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  1. fishboy93

    For Sale Farallon 25, refit

    Cleanest boat in the price range. Can’t beat the strait shaft Cummins combo! Was hard not to bring her home.
  2. fishboy93

    Daveys Launch Ramp Safety

    Daveys hasn’t been ticketing but you aren’t supposed to park for multi days there. Better safer option is Newport dunes but it’s a little pricey and time consuming but plus side your truck is as safe as being at home.
  3. fishboy93

    Double or Triple Surgeons for Heavy mono to Fluoro Connection

    3 Or 4 turn turn uni to uni. But in a perfect world you’d have a long leader served in a wind on.
  4. fishboy93

    How much anchor rode?

    We run a min of 500’ of rope on all small boats wanting to fish Clemente besides the bass skiffs. We run 75’ of chain to 1000’ with a Bruce 33lb claw.
  5. fishboy93

    pulling shrimp pots?

    It wouldn’t be very efficient to pull them like that and the rope is much lighter so if you snag gear you’ll be breaking it off much quicker without a chance to save it on a block.
  6. fishboy93

    Winthrop bend butt with rail rod design

    The Buttons jam If you fish them in the rod holder. I’ve also had them collapse. If it’s jammed a flat head and a lot of Kroil fixed mine.
  7. fishboy93

    Winthrop bend butt with rail rod design

    They’re good for the harness but at that point you may as well save the money and go with a standard bent butt rod.
  8. fishboy93

    Winthrop bend butt with rail rod design

    They’re really cool until you stuff them under your arm and try to fight a fish. Been there done that I’d rather have aftco bent butt and a separate rail rod. Once you add swivel holders your never stand up fish again.
  9. fishboy93

    14’ Livingston raising the floor... ADVICE

    You’re gonna flip over once and then look back at this thread... casting decks are one thing but raising an entire deck is a whole other story
  10. fishboy93

    Expected and hidden cost of boat ownership

    Shoot a pm if you’re Serious. You should add in another $5k a year for maintenance and start looking for a Early 90s tiara or a a blackfin with gassers because a diesel twin screw for $75k and that yearly budget isn’t gonna happen most likely.
  11. fishboy93

    Rock Hopping on Mother's Day

    10 rockfish total with a few exceptions for sub limits with a 20 total bag limit for the day in socal. Juneau last I worked there was 5 pelagic(Blacks, duskys, yellowtail, and widow?) and one non pelagic yellow eye, quill backs and tigers) per year for non resident angler with a note area to...
  12. fishboy93

    Apelco 530 fishfinder/plotter and jrc112 gps sensor

    Go spend $1500 on a good fish finder... holy digging in the past
  13. fishboy93

    For Sale 25' Anderson Custom w/ Yamaha Outboard (SOLD)

    What was your intention with the VMS. Any permits on the boat that you’d wanna sell with it?
  14. fishboy93

    For Sale Bait Pen - Rod Holders - Anchor - Tackle Bag - Downrigger

    I’ll take the downrigger. I’ll be in mission bay tomorrow
  15. fishboy93

    Kite fishing question

    Wind on leaders of 200 and 400lb fluoride some with 3-5oz sliders fit various wind conditions
  16. fishboy93

    SOLD Down Rigger 4' Boom w/Rod Holder Mount, & 2 lead DR balls

    Looking for any trades? I’m in SeaWorld marina as well.
  17. fishboy93

    FREE couple tackle boxes, spin reels and rods

    I’d like the cast net. I’m in mission valley. Message me and I’ll social distance you some beers for the cast net.
  18. fishboy93

    Kodiak bait tube hardware needed

    Looks pretty easy to make with some screws and a spacer sleeve cut to fit...
  19. fishboy93

    Crossing US/Mex border by water

    I Uber down now mostly. If you’d like a hand in learning the logistics of the move let me know I do deliveries a few times a month.
  20. fishboy93

    800 XH

    Ya 800xh and a fathom 40nld2 are my go to bft and Guadalupe setup.
  21. fishboy93

    For Sale Penn 114h wahoo special 86.00

    I want this. I’ll be in oceanside Friday
  22. fishboy93

    "cobblestone bottom"

    Hard to figure out until you can feel the reef through your leadhead or sinker. look for hard bottom in 90’-180’ and try it. Worst case ya find a new spot to check later this year.
  23. fishboy93

    FREE Hydraulic fluid

    Copy missed ya. Maybe if you still have it when I drive back down.
  24. fishboy93

    FREE Hydraulic fluid

    What area are you in sir. He headed north from San Diego tomorrow afternoon
  25. fishboy93

    What topshot for a size 12 two speed?

    Which 12? Lots of reels and lots of answers.
  26. fishboy93

    For Sale 28foot ditmar&donaldson project boat

    How are the planks and fasteners??
  27. fishboy93

    Fishing boat upgrade

    Comparing a skipjack to a Davis is like a Honda to a Ferrari. Skipjacks aren’t nearly as good in the same conditions a Davis will plow through. They’re all much older and super rare to find one with an outboard compared to the numerous Davis outboard conversions and age. There have been quite...
  28. fishboy93

    Fishing boat upgrade

    If you’re serious about a great family boat buy a Davis Rock Harbor and don’t ever look back. Best seakeeping platform of any boat in its class. And the diesel models have the range to really go anywhere. Plenty of guys have navigated around baja in them and even down to puerto Vallarta where...
  29. fishboy93

    Parking Davies Launch Ramp LB

    Never had an issue parking my car without a trailer at Davies.
  30. fishboy93

    Need help with to find out what some of this old fishing gear is worth.

    The trulines are maybe $40-100 each depending on the condition and finding the right buyers. The spinning reels are pretty hard to value since most people won’t or don’t buy them. However that red reel may be of some value if it’s a Luxor (made in France) but i don’t think it is. And the...
  31. fishboy93

    Baitwell Pumps: 120V vs 12V

    no point in 120v pumps without a gen set and even then a 12v backup for fishing quietly or being on the mooring is necessary. Jabsco cyclone or rule cartridge pumps are easy to install and work great.
  32. fishboy93

    Fishing boat upgrade

    Find yourself a used Davis Rock Harbor or Farallon either with outboards or a diesel depending on preference. BAMF are piles of crap and the company has been shown not to stand by their work. They knocked off Davis and others and are eerily similar to the quality and style of the company that...
  33. fishboy93

    SOLD 1997 Blackfin 31 Combi

    I’d like to come by and look at this!
  34. fishboy93

    For Sale 55 Gallon Drum

    I’m up that way Thursday. How heavy is it?
  35. fishboy93

    SOLD 28' Knight Brothers Express Twin Diesel (Who Wants a Project) $20,000

    Don’t think parts are available any longer besides junk yards and overstock people may still have. Wouldn’t be hard to pull those out and out in 2 6bta Cummins
  36. fishboy93

    Shout out to Jamie at Bob Sands

    One of my favorite people to fish with and my absolute favorite person to bounce ideas off of. Miss the bob sands boys but Fred hall is around the corner
  37. fishboy93

    Elfin Cove question

    If you can find kelp or grass growing to the surface in a less current driven area you entice the Black bass and almost everything in the kelp to the surface. Caught a lot of black bass, greenling, a few lingcod, and plenty of halibut throwing the surface iron and occasional a large musky fly.
  38. fishboy93

    Elfin Cove question

    Apologies I had the zones reversed in my mind. As far as I understand for this year it’s still 4 per year non resident Under 38”(lost 2 inches 3 years in a row) or over 80”. However non guided rentals will now most likely have the same limits and slots as the guided trips. Wednesday’s are still...
  39. fishboy93

    Elfin Cove question

    3A is elfin cove and you get one halibut per day guided and it’s under 28” I believe. Now southeast has broadened in the 2c area and you get one fish a day between 38”-80” which is a huge difference from the old guided slot of under 44”
  40. fishboy93

    Elfin Cove question

    It’s both. You fish with a guide from 7-4 or so and then you can take the small skiffs around the bay and drift halibut. You get 1 with a guide and another solo. The halibut fishing was good but like most of Alaska they’re all chickens. Excellent rockfish and salmon fishing was standard too. I...
  41. fishboy93

    Elfin Cove question

    Go to Pybus point lodge. Elfin isn’t really a great fishery like they try to sell you on and most of the lodges require a boat ride from Juneau. Pybus float planes you in from Juneau and you fish same day as arrival. They just remodeled the lodge and guest rooms. Great captains and staff and...
  42. fishboy93

    PENN new product wish list

    It’d be nice to have a option between the bulky torque star drags and the cheap fathoms star drags. Something that isn’t to robust but also isn’t a graphite framed reel. Like a trinidads worst nightmare especially if there was a size slightly wider and taller than the 25n but not close to the...
  43. fishboy93

    Seeker 540 prototype?

    Seen those rods they’re quite a bit different. Finally got confirmation it’s a Sabre seeker mashup from a time long past. The joint of the sections and lack of labeling gave it away. Way smoother joints than the old seekers that often had bubbles and holes in the material there.
  44. fishboy93

    Seeker 540 prototype?

    I solved the mystery a few months back it’s a never released blank... I’ll be sure to post pics when I’m done working on the boat...
  45. fishboy93

    Best light wind kite

    Lewis extra light wind and a balloon. If ya don’t wanna use helium don’t get into kites... Boston’s suck if you actually know how to fish. They surge and force you to constantly dramatically adjust your rigs.
  46. fishboy93

    Kite set up

    50 wide or larger full of 130-200lb spectra with a 6’ 400lb leader for your flyer(some guys like a 30’ mono top shot for stretch but it’s not necessary).Rod should be something rated 130-unlimited and is more preference. I like my calstar 775XXXH. Don’t fish anything smaller than a 50 standard...
  47. fishboy93

    What Does Hook "3X Strength" Really Mean?

    Bent a lot of those mustard demon 3x hooks over the years. Seems like mustad has a annual batch of hooks that come out soft and this year if was forsure the demons.
  48. fishboy93

    Rod recommendation

    711 h with a tranx 400 and a wahoo for the 500. The 300 doesn’t hold enough line to fish much more than calicos. And I hate fishing 30lb spectra. 400 filled with 50lb and a short top on that 7’11H will throw any 5”+ swimbait and still be more than capable on the occasional tuna or yellow
  49. fishboy93

    Talica 20ii vs Makaira 16sea

    More torque and lower gearing with the mak.
  50. fishboy93

    Ice Machine - for home use

    Eskimo with a good ice bin...
  51. fishboy93

    SOLD 2007 38’ Mediterranean

    Great boat! Had the opportunity to help Bob out a few times and it was a super nice rig
  52. fishboy93

    Fujinon Authorized Service Locations

    Mail them to baker
  53. fishboy93

    Dont know where this belongs....

    Should’ve handled it before you left the boat. Probably more to the story than he lost the rod though. Typically that’s a fumble between angler and crew when passing rods and that’s not something you blame on the deck crew. Buy another stick and fish another boat.
  54. fishboy93

    Graftech offshore?

    They aren’t the turners house brand and I’m guessing you didn’t have a clamp on your reel if you claim the rod is costing you a reel... The graph tech line is a great budget friendly option. Used them for my personal rods And rental rods and never had an issue besides the occasional ceramic...
  55. fishboy93

    WTB 38 Mediterranean Information

    Garbage... light and narrow boats That don’t handle any weather other than calm...
  56. fishboy93

    Private boat sale, large cash transactions? Alternatives?

    Cash and a side arm... less hassle than the bank and guaranteed safety...
  57. fishboy93

    What mono

    Jinkai 130
  58. fishboy93

    Favorite Solid Spectra?

    For casting rods like jig sticks and stealth bait rigs I use berkly pro spec. The 80 and 100 is all I use the 65 is a little to small for my style. 80 cast the absolute best I’ve seen dry or wet.
  59. fishboy93


    Wrong company... calstar makes calstars.
  60. fishboy93

    Good for sportfishing?

    Reading comprehension is important... ya find a new buyer or if you have the coin get the retail license and sell direct for even better money.
  61. fishboy93

    Good for sportfishing?

    Hes full of shit. Had no problem selling hook and line fish for good prices this year. Yellows $2-$4, bluefin $3-$8, seabass $3-$7, halibut live $8-$15
  62. fishboy93

    Shotgun Advice

    Best gun around for the money I feel. Super versatile, light recoil, and great for all hunting.
  63. fishboy93

    Shotgun Advice

    Not sure why the A5 is first choice but do yourself a favor and get the 3.5” and a 28” barrel. And if you really want a fun gun get a pump Like the benelli nova or super nova and learn to use the feeder pause button to load the occasional larger round.
  64. fishboy93

    Release Truth Seigler Star Mag Review (Don't buy one)

    After 2 reels that were garbage out of the box followed by the same run around you got I agree they’re one of the worst company’s on the industry as far as quality and customer service.
  65. fishboy93

    Bob Sand's custom wrap info

    Not bob sands but bobs sporting goods on the west side. Looks like a Sabre 870?
  66. fishboy93

    Solid braid to solid braid?

    Way to much overthinking going on here. A uni to uni with 7-10 turns each side will work but the best way in my opinion is a 10 turn each side bloodknot. Goes through the guides well, locks itself, and isn’t very difficult to tie.
  67. fishboy93


    Don’t know about a website but bob sands has them all on the rack. One of my favorite brands for the value
  68. fishboy93

    Lure ID

    Rebel broken backs or something along those lines. Great for cuda and bonita on the slow troll
  69. fishboy93

    Shogun Chef Wanted

    If you’re talking about the funny bald ex navy Monty he passed a few years back. Miss that guy he was always a blast.
  70. fishboy93

    Blackmouth Shedding Scales

    That’s a bad excuse brotha. Ya they’re heavy it it’s very doable. Plenty of guys use them when solo. Of you dish salmon or trout it should be a requirement because any fish you release from a standard net is dead.
  71. fishboy93

    Blackmouth Shedding Scales

    If you aren’t using a rubber net you’re doing the fishery a disservice. That being said juveniles are much more sensitive to how their handled
  72. fishboy93

    How and Why do you tip on and off the boat

    You just don’t get it... some people don’t want to hate their job everyday so they chose to do things they’re passionate about. Most deckhands make $125-150 a day and if they’re working overnights or multi day then figure they work 18-20 hours a day. The only people making money are the boat...
  73. fishboy93

    WTB 6pack charter boat 27-34’

    You’re looking in the wrong place. Never see aluminum’s down in SoCal and when you do they’re center consoles. I believe Koffler has a few used boats in Oregon at their shop that may fit your description or north river may as well.
  74. fishboy93

    Aug big bluefin hunt, will the Legend go after em

    Kind of a joke to think the internet fisherman are going to be able to predict where someone is going to take you to fish in 4 months. But hey if the stars align and you get lucky maybe you’ll catch a bluefin otherwise book the trip and take the chance and don’t complain when Mother Nature...
  75. fishboy93

    Outrigger line attachement

    No braid in outrigger clips mono. Use the nice ones with a roller and tensioner and skip the rubber band bs. These are by far my favorite and with a little maintenance last forever...
  76. fishboy93

    Trip to La Paz or ? Would like input.

    Tail hunter with Jonathan. Stay at la concha for a inexpensive but still great hotel with a private beach and rad pool areas. Hard to beat la Paz for a fun vacation. Plenty of nightlife on the malecon and great places to eat and drink including the tail hunter restaurant
  77. fishboy93

    xtratuff 6" ankle boot longevity issues????

    They aren’t hiking boots... had mine 2 years and worked deck and run plenty of trips in them and they’ve held up just fine. A bike tire patch kit will fix them
  78. fishboy93

    Has Anyone Fished the Coronado Islands without a Bracelet and been checked ?

    You can either follow the laws or you can suffer the consequences if you get caught. What a dumb question to ask...
  79. fishboy93

    Port Authority Check In ????

    Check out with the port captain in Mexico and pull into the customs dock at shelter island and use the phone on the dock.
  80. fishboy93

    Mexican Permits 2019

    The online deal is screwed up and is in the process of being fixed. Something to do with the new government and tourism mainly from what I understood. I believe you can still get licenses at the landings in SD
  81. fishboy93

    Seeker 540 prototype?

