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  1. RyanErb

    Offshore Yellowwfin

    Sucks about the bait, but obviously the sniper was getting it done, so oh well. Great story, loved the report, keep em coming!! Side note, how did you retrieve the sniper? jigging motion? slow reeling? etc
  2. RyanErb

    First few days on the California waters

    Welcome to CA! You're catching on quickly! White swimbaits definitely work. A lot of guys here fish bait, squid being the mainstay for the seabass. Some guys also use heavier irons at times when anchored. Yellowtail are very popular with surface irons like a Tady 45 and live sardines/mackerel...
  3. RyanErb

    3/4 Day; San Diego

    Thanks for posting a report. Glad you got on some nice fish!
  4. RyanErb

    5/25/2020 Memorial Day - Fishing with Underwater drone Izor's reef

    Love the video! Please keep these coming!! Was it just me or was it tough to see the bottom in the video? It would be fun to see what exactly is down there. Maybe you were hovering the drone 10ft up from the bottom, etc?
  5. RyanErb

    San Miguel 3/22

    Looks like a good haul of fish! The whale pics are pretty cool, didn't look too windy there!
  6. RyanErb

    Morro Bay / Port San Luis-Avila

    Thanks for the update. Definitely a bummer. Hopefully all this will pass over soon. Keep us updated.
  7. RyanErb

    Rpt.-Thur.-03-05-20 PV and RP.

    Glad to hear about some progress, glad you were able to get out! Great report!
  8. RyanErb

    Santa Barbara coastal fishing

    Sounds like a great trip, thanks for posting the report!
  9. RyanErb

    Santa Cruz 3/8

    Some solid cod right there! Great tip on the squid vs jig findings! Thanks for the post!
  10. RyanErb

    Fathers Day Bass. We hit em good.

    You are dialed in!! Keep it up! Thanks for sharing.
  11. RyanErb

    Rpt.-Wed.-01-09-19 PV, RP and the Shoe!

    Thanks for the report! Sounds like w/o current, gotta keep moving. Amazing how the conditions can tweak a bite so much!
  12. RyanErb

    Channel Islands 9-24

    Wow, that's a toad! Looks like your float is big enough for a big bluefin!
  13. RyanErb

    Cousins Rod out of business?

    Sorry to hear Cousins closed... They seemed popular for awhile, but I always just stick with the steady and reliable Calstar... Not that they are completely immune to everything either....
  14. RyanErb

    Heading out tomorrow 8/29

    I'm not but let us know how you do!
  15. RyanErb

    Dana Point 8/27 - Dorado or Bust

    Glad you ended up alright.... Boat won't start, kill start lanyard got detached? haha
  16. RyanErb

    WTB Greenough, del mar, radon skiff

    There is a 13ft right now for like 24k that I heard of. I guess your budget will dictate that.
  17. RyanErb

    Catalina Mid-Week Yellows 8/20 to 8/22

    2 nice 'tails! Great work. Too bad the dodos where MIA on the paddies!
  18. RyanErb

    8/20 running in circles

    Yup, sometimes even with all the intel, the fish move or just dont want to bite... Keep at it!
  19. RyanErb

    8/20 running in circles

    Good times with your boy! Thanks for picking up the trash. How far out did you guys end up going? Do you have all the main fishing spots (the 9, the 267 , the 181, etc) marked on your GPS? Check the temp charts (tempbreak, fishdope) and maybe the fish dope reports for more intel....
  20. RyanErb

    08/18 – La Jolla, N9, S. of the 209 – Big Dodo

    I figure as I'm driving around on hills and stuff all the water sloshes to the back and out the hole. Depending on your route, this may or may not work, and each boat should be inspected differently....
  21. RyanErb

    Fished Friday and Sunday dana point

    Fun to find a loaded paddy like that! Glad you got some, seems a bit hit and miss, and thats why you go multiple days like you did!
  22. RyanErb

    San Pedro to the Slide, 277, 209, 267, 14 and the Isthmus

    Shucks! Was hoping some of the local banks were holding a little bit better. Sounds like the slide area is hit and miss, some guys get lucky and find a productive paddy, others don't. Good effort! Thanks for posting a report!
  23. RyanErb

    San Clemente Island Saturday with a side of offshore action 8/18/18

    Great report! I know its super easy to find paddies while going 30MPH haha (paddies aren't your target anyways...). Love the hose trick. Love the map of the general flow of paddies. Keep up the informative posts with those little 'tricks' and maps that us amateurs don't know. That's what...
  24. RyanErb

    8-18, 150 to Avalon and along the backside

    Great pics!! Thanks for the report!!
  25. RyanErb

    Using the public boat hoist at Harford Pier, Port San Luis

    Where will you be coming from? I can't say you have to use a specific 'boat strap' but rather any heavy duty lifting strap which can be acquired from hardware stores, etc. There is a giant 'hook' on the crane that you will need to connect your straps to. Recommended having straps with loops...
  26. RyanErb

    Catalina Front Side Report 8/15/18

    Good effort, sounds like some interesting conditions!
  27. RyanErb

    8/11 Butts... late report

    A new bait tank and you're slaying them! Congrats and thanks for the report!!
  28. RyanErb

    Catalina long point to the 3 vs August 11 to 13th

    Great report, I hope they turn on for you!
  29. RyanErb

    Pacific Quest crashed

    This article states Sunday at 2am
  30. RyanErb

    Pacific Quest crashed

    I’m confused. San Diego boat or Santa Cruz boat? Incident was way north in Santa Cruz.
  31. RyanErb

    Dorado on the ridge

    That is a big nice dorado! Great way to boost the spirits despite the prop! Glad you made it in safe!
  32. RyanErb

    North nine Mile

    Sounds like a fun day! Any phone number or info on the tag? Do you got a better pic of it?
  33. RyanErb

    Rpt-Sat.-08-11-18 A local Bass Frenzy!

    Looks very fun! Great to pull on some fish, and good weather! So glad you guys had a great day!
  34. RyanErb

    14 mile / 267 8/11

    Middle of August, conditions are prime, but I'm hardly hearing of any fish.... this is tough...
  35. RyanErb

    Rpt-Cat/SCI 277, 289 and more! 08-09-18

    Sounds like a rough trip. You are putting in more than your normal dues....and will be repaid!! Just out of curiosity, is there a specific weather report you typically use? I'll be sure not to use that one :D
  36. RyanErb

    Catalina Frontside Report 8/8/18

    50lb would be great over structure/rocks if the fish would bite it. Sometimes the Catalina YT are so finicky you almost have to use 15lb to get them to bite. But this one seems to have ate 30lb fine. I guess give 50lb a try, but I may wonder if you say you got no bites... Just my .02 cents....
  37. RyanErb

    Fishing PV and the Shoe with the Kids 8-5

    Sounds like a fun day. Great details in the report. I hooked a big grumpy barred sand bass the other day, I thought twice about lipping him, had some good chompers on him!
  38. RyanErb

    Bait in Santa Barbara

    Bait options aren't very good. They do have one, it seems to be only open on Fri/Sat/Sun and that is only if they don't run out of bait. Also I think they don't open till 7am? Lots of other info in previous threads on BD...
  39. RyanErb

    Channel Island 8/3 to 8/6

    If you look at the fish counts, it hasn't been on fire by any means. I know some friends that went over there and they didn't get any yellowtail either. If you are specifically after yellowtail, you gotta keep and eye out for breezers/puddlers and sort of just be in the right spot at the right...
  40. RyanErb

    San Clemente Island Report Saturday 8/4/18

    They always haul!! I think its usually 30-35mph. That's nothing compared to some other guys hitting 50mph in their souped up big East Coast center consoles. Lots of motors, lots of gas and you need good conditions!
  41. RyanErb

    Late report 8/4 Nados to 371 - bag of YFT + 1 Dodo

    Great report Evan! By swimbaits, what size / color / leadhead weight were you using?
  42. RyanErb

    8/5 - The Freedom

    Fun times with lots of action! Thanks for the report!!
  43. RyanErb

    Brought a sharp knife to a gunfight and won

    Looks like you got 1 out of the 2 yellowtail? Congrats, nice fish!
  44. RyanErb

    For Sale 21 Maritime

    Was this maritime part of one of the rental fleets that are out there? Pretty high hours. Nice boats though...
  45. RyanErb

    San Clemente Island Report Saturday 8/4/18

    Looks like a fun day. Glad you guys whacked em! Thanks for all the details and explanations about the current/kelp, etc. What do you think it would have taken to get more yellows on the boat?
  46. RyanErb

    Aug. 4th La Jolla

    Sounds like a fun day! Look forward to the Sierra report as well! I hope to go up there in September.
  47. RyanErb

    Big YFT

  48. RyanErb

    3 Bs on Cat’s Frontside 8/2

    Great day! I bet it was pretty handy having the Parker from Freedom compared to the Cobia or Kmans Robalo. Sometimes you just want some extra protection! Keep at em Bob!!
  49. RyanErb

    3 Bs on Cat’s Frontside 8/2

    Looks like a fun day, @DrBob89 , lets hear the rest ! haha
  50. RyanErb

    July 31st Cruz report

    Scott, thanks for the report! Yes, better bait would help but if you are in an area with Yellows, irons can work too! Were you guys launching out of CIH or SB or VT? Did you take the 20' Four Winns?
  51. RyanErb

    2Aug live report out of MB

    Nice fish! Keep the 'live' report going, I'm rooting for a YT next! haha
  52. RyanErb

    Full day on the Liberty

    Great report! Appreciate you posting Tim. Sounds like a decent day and you'll be an expert the more you learn and duplicate what your buddy is doing!
  53. RyanErb

    8 hour tour 43 then back to Oceanside 7/31

    At least you found some fish, good effort to get them to bite. Maybe a spear is in your future for those lockjaw fish! haha
  54. RyanErb

    Restore My Faith In Humanity? Helping the Carly Rose 7-28-18

    Once everyone gets their CA Boating license, we might end up with a few more responders... Good work! Thanks for the post, Glad to hear everything is alright!
  55. RyanErb

    Big Bass at The Pipe 7/30

    One extra were you fishing the swimbaits? Dropping down and just jigging while sitting on anchor? Or were you casting out as far as you can and then letting hit the bottom then retrieving, etc.
  56. RyanErb

    Big Bass at The Pipe 7/30

    Awesome report. You sure are getting proficient out there! CONGRATS!! Keep it up!
  57. RyanErb

    Catalina Front Side 7/26

    Thanks for the report. That bait is so thick you could walk on it! That means the predators are nearby causing them to ball up that tight! Good effort, keep at it! I had a good ripper yellow like that one time after hours of trying to get one, was so bummed when I lost it after a minute or two...
  58. RyanErb

    Rpt.-07-26-18 Cat. The 3 B's and a Tail!

    Great report Cory. At least you guys did get the target species on the boat! It seems like for most it has been slow on the tails over there, with a few guys getting lucky and getting 5+ fish in an outing. The more you go, the more better days you will have to balance out those slow ones! ;)
  59. RyanErb

    7/26/18 Pursuit quality yellows and Seabass at Catalina. Doroado are local as well.

    That dodo was big, I saw the pics. What were the actual sizes on the Yellows and WSB? The report shows: 4 Yellowtail, 1 Dorado, 1 White Seabass 2 Barracuda, 10 Sheephead,80 Blue Perch, 61 Calico Bass, 25 Whitefish, 12 Opaleye, 1 Bonito,
  60. RyanErb

    Making Bait out of Morro Bay??

    Not sure on bait, but FYI halibut tourney this weekend!
  61. RyanErb

    Summary of reports and wondering what's next

    The YFT schools were here, they got wrapped by the seiners...
  62. RyanErb

    Big Catalina Yellow Tail

    What a toad! So fun! Thanks for the report!!
  63. RyanErb

    7/21 coronado islands, boat first 'tail!

    Thanks for the report. Great dad, kid looks stoked!! Seas do look confused! haha
  64. RyanErb

    For Sale CLEAN Parker 2110 - 200HP Yamaha 4-Stroke

    SOLD. New guy has been catching lots of fish on it and enjoying it! Thanks for the interest.
  65. RyanErb

    Biscuits & yellows 7-22-18

    Fun day, thanks for the report! Sounds like all surface stuff, nothing coming on the dropper loop...
  66. RyanErb

    I cursed myself. Stupid big bluefin tunas report 7/19

    Great info as always! Perhaps if you had a 5ft stick, 50 wide reel, 200lb braid, and you could land the tuna in 15 minutes, it might be more fun haha just make sure you've been eating your wheaties!
  67. RyanErb

    Any action at the 14?

    Haven't heard of much, fish dope is a perfect thing for this. Hopefully any guys that have been there will chime in. If you are going to Cat, and you go right through it, might as well check it out on the way. Check the temp/chloro before you go.
  68. RyanErb

    There's no fish in Oceanside

    NFIO , they are all outta MB!
  69. RyanErb

    7/17 La Jolla Jello

    Well you have some experience now! You did something right! If you did that good as a rookie, I can't wait to see your future reports. Great job dad!
  70. RyanErb

    NLA 7/15/18

    Yup, I would say that's like winning the lotto! Congrats!!!
  71. RyanErb

    sightseeing 7/14 - YT breezer bruise

    Holy smokes! What a toad! Congrats man. What jig were you using? Were you guys able to pull any other fish off that group / paddy?
  72. RyanErb

    My Son's First Yellowtail. And second. And third... Catalina 7-15-18

    He can't be pissed anymore! WTG! Dropper loop or flyline on the surface?
  73. RyanErb

    Yellowtail, turtle, and navy ordinance on fire!! On the N 226

    Fun trip! Looks like maybe something from a military training exercise or something. You sure never know what you will see out there!
  74. RyanErb

    Bluefin and Yellowfin on the POPPER! 7/12 Report

    Now THAT is a fun day! Thanks for the report!
  75. RyanErb

    7/11 cat

    No yellow but you got a nice silver ghost, which are much harder to get! CONGRATS!! Were the calicos harrassing the squid until the big boy ate? How was the current?
  76. RyanErb

    7/11 evening 9 mile.

    You better double check with your source. Better yet, load them on your boat, drive them to the 9 and observe the operation!
  77. RyanErb

    Report 7-12 9/302/226/Corner/182

    Congrats on getting some fish! Thanks for the report!!
  78. RyanErb

    7/12 north 9, SW, 182, 43

    Lots of guys getting skunked, good work putting some fish on the boat!!
  79. RyanErb

    7/11 evening 9 mile.

    Seriously, looks like they are!!
  80. RyanErb

    Cool underwater vids from 7/8 off of SanO.

    Is it kind of like if you are fishing for trout with nightcrawlers vs a kastmaster or roostertail? Why do they always like those crawlers way more? :D
  81. RyanErb

    Catalina 7/9 to 7/11 – The Island of NOmance

    You put in your fair share of time. Island is at a weird spot right now with that colored water, like you said, hopefully it will all clear up and turn on here in a couple weeks! Thanks for the report, you had me laughing pretty good at a few points, including the 3B's!! LOL
  82. RyanErb

    Cool underwater vids from 7/8 off of SanO.

    Nice vids, crazy they won't commit! Finicky fish! Put that camera on some live bait and lets see what happens! :D
  83. RyanErb

    7/11 evening 9 mile.

