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  1. SaltH20Angler

    Frustration on the Fury.

    Good on the guy for sharing the meat. Hard to get em to go when they are on the micro-chovie. Someone had a good idea that I have to try which was to put a hook directly to a 2 oz torpedo weight (heavy split ring) and put that in the boil. Grey color and the size (1.5") seem to match the...
  2. SaltH20Angler

    8/2 Humble Pie

    Nice to see you're human Ron. For a while there you were killing it. Thanks for the report!! You'll get them next time.
  3. SaltH20Angler

    BFT, Dorado, and Yellowtail - July 26

    The Next Generation... Keep at it boys. If you do, you'll be charging $2000 to take people fishing on their own boats. 🤪
  4. SaltH20Angler

    Bluefin Video

    Life is so good!!!!
  5. SaltH20Angler

    Best day ever triple limits

    Hell yeah!!! Congrats on the best of day ever, stoked for you man. Great feeling to be wore out from catching fish. Nice fillet job on that slab. You should update your profile to say "Addicted to sushi". I'm sure susi is great and all but with a haul like this... Susi will understand if...
  6. SaltH20Angler

    Rubber Boots, Stupid Question

    I wore flip flops occasionally until I kicked a bag of Sculpin on a twilight trip on the Western Pride. My daughter (12 yo at the time) got a big kick out of that (pun intended). After I saw my buddy's (@Benny Mora ) pinky toe make a 90 degree turn after coming into contact with a cleat, that...
  7. SaltH20Angler


    Daaaamn VinDogg!! Trying to figure out how you made room for the fish with your balls taking up so much room on the skiff. Too bad brass doesn't float cuz if they did, you'd have all the safety gear you and the pooch would need.
  8. SaltH20Angler

    Surf fishing San Onofre

    When we camped there over the years, I'd take the kids shore fishing at night using a chunk of squid. Usually right in front of whatever trail was closest to the site. I'd fish with a variety of rigs (Carolina, dropper, double dropper) and as heavy of a weight I could cast far with whatever...
  9. SaltH20Angler

    Coulda been worse 7/1

    Sweet paddy and great grade of paddy Tails.
  10. SaltH20Angler

    6/30 Bluefin Biters

    This is turning out to be what looks like an incredible year. Great job boys!!! :jig:
  11. SaltH20Angler


    Congrats on the 4-way Personal Best!!!!
  12. SaltH20Angler


    Great day!!! Well done and thank you for sharing the #s. :rockin: :appl:
  13. SaltH20Angler

    BFT NW 230 6/25

    You have a hellofa streak going Ron... fine job!!!
  14. SaltH20Angler

    Conventional Reel Newbie at your service

    Yo Kody, I have an ugly stick for conventional reels for you in good condition (no cost), if you wanna pick it up from Corona. That will get you started and let you spend your $ on a reel. I also have a Diawa SL0SH 20 reel, I'll sell you for $50 but dont feel obligated to buy it. I'll...
  15. SaltH20Angler

    Spinning setup with rubber band torpedo?

    No reason a spinner won't get the job done, except that you risk breaking your line if you get pinned to the rail on one of the bigger models out there now. I wouldn't go with a spinner for this application, but that's just me. Before your trip peel off and mark your braid with a sharpie at...
  16. SaltH20Angler

    Offshore 226/302 6/22

    Hell yeah!! :rockin:
  17. SaltH20Angler

    06/20 – Offshore – BFT Skunk – YT Saves the Day

    Short Story: Launched from Mission Bay, Hit the 302, 371, 425, N. Upper Hidden towards the Upper Finger looking for signs of BFT. Nothing promising on the water or the meter so we never broke out the kite gear. Fished several paddies and found 2 paddies with decent grade YT willing to play...
  18. SaltH20Angler

    Fishing reports?

    Only thing ringing a bell for me is the reports posted by Slayday. The last few I read were really good and covered a lot of areas if I'm not mistaken. Here's one from a year ago...
  19. SaltH20Angler

    Sunday 14 & tues 16th 2020

    Right on right on!! That was cool of the 805 to pass the popsicles to you, good karma for sure. Also cool to see who got 'em. Too bad no BFT to drop them on. Nice YFT!!!
  20. SaltH20Angler

    182 Nada/WFO Calicos Point Loma

    Good call on fishing for fun at the kelp. Great day I'd say, just because it was with your boy. Certainly better than catching a big offshore skunk like so many of us have done out there plenty of times. Good job Pops!
  21. SaltH20Angler

    371 and Hidden

    Good effort and thanks for sharing. It will be that much sweeter next time you get 'em.
  22. SaltH20Angler

    Into the Depths 6/16 friend...IS how it's done!! Like said above and what will be said below in so many words, it is such a gift to share a rail with one of the people who influenced you to become the person you are today. To bring home the bacon (Tuna/YT in this case) is just icing on the cake...
  23. SaltH20Angler

    New Lo Ann 1.5 Day 6-15-20

    Thanks for the fast report. Bring rubber bands and sinkers boys... I'm seeing a pattern here.
  24. SaltH20Angler

    Braid for Surface Iron

    While you can use straight braid, its a no brainer to use mono top shot to help with stretch (for those casts that get yanked back mid-air) and for backlash forgiveness.
  25. SaltH20Angler

    Any 302 and 226 reports

    Yo Joey, we're supposed to fish that area (maybe a little further south) this Saturday too. Let's work together.
  26. SaltH20Angler

    6/11 Bluefin Report + Lessons Learned

    Report and tips were so good, I had to forward to a couple buddies... thank you.
  27. SaltH20Angler

    2 Solid Guys Looking to Join Your Crew

    Want to thank everyone who has contacted me recently, but want to also update this thread to share it looks like Benny and I found a good match with @Scottinline1 After chatting via text/phone a bit, we locked in a trip to Catalina a couple of weeks ago. Was nice to meet him, we had a fun day...
  28. SaltH20Angler

    SOLD Sufix Bulk Braid 65lb/80lb Spools

    Thank you!! Great seller guys! Bump!!
  29. SaltH20Angler

    YFT and YT 6/10

    Hell yeah...Winner!! What line type/# test and what size/type of hooks were you using when the YFT wouldn't really eat the hook? Curious if the YFT is being more hook/line shy than it was last year when they only would bite 20 pound test floro and a small number 4 hook. Appreciate the dope!!
  30. SaltH20Angler

    WSW or SSW Tomorrow for BFT?

    I hope all you guys kill 'em good. Lookin forward to reading the reports. It would be cool to see this kind of teamwork give all involved an edge to catch more or better grade fish.
  31. SaltH20Angler

    D P 05.30.20 - Refreshed Again

    I'm all for C&R on several fish species, but when the freezer is bone dry I'm bringing a couple home as you did. I prefer eating the same size you kept and C&R any calico over 18"...Super Breeder. Thanks for the report!!
  32. SaltH20Angler

    Surface irons and stuff

    Only one way to tell IMO... Get 'em wet. Let us know how they worked.
  33. SaltH20Angler

    Biting YellowFin

    Sportsmanship at its finest IMO.... Class act calling in others and sharing the #s here. :appl:
  34. SaltH20Angler

    Catalina report 5/26 to 5/28

    Really enjoy your reports Mike. Nothing shameful about that trip at all except that it might not stack up to some of your typical trips with nice yellows in the box. I would be looking forward to writing that report with a keeper butt, bunch of calicos and short butts, baracuda, some nice...
  35. SaltH20Angler

    Catalina 5/24/20 with Dad and INSANE Yellowtail Bite

    So impressed by your Pop's physical stamina. That channel can be brutal for a young man with a strong back, so he has to be in some good kind of shape for sure. Seeing you fish with your Dad is my favorite parts of your reports, whether or not you bloody the deck. Really enjoy the time and...
  36. SaltH20Angler

    OTW Whitew Catalina

    What a great day, maybe the best day ever because of the memories made. Those boys will not forget the day they went WFO on Calicos and how hard the YTs pull. Really appreciate the intel on your report. I'm seeing more and more reports where guys are sharing good intel...and I like that we...
  37. SaltH20Angler

    Newport Bait Barge?

    Bump... Anyone know if the bait barge is open in Newport? I checked the website but the info is really outdated and all telephone numbers are not working. Thank you!!
  38. SaltH20Angler

    Ride Sharing / Boat Ho List

    With things seemingly getting better COVID-wise, I'm gonna bump this thread up to see if you have any interest for 2 solid guys. All set up and ready to go... For those concerned about COVID-19, we are happy to wear face masks (fishing buffs) and respect personal space as much as possible (ride...
  39. SaltH20Angler

    2 Solid Guys Looking to Join Your Crew

    With things seemingly getting better COVID-wise, I'm gonna bump this thread up to see if you have any interest for 2 solid guys. All set up and ready to go... For those concerned about COVID-19, we are happy to wear face masks (fishing buffs) and respect personal space as much as possible...
  40. SaltH20Angler

    Bluefin on Reel Hard

    Daaaamn that looks amazing!! :drool: That's what I'm really missing other than the tug itself. Bringing home one of the Pacific's finest and turning it into something special for loved ones...ok, and some family members too. :D
  41. SaltH20Angler

    5-21-2020 BFT REPORT

    Great report!! Thank you.
  42. SaltH20Angler

    Less fortunate could use a hand...

    :appl: :appl: :appl: Simply beautiful... you guys make me proud.
  43. SaltH20Angler

    52.5x52.5x80/800 Big ones bit today

    Fine job young man, fine job. Any chance you can give a lil more info on what you caught them on?
  44. SaltH20Angler

    Santa Rosa island grocery store

    Nice haul!! That's my kinda grocery store.
  45. SaltH20Angler

    Always trust your gut

    Booyah! That's is what I call E-fish-in-sea. :D
  46. SaltH20Angler

    Red Tide effect on fishing trip planned

    Red tide has not produced good results for me in the past when hunting YT/WSB. Last trip this was the case, we ended up catching plenty of rockfish. I think its safe to say red tide is not a preferred condition but it doesn't stop most from fishing in it if no other options.
  47. SaltH20Angler

    Swimming pool laughter and training

    Some years ago, I had a nice box kite I'd keep in the trunk to take to the park/beach with my daughter. It flew really well and came in handy when we were out and about and wanted something fun to do for a while. One thanksgiving the wind was blowing here in Corona. While waiting for the food...
  48. SaltH20Angler

    Fishing at Catalina

    The love of getting bent good on the right kind and the hate of getting broke off. I remember and think about those break offs (pulled hook, sea lions, etc...) as much as I think about the trophies that landed on the deck, especially when it was the one shot I had all day. You ended the day...
  49. SaltH20Angler

    Less fortunate could use a hand...

    If you could find a way to accept online payment, you'd get him more. Get a paypal account so I can help out. Good on you for doing this bro. Class act! :appl:
  50. SaltH20Angler

    05.05 Nados Report

    Great day on the water plus 4 YT, putting 3 in the boat. So Jelly bro!!
  51. SaltH20Angler

    A little perspective...

    Being cooped up in the house for the last 2 months or so sure has made me appreciate time outside. Still havent seen friends/family, but I know I'll appreciate that a lot when the time comes.
  52. SaltH20Angler

    Do you think.....or will they allow...

    Best response on this thread.... that is until the LEOs say "prove it". Some of these guys might mess around and learn something new about themselves. :gay:
  53. SaltH20Angler

    SCI “Lingasaurus” Bonanza

    Fantastic read, Thank you. Boy oh boy, those are gonna be delicious. The grandson is stoked, great pic.
  54. SaltH20Angler

    Best Day Ever...

    You gotta be proud for sure and with good reason. Cheers Mate!!
  55. SaltH20Angler

    Best Day Ever...

    Yep, good tacos right!
  56. SaltH20Angler

    Best Day Ever...

    Hell yeah bro! Good to meet you again here. Nice chatting with you. Thanks for all the kind words. See you on the water.
  57. SaltH20Angler

    Best Day Ever...

    Thanks Glenn, I wasnt certain because I've seen guys do it both ways. My stunted brain started to put one and one together when 1/3rd of the water in the trash can shot out the last time I did that.
  58. SaltH20Angler

    Best Day Ever...

    We went out again yesterday (05/02), had a great time. With all of the time we have on our hands, I thought I'd give you guys something to read. I know this forum is about fish reports, so I'll tell you right now, we didn't catch any fish. I should probably start off by telling you that I...
  59. SaltH20Angler

    Floated the Harbor 5-1-20

    Just being on the water is a win, add a handful of fish and some time with your buds... unbeatable!! Nice day too. Thanks for the report. Hit LB harbor yesterday... most of the water was so red/brown, it felt like I was fishing a river for catfish.
  60. SaltH20Angler

    B52 bucktails anyone?

    For me it depends on the weight needed to get to the bottom (current/drift speed) and the grade of fish in that zone. The heavier the B52 leadhead, the bigger the hook. Sometimes, it's the smaller fish biting and if you want to catch the little guys just use a smaller B52 on a dropper loop...
  61. SaltH20Angler

    B52 bucktails anyone?

    B52 Bucktail and a strip of squid catches everything, just ask Dan... :D All jokes aside, I've had at least a few days when that combo caught when nothin else seemed to work. B52 kinda reminds me of the old Cedar Plug. Not pretty, not fancy, not expensive, but works as well, if not better...
  62. SaltH20Angler

    I need new deck hands

    :appl: :appl: :appl:
  63. SaltH20Angler

    Covid19 tuna spike

    I did the same thing recently. I like yours better, very nice. I have some nice WSB stones I would have liked to incorporate into the handle, but I figured I would eff it up by trying to get fancy, so kept it simple. It was made from something I found on the side of the road in Baja Mexico...
  64. SaltH20Angler


    Great first vid Dylan, I enjoyed it. You are a good looking (dont take that the wrong way), young, experienced, kid with a good vocabulary and strong could take this somewhere man. The good ole' "pssssht" to the no fishing rules was funny. Good couple of fish too. Damn keeper...
  65. SaltH20Angler

    Inshore or Offshore Forum?

