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    Marla's 11/1/19

    Great story! I'll be down in a week and a half. Very excited. Cheers, Ed
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    3.5% service charge on Excel if you use CC?

    A great credit card is the Citi Double Cash. I get 2% back on all purchases. But, I would still pay by check if they were charging 3+%.
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    Dumb battery wiring question

    Okay. I will have to check tomorrow. Of the heavier ones, one goes to the Perko switch and the other appears to go back to the engine. I think the smaller one goes to the negative bus bar.
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    Dumb battery wiring question

    I feel pretty stupid. I took a battery out a few months ago and now putting it back I seem to have one more wire than I remember. I have an outboard with 2 batteries and a Perco switch. Do all 3 of these wires go to the negative post? Thanks for the help.
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    Level wind reels?

    I love using my Komodo 463 at Cedros with an 8ft Okuma SCTi. 50lb braid with 4 feet of 40 flouro. Great all round outfit!
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    Metaloid 5nii drag

    When I got one of the first Metalloid 5n's, the drag went from 0 to full very quickly with very little in between. I called Okuma and they sent me a new drag cam which fixed the issue. what you are feeling sounds like it may be different.
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    Metaloid 5nii drag

    It doesn't sound right. When you are adjusting the drag tension knob, make sure to only do it in free spool. Good luck!
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    Guadalupe Island trip report

    Wow those GW are really impressive! I had a 14ft one come right up to my 23 ft boat at Ano Nuevo when rockfishing. It hung around for about 5 minutes and I'll never forget it. I didn't have any yellowfin for it though! Great report and videos. Thanks!
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    Okuma Metaloid 5ii vs Penn Fathom 15ld2

    They are discontinuing the Metalloid I believe. I have the Okuma 5N2 and fathom 25NLD (not 15). I'd say fathom is a better reel.
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    Which International for SF Bay King Salmon?

    I used penn 965 for downriggers and then also used shimano charter special 1000 levelwinds. For dragging lead, you don't need a high end reel but you do need something with some guts. I wouldn't use an international. something like the fathom levelwind as Steve suggested would be great. Or a...
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    How to Treat Seasickness

    Sorry I just looked and don't see Quells on Ebay any longer
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    How to Treat Seasickness

    My wife and son get seasick. I was able to buy Quells from England on Ebay and it works for them.
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    Does anyone remember the Bubble Hole in Redondo Beach Ca.??

    Wow, great memories. I used to fish down there with fly and bubble in the late 70 when I was about 12. Also used to go out on the barge overnight shark fishing. Sell my fish and would go half day on the City of Redondo. Thanks for the video!
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    Cedros WSB Sat. 6/22

    Nice fish! Thanks for your report
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    Starter Question

    Last week I took my Cobalt out of storage and pulled it to Tahoe for the season. It started right up without the jump starter. I ran it about 30 miles. It ran great and shut off and restarted a couple of times. Next morning, when I start it up all I get is a loud clicking. Seems to be...
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    Fathom reels

    I put my fathom 40NLD2 on a UC 7'6 Predator.
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    Aztec 2.75 11/8-11 lots of 50-60lb bft and a couple bigger ones

    Sounds like a great trip. Congrats and thanks for the write up!
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    Wahoo is always a hot topic....things I learned

    Nice report. Sounds like a great trip! Thanks
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    Cedros 10-8/10-11

    Thanks for the report. Glad you still got to fish.
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    Makaira 16II question

    Bingo! Thank you
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    Makaira 16II question

    HI, I bought a used 16 on ebay. The reel is in fantastic shape but stays engaged when I go to free spool. I was going to tear it apart but was looking for suggestions on how to fix this. Thanks for the help! Ed
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    08/04/18 Guadalupe Island Independence trip video

    Great video. Thanks for posting. I liked the big bait ball under the boat with the sharks swimming through it. Ed
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    First Cow with 7 year old on the Royal Star

    Amazing! Best post ever. I started my 2 sons out fishing early and now they are 17 and 19 and love it. Great job Dad. That is creating memories neither of you will ever forget!
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    Wow, Congratulations!
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    Cedros Aug 10-15 report

    It was great to meet you guys. I'm glad the rest of your trip went much better!
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    Cedros Aug 10-15 report

    Hi, I took my 2 sons 17 and 19 to Cedros Outdoor Adventures and just returned Wednesday. The fishing was fantastic on 25-30 lb yellowtail. My son caught a 43 pounder which they said at the dock they thought was the biggest of the season. Fish were caught on live mackerel (bring sabikis) with...
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    Going to cedros...

