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  1. Capt.C.Delany

    Battery Charger questions

    You should be fine with the Promariner. You can certainly find it cheaper other places. Also, if you are only running two banks you don't need the "plus" version, that version can support 3 banks. Whereas the standard version is for 2 banks. The nice thing with this charger for the price range...
  2. Capt.C.Delany

    18 Gallong Make Matt Marine Bait Tank Help

    I have always had the best luck with 7 to 7 1/2 minutes. You want to have the water turning over at that rate to make sure it is still fresh and clean. If it is under 7 minutes you would have a higher flow which could damage the bait, over 7 minutes and you run the risk of the bait loosing...
  3. Capt.C.Delany

    18 Gallong Make Matt Marine Bait Tank Help

    Have you clocked your fill up time?
  4. Capt.C.Delany

    What Wash Down Pump do you run?

    You both just gave me a great business idea... roll that up and put it on some plastic and go stand outside North Gate Market and sell it as a face mask which reduces age related wrinkles or something! Genius!!!!
  5. Capt.C.Delany

    What Wash Down Pump do you run?

    Pro-tip: For all non-immediate purchases I use a website called Keepa, it's a price tracker for Amazon. You punch in the link to whatever it is you want to buy and it shows you historical pricing over whatever period of time you select. I then look back at the lowest price it's been in a year...
  6. Capt.C.Delany

    What Wash Down Pump do you run?

    Jabsco Hot Shot 6 GPM. That thing is badass. Got it on a flash sale off Amazon for $84. Worst Marine sells them for $340.
  7. Capt.C.Delany

    Illegal to interfere with fishing and hunting: what's the recourse

    If we all show up for a flotilla I may just have the hankering to have my shirt off and be sun bathing myself like a hauled out knot head on my engine compartment in the banana hammock. Just a fair warning to everyone. She can’t point an LRAD if she is blinded.
  8. Capt.C.Delany

    Illegal to interfere with fishing and hunting: what's the recourse

    So let me get this straight, there you were... lawfully fishing, enjoying the beautiful outdoors, minding your own business when out of no where some yuppie bastard deliberately acted in complete disregard for your safety causing you to fall in your boat and seriously injure yourself and cause...
  9. Capt.C.Delany

    What type of waterproof sealant to use?

    Looking at the pictures I would probably opt for silicone. The reason being is both 4200 and 5200 are adhesives whereas silicone is a sealant. In a perfect world I would feel more comfortable using 4200 but the problem you will run into is trying to pull it free in the future. Yes you can use a...
  10. Capt.C.Delany

    Aluminum gas tank

    American tanks is in San Diego
  11. Capt.C.Delany

    SOLD Seastar Power Purge Jr

    If money wasn't tight right now I would be half tempted to buy this thing and rent it out. Smokin' deal for someone.
  12. Capt.C.Delany

    Fishing the moon phases

    Here is a great write up about an observation a fellow BD member noted based on tracking data:
  13. Capt.C.Delany

    Amazon Fishing Rods

    I have ordered quite a few PCH rods off Amazon, all of them came in boxes with packing paper in the box. Certainly nothing significant like a fisherman would do to protect it but I have only had one of the 5 or 6 I have ordered come with a problem. The one with a problem had broken tip about a...
  14. Capt.C.Delany

    7/25/2020 267 and 14 mile bank

    Thanks for the report!!! Keep at it, you'll get em.
  15. Capt.C.Delany

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Per: (The text is black and matches the background, you can highlight it and see it) The deadrise (the hull angles at the stern) is 18 degrees on all models of Skipjack boats built from 1971 on. When ordering an Airmar Tilted Element, flush mount...
  16. Capt.C.Delany

    Skipjack 24 Open question?

    Just make sure you really understand the costs before you jump into this. I bought a 1978 24 FB and have spent the better part of 2 years basically completely redoing it. It is non-stop, always something to do, always something to upgrade. Not trying to shit on your potential project by any...
  17. Capt.C.Delany

    Rod holders bank fishing

    Years ago I made some, took a piece of angle iron, made a point at the bottom with my angle grinder then drilled two holes at the top, drilled two holes in a piece of 1 1/2" or 2" PVC, and bolted it on, worked great.
  18. Capt.C.Delany

    Boater Safety

    If Dave Hansen is unavailable (I think he is Cabo a lot now) I would suggest calling the Maritime Institute, aside for courses to get your USCG Captains license they also do boating safety/operation courses for boat owners. Their instructors are top notch and that’s all they do, teach people...
  19. Capt.C.Delany

    Bow/Keel glass repair advise needed

    Edit: just saw the pics. I agree with others, looks like it is pretty much straight gel coat.
  20. Capt.C.Delany

    Skipjack Batteries

    I used 3/4" black starboard. Basically it wound up being an inverted "L". You will need to determine the width needed for the shelf, stringer to stringer. I think it's right around 12". Cut out the top (part the battery will sit on) first. measure from the fillet on the outboard stringer...
  21. Capt.C.Delany

    Where to get supplies online

  22. Capt.C.Delany

    Lb bait barge

    To answer your question:
  23. Capt.C.Delany


    The GX1400 only has NMEA 0183, not NMEA 2000. You need to determine whether not your MFD is NMEA 0183 or 2000. If it is not NMEA 0183 you would need to buy a converter which are pretty pricey. Might as well just buy another radio pricey. I believe the other option for this radio is to get the...
  24. Capt.C.Delany

    6pack license course

    Make sure you are well prepared. I started studying 6 months before the class. Make sure you know the rules of the road like the back of your hand before you go in. It sounds simple until they start throwing both inland and international signals at you. Then you get to learn day shapes and...
  25. Capt.C.Delany

    6pack license course

    Hands down Maritime Institute. Great program. They are now called Training Resources Maritime Institute.
  26. Capt.C.Delany

    ‘81 skipjack 24 flybridge fuel tank replacement

    Nicely done! What type of decking is that? (Seadek, nuTeak, etc)
  27. Capt.C.Delany

    Affordable room for the weekend in Avalon?

    Last time I spent the night on the Island we stayed at the Pavilion Hotel. Prices were fairly affordable. Rooms were kind of small because it was an older building but it wasn't that big of a deal. Bed was comfortable. They have a really nice courtyard area with lush greenery with sitting...
  28. Capt.C.Delany

    SOLD Stainless 4-Rod Holder

    Sounds good. See you tonight.
  29. Capt.C.Delany

    FREE Furuno GPS Navigator and Garmin Echo 550c

    Looking to help someone out that is budget strapped. I believe both units work. GPS has antenna and the Garmin has a transducer. A donation of Crown Royal Regal Apple is encouraged but not required. located in south OC and work in Huntington. PM me for contact info.
  30. Capt.C.Delany

    SOLD Stainless 4-Rod Holder

    Never used, bought on Amazon for like $40 then went in another direction. Was planning on putting this on my bait tank. $20 Located in south OC and work in Huntington. PM for contact info.
  31. Capt.C.Delany

    SOLD Rochester Quadrajet

    I literally know nothing about this carb. Never ran it or tested it. I got before I got my 1409. The previous owner said it was rebuilt, but in full transparency I have no idea. It looks clean and all linkages are loose and seem to work good. $50 Located in south OC and work in Huntington. PM...
  32. Capt.C.Delany

    For Sale Edelbrock 1409 carb

    Edelbrock 1409. Needs rebuild, drilled and tapped for PCV valve. Electric chock turns but is pretty stiff. I am sure it would probably be an easy fix for someone that knows what they are doing. I bought a new one instead of messing with it. $75 Located in south OC and work in Huntington. PM...
  33. Capt.C.Delany

    For Sale Scuba stuff

    Cleaning out the garage and have some old scuba stuff, hasn’t been touched in 10 years. Aqua lung calypso octo with Insight Computer. (It worked when it was stored but have no way to test it) 3xl Aqua lung aqua flex 5mil full suit Mares Travel BCD, size xl, Would like to get $200 for...
  34. Capt.C.Delany

    SOLD 9 Hoop Nets

    Pending pick up and payment tomorrow. Will change to sold once transaction is complete. Thank you.
  35. Capt.C.Delany

    SOLD 9 Hoop Nets

    Don’t let the season sneak up on you. Cleaning out the garage and want to make some room. 7 Promar conical nets 2 collapsible volcano nets Not in the best of shape but they are still super fishable. I think each one has rope and a buoy but not 100% positive. $100 Located in south OC and work...
  36. Capt.C.Delany

    SOLD 300’ of 1/2” 3-strand

    I upgraded to 8 plait and now have 300’ of 1/2” 3-strand sitting in my garage taking up space. Not sure how old it is but still in decent shape. (Little stiff on the first 50’ from use but should loosen up, maybe soak it in a bin with fabric softener?) Has an eye spliced into on the end. A...
  37. Capt.C.Delany

    Fishing trip for autism?

    When I worked on the boats we had a couple 1/2 day charters with special needs kids/young people. They were great trips! If I remember correctly it was a couple group homes that were owned by the same company and it was one of their quarterly outings.
  38. Capt.C.Delany

    Radar Bracket Necessary?

    Shims will work just fine. No bracket necessary.
  39. Capt.C.Delany

    First few days on the California waters

    Welcome to California! You seem to be adjusting well!
  40. Capt.C.Delany

    on board charger wiring

    I don't see a difference either way. I get and agree with the logic of the warranty. Perhaps it was originally hardwired to save the outlet space or so it doesn't accidentally become unplugged.
  41. Capt.C.Delany

    Komodo 364 or 463 on SCTI rod

    I have the 463 (power handle) on the SCTI-C-801XH and love it. Great reel for throwing surface iron, poppers and live bait. Have 65# braid on it. I also have the 364 paddle handle version. (50# braid) Have that SCTI-C-801H. Great swim bait set up, I also use it for fly lining Calicos. For YT...
  42. Capt.C.Delany

    21 crystaliner rebuild.

    This is awesome. Best build thread I have seen in a long time!!! Keep it up Josh, you are doing an incredible job.
  43. Capt.C.Delany

    Hydraulic steering suggestions

    I have uFlex and love it, although it is for a stern drive. Their customer support was leaps and bounds above Seastar, that’s why I went with them. You should be good with either manufacture. I bought my system through Good people, based in AZ. The manufactures rep I...
  44. Capt.C.Delany

    Brand new to this world

    I gotta reach out to them again when it comes time to renew. Here is what they quoted me in 2018.
  45. Capt.C.Delany

    Brand new to this world

    I have an agreed value policy for $16k because the boat is 42 years old. I am roughly $450-500 a year through Sea Insure. Switched to them after BoatUS / Geico tried to shaft me for $800+ for the same policy out of the blue.
  46. Capt.C.Delany

    Brand new to this world

    I have a 24' Skipjack... Here is my rough yearly breakdown: Storage: $195 a month x 12 months = $2,340 (figure $400 a month if I wanted it in a slip) Insurance: $500 +/- Towing: $169 Tax: $100 (yours will be higher than mine) Yearly maintenance: $500+/- which includes fuel filter, oil filter...
  47. Capt.C.Delany

    Volvo Penta risers and manifolds

    I currently have Barr manifolds and risers with no complaints. I have also had Sierra's without any issue. Bought them through Back in 2017 it was $589 + $79 shipping. (that was for the early GM style) I have never used them but based on the horror stories I have read I would...
  48. Capt.C.Delany

    Uncle Tom documentary

    One idea my buddy and I talked about, but it would never in a million years work because it would be career ending for politicians Is a two parter. Lifetime term limits requiring a progression upwards in political office. Meaning you have to be on the city level then advance to the county, then...
  49. Capt.C.Delany

    Uncle Tom documentary

    I agree completely and had this very same discussion tonight with someone. I think both sides of the aisle have become an absolute shit show. It is a race to the bottom to pander to your base regardless of side. This whole cycle has really shown what’s important to those in office and my hope...
  50. Capt.C.Delany

    Uncle Tom documentary

    I just finished watching it. I wish more and more people would watch this thought provoking documentary, we know the media will not push it. I think a lot of people would possibly change their party preference or at least question their beliefs that they think are self evident I have been a...
  51. Capt.C.Delany

    |How to install a radar arch?

    It all depends on which arch you get. Are you getting a custom made one or a buy off the shelf one? Custom one would be better quality and whoever makes it would probably help install it. But the basic concept of mounting anything like this is fairly simple. Before you mount it you want to...
  52. Capt.C.Delany

    Shogun with Wife, Son, and fishing Buddies

    Your great report and the best part about it was this sentence. Awesome write up, looks like you guys had a blast.
  53. Capt.C.Delany

    Anyone know what make/model this boat is?

    Can't help you with the manufacture, I am assuming because of the pinch puller on the back it is some sort of commercial boat. Surprised it isn't documented in which case you could look it up. Ran a search on it and found a YouTube video which looks like this photo is taken from. Hope that...
  54. Capt.C.Delany

    Simrad GO9 XSE - What is the best chart?

    I have the Navionics Platinum+ card in my Go9. No complaints.
  55. Capt.C.Delany

    Decal cost?

    Do you have BoatUS? They have a thing online where you could design it yourself, their prices weren't that bad if I remember correctly.
  56. Capt.C.Delany

    Catalina bait advice?

    I know this sounds weird but the front side yellows are more interested in Sardines than squid right now. The yellows on the backside are wanting the squid. If it were me I would just bring Sardines.
  57. Capt.C.Delany

    Go9 b175h help

    Since your GPS shows you at The Corner my own opinion is that you are looking at the thermocline coupled with a shit ton of bait. (as everyone reports they are seeing out there) Because it is picking up other stuff I think it's fine.
  58. Capt.C.Delany

    Lightning Detail

    It's in my review...
  59. Capt.C.Delany

    Lightning Detail

    It's on the list of things to do.
  60. Capt.C.Delany

    What do the numbers mean?

    Generally the depth of a high spot in fathoms. Example below. High spot is 1254'. This divided by 6' = 209 fathoms. Here is the 267, 1611' divided by 6' = 268.5 fathoms. Keep in mind that these spots were found decades ago so they do change depths over time and often time the name stays...
  61. Capt.C.Delany

    Lightning Detail

    Yes, they did the flybridge and the cockpit. The previous owner pulled off the vinyl under the gunnels so there was some glue in those areas that didn't really come off the gel coat. I wasn't expecting it to come off either so I wasn't surprised but they were able to get off quite a bit of it...
  62. Capt.C.Delany

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Boat: 1978 Skipjack 24 Flybridge, AQ260 pair with a 280 outdrive duo prop I will kick it off by saying 26 rod holders… Typically only my buddy and myself. Electrical: Dual battery banks separated by a Blue Seas ACR. House bank is dual Trojan T105’s. Starting battery is a group 31 West Marine...
  63. Capt.C.Delany

    Lightning Detail

    Wanted to pass along to the BD Community that I used Paul / Lightning Detail to dial in the boat for the season. Man I couldn't be more impressed with him. In the past I have always done all my waxing however this year I can't, I am just way to busy with work. After getting a couple of good...
  64. Capt.C.Delany

    For Sale Skipjack 24 Flybridge (project) $4000 OBO

    Nice looking sled, someone is going to score. To all prospective buyers: Don't shy away from a rewire on these boats, it's not that hard and once you're done you will know your boat inside and out!!!
  65. Capt.C.Delany

    And... yet another skipjack rebuild. Help needed

    And..... subscribed. Can't wait to see this.
  66. Capt.C.Delany

    Rock Addition (South OC) 06.28.20

    LJ I know you love your UK bands, what about "Clash?" Sounds like a good day. Glad to hear there are still some decent people out there that will leave a note.
  67. Capt.C.Delany

    Shoe buoys, 6-27, Pencil us in the 'Cuda log, Scooter!

    So awesome. Best report I have read in a while. Gotta mount a GoPro on the bow!
  68. Capt.C.Delany

    Braid to Fluorocarbon Diameter Difference

    No, Not at all. For what it's worth for the future most people go with a much larger braid, i.e. 50# braid to 20# mono. That will allow you to adjust your mono top shot accordingly. Meaning it would be pointless to have 20# braid because what would be the point to run a larger mono topshot or...
  69. Capt.C.Delany

    Conventional Reel Newbie at your service

    Don’t rule out an Okuma Cortez. I fished my buddy’s last weekend at the island while he threw/tried out my Tesoro and Komodo. Reminded me of what a sweet little budget reel it is. Full disclosure though, I’m an Okuma whore. Pretty much all I fish.
  70. Capt.C.Delany

    Conventional Reel Newbie at your service

    That's an open ended question without a budget LOL, If I were you I would be looking at a used Torium 16 or Penn Fathom. Check out the classified section on here, good deals pop up all the time. Fill it with 50 or 65 pound braid and adjust your top shot accordingly.
  71. Capt.C.Delany

    Which EPIRB to buy?!

    I have the Aqualink View. For whatever reason I like the idea of a little screen so when I do the testing I can see more than just a couple lights. May be stupid but I like it. It also shows the GPS coordinates during the test. I guess it's just additional piece of mind for me.
  72. Capt.C.Delany

    To funny not to share...

    Just slather it with dippin' suace.
  73. Capt.C.Delany

    Which EPIRB to buy?!

    Before I bought what I have now (a PLB with GPS) I researched them pretty good. If I remember correctly the only real difference between an epirb and plb was battery life and the ability to self deploy with a hydrostatic release. They both operate on 406 MHz. I wound up getting a PLB and bought...
  74. Capt.C.Delany

    To funny not to share...