    Brings back good memories. There was a time where the Jerky Boys were quoted on a daily basis by my group of friends. I liked the one where the potato gun was blasted up his ass. :gay:
  66. SaltH20Angler

    Is BD hacked wtf is happening

    Now this is an ad I dont mind. Weird... The only thong..I mean.. thing popping up when I see this ad... is in my pants
  67. SaltH20Angler

    Rpt.-The Origin of my "Tunaslam"!

    Enjoyable read...thank you for sharing. Boy, I cant wait to fish again.
  68. SaltH20Angler


    He manned up and jumped in there like he was 20 years younger and 80 pounds lighter. That back was hurtin the next day. :appl:
  69. SaltH20Angler

    I’m a newbie

    Welcome bro. It takes a while to have consistent success fishing offshore. Going from not have driven your boat in the ocean before to fishing offshore for tuna is a pretty steep step. It takes time to build trust for a new skiff. Purchase boat towing insurance and get all of your saftey...
  70. SaltH20Angler

    WE are BD. It's Knot Political. It's Life in America Today.. VENT HERE GUYS

    You other guys need to stop interrupting the best meme battle I've seen on this website. Keep those memes coming @cozenone and @HookEmDanO
  71. SaltH20Angler

    WE are BD. It's Knot Political. It's Life in America Today.. VENT HERE GUYS

    You forgot that he is also the best at inheriting those empty shelves....some say the best ever to inherit any shelve in existence.
  72. SaltH20Angler

    Best Day Ever...

    I remember reading the report you posted when your son (Sean, i think) caught that slug of a YT at catalina. You got somethin special there Mike. Thoroughly enjoy reading your two'-day reports from the island. You guys are past due for another big fish...or 5, lookin forward to your next...
  73. SaltH20Angler

    Long Beach 3/29

    Not a ba-aa-aaa-aa-ad day with a tasty Sheephead on the menu. Thanks for the report.
  74. SaltH20Angler

    Help me fish tricky pond

    Start making your own bottom structure by bringing a handful of nice sized stones and tossing them in the same area every time you go. Could make for a nice little honey hole after a while.
  75. SaltH20Angler

    WTB Beat up jigs for test casting rods, or free please

    Nice strategy! Let me know if this works for you. I'm also looking for free beat up jigs, preferably irons that are chipped up with all types of ugly bite marks on them. Happy to help out anybody wanting to get rid of their useless jigs that wont swim straight. Don't waste your valuable time...
  76. SaltH20Angler

    LJ Last Saturday

    Nice day there. Thanks for posting.
  77. SaltH20Angler

    Fishing Jacket

    Here's another option to consider...
  78. SaltH20Angler

    4 a healthy mental state

    So true... I have my own opinions about this political climate and I'm not much better than some of the more blantant trolls on BD (if at all). I feel strongly about certain things and as much as I try, it is really hard for me to see the rationality of others that dont feel the way I do...
  79. SaltH20Angler

    Best Day Ever...

    Mike, your kind words are appreciated. Looks like April's trip to Ejido Erendira is a no go. Now we are optimistally shooting for July the week starting on july 3rd. Still wanting to connect with you out there. Tight lines!
  80. SaltH20Angler

    Best Day Ever...

    I followed your advice and asked him what we should call our boat. He said "Boat" and kinda scoffed as to think I was an idiot for not knowing what to call or name our skiff. I'm gonna get some stickers/ decals made, just need to decide if I call her "The Bot" with a line over the "o" or if I...
  81. SaltH20Angler

    Best Day Ever...

    Thank you Tuner!! Great advice and thank you for the life jacket offer. So true about the hat and what others have recommended. Hell of a nice Sandy you have there with you boy. :jig:
  82. SaltH20Angler

    Best Day Ever...

    Wally, thank you so much bro, it was nice talking to you earlier this week. You are a class act not only offering up the life jackets but also inviting me to fish this weekend. Funny thing is that the family and I have been playing it safe for almost 3 weeks. No family visits, no friend...
  83. SaltH20Angler

    Post your last fishing Pic!

    This past Saturday. Maiden voyage on my first boat, first time my son fished, and his first fish ever.
  84. SaltH20Angler

    Best Day Ever...

    Bored at home... Decided to write a novel about my day yesterday. The launch ramps are open locally, DFG is out too, go quarantine yourself on a skiff if you can. This should probably go to the Chit-Chat section but we did catch a fish, so it's a report... I've loved fishing as far back as...
  85. SaltH20Angler


    Mofos ain't calling it a fake news hoax anymore for some reason... I personally dont care about political correctness... it's just that when people say "China Virus" they sound Stupid as [email protected]
  86. SaltH20Angler

    3/4/20 SMB - 1st rockfish trip of the season

    The tacos better not be sittin on a paper plate tho. :D
  87. SaltH20Angler

    1st time making pipes

    Look good to me. I wanna see pix of the fish they catch!!
  88. SaltH20Angler

    Parking Davies Launch Ramp LB

    True...$60 is better that a $150 tow, but Im gonna stay away from parking there. Gonna either park at the Marina or off of Studabaker road. Damn bro... that looks like a tanker YT in your avitar but hard to tell cuz the photo is small. I havent fished since December so I can barely contain my...
  89. SaltH20Angler

    Parking Davies Launch Ramp LB

    :appl::appl::appl: Ok, well I think this seals the deal for me. Thank you for posting the pic @Croaker.Stroker Big thanks to all of you for weighing in, all responses appreciated. Now, I just hope to add "catching" to the day's goal of being on the water with some new friends. While it's...
  90. SaltH20Angler

    Parking Davies Launch Ramp LB

    Interesting... This might be the way to go and $12 is worth the piece of mind not to worry. I guess the key here is to stop and look for signs. If no signs prohibiting parking without trailers, then pay and park. At least I would have a fighting chance if I got a ticket. Thank you @sickcat...
  91. SaltH20Angler

    Parking Davies Launch Ramp LB

    The main reason is because the boat ho meets where the Skipper says to. : ) We want to get bait from Nachos, it's closest ramp to all of us, and we like the washdown at Davies.
  92. SaltH20Angler

    Parking Davies Launch Ramp LB

    I posted this in the SoCal Inshore/Islands section, but realized I might get feedback quicker in the chit Chat section this time of year. I'm meeting a Skipper of a 30' boat at Davies Launch ramp in LB this saturday morning @5am to fish Catalina. Dont want to inconvenience him by having to pull...
  93. SaltH20Angler

    ? Where to Car Park when meeting at Davies Launch Ramp?

    Bringing this thread back from the past... Meeting a skipper of a 30' boat at Davies Launch ramp in LB this saturday morning to fish Catalina. Dont want to inconvenience him by having to pull the trailer around the block or into smaller lots in the area. I checked the LB City websites...
  94. SaltH20Angler

    Long Beach fred hall

    I go on Saturdays. This is the only place i can think of where the crowd doesnt bother me too much. I recall it was raining that day last year (could have been the year before) and still a great time. Eat a big meal (we hit a drive thru) before you go and save $20 for a 20oz beer.
  95. SaltH20Angler

    Long Beach Rod and Gun Swap Meet questions

    I went a couple of years ago when it was raining/sprinkling and it was still going on. A lot of vendors used Easy Ups.
  96. SaltH20Angler

    More Local Sport Kinging - Sunday, February 16

    Enjoyed the read, Thank you for the report. I see a "But did you give the JP $$ to the crew" comment coming any minute now.
  97. SaltH20Angler

    Some people are stupid

    I've taken a bunch of pics of fuckers crowding us on private boats or just off the stern of a sporty (in the chum line), but when I look at my pics, they dont do justice to how close they really were. These guys must have been super close for them to appear so close in your photo. No shame...
  98. SaltH20Angler

    2.18.2020 Catalina east end

    Nice report Doug!! Heading to Cat 02/29. This is useful info. Did you see or hear the Carnage having squid by chance? The poppers and poke look delicious!! "Poppers and Poke" sounds like something fun to do back in the 80's.
  99. SaltH20Angler

    Using Google Maps to find fishing spots

    Really enjoyed the vid. Google Maps is a great way to find fishing spots (saltwater too). Although you are 2 for 6 on the pond fish, I'm betting you're batting 1000 on good times and great memories with your son.
  100. SaltH20Angler

    Fishing with Ramone in Ejido Erendira on 04/20/19 and on 05/25/19

    Hey Mike!! Thanks for the updates man. Keep us posted with how your trip goes this month. We (Benny and I) are already agreed we are heading back down in April. Can't wait!! Maybe we can connect with you this year. We would love to fish with you down there and learn more about the WSB and YT...
  101. SaltH20Angler

    2-11-20 half day

    I'm no psychic, but Im pretty sure I can see a fish fry in your future. Good day I'd say. :jig:
  102. SaltH20Angler

    7ft 6 inch rod

    For a Lexa, I'd go with your first choice (8') to get the most from your cast. Just my $.02.
  103. SaltH20Angler

    Reel Service Needed

    Just dropped off a deckhand jigstick needing new corktape at B&F. Was gonna buy a clamp to use my BG35 with it, but BUFF ended up putting a reel seat on for me, new corktape, and throwing on tuna cord with a turkshead knot for a little more than what the clamp costs. B&F is the bomb!!
  104. SaltH20Angler

    Boat ho etiquette?

    Here is what you want to look for in a good boat ho or two... Disclaimer...Im affiliated.:D
  105. SaltH20Angler

    He caught a jumping fish the hard way........

    What a pain in the neck...
  106. SaltH20Angler

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    What is a "push notification"?
  107. SaltH20Angler

    How many scoops for a day of tuna fishing

    Two scoops is better than one but not as good as three assuming your set up can keep them alive. I like chumming a lot and not having to worry about capacity, but if you are thoughtful (chum a couple of sticks here n there and chunk up the slow lethargic bait instead of tossing it overboard) 2...
  108. SaltH20Angler

    My year in review 2019

    Hell yeah Nick, good year I'd say. Nice grade of Rockfish mostly, solid variety, multiple days with Yellowtail and keeper Halibut, got you some of that YFT too, and top that with a octopus...Fine job my friend...Fine Job!! :jig:
  109. SaltH20Angler

    Late May Tuna trip?

    I agree with ChoeMan, May is too early for me to take that gamble. I think the odds are way better in those later months. Not worth it to save a couple of bucks and come home with little or no tuna. I'd rather pay a lil more and increase the odds if planning one trip.
  110. SaltH20Angler


    X2!! Also, don't wear flip flops. Fished a twilight trip on the Western Pride on a bumpy night. Accidentally kicked a burlap bag of them walking by the bait tank (lost my balance when a roller came through). My foot swelled some but not too much. My 12 year old daughter couldn't stop...
  111. SaltH20Angler

    Shooting Sealions? NOT COOL!

    That same knothead straight punked me and a couple buddies when we were filleting fish just outside of Shelter Island launch ramp. I was filleting and my buddy said "Holy Shit!!" I look up and that fucker was six inches from my face leaning well over the transom. We had to use the gaff to...
  112. SaltH20Angler

    Hooping with old friends!

    I like how you are always taking new people out with you and that you pass down older gear to youngsters. Way to go man. Lobster with drawn butter and Squid stuffed I mean Chicken. :drool:
  113. SaltH20Angler

    Any groups that fish and camp Baja cost?

    We drive down to Ejido Erendira and fish with Ramone a couple of times a year. Ejido Erendira is a liitle more than an hour past Ensenada. Ramone has a sweet fleet of pangas with very experienced captains. Pangas fit 4 guys comfortably. Amazing Rockfish fishery there and it does well on...
  114. SaltH20Angler

    D P 12.14.19; poor conditions, had rEEL fun though

    Good times, and thanks for the video. Never caught an eel before. That thing was a good size too. I would have probably just cut the line, too scared to F with it. :-) On a side note... the dog whining would drive me bananas. Mine does that when my wife pulls into the driveway or garage. I...
  115. SaltH20Angler

    One guy, Two Rods

    You lucky dogg!! That had to be a great day of fishing. Enjoyed the vids!
  116. SaltH20Angler

    SOLD PENN 200, NIB, if this sells by Xmas, proceeds go to St Judes Childrens Hospital

    You did more with this selfless post than a lot if us (including myself) did all year as far as donations go. This type of thing is what kindness (and Christmas for me personally) is truly about. Started with a $30 donation, and that grew into $600+ because a group of caring people saw an...
  117. SaltH20Angler

    SOLD Reduced...Accurate Boss Fury 400

    Thanks for the trade offer Francisco. I wish I could use a swimbait setup just so I could be done with selling the reel.
  118. SaltH20Angler

    SOLD PENN 200, NIB, if this sells by Xmas, proceeds go to St Judes Childrens Hospital

    Class act Styx...well played my friend...well played. Hell yeah Wally!! Thank you. :appl: :cheers: Last (I dont work for these organizations, I promise :-)). If anyone is interested, I saw that Best Buy has a little thing pop up to donate to St. Jude's when you checkout online...
  119. SaltH20Angler

    SOLD PENN 200, NIB, if this sells by Xmas, proceeds go to St Judes Childrens Hospital

    Bump for St. Judes. Somebody buy this reel. :-) Lost my 5 year old niece, Mighty Myah Sue, several years ago to brain cancer. St. Jude's did everything possible to try to save her life, and never billed one red cent to my sister. If anyone is looking to donate to a good cause this holiday...
  120. SaltH20Angler

    How to take Children fishing

    Really enjoyed this one.. I thought you were joking about bringing the kid's phone, but then you make a really good point IMO. What happened to your lucky fishing beard?
  121. SaltH20Angler

    What I’m Thankful for

    Those look to be great memories and wonderful reasons to be grateful. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! Already getting funny texts. Enjoy! Thanksgiving Twerky
  122. SaltH20Angler

    First Ever Tranx 300 Lexa 300 and SXJ Clamp!

