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  1. Jig Stick

    Fishing trip for autism?

    I’de be down for volunteering to help on a trip
  2. Jig Stick

    6/30 Bluefin Biters

    Awesome! Congrats!!
  3. Jig Stick

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Do Libs even know how to meme?!
  4. Jig Stick

    Parking at Fisherman's, Point Loma & H & M

    I talked to Frank L on a long range trip a few years back about the parking situation. He said he’s had a desire for quite some time to build up and create more parking at the landings but the costal commission will never allow it. Sounds like there’s zero chance at this point of an attractive...
  5. Jig Stick

    5/31/2020 Super Cow

    Hey Bill, hope to get to the East Cape with Mike again soon. I’m taking the family to Cabo for Thanksgiving, not sure if you’ll be out that way. If so, would love to see ya. Here’s a pic of my last Cabo trip in July of last year with my youngest... She thinks they’re all like that! LOL
  6. Jig Stick

    5/31/2020 Super Cow

    You better go with us bro!
  7. Jig Stick

    5/31/2020 Super Cow

    Great write up Robert. Not much to add here other than how difficult it was to even high-five after that thing came in the boat! It took longer to get it IN the boat than it took to bring it TO the boat What a day. I’ll remember it till I can’t remember any longer! But, I’ll remember this...
  8. Jig Stick

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Where did the “Coronavirus Meme and Joke” thread go?
  9. Jig Stick

    SOLD 2008 Parker 2310 Walk Around Cuddy Cabin tons of extras

    Wow, what a boat! After viewing this boat I completely understand why the price is where it is. Completely immaculate and very well rigged. If you are looking for a gem that’s well maintained, well rigged and like new, you might wanna take a close look here. Greg, sent a PM
  10. Jig Stick

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Lol, if only I would have received one of those checks that I paid for up front! Alas, I paid for one and didn’t get one.
  11. Jig Stick

    Sportboat Grande confirms albacore rumors

    Another pic with date stamp...
  12. Jig Stick

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    If Titanic sank today... “It’s Trumps fault!”
  13. Jig Stick

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    A month into quarantine, I would imagine right about now...a whole lot of women are thinkin ”SHIT, I’M LATE!”
  14. Jig Stick

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    This just in... Upon further review, JFK died of Coronavirus complications. Add one to the count
  15. Jig Stick


    The dorsal fin on a gulf grouper is more rounded at the back. The broomtail grouper has a peak towards the back of the dorsal fin. This is a juvenile Broomtail grouper.
  16. Jig Stick

    Favorite Surface Iron and Color

    It’s her body, not her outfit. The wiggle is greater than the shine.
  17. Jig Stick

    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    Haven’t bought anything but making a ton of bombs to waste the day away. Lots of fun with my daughter whose home from SDSU and dying for a craft.
  18. Jig Stick

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Effing politics screwing up a good thread. What ever happened to the ‘no politics on BD’ rule? You guys should find another place to post your political bs!
  19. Jig Stick

    CV-19 Government Relief checks.

    The people that will pay it back are the people that won’t get a check in the first place. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
  20. Jig Stick

    COVID-19 Facts & Real Experience

    Reading this thread while my Type 1 Diabetic daughter is in Scripps Encinitas getting tested for a variety of things, including CV. Hopefully she just has a bad bout of the flu bug. The drive thru testing is only for getting the needed CV swabs. The results will not be available for five days...
  21. Jig Stick

    Holy crap.

    I’m waiting patiently to panic
  22. Jig Stick

    The good old days: 1/2 day trip for $1.50. pics coming off my wall.

    Wonder how many gunnysack companies have gone out of business since then. Lol
  23. Jig Stick

    How do you feel about changing the swordfish bag limt?

    A “Big Game” tag for swordfish would just amount to more mismanaged tax revenue for the state. No thanks!
  24. Jig Stick

    Is this BD Today?

    Maybe the original “offending” poster has a point. Pelosi, Newsome, et al are doing a mighty fine job at making us look like “[email protected]%s”
  25. Jig Stick

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    I want my money back!
  26. Jig Stick

    Weird hollow loop tag issue

    When in doubt, cut it out. The beauty of braid is that it’s easy to redo
  27. Jig Stick

    The guy that invented auto correct just died

    I though their was too guys hoo invented Auto crack
  28. Jig Stick

    WTB A moderator for this forum

    Can the new mod bring back BOTD?
  29. Jig Stick

    Thank you Chargers

    On a positive note, not a single Tennessee fan turned out at Stubhub today to root on the Titans
  30. Jig Stick

    Drone Video of Tuna Following Guadalupe Great White

    It’s purely for safety reasons. The same reason I follow behind a smokin hottie with skin-tight yoga pants on...purely for safety reasons!
  31. Jig Stick

    Who's crafty work was this?

    Selling the Grady to expand his plans
  32. Jig Stick

    Football, Simplified

    Then, at times, it can get a bit complicated for the novice...
  33. Jig Stick

    I found this inside a Yellowfin?

    After closer examination and technical research, I’ve concluded, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the item in question is “a long black thing.”
  34. Jig Stick

    Chew on this BD!!!

    Just because you could...doesn’t mean you should
  35. Jig Stick

    Deep Drop Swords

    Same here! Love the ignore feature
  36. Jig Stick

    Pacific Queen 3 day Sept 10 - 13

    Good going Rick. Great report!
  37. Jig Stick

    I have to let this out, R.I.P. Divers on the Conception

    Just reported that all crew members were sleeping at the time of the fire
  38. Jig Stick

    Funny Boat Names

    Family friend in Lake Michigan, ‘DILLIGAF’ Does It Look Like I Give a F&@k
  39. Jig Stick

    Surface iron question

    Singles for when you want to C&R
  40. Jig Stick

    Hue Amberjack FIGHT

    “Mystery fish” may be a Pencil Wrasse
  41. Jig Stick

    Leave a Tip by Dave Ramsey

    Stupid people do stupid stuff. Smart people do smart stuff. Some people need some dude name Dave to tell them what to do.
  42. Jig Stick

    BOOYAA! 2 day aboard Chief!

    Zoom in even closer...
  43. Jig Stick

    7/29 Report..Some meat on the deck

    Halco futures spiking again! Congrats on the catches.
  44. Jig Stick

    Old guys: Stand Up vrs Rail

    Play to your strengths, avoid your weaknesses. Hell, I can’t even sleep with my arms over my shoulders. With all my past injuries, I use the rail as only option. Some people have yet to be humbled by age, injuries, disabilities and want to show how big their D is...and end up just being a D
  45. Jig Stick

    WTB: natural cedar plug

    I think ‘mmayo’
  46. Jig Stick

    SOLD ACCURATE: ATD 50 topless

    This should go fast: 130# JB Hollow (stored separately) Alan Tani handle High speed gears Cal’s button shifter Maintained at Ken’s Custom Reel Clean reel $850 is a great price If I didn’t already own 4-50’s I would pick this one up. GLWS
  47. Jig Stick

    Prime BFT?

    Agreed Like ordering a margarita with a high end tequila
  48. Jig Stick

    Boat rage

    Small boat syndrome
  49. Jig Stick

    Cabo Rooster Fishing

    And thanks for all the help. Went to many of the places you suggested. Gracias
  50. Jig Stick

    SOLD 11 reel covers

    He’s not fuming over some reel covers. He simply asked about the timeline of the classified ad. Reel covers vs integrity is a BIG difference. In the end it turned out to be DM versus a post reply. No big deal, but he just politely inquired about the deal. That’s all
  51. Jig Stick

    Would you eat fish caught inside the harbor?

    Somewhere comfortably between no and hell no!
  52. Jig Stick

    Another Strange One

    Jokes forum?
  53. Jig Stick

    Another Strange One

  54. Jig Stick

    Strange catch

    Using local caballito for bait?
  55. Jig Stick

    Calstar XLH reel choice

    For my 800XLH, I have an Accurate 197 with 30# braid filled to the top. One of my favorite, most versatile set-ups for southern Cal. From tuna and YT to bass and halibut. I always seem to go to this combo.
  56. Jig Stick

    Cabo Rooster Fishing

    Fished Cabo, 6/26, with my fishing buddy/daughter. She loves the sport, hangs with the boys like a champ, no complaints, loves boats and is up for multi-day trips without hesitation. I’M SO STOKED!!! We were to fish with Jamie Gonzales on the Jessica but the Jessica fell victim to the sea when...
  57. Jig Stick

    Cabo Bite Going Off - Fishing with Jaime Gonzales Jr.

    I was to go fishing with Jamie yesterday, the day after Jamie’s friend borrowed and beached the Jessica. I ended up going on Jamie’s “cousin” Gabriel’s panga, Lolita. I would imagine that would be the best way to support Jamie at this time, call Jamie for trips and have Jamie outsource the...
  58. Jig Stick

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    What’s up with the tip of that lure!
  59. Jig Stick

    Cabo Beer Help

    Down in Cabo now. It’s not the best, but it’ll do!
  60. Jig Stick

    Giant Squid run?

    Those f#cking things are animals!
  61. Jig Stick

    Why No Bounty Program for Nutria?

    California politicians aren’t about making money, they’re about getting re-elected.
  62. Jig Stick

    How to thread needle

    Try not using a needle. With a fine side of a nail file, round out the end of the line to an extremely smooth ‘bullet’ roundedness. Not too pointed or the mono/fluoro will poke out of the braid.
  63. Jig Stick

    Got a new kite

    How did he get that thing up!
  64. Jig Stick


    I’de hate to jump in the water anywhere near that second location!
  65. Jig Stick

    2 openings on Excel 16 day

    Wife said I can’t go Boss said I can’t go Accountant said I can’t go I’m a “maybe”
  66. Jig Stick

    I'm Being Internet Blackmailed

    Ask the sender which site you visited. If they cannot/will not mention, then you caught them in their BS phishing attempt.
  67. Jig Stick


    Let’s eat, grandma Let’s eat grandma A bit of a difference sometimes
  68. Jig Stick

    Coldest February Since....

    Damn global warming to hell!
  69. Jig Stick

    Taco Whore

    Dude, I ate white fricking rice for four fricking years while at SDSU (5.5 if you wanna get technical) and that meal would have made both of my junior years and one of my senior years. No hating here. If it has seasoning...I’ll love it! Back off on another mans victories hombre.
  70. Jig Stick

    For Sale Accurate BX-2 500 - Reduced

    Negative. Holding at $350 plus shipping or a local pick up
  71. Jig Stick

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    That’s as beautiful as they get!
  72. Jig Stick

    401k loss

    If I take a late retirement and an early death, I should be able to juuust get by
  73. Jig Stick

    Now that is a huge. Yellowtail

    It’s a big Pacific YTT
  74. Jig Stick


    Suspended players and another let go prior to the bowl game. The lines were decimated and had no depth to replace the significant losses. Also, as mentioned, the QB situation is dreadful...almost as bad as the offensive play calling. Tough times on the Mesa
  75. Jig Stick

    For Sale Accurate BX-2 500 - Reduced

    A lot of interest but no deal yet.
  76. Jig Stick

    For Sale Accurate BX-2 500 - Reduced

    $360 (I updated the original post)
  77. Jig Stick

    For Sale Accurate BX-2 500 - Reduced

    Including braid with sale. My OP didn’t mention that 65# solid Izor was included in deal. Braid stored on separate bulk spool.
  78. Jig Stick

    For Sale Accurate BX-2 500 - Reduced

    Accurate Boss Xtreme 500 2 speed in extremely clean condition. OCD owner, stored with braid off reel and serviced after every season. Back from Accurate since last trip. No mechanical issues and no corrosion. Includes box and clamp. $360
  79. Jig Stick


    Damn, I’ve been dividing by the cosine of the tangent multiplied by the square of the hypotenuse. I’m so dialed in right now LOLLOLLOL
  80. Jig Stick

    Constitution Bittersweet part 2.5

    God I wish there weren’t so many douche bags in this sport
  81. Jig Stick

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    If the U.S. imposed so many separate requirements, from so many different venues and with so little information, the people so cavalier about defending Mexico would be bitching about the U.S.
  82. Jig Stick

    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    I remember: Not having to take a nap when I was able to get out on the water Offshore fishing was about $75-$100 a day Having a boat Being able to eat a breakfast burrito on a boat without ‘serious issues’ afterwards Waking up without a hangover after drinking the night before fishing Not...
  83. Jig Stick

    Time to hang that banner

    Aztec For Life Gudino is a stud
  84. Jig Stick

    Sorry flip flops or ??

