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    15 Fathom Narrow LDS2?

    There is a 10LD coming out soon that is a narrow 15 but its single speed. 30lb mc and 15-20 pound leaders would be pretty cool.
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    John Bretza needs to weigh in

    Thats all I need to know. Ill be in line for the 16 when ready!!
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    John Bretza needs to weigh in

    Director of product development, can you give us some clarity about your new Mak light? There is some issues being not taken care of yet, and I would love to hear an official response and insight on the corrections come soon. Thanks for the time!
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    Penn 3130RS paired with 12T.

    I think its stock
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    Penn 3130RS paired with 12T.

    I have a 3130 im thinking of using for a trolling and light dropper loop/small flatfall set up and found a used 12T near me for 250$ Would this reel pair up well? The rod is rated 20-40 but is pretty stiff, i think it will handle 40 well. I may upgrade the rod in the future if the style...
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    Drags no good on TWO brand new Alijos???!!!

    They are almost completely sold out and will be till September is what I've been told. The only ones that have problems im sure are being trashed here where everyone that has no problems are probably just getting to use them.
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    New: PENN Slow-Pitch Rods and Reels

    What fisheries would a socal angler appy these slow pitch techniques? Looks like north got a good places like the Coronado's where the yoyo works?
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    Okuma Komodo 450 SS & Tiburon Lexa 400 Reel Clamp...???

    My durans super is a little to wide for the 450. I sits off just a nudge, anyone else have that issue. The dropdown gear box is touching the clamp.
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    SOLD Baja special 113h for fathom

    Well im not giving up my that baby. But whats your cash price? 150?
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    SOLD Baja special 113h for fathom

    The HN has lugs for the harness right? I want a dropperloop/ light troll outfit. Would this reel work for both?
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    SOLD Baja special 113h for fathom

    Is that a US made new senator?
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    Also see a single speed 10XN. Come to papa!! Is that a narrowed 15?
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    Penn Fathom for Yo-Yo iron

    When can i order the 15XN so can stop "borrowing" my sons 15 and get my own.
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    When do the new Penn Low Profile Baitcasters come out?

    Got it! Any other new fathoms coming our way?????
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    When do the new Penn Low Profile Baitcasters come out?

    Why do the 300s have more drag than the 400s in both lines?
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    When do the new Penn Low Profile Baitcasters come out?

    Sign me up for that FTH 200! Steve will any of the sizes have a power handle?
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    Rod for Komodo SS 463P

    I have my 400 on a SCT-801H-CG. I really like the carbon fiber grips, and combined with UFR tips can really pull hard. 50# MC to short floro leaders works for me. I did need the durans clamp it feels great but doesn't really match the reel perfectly. The clamp is a little to wide.
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    When do the new Penn Low Profile Baitcasters come out?

    It does say reels, but the description only talks about a squall that traditionally has been graphite. The one on the right looks like a fathom family reel to me. They look fucking nice for sure!
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    SCT Inshore Rods going away??

    What group on FB did you hear this from? The PCH and SCT fill the same role, technology and are similar in price. With the PCH being the darling of Okuma I could imagine them moving the SCT into that line and renaming them.
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    Anyone fish the new Cavalla yet?

    John explains it pretty well how the gearing is designed so they are able to get away without the thrust bearing by not using the helical cut gears. But I haven't fished it yet. It is definitely prettier than my fathoms with the clean aluminum look.
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    Drag curve for komodo and CDX

    That's why I'm thinking a shim or washer could decrease all the slack in the star. My CDX-55 seems to be the same way.
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    Drag curve for komodo and CDX

    Is there a way to get the drag curve to ramp up a bit quicker, may a shim idk...seems like the drags are coming in too late and much of the adjustment is in the no drag zone.
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    Talica 16 or Penn Torque 30 on a PCH Rod

    It will fit great. Might want to go with the XH to fish 40 and 50#. My Tac 12 is on a 801xh and my fathom 30 is on a 701.
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    Discontinuing Cortez Line

    The 55 is not listed in the reel section and the rods are gone. The reels got a face lift not too long ago. Maybe they are going the way of the meteliod, replace and rebadged.
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    Broken Rod help