    I was looking for this size clamp in March 2018 and ended up having a reel seat put on the deckhand rod. Good to see guys have options now.
  123. SaltH20Angler

    Skipjack Theory? Keep-Smoke-give away?

    Personally, I really like skipjack if cared for well. Poke' is my first choice, sashimi is a close second, and a nice fillet dipped in boiling water with a strainer made delish tuna salad sandwiches. If in the freezer too long, it makes great YFT chunk.
  124. SaltH20Angler

    SOLD Reduced...Accurate Boss Fury 400

    Love this reel but it's been sitting in a dresser drawer for too long. I hope whoever buys this reel puts it to good use. Model: FX-400 (Right Hand) Weight: 18oz Gear Ratio: 6.1 Braid Capacity: 325 (50#) Inches per Crank: 25"/38" Max Drag: 22 lbs. Single Speed Bought it in 2016 and have...
  125. SaltH20Angler

    Weather? is my go to app for wind and it has been quite accurate from my experience too.
  126. SaltH20Angler

    People who fish dark braid

    I heard the darker the braid is the more likely it is to get wrapped around the prop of a kook running over the paddy your fishin. I could be wrong tho'...
  127. SaltH20Angler

    yellow-tail in November

    Meow fellas...let's just calm down for a moment meow. I get it that we all get our panties in a bunch meow and again but it doesn't have to be this way. Meowadays, we are just so critical. <----- That was for the guys that enjoyed Super Troopers. o_O For those that enjoy Reno 911 (and those...
  128. SaltH20Angler

    Bugs at cat

    Wow! Helluva night you had. I've been zoomed in on the feast and was trying to figure out what's sprinkled on the tails. My guess is minced garlic/shallots? Lobster tails with a stick of butter and bacon wrapped fillet mignon...:drool: I saw the Lipitor reference by @Hooops and had to look...
  129. SaltH20Angler

    11/17/19- Long Beach Shakedown trip

    Now THAT'S what I call family time!! Thanks for sharing. Headed to Cat this Saturday? Hope the weather stays nice.
  130. SaltH20Angler

    Fishing Legends

    Really enjoyed this one Dave.
  131. SaltH20Angler

    Little help..favor?

    Did a little online research for you... This has got to be the guy you are looking for. No other rappers in T-town named Timmy-D on google... Sorry...I couldn't resist. o_O Bump!
  132. SaltH20Angler

    Newport 11/9

    @Ryan_Thomas @Fishnfunky @Robdog1 Thanks guys! Making sure I got the spot correct. Is the red area below in the vicinity of where you are speaking about?
  133. SaltH20Angler

    yellow-tail in November

    Thanks for the report and great job on the YT!! Don't pay these english literature professors any mind, they dont speak for anyone but themselves. It doesn't take much effort to comprehend your post. It was likely helpful to anyone looking for YT from SD/Mission Bay. I'd rather have the...
  134. SaltH20Angler

    Newport 11/9

    Looks like you made the right call there...saved fuel costs, avoided any danger the fog might have put you in, as well as the time it takes to get across the channel and you still put respectable fish on the deck. Well played Banks...well played. Looks like we will be launching from Newport to...
  135. SaltH20Angler

    Check Out my Trophy Tail

    Very Nice!! How did you preserve it?
  136. SaltH20Angler

    Making Mackrel In Mission Bay

    We will usually give 10 minutes near the bait barge. Much of the time we fill the tank there, but if nothing after 10 minutes at the barge then we give the jetty a try. Dont sleep on the wet cans of catfood. Makes all the difference to put a couple of cans in a container with holes drilled...
  137. SaltH20Angler

    Tuna Virgin. Going out Fri. Need help!

    If I was the OP, I wouldnt waste my time with condoms.. You know hard it is to put one on a yellowfin? o_O
  138. SaltH20Angler

    Coronado islands

    That red closet to the camera is a lunker. Nice Cody!
  139. SaltH20Angler

    Quick rock fishing trip to La Jolla!

    Booya! Like a trip to the grocery store...but wayyy better. :-)
  140. SaltH20Angler

    10 Stupid Things to NOT To Catch Fish - by Larry Brown

    Really good write up by Larry. Thanks for sharing Josh! Mackeral Man follows these rules and always scores a new PB on every trip. o_O
  141. SaltH20Angler

    10/30 -Thunderbird Record Bluefin

    Hey guys and gals, I'm on the Davey's Locker email distribution list and got this email yesterday. Based on the email, this is the biggest BFT caught on the Thunderbird at 314 pounds. I'd say there's still a good chance of landing a super cow this season. This guy certainly got his money's...
  142. SaltH20Angler

    Starting a fishing podcast?

    I didnt see that you were specificly looking for topics relating to SoCal fishing. It might be a good strategy to initially focus on your local fishery whether that be New England or East Coast. While I think there are many similarities between the coasts, I find more differences in the styles...
  143. SaltH20Angler

    SOLD Penn Fathom

    Good seller. Thanks Carl.
  144. SaltH20Angler

    Long Beach yellowfin

    Tuna from the LBC...Badass!!! Great job!
  145. SaltH20Angler

    Tuna on whales?

    Couple of months ago we fished the N. 9 and there were 2 whales on the same bait the birds and tuna were on. The tuna boils and birds were easy to see just like you would see without the whales being there and the whales would come up open mouthed and swallow bait (chovie). I don't know if the...
  146. SaltH20Angler

    Local OC Tuna

    Todd, once are showing what a stand up guy you are. :appl: I've been routin for this kid.
  147. SaltH20Angler


    Love my SL20SH! Bump for an affordable old school jigstick reel that can cast a country mile.
  148. SaltH20Angler

    Noodle this

    Spent many of my younger years in Ohio fishing and swimming in lakes, creeks, and ponds. This seems fun, but I dont know how they get past the fear of reaching for a hole and finding a big ass alligator snapping turtle. No catfish is worth risking a bite from those nasty mofos, but really cool...
  149. SaltH20Angler

    Wrapped my first set of pliers

    Nice Glenn! I've been wanting to give wrapping pliers a try but havent got around to it yet. Those will make great Christmas gifts for your best fishing buddies. Thinking your next pair should be Dorado colors to commemorate the biggest bull Dodo I have seen anyone catch. that pic...
  150. SaltH20Angler

    425 Area Sat and Sunday

    Great post! Probably my favorite post of yours this year Ali...well except for the one where you gave good info on the kite/balloon/frozen flyer. I read that one 20 times but this one takes the cake. Those pics are treasures and will make great canvas prints to hang on the wall.
  151. SaltH20Angler

    Is this your hoop?

    Todd...well done buddy. Good karma headin your way. :appl:
  152. SaltH20Angler

    Mr Wong

  153. SaltH20Angler

    News: Pegasus picks up SEALs off capsized boat

    These are the only kind of SEALs that I support saving. :D Great Job Pegasus!!!
  154. SaltH20Angler

    Anyone sight casting for dorado?

    Good thread IMO. We found a bunch of dodos last year on patties and had to work really hard to get them to go. Several times we just gave up and one time we drove past that same Paddy with a cedar plug and that got bit. I recall throwing Colt snipers, and surface irons but none of those...
  155. SaltH20Angler

    Tuna fever

    You bet man, my telephone number is in the boat ho Rideshare post. Text me if you're interested in getting a bait Rod setup. I come to Long Beach sometimes still but not so often so I can meet you in Long Beach if needed. Good luck bro
  156. SaltH20Angler

    Tuna fever

    It's hard to get "cheap" to allign with "tuna fishing", trust me I know. This info is coming from a guy that reuses $.99 sabiki rigs, saves leftover sardines for chunk, and saves un-melted ice for future trips. I've seen several of your posts and you seem like a good young man. I grew up in...
  157. SaltH20Angler

    Full speed ripper 10/10

    Proof there is plenty of fish in the sea.
  158. SaltH20Angler

    10/9 YF

    I wonder what all the sucky people were doing at this time. :D Great job! It's a great day when you C&R tuna.
  159. SaltH20Angler

    10/9 a day for the books

    That is how it's done Anthony...a day you (and your buddies) are going to remember for a long time. You are gonna catch bigger fish in the future I'm betting, but catching PB fish for all on board is something special. The fish will be eaten but the photos you have should last forever. Glad...
  160. SaltH20Angler

    10/9 Wide the F*** Open.

    Making it look easy as usual Mike. Conditions look good too. Great job! :jig:
  161. SaltH20Angler

    10/7 Report from 425/371

    Way to go bro, the radio fish paid off twice in one day. Glad you got 'em, and thanks for the report.
  162. SaltH20Angler

    Lucky Kayaker GW

    That's a big ass tooth, jeez!
  163. SaltH20Angler

    10/6 Hidden/475/425/south 9

    Favorite weekend report right here, Brandon. Love to read the reports of kids having a good time. Thanks for taking the time to post. I agree with you about the radio. Its a shame that you cant listen to CH 72 with kids onboard. 9 times out of 10 the arguements are about being too close...
  164. SaltH20Angler

    10/5 Red, White (guy), Bluefin *4K Video

    Daaayumm!! Started off rockfishing and finished strong with a tuna! That doesnt suck, for sure.
  165. SaltH20Angler

    10/5 Rescue West of South Island

    We heard something of this nature on the radio as we were approaching Mission Bay entrance on Saturday. Yeah, I agree this season seems to have more instances like this then I remember in the past couple of seasons. We were heading out at Zero Dark Thirty and talking about that 30 foot Cat with...
  166. SaltH20Angler

    Quality Yellowfin 10/5

    Great photos, Great report! Wrote a report this morning with a similar start as you had yesterday. I feel much better knowing you didnt fish SCI because of the closure either. I havent nailed down how to read that closure website to say the least. Was a nice day, water looked dodger blue...
  167. SaltH20Angler

    10/5 - SW 425 Area - Yellowfin

    Absolutely Cody! We were actually talking about some of your recent posts on the way out. The info you share on here helps more guys than you know.
  168. SaltH20Angler

    10/5 - SW 425 Area - Yellowfin

    Short version: Fished a few miles south west of the 425, 69 degree water, great conditions (mostly small 2-3' mixed swell with...infrequent 5' sets with really long periods so no issues there - wind was not blowing too much or not at all until maybe noon), flylined dines, pretty steady bite...
  169. SaltH20Angler

    Limit out or keep looking?

    On a sportie, I think you gotta get 'em when you can, especially if it's wide. The customers came to catch fish, and even small fish keep the counts up, and the dollars coming for fillet work. I bet more food and drinks are purchased when guys are catching fish not to mention more beer gets...
  170. SaltH20Angler

    9/28 Wide open YFT near 302

    Great day when you have sit on the gunnel to fish because the deck is full of biters!!! Feels great to hand off a wfo bite. Human kindness is Rad. Fine Job!! :rockin:
  171. SaltH20Angler

    9/27 Short Day

    Interesting... So Bonine will work after getting sea sick? Dramamine and sleep seemed to help my buddy but it took a couple of hours for any improvement whatsoever. If this is true, we need to add Bonine to the first aid kit.
  172. SaltH20Angler

    9/27 Short Day

    One of my favorite reports lately.. thank you for the monday morning chuckle. Great photo of your boy in a bow pile. That happened to us with a really good buddy (got sick on the way out) in snotty conditions on the way to the 425 a year ago. No way we were turning back so we gave him a...
  173. SaltH20Angler

    One man's trashfish.....

    Another one converted! Good on you for trying things to find out for yourself. I caught several (skippies/bonies) on party boats about 10 years ago, let them rot in the burlap bag, took 'em home, and hated the fishy flavor (also tried them in tacos). Even tried soaking in milk over night...
  174. SaltH20Angler

    Sting operation?

    Now that you mention it... @Hismosa has trolled the shit out of some guys on here. LOL. (Fuck your gay ass shitty fish tacos on paper But...we have seen more than a few threads of fish for sale that were caught on sportboats. Hard to deny the tag stapled to the face of a fish at a...
  175. SaltH20Angler

    Local and offshore weather reports

    X2... I find to be pretty spot on.
  176. SaltH20Angler

    Sting operation?