    That looks like the rod. Gonna build it and fish it this year
  82. fishboy93

    Need help identifying rig

    It’s a halibut rig. Saw them at western auto in Juneau last year. Try their website or calling the store.
  83. fishboy93

    Solid to solid connection for 100 lb

    Blood knot... goes through the guides incredibly well and isn’t as much of a pain as a Bimini to Bimini or a hollow section for serving. 12 turns on the each side and tighten slowly. Use a leadhead or something similar to hold the hole open for your tags to go through, makes it a lot easier.
  84. fishboy93

    Seeker 540 prototype?

    It’s a darker black that fades to charcoal and then yellow. Sorry I don’t sell any gear anymore. Rather collect and fish the gems myself.
  85. fishboy93

    Penn visx 50.

    130# spliced to 25yards of 200lb for a little extra abrasion. 200lb flylines like a wet T-shirt 130 is a little more manageable in my opinion.
  86. fishboy93

    Ventura county..looking for someone to buy a boat with..

    Just shoot yourself in the foot and save yourself the hassle. For 20k total and a partner involved all you’re gonna buy is a headache.
  87. fishboy93

    Getting a Seagull Tangled in Your Line - Why do You Hurt the Bird?

    Next time report it to DFW and take pictures if possible. People who kill animals for no reason give us fisherman as a whole a bad name.
  88. fishboy93

    SOLD PENN International II / 30SW

    Wish I had the spare cash. Great deal for a clean reel
  89. fishboy93

    WSB Rod Recommendations?

    Glass Calstar 270-8H
  90. fishboy93

    Shimano Trinidad DC’s

    The big difference is the cast control which helps when throwing a 10’+ rod with a jig into the wind. And after you hook a fish they have plenty of drag power and torque to turn the fish. Catch a few nice yellows with that lexa and compare it to a new one. The frames get trashed and the gears...
  91. fishboy93

    Daiwa Sealine vs. old

    The “slosh” series you’re referring to has a graphite spool which is lighter and casts small baits better, but it’s not as sturdy as aluminum spool sealines.
  92. fishboy93

    Salvaging a sunken aluminum boat...

    Unless you enjoy throwing money away buy a new boat or a well maintained used boat.
  93. fishboy93

    Gregor pac19 rebuild help

    Custom aluminum mounted in foam would be the way to go.
  94. fishboy93

    Drag Grease Alternative

    Cal grease... most tackle shops and a handful of reel manufacturers use it.
  95. fishboy93

    rock fishing from shore good locations needed

    Google maps and the navionics app will show you what you need. But they are very few and far between.
  96. fishboy93

    For Sale TLD 50II and TLD 30IIA

    Just curious... what were You using these set ups for?
  97. fishboy93

    GF 800 XLH vs GF 800L

    It’s a graphite version of a 20# chovie stick. Sensitive tip and a little extra in the middle for some backbone. Fish mine with 20lb and a 525 mag cast for finesse fishing.
  98. fishboy93

    For Sale Nomad DTX 165, DTX 200, DTX 220 Minnows!!!

    Do they still crack and stop tracking correctly after a handful of fish.
  99. fishboy93

    Vintage Sabre GS1670C Vs Calstar Grafighter 700M for 40lb

    Wouldn’t fish 40 on a 700m unless it’s strictly for flylining. Otherwise it doesn’t have the backbone to turn a fish on 40 when day dropper looping. Most guys fish the 700 h which was at one point rated 30-50
  100. fishboy93

    For Sale 2001 Chevy Duramax cheap

    Wish our boat was still running trips. I’d of had my suv sold and a few extra bucks for this beauty. Bump for a great price on a great rig.
  101. fishboy93

    Re powering with an Etec

    Great motors as long as you let them run. They don’t like low rpms which is why a lot of the early models used on harbor patrol boats and other tight quarters vessels were junk so fast. As previously stated have it tuned for XD100 and run it hard. Great motors. Had a pair I personally put 2000...
  102. fishboy93

    SEA vs VISX

    Correct but the SEA is based off a penn design with the help of cal sheets... ever noticed the tons of similarities in design between the two companies...
  103. fishboy93

    SEA vs VISX

    Considering that the SEA is a near knock off of penn that cal sheets helped design I’d go Penn. fished them both and the penn just feels more solid as well.
  104. fishboy93

    Cooling system . On Cummins vt 555 engines.. Looking for recommendations ! !!

    I would ask Tony Athens for his installer Vons number. Von has his own company and is a strait shooter.
  105. fishboy93

    For Sale Marlin/tuna teaser dredge set

    $100 shipedon your dime or meet up in SFV, or Santa Clarita.
  106. fishboy93

    SOLD 10ft Sabre GF540

    Good price I just sold some 540 prototypes from a few companies for the same ballpark price.
  107. fishboy93

    For Sale Marlin/tuna teaser dredge set

    Bump. Great for striped bass in the winter time as well. Just a heavy duty spreader...
  108. fishboy93


    Simple green or some alcohol.
  109. fishboy93

    For Sale Marlin/tuna teaser dredge set

    Have a set of weighted marlin/tuna/wahoo spreaders in a typical “t bar” style. They’ve been used but work just fine once rerigged. Selling as a pair for $120 or best offer. Similar rigs sell for $150 per dredge online and they aren’t made of metal but instead plastic. Posted a pic but if you’d...
  110. fishboy93

    Not Selling Squid Again For Channel Islands WSB

    Easier to pick float your own anyway. Love having the bait tank empty on the way to the islands.
  111. fishboy93

    Will shops spool line u bring in?

    $5 per reel for your own line. Most every shop in SoCal carries Daiwa JBraid which is one of the best depth marking lines being made, but if you can’t find it asking the tacklesbop of your choice to order it is the way to go. Not only will you get exactly what you want but you’ll build a...
  112. fishboy93

    Big Red Rock Cod in San Diego

    What a joke... go put fuel in your boat and burn it while you burn your eyes out looking for spots on your OWN fish finder...! No one hands out spots, learn to fish and find fish on your own.
  113. fishboy93

    For Sale SOLD 8 REELS

    Interested in a few reels. Will pm you my #
  114. fishboy93

    Need a Ride to Fishermans Landing

    Uber ain’t that expensive.
  115. fishboy93

    Swimbait rod for lingcod

    I fish a Calstar 800h deckhand wrapped with stainless guides. Typical beater. Saltist 35 loaded with 65 or 80lb spectra and a 80lb 3’ moon leader
  116. fishboy93

    Rockfishing rod and reel under $300

    Daiwa saltiest level wind with 65lb spectra and a stiff ugly stick with boat guides. Probably $260 or less new. Great for rockfish and beginner Tuna set up.
  117. fishboy93

    Outboard in a slip

    Look up he earmuff or hose connection fittings for hat motor. Another great way to keep the boat pristine is a slip lay with a chemical bath. Not sure the real term for them but basically the boat sits in a large blue tarp type area with a chemical bath.
  118. fishboy93

    Bait tank pump size?

    800gph cartridge pump and a strainer. Go brought the system and make it perfect. One of he easier things to fix on a boat.
  119. fishboy93

    which landing for overnight trip?

    For a 1-3 day try the New lo An, Chief, Tomahawk and there are plenty of others but those came to mind first.
  120. fishboy93

    Hotel near sea world?

    Dana Inn or Hyatt
  121. fishboy93

    which landing for overnight trip?

    Don’t Groupon... go to SD
  122. fishboy93

    Vagabond CRUSHES the BFT

    Man I miss fishing with Kyle, glad his memory and spirit is very much alive.
  123. fishboy93

    Jig stick for 5' 9" teenager?

    If he can fish and cast well just get him a 10’ rod and be done. Take him to the tackle shop and make him pull on everything
  124. fishboy93

    Best time to fish the Lupe?

    Gonna need a lot of fuel and the proper permits. It’s a long way offshore
  125. fishboy93

    For Sale 1983 Aguilar 50' loa fiberglass diesel charter boat

    Single screw 8vdetroit... ol reliable gas guzzler Goodluck.
  126. fishboy93

    Recommendations for 4 Pack or 6 Pack Charter comfort and range for a multi day
  127. fishboy93

    For Sale Moss berg 4x4

    $200 and I’ll pay Transfer. I’ll be in SD area Thursday 8/23.
  128. fishboy93

    Problems Hookup baits

    If you think this is the first company to not be reputable, and boycotting good tackles shops is the answer than do whatever floats your boat. You’re gonna end up being the guy that bounces between every shop because you don’t like something they carry or a way they do something. To each their...
  129. fishboy93

    Problems Hookup baits

    Pretty stupid to condem a shop owner for trying to make a few bucks. Not their fault idiots consisitently call asking for those baits. We all hate the guy for poaching but if you feel the need to boycott a tackle shop over a bait they stock then that’s pretty damn stupid. Whether the shop owner...
  130. fishboy93

    Is there a guadalupe cage dive/fish combo?

    Dive trips can’t have any fishing gear on board so it won’t ever happen...
  131. fishboy93

    For Sale 15' Gregor Skiff w/ 25HP Johnson - $3,200 Firm

    Sick little rig bud. Hope you can get her gone. Might have to consider it for swimbaits season at the lakes this year.
  132. fishboy93

    Need a good fish processor near Mission Bay...

    Sportsmen’s seafood is closest and cheapest. I miss Mario a lot.
  133. fishboy93

    For Sale 33ft Walk Around Yamaha F-350s. Major price reduction!!

    Price? Fuel burn numbers? Have the motors been updated?
  134. fishboy93

    For Sale Ocean ready tuna killer bayliner

    I hope it comes with a gun to out the guy out of his misery. Not sure what’s worse, the no trailer, or the bayliner part.
  135. fishboy93

    School me on RSW for a 28’ boat

    Unless you have a gen set to run it off and don’t mind killing your fuel economy due to weight I wouldn’t do it. Not to mention they aren’t the easiest systems to maintain/repair.
  136. fishboy93

    Anyone know what the Excalibur was? Vessel name before it. Taft brothers bought a new boat.

    Charisma I believe. It was an old dive boat. Great platform
  137. fishboy93

    Looking to fish private skiff July 18

    Lol Goodluck with that... baits $50 a scoop and gas is almost $4 a gallon. $150 full day party boat sounds like a deal
  138. fishboy93

    Crimps for heavy mono

    Never had an issue with AFW crimps I use them for 200-400lb kite leaders and haven’t had an issue. Gotta be sure not to crush the crimp and compromise the mono inside.
  139. fishboy93

    50% hike in prices at MDR bait dock?

    I’m on the water 5 days a week, just kind of a joke listening to guys complain about $30 a scoop, saying they’d rather burn extra gas and set up an appointment to get bait verse pay $30... Captain black, or Jacob have never handed me a light “pass” always handed them $35 and ended up with more...
  140. fishboy93

    50% hike in prices at MDR bait dock?

    Never had a problem with Ricks bait in Mdr. He changed his prices in March, it was $25 a scoop for years and now it’s $30... what’s your complaint? Go down to EB and see what a scoop runs you, and then complain about MDR bait.
  141. fishboy93

    Freind needs a job fishing in Alaska

    Craigslist and a one way plane ticket to walk the docks
  142. fishboy93

    Freind needs a job fishing in Alaska

    Does he have a license. Takes about 30 seconds to find a job betweenCraigslist and walking the docks up there. If he has a license the charter companies always have people dropping off. Otherwise Kodiak and Brisol Bay are booming for commercial salmon season
  143. fishboy93

    For Sale 58' Hatteras..... What a sweeet ride!!

    I’d hate to see the fuel burn with those 12v Detroit’s. Ouch
  144. fishboy93

    Tuf line xp braid

    Always had issues with their products.
  145. fishboy93


    25 bumps and you still can’t figure out that new SL in the box is like $80 online... they sell for $50 in perfect shape used in consignment cases. Goodluck dude
  146. fishboy93

    Man Bait Rig

    Pick up some 7691dt mustads for when that massive jobu isn’t cutting it.
  147. fishboy93

    Boarding Policies

    Doesn’t matter as long as you aren’t the guy that has one of those stupid SKB boxes with rocket launchers. When I see a guy with one of those take a rack spot I just laugh and think what a douche. It’s incredible that people think they need tons of trays and a personal rod holder right in the...
  148. fishboy93

    Barracuda Mim size question

    Nope. Been told I’d have to fish the whole fish as bait. Can’t half it or chunk it due to size regs which is how most guys fish sharks.
  149. fishboy93

    Average size jigsticks.

    Fell in love with Roddys. Favorite jigstick is either a 9’8” roddy or Calstar 540 full length.
  150. fishboy93

    Average size jigsticks.

    Start a special category of equipment they don’t make anymore and you can call it whatever you like. I prefer my Roddy Rods to the trulines I’ve picked up.
  151. fishboy93

    Average size jigsticks.

    It ain’t a jigstick if it’s not 9’ +
  152. fishboy93

    6/12 Adrift on the west end of Cat with a dead battery

    Sounds like you had no business crossing the channel but chalk it up to a stupid lesson learned and a lucky day. I’ve had my fair share of failures running other people charter boats in Alaska. I learned to never run a boat without 2 banks, a charger, and a jump box. You never turn your motors...
  153. fishboy93

    El Nino is back?

    Is it really an El Niño? Seems more like a common yearly pattern at this point. Our planets changing...
  154. fishboy93

    WTB +-36 Ft Twin diesel Sportfish, Convert or Express in the $50k range

    Would be cautious of any BTA Cummins and 3116 cats. Either QSC Cummins or 3208 cats would be the slight step up
  155. fishboy93

    DMV boat title transfer question

    Think you’d be fine just signing the pink slip sounds like you’ll have some reg fees and late fees due which is probably why the guy you bought the boat from didn’t file the paperwork.
  156. fishboy93

    Best value on Fluro

    We use that in Alaska for salmon fishing. As a guide it’s ok but I’d still rather use blue label. The salmon stuff tends to have a lot more memory and when it breaks it explodes into strands instead of breaking clean. Good for trolling but not my first choice for bait fishing.
  157. fishboy93

    Channel Islands 6/5

    Never had an issue filleting Hali’s. Take each quarter off with just the skin on and call it a day. If they’re real close keep the carcass in the cooler.
  158. fishboy93

    What to do with a Daiwa Fuego CT?

    It’s a fresh water reel... it’ll fall apart in the salt. I’ve gone through a few. They’re great from bass fishing.
  159. fishboy93

    For Sale 2003 Sea Pro

    Same question where is the boat located?
  160. fishboy93

    Decent Spinning Combo I Hope!

    Looks fine to me. Throw some 6lb mono on them and if you really want buy some fluoro to add a leader with.
  161. fishboy93

    Juneau Fishing

    Just got home from Juneau after being there a bit. Fish the hatchery or fritz cove for salmon. Don’t forget kings are catch and release. Rockfish and halibut are easy to get off the statter harbor Auke docks too. Sabiki some herring and freeze it. Baits stupid expensive there.
  162. fishboy93

    WTB seaway

    Guy used it as a commercial fishing platform. See it all the time tied up. Think he did mackerel and dines.
  163. fishboy93

    KIcker installation advice for off Oahu

    Aluminum bracket. Power tilt and steering on a remote from the console and you’re good to go. Easy
  164. fishboy93

    Tuesday weather window???

    Monday Tuesday look good.
  165. fishboy93

    Rusted hooks?

    Unless it’s some expensive strengthened hook I throw them away. If it’s a designer hook I rinse it and add it back to the bag it came from
  166. fishboy93

    Trolling speeds for salmon

    Maybe we’re speaking of different lures? We run the lure Jensen small chrome Dodgers fast. We adjust the six of flasher to conditions but if they’re spinning they typically aren’t catching in my experience. I like my flashers to dart side to side and up and down. Typically I run the 12” with a...
  167. fishboy93

    Trolling speeds for salmon

    Working in AK I’ve played with my techniques a lot. If I’m dragging dodgers I’ll run 2.2-3.5 (heavy current/wind set up). If I’m trolling full size flashers 1-2.5 max otherwise they just spin. I’ll run divers on calm days and bannana weights on the bad wind and current days.
  168. fishboy93

    FG reigns over loop to loop?