    Good evening effort. Definitely could have happened, keep at it!
  84. RyanErb

    For Sale Whaler 23ft Outrage 230, 225HP Merc, Trolling Motor,

    Nice boat! GLWS! What is your replacement boat?
  85. RyanErb

    Crashing Tuna LJ

    So he can have the LJ tuna all to himself LOL
  86. RyanErb

    Crashing Tuna LJ

    Kayakers will be the first one on it LOL
  87. RyanErb

    302 to north 9

    Sounds like a successful day! No skunk! Thanks for the report!
  88. RyanErb

    Maiden voyage to the Nados 7/8

    You mean bay boat:
  89. RyanErb

    Maiden voyage to the Nados 7/8

    Wow. Considering this was a 'maiden voyage' you gotta be more than stoked. Who cares if you were there for 30 minutes or whatever it was. You made it to the island, you CAUGHT YELLOWTAIL, you made it home safe. It will only get better next time now that you got some kinks worked out... well as...
  90. RyanErb

    Catalina Report 7/8 with Pop

    Your dad is 81? He looks great! I would have guessed in his 60s! Hopefully those big yellows will bite next time! Sounds like a fun day, you're providing the most consistent and reliable reports from the island! Really appreciate it!!
  91. RyanErb

    Nados 7/7/18

    Nice Yellow! No more after that one?
  92. RyanErb

    Mary got a good one

    Wow! NICE FISH! Congrats! Drooper loop rig or carolina rig?
  93. RyanErb

    4th of July at Catalina

    Great trip!! That looks like the west end?
  94. RyanErb

    1 day on the Chief

    Nice fish! Way to get one of those finicky bluefin!!
  95. RyanErb

    First trip on the Adrianna

    Love it, on the TROLL!! Thanks for the report!
  96. RyanErb

    Made Lemonade..

    Fun load. You’re lucky you have spot lock. I’m sure you feel it makes a world of difference?
  97. RyanErb

    Miss Anita Takes On water

    Here ya go, pictures and everything!
  98. RyanErb

    Morro Bay on the Endeavor

    Ahhh, yes, the Cape San Martin trip. A great trip indeed, very far haul when weather allows. Glad you guys still got fish AND some money back. WIN WIN!!
  99. RyanErb

    Morro Bay on the Endeavor

    Wow, sounds like it was a bit sporty out there! Any pics? I'm not familiar with the island out of Morro Bay...
  100. RyanErb

    PV Coastline 6-21

    Still a fun day, thanks for the report!
  101. RyanErb

    Catalina Report 6/20

    You're a machine! You are making lots of island trips and making the rest of us jealous! Good to put in some time, you learn so much every time you go. That's a decent little yellow, plenty of meat for a nice meal! Thank for the report, keep em comin!
  102. RyanErb

    Cruz 6/20

    That looks to be it! The big question is, were they late because they loaded the boat with fish?!
  103. RyanErb

    Cruz 6/20

    Plugged with red crabs? Throw the red plastics then!
  104. RyanErb

    Cruz 6/20

    Sounds like it can be tough out there, did you see any other boats pull fish in? The two missing mariners? I must be out of the loop haha
  105. RyanErb

    Epic yellowtail fishing Coronado Islands 6/20/18

    That is a FUN day!! How deep of water? Any luck on lures or was everything on bait? Anything on the dropper loop? Thanks for the report!
  106. RyanErb

    The story of the ghost

    WHOPPER! Congrats, I don't know how many guys are pulling fish like that outta that area! Thanks for the great detailed report!!
  107. RyanErb

    Malihini sd

    Would be fun if I wasn’t working!
  108. RyanErb

    Catalina YT 6/15/2018

    That's a fun story! Congrats!! Thanks for posting!
  109. RyanErb

    Tuesday morning half day

    Looks like a small YT. Where was this out of?
  110. RyanErb

    Fathers Day, shaking off the cobwebs on Malihini

    Way to get on there and limit out! Perfect! Is the newly refreshed boat pretty nice? Would you recommend?
  111. RyanErb

    Breakwall Bassin - The Final Chapter (15JUN18)

    Way to finish off strong! Fun couple days of fishing! You need a gopro to film all these thresher encounters! haha Thanks for the report!
  112. RyanErb

    NADOS 6/14 fishing the skiff

    Wow, great skiff day! Were the fish in only select areas, or pretty much anywhere around the islands was holding fish?
  113. RyanErb

    Catalina Report 6-14-18

    Sounds like a great day! Next time get a pic of your pop pullin on a fish! Thanks for the report!
  114. RyanErb

    Catalina report 6/11 to 6/13 – From Barny to Bad Ass and Back Again

    Mike, great report as always! I was laughing through all the Barney moments, good to see you see all the humor in it all! That is what is important! Sometimes I take fishing too seriously! Glad you guys got on some nice fish!
  115. RyanErb

    Jumbo Croaker Meets Wham 6/13

    Wow! What a whopper on the bass setup!! Good WORK!! Thanks for the report, congrats on the fish!!
  116. RyanErb

    Virg's Landing vs Morro Bay Landing

    Nope, they both depart the same harbor. They could be 100 -500 yards apart. MB is a small harbor anyways. As someone else said, potentially the only inconveniece about Virg's is you may have to check in at their shop which is a few blocks drive away before boarding the boat... Something to call...
  117. RyanErb

    For Sale 18' Boston Whaler Ventura 2001

    Exactly the boat I'm looking for, but out of my price range. GLWS!
  118. RyanErb

    Coronado 6/9 on The San Diego (late report)

    Heck, I guess some people could go and sit and relax and have a beer while someone else does all the hard work and pulls in fish for them. Now that's an idea haha Although I personally love bringing in the fish!
  119. RyanErb

    Coronado 6/9 on The San Diego (late report)

    You guys did awesome! Thanks for the report! I thought the San Diego had RSW? When did all the fish make the move from the gunny sacks to the RSW?
  120. RyanErb

    Liberty-Nados-6/7. Limits and SLUGS eatn PLUGS

    Great fish!! Wow, you have 4 really nice setups, nice reels! What do they all break down to? 1 Jig setup, 1 Flyline, etc?
  121. RyanErb

    Virg's Landing vs Morro Bay Landing

    When they fish 300Ft deep with a ripping current and wind, you could need it.... From what I've heard, they do like to fish as deep as they can as much as the weather allows.
  122. RyanErb

    Freedom at Clemente 6/11/18

    Great report, great weather, looks like a ton of fun! THANK YOU for posting! Any rough idea on the depth you guys were fishing when you got all the yellows?
  123. RyanErb

    Good Calico Fishing at Palos Verdes / Monday 6/11

    I've done many worse things, don't worry :)
  124. RyanErb

    Good Calico Fishing at Palos Verdes / Monday 6/11

    Lots of good analysis in your post! I would have assumed you would have hooked up a garden hose to the motor at your house before heading down to the ramp? But maybe it didn't show the issue?
  125. RyanErb

    WTB 17-19’ Valco Bayrunner/Klamath/Western

    Is this going to be for another commercial fishing venture or just rec fishing?
  126. RyanErb

    Big Bass and Yellows at San Clemente Island Saturday 6/9

    Great report, lots of discussion! Thanks for all the details, glad you guys got on some jumbos!
  127. RyanErb

    Horseshoe, Izors and around. 6/10/18 either i suck at fishing or the local fishing sucks!

    This is the guy who will catch fish out of LB if there is any to be caught.... Listen to Cory!
  128. RyanErb

    Catalina Saturday same day report 6/9

    Nice when you get that one kicker to make the day! Thanks for the report!
  129. RyanErb

    Late report:Pursuit at Catalina

    Great write up! You're reports shine compared to most. I have 2 very young kids, I know the feeling. Glad you had fun and got into some fish! Thanks for posting!
  130. RyanErb

    For Sale Daiwa Saltiga 2-Speed Reels - BRAND NEW

    Last reel was sold to PMA! Feedback on PMA as a buyer: PMA was EXCELLENT! Great communication, flexible, and a great guy! Gave him a good BD Discount! Thanks guys!
  131. RyanErb

    Virg's Landing vs Morro Bay Landing

    If you don’t get too many replies on this thread, there was quite a bit of discussion recently here:
  132. RyanErb

    Virg's Landing vs Morro Bay Landing

    Yes, it does. Virg’s was there for a long time, doesn’t mean a few other guys can’t join in the mix haha
  133. RyanErb

    Catching BFT on glow sliders, thing of the past?

    300yrd soak, how much line was left for the fish to pull off the spool? maybe you had a 600yrd capacity reel?
  134. RyanErb

    Where'd the fish go 6/5?

    Nice fish!! Maybe the bite activity has slowed after 500 boats were on the fish all weekend... They are just taking a break, waiting for the next onslaught this weekend :-)
  135. RyanErb

    For Sale Nice little skiff not mine

    Not clear on make / model / year? Or did I miss it?
  136. RyanErb

    SOLD Custom 23' Aluminum Pilothouse -Honda 225 <100 hrs

    Scott, sorry to hear about your back. Sad to see a Channel Island guy stepping out for now. Hopefully your back heals! Good luck with the sale!
  137. RyanErb

    For Sale Daiwa Saltiga 2-Speed Reels - BRAND NEW

    I'll be in LA / OC / San Diego this coming weekend. Willing to give a BD member a good deal for the size 35 Saltiga now that the fish have moved in!
  138. RyanErb

    Tuesday Evening 150

    I too would love a trolling motor with spot lock. That could be a big investment, especially on the size of boat you have. Plan on getting a fairly high thrust version. Thanks for posting the report, keep em comin!
  139. RyanErb

    Catalina Dog Fight

    Probably worth a try HAHA Let us know how it goes!!
  140. RyanErb

    Catalina 5/29 on the Patriot

    Looks like a fun day! Overnight boats may be there for the seabass. From what I can gather, Cat seems to be a more targeted cbass island compared to SCI.
  141. RyanErb

    Catalina 5/29 on the Patriot

    What should he change? I would be interested to know.
  142. RyanErb

    Score 5/29: Halibut 2 – Sharks 0

    Nice fish! Good job putting them on the fish!
  143. RyanErb

    Late Report Cruz Friday 5/25

    Appreciate you posting! Good effort, like you said, they can pop at any time! Keep at it!
  144. RyanErb

    Aloha spirit 5-23-18

    Wow!! Congrats! They definitely don’t get them like that every day! Thanks for the report!
  145. RyanErb

    For Sale Triumph CC w 4stroke Yamaha/ Florida (not mine)

    FYI, It appears from their website, Triumph is no longer in business
  146. RyanErb

    For Sale Shimano Calcutta 200D - BRAND NEW

    Bump. Available for pickup in Santa Barbara or any southern california city on my way to San Diego June 8th and 10th. Side note, also have a Saltiga 35 2speed brand new as well. Taking offers!
  147. RyanErb

    For Sale Daiwa Saltiga 2-Speed Reels - BRAND NEW

    Bump. Got 1 35 saltiga left, available for pickup in Santa Barbara or any southern california city on my way to San Diego June 8th and 10th. Side note, also have a Calcuta 200D brand new as well. Taking offers!
  148. RyanErb

    Epic bite at the secret spot

    Roger, great post and I'm sure your conservation efforts are appreciated. Like you said, regulations are regulations, and obviously they (DFW) would restrict more if the fishery was suffering too much. They are truly beautiful fish and it was great to see a freshwater post. I, like you, are both...
  149. RyanErb

    Rpt-05-19-18 The good Old Days 100+ Bass Today!

    Jackpot!! Glad you guys got back on em!!
  150. RyanErb

    Epic bite at the secret spot

    Nice fish! Looks like a ton of fun. I'm sure a few guys will be able to find your secret spot with the background in the pics :-)
  151. RyanErb

    Weekend at the ranch

    Great report!! Thanks for posting! Glad you at least got some nice cod !
  152. RyanErb

    Island yellows 5/13

    Wow, now that's an amazing private boater report!
  153. RyanErb

    Calico at Cruz

    Looks like a really fun day! What were they biting on best?
  154. RyanErb

    Cat on Sportking 5-12-18

    Thanks for posting the report! Good feedback! Maybe once the water warms a little more the yellows will come a bit more. Always need that first trip of the season to work out a few kinks anyways!
  155. RyanErb

    Both sides of the "Butt"...

    Nice fish! And great to see that PFD being worn! Everyone should be wearing them!
  156. RyanErb

    The Nados are BACK!

    Salvay seems to get the job done! You're a lucky guy to be on that boat!
  157. RyanErb

    Catalina Island Hard Bait Calico Report Saturday 5/5

    Sounds interesting! Would love to see you start a new thread about your experience with pictures... I'm sure others might be interested. If you start one, post up a link...
  158. RyanErb

    Catalina Island Hard Bait Calico Report Saturday 5/5

    Looks really fun!! Thanks for the great report as always... In 'freshwater' bass fishing, the key to crankbaits is to make sure they are hitting the bottom or vertical structure. Does the same thing apply to calico fishing? Do you ever get bit on the crank going through open deeper water or...
  159. RyanErb

    Export Garmin Waypoints

    Thanks everyone, got this all resolved! -Ryan
  160. RyanErb

    Export Garmin Waypoints

    Just found this, it may help, i'll maybe have to try this:
  161. RyanErb

    Export Garmin Waypoints

    I did this, downloaded 2 source code projects ( , and , both ran the conversion and spat out gibberish. I can show more details if needed.
  162. RyanErb

    Export Garmin Waypoints

    The thing is, it's not a GPX file. It comes from Garmin as a ADM file. I need to convert it to GPX, but don't know how (have tried a few custom code projects online, but none quite worked for me). Unless GPX Editor will read in an Garmin ADM file, I'm afraid it won't do what I need...
  163. RyanErb

    Export Garmin Waypoints

    Good tip, i'll look into that!
  164. RyanErb

    Export Garmin Waypoints

    Garmin 942xs I saved the way points to a memory card and then put them on my computer. They are in a file format called ADM. There are a few tools on the Internet to convert this file but nothing is working. I want to be able to read the way points in a regular format like gpx or xml etc. Anyone...
  165. RyanErb

    Surface fishing recon 5/3

    Great recon mission! This is what it's all about, getting on the water and doing some learning! Thanks for the report!
  166. RyanErb

    For Sale Shimano Calcutta 200D - BRAND NEW

    I am selling this brand new, unused reel. Got this and did not end up using it. Shimano CT200D Calcutta reel. Brand new in the box, never used. Right handed. Save and pay no tax. My loss, your gain. Great for bass fishing, swimbaits, etc Price $295 Pickup: Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo...
  167. RyanErb

    For Sale Daiwa Saltiga 2-Speed Reels - BRAND NEW

    Bump, Tuna & yellows are starting to show a little bit!
  168. RyanErb

    PSL Salmon May 2nd

    Nice goin Nick! Lots of shorts out there it seems, glad you guys found a keeper!!
  169. RyanErb

    WTB 31 Cabo Express

    I hope you find a good one! I guess the Tiara sold?
  170. RyanErb

    WTB : Striper 2301/2101 w/Alaskan pkg and Outboard

    Sounds like you want something with a pilothouse, eh? Whats the price range?
  171. RyanErb

    Cold and slow at bechers

    Thanks for posting the report, glad you could finish up with some nice RF!!
  172. RyanErb

    Finally decent conditions in VTA/SB

    Sounds like a fun evening! Thanks for posting!
  173. RyanErb

    For Sale CLEAN Parker 2110 - 200HP Yamaha 4-Stroke

    Hi Guys, Well, my dad decided to move up to a bigger boat, so we are letting his beloved Parker go! He has spent so much time fine tuning this boat, it was like his baby. 1997 Parker 2110 walkaround 2011 Yamaha 200 4 strokewith 691 hrs I bought the boat in 2013 with 80 hrs on the engine and...
  174. RyanErb

    Follow up on my first splash of the year starting in Morro Bay..

    Great report Mike, so glad everything worked out! FUN STUFF!!
  175. RyanErb

    Stoked About SUP Fishing -- Need a New Board -- Bote HD or Other Board Thoughts?