    Don’t do the flip-flops on a sporty! I was in flip-flops, stuck in the starboard stern of the Shogun on a 15 day trip. There were three or four guys all grinding on some decent sized tuna in the 125-175 pound class. One of the deckies was keeping order in the chaos of a couple of fish coming...
  85. Jig Stick

    You ever have a video brighten your day?

    Would love to sign him to a five-year contract with a player option for a sixth year. Exactly the kind of player we’re looking for down here in San Diego
  86. Jig Stick

    BD Fish Jargon

    Boobies = Gannetts Boobies = Boobies
  87. Jig Stick

    New Lo-An Report Aug. 4-5th. 2 Day

    Awesome trip Rob. Thanks for all your effort in putting this trip together. So much fun fishing without ‘That Guy’ as he hasn’t been on any of your trips. So awesome to have you let me bring my daughter join us again. I appreciate it all.
  88. Jig Stick

    Macks outside Mission Bay?

    The current was running north so we started our drift at the north jetty and drifted further from the channel. The bite didn’t really slow down as we were towing a cage full of dry cat food in a wire container. The macs stayed with us till we got all we needed. Good luck
  89. Jig Stick

    Macks outside Mission Bay?

    We got a bunch last weekend just outside the channel. The bite was best at about 10 feet down, essentially on the surface.
  90. Jig Stick

    New Law Prohibits Sale Of All Billfish On U.S. Mainland

    Billfish…the new “white tuna”
  91. Jig Stick

    Davey's "Limited Load" trips

    Limited Load of information
  92. Jig Stick

    Proof of Yellowtail Tuna

    Check the liver...could be a bluetail tuna
  93. Jig Stick

    Pops went to be with Jesus,(Tough week)

    My condolences to you and your family. Losing a Dad is so painfully difficult. Time for you to take the lead. Best of luck. And again, my condolences.
  94. Jig Stick

    Report on albacore

    They're easy to find. Locate a school of Snipes and fish the surface with a 12oz dropper loop rig. I find juvenile bullet tuna as the perfect bait. Get the bait, find the snipes, toss the sinker rig, fish the surface...easy!
  95. Jig Stick

    No Receipt at Bait Barge Again

    Point could very well be that this is the root of a price increase in the future
  96. Jig Stick

    boat smog check

    Killing the economy and a hard working society one stupid rule at a time
  97. Jig Stick

    Boat tax due soon!

    Damn politicians should pay us to put up with their crap
  98. Jig Stick

    Bit by bonito

    Hey Dude, don’t blame that infection on floro
  99. Jig Stick

    Lucky craft cardiff

    Great eye I laught hard at that!
  100. Jig Stick

    The NEW Bad Company.... 144' of pure badness!!!

    I’m pretty sure the only thing I would hate about that boat is being behind it at the fuel dock
  101. Jig Stick

    New Shimano Flat Fall Colors now available @The Longfin

    Instead of new colors, how about new hooks
  102. Jig Stick

    Someone forgot to shave!

    Recreational use is legal in Washington
  103. Jig Stick

    Tuna Spikes - Ike Jime

    Got mine delivered to my door two days after payment was sent. Great product and service. At $35 delivered, the stainless spike is a rockin deal. Thanks Matt
  104. Jig Stick

    Y'all Remember the Old BD

    I had to correct my spelling to “Sneekee” That’s how he spelled it, “ it’s the true”
  105. Jig Stick

    Y'all Remember the Old BD

  106. Jig Stick

    Gail Force Catalina Report

    That thing is a Monsta! And those aren’t his hands...
  107. Jig Stick

    Vintage Wahoo Jig?

    Sucks when stuff that might be considered “vintage” is stuff you used when it was new
  108. Jig Stick

    White Seabass hatchery a failure

    Yup, kill the program and use the (surplus :/) money to paint the streets of LA white at $40G a mile. Sure the paint only lasts about seven years but look at what it might do for the environment (oops, I mean temperature) in LA and what it will do for a politician’s career. I know there’s a lot...
  109. Jig Stick

    Has anyone been kicked off a LR boat?

    I’ve “kicked myself off” certain trips as some regulars that frequent certain trips are people that are so repulsive that I just can’t be in a confined area with them for a day longer. There are certain people I ask the office if they’re on the trip that, if so, I’ll pass on the trip and seek an...
  110. Jig Stick

    Now We Need This For The Long Travel Days

    This is all I need to make the time go by LOLLOLLOL
  111. Jig Stick

    BD Points I Don't Give a Shit

    We should have a thread on Bitcoin
  112. Jig Stick

    Last minute question

    Hey Rick, long time no talk. Not sure about the crate, but best of luck on your trip. Let us know how it goes.
  113. Jig Stick

    Yellowtail Tuna is for real!

    “Yellowtail tuna” and “white tuna” YUM!!!
  114. Jig Stick

    Aztecs now 6-0

    I’m hearing that ticket sales are very strong so far. We could possibly approach 50K even though ticket prices have almost doubled for this game. The Stanford game was the most profitable game in Aztec history. This one sounds like it will be even better. Go Aztecs
  115. Jig Stick

    Aztecs now 6-0

    Off to an unbelievable start! Big test this weekend in Boise State. A win on Saturday could allow us to jump USF in the race for the NY6 G5 spot. Relatively smooth sailing after Boise St. until rhe MWC CC game, probably CSU. CSU is very tough and kicked us in the teeth at home last year. If we...
  116. Jig Stick

    USC VS. Stanford

    I hope my beloved SDSU Aztecs won't be the victims of Stanford's anger next week in San Diego. The line opened at Stanford -7 and quickly moved to -9.5.
  117. Jig Stick

    3 days that lasted forever

    Here's a forecast for you... 45 to 60 knots along the coast to south southeast 45 to 55 knots with gusts to around 75 knots in the Gulf Stream. Along the coast, gusts up to 80 knots becoming 70 knots in the afternoon. Seas over 20 feet with occasional seas to 38 feet. For the Miami area...
  118. Jig Stick

    Solar eclipse

    First this!
  119. Jig Stick

    Rods and Blanks

    Bump for a good seller. GLWS
  120. Jig Stick

    2 day re-cap BFT Yellows and Dodos

    Great report and picks. Love the sign! I think we have all met "Ray" a few times in our fishing lives :)
  121. Jig Stick

    San Diego State Football

    Dude! SDSU is a G5 school. You can't expect a G5 school to attract a coach, retain a coach, get top recruits, have a P5 type schedule and continually beat P5 schools while not being in a P5 conference. The NCAA has created a "Lord of the Flies" type environment when it comes to money and...
  122. Jig Stick

    San Diego State Football

    Not sure I agree with your Rocky position: SDSU finished in the Top 25 last season (first time in 30 years) Back to back 11-3 seasons 7 straight bowl games 2 straight conference victories 54 wins the last 6 years Only 4 teams nationally with more wins than SDSU the last two years Dipped below...
  123. Jig Stick

    are there rules for Seiners?

    More than a hobby, more like a billion dollar industry
  124. Jig Stick

    No Bolts, Padres worst team in baseball.......

    Padres in a rebuilding century
  125. Jig Stick

    Looking for a general contractor

    Wrapping up a major remodel here in La Costa. Our GC is a fisherman I met at the SD Home Show last year. I would recommend him for sure. High quality work and brought in a number of subs that were all respectable people doing quality work. PM me if you want pics, contact info or if you want...
  126. Jig Stick

    Just add white deck booties.......

    Weird, only a couple of the guys have their arms around each other
  127. Jig Stick

    Ab poacher sought, Cabrillo National Monument tidepools (pix)

    You leave John Elway out of this
  128. Jig Stick

    New Taxes & Return of Fuel Surcharges?

    More money for repairing roads...and nothing will change
  129. Jig Stick

    New Taxes & Return of Fuel Surcharges?

    They'll screw it up and ask for more money
  130. Jig Stick

    8ooL I took extreme pleasure in building

    WORD! Yet one group, specifically, acts out their hypocrisy to a well-documented, greater extent
  131. Jig Stick

    8ooL I took extreme pleasure in building

    It always amazes me that some, with a certain party affiliation, advocate for tolerance yet they are very intolerant themselves
  132. Jig Stick

    Largest Lead Blown Since

  133. Jig Stick

    8ooL I took extreme pleasure in building

    "That Guy" never takes the high have something in common. Classic and typical!
  134. Jig Stick

    How do you set the hook fishing sardines?

    Whatever way you do it, the absolute wrong way is to yell so the whole boat hears you. God I hate that!
  135. Jig Stick

    How to Jetty fish...

    "The jetty always goes past the breakers. Just a little further and I'm in the clear."
  136. Jig Stick

    LA Chargers

  137. Jig Stick

    Chiefs Security Better Than Charger's

    Chargers security would have just stood there with their hands in their pants
  138. Jig Stick

    Accurate Reel Giveaway!

    On an Accurate trip in 2015. It wasn't a wide-open trip but the people were phenomenal. Good friends, good fishing and a decent hall of 100 to 225 pound yellowfin at Hurricane bank. Long range fishing (like drugs)...don't do it if you don't want to get addicted.
  139. Jig Stick

    What did i find?

  140. Jig Stick

    One of Those WTF Days

    Double post
  141. Jig Stick

    One of Those WTF Days

    Sorry to hear about the issues at the cabin. I'm up here for Thanksgiving and will be fishing with my daughter Friday morning from about the same spot as your photo, near the dam. You gonna be out there?
  142. Jig Stick

    Who's Watching Cal vs USC?

    Jesus! Looks like SC is gonna kill 'em tonight!
  143. Jig Stick

    Who's Watching Cal vs USC?

    Watching from Albuquerque. As an SDSU fan/grad, I'm rooting for Cal though as we need our past victories to look better after our crap fest in South Alabama.
  144. Jig Stick

    Go Aztecs!!!

    Amazing! One of my best sports moments ever was when the Titans beat the undefeated and #1 ranked UNLV Rebels at Titan gym in '83. Rushed the floor with my dad and built a memory we still reminisce about over 30 years later. Leon Wood and Ozel Jones lit up the place like the Showtime Lakes of...
  145. Jig Stick

    Go Aztecs!!!

    My father took me to the games back when Mike Pringle (now in the Canadian League HOF) ran for the Titans. Dude could flat out jam! Just when CSUF built a fantastic football stadium, they shut down the football program just in time to never snap a ball there. Very unfortunate.
  146. Jig Stick

    Go Aztecs!!!

    Pumphrey has a shot to do something big tonight. SJSU has a weak D and the game is on ESPN2 at 7:30. Tailgating at the Q shortly and hopping for something big
  147. Jig Stick

    Go Aztecs!!!

    If the Chargers leave or move downtown, the existing Mission Valley stadium area looks to be either a new dual purpose (MLS/SDSU Football) stadium and/or an SDSU West campus. If that happens, SDSU football may be the hot ticket in San Diego just like the Padres...oops, I mean Aztec basketball.
  148. Jig Stick

    Go Aztecs!!!

    Unbelievable that he has a shot at the all-time rushing record in the history of the NCAA
  149. Jig Stick

    Problems With Pig Tails

    The only time I get kinks or "curls" is if I attach the hook to my reel and pull tight to store the set-up for a while. If the line is too tight, I get a kink in the fluoro where it does a 180° turn at the top eye. Not sure if this is your problem or not.
  150. Jig Stick


    Congrats Slater, Dom is now officially better than you! :) (But take that damn Giants shirt off him!)
  151. Jig Stick

    NCAA Top 25 is out, Where is Big T and his Utes?

    SDSU may very well go undefeated this year. However, their strength of schedule is terrible and the MWC is beyond terrible. Their only remaining opportunity for a quality win, and national significance, would be for an undefeated Aztecs team to play an undefeated Boise St. team in the MWC...
  152. Jig Stick

    NCAA Top 25 is out, Where is Big T and his Utes?

    Prayers for your mother and mother-in-law. Great Aztec game last night, hope I get my voice back before work tomorrow. Next up is Northern Illionois without their starting QB. God! It's weird to be winning!
  153. Jig Stick

    Excel sending distress signal, boat false alarm.......