    Thanks for the report! My 2 sons and I leave Friday, can't wait
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    Catalina Seabass - 7/7/18

    Congrats! Looks like a great day
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    30 or 40lb setup?

    I would be fine fishing them exactly as you have them. The only variable lately is what happens if you hook a big 100+ bluefin on a 1.5 day type trip. You'd likely be under-gunned anyways and that is a long shot. If you are going on one of those trips specifically targeting the big BF, you...
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    Coronado Islands on the San Diego 6/19

    Great report! Sounds like an awesome day
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    RP 3 Day Trip Report

    thanks for sharing. Awesome pictures!
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    Cedros Sportfishing - 6 days

    Advil - I was sore after pulling on fish all day in the panga. Oh and I found the sun all day without shade pretty brutal. Bring long sleeve sun protective gear, etc.
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    Rod for penn fathom 40 2 spd

    I put mine on a UC 7'6" Predator. Feels great but haven't caught fish yet. Cheers, Ed
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    14 Days To The Lower Zone (Jan 15 – Feb 8)

    Thanks for the very informative post with all the information on gear. It is very helpful for us new to long range. Cheers, Ed
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    Bob Sands

    I went out to Bob Sands with my son to meet up with Jamie and pick up my JRI jigs. I got to try out a bunch of heavy UC rods and he taught me a bunch about technique for big fish. Really a great experience and a super nice guy. I would recommend it to anyone looking for new rods. Best...
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    Half Moon Bay shore fishing

    Make sure to check the swell report. It can get very dangerous. I've seen people having fun on the jetty walls. Good fishing.
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    Colonet on the Pacific Queen

    Good times! Thanks for the report
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    Mlk Rockfish from Mexico

    That is one proud and happy looking boy! Great job
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    Great report! Thanks for the fun read. Cheers, Ed
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    2.5 Colonet trip

    Hi. you will be fishing pretty deep and there are tons of rocks so likely will lose some terminal gear or jigs. you'll want 40-50 lb rigs. You will need some yoyo jigs for the yellowtail and some 12-16 oz torpedo sinkers for the rockcod. I think you can fish 4 hooks. weights needed might be...
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    Royal Polaris Rowdy Rail 8 day

    Great trip! thanks for the report. Ed
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    Congrats on getting back in the saddle on the cows Alan! Cheers, Ed
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    Epic day on the Toronado

    very cool! I love fishing with my sons. cheers, ed
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    Larry Brown 10 day on the Intrepid

    Wow, fantastic report. I can't believe the size of those fish. Thanks Ed
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    Fishing Cedros Island with Cedros Sportfishing Recap Video + Photos

    Great video and pictures! Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Ed
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    American Angler off the water report

    Great trip! Thanks for the report.
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    Pac Voyager 5 1/2 day (late report)

    Great report! I am definitely going to try that recipe. thanks for sharing. Cheers, Ed
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    Red Rooster 15/12 Nov 7 open spot

    Hi Donna I hope you are back fishing soon! Best wishes, Ed
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    Red Rooster 15/12 Nov 7 open spot

    Hi Steve. Not to beat a dead horse but yes I had several conversations with the office and they said they would not make an exception to the policy even though they were getting 100% of their $ (plus the penalty). I had read the policy on the website but I view it differently. A cancellation...
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    Red Rooster 15/12 Nov 7 open spot

    Thanks Soda Pop. I totally understand if I was getting a refund and leaving the spot open but they are getting the same 100% as if I was riding. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me. But yes, taking care of my son is #1 priority. Thanks, Ed
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    Red Rooster 15/12 Nov 7 open spot