    Sounds fun man, minimalist can definitely be less overhead and stress! Keep us posted on all your catches, it's a fun sport!
  176. RyanErb

    LJ 4/21/18

    Very nice yellowtail! Great pic, he will always remember that trip!
  177. RyanErb

    Saturday April 21 First Launch of the Year..

    Well shoot man, i thought my eyes were blurry but I think I'm seeing twin 300hp. If that's the case, you'll be up there in 15 minutes flat at a avg of 60mph :D... I didn't know you quite had that much power!!
  178. RyanErb

    Saturday April 21 First Launch of the Year..

    May be a bit windy out there, let us know how you do!
  179. RyanErb

    Question regarding 5yr old on 1/2 day

    I feel like I have heard some landings run kids day, where kids ride free with a paying adult... but you'll have to dig around or call around, I don't recall...
  180. RyanErb

    san diego offshore fishing

    How warm is warm? It may be warm relative to other places, but maybe not warm enough to warrant a huge influx of game fish. I wish I had more info for you, but I haven't been out there myself.
  181. RyanErb

    Any salmon reports from port conception to ventura?

    Yup, definitely seems to be a cyclic thing!
  182. RyanErb

    Any salmon reports from port conception to ventura?

    While I'm sure salmon could be had south of conception, very few try for them because the numbers are typically lower than further north. Everyone I know south of conception puts focus on WSB/HAL/YT. It's a geographic location thing, and obviously always best to target the known prolific species...
  183. RyanErb

    For Sale Daiwa Saltiga 2-Speed Reels - BRAND NEW

    Bump. Got 1 35 saltiga left, available for pickup in Santa Barbara. Side note, also have a Calcuta 200D brand new as well.
  184. RyanErb

    Maiden Voyage Parker 1801

    Awesome first trip! How did you transport the boat from FL to CA? Did you pay to do it or did it yourself? If you don't mind asking, how much did you pay? Would love to see more pics of the boat, sounds like a great solid platform to get started with! Congrats!
  185. RyanErb

    Aloha Spirit 4/5/2018 Earthquake, Whales, and Rockfish Limits

    Sounds crazy with the earthquake! I look forward to seeing the pictures!
  186. RyanErb

    A good Spring morning at the Horseshoe 4/4

    Bob, great report! Thank you for posting!!
  187. RyanErb

    3/30 Santa Cruz and The Gap

    I haven't read through the actual legalities, I think to play it safe, I wouldn't really go into the 'zone' with fish on board and gear on board. Obviously you said this was your plan in the future! Good stuff!
  188. RyanErb

    Santa Rosa Island Really Shallow Water Rockfish Report 3/31

    Erik, great report as usual. The content I enjoy reading about are things such as the technique about casting, burning, letting sink, etc and when you were getting bites. The maps are SUPER helpful too. If everyone could write a report like you, we would all be VERY educated fisherman...
  189. RyanErb

    Santa Rosa Island Really Shallow Water Rockfish Report 3/31

    40mph? Haha which seems to be few of us... That's over twice the speed of most boats. Pretty nice and handy for long hauls!! I think in this case it was from Santa Barbara, not LBC.
  190. RyanErb

    3/30 Santa Cruz and The Gap

    GREAT Report!! Thanks for posting, glad it was a successful outing, good practice for WSB and YT!
  191. RyanErb

    going fishing with the kids on saturday, any good Ideas for some good fishing?

    I apologize in advance, I don't have much info, but I do know fish dope can sometimes help out with some of the latest info, etc... Something to think about for the future.
  192. RyanErb

    MB 3/12

    Wow! Nice work, fun fishing!
  193. RyanErb

    SD Bay flatties 3/5/2018

    Awesome!! Thanks for posting a report and good info on the lures!
  194. RyanErb

    More Yellas on The San Diego !

    Fun day! Thanks for the report! When you were doing the yo yo , were you dropping directly below the boat, or casting out and letting it sink to the bottom?
  195. RyanErb

    Moro Bay in April

    Charter boats up north are a bit different than in SD. Don't get me wrong, there are some good ones, but SD is a bit more prestigious in the fishing world. The Endeavor I heard is a fishy boat, but there's a few other things, like food, that will factor into which exact boat you end up choosing...
  196. RyanErb

    2/28 - Washing machine with no fish

    Sometimes they bite like crazy in bad weather and its worth it, other times they don't bite and then its not all that fun! Good effort though! Thanks for the report!
  197. RyanErb

    SD Bay 2/18 and 2/26

    Wow!! Congrats!! Lots of fun fish! It looks like you are maybe using a dropper loop with artificial plastics? Is this the rig/lure they are all biting on, or are you also using lots of live bait, etc?
  198. RyanErb

    Kayak Ling and Rockfish spots in Central California?

    Check with CCKF (Central Coast Kayak Fishing)
  199. RyanErb

    Diving for Lobster in SD

    Consider the water could be warmer in the summer, but then again that isn't when lobster season is open. But you may want to dive during summer for other stuff. Anyways, I know a lot of spearos also hang out here:
  200. RyanErb

    Rpt.-Wed.-02-21-18 Deep Freeze Local Bass fishing.

    Guess you can't slam em everytime. Good effort though on winter conditiosn! Next time will be better!
  201. RyanErb

    2/15 - Lots of Bass at the Horseshoe

    You have made some amazing progress! You are pretty dang dialed in now!! Nice fish, nice sonar screenshot, and sounds like a great day! Thanks for posting a report!
  202. RyanErb

    For Sale Daiwa Saltiga 2-Speed Reels - BRAND NEW

    Heading down to San Diego again this week, QTY 2 of the Size 35 are still available. Let me know if you are interested and lets make a deal!
  203. RyanErb

    Boston Whaler Dauntless 16 - SF Bay Are

    Nice boat! Are you not able to get insurance to cover a new truck so you can keep using your boat? Also, how many hours on the boat motor?
  204. RyanErb

    1999 Boston Whaler Montauk 90 hp E-Tec

    Sounds like a nice boat! Pics definitely would be helpful as well as a length of the boat.
  205. RyanErb

    2-2 thru 2-3

    Great report Ben! Glad you guys got out there on a nice weather window!! Glad you guys could pull in something! NICE fish! Thanks for picking up all that trash!
  206. RyanErb

    2-1- 18 Thursday

    haha i love the sarcasm with the nursery fish! regarding those short bites, what has been the discussion about putting on a trailer/stinger hook on the back to capitalize on some more of those short bites?
  207. RyanErb

    Rpt.-01-24-18 Lake Pacifica, Good Bass'n!

    You guys are up to your 'usual'. Sounds like some very fun 'winter' fishing days! Glad you guys are living it up!! You mentioned the fish biting sometimes on the fall, sometimes on the retrieve. Are you purely just casting and retrieving, or do you ever just jig up and down repeatedly along the...
  208. RyanErb

    Looking for boat transportation.

    You could check with some of the local yacht brokers and see who they use. But sounds like you got some good leads already!
  209. RyanErb

    catalina yellowtail question

    The good guys are getting some fish. Typically some incidentals while fishing seabass with squid. Don't be afraid to try shallow, you never know....
  210. RyanErb

    SOLD 2008 Mako 241 Inshore - $21,900

    Looks like a fun boat! You mentioned 'Simrad Sonar/Radar'... I assume this means it is a radar capable unit, but I don't see a radar dome installed, is this correct?
  211. RyanErb

    Dana Point 1/21

    Been there done that, I hate when I can't figure it out!! I guess thats why these guys are professionals!.I hope it gets fixed soon! Thanks for the report!
  212. RyanErb

    Catalina gone wild

    Sounds like you got it down!! Great report! I hope you find that anchor, if the line still floats, someone may see it, or their motor may find it....
  213. RyanErb

    Catalina Report 01-15 to 01-17

    You guys are CONSISTENT! Nice work out there, sounds like a fun trip!! Thanks for posting the report.
  214. RyanErb

    Horseshoe 1/12 in the fog - better technique

    So no lost tails is because you fished it slower? And let the fish really gulp it? Congrats on a fun day!
  215. RyanErb

    Saturday 1/13/18 Palos Verdes area good day for boys and Fish ID please.

    Fun day! Let's hear more about the camera setup of how you got the picture of the Black Seabass (BSB). -Ryan
  216. RyanErb

    Boat trailer rental

    I hope you find one! If you don't, I suppose you could rent a slip either in Dana or further south until your main one is ready.
  217. RyanErb


    Best thing is start making friends with guys on the water, at the launch ramp, at parties, at tackle shops, etc. In person will go a LOT further these days than the internet. I know of guys in San Diego that just load up on fish, and only 3 boats ever know about it until 2 months later when...
  218. RyanErb


    Wouldn't we all? Looks like you are new to the forums! Welcome aboard! Some guys on the forums share information willingly, others keep it as a secret (understandable). If you're wanting more specifics, you may also consider a subscription to Fish Dope which sometimes lists specifics, but no...
  219. RyanErb


    Lets just say you found the 'honey hole'!!! Congrats!! A few questions: What depth? Any other ideas for landing the fish? A heavy duty net? A flying gaff? A rope on the tail? A 9mm to the head? haha
  220. RyanErb

    Aborted Cat Trip Saved by the Bass

    Can't wait to see if this actually turns out to be true. Can't wait to see your results, depending on what they are, I may start thinking about one!! Nice report!
  221. RyanErb

    For Sale Daiwa Saltiga 2-Speed Reels - BRAND NEW

    San Diego was a great trip, quite a few of the reels are gone, size 35 is what I have left....
  222. RyanErb

    For Sale Daiwa Saltiga 2-Speed Reels - BRAND NEW

    I will be driving to San Diego this weekend and can meet up, still have a couple reels.
  223. RyanErb

    Jan. 2nd - Limits of BFT on the 60 mile bank

    Getting him started young! Dad of the year award and the year just started! Thanks for the report!
  224. RyanErb

    Fishing for Rockfish in Mexican Waters After Jan 1?

    Good question to post. I'm not sure of the answers. Also a good question to call the local DFG office as well if you want to hear it from the horses mouth...
  225. RyanErb

    12/30 new boat break-in @ Horseshoe- big ling and rockfish

    What a great intro to saltwater! It's fun to do both, glad you had success! Keep up the great reports!
  226. RyanErb

    Baja bayrunner cuddy cabin 22

    Nice boat! How tall of a guy can sleep below?
  227. RyanErb

    12/30 O'95 year end bluefin trip

    Awesome! Glad you guys got some!! Thanks for posting a report!
  228. RyanErb

    Took the Kids FOG Fishing LB to PV 12/30

    Fun day out there! So glad the boat is working out smooth! I'd take the fog over wind any day! AIS is nice and helps for sure!
  229. RyanErb

    pv test run

    I would be in heaven with anchor mode. Locked onto a stone full of reds?? YES PLEASE!!
  230. RyanErb

    Christmas Eve

    I know guides that will take you out (probably worth the money...) Let me know if you need their contact info. I am not a pro myself, still learning the ropes, but learning more everytime. Have yet to slam them yet though...
  231. RyanErb

    Christmas Eve

    Why not bounce ball to find the mass, then once located, work them with a bait rod drifting if that is what you prefer?.... What makes trolling effective is covering water to find the mass of fish. Believe it or not, the fish are schooled up....
  232. RyanErb

    pv test run

    Great report! Any screenshots of cool things you guys saw on the MFD? Does your trolling motor have anchor lock mode?
  233. RyanErb

    Christmas Eve

    Can't ask for much more than that! Awesome!
  234. RyanErb

    Christmas Eve

    Great report! Glad you are still getting out there, definitely some weather windows around!! Post some pics up next time if you end up getting any! Fun stuff!
  235. RyanErb

    For Sale Daiwa Saltiga 2-Speed Reels - BRAND NEW

    Merry Christmas everyone! Some of these 2 speeds are still available, but they are going fast!!
  236. RyanErb

    For Sale Daiwa Saltiga 2-Speed Reels - BRAND NEW

    Yeah, we can work something out, I will send you a private message.
  237. RyanErb

    12-20. New lo-an overnight

    What a great trip! Thanks for posting!
  238. RyanErb

    60 mile bank on 12/19 bluefin

    Way to go the extra mile and load up on fish! Thanks for letting us know they are still there. What kind of boat were you guys on and how fast were you able to go? You must have brought a bunch of rode to anchor out there.
  239. RyanErb

    Rpt.-12-19-17 SCI Lings, Reds, Coppers w/Pic's.

    That is a fun day! Squeezed one more in right before Christmas. Thanks for posting Cory, Merry Christmas!
  240. RyanErb

    For Sale Daiwa Saltiga 2-Speed Reels - BRAND NEW

    I have Daiwa Saltiga 20's, 35, and 40. All brand new. All 2 speed. Size 20: $295 - sold, no more left Size 35: $345 ONE LEFT Size 40: $395- sold, no more left
  241. RyanErb

    Yellows west of the Whistle bouy. 12/17

    Wow, way to put together a nice day! Fun stuff! Thanks for posting!!
  242. RyanErb

    Rpt.-12-13-17 SCI Reds and Whites.

    I hate to even get in the middle of this, but I do gotta say Catalina gets hit pretty hard by a lot of 3/4 day cattle boats which puts more strain than what Clemente sees....
  243. RyanErb

    Rpt.-12-13-17 SCI Reds and Whites.

    Fun day Cory!! Well, I'm very happy to hear the wind didn't get you guys! Weather makes all the difference, right? I had the same question about the DFG being all the way out there, I'm glad you asked! I wonder if they do day trips out there or if they are sleeping overnight on the boat...
  244. RyanErb

    Maiden at PV, Shoe 12-12

    So glad you are stoked on your new boat! Glad all went smooth!!
  245. RyanErb

    Fun day of winter bassing at SCI / Sunday 12/10/17

    Great report as usual. No more love on the yellows? That would be fun to light up a school of those while bass fishing! The best pic was the last, the expression on the dogs face is priceless, I can see him being just about the size of a big bass hahahaha By the way, would would have been your...
  246. RyanErb

    palos verdes 11/8/17

    Fun solo day. Fun to get that WSB!! Thanks for posting the report!
  247. RyanErb

    Long Beach Report, Saturday 12/10

    Fun day out there, father and son! Way to keep moving around, glad you guys got into some fish! Thanks for posting the report!
  248. RyanErb

    Rpt.-12-07-17 Thur. Local Bass'n Wind from hell!

    HAHA :) I think you're ready for a GoPro camera or a waterproof camera:
  249. RyanErb

    Rpt.-12-07-17 Thur. Local Bass'n Wind from hell!

    Scary getting caught in that bad of wind!! Is that boat self bailing? I assume you guys were taking on a lot of water, just wondering how it all made it out. Glad you got some fish, and more importantly, made it back safe! Next time take some pictures of the 35-40 winds! Sounds brutal!
  250. RyanErb

    Quick CI report

    What a great day out there! Thanks for the report! How deep were you focused on ?
  251. RyanErb

    SCI Bass and Big Bluefin Sighting Inside Catalina 12/2/17

    Great report! So many tuna sightings on your way back from SCI. I think it's almost time to take a TUNA only trip with some kites, etc. Bring the bass rods as backup just in case!
  252. RyanErb

    Quality reds LJ 12/3

    I guess once you find them, thats pretty sweet to be able to go back!! Are you able to still see the fish on the meter as well? Do they ever bite irons or big hammers?
  253. RyanErb

    Quality reds LJ 12/3

    Nice job! And 130 isn't that deep!! Any 'theories' on why some spots are full of reds and not other rockfish species? Any theory on what makes a 'red' spot besides just rocky?
  254. RyanErb

    Black Friday at SCI / 2nd best day of calico fishing ever...