    Sounds like Brian Williams and Ryan Lochte reporting.
  154. Jig Stick

    Excel sending distress signal, boat false alarm.......

    Instant ban hammer if this is bogus.
  155. Jig Stick

    Shogun - Drinks and Ice

    Ice is available, sodas you pay by the can
  156. Jig Stick

    8/12 Big YFT on the chunk God is Good

    God is good! Congrats on the fishing Fisher of Men
  157. Jig Stick

    NCAA Top 25 is out, Where is Big T and his Utes?

    SDSU will be there after a beat down (hoping beyond hope) at home against Cal. If there is a year for the Aztecs to break out, this is the year. NY6!
  158. Jig Stick

    Bluefish Tuna...?

    These same journalists are responsible for shaping the opinions of many sheep.
  159. Jig Stick

    First bluefin cow

    400# is an Oprah
  160. Jig Stick


    Sent PM regarding 600N
  161. Jig Stick

    All Show No Go

    Thanks for the report
  162. Jig Stick

    Rapala size

    The 190DD's are sweet. The OP was asking about Rapalas and the Halco 190's are closer to the topic than the 130's.
  163. Jig Stick

    Rapala size

    Great deal here on Halco's...
  164. Jig Stick


    Hells yeah Slaters. Very nice, congrats
  165. Jig Stick

    Bags are packed, I'm ready to go...

    Have a great time and best of luck Rick. Let me know if you want to can some more when you get back.
  166. Jig Stick

    Big Yellowfins on the Ski...San Onofre, CA

    "Holy Sh!t Kid, that's a sea monsta!"
  167. Jig Stick

    AP and Coaches Polls

    Would love to have seen San Diego State sneak in the top 25. They had a great run after starting 1–3 OOC. Maybe next year with all the the returning players they have.
  168. Jig Stick

    Mak sea 20 or 50 silver?

    I believe Pelagic Outfitters might have something left in silver. I bought silvers in each from them and they are great to work with. Good luck.
  169. Jig Stick

    The Holy War Awakens

    Should be a good game with a lot of 24 year olds, a whole lot of dad's and maybe even some grand dad's on the field.
  170. Jig Stick

    What thew hell was THAT!?!?!!!

    It's a baby whale! Kid, check that out, it's a flounda!!! Shit kid, check that out! It's a baby tuna! Kid, kid, we're gonna be famous! What the hell is it? Kid, oh my God, it's a sea monsta!
  171. Jig Stick

    Reel Servicing needed.

    Many options along with a few elite choices. Ken's in O'side is top shelf but that may be a drive for you.
  172. Jig Stick

    Pacific Voyager- 1 Blue Marlin... And a call to DFG.

    Just because you could...doesn't mean you should.
  173. Jig Stick

    How to get rid of seals and fishing report

    Have you thought about chumming them up with fresh PETA meat and seeing if they choke out. :)
  174. Jig Stick

    Lucky Craft Combo

    I use a Phenix X-10 with a Lexa 100 and couldn't be any happier. I have an X-10 blank for sale if you're interested.
  175. Jig Stick

    MLPA ticket? How to take care of it

    Easiest way to take care of MLPA ticket...
  176. Jig Stick

    She Put Her Mouth Around my Giant Trembler................

    Zane, shame on you for not blindly and faithfully listening to the internet experts here on Bloodydecks. You should have never tested those hook marks like you did. You should have listened to the short, curt, dictatorial input from the pros...for their words are God-like. You clearly know...
  177. Jig Stick

    Bear Down

    You're a stud!
  178. Jig Stick

    45 Dollar Convenience Fee

    Did the Q take credit cards?
  179. Jig Stick

    #2 wahoo in the bag

    Forget shoes, it looks like you need shin guards! Congrats!
  180. Jig Stick

    10/3 oside Blue

    Great job BroChado! Very glad you got one, and in such short order. So stoked!
  181. Jig Stick

    AA Lures - Wahoo lures.. Check them out.. I have a couple of these and cannot wait to try them out..

    A large Halco Max, somewhere in the nine to eleven inch range, would be awesome.
  182. Jig Stick

    New Englandahs encounter Mola Mola- hilarity

    That is the funniest thing I've ever seen! "It's a whale " "It's a tuna" "It's a flounder" "It's Mobey Dick" I think this video beats Eddie Murphy "Delirious" for the cussing/drinking game. Thanks for the awesome laugh!
  183. Jig Stick


    Call Turko because, "IT AIN'T RIGHT!"
  184. Jig Stick

    Who recognizes my new avatar?

    One of SDSU's finest.
  185. Jig Stick

    No Marlin but not a bad consolation prize.

    Very nice! Looking at the background, I'm wondering what lake you guys were fishing. :)
  186. Jig Stick

    Must See!!!

    If they wear one on its left side, it's married. If they wear one in its right side, it's available. If they wear one on each side, it's married and available!
  187. Jig Stick

    Counterfeit Flat Falls

    If the paint falls off after one fish...they're real.
  188. Jig Stick

    New Lo Ann 2day charter Aug 14-16th, report

    I lost the popper to the hammerhead. I had just caught a yellowfin on a Strike Pro popper (8" black diamond) and went back for another. After launching the popper off the bow, I noticed a loop buried in my spool so I took a second to peel some line off and get the loop out. The popper was just...
  189. Jig Stick

    Guess who's back!!

    Any chance you ran into Sneaky while you were away?
  190. Jig Stick

    Make Your Own Yeti Cooler

    Ghetto + Yeti = Ghetti
  191. Jig Stick

    Jack is Back - Skipjack that is. 5 solo tuna

    Great job Zane. See you in a few weeks.
  192. Jig Stick

    Raw yellow tail

    Good Lord! Gonna try this for sure. Thanks for sharing.
  193. Jig Stick

    Another Big Bluefin speared

    Yeah could be. Either way, totally awesome. All those big tuna in the local waters and to get them with the speargun is awesome!
  194. Jig Stick

    Another Big Bluefin speared

    That fish in the video doesn't look like the same size fish thats hanging at the Balboa Yacht Club photo. Watch when they put it in the boat and compare its size to the fish that's hanging.
  195. Jig Stick

    Another Big Bluefin speared

    Does it have any 25# mono hanging from its lip?
  196. Jig Stick

    Chargers reject San Diego election on new stadium

    True with media revenue being very important. However, the PAC is making enough money for USC and UCLA that they would rather not lose out on recruiting out of San Diego (to SDSU) than get an incremental increase in media revenue that they would have to share with 12 or 13 other teams by having...
  197. Jig Stick

    Chargers reject San Diego election on new stadium

    U$C and UCLA won't approve of SDSU joining the PAC12.
  198. Jig Stick

    Chargers reject San Diego election on new stadium

    I'm about done with the Chargers. Fabiani is the worst and by the Chargers not censoring him or giving him the boot as their rep means that the Chargers are endorsing his piss poor attitude and behavior toward the city and the fans of San Diego. If they leave, I will care a lot less (or nothing...
  199. Jig Stick

    Guess The Weight-Win a Okuma Metaloid

  200. Jig Stick

    6/12 BFT on 9 Mile Bank

    Geez! And it was still eating!!!
  201. Jig Stick

    Problem with BX-500

    No free spool is different than the spool turning when you turn the handle while in free spool. Craigen, which is the case with your reel? If it's that your spool turns a bit while you turn the handle while free spool, I don't think you need to worry. I have yet to fish any of my Accurates in...
  202. Jig Stick

    12 Days to go!

    Hey guys, I'm on this trip as well. Looking forward to seeing you in a few.
  203. Jig Stick

    Mono life span

    Mono is so cheap, why use the old stuff and worry about it? For a few dollars you can have confidence as oppose to questions.
  204. Jig Stick


    Good deal. It's the true.
  205. Jig Stick

    credit card info stolen.

    Not mine
  206. Jig Stick

    credit card info stolen.

    Didn't find out where but it sure is interesting how many here got jobbed immediately after the show. Check your cards everybody. I got a call from the fraud department with my credit card company and they immediately reversed the charge, cancelled the card, issued a new one and had that new...
  207. Jig Stick

    credit card info stolen.

    I didn't use a square but did use my card at only a couple places.
  208. Jig Stick

    credit card info stolen.

    Same here. Card I used at the show got used today.
  209. Jig Stick

    NCAA Hoops

    We need a PG. Since X left last year, we haven't had the "go to" guy that can make things happen, open up the defense and make the damn free throws. Either way, I'm off to Vegas for the rest of the MW tournament and will enjoy the D and cringe at the O.
  210. Jig Stick

    NCAA Hoops

  211. Jig Stick

    Biggest bone head play in NFL history?

    As an SDSU fan, that terrible play call was like déjà vu.
  212. Jig Stick

    1/27/15 78 anglers on the New Seaforth

    11:45 "Number 63, your breakfast burrito is ready"
  213. Jig Stick

    Intrepid broke again

    "No child left behind"
  214. Jig Stick

    Charger Fans

    You can go on the Internet and troll
  215. Jig Stick

    Spiral wrap to the right or left?

    Republican or Democrat?
  216. Jig Stick

    Snow tonight in San Clemente?

    Colder than the heart of a mother-in-law out there
  217. Jig Stick

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away -DAY 11- Accurate Fury

    Wherever my daughter wants to fish.
  218. Jig Stick

    Love this picture! Not sure why! Looks fake actually! :)

    I've got 'em that size on Raiders. Micro 'hoo taking an iron not much bigger than itself. Those things are animals!
  219. Jig Stick

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away-Day 6

    Wicked witch of the South...Pacific.
  220. Jig Stick

    12 Days of Christmas Give Aways-Day 3

    That's not the way it's done, stupid!
  221. Jig Stick

    Oceanside & El Capitan football

    Oceanside against Folsom is gonna be a big one. Good luck Pirates.
  222. Jig Stick

    Hey Santa! Here's the new PENN reel I want under the tree.

    US Senator 113N it is then. I just like buying US products. And a very Merry Christmas to all...
  223. Jig Stick

    Hey Santa! Here's the new PENN reel I want under the tree.

    US made Penn Baja Special
  224. Jig Stick

    12 Days of Christmas Give-Away-DAY 1

    Eight big Yamahas...maybe she won't notice the small Johnson.
  225. Jig Stick

    12 Days of Christmas Give-Away-DAY 1

    A Washi Crackheads wet dream
  226. Jig Stick

    $50 Gift Certificate to 5 Star

    Hey Halfprice, you should sell that $50 gift card for $25. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Good luck with the sale.
  227. Jig Stick

    Pursuit catching same fish...

    It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again
  228. Jig Stick

    Raider Question

    Raiders SUCK!
  229. Jig Stick

    Irvine Lake opening day trout tips

    It's still wahoo season!
  230. Jig Stick

    Which boat has the best DVD collection.....

    Which boat has the best macerators in the heads?
  231. Jig Stick

    Chargers vs Raiders...

    And the Raiders are gonna shit the season again.
  232. Jig Stick

    10/10 Wahoo at the 302

    The idea of dragging a marauder for wahoo in local waters (and having a shot at one) is just so awesome! Congrats on your catch.
  233. Jig Stick

    nfl power rankings

    Ask Siri who is the best team in the NFL...
  234. Jig Stick

    nfl power rankings

    Can you do screenshots a lot further down on the list, I wanna see where the Raiders are. LOL
  235. Jig Stick

    Go Chargers... Week 5

  236. Jig Stick

    Go Chargers... Week 5

    The injuries that are piling-up are making me more than nervous, even at home against the 1-3 NYJ's.
  237. Jig Stick

    My baby boy was born

    There is no better...anything. Congrats!
  238. Jig Stick

    Tired of idiots fishing Spectra / Braid

    Fishing a party boat (like riding a motorcycle) does not mean that you're good to go if your good at it. You need to watch out for the other guy as much as you need to focus on yourself. Focusing only on yourself can lead to big problems.
  239. Jig Stick

    Go Chargers...