    I was able to fill the spot. Thanks Adrian. I hope you have a great trip! On a less favorable note, Red Rooster 3 is charging me a $250 cancellation fee even though they are getting the full amount for the trip. Does not seem fair at all. Thanks, Ed
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    Red Rooster 15/12 Nov 7 open spot

    Thanks. I appreciate it. Ed
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    Red Rooster 15/12 Nov 7 open spot

    Hi guys, I'll increase the discount to $1,250. This is more than 25% off the cost of the trip. It should be a great trip for someone. Trip would be $3,675 after discount. I had made a deposit on the Red Rooster 3 cow tuna trip sponsored by Accurate leaving Nov 7 for 15 days (12 days with...
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    Tips(oh no, not another one of those) :D

    Tom, So happy for you to be fishing again! Have a great time. Cheers, Ed
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    Red Rooster 15/12 Nov 7 open spot

    Thanks. I appreciate it. Ed
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    Red Rooster 15/12 Nov 7 open spot

    Hi guys, I had made a deposit on the Red Rooster 3 cow tuna trip sponsored by Accurate leaving Nov 7 for 15 days (12 days with optional fly back from Cabo). My teenage son is in the hospital and I will not be able to go. If someone wants to go I will give an $800 discount on the trip. I was...
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    RP 10/3-13. Fall variety with a bonus

    Great report! Sounds like an awesome trip. Congrats
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    Fish gone stupid @ Cedros

    Thanks for the report. It looks like an awesome time! Cheers, Ed
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    Going to upgrade reels... any opinions?

    I have all type of reels but I think the Penn Fathoms are a fantastic reels and great value. Good luck!
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    1st 6 Day on the RP

    Great report! Congratulations
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    Cast net for anchovies in Santa Cruz

    When the fuel dock in Santa Cruz used to sell anchovies they used a cast net to catch them. They would throw some dry dog food to get the anchovies the surface and then throw the cast net. They used a larger net. like 6 ft. Cheers, Ed
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    shimano torium 30 hg - a quick look inside

    Hi Alan. Great to see you back in action!! Cheers, Ed
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    Cedros 9/11-15

    Hi Just got back from a fantastic trip at Cedros Outdoor Adventures. The lodge and rooms are beautiful and the food is great. Service is fantastic with the fish handlers, captains and ladies in the kitchen. We had a great group of people who all got along well. The ladies in the kitchen...
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    Cedros Outdoor Adventures 8/28 - 9/01/2017

    Thanks for the great report! What lures/colors worked best for you? leaving next Monday! Cheers, Ed
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    Cedros Sickness!

    I'm going to be there a week from tomorrow! Can't wait
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    Pacific Star 8/20-8/23 2.5 day

    Very cool picture of the squid. Thanks for the report!
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    North California Albacore

    what is an albacore?
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    Newbie question

    Hi guys, Longest I've gone is 4 days to Guadalupe years ago. I do follow these forms closely and love fishing. I'm looking at fall LR trip openings and considering booking a 10 or 15 day trip Oct - Dec. My question is how much fishing time would you get on a 10 or 15 verses travel days? I...
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    Cedros report Aug 7-11

    Thanks for the report. I'm going in early Sept so appreciate the info. Cheers, Ed
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    Improving an old jigmaster

    I'm with you. I still have my jigmaster I got as a Christmas present in 8th grade 40 years ago! It still gets fished once in a while. Cheers, Ed
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    Improving an old jigmaster

    Unless you have an emotional connection to the reel, it may be less expensive at the end of the day just to buy a new Penn Fathom or Squall star drag. Cheers, Ed
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    #40 Jig Stick Fathom 30 Star or Baja Spec 113N

    I'd go with 25N with 65 spectra and topshot as well. The baja special is a little big to cast all day but does work great for yo-yo. I like the 25N as narrower than the 30 Cheers, Ed
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    What size/color flatfalls are working for the bluefin?

    Thanks for the answers guys. I appreciate it!
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    What size/color flatfalls are working for the bluefin?