    Edit: I messed up the title, should have been "To funny not to share..." So I am sitting here on a Wednesday chuckling to myself about something that happened at the launch ramp on Saturday in Huntington, figured I would share. So we pull the boat out about 4 and make our way over to the wash...
  75. Capt.C.Delany

    Adding to my fishing collection....

    Your food get cold quickly when you are at the table? I could see the trade offs though of having the AC blowing on you if you had the meat sweats. Just messin around. Collection looks good. Now get out there and fish it.
  76. Capt.C.Delany

    Help with Trailer Electronics on Tow Vehicle

    Just in case you need it, here is a decent video on how to test.
  77. Capt.C.Delany

    Help with Trailer Electronics on Tow Vehicle

    Since they work intermittently your fuses are probably fine. My guess would a wire is loose on the back of the plug or chaffed somewhere along the route. Start at the plug though, over the years it could have loosened up and pulled back away from the terminal and only momentarily making...
  78. Capt.C.Delany

    6-22 150 report

    I'll tell you what, coming back from the island on Saturday we ran into a pod of Risso's about 10 miles off the beach. I told my buddy that there must be squid in the area. Sure as shit, that daytime fireball showed up that day. Now seeing that pic I am sure the deep drop guys are foaming at the...
  79. Capt.C.Delany

    Any tips or tricks for a 1st timer Bluefin fishing this week?

    Exactly where I was going with that with my Mr. Miyagi meme.
  80. Capt.C.Delany

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD skipjack 25 sport cruiser $7500

    That's one hell of a deal right there. Someone is going to be scoring with this!
  81. Capt.C.Delany

    Don’t be that guy....

    This was yesterday (6/20/20) when I came back to Sunset. #QualifiedCaptain
  82. Capt.C.Delany

    Mobile Trailer Service in OC

    One of the best things I did to my trailer was swap over to LED lights. Never had a problem after that. My belief is most of the trailer lighting issues come from a bad ground. Well I started thinking, you need more voltage to power an incandescent bulb, so any corrosion or inhibition in the...
  83. Capt.C.Delany

    Mobile Trailer Service in OC

    You get your quote back?
  84. Capt.C.Delany

    Need Electrical Help 78 SkipJack.

    There is a company that makes some pre-made harnesses. I gotta say though, you could probably just do it yourself with bulk spools of wire. If your terminal ends are properly labeled you will not have a problem. Think about it, it should be a solid piece of wire with no brakes, so one end has...
  85. Capt.C.Delany

    For Sale 2002 Seacraft Open Fisherman (fully loaded)

    Great looking boat. I love that transom! GLWS
  86. Capt.C.Delany

    "Unicorn" Fishing Rod/Reel Setup???

    Myself, speaking for myself only here, if I was in your situation, I would probably lean towards a Shimano Torium or Penn Fathom, put 50# braid on it then you can bounce between 20# and 30# mono top shot. For a rod, look at something that is either 7'6 or 8'. For how often you are going...
  87. Capt.C.Delany

    Catching Fish out of Dana Point

    Could have been barracuda, mackerel, bonito or even yellows. Without being there it is difficult to say. There has been an influx of barracuda on the coast so if I was a betting man, that is what I would put my money on if you were just outside the kelp lines. Were there teeth marks on the...
  88. Capt.C.Delany

    Catching Fish out of Dana Point

    You'll get em. So let me ask you, what pound mono or flouro are you using? how big of a hook? are you letting them eat it and counting to 5 or 10 before setting the hook? Are you using circle hooks? what's the deal? give us a play by play. Here is a Video from Dave Hansen off Dana Point: Notice...
  89. Capt.C.Delany

    Catching Fish out of Dana Point

    It should go without saying but to be clear, keep your reel in free spool or your bail open if using a spinning reel. Let that bait swim and be natural. Keep just a little bit of tension on your line with your thumb or fingers so you can feel your bait but let him swim. Hook him sideways right...
  90. Capt.C.Delany

    Drags no good on TWO brand new Alijos???!!!

    Have you tried calling them/contacting them directly?
  91. Capt.C.Delany

    Catching Fish out of Dana Point

    Your best bet for consistent bass action will be anchovy/sardines from the bait receiver. Flyline it back into the kelp with no weight. If they are to small to cast you could throw a 1/8 slider on it. One of the key's is trying to find a spot that wants to bite is finding one with a little...
  92. Capt.C.Delany

    Catching Fish out of Dana Point

    Pelagics are still a bit south but are slowly working their way up the line. You may stumble on a kelp with a yellow or two on it around to the 209 or 312 but the bulk of the fish are still down south by the border. Your best bet is Catalina for bass, barracuda and possibly a yellowtail. You...
  93. Capt.C.Delany

    Waterproof or Water Repellent Shorts

    X2 on fishworks. Been buying them since they were Deckies back in the early 90's. Great product.
  94. Capt.C.Delany

    Mobile Trailer Service in OC

    Remember when you could get your bearings packed for $50-75 per hub including bearings? I think those days are long gone.
  95. Capt.C.Delany

    Mobile Trailer Service in OC

    Just an FYI I repack my own bearings every year as a preventative measure. I got one starting to get warm and just didn't have the time to work on it this year so I reached out to him last week. I also wanted the brake line replaced that goes between the calipers. Brake rotors, calipers and...
  96. Capt.C.Delany

    6/11 Bluefin Report + Lessons Learned

    Fantastic write up! Thank you for sharing.
  97. Capt.C.Delany

    Wellcraft Skipjack

    Jack Cole allowed Wellcraft to produce Skipjack's from 1977 through 1979 to keep up with demand. I believe I heard he then pulled the license back when quality started slipping.
  98. Capt.C.Delany

    How and where the [email protected]&$ can i catch halibut in Newport??

    All of my fishing was from a boat drifting down the channel but I have seen guys fishing from the shore on the upper left side of the picture. Depending on how old you are you may be able to get a way with walking around in other areas that may officially be "closed" to fishing. I think a lot of...
  99. Capt.C.Delany

    What is the best boat battery for my situation

    That's my point, in a two bank system you set the charge based on both battery's chemistry and that charge "profile" will go to both batteries, there is not a way to say bank 1 is AGM, bank 2 is flooded. (Edit: I am sure some high dollar chargers can but for budget friendly chargers that I know...
  100. Capt.C.Delany

    What is the best boat battery for my situation

    One point I would like to add is that you cannot mix battery types (i.e. flooded / agm) with most onboard dual bank chargers. You can do it if they are all the same type, just not mixed. I am sure some high end chargers could possibly do it but don't know of any budget friendly ones that can...
  101. Capt.C.Delany

    How and where the [email protected]&$ can i catch halibut in Newport??

    What the gentlemen above said is right on on. You need to cover ground. Think about the the most popular ways of catching them, drifting & bounceballing, both of these methods cover ground. I am sure you have seen it on YouTube but halibut are actually very predatory fish, they will chase a...
  102. Capt.C.Delany

    Pier Point - Toronado 06/07

    One observation on it looks like their counts are identical the last 3 days..
  103. Capt.C.Delany

    Best Calico/Halibut/Seabass Swimbait Setup???

    I have both a 364 and 463 Komodo's. I love them, they are pretty damn bullet proof. I have 50# braid on the 364 and 65# on the 463. If you are going to be fishing sea bass with squid, the clicker is a game changer.
  104. Capt.C.Delany

    Search issues

    I brought it up in the bugs/complaints thread, they said they were going to look into. There is always advanced search[child_nodes]=1&c[nodes][0]=232&c[prefixes][0]=19&o=date
  105. Capt.C.Delany

    For Sale Chain and rodee

    I just swapped my 1/2" 3-strand for 1/2" 8-plait, good god what a difference. Highly recommend going 8-plait if you can swing it.
  106. Capt.C.Delany

    Simrad go9 good deal?

    I have the Go9 with the 3g radar, love it.
  107. Capt.C.Delany

    Any boater buddies this weekend

    Figuring with the passage of time the new boat would have been called something that incorporates Menopause. Menopause Pause Hot Flash Dash Hormone Adjustment Therapy Either way, good luck out there!!!
  108. Capt.C.Delany

    Question for you defiance owners

    So I cannot really tell from the picture but is the red wire running from cigarette lighter to the switch or is a completely separate red wire? (as in the orange wire provides power to the switch, the red wire provides power to the cigarette lighter?)
  109. Capt.C.Delany

    SkipJack 24' Hydraulic Steering

    280 with a duo conversion.
  110. Capt.C.Delany

    Who is losing their boat?.....

    Well boys, it looks like he got to keep it after all!!!! The ad is strange, Can't really understand it though, is he selling the motor? Looking for a 300 or selling the entire boat?
  111. Capt.C.Delany

    SkipJack 24' Hydraulic Steering

    Here is a link to my set up.
  112. Capt.C.Delany

    Learning to boat

    I was going to respond earlier but forgot about it. What everyone said above really hits the nail on the head. Gone are the days of needing a big sportfisher to fish with the "big boys" offshore, with the reliability and fuel economy of modern outboards, being able to run 80-100 miles in a 20'...
  113. Capt.C.Delany

    Bait Pump Problem with Acceleration

    It would be on your intake side. Do you have a strainer/scoop on the thru hull? Without one of these, when you get up on a plane an air pocket can form at the thru hull. Put one of these on and it will solve your problem. The straining part should be facing forward.
  114. Capt.C.Delany

    Learning to boat

    The first thing is what's your budget and what are you looking at?
  115. Capt.C.Delany

    Fried my system

    Without seeing it or having a more accurate description it would be hard to diagnose. My guess/hope is that it is not was bad as you think it is, one small wire can produce a lot of smoke! For the whole system to be fried you would need to put your positive wire to your negative buss. (not...
  116. Capt.C.Delany

    Wiring diagram for battery, charger and switches.

    I think Bill and Mike have you about sorted out. The only thing I would add is to have total isolation, put a blue seas system ACR between your starting batteries and the house bank. It has been a long day of boat work for me so I'm tired but my thought would be the existing Perko 1/2/both...
  117. Capt.C.Delany

    Charkbait customer service

    Mark and the guys at Charkbait are a top notch group! There is no up selling, there are no sales pitches, just honest to goodness fisherman helping other fisherman. They are the only tackle shop I will go to.
  118. Capt.C.Delany

    CA Boater Card - BoatUS

    A $50 tow voucher would probably get them halfway to your location. You need the Unlimited Saltwater or Gold... especially if you are planning on going to Catalina or offshore for tuna, or hell, even leaving the harbor. Unless you are in a 16' boat and only planning on fishing within like 5...
  119. Capt.C.Delany

    You would not eat the fish if it was caught at .........?

    I remember one time I was talking to a guy about this, he said he wouldn't eat anything out of the harbor so I asked him if he ever bought spiny lobster locally, he said he did. I then asked how he liked them, he said he loved em. I then quickly pointed out that most of those lobsters typically...
  120. Capt.C.Delany

    First Boat Guidelines

    Bob mentioned it above, but you would want to go with welded seams not rivets. But overall, because it is so small you are not going to have a lot of "systems" to maintain, (fiberglass or aluminum) throw a cheap fish finder on it if it doesn't have one, maybe a small bait tank and your in...
  121. Capt.C.Delany

    Custom BBQ!

    The last good find on CL I can remember was that boat made out of 55 gallon drums with a built in grill. I found the link to the thread.
  122. Capt.C.Delany

    Custom BBQ!

    That thing is awesome!!!! I wonder if one of the base supports/arms would fit in my tow hitch receiver, I could drag that thing to tail gates!
  123. Capt.C.Delany

    Repower with ?

    That's awesome! Thanks for the follow up! it will help a lot of people out that may be wondering about marineengines4less in the future!
  124. Capt.C.Delany

    Black Rockfish vs Black Sea Bass

    No pictures other than Google, but the easiest way to tell is the spots on the juvenile Black Sea Bass.
  125. Capt.C.Delany

    First Boat Guidelines

    For your first skiff, stored on a trailer with the guideline of being lightweight I would go aluminum any day. You won't need to worry about additional time/money on waxing the oxidation, chipping the gel coat, scratching the paint etc. Cleaning an aluminum skiff is just a scrub brush/pressure...
  126. Capt.C.Delany

    First Boat Guidelines

    Exactly what Dave said. I would be looking at some 17-22' aluminum center console preferably with a 4 stroke motor. Anything bigger than that which falls into that price range is going to be a project/headache. (not to say you may find some that aren't, or that one on the smaller side wont be...
  127. Capt.C.Delany

    For Sale Furuno CH250

    That is an absolute smoking deal...
  128. Capt.C.Delany

    Low to mid budget rods

    x2 on PCH rods. I think right now I have 5 of them...
  129. Capt.C.Delany

    Fished the Coronado Islands 5-9-2020 without a mexican fishing license.

    I believe a better approach would have been: "Hey guys, planning on fishing the Coronados and I am having a hell of a time getting the proper paperwork, specifically the fishing license. What do you guys do?"
  130. Capt.C.Delany

    Fished the Coronado Islands 5-9-2020 without a mexican fishing license.

    Tell me again what that really good recipe for Black Sea Bass was?
  131. Capt.C.Delany

    Huge white plane over LB thurs

    Newsoms private jet to come and check on people social distancing on Orange County beaches.
  132. Capt.C.Delany

    New Engine, Skipjack Pilot House power steering question

    I believe from what I have heard a cooler is necessary or your run the risk of cooking your pump and actuator. Now would be a perfect time to dump it and switch over to hydraulic.
  133. Capt.C.Delany

    On / off SPST switch

    It doesn't matter which side the load is on. All it does when you pull it out is complete the circuit.
  134. Capt.C.Delany

    Boat insurance for 50+ year old boats??

    I switched from BoatUS / Geico to SeaInsure (SeaTows version) Been super happy with it. They can probably put together and an agreed to value policy like they did for me. My boat is 42 years old. The guy is super easy to work with. Below are his contacts. Chris McKinnon Manager...
  135. Capt.C.Delany

    Swimming pool laughter and training

    Someone posted this on another thread. Pretty good, nice view.
  136. Capt.C.Delany

    Alijos Braid Capacity?

    Look up the diameter of the braid you want from whatever manufacture you want to go with. Then compare it to get the approximate equivalent of mono. From there look at the reel specs on what it holds. Hypothetically, 65# braid is the equivalent of 20# mono. The 5N holds 250 yards of 20# mono...
  137. Capt.C.Delany


    The first thing I would do if it was me would be pull the injectors shoot some pb blaster or wd-40 into each cylinder, let it sit overnight then try and and turn the motor by hand to see if it is seized. You may need a strap wrench if the pulley doesn't have a nut for you to attach a socket to...
  138. Capt.C.Delany

    Too good to be true, internet deal.

    Yeah... I would pass...
  139. Capt.C.Delany

    Trailer Mx - hub wheel stud and nut corroded into wheel

    X2 with Wayne at West Coast Trailers. Top notch guy.
  140. Capt.C.Delany

    Waterproof Hand Held Radio Suggestions

    I think Ebay has 10% right now until tomorrow. Code: TRYTEN
  141. Capt.C.Delany

    Stumped w/electrical issue. Help!

    It is not so much about voltage level at this point. You are going to want to measure your voltage at the battery and then at the device or at anypoint "down the line." As Gary said, you will experience a bit of voltage loss, it is just a matter of how much. It really should only be a couple...
  142. Capt.C.Delany

    Electrolysis or a bad paint job?

    The aluminum bare spots look fairly clean. I am going with bad prep / paint. And it is basically on the edge of the paint line. That is the other reason I think this.
  143. Capt.C.Delany

    Stumped w/electrical issue. Help!

    ^^^^^^^ This. Just because you have continuity doesn't mean you are getting full voltage. (on another note, you won't have good voltage unless you have good continuity) All the continuity is telling you is that the electrical conductor (wire) is a continuous piece with no interruptions/breaks...
  144. Capt.C.Delany

    ‘81 skipjack 24 flybridge fuel tank replacement

    How are you securing the tank? didn't see tabs. BTW, this is one of the most complete fuel tank replacement threads I have seen! this will be very beneficial to everyone going through this process! Good Going!
  145. Capt.C.Delany

    Stumped w/electrical issue. Help!

    Everyone has provided great advice. Your best course of action is to just take it one step at a time. Start at the battery. sounds like you have a decent charge. Now work from there. Check to make sure you have power going from the battery to the buss bar. If you don't you hopefully just...
  146. Capt.C.Delany

    Waterproof Hand Held Radio Suggestions

    Standard Horizon HX890 or HX870. (anywhere from $175-200) I appears the only model on Icoms website that has DSC is the M93D for $250, Thought they had a couple models. I was mistaken.
  147. Capt.C.Delany

    Waterproof Hand Held Radio Suggestions

    Is this a backup radio or your primary one? If it is your primary radio I would strongly recommend that you save a little more get one with GPS/DSC. As for brands, I would stick to Icom or Standard Horizon.
  148. Capt.C.Delany

    Another Filet Knife thread

  149. Capt.C.Delany

    Another Filet Knife thread

    I do love my Forschner but am thinking of trying out a Dexter. Right now until the end of the month they are 20% off with the coupon code Flash20. Have heard a lot good things about them, made in the US. Haven't got my mitts on one yet though. The only problem is the one I am looking at...
  150. Capt.C.Delany

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Fun Fact: is a direct feed of Trump's Twitter account. Just in case anyone needs it.
  151. Capt.C.Delany

    Simrad RPU-80 medium capacity autopilot drive unit install location?