    Where did you buy the rod? My local tackle shop has all my purchases on file and can print or email the copy. But 50$ no questions asked for a replacement rod, say you bought used, is awesome. It says Okuma stands by their rods.
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    Okuma makaira 16 sea blue question

    So will the Alijos 16 fill that same 60-80# role?
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    Alijos 16

    The XX is rated for 60-100. It will fish 60-80# leaders. I would use the XXX for 80-100 work.
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    Local support here on BD

    Does Okuma have a southern California local representative here on bd?
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    Alijos 16

    How would the 16 pair up with my PCH 741XXH for 60-80# looking for something for the 100-150# fish
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    Pole for a 15XNLD2.

    ;) yup! Stocked up before they went belly up. Found some Torrey that is very similar if not the same.
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    Pole for a 15XNLD2.

    What kind of 35# do you use?
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    New Cavalla Lever Drag From Okuma

    Is the 12 about the same size as the fathom 30? Is there a 40N size in this line?
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    I would be surprised to see any 15XNs filled with 15 pound mono. Really needs braid to be fished to the potential of the reel IMO.
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    Wouldn't it make since to call it a 25XN?
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    FTH15LD question

    I got my 15ld2 back from service and it just needed old grease cleaned out and replaced. Handle turn is comparable now with my 30 that is newish. You might have too much grease from the factory but should wear in fine.
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    Komoto 200

    The 2020 epixor looks good to, thinking of a swim bait rod.
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    Komoto 200

    Rex, it's a 2019 product
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    Komoto 200

    Anyone use the little 200? Was looking for line capacity on the website but it's not on there. Thinking about one for inshore/kelp paddy fishing.
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    Penn Fathom 15ld2

    The 15ld2 is probably my favorite reel. Good for almost anything. Fill it with MC 50 and it will fish anything from 15-40# topshots.
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    FTH15LD question

    My 15LD2 is in the shop right now after 3 years of abuse on big fish up to 60# bluefin. The crank had so much resistance it was obvious it needed service. I'll let you know what the guy passes down when I get it back.
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    What do you use your Fathom 40nld2 for?

    What is the sweet spot for the 60?
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    Looking to upgrade a 545.

    Thanks for pointing me the right way! ☝👍
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    Looking to upgrade a 545.

    It's a Penn. Here what I'm doing so far: Ceramic ABEC 5 bearings Mystic new drag stack and main gear (cals sheet lube) ProC handle and Eva knob. Replace the felt washer with drag washer Clean and gease the rest Smooth the arbor and pinion Should be good with that, without over thinking it. I...
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    Looking to upgrade a 545.

    Can anyone point me on a place to find after market parts for a 545. Looking for better bearings, drags and handle. I'll do all the install. I bought the reel in like-new condition when i was getting into ocean fishing and plan on using it on party boats/ rock fishing trips/ loaner for friends...
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    PENN new product wish list

    That's would be a cool video to watch, on some paddy yellows 😂😂
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    PENN new product wish list

    We get the fathom 15XN Who thinks we are getting a star and lever version in the Fathom line??? 15XN
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    Alan Tani visits PENN booth at Fred Hall Show

    Look at the 4 reels on the table 😎
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    CAV-5NII For slow pitch?

    I was thinking the Tesoro or a 113H would be more ideal for SP. Locking down the drag and still having free spool would be fine with the star but without the thrust bearing of the mak you might run into problems using a Cav or Ali.
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    Why Do You Put 80 lb. Braid on a Penn Fathom 40nld2?