    Thank you. Searched threads but couldn't find much.
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    5/5 San Diego 3/4 Day Trip

    What size flatfalls are people using? Thanks, Ed
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    I used to take my 2 boys out on the party boats for rockcod starting when they were 4 and it was a blast! I set them up with spinning rods with spectra which worked out great but we were fishing 150 ft max. Squall sounds like a good call. Have fun!
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    Honda outboard lowering problem

    Put some trim fluid in the reservoir and boom! Works perfectly. thanks for the tip! Ed
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    Honda outboard lowering problem

    Battery is fully charged and same result on both trim tab on motor or trim switch on accelerator handle. The trim motor engages but no movement. I guess I need to figure out where the trim pump is. thanks, Ed
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    Honda outboard lowering problem

    Thank you Kid Creole. I looked through the entire owners manual and could not find where you check the fluid or refill it for the lower drive. I would really appreciate some help. Thanks, Ed
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    Honda outboard lowering problem

    Hi I have a 225 4 stroke Honda that is about 15 years old. The motor to lower and raise the outboard was sticking. I haven't used the boat in a while but today it won't move at all. I can hear the motor engaging but it won't move up or down. Is this a difficult or expensive fix? Thanks...
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    Okuma Komodo power handle

    Hi guys, Is the power handle on the Komodo 463 larger than the 364? Thanks, Ed
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    Inshore/islands reel

    Why not check out a Fathom 15 star?
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    Tuna eats Seagull

    Now if we could just get them to eat the seals we'd be set!
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    Best way to get ready for my first LR trip in August?

    HI, you have a lot of good advice here. I've grew up fishing in SoCal and moved to NorCal in late 90's and have a boat in Santa Cruz. I haven't done a lot of LR although I have been on a Guadalupe trip. I have done a lot of 1.5 day trips out of SD. I think the biggest differences between...
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    Older Penn Torque star drag

    Thanks for info!
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    Older Penn Torque star drag

    Did the old style torque reels also have the disengaging spindle? Thanks, Ed
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    Moving to Bay Area, have some fishing questions.

    I have had my boat slipped in Santa Cruz harbor for 7 years. Before that I used to trailer. Santa Cruz harbor is having a lot of issues. We used to have a good spring salmon bite plus albacore but for many years that hasn't happened really (or we were shut down). I would recommend Half Moon...
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    Reel for 3/4 to 1.5 day trips?

    I agree with the Penn Fathom 25N but would specify the star drag rather than lever drag as first reel. You can set up with 300 yards of 50lb spectra and have a good 100 yard topshot of mono. You could fish mono 20, 30 or 40. Very versatile rig
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    Komdo 364: Service Tutorial and Maintenance Tips Link

    Okay John. I got my new Komodo and have taken it out when checking crab pots just to cast around for some fun and seems great. I cannot figure out why they went with ungreased drags though. I believe they grease all drags in Makaira and Metalloid series don't they? why not on the komodo...
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    Any navigation tips/trick for the Santa Cruz Harbor?

    I've had a boat in SC harbor for 10 years. It is pretty easy now since they have the channel dredged out. You can go to and see the entrance sounding map they do daily. If the swell is big, the harbor entrance breaks. If so, the waves...
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    Surface Iron for bluefin

    Does anyone know what size they are using on the bluefin now? Thanks
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    3/4 Day San Diego trip - Fish report from SATURDAY 4.2.16

    Awesome video. Very cool to see all the breaking bluefin!
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    Komdo 364: Service Tutorial and Maintenance Tips Link

    John, Thanks for your detailed tutorial. This seems a lot more complicated than a normal conventional reel! Ed
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    ...and so it begins

    That is great! It reminds me of taking my sons fishing at that age. Thanks, Ed
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    Best Tackle for Punta Colonet

    I've been 2x in the last month. You want at least 40lb for both yo yo and rock cod and a short stout rod. it is deep. yo yo is 150-250 and rockcod can be 400 ft. I enjoyed the 2 speed reel for rockcod especially after cranking like crazy on the yo yo. The scrambled egg 6x is good. They...
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    Fathom Single or Two Speed?

    I have been fishing a 25Nld 2speed a lot on the 1.5 days and overnight and it is the perfect reel for 40. I have a lot of reels but think this may be my favorite. No reason to go to the 30. Enjoy! Ed
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    New to Bay Area.. leave my rods at home?