    So long as the system is bled properly it shouldn't matter where it is located so long as it is lower than the helm pump (wheel). My AP pump sits higher than my steering cylinder, (and lower than my steering/helm pump) once I bled it, no issues. Not a Parker though so I cannot help you with...
  152. Capt.C.Delany

    WTB fiberglass bow pulpit

    Saw this a few days ago trolling CL. No Affiliation Edit: looks like he updated his ad to say the bow rail and pulpit sold. Sorry man.
  153. Capt.C.Delany

    WTB Pulpit for skippy 24 It's on a 20 open but you may be able to make it work.
  154. Capt.C.Delany

    Casting Conventional help

    Okuma Tesoro 10, put it on a PCH 801h or xh. That speedmaster would be a great live bait reel. You can keep it on the same rod, just a different application.
  155. Capt.C.Delany

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    Well I just thought of something more to add; and it may be operator error on my part. Anyway to allow for search results to be chronological order? When I search the classifieds it doesn't appear to bring it up the most recent... Edit: I know I can do it under advanced search, just wondering...
  156. Capt.C.Delany

    Take a drive down to sunset cliffs...

    Well this should kind of sum it up for you:
  157. Capt.C.Delany

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    It should be very simple: If you pay (or have paid if retired/disabled) into the system you get it, if you don't pay into the system, you don't get it. Cut / dry. Irregardless of immigration status. If you are in this country illegally and have an ITIN and pay taxes, yes you should get it, if...
  158. Capt.C.Delany

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Based on results with photographic proof, I think you are mistaken. I think we are the ones that are in the wrong....
  159. Capt.C.Delany

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    No joke, on the paper checks the memo line is going to have: Donald J. Trump. (Google it if you don't believe me) Wonder how many self-righteous left wing snowflakes will refuse to cash it....
  160. Capt.C.Delany

    Airmar B175HW Transducer- necessary to install in cool area AWAY FROM INBOARD ENGINE?

    I haven't personally done it but do know quite a few guys that run them in the engine compartment of their Skipjacks just forward of the motor. I think the likely hood of problems would overall be less than having to patch that hole and drill something more outboard. Just my .02.
  161. Capt.C.Delany

    Southern Cali Yellowtail gear

    Used Shimano Torium or Penn Fathom, pair it with with a budget rod like a Graftech and you will be in business.
  162. Capt.C.Delany

    Engine Help

    As Mike said above, it could be just a drain line. Does the end look like it had any type of hose clamp on it? (indentation) So without knowing the specific model number I just looked up at random the schematic on a 2018 75hp. It appears there are a couple drains. (#35 & 36) If you get your...
  163. Capt.C.Delany


    Worked on a boat where we had an outrigger clip on a string that ran to the upper deck. Ran lures right down the center way way back, We were not targeting tuna but it worked pretty good for billfish. The problem was at least for our application it was much more difficult to see a fish on the...
  164. Capt.C.Delany

    Where to buy starboard in OC?

    Paragon Plastics in Santa Ana is where I buy all mine.
  165. Capt.C.Delany

    Built first gaff

    Don't know never done it, but your question got me thinking about it. After reading I don't think I would want to do it.
  166. Capt.C.Delany

    ID Rocker Switch Please

    Replace with a Blue Sea System 8290 which is a DPDT. Do one pin at a time, don't mix em up.
  167. Capt.C.Delany

    Remembering Better Times

    Hey I saw that video!
  168. Capt.C.Delany

    Built first gaff

    One trick I do is after it is all set and done, mix up a batch of West Systems. Brush it on, then I swear to you I am not making this up, as it is drying hit it quickly with a blow torch. (YouTube this if you don't believe me) What happens is the heat forces the bubbles in the epoxy to come to...
  169. Capt.C.Delany

    Bottom paint re move?

    I have no idea, my guess would be $1500-2000 but that is literally a shot in the dark based on stuff I have heard from others. One thing I would make sure of is the "qualifications" of the guy doing it. Make sure he has done it on fiberglass before. Probably a reputable shipyard would be...
  170. Capt.C.Delany

    Bottom paint re move?

    Soda or walnut blasting. However be aware that you can really screw up your gel coat if done incorrectly.
  171. Capt.C.Delany

    Dana Point: Nest webcam link?

    Here ya go... Enjoy. Full screen will allow me to take some screen captures to submit to The Qualified Captain come summertime.
  172. Capt.C.Delany

    Ocean Institute’s tall ship Pilgrim Sank

    Source/Credit: Copied and pasted from the OCRegister The Pilgrim, a decades-long icon at the Ocean Institute, listed starboard over the weekend and began sinking in Dana Point Harbor. Officials were informed at 5:15 a.m. Sunday, March 29, that the beloved vessel, which served as an inspiring...
  173. Capt.C.Delany

    Ocean Institute’s tall ship Pilgrim Sank
  174. Capt.C.Delany

    Trailer advice (bunk supports)

    I know it's not ideal since it sounds like you want to do it yourself, but I see you are in HB, you should talk to Wayne over at West Coast Trailer. He is a wealth of knowledge.
  175. Capt.C.Delany

    Auto-Pilot Suggestion for 2120 ?

    To clear one thing up and to help eliminate some confusion: AP44: this refers to the head unit / control unit. You can get by without this if you run it through your MFD. The Lowrance Outboard Package comes with: NAC-1 computer and Point 1 compass, pump The Simrad Package comes with a: AP44...
  176. Capt.C.Delany

    Auto-Pilot Suggestion for 2120 ?

    For my Skipjack 24 I went with the Simrad "Core Pack NAC-2" which included the Precision 9 compass and NAC-2 computer, Then I bought a Seastar Pump. I use my Simrad MFD to control it because I have no dash space for a separate controller. I did add on the wireless remote control which as a fat...
  177. Capt.C.Delany

    Will my UV flashlight kill the Wuhan Virus bug? Is it a sanitizer ?

    If it does double duty as a sanitizer, wonder if you could really lucky and have it do triple duty as a fleshlight?
  178. Capt.C.Delany

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Saw this and died laughing. I only wished that they included some of the Billy Bush audio LOL
  179. Capt.C.Delany

    Long Beach Bait - selling bait?

    The bigger question is... has anyone told Nacho what is going on?
  180. Capt.C.Delany

    Covid-19. an interesting read.......

    Thank you for sharing. Very informative. Like you said it makes sense!
  181. Capt.C.Delany

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    So with everyone staying home... wonder if any online tackle retailers will be running a CoronaVirus sale?
  182. Capt.C.Delany


    I absolutely love the PCH rods and think they offer the most bang for the buck. I have quite a few of them. Specs can be found:
  183. Capt.C.Delany

    Safeboat Defender

    oh man... One thing you forgot to post is your budget. The sky is the limit and nearly all major manufactures can accomplish what you are asking for. I have a Simrad package and love it, however people with Garmin also love theirs equally as much. You mention 2 screens or 1 large screen, what...
  184. Capt.C.Delany

    Where to eat Puerta Vallarta?

    Brando's bar in the marina is pretty good. If you are up for "adventure" there is Los Mapaches, they have Raccoons that come to the table and will eat out of your hand. For more higher end there is also Restaurant Brasil, also in the marina. For fish there is El Coleguita Mariscos and Mariscos 8...
  185. Capt.C.Delany

    Where to find port windows

    You already check with GreatLakesSkipper? May be a custom size they can order.
  186. Capt.C.Delany

    Yacht world search function.

    I will usually just search last 7 or 14 days. Closest thing is: You can also sign up (free) for the personal boat shopper, they send updates weekly.
  187. Capt.C.Delany

    Yacht world search function.

    After you select North America, another filter below should open so you can select United States, then another one after that for Calfiornia.
  188. Capt.C.Delany

    Help for those going FH Sunday

    If you don't have any luck they just posted the space map. Cross reference:
  189. Capt.C.Delany

    Ring in gel coat around scuppers

    Almost looks like sealant residue, but more likely what ratboy said, they had to do some gel coat work around the scupper.
  190. Capt.C.Delany

    Brand new Sierra exhaust manifold failures

    Oh man, that sucks. I have always used Barr for my manifolds. Never really heard of anything bad with the Sierra's but this is good to know. I was always told to stay away from GLM (Good Luck Marine)...
  191. Capt.C.Delany

    So Cal Private Fishing Chapter - Parker

    Boardroom Sportfishing in Dana Point.
  192. Capt.C.Delany


    PV is my second favorite fishing spot after The Ridge... You cannot make this shit up, dragging a single Sabiki behind the boat to catch Skipjack for bait, get one on. As I am grinding it in I start getting smoked out of the blue.... The Sabiki hook came out of the Skipjack went right to the...
  193. Capt.C.Delany

    SOLD 1988 Starcraft blue water 24 foot CC

    More pics can be found:
  194. Capt.C.Delany

    What the hell am I doing wrong?

    Just seems weird. I could see the frustration. The tanks should balance.
  195. Capt.C.Delany

    What the hell am I doing wrong?

    Does the secondary tank have a vent? Edit. Now I see it. Disconnect the secondary tanks vent and just leave it open, see if that helps. You may be getting an airlock going back to the first tank that prevents it from filling.
  196. Capt.C.Delany

    Bleeding Hydraulics Recommendation

    Is the boat on a trailer? If it is take it over to Tony at Fishing Boats Unlimited in Costa Mesa. He did mine with his power purge, in and a out of there in a couple minutes. Didn't even unhook the trailer.
  197. Capt.C.Delany

    Livewell siphoning with pump off

    The check valve should work out fine. The other issue I would keep an eye on is if you are up on a plane for an extended period of time that pump may not be able to keep up. Don't know much about transom mounted pumps like that but it seems like it may be unable to suck up a lot of water...
  198. Capt.C.Delany

    15# Calico Stick Recommendations

  199. Capt.C.Delany

    King of the harbor on the spot report

    Waiting for the shotgun start / nets in of King of the Harbor:
  200. Capt.C.Delany

    Some people are stupid

    Which a "That Guy" thread would help teach. Someone does something and winds up on there, that means there is already half of the story because the offended party posted it. Now the offending party comes on to "set the story straight." Then the BD community can comment. I think a majority of...
  201. Capt.C.Delany

    Some people are stupid

    Cory hit the nail on the head. I agree that we all make mistakes at some point and potentially do something that may piss someone off however it is all how you handle the situation. Would we potentially all wind up on the list because of hearing the otherside... maybe, but with the advent of...
  202. Capt.C.Delany

    Electrical Mayhem

    Whoa... my heart just palpitated for a second when I saw that gem of a connection. Here is what I would recommend: Step 1. Planning: get your notepad out and write down EVERYTHING that has a power wire. Write down the amp draw as well, this can come in handy later on down the line. Shouldn't...
  203. Capt.C.Delany

    Reel covers for Cortez 5 and 10

    I would call Charkbait in HB, they should be able to help you.
  204. Capt.C.Delany

    Blue Sea Systems Add a Battery 65A vs 120A

    No issue at all. The amperage rating is what it is capable of handling as a charge,
  205. Capt.C.Delany

    Where does this go?

    Looks like a duckbill check valve. #45?
  206. Capt.C.Delany

    Some people are stupid

    I have been pushing for a "That Guy" sticky thread for a long time now....
  207. Capt.C.Delany

    Patch both or one? I don't know.

    Patch it all up. You don't want to wind up in a situation where after you get the bracket on you realize that the hole you intended to use produces a un-aesthetically pleasing result for routing wires and cables. Having it all fresh allows you to opportunity to run everything with the best...
  208. Capt.C.Delany

    Looking for any info on this fish, or his friends
  209. Capt.C.Delany

    39hrs - Best YouTube fishing series (My favorite fishing show ever!)

    Saw this on Tosh and almost fell out of chair laughing.
  210. Capt.C.Delany

    Seasick on Sports Boat

    Has he tried any of the over the counter remedies? Thankfully I have never needed any but have heard the patch behind the ear with the bracelet help a lot. Make sure whichever he does try if he hasn't already, is taken well before you leave the dock.
  211. Capt.C.Delany

    Autopilot thoughts/recommendations

    You will not regret it. As I said above, one of the best things I have put on the boat.
  212. Capt.C.Delany

    Spreader light/ docking light recommendations

    I have (2) Lumitec Caprera2 red / white spreader lights. I love them. Not cheap but they are bright A.F. but dim-able
  213. Capt.C.Delany

    Moon phases, what do you guys think?

    Here is what the top captains in SD had to say...
  214. Capt.C.Delany

    Sole man

    Good on you for fighting it. They need to be held accountable. I certainly agree that there is a need for Wardens, but it is a abuse of power if they are writing tickets based on their own ignorance.
  215. Capt.C.Delany

    Little engine trouble..

    I think Bob might be right on this one, because when the hydrocelator valve goes bad, the flux capacitor usually shorts out.
  216. Capt.C.Delany

    Little engine trouble..

    It looks that way to me, never worked on one though. I found the schematics at:
  217. Capt.C.Delany

    What is your boat size and battery bank AMP Hour?

    Total screw up on my side. Wasn't thinking, you are correct. On the amp hours. Either way, definitely don't have any shortage of power. I love it. I can sit on the hook all night and don't have to worry. Every light on the boat is LED. Going to edit my original post.
  218. Capt.C.Delany

    What is your boat size and battery bank AMP Hour?

    24 Skipjack Batteries are isolated from one another. Starting Battery: Group 27, 1050 MCA. House Bank: (2) Trojan T-105 6-Volt Batteries. 225 amp hours. Figuring 1/3 on the hours, 75 amp hours for use. (conservative estimate)
  219. Capt.C.Delany

    Little engine trouble..

    Sounds like your carb jets are plugged/gummed up. #13 & 14
  220. Capt.C.Delany

    Sole man

    To bad they were not still alive, could have told them the easest way to tell is to stick their finger in the fish's mouth, if their finger comes out and it is shredded and bleeding = halibut, unscathed = sole. Yup the ol' finger test would do wonders to correct ignorance for those in a...
  221. Capt.C.Delany

    Fishing for a good fishing friend

    All jokes aside, good on ya'. Excuses suck, I bet they are going to be calling you begging to go fishing when the season heats up!!! I usually only fish with one other guy and he doesn't give a rats ass if it is -30 degrees and hailing, he is down no matter what. A
  222. Capt.C.Delany

    Looking to gain experience

    No truer words regardless of where you are fishing/working...
  223. Capt.C.Delany

    What the?

    I am thinking this would make a great commercial for Farmers....
  224. Capt.C.Delany

    Looking to gain experience

    About May start going down to the docks and asking around on the sportboats. It will probably take a few times, they have to get to know you. Offer to pinhead a few trips, but go above and beyond helping out. Scrub between moves, organize the sacks etc. Be ready to work your ass off...
  225. Capt.C.Delany

    Don't be this guy...

    The sign is very clear on the pump... no smoking while pumping gas... says nothing about once you get into your car....
  226. Capt.C.Delany

    Boat rewire project

    With those switches, I wouldn't recommend mounting them on anything horizontal because of water intrusion, that area next to/behind the wheel like a good spot. I mean, it's not like you are going to be needing to get to them all the time, turn them on when you leave the dock, turn em off when...
  227. Capt.C.Delany

    Boat rewire project

    Here is a few I was working with when I did my re-wire: Positive or negative? Fuck it, 50/50 chance.... Middle one is new obviously... those were what were going up to power the flybridge electronics. Here is just a tiny piece of the wiring I pulled out. New gauge cluster
  228. Capt.C.Delany

    Boat rewire project

    I would shy away from using any type of AGC / MDL fuse. (Glass tube) I have had a decent amount of problems with them with corrosion. At a minimum I would go with a 20 amp ATO / ATC inline fuse. Then go for either a breaker or a inline ANL or AMI/MIDI inline fuse when you can get one. (I know...
  229. Capt.C.Delany

    Boat rewire project

    Looks excellent. What are using for your main inline fuse going from the battery to the fuse block? It is better to overkill it with wiring, the 10 AWG is more than enough, a 15 amp load with a run of 7', with a 3% drop only calls for 14 AWG so you got that covered. I agree with Ray on...
  230. Capt.C.Delany

    Spare boat.

    Yes I do. Bait tank mounts between the horns... It is a "gas powered jet drive," I think this is what all the tree huggers are screaming about when they talk about cow farts.
  231. Capt.C.Delany

    For Sale Skipjack fly bridge 24

    WHAT?!?!?!?! After all that work!?! Oh man... Someone is going to score big time for a fully customized Skippy. GLWS.
  232. Capt.C.Delany

    Sea World at it again

    The interesting part for me is that none of the tree huggers see what a dis-service they are doing. Sea Lions are susceptible to all sorts of diseases, especially respiratory diseases. Eventually it will get to a point where some virus will be contracted and they will transmit it to each other...
  233. Capt.C.Delany

    Need Good Fishing Spots?