    Reminds me of the thread posted a while back where someone was at a fish market and the YT on ice still had the sportboat name with the angler # stapled to its face. I wish more of us didnt take unnecessary fish, just to give away to whoever or worse to sell on offer up. I understand hooking...
  177. SaltH20Angler

    Mediums Bft

    Crazy that we call that grade "medium", but when compared to some of these recent 300# (or close to that) that have been caught recently...true statement. Great job!! I'd love to have this kind of medium fish. Cant wait to get this technique under my belt. Thanks for the report.
  178. SaltH20Angler

    9/24 YFT

    It also cant hurt that he has an endless supply of those killer swimbaits and leadheads. o_O I wanted to buy some of the scent he uses on his swimbaits when he was busy a couple of years ago. When we made the deal he told me it's going to take a while. Couple of weeks later I get the scent...
  179. SaltH20Angler

    Finally found some dodos

    Damn that must have been a huge paddy. We came across the biggest paddy I have ever seen a couple of weeks back on the south nine with @reel therapy. Took some pictures and never posted them because it didn't look as big in the picture. Maybe it's because we were not right on the paddy when I...
  180. SaltH20Angler

    4 weeks of chasing pointy nosed fish in So Cal / 9/2-9/22 Report

    Love the Pesky Marlin idea hahaha. Might even be better than guys calling out WFO numbers on the radio to prevent others from crowding the area they are fishing. Thanks Erik!
  181. SaltH20Angler

    2 Solid Guys Looking to Join Your Crew

    Saturday got cancelled due to a mechanical issue. Let me know if you need two guys for this Saturday 9/28.
  182. SaltH20Angler

    9/21 Sci finally got a couple kite fish

    Thanks for the report and for all the valuable intel. Gonna give a try this Saturday. If we do half as good as you, I'll be happy. :worship:
  183. SaltH20Angler

    09/21 Son made the 50 pound club.

    Winner winner....Dinner on the spinner!!! Good job Pops and thanks for posting the report. I had some bluefin yesterday (and Saturday) courtesy of @Benny Mora and it was soooo good. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoyed mine. Really easy to make these. Just peel and slice cucumbers to...
  184. SaltH20Angler


    Any other day you would have been the winner fishing that area. You dont know if you dont go. Dues paid, you'll get em next time.
  185. SaltH20Angler

    Sat 9/21. S 9 & 302 ish. Yft Bft

    Thanks for the timely report man! Good job getting your nephew on the tuna. Is your brother/sister gonna be mad that you introduced your nephew to the tug-drug? It usually turns into a life long addiction.:D :jig:
  186. SaltH20Angler

    2 Solid Guys Looking to Join Your Crew

    Right now I can only do Saturdays Tom. Thank you so much for the offer, I really appreciate it. Good luck out there man. Got a few responses from this last bump of this thread. Looks like we have a trip lined up next saturday (weather permitting). Today, I have a special little skin diving...
  187. SaltH20Angler

    Coastal Cleanup Day - 09/21/19

    Just wanting to share the information I received in an email today relating to Coastal Cleanup Day which is tomorrow, Saturday, September 21, 2019. I am not affiliated just sharing info and a chance to get free whale watching tickets while helping the environment that we love so much. Don't...
  188. SaltH20Angler

    9/19 report blufin and something super trippy

    Enjoyed the video!!! "And John over here...all he wants to do is fish it". That line literally made me laugh out loud. Wished the other guy off screen would have kept quiet when he said something along the lines of don't touch it because it's filled with gas. I imagine someone was going to...
  189. SaltH20Angler

    2 Solid Guys Looking to Join Your Crew

    Thanks for the endorsement buddy. Had a lot of fun last time we got out, and what about that tripple garage door sized kelp paddy we found on the S. 9. That thing was huge...I knew we were gonna bent. Baffling that the only thing we picked up off it was a ray...on a flylined dean on the...
  190. SaltH20Angler

    2 Solid Guys Looking to Join Your Crew

    Want to send a big thank you to the skippers who we have recently fished with from this thread. You know who you are. :D Also, Benny and I are looking for some offshore action this Saturday (9/21) or next Saturday (9/28). Hit me up if you need two guys. Buuuuump!
  191. SaltH20Angler


    Thanks for sharing your perspective Rick, it is useful. I think strangers want to avoid the cons of fishing ass to elbow on a sportie (we all know what those downsides are but if not just read the offshore reports). Alternatively, strangers like the pros that come along with fishing a pb...
  192. SaltH20Angler

    Marking braid with a sharpie?

    Good idea until I got a wind knot (I could not untwist) and had to cut about 60 feet of my braid off. Now I know when I'm 40' deep and 140' deep. The look on my face must be pretty funny when I yo-yo now because in addition to grinding that jig up, I'm trying to do math too. Fish at at...
  193. SaltH20Angler

    Hello! Looking for advice and information....

    X2 Gamakatsu sz 4 live bait. These worked very well for us on the 20# yft. They look too small, but they defineatly got bit. They are not the same size as other brands of sz 4 hooks.
  194. SaltH20Angler

    Salty met Elvis...epic day

    Hell yeah Derek!! Bucketlist fish. Well done my man...well done. :rockin:
  195. SaltH20Angler

    MPA El Segundo Times Article

    I want to know why the state just wont put buoys out to mark the MLPAs. I struggle with knowing exactly where they start/end. It's really hard for me to see invisible lines and my phone (not waterproof) just doesnt get the job done adequately. I'm cool with MLPAs and I dont need a study to...
  196. SaltH20Angler

    Mackerel MB Jetty?

    X2 on the location (just outside of the harbor) but the bait barge also produces very well. I start at the barge (especially if there is a long line) and if its slow move to the harbor entrance. Here is my best practice in case you find it helpful. Make a chum bucket out of an empty plastic...
  197. SaltH20Angler

    New Seaforth 9/9

    Solid report, solid recommendations, and most importantly a solid day on the water. Thanks for taking the time to write it up.
  198. SaltH20Angler

    Bed bugs on boats

    Good news is that bug season is just around the corner. Fish during the day and trap bugs at night. Does anyone know if Promar makes a 1 inch hoop net?
  199. SaltH20Angler

    Will a Rav 4 hold 8' rods and an ice chest - looking for a boat ride 9/24-9/27...

    The boat ho list has been really good to me. I'll suggest also posting up a new thread (just like this one) in the Offshore Trip Planning section (link below). I am gathering that you are likely going to go...
  200. SaltH20Angler

    Bluefin are Beautiful

    The water clarity is better than my pool. Did you put a filter to make the water look so clear and blue or is that all natural. Either way, a cool video and good job keeping up with that big one. Trying to find a way to connect a clip and a double trouble flyer off the drone. :D Thanks for...
  201. SaltH20Angler

    Don't You Know You're Not Supposed to Wear White After Labor Day....

    Good times bro, thanks for the detailed report. Favorite pic is of your boy (and your future best fishing buddy) inspecting that yellowfin for size and quality. I have a 3 year old boy, looks just like your boy and I hope/pray he will love fishing like his Pop. Over my wife's best...
  202. SaltH20Angler

    Mission Belle FAIL!!!!!!

    I rarely do the Sporty thing anymore and instead I boat ho for a few different skippers. I still have tough days but rarely do I blame the skipper when its tough. It's hard for me to believe any Skipper or sporty Captain would make a decision to catch less fish. I would much rather make a...
  203. SaltH20Angler

    WTB Bait Receiver for our slip in Dana Point

    Just saw these 55 gallon plastic drums for $15 each on offer up. Located in Tustin. Cant be much work to drill holes, make a locking lid, attach buoys to the top. I'm not affiliated. Check out this offer on OfferUp Check out this 55 gallons plastic drums ( open top) for $15 on OfferUp...
  204. SaltH20Angler

    9 mile, 226, 302, coronado canyon. NOTHING! 8/30

    Thanks for the report. Payin dues bro. I paid dues all day Saturday and Sunday....until 4:30pm or so when I finally got one to bite and stick on the small hook. Luckily the skipper called a boss shot at about 3:00pm and we ran 30 miles in near glass conditions to that nice YFT bite to save the...
  205. SaltH20Angler

    Solo BFT 9/2/19

    Number one gettin it done with a big ol' BFT on the deck!!! That's the little kind I wanna catch....and land. Great shot of the Marlin too.
  206. SaltH20Angler

    Wide open 8/28

    The C&C Fishing Factory at it again. :rockin: I'm a weekend warrior and wish I could get out more on the weekdays like you guys. Be careful catching all those fish. You're gonna have guys passing up sport boats to get in your chum line. o_O You guys get it done for sure!!
  207. SaltH20Angler

    9/28 Report

    Way to go on the offshore trifecta!! I'm with you on not taking more than I need. Thanks for the quick report. Going out Sunday. Hope we do as good as you did.
  208. SaltH20Angler

    Report: LB Breakwall Sunday Aug 25 afternoon

    The fact that the kids got to pull on some macks tells me you dont suck. Way to make banana bread out of bananas. :-) Totally hate when the trip gets cut short for whatever mecjanical reason, but it's a good day when you can get to the trailer without much issue. Sure beats breaking down at...
  209. SaltH20Angler

    Crystal Cove 8/24

    Good times bro! Thanks for sharing your first trip out of the harbor on the Blue Can. Keep those reports comin.
  210. SaltH20Angler

    Ranger 85 2 1/2 day 8/23-25

    Badass!! Great photos! You guys had the right idea.
  211. SaltH20Angler

    New Lo An 2day Report Aug 23-25th- private charter

    The kid in the 4th pic is the man!!! Good times, thanks for the read.
  212. SaltH20Angler

    Catamaran turtle on the 9 mile bank

    Saw it Saturday on the 9, thought it was a whale...then an orca...then a submarine... then a capsized Cat with black bottom paint. Such a hazard sitting there with no strobe or buoy.
  213. SaltH20Angler

    Capsized Parker

    We saw it too coming in from the flotilla zone Saturday ... no buoys, no strobe. It was on the 9. Super hazardous.
  214. SaltH20Angler

    What jigs are hot?

  215. SaltH20Angler

    Dana 1/2 Day Report

    Give that young man a raise! Any deckhand that can entertain the youngsters on a slow day by doing that is good in my book. Look at the grom behind him...that kid is going to be telling the "how to properly catch a sardine in your mouth from the bait tank" story until he is 75 years old...
  216. SaltH20Angler

    H and M Fisherman iii - 08-10 report

    That's a deal breaker for me anymore. I gotta have that fresh sushi!! Glad you had a fun time tho'.
  217. SaltH20Angler

    The Final Straw and Why I Bought My Own Boat

    I know exactly what you mean. The other day, I saw a boat so loaded there was no room for fishing gear. It was so packed it was almost unsafe. I followed the boat for 2 hours just to make sure everyone was safe. The stern was so loaded, someone almost fell over. Really scary to say the...
  218. SaltH20Angler

    PB BFT Sunday August 4

    Certainly a big fish but it's tiny compared to the smiles that you and your Pops must have had when it came over the gunnel. How sweet it is when you work, and work, and work....then finally achieve your goal. Thanks for the report, the helpful info on the terminal tackle, the bait you used...
  219. SaltH20Angler

    Following the tradition

    What great memories you have made with the ones you love most. You have so much to be proud and thankful for. Fine job young man...fine job.
  220. SaltH20Angler

    Pt. Loma Kelp...

    Looks like you had a fun time. The water looks glassy too. :jig:
  221. SaltH20Angler

    Bluefin Jerky Recipe

    Looks so yummy, I almost took a bite out of my phone screen. That Soyaki is bomb!! Thanks for the read. :jig:
  222. SaltH20Angler

    The Four B's at San Clemente Island / Saturday 8/3 Report

    Bass..Bonito..Baracuda..Bluefin.... Beautiful!!
  223. SaltH20Angler

    YFT BFT8/3

  224. SaltH20Angler

    Do you guys make bait at Catalina or get a scoop?

    If you didnt have the bait, you would of needed it for sure....or is that just my luck. :D
  225. SaltH20Angler

    Seal had no chance

    Cheerin' for the long as they stick to seals/sea lions.o_O
  226. SaltH20Angler

    Longfin Tackle disappointment

    You are right and I would be just as pissed. If the website says they can repair 'any reel', you shouldnt have to call to make sure that includes spinning reels. Some of these fuckwads would be happy to have you mail a letter too. It doesnt matter how easy or how hard it is to service a reel...
  227. SaltH20Angler

    Do you guys make bait at Catalina or get a scoop?

    Joey, Get bait from Nacho. Sometimes it can be hard to find and make bait at the island. I try to avoid spending valuable fishing time looking for macks after the long ride over. Squid has worked great for me most days at Cat and I'll get that every time it's available. Always save...
  228. SaltH20Angler

    Catalina Thu 8/8 2 Ho's needed

    Wish I could fish weekdays. Less boat pressure, more parking, less stupid radio chatter... Go get 'em buddy. Good luck!
  229. SaltH20Angler

    Calico bass fishing.

    Go with your gut. Point Loma kelp is a good place to start. Based on a couple of recent vids I watched, I imagine Dave would tell you to drop the hook and chum the bass up (dont drift). Post a report with gps #s. :D
  230. SaltH20Angler

    Little G has The Big D!