    If you prepare a bag of wind on “loop to loop” connections at home you’ll never tie a FG, RP, Bob sands or any other knot again besides your hooks and local sticks. 60lb and under I fish a RP knot to the leader because I typically fish them on local trips where more tangles occur. 80lb and up...
  169. fishboy93

    20# Class Reel

    Friends don’t let friends fish 20. But if you’re gonna do it... Calstar 800XLH and a saltist 20 with 40lb daiwa Jbraid
  170. fishboy93

    Boat Pick Help Needed

    Islander. John and his crew are phenomenal
  171. fishboy93

    Using iPad for a plotter

    Not for primary use by any means.... but and slip in charging stand works well.
  172. fishboy93

    Opinions on Thresher boats

    To be polite I wouldn’t trust my life to one... the power plants are great choices, but looking at the finish work such as hardware, rail mounts where they meet the deck, and plumbing id head caution. And so I don’t get flamed yes I have had the opportunity to run one of their center console...
  173. fishboy93

    Best solution for more rod racks? Whaler

    Custom bracket above the existing one. And some clamp ins between the existing I’d you need 10+ rods
  174. fishboy93

    Will Bait Teceiver guys split a scoop between 2 boats?

    No kayak scoops or scoop splitting usually. Like stated about out the excess in a bucket
  175. fishboy93

    Penn Fathom 60 LD2 #80 any experience with this?

    It’ll work fine. It’s not a cow reel. It has the drag capability but the frame and handle will eventually give out if abused on multiple Guadeloupe trips. I’ve fished my 40nld2 a few times with 80lb and it held up besides a bent handle and spent drags.
  176. fishboy93

    Royal Star Cancels Mazatlan Trips

    Depending on what the boats zoned for 2 are required. All long range boats are zone 3 and require 2 gen sets
  177. fishboy93

    S/e bank to Catalina 5/6

    Back trolling in heavy current will keep your boat on the spot longer. Thanks for the report.
  178. fishboy93

    Lowrance total scan transducer question

    First... you should use a transom saver because it allows you to move the transducer without drilling a million holes. Now onto the real question... I’ve run a dozen + boats now with the lowrance total scan and elite series units and unless you’re doing 5kts or less they are fairly useless. They...
  179. fishboy93

    Fuck the anchor

    Trust me after working in Alaska a few years you’ll still lose plenty... 25-40’ of chain and the rest rode with a Bruce and a zip tie breakaway will work wonders for you. Not sure what everyone is thinking with the box anchors or massive scoping but those methods are great at hanging anchors and...
  180. fishboy93

    How do i prove my residency when I don't have a driver license?

    At 16 you’re required to apply for a state issued ID whether for driving or not. If you don’t wanna get one use your student Id so the numbers match your ID.
  181. fishboy93

    Most legendary local SW fisherman of modern times.

    If he needs a book to use for an auto biography grab a copy of “Fish or Cut Bait” on the man Bill Poole.
  182. fishboy93

    Advice on a windlass

    Anchor drum if you want it to be self contained. Lewmar if you don’t mind going to cleat it off
  183. fishboy93

    Has anyone been kicked off a LR boat?

    When a person is fed up enough with drugs on the boat to make that threat the boat owner may deserve to lose the boat... sorry but no tolerance doesn’t mean some situational semantics are ok. Certain boats have had those stigmas throughout the years and you wouldn’t see a decent crew memeber on...
  184. fishboy93

    Has anyone been kicked off a LR boat?

    Sounds like a standup captain to me. It’s getting old being on a sportboat and having 10 guys in a circle on the back deck thinking they’re inconspicuous. Especially those local boats that’s have crew mixed into the circle with passengers. If you can’t not smoke pot for a 12 hour day then don’t...
  185. fishboy93

    No snap swivel for marlin

    I change out everytime a bait gets swiped. Some days that’s once some days it’s 20+time. Would you really want to destroy 20+wind ons trolling baits for billfish? Seems way easier to have a snapswivel to the leader for quick changes.
  186. fishboy93

    No snap swivel for marlin

    You always need a swivel when marlin fishing to change leaders quickly and prevent twist. Also can be tournament regs for a clearly defined leader. Windons are time consuming and that’s not something you want to wast time on when you can go through tons of leaders everyday
  187. fishboy93

    How come no one uses 2 piece rods on the west coast?

    Less action, less feel, one more fail point. Two pieces are for people who travel all the time or kooks with zebcos. The only 2 piece I’ve ever fished that didn’t scare me was a black hole 10’6” but for that money I’d still rather have a one piece.
  188. fishboy93

    Ventura Amigo Full Day Questions

    They don’t always have enough to fish a whole frozen for cod especially towards the beginning of the year... doesn’t make a difference up there anyway, strips or whole you’re getting quality rockfish. If you need the big bait to feel complete bring swimbaits and jigs
  189. fishboy93

    Penn fathoms centrifugal braking..

    Push all the brakes to the center which is the off position.
  190. fishboy93

    Cal Sheets??

    The talicas need the blueprinting worse than any other production reel I can think of at the moment. They’re known for having a bad distribution of heat that can cause the drag to fail, and the low gear is a hinderance to actually finishing off a fish for most people. They’re nice reels but for...
  191. fishboy93

    Cal Sheets??

    When you can literally flick the spool and get a legit cast with a 50 international loaded with a windon and 200lb spectra that’s when the upgrades make sense. Then you lower the gear to a 1:1 winch and possibly shave some weight from the spool and frame saving a little weight... well that’s...
  192. fishboy93

    Penn fathoms centrifugal braking..

    You’ve got the concept but those are really learning tools imo. As some would say an educated thumb is the best casting brake. Learning to feather the shoulder or spool itself for the best casting presentation and distance.
  193. fishboy93

    Rod Rating Rant

    It works the way it is. Couldn’t imagine trying to buy tackle as a newb having some pretentious sounding guy tell me I need a spring scale to calibrate my gear instead of weighing a fish. we’d never have any new anglers... I agree some rods have a broad range but that’s part of how some rods...
  194. fishboy93

    Need to get a Phenix rod replaced

    Either take it to where you bought it which is hopefully a local tackle shop and they can do it. Or you’ve gotta go to their shop.
  195. fishboy93

    Mercury 3.4L V6

    Saw 4 different motors where the cylinder wall literally just blew out. No real warning signs besides a very slight fuel issue or idle issue right beforehand. Each motor had 800-1400 hours and had been maintained meticulously. They’re were in use on charter skiffs in the PNW and cost a few...
  196. fishboy93

    Mercury 3.4L V6

    With the issues I’ve seen in the verado series I’d have a hard time putting faith in a Merc outboard anymore at all.
  197. fishboy93


    I’d 5200 it and then use a grinder to remove it in the future but there are a few ways to skin a cat. I would go with a long lasting as you feel comfortable with...
  198. fishboy93

    Cal Sheets??

    Have him fix the drag curve and low gear ratio on one of each of those reels, he may even improve freespool. You’ll never fish the ones you didn’t upgrade again.
  199. fishboy93

    3/30 Santa Cruz and The Gap

    I believe you have to be under power. But you really should just stay out of footprint all together. It’s not worth a day in court to prove you were “in transit” unless you’re coming home from SBI or something similar and it’s in the direct path.
  200. fishboy93

    Landing Net Requirements

    Buy yourself a oversized rubberized one and you’ll never had a fish again. It’ll keep the meat that much nicer and your boat will have far fewer scratches and gouges compared to a gaff catching everything
  201. fishboy93

    Red/cod bite??

    Well if you didn’t have squid you didn’t even have a power cord for that there TV... if you’re going to ask questions on here then take the advice everyone’s been nice enough to give and let the rest roll off your back. And for what it’s worth I’ve never heard a socal salt talk about using...
  202. fishboy93

    Pacific Star sold

    Chris Randall?
  203. fishboy93

    Upgrade Older Internationals?

    Still adjustable. He just asks what you mainly want to fish on a specific reel and adds the gearing and drags accordingly. You can still up or back off the drag to adjust strike.
  204. fishboy93

    Little help or thoughts on SeaRay 340 Sportfisher

    Save yourself the shipping and maintenance costs and find something with diesels out here in that size. You’ll never wanna take it out when you can barely get to cat and back without needing fuel.
  205. fishboy93

    What happened to the Southern Cal

    It’s in Oceanside getting remodeled and will stay down there
  206. fishboy93

    WTB Newell Screws?

    Purchase the threading you need in extra long screws and then use a grinder or Dremel to custom fit
  207. fishboy93

    Upgrade Older Internationals?

    Send them to cal and try to get tipless frames and a new gearing for a lower low. They fish better than the newer reels
  208. fishboy93

    Red/cod bite??

    Don’t get stirred up over there... try fishing deeper 250-360’ with squid strips. Find some hard bottom or a stone and start to drift. If youre getting dabbed then go find another one.
  209. fishboy93

    Spooling my Avet 50 for a Yummy

    So 100lb solid spectra served to 200lb hollow spectra with a loop. Then do a loop of 200lb with 200-400lb mono whatever you like served in with a yummy crimped at the other end... drag set at 25-40lbs depending on if it’s in the rod holder or your hands. Hold on tight because that’s a violent hit.
  210. fishboy93

    Spooling my Avet 50 for a Yummy

    600yds of 100 to the rest 200 hollow. Topped with a 200-400lb topshot. Don’t fish a 100lb wind on unless you wanna hear a cool zing pow noise
  211. fishboy93

    holy crapola

    Tommy, Alec and that boat stand alone compared to the other operations down there. They aren’t the boat that flaunts ridiculous over the top comforts for insane prices. They fish hard, have great food, and the boat is up to date and comfortable. 10 years from now the demographic of the average...
  212. fishboy93

    SOLD daiwa saltist sttlw20h-c

    Maybe I’m wrong but aren’t these like $150-$160 new?
  213. fishboy93

    How's the bait lately?

    Strips of squid... or maybe some live if you’re lucky.
  214. fishboy93

    From Facebook

    Don’t know many guys who fish the 3x mustads. Whether circle hook or j hook the 4x is the only big game book I trust. Seen too many owners shatter to wanna try them again.
  215. fishboy93

    ??? For Reel Smart Guys?

    That line rating is for mono... I’d guess you’ll get 150 yards of Spectra and the rest will be your 100 yards of 60lb mono....
  216. fishboy93

    Best boat for NorCal?

    24’ north river seahawk with twin 115s would be sweet. Can find them in the PNW used quite frequently. Just add a shock pedestal and you’ll have a sweet boat
  217. fishboy93

    Dana Point Halibut or White Sea Bass

    Goodluck out there tomorrow. Today was sporting before the winds kicked up
  218. fishboy93

    SOLD Penn International 50SW 2speed

    eBay and craigslist. Even a cal sheets blue printed 50sw now a days only goes for $450-$500
  219. fishboy93

    SOLD Penn International 50SW 2speed

    Unless it’s been to cal sheets or a similar builder these reels average $175-275. Great real for someone to have blue printed.
  220. fishboy93

    Wham lures

    Been able to find whams and wham look alikes at bob sands. Might be worth a call
  221. fishboy93

    How did you last get Spooled?

    Fishing yellows up off Malibu flylining macs on 50lb... watched a massive mako swirl a few times before it finally took my bait, the circle hook did its job but he fish wouldn’t stop. Pointed the rod at the fish and broke her off
  222. fishboy93

    Penn 50sw #100 spectra capacity?

    Fill it with atleast 130 if you wanna fish the yummie... I had 200 explode on me last year when using the boat to set the hook the same way we did for every other yummie fish.
  223. fishboy93

    "Boat Length of Mono"

    Seems like a no brainer to fish a mono topshot when in large swells... always makes me laugh watching guys dump fish trying to use tons of drag and no stretch. Boats have been preaching this for all sorts of fishing for 10+ years since spectra took over. 30-50’ is plenty for a shock absorber.
  224. fishboy93

    App Idea for Seat Sharing -- Candid Feedback Please?

    Better cover your butt with liablilty releases. Couldn’t imagine the drama that would ensue a guy showing up and going out on a less than safe boat and having an accident. Now you’d have the app that put that person there more or less. Cool idea but I’d be hesitant to get on anyone’s boat and...
  225. fishboy93

    anyone use paypal?

    Venmo is my preferred method but I won’t do any online buying or sales if I don’t know someone. If I haven’t met you and I can’t pay or get cash for something I won’t buy it. Been screwed a few times through bad sellers on PayPal and won’t go back. It’s all a risk just depends on how much you’re...
  226. fishboy93

    sweet spot for 700H?

    Cant say I’d ever reccomend it as a 50lb... 7400H works well though
  227. fishboy93

    sweet spot for 700H?

    Solid 40 soft 50
  228. fishboy93

    New Saltist looks pretty neat

    Thankfully they have power handles that’ll fit. Those foam ball handles don’t last long.
  229. fishboy93

    Cost of fish fileting

    The tuna prices make sense to me... guys pay 90cents a pound on the whole to get their fish filleted and sealed. If you want clean cuts and the crew to take their time and do it right their going to charge you for that quality minus the sealed bags. 40x .9= $36. So $25 to cut a 40lb fish would...
  230. fishboy93

    Cost of fish fileting

    Haven’t seen .50 a fish in a long time. Standard is pretty much $2 a rockfish $5 a ling.
  231. fishboy93

    WTB WTB rod in the 10’ or more range

    Find it local or order it from a vendor. No one will private party ship a 10’ rod...
  232. fishboy93

    Dakine Kill Bag Reviews

    They all sweat from the seams... doesn’t matter what bag you buy you have to “weld” the seams like a wetsuit with 5200 or silicone caulking.
  233. fishboy93

    27' Northriver OS Twin 200's or 250's?

    All the ones you see in Alaska run 250s.
  234. fishboy93

    Dakine Kill Bag Reviews

    Just gave you my opinion on the Dakine kill bag that I once OWNED. Reliables keep my ice for 3-5 days my Dakine only held for 2 max. There’s a reason pretty much every smaller charter operation uses reliable and I guarantee you it’s not because they suck...
  235. fishboy93

    Dakine Kill Bag Reviews

    Dakine kill bags suck at holding ice. If you want something to last and hold your catch for a few days go reliable and either caulk or 5200 the seams. Otherwise you may as well throw ice in a trash bag and cross your fingers.
  236. fishboy93

    Setting up a kite reel

    That sounds like a cluster... even on a good day downriggers are still a pain. Add in a kite with way more resistance than a ball. A arm that’s going to drag your kite right into the water and you have my literal nightmare.
  237. fishboy93

    Setting up a kite reel

    80# on a 6/0 with a nut and drill to wind.
  238. fishboy93

    Islander Accommodations?

    I’m 6’2 250 never had a problem. Slept in just about every bunk on that boat. Doesn’t get much better than John and his operation
  239. fishboy93

    Need some input Calstar 775

    It’s a in between rod for me. Not enough power for cows if you start pulling. Good Guadalupe 80lb long soak rod but so is the 775 XH
  240. fishboy93

    Need some input Calstar 775

    I own the entire line up with duplicates. 775H-60 775XH-80 775XXH -100 775XXXH-130 770 XXXXH- unlimited big bait You need to pull on these rods. I fish 30-35% drag and use a lot of my body weight to leverage the rod so I tend to bottom rods out faster. If you’re the type to let the rod do ALL...
  241. fishboy93

    For Sale 26' North River 130kOBO

    I’d take a NR over a farallon, Kaufler, or Armstrong. Very sweet ride.
  242. fishboy93

    Xtratuff insoles?

    Dr scholls workbook insoles. Make sure your boots are a size large to accommodate sock and insole. I get almost a full year out of those insoles working.
  243. fishboy93

    zapato de cabillo

    Do a bob sands and it will never slip again... just an improved RP 7-10 turns.
  244. fishboy93

    Grundens for multi-day trips?

    Their bibs are perfect just have to find the ones you like. You can go standard orange Hercules rubber ones or newer style breathables. I have the burning daylight line that I really like. And it’s lasted a long while.
  245. fishboy93

    Grundens for multi-day trips?