    Back in the 90's I was working on an overnight boat, we were fishing the Butterfly for Albacore during that season. At greylight I was sitting on the tank waiting for a jig strike when a passenger comes out of the bunk room, looks around and says with complete confidence/seriousness, "this is...
  234. Capt.C.Delany

    Anyone been through this; Skipjack PilotHouse 85

    The heat exchanger is the black cylinder on the top front of the motor. If you are suspecting that the water is leaking from the thermostat, open up the heat exchanger (the silver cap) the water/coolant will be low. The thermostat is on the freshwater side and thus would drain your coolant/water.
  235. Capt.C.Delany

    Anyone been through this; Skipjack PilotHouse 85

    I am not a motorhead by any stretch of the imagination, but I don't know if I buy the reversion problem. I am not saying it's not a real thing, I just look at it as 2800 RPM isn't excessive. You have other cylinders pushing out exhaust while both valves on another cylinder are open so you still...
  236. Capt.C.Delany

    Anyone been through this; Skipjack PilotHouse 85

    Before you switched over to fuel injected did you put a vacuum gauge on it?
  237. Capt.C.Delany

    Is this the M/V Passport?

    Just saw this on CL.
  238. Capt.C.Delany

    God bless you.

    I have been watching Pandemic on Netflix, its a docu-series about the flu, its freaking mind blowing/enlightening.
  239. Capt.C.Delany

    Inline fuel pump

    I have one inline for my motor (AQ260). I use it to prime the carb. Turn it on, 2 pumps of the throttle and turn the key. Makes a world of difference after the boat sits for a long time. Once I am up and running I turn it off and haven't noticed any restriction to my fuel flow.
  240. Capt.C.Delany

    Be sure you stick it in the right hole

    Yeah... it can get a bit sloppy/messy after you let your friends (plural) stick in... Hell of a clean up, hazmat suits, the whole 9 LOL.
  241. Capt.C.Delany

    Polyurethane Paint vs. Gel Coat

    Talk to Finadict, he just redid his gelcoat.
  242. Capt.C.Delany

    For Sale Custom hard top

    Is the mount included in the sale?
  243. Capt.C.Delany

    posting new pics

    Sounds like a preloaded excuse to slip a D pic in somewhere... JK LOL
  244. Capt.C.Delany

    Deep Sea fishing in January

    Fishing from the shore can be pretty productive and actually has a cult like following. You can catch different kinds of perch, halibut, bass, corvina (depending on location). If you fish in rocky locations like off the jetty you have a decent chance of catching bass, sheephead and leopard...
  245. Capt.C.Delany

    24 Skippy gel coat and new deck new lights new engine compartment custome

    Looks solid. You did a badass job on that thing. One quick question, when you did the dog house for the motor, how much room do you have on either side for maintenance like replacing the manifolds, plugs etc.?? What type of gelcoat did you use? Did you spray or brush?
  246. Capt.C.Delany

    Deep Sea fishing in January

    Right now here in southern California is pretty much our slowest time of year but there is always something to do. For instance, once the bite on the pelagic fish (tuna, kelp paddy yellowtail, dorado) dies and the inshore action dries up people will switch to fishing rockfish. Coincidentally...
  247. Capt.C.Delany

    How many batteries on a small boat?

    Ideally in a perfect world you would want two batteries with a battery isolator if you can swing it. One for the motor, one for all the accessories. Space is a at a premium on a 15 footer though.
  248. Capt.C.Delany

    Awesome wahoo strike

    This is from a trip many years ago fishing the Ridge on the Capt. Hook II. And yes, that is Todd Mansur on the right. If you scroll in to the guy in the blue shirt you can see his toe all bandaged up... Yup, there was a Wahoo laying on the deck and as he was following his fish he put his toe...
  249. Capt.C.Delany

    Awesome wahoo strike

    So absolutely insane... Thank god for that antenna, that thing was coming right for him.
  250. Capt.C.Delany


    Anyone ever try this guys method?
  251. Capt.C.Delany

    For Sale Skipjack Sport Cruiser for Sale

    What is your cruise / burn with the AQAD40? What is the HP?
  252. Capt.C.Delany

    Need Advice: Looking to pick up 30# Live Bait Rod or Blank at the FHS

    I am sold on the Okuma PCH rods. I love them. I have 5 or 6 of em now. They are lightweight, good backbone and nice tip. For the price they are hard to beat.
  253. Capt.C.Delany

    Trac line puller mounting/wiring?

    For the Scotty version, it is mounted to a #1023 tilt mount. Now it's up to you to figure how to attach that to the boat. Some guys use a rod holder mount which is the Scotty 1028 for non permanent applications. It may be tough to use that on a rod holder attached to a railing because at...
  254. Capt.C.Delany

    Finally installing a kicker

    I keep a 1800 gph bilge pump with long leads (I think 20') with alligator clips, it has a 10' discharge hose. Can use it for my boat, or if need be help someone else out. I also keep a few toilet wax rings, learned this from a BD member here. You get a hole, wad that thing up and smash it into...
  255. Capt.C.Delany

    Pictures and ideas needed skipjack

    After looking at other pics, I think the previous owner of my Skippy put the deck fill in after the fact since I didn't see my set up on other boats. It is about 2' forward of the fuel fill and provides a straight shot into the tank from the top. This would lead me to believe that the original...
  256. Capt.C.Delany

    Pictures and ideas needed skipjack

    Not my pic, but it is a small 10 gallon tank that was just under and almost behind the sink (behind the drawers). The freshwater fill was from a deck fill, the vent ran just outside on the hull as well as the drain. (I am assuming all of these are still in place) The faucet was the pump.
  257. Capt.C.Delany

    LED Deck Lighting

    I have (2) Lumitec Caprera2 Red/White on my radar arch. (they are bright as hell but dimable) I have (2) Lumitec SeablazeX2 white/blues's under the boat. (these are badass) I also have (2) Lumitec Shadow lights red/blue/purple/white up under my gunnel facing aft. (these are ok, the only reason...
  258. Capt.C.Delany

    Gauge wire durability and lifespan?

    It's tinned wire which is appropriately sized, just cut it back until you get clean wire and re-crimp with heat shrink butt connectors. May even consider putting another piece of heat shrink over that. (That is how all my connections are) If you want to go the extra mile, get a multi-meter and...
  259. Capt.C.Delany

    What size anchor rope? 24 Skipjack

    Hey All, Beating around the idea of getting new ground tackle this off season. Not sure what size 3-strand I have but I have 300' of it + 25' of chain. I am thinking of switching over to 8-plait for the storage factor of it. I do not have a windlass and cannot imagine I will be putting one...
  260. Capt.C.Delany

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    Anyway you can put a "post new thread" button on the top of each forum? I only have it available on the "new posts" page.
  261. Capt.C.Delany

    Nonskid stubborn stains

    The Starbright is a really good product. I have been really happy with it. For stubborn stains I have used FSR with pretty good results, especially rust stains. It may work good with shoe scuff marks as well. I have also used Oxalic Acid with really good results. When we used to do a teak...
  262. Capt.C.Delany

    Stoked and thanks

    Congrats man! there is always a sense of accomplishment after you complete something like this. The BD community is an absolute wealth of knowledge of people with hands on experience.
  263. Capt.C.Delany

    Autopilot thoughts/recommendations

    You could always take it one project at a time, like do the hydraulic steering this year, do the AP next year. (I absolutely love my hydraulic steering over my old rack and pinion.) The other good thing about this is you can swap parts based on cost, you can use a Seastar helm with a Uflex...
  264. Capt.C.Delany

    Autopilot thoughts/recommendations

    Typically the size of the AP pump based on cubic volume of the cylinder. I personally think you would be fine with either set up but I consider myself far from an expert in this area other than my own experience. I believe the computer is mainly based on vessel size and how the computer...
  265. Capt.C.Delany

    Autopilot thoughts/recommendations

    Yes, it is super simple. Pull the cotter pin in the blue circle, then unscrew the steering cable in the red circle and pull it out. The new steering ram body mounts directly onto where the steering cable was attached before (red circle), the rod from the ram goes through the same hole. The...
  266. Capt.C.Delany

    Autopilot thoughts/recommendations

    Not sure I understand... the helm (steering wheel) will more than likely mount into the same hole and stick out in the back about the same amount. You can mount the AP pump anywhere along the hydraulic lines. If you go with the Seastar pump you can mount it on the right side of your console...
  267. Capt.C.Delany

    FREE PSA: Free Radar Arch on CL in HB

    No affiliation.
  268. Capt.C.Delany

    Autopilot thoughts/recommendations

    I went through this last winter. I had rack and pinion and swapped it out for hydraulic for the sole purpose of putting in an autopilot. An autopilot in a small boat is by far one of the best upgrades you can make, always had them on the big boats I use to run but never in a small boat. Now I...
  269. Capt.C.Delany

    Do these fish look like yellowtail?

    My favorite part.... @ 2:28 trying to take the hook out of a live Wahoo flopping on the deck with your fingers... Classic.
  270. Capt.C.Delany

    For Sale Skipjack 24 Flybridge w/ Diesel Power - $16K

    That is one hell of a smoking deal if I have ever seen one. Someone is absolutely going to score with this rig!!!! GLWS
  271. Capt.C.Delany

    Antena location

    I agree with what Eric said above, so long as they are spaced out you should not have an issue. Channel 16 (156.800 MHz) has a wavelength of 75.31" so half of that and you get 37.66". So anything beyond that for separation is fine. However, you may be able to make it work closer together, this...
  272. Capt.C.Delany

    Lobster bait question

    Well that's a very contradictory statement for me... Few cups of morning coffee after a late night of taco bell...
  273. Capt.C.Delany

    Bug rider collecting bugs

    Can you imagine how comfortable the "Ugg" style boots would be using one of those bad boys? So waterproof Xtratuf might want to get into that market.
  274. Capt.C.Delany

    December Yellows on the Beach - 12/12/19

    Nice going! Keep one of them whole and wrap it up for the company gift exchange! You followed the $20 limit!
  275. Capt.C.Delany

    Metaloid 5s clamp?

    Yes they do. Picked one up on black Friday.
  276. Capt.C.Delany

    Found goop on spark plug threads during replacement

    I know a lot of guys that put a dab of anti-seize on their spark plug threads, but that is typically silverish. (unless it's copper based) It doesn't look like gas that crept out on the threads since it is all the way through on the top of the port. One thing that is interesting in the second...
  277. Capt.C.Delany

    Light sticks- do they attract or not?

    Don't know but would like to find out. My theory would be no. The reason being is lobsters typically only crawl under the cover of darkness to avoid detection from predators. By having a light source there it will then be lighting up the area of where they will be. I could be totally wrong...
  278. Capt.C.Delany

    Instrument Switch Recommendations

    I have this next to my steering wheel on the left side upper area: The switch has an LED bar on it to let you know it's on. I have my deck lights, blower, gauge lights on the first 3 switches. I then swapped out the 4th switch to a 3 way rocker for my Nav lights, forward is nav on, center is...
  279. Capt.C.Delany

    Skipjack electronics

    I am running a transom mount, I do want to upgrade to a thru-hull though eventually. I do not have it paired to any other device but have seen the promo's for it.
  280. Capt.C.Delany

    Skipjack electronics

    I have a Simrad Go9 mounted to the right of the compass. Works awesome and I can see it from the deck.
  281. Capt.C.Delany

    For Sale Stringari 20

    Nice looking battlewagon with a bulletproof pedigree at a fair price. GLWS. Someone is going to score!
  282. Capt.C.Delany

    Seller question

    Gil Travis (Semperfifishing) [email protected] 1-800-925-0341
  283. Capt.C.Delany

    Boat on the rocks

    Anyone know the name of the boat? Looks like a Crystaliner. Sad sad sight, glad they are ok.
  284. Capt.C.Delany

    Thanks Laguna

    So instead of a blue ribbon task force, will they now be creating a brown ribbon task force? Have closed door meetings and back room deals and then tell the sanitation workers they should find another job like they did to the commercial lobster guys?
  285. Capt.C.Delany

    Mobile mechanic

    Call Tony at Fishing Boats Unlimited. He has a power purge, it will be complete and done in a matter of minutes with no mess.
  286. Capt.C.Delany

    Seeking info on replacing gas tank

    Barry's Sheetmetal in Costa Mesa, American Tanks in San Diego (La Mesa) For a shop to do it, talk to Steve @ Finco in Santa Ana (40grit on here) he has done them. Lots of good info here...
  287. Capt.C.Delany

    Sealing nav light base

    Thanks Rick, didn't even think about that.
  288. Capt.C.Delany

    Sealing nav light base

    You can find the LED bulbs. You don't need to spring for the high dollar complete LED kit.
  289. Capt.C.Delany

    Old Glory Hole

    I will say I do agree it sucks, but one thing I would like to point out is that boat has probably been running 24 hours a day everyday for the last 9 months because of this season we are having. They have probably been delaying fixing it and kicking the can down the road until the "off...
  290. Capt.C.Delany

    Skipjack 262 VS Parker 2320

    If I were in your situation I would be leaning towards the Parker. The reason being is the ladder... It gets old really quick. Especially if you are going to be hooping. Also if you are going solo it is another area for you to fall and hurt yourself. Just my $.02.
  291. Capt.C.Delany

    What is best

    I have been really happy with my Simrad Go9.
  292. Capt.C.Delany

    Dash ideas?

    The whole boat has been re-wired.... with knob and tube.
  293. Capt.C.Delany

    For Sale Project 1981 Skipjack 28’ pilothouse

    I am curious, what caused it to take on water? Was this boat for sale about 3 years ago? I think I looked at in the slip in Huntington.
  294. Capt.C.Delany

    Can you park car & boat trailer at shelter island launch ramp overnight?
  295. Capt.C.Delany

    Suzuki 200 4 stroke vs. Yamaha 200 4stroke?

    I don't know much about either motor but one thing that is always kind of center in my mind on this kind of scenario is the availability of service and the cost of long term maintenance/parts. Like I said, I don't know anything about either motor, but if all things were equal motor to motor...
  296. Capt.C.Delany

    Another be safe thread

    Thanks for sharing Tom, shit can go downhill in an instant. Glad he was ok.
  297. Capt.C.Delany

    Skipjack question

    That's probably the best thing you could do. When have you ever heard of anyone complaining they had to much fuel/range? 65 gallons puts you roughly at a 43 mile effective range at 2 mpg and using the rule of 3rds. (1/3 there, 1/3 back, 1/3 in reserve) Though that is essentially going from Dana...
  298. Capt.C.Delany

    Skipjack question

    Call Barry's Sheet Metal in Costa Mesa. They made the original tanks. About 2 years ago I was quoted around $1200. They have all the dimensions. Another reputable tank manufacture is American Tanks in San Diego. I am sure they would also have dimensions on file for a 24' Skipjack. This may...
  299. Capt.C.Delany

    Skipjack question

    Stock Tank on the 24 Flybridge was 115 gallons. The 20 Open was 65 gallons.
  300. Capt.C.Delany

    FloScan - no longer in business???

    I use the Navico "fuel flow probe sensor." It connects to your NMEA network. Been pretty happy with it. I have had to re-set/calibrate it a couple times but after that it has worked fine.
  301. Capt.C.Delany

    Props to the Native Sun

    Nice goin'!!! How was the wife when you got home?
  302. Capt.C.Delany

    Bait Tank Install

    If it is one of Mark's or Randy's tanks you may be able to give them a call to see if they would be willing to do an install only.
  303. Capt.C.Delany

    Fuel lines from tank to fuel pump to Carb.......hard line or hose?

    As Erik said, replace them. Run A1 rated fuel line that references it being ethanol safe. This is not something you want to cheap out on as the older/and some newer hoses had liners in them that would become brittle, chunks would break off and wind up prematurely clogging filters or worse, your...
  304. Capt.C.Delany

    Need a new gas tank

    Talk to Steve Brown (40grit on here). He has a shop in Santa Ana and does it along with other glasswork. Finco fabrication 714-425-9788 For the tank, you can hit up Barrys sheet metal is Costa Mesa. They make tanks. Or Steve might be able to make it in-house.
  305. Capt.C.Delany

    WTB Bilge paint

    I used up the last of mine. I went through the whole Prop 65 deal with West Marine on the Interlux BilgeKote, they actually took me in the back and showed me the 12 cans in a locked cage awaiting shipping back to the manufacture so they could put on a god damn Prop 65 sticker! I wound up just...
  306. Capt.C.Delany

    Adding tower

    Woops, sorry about the confusion. Thank you for the clarification Rich.
  307. Capt.C.Delany

    Join the (SAFC) Sorry Ass Fisherman's Club

    Do you offer a lifetime membership option?
  308. Capt.C.Delany

    Adding tower Tom at PYT built my arch. Looks great.
  309. Capt.C.Delany

    FREE Who remembers this

    Don't forget the rolodex of index cards with land marks... That was well before my time of running boats, but I remember as a kid a captain that could go the whole day without turning on the meter. Today it just blows my mind. Reminds me of fishing on pangas down south. Ok I need to line up...
  310. Capt.C.Delany

    Looking for options/advice to upgrade the old points ignition to Electronic on Ford 351W....