    The price per foot is about the same from 40-80. It's going to cost a ton to put 65 MC on a 40. It's cheaper to put less yardage of 80 and still gives you all the capacity you will need.
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    PENN new product wish list

    Second request...add a line of bling custom parts. Handles, spool tension knobs, lever drag levers, spools, clickers...let us customize our gear to better fit us.
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    PENN new product wish list

    A large bait cast real similar to the tranx 500 with changeable gear ratios.
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    Tuna on PENN Torque and Fathom 15LD2's

    I originally got the F15LD2 for my son for Xmas a few years ago. Chad over at Tackle Express turned me on to it. Figured it would be good for him if he was having trouble turning the handle he could hit that second gear. Well I ended up stealing it so often I had to get one for myself . I was...
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    True...20lb is about the same as 50. Thats what I use to figure out what they can hold as most reals have a 20lb capacity number.
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    Spinning setup

    Look at the CDX 55
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    Mak 15T Questions

    Where are you getting the blackwater hollow and how do you think it compares to max cautro?
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    Coronado CDX Baitfeeder experience

    I went with the 55 paired to the new PCHI h. This thing is a beast and is very soft on the eyes. I put 50 max cuatro, damn that was pricey but it took 300 yards. Smooth drag and very ridged. Will fish 40 all day but I'll stay closer to 30. The PCHI-H is a little stiff for what I was planning on...
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    Penn Fathom 15LD2

    I had 65 I was taking off a tac so I run that on my 15LD2. Will run anything from 15-40 leaders. Kill fish in the 60s and never even get close to getting spooled on 40s. A massive yellow got me once on 20.
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    Okuma Komodo 450 SS & Tiburon Lexa 400 Reel Clamp...???

    The Durans super clamp works fine with the kamoto. I put it on my Okuma SCT jig stick.
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    New Okuma PCH Inshore Rods

    I got the 801h paired with a CDX 55. Should fish 30 and 40 no problem the H is pretty stiff. Probably go with the MH if throwing chovies.
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    Rail rod and Mak suggestions

    Most boats I go on will have a kite rig. Would be sending flyline baits and flatfalls at night.
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    Rail rod and Mak suggestions

    What's the minimum SCT or PCH and size Mak/max cuatro to target the big blues at SCI?
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    Spinning rod suggestions

    Look at the PCHI spinning. I paired my CDX 55 with the XH 20-40 lbs. It's about 150 on amazon but takes a while to ship out.
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    2020 Andros replacement

    The VISX is more of a Mak competition than and andros.
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    Komoto SS rod clamp

    Does anyone know if the Komoto has a clamp for jig sticks. I ordered one for my SCT jig rod and I'm worried now it might not have the clamp. Thanks for the heads up.
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    New Cavalla Lever Drag From Okuma

    It really does look purtty. Would look awesome on the SCT and PCH rods.
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    My Okuma lineup

    That's a nice spread. You should feel confidant heading out with that. Maybe add a good 20lb PCH rod with the fathom 15ld2. With say 40lb braid. Would also be nice if you had to make bait. GO GET EM!!!
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    Alan Tani scores 93 pound bluefin on little Torque TRQ15LD2

    I love the fathom 15LD2, got this one up in about 30 using a 40# short topshot of floro and 65 braid. Never even close to getting spooled.
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    New Cavalla Lever Drag From Okuma

    He says 339-439. If that was wrong I would expect Okuma to pull the video by now and correct the bad information. 239-339 is still not a in the price range of the meteloids. How do we know the price stated is incorrect?? Is that factory information or a wild hair?
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    Replacement for Andros

    I'm not sure where the Andros fits in. For the price stepping up to a mak makes alot of sense. Looks like the Cavalla 12 is about 350$. That's about the same price as the Andros.
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    New Cavalla Lever Drag From Okuma

    I'm not 100% on board. Make another video okuma
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    Pch or Sct rod???

    Would a tac12 filled with 80 maxc to a short 60 topshot work well on the xxh?
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    Pch or Sct rod???

    So what rail rod xxh model is better, the SCT or PCH??? I have the SCT jig stick and it's nice.
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    Anyone use the Komodo 463 SS for bft?