    As a charger fan, I hate to say it but the two things that most stand in their way are; themselves and their injuries
  240. Jig Stick

    Blind squirrel steps on a fatty acorn - need a fish ID

    Zebra perch. Here's mine from last month off Moonlight beach on an LC.
  241. Jig Stick

    New diseaase spreading, Long Range Wasting Disease (LRWD)

    What about counting the number of days left until your trip, then multiplying by 24 to get the exact number of hours left...when you're still 4 months away!
  242. Jig Stick

    Ingram to IR and Mathews out 4-5 weeks

    Great start by the Raiders by the way.
  243. Jig Stick

    Sea Trek - Helgren's

    While I haven't been on that boat, I would say that I haven't heard of a single bad thing regarding that boat in the last couple of hours.
  244. Jig Stick

    This "Rating" thing. (This time Sober)

    I think a Tampax icon for people who bitch too much would give the Beiber icon a run for its' money.
  245. Jig Stick

    Wind on leader jig

    He said he's sold all he has. As mentioned, try BHP to get a premade quality one. Good luck with your search.
  246. Jig Stick

    Wind on leader jig

    I'll send him a text to get a hold of you.
  247. Jig Stick

    Wind on leader jig

    I do believe YFT1979 still has a few left.
  248. Jig Stick

    The Sports Forum has really gotten small this year...

    SDSU BB starts exactly two months from today! (It hurts too much to talk about SDSU FB)
  249. Jig Stick

    9/4 catch of a life time

    I've heard way too much about how bad marlin is to eat...maybe from people that never tried it??? I had some fresh grilled with just butter and paprika and it was DELICIOUS!!! Smoked is good as well. Congrats on your catch.
  250. Jig Stick

    Jet Ski Fishing

    The Hawaii forum has a bunch of ski reports
  251. Jig Stick

    stolen gear!!!!

    Will keep an eye out.
  252. Jig Stick

    Pride 8/28 - 8/29 - Another "Epic" adventure

    Hell of a report and cool pics. Thanks for sharing.
  253. Jig Stick

    Mak 50SEa Low Gear Ratio

    Thanks for the heads-up Paul. I appreciate it. Ken
  254. Jig Stick

    Mak 50SEa Low Gear Ratio

    Thanks for the info Paul.
  255. Jig Stick

    Mak 50SEa Low Gear Ratio

    I know the manufacturer's specs say 1:1, however I am getting a bit greater gear ratio, somewhere around 1.11:1. I get ten turns of the spool for nine turns of the handle. Not that it really matters much, but I'm just curious if others are getting the same results as I'm finding.
  256. Jig Stick

    Mola Mola Accosted by Tails at N. Island 8/23

    I think the yellows heard about mola riding.
  257. Jig Stick

    New-Loan changed landings..........

    I think it was just to fill a short term gap that Fishermans had in the 3/4 day trips. I believe they are staying at Point Loma Sportfishing.
  258. Jig Stick


    Great job putting the trip together Rob. You work really hard to make sure everything goes off perfectly for all on the trip...and it definitely shows. That girl of yours can really fish! She rules!
  259. Jig Stick

    Long Range Fishing Reel help - 130 pound setup

    It is very popular right now. However, due to their popularity, you can get some ATD's used for really cheap. Regarding the SEa, the low gear is definitely not too low. You will want that low gear to be LOW if you hook a big one. The SEa will be a good option for you.
  260. Jig Stick

    Long Range Fishing Reel help - 130 pound setup

    Any of the 50's will work perfectly. Don't go for the 80 however. The boat will have a kite rod for you and that is where the 80 may come to play.
  261. Jig Stick

    Makaira 8 sea

    I've seen his gear and it's all in ridiculously well maintained condition. You'll find this reel exactly how he describes it. Good luck with your sale Kevin.
  262. Jig Stick

    Rip Robin William's

    Unfortunately, Smokey's "Tears of a Clown" come to mind. RIP
  263. Jig Stick

    Daily Double catching

    Congrats on so many levels!
  264. Jig Stick

    Megabait vs P-Line Laser Minnow which do you prefer?

    Either way, change the hooks on both to a three or four X Owner Stinger. If you're concerned about the weaker hooks on the Megabaits but they are what's available near you, again just change the standard hooks to the Stingers and you will be all set. I've seen too many stock trebles not meet...
  265. Jig Stick

    Sportboat busted at pens with BFT by Mex

    I doubt there are enough "ruthless citizens" to go toe-to-toe with the kind of crime the cartels have displayed over the past number of years. It's a great thought, to stand up as one, but the power, brutality and force of the cartels is very mighty to say the least. Maybe Carl could just post...
  266. Jig Stick

    Large Halibut

    You gotta hand it to him, It certainly is a long way from San Diego. I heard the Q is up there as we speak...
  267. Jig Stick

    Red Rooster spent all morning making bait at Cedros

    Rex, if you ever need some questions answered you can pm me without worrying about flack. I remember being both new to LR fishing as well as being concerned people would find out that I was new. However, what I eventually found out was that most LR fisherman want only to help others out and are...
  268. Jig Stick

    Strange Catches on Long Range Trips

    Stayed up with a buddy (YFT1979) after dinner on a Shogun 15 day last year when something crazy happened. It was about 23:00, we were soaking some baits on a sinker rig when, from the stern of the boat to the bow, a flash of activity overtakes us...and the entire boat! We both duck and turn...
  269. Jig Stick

    Eclipse 2.5 Day – July 4-6, 2014

    Great camera work! Thanks for the report and congrats on the trip.
  270. Jig Stick

    Oct Toe Puss eaten ALIVE by little fish

    Man, that taco got off the bottom and that was it!
  271. Jig Stick

    New Lo-An 1.5 Day Trip Offshore 7/3

    Congrats on a successful trip. With that many fish being brought in to tag and bag, I can see an honest mistake or two taking place.
  272. Jig Stick

    Shelter Island today.

    I've got Bloody Mary's, Margaritas and a couple bottles of Cab all ready for the show.
  273. Jig Stick

    Shelter Island today.

    High tide at 3:27 will give boaters a little more room for error, many will need every bit of it. It's a great day to be off the water or at your dock.
  274. Jig Stick

    Shelter Island today.

    I'll be there after lunch...just when things will be really heating up at the ramp.
  275. Jig Stick

    You boys smell that.....

    It shouldn't smell... Just sayin'
  276. Jig Stick

    WTB Phenix X10 or X12

    Looking for a spinning rod for my daughter, specifically either an X10 or X12.
  277. Jig Stick


    Great stuff and very clean.
  278. Jig Stick

    Bluefin----What about Albacore?

    Would rather see the return of the Bigeye. But the Albacore (or anything else for that matter) sure does beat the off seasons of a few years ago. Btw, after a few miserable seasons, our local tackle shops sure do deserve this good fishing. Buy local.
  279. Jig Stick

    Big Calico

    Sorry guys, I meant to say, "I got this albacore (first of the season) at the local kelp bed off Laguna. I was slow trolling a garibaldi in the 'flaming liberal' color. Anyway, I got this in an area nobody else was even fishing...right there in this MLP (my lone place) area." ORVILLE R.
  280. Jig Stick

    Best Pizza in SD

    Bronx founder Matt moved to San Francisco a while ago. The pizza is awesome and does travel well. He taught me how to reheat at home as he was my neighbor. Preheat oven AND SHEET PAN to 450 and place pizza on hot sheet pan for about 6 minutes. Others say it doesn't travel well...they just...
  281. Jig Stick

    Why they call it Dope

    Luck it wasn't, "what plug?"
  282. Jig Stick

    Found Abandoned Rig now up For Sale

    Did you happen to find a few hundred kickers with that rod as well? LOLLOLLOL (Actually, that would be a good one for the googan forum..."found, numerous kickers under a tarp in the woods in the Bellevue area)
  283. Jig Stick


    $50300 plus tax will make that rig over $33000!
  284. Jig Stick

    Caption Contest- Win a pair of Costa Sunglasses!

    Bug Bait...the stinkier the better!
  285. Jig Stick

    Penn Torque 30 - 4.8:1 gear ratio

    That's the surface iron reel I have and it's AWESOME! At that price, you should get what your looking for. Good luck with the sale.
  286. Jig Stick

    GO AZTECS!!!

    Next year the starting five of Shepard, Polee, JJ, Chol and Spencer will be SICK! Then, the bench (all underclassmen) will include; Shrigley, Pope, Chethum, Kell, and others...WOAH NOW! This thing is just startin' Aztec for Life
  287. Jig Stick

    RIP Lady....good dog...

    Sorry to hear. I tough time I'm sure. Rest in peace pup.
  288. Jig Stick

    Amazing/Crazy Santa Monica Bay trip 3/9 w-pics

    I'm sure there's a joke about "PETA buying a bunch of cuddy cabins and anchoring them up offshore so seal pups can have a place to nap" somewhere here. What a great experience.
  289. Jig Stick

    San Diego State.......

    I am standing right here besides myself!
  290. Jig Stick

    Caption Contest - Win a pair of Accurate Pliers - New Color!!!

    I love Motor Boatin' but Motor Boatin' don't love me
  291. Jig Stick

    Caption Contest - Win a Batson Custom Rod built by J. Trelikes - $700 Value

    I've searched from Seattle down to San Diego...WHERE ARE ALL THOSE TROLLING MOTORS?!
  292. Jig Stick

    Caption Contest - Win a Batson Custom Rod built by J. Trelikes - $700 Value

    All right, that about does it. Get the Prius, load up and let's get outta here.
  293. Jig Stick

    Caption Contest - Win a $200 Gift Card to Dana Landing - Fred Hall booth 1005

    "Sybian Charters...Get One On, Then Get One Off"
  294. Jig Stick

    Caption Contest - Win a Batson Custom Rod built by J. Trelikes - $700 Value

    "...28, 29, 30. Ready or not, here I come!"
  295. Jig Stick

    Caption Contest - Win a $200 Gift Card to Dana Landing - Fred Hall booth 1005

    It's SO not right that I think that's hot!
  296. Jig Stick

    San Diego State.......

    Major beat down by UNM. That Bairstow is an absolute STUD. They exposed use fatally.
  297. Jig Stick

    bree walker sighting

    ...hit their tidy raft and sent them down a thousand feet below...
  298. Jig Stick

    bree walker sighting

    Looks like those little guys are on Ranger Rick and Holly's tail. Hopefully Eniq will come to their rescue.
  299. Jig Stick

    The Six States of California

    No! We will still have to pay a ton in the long run when Pelosiville up north defaults on their debt and "South CA" would have to cough up $ to help out the most taxed state in the universe.
  300. Jig Stick

    Fishing on the San Diego

    For me, I appreciate all the feed back. While I can handle just about any food on a 3/4 day trip, I'm looking to take my 11 year old daughter out fishing and a decent galley (a good breakfast, burger or whatever) would work in my favor towards keeping her turned on to saltwater fishing. It's...
  301. Jig Stick

    San Diego State.......

    Had to watch the whole game on my iPad/ESPN3. We got jobbed on the tv contract deal
  302. Jig Stick

    San Diego State.......

  303. Jig Stick

    San Diego State.......

    Destiny! What a game! Aztecmesa board is blowing up with a euphoric Aztec crowd that's going to light up Viejas on Saturday night against Nevada. I wouldn't wanna miss that game.
  304. Jig Stick

    San Diego State.......

    Poleeee Polee, Polee, Polee Poleeee, Poleeee
  305. Jig Stick


    Sing the 'Star Spangled Banner' in English!
  306. Jig Stick

    Bizarre foods starring tommy gomes

    I think it's a repeat. Could be wrong but think so
  307. Jig Stick

    Great Warm day on The Big Bay

    Those fish pics from the Googanheim look awesome. Gonna be 70-80 on the beach here in San Diego... Just like summer. I love the sun.
  308. Jig Stick

    SDSU giving Kansas the business

  309. Jig Stick

    SDSU giving Kansas the business

    Game Day!
  310. Jig Stick


    Curious, is that serial #006?
  311. Jig Stick

    SDSU giving Kansas the business

    KU now 107-3 in their last 110 home games. That is, of course, after the Aztecs put them down today!!!
  312. Jig Stick

    2 ATD 50'S

    Great deal here Sam. Good luck with the sale.
  313. Jig Stick


    That is just fantastic!
  314. Jig Stick

    This is funny... Black out in Green Bay for the playoff game...

    I heard $100 for he cheap tickets and -15 degrees come game time. Watching from home or a bar would sound pretty good!
  315. Jig Stick

    Go Chargers...

    Chargers win the last four and get some miracle help along the way to make it to the playoffs. Post-season football is the best!
  316. Jig Stick

    Go Chargers...