    Erik, WOW! What a fun day, so many toads!! So glad you guys nailed it!!
  255. RyanErb

    Cape San Martin 11/22/17

    What a great weather day! Super nice fish! What depth range did you guys get all the fish?
  256. RyanErb

    Santa cruz/gap fishing

    Awesome! Keep taking your daughter out, that is good stuff! And plan in advance and be safe. Keep up the good work!
  257. RyanErb

    Dana Point 11/19 - Picked up a hitch hiker

    Sometimes they like cut up sardines.... hahaha
  258. RyanErb

    Dana Point 11/19 - Picked up a hitch hiker

    Tough to say even if you were in the same spot if that exact sheep would have ate your offering on the rod and reel. They call spearfishing 'FORCE FEEDING' haha
  259. RyanErb

    Dana Point 11/19 - Picked up a hitch hiker

    Whopper sheep! Did he say how deep that fish was, etc?
  260. RyanErb

    Tuna, Cuda, Bass and Bombs - San Clemente Island 11/18

    Bass bum-rushing the boat? That sounds fun! Were you cruising about 30mph on the way home? What kind of fuel burn do you get at that speed? Rough in the morning, laid down in the afternoon. Thank God the afternoon winds didn't come up! Great report as always!!
  261. RyanErb

    60 MILE BANK 11-18 to 11-19

    Sounds like a fun day, long run but you scored! Pics would be fun when you get em!
  262. RyanErb

    Aztec coming in - HOLY CRAP!

    Wow, that's a good load right there! And the jumbos were not on the kite? Caught flylining bait?
  263. RyanErb

    Rpt.-11-15-17 1.5 Day on the Toronado.

    Great report. Good news is your still got some tuna in November! The gamble paid off. It's winding down, but glad you got on it!!
  264. RyanErb

    Where to bounce for Halibut?

    Halibut move in shallow for spawning in the summer/fall and are out deeper during the colder months. Halibut do love sand, but they love sand next to structure (rocks, etc). They also love squid beds. You may also consider hiring a 'guide' to go out with you that can maybe show you some...
  265. RyanErb

    Rpt-11-08-17 Weatherwise sensational, fishing a bit slow!

    Great report Cory, still a fun day on the water!
  266. RyanErb

    2001 Albin 28 TE SOLD

    Sorry to ask, is it still available?
  267. RyanErb

    Point Loma-Nov. 4th

    Sounds like a fun day on the water!!
  268. RyanErb


    At least you got a halibut, i hate all the by-catch when halibut fishing. The worst is the skates/rays, etc.
  269. RyanErb

    11/1 San Onofre bonito

    Great report! Keep up the good work!!
  270. RyanErb

    Late report for mon

    Very nice!! Way to get out there and land some fish! Thanks for the report!
  271. RyanErb

    La Jolla bonies and a yellow

    Sounds like a fun day close to shore. Beats a day doing chores at home!
  272. RyanErb

    Rpt.-Thur.-10-26-17 SCI Tails!

    Well there are 2 techniques in that diagram. Technique 2 requires bolt cutters. Technique #1 is possible without. Not sure if this would have worked though... depending on how deep and what you would be 'ripping'
  273. RyanErb

    Tuna on a dinghy

    Congrats! Weather will be crucial!! What is your speed cruising out to the grounds?
  274. RyanErb

    Rpt.-Thur.-10-26-17 SCI Tails!

    What an absolute FUN day! (minus the hook in the thumb). I'm sure a set of bolt cutters will be on that boat next time! A friend recently had this happen and got the hook out with this string trick (tie line to the hook, etc), is this something that would have worked or no? See image below:
  275. RyanErb

    Channel Islands- how much bait for 2-3 guys?

    How hot is the bite? How bad are the sea lions? How much are you chumming? There is a lot to factor in... Some guys run out of bait some days, other days they have 3/4 of a tank when they get back to the harbor and have to dump it....
  276. RyanErb

    Island weather?

    This is the camera you should be watching. It is at Anacapa, which is at the furthest downwind on the channel, so it's actually probably the least amount of wind compared to something more at the Western end like Santa Rosa...
  277. RyanErb

    Island weather?

    I think it wasn't bad earlier this week, but yes, big wind/waves are coming. Call the landing ahead of time and find out if they are still planning on going out! What boat?
  278. RyanErb

    10/14 - 475 area YF Limits

    Looks like a slight better grade of fish! That's a very nice boat, way to break 'er in!
  279. RyanErb

    Ocean Odyssey 1.5 -- All Alone Out There

    Great pics, looks like a clean boat and you guys did well! I appreciate you posting the report!!
  280. RyanErb

    Rpt.-10-12-17-Thur. SCI Fool's Gold.

    Nice report! Good effort, sorry the fish didn't cooperate better!
  281. RyanErb

    Point Sur giant ling hunt 10/14 ho spot open

    It has been, but there are specific reg changes on October 16th. There is a special bulletin. It may or may not affect you, read the regs to be sure yourself. I wouldn't want to mislead you.
  282. RyanErb

    Point Sur giant ling hunt 10/14 ho spot open

    Sounds like a fun trip, check the recent regulation changes on the DFG site about depth limits: Are you launching out of morro bay or Monterey or...?
  283. RyanErb

    PV saturday 10/7

    Nice report! Sounds like a bit of a tough day. What was the water temp?
  284. RyanErb

    10-5 first SCI run.

    SOLO? Wow. Nice fish, that' ain't easy solo! Congrats!! Thanks for the report!
  285. RyanErb

    WTB 17’ - 19’ CC Boston Whaler or 1801 Parker

    Probably lots of these out there, what is your price range?
  286. RyanErb

    Voyager October 2nd

    You can't ask for a better trip than that! Pictures would be fun! Thanks for the report!
  287. RyanErb

    Tuesday 10/3 Same Day Report

    You weren't doing anything wrong!! Keep up the good fish catching and reporting!!
  288. RyanErb

    Hooping Newbie

    Wow! Nice pull right there! What depth were you at? Thanks for the report!
  289. RyanErb

    Tuesday 10/3 Same Day Report

    Wow! What a whopper! Not to mention on a really light tackle setup?! Any idea on the length of the fish or weight? Congrats on the nice catch, that made the day worth it! AND... THANK YOU for posting a report!!
  290. RyanErb

    San Diego Bay Sheephead

    That is crazy! Thats why you always gotta just cast and fish for the heck of it! you never know!! Congrats! Thanks for the report!
  291. RyanErb

    3/4 day yft?

    my vote is the san diego. however, they continuously post that their day can be made in only one stop. high risk high reward kind of fishing. pray you are on a day they get a good stop. nothing is guaranteed but review their fish counts for the past month. Fish size 5-15lbs. Nothing too big...
  292. RyanErb

    V for Vendetta - 9/28

    Thanks for the report, especially the drone pics. Keep up the good work, we all enjoy your posts!!
  293. RyanErb

    Farnsworth Bank Report Sunday 9/24

    The question is, how many did you 'hook'? Next step up is 80lb or 100lb test line!
  294. RyanErb

    Farnsworth Bank Report Sunday 9/24

    I've had this happen to me so many times while yellowtail fishing it ain't even funny. I'm really starting to hate those BSB!!
  295. RyanErb

    Another report on 09/23...

    184 gallons. WOW. That sounds like the grand tour! It wasn't for lack of trying! Thanks for the report.
  296. RyanErb

    Farnsworth Bank Report Sunday 9/24

    Fun trip! Would they bite 60lb or 80lb? Maybe then you could stop em on 80lb haha
  297. RyanErb

    Rpt.-Tues. 09-19-17 At the 371,302,226 and 9!

    Sounds tough despite some of the recent good reports! Sorry you guys missed, you'll get em next time!
  298. RyanErb

    3 Grand days on the Grande 9/15-9/17

    What a great first 3 day trip! Glad you guys did well, you hit it just right timing wise! Thanks for the report!
  299. RyanErb

    9/19 - Limits for 3

    Thanks for the count!
  300. RyanErb

    Anacapa island 9/17/17 yellowtails and rockfish

    You guys put on some nice fish!! Were the yellows caught deep on the yoyo heavy iron, or on the surface on a surface iron like a tady 45? Thanks for the report!
  301. RyanErb

    9-18 5 YFT 7 miles Northeast of the 302

    Nice fish! Thanks for posting!
  302. RyanErb

    Dark Kings Charter 9/16....Lots of Yellows!!!!

    Nice fish Jeff! How were all the fish caught? Flylining live sardines?
  303. RyanErb

    Friday Slay fest at the 302

    What a day! Congrats!! Colt sniper eh...Cast and retrieve, or cast and let sink, or drop and jig?
  304. RyanErb

    Plan B - 9/14

    Wait, 371 ALREADY dried up? That was fast. All those poor weekend anglers this weekend won't get in on the action?
  305. RyanErb

    Part Deaux: WTB 17-23+' CC

    YAY! You got one! Now it's just going to be a big competition who catches more fish, you or Lal. And... which boat is Cory going to ride on? haha
  306. RyanErb

    Thursday 8/31 - 2-3 Miles SE of 182

    Some guy said they were super finicky. Needed small hooks (think #2?) , light line, think 20lb fluoro and why not try 15? Shoulder hook the bait (sounds like your bait wasn't that great). Gentle swing of the bait? Sometimes there is only so much you can do and its just not your day. It happens...
  307. RyanErb

    South Bay / Santa Monica Fishing ?

    It depends on the species you are after. Rockcod? Bonito? Sculpin? Calico Bass? Sand bass? Some species will be more appropriate to your area and others may be extremely hard to catch. I would go out, enjoy the day, watch for any boils/bird activity, look for current in the water, and watch...
  308. RyanErb

    182 ON THE "C"SICK

    Way to get some fish! Congrats! Sounds like lots of boats out there...
  309. RyanErb

    Maui in august

    Thanks, I will be doing all catch and release.
  310. RyanErb

    Maui in august

    Any luck on your trip? I'm heading out to Maui this weekend and am in about the same place as you. Would love to hear your results.
  311. RyanErb

    Anacapa island today 8/26

    Thanks for the report, I've missed your fly fishing updates!
  312. RyanErb

    32°38 x 117°46

    Congrats! Thanks for the numbers!
  313. RyanErb

    (Sold) Cabo 226

    Nice boat! GLWS! Is the Samsung 18" monitor just a mirror of the HDS7? Is it marine rated or just a normal computer monitor?
  314. RyanErb

    Catalina front side 8/29 - only bones

    Great day! Thanks for the report.
  315. RyanErb

    8/28 Solana Beach Yellowtail

    Nice first post. Good intel. Good details. Glad you could get one to celebrate your pops!
  316. RyanErb

    Clueless at the Island 8/26-8/27

    Sounds like a great beginning to a fun next couple years! Congrats on the new boat. Salt can be tough until you figure it out. Lots of time on the water. Decent amount of reading as well out there, such as this yellowtail article...
  317. RyanErb

    Fished the SUP trip 2

    That wind can make a big difference. Fishing in the wind on a SUP is even harder! At least you had 10 stripers! Nice work!
  318. RyanErb

    Fished the SUP

    Wow, now that is a good day on the SUP! Was this in the delta or the bay?
  319. RyanErb

    Limits of Dorado- 35 miles south of SD 8/25

    Looks like you guys were rewarded! Fun trip!! Thanks for the report!
  320. RyanErb

    La Jolla on Saturday

    Nice fish!! What was on the dropper loop? Live sardines? Dead squid?
  321. RyanErb

    Hamilton Cove - Bonito report

    Fun stuff! The views are nice from there and a little bit away from all the crazyness of Avalon! Sounds like a fun weekend!!
  322. RyanErb

    Anacapa island today 8/26

    Can't beat local knowledge!!
  323. RyanErb

    Anacapa island today 8/26

    Great fast report! Sounds like a decent day. What do you island taks secret was??
  324. RyanErb

    Yellow madness !!8-25 Friday

    That's a fun day! Didn't know the ducky had a bait tank! How many gallons? Glad you guys got the fish, and thanks for letting some go so they will become 15lb'ers!!
  325. RyanErb

    Finally, a paddy holding 8/24

    Paul, thanks for the great report! Glad you decided to post! Nice work on finding a paddy holding!
  326. RyanErb

    Islander 8/22 a windy report

    haha and they didn't catch up to you before you crossed the border?
  327. RyanErb

    9 & 178 - 8/24

    Given the fish counts, you had a great day! Way to go! Sounds like a fun project boat, any more pics/details? Congrats on a successful first run!
  328. RyanErb

    8/24 New Seaforth AM & PM half day

    Sounds like a fun day and hot bite! Fun doubling up on 1/2 day trips when the fishing is that good!
  329. RyanErb

    Islander 8/22 a windy report

    Sounds like a good captain. Weather makes or breaks a trip for me! Thanks for the report!
  330. RyanErb

    Go pound sand

    What do you mean, no bat rays? Sting rays? Angel sharks? That's all I ever get... You Only got 2 butts? hahahah Nice fish, congrats on a good day! You were doing something right!
  331. RyanErb

    Catalina 8/23

    Thanks for the report! I guess the yellows were hard to come by!
  332. RyanErb

    Catalina 8/22 - The Tradition-the good and the bad

    You chose the boat, you learned, and you won't choose again. To be honest, I haven't heard much about the tradition. I would stick with some of the very popular boats that are known to produce. A little bit of research might go a long way. Thanks for the report and for the details, it may...
  333. RyanErb

    How is PV looking for spearo's?

    Well, this is in the fishing reports section, not fishing prospecting. You may also try considering spearboard forums. PV can be funny, some guys are super hush hush.
  334. RyanErb

    Pretty Hen

    Congrats! It will be tough to find a hen that big again!
  335. RyanErb

    08/21 (Monday) Late Report

    Nice job finding the fish! We don't have to rely on kelps, just find some dolphins!! Thanks for the report!
  336. RyanErb

    89 Sea Ray Laguna 17

    These boats don't seem to be as popular as something like a whaler, but looks like a fun well built boat!! GLWS!
  337. RyanErb

    2000 24'6" Shamrock Cuddy Walk Aroundfresh water

    Nice boat, any pics inside the cuddy? How many guys does it sleep?
  338. RyanErb

    Catalina 8-19

    Looks like a fun trip, nice videos! Looks like you guys were on some kind of whaler center console maybe? Were you fishing live sardines exclusively? All flylined? Congrats on a fun day!
  339. RyanErb

    Lingcod, yellowtail, reds, blues, and white fish at Anacapa island

    If you want to get really into it, you can start measuring your drag. You actually need a spring scale to test the amount of drag you have. They said you should have about 1/3 the amount of line test. So 30lb line means 10ft/lbs of drag as a rule of thumb. Search on the forums or google, there...
  340. RyanErb

    Lingcod, yellowtail, reds, blues, and white fish at Anacapa island

    I'm exclusively using a San Diego Jam knot now for all big game species. It hasn't failed me yet. I think all the main guys on the sport boats use them especially for bigger fish and fiesty YT.
  341. RyanErb

    Lingcod, yellowtail, reds, blues, and white fish at Anacapa island

    Fun day! Thanks for the report! Couple questions: Where did you launch? What kind of bait/lure and technique did you get the yellowtails on?
  342. RyanErb

    8/18 Catalina Dodo and Yellows

    Wow! What a score! Congrats! Thanks for posting. By the way, only the first picture is showing for me, the others are showing as broken links...
  343. RyanErb

    Where can I find a Del Mar 13 skiff?

    Slightly off topic, but can anyone explain, if the Hobie is '2nd in line' after a Del Mar or Hawkins, where does that place Whaler? I know whaler made 13,15ft, etc. And the livingstons? I know livingstons are the cats, so the layout can be odd. But what are the other pros and cons of some of...
  344. RyanErb

    08-16-2017 Catalina

    Nice report! Any paddies in the channel?
  345. RyanErb

    The Skunk is off!!! Dorado in my backyard.