    Last trip I went on a few weeks ago hot stick on the boat was using a 500 tranx, pulled in 3 50-80# fish. Dude was hurting but after 3 of these mean bft anyone would be.
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    Fathom 15LD2 feels stiff winding in free spool

    Great was looking for a tutorial. Thanks bud tight lines!!
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    Fathom 15LD2 feels stiff winding in free spool

    Great was looking for a tutorial. Thanks bud tight lines!!
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    Fathom 15LD2 feels stiff winding in free spool

    I just noticed it after purchasing a 30ld2 today and comparing the two side by side. The 30 feels much smoother and very little resistance. The 15 feels fine in low gear.
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    Fathom 15LD2 feels stiff winding in free spool

    When I drop the lever to free spool and turn the handle I feel an abnormal about of resistance. Second gear seems fine and smoother. Any recommendations on how to service the high gear drive assembly? Thanks!!!
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    Coronado CDX Baitfeeder experience

    Lots of footage of the CDX on the new Stokedonfshing stuff.
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    Okuma Website changes

    You need to go to the USA website. MB
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    Coronado CDX Baitfeeder experience

    I'm going to get one for island fishing this year. I'll post a review once I have a few fish on it.
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    Okuma Coronado Baitfeeder Drag Problem

    Quick question. Do you think the 80 size feels big in your hands? Could you get away with fishing a 60 or 65 full of braid. I am looking at the new model and it looks pretty nice. Thanks for your input.
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    SCT rods getting discontinued??

    Thanks for the reach out. I followed the link and the USA page seems to have some glitch's on my mobile device (like loading the product pictures) It would be nice to auto direct to this page from my region and have it cleaned up. I think the issue is with the Samsung browser and the pinterist...
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    Fathom 15 for 40#

    Okay that fish took 30-40 mins to boat. The SCT rods have been removed from the website and it looks like the Cortez has moved to a 2 piece rod.
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    Fathom 15 for 40#

    Yup rex...are they changing the Cortez A line up and SCT?
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    Fathom 15 for 40#

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    Fathom 15 for 40#

    Okuma Cortez 7 foot economy rod.
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    Fathom 15 for 40#

    Not all that surprised how well this reel fished 40 and made quick work of this 50# bluefin. I have 250 yards of 65# braid and a short too shot of 40 floro and a 4/0 J
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    Tac12ii at SCI????

    I plan to have the drag heavy and short pump as hard as I can. Still have some youth left in me at 33 . I was able to procure a 50w TLD 2 so the tac12 will be back up.
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    Tac12ii at SCI????

    I heard that was a nice improvement. Is it a bolt on swap? Where can I find one in the LA area?
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    Tac12ii at SCI????

    Just an estimate. A shop on YouTube loaded up a 12 with 700 yards of 65# MC.
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    Tac12ii at SCI????

    I'm heading out to SCI this weekend and my tac12 is the biggest thing I have. I'm planning I'm filling it full of 80# maxcuattro, maybe 600 yards, using a short 100-130# floro. Think I will even have a shot at the bigger models if they bite or should I beg borrow or steal a 16 or 20? Thanks for...
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    SCT rods getting discontinued??

    I noticed both the boat rods and the inshore models are no longer on the okuma website. Are these being replaced by the PCH? I still want to add a few of these SCT rods to the arsenal so do I need to grab up stock now or is this just a website mistake?? Thanks for the info and TIGHT LINES VATOS!!
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    Cedros SR

    It refers to the material use to make it Graphite. AL would mean aluminum. TIGHT LINES!!
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    Feedback on the Okuma SCT-C-701XH

    I would grab them up in a heartbeat!! Great rods at for 100 bucks u can't go wrong!! Tight lines :)
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    What size Cortez should I use YT and schooleys

    Paired with SCTi rod, used for light live bait and small jigs. I ment to say Coranodo...oops
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    New boat and trailer registration in Cali question

    I bought a mini pontoon for bass fishing new from out of state and had it shipped to me. All I needed to get cf numbers was the manufacturer card thing (forgot what it was called but the dealer will have it) and pay the registration. Super easy.
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    Brand new Cortez reel- no freespool?

    Check the clicker??
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    Brand new Cortez reel- no freespool?

    Try moving the spool back and forth with one hand going in and out of gear with the other ...could just be jammed or cought a shaving
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    Brand new Cortez reel- no freespool?

    Did you try backing the drag off?
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    Okuma Tesoro 10s

    Watch "San Clemente Island Okuma Fun" on YouTube A little preview of some new stuff from Okuma including the Tesoro, Coronado, and PCH rods.
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    Penn Fathom 25NLD2 vs Avet MX Raptor??