    I agree as the others have said about the Pertronix, one other thing I would consider and this is just my opinion, go with the Edelbrock 1409 marine carb. They run perfect right out of the box. I drilled and tapped mine for my pcv valve (optional). I love it, made a world of difference.
  311. Capt.C.Delany

    Personal Best thresher today

    What did you get it on? Downrigger or bait-o-matic?
  312. Capt.C.Delany

    FREE Who remembers this

    Gotta love fishin' sandbass in the mud years and years ago and hearing "what line ya on?" There was some free website I found to convert all my old TD's to lat/long. Took forever.
  313. Capt.C.Delany

    YAY Pegasus!! RESCUE

    Screen shot from the video.
  314. Capt.C.Delany

    YAY Pegasus!! RESCUE

    According to the report they said they were taking on water for unknown reasons.
  315. Capt.C.Delany

    YAY Pegasus!! RESCUE
  316. Capt.C.Delany

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    My 24 FB has a hose running from that drain in the step down the starboard side and dumps into the bilge on the other side of the stringer. It's about 4' long. I totally agree though, its a flaw. I want to put a drain on the other side of the step but cannot find the one that I currently have on...
  317. Capt.C.Delany

    10/13... it could've been epic... but...

    Well if it is any consolation prize:
  318. Capt.C.Delany

    FREE Stolen gear!

    You also probably want to let San Diego Tackle Traders know about your gear. They have been instrumental in getting some stolen gear back for some guys. Good stand up dudes that run that operation.
  319. Capt.C.Delany

    Bug rider

    Tell him he better be careful, there is a solid chance of catching crabs, or sand fleas/lice... either way not a good experience.
  320. Capt.C.Delany

    For Sale 1993 262 Skipjack with twin 200 e-tecs on the East Coast

    Think of the fish hold you could make out of that engine compartment... or for snacks. Either way, badass sled.
  321. Capt.C.Delany

    Screw hole fiberglass repairs, what’s your method?

    or (this is what I have been using recently, slightly easier to work with because part A & B are nearly the same consistency, just use equal size balls/gobs)
  322. Capt.C.Delany

    10/7 Report from 425/371

    Welcome to BD! Excellent report. Thank you.
  323. Capt.C.Delany

    Screw hole fiberglass repairs, what’s your method?

    Ok here is what I have done many times on a number of different types of projects: Vertical Surface: Marine-Tex which is an epoxy putty. Available at West Marine. Super easy to work with. Or you can use a very thickened epoxy. Horizontal Surface: There is number of variables, if you cannot...
  324. Capt.C.Delany

    Screw hole fiberglass repairs, what’s your method?

    Is it a vertical or horizontal surface?
  325. Capt.C.Delany

    KAD 43 alternator

    You sure not in Costa Mesa? They are top notch. I didn't know they moved if it is the same company.
  326. Capt.C.Delany

    VHF Antenna Selection

    All those radios I believe have a max of 25 watts and they are both good brands. I personally don't feel the need for a 9db antenna; and if it were me I would stick to the 6db. The higher the db, the more "concentrated" the signal is. when the antenna is up high like that, it is more prone to...
  327. Capt.C.Delany

    WTB 90 to 100 gallon bait tank

    Saw this the other day. No affiliation.
  328. Capt.C.Delany

    Simrad tech support?

    In the last year I have had to contact them 3 or 4 times. They suck at getting back to you via email. So what I have found to be the best course of action is to send them a detailed email via their website, you will get an auto-response with a "case number" then I just call them and refer them...
  329. Capt.C.Delany

    WFO on Tuna out of Dana Point 9/23

    Gotta be careful, sometimes you inadvertently keep what you catch...
  330. Capt.C.Delany

    WFO on Tuna out of Dana Point 9/23

    One of the facts of life I learned from a wealthy man when I was working on a well known southern Cal yacht was: "everytime I pull out my wallet I loose 100 pounds and my dick grows 3 inches!"
  331. Capt.C.Delany

    WFO on Tuna out of Dana Point 9/23

    The 3-F's, if it flys, floats or fucks, it's better to rent it. Though we men are gluttons for punishment, hence boat ownership and marriage.
  332. Capt.C.Delany

    16ft aluminum boat with 90hp 2 stroke

    Rather it be that than being called "2-stroke Johnson..." Not to brag but I'm a 4 stroke man myself.
  333. Capt.C.Delany

    WFO on Tuna out of Dana Point 9/23

    Shad, Is this what you had them foamin' in the corner on?
  334. Capt.C.Delany

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    I have the NAC-2 Core Pack with the Precision-9 compass and have a Seastar pump (AP1219). My pump is mounted on the starboard side behind the little hatch on the transom, the computer is mounted directly behind it. The compass is mounted in the hatch I cut into the step from inside the cabin...
  335. Capt.C.Delany

    ‘81 skipjack 24 flybridge fuel tank replacement

    Ok makes sense, I see it now there on the top. I also like the idea of added support with 1/4" neoprene or starboard strips. I have also heard good things about American Tanks as well.
  336. Capt.C.Delany

    ‘81 skipjack 24 flybridge fuel tank replacement

    Berrys made the original tanks for Skipjacks. Do the tank tabs fasten to the actual stringers or to 2x4's that run under the deck? I couldn't tell from the picture. Do they fasten to the horizontal or vertical part of the stringer/or/deck support?
  337. Capt.C.Delany

    9/15 The Producer overnight

    Screw 'em. I had my best ever Albacore trip on a Friday the 13th years ago. 289 for 13 guys + 4 crew in 2-2.5 hours. We were lift poling them in the corner. I have also had some fantastic trips on the full moon, as well as some crappy ones. The point is, you never truly know until you get...
  338. Capt.C.Delany

    Best CA trailer builder?

    Wayne at West Coast Trailers in Huntington Beach. Solid guy and puts out a great product he stands behind. I haven't had one built by him (yet) but he has done service work on my trailer and I got to walk his shop and see everything he had in production and was very impressed.
  339. Capt.C.Delany

    West coast bait tanks

    Looks like he just bumped one of his posts on CL 5 hours ago.
  340. Capt.C.Delany

    Help needed with electric water pressure pump

    Rust/corrosion on the armature and the stator or possibly the bearings. More than likely the armature as when you tap the motors it is usually in the middle of the case where the armature and stator are. The bearings are at the ends. Because the armatures need to be magnetic, they cannot use...
  341. Capt.C.Delany

    ‘81 skipjack 24 flybridge fuel tank replacement

    If it were me, I would be leaning towards the "shelf" design, have it go back a few inches to the otherside of the beam so you can put a inspection hole over the top of the fuel pick up. So then it would just be a 90 into the tank and a straight nipple to a shut off. Any volume lost can be...
  342. Capt.C.Delany

    ‘81 skipjack 24 flybridge fuel tank replacement

    The only reason I can think of would be future maintenance. Is it threaded into the tank? like can you unscrew the 90 from the tank? or is it welded to the tank and threaded for the nipple? (can't tell by the picture) If it is threaded to the tank my assumption would be incase you needed to...
  343. Capt.C.Delany

    ‘81 skipjack 24 flybridge fuel tank replacement

    What about having that end of the tank drop down like 2" like a step? The other idea I had would be going in through the aft vertical wall near the top then 90'ing down? Not sure the practicality of either one of those ideas, just thought about them.
  344. Capt.C.Delany

    ‘81 skipjack 24 flybridge fuel tank replacement

    I have a 78 and it's aluminum. Pretty sure its original.
  345. Capt.C.Delany

    ‘81 skipjack 24 flybridge fuel tank replacement

    Seems about right. The other option I would have put in would be another fuel pick up tube. Just for the hell of it incase you run into an issue later. Did he recommend any particular coating? Coal Tar Epoxy? I have heard of some guys using like Rhino Liner / LineX but for me I don't know if I...
  346. Capt.C.Delany

    ‘81 skipjack 24 flybridge fuel tank replacement

    Berrys Sheetmetal in Costa mesa made the original one. They have direct replacements for like $1200 and if you want one with a little bit more fuel capacity it's somewhere in the neighborhood of $1500. (as of 2018) Check for rotten stringers. But overall it looks like you got a great handle on...
  347. Capt.C.Delany

    Dumb battery wiring question

    If that is the case, then they shouldn't all go together. The Perko switch should be on the positive side of the circuit. One down a dirty trick I use: Take a length of wire, (the one I use is about 12 feet so I can make from the engine compartment to my fly bridge;) Put a ring terminal on it...
  348. Capt.C.Delany


    Don't sniff the Cedar Plug...
  349. Capt.C.Delany

    Redoing electrical hit a wall

    Made it myself out of Starboard. Super easy to do, only like 2 beers. Just ripped it to length/width with the table saw, then a quick pass on the router table to round over the edge. I used the old one to line up the holes and drilled those out on the drill press. I fucked up though on the one...
  350. Capt.C.Delany


    Two dudes + 1 wave runner + fishing tackle = my next question: what was the seating arrangement? One on the handlebars facing backwards? Gotta get that elevation to watch the jigs! In all seriousness, good on you for trying to find the owner. Good Karma.
  351. Capt.C.Delany

    Redoing electrical hit a wall

    Skipjack gauges out of Starboard. The empty hole is the tilt/trim. The small one is the key. Also put a USB charger in.
  352. Capt.C.Delany

    Redoing electrical hit a wall

    Yes, if it shows voltage you have completed the circuit and that is the correct location for the wire.
  353. Capt.C.Delany

    Redoing electrical hit a wall

    Is it on a switch or is it tied to your ignition? If it is on a switch turn the switch on, or turn on the ignition, whichever it is. Pull the connection off the gauge, take a test light or multi-meter and put it on 12v DC, put one of the leads or clip to the terminal that was connected on the...
  354. Capt.C.Delany

    Redoing electrical hit a wall

    The blue wire is typically daisy chained to the other gauges and is for the light. So it goes from a switch (sometimes the ignition) then loops around to all the other gauges.
  355. Capt.C.Delany

    Fuel tank swap repair shop recommendation

    Talk to Steve Brown, his screen name is 40Grit. I know he has done a bunch of them at his shop. Finco fabrication 714-425-9788
  356. Capt.C.Delany

    Anybody Fishing Blue Fin This Saturday? Dave has fantastic videos on his site and breaks down exactly how to rig and fish them. Some of the best money you can spend.
  357. Capt.C.Delany

    Wiring New Bilge Alarm - Help Please

    That is how I would do it.
  358. Capt.C.Delany

    Wiring New Bilge Alarm - Help Please

    As Rick pointed out, run that straight back to the battery or to the negative buss, you want to get that out of being wired in series. You also need the alarm to be on the other side of the float switch as it can only get power when that float switch is lifted.
  359. Capt.C.Delany

    Wiring New Bilge Alarm - Help Please

    In this particular diagram, correct. However if you ran it directly to the battery switch it would be in the "always on" position. The diagram was meant to show the overall circuit. This would be the same result as if you just put it inline as the diagram shows. You would still be completing...
  360. Capt.C.Delany

    Wiring New Bilge Alarm - Help Please

    Are you using two different float switches? that would solve your problem as they would be different circuits. If you are trying to get away with a single float switch for both the alarm and bilge, the simple answer, at least in my opinion is, without some sort of diode on the float switch...
  361. Capt.C.Delany

    First Trip to SoCal

    Worth the further distance any day.
  362. Capt.C.Delany

    Boating Safety

    Wow, never seen one of these. I will certainly be picking one of these up and snake it around the top of my engine hatch. 10 year service life sounds awesome. Even if it doesn't put the fire out it looks like it will at least knock it down enough temporarily to pop the hatch to get a fire...
  363. Capt.C.Delany

    Smoke Detectors

    They make products that come in aerosol cans as well as match sticks that produce a large amount of smoke, I obviously would choose the aerosol can. Search "smoke detector tester." Look for a smoke detector that is UL 217 listed. That is certified for RV usage and would be what I would...
  364. Capt.C.Delany

    Smoke Detectors

    Looking at different schematics/diagrams, my own opinion would be it is only testing battery voltage. The button is essentially a "switch", when it is pushed it completes the circuit and the alarm goes off. If you ever take the cover off of one, there is a metal piece attached to the button that...
  365. Capt.C.Delany

    Smoke Detectors

    That is a thought provoking question. Good on you Bill for bringing this up. I looked into this a while back randomly at work. (I work in the fire protection industry.) Basically at this time there is no UL listed smoke detector that I am aware of, so with that said there is no official "marine...
  366. Capt.C.Delany

    Anyone fish the new Cavalla yet?

    I saw the thread talking about it hitting the market, just wondering if anyone has had a chance to go pull on something with it? How does it stack up to the Metaloid or Andros?
  367. Capt.C.Delany

    Boating Safety

    One thing I learned from a member here... toilet wax rings... I now carry 3 on board. The cheap ones without the plastic, straight wax. You have a weird hole flooding your boat, wad that thing up and shove it on. I had never heard of it until someone mentioned they carry them. That and another...
  368. Capt.C.Delany

    El Dorado?

    Well hoop net season is right around the corner... All jokes aside, that really sucks. Wonder how/why they didn't catch it as they were loading fish in throughout the trip. Meaning this doesn't feel as cold as it should.
  369. Capt.C.Delany

    Sonar pics w/ questions

    So your first and second picture looks like the a second echo return which would denote a hardish bottom. Where your finger is, is where the bottom is softening up, hence no double return. Looks like there was some bait or something about 10' on that picture as well. In the 3rd picture you...
  370. Capt.C.Delany

    Marlin hook up???

    This it?
  371. Capt.C.Delany

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Sent you a PM.
  372. Capt.C.Delany

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Holy crap, that's what I call improvising. From what I have heard from some people, and I have pictures of it on my home computer, is they take a piece of metal bar stock about 18-24" drill a hole in the middle, put a shackle through it with chain. Drop it into the hole for the fuel gauge. It...
  373. Capt.C.Delany

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Where is it leaking? It looks like it would be extremely difficult to get to without cutting the deck because of the deck support right next to it. Maybe send a skinny kid into the port hatch or cut a hole from inside the cabin back and glass it back in. Here are some pics of Skipjack fuel tanks...
  374. Capt.C.Delany

    For Sale $120 OBO

    Is it this one?
  375. Capt.C.Delany

    Sat Phone Dispatch Function

    I believe he is referring to the PTT (push to talk) feature some of the newer sat phones have.
  376. Capt.C.Delany

    Need to dispose of old fuel

    Totally understandable. You were not kiddin' that stuff is in bad shape. I know there are transportation rules about hauling fuel not in your gas tank, I think it was 15 gallons per trip. When I looked at doing it, the hazardous waste place would not take more than 15 gallons at a time and I had...
  377. Capt.C.Delany

    Need to dispose of old fuel

    Mr. Funnel. Thing is nuts. Watch people test it on YouTube. I made a "gas polishing" type set up. I took a little electric fuel pump I got from Amazon. (powered it with a 12 volt power supply so I wouldn't drain my boat batteries) Then had one of those clear fuel filters with the screen to...
  378. Capt.C.Delany

    For Sale Crystaliner 29'Rescue/sportfisher

    You just gave me an idea of a good boat name: "Divorc-sea"
  379. Capt.C.Delany

    Need to dispose of old fuel

    Whats wrong with the fuel? If it is just old, give it to your gardener to run it through his lawnmower. Plus he may have other ways to get rid of it... once he takes it, its his problem.
  380. Capt.C.Delany

    Catalina Report and Lucky Rental Skiff 8/18

    Thats awesome. Hopefully you were able to send that picture to him, a vacation I am sure he nor his family will soon forget!
  381. Capt.C.Delany

    House Battery Q&A

    I just did the conversion to the T-105's for the Skipjack.
  382. Capt.C.Delany

    House Battery Q&A

    Excellent point.
  383. Capt.C.Delany

    House Battery Q&A

    For your house bank make sure to get a deep cycle battery. Get one with as much "amp hours" as possible. Don't worry to much about the MCA/CCA. Without boring you to death, the plates are different. The deep cycle batteries are designed to be drained way down then recharged, their plates are...
  384. Capt.C.Delany

    For Sale Volvo Penta 280

    That's a damn good deal. GLWS
  385. Capt.C.Delany

    WTB White Starboard Material

    I get mine at Paragon Plastics - Santa Ana
  386. Capt.C.Delany

    Rigging Flying Fish Q:
  387. Capt.C.Delany

    Cable Steer Autopilot Help

    I know some guys use the Lowrance Outboard Pilot Cable Steer on their I/O's, don't know why it wouldn't work with a straight inboard. The main thing is the computer, you may want to get the NAC-2 and the cable steer helm separately as the kit only comes with a NAC-1.
  388. Capt.C.Delany

    Ancor Marine Wire - where to buy?