    Great colors!! Nice fish. I got a little confused, did you just get one? Fish look like different colors in the pics. Thanks for taking the time to post a report! Your effort paid off!!
  346. RyanErb

    WTB 17 to 22ft boat cuddy cabin prefered but also interested in center console 10k to 15k

    Keep an eye on the classifieds as well as craigslist. Your best bet. You might get lucky with someone responding to your post here for WTB but I think craigslist and chatting with local friends will be the best bet. Lots of nice boats for 20k, you'll have to do some hunting for 10-15k depending...
  347. RyanErb

    Where can I find a Del Mar 13 skiff?

    how did you hear about this boat? I know of a certain owner, not sure if you saw his and want one like it? Maybe talk to that owner? From what I hear, they are not easy to come by...
  348. RyanErb

    Sunday Funday - 8.13.17

    haha you had me laughin throughout the whole thing. fun stuff! thanks for posting, keep it up, you're 3rd report you might get a retention bonus!
  349. RyanErb

    2006 Grady White 222 Fisherman Center Console - Clean and Custom - $45k OBO

    Sweet rig, GLWS. He must be upgrading to something better, as that is a nice skiff!!
  350. RyanErb

    Diawa Pacific 8/7

    I had wondered about that boat, thanks for the detailed report! Glad you guys got into the fish!
  351. RyanErb

    Long Ride for some Dorado

    Sounds like a fun day! Post any pics if you got em!
  352. RyanErb


    Nice boat! Whats the price?
  353. RyanErb

    Fishing boat suggestion for 19Aug2017

    Lot of good boats out there, but like you said, lots could already be booked. I don't know if you can expect people to go through and find open boats for you. Have you tried calling the landings and checking with them? Is this for SLO? There are also some smaller 6 pack boats, but will cost...
  354. RyanErb

    Long Ride for some Dorado

    Sounds fun, a good mix for the Ducky. Bass are around a lot more than dodos! Did you guys try to get any fish on lures or trolling? Or were fish only caught on bait?
  355. RyanErb

    Saturday 8/6 Hidden Bank

    @Fishbox looks like a fun day! What did the dodos bite on the troll?
  356. RyanErb

    8-2 Mustang overnight offshore trip

    Great report, I've never heard much about the Mustang. Really glad you guys got into some fun fishing!! Pics are fun if you got any!
  357. RyanErb

    Rpt.-Wed. 08-02-17 SCI, another big Bluefin on the Toronado!

    Great report! Looks like a fun boat to get on for a good price. How were the accommodations?
  358. RyanErb

    Time of day

    Cory, that's a great point. It's like a horse race to see who can hit all the virgin paddy's in the morning!! On the flip side, maybe late afternoon the fish have already started re-populating at the paddies, waiting for the anglers coming through the next morning... It never hurts to check!
  359. RyanErb

    Lower 9 Bonito Bonanza

    Fun stuff!! Did you see any of those BFT down there? How many boats did you see down there? Any pics?
  360. RyanErb

    Catalina tail

    Thats a fun day! Thanks for the report!!
  361. RyanErb

    Limits of yellowtail and Dorado

    Whammo! Congrats! Thanks for the report!
  362. RyanErb

    Time of day

    Good work on finding that one! Thanks for the report! Any other yellows/dodos where you got that one? Spear fish? Live bait? Trolling?
  363. RyanErb

    Grande overnignt returning 7-26

    That kid was in heaven! Good work dad! Remind him not every trip might be that good ;)
  364. RyanErb

    Rpt.Tues.-07-25-17 Big Bluefin at SCI-Desperation Reef!

    Whopper! Nice report, glad you got a good one Cory!! Thanks for posting, as always!
  365. RyanErb

    Jumbo BFT 75 West

    75 west huh? That out of SD or Oxnard? Long haul! Nice fish. I know what you mean, fishing is stressful when you just need that first fish on the boat. Then you can relax and have fun.
  366. RyanErb

    7/26 Mello Yellows

    Thanks for this report! Was hoping to see a pic of that 30lb DODO! ;)
  367. RyanErb

    7/24 Paddy Hopping.

    Wow... sounds wide open! 50+ miles sounds like a trip but worth it. Hopefully they move up the line. How many big party boats did you see down there?
  368. RyanErb

    Bassin Monday 25th

    You guys definitely move around a lot to find the conditions. Good stuff. When you guys found your 'hot spot' were you fixated on one small pinnacle? If so, did you anchor or just repeatedly pick up and re-drift over the same spot?
  369. RyanErb

    4-Pack Recommendations

    Check out Pinnacle. They catch tons of fish.
  370. RyanErb

    Sunday 7/23 Late Report

    Good report! Seems like some ripe conditions, no fish? That water from the 209 to 181 looks warm, but green? I guess it's something different than you already did...
  371. RyanErb

    9-182 July 19th. Wish I could use a speargun from the boat!

    Micro-Anchovy? Sounds like some fly fishing is due! They make some pretty good 1-2 inch baitfish imitations!
  372. RyanErb

    9-182 July 19th. Wish I could use a speargun from the boat!

    Those are the standard now. Good sun protection. Some guys have taken it pretty far but I like em.
  373. RyanErb

    9-182 July 19th. Wish I could use a speargun from the boat!

    Looks fun. Try 8lb test and a tiny hook next time if they aren't biting the sardine? I wonder if they would bite 2lb test? Would at least be an indicator they aren't biting purely because they can see the line... Also throw some live deans in there w/ no hook and see if they will eat those....
  374. RyanErb

    7/18, 182, Corner, Dorado....

    The 18ft Dory will do that. Very flat bottom. Great for fuel, not so great for rough chop. Am I right @Caseydmaze or no?
  375. RyanErb

    Looking for bft but found yft on 07/18

    Glad you got into a fish to have some yummy sushi! Lots of kite flying time, you never know when you'll get bit!
  376. RyanErb

    Ken's Custom Reels Trip, American Angler

    What a fun trip! Thanks for the report!
  377. RyanErb

    Back to Basics - DP Bassin

    Looks fun. How deep of water? What were you using? (looks maybe like a 4" swim bait?)
  378. RyanErb

    YFT, late report from 7/15

    The more important question is, did you hook any? Side note, I would check about re-posting a paid for fish dope graph....
  379. RyanErb

    3 colt snipers 80g and a solas 5x for sale

    I would post in the classifieds and not the 'fishing reports' section....
  380. RyanErb

    7/14 Cow BFT

    CONGRATS!! Any tips about flying the kite that you learned that you think are crucial that you are willing to share? Thanks for posting. That YUMMY is INHALED! (I barely can see it in the throat!)
  381. RyanErb

    Midway between Pt Loma and Coronados 7/15/17

    Awesome! Thanks for the report! Why go all the way if you can find fish halfway?? Do you know if you were in mexican waters? Did you just fly line your sardine or how much weight did you add? How did you rig it?
  382. RyanErb

    Slow at the 14, WO at Izors

    Glad you finished off having fun. Did you look at the chlorophyll and temp charts before you went to the 14?
  383. RyanErb

    7/14 - Early morning run to Nados pays off - 21 lb YT

    Looks like a fun day! Thanks for the report! Any Mexico Navy out there checking boats/docs?
  384. RyanErb

    LA Jolla 7/14

    hahhahaha the yellow eats the dean that the bird literally just dropped into the water? Talk about an airborne delivery!! Great story! Thanks for the report! Good eats right there!
  385. RyanErb

    Two huge paddies off the San Onofre Domes

    Can you go back and get some drone footage so we can see what's underneath them? haha just kidding, thanks for the report!
  386. RyanErb

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    More than the CCA? Why not take the backing of the CCA that is already established and use their platform for your agenda? I don't belong to the CCA myself, but rather than starting an entirely new organization, this may be the quickest route to victory, unless they aren't inline with your...
  387. RyanErb

    7/9/2017 209 - 312 Trip

    Jonathan, I like your theory! That should be the basis for the rec guys campaign! Unless these guys have the same 'quota' weight limit, then they may hit that quota with hook and line, it would just take longer to hit.... The seiners obviously have an unfair advantage over the hook and line...
  388. RyanErb

    7/9/2017 209 - 312 Trip

    Sounds like enough pissed off rec fisherman. Time to organize and make your voices heard! Maybe these seiners are out there catching YFT and BFT for all the people who aren't rec fisherman but still want to eat fish? I suppose there is a market for that and they sell everything they catch...
  389. RyanErb

    7/9/2017 209 - 312 Trip

    Dang. That sucks. I guess their regs allow them to do what they are doing...
  390. RyanErb

    Water break

    To answer your other question, I wouldn't focus on water temperature breaks for seabass. Water temperature can be important, for example you likely won't find a good bite in 52 degree water or 72 degree water. I would focus on finding the squid and then looking for fish on your meter. I would...
  391. RyanErb

    Water break

    You may want to carefully read through the following recent threads about cbass. Some are a few days/weeks old, but still there has to be some info to be gained:
  392. RyanErb

    Water break

    I fish out of PSL as well. According to Ventura website, yesterday, Sunday July 9th: July 9th, 2017 Boat Trip Type Anglers Catch Island Spirit Full Day Charter 35 12 Rockfish88 Barracuda6 Bonito14 Calico Bass10 Ocean Whitefish4 California Yellowtail Pacific Eagle Full Day 21 1 California...
  393. RyanErb

    7-7 Up 9- 182

    You can pay for fish dope. They have charts and really good reports. There are also a few other free charts out there, check here: You likely did nothing wrong. Many MANY guys are striking out and the fish are biting well... time to start thinking...
  394. RyanErb

    Water break

    Tuna and pelagics you gotta look for clean water (chlorophyll) and temperature. Seabass aren't quite the same. I didn't think they found fish yesterday out there. Can you show me where you saw that?
  395. RyanErb

    7-7 Up 9- 182

    @SANTUCKYANT regarding the green water, did you check the chloro charts before heading out there? Did the charts match what you saw? For these fish that aren't biting, I wonder what would happen with 10lb test. Maybe they just want the light line? Or maybe even with 4lb test, they just ain't...
  396. RyanErb

    CAT, Danawharf fury 5 to 5 sunday

    Good report! Haven't heard much about the cbass recently, then again, not many of those reports get posted :)
  397. RyanErb

    Just Keep Popping - YFT Report - 7/8

    Popper saves the day! I guess you guys will be adding a few more to the boat. Come to think of it, I think we only have one right now on our boat too! haha and no spinning setups! Wonder when those fish will start responding to other things like bait/etc.
  398. RyanErb

    Tuna off Mission Beach.

    Tuna? or maybe bonito? or maybe mackerel? Or did you have stabilizers out and saw the yellowfin specifically... Just wondering how you were able to confirm....
  399. RyanErb

    Mako Shark eats seal near Catalina Island

    I hope you told that shark good job and to keep up the good work! Go get some more! Sometimes I can't even slow troll around there because the seals steal all my bait... Then again, sometimes guys on long range trips can't even catch fish because the sharks eat every fish they hook. haha
  400. RyanErb

    Native Sun 7/4

    Good stuff! Local fishing must be good enough that the island voyage isn't worth the time...
  401. RyanErb

    pac dawn 7/5 37 wsb too much current

    Great report with great details! Add any pics if you got em.
  402. RyanErb

    LJ 6/27

    Nice fish!! Good work out there. Are you truly convinced the greenbacks get way more bites than spanish or smelt? I would love to hear more about your experience/theory. I've caught yellowtail on spanish and know Catalina locals fish smelt for yellows...
  403. RyanErb

    Almost skunked at the rockpile [9/28]

    Sounds like a good trip to get the boat runnin again!
  404. RyanErb

    Fished Catalina 6/28 on the Sportking w/ 60 other people

    Any pics of the stern full to the gills? haha Glad you got a few fish on the bow!
  405. RyanErb

    6/24 Seabass New Hustler

    Thanks for the update! Sounds tough!
  406. RyanErb

    6/24 Seabass New Hustler

    Yeah, I assume sometimes it matters, sometimes you'll get bit kind of no matter what. Thanks for the feedback!
  407. RyanErb

    6/24 Seabass New Hustler

    Sometimes my squid on the loop twists around my main line. Does this only happen when you leave the actual loop and that is why you cut it? How long did you let your hook go off the main line, meaning was it like a 2 inch loop or a 12 inch loop? I've heard with more current you can go with a...
  408. RyanErb

    6/24 Seabass New Hustler

    Sounds like a fun trip! Thanks for the good details! How far above the weight was your squid? 2 ft? 6ft? Any idea on depth of water?
  409. RyanErb

    WFO cbass

    You got right on the bite! Thanks for sharing! How deep of water?
  410. RyanErb

    YFT on the Troll 6-25

    Nice ones! Cedar? Feather? Halco? Thanks for the report!
  411. RyanErb

    Team Paddy Wacker 2nd again !

    This had me bustin' up laughin!! Congrats on the tourney!
  412. RyanErb

    Bass, Bycatch and Upwelling - Long Beach Report Saturday 6/24

    Yes, sometimes a sit and wait game is NOT fun. But seabass boiling and birds working? That is the best kind of seabass fishing!
  413. RyanErb

    Bass, Bycatch and Upwelling - Long Beach Report Saturday 6/24

    Said only one person ever.... Haha. Next time you find too many seabass give me a call and I'll work on them while you guys work on the calicos... I understand you were in a tourney and had it been any other day, perhaps you would have stayed for some more 60lb slobs... Nice report! Congrats...
  414. RyanErb

    Prowler Overnight 6/24-6/25

    Thanks for the report. Can't always control the weather or the fish!
  415. RyanErb

    WHOPPER by son at the Flats 06/22/17

    That's a whopper! Nice to see the kid with his life jacket on! You're doing very well as a dad!
  416. RyanErb

    Sportking fishing @ Catalina Island 6/21

    I haven't been on his boat, but from what I have heard I think he is just sarcastic and a character. If you don't think you can handle it, then maybe just pass. If you have a sense of humor it sounds like it could be fun.
  417. RyanErb

    Sportking fishing @ Catalina Island 6/21

    Sounds like a fun day! How long was the boat ride crossing the channel? Thanks for the report!
  418. RyanErb

    2x2 YFT 6/17 & 6/18 on the 17' Whaler

    You've figured out the trolling better than most everyone else. Have heard of very few troll fish, so congrats! and thanks for the intel! Was there any one hot lure vs another?
  419. RyanErb

    Catalina Yellowtail and WSB 6/19/17

    Just graduated high school? And now captaining your own boat and making Catalina runs? Sounds like the perfect combo to me. Great start to your summer, keep it up, and keep the well written reports coming as well! I really like the sonar shots! I can't guess exactly what they are, but those are...
  420. RyanErb

    6/17 nada

    Great first post, thanks for the contribution!
  421. RyanErb

    Dana PT 6/16/17

    of course, lots of guys are good at this.... i don't think i would want my honey hole fished out either...
  422. RyanErb

    Dana PT 6/16/17

    Nice Butt! Those BSB get me everytime. They are starting to become a big false alarm, I catch more of those than I do of my target species.... Darn by-catch! Looks like you were BB rather than live bait drifting. Good intel!
  423. RyanErb

    302/181/S9 on 6/18

    You zigged, they zagged. Happens all the time. I still don't think they got into that many fish, despite seeing them. Nobody has really slayed em yet. Saw the madrugador got 6 YFT trolling, but that could have been north or south, numbers are on fish dope. Fish dope might be another resource if...
  424. RyanErb

    Worked hard and made a day if it.

    Finally some fish on the troll. Seems like most everything has been on bait or flatfall, etc. Good to hear of some solid troll fish! Thanks for the report!
  425. RyanErb

    out of DP saturday...