  317. Jig Stick

    Go Chargers...

    Raiders going 4-12 AWESOME!
  318. Jig Stick

    Go Chargers...

    Rivers gets freaked easily. Hope that sack and pick don't get to him
  319. Jig Stick

    Go Chargers...

    From a pick six to down 7-0
  320. Jig Stick


    Pot hole
  321. Jig Stick

    La Jolla: Seal crap good, Sea lion crap bad?

    We can mobilize a bunch of PETA members to join hands and creat a buoy line just past the drop off. Those seals will be safe. Whew! On to the next problem.
  322. Jig Stick

    Weight question

    The question you store your lead weights in rice or baby powder so they don't rust?
  323. Jig Stick

    Safe to ship pressure cooked jarred fish????

    Great info. I appreciate it.
  324. Jig Stick

    Safe to ship pressure cooked jarred fish????

    I would suspect trouble. You can send it via ground but you still have a 5,000 foot decrease in elevation from Colorado which will creat a lot more pressure. Sounds like a question for UPS. I haven't sent any of mine for this same uncertainty. Good luck
  325. Jig Stick

    the Potato Bowl

    Let's go SDSU! Nice double header today, Potato bowl on TV then off to see the McNeese game at Viejas.
  326. Jig Stick

    Hey Santa! Here's the Penn I want under the tree!

    Torque 25N and the Jack Daniels is always here for ya Santa Merry Christmas
  327. Jig Stick


    Thanks for the info Tunanorth. Cooney, cervecas again soon amigo.
  328. Jig Stick

    Question: Daisy Chains for Tuna and Dorado....

    Try dragging a bird for a little noise
  329. Jig Stick

    SDSU Basketball...

    Lean years at Peterson Gym, but look at us now! It's gonna be crazy!
  330. Jig Stick

    SDSU Basketball...

    Recruiting is blowin up! We're gonna have something special for quite some time... Shepard Shrigley Spencer Allen Davis Chol Pope Kell Cheatham Zabo Not a bad run of star recruits and transfers. This team is gonna bring a lot of excitement to San Diego. Class of '93
  331. Jig Stick


    Both are great options
  332. Jig Stick

  333. Jig Stick

    Intrepid Catchy Tackle brief report

    Sounded unpleasant for you guys but glad all is well. Thanks for the report.
  334. Jig Stick

    When I'm gone....

    I heard millions cried real tears during the National Day of Mourning. This is, of course, just after the earth shook the moment he died.
  335. Jig Stick

    When I'm gone....

    Some of the people there don't get a full vote, some get extra votes and some make up the final vote.
  336. Jig Stick

    When I'm gone....

    It was Kim Jung Il who had 98%, the other 2% were never seen again. How can you not vote the guy in when he had nine holes-in-one on his first round!
  337. Jig Stick

    Kite rigs-- double-trouble rigs

    Don't risk taking unskilled advise. Get some 200lb (and even 300lb) smoke blue Momoi, some Jinkai sleeves/crimps to match, some 400lb Magnum rings with grommets, chafe tubing and the skilled advise of the crew on the RR. You will be in very good hands. There are many very talented and...
  338. Jig Stick

    Bolts vs Jags

    Woodhead looks like our new Sproles. I wonder how long until we get rid of him...
  339. Jig Stick

    Bolts vs Jags

    Key has been keeping our terrible secondary off the field so far...
  340. Jig Stick

    Eddie Aikau

    Those "30 For 30" shows are outstanding!
  341. Jig Stick

    Is there a good wahoo reel with 60+ inches retrieve?

    60" per crank is gonna make it hard to turn once that wahoo takes your iron. As Fishy mentioned, wind faster.
  342. Jig Stick

    YFT versus BFT

    I love 'em both. The gear matters a lot. Guys using older, out matched stuff were getting worked on 50-60lb BFT on a trip a few weeks ago. I got a 62lb'er on 40# and an Accurate 400 and she cooperated quite nicely in just a short time. Others were wrestling with the same size fish for quite...
  343. Jig Stick

    finnally got blood on the deck

    A great feeling to get back on the board. Congrats.
  344. Jig Stick

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    Becky and her girlfriend haven't needed a rod since that one night in college.
  345. Jig Stick

    YELLOWFIN! Late report.

  346. Jig Stick

    What's Wrong With This Picture?

    "What's wrong with this picture." I got Poland the boat is usually upside down
  347. Jig Stick

    this report is to make you guys down south Jelous/ Albacore

    Sounds awesome. Go get 'em. Thanks for the report.
  348. Jig Stick

    Jig stick reel

    I like the Penn Torque 25 for close to home and the 30 for LR.
  349. Jig Stick

    Experience with Toro Tamer Hollow Braid?

    With all that's been said, discussed, researched...Bottom line is that they underrated the line class on the label. It's not thick, instead, it's label is underrated. Mark said so himself and was nothing but honest with that. Blame it on zero industry standards.
  350. Jig Stick

    Chargers @ AZ Cardinals Saturday 8/24

    Re. the refs call on the fumble...By "Arizona" do you mean "San Diego" ball?
  351. Jig Stick

    Chargers @ AZ Cardinals Saturday 8/24

    With Billy Ray and Uncle Teddy in San Diego, I'de rather read the play by play on the Internet than listen to their junk.
  352. Jig Stick

    New Arrivals

  353. Jig Stick

    New Arrivals

    Did any of the new 50SEa's come in by any chances.
  354. Jig Stick

    GO TJ!!!!!

    Or a Colombian soccer player...
  355. Jig Stick

    New Lo An 2Day Report Aug 16-18th, Drew Ford Charter

    Thanks again for the planning of the trip Slater. I know you put a lot of work into it...and it shows. Don't know what to add that hasn't already been mentioned other than thanking; the Drew family for arranging the charter, Slater for your hard work with the details prior to the trip, and...
  356. Jig Stick


    The Michigan kids gave the Chula Vista boys props for the no-hitter and carried themselves with class. Great to see.
  357. Jig Stick

    What the hell kind of fish is this?

    Not another baby wahoo thread! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  358. Jig Stick

    Flourocarbon Age

    More limber than a teenage boy watching a Brazilian Butt Lift commercial
  359. Jig Stick

    LR prices went up next year

    I pulled a receipt from a 13 day out of a gear bag a few days ago. It was from 2010 and man have the prices gone up since then!
  360. Jig Stick

    Now Floyd?

    Blackouts in San Diego, fewer sell outs, continuous marquee injuries, no new stadium deal...we're hurtin'. The Los Angeles Sig-Alerts sounds catchy.
  361. Jig Stick

    100lb outfit for 7 day trip?

    Bring it. Store the reel in your clothes bag and the rod in the rack, or up stairs. It takes no room and you got it if you need it.
  362. Jig Stick

    Caption Contest - West Marine Opens their Corpus Christi Large Format Store Aug 9-11

    Fishing on "The Darwin" was great, until...
  363. Jig Stick

    $$$$ Time Warner Bundle ?

    I also heard the are possibly going to drop channel 4.
  364. Jig Stick


    Hmmm...this could get interesting. LOL
  365. Jig Stick

    What fish is this ????? Baby Wahoooo ???????

    It's definitely not a baby wahoo, I've caught a few of them 12" or less. Even baby wahoo are bad arse creatures. I've caught micro 'hoo on Raider jigs just a few inches bigger than they were and this is certainly not a baby wahoo. However, like a compliance inspector, the longer you look at...
  366. Jig Stick

    What fish is this ????? Baby Wahoooo ???????

    No doubt that that is different looking. I haven't seen a bonito look quite like that color wise. However, the physical shape is bonito for shore. Very cool, thanks for sharing.
  367. Jig Stick

    Win a Pair of Costa Del Mar's - Guess the winning weight for the YTSO

    Darn it! You were a bit low. Try it again...
  368. Jig Stick

    Fish ID please

  369. Jig Stick

    shrimp stuffed, bacon wrapped, cream cheese jalapeno poppers!

    Try some Cajun seasoning on that shrimp before it goes into that chili and chase with a frosty one...
  370. Jig Stick

    Nothing imsportant but my OCD is driving me crazy lol

    Thats ok, I see he has his kitchen light on. I'll just go tell him how to do it. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  371. Jig Stick

    All I wanted was a 10# yellow and I got this...

    Very cool and thanks for the reply and info. That is one fish still on my list. congrats again.
  372. Jig Stick

    All I wanted was a 10# yellow and I got this...

    Congrats! 90J...was it on a surface iron?
  373. Jig Stick

    Wahoo bombs

    Wahoo don't care Wahoo's a bad ass Wahoo just takes what it wants Believe me, it doesn't matter. You can use it as sling shot ammo for a week and they will still hit it. Btw, when you pull it through the water at top speed, the skirt will lay down anyway. Good luck.
  374. Jig Stick

    Any Home Canners Out There?

    I've canned a decent amount of BF. Although I do like YF better, soley because of the deeper tuna flavor, if you put some canned BF on a Ritz cracker, top with some Sambal and a slice of fresh Anaheim chili you will love canned BF.
  375. Jig Stick

    Win a pair of Minox Binoculars - A $699 Value - Caption Contest Ending July 10, 2013

    Better not post anything negative about the boat or the crew,,,"they're just trying to run a business."
  376. Jig Stick

    No Shipping ??? Really ???

    The reason I don't do a lot via mail is that the donkey I'm sending the stuff to isn't always as easy to do business with as I am...even if he's in Washington! It's kinda like riding a motorcycle, it's not always your's the ability of the guy next to ya that you have to worry about.
  377. Jig Stick

    Flourocarbon Age

    I used six year old 100 & 130lb. with no problem on a 15 day this past May. I got a 294 on stuff from 2009... Store it away from sunlight, and anything you think it should be away from, and you will be just fine.
  378. Jig Stick

    For Sale: Accurate ATD 30 Reel Handles

    Sale pending for handle with pin... Other handle still available.
  379. Jig Stick

    For Sale: Accurate ATD 30 Reel Handles

    Have two of the finger grip style size 30 handles. One includes the handle knob pin ($25) and the other does not come with the pin ($20). PM me if you are interested. Ken
  380. Jig Stick

    I HATE it when this happens..

    Nice fly rod!
  381. Jig Stick


    Glad to see you got out Brotha. That looks like the best of times. Congrats
  382. Fishing


  383. Jig Stick

    shogun/accu 15 day

    Hey Jack, Great fishing with you. You mentioned you were "lucky" to get your 287. I don't think so. I have met few fishermen that have put in as much time at the rail in a single trip as you did during this one. I tried to keep up with you and I simply couldn't. You're a workhorse and you...
  384. Jig Stick

    shogun/accu 15 day

    Simms. Here's a link for ya: SunGaiter, Solids and Prints - Headwear - SHOP
  385. Jig Stick

    shogun/accu 15 day

    Lance, your YT is ridiculous! Thanks for sharing so much on our trips. Great as always to fish with you again. Ken
  386. Jig Stick

    shogun/accu 15 day

    Great report of the trip Garrett. I can't say enough about the job Aaron and Cole have done. We both took a leap of faith that we would be in good hands with the new captains/crew on this trip. Well...MAN! WERE WE REWARDED!. These guys did great! Aaron worked the kite, picking up on...
  387. Jig Stick

    A Sight To See!

    Honey Badgers are badddasssss!
  388. Jig Stick

    indy. 16 dayer - on water report.

    Thanks for the update Min. Leaving in 9 days and the info is appreciated.
  389. Jig Stick

    Nado's Yellows

    Thanks for the info Scott. Were you solo on a 50' Mikelson?
  390. Jig Stick

    Wahoo Bombs Vs. Raider Jigs

    This just in...Elvis died. :)
  391. Jig Stick

    Tough fishing down South

    Heading down in 12 more days on the Shogun 15 day. I'm looking forward to a change in the reports.
  392. Jig Stick

    A lil late 3 clover luck on the San Diego

    Shirt on before your pants that morning or pants first?
  393. Jig Stick

    yellowfin tuna on the point loma?

    Soon will be the old "Two-fin Bluna" report
  394. Jig Stick

    Go Aztecs...