    Salmon in the ocean will open up beginning of April and the ocean rockcod, lingcod should open up the Good luck! Ed
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    Okuma Metaloid 5II.................

    Okuma also has a new drag cam available for free from customer service which has a more smooth progression on the drag range. Cheers, Ed
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    My Thanksgiving Gift to the Bloodydecks fishermen!

    Wow awesome wahoo picture! Thanks for sharing Ed
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    Okuma Metaloid Single and Two Speed Reels

    It is the knob which holds the lever drag. It just unscrews. Super easy Ed
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    Need to replace reel

    I followed the link but didn't see the discount?
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    Intrepid 15 Day - Catchy Tackle - Being the only girl

    Great video. I really enjoyed all the pictures. Almost like being there!
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    Okuma Metaloid setting drag

    I received my drag cam from Okuma customer service. Changed out in 2 minutes and drag progression is great now. Thanks for the heads up guys! Ed
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    500lbs MAKO WITH A OPAH !!

    Wow amazing! Congrats on such a memorable day. Cheers, Ed
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    Held School of YFT and Dorado for 3 Hours

    Great video! Thanks for sharing.
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    Moss Landing Salmon

    Very nice job Kahn! Heard you out there today. Go get them! Ed OneDay
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    great offshore and inshore fishing

    Wow. that is a beautiful pargo. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
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    Penn 133hn Baja Special?

    check out the special on Avet mxl plus pliers pluse all star rod (I love the one I have) for $200. Sounds perfect for what you are looking for. Cheers, Ed
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    Penn 133hn Baja Special?

    For local 1/2 day or 3/4 day fishing, you are going to be using 20lb the vast majority of the time. Trolling applications are usually much heavier 40-60 lb and the Baja Special would be great for that but virtually all boats have their own trolling gear they would prefer you would use and many...
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    PV Big Tuna and Marlin Pics 9/16-9/18

    Thanks for the report. Looks like an awesome trip!
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    Maximus Seabass on Fire!!

    Wow, that is one impressive box of fish! Great job! What happened to the sea bass on the left in teh second photo? looks like a sea lion had a taste. Cheers, Ed
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    salmon season extended through Sept 6!!

    Can't fish Tuesdays or Wednesdays but at least we're fishing! Cheers, Ed
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    PV Slip Fees

    I love that! Arethose tuna tubes on the back? Cheers, Ed
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    Daiwa Sealine X questions

    For deep bottom fishing you need to go with an old school penn 4/0 senator not the sealine. just my opinion
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    Family,Fishing & Fun!

    Wow, epic trip! Very nice pictures. Ed
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    WA (WP) Tuna died in large numbers - 40, 3.5hrs

    Epic day! thanks for the report and pictures! Ed OneDay
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    First fish on the Paddy Hopper II...

    Awesome start! Sounds like the Paddy Hopper has some good mojo.
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    Pro Gear cs 501

    look up Alan Tani on this site. He is the man as far as reel repair goes and he lovesthe Pro Gears. Cheers, Ed
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    Fishing report 10-23-08 with Scotty Osuna...AWESOME!!!

    unbelievable trip! congrats! definitely the fish of a lifetime.
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    A trip to remember

    Wow, awesome post! It's great to see the kids hooked up. They really seem to know what they are doing!. Cheers, Ed
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    2 dayer on my new rig 8-26-8-27

    What an awesome trip! Wish we had fishing like that in NorCal
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    Shimano Trevela Rods for bottom fishing?

    I have one and love it matched with my mxj. It is a great set up for around here. I'd like to get a couple more! Thanks, Ed
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    Shimano Trevela Rods for bottom fishing?

    I have one and love it matched with my mxj. It is a great set up for around here. I'd like to get a couple more! Thanks, Ed
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    EPIC WSB trip 2 day limit BIG fish!!! pic

    Wow, awesome post and great trip! Thanks for sharing Ed
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    mexico in Feb

    We are planning a family trip somewhere in Mexico in the middle of Feb. I am getting knee surgery thrursday and need something to look forward to. Where is a good bet in mexico for offshore fishing in Feb. Panga or a less expensive (like 25-28 ft) sportfisher will work but I want to catch...