    We were out there on Saturday and we skipped the yummy from the 43 all the way up and down the San Clemente Island Ridge. We saw what seemed like miles of bait and only a couple of fish here and there at about 150 feet down. Even though the yummy skipped perfectly all day we couldn't get one to...
  231. SaltH20Angler

    White sea bass out of Point Loma

    Speared and released? At first I was wondering how that could be then I found this on the internet. :D X2 on the fish of a lifetime. That's a legit ghost right there. Fine job OP...fine job!!
  232. SaltH20Angler

    Ride Sharing / Boat Ho List

    There are so many factors that need to be considered. Like Arima-Bob indicated, speed is a factor, so is size of sled and motor (heavier sled and bigger or dual motors increase fuel consumption), conditions matter (sloppy consumes more fuel than glass), but the biggest factor is how many ways...
  233. SaltH20Angler

    For Sale Parker 2120 - Partner Wanted

    Come on man... you literally welcomed advice, good or bad... then got all worked up and wanted to quit when someone posted something you didnt want to hear. Red flag. I'll stop here cuz I dont want to upset you more. Good luck with your partnership endeavors.
  234. SaltH20Angler

    YT & Tuna fishing: will cover gas and bait

    Here you go Nic. Post your info on that thread. You will get picked up. A lot of guys that contacted me recently fish weekdays so if you can fish Mon-Fri, make sure to put that out there. I...
  235. SaltH20Angler

    Surf Perch Troubleshooting

    X2 on the hook size, those perch have small mouths. You can also cut a quarter or half inch off the big side of the sandworm to get your hook closer to the back of the lure. Have fun!!
  236. SaltH20Angler

    Old Glory Bluefin (HARD TIMES) 7/23 Video

    I'll take it anyway I can, luck or skill. But like I said... It's not luck when the same guy is catchin all the fish time and time again. It's more likely that we are not seeing what they are doing different. I also think confidence goes a long way for some reason. Now that I think back, I'm...
  237. SaltH20Angler

    Old Glory Bluefin (HARD TIMES) 7/23 Video

    I dont know him personally but this is the second or 3rd story I heard where he was the only one getting bit. Klay caught 100% of the tuna on this trip. Badass!!! :rockin:
  238. SaltH20Angler

    Possible Heads-up!

    Very cool of you to share the intel. Now if we can just get them to bite something with a hook. :D
  239. SaltH20Angler

    Old Glory Bluefin (HARD TIMES) 7/23 Video

    I'm a subscriber and watched your video 2 minutes ago. When I was watching it, I was thinking how rad it was for those kids to have hooked up on those tuna. Did any of the kids actually set the hook or was it a crewmember/experienced fisherman that hooked and handed? Honestly it doesnt...
  240. SaltH20Angler

    7/20 Catalina struck out.

    Catalina.... can be so wide open one day then skunk you the next. She's like the women we love in that she can go from hot to cold in 5 seconds flat...but jeez is she beautiful. You'll get em next time and consider this week's dues paid in full.
  241. SaltH20Angler

    Top Gun 80 captain/crew question?

    Nice gesture for sure. Go with your gut. I wouldnt call ahead in case something happens and you dont bring it. My gut says... Starbucks coffee Pack of redbulls Pack of rockstars Pack of monsters
  242. SaltH20Angler

    Better Late than Never

    :appl: Wow... seriously enjoyable read here. Thank you for the report.
  243. SaltH20Angler

    The meal from the Catch

    Badass!! Love to see our prized tuna put to such good use. Well done my friend!! I hope this post inspires more people to make and eat sushi. I enjoy making it almost as much as I like catching the fish. My buddy caught some yellowtail (15 to 20 lb models) last week on the Liberty and so...
  244. SaltH20Angler

    Value Opinions for Old Rods in my Garage

    Much appreciated. If I dont follow Erik's advice, I might just donate most of them to Rollo or Dan Hernandez for the kids. If it's worth $20, I'd be happy to give it to you as long as it was convenient. I have a feeling you might do something with it and give it a second chance at going...
  245. SaltH20Angler

    Value Opinions for Old Rods in my Garage

    I like this idea and agree it would be worth it.
  246. SaltH20Angler

    Value Opinions for Old Rods in my Garage

    Thanks Rick! I appreciate your response. Guess that SL0SH 20 is gonna stay on my jigstick a lil bit longer. :D
  247. SaltH20Angler

    Value Opinions for Old Rods in my Garage

    What's up BD'ers, Over the years I have picked up a bunch of older rods from garage sales mostly. At first these were the rods I used and over time I slowly upgraded to newer old rods (also found at garage sales). I have not been able to justify buying new composite rods because my rods work...
  248. SaltH20Angler

    2 Solid Guys Looking to Join Your Crew

    Inshore yes, but prolly not for offshore (offshore usually kicks my ass so hard, I need a day to recover). Let me know.
  249. SaltH20Angler

    2 Solid Guys Looking to Join Your Crew

    What's up TJ!! It's not cheating when the Skipper knows about the other boat. Haha! Had a great day with Big Tom last Saturday and might reach out to fish inshore with him if the offshore action doesnt line up. I know he is not really into the offshore scene. My sister was in town from...
  250. SaltH20Angler

    2 Solid Guys Looking to Join Your Crew

    We are interested in going out offshore this Saturday (7/27) preferably launch from SD. If you are looking for 2 experienced guys, PM me. Bump!
  251. SaltH20Angler

    Ride alongs in exchange for fuel costs, etc A lot of skippers are looking for solid guys that can fish weekdays. Post up and go from there.
  252. SaltH20Angler

    7/19/19 Coronado Islands report

    Sled looks nice with that 300 on there Doug! Good job catchin those YT with a drop in water temps. Love to see the YT packed in ice like that.
  253. SaltH20Angler

    7/19 catalina

    You guys had a great day with all that action and variety. So much fun when everything lines up to be an action packed day with a high note of taking home some delicious tablefare too. Kudos on letting the smaller ones grow bigger!!
  254. SaltH20Angler

    Cat 17th and 18th

    Winner-Winner... Dinner on the Spinner!!! Great job Pops!!
  255. SaltH20Angler

    Coronado Islands 7/20

    Fine job boys..fine job!!
  256. SaltH20Angler

    Catalina 7/19

    Always makes me feel better to know it was a slow day for the sporties when I have a tuff day. Keep paying those dues bro, you'll get 'em next time. No Yellows, but also No... Injuries...Issues with the boat...or Tickets/Trouble. You won!! :jig:
  257. SaltH20Angler

    Even if you hate Just watch

    I don't own a boat and don't have much money, but would like to help by volunteering my time to support this cause. I'm sure I am qualified for some sort of task (checking people in/out, setting up or breaking down an event, picking up trash, cleaning gear/boats, etc...) I found the website...
  258. SaltH20Angler

    For Sale COUSINS Rods

    Nice rods, might get more views from guys lookin for rods in the rod and reel classified section. GLWS!
  259. SaltH20Angler

    2 Solid Guys Looking to Join Your Crew

    @vipertom1970 Hey Tom, Good to hear from you. Hope all is well man. I just sent you a text.
  260. SaltH20Angler

    Old pics

    Based on those mandles (man sandles) you are wearing.... I'm guessing 1993. o_O Wait... I'm now guessing 1999 assuming the Deckhand's hat couldn't tell the future. Just rousting you buddy, nice fish!! Thanks for sharing. :jig:
  261. SaltH20Angler

    Pretty cool pic!

    That is cool!
  262. SaltH20Angler

    Xtra tuff boots kinked

    Roll up a couple old magazines and stuff them in the boots. That will keep them upright, until you put your feet in them. They shouldn't fold over after you have your feet in them.
  263. SaltH20Angler

    Two Solid Guys Looking to Join Your Crew

    Thanks Gary, I know of you and enjoy your posts. I know its not easy to find a good crew and I hope we have a chance to fish together to show you that those are not just words on a page. Thanks for considering us and hope to put a face to your name buddy.
  264. SaltH20Angler

    Two Solid Guys Looking to Join Your Crew

    I hear you Bob, I'm not sure how many guys fit comfortably on your sled, but splitting the costs 3 ways certainly helps financially. Now you can get out 3 times as much. :D Thank you for considering us. Hope to hear from you. Always cool to meet well-known active BD members.
  265. SaltH20Angler

    Two Solid Guys Looking to Join Your Crew

    Me and a good fishing buddy are looking to join a crew. I posted the below in the Boat Ho (Rideshare) list but also wanted to post it here in case you dont read that thread. Benny and i like to fish offshore, but enjoy inshore and island fishing equally so please hit me up if we are what you...
  266. SaltH20Angler

    2 Solid Guys Looking to Join Your Crew

    Me and my good buddy are looking to fish offshore with you and your crew if you have room. I posted the below in the Boat Ho (rideshare) list but also wanted to drop a thread here in case you dont normally read that thread. If you are looking for a couple of friendly, experienced, hard...
  267. SaltH20Angler

    Ride Sharing / Boat Ho List

    Hello Fellas, This is the second time that I am posting on the boat ho list. I know this is going to be a longer read than most posts in this forum, but there is so much more to know about someone you are considering bringing on your sled than name, age, location, etc… A few years back I...
  268. SaltH20Angler

    Need info for SBI this weekend

    Ha, well better disregard my shitty advice Im gonna edit my response post to be more accurate. Thanks Glenn!
  269. SaltH20Angler

    Need info for SBI this weekend

    I'd like to help you out but anything I could add would be for the wrong island.
  270. SaltH20Angler

    SOLD Irons misc

    Solid Seller!! These are sold. Thanks Jay!!!
  271. SaltH20Angler

    What is your Catalina YT set up?

    X2.... Lean Back!
  272. SaltH20Angler

    Chunking For Local Bluefin?

    X2... A half scoop is $35 and a full scoop is $45. We will get the full scoop, fill up the tank with a about half a scoop (leavin a little room for a dozen Macks). The rest go into a bucket with ice to keep em fresh as I can. I picked up one of those stainless steel EMT shears that I saw...
  273. SaltH20Angler

    NEW - Fishing On The Banana River

    Bananas are bad luck...not sure if it applies to rivers though. o_O Couple of good recommendations from Brian and Thatsbait. Start there, practice often, and evolve your techniques when you find things that seem to work. Good luck!
  274. SaltH20Angler

    43 report 7-3-19

    Those pics sure look like you made the best of a slow day. A respectful deposit into the "paid dues" account. Thanks for the report.
  275. SaltH20Angler

    Fishing lead ban

    Waiting.... for someone to post how much he/she cant wait until they leave this Hillary lovin', left sided, climate changing, state. o_O
  276. SaltH20Angler

    Would you eat fish caught inside the harbor?

    Eatin' a butt from the harbor.... hhhmmmmm... no way, that's disgusting!! Eatin' the butt on a 25 year old female with a banging body.... um...Yes! :D
  277. SaltH20Angler

    Whoever returned my Jig tote to H&M landing 7/1/19

    Hell yeah!!! I would have been close to tears too. So happy to hear someone did the right thing. I found a purse sitting right in the middle of a parking spot a week ago at my daughters water polo game. I dont know who was happier (me or her) when I found the lady it belonged to. She was the...
  278. SaltH20Angler

    From Mayday to You’re Bit! 6/24

    Damn! You kids have some big ass balls to almost sink, then to head offshore right after.... I'd be arguing for fishin spotties right next to the launch dock for the rest day after that. Good for you!
  279. SaltH20Angler


    I've never had anything worthwhile stolen from me that I can recall but I've read a couple stories on here where guys had some stuff come up missing. The post that stood out the most to me was one where the owner ended up finding someone putting his stolen reel on a another rod. The thief...
  280. SaltH20Angler

    Adding a reel seat to a deckhand rod question

    Not sure, but I had a really nice medium light 7' deckhand rod awesome for fishing calicos in kelp. Bought a Lexa 300 for it and had to have a seat installed because I couldnt find a clamp to fit. Others have had similar situations, so.... Someone needs to make a clamp to fit that reel.
  281. SaltH20Angler

    Adding a reel seat to a deckhand rod question

    Nice lookin clamp. Someone needs to make one to fit the Lexa 300.
  282. SaltH20Angler

    free ice to BDer

    Kind gesture, hope someone takes you up on that offer. Bump :jig:
  283. SaltH20Angler

    Fishing with Ramone in Ejido Erendira on 04/20/19 and on 05/25/19

    You know that's right Brandon. Already trying to get back to Baja already. :D
  284. SaltH20Angler

    New and FREE Jackpot for the Yellowtail Shootout

    Now this is a JP I have a chance at. There have been some days when the only thing gaffed are mylar balloons. Im not superstitious (cuz it's bad luck), but it seems the more trash (balloons) we pick up on the way out...the better catching we do.
  285. SaltH20Angler

    Clamp for Tranx 300

    I had the same issue putting my Lexa 300 on a deckhand live bait rod. Unfortunately none of the clamps I was able to find including Tiburon made one to fit the 300 reel. I ended up taking my deckhand rod my local tackle shop in for $35 he put a seat on there. Here is the thread...
  286. SaltH20Angler

    New Lo-Ann late report

    Lloyd should haven gone to the back of the line after giving "that guy" his spot. I'm for being kind, but not if it means screwing over all the other guys who woke up earlier to get their place in line. Once I see that happen, I get a lil too close to the guy in front of me.
  287. SaltH20Angler

    Question for the experienced sport boats folk here

    Thanks for the follow-up report. Sounds like those kids had a great time catching most of the day. Really enjoyed the read thank you.
  288. SaltH20Angler

    Today at K&M Sportfishing Bluefin on the poppers!!!