    Florida Gulp Coast Sandworms are shooting lights out
  395. Jig Stick

    MAKAIRA 20

    Great price with the spectra and the upgrade. Good luck with the sale, should go quick.
  396. Jig Stick

    Clarion starting to produce again

    "Get rid of it" can mean a number of things
  397. Jig Stick

    Accurate Caption Contest ending March 21st, 2013

    I'de dunk that tail section in a vat of nice, warm butter...then stuff the hell out of it
  398. Jig Stick

    Clipperton fly fishing

    Bruce, That is absolutely AWESOME! Thanks for sharing, The Big Toe
  399. Jig Stick

    Shogun 15 day in May

    Now you're just showing off. :)
  400. Jig Stick


    Very awesome Slater! Those smiles are a good indicator of what he thinks about this fishing thing. I don't remember my first fish, but I'll take the clear memories of both my daughters' first fish with me till my last day.
  401. Jig Stick

    Shogun 15 day in May

    I'm hoping you didn't think I was serious about the RP getting up on plane while cruising. (I gotta learn how to get those little ROTFL icons on here)
  402. Jig Stick

    Fish ID

    I think you meant 'Baby Oprah"
  403. Jig Stick

    Shogun 15 day in May

    If you take the fog of reason out of all makes sense
  404. Jig Stick

    Shogun 15 day in May

    Oh come on David, you know that once the RP gets up on plane that it can make it to the rocks a half day faster than the others...
  405. Jig Stick

    Shogun 15 day in May

    I will be aboard as well. It's gonna be a fun trip no matter how fast she goes. 30' beam is SICK when your there. The bait capacity has been no problem at all on the past couple of 13 day trips I went on her. Im gonna miss Tommy for sure though, he's a great guy.
  406. Jig Stick

    Accurate Caption Contest ending March 21st, 2013

    "Hey douche bag...I'm takin' a hot water bath in a few hours and you're holding her top down! Why don't you beat it and go plung some toilets!"
  407. Jig Stick


    Looks great Bill. Those are a real treat down there when they show up. Tell Mike that his grand daughters want him to bring some guavas from the tree in front of his palapa when he comes back. My best to you and Sylvia
  408. Jig Stick

    Windon top shot jig

    Best deal on wind-on jigs right here.
  409. Jig Stick

    Woman eats tire shavings

  410. Jig Stick

    Shimano Introduces the New Stella SW - Caption Contest Ending March 11th, 2013

    Bloody Decks.............Stella...............BLOODY HELL!!!
  411. Jig Stick

    Shimano Introduces the New Stella SW - Caption Contest Ending March 11th, 2013

    My eighth "thread" and this one is going to get personal so hold on. "Some of you idiots using the new Stella, and taking my fish, can kiss my okole!"
  412. Jig Stick

    Shimano Introduces the New Stella SW - Caption Contest Ending March 11th, 2013

    Stella... Keep Calm and Grind On
  413. Jig Stick

    Shimano Introduces the New Stella SW - Caption Contest Ending March 11th, 2013

    Walter hates it when his friends play "Hide the Sea Cucumber."
  414. Jig Stick

    Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd, Pirates

    My 63 year old buddy's favorite line, "What can't get up, can't get out!"
  415. Jig Stick

    Shimano Introduces the New Stella SW - Caption Contest Ending March 11th, 2013

    And with his flipper on her flapper, Stella let out a bark that woke the sleepy harbor. Instantly, all knew...this bitch was built to grind!
  416. Jig Stick

    Shimano Introduces the New Stella SW - Caption Contest Ending March 11th, 2013

    (Sea Dog Braveheart) "STELLA. You can take away my food, but you can't take...MY FREEEDOOOM!"
  417. Jig Stick

    Shimano Introduces the New Stella SW - Caption Contest Ending March 11th, 2013

    "That judge ACTUALLY said '...a peg leg and an eye patch' that shit is just effen hilarious! AH HAHAHAA"
  418. Jig Stick

    Shimano Introduces the New Stella SW - Caption Contest Ending March 11th, 2013

  419. Jig Stick

    How not to launch.....

    I can see John Candy now... "YOU'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY!!!" "How does he know where we're going?" And on it goes...
  420. Jig Stick

    Clipperton, nonfishing related events.

    That was dynamite. Thanks for sharing,
  421. Jig Stick

    Excel to Clipperton

    Now that's funny!
  422. Jig Stick

    Windon top shot jig

    Got mine as well, I appreciate it. Made some top shots today. The jig is very stable for a compact design. Well done.
  423. Jig Stick

    Helgrens Sea Trek can't find there own fish

    Come on guys, you know it's their ocean, their fishing spots and their fish. I mean sheesh!
  424. Jig Stick

    Fred Hall, over blown, or ??? Poll

    Reason I go is to see if I can run into Ronnie Kovach so i can tell him to STFU and not yell so damn much when he hooks a fish so I can watch his show again! Maybe that and show more fishing on his fishing show.
  425. Jig Stick

    No longer a lobster virgin!

    Use your internet machine to find out how to prepare the lobster.
  426. Jig Stick

    Windon top shot jig

    Love mine Garrett. You got any more?
  427. Jig Stick


  428. Jig Stick


    That's a big one. What area does the warning cover?
  429. Jig Stick

    Rpt-Thur.-01-31-13 Winter Yellowtail go on the chew!

    Great job. It makes winter that much shorter.
  430. Jig Stick

    Boat Sinks While Fighting a Marlin

    Dude up top is luck he didn't get caught up in the rigging. Just crazy.
  431. Jig Stick

    Lennay Kekua told Manti Te

    "Lennay Kekua" She told me last week she spells her name differently.
  432. Jig Stick

    Calstar 7465M

    Sold. Good luck on your 12 day Robert and nice meeting ya.
  433. Jig Stick

    Royal Polaris 5 day 12/26-12/31

    Nice report and congrats on a nice catch. Shogun looks empty!
  434. Jig Stick

    Calstar 7465M

    Ah the memories of people who have no idea what they're talking about. Just 3-1/2 months to go G.
  435. Jig Stick

    Calstar 7465M

    Sold pending pick-up this weekend.
  436. Jig Stick

    Calstar 7465M

    Custom wrapped by Ken's in Oceanside. Great 80-100lb rail rod. Has a double-over-single butt cord wrap to grip the rail w/o damaging hypalon. Fuji H-26 handle and aluminum gimbal with end cap. $170.00 PM if interested
  437. Jig Stick


    I wouldn't mind a "4th And...29" Chargers jersey.'
  438. Jig Stick

    Aloha Daniel

    Aloha a hui hou.
  439. Jig Stick

    Calstar 800xlh NEW

    One of my favorite 20-25lb bait rods. Best of luck with the sale.
  440. Jig Stick

    Hey Santa! Here's the Penn I want!

    American made Torque 25
  441. Jig Stick

    Top 10 Charger Games with Norv...

    My favorite will be his last one
  442. Jig Stick

    Cat problem

    Cats are fun to kick
  443. Jig Stick

    Jets - Chargers Matchup on 12/23

    It's San Diego State basketball season anyway. I want the Chargers to be the pallbearers at my the can let me down one last time.
  444. Jig Stick

    Worlds Biggest Yellowfin Tuna 445lbs

    Everyone's always bashing Rachel Maddow. I think everyone should just lay off that guy. :)
  445. Jig Stick

    Worlds Biggest Yellowfin Tuna 445lbs

    MSNBC said it was 320 Fox said it was 587 Al Jazeera said it didn't happen
  446. Jig Stick

    wind on topshot jig

    Garrett, the one I got from you (same as the one pictured above) works great. It breaks down nicely for stowage and is strong to create tension for making serves. Thanks
  447. Jig Stick

    Accurate introduces the FURY!! - Caption Contest ending December 14th, 2012

    I haven't been happier since that penguin the the front taught me his trick.
  448. Jig Stick

    Canning Fish?

    I've done BF. I don't think it's too strong. To the contrary, I think it was significantly more mild than YF. However, I do think it turned out a bit drier than the YF. I added Poblano, Anaheim or Pasilla chilies which all add great flavor but the YF is just awesome in the jar. Today I...
  449. Jig Stick

    EXCEL 2012 16-Day HB, The Final Morning

    Thanks for the 'on the water' reports. The next 4 months, until my 15 day, are sure to go by like a herd of turtles now. Safe travels on the way up the line.
  450. Jig Stick

    410 YFT on EXCEL

    Fantastic!!! What a great trip for all aboard. Events they will remember for ever; JFK, 9/11, Reagan being shot, this trip, and maybe some others
  451. Jig Stick


    Bring more material (fluoro and mono) than you think you need for a few reasons: The sharks that time of year could be a problem and, therefore, could cause you to go through a bunch of leaders; the trip down will allow you the time to make a bunch of wind-ons just to past the time; and, you...
  452. Jig Stick

    Bubba Blade Caption Contest - Introducing the PENETRATOR - Ends Nov 23, 2012

    "You won't find anything on top, the tuna is down below"
  453. Jig Stick

    Bubba Blade Caption Contest - Introducing the PENETRATOR - Ends Nov 23, 2012

    Next year's charter is now full!
  454. Jig Stick

    Hot Can Caption Contest Ending November 13th, 2012

    Colder than the heart of a mother-in-law
  455. Jig Stick

    ATD 50 Penn Cal/Baker Penn Reels

    Good luck with the sales Sam
  456. Jig Stick

    Tackle Tray

    I just got the 7200. The jig area in the 7200 is smaller than the jig area in the 7100. Plano makes a deep tray box 1/2 the size of their full size box. I don't recall the model number but Bass Pro Shops stocks them along with a ton of Plano and BPS alternatives.
  457. Jig Stick

    Hot Can Caption Contest Ending November 13th, 2012

    "I'll never live in California, I love the four seasons" Whatever...
  458. Jig Stick

    Must have item

    Ambien. I don't like the ride back from the bank. So, I take an ambien, set my alarm for 7 hours later, wake up, take another and go back to sleep. Sleep it off!
  459. Jig Stick

    Mustad 7691 hooks

    I'm not a big fan of circle hooks for chunk fishing (versus post above) as the hook doesn't 'bite' into the chunk like a J hook does. I prefer 9/0 for chunk fishing and I like a 13/0 7691 for fishing with skippeis or small tuna as opposed to circle hooks. The 7691DT's are the ones you want as...
  460. Jig Stick

    HI'S Tackle 10 day on the RP

    Great video. Congrats on a great trip.
  461. Jig Stick

    Dolphin 3 10/18 fishing and medivac

    I hope and pray for this guy. As a father of a diabetic 11 year old daughter, I read about stories like this and it just about brings me to my knees. I lost my brother to Type 1 diabetes last year and have nothing but the greatest thoughts for all those fighting, every day, this terrible...
  462. Jig Stick

    Best Bitch Upper-cut Ever

    Bus driver wrote the ticket!
  463. Jig Stick

    Best Bitch Upper-cut Ever

    "Mess with the bull, you get the horns" While she is a girl, she; threw the first punch, spit in his face, endanged others as she messed with him while he drove the bus then choked him? Then, apparently, she can't believe he hit her!!!!! I love our country but our legal system needs a face...
  464. Jig Stick

    Retard in the harbor

    Should have yelled back that you have a whole stringer of them back at the dock.
  465. Jig Stick

    My last offshore 10-16

    Half way through I'm sayin to myself, "tap out, tap out!"
  466. Jig Stick

    Trophy Yellowfin Tuna

    Sickles are looong down there! Very nice
  467. Jig Stick

    Are there Post Offices in Cali or not?

    Comin' from the IE?
  468. Jig Stick

    Cool! Leaving on Friday on the RP

    Hurricane Kenneth was a cat 4 at departure last year for our 13 day, but the ride down was as smooth as can be. Good luck
  469. Jig Stick

    Sato Linewinder, drill, linecounter

    That's a good deal. Good luck on the sale.
  470. Jig Stick

    Are there Post Offices in Cali or not?

    Yep, just click on 'New Posts' and you get everything. Don't be so flattered!
  471. Jig Stick

    Go SDSU...

    Gotta win big against these guys. Can't wait for Bball season!
  472. Jig Stick

    Are there Post Offices in Cali or not?

    I'm not sending ANYTHING to WA now for sure. Just gonna keep dealing with local bros. BTW, who the hell uses 'Cali' anymore? LL Cool J just getting popular in WA?
  473. Jig Stick

    Throw away your GPS spots!

