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    “The Next Generation”

    My son and I took a 1-1/2 day on The RR3 on the 4th. My son is 27 now and the years go by faster and faster when you plan your seasons by this trip and that trip. I was reminiscing about Jorge Nicifore because his memorial trip had just returned. I recall many conversations about how proud he...
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    RIP Richard

    With a saddened heart I learned of the passing of Richard Hightower! Richard and his family are mainstays in the fishing business and especially the Long Range industry. I was lucky to have fished alongside Richard on his Newell trips and received numerous side glances because I favored...
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    Roll Call RR3 10/12-10-20 Pts South

    Who is on this trip and how do I make it through 30 more sleeps?
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    A shout out to everyone on this trip! I have tackle spread throughout the house and a wife that is watching the credit cards like a hawk! She asked what all the reels were for? One response-these are Pumps, These are flats, and these are boots. Putting the finishing touches on the gear, trying...