    Wow, what a great day that must have been!! Congrats on the BFT, the 2nd picture say it all. Good grade too. The popper in the 3rd pic looks like its been working well. Thanks for sharing!
  289. SaltH20Angler

    Topshot: Fluoro or Mono

    Yep...mono is my go to for irons.
  290. SaltH20Angler

    Epic day on the San Diego

    You lucky dog!! Thanks for the report.
  291. SaltH20Angler

    Bluefin Fishing, The Ugly Truth 5/31-6/2

    Really enjoyable read! I would of had really had high hopes/expectations to do well over a span of 3 days. Good to know this type of stuff happens to others, although you had way more shitty things happen than I have experienced. I still havent caught a BFT after fishing offshore on a PB the...
  292. SaltH20Angler

    Question for the experienced sport boats folk here

    Yep, swimbaits will do fine when dropping down for Rockfish. We just got back from rockfishing baja and had a blast fishing swimbaits on the bottom. They were really fun. We caught sheephead, reds, and whitefish on them. I was tipping the lead head with a strip of squid and was catching more...
  293. SaltH20Angler

    Fishing with Ramone in Ejido Erendira on 04/20/19 and on 05/25/19

    I bet you are right Doug. That was a common theme I heard from more than one person when we were eating at Gloria's Restaurant. We chatted with a couple groups of guys that had been fishing there for 30 years or so. They said there was no road when they first came so they had to drive down...
  294. SaltH20Angler

    Fishing with Ramone in Ejido Erendira on 04/20/19 and on 05/25/19

    Sounds like a plan buddy. PM me when you get back from your business trip.
  295. SaltH20Angler

    Fishing Iron with straight spectra

    I backlash every so often and with straight braid or short (3') topshot on my jigstick, I have lost nice irons...I lost 4 in one day in La Jolla. Now I keep 75-100 yards of mono on top. The stretch of mono is very forgiving.
  296. SaltH20Angler

    Fishing with Ramone in Ejido Erendira on 04/20/19 and on 05/25/19

    To provide some background, I have never had the opportunity to fish Baja Mexico until my good fishing buddy Benny hit me up about 2 months ago. Benny and I have been fishing pretty hard for the last two years on his 20’ Triton Center Console. We have fished many of the local spots as far...
  297. SaltH20Angler

    Tip for the month of June

    Thanks Dave!!
  298. SaltH20Angler

    Where to Fish in riverside

    Sean, My experience with nearly all local places to fish in our area has been poor at best (with the exception of a honey hole I found while hiking). My daughter was just not into waiting around for a bite at the local lakes. That all changed when I started fishing saltwater with her. I...
  299. SaltH20Angler

    Whale breaches near skiff

    Badass!! Always want to get close until...we are close. Simply amazing how big those animals are. One big breach coming down on a skiff and everone is swimming. Beautiful animals but scary as shit when you get close.
  300. SaltH20Angler

    5/13 Catalina/Oil platforms

    Thanks for posting, helps knowing what worked at what didnt. Seems you sure gave a good effort. Dues'll get 'em next time.
  301. SaltH20Angler

    Northern Baja Pacific side fishing

    Me, a buddy, and his little bro went down several week's ago and had a great time getting quality rockfish. Everything was great except the wind, Skipper was the man tho', we caught a lot of fish, filled the freezer. Special credit to the skipper for setting the drift perfect to bump it in...
  302. SaltH20Angler

    Terez rod and rusty wrapping

    Im not the brightest crayon in the box, but I cannot understand why the manufacturer would not use better parts on these expensive rods. I have several rods that are 40 years old roughly and they do not have rust on the guides. Some of them do have little green corrosion, but no rust.
  303. SaltH20Angler

    LB/LA/OC Catalina Report for 5/3 - 5/8

    Great info and condiderate of you to share Ryan!
  304. SaltH20Angler

    Bloody Decks Revamp

    I had to check the date on your post to make sure it wasn't a year old.
  305. SaltH20Angler

    Yo-yo jig bag?

    You can make one really easy and cheap. Go to Home Depot and buy the right size tool bag. Husky makes a couple of decent ones. Then go to the lighting section and buy the transparent plastic fluorescent light protectors for $5 each. You cut those to the right length, put them in the bag...
  306. SaltH20Angler

    swivels and snaps

    I only use them on the dropper Loop set up. Helps minimize the twist ya get from when you're bringing up a deep fish or two. I like the snap on the weight end so i can switch out torpedo weights quick. I like the swivel to attach the gangion to my leader for the reason above.
  307. SaltH20Angler

    Liberty yellows.

    Once you kept typing after you wrote "THAT GUY" you became that guy. :D
  308. SaltH20Angler

    4/27 LJ

    Thanks for sharing John. I liked the graphs!
  309. SaltH20Angler

    4/29 East End Backside Report

    Way to pick your days to hit Cat. Great first report, keep them coming man. :jig:
  310. SaltH20Angler

    What are some tips and tricks for catching yellowtail on the surface iron?

    Thanks for sharing this video, really enjoyed it and hadn't come across it in the past. Favorite line... "there's a lot of dumb ass luck involved". So true IMO. :jig:
  311. SaltH20Angler

    Fishing reel covers

    Never used the see through type but think Dave has a good recommendation. I like my Longfin logo covers as they make all my mismatch reels look somewhat consistent. They are about 6 bucks if I recall correctly and come in different colors. I think most bigger tackle shops are going to have some.
  312. SaltH20Angler

    Anyone catching mackerel in SD Bay

    No, not right now but the bait barges almost always produce macs. We take a couple cans of catfood, freeze overnight, then drop them into a container with holes drilled in (tie some rope to it) and hang it off a cleat. The motion of the ocean will bounce the catfood into a sweet chum line...
  313. SaltH20Angler

    The New California Boaters Card (Mandatory) you tell me, where were you a month ago. All jokes aside, I learned a lot the first time (and the second time) I took the course. I'm glad I read the book and took the test.
  314. SaltH20Angler

    The New California Boaters Card (Mandatory)

    Once you actually get the card, it is a one and done process. You are correct here, I just wanted to clarify that the "certificate" I was provided by BoatUS is no longer accepted to get the card.
  315. SaltH20Angler

    The New California Boaters Card (Mandatory)

    Joe, I had the same thoughts you had and I was wrong. Unfortunately the boat US certificate that we got a while back is no longer acceptable as of January 1 2019. I was able to get a hold of the California folks who handle this and the email below provides more detail. Send me a p.m. if you...
  316. SaltH20Angler

    Fishermen without boats (Men without hats?)

    I posted on that thread once a couple years back and met some really good skippers that became great friends.
  317. SaltH20Angler

    How to prepare sashimi

    Its all about the care when you catch it. I personally have had some yellowfin that was a lil fishy after being kept in the RSW. I didnt catch it, so maybe it sat in a sack or on deck for too long. Maybe it was the bag of fillets that let the meat sit in its juices. All I know for sure was...
  318. SaltH20Angler

    How long of a top shot?

    I go with a really long topshot for casting forgiveness (stretch) when casting irons/heavy lures. I lost way too many irons using a shory (3-4 ft) topshot when I backlash. Snap and off goes the iron. The only time I dont use a long topshot is for the kelp (kelp cutter set up) and when bottom...
  319. SaltH20Angler

    Long Beach Break Wall Question

    Yep, totally doable and pretty safe. Ditto on launching at Davies. When you come out of the channel, you will see Nachos bait barge at a 2 o'clock heading. If you have a bait tank, hit the bait barge for some fin bait. There is no specific "spot" per say on the breakwall. You can do really...
  320. SaltH20Angler

    Weather Change

    11 feet at 10 seconds tonight... Eff that!
  321. SaltH20Angler

    White cbass setup

    Giyawd Dayum!!! Winner!!
  322. SaltH20Angler

    Birdschool Yellowtail. 4/5

    Sick bro, hard to beat that with a stick!!
  323. SaltH20Angler

    SOLD Siiizold

    Price reduced...bump
  324. SaltH20Angler

    White cbass setup

    I like a big leadhead with a couple of live squid pinned on. I prefer heavier leadheads as they sink past the perch faster and you lose less squid on the drop. Those perch and whitefish can rob you blind in a matter of seconds so get it down quick. Ive heard good things about 1 live squid...
  325. SaltH20Angler

    Anybody want to fish the bay?

    Hard to beat that deal. $35 and no cleaning... your inbox must be full. :jig:
  326. SaltH20Angler

    Looking for fishing friends....

    I recommended checking out the ride share (boat ho) list. I put my info and got called really quick. Been fishing with those same guys for two years and consider them to be really good buddies now. It's a good start.
  327. SaltH20Angler

    Not Sure How to Title This

    How is wanting the best quality fish possible equate to being spoiled? Yeah, yeah, yeah... cut a gill, pour (70°) water on the gunny sac blah blah blah... These are 61 year old solutions and are not going to cut it for the immature who want better fish quality for sushi. I dont give much...
  328. SaltH20Angler

    Not Sure How to Title This

    Maybe its just me (if I have to ask, it probably is me, right?), but I have had tuna that was in the RSW hold on a 2 day trip and I was surprised that the loins were pretty fishy. I couldnt serve it to friends/fam as sushi. I wasnt the one who caught the tuna so maybe theres a chance that the...
  329. SaltH20Angler

    Not Sure How to Title This

    Totally agree that there has to be a better way. Crazy how many people dont eat certain fish (bonito, skipjack, baracuda, etc...) after catching them on sporties. That was me until I started fishing on private boats with plenty of ice. Now, I love bonito and skipjack for sushi and poke'...
  330. SaltH20Angler

    For Sale 2006 Triton 195cc

    This sled has been incredibly comfortable, dry, and fishy for the two years I have fished. Many great memories on this boat. Guys, this is a super fishy skiff and Benny really takes good care of his boat and gear. Your gonna be hard pressed to find a fishier boat in this good of shape. Great...
  331. SaltH20Angler

    SOLD Siiizold

  332. SaltH20Angler

    Any interest in Frozen Flying Fish

    Yes...if the price is reasonable.
  333. SaltH20Angler

    Renting a boat and running to Cat no prior experience?

    Taking the CA Boater Card test now. This is on page 102 of the online booklet. Ironic that renters dont need the card but the booklet clearly shows increased trends for rentals. To the OP and anyone who might need a little boating safety information.... take some time to review the booklet...
  334. SaltH20Angler

    SOLD Penn slammer 3 7500, saltiga 40Ha, UC Delmar 9’

    Bump for someone that keeps his gear in tip top shape..
  335. SaltH20Angler

    Moving to back to the BEST Coast - OFFSHORE FISHING HELP

    A bait tank that can hold a scoop or so (preferably more) is really really valuable. Might want to consider upgrading to a better bait tank once you get settled in. I fish on a 20' Triton with a bait tank that holds a half scoop nice but when it comes to yellowfin, it makes all the...
  336. SaltH20Angler

    Blue Shark on the Fly Rod (video)

    That flyrod was bendo! Thanks for sharing Corey. :jig:
  337. SaltH20Angler


    No shit? I wouldnt think the pooper popper would get it poppin like that. I hope nobody tries to make a homemade knockoff.
  338. SaltH20Angler


    That's a pooper if I've ever seen one.
  339. SaltH20Angler

    SOLD couple of jigs

    These shouldnt last long. Bump for a nice price!
  340. SaltH20Angler

    Letters have Changed?

    The only downside is that my long ass fishing reports are going to be 3 pages long...and that's not counting any response comments.
  341. SaltH20Angler

    FHS Long Beach Tickets?

    That explains why I couldn't find it. Thanks Glenn!!
  342. SaltH20Angler

    Mexico Annouces 22 Vaquita Remain
  343. SaltH20Angler

    FHS Long Beach Tickets?

    I haven't seen any discounts on tickets to the LB show floating around this year like in the past. Last year, someone sent me that $3 Progressive coupon and posted it here to share the love. I know it was only $3 but hey...3 bucks is 3 bucks. Last year we saved enough between me and my...
  344. SaltH20Angler

    How far can you actually throw a Jig???

    I honestly don't know how far I can cast, but I do know the harder I try to launch an iron....the more likely I'll get a birds nest. I'm going to the FHS this Saturday and am really looking forward to casting a bunch of rod/reel combos at the lagoon. Im doing that rain or shine. It would be...
  345. SaltH20Angler

    What do you look for in a tackle bag/box?

    Stringer to keep them alive (fresh) as long as possible.
  346. SaltH20Angler

    Rockfish SD

    Rock fish can be found on or near structure at almost any depth. I've caught them at in 30 feet or so, but also on structure much deeper. The regs opened up deeper water this year, but i don't know the specifics.. Couple pieces of advice... Your going to get :frehya2: answers here if you...
  347. SaltH20Angler

    What do you look for in a tackle bag/box?

    When shore fishing jigs/lures, I cant seem to stay in one place. The backpack feature is really important for me as I usually have my hands full with rod, a drink, any any fish I keep to eat.
  348. SaltH20Angler

    Kill bag zipper replace/repair?

    I know this is not the topic of the thread, but I want to share a tip to keep zippers moving smooth. I'm sure many of you know this or other good ways. Rub an old candle on the zipper (inside and out) and it will help keep water out and provides a long lasting lube. :jig:
  349. SaltH20Angler

    Colt snipper and popper recommendations for YFT?

    So true! I have had a lot of success with the P-Line Lazer Minnows. They are about $5 at most tackle shops.. I put a little bend in these types of jigs. Not sure if it helps, but I do get bit on them pretty well. Great idea Alex!! I stopped using jigs with treble hooks when rock fishing...
  350. SaltH20Angler

    Red Spectra pros and cons

    So true... I remember a packed grupon trip where every damn sardine I flylined took off away from the boat for about 25 feet and then would circle back to the boat. Seemed like it was only happening to me. I could feel the bait so I kept feeding it line. I caused way too many tangles that day...
  351. SaltH20Angler

    Small fish and big bags of ice...

    I like the ice machine idea. Can't tell you how many times I have heard guys on the radio offering $20 or a good jig/lure/iron for a bag on the water. Moreover, it seems nobody bites on the offer because you hear the same guys asking over and over. It's all about demand and convienience. I...
  352. SaltH20Angler

    Local Walmart clearance

    Score!!! Now thats a nice price!!
  353. SaltH20Angler

    My first sculpin! San Diego bay

    Congrats on your first Rattler, they are tasty. :hali_olutta: Here's to the first time you get poked by one and the laughs your buddies will have arguing over who gets to piss on your hand. That doesnt make it feel better...I hear....but any good friend will insist it will help. I've been...
  354. SaltH20Angler

    Tip of the month for Feb.