    Good amounts of fish out there, thanks for the report!! How far offshore was that first boil at 7am? Any specific spot? 267? 14 mile? etc
  426. RyanErb

    6/17-Catalina and sc

    Nice calico! Thanks for the report!
  427. RyanErb

    Quick kelp report - 6/14

    Way to sacrifice your time to get them on some fish, especially since they are visiting. Were you anchored or drifting? How deep of water? Were you chumming? If so live or dead cut up bait? Congrats on a fun day!
  428. RyanErb

    Anyone target Bluefin with bugsticks?

    Definitely worth a try! Lots of guys stick with the common stuff, Kite fishing with yummies, etc. Fish will bite on a lot of things, I really wouldn't be surprised if the fly did well.. Heck, even for the non-fly fisherman, I'm sure you could send a fly down on conventional gear. @silverfly can...
  429. RyanErb

    June 14, 2017

    Thanks for the update, keep on 'em and you'll connect!
  430. RyanErb


    Haha, that right there is an interesting statement. You're waiting for the counts to go up before you go. Fish Dope has some info, if you are a subscriber. From what I've heard, it's not wide open but there are some fish there. If you're into it, head down there and give it a try. Unless the...
  431. RyanErb

    Channel Islands Slam!

    Whoppers! Congrats on the great trip. Can you send me a link to an example of the flasher you use?
  432. RyanErb

    Cow wrangling at 182

    Whopper! Congrats!
  433. RyanErb

    18' CC w/t-top + 2007 90 Honda

    I must have missed it, what is the make and model of the boat?
  434. RyanErb

    San Clemente 6/4/17

    Well, I think from HH, it's actually only roughly 48mi to the north/west end... Still, it's awfully nice to have a 35ft fast boat though... The party boats cruise at 10 knots... haha
  435. RyanErb

    San Clemente 6/4/17

    Sounds fun. What speed were you guys moving in that Everglades? Were fish mostly biting towards the bottom or top of the water column? Thanks for the report!
  436. RyanErb

    rod advice

    To be honest, I haven't heard much about Penn rods, but it seems like their top of the line Carnage would be the best route to go: Or go with another cheaper one and see if it lasts. When pulling hard on...
  437. RyanErb

    rod advice

    So it has to be a Penn? I would go with the most expensive you can afford. I would think the more expensive rods are going to be better built and stronger. Remember, fiberglass flexes more and graphite can snap. What is your price range? 50 bucks? 100 bucks? 300 bucks?
  438. RyanErb

    3/4 day on the San Diego June 4th

    Nice fish, thanks for the report!
  439. RyanErb

    Rpt.- Sun.-06-04-17 Pig Catalina Tails and 2 Butts!

    Some big yellows there! the 30lb quality fish sure can pull! Way to put together a nice day, and THANKs for a great report Cory!
  440. RyanErb

    When you take your buddy to Catalina....

    Wow! Especially with the ghost in there. That trifecta ain't that easy! Congrats!
  441. RyanErb

    Warmer water at pilgrim banks. Chance for bft?

    They could if the fish have moved up the line, but there is still a lot of fish further down south, making me believe they haven't made it all the way up the line. Fish have been up there in the years past, I think it was later in the year. Also check the chloro. Lots of factors go into...
  442. RyanErb

    Looking for first boat, cc under 5k

    Unless you are loaded, it's going to be hard to find a slip for cheap in San Diego. Small cheap skiffs are typically always about the motor. Don't get a piece of junk motor, it's going to be the most important part of the boat! The hobie skiffs are good, you may also be able to find an older...
  443. RyanErb

    Yellowtail at Catalina

    Nice fish! Any more intel? Squid? Flyline? Dropper? Backside? Front side?
  444. RyanErb

    2003 boston whaler outrage

    this craigslist ad looks like a scam. tread carefully....
  445. RyanErb

    Catalina, 5-19

    How was the ride over to Avalon in the dark? Do you have radar or just going by sight? What speed were you able to maintain? Sounds like a fun day! Thanks for the report!
  446. RyanErb

    Thresher at CC

    This post isn't getting much traffic in the paddle board section, but sounds like a fun adventure! Anyone else out there hook into a yellow or cbass?
  447. RyanErb

    SMB Bass

    Sounds good. Were you vertical jigging or were you casting as far as you can and then retrieving?
  448. RyanErb

    SMB Bass

    You got a special connection to Kman? or are those sold on the public market? Sounds like a fun day!
  449. RyanErb

    Imperial Beach 5/20

    Wow! Nice fish! Congrats to you and your boy! Any clue how deep of water you were in? Or is that irrelevant in this kind of fishing? 30mph gets you there fast... I see that 250 yami in the picture, that ain't the same boat in your profile that says 115hp! Did you get a new ride? Whats the...
  450. RyanErb

    Anacapa 5-19

    Persistence pays off! Way to get after it! How long was your 'loop' on your setup? Also how far above the weight was the loop? Congrats on the nice fish!
  451. RyanErb

    Great day in SB for my wife

    Looks fun ! How deep were you fishing? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  452. RyanErb

    Yellowtail Information

    Blame fish and game, not the landings. Fish and game sets the size and number limits.
  453. RyanErb

    Yellowtail Information

    All smaller fish. A lot are being harvested, I hope some are left to grow big!
  454. RyanErb

    9mile to 182 looks good on SST

    Looks promising, let us know what you find out there!
  455. RyanErb

    North SB Coast advice

    Deep reefs? Check your chartplotter charts and also google satellite view (which shows ocean structure). Also, Gaviota pier and north at times can be good for halibut/cbass/etc.
  456. RyanErb

    Sierras Opener

    Yes, a lot has changed in the past 2 weeks since the original post around May 4th. I too have seen the bite has picked up, the water has warmed, etc.(only seen this from reports, not first hand...)
  457. RyanErb

    How do you Store/Save your 4200/5200?

    Is the freezer recommended by the manufacturer? Would be interesting to study the effects freezing has on the effectiveness of the product after thawing, etc.
  458. RyanErb

    Thunderbird - Late Report

    Sounds like a fun trip! How deep of water were you getting the yellows in? Were the yellow biting on the top, mid column, or bottom? Congrats on the fish and thanks for the report!!
  459. RyanErb


    Oxnard is a little bit closer to Anacapa and the warm waters behind it. Be sure to check the temp charts, some of the popular websites showing the temp breaks. Search in google and you will find the site I'm speaking of. The wind usually comes from the west, so it's an easier ride home going to...
  460. RyanErb

    Catalina 5/4

    Sounds like a fun day still. Thanks for the report!
  461. RyanErb

    5/5 San Diego 3/4 Day Trip

    Nice report, thanks for posting!
  462. RyanErb

    Kahuna report 5/4/17

    Wow, sounds like a fun day!! How deep were the vermillions biting? Any pics? Thanks for the report!
  463. RyanErb

    Pursuit Catalina 5/2/17

    I don't think you were asking too much, but that's just me. You're a paying guest on the boat, I would think that is all important information. Glad you guys had a decent day! Thanks for the report!
  464. RyanErb

    Catalina WSB 5/4/17

    Lots of tankers have been pulled from there, including a recent 67 posted on here I believe. Getting those can be pretty dang tough though!
  465. RyanErb

    Catalina WSB 5/4/17

    I bet a lot of guys wish they could pull off a 15 minute day like that! Nice work! How big did it go? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  466. RyanErb

    Catalina Croaker ! 5-4-17

    Awesome fish! Congrats! What time of day? What depth of water? Thanks for posting the report!
  467. RyanErb

    Catalina 5/2-5/3 - WSB & Calico

    You guys sure put together a nice day, props on doing things right and getting the CBASS!
  468. RyanErb

    Crowley opener..?

    Any big browns over 5lbs? or all the standard 16-20inchers?
  469. RyanErb

    Crowley opener..?

    Nice fish! How deep were you guys fishing? Bait fishing may have been better, the tough reports I saw were from fly guys...
  470. RyanErb

    O'side 5-1

    What a stellar day! and all on plastics, no bait! Did you even have to chum? Sounds like a pretty solid bite. Were you just dropping down and vertical jigging or were you casting and retrieving? Thanks for the report!
  471. RyanErb

    O'side 5-1

    Perhaps you are thinking of Jonathan @flyliner ? Or maybe I am confused...
  472. RyanErb

    Crowley opener..?

    I didn't go, but most reports I read it was pretty tough fishing. Water levels dropping pretty fast in preparation for all the snowmelt... Post a report if you go!
  473. RyanErb

    leopard shark rod advice

    If you are going for bigger fish, why not the MH. If it was for perch, you could go M or ML.
  474. RyanErb

    leopard shark rod advice

    Are you fishing from the shore or on the actual pier?
  475. RyanErb

    Port San Luis Salmon 4-30

    Nick, appreciate the report! Nice video, can't believe he didn't stick?! Wow. Awesome they aren't that sensitive that they will even take a bait with a camera mounted right there too!
  476. RyanErb

    San Diego bay

    The way I read the regs, a net is required no matter what, for any finfish... 28.65. GENERAL. Except as provided in this article, fin fish may be taken only on hook-and-line or by hand. Any number of hooks and lines may be used in all ocean waters and bays except: .... (d) ...No person shall...
  477. RyanErb

    Rpt.-Sun.04-30-17 Izor's, 150 and the Shoe!

    Nice sticking with it until you found the fish. Man, sounds like a fun bite!
  478. RyanErb

    Tahiti Offshore SurfSkiff 177

    take lots of pics on the trip!!
  479. RyanErb

    San Diego bay

    Small guys, but I think you are matching the hatch. Maybe a 5 inch bait would get bigger fish?? Tough to say. What size leadhead / weight are you using with the 3 inch bait?
  480. RyanErb

    San Diego bay

    haha you will know if you got lucky if you can keep going back and getting more, trip after trip. Sounds like a fun bite! It would be fun to get some more legals!
  481. RyanErb

    Late report 4/15 -4/16 hidden bank

    I agree, set the fishfinder to manual 200-300ft. Better for deep offshore tuna fishing. Threw the shell casing in the trash? I'm weird, I guess I would have kept it as a souvenir! You guys did a great job out there overnight in a 20ft boat. Thanks for all the posts!!
  482. RyanErb

    SOLD 1989 Boston Whaler Montauk - $7k

    Fun little boat! I assume that last pic is on the Colorado river? Where bouts? Looks awesome! @jjjewett
  483. RyanErb

    Catalina Berracuda

    Great report, glad you had fun and caught plenty of fish. Sorry to hear about the sporty experience, sounds like you really handled it in the more mature and responsible way. Kudos!
  484. RyanErb

    WSB 4/17/17

    Nice fish! Good work! Thanks for posting the report!
  485. RyanErb

    Whats up with Aztec ??

    Maybe it was and then the problem happened later? They obviously were hopeful they were going to be able to get it fixed but then they couldn't. Seaforth does show the last time this boat went out was: 12-02-2016 1.5 Day Charter 27 13 Yellowfin Tuna All of this definitely was not...
  486. RyanErb

    Late report 4/15 -4/16 hidden bank

    Nice fish and nice report. What was the shell casing or something you pulled out of the water? Also what was your technique or plan for floating around out there overnight? Tips/learning lessons that you could share would be helpful!!
  487. RyanErb

    4/19 Upper Hidden

    Yup, great point. Some sporties are definitely finding tuna, so they got good intel and know where some fish are!
  488. RyanErb

    4/19 Upper Hidden

    Thanks for the report! I think the sporties are going out 40 miles, surprised you didn't see any!
  489. RyanErb

    Dana halibut

    so the butts didn't like the dead squid... they liked the lively macs! Nice work! Thanks for the report! Water temp?
  490. RyanErb

    Quick Catalina report - 4/15/17

    Thanks for the report! See anyone else with any yellows?
  491. RyanErb

    4/15 LJ Quicky

    I hate catching sharks when I want a Yellow or CBASS. Thanks for the report!
  492. RyanErb

    Upper hidden bank

    Well you guys made the run and it paid off! Nice job on delivering on the BFT! Great first post, thanks for the report!!
  493. RyanErb

    First WSB ever...4/7 Catalina

    Yup! That worked! Nice fish!!
  494. RyanErb

    First WSB ever...4/7 Catalina

    WOOOOOHOOOO! What a fun experience! Congrats! Great report with all the details and depth, etc Seabass on the first drop/cast? Awesome. How big was the seabass?
  495. RyanErb

    The Pipe, 150, 105 and Some LB Stones 4-10

    55 bass? You guys are fish slayers. Lal has the hottest boat in LB... PS: Pics didn't show for me. Congrats on the fun trip!
  496. RyanErb

    First report of year

    Sounds like a good first shakedown!
  497. RyanErb

    Great Fishing Boat for Sale

    Clean boat! Did I miss the length?
  498. RyanErb

    Cape San Martin 4/5/17

    Awesome! Sometimes certain types school up and you get all the same. Love finding a nice school of big reds! Thanks for posting the report!
  499. RyanErb

    Cape San Martin 4/5/17

    Nice load of fish! How deep were you guys hitting? What were you trying for bait? Maybe jigs would have kept the groupers off and found more lings?
  500. RyanErb

    22 Boston Whaler Outrage $16,900

    OP, nice setup! Looks like a very solid boat! @Vigilant32 which one do you prefer?
  501. RyanErb

    Dana 209/181

    Sounds like a fun new boat! Looking forward to more reports from you this season, you should be able to zoom around everywhere!!
  502. RyanErb

    Long Beach Reds

    Those are some nice reds! What size and make is your new boat?
  503. RyanErb

    There Here....

    Somewhere within 3/4 day range of San Diego. That only leaves so much ocean. And the temp / chloro charts would likely narrow that down. Or launch your boat and follow the Liberty around BHAHAHA :D
  504. RyanErb

    2000 Shamrock Walk Around

    Sweet boat! You may want to add details about the powerplant. Ie what kind of motor, HP, pictures, and I assume the drive is a direct drive.
  505. RyanErb

    Rpt- 2 day trip on the Chief ending 03-26-17.

    It is hard to believe, I figure it is the Mexican F&G and USA F&G that are the only ones that can put a stop to that by implementing minimum size restraints on what you can keep.
  506. RyanErb

    Identifying a Jig

    My guess is a Felton
  507. RyanErb

    Outrider 3/19/17

    Fun trip, thanks for the report! How did you change your gear (setup and bait) and what depth did you guys hit for the whitefish/sheeps? Sounds like some nice whites, how many sheeps did they bring in?
  508. RyanErb

    Back in the Saddle Again - Catalina Seabass - 3/18

    Wow! and he delivers again! Really nice fish! I'm not seeing anything else like that, you got some skill! Thanks for posting!
  509. RyanErb

    BFT/albacore out of SLO and/or nearby

    Albacore typically run in the fall around SLO. Watch the local landings for overnight specific trips. Albies have been absent for many many years though so until they come back, it's a no go. (maybe el nino changed things up) Watch the reports and hop on a trip once they return.
  510. RyanErb

    Rpt.-Thur- 03-09-17 San Clemente Island Reds and Coppers

    Thanks for the great report! Amazing F&G all the way out there. Doubt there could have been many boats out there with you guys? That trip to SC is always a long haul. What was your thoughts on SBI vs SC?
  511. RyanErb

    Overnight on the Amigo 3/4

    Sounds like a fun trip! Rough weather is the best time to take video/photos because we all like to see the craziness out there! ;)
  512. RyanErb

    Rpt.-Sat. 03-04-17 Local Bass Fising.

    Nice report as usual Cory! Now, the real question should be: What in the heck was Kurt doing different than you and Lal? (especially if you guys were using the same lure). Jigging more than you guys? Jigging slower than you guys? Fishing higher off the bottom? etc. Must have been somethin! haha
  513. RyanErb

    First trip for tacos

    Nice load! How deep did you guys fish?
  514. RyanErb

    Flock of birds, boiling fish, What lure do you throw?