    Rain gear or boots? Boots are preference but rain gear grundens is the best.
  246. fishboy93

    WTB WTB old 506HS, RESULT: today's post: New fisherman!!

    Was in bob sands the other day and they had a few different jig master models in the consignment case all for $50 or under. Might be worth giving him a call. If he has anything useful for ya let me know and I can deliver to SD
  247. fishboy93

    For Sale Price Drop to $340.00..Delete Spectra..Cal Sheets Modified Penn 16S

    What a deal. If I didn’t already have one I’d pick this up. Having blueprint done is almost the same price as a new penn and it’s got better performance. Hope this sells for ya soon.
  248. fishboy93

    Fathom 25n 2spd questions.

    Unless it’s strictly a surface iron reel go strait 65lb pro spec. 800h would be great 30-50
  249. fishboy93

    Will older ceramic guides work with braid?

    Just watch to make sure you don’t start burning the guides. Some of the older ceramics will groove or crack with spectra on a long run. You can fix it short term with clear nail polish.
  250. fishboy93

    Trip scheduled changed - what are my rights?

    Roll over your deposits to another trip that work for both of you? Not saying I would do that but could be a better option. BS to have a boat change a trip length/destination after taking bookings unless weather or mechanical issues occur.
  251. fishboy93

    Cod fishing MX waters and then fishing for halibut in SD Bay?

    Fill the declaration out and go for it... that’s the point of the declaration. Even better if you can fillet and freeze before coming back into US waters.
  252. fishboy93

    Cal Sheet's Super 30 VSX's for sale

    I fish a 50 and 30 same cal upgrades. They make every accurate okuma and stock penn feel like toys. Hope somebody gets to enjoy some sick reels.
  253. fishboy93

    WTB 24' Skipjack Open on a trailer.

    Pm me your number. I’ve got a good buddy selling one. Just put some money into it too.
  254. fishboy93

    East Coast Question For West Coast Anglers

    Simple. You don’t need the extra couple hundred yards on your reel and at a an extra cost is pointless to fill a reel with 800 yards of spec when 500 of a larger size would work just fine. Plus the advantages of easier knot tying and abrasion resistance.
  255. fishboy93

    Fishing boat rentals ?

    20mph on a nice day to and from cat.
  256. fishboy93

    Acquiring a sixpack certification

    Advanced Maritime Education. 3 weekends Friday night-Sunday in Los alamitos. 4 tests. 3 of which are 75% to pass and take no studying unless you’re bad at math but if you’ve got experience you’ll be fine. The 4th test rules of the road is all about lights and sound signals with some other...
  257. fishboy93

    CUI mandrel?

    Heard that the 12’ cui blanks that were being made for a short period of time are based on a classic mandrel. Anyone have any insight into this? Figured this or the rod building board would be the best place to ask.
  258. fishboy93

    Sanddabs Off PT Jan 23rd

    No hook limit for non game fish. Most guys who fish them use 10-15 hooks with a weight on top and bottom to lay the line flat on the sand. 180-360’
  259. fishboy93

    Fishermans Landing Parking ?

    Yup... and they were towing some of the random beater skiffs out too.
  260. fishboy93

    Fishermans Landing Parking ?

    Just because you can get away with something doesn’t make it a great idea. Seen plenty of cars towed from seaforth and from the overflow at fisherman’s Landing. Trust me I see chalk lines under my tires all the time.
  261. fishboy93

    Fishermans Landing Parking ?

    Park in the lot right in front of the landings. You’ll be towed from the over flow lot after 3 days no matter what you pay for on the ticket. And parking at seaforth for weeks won’t fly either...
  262. fishboy93

    Any Graftech users?

    Graphtechs are great, and the new models have way better components. Well above the other models you listed, and trust me I own both of those Okuma lines.
  263. fishboy93


    When there’s enough mass to justify wrapping... pretty sure the quotas restart with the new year.
  264. fishboy93

    Shotgun reloading lot

    So wish this was in the budget. That’s a great deal.
  265. fishboy93

    How Bad is Gold ?

    Not sure what the color of a reel changes. Seems like a dumb thing to whine about... it’s a fishing reel, if you’re a good angler it’ll end up scratched to hell and beat up anyway after a bunch of fish are caught on it. Throw it back in your purse until your next trip...
  266. fishboy93

    1/15 Izors and long beach breakwall

    Literally says it right in the license breakdown on the DFW website... saltwater allows as many rods as manageable except a few specific fisheries. Second rod stamp is required for a 2nd rod in freshwater only. BD Police at its finest
  267. fishboy93

    Penn VISX vs. Okuma Mak SEa

    This site has a search feature...
  268. fishboy93

    8day shogun ricebowl trip

    Probably a Guadalupe trip... rice bowl is a great time and all the boys are friendly and good fisherman.
  269. fishboy93

    seeker osp paired with Penn 30visx

    That reel is to small for the kite... if you want it to be a versatile set up just use loop to loops and have some from 80–150lb...
  270. fishboy93

    Dropper loop vs 3x for White Seabass

    Dropper loop I use a white glow job whatever size matches the squid and put the dropper loop 3’ above the jig at a length of 8-12”.
  271. fishboy93

    1989 Radon LRB

    Does it have any commercial permits included? Or any that you may want to get rid of.
  272. fishboy93

    Private Boat in Mexico

    License, visa and passport working 12 miles of any Mexican land islands included
  273. fishboy93

    Fish offshore Marina del Rey

    That’s my favorite boat in that fleet! Seems like their client base is growing. Where are you going?
  274. fishboy93

    Seeker 540 prototype?

    I don’t really want to sell it I’m just trying to figure out what it is. I guess I’ll try to contact seeker and see if they have info. It’s a neat rod with a cool joining design in the colors. And it feels like a pretty nice 40lb old school jig stick. If anything I’ll wrap it and throw it with...
  275. fishboy93

    Seeker 540 prototype?

    I was lucky enough to find what I’ve been told is a seeker 540 composite (graphite/fiberglass) half honey colored half graphite colored blank. Does anyone have any info on these rods? The friend I got it from swears it was a prototype and I’m inclined to believe him since I haven’t found...
  276. fishboy93

    Seaqualizer Maintenance

    Fresh water rinse and be done. They last 2/3 years, personally I use the spring loaded pinch style because they don’t break and they’re cheaper when they break or get lost.
  277. fishboy93

    aluminum pilothouse offshore boats

    They are heat traps... but a well built aluminum handles a hell of a lot better than a glass boat. And the beating you can put them through is awesome. Armstrong catamarans are pretty much my favorite after working Alaska. Had 5-8’ wind waves(no spacing and very steep) crashing on my back deck...
  278. fishboy93

    Any Charters for Long rod Iron Chuckers in 2018 ?

    long rod trips are invite only crew trips 99% of the time. Get some friends and charter a smaller boat to do it on for yourselves.
  279. fishboy93

    Anybody fish with "vintage" gear?

    Squiders jr and standard, 4/0 narrow, 6/0 narrow ya they all get used.
  280. fishboy93

    penn blue water carnage rod for sale

    Not to be that guy, but you may wanna google the price of that rod...
  281. fishboy93

    Long Range boat check in at Ensenada Mexico.

    Why would you ever take a long boat ride to Ensenada when you can drive? If you dont want to drive stay at the coral, they’ll shuttle you from the border... by the time you break it down it doesn’t make sense for a long range size boat to ferry people with the price of fuel, crew, and maintenance.
  282. fishboy93

    Line test: how high is too high?

    Your question doesn’t have an answer, you’re asking an opinionated deal... Whoever youre getting that 50lb advice from is dead wrong though, it’s easy to break mono of any size whether 20lb or 400lb they both going to break it’s just a matter of application. I think you need to rephrase a more...
  283. fishboy93

    Boat recommendations

    Should’ve brought the north river those things are one of my favorite boats. If you plan on moving back north just buy another aluminum beauty. They are great for the sloppy days down here.
  284. fishboy93

    squid dip net suggestions

    Build your own... way cheaper and it’s a good skill to know for when you tear it a million times. A good crowder helps too
  285. fishboy93

    What to use under reel for deckhand rod...

    Some thick shrink wrap
  286. fishboy93

    quick hollow core question

    You’ll be fine. Are you going to crimp, nail knot, or full windon set up?
  287. fishboy93

    LAX amo

    All good brotha seemed like you were headed a different direction. Merry Christmas boys!
  288. fishboy93

    LAX amo

    Sounds like you’re trying to insinuate something there bud. Reason I asked is because they have sales on their house brand. Don’t mind background checks on amo, same as I don’t mind being background checked for my captains license. Gotta keep people safe from loons. @sealskinner thanks for the...
  289. fishboy93

    Penn Fathom Leverdrag - FTH40NLDHS

    Bought one when they first came out. I believe they’re designed as sailfish reels where the boat is used to land the fish and torque isn’t a factor in landing or leadering a fish. Tried a 40 size and after a few yellows on the yo yo threw it on eBay. Not a west coast reel.
  290. fishboy93

    LAX amo

    Thanks guys! Gonna pick some up this week.
  291. fishboy93

    12/23 Dana Point halibut Dad's turn

    Nice job! Sounds like a fun day. Not sure if that gripper floats but may be worth throwing a float on it incase one of those Hali’s woke up.
  292. fishboy93

    LAX amo

    Any particular reason or just didn’t bother to order more?
  293. fishboy93

    LAX amo

    Was wondering if any of you guys have shot their LAX brand 9mm amo new or reloaded... saw they have some flats of 12ga for clays on sale and figured it may be worth the trip for a one stop shop.
  294. fishboy93

    2.5 Colonet trip

    Make sure you have every size and color of yo-yo with you. I’ve seen it so picky down there that guys are sharing the magic jigs... you’ll need a 30lb bait stick, 40lb jig stick, 50lb yo-yo stick, 50/60lb cod stick. Weights from 12-32oz lots of 1lbers and tons of premise ganions
  295. fishboy93

    Questions About Launching Solo?

    Teach your son to dock the boat. If you somehow become incapacitated he should be taught some brief nav skills such as how to set and follow the plotter, and also how to dock. Radio protocol is also a good thing to teach as well as have a laminated emergency directions sheet. Sign him up for a...
  296. fishboy93

    barn find id it?

    If you’re gonna do it the nicest skipjack I’ve ever fished on was a 24 open twin i/o they filled the transom and went to a single I/o with a Volvo diesel. Sipped fuel and gained a little speed without two motors weighing the stern down
  297. fishboy93

    1/3 or 1/4 Breaking strength drag set Spinners

    You need to message Jamie Fishordie on here about technique he’ll match your drag to your technique
  298. fishboy93

    1/3 or 1/4 Breaking strength drag set Spinners

    depends on line size but you’ve gotta be able to pull on the fish. I see guys fishing big spinners getting bit a lot and then they’re pretty much done because they cant pump a big fish on heavy drag
  299. fishboy93

    Fresh frozen Squid ?

    How much do you want shipped? Not really worth it for most places unless you’re going to order bulk. Paying for frozen items to be shipped is a pain and the retailers typically don’t want to deal with it...
  300. fishboy93

    Theives on a party boat

    thats a bummer right there. One hook or a weight no big deal, but new full packs of “designer” hooks... I would’ve grabbed that manifest and asked every person about my crap until someone messed up. The fish being missing part is bullshit on the crew though. No reason crew shouldn’t be able to...
  301. fishboy93

    Saltiga 40 2 speed

    500 yards just about of Berkeley pro spec 80 to the brim. I wouldn’t push it like the fathom. The tolerances are much different and the reel isn’t as forgiving. Great for what it’s made for 40-60lb but not a 80lb reel at all. And for what it’s worth the fathom 40s have some issues with the...
  302. fishboy93

    How’s the Pot Situation From Alimitos to Izor’s?

    Some guys are deep on the outside cod spots... 160-200
  303. fishboy93


    Leave the talica 8 at home. Add another 60/80lb rod with a penn visx 12 and a 100lb rod with a penn visx 16. Calstar 775 h and xh. Leave the avets at home and go with reels that give you pulling power unless you’re willing to fish a 30 size Avet to get near the amount of torque and power as the...
  304. fishboy93

    Freedom boat club ?

    Not sure about that specific club but the Mdr club is a very good operation. I work for quite a few of their clients and their boats are impeccably maintained and the access is very well thought out.
  305. fishboy93

    2 Day Colonet question

    Fish the finger or the Islands day 2
  306. fishboy93

    SOLD 37 Topaz express 40K

    Are the cats the commercial or recreational versions? That’s a hell of a rig for the money.
  307. fishboy93

    taking my boat to the 60 mile bank??

    Bingo. The dead rise(no name drop) of that boat does not handle swell or chop, but they’re great boats on no swell days. And coming home from offshore with any type of following sea they bow steer which can create a big issue in any type of swell. If I remember right the last time I ran almost...
  308. fishboy93

    taking my boat to the 60 mile bank??

    The fact that you completely ignored that I broke down how bayliners handle offshore is the funniest part to me. You asked what you needed and if it was feasible more or less to go well offshore in your boat. If you don’t want the advice then don’t ask on an open forum. I run a handful of...
  309. fishboy93

    Parker 2320 or North River 2500 OS?

    Coming from and Alaskan guide but the north river and leave the parkers to the fanboys who want to get beat up and pay for a name. Add air ride seats and you’ll love plowing through swell in a NR
  310. fishboy93

    taking my boat to the 60 mile bank??

    If you’ve never run offshore the 60 mile isn’t the first trip I’d start with. That SC basin can turn quick and become a nightmare. And update your vessel assist. Have atleast 2 radios, a epirb, 5 days fresh water and dried foods, and atleast 500’ of anchor rode so you can anchor up on the...
  311. fishboy93

    12/1 SCI Report

    Never seen a red Cowcod.... to bad everyone in bd is a wannabe dfg member. Nice reds man. Hopefully you pulled the stones from this big ones.
  312. fishboy93

    Anyone fish San Nich lately?

    120’ max At that island
  313. fishboy93

    What’s it cost to own this?? 42ft Sportfisher?

    Forget the yearly... what’s the repower and remodel going to cost when you rip out those Detroit’s for something efficient and have to rebuild the entire boat... 400 gallons isn’t much fuel either... add new tanks... figure 2-3k a month for a ship and cleanings plus yearly maintenance and...
  314. fishboy93

    Boat/Fishing Logs

    Just a Microsoft spreadsheet custom built by you... download spreadsheets and you’ll be ready to rock
  315. fishboy93

    Search Light

    Durabrites are pretty standard for a lot of guys now. Not sure if they have a remote set up but a small unit can illuminate plenty to get you on a dock or mooring.
  316. fishboy93

    11/25 60 Mile Bank on the Outer Limits

    Congrats on a great late season trip. Sorry you’ve had to deal with these idiots... it’s funny how people always whine about no reports or advice or info being posted... half the time you try to help and some window licker can barely comprehend a boat limit...
  317. fishboy93

    WTB Anchor and Rode Package for 21' Boat

    Go buy a spool of rope at a marine supply and 50’ of chain In two 25’ sections. Tie a bowlin and shackle your anchors to the chain... not hard and you’ll have 2 sets with all that extra chain and rode...
  318. fishboy93

    10 year evinrude warranty... mighty tempting

    The Alaska wildlife authorities had them and got rid of them within a year. Super finicky and expensive to maintain. Even under warranty what good is having your boat in the shop every few weeks
  319. fishboy93

    Bluefin Rigging Advice

    20’ of mono to a short 6’ of floro. Learn to drop the sinker without causing a mess. Start up the rail and sink it out then work to the stern when you have a definitive angle.
  320. fishboy93

    Rigging solid/hollow braid backing on hxw raptor?

    Pointless to have that much hollow... all solid to a short 20-50’ section of hollow. The less drag the better and hollow is all drag.
  321. fishboy93

    What UC rod would you pair with a new Accurate Valiant 800N 2 speed?

    Some 100lb solid with a short piece of hollow spliced on the end for wind-ons.
  322. fishboy93

    Point Loma or Relentless

    PL had a good crew
  323. fishboy93

    Wavy Seaguar Premier after fight?