    Just another fine example of the system keeping the man down!
  474. Jig Stick

    Are there Post Offices in Cali or not?

    "There's an old saying in Texas; fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice.....can't fool me again." I got fooled by some donkey in OR.
  475. Jig Stick

    Penn International 50 spool rust

    When that wet spectra sits on your stored reel it doesn't dry very quickly. Saltwater will dry on a spool full of mono much sooner than a spool loaded with spectra, as spectra gets packed on and is essentially air tight. It might be a good idea to think about getting that wet line off your...
  476. Jig Stick

    Dan Hernandez

    Why should it matter if someone else thinks he's legit or not?
  477. Jig Stick

    Looking for a good auto mechanic in North County

    Mike at Coastal Foreign in Encinitas.
  478. Jig Stick


    Looks like I won't be watching Sports Center for the next 24 hours now.
  479. Jig Stick

    Shawn Merriman

    I have his Chargers jersey on right now. It has electrical tape across the name on the back. :)
  480. Jig Stick

    Reel service/San Diego

  481. Jig Stick


    Why did you check in at Clarion then go to the bank? If you fished Clarion you certainly stayed outside...RIGHT?!
  482. Jig Stick


    The last two years I've been down there and we stayed waaaay outside, fishing only the buffer zone...
  483. Jig Stick

    Fat Albert-core S of the 390

    Good Lord! The thought alone of a staff infection would have me rollin' for home in a hurry. As the captain, I would make the call for home as well for that same point, let alone the "Dude, you're grossing my out with that thing hangin from your arm" factor. You're tough as nails.
  484. Jig Stick

    Yellowfin eat Grasshopper's

    Yellowfin eat Grasshopper's....those things are like animals.
  485. Jig Stick

    It's 10:00...

    O-2...Jig Stick Likes this!
  486. Jig Stick

    It's 10:00...

    Only Raider I've ever liked is a gold 125
  487. Jig Stick

    It's 10:00...

    Time to root against the Raiders!
  488. Jig Stick

    Opah out of WP today.

    Might be thinking Mola
  489. Jig Stick

    600 & 30 Dawg Upgrades Available Now

    Cool, I thought you guys were working on something.
  490. Jig Stick

    Is BD screwed up right now?

    aka... ?? Computer Problems
  491. Jig Stick

    Is BD screwed up right now?

    It says 10:53 twice
  492. Jig Stick

    Is BD screwed up right now?

    It's 10:53
  493. Jig Stick

    Is BD screwed up right now?

    Don't boot the computer. The absolute last straw is slapping it with a 51lb. YT, but don't boot it!
  494. Jig Stick

    Is BD screwed up right now?

    Did you try to reboot the internal battery?
  495. Jig Stick

    Is BD screwed up right now?

    Might want to check the onboard bios clock by dismantling your device. Look particularly for a watch battery looking type device and reset it or buy a new battery. Mine is right on time
  496. Jig Stick


    Don't think it's 51...or photoshop. Fish has something coming out of its bung whole, that same stuff is on the ground directly under the "blowout." He is barefoot on a knife and the knife has a reflection of his foot on it. But HE'S BAREFOOT ON A KNIFE! Either way, it is a nice YT. He lost me on...
  497. Jig Stick

    Monster Sword

    How the heck do you get it in the.... What do you with... What did they catch that thing... Holy Cr... I'm blowin up. I can't handle it!
  498. Jig Stick

    What the hell do you do with 49 tuna?

    Way cool! I get nervous when I'm down to 2-3 cases. I use the 1/2 pint jars and never have to refrigerate any leftovers after opening. I do mine with just tuna, dehydrated onion and Anaheim chili's. The Anaheim chili's give a very soft, smokey pepper flavor that even young kids love. That...
  499. Jig Stick

    Drew Ford 2Day Charter Report / New Lo-An 8/17-19th

    What a great group of guys. It was great fishing with you Slater and thanks for the phone calls with all the info I needed prior to departure. Now you can relax for a few months before starting on the Drew Ford 8 day.....err 2 day. Its amazing how certain captains and crew just 'get it' and...
  500. Jig Stick

    Win a Penn Squall 40 and a Blue Water Carnage Rod - Caption Contest

    "I see a 'Tuna in Laguna'...I'm on it!"
  501. Jig Stick

    Cash or check for the other half of my fare?

    With the published deposit rules in mind, are you ignoring the risk that Mexico could make a change in their law at any time? Or, are you willing to take that risk but not the risk that the skipper might not go to the intended destination after you paid for the trip, again, knowing what the...
  502. Jig Stick

    looking for lead

    Try DKS1987
  503. Jig Stick

    Cash or check for the other half of my fare?

    Cash is king. I've never had trouble with a credit card and have never tried a check. Best of luck on your trip. (people still use checks?)
  504. Jig Stick

    still confused fishing mex!!??

    Still confused about Mexico... So is Mexico
  505. Jig Stick

    Almost caught a thief this morning.

    I would have hired that guy throwing the spear in the Penn Squall contest to handle the situation. Seriously though, you did the right thing. It could have ended in a number of bad ways for YOU otherwise.
  506. Jig Stick

    23 Albacore and some amazing video

    Very cool. Amazing clarity and what camara hogs those things are. Beautiful creatures (now take it down before PETA sees it and puts an end to whats left of our ability to fish). Thanks for sharing.
  507. Jig Stick

    Win a Penn Squall 40 and a Blue Water Carnage Rod - Caption Contest

    Malaysian jig sticks...17'6" (after 3" are cut off the butt end of coarse)
  508. Jig Stick

    Win a Penn Squall 40 and a Blue Water Carnage Rod - Caption Contest

    The Malaysian Coast Guard...We stop illegal immigration...PERIOD!
  509. Jig Stick

    Win a Penn Squall 40 and a Blue Water Carnage Rod - Caption Contest

    Even in his man thong...Punit is bad ass!
  510. Jig Stick

    Win a Penn Squall 40 and a Blue Water Carnage Rod - Caption Contest

    Punit going for the gold in the aqua vault.
  511. Jig Stick

    Caption Contest Presented by Bubba Blades - Ending August 7th, 2012

    Ok, say "cheese" on 357. 1, 2, 3, 4...
  512. Jig Stick

    Caption Contest Presented by Bubba Blades - Ending August 7th, 2012

    Bubba Blades and "Chick Fill-et" Upon further review...we both appreciate the lesbian community now!
  513. Jig Stick

    Caption Contest Presented by Bubba Blades - Ending August 7th, 2012

    Those nasty ass toes just make ya scream out and say "OH HELL NO I WOULDN'T!"
  514. Jig Stick


    This is awesome, going for freezer filler and ya end up with this! A very big congrats to ya for a quality catch...on 20lb no less. Enjoy.
  515. Jig Stick

    You don't fuck with a mans livelihood

    Good thing with the black shorts...the smashed tarantula look is so 70's.
  516. Jig Stick

    Grundens / Gage Presents - Caption Contest - Win a Gage Fish On Jacket valued at $150

    Four years out to sea, no action and mi juevos are screamin'. I'm headin' home, up river, to get some...or die tryin'
  517. Jig Stick

    Accurate, Newell, Calstar

    PM replied. Newell pending...
  518. Jig Stick

    Accurate, Newell, Calstar

    Trimming down and fine tuning the collection. I prefer in person deals only and willing to travel to meet as I am regularly in OC, IE and throughout SD. Here is what is for sale: Accurate BX-2 500 -10/10 mechanical, 9.5/10 cosmetic. Serviced at Ken's in O'side. Comes with original box and...
  519. Jig Stick

    Accurate BX2 500 or 600

    I've got a BX2-500. PM me for details.
  520. Jig Stick

    Newell 338 reviews

    338's a great reel. However, the big Q is where you intend to do your work with it. If it's Cedros, I say go bigger. If it's local you're in great shape. I have a 338 for local surface but it stays at home when going down south.
  521. Jig Stick

    Mustad's Giant Shark Hook Contest - Ending April 13, 2012

    I wanna play a game of 'Pierce the PETA Member' and see how many I could pin on at one time.
  522. Jig Stick

    Red Tuna Shirt Club - Caption Contest - Ending April 16th, 2012

    Funny how owners look like their pets after a while.
  523. Jig Stick

    Bubba Blade's Looking for a Tag Line - Please help - Contest ends Mar 22, 2012

    Bubba Blades...Perfection! (tag line accompanying black thong pic as always)
  524. Jig Stick

    Fred Hall Show & the debut of The Dawg

    The Gold Wing rides smoother, has less problems and costs less...but I'll take the Harley.
  525. Jig Stick

    Accurate B2-600N.....Pristine Condition

    Thanks and congrats and the sale.
  526. Jig Stick

    Accurate B2-600N.....Pristine Condition

    Let me know if the 600N deal falls through. I'm interested and can pick up in SD.
  527. Jig Stick

    Happy Valentines Day Erika!

    Get a room you two...
  528. Jig Stick

    Accurate Presents - Beat this Caption - $200 Accurate Prize Pack - Ending 2/13/12 of sword fights all over the world.
  529. Jig Stick

    Accurate Presents - Beat this Caption - $200 Accurate Prize Pack - Ending 2/13/12

    The 'Bloods' ARE so bad ass, they DO bring a sword to a gun fight.
  530. Jig Stick

    shogun 3 day freezer special

    Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I, on the other hand, have had nothing but great experiences on the Shogun. Bruce, Tommie, Andy and Chachie are all good guys that have earned every bit of my respect and tips. Big Randy is cool in the galley and I bet it wasn't he, as the cook, you are...
  531. Jig Stick

    Tropic Star Lodge - Caption Contest Ending Feb 2nd, 2011 at 5PM

    "Get the gaff Bitch!"
  532. Jig Stick

    Caption Contest Presented by Bubba Blades - Ending January 16th, 2012

    Damn flapper's killin' me, but I gotta keep smilin'...
  533. Jig Stick

    Caption Contest Presented by Bubba Blades - Ending January 16th, 2012

    "Red Ties At Night, Sailors Delight"
  534. Jig Stick

    Mexican Visa News Released

    "Now I will continue to fish with my private boat on the outside for yt, tuna, albies, avoiding the 24 mile limit, so I don't need to hassle with the visa." I wonder how many PB'ers will take the correct return route home from the outside spots and stay outside the 24 mile line in order to...
  535. Jig Stick

    Hot Liquid Lures - Caption Contest - Ending Nov 18th, 2011

    "I love when you drag that thing...right...there!"
  536. Jig Stick

    Accurate Presents - Beat this Caption - $150 Accurate Product Pack - Ending Nov 14th

    Accurate...Small Reels and Big Smiles
  537. Jig Stick

    If this is true, Penn State is out of business

    Not to take away from the horrible personal tragedy, criminal conduct and gross negligence... but think about what will happen to their football/sports program. If USC got what it did for not being aware that Bush made some money while playing there, what should happen to Penn State with this...
  538. Jig Stick

    Charkbait Contact Information

    They are probably understaffed as they are on the RRIII for an eight day. I hope you get what you need. Good luck.
  539. Jig Stick

    The Raiders get Palmer

    and a 17.3 rating
  540. Jig Stick

    It's filling up

    As your post script reads: "Every man is a damn fool for at least five minutes every day; wisdom consists in not exceeding the limit. Elbert Hubbard" You have exceeded your 5 minutes!<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  541. Jig Stick

    The Raiders get Palmer

    Should be really quiet in the Raiders 'War Room' during the next few years of drafts.
  542. Jig Stick

    Typhoon Optics Presents - Caption Contest ending November 11th, 2011

    'That fish doin' that to that beer reminds me of this one time at band camp...'
  543. Jig Stick

    Typhoon Optics Presents - Caption Contest ending November 11th, 2011

    'Alcohol just goes right through me!'
  544. Jig Stick

    Accurate Presents - Beat this Caption - $200 Accurate Product Pack - Ending 9/22/11

    "YEAH...Twins in Drag!" "Ah, no it's 'Twin Drag.' Now get a hold of yourself"
  545. Jig Stick