    Good point... I have heard from many people they get on a bird flock with fish boiling and they cast 100 times and don't get bit once... So its not always a sure bet... Guess it depends on how finicky and hungry the fish are...
  515. RyanErb

    Flock of birds, boiling fish, What lure do you throw?

    Guess it will depend on the school and area. Throw out your picks for both!
  516. RyanErb

    Flock of birds, boiling fish, What lure do you throw?

    You roll up on a flock of birds, boiling fish, What lure do you throw? I really assume 'size' of lure will depend on bait size (if you can even identify what exact bait they are on). My point being, it seems like almost any of the following items in the poll could be bit in reality... Maybe...
  517. RyanErb

    Saturday Morning Yellows at Cat 2/25

    Now that's a real fishing report! Thanks for posting and congrats on the nice fish!
  518. RyanErb

    The Lizard

    Talk about some skill! Nice work man, glad the fish rewarded you for your efforts! How were you hooking your baits? Nose? Back? etc.
  519. RyanErb

    Jack be nimble, Jack be quick

    Congrats! Thanks for the great report!
  520. RyanErb

    Colonet: 2/3/17 - 2/5/17 on The Liberty

    Congrats on a good run! Thanks for posting the report! Enjoy that fish!
  521. RyanErb

    Dana point hansolo Halibut... yup they're there

    Great story! Congrats on the fish! The hard work paid off and you have another one under your belt for more experience!! How long did he tape out at?
  522. RyanErb

    Custom Skiff

    I believe the 'Radon Mod' is the cabin part added to the front of the boat...
  523. RyanErb

    San Clemente Island Report Sunday 1/29/17

    You would know best as you fish much more than I do. Fish can be funny, you can't always predict them! Glad you found them in the end!
  524. RyanErb

    Custom Skiff

    And its good for San Clemente and San Nic too! 100+ mile range no sweat!
  525. RyanErb

    Pacific Queen...Yellowtail Limits ! ! !

    wow, what a trip! You lucked out and did well!
  526. RyanErb

    San Clemente Island Report Sunday 1/29/17

    So the fish were down deep and near the bottom... not on the surface ready for a reaction bite. Kind of sounds like winter freshwater bass :) Great pics, thanks for the report!
  527. RyanErb

    Custom Skiff

    Well.... It is 13ft... Which is pretty small (especially for something with a cabin...) but would be fine for the right guy. For the money I would think a lot of guys would opt for a 15ft boat, 17ft, etc. Also it says launch at Gaviota, but I doubt someone would want to try and beach launch...
  528. RyanErb

    mileage info

    I recommend if you are making this trip to be properly equipped with Maps / or electronic mapping tools for making calculations like this. You don't want to be out on the water and have to be asking guys on Bloody decks how far it is to a harbor. The navionics app available on most smart phones...
  529. RyanErb

    Catalina bugs and found nets 1-14-17

    Nice report! Sounds like a good time with your daughter. I think some guys are hooping in 250ft but if they came disconnected then maybe they were lost? Any fishing action over there right now or was it pretty dead?
  530. RyanErb

    AM YT - New Seaforth 1/16/17

    Really good info. I assume they were chumming quite a bit of bait on the New Seaforth? I wonder if it was the chum that was bringing these fish up...
  531. RyanErb

    AM YT - New Seaforth 1/16/17

    Nice report! Any other skiffs/boats out there that were hookin up?
  532. RyanErb

    Long Beach Harbor Lobster

    Congrats on a good night! When is someone going to put a gopro camera in the hoop to watch the seadog eat away? Would be curious to watch.
  533. RyanErb

    Dana Point 3 day weekend halibut fishing 1-14 to 1-16-17

    You're scorin! Those halibut aren't that easy to come by for some people! Congrats Mike! (@neue) @Hookdown were you on the boat as well?
  534. RyanErb

    Punta Colonet on the Eclipse 1/14

    The whole fleet was down there! Thanks for the update.
  535. RyanErb

    1-14-17 - No Halibut, New Boat Report

    Congrats on the new boat! Should be fun!
  536. RyanErb

    Punta Colonet on the Eclipse 1/14

    Nice fish, that's a lot better than getting the skunk!! How many other sport boats were down there?
  537. RyanErb

    search and thread lookups?

    I also would love tapatalk back... keep me posted...
  538. RyanErb

    1/12/17 Run of Site crossover to HTTPS

    tapatalk is not working for me, and this is very very handy for browsing on a mobile phone. mobile phone browsing (iphone 6) right now seems pretty broken. the page shows up but formatting isn't very 'mobile' like...
  539. RyanErb

    Yellows and Whales in La Jolla 11/8/17 (VIDEO)

    Nice fish! Did you get more than one? What did they bite on?
  540. RyanErb

    Pre- work solo strike 1/10/17

    Congrats! Very nice fish! What made you grab the flat fall compared to the other regular surface iron it looks like you had rigged up on the other rod? (second picture, rod on the right).
  541. RyanErb

    Another Big DP Halibut 1/9/17

    I'm impressed! Congrats!! Glad you are enjoying life to the max! What kind of rig were you using, dropper loop or sliding egg sinker with a leader, etc? Lengths of line on the rig?
  542. RyanErb

    Long Beach to Santa Cruz

    The only two spots between Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz are Port San Luis and Morro Bay. Both should have fuel, but worth calling each harbor to get a better understanding of their rates/availability, etc.
  543. RyanErb

    San Diego Bay "Fish Count"...

    42 fish, good count for winter!! Was that 42 halibut? Or 1 halibut and 41 others?
  544. RyanErb

    12-29-16 Sunset cliffs afternoon trip!

    Looks like a pretty nice day out there! What kind of drone do you have?
  545. RyanErb

    Making Squid

    Good tip! Lots more squid out at Catalina island than on the coast. However, you may find some at the coast. Typically squid are in roughly 80-120ft of water. There are areas that they tend to visit year after year, but it definitely is a timing thing. I would keep an eye out for any other...
  546. RyanErb

    12-27-16 last trip before closure Channel Islands

    Nice last effort, Those are some solid fish! What was the best depth? Thanks for the report!
  547. RyanErb

    "Killer" day on the water!!!

    That's a trip you'll remember for awhile! Looks fun, nice grade of reds! Thanks for sharing!
  548. RyanErb

    rockfish fishfinder images

    It's amazing how many lingcod I have caught with nothing showing on the meter... We are just in spots that are rocky and decide to give it a try for a few minutes.
  549. RyanErb

    rockfish fishfinder images

    Rockfish can be tough depending on the unit and transducer you have. Sometimes a school of blue bass will show up fine, but lingcod and vermillion can be tougher tight to the bottom. How deep do you plan to fish? 80 ft? 300 ft? 400ft? What unit and transducer do you have? How is your...
  550. RyanErb

    Looking to buy a Panga Marine 22

    I would just keep an eye on craiglist. You might be able to find a deal during winter... Finding that kind of a boat with that kind of motor for 15k or less may be tough, but you never know whats out there! Patience is key!
  551. RyanErb

    Tanner bank Wednesday 12-14

    Wow, that is a fatty! Way to show us all how it's done and to prove they are out there! Were most fish on the bottom? Any good sonar marks? Doesn't sound like many other sport boats out there... Congrats and thanks for the report!!
  552. RyanErb

    Goleta Beach Kayak Fishing 12/13

    Hey Jake, thanks for the great report! I think the pipe can be good, you just never know what will be there. Weird you didn't get anything the next day? Perhaps the fish moved on, were you using any sonar?
  553. RyanErb

    Last 2016 Rockcod Trip - Low Key

    Good to see you getting it dialed in for next season! Did you see anything good while diving? Any lobsters?
  554. RyanErb

    Last 2016 Rockcod Trip - Low Key

    Oooooo that will be fun to get that setup! Be sure to post some pics and screenshots! Can't wait to hear your opinion on it!
  555. RyanErb

    Last 2016 Rockcod Trip - Low Key

    Went out on a last trip out of Port San Luis. Caught a surprising amount of Lings, tons in the 19-21 inch range. A few bigger models around 27-28". For pics and more, head over to my blog post so I don't have to post the stuff twice...
  556. RyanErb

    The sheephead are thick. Saturday 12/10/16 Long beach area

    Wow! Some big fish! Congrats! We got the same fish cleaning table too! Were you guys on your proline or a shamrock? From the pics, the boat kind of reminds me of a shamrock...
  557. RyanErb

    Tanner 12-3 - 12-4

    Thanks for the report! Fishing can be tough sometimes!
  558. RyanErb

    CATALINA BUGGING 11/30/16 Limits for 3 in 2 sets

    Thanks for the good info! Congrats on the good bounty!
  559. RyanErb

    Limits of bluefin in the dark. 11-25-16

    Congrats! Very few can do what you do. Thanks for the inspiration! You got it dialed! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  560. RyanErb

    Ending the season with a bang.

    What an awesome trip! Thanks for the tips/summary at the end. Congrats and thanks for posting the report!
  561. RyanErb

    Tanner run with the SB boys

    Matt, thanks for the report! Glad you guys got into some fish for the effort you put in, especially on a smaller boat that isn't 95ft! Congrats on the nice fish!
  562. RyanErb

    Crabbing MB

    Thanks for the report! Swell has been brutal up here. I hope Saturday will be an open window.
  563. RyanErb

    Fun Day with kids at Catalina 11/13

    Looks fun, you can't complain about bones on 6lb test, thats fun stuff! 43MPH on the crossing? That's a quick crossing! What kind of MPG you get at that speed? Congrats on the fun trip!
  564. RyanErb

    11/12-11/13 Dana Point halibut weekend

    Those are some nice halibut! Guess you need to up to 60lb leader instead of 40lb? Or wire? Congrats and thanks for the report!
  565. RyanErb

    Morro in the swell

    Not many reports from up here, thanks for posting! Looks like a good time!
  566. RyanErb

    Next Generation

    Whopper ling! What depth were you guys targeting? Way to get the young guys out there and teach them right!
  567. RyanErb

    Aztec 1 1/2 Day -Tanner to the Cortez and back

    Great report! Would have loved to see pics of those waves on the Cortez... Someone on the boat had to have had a zoom camera haha
  568. RyanErb

    100# GBFT on overnight trip.

    Yes, crazy those guys went out 90 miles in that skiff... hmmm 25mph = 3.5 hours each way? Maybe? Their risk obviously paid off! All info points to Tanner, I'm sure that is where you guys were at. Way to deliver with a nice fish! Congrats!
  569. RyanErb

    11/10/16 Cat Bugs not good for me.

    First question: How deep were you dropping in?
  570. RyanErb

    Sea Jay 11/9

    Good report! Did you guys fish the islands or coastal mainland?
  571. RyanErb

    Channel Islands Lings 11/5

    Nice fish! If you don't mind me asking: How deep? What size weight/heads were you using? Any top producing specific jigs/softbaits? Thanks for the report!
  572. RyanErb

    thanksgiving yellow fin turkey

    Glassy out there. Way to find some fish in NOVEMBER! Congrats, thanks for the report!
  573. RyanErb

    Spectacular weather and fishing Oct. 30

    What amazing weather. You never know! Nice sandy!
  574. RyanErb


    That is a BIG BUTT! Congrats! Not many guys can produce something like that, including myself!!
  575. RyanErb

    Boston Whaler menemsha trade for BW 17'

    Any pics? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  576. RyanErb

    Doesn't Get Much Better Than This - 10/22

    So Awesome man! You sure can deliver! Way to have everything dialed in and enjoy the fruits of your efforts! Congrats and thanks for the report! So stoked for you!!
  577. RyanErb

    Use of Poppers

    get a couple of every size, every color, and every weight... ** just kidding ** But really, I think for the big huge bluefin you will want something bigger and for smaller yellowfin, something smaller. I think the Halco Roosta poppers have been pretty popular. Make sure you do a search of...
  578. RyanErb

    Limits of Tuna. Wfo. 10-23-16

    Your little brother is ruined for life. It ain't always that wide open haha Nice job! Thanks for the report!
  579. RyanErb

    YFT 10/22/16

    Congrats! Way to get some fish on the boat! Thanks for posting the report.
  580. RyanErb

    Santa Barbara Coastal Rockfish Report

    Are you thinking of Santa Barbara Island? These guys were fishing out of Santa Barbara Harbor, 75 miles from SBI.
  581. RyanErb

    Newport 10/15 279-209-277-14

    Nice fish!! Good job! Sounds like a fun day! Thanks for posting the report.
  582. RyanErb

    Skunked at PV 10/13, Any Tips?

    Never hurts to go to lighter line, if anything you should get more bites. If you lose a ton of fish, then start bumping it up until you stop getting bit. I would rather fish 15lb, get a lot of bites (and maybe lose a few) than fish 40lb and get no bites. Considering guys are fishing 30lb YFT...
  583. RyanErb

    Skunked at PV 10/13, Any Tips?

    Reading conditions is the toughest thing to learn, I'm still learning myself. I have learned that current can be in ANY direction, parallel to the beach, or in and out, etc. Current just means moving water, and you nailed it when you said that the kelp stalks where pulled down a bit. That is one...
  584. RyanErb

    Skunked at PV 10/13, Any Tips?

    Regardless of the tide, was there any current? Marking any bait? How was the water clarity? Did you try bait? What lb test line were you using? Sometimes the fish just have more lock jaw than others but moving around to find the right conditions is going to be the most important....
  585. RyanErb


    Way to find the fish and put it to them! Feels good to find some that will bite! Thanks for the report!!
  586. RyanErb

    Commander Sinking

    Except the Invicta that hit the Coronado islands with wayyy more than 2 people a little bit ago... but yeah... this and the maximus seem to have got real lucky there weren't more people on board!
  587. RyanErb

    West End Catalina 10/9 and PB Yellowtail

    That sure is a nice yellow! Amazing how you can get that one right off but none for the rest of the day? How fun to get out there with your Dad. Sounds like a great trip, thanks for the report!
  588. RyanErb

    New lo an bluefin

    Way to get em! Thanks for the report!
  589. RyanErb

    Surprise, surprise Blue Fin Tuna jumpers at SCI

    I assume this would have been the 381 then? Nice report, glad you guys got into them, amazing these bluefin are lasting so long!
  590. RyanErb

    Tuna 10/9 Dana to 279 to 277.

    Must feel good to get a fish on the boat, let alone a fish at all! Lots of guys getting the skunk, good work! Thanks for the report! How did you like your new ride?
  591. RyanErb

    Santa Barbara Coastal Rockfish Report

    Sometimes the conditions just get the best of you! Haha that is half the challenge, wind/waves/current never make things easy. Given your description, you really feel the fish were on one very localized 10x10ft spot? And not spread out? Sometimes you can drift a whole reef and get fish, but...
  592. RyanErb

    Santa Barbara Coastal Rockfish Report

    Looks like a great trip! Did you guys target the 200ft depth the whole time? I see the trolling motor on the bow of the boat, could you use the anchor lock function to sit in one spot and hold against the current? Thanks for the report!
  593. RyanErb

    Two days of Local Tuna and a Marlin - 10/08 & 10/09

    Solid report! Looks like you have been having a good time. Time on the water is important as well as refining your techniques! Congrats on the nice fish!
  594. RyanErb

    Late Lobster Dive Trip Report 10/2-10/5

    Thanks for the report! Sounds like a good load! Were plenty taken during daylight or were all taken during night? Any pics? Congrats on a fun trip!
  595. RyanErb

    Freedom to San Nic

    Thanks for the report!
  596. RyanErb

    Sonar Screenshots - Paddy

    We are using feet.
  597. RyanErb

    3/4 San Diego 10/5/16

    Great report with lots of important details. We need more reports like this! I hope to ride that boat someday. Congrats on a successful and fun trip!
  598. RyanErb

    Thunderbird broke down

    You have a good attitude about what happened. End of the summer, season winding down, things are likely to start creeping up after being pushed hard all summer. Then again, it could happen anytime. Hopefully you can get back out there soon!
  599. RyanErb

    Another late Liberty report. 9/27/16

    Thanks for the report. Sounds like the day ended up being good! Great pics too!
  600. RyanErb

    WFO Yellowfin on the Condor

    Sounds fun! Quite a bit south but nice to get away from the massive fleet and get into some new fish! Thanks for the report!
  601. RyanErb

    More Anacapa Kingfish 9/29

    Nice fish! Really appreciate you posting the report! Most of the fish were caught semi near the surface from the sounds of your setup? Nothing really near the bottom? Were they chummin sardines but you were getting bit on squid? Congrats!
  602. RyanErb

    Slow fishing 9-29 report

    Did you guys look further down the slide at the 152/277? I think there has been some word about some fish around there.
  603. RyanErb

    Liberty 9/27

    Thanks for the review! Those schools can be finicky, the boat sounded like it was doing everything it could!
  604. RyanErb

    Long run with no love!