    Has to break at or under rated strength...
  324. fishboy93

    Wavy Seaguar Premier after fight?

    Premier is garbage fluoro in my opinion. It has a lower breaking strength and tends to have “mysterious” failures a lot. If you’re going to fish Seagar use blue label it’s one of the most durable around.
  325. fishboy93

    Wavy Seaguar Premier after fight?

    Stretched it out and it coiled. Happens with all monos and fluoros. Gets really gnarly when you’re killing extra hard with heavy drag and you can see it kinda splintering after you land your fish.
  326. fishboy93

    Looking for experienced fisherman to go fishing for bluefin tuna at San Clemente Island!

    If you need a guy give me a call I’ll send you a PM. I have my ticket and plenty of cow experience.
  327. fishboy93

    Anyone tried a double trouble below a bobber balloon?

    Sounds like tangle central without a kite to get it up and out. Otherwise a single bait and if it’s a bigger bait clip the tail...
  328. fishboy93

    What rides better then a parker 2520?

    I’d rather fish on a Canoe than a Parker. Skipjack, farallaon, Radon, Armstrong, world cat, Cabo, Robalo, old Davis boats, all good options. Plenty of options that don’t feel like a piece of vibrating plastic beating the snot out of you... least favorite boat to fish by far
  329. fishboy93

    Need Advise on Gear Needs

    20-100lb. 20 bait 30 bait 40 bait 40yoyo 40jig stick 60bait 80-100bait Fit this criteria with what you have. Get rid of the spinners except for jog fishing or popper fishing and get some more Daiwa Saltist BG star drags to fill the 20-40lb slots. Use Okuma makairas for your 60-100lb set ups...
  330. fishboy93

    Bait Tanks

    Listen to Henry... he’s got the nicest aluminum boat set up I’ve ever seen. I followed his build and rigged my bait tank almost identical to his. The aerator systems aren’t even close to as efficient as a real bait tank.
  331. fishboy93

    Best Casting Mono??

    XXX 50lb. Limp enough the sling but strong enough to land bigger fish.
  332. fishboy93

    flouro mono

    Surgeons will work fine. 3-4 turn San Diego is fine too just make sure you snug it as tight as you can. I like the SD over the uni but that’s apples and oranges. And with tubes or skippies for bait using big stainless hooks I tie a 4 turn double San Diego.
  333. fishboy93

    Channel Islands- how much bait for 2-3 guys?

    get a split 60 or 80. You’ll have days where you need squid and fin bait and you’ll be pissed you have a single tank. Cats can hold a lot of extra weight so look at the designs and have someone glass in a tank for you. Go with a redundant pump system so you don’t have to deal with bad pumps in...
  334. fishboy93

    Seeker 3x5 rod for Penn 50 ?

    Depends on how you wanna fish the kite. Some guys have a guy jerking the rod to skip the bait and other guys have bent butt rods in a holder that they adjust the reel to skip.
  335. fishboy93

    Captain jumps in water to save bluefin tuna

    Watched that entire video. That was epic. Those guys are a great crew.
  336. fishboy93

    What's your idea of a successful Long Range Trip.

    If you're going to spend a week or more on a boat why not stick to things you otherwise wouldn't catch in socal like wahoo, and cow YFT. You have all year to catch yellows and half the year just about to catch school tuna local in socal. If you're going long make it worth while. IMO
  337. fishboy93

    SoCal Halibut

    6 pack in whatever harbor is close. Brandon would be a good choice. So would a lot of VC or SB guys
  338. fishboy93

    Calstar "Warranty"/customer service

    Calstar is a very busy shop and it takes a long time for shops to acquire warranties so most shops won't deal with anymore because it's simply faster to try to deal with it yourself. However in your case I would doubt they would do anything other than fit a tip on the new shorter rod. They are...
  339. fishboy93

    favorite 40-50# bait stick

    800xh with a extended grip
  340. fishboy93

    Overnight Charter boat for 10-12 people

    El Capitan, pronto, Pegasus
  341. fishboy93

    Where can I find a Del Mar 13 skiff?

    Hahahahaha the 10' and 13' are impossible to find. Be ready to spend whatever it takes to out bid everyone else... just go buy 13 or 15 whaler hull and have Anderson Wilson or radon make you a small house for it
  342. fishboy93

    Avet Reel Question

    Just buy a 50w penn international or 50w tiagra by shimano and forget the tinker toys. Both will hold 900yarda of line give or take for brands and packing styles.
  343. fishboy93

    bruce/claw anchor safety tie?

    Ss wire doubled over and pulled through in itself. Then take 2-5 wraps depending in the gauge and smash down the sharp cut edges. Sport boats do it a little heavier but same method. The zip ties wear
  344. fishboy93

    fishing trip help

    Puerto Vallarta super doable for that price.
  345. fishboy93

    M/V Pacific quest ?

    Ventura harbor, squid boat....
  346. fishboy93


    You legally should have it. Will it be enforced is a different story. Most skiff guys are too lazy to read all the actual rules. I've never been asked for the FCC deal but it's cheap insurance.
  347. fishboy93

    Berkely Nanofil?

    Read the reviews... it's garbage used for freshwater backing. It doesn't tie well, it abraids super fast, and it casts like crap.
  348. fishboy93

    Minimum line capacity?drag # test for kite fishing

    50w with 700+yards of spectra on a calstar 775xxxxh. You'll have up to 250 yards in the air sometimes
  349. fishboy93

    Rod choice for big poppers

    Calstar 540
  350. fishboy93

    SUNDAY 6/4 from VENTURA= LONG boat ride

    Everyone I know who's "given it a try" wishes they hadn't. To each their own.
  351. fishboy93

    SUNDAY 6/4 from VENTURA= LONG boat ride

    May wanna look at the ahra ahns threads on here before you go for a real long boat ride.
  352. fishboy93

    ASSHOLE ALERT M&M Custom rods

    Pretty sure theyre under new ownership. Used to drop in when down south but I've heard nothing but stories like this about the new staff... probably won't be back
  353. fishboy93

    kite to?

    I like the aftcos. Read the directions and watch a YouTube video. The most important part is understanding the height and angle needed to dump or catch wind as needed. Also a small helium tank with some 24-30" balloons makes things way easier when conditions aren't breezy. Basics are a handful...
  354. fishboy93

    Avett 30/2 reel

    Buy a penn or okuma
  355. fishboy93

    Any spots out of kings harbor?

    Launch farther south off the beach and fish PV. Not much infront of king harbor besides the canyon. Otherwise just small stones.
  356. fishboy93

    Tow Boat Captain Needed in Avalon

    Wish I had seen this a few months ago.
  357. fishboy93

    Surface Iron Leader # Class...?

    Short leader of 50lbxxx over 80lb pro spec.
  358. fishboy93

    Trolling Motor for sale

    Do you have the battery for it? And are you interested in any trades?
  359. fishboy93

    1989 14ft Valco

    I have the same outboard and boat basically. I changed the carb for some more power and easily reach 30mph with no load in the boat. They even run great on long coastal trips. Wish I had the dough for another one. Glws
  360. fishboy93

    Telescopic Surface Iron rod...?

    Black hole had a sweet 10'6" 2 piece at fredhall
  361. fishboy93

    Spooling a Mak 15

    Ma cuatro and pro spec are similar in that they both a rated closet to their true breaking strength. Personally I only fish pro spec on my jig sticks because it casts so well. I'd set that reel up with 80lb izorline spectra which should get you almost 450yards. And for what it's worth it isn't...
  362. fishboy93

    Penn 30sw value?

    $150-300 depending on cal upgrades and line.
  363. fishboy93

    Condor/Islander/Pacific Queen

    Wrong Boat
  364. fishboy93

    Condor/Islander/Pacific Queen

    Islander. Done plenty of longer trips on that boat
  365. fishboy93

    Penn international 12 with baker frame and cals 2 speed and blueprint

    do you have the cal paper work? is it a standard 12 upgrade or a super 12?
  366. fishboy93

    BFT/albacore out of SLO and/or nearby

    Youll need atleast and overnight out of santa Barbara to morro bay
  367. fishboy93

    Giving paddy #'s over the radio.

    Single side band or a predetermined drop channel on the vhf
  368. fishboy93


  369. fishboy93

    Chartplotter North up or Course Up?

    Course up is great in the bays like Bman said but once I'm out I flip to north up out of habit from when I was taught nav. I typically find people using course up to end up disoriented and annoyed especially when they're a newer boater.
  370. fishboy93

    Daiwa J-Braid

    It's just a very easy to shred braid. It had no abrasion resistance even in kelp. I'd guess it'd be fine in cow gear because there isn't typically structure or kelp around. But it explodes pretty frequently when it's fished in kelp or structure and that sucks. Ive started sticking to izor for...
  371. fishboy93

    closure of fishing grounds in mexico ??

    Search button.... there were a half dozen threads on this a few weeks ago.
  372. fishboy93

    Daiwa J-Braid

    Hey it works might as well. In the long run it's just not the same quality SB most other braids
  373. fishboy93

    Daiwa J-Braid

    Doesn't cut through kelp at all and it's very fragile compared to a lot of other braids. If you want smooth feel go with prospec by Berkeley. I've seen j braid fail to many times. I tell guys it's good for cod fishing.
  374. fishboy93

    Favorite setup for the 3 B's

    3 different rods...
  375. fishboy93

    Captain Derrick Walden

    I believe his last name is Waldeck. Great guy. I have a feeling he left fishing because of his back. He had a few surgeries and he kinda disappeared. Great person and fisherman
  376. fishboy93

    Captain Derrick Walden

    Are you talking about Derrick from the excel/rooster
  377. fishboy93


    Tie a knot and don't be lazy
  378. fishboy93

    Maker of 10 foot jig

    None of your pictures will tell us anything. You'd have to unwrap the handle to see the sticker
  379. fishboy93

    Target Sculpin and not rockfish?

    Hard bottom with structure in shallower water 40-120' and a leadhead scampi and squid strips. Sand bass and sculpin
  380. fishboy93

    Custom Skiff

    Easy. Those are some badass skiffs
  381. fishboy93

    Custom Skiff

    Guarentee you that's fish Miguel or Rosa no problem. Very similar to a Hawkins skiff
  382. fishboy93

    What is the best old Penn International 30 Model

    Can't help you with letters. But I'd say make sure it's been converted to a 2 speed an have it serviced. Or just make sure it went to cal and gets serviced. Local shops have a lot of hot rodded reels sitting on the used rack
  383. fishboy93

    Irons Gear & Tips! Help! 1st post too!

    Just go with 80 prospec it's what a lot of us used for poppers this summer in the bigger bluefin and it's nice stuff. It's rated truer to strength so it's more like 65 size but it's a finer thread carrier and casts nicer and it packs down well. Tie a 3' leader of 40/50 to your 7x/45 and wind...
  384. fishboy93

    Xtratuf Wearers

    Regular old brown ones with a decent insole and thick socks. Buy the boot one size up for the insole and sock.
  385. fishboy93

    Would you bring a bass rod?

    Caught night jacks, wahoo, bass, albacore and bluefin on a curado 300 and a Phoenix bass stick. Never leave home without a bass rod.
  386. fishboy93

    LOOP TO LOOP with SOID 100LB Spectra

    You're doing this the hardest way possible. You could have a few feet of hollow spliced on to create a loop for your loop to loop. Otherwise do a 60-100 turn Bimini and suffer haha
  387. fishboy93

    Guadalupe was very slow

    I don't remember ever seeing trips there in the middle lol of winter. Glad you guys got a couple and had a good time. Maybe things are getting back to normal and the waters cooling off.
  388. fishboy93

    Where you at?

    Marine traffic can be addicting
  389. fishboy93

    Pierpoint landing 1/2 day

    Mitch and the boys run a good operation. There's a reason they get off the dock when a lot of others don't. From what it sounds like you're pissed you didn't catch tons of fish (it's fishing not catching) and you felt it necessary to make derogatory comments towards his deckhands race, and the...
  390. fishboy93

    Looks like a lot of fun

    I'd rather slowly cut off my toes with a dull knife. But at least they're getting off the dock.
  391. fishboy93

    Any county line reports?

    Squid but nothin else besides cod. Pretty cold nasty colored water.
  392. fishboy93

    Calstar 700xh? YoYo Rod?

    Its my favorite
  393. fishboy93

    alittle info needed

    Most likely none do both... both are good fall spots though.
  394. fishboy93

    CALSTAR 800 M Mag

    It's a little heavier. Fishes more like a 800H but has more tip to throw a lighter iron or bait.
  395. fishboy93

    Looking for deckhand job in SoCal

    Walk the dock and offer free boat work... if you're decent someone will keep you on as crew.
  396. fishboy93

    Wetsuits snowboards boots etc for sale

    any trades on the snowboards for some fishing gear maybe?
  397. fishboy93

    fresh tuna in an ice slush

    28 degrease is where salt water freezes. The rsw is 29-31 most boats with keep fish 7-10days depending on the length of trip. Some may still do the freezer deal. Not sure if you're talking long range or skiff talk for your cooler but if you use rock salt and salt water slush you can freeze your...
  398. fishboy93

    Question about cranking power of a conventional reel

    Lower gearing typically means more torque(cranking power). Some guys love the talicas but some also feel the low gear is still to high. Personally I'd rather have the makaira. When thinking about hearing think about your bicycle going up hill... it's how a lot of guys first start understanding...
  399. fishboy93

    Garcia Conolon DAM Quick Combo

    the reel if in good condition is around $20, and the rod in perfect condition is worth about the same. not many collectors for this stuff but if you were to find one ebay is your best bet, and honestly i would be surprised to see the combo go for over $50
  400. fishboy93

    Yoyo/vertical/speed jigging rod

    not really sure if those types of rods can be combined. The Japanese style vertical/speed jigging rods are extremely flexible in order to make the jig flutter the way its supposed to when jerked up and fluttered back down. However yoyo fishing is all about a stiff rod that is meant to turn the...
  401. fishboy93

    Bluefin on the Aztec 12-1-16 NOT!

    100 miles each way, plus tons of driving around, plus extra hours of work, plus needing extra bait that costs more than dines... adds up quick. These boys wouldn't be in business if they were always losing money.
  402. fishboy93

    Anyone ever fish the dredge off Mugu?

    Have some old numbers for this spot but it's been a long time since I've fished it. Has anyone been out there lately? It's kinda no mans land now a days but I figured someone had to have run down or up to it for a peek. Any help is much appreciated.
  403. fishboy93

    Bluefin on the Aztec 12-1-16 NOT!

    So he charged you an extra 30 bucks so you could get way more fishing time and you're mad you didn't catch fish... how does that saying go? Oh ya it's fishing not catching. I'd be thankful he had the guts to try something different and even wanted to stay late. You can't expect a boat to lose...
  404. fishboy93

    Spectra hollow to hollow connections

    Inline splice about 1' each side works great and by using a little longer splice you can feel the mark go through your hands verses looking for a sharpie mark. Plus it's some added insurance
  405. fishboy93

    Treefish Vs. Johnny Bass

    I think I'd rather eat sand bass and that's a new low
  406. fishboy93

    Attaching hoo bombs

    Just what I've notice in the last 10 years or so. The last 2 years wahoo fishing has been off the chart, but when the bite gets finicky and you have to work at it I've noticed you get bit much better fishing double strand than the guys fishing heavy fluoro...
  407. fishboy93

    Trolling reel

    Maybe $200-250 unless it's been to cal, and in that case it'd around the $300-400 range
  408. fishboy93

    Heavier Jigstick Suggestions

    If you want any a cheap heavy jigstick go look at the graphtech 90h or even the m. $150 brand new and they last forever. I've had mine well over 10 years now.
  409. fishboy93

    Any one tried berkley pro spec braid?

    It's really nice on a lexa 400 and a Calcutta 250 I have so I wouldn't worry. Oh and word of advice only use a bob sands knot or rp knot for the best hold
  410. fishboy93

    Any one tried berkley pro spec braid?