    Good advice Dave! Got mine serviced and ready for this year.
  355. SaltH20Angler

    Broken rod

    I got a kick out of it just by picturing it. Thanks for the laugh. :jig:
  356. SaltH20Angler

    Are these old jigs still usable?

    The rust is probably cosmetic. The jigs likely have not been fished too much seeing how you can still read the price tag. I'm thinking there's a good chance the rust is a thin layer on top and not rusted through. There's a few homemade liquids (and more you can buy) to soak the hooks. Hit the...
  357. SaltH20Angler

    Catalina Bugs 2/11/19

    Right on bro! Thanks for the report!
  358. SaltH20Angler

    White Seabass hatchery a failure

    Could it be that the program is successful at +1% considering a comparison to the what the reduced number would have been today at the rate of decline?
  359. SaltH20Angler

    A Way to Fish Cheap

    Here is half of the answer to you are looking for... :D Kidding aside... I know your talking about owning a boat, but if you havent considered being a ho it's worth a thought. The other half is being a hard working...
  360. SaltH20Angler

    FHS, what are you looking to purchase?

    Im pretty much set up for all of my inshore/offshore needs, so I will be looking for great prices on items I would like to have more than anything. If the prices are right, I see myself picking up some terminal tackle, maybe another 9' rod, as well as some jigs. I never used a OCT or JRI iron...
  361. SaltH20Angler

    Pacific Coast Sportfishing Festival ?

    I've been a couple of times and the experience doesnt compare to FHS in LB, not even close. Still cool tho' and you might score a deal or two, but its got to be a good deal to absorb the cover charge and still be a deal. I think they charged $12 or $13 for entry. That said... I'm probably...
  362. SaltH20Angler

    Video Edit Phenix Rods/HKSlays-Hosted Trip on the Pacific Voyager 6.18

    Great video!!! Enjoyed the content, music volume, narration, and no wind noise. I can watch videos like this over and over. Got me wishin I could join you guys on the next trip. Nice BFT on the bass gear!!! :jig:
  363. SaltH20Angler

    LJ 1/28

    I havent been out since late September and this report got me itchin to fish LJ. Beautiful day between storms, water was calm, fish were biting, wide open on sea mammals... what a nice day. Thanks for posting bro!!
  364. SaltH20Angler

    Catalina Report 01/23 to 01/25

    Always enjoy reading your posts Mike. Nice job on recovering from the bait pump fiasco and having a backup. I can imagine you dont have a freezer on board to freeze the dead ones. Did you chum/sabiki the macks with the dead squid and throw them in your working bait tank. I know you and Sean...
  365. SaltH20Angler

    1/29/2019 at IZOR's

    At $50 a half scoop, every last squid left over goes into one pound (apprx) bags and into the freezer. The fresh dead comes in handy the rest of the summer when the squid are gone and the stores charge $5 a pound. Thanks for the report and happy you stayed busy hooking up most of the day...
  366. SaltH20Angler

    Colonett 1.26.2019

    Thanks for the report!
  367. SaltH20Angler

    Reel Service Needed

    I highly recommend B&F Rod & Reel in Ontario off of Mountain and 4th street. Lonnie (reel repair and service) and BUFF (dont know his real name but he goes by BUFF...Big Ugly Fat Friend) are married and have been performing every type of service imaginable for what is probably 50 years. I dont...
  368. SaltH20Angler


    Pats 23 Rams 20 Thanks again for setting this up.
  369. SaltH20Angler

    Rpt.-Wed.-01-23-19 PV and Shoe go off!

    You guys always seem to do great bassin' on the Ducky, even on slow days. To hear yesterday may have been the best day ever (at PV/Shoe) says a lot. I dont fish much in the winter because the catchin is slow usually, but now you have me rethinking that mindset. Whether or not you have pics...
  370. SaltH20Angler

    Getting a Seagull Tangled in Your Line - Why do You Hurt the Bird?

    I agree as well, there is no excuse for this type of behavior unless its a sea lion. Ok, its not cool to hurt sealions either, but I hate 'em. In all seriousness, thank you for writing this post. This type of behavior continues when others look the other way. That said, If you are gonna say...
  371. SaltH20Angler

    Fred Hall Bakersfield ?

    Never been to any FHS other than LB. Plenty of fishing related items (most everything there is). Really easy to make a day of it with the seminars, swag collecting, interactive exhibits, shopping (or just looking) and other activities (pellet gun shooting range, food vendors, lumberjack...
  372. SaltH20Angler

    DP - 267 Sat 1/19

    QUOTE="Heavymetal69, post: 4763254, member: 193031"]Fished all around 267 and beyond. 7 patties, 0 fish After reading Heavymetal's post... looks like you found the magic paddy. Fine job! :jig:
  373. SaltH20Angler

    Best Trips Available for This Sunday and Monday Between SD and LB

    What about the San Diego? I hear that if YT are to be caught, the San Diego will be on them. $.02. :D
  374. SaltH20Angler

    Hurricane salt tackle

    How much were they? Were the large versions the same size as a general brands of surface irons
  375. SaltH20Angler

    8’, 9’ or 10’ for personal skiff local (SD) tactics... go!

    I'm not a big fan of constantly resetting the skiff to stay in the pocket of a sweet spot. I want to get as many quality casts to the zone before picking up to reset. If I can get 2 or 3 extra casts entering the zone and another 2 or 3 on the way out, I feel I am more efficient. Besides, the...
  376. SaltH20Angler

    Embarrassing question but, how do you spool a baitcaster with braided line?

    A lot of good advice above. Sounds like you are rather new at this, so I recommend taking your reel and line to your local tackle shop and pay a couple of bucks to have them do it for you. Maybe they do you a solid and do it for free if you buy a handful of items (mono, hooks...
  377. SaltH20Angler

    Suggestions for lures for So Cal

    Ding Ding Ding... Winner!!!!
  378. SaltH20Angler

    Rod Tip Repair Services

    X2 on B&F Rod and Reel in Ontario. Buff or Lonnie will get you back in business in no time and the prices are unbeatable.
  379. SaltH20Angler

    First timer Out to Coronados in Private Boat..

    Pukey Point is a spot I like to fish. Drops pretty deep just north of the north point for rockfish. We have caught yellowtail in 80' to 100' (try the yoyo iron this time of year) there, solid calico bass up close in the boilers, and plenty of the 3 Bs on the surface (in warmer weather). The...
  380. SaltH20Angler

    Where else can you dress like this in December?RF report--Dec 15

    Those are some legit reds right there!! Glad you had as much fun as yout boy did. No doubt you are one proud Dad. :jig:
  381. SaltH20Angler

    If this does not make you laugh.You may want to go to sleep

    The part I related to the most was when the DH went to toss out the bait but the hook and line stayed behind while the sardine went for a flight. The ear shower was icing on the cake. Thanks for sharing Dave!
  382. SaltH20Angler

    OC fishing clubs
  383. SaltH20Angler

    Accurate APXL-7 Piranha Extra Lite Pliers reviews?

    If I was prone to losing things, I would go with something way less expensive than Accurate. I would go with duckbill/dykes. This guy (link below) makes custom colors, is getting great feedback, and the price is great too...
  384. SaltH20Angler

    Okuma PCH 801XH - Cheap on Amazon!

    Merry F'n Christmas!! :jig:
  385. SaltH20Angler

    WTB Jig Bag for Irons

    X2... plus, Home Depot also sells 8' clear plastic tubes to cover florescent light bulbs for 5$. Jigs fit nicely. Cut as needed to length of your tote or irons and you are set up for $10. Cant beat that with a stick! Here is what I'm talking about...
  386. SaltH20Angler

    Hooks Landing - 12/8/2018

    Great job Matthew and thanks for the enjoyable read. Enjoyed reading about how the Captain paid it forward, how you kept it cool when someone was using your rod as a rental, and that your Personal Best (PB) caught her Jackpot PB, and to top it off...she used it to pay it forward to the...
  387. SaltH20Angler

    OC fishing clubs

    BD club? I can just imagine what it would be like. Hahaha... It would be a club where everyone corrects or disagrees with the point being made by the person speaking before them. Gettin all mad n shit. :D Guys bringing up the same subjective topics of what's the best this or that. Guys...
  388. SaltH20Angler

    Duck-Bill vs Needle-nose vs Blunt-nose Pliers -- What's Your Choice and Why?

    X2 on Robert's post!! Love this style of cutter. It retracts automatically and cuts braid, mono, and floro with ease. I clipped it to the sheath of my Mustad needlenose pliers and I'm sad to say my needlenose aint been getting as much use.
  389. SaltH20Angler

    best small reel

    Not sure what you are fishing for, but the Lexa 300 is a small but powerful baitcaster. I wouldnt hunt tuna with it but great for med to small YT, large bass, and even good sized Dodos. :jig:
  390. SaltH20Angler

    What's wrong with my handling of fillets?

    I think we feel the same way about the fish guts/poop getting on the fillets.:-)
  391. SaltH20Angler

    What's wrong with my handling of fillets?

    I'm just rinsing them briefly with salt and freshwater water now, cuz I prefer to do the knifework in a comfy stable position (kitchen counter). I'm wondering what the guys do that dont rinse at all. Maybe you already said it and they just go thru a whole bunch of towels. :jig:
  392. SaltH20Angler

    What's wrong with my handling of fillets?

    Quick question relating to not rinsing your fish... I used to rinse my fillets in freshwater and never noticed any difference to the meat. Recently two of my buddies from this website who are avid fisherman told me the same thing which was not to use fresh water. In fact they told me they...
  393. SaltH20Angler

    how to remove a thread

    Look at the bottom of your post that you want to edit. Look for where it says "edit" next to the date of that post.
  394. SaltH20Angler

    When targeting White Sea Bass...

    A lot of guys like the dropper loop with a heavy white iron (a live squid on each of the 3 hooks) a couple of cranks off the bottom instead of a torpedo weight. Just make sure to only have one other hook (besides the treble hook on the iron) as you can only have 2 hooks total when fishing...
  395. SaltH20Angler

    11-25-18 a.m. half day

    Hell yeah! Rockfish for dinner! New Seaforth gets it done for sure. Nice haul.
  396. SaltH20Angler

    YFT Thanksgiving

    Wow!! Thanks for the report. Great job on the yellowfin.
  397. SaltH20Angler

    how to remove a thread

    Better hurry up and delete that dickpic. LOL!!!
  398. SaltH20Angler

    Appreciation for 22nd St. Landing

  399. SaltH20Angler

    A Thanks

    Ditto... I just volunteered with habitat for humanity yesterday for the first time. We worked on a home in Tustin that is specifically set aside for a veteran and his family. I am so sore from digging footers all day, but feel so good knowing the home is going to a veteran. Thank you to all...
  400. SaltH20Angler

    Trolling Lures Near The Coronado's

    X2... I like the deep divers in mackerel color. Or you can make a dozen macks then nosehook them (put a 2 oz egg or heavy bullet weight on one of them) and slow troll a couple from spot to spot. Might find the Yellowtail.
  401. SaltH20Angler

    11-4-18 Solo Celebration

    Man, I'm jealous!! Way to turn an untimely pump motor malfunction and a tank of half dead dines into a cheap sea creature saving adventure and a smoker full of fish. Well played Willdoggy...well played.
  402. SaltH20Angler

    Conquest on the New Lo An

    Hell yeah!! The NLA comin through in the clutch! Sweet success pie tastes even sweeter when you have to work harder to get a slice. You definitely worked hard and lost plenty before getting this one. Badass!! :rockin:
  403. SaltH20Angler

    17 for 17 on the Pacific Dawn Oct 27-28 1.5

    Incredible!! Great trip on the PQ. Cool the old timer got his. This is what dreams are made of. :worship:
  404. SaltH20Angler

    Recipe for Bonito or Skipjack

    That's the perfect recipe for Sportboat caught Bonito/Skipjack. I caught and ate them a couple of times about 10 years ago on a 3/4 day sporty and they tasted like fish anus after sitting in the sun all day. I CANNOT tolerate rotten fish oil flavor they had and threw back hundreds of them over...
  405. SaltH20Angler

    What to do with this collars?

    Love the collars!! I especially like how they turn into finger foods when you pick them up by the crispy fin. Your recipe looks yummy, but I usually hit them with GSAP (Garlic Salt and Pepper), and eat them with white rice and soy sauce. Eeezy Peezy...Delisheezy
  406. SaltH20Angler

    Boat gear gudalupe

    If they got you covered...they got you covered. Post a report with pics when you get back. :jig:
  407. SaltH20Angler

    Plan to take 10 yr old Grandson for YFT Saturday - Intel??

    Glad you went and got something for the kid to pull on. He'll get his YFT or BFT soon enough and I hope it's sooner than later. When he does make sure your in one of the photos.
  408. SaltH20Angler

    10-26-18 full day on the new Seaforth

    Diggin' that bloody deck! The New Seaforth is getting it done again. Thanks for the prompt report.
  409. SaltH20Angler

    Fundraiser Fishing Tackle Swap Meet-11/4/18

    There might be some guys (other than me) that have a couple of rods in the garage collecting dust. Would this event be a good time/place to drop off working rods/reels setups to donate to the foundation? I know you have several events annually where kids fish for free and I've been trying to...
  410. SaltH20Angler

    North 9 10/24

    Looks like you had one of those days... you scratched a few up and that sure beats a skunk. That Calico is a slug! Fishing 4 guys comfortably is a huge plus and makes for affordable fishing trips if split evenly. Funny that you mention your buddy seeing a jumping wahoo, cuz I personally saw...
  411. SaltH20Angler

    New Lo-An 10/21-24

    In...credible!! :eek2:
  412. SaltH20Angler

    Aztec 1.75 report for 10-22 to 10-24

    68 years old.. You my friend...are a STUD!! Hell of a fish. I hope I'm fishing at 68 man. :rockin::rockin:
  413. SaltH20Angler

    Finding GPS coordinates

    Google is your friend...
  414. SaltH20Angler

    Finding GPS coordinates

    I dont fish MDR so I'm not going to be much help as far a GPS#s. However....I found a post that might be helpful.
  415. SaltH20Angler

    I'm in love....with my new Calstar...