    Hate when they don't bite like that. Next time try down to a #2 hook, seems most YFT this year have been on the #2 hooks. Maybe they are just hook shy.
  605. RyanErb

    MPA = Marine Poaching Area

    Always gotta be up on the MPA maps....not worth it!
  606. RyanErb

    New Lo-An. MIA???

    Well. Count posted today. Was that not what you were looking for? New Lo-An Mon Sep 26 2016, 03:53PM 1 1/2 day 32 anglers Caught : 9 Yellowfin Tuna 30 Skipjack_Tuna 48 Dorado Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  607. RyanErb

    Working the 9 Mile Bank on Saturday

    The temp charts are showing that area with cooler water, but other waters at 70 degrees north of there even up to Catalina. The chloro charts also showed exactly what you saw. Maybe adjust a little based on the charts to find some better water. Thanks for the report!
  608. RyanErb

    La Jolla 9-21-16

    Cool pic of the ling! Fun to get out there on a fly rod too. Amazing how fast that wind came up! Thanks for the report!
  609. RyanErb

    Reel Fun at Dana Wharf Got Yellowfin 9/20

    That picture posted was on the Sum Fun. However, sounds like the Reel Fun still had tuna. Find out all the good info publicly on the Facebook page:
  610. RyanErb

    Reel Fun at Dana Wharf Got Yellowfin 9/20

    I'm sure he will! Who knows if the fish are still there though... and Thursday is supposed to be worst weatherwise...
  611. RyanErb

    San Clemente Island 9-18 to 9-19

    Sounds like a good effort! Thanks for the report!
  612. RyanErb

    Catalina 9/19 Good report

    Sounds like a fun trip! How deep of water were you in when you were getting the yellows? Thanks for the report!
  613. RyanErb

    Dark Kings Charter on the Aloha Spirit 9-17-16

    Hey Jeff, I was looking forward to hearing your report! Looks like you got to pull on some nice fish. I assume the standard live sardines/flyline? Any jig fish?
  614. RyanErb

    9/18 at the 181 to 182

    Lots of non-biting schools.... full moon? Just wondering ;)
  615. RyanErb

    Catalina holding...

    What a killer day! You guys sure found some toads!! What were they biting on? How deep of water? I won't ask what spot you were fishing. Thanks for the report!
  616. RyanErb

    17' Center console 90hp four stroke

    Looks like a fun boat. 80 trips to Catalina sounds fun! How many hours on the motor?
  617. RyanErb

    9-16 Point Loma 3/4 YFT

    Congrats on a fun day! And thanks for posting a report!
  618. RyanErb

    Sat 9/17 on the water report

    Wow! I would say that's a lucky score! There's a few fish around there but haven't heard of anything wild. And he hit the jet head! Nice. Thanks for the on the water report!
  619. RyanErb

    The Dominator 9/15 overnighter

    Sounds like no lack of trying! Very surprised no bites with 20lb/#2 on boiling fish... sounds finicky! Thanks for the report!
  620. RyanErb

    Make Lemonade!

    Thanks for the report! Would love to see some drone pics if you have any?
  621. RyanErb

    Cat - West End 9/16

    It wouldn't be a matter of better controlling the depth but maybe making it go deeper. The XRAP10 will swim at 10ft on its own. A weight in front would likely just make it go a little deeper. But if you want to go deeper, why not use a XRAP20 or XRAP30?
  622. RyanErb

    181 9/16 3YFT

    I wish, not able to make the 6 hour car drive down there right now...
  623. RyanErb

    181 9/16 3YFT

    Good question, I wasn't there but here is what I can assume. Straight braid to fluoro, no stretch, pulling hard, and probably not exactly the correct #2 hook for the job....
  624. RyanErb

    9/16 Yft tuna at the 181

    Awesome to get some fish comin' around on the chunk, something like last year! Thanks for the report, nice fish!
  625. RyanErb

    Cat - West End 9/16

    At least you got to tug on a few fish... Thanks for the report!
  626. RyanErb

    182 to 9 today Fri 9/16

    Thanks for the report. It's always easier said than done, right? I'm wondering if you should have headed up the line more to the 181? Seems like a lot of the fish moved that way?
  627. RyanErb

    Decent grade fishing with my dad

    Sounds like you guys did well! Way to get your own boils going! Thanks for the report! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  628. RyanErb

    181 9/16 3YFT

    My brother fished the 181 today. They had three scoops of dines and ended up in the fleet. They had 6 hookups and landed 3. Light line and straightened hook were part of the failures. 20lb and #2. You know the story. Lots of chum helped. Should be busy out there tomorrow! Sent from my iPhone...
  629. RyanErb

    209 out of Dana

    Only bite and you delivered! I was waiting for a 209 report. Nice fish! Thanks for the report! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  630. RyanErb

    Sunday SB Island quick report and rant

    Good feedback. Why not use a regular digital scale rather than the balance bar? I would think that would be more accurate when the boat is rocking in the swells.
  631. RyanErb

    Sunday SB Island quick report and rant

    Well if the deckhands didn't create the drama, then they wouldn't have any drama. I doubt it is really the winner creating the drama. There's not much arguing of which fish weighs more...
  632. RyanErb


    That's where I saw a guy hooked up a few weeks ago on the outside, was thinking it might be tuna...
  633. RyanErb

    any reports from west end of cat, 125, 170, osborne...?

    This post is talking about some Tuna but more on the south / east side of the island.
  634. RyanErb


    Were the yellowtail offshore or close to the island in the normal 80-120ft? Farnsworth? How many yellows did you guys end up with?
  635. RyanErb

    181 09/15/16

    Nice fish! Did that end up being the only fish on the boat that day? Thanks for the report!
  636. RyanErb

    any reports from west end of cat, 125, 170, osborne...?

    Seems like its mostly marlin out there, haven't heard of much tuna...
  637. RyanErb

    9/13 and 9/14 on the San Diego boat

    Sounds like you guys got a couple fish, way better than the skunk! Lots of boats, lots of people! Thanks for the report!
  638. RyanErb

    3/4 day YFT action on the San Diego 9/13

    Awesome! Way to get out there and get some fish! Did anyone else catch any on lures? Did you see many of the other boats hooked up and landing fish? Thanks for the report!
  639. RyanErb

    20 Fathoms - Collection of Yellowtail fishing

    I agree, artificials are more fun! Good way to quickly explore a mark on the screen. It sounds like you rely on your meter a lot when there are not any surface signs (birds/boils). Does this imply that there are times when you may drive around for 4 hours simply staring at your meter and not...
  640. RyanErb

    20 Fathoms - Collection of Yellowtail fishing

    Good info. Awesome scores all in US waters considering how many fish are usually at the nados. How much of your fishing is using a dropper loop on the bottom with live bait? I would assume this tactic is only really effective in the winter/early spring months and then as summer rolls in you...
  641. RyanErb

    20 Fathoms - Collection of Yellowtail fishing

    Great tips. Looks like a lot of glassy water in your videos, you must fish mornings on select good weather days! What % of your fish were caught at the Coronado Islands vs La Jolla vs Offshore etc.?
  642. RyanErb

    Wtb: 24ft Skippy

    Here ya go
  643. RyanErb

    New Lo-An 9/13

    Sounds like a real fun trip, limits by 930am! Thanks for the report. Do you think the lack of fish on things other than bait was just because everyone was only fishing sardines? I mean why not, if they were working?
  644. RyanErb

    182 on 9/12

    Any fish being caught on colt snipers/trolling/etc? Something if I don't have live bait?
  645. RyanErb


    Any fish being caught on colt snipers/trolling/etc? Something if I don't have live bait?
  646. RyanErb

    Commander 9/11

    Great report, sounds like you guys got into them!!
  647. RyanErb

    182 on 9/12

    God is good! You guys scored man! That has to be a good trip for the books, nothing huge but perfect size eating tuna and LOTS of fun! Thanks for the report!
  648. RyanErb


    I'm glad you made it through all the kinks, sounds like it was plenty worth it! Thanks for the report!
  649. RyanErb

    Liberty 9/10/16 Bloody Decks

    Yahoooo! Good one, the $20 bucks went a long way, and well worth it. Congrats and thanks for posting the report and pics!!
  650. RyanErb

    Bluefin tuna fishing on Tribute 9/7/1616

    Very good info! Thanks for the report, congrats on the fish!
  651. RyanErb

    182 9/8

    182 is US waters, roughly 13 miles west past the 9.
  652. RyanErb

    So I fished the Liberty 3/4 today

    Weird, most of the sites aren't reporting what the count was on Monday, was it a private charter or just a no-report kind of day?? Looks like the OP was one of the lucky ones on Tuesday and had a VERY limited load of 16 anglers compared to the normal 45 or so anglers. Looks like the counts the...
  653. RyanErb

    Tuna watching 9/7/16

    You know it can be tough when even the admin gets the skunk. Jason, thanks for posting a report!! Hope the third trip is a charm!
  654. RyanErb

    9/6/16 SCI BFT Report - Pride

    unlikely. everyone is saying the 2/0 is too large, they are literally fishing #2 and #4 on these things!!
  655. RyanErb

    I only got two bites

    Wow, you guys slayed em! Way to deliver on your two bites! Thanks for the report and good details!
  656. RyanErb

    7th time's a charm....bft

    Congrats on finally getting them! Amazing it almost seemed like you could have just kept going! Doesn't sound like that happens very often with these fish! Thanks for the report!
  657. RyanErb

    SD North County Report (last 2 weeks-ish)

    Great report! Yes, I would even drop down to 15lb to see if you start getting bites. If you do, then you can slowly step up. A lot of fish this year have been line shy, bluefin, yellowfin, and yellowtail. Never hurts to try the light stuff just so you will know. Let us know your results!
  658. RyanErb

    209 182 181 area, half ass try Labor Day weekend

    Haha what a great anniversary present! And no fish to boot! Thanks for the report guys. I have heard of some YF out there, maybe its just the right spot at the right time...
  659. RyanErb

    So I fished the Liberty 3/4 today

    Nice when the tuna are within 3/4 range. Sounds like a fun day! Thanks for posting a report!
  660. RyanErb

    Fishing with the Ski's

    Well you sure did more than kill some crappie as your username implies! I must be out of the loop, are the ski's the surname of the group you are fishing with? That 'Charlene' sure looks like a big and nice vessel, what are the specs on it? Congrats on a great day! Thanks for the report!
  661. RyanErb

    Catalina private charter 9-2

    Nice report! Glad overall it was a nice day! What areas did you guys fish? Did you see any other boats pulling in Yellowtail? It's amazing how many boats hit that poor island everyday, it really is amazing that the fishery is as sustainable as it is. It always makes you wonder when you...
  662. RyanErb

    Going to SCI for Tuna, Military closure ???

    Have you navigated much at night before? That is a big trip for a rookie and could be dangerous. If the first time out of the harbor, it may make sense to do a scouting run prior during the daylight as well. Be safe, let us know what you decide.
  663. RyanErb

    Dan Hernandez Fishing Boat Filmed From A Drone

    Nice boat Dan! Have you taken it out to the 43/SCI yet for those big cow bluefin? Does that drone fly inside for a inside tour as well? haha just being sarcastic. Nice video!
  664. RyanErb

    Santa Cruz 9/3-9/5

    There ya go Matt! Nice yellow! They sure do pull hard. Much different fishing on a private boat with limited bait capacity compared to the sport boats. That sonar screenshot looks nice! Were those yellows on the sonar? Thanks for posting the report!
  665. RyanErb

    What kind of poppers?

    I think last year a lot of guys were using the Halco popper. I think there is probably a lot of old threads from last year as well that talk about some different ideas.
  666. RyanErb

    Freedom Overnight 9/3-9/4

    Looks like they got em today!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  667. RyanErb

    CONDOR 2016 LABOR DAY BF trip

    Sounds like a fun trip! Glad some fish made it over the rail ! Congrats on the pb! Thanks for the pics and report! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  668. RyanErb

    Freedom Overnight 9/3-9/4

    I don't think the freedom as an overnight usually goes that far. Seems far to me but with a chance at some big bluefin. Guess it didn't pay off which sucks. Thanks for the report!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  669. RyanErb

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    Repost. There were already I think two other threads on the invicta. 63' Sportfisher "Invicta" out of H&M Sinks (Hit Coronado...
  670. RyanErb

    Catalina 9/3

    Nice report! Everytime you go you will learn more. Sometimes you gotta pay your dues. If you go enough, you'll soon become one of the experts! I have heard the same thing that it's not too good of an idea to mix the macs with the sardines. Thanks for posting.
  671. RyanErb


    Congrats on finding some biting fish on the holiday weekend! Nice!! Thanks for the report!
  672. RyanErb

    Catalina East End 9/3/2016

    Thanks for the report. I was there last weekend and got one fish, lost another. Saw some fish on the meter. I'm sure it was crowded this weekend like you said. I don't think the Freelance did too well, they were probably targeting rockfish / bottomfish out that deep. Freelance Sat Sep 03 2016...
  673. RyanErb

    Toronado 8/30/16

    haha we'll find out. maybe he caught all those ones but only kept his limit and gave the others to some other passengers. I'm not sure on an overnight trip if they get basically a 2 day limit permit or not. I know that happens with some long range boats (but this was just an overnighter)
  674. RyanErb

    BFT - Pacific Queen - FINALLY

    There ya go !! Way to make it happen ! Congrats and thanks for posting! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  675. RyanErb

    Islander style BFT 8/31 - 9/1

    Keith, Thanks for the report. I'm from the Central Coast and may come one of these years! Glad you guys got some pigs!
  676. RyanErb

    Catalina East End 9/2

    Thanks for the report. It changes day to day and you just never know! Another boat to try would be the native sun. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  677. RyanErb

    Catalina East End 9/2

    That is one of the problems with a lot of chum. The dogs come right in. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  678. RyanErb

    Sonar Screenshots - Paddy

    Transducer. Hummingbird hdsi. 83/200 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  679. RyanErb

    Izors 090216

    Looks fun !! Thanks for the report!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  680. RyanErb


    Thanks for the report! Hopefully Sept will be the month!!
  681. RyanErb

    At Last SCI

    Nice fish! Congrats! Looks chunky out there!
  682. RyanErb

    East end yellows

    Looks nice, they call those bait hotels haha Question is, how much and how often do you have to feed them? Or do you live on the boat , so it's easy to maintain them?
  683. RyanErb

    East end yellows

    Some in Avalon outside the moorings. Thats where I have got mine. Also metered a bunch near the can dumps at the east quarry, but haven't tried to catch them.