    When I re-wired the Skipjack I saw a thread where someone mentioned this site as a good source for wire. I never ordered anything from them and just bought it at West Marine through port supply which was only about $10 more expensive than this site. So my guess is anywhere between 90-110 is...
  389. Capt.C.Delany

    FMM Question

    One of the required documents that must be in your possession is a passport.
  390. Capt.C.Delany

    Today is a good day... "Great white sharks attacking sea lions at increased rate off Southern Califo

    This morning I saw this and it put me in a good mood. I don't know if I can copy and paste the whole article (copyright and whatnot) but there was one thing that stood out and made me scream "does it even matter? this is fantastic either way you look at it!" “I’m not really sure if this means...
  391. Capt.C.Delany

    125 merc on 19ft help

    I agree with your idea that it is a spun prop. I know you said you replaced the hub but it might be worth a quick trip to double check it. Take a permanent marker and draw a straight line on the prop and onto to the nut. Go cruise around and check it when you pull it out. Or ask to test out the...
  392. Capt.C.Delany

    Just received my property tax bill from the county of Santa Barbara

    Maybe someone can be a little over zealous with the grinder prior to final paint/gel coat touch up and "accidentally" knock off some HID #'s, then BAM you pull out the receipt for your new custom $7,000 boat! The Conch? oh that went to the landfill, burned up, stolen by pirates... the...
  393. Capt.C.Delany

    Shogun trip for sale

    I figured out the solution... buy all the other tickets and have the wedding on the boat! It's a win win for all. Bride gets an "exotic wedding." The groom gets a great bachelor party, minus the part about there probably wont be to much debauchery because his in laws are most likely there...
  394. Capt.C.Delany

    Just received my property tax bill from the county of Santa Barbara

    If I ever have to re-do the deck or strip the boat down I will make sure to do it around tax time. LOL drag it over there with no motor and all tore up. Let a couple homeless people call it home for a couple nights. So you really think this thing is worth that much? You should be paying me!
  395. Capt.C.Delany

    Just received my property tax bill from the county of Santa Barbara

    I just got mine from the County of Orange. $100 for a 1978 Skipjack 24. I wonder how many times over it's 41 years of life it has paid for itself in taxes & DMV fees.
  396. Capt.C.Delany

    Anyone Looked at this Skipjack

    Price just dropped on CL. Now they are asking $13,5 but are open to offers.
  397. Capt.C.Delany

    My Friends Grandfathers Boat

    Yeah I could see that. I wasn't even thinking about Imps. But now looking at them, the window profile is different than the Bertram and more like pic the OP posted. I had always thought that Imp's had that unique hull pattern until I just searched them.
  398. Capt.C.Delany

    My Friends Grandfathers Boat

    Kind of looks like an old Bertram Moppie. I believe the Blackmans had higher bow rails, more of a single type seat and the dead rise was steeper than the pic you posted. The other reason I would be leaning toward a moppie is that back vent.
  399. Capt.C.Delany

    Friends Volvo outdrive bent

    If you haven't already check with Ray @ Outdrive Exchange in Costa Mesa. Really solid dude and may be able to help your friend out.
  400. Capt.C.Delany

    Which tow rig for 11,000lbs, up to $25,000

    One good way to tell the quality of the motor is the production years. Ford had the 7.3 forever and I consider it one of the best motors ever made for on-road usage. I mean the base concept of that motor has been around since the 1980's. They stopped production in early 2003 when the government...
  401. Capt.C.Delany

    Rpt.-07-11-19 SCI C-Bass and Tails!

    So Cory when you go in for your post-op checks and the doctor asks how you are doing are just going to whip out your phone with these pics for anecdotal evidence of your recovery? then follow it up when he goes through them with a "yeah, i'm fine." o_OLOL Great report as always!
  402. Capt.C.Delany

    Which tow rig for 11,000lbs, up to $25,000

    Not that I can see. I think you would be more than covered with a F250.
  403. Capt.C.Delany

    Which tow rig for 11,000lbs, up to $25,000

    I would definitely say its worth looking at. If I was in the market it would be very high on my list with that work done.
  404. Capt.C.Delany

    Which tow rig for 11,000lbs, up to $25,000

    Seems like a decent deal. I think the 2006 was the first year they switched over to springs in the front for a little softer ride. But I would definitely take the truck a DIESEL SHOP to go through. Don't take it to a Joe Blow mechanic that occasionally works on diesels. These motors are...
  405. Capt.C.Delany

    Which tow rig for 11,000lbs, up to $25,000

    Everyone hates on the 6.0, but I have a non-bullet proofed 2006 F250 FX4 with a 6.0 and have had what I will call minimal problems and I am at 180k miles. Had a glow plug replaced, and replaced my FICM power supply. I know I will be due for injectors soon but I would say I have a good run. If...
  406. Capt.C.Delany

    Skipjack Batteries

    Thanks Kerry, as always a big help. Didn't really think to much about the structural part of the Starboard because the span will only be about 10". Maybe I will use 2 pieces of 3/4 in ply and glass them together just to be on the safe side.
  407. Capt.C.Delany

    Skipjack Batteries

    I fully agree and that is my intent, hence my question. If the strip (either starboard if it can be thru-bolted or wood if glassed) the tray will sit on should be thru-bolted which is my preferred method, or do I actually need to glass it on. (to the stringers)
  408. Capt.C.Delany

    Skipjack Batteries

    Yes, I am going to use battery boxes, but I still need a tray for them to sit on.
  409. Capt.C.Delany

    Skipjack Batteries

    Hey guys, So I am finally converting over to dual 6 volt Trojans for my house bank as my house battery finally shit the bed. The batteries fit perfectly in between the stringers where the original battery was. My question is: I need to build a new "shelf" to accommodate these. The original...
  410. Capt.C.Delany

    what to look for in a VHF antenna?

    Lots of information here:
  411. Capt.C.Delany

    Bait pumps ...

    I have had the Rule pumps but they all crapped out, one actually split and was pumping water into my bilge, luckily I caught that one at the launch ramp doing my safety checks. I now run a bait sentry and like the concept of magnetic drive, as you don't need to worry about it frying if you...
  412. Capt.C.Delany

    Great White feasting on a Sea Lion out SCI

    This video was the highlight of my 4 day weekend!
  413. Capt.C.Delany

    Tilt \ Trim motor Troubleshooting

    I don't know dick about outboards but it sounds like you covered the "electrical loop." Just out of curiosity, what was your ground source? were you putting the meter on the actual ground wire or where you running it straight to the battery or somewhere else besides that circuit? That could play...
  414. Capt.C.Delany

    Sabiki yellowfin

    Done it down south for drop back baits. Don't believe I ever had 5 at a time though.
  415. Capt.C.Delany

    Stickbait Tunas.

    More importantly where did you get that badass sub sandwich holder in your kill bag? That thing is awesome. Awesome pics and great report!
  416. Capt.C.Delany

    Anyone have any recommendations on boat insurance in SoCal?

    BoatU.S. over doubled my rate without a claim or any change last renewal. I switched to Sea Insure which is SeaTows version and couldn't be happier. Chris is extremely knowledgeable about boating, it's not like you are calling to a call center where the call before you they were trying to sell...
  417. Capt.C.Delany

    Bait Tank as Fish Hold?

    It's fine you wont damage anything. Your fish will be fine in the tank. However what Mike is saying is true, eventually you will probably want to invest in a kill bag, the faster you can get those fish down and colder in temperature the better the quality of the end product. But if you are just...
  418. Capt.C.Delany

    Did Someone Call for Rockets Red Glare?

    So I was going to do a post with all the funny redneck 4th of July celebration pictures, you know the guy with the firework shooting out of his ass, the guy with the American flag shaved into his back hair and the list could go on and on but I started thinking, what allows us to have such...
  419. Capt.C.Delany

    Love Tap

    They poached his paddy? Slid into his chumline? Brings new meaning to the term combat fishing.
  420. Capt.C.Delany

    Catalina - 6/29 Big Yellowtail and the Boys first Real Fishing Trip

    Just a friendly reminder everyone.... never... never gaff away from you... Always go across the top of the fish. If you have not gaffed a lot of fish, walk up to the rail take a deep breath and just slow it down. Wait for your shot, that fish will circle back around. Keep the gaff hook out of...
  421. Capt.C.Delany

    How much do the guts and gills of a bluefin weigh roughly?

    The average loss for bluefin from live weight to processed (gilled & gut) is between 10-12%. Should be right around 68. We can call it 70 for the sake of argument. o_O (61 X 1.11) (11%) And for reference... in the future when the fish is alive, tape it out. The formula for that is (length X...
  422. Capt.C.Delany

    For Sale 22’ Wellcraft Center Console

    Clean boat, I love the name. The last one that had me chuckling this hard was "Chum Guzzler" GLWS
  423. Capt.C.Delany

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    When I was a kid I remember seeing a Captain take the helm chair out of the wheel house and making his second ticket stand all night. Nothing that I am aware of happened to prompt this, it was just his procedure. He also had the watch alarm and took the key with him to his bunk.
  424. Capt.C.Delany

    24 Skipjack Fly Bridge Swamped

    Found these pics on my work computer of someones fuel tank replacement. This is what the it looks like under the deck facing the cabin. Be aware that the first "bulkhead" is just for the tank. The black part behind it is the one that separates the cabin from the stern.
  425. Capt.C.Delany

    24 Skipjack Fly Bridge Swamped

    First time I have seen that. I would be careful doing it though. Keep the drill bit on the hole saw really shallow. Its tight in there. The last thing you want to do is put a hole in your keel with the drill bit from the hole saw with water in already in your bilge.
  426. Capt.C.Delany

    24 Skipjack Fly Bridge Swamped

    I would be very careful doing that. I would imagine that the floor may actually be sitting on the keel. Out of the thousands of pictures I have seen of Skipjack mods, I have never seen it that I can recall. I could be wrong though.
  427. Capt.C.Delany

    24 Skipjack Fly Bridge Swamped

    I don't think those holes go anywhere. Just down to the bilge which is only a couple inches in that area and the water is trapped up there. Whereas the drain on the step itself has a hose that runs aft and drops into the starboard bilge. Just under that area where the door slides is the bulk...
  428. Capt.C.Delany

    24 Skipjack Fly Bridge Swamped

    Interestingly enough.... this last weekend I just cut a hatch into the vertical part of the step in the cabin (going aft but within the cabin) to put my AP compass in. I can tell you this, and I will post a couple pics when I drag the boat home this weekend if needed. The cabin floor and areas...
  429. Capt.C.Delany

    San Clemente advice 1st time

    I would also strongly recommend if you don't have it already sign up for either BoatUS or Sea Tow. Make sure all of your safety equipment is in order and study a chart. Bring a spare anchor if staying the night and consider having rotations on people staying up at night on anchor watch. You want...
  430. Capt.C.Delany

    San Clemente advice 1st time

    Before you go I would recommend possibly going on a sportboat at least once to get the lay of the land. I know it may not be practical being from AZ but it may give you a bit of piece of mind later.
  431. Capt.C.Delany

    cool emergency rescue device

    So if the string gets longer we can use it to make fishing the kite at night easier? All jokes aside it's a pretty cool device.
  432. Capt.C.Delany

    Bait Bag Plumbing

    Check out Mako Matts, looks like they have stuff for bait bags.
  433. Capt.C.Delany

    Bait Bag Plumbing

    If it were me, I would go with the idea you have to start, If it doesn't work you will not need to figure out how to patch a hole or replace the bag. I would try and get the pipe into a corner so it flows in a "circular direction". (well as much as it can in a square.
  434. Capt.C.Delany

    Need a cummins mechanic in Huntington harbor

    Can't help you with a mechanic recommendation but the Racors are super easy. Shut the fuel off, drain the bowl, pull the top, pull the fuel filter pop a new one in. Fill the Racor with fuel and put the top on. Open the fuel line back up. Next go to the fuel lifter pump, (usually next to your...
  435. Capt.C.Delany

    Random Boat Observation

    I think it's a combination of both. There are many more boats on the east coast and in the gulf than there are here. The other thing you need to take into account is what I describe as "cult following" for certain west coast boat brands. (Skipjack, Radon, Blackman etc) For a long time there...
  436. Capt.C.Delany

    Cat 6/9

    Great report! Another trick I have done when you see a dog charging your fish is to throw the reel in free spool and just keep enough pressure on the line to keep the hook lodged but you let the fish outswim the mammal. The way I look at it... what do you got to lose? They usually dart out...
  437. Capt.C.Delany

    El Capital 1.5 day 6-7 to 6-9

    For reference... That's tuna fishing. Sometimes gambles pay off, other times it doesn't but you never know until you try. I understand and agree that a long boat ride sucks when you want to catch fish, but sometimes that is what it takes. Let me pose a simple question to you.. How do you...
  438. Capt.C.Delany

    Boat transportation info A lot of guys were recommending Cory Pickvet but someone said he was no longer hauling boats and switched over to a moving company. The thread above has lots of recommendations and phone numbers of people that BD...
  439. Capt.C.Delany

    Need help , boat transportation question.

    Some would say 6 months, I say a year then maybe add a booster to it? I think its more a matter of personal opinion. I mean don't get wrong there are blatant examples when it is so varnished it looks like rubber cement, but if you are able to fire it up and get it to run through your jets in...
  440. Capt.C.Delany

    Need help , boat transportation question.

    I don't understand. You have a separate tank for each engine on a 27' mono-hull boat? I would double check on that, not to say it isn't true, just think it's unusual. Normally if there are other tanks they all have ability to feed into the "day tank." If it were me, and the boat hasn't been run...
  441. Capt.C.Delany

    Need help , boat transportation question.

    Per Google Earth, entrance to MDR to entrance of Channel Island Harbor is 46/47 miles.
  442. Capt.C.Delany

    Need help , boat transportation question.

    That sucks man I'm really sorry to hear that. I cannot offer any help in the way of a trailer. An idea I had was can your boat make it to MDR (30 miles) for fuel and then on to channel islands (45 miles)?
  443. Capt.C.Delany

    Where to install autopilot compass on Skipjack 24

    Thanks Larry, I appreciate it! I have a flybridge. I am going to put it down there somewhere as well. Nice tip about the epoxy, I am probably going to drill in an inspection hole in the step from the cabin side, which would put me right in front of the fuel tank. I will probably need to use...
  444. Capt.C.Delany

    Question for the experienced sport boats folk here

    It's not practical for a boat full of inexperienced kids to target halibut exclusively. There is a lot of waiting, so any you catch while fishing rockfish/the bottom would be incidental. There are certainly guys on here that specifically target halibut but they are in their own boats and...
  445. Capt.C.Delany

    Where to install autopilot compass on Skipjack 24

    Thanks Rick, that is actually where I was thinking. I will cut an inspection hatch in the step from inside the cabin.
  446. Capt.C.Delany

    What size CC should I get?

    Can he walk/stand if he is holding on to something? The reason I am asking is because I would recommend like a 17' Whaler, but the problem is if he is fighting a fish he would have to be able to move around the console to get the rod tip around the bow and there may be a radio antenna in the...
  447. Capt.C.Delany

    Best way to fix my dash

    I did my gauge cluster, my radio and where my trim tab switches go. I only have a pic of the gauge cluster right now. Here is one IT IS NOT MINE but I really liked it.
  448. Capt.C.Delany

    Best way to fix my dash

    As mentioned above, you can fab Starboard panels, this is the quickest and cheapest route. I buy Starboard from a place called Paragon Plastics in Santa Ana, almost half the cost as West Marine. Your other option would be to glass it back in. You can use someone for that or try it yourself...
  449. Capt.C.Delany

    1977 skipjack running engine in my driveway

    Oh one last thing, there is a hole in the very bottom of the drive towards the back, below where you put the muffs, I plug that for more water going through the motor. I use a wire nut, just remember to take it out before you launch.
  450. Capt.C.Delany

    Where to install autopilot compass on Skipjack 24

    As the title says, trying to find a place to mount the Simrad Precision 9 Compass in my Skipjack. I was going to mount it up under my dash but am rethinking that idea because of the "Tippy Skippy" effect, especially when my fatass is up there. Then I thought about putting it down in one of the...
  451. Capt.C.Delany

    Finally going to make the crossing

    You'll do just fine, just watch the weather and as Rick said watch the freighters. When in any doubt go behind them. When you launch also get a radio check, if no one responds on 72, drop down to 27 for the automated radio check from SeaTow. The fact that you are asking questions and highlight...
  452. Capt.C.Delany

    1977 skipjack running engine in my driveway

    Muffs go on lower leg, I actually use the two piece set with the wire that goes through the holes, not the rabbit ear kind. Exhaust will be steady out of the sides and will come out the cavitation plate type thing every once in a while when pressure builds up if the drive is up. If the drive...
  453. Capt.C.Delany

    TIP Questions

    What about a copy the release of liability? (not sure if documented boats (if yours is) have this, just throwing it out there)
  454. Capt.C.Delany

    Harbor Boating

    When you wake up it is supposed to be like stormin' Norman but it looks like it will be laying down in the afternoon. Maybe get a gentlemen's start. White number on top is the sustained wind speed, big number in orange (and one red) is gusts.
  455. Capt.C.Delany

    Harbor Boating

    Your totally fine, stay away from the entrance. May be a bit breezy but there are many areas that are protected from the wind. I wouldn't hesitate to go.
  456. Capt.C.Delany

    House Bank Issue w/ 6-volts - First Time Poster

    He probably had the 6-volts wired in series/parallel. Now that he has 2-6 volts and 2- 12 volts, the 6 volts should remain in series/parallel and the 12 volts should be wired as parallel only. The series would bump the the 2-6 volts to 12 volts and the parallel will increase the amp hours...
  457. Capt.C.Delany

    House Bank Issue w/ 6-volts - First Time Poster

    Sounds like a charging problem. Invest in a good multimeter that is able to read DC Amps, once you know all batteries are charged turn on your "loads" and take a reading from both the dual 6 volt battery bank as well as the 12 volt battery bank. Note which number the battery switch is on for...
  458. Capt.C.Delany

    strong fuel smell in cabin

    Firstly, this should go without saying, do not, repeat do not, operate your boat. You more than likely have a fuel tank leak. However you could be lucky and have a loose connection or bad gasket somewhere like Doug said above. I am assuming your boat is an outboard, which essentially only...
  459. Capt.C.Delany

    Highlander Boats? Post #44... that is the extent of my knowledge.
  460. Capt.C.Delany

    Sabiki PIA

    X2 on the cardboard
  461. Capt.C.Delany

    Liberty Killed it...