    I call BS without pics.:D
  416. SaltH20Angler

    Surface Iron - Tips and Opinions wanted

    Welcome to sunny SoCal and what I consider to be one of the coolest cultures of local fishing techniques. I love throwin the iron and watching it swim/kick as it approaches the boat. I love it more when I'm bendo on a decent Yellowtail. I'm no expert, but I'll give you my opinions. That 9'...
  417. SaltH20Angler

    Weekend warriors

    Fuck yeah bro!!! Maybe you tag that 7 year old in the eye with the metal ring on your half pound weight you fastballed over at them. Show that little fucker what happens when they fuck with your pots/ropes/spots. That will teach em good. Give him/her a lifetime to think about whether it was...
  418. SaltH20Angler

    New Lo An 10/20/18

    Thats about as close to a guarantee to catch fish as you can get. Awesome if the Captain to do that. :rockin:
  419. SaltH20Angler

    FoundEm 10/20

  420. SaltH20Angler


    The @Kman red flake swimbaits (no affiliation) in the 3 or 4 inch size completely murders the Sand Bass and Calicos at Palos Verdes or Izors areas. No reason they wouldnt work anywhere else (saltwater). He marinates them in this scent that smells like black licorice. PM him and he will sell...
  421. SaltH20Angler

    Rockfish with dropper loop -- when to set the hook

    X2 @CaptJgray Perch and Whitefish (like @Hismosa mentioned) can clean a squid off a hook in seconds. They both feel like little taps when it happening. It drives me nuts when I find myself getting picked clean over and over. Somewhat funny story...I was fishing Catalina and was getting...
  422. SaltH20Angler

    Anybody on Tomahawk 1.5 this Friday 10-19?

    Wish I could go with you guys, have fun and post a report when you get back. :jig:
  423. SaltH20Angler

    Offshore 10/14

  424. SaltH20Angler

    Offshore 10/14

    EXACTLY!!! We were out that same day and noticed how a bunch of us were working together. We even started to head for Mike's numbers when the bite slowed down. (Thanks Mike!! @Paddyman ) It takes a significant amount of chum to get those Yellowfin up and a smaller skiff (small bait tank)...
  425. SaltH20Angler

    10/14 – 9 Mile Bank/302 area

    No doubt Matt, we are looking forward to that as well man. I gotta hit the usual suspects first because those 2 guys have earned their 1st and 2nd spots, but you are third on the list bro. In speaking to you on the phone it is crystal clear to me that you are one fishy dude. In fact... If...
  426. SaltH20Angler

    9 on a 12' rib

    We havent had too many grease days like that. I love the gas savings while being able to get far, fast. :D For some weird reason... I dont seem to catch a lot of fish those days. Thanks for the report, looks like a great day to me. :jig:
  427. SaltH20Angler

    Old Glory - great customer service

    Thanks for recognizing those guys for going out of their way to make things right. They far exceeded what most people would consider A+ service. I really like hearing good things like this. I just watched a YouTube video posted by SoCalSkiffLife (no affiliation) about his trip on the Old Glory...
  428. SaltH20Angler

    Dorado on the wild in sac

    When I watched the vid, I felt like I was right there in the chaos with you guys.
  429. SaltH20Angler

    10/14 – 9 Mile Bank/302 area

    Hell Cody, It was your recent report that helped in some ways put together the plan. Thanks for your report man.:jig:
  430. SaltH20Angler

    10/14 – 9 Mile Bank/302 area

    That lip on the cutting board holds just enough liquid to avoid dripping blood all over the counter before I can grab a paper towel. I'd love to take credit for that plate of poke nachos, but that recipe is all Glenn's. I'm sure he'll tell you the recipe if you PM him @Hismosa. It does look...
  431. SaltH20Angler

    10/14 – 9 Mile Bank/302 area

    What?? No funny pic Marty? Right now, I could go for the pic with the chipped tooth kid with matching fish...both smiling from ear to ear. Thats how happy I was to get one finally. :D
  432. SaltH20Angler

    10/14 – 9 Mile Bank/302 area

    Thanks Matt!! In some weird way, I'm kinda glad it took me a while to get one because I tend remember the things that don't come easy. I've had my fair share of skunky days chasing tuna and it feels great to check a YFT off the list.
  433. SaltH20Angler

    10/14 – 9 Mile Bank/302 area

    Got the call from @Benny Mora and decided to make a run offshore to fish half-day on Sunday to see if we could enjoy some of the Skipjack action that has been reported lately. Got ahold of Glenn @Hismosa and he was up for the run too. Met up at Benny’s house in Corona at 3am and we were off to...
  434. SaltH20Angler

    Why am i addicted to fishing

    When I was a little younger than you, my parents divorced and my mom moved us kids from Long Beach CA to a really rough (poor] neighborhood in Columbus Ohio. I had a real hard time fitting in with the kids my age (mostly because I looked different and because I got jumped by them often). No...
  435. SaltH20Angler


    pm sent
  436. SaltH20Angler

    SOLD Prices reduced! Rods-truline,sabre,seeker !found a ring!

    Great recommendation!! OP, Make sure you get a business card with the price wrtten in the back. That way you remember the shop that gave you the best deal. Also helps the next shop owner know you are telling the truth about getting a better price from an earlier shop and they will go lower...
  437. SaltH20Angler


    Right on Chris, pretty cool of you to make this offer. I'll be in LB tomorrow morning and will see if my Dad and stepmom would like me to take you up on the offer. I'll pm you if so. Thanks!!
  438. SaltH20Angler

    Bonito sailing off Point Loma

    I tried to gaff a fish with the protective plastic still on the end of the gaff once. Not only that, but sometimes I forget to take the protective plastic pieces off the treble hooks on new lures. Luckily I usually notice it after a few short bites. :frehya2: Thanks for the report. How did...
  439. SaltH20Angler


  440. SaltH20Angler

    La Jolla 9/23 AM 1/2 day

    Hell yeah!! Great job man. We fished La Jolla (half day am) a day before and still couldn't catch anything's better than a couple of decent sized calicos. I say you and your young buddy did a fantastic job. Taking a old guy fishing... him being able to even do it...and on top of that putting...
  441. SaltH20Angler

    Love the Liberty...........

    lucky shorts! :jig:
  442. SaltH20Angler

    2 miles off Torrey pines (late report)

    That will be one day to remember, they dont come around very often (at least for me) lol. Bet you guys had a blast with those Dodos going airborne. :jig:
  443. SaltH20Angler

    Larger grade Bonita off Newport

    Those are the RIGHT sized bones for sure. Well done!! Thanks for the report.
  444. SaltH20Angler

    Knot Strength Testing (Clinch/ImpClinch/S.D.Jam/Palomar)

    Thanks Kent. Guess it's time for me to learn the SD jam. Funny story... A couple of weeks ago we were fishing and I was showing my buddy how to tie a SD jam. I didnt know he already knew how to tie it and when I was showing him he said... That's not a SDJam knot. Our third guy took a look...
  445. SaltH20Angler

    La Jolla Afternoon YT 9/11

    Studs!! Thanks for the timely report. :jig:
  446. SaltH20Angler

    371 9/11/18

    Love the same day reports... Thanks Connor!!
  447. SaltH20Angler

    9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    This is how it's done... Well played Salt Shaker....well played.
  448. SaltH20Angler

    09/08/18 The Salt shaker finds em early

    Thats how you do it bro!! :worship:
  449. SaltH20Angler

    9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    Great read for the Bet the OP didnt see that response coming from Debi. Hahaha!! Just like anything else in this world...Times Are Changing. If you dont adapt with the changes, you will be left behind. Better have a smart phone, learn to text, and wave everyone in on the...
  450. SaltH20Angler

    Orca's off of the Coronado Islands - Saturday 9/8

    I saw the news spot and wondered if you guys were on we know. :D That must have been incredible, happy you got to have that loooong moment with one of the ocean's apex predators. WOW!!
  451. SaltH20Angler

    Father/Son Bloody Decks and Catalina Yellows 9/6/18

    Damn Nick!!! I really enjoyed the read man, felt like I was there with you guys. You probably know this already, but you are fortunate in so many ways. X2 in framing that pic and giving it to Pops. But... take it to the next level and get it printed on Canvas. superclean looking. Thanks...
  452. SaltH20Angler

    For Sale Left over reels

    I love my SL20SH, use it for my go-to reel on my Jigstick. This shouldn't last long. Bump for a great deal (comes with braid too). GLWS!
  453. SaltH20Angler

    Catalina Offshore - Limits of Dorado and some Yellowfin

    Damn Jonathan, You sure did better than we did on Sunday. Good for you and I am happy you are back in business bro. :jig:
  454. SaltH20Angler

    150 and The Wall

    Hell yeah Tom, sounds like you had a nice day. Glad to see you were able to get bent on some local action. We went to the south and backside of Cat hunting the larger BFT for the skunk. Found a paddy holdin Dorado while we were out there. I was flylining a mack when one started jumping...
  455. SaltH20Angler

    How big is this fish

    Good luck back there! If you need help finding someone to help you take some of that delicious meat off your hands you let me know and I'll meet you somewhere to help process the catch. I have an empty shelf for you in my standup freezer. Shoot... I'll even haul away the carcass for you.:D
  456. SaltH20Angler

    Dorado out of Newport Beach

    Talk about a great time to shoot a video!! She did better that I did this weekend. Thank you for sharing. This made my day.
  457. SaltH20Angler

    9/3 LJ Dodo

    Years from now... you will be happy that you snapped those pics right after the gaff. What beautiful and bright colors those fish have right when they come out of the water. Hope you frame those photos and put them on a wall you see everyday.
  458. SaltH20Angler

    For Sale 19 ft MAKO for sale

    Do you have more pics of the boat and more info on the boat, motor, trailer, etc?
  459. SaltH20Angler

    Swimbaits at Catalina?

    Swimbaits have worked well for me along the kelp and the shallow areas near rocks that show on low tides. I like the calico killer (gold/black with red belly) and the sardine colors. I like to fish heavier line with the drag buttoned so I can yank them out of the kelp.
  460. SaltH20Angler

    Trying again for the 5th week. I wanna fish. Anyone have space

    Hey Matt, I havent forgot about you brotha. You are actually #3 on my short list of guys to call when we need one. I would have hit u up but the #1 or #2 guys have been available the last few trips. Hope you get out this weekend and that you celebrate your birthday with loved ones/family...
  461. SaltH20Angler

    SOLD lures n stuff

    Hey Frank, Can you send the reply again, For some reason I have not received a pm from you. Thank you.
  462. SaltH20Angler

    SOLD lures n stuff

    Ill take the candybar irons (6). pm you with my address and info.
  463. SaltH20Angler

    SOLD Daiwa Lexa 300 HSL-P (Left Hand)

    damn! Thats a good deal. wont last long. free bump!
  464. SaltH20Angler

    08/25 La Jolla

    I've heard of that book a few times so I took your advice and picked it up off amazon for $13. Thanks again Mike!
  465. SaltH20Angler

    08/25 La Jolla

    Aw Damn Glenn!! You had to bring it Benny's YT is gonna make that one look like its little sister.
  466. SaltH20Angler

    Myth debunked, Pride 8/24/18

    Right on bruh!!! Glad you got out and got your fill on yhe tug-drug! Good read!! Thanks!!
  467. SaltH20Angler

    08/25 La Jolla

    Damn Mike!! I had to screen shot that post and save to my phone gallery. Supercool of you to share your knowledge. I remember when you posted the report when your son caught that yellow. That's a photo for the living room wall for sure buddy
  468. SaltH20Angler

    Pt Loma Yellows, Bass, Barricuda and Bonefish!

    Nice, that Bonefish would be a first for me. Thanks for the report man.
  469. SaltH20Angler

    08/25 La Jolla

    Thanks Mike. I sure could use some help on catching those Catalina YT like you do. I have tried and tried but no success there so far. Every time I read one of your reports, you and your son, Sean, seem to be holding up several nice ones. What's the biggest yellowtail you or Sean has...
  470. SaltH20Angler

    08/25 La Jolla

    Thanks Steve!! The seas do look pretty nice in these pics. Maybe it was the all the beer that made it hard for me to walk straight. lol :cheers:
  471. SaltH20Angler

    08/25 La Jolla

    After fishing mostly offshore over the last few months with @Benny Mora, I was looking forward to an easier day fishing inshore, especially because the offshore bite seemed to be pretty far south with most reports showing Skipjack with smaller grade YFT mixed in were being caught. Also, from...
  472. SaltH20Angler

    Catalina Mid-Week Yellows 8/20 to 8/22

    I was just commenting to my buddy about the reports these past five or so days. Seems like a lot of guys have been going hard and still getting skunked or only catching a couple. Last Saturday 3 of us fished all day (offshore) and only had two dodos to show for it. That Big Bull @Hismosa...
  473