    I fish it on everything under 100lb it's really soft and casts nicely. Just make sure to go one size up from what you think you need because it is rated closer to its true breaking strength than most other braids and is thinner.
  411. fishboy93

    Attaching hoo bombs

    less bites with heavy leader imo. I typically use a 60lb mono leader with a spider hitch to create a double line. Clip it in the middle and tie two seperate knots. If one line gets bit off you still have the other... this always works better for me compared to heavy fluoro
  412. fishboy93

    baja paper charts

    You can probably find the old loran charts online and they should be pretty decent down in that area.
  413. fishboy93

    Looking for a deckhand job ?

    Nope not the same guy... but i can tell you that you won't find a deck job on the internet. I was in your shoes a few years back, so trust me when I say that beating the docks is how it's done. I've hired plenty of pinheads now who have showed up proving that they want it... don't forget you...
  414. fishboy93

    Looking for a deckhand job ?

    Go walk the docks. Be there between 3 -4am and offer free help of any kind. And in the afternoon walk the docks again and wait for a boat to come in. Don't ask just get on and start scrubbing. Hard to turn down a free boat washer and if they think you're working hard enough they might just keep...
  415. fishboy93

    Looking for jigstick

    Plenty of threads on this issue this year. The search button is your friend.
  416. fishboy93

    Catalina advice

    Damn how'd you know...
  417. fishboy93

    10 ft jig stick /truline?.

    Pretty sure the longest blank truline ever made was 8'6". I don't think they had the capability of anything over 8'6"
  418. fishboy93

    Catalina advice

    Hahahahahaha come on man you want peoples spots.... best advice ce I could give you is in the deeper water in the ocean.
  419. fishboy93


    I stand corrected my bad.
  420. fishboy93


    Calstar honors their warranty and has been proven for years. UC are nice but aren't American made, and then Phenix consistently has issues with quality and warranty. I have calstars older than me and they have killed many big fish with no issues. If you wanna shop American made go down to...
  421. fishboy93


  422. fishboy93

    What Would You Recomend For A Deep Drop Rig

    Don't forget the amount of load caused by the bait and weight alone plus the drag put on them by the currents. I wouldn't step below 100lb. And don't forget we have a much deeper ocean out here.
  423. fishboy93

    What Would You Recomend For A Deep Drop Rig

    shimano tiagra 80 with a hooker electric motor to reel in when not bit. Not really sure what you're talking about referring to "8/0" but typically it's a 12/0 or larger stainless circle hook on a 400lb leader. If I was setting myself up I'd fill up with 150lb solid spectra with 2000-3000yards or...
  424. fishboy93

    Daiwa Saltist 2-spd Lever Drag - Problem?

    Those things suck. Seen a lot of the black and blue saltist 2 speeds break almost everytime I see one it had issues
  425. fishboy93

    What Would You Recomend For A Deep Drop Rig

    You aren't holding the rod and reel so the weight of the combo doesn't matter. What does matter is the 3000 yards of line that they use won't fit on anything smaller than a 80 sized reel. And if you want a really nice set up you get the bolt on motor kits for an extra $4k and then your sword or...
  426. fishboy93

    What Would You Recomend For A Deep Drop Rig

    ive asked around to some guys who are very successful and they say nothing smaller than a 80 sized reel. A rod rated 100- unlimited with a bent butt, and they fish 400lb leader. Try researching the way te Florida boys do it, I only know of a handful of people in California who even attempt it.
  427. fishboy93

    Find what is missing in this picture

    Saw a kid slice his arm open at the dock while tacking a picture, ended up with something like 40 stitches. Seen many pairs or tufs turned into open toed shoes by a flailing hoo as well. Pretty stupid to be on deck in flip flops anytime they're around.
  428. fishboy93

    No more Braid tackle

    Read that again and tell me if that's how you like your lures to fish... come on guy
  429. fishboy93

    Dumb Question about braid / spectra?

    Go find a shop with the same brands and match them. Chances are you don't have a line winder anyway which means you shouldn't put the spectra on yourself.
  430. fishboy93

    No more Braid tackle

    Roger had no idea. I have some original yozuri marauders, and some of their new "Bonita" (the same thing but hard plastic). I've seen a lot of the newer braid ones fail in the last few years such as the hooks and swivels ripping out of the bodies leaving you a broken lure. Or they'd crack in...
  431. fishboy93

    No more Braid tackle

    The braid marauders suck anyway. Yozuris are the good ones. I think they're called yozuri Bonita or something like that.
  432. fishboy93

    Private boats to fish Guadalupe?

    Maybe if you buddy boated with a larger vessel. Food rations and fuel alone would make it pretty hard, not to mention weather.
  433. fishboy93

    For Sale: Penn International II 20T – 2 speed - reduced

    Can't believe this hasn't sold... wish I had the money. I've been dreaming of a penn 20 since the first time I saw one.
  434. fishboy93

    Trolling reel

    I really hope you're kidding... those flip up lugs alone would make me rethink it. Ya the fathom line of reels are phenomenal but when you're trolling a 100-130lb like most do, not only will your drags be completely maxed out, but if you get tuna bit you'll need a whole lot of luck. And don't...
  435. fishboy93

    Ship Station License for Radio in Mexico

    The class is like $75 through any of the maritime schools. If you go down south you need it, no exceptions. Don't listen to the guys who say you don't or say you can get away with out it, risking it is just flat out stupid. It's a 4 hour class and 30 minute test. There's a reason every sportboat...
  436. fishboy93

    Trolling reel

    id stick with that 50. You aren't holding it at the rail unless you're bit or stopping on fish. No point in trolling little gear around down south when there is the possibility of a larger tuna on your troll gear(it happens). Capacity is important when you get bit and it dumps lots of line very...
  437. fishboy93

    Got APP'S?

    Navionics and fish alerts.
  438. fishboy93

    Good anchovy stick

    The lexa combo will work bit the sealine would be better. Look in the classified for a glass Calstar. Models would be a 220, 270-8, 196-8 any of those 3 would work. The key is the soft tip.
  439. fishboy93

    Won Bob Dylan at the Cosmo tickets for Thur 13 Oct.

    That's an awesome show. Saw him last year at a small venue in LA and he killed his classics.
  440. fishboy93


    Still want that progear man and my offer still stands.
  441. fishboy93

    Help mounting a transducer on an aluminum skiff

    I think I'm going to try the cabelas unit first and if that doesn't cut it I'll drill in. whatd you do for power supply assuming your running lights and a fish finder? I need to run nav lights and some courtesy lights still and was hoping to run everything off a single batter that I could then...
  442. fishboy93

    Stainless steel bow rail (came off Parker 2320) $50

    Dang that'd be great for my Gregor railing. To bad you're in OC. Glws
  443. fishboy93

    Spectra color--white too visible?

    No the skipper handed you one of his sticks and said keep that green crap out of the water. It's one thing if you're on a local boat fishing bass but don't bring it tuna fishing, you won't make any friends.
  444. fishboy93

    Help mounting a transducer on an aluminum skiff

    Where did you buy that? Or was it homemade? It looks really sturdy.
  445. fishboy93

    Help mounting a transducer on an aluminum skiff

    I've seen these and talked to a few guys that have them and they all regret it. I like the idea of being able to easily remove it but it's gotta be pretty stable when getting hit by a little swell and when motoring around.
  446. fishboy93

    Help mounting a transducer on an aluminum skiff

    So a buddy and I got a sweet deal on a 14' Gregor with a 15hp 2stroke evinrude for a $1. After spending a couple of months going through the boat and getting all the safety gear and mechanical issues settled we were gifted a buddies old lowrance unit with transducer and gps system. The problem...
  447. fishboy93


    There's a reason most sport boats use a shackle on the chain to the anchor (directly behind the claw) and ss bailing wire with a handful of turns as a breakaway on the top between the chain and anchor shaft. Move to take a different angle and pop the bailing wire and I'd say 90% of the time...
  448. fishboy93

    Spectra color--white too visible?

    Whites a common courtesy if you fish sport boats because deckhands and anglers can all see it. Ive been on some boats where green and the handful of other dark colors now available aren't allowed. There's always that one ass on every boat with dark spectra that he doesn't follow, because he and...
  449. fishboy93

    SOLD Taylormade Rocketballz Driver, Adams a12OS Golf clubs full iron / hybrid set and Putter

    Great starter set those Adams hybrids may as well be taylormades anyway since they're the same company.
  450. fishboy93

    Double plier and tuna spike sheath

    Mono dulls them very quickly. I worked in a tackle shop for 3 years and learned they are great for spectra but only spectra. If it's an emergency go for it they will work, but a pair of dykes would still be my choice because they have more uses in the same situation. Why carry a line puller and...
  451. fishboy93

    go to surface iron set up

    Calstar t100, Calstar 530, cui 12', those are some of my favorites.
  452. fishboy93

    Double plier and tuna spike sheath

    The boomerangs are only good for that if you don't mind ruining them with mono on occasion, otherwise keep a pair of dykes on you. The handles are as useful of a tool as the cutting edges are in certain applications.
  453. fishboy93

    Halibut out of LA-when and with who

    Steve retired... You want halibut call captain bacon up in Santa Barbra. I'm pretty sure he owns the hook line and sinker tackle shop as well
  454. fishboy93

    Penn Warfare 20 & 30 reels

    They remind me of the 525-555 gs series but they feel much cheaper. I haven't fished any personally but I'd assume they're fine for local fishing and maybe some schoolie tuna and yellows.
  455. fishboy93

    Vintage fishing get together

    The 15th or 16th would be great.
  456. fishboy93


    Interested in any trades?
  457. fishboy93

    Trinidad TN20a

    If you're gonna throw a tn20 spectra is needed in that application in my opinion. Personally I think 65lb spectra is to thin to comfortably cast a jig though. I fish 80lb on all my jig sticks and use a short mono leader of 60lb. When the big bluefin were eating the jig earlier this year it...
  458. fishboy93

    RP knot

    It works but it's a pain to tighten. Use 10 turns no matter what and before you really pull tight use Chapstick to lube it otherwise you won't get it tight enough.
  459. fishboy93

    Rain Bibs for kids?

    I've seen kids sized grundens fwiw. Might be nice just to know he's gonna be dry and not have to worry about that factor.
  460. fishboy93

    Gloomis for your 30t?

    Gloomis for your 30t?
  461. fishboy93

    9/21 Fun day up in Channel Islands

    That bites been hot for 3 weeks, it's a joke if you think he should've been farther away. I was there Monday and it was 25 boats all just far enough away so we could swing on our anchors (40-100 yards)It's a small area where you have to be tight to fish it right. it's done right up there...
  462. fishboy93

    Leader on the flat falls

    100-130lb and just use a 3turn San Diego. Use the rp if connecting braid to the leader.
  463. fishboy93

    Requirements for private boat to Guadalupe?

    Pretty sure you have to visit the office in Ensenada to apply for a permit. I've heard it's pretty simple for private boaters.
  464. fishboy93

    How do u fish the sinker rig BFT?

    They chafe the hell out of your line especially heavier stuff that fits snug in between the lead and rubber. Good for up to 40lb maybe but after that you're gonna have problems
  465. fishboy93

    what's so bad about stock flat fall hooks?

    You're setting yourself up to get chewed off. That line against the lure will end up getting you bit off. I've seen guys try that method and because of how deep flat falls typically hook fish they usually loose them when rigged that way. If you feel like you've gotta crimp use 200lb Fluoro and...
  466. fishboy93

    Recommend waterproof pants and jacket?

    Buy the typical slickers and get the gauge jacket. seen lots of the light weight slickers and pants rip and end up done quick.
  467. fishboy93

    20 foot Skipjack open w/trailer and complete outdrive and motor rebuild.

    To bad you don't want to trade for a 14' Gregor with a 2 strokeLOLLOL
  468. fishboy93

    20 foot Skipjack open w/trailer and complete outdrive and motor rebuild.

    can't believe no one has swooped this up. Fish killin machine right there
  469. fishboy93


    Helium balloon
  470. fishboy93

    80# setup advice / recommendations

    775xh and a 30 standard are my set up but a mak 16 would be a sweet route to go full of 100#hollow spectra.
  471. fishboy93

    Bottom of the 9th, 2 Outs (8/24)

    Nice fish! Always fun fishing with Aaron.
  472. fishboy93

    my new lobster / baja skiff

    Perfect thank you very much for the lead.
  473. fishboy93

    my new lobster / baja skiff

    Sorry to dig up an old thread but how did you power and run lights on this thing. Busy and I have the same boat with a 15 evinrude 2 stroke. I've done Newport to Dana and back along with a few days 10+miles offshore but cant seem to find a good way to simply night fish with lights.
  474. fishboy93

    Inline kite fishing or trolling possibilities?

    Not the same but a self inflated 18" party balloon can do a great job of getting a bait away from the boat when fish are shy. Doesn't work great when the entire stern does it but in a picky bite it's a good trick for 2-3 guys to stagger baits 150-300yards back as long as they don't mess up the...
  475. fishboy93

    ? Kite rigging a mackerel for bluefin

    Just do a double trouble with macs shoulder hooked.
  476. fishboy93

    Need help pricing some Penn reels

    Without having receipts from Cal or someone similar and the shape they're in probably around $150-200 if you get lucky and someone had interest. The old Penns are a hard sell especially with the full top on frames. And spectra doesn't mean a thing when you're selling your reel, most guys won't...
  477. fishboy93


    60,80,100. Go have a tackle shop put a loop on your reel and do windons. Save yourself time frustration and Fluoro from all the bad knots you'd tie to get a good one. If you do a connection use an RP knot. If bring 60-100 and I tie a 3 turn San Diego to the hook on that size line.
  478. fishboy93


    Trades or offers?
  479. fishboy93

    How do u fish the sinker rig BFT?

    Got this on the inline sinker rig. Just make sure you're fishing heavy gear and don't play around especially in the dark when it comes to line size. 80lb or better with a nice fresh bait. A heavy sinker, don't be afraid to fish upwards of 10oz especially when most fish mark real deep. Drop it...
  480. fishboy93

    Surveys at the launch ramp

    Been hassled a few times at MDR and Dana. The mdr girl is friendly and knows how to fish so I'll give her a fish count whether released or not and she'll usually shoot some good info my way on where and what bit that day. But she always approaches cautiously and starts with "would you mind"...
  481. fishboy93

    Best jig slinging reel ... Realistically

    Look at what most deckhands use... Saltist 35n or penn fathom 25n if you've got the extra coin go for a saltiga or torque but they'll all get the job done. I've had the same saltist reels for almost 10 years and they get used a lot.
  482. fishboy93

    Rod and reel suggestions

    No outfit will crossover like you want. Best you could do is get used to conventional and adapt. I'd start with a Daiwa sealine 40 and a Calstar 270-8h. Learn to cast and keep practicing. For a lucky craft rod on the beach I use an okuma 8'6" steelhead rod and a Daiwa lexa 3000 spinner. Much...
  483. fishboy93


  484. fishboy93

    WTB WTB Sabre, JKF, Fenwick, Seeker, any old blanks or cut butt pieces

    Chocolate 270-7 sabre I planned on a factory wrap but I've never gotten around to it. Pm me
  485. fishboy93


    Bump pics added. The GUSA is still on the wrapper so if someone wants some custom flare on a black wrap let me know. I'm asking $200 Ono for it. $30 Obo for the sabre with hypolon and a reel seat. It's hard to see but yes it is a chocolate sabre. Make me some offers guys need these gone soon
  486. fishboy93

    Going to Catalina and need advice

    Take some fin bait with you and try to get a scoop of squid from a light boat once you get to the island. I would just stay in one of the anchorages around back.
  487. fishboy93

    what's so bad about stock flat fall hooks?

    Grab some owner assist hook replacements. They should be single hooks add 2 hooks to the bottom an 1 to the top. Make sure you don't have any of the stock rings on the lure either.
  488. fishboy93


    won't be off the water yet most likely. Pm me and we can figure something out.
  489. fishboy93


    Bump $40 and I will be in Dana point Friday so I can stop anywhere in between
  490. fishboy93

    what's so bad about stock flat fall hooks?