    Accurate BX2-500 for BX2-600N

    Not a custom color, it's the silver one.
  546. Jig Stick

    Accurate BX2-500 for BX2-600N

    I appreciate the offer but I'm looking for a BX2.
  547. Jig Stick

    Accurate BX2-500 for BX2-600N

    Looking to trade for a clean BX2-600N. I have a super clean BX2-500 in the box. It was used only once, then serviced at Ken's after a trip last year. It was stored w/o spectra on the spool and it's been sittin since it was serviced. It's in perfect condition, I just got the wrong reel for...
  548. Jig Stick

    need some help ASAP please

    Nothin' to worry about, I think you're all good... Awesome!!!
  549. Jig Stick

    Accurate Presents - Beat this Caption - $200 Accurate Product Pack - Ending 9/22/11

    "OHHH...this guy should have gone topless!"
  550. Jig Stick


    If you guys would have sleighed 'em would you have posted? Would you have offered more money than the $10 extra that was paid? I remember a short one day on the Prowler that was epic in every single way and I will remember it 'till my lasy day I'm sure. But I don't know of anyone that...
  551. Jig Stick

    Accurate ATD 50 Handle

    Hey Moe, try sending pics again. I didn't receive anything at the email address I sent via pm. Ken
  552. Jig Stick

    Accurate ATD 50 Handle

    I'm looking for a larger Accurate handle for an ATD 50. Specifically, the contured one with the finger grooves that comes stock from the manufacturer. Let me know if you have one. I can trade one from an ATD 30 or pay csah. Thanks
  553. Jig Stick

    Name the next Long Range boat

    Mid Shipman Mossback Homegaurd BOTD corGina Popcorn
  554. Jig Stick

    Aaron Harang

    Team no-hitter broken up with two out in the bottom of the ninth. It's amazing how many get lost in the bottom of the last inning. Still Pads did nothing on the offensive side and lose in the bottom of the ninth. Bummer
  555. Jig Stick

    Aaron Harang

    Uh...It was just an update!
  556. Jig Stick

    Aaron Harang

    Nothing through 8!
  557. Jig Stick

    Aaron Harang

    And not to be. He was pulled in the seventh due to pitch count with no hits through six.
  558. Jig Stick

    Aaron Harang

    All zeros after six................. Mets and Pads are only teams without a no hitter. Amazing Mets don't have one.
  559. Jig Stick

    Montauk Tackle Co. Presents - Beat this Caption - Ending July 14th, 2011 at 5pm

    "Kill me now!" (a thought shared by all)
  560. Jig Stick

    Montauk Tackle Co. Presents - Beat this Caption - Ending July 14th, 2011 at 5pm

    Next time we go fishing she's gonna get a benedryl smoothy before we leave.
  561. Jig Stick

    Hit N run La Jolla 07/01/11

    What a waste of the last half hour of my life reading this shit...
  562. Jig Stick

    bx2 400

    This reel is in great shape. Garrett takes ridiculous care of his stuff and services reels often. You won't go wrong here.
  563. Jig Stick

    wahoo jigs

    If the current is up I go to 200, 125 is money w/o a strong current,
  564. Jig Stick

    Post on this thread if you read it

    No way you're going to get me to post on this thread!!!
  565. Jig Stick

    Your reaction meeting your daughters BF for the first time

    :imdumb::imdumb::imdumb: Ok, not a literal promise wise guy...but you have a good point. How about a couple of others: "Look, I just met ya and I already don't like ya!" "What makes you think I'm thrilled you're dating my daughter?" "How do you get blood out of clothes? I mean I can...
  566. Jig Stick

    Your reaction meeting your daughters BF for the first time

    With an eight year old and a ten year old, I've been thinking about this alot. My approach: "Tonight, you're taking my daughter out. Let me assure you of one thing, whatever you do to her...............I'LL DO TO YOU!" It should be fun to watch for the reaction.
  567. Jig Stick

    Mystery giant fish on local 3/4 day.

    Oh no, not another Midshipman thread....
  568. Jig Stick

    F. U.

    For all you Line Crossers, Paddy Jackers, Guys fighting a fish from the bow while it swims off the stern nimrods, etc...F.U.! Or at least I will try to "Forgive"
  569. Jig Stick

    Reel for fishing the waxwing

    The action of the Shimano lures are engineered specifically for the way the line goes on a Shimano reel...which is different and unique than all other reels on the market. The Shimano Terez rods were designed specifically for waxwings. The rods have an action to them that allows the waxwing...
  570. Jig Stick

    New Tsunami Video

    It's just amazing to imagine living through that. The camera guy must have been wondering if his building was going to go down much like the others around him. With such little land for agriculture in Japan, I wonder when it will be when the ag land that got ruined (with salt water, pollution...
  571. Jig Stick

    Pops passed away earlier this morning

    Sorry for your loss. All the best to your family.
  572. Jig Stick

    26 Blackman Billfisher Diesel

    Damn nice boat Mike, I will miss her.
  573. Jig Stick

    couple yellows

    'Car' 'No wait..Game on!'
  574. Jig Stick

    PV Fishing and Prison Report March 11-20, 2011

    GOOD LORD!!! We are all glad your home.
  575. Jig Stick

    Headed to the rocks

    Good luck to you guys Tommie.
  576. Jig Stick

    One for the man

    That's his lucky fin...I saw it once on Nemo.
  577. Jig Stick

    what the hell is this?

    I would have been the first to reply after Remington...but I just now broke away from it. It's like the sun, it hurts the longer you look at it. Regarding the fish, I think it's a Pelagic Pelosi. They circle on the way up, but only to the left. They're hard to figure out and not many really...
  578. Jig Stick

    Sato Crimps

    Sale pending.
  579. Jig Stick

    (Partial) Sato Starter Set

    I have all of the items in the Sato Starter Set except the crimps, which are being sold seperately on BD. This kit has been lightly used on a couple of trips and is very clean. Price is $50.00. Pending
  580. Jig Stick

    Sato Crimps

    I have a bunch of Sato crimps for sale. Here's what I have: 100# (.049)....7 crimps 120# (.054)...33 crimps 130# (.060)...18 crimps 150# (.068)...35 crimps The whole lot for $70.00.
  581. Jig Stick

    Torpedo Sinkers

    Daniel, Thanks for the lead. Guys, Daniel does some great work in making egg and torpedo sinkers. He's one of the good guys, he will make what you need and even arrange to meet at a convenient location to deliver. The cost of lead will surely rise over time. If you want to stock up...
  582. Jig Stick

    Best Accurate for Wahoo?

    Many would say BX2-600N. I use the BX2-500 for line capacity as the tuna like Raiders/Hopkins also. The BX2-600 is good but a bit large for me. Either way you'll be in great shape.
  583. Jig Stick

    TLD's 5, 10, 15, 20, 25

    WHAT A TOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You call the guy out for not taking five bucks from his offer and complain that he didn't take it??? If it's only five stinkin' bucks, you shouldn't have made that Bull Shit offer in the first place! In addition, this guy was about as polite as he could be and you...
  584. Jig Stick

    Go Chargers...

    Gates just listed as Inactive...SHIAT!!!
  585. Jig Stick


    (Edit #1 above) Fishwork...It Works For People Who Fish
  586. Jig Stick


    Fishworks...It Works With For People Who Fish Fishworks...It Works For Fish Fishworks...It Works On Fish
  587. Jig Stick

    Another Mass Boat Theft in Los Barilles

    Bill, I don't quite know what to say other than I am terribly sorry to hear about FAT CAT. Please let me know what I might be able to do for you and Sylvia. Bad things happening to good people SUCKS!!!
  588. Jig Stick

    Sato Crimps

    Sato Crimps, all new: 10 Aluminum 40# 10 Aluminum 50# 10 Aluminum 60# 10 Brass 80# 10 Brass 100# 50 Crimps for $40.00 (includes the plastic crimp box that Gary sells with his kits)
  589. Jig Stick

    Long Range Season

    Garrett, That's the one. You on???
  590. Jig Stick

    Long Range Season

    Offshore, the fishing is as cold as the weather in San Diego! The water is cooler than normal. The summer in San Diego has been the coldest in a reported 77 years. Down south, however, the rocks are kicking out some decent size tuna for this time of year. The reports elsewhere are mostly all...
  591. Jig Stick


    When you hear "EAT ME"...even you would hit it!
  592. Jig Stick

    Not a good day for the Intrepid

    "Get the gaff, BITCH!"
  593. Jig Stick

    Small Reel that actually works? Please?

    I'm at (an OCD) 10 Accurates now. If you're looking for a small reel with ARD's, the point has already been made, IT'S ALREADY HERE!!! The ATD 6 and 12 are the reels you're asking for. Accurate is offering a couple of product lines at two seperate price points. Unfortunately the ARD reel is...
  594. Jig Stick

    Need a caption for this photo

    Coach said, "GO GET THE ROCK!!!"
  595. Jig Stick

    Hey Gil, you can kiss my custom fitted Arse

    Right now the Raiders SUCK!!! There can be no arguing that with seven straight 10+ loss seasons. Right now the Cargers are a decent team (not a great team) that has been a bitter disappointment in the post season. The '70's and '80's belonged to the Raiders, with a brief sign of life in...
  596. Jig Stick


    I was sitting on my couch minding my own business (Al Bundy style) eating some Ho-Ho's, Ding-Dongs and Snow Balls, then this guy comes along and calls me lazy! On the RP, make sure you give Eddie a hard time...he'll take good care of you that way.
  597. Jig Stick

    Health issues need to liquidate

    My brother was diagnosed type one 30 years ago. He never did manage it through the years and is now in rough shape. Obviously, helping your wife keep the mindset she needs, while doing whatever you can think of, is a must in order to help her go through this with the best mental condition as...
  598. Jig Stick

    ok all you west coasters....

    NO FREAKIN' DOUBT!!! On a trip last year I was out of surface irons and tied on a Raider 125 while skip jigging. Bluefin were killing themselves to get abored the boat. They front run the jig as it's flying through the air at warp speed, then jump all over the jig as it's about to touch down...
  599. Jig Stick

    Ensenada area, other boats shut down and told to split

    Don't tell me you like that dude Rachel Maddow!
  600. Jig Stick


    Just got off phone with father-in-law who lives in East Cape...he didn't feel a thing. Great news for them!!!
  601. Jig Stick

    Tuna is very brown, not red or pink

    Mike's Favorite Ahi Recipes A good read on fresh ahi. Sounds like you might have "oxidized" or "burnt" ahi. I did read that the meat shouldn't be bad if it is just oxidation, it also wouldn't pass for sashimi grade however.
  602. Jig Stick

    Official Monday Night Chargers/Raiders Shittalkin thread.

    Can we hit 2 billion posts by the rematch seven weeks from now, Nov. 1
  603. Jig Stick

    Official Monday Night Chargers/Raiders Shittalkin thread.

    Spanky RULES!!! Next three are going to be rough if they play like they did today.
  604. Jig Stick

    Official Monday Night Chargers/Raiders Shittalkin thread.

    And the Raiders finish behind them all!
  605. Jig Stick

    Official Monday Night Chargers/Raiders Shittalkin thread.

    3rd and long...let's run it up the middle then punt...Norv, you jack ass!
  606. Jig Stick

    Official Monday Night Chargers/Raiders Shittalkin thread.

    Can't be both a Chargers fan and a Giants fan.
  607. Jig Stick

    Official Monday Night Chargers/Raiders Shittalkin thread.

    Stop running the damn ball up the middle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  608. Jig Stick

    Official Monday Night Chargers/Raiders Shittalkin thread.

    14-7 wait, I mean 10-10
  609. Jig Stick

    Official Monday Night Chargers/Raiders Shittalkin thread.

    Zebras are going to play a serious game of Escape from Alcatraz errrr Oakland on their way home.
  610. Jig Stick

    Official Monday Night Chargers/Raiders Shittalkin thread.

    Norv would pay to not have his mug on Hi Def
  611. Jig Stick

    Official Monday Night Chargers/Raiders Shittalkin thread.

    Raider locals have it covered for him.
  612. Jig Stick

    Official Monday Night Chargers/Raiders Shittalkin thread.

    Raiders playing like the Chargers are capable of...
  613. Jig Stick

    Official Monday Night Chargers/Raiders Shittalkin thread.

    If "Got Rings" is what you're holding on to, you now need to be 26 to say you were alive the last time the Raiders won a ring.
  614. Jig Stick

    Official Monday Night Chargers/Raiders Shittalkin thread.

    From Baja to the Canadian Rockies...."SHOW ME YOUR LIGHTENING BOLT!!!"