    Totally agree! The fathom 15LD2 just gets bit, fishing 20# landing school sized 20-35 BF and YF last year was a blast. Might have to get my own because I like it and right now I'm borrowing my son's set up :) lol.
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    Komodo as a go to 30# reel

    Nice reel and I agree you won't find much fishing 30# this real won't handle. Look into the SCT inshore rods and you will have a dynamite 30# set up. Tight lines!
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    Okuma PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) Rod PRE-ORDER?

    On the self at Tackle Express. Look great!! MB
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    Looking for my own gear

    Sup dudes...if your just getting into fishing I would start off with 2 set ups. Setup 1 Cotez MH rod and Cortez 10 star drag real Setup 2 Cortez 20-30 # spinning rod and Azores 55 reel. These set ups will not cost to much...200 $ each and will really catch 95% of what you are going for...
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    New Coronado?

    Just saw this with a #icast2018.
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    Looks like I got an option finally for my SCT 8' jigging rod! Can't wait to see the specs!
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    I was just on the okuma website today looking for a bait feeder for fishing the island's on party boats. I could only imagine a Metoliod SS bait feeder on a SCT xh rod. Sadly doesn't look like either are going to be available anytime soon.
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    Windows 10 is it worth avoiding?......if even possible.

    10 is an absolute dream, you need to learn some new short cut keys but once you get them life is super easy.
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    1.5 Day out of SD....which one?

    I got on the Grande last season...never left the dock. Opted for this boat over the old glory because there was about half the people on to watch the OG motor right out of the harbor without us. But they were nice, gave us some drinks and let us sleep on the boat as we came from LA...
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    1.5 Day out of SD....which one?

    Check out Old Glory out of H&M. Running 1.5 trips only on Friday's right now. Boat has one of the biggest bait tanks I've seen and Captain is very fishy. Last season I was handing off bit rods cuz i was at limits by 9am in April. I'll be out on this boat this year with my son for his first...
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    Am I Crazy? Tranx 500 Best Yo-Yo & Rockfish Reel EVER?!?!

    They could make the 500 with a bigger gear and drag like the Komodo 400 to start. ;)
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    Cortez rod and reel

    My son got a cortez 701m rod for Christmas before last season and I can't even tell you how many times that has been the HOT stick on the boat. I put a tennis ball on the butt to help him from the rod digging on a bigger fish. There are a few deckhands out there who instantly know the "TB" rod...
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    Okuma and United Composite

    Seems like the SCT series has alot in common with the UC technology. Both duel helix and carbon construction. Both have unidirectional tips. Any relationship there?
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    Okuma Komodo 450 SS & Tiburon Lexa 400 Reel Clamp...???

    I think the two companies have a relationship from the mikira series. I wouldn't be surprised to see a dedicated tiburon part for the komodo.
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    Okuma Cedros csd10?

    The 10 is more of a jig reel. 65# braid is perfect backing and this reel can fish 40 or 50# top shot no problem. You can fish it as a live bait setup but you can find better line capacity in other reels. It is a high speed jig reel with a narrow spool to help manage the line when your burning a...
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    Saltwater spinning gear

    Kind of the challenge right?
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    Heading to San Diego June 25

    I would just pick a date on your trip and hit the Old Glory out of H&M landing. Going to be a great time regardless on that boat!
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    What went wrong with the Metaloid spinner? What rod would work?

    I've herd they have put a hold on this reel anyone know why? Second the sct spinning set ups only go to a 20-30 # class, with these higher drag spinners coming on the market will they bring on something more like a 40 or 50 # setup??
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    I would go with the SCT inshore rod for that. Unless you want to wait for the new PCH rods to come out. My SCT-C-801H is rated 20-40 but seems really more like a 40-50 setup. I also have 2 cortez rod set ups and they have a new A modle for 2017. These rods are 70$ and trust the pull in fish no...
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    Metaloid spinner

    What do you guys think of addding a spinning setup for those days where u really need to get a bait out there? What size would you use for local 3/4 yt trips? Thanks
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    Okuma Komodo SS 471P: First Look

    I am paring the 450 with the same rod. I have some high hopes for that set up, and it's going to be a real eye catcher aswell!!