    The hooks bend or snap clean at the shank sometimes, and the spectra material gets warn through. Switch to quality assist hooks before using the shimanos for big tuna. And don't forget to get rid of the garbage rings too.
  491. fishboy93

    Help getting started

    A buddy and I have been itching to get into catch and release sharking but don't know where to start. We are thinking of going down to Dana and finding some clean water and startin a bucket slick? Holes drilled filled with fresh caught macs mashed up. And then toss some chunks every 10 minutes...
  492. fishboy93


  493. fishboy93


    GUSA 8' 15-40lb the model wasn't on the blank but it's most similar to a UC 8' mega but a much more sensitive rod asking $180 it's wrapped black on black with seine twine handle and hasn't been coated so I can add the new owners name. Sabre 196 7' chocolate blank with graphiter reel seat and...
  494. fishboy93

    Penn International II 16s 2 speed vs Talica or Torque

    The 16vsx is in my opinion way more solid than the talica. I've fished a talica 25, Makaira 16 and 30, and every penn. The Penns and Makairas both feel very sturdy and in control when fishin the bigger fish. The gearing in the talicas just doesn't do it for me. I have a penn 50, 30, 16, and then...
  495. fishboy93

    Modern jig slinger

    Buy a second 332 and use it for parts. It's the only way to keep them running with the pack of parts around. I'd take that gentleman up in his restoration offer. If you do go modern look at the saltist by Daiwa. Easily hot rodded with better bearings and drags and cast just as well as my...
  496. fishboy93

    Stupid is as stupid does, more BSB hijinx (Headslap here)

    Saw this as soon as it was posted and sent a copy to DFW via email. Haven't gotten a response yet but with the video it shouldn't be hard to cite them.
  497. fishboy93

    Running and Gunning or Slow and Steady?

    I think your problem might be in the cruising 25 knots part. That's fine when you're running to and from the area of the bite but there's no need to be blowing around at 25 knots in fishable water slow down and take the time to notice the subtleties in everything around you. Scan for flat spots...
  498. fishboy93

    Looking for cedar plugs with 2" lead head

    Try lead master
  499. fishboy93

    Running and Gunning or Slow and Steady?

    I think of it like this... You're there to fish and when "running and gunning" you have binos and are looking anyway if you see a kelp make a stop. Theres no point in screaming up on a school of fish to sink them out, fish every option and work at it. Now sometimes paddies are dry and you've...
  500. fishboy93

    us-mexico pacific ocean border coordinates

    Learn to navigate properly or else
  501. fishboy93

    Need 3 D WIDE BOOTS

    Used to be able to order extra tuffs in wide give that a shot I wear a 14 same width and wear tuffs
  502. fishboy93

    looking for charter boat for smaller group

    3/4day try the tortuga out of Marina Del Rey. It fishes 10-15 pretty well
  503. fishboy93

    Best braid for casting

    The Berkeley pro spec shouldn't be more than izorline or power pro. Try Bob Sands for line. If you do go pro spec though use 80lb it's a very smooth and thin dyneema braid I've tried JB Izorline power pro and pretty much everything around I could get my hands on, but besides some of the ultra...
  504. fishboy93

    Best braid for casting

    Berkley pro spec just go one size larger because it has a irregular diameter compared to pp or jb or izorline.
  505. fishboy93

    Trokar 619 magnum hooks

    Dull the barbs or be ready to lose a few fish. They like to cut back on the hook set and wear a large hole for the hook to pop out from so you've gotta file the barbs to be duller
  506. fishboy93


    3 turn San Diego anything 60lb-200lb works fine. Crimping works but has lots of drawbacks like time, and lots of variable errors like over crimping and weakening the line of it not sitting right. Tie a knot and be done
  507. fishboy93

    SoCal Bluefin Leader lb test Recommendations

    I've been using strait 80lb spectra tied to an appropriately rated ball bearing swivel and tying 150lb mono to the swivel and lure. The stiffer mono seems to work the popper better without hook fouling like with limp line. Make sure you put your line back on tight while retrieving otherwise...
  508. fishboy93

    Care of these Epic BFT

    Some of the guys who care are cutting the gill plates and gills leaving them open and vented, and then gutting the fish before stuffing it with bags of ice and blue tarping or kill bagging them. Most guys leaving them whole either don't know or don't care and are just interested in the dock...
  509. fishboy93

    Wtb livebait glass rod

    Are you looking for blanks?
  510. fishboy93

    Super Seeker Ulua or United Composite Elite WAHOO

    Super seeker or Calstar 100mag with a super long chord wrap for rail fishing. Did this to my sticks this year and its worked really well. Mostly been fishing the Calstar 10'
  511. fishboy93

    Leader length suggestion for big blue

    Fish 2-3 feet of 130 or 150lb mono no need for Fluoro. And use a swivel to attach your spectra to the mono, while crimping or tying to the popper
  512. fishboy93


    There's a new line coming out soon from what I understand. I fish a bunch of their sticks from bass rods to a 9' 50lb jig stick. The guides suck but they're priced right and hopefully these new batches will have better components. You should be able to find them at most decently stocked shops
  513. fishboy93

    Elite 5 in box cheap

    Still have it?
  514. fishboy93

    White Calstars???

    The story I've been told over the years is you had to request and beg for them and only blanks were made. But I've seen everything from 10' jig sticks to 6.5' tuna sticks in white.
  515. fishboy93

    White Calstars???

    Plenty of white calstars floating around just gotta dig them out. I have a 270-8h in white.
  516. fishboy93

    The Bigger Bluefin...

    I would try something a little smaller say a 16vsx or something comparable filled with 80lb hollow and a short top of soft steel or blue lable 60-80lb. Half the battle is going to be bait placement and natural presentation. Big yellowfin aren't as picky as bluefin so ya you can get away with...
  517. fishboy93

    Jigstick 2.0

    My jig stick line up in favorite order is a Calstar T-100, sabre 540, glass 100j Calstar, 800h all have a 40 or 35 sized saltist just because I've never been a Newell guy. The calstars pull harder and forgive more but you definitely have to have power in your body to use the rod I fish 40 on...
  518. fishboy93

    FT Newell g229

    I've Got a maroon sabre 196-7 classic blank with a hypolon and a Fuji seat all you need is guides. Would match a Sl 20 and make a hell of a chovie stick.
  519. fishboy93

    S.I.C.... Really?

    its a cool website but they seemed to have priced themselves out of the market. It's funny this year though watching all these people suddenly become gods gift to the surface iron and declare their superiority to their instagram and Facebook stalkers. Pretty lame if you ask me, but also some...
  520. fishboy93

    Penn Fathom 25n star drag

    Consider a trade for some blanks with kits?
  521. fishboy93

    What Reel Would You Use For This Application

    If you're looking for a local reel and not a long range reel then go look at the 16 sizes I was assuming you were talking long range.
  522. fishboy93

    What Reel Would You Use For This Application

    Load it with 100lb hollow and top the last 100 yards with 135lb hollow and pair it to a Calstar 775xxh. Sweet set up right there.
  523. fishboy93

    What Reel Would You Use For This Application

    i think a 16 vsx or mak 16 are great if the grade of fish aren't really mixed but that's not very often. If you're in cow town and you've got mixed grade 120-220 and who knows what else swimming with that why risk capacity. Cal takes weight out of the penn 30 with a lighter spool, or if you...
  524. fishboy93

    What Reel Would You Use For This Application

    Mak 20 or Penn 30vsx black spool
  525. fishboy93

    Rail rod for fishing 30lb drag what blank to choose?

    775xh perfect rod for 80 and small bait, with plenty of power which is how the lupe can be. I typically fish much heavier rods but the 775xh is a good 80 light 100 in my opinion if you wanted something a little more versatile the 775xxh is a solid 100 and a heavy 80. Just depends on how you pull...
  526. fishboy93

    Sheapshead regs

    Kinda like bluefin the regs are a pain and it's not fair to charge a filet when you can't actually filet. They were nice, they could have just hacked it and left all of it hanging in the carcass like they're supposed to and charged you for that.
  527. fishboy93

    Anchovy--hook placement

    Never had a problem with the cast a bubble whether it be while I'm decking or fishing on party and charter boats. Just gotta learn how to use it; like a slider not everyone understands how to take the bow out of your line while maintaining a tight line. Best bet is to go try all the options and...
  528. fishboy93

    Anchovy--hook placement

    Cast a bubble with a Carolina keeper about 2' up is my favorite way to fish saltist 20 on a Calstar 800xlh and 30lb spectra with a 15-20lb top shot of xxx. Trick is knowing where the fish are in the water column.
  529. fishboy93

    Rice bowl charters, how are they run?

    Ricebowl is a core group of guys who've all been fishing together on and off for quite a few years. Tons of give aways and always a great time. I'm 19 now and I've been fishing with the group for 10 years or so. Overall it's a fun group of pretty good fisherman who like to enjoy themselves and...
  530. fishboy93

    Reel For Wahoo Iron?

    Penn baja special. You want something tall that can cast and hold up and take a beating.
  531. fishboy93

    What knot do you use for 100# - 150#

    3 turn single San Diego and you can use it up to 300lb
  532. fishboy93

    Best reel for fishing iron with 40# on a 90J

    Saltist 35 is a good one and so is the baja. I use my baja occasionally on my T100 and my 90j when I'm fishing a cattle boat and need to horse things around. Otherwise the 35 saltist is my go to due to weight and comfort. Both work great but it's a toss up for me
  533. fishboy93

    Izorline xxx 40# breaking point?

    Way higher than 40 is all you need to know. Xxx stretches a mile
  534. fishboy93

    40# iron rod

    I'd go with a Calstar 610 so you can fish 30 and 40lb bait
  535. fishboy93

    40# iron rod

    Guys who use the 270h for throwing 30lb iron are either throwing to chew or just about killing themselves hooking nice fish. That rod bends in half if you lay into it. I fish mine 25 for fly lining chovies and that's it. The 6480 has a soft tip with backbone. The 270 has pretty much zero backbone
  536. fishboy93

    40# iron rod

    The 270 is way to light more of a 25 maybe 30lb rod max. The 6480 is a great surface iron rod especially for 40/50lb and light iron
  537. fishboy93

    High school books

    Amazon is a great place for books and there are also tons of great used bookstores around if no one steps up. I wish I had books to give but hope this helps
  538. fishboy93

    20lb tuna setup?

    i know the curado can hold more than that. I would spool it up full of 40-50lb power pro. hope you have some heavier gear though especially for a trip with decent range
  539. fishboy93


    Maui Jim peahis. They fit my fat head and they cut glare like nothing else. Whether it's watching yellows breeze or surf fishing for corbs they're awesome
  540. fishboy93

    Throwin that iron!

    Calstar 800xh with a daiwa 35 spoiled with 65 lb spectra to 100 yards of 40-50lb mono
  541. fishboy93

    Anyone ever fish the Islander?

    Favorite boat in the San Diego fleet and it looks like we will all be on the same trip. Can't go wrong fishing with ricebowl either.
  542. fishboy93

    Need advice on a new rod

    Calstar 800mh or h both perfect for 30-40 lb line.
  543. fishboy93

    Where to mount the reel on a deckhand rod.

    Put the but of the rod in the crook of your elbow and mout the reel there. If it's not comfortable then adjust up and down.
  544. fishboy93

    help with 2-3 day charters

    Islander out of fishermans landing. If you can look up ricebowl charters and hop on one of their trips. You won't be disappointed
  545. fishboy93

    Info on Tuna Spike

    I always sharpen the butt end of my duck bills
  546. fishboy93

    Another Question for Long range trip

    I would go on a boat and use the loaner gear to figure out what you're going to like. No need to rush into such a big investment like rods and reels. But if you do feel the need my choice would be a penn Baja special on a calstar 765 mh
  547. fishboy93

    what rod

    calstar 900m
  548. fishboy93

    RIP Harold Ramis

    made me really sad to see this. I can remember my dad throwing in the ghost busters laser disk and watching hours of his movies.
  549. fishboy93

    Best Set-up From Shore???

    Phenix recon and a curado 200 with 20lb power pro
  550. fishboy93

    Gill Deck Boots

    the china mad xtra tuffs aren't that bad anymore, they fixed the issues they were having
  551. fishboy93

    Long Range photos, lets see them

    My first cow Thanks
  552. fishboy93

    American Angler 12/26-1/7 later report

    left on the day after xmas for the standard four day ride down to the island. Day one was spent mingling and getting to know a group that turned out to be a 3/4 regulars to the trip. Cant say ive ever fished with a group of guys quite like this, we had a great mix of personalities providing for...
  553. fishboy93

    Where are the reports?

    theres a late one from the new year coming this weekend
  554. fishboy93

    What Calstar rail rod? 770XXXH or 770XXH? Please Help

    Xxxh is what I fished as my dad stated and the thing pulled perfectly with 200lb. Leaning in to the fish was comfortable an the rail was also comfortable
  555. fishboy93

    American Angler Xmas Trip

    Who's on this trip guys. Would love to meet a few bd'ers on a long range trip. And would also love to hear what the boat is like... 8 days and counting
  556. fishboy93

    fishing clothes

    Fishworks pants and shorts. Sweat wicking socks such as hiking socks. Sturdy thick t shirts or light sun proof shirts. Hercules slickers, waterproof jacket such as a ski jacket with removable liner
  557. fishboy93

    looking for a decent pair of shades

    Maui Jim's. They are now all plastic lenses but still awesome clarity. I have the peahi style and they fit my fat head well
  558. fishboy93

    Help Long Range

    Yellowtail and rockfish... I'd choose the red rooster.
  559. fishboy93

    Incognito, Inside dope

    Played baseball all my life even up till now. Every new team especially high school there's been hazing and it's fine. It's a part of gaining respect or building a relationship with your team mates, if the cry baby didn't like it he should've been a man and handled it himself instead of with...
  560. fishboy93

    Shimano Talica Drags

    I'd call shimano and ask them what to do but I believe those cams are those little inserts that look like a beer bottle cap.
  561. fishboy93

    Xtra Tuffs gone to crap

    Did some pinheading over summer and a few extra trips here and there and the boots were fine, I didn't notice a difference. The new batches are much better than the first that were coming from china. That being said there are still some stores with the USA made...
  562. fishboy93

    John Belushi & Dan Aykroyd take Brian Wilson Surfing 1976

    3 of my favorite icons from that era.
  563. fishboy93


    Xtra tuffs do come in widths, you just have to have a shop order them for you. Im size 13 -14 and wear a extra wide shoe. Also wide insole will make them extremely comfortable as well as give you more support.
  564. fishboy93

    Help Please....choosing an 80# reel

    The penn 16vsx is a sweet reel.
  565. fishboy93

    Still looking hard for a 5-day+ trip

    I think the apollo is doing 5 day trips that time of year. Call fishermans landing
  566. fishboy93

    Bass basics

    Hey guys this year my high school has decided to create a bass fishing team to compete in our valley. Being a salt guy i don't know much freshwater bass other than swimbaits fishing. If you were going to pick 3 outfits to fish with for a season what would they be and what would their application be?
  567. fishboy93

    Put my Golden down today

    Sorry to hear. They really are the best family members
  568. fishboy93

    Bluefin tackle

    Load that senator with 50lb and go at it. 2 speeds are nice but people caught fish before them...
  569. fishboy93

    new boat out of lb berth 55

    Saw it a couple of times a Clemente in June. Looks like a very slow old ride
  570. fishboy93

    Rubber band Weight?

    Do what that picture shows and if you're fishing short leaders up it above the leader knot so it doesn't slide down to your hook
  571. fishboy93

    3 Rods and 3 Reels

    IMHO thats to many rods. Even on long trips 3 40lb outfits is usually plenty. The outfit youd use for megabaits should be fine for yo yo fishing. Then you have a surface iron rod, then a live bait rod. This is just my opinion though and if 4 is how you roll then go for it, better to be prepared...
  572. fishboy93

    Need Yo-Yo tips for the Bluefin

    Caught 2 iron fish on my last trip and was the only one. The key was small 3-4 inch mega baits with a black spotted top and chrome belly. Let it sink 150-300ft and start over. I only got bit on the drop. I hooked atleast 5 fish this way and handed off most of them to some little kids on the boat.
  573. fishboy93

    Islander 8/4 anyone?