    Maybe we can start a forum or thread titled "That Guy / That Boat"
  462. Capt.C.Delany

    Fuel water separator suggestions wanted

    X2 on the Racor.
  463. Capt.C.Delany

    Converting AQ280 to Hydraulic Steering

    bump got lost with all the old threads.
  464. Capt.C.Delany

    Awd vs 4x4 vs rwd..

    Last year pulling my Skipjack out of Dana Point at a super low tide I was in 4-low and still spinning all 4 wheels (F250 Diesel). I about shit myself and came close to kicking the boat back off the trailer and waiting it out. Finally got it up though, as soon as the front wheels hit concrete...
  465. Capt.C.Delany

    Trailer Repair shop in Orange County

    Wayne at West Coast Trailer in HB is a stand up dude. I am very happy with his work, which was actually done to fix another trailer mechanics "work". West Coast Trailers 15701 Container Ln, Huntington Beach, CA 92649 (714) 842-8040
  466. Capt.C.Delany

    Make my Bayliner cuddy foul weather capable?

    My guess is the plywood under the carpet probably (hopefully) has some sort of resin/epoxy on it which will help it not absorb water. Certain compartments are more than likely filled with foam while others are not. The carpet they use on boats like this is usually specifically designed to be...
  467. Capt.C.Delany

    89 25 skipjack fb convert too hydraulic or leave power assist

    I asked the same question a couple days ago, only mine is for a AQ260 mated to a 280 outdrive. I think with the forums having issues with the old posts it is more difficult for people who do not receive Email notifications when a new thread is posted to respond. :zelfmoord
  468. Capt.C.Delany

    Converting AQ280 to Hydraulic Steering

    Ok fella's need some help here. I am in the process of buying the stuff to switch over the old rack and pinion to hydraulic steering for my AQ280 outdrive in my Skipjack. The outdrive is non-power assisted and I have confirmed with Seastar that I need either the HC5328 or the balanced HC5330...
  469. Capt.C.Delany

    Prayers For Tunaslam Cory

    Good Luck Cory! I'll be pullin' for you... Looking forward to some more reports about the adventures on the ducky with Lal!
  470. Capt.C.Delany

    By the Wind Sailors = Yellowfin Tuna (video)

    Cory = Resident historian of fishing seasons & conditions within those seasons with videographic encyclopedic like proof. Doesn't get much better than that. I am still waiting for this years video predictions featuring the bullet for a pointer.
  471. Capt.C.Delany

    Bait pump recommendation

    x2 on the Bait Sentry, a little louder than the the Rule's but seem to be holding up ok. My last pump (Rule Tournament Series) cracked and decided it rather fill my bilge than the bait tank. Luckily I caught it at the ramp doing my checks. I might add it is in a compartment where nothing else...
  472. Capt.C.Delany

    Just a quick "what are these ?"

    They do have venom but its pretty harmless, it can cause mild skin irritation in some people with sensitive skin. Most people have no reaction. I wouldn't worry to much about it, not sure how good it is for the pooch with ingesting them but if he hasn't thrown them up can't imagine they would do...
  473. Capt.C.Delany

    Just a quick "what are these ?"

    Velella (AKA the By-the-Wind Sailor)
  474. Capt.C.Delany

    For Sale Custom 16’ CC

    This thing is gorgeous! Definitely put a lot of work into it. GLWS
  475. Capt.C.Delany

    Just got my first center console boat

    Yes, and unfortunately they often forget about that little part. I have always found it easier to walk a small boat up the dock with its dock lines (if the launch ramp has one like that) than "power loading." Also having a good set of trailer guides helps a lot. If it doesn't have one of...
  476. Capt.C.Delany

    Just got my first center console boat

    Practice Practice Practice. Don't let anyone pressure you to "speed up" to an uncomfortable level. If you are having a hard time getting the boat on the trailer don't hesitate to just walk the boat up the dock to the trailer via dock lines. To understand a lot of the concepts of driving a boat...
  477. Capt.C.Delany

    5-3 Report: San Pedro/Cat West End/Backside/Isthmus/Mussell Farm

    Regardless of the fishing it sounds like a great day on the water with your old man. He sounds like a trooper.
  478. Capt.C.Delany

    diesel swap

    I think you may be a little under gunned. I may be mistaken but I think those are only 130 or 165 hp.
  479. Capt.C.Delany

    question about inboards with shafts and rudders??

    More than likely they are 6V71's. I am assuming you a referencing the drive shafts, not the rudder shafts as I cannot imagine rudder shafts being hot, the shafts go through a Dripless bearing or stuffing box. Same concept for the rudders. It passes through the boat and there is one or more...
  480. Capt.C.Delany

    Vhf antenna question

    What Rick said hits the nail on the head.
  481. Capt.C.Delany

    Airmar question

    Lowrance, Simrad, B&G are all Navico. So long as there is no adapter for the connector it should be narrowed down below. A filter for Navico and then Lowrance and then searching 20° (since this is known)(Ctrl F) and we know it will start with a "B" because its bronze and not SS and we know its...
  482. Capt.C.Delany

    Airmar question

    hmm well I'm stumped. Normally there is a white tag right above the transducer. They have a cross reference website for any numbers you find it. I would think your next course of action would be to call them.
  483. Capt.C.Delany

    Airmar question

    C47 M2004 is the cable/wire. Look at the top of the transducer.
  484. Capt.C.Delany

    Best group 31 deep cycle battery?

    Live Christmas trees after Christmas.
  485. Capt.C.Delany

    Private Boats in Mexican Waters?
  486. Capt.C.Delany

    Help Understanding wood stringers

    I would not do business with a dealership that would not let me sea trial a boat prior to purchase. Especially if they still turned me down after I offered to either a.) put down a refundable deposit, or b.) pay for their time and expenses. If someone is not willing to accommodate that on a...
  487. Capt.C.Delany

    Adding bait tank

    What size pump? The key thing to remember is that you want both of them to fill up in 7 minutes.
  488. Capt.C.Delany

    Problems at the pump

    What I would attempt to do now... and it will be a very very long process but possibly save you the headache of replacing the tank this season, get yourself a little electric fuel pump (not sure if the Holley one you were referencing is a stand alone pump) and a 110v to 12v adapter, then just...
  489. Capt.C.Delany

    Whenever you think you have a bad day at the launch ramp...

    Think of this... So sad, looks like an awesome boat, hopefully no major damage was sustained. I will point out the really awesome thing is boaters and fisherman helping other boaters and fisherman in their times of need. This is another reason I keep a 2000 GPH pump with 20' leads with...
  490. Capt.C.Delany

    SOLD Boston Whaler 190 Montauk

    Damn that is a clean looking sled, I literally had to scroll back up to see the year again, I thought it was straight from the show room floor. GLWS
  491. Capt.C.Delany

    innocent passage...

    I would strongly urge you to avoid initiating this. Here is a step by step of dealing with the Mexican Navy. 1. You see them coming toward you or they hail you on the radio, just stop, don't try and run, don't play stupid like you didn't see them or hear them, just stop your boat. 2. When you...
  492. Capt.C.Delany

    innocent passage...

    One final thought. "Whats on paper and whats in practice may be two completely different things."
  493. Capt.C.Delany

    innocent passage...

    No, I don't know of anyone ever using "innocent passage" to navigate through Mexican waters, you may have better luck in a sailboat forum for that. What I am trying to say is... Mexico is different, the Mexican Navy is not to be trusted and you have no rights down there. They enforce whatever...
  494. Capt.C.Delany

    innocent passage...

    The first thing that pops into my mind is why risk it? Just get the required paperwork... I think in this day in age "innocent passage" is not regularly practiced in anyones waters because of terrorists and drugs. With that being said, if you were to be boarded by the Mexican Navy would you...
  495. Capt.C.Delany

    Auto pilot questions I believe the only difference between the Lowrance version and the Simrad version is the compass.
  496. Capt.C.Delany

    My White Bottom

    Shouldn't be a problem, especially if you are using the boat. "A rolling stone gathers no moss." Wash it when you pull it out.
  497. Capt.C.Delany

    Sunday 4-14-2019 LB area wall and such plan

    I will drive by backwards. j/k Good luck man.
  498. Capt.C.Delany

    When you have way toooo much $

    Meanwhile in 'Merica
  499. Capt.C.Delany

    Best group 31 deep cycle battery?

    I know its not a group 31, but if you have the space, two 6 volt Trojan T-105's
  500. Capt.C.Delany

    FREE Free, post?

    You put your tow rope on it to tow skiers behind the boat.
  501. Capt.C.Delany

    All Day Boat Recommendations?

    I would also check to see if the Fury is running out of Dana Wharf.
  502. Capt.C.Delany

    All Day Boat Recommendations?

    It would probably help to say where in So. Cal you will be.
  503. Capt.C.Delany

    Today is a good day... Poacher is killed by elephant and eaten by lions

    Saw this in the register.
  504. Capt.C.Delany

    Boat fuel tank cleaning

    I don't remember which micron it was. It was just a cheapy in line from the auto parts store. I have done it multiple times including running it through my water separator, and also going through a Mr. Funnel before it goes into the tank. On a side note, those Mr. Funnel things are badass.
  505. Capt.C.Delany

    Problems at the pump

    If you go this route, put it before the spin on filter. (Between tank and spin on filter) Also, be aware this should not become a permanent thing in your fuel filtration system. They are not approved for below deck purposes. Do you have a inline pressure gauge on your fuel line?
  506. Capt.C.Delany

    Problems at the pump

    1. Check vents and change filters 2. Check fuel line going from fuel pump to the tank (I am assuming because the primer bulb was being flattened it was in between the fuel pump and tank.) 3. disconnect your fuel line to the tank, take apart the fittings and remove the anti-siphon valve, (while...
  507. Capt.C.Delany

    Gotta Love California and Prop 65

    So I just had my motor pulled because my oil pan rusted through, I thought, great, there is an upside, it will allow me to paint the bilge where the motor is at... So I go online and look at West Marines inventory for Interlux BilgeKote in white, I see the Long Beach store has 12 quart sizes in...
  508. Capt.C.Delany

    Need Help Before I Pull Out What Little Hair I Have Left.

    First, make sure your vent is clear... that could potentially be the problem in and of itself... If it is not, disconnect your fuel line to the tank, take apart the fittings and remove the anti-siphon valve, if you don't have one then no need to pull the shut off apart. Open your fuel fill then...
  509. Capt.C.Delany

    Need Help Before I Pull Out What Little Hair I Have Left.

    Well fella's I apologize again, I thought I updated this... So I believe the fuel issue was actually from the base of the old Sierra filter housing. (I have since switched it over to a Racor) My thought is that it had so much corrosion it could not get a good seal. After doing everything I said...
  510. Capt.C.Delany

    Boat fuel tank cleaning

    Here is what I do whenever the boat sits for a long period of time and it has worked quite well. Get yourself a 110v to 12 volt power supply, these are cheap, Like $10 from any electronics place, they look like the black boxes attached to your cord to your tv etc. I then hooked my gas supply...
  511. Capt.C.Delany

    Today is a good day... Biologists: Killing hungry sea lions

    I call dibs on the contract for boots like the Uggs...
  512. Capt.C.Delany

    Today is a good day... Biologists: Killing hungry sea lions

    Looks like they finally got it right. However they don't need to pay these biologists big bucks, I know lots of people who would volunteer. Wonder if Sea Lion Ugg boots will become a thing...
  513. Capt.C.Delany

    FREE Boat Buying Scam

    It's called check kiting. Dude tried to do it to me about 5 years. Sniffed it out real quick when I called the business that supposedly wrote the check. People that do this are complete piles of shit as are anyone that takes advantage of other people. I think most are pretty aware in this day...
  514. Capt.C.Delany

    Understanding weather/swell for a small skiff outside the bay

    This is a very subjective question. What is comfortable for me might not be comfortable for you and vice versa. I know it's not the answer you are looking for but one of the best ways to learn is to go out and feel it out. Staying at the point and inshore means you can run and hide if need be...
  515. Capt.C.Delany

    No Ignition but has plenty of battery juice?

    I would start by checking to see if you are getting power to the starter solenoid. (not sure if it has a breaker)
  516. Capt.C.Delany

    How to register a Boat / Trailer I got for free

    You could also try one of those stripmall auto registration places. They may be able to help you out too. I think its all about not dealing with the bureaucratic nightmare we call the DMV.
  517. Capt.C.Delany

    Image stab bino question

    I believe you can put polarized lenses into them. They just screw on the ends. I have them for my Stabiscope. Not sure about the Techno Stabi
  518. Capt.C.Delany

    How to register a Boat / Trailer I got for free

    I used tripple A for a similar situation. Just walked in and told them the situation that I only have a bill of sale, I think I may have had to write an affidavit explaining that I cannot get ahold of the seller but have a bill of sale etc.
  519. Capt.C.Delany

    Slip rats....

    My thought exactly!!!! Reading it in Email mode, my mind thought some crack head stealing wire for scrap died on the boat from a drug overdose or from getting shocked. Meh I guess we are not that lucky.
  520. Capt.C.Delany

    For Sale Soon My 1987 Cabo216 will be For Sale

    Sweet looking sled. You can find a lot of the old photos you posted at the below link. It will also include all the photos on other threads you may have posted something on as well...
  521. Capt.C.Delany

    Dana Point Access in Jeopardy

    That is what I told him, plaster up some renderings and maybe post it here online. He did say they will be posting signs around the ramp on what I would call "directions" meaning like traffic flow and they have the the first two wash racks still in place but also opened a couple on the other...
  522. Capt.C.Delany

    Dana Point Access in Jeopardy

    I just called and spoke to the lady answering the phones, she was nice and said she would relay the message and someone should get back to me via phone or email. I told her it's a tradition for my family to launch the boat and cruise around the harbor every weekend in the summer and then have...
  523. Capt.C.Delany


    That is really cool. Going to be some lucky pups out that way.
  524. Capt.C.Delany


    That's so awesome. You got a great wife man. Also, good on ya' for the dog rescue.
  525. Capt.C.Delany


    Wait.... Hold on! Just for clarification, I know your locations and boats are different, but I gotta know... Did she (Jill, the OP) just get busted trying to plan a trip for her husband?
  526. Capt.C.Delany

    Dana Point PB Sand Dab 3.16

    Yes, that is exactly what it is... now the trick is to find a pan big enough to pan fry it whole... Nice goin'!
  527. Capt.C.Delany


    But as you said, he will procrastinate and put it off... that is why you need to check back here and print out people's reports with fish porn and leave them on the toilet for him... get him excited to go.
  528. Capt.C.Delany


    Hold off until late summer or fall...
  529. Capt.C.Delany

    Jig stick rod holder

    I have run into this problem before and wound up taking out the insert of the rod holder and it just barely fit. One thing I have seen some guys do is buy one of those rubber rod holders found on sport boats. They are made by Leadmasters and I think Turners carries them, then zip tie them onto...
  530. Capt.C.Delany

    Skipjack stringer height

    My guess/observation and this is literally me throwing darts is: On my Skipjack that wood strip that is nailed to the top was only on either side of the fuel tank. At least from what I can see. My thinking was it was there to protect the foam and to close the gap from the stringer to the tank...
  531. Capt.C.Delany

    So Sculpin are Open now?

    I mean it's not so much that I cared about Sculpin during the closed times (Aug-Feb). I am more pointing out that DFW opened something back up... Seems like a rare occurrence.
  532. Capt.C.Delany

    So Sculpin are Open now?

    I went to DFG's website to check out the regulations just for shits. One interesting note looks like ... and I could be reading it wrong or there could be a supplement/addendum but sculpin are open year round now. (California Scorpion Fish).. I found this here...
  533. Capt.C.Delany

    Great White vs Pinneped

    That made my day.
  534. Capt.C.Delany

    2/19/19 SMB - Shark ID

    X3 on a White. I can see the resemblance.
  535. Capt.C.Delany

    Boat Insurance- Under 30'

    Last year they jacked mine from $375 to $808. No changes at all. The first link is my rant. In the end I went with Chris McKinnon at SeaInsure (division of SeaTow). I have been very happy with them. Chris McKinnon Program Manager [email protected] p: 860.399.3673 f: 860.399.2893...
  536. Capt.C.Delany

    WTB Harbor/local skiff No affiliation but remembered it was posted earlier today. Looks like a sweet sled.
  537. Capt.C.Delany

    East coast boat shipping question...
  538. Capt.C.Delany

    For Sale BD should buy this!

    Oh you fished the east cape? thats cool, I just got back from the arctic circle... the cod fishing was amazing.
  539. Capt.C.Delany

    Refinishing deck need help with priming/paint

    This is a great read,
  540. Capt.C.Delany

    Refinishing deck need help with priming/paint

    Drill it out slightly to expose fresh wood. Chamfer the edge of the hole slightly. I always use a small counter sink bit. Put some blue painters tape on the back of the hole if you can get to it. If you cannot get access to the back of the hole the simple fix is to roll a tiny ball of paper...
  541. Capt.C.Delany

    Refinishing deck need help with priming/paint

    How big of holes? Thickened West Systems
  542. Capt.C.Delany

    Need rocket launchers!

