they are ok buying a reel for a small discount and no tax I don't see a problem. Suggesting bd members don't have the competence to do a quick price...
  8. Hye

    Newell/Penn tiburon kit

    Just curious what the Newell 229 went for?
  9. Hye

    NIB Shimano Trinidad 20A $400!!!

    such a great real! GLWS
  10. Hye

    Yellowfin finally acting like yellowfin - 267 to 209 October 22

    Looking forward to having a boat to do this with my wife one day. Ty for sharing.
  11. Hye

    10' rod suggestion?

    I have two great 8'6 rods. A phenix and terez. I've considered adding a 10' to my collection. In my case would I see a better difference going with the uc 9 or 10? Great topic.
  12. Hye

    A Good Star Drag Reel ??

    Can't go wrong with these. Seen a few in the classifieds. Both the trini and the saltiga reels have a reputation for being great for casting. I own one of each. The older versions. I've never regretted the money I spent on them. When you can throw a sardine past the rest on a party boat your...
  13. Hye

    Tuesday 10/17 YFT

    Ty for sharing.
  14. Hye

    fs: brand new saltiga 15h Japanese model

    Great reel. Great price. Bad timing for me or I'd jump on it.
  15. Hye

    Video - California Bluefin Tuna

    Great video! What set up are you using?
  16. Hye

    Good anchovy stick

    I own 3 lexa 300's. I love them. They do well with anchovy. I have tried fishing big yellows with one. It didn't do well engaging into gear while fish is running with the bait. To be fair I was fishing at cedros island, and the lexa was just out gunned by the yellowtail. Lots of great rods...
  17. Hye

    Brand New Phenix Black Diamond 909XHJ Jig Rod

    Damn, I'm seeing this to late. The one I'd be intrested in is sold.
  18. Hye

    Which CC boat should I buy in the 50k range?

    I have spoke to Erick. I agree good people.
  19. Hye

    Which CC boat should I buy in the 50k range?

    I appreciate the advice. I'll keep you posted.
  20. Hye

    Which CC boat should I buy in the 50k range?

    What do you know about the compression? 125 hours on the boat after 13 years is low. Not saying it's impossible for it to be so low, but it's worth questioning. I've had 2 people say that the compression was either done incorrectly or the engine is tired. I saw the boat in person and it's looks...
  21. Hye

    Which CC boat should I buy in the 50k range?

    I'm looking into the used boats now. You guys are making sense.
  22. Hye

    Which CC boat should I buy in the 50k range?

    A center console might not be the absolute best situation now. But as my kids grow the room on a CC will be better used than a boat with a cuddy. Having a porta patty is important tho. I'll start looking into who can service near me. Ty for replying
  23. Hye

    Which CC boat should I buy in the 50k range?

    We are a family of 4. Been in the market for a few weeks now. We have owned a small 17' skiff in the past but sold it when my oldest son was born and we weren't use it. Now my boys are at the age where I'd like to get out and enjoy the seas with them and my wife. 50k range seems to be our...
  24. Hye

    Thresher Boats in San Clemente

    I stopped by their show room today. Wanted to see what the 24" looked like. They didn't have the 24" but had some 21" in stock. Brandon's brother Patrick showed me around. I'm not as experience as most here as far as what to look for. From the little I know I liked what I saw. He showed me the...