    Any bd'ers on the islander 3.5 day leaving Sunday night?
  574. fishboy93

    1 Month and closing...Help me decide. Fathom 25N or 30 for my 900M. 40lb Tuna & Tail

    I think if you played a fish well and used some muscle the 25n would get the job done. It's a lot nicer casting the narrow 25 than a standard 30
  575. fishboy93

    Best line for casting irons

    I like izorline xxx because it has a ton of stretch and keeps the hook set from being violent
  576. fishboy93

    50 lb. Live Bait Reel

    Baja special... There's a reason they've been around so long.
  577. fishboy93

    Reel for 9 year old.

    Islander is a awesome boat, im 17 now and have ridden it every year since I was 7. Personally my dad started me with penn graphiters ex. 525- 555. Honestly I don't like lever drags unless fishing 60+lb line. I think the daiwa sealines or saltists would be a good choice. As well as the penn...
  578. fishboy93

    Best 40 lb Bait Rod (Calstar)

    700mh for the lighter tip when casting baits and the 700h for jig fishing
  579. fishboy93

    Wild Hair long range newbe

    Never fished the pacific quest but it looks neat. It's very very small and I think the only run with like 12 guys. Seen the boat a few times and to me 12 might be 4 to many
  580. fishboy93

    Wild Hair long range newbe

    Go with fishfearme86 he's a great guy and his charter is going to be a blast.
  581. fishboy93

    Wild Hair long range newbe

    The islander out of fishermans landing has a limited load 22 person 3.5 day trip leaving next week. Dont know I to many other limited load trips running mid season
  582. fishboy93

    Which is a better time? (6 day )

    What trips are you looking at in particular?
  583. fishboy93

    20# outfit

    Curado 300 and a Phoenix 908mh
  584. fishboy93

    Which is a better time? (6 day )

    Depends on the trip. If its going to Guadalupe it doesn't matter otherwise early would be my preference.
  585. fishboy93

    Colors of braided line for offshore fishing

    Anything but green...
  586. fishboy93

    the Grande out of Point Loma

    James is a awesome skipper and its a very fishy boat
  587. fishboy93


    China is the knock off
  588. fishboy93

    British Open...

    I liked the story Bout the guy who made the 100ft eagle put but still didn't make the weekend cut.
  589. fishboy93

    Spectra backing

    I like going at least 20lbs heavier with my spectra in comparison to my mono. For example 40lb with 65lb backing , 80lb with 100lb backing
  590. fishboy93

    50 lb Bait rod

    The longer that rod the more its going to hurt if you're on a fish for a long time. I thought fishing a 9ft 50lb would be fun once... Just once...
  591. fishboy93


    I had a friend who worked on the boat last year and said it was one of the nicest over nigh operations he's ever been or worked on. I've never heard anything had about it, and I know it's chartered a good portion of the year
  592. fishboy93

    I WANNA WORK AS A DECKHAND not just a RELIEF GUY!!What do i do?

    If you really want to be a good deckhand and get more work you need to focus on the one job and forget the second. If you can't ALWAYS be there they aren't going to want you unless they seriously need you because the guys who are there day in and day out know the boat, and the fishing because...
  593. fishboy93

    Islander 2.5day 7/12-15

    Left Friday night with a nice load of bait and woke up Saturday morning at around 100 miles south searching for kelps. Got on one early for a handful of yellows and a single BFT before moving on. Next stop was a blind 2 way BFT jig strike that resulted in 3 baitfish. From then on the rest of the...
  594. fishboy93

    October recommendation.. 3.5a 2.5, 3 or go for more and which boats rock it

    In October it's prime time 5 day fishing for cedros/Guadalupe, or sometimes offshore. My favorite boat is the islander, its run like a long range boat and has all the comforts including a great chef named Brian
  595. fishboy93

    Suggestion for a 2 day trip

    Check out the islander out of fishermans landing. It's a great boat and the owners Shane and John are awesome. They run the boat like a long range boat and always have a great crew. They mostly do trips with the extra half on the end.
  596. fishboy93

    Not that Guy BUT THAT Group

    Always have to be polite at first, but if it continues to happen its time to become a lineman and make your way through.
  597. fishboy93

    Jackpot Shenanigans

    If the boat has a good crew they shouldn't have to worry about having the jackpot thrown back to them because people will take care of them. The jackpot should continue to be a gentlemens wager that when the crew does a stellar job, they may receive a piece of. It's this type of shenanigans...
  598. fishboy93

    No Albies this year but a ? about an old skipper

    Yep, he's at virg's running 1/2 days and such. From all the chatter I've heard, he's had a bad stigma put around him since the accident and some places won't allow him, which is a shame because he is a fish killing machine. But now that the admiral is not allowed to run, maybe he will run the...
  599. fishboy93

    Best Jig Stick reel?

    Penn Baja special. They've been around so long because they work
  600. fishboy93


  601. fishboy93

    wasted my day on the pursuit (5/25) the slowest boat in the fleet

    Kinda ridiculous to have posted this on a seperate website. You had a bad time... You still got on the water which is more than a lot of guys get to do so be happy, hope you enjoy your next trip
  602. fishboy93

    Need A New Jig Stick

  603. fishboy93

    Cooking tuna

    Try making ceviche cory. Alot of people like ceviche more because the fish is firmer but still flavorfull. Or try wrapping it in foil with some 1/8 a stick of butter, a whole lemon sliced into thin pieces covering it and some salt and pepper. Throw it on the grill for like 4-6 mins.
  604. fishboy93

    What kind of POS steals from kids?

    I think I have atleast 1 old bat and maybe some gloves that id be willing to donate as long as they meat your leagues regs.
  605. fishboy93

    Offshore Exploratory

    Ive been on two and both found larger grade bluefin and some yellows but not many. It was mostly long days of trolling and stoping on empty paddies
  606. fishboy93


    Its shape looks like some of my older MCs
  607. fishboy93

    DMV computers are down....

    Thats a major bummer, same thing happened the day i was getting my license.
  608. fishboy93

    1.5 dayer in august

    Personally i liked 6 1/2 to 7ft rods at his age with a newell or a smaller penn star drag because my hands werent big enough to handle lever drags.
  609. fishboy93

    rod and reel match

    I would go with a penn 16 or 30 filled with 100lb spectra depending on how much capacity youll need
  610. fishboy93

    Jig stick rod and reel recommendations

    Calstar 100j and a penn baja special.
  611. fishboy93

    Planning a special trip, need advice

    Just start calling all boats that do charters and see if they have openings
  612. fishboy93

    The word Artsy

  613. fishboy93

    Anchoive Glide Bait

    Ive only been on this forum a few times, but i already know i want one of these. Very cool
  614. fishboy93

    Need a new 20 lb reel

    Penn fathoms are sweet, id rather have a penn than a avet
  615. fishboy93

    College majors

    Sounds like the consenses is do what i love and thats to fish, what can i do that relates closely to fishing?
  616. fishboy93

    ><>.><>GRAFTECH/ 40-50/ 9FT<><.<><

    This is my favorite jig stick good luck with the sale. Bump
  617. fishboy93

    College majors

    I should have stated why i want the degree in marine bio... I want to work for the government or be a political activist in order to help maintain our fisheries while keeping them open so that we sportsmen can still enjoy them. The government will always need "scientists" hopefully i can be an...
  618. fishboy93

    College majors

    Howdy gents, hoping for some input on what you feel the best college major is and why. Personally Im a year away from college and have been applying like crazy hoping to land somewhere. I want to be involved in the environment and Im hoping to land in a Marine Biology program but have thought...
  619. fishboy93


  620. fishboy93

    Mid late June 2-3 day SD Boat Recommendation

    Personally im a big fan of the Islander out of fishermans landing. Shane and John are great skippers
  621. fishboy93

    Padres break the Dodgers......

    As a pitcher i can respect greinkes decision to make the toss. When your teamates are being harrassed by the pitcher while at the plate you protect you team and send that pitcher a warning. A lot of pitchers would have done the same thing. Now the fuck you part wasnt needed but that step forward...
  622. fishboy93

    9' or 8' iron stick ?? Pros & cons

    I have an 800h that i love but rarely use since i got a 9ft graphtech. Personally i like the 9ft more for its distance and the extra butt.
  623. fishboy93

    One Direction Tix/Staples Center

    If you go on stub hubb a few hours before people will drop their prices drastically to make some money back.
  624. fishboy93

    Sea Lion pup die-off 2013:

    As a person who believes in all aspects of darwinism its survival of the fittest. Let the weak die and the strong survive so that the population is natural.
  625. fishboy93

    New Laptop Advice

    I looked into the macs and even with the discount theyre around 1300 which is way to steep. Im looking at the samsungs lenovos and asus. Theyre all right around 600. And preferences there?
  626. fishboy93

    New Laptop Advice

    Its been a while (6years) since ive upgraded computers and i finally have some money saved. Im a full time student and will use it mainly for school, internet surfing, and music. Can anyone recommend me a decent laptop? I can rule out macs simply becasue of price but anything reasonable out there?
  627. fishboy93

    Blank recs for 40# and 50# rigs for Wahoo

    I use a 9ft graphtech rated something like 30-60 for throwing bombs.
  628. fishboy93

    Bob Sands knot failure

    Try the rp knot. Same base as the bob sands but with easier steps
  629. fishboy93

    Catch a 300# cow or your money Back........

    This has to be the most over used joke out there
  630. fishboy93

    spotties and more

    The family decided to do seaworld today so instead of boring myself i decided to stay behind. Walked acrosd the street to fishermans and fished the docks all day. Was using a brown and orange 3" swimmbait and a pink and clear swimbait for pretty much all the spotties i wanted... But nothing over...
  631. fishboy93

    shelter island spotties

    Got dropped off at shelter island around 930 and was given till midnight to fish. Started off tossing a 3 in all black swimbait on 6 lb. Walked down around the sides of the ramp and got my first hit. I had never caught a spot before and was surprised with their strength, pretty sweet little...
  632. fishboy93

    mission bay/ big bay tips

    Can you give me walking directions? Im not familiar at all with SD
  633. fishboy93

    mission bay/ big bay tips

    Can you guys recomends some places within walking distance of fishermans landing to fish? Ik staying with family right across the street at the holiday in but theyre taking the car...
  634. fishboy93

    mission bay/ big bay tips

    Hey guys im coming down this weekend to take some family to sea worldand what not and will have some fishing time inbetween. I was wondering what plastics to bring. Im mainly going to be fishing around fishermans landing but may get some time in mission bay any advice is much appreciated. So far...
  635. fishboy93

    swimmy rod for calicos

    volatiles are nice
  636. fishboy93

    san diego suggestions

    I dont want to expose them to tree huggers
  637. fishboy93

    san diego suggestions

    Hey guys, i have some family coming into town next week from virginia. We are doing the normal disneyland seaworld nonsense but the women are going shopping one day and have told me im going to be stuck with my 6 and 8 year old girl cousins. We are staying on mission bay and i need some ideas on...
  638. fishboy93

    shortboard sizing

    Thanks for the responses guys. Im going up to emma wood today to surf some of my friends short boards in the 7-7'6 range and maybe a fish. Hopefully ill be able to make up my mind.
  639. fishboy93

    shortboard sizing

    The last few months ive been surfing a 10' and getting comfortable with surfing. I love surfing and want to expand my surfing ablities by adding some sort of a short board. What would be a good statt to stepping down? Keep in mind im a big guy at 6'2" and 280lbs. People ive talked to say get a...
  640. fishboy93

    Little League opener

    Ive played baseball for 13 years and am now at the highschool level. I will say this and take it for what you want. I didnt throw a curve until i was 13 and a slider when i was 14. I had 2 friends whos parents allowed them to throw the junk young and now BOTH of them have had a Tommy John. The...
  641. fishboy93

    fishing off childrens pool breakwall?

    Id be down for some bocce ball and and long rod soaking... Hate hippies
  642. fishboy93


  643. fishboy93

    Knot for spectra to spectra

    Bimin twist boty sides and do a loop to loop connection
  644. fishboy93

    Best yoyo reel?

    Baja speciap all the way. Theres a reason penns been making that type of reep so long
  645. fishboy93

    Right Fishing Conditions

    Try scopase. Really works well. Other than that those conditions are perfect , and if you do start feeling sick grab some dry toast and a soda and sit in the stern.
  646. fishboy93


    I fish from shore but im always up for new fishing buds.
  647. fishboy93


    No, she learned the second time when i disconnectet her battery after rolling her car into the street.
  648. fishboy93


    Took a ride over to upper today. Looked like the bass were finally starting to move up onto the beds. Saw a few big fish too. Just a heads up
  649. fishboy93


    didnt feel a thing in santa clarita
  650. fishboy93

    Knots for spectra to mono and spectra to swivel

    rp knot or bob sands knot. the uni to uni till fail with spectra to mono
  651. fishboy93

    custom wetsuit

    Thanks for the inout guys. Im going to look into all of these
  652. fishboy93


    Why support a chain when you could go to a real tackle shop and help the small business man.
  653. fishboy93

    custom wetsuit

    Hey guys anyone here wear a custom wetsuit? I being a big dude am having trouble with off the shelf suits. Ive tried a few out this season and jusy dont like the way they fit, most are to short but the tall sizes are to tall so ive been debating a custom suit. If anyone has a recomended maker...
  654. fishboy93

    Choosing Izorline for my 30# & 40#, opinions needed

    Xxx is my favorite mono period
  655. fishboy93

    or Trade/ Baseball, Basketball, Foodball cards

    Haha my closet looks the same way. Ebay them. Ive been getting pretty good prices with whay ive been selling
  656. fishboy93

    Lake Castaic

    Ive never fished from boat there but i fish it almost once a week. Lately the large mouth have started moving shallow and are hitting ice jigs, small castmasters, or even a white 3" swimbait. There are no smallmouth in there to my knowledge but i may be wrong. For striper a very stout rod...
  657. fishboy93

    LOST Bottom Feeder under ma feets

    Thats a sick shape.
  658. fishboy93

    car/house etiquette RANT

    Haha if its not american im not a fan. Anyone else ready to see these 2014 vettes on the road?
  659. fishboy93

    car/house etiquette RANT

    You cant tell me you dont enjoy exlurkers posts. I mean theyre so inviting, and he always wants to feed our minds with his stories and life lessons. I can only hope to he that cool when im old.
  660. fishboy93

    car/house etiquette RANT

    thankyou for understanding the actual point.
  661. fishboy93

    car/house etiquette RANT

    My mom parks in the driveway and i park my daily driver on the street. And i know theyd be bitching too.
  662. fishboy93

    car/house etiquette RANT

    Well for uncle saluki... Shes a 5'4" ish 300lb fat woman with 4 chins. And im being serious. Its disgusting.
  663. fishboy93

    car/house etiquette RANT

    Its got the original 350 small block with 350 trans in glacier blue no stripes.
  664. fishboy93

    car/house etiquette RANT

    When she allows me to park hang posters and hide out in it it is mine. Maybe that "self entitlement" comes with all the work i put into the car and garage but who knows huh?
  665. fishboy93

    car/house etiquette RANT

    Was having a great day today after meeting my dad for a car show and cruising topanga home. The trouble starts on my way home. I rebuilt a 1969 chevelle malibu that my mother allows me to keep in the garage for insurance purposes. Well today i left my house at 545am to be at the show by 630. Im...
  666. fishboy93

    fuckin kite surfers

    Damn how much do you have to pay for that model?
  667. fishboy93

    Glad to be back in San Diego .But WTF ?

    I used to drive to school... Now i skate...
  668. fishboy93

    Penn International VS16 or Avet EX30/2

    Between these two reels its really just preference but i am a penn guy and love my 16.
  669. fishboy93

    Knot Question - the Bimini

    A lot of folks also like it for fishing toothy critters such as wahoo because you have a double leader. For examole if one side gets bit throufh or breaks you still have another to fight the fish with