    Looks like he edited it to say "off market," may still be worth a PM. You could always hit up Tom on here. (TowerFab) He does good work. He did my Arch.
  543. Capt.C.Delany

    So will this shopping list get me real time MPG?

    What I wound up doing and how I decided that I didn't need the Fuel Data Manager was to to just run the EP-60R to see if it would work for my needs. I believe that the MFD does the calculations and stores the information and my guess is the fuel data manager might be for older type units that do...
  544. Capt.C.Delany

    So will this shopping list get me real time MPG?

    I have the Navico Fuel Flow Sensor (EP-60R. It is NMEA 2k and just plugs into the backbone and you insert it into your fuel line. I have the Go9 for the interface. You set your tank size etc and calibrate it and it will give you mpg, fuel used, fuel left and range. I love it. Occasionally it...
  545. Capt.C.Delany

    FREE Free Wash down pump

    A problem that comes with age I guess...
  546. Capt.C.Delany

    Binocular repairs in San Diego

    X2 on Baker
  547. Capt.C.Delany

    Anybody know where to get rail mounts like these

    Don't know but here is the manufactures website. Looks like there are size options.
  548. Capt.C.Delany

    Looking for Arima boat

    Pretty much the best WTB ad I have ever seen. Apparently this theme is repeated many times...
  549. Capt.C.Delany

    Anybody know where to get rail mounts like these

    Maybe not identical but...
  550. Capt.C.Delany

    Boat insurance recommendation

    Very happy with Chris McKinnon at SeaInsure (division of SeaTow). Switched to them after BoatU.S. partnered with Geico and jacked my premium from $375 to $808 in one year without any claim or changes to my coverage. Here are some similar threads...
  551. Capt.C.Delany


    Maybe try the Sabiki rig right from the start? J/K looks like a gorgeous day out there
  552. Capt.C.Delany

    Can anyone ID this boat?

    If anywhere on your paperwork you have the official documentation number you can run it through: and/or
  553. Capt.C.Delany

    Whaler running lights

    If you have a digital multi-meter, I think your best bet would be to pull the switch out and make sure you are getting power to the switch, then check the continuity of the wires to the light. This will allow you to rule out if the switch is bad or you have a bad wire.
  554. Capt.C.Delany

    Rod Holder Broke under gunnel

    Not sure if this will work on something that rusted but maybe try a speed out. (you may have to drill a tiny pilot hole into the top of the exposed screw) Then you have two options, fill the hole with some epoxy resin with filler (West Marine sells a small "fiberglass repair kit" and it is very...
  555. Capt.C.Delany

    fishing yacht joyride?
  556. Capt.C.Delany

    I had a great inshore fishing year

    That `stache looks mean and in charge. Great year end round up!
  557. Capt.C.Delany

    Contura panel switches

    Is it all on one panel? The reason why I am asking is because Blue Sea Systems uses daisy chains to run the power. (if that is brand you have, I don't know about others) Take a look at the picture below. There are 8 switches, and power is daisy chained to 4 on each side. Which in theory...
  558. Capt.C.Delany

    Contura panel switches

    That could go either way as far as bad wiring vs low voltage. Meaning (typically speaking) if a light is not as bright as it should be, it is not receiving enough voltage. I say either way because either your battery could be low, or you could have a bad connection somewhere which is not...
  559. Capt.C.Delany

    Contura panel switches

    Never had a problem with my Contura switches. A quick down a dirty test would be with a volt meter. Put the negative lead on a good ground (such as a negative buss) then touch the positive lead to the power side of each switch. (no power = bad wiring, power = bad switch) (a 12v test light works...
  560. Capt.C.Delany

    Generic vs. Custom T-Top?

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that those two opinions are exactly what you will get here. My opinion would be for a custom one. However it all comes down to what you are looking to spend. If you wait it out one might become available. This was posted this morning...
  561. Capt.C.Delany

    SOLD 2 Furuno Vx2 MFDs - DFF1 Sounder - Radar

    Is this the same?
  562. Capt.C.Delany

    Auto Charging Relay Q&A

    I have not seen anything requiring a minimum amp requirement. I did see the continuous rating which when you hover over the question mark it specifies that it is the maximum rating for continuous service. To me, that just means the maximum charging amps, you can be below that at 51. These are...
  563. Capt.C.Delany

    Auto Charging Relay Q&A

    If I had to design a system for center console boat, this is exactly what I would do.
  564. Capt.C.Delany

    Auto Charging Relay Q&A

    All those issues will be solved with this ^ Essentially what it does is not only isolates your two batteries when the ignition is off but when you are running it will recharge the starting battery. Once the starting battery is "topped off" it will then allow charge to flow to your house bank...
  565. Capt.C.Delany

    Fiberglassing Tools

    Tyvek suit...
  566. Capt.C.Delany

    Instrument panel switch ID tags
  567. Capt.C.Delany

    Fishing on Drugs?

  568. Capt.C.Delany

    fiberglass deck

    Kiwi Grip if you are going to roll it. or you can always put down a coat of two part epoxy paint, sprinkle silica sand over the still tacky paint and put a layer of epoxy paint over that. You can choose the size sand you want.
  569. Capt.C.Delany

    Tuesday morning do it live San Diego edition

    Now that is what I call a timely report! Play by play action.
  570. Capt.C.Delany

    WTB looking for a trailer for a 16.5 foot boat (sea squirt) Same ad but the first one doesn't work anymore, not sure if the trailer was sold or not but saw this browsing today.
  571. Capt.C.Delany

    Simrad G9 with Navionics and Total Scan Tranducer

    I love mine. The Totalscan is decent to about 300'. The problem I have with mine is that it is transom mount and it is next to my outdrive so I have some interference with prop wash. I don't know about the GPS though because I am running an external antenna. It seems good and I haven't used the...
  572. Capt.C.Delany

    11/12 San Diego Bay Lobster and Some Observations

    You half expect them to turn around and give you that look that says scratch my ass. (at least that's what my lab does... belly rubs? no, chin rubs? no, head rubs? no ass scratching... all day... everyday) NOT MY PICTURES:
  573. Capt.C.Delany

    11/12 San Diego Bay Lobster and Some Observations

    I have noticed tidal flow away from harbors but not as drastic as when you are near them. I attribute it the lack of funnel. In confined areas like harbors and bays you may experience "more" tidal flow but in reality it is the same amount, (it's still a 6' high or low tide) it is just condensed...
  574. Capt.C.Delany

    11/12 San Diego Bay Lobster and Some Observations

    I can tell you this from my own personal diving experience, during a strong tide there is typically still a strong push in the general direction of the of the tide, ie to the beach or out to sea. This is even down at 60'. I do agree that the scent would/could be dispersed randomly though in...
  575. Capt.C.Delany

    11/12 San Diego Bay Lobster and Some Observations

    Also, don't forget about the placement of the hoop nets during the tide. Meaning if it is a incoming tide, you want to be on the "seaward" side of the area you are fishing. This will allow the scent to be pushed into those areas and get the lobsters out. If the net is dropped on the leeward...
  576. Capt.C.Delany

    El Dorado-San Nic-11/13

    Great report. That whitefish is a monster.
  577. Capt.C.Delany

    Flashing LED lights on hoop floats Promar makes them.
  578. Capt.C.Delany

    Volvo Penta 290 upper water pickup tube

    That sounds really strange, especially since the hose water is pressurized and forcing itself into the outdrive whereas when you are in the water it relies on suction from the impeller. I know some guys even block the pickup on the outdrive and opt for a thru-hull fitting. I would start by...
  579. Capt.C.Delany

    For Sale I love craigslist...

    Soo many questions.... What was the seller like, specifically how was his English? Did you Sea Trial it in the pool? Was it a bill of sale or a left over bill of lading from the hull material? What is the zinc placement situation on that bad boy? What are you going to name it? So many ideas...
  580. Capt.C.Delany

    Live baitwell pump help

    X2. If need be run new wires with heat shrunk connections.
  581. Capt.C.Delany

    Long Beach Harbor lobsters

    Your conditions lined up.. new moon and at 10pm you were just coming off a 4' high tide which was at 9:19pm. (Middle Harbor) Wed 7 2:08 AM PST / 1.1 ft 8:21 AM PST / 6.4 ft 3:06 PM PST / -0.5 ft 9:19 PM PST / 4.6 ft New Moon 6:17 AM PST 4:55 PM PST Nice report. Good goin'
  582. Capt.C.Delany

    For Sale I love craigslist...

    I'm in... on the condition that Ali provides us the rights to use the BD logo to have it wrapped...
  583. Capt.C.Delany

    For Sale I love craigslist...

    Wondering why I got hungry looking at this thing...
  584. Capt.C.Delany

    For Sale I love craigslist...

    That thing is awesome. Wonder if it floated down the river from the homeless encampment.
  585. Capt.C.Delany

    Fun in the fog aboard the Fury

    Nice report. Lots good karma there for sure.
  586. Capt.C.Delany

    What To Target Now (1st wk - Nov)

    Drift the harbor over near Nacho with a strip of squid on a dropper loop on the bottom for Halibut. Then if that doesn't pan out after a few long drifts go bang the wall with some plastics.
  587. Capt.C.Delany

    WTB Looking for Boat Hauling Services From MA to CA

    Not to hijack this thread but in a situation like yours, did he use like a goose neck trailer with pads/bunks that were adjustable, or was the boat on a trailer already? Did you need to go back and take anything off the boat for clearance?
  588. Capt.C.Delany

    WTB Looking for Boat Hauling Services From MA to CA

    A lot of guys have recommend a guy named Cory Pickvet,
  589. Capt.C.Delany

    Saluki and Tues upgrading?

    Based on this ad Im bettin' it has had loads of seamen and lots of rod holders on it... For all to enjoy before the ad goes away...
  590. Capt.C.Delany

    Survey / buying process questions

    It's for the best, I don't think I would want to deal with someone like that anyway. He should have at least called you to see if you could match or do better. It will be interesting to see if that is really the case or maybe that was the dealers polite way of saying "I wont sell to you...
  591. Capt.C.Delany

    Survey / buying process questions

    One more thing I wanted to add, some Surveyors do not do mechanical inspections. So you may want to consider also enlisting the help of a good marine mechanic for that. Not to sure what goes into it for a gas motor other than maybe a compression check, oil and coolant checks (lab tests?) and...
  592. Capt.C.Delany

    Survey / buying process questions

    I agree with Rick, the problem with a buyer doing it is two fold: You more than likely do not have the same experience the Surveyor does. A reputable Surveyor will know what the "weak spots" are of some boat manufactures and there is a good chance they may be able to spot things that you would...
  593. Capt.C.Delany

    Mounting Offshore fiberglass bait tank.

    Should be fine. Mine is mounted to the deck with 2" x 2" fiberglass angle. Make sure to put 5200/4200 on the screws when they are penetrating the fir to help seal the hole.
  594. Capt.C.Delany

    Sketchy User Selling GMR18 Radar

    Uhh.. not to sound like a dick but you are essentially calling this guy out as a scammer by putting his user name up here, but then saying your not sure if it is a scam... I would edit your post to take his name out of it until you confirm that either yes in fact you have been scammed or you get...
  595. Capt.C.Delany


    With shipyards, as with most service type work, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Every boat that I worked on, when it went to the yard I was there every work day regardless of how much/little I had to do (there was always something). Granted that was my job, but the more hassling and...
  596. Capt.C.Delany

    The World's Cleanest Seagull Release - Long Beach 10/13

    Next time grab that thing and tuck its head under its wing. Then with both hands holding the wings with his head still tucked under, swing it around and around in a smooth circular motion... Don't know what happens to them if they pass out or fall asleep, but after about 10 swings you can just...
  597. Capt.C.Delany

    How do you like this electronics set up?

    That's what I am going to do on the fly bridge of my Skipjack... just need to figure out how to power it off of my battery bank...
  598. Capt.C.Delany

    Mini chum lords 1st bluefin

    That's classic, he had his spike out ready to go.
  599. Capt.C.Delany

    Oceanside shore fishing

    Stop by Hogan's Bait and Tackle in Dana Point on your way down. Not that far out of your way. They are pretty good about getting you all dialed in.
  600. Capt.C.Delany

    20-foot Skippy open fuel tank removal

    Genius! This is awesome. I know the time will be coming when I need to do this and I am not excited about it... This makes me feel a bit better. Doesn't look to hard just labor intensive, as with pretty much everything else involving a boat. The part I am having a hard time with is because I...
  601. Capt.C.Delany

    Boat: How Close to Beach or Piers

    I think of a lot of is jurisdictional and though they may have rules in writing, a lot of it is left to the discretion of who has jurisdiction (life guards / harbor patrol) and there is no blanket statewide/national regulation. I mean hypothetically, what if the pier had a dock attached to it...
  602. Capt.C.Delany

    La Jolla, 09/30 YT limit, Fish ID needed

    Hey, wait a minute... I didn't see any aluminum... Looks more like a Panga? clearly that is the only thing wrong with this story... but hey I could be wrong wth do I know.
  603. Capt.C.Delany

    Sufficient power

    One other consideration is the hull design, what year is the hull? In 1971 Skipjack went to the 18 degree dead rise, Before that they were some what of a modified vee. Not exactly sure what it was before.
  604. Capt.C.Delany

    Bait tank size with 14 3/4 inch bolts?

    The issue you are going to run into is a lot of the tanks are installed using a separate piece of fiberglass angle, 1 half bolts/screws to the deck, the other to the bottom lip of the tank, therefore there would be no "standard."
  605. Capt.C.Delany

    Sufficient power

    I think the 20's came with an AQ225 (GM 305) so to drop to a 150, on a heavy boat, I think you would be under gunned and it would show up in your fuel MPG. But then again, Nathan put a 150 Yamaha on his 20 FB. and said he was at a 20knt cruise with a 30 top out...
  606. Capt.C.Delany

    Comprehensive data set
  607. Capt.C.Delany

    installed new pump no it surges on off l

    Ok first let's clarify some stuff... What type of pump is the washdown pump... what is surging? the pump motor or the output flow of the pump (water)? Does it only happen when the bait pump that you tied into is on? Do you have a scoop on the thru-hull? If it is just water... the ports on the...
  608. Capt.C.Delany

    Need advise 32ft weLlc raft to buy or not to buy

    Woops, my bad, I added an additional zero. (corrected) A few months ago I was pricing out tanks for my Skipjack, a 100 gallon tank was $1200 +/- from two different well known fabricators, (one in Costa Mesa, the other in La Mesa). If I wanted the V-bottom adding an additional 20-25 gallons it...
  609. Capt.C.Delany

    Need advise 32ft weLlc raft to buy or not to buy

    For new aluminium tanks you are looking at around roughly $10 per gallon, give or take. If your going to do the work then I would try and figure out how much glass work would be for materials as far as marine grade ply, glass and epoxy/resin. Shit adds up quick. I think I saw a calculator on...
  610. Capt.C.Delany

    Need advise 32ft weLlc raft to buy or not to buy

    I could go either way. It will be a ton of work and it depends how much you are willing to do. If you are going to be re-doing the decks than replacing the tanks would be a no-brainer. How is the electrical?
  611. Capt.C.Delany

    1972 skipjack bouncy ride

    There are different scenarios you can click on and it gives you a description of what is happening and shows an animated image of the gauge. For instance: in scenario 4 it shows the needle holding steady at 15, then upon acceleration it drops to like 5, then upon deceleration the needle jumps...
  612. Capt.C.Delany

    1972 skipjack bouncy ride

    You ever checked out this website for troubleshooting with a Vacuum gauge?
  613. Capt.C.Delany

    1972 skipjack bouncy ride

    They are talking about pulling vacuum from the intake.
  614. Capt.C.Delany

    Shamrock motor issues

    Man, that sucks on your new boat. It is a strange symptom that it will rev but not make power for a shaft driven boat. Does it sputter or hesitate at all? I remember one time I had a brand new fuel filter on and the o-ring was not seated correctly against the base unit because of corrosion on...
  615. Capt.C.Delany

    Trailer Bearing Q&A???

    Very informative video.
  616. Capt.C.Delany

    Fuel venting problem

    Everything that Mike and Doug said above. To further explain, when the hole in the tank for the vent is covered with fuel, the pressure built up by heat will push the fuel out. If the hole was above the fuel level and in the void between the top of the tank and fuel level, it would just be...
  617. Capt.C.Delany

    1972 skipjack bouncy ride

    We are all counting on you...
  618. Capt.C.Delany

    Dodo Thursday Oceanside

    Sounds like a good day to me. Nice report.
  619. Capt.C.Delany

    Paddy etiquette vhf

    I was just talking about on any given day, nothing in particular. If it's just you and the guys I am sure you will laugh your ass off. (lots of swearing)
  620. Capt.C.Delany

    25 Miles Out of Oceanside Report 6am-3pm

    Devo, I was going to send you a PM. Did you use to run the Reel Fun way back in the day?
  621. Capt.C.Delany

    Paddy etiquette vhf

    Be mindful if you have young children... it can turn into a bit of a circus.
  622. Capt.C.Delany

    Paddy etiquette vhf

  623. Capt.C.Delany

    Little bit of a Craigslist Nightmare... Asking for a little advice please.

    So did the guy put the Mako emblem on it or was it the manufacture was Marlin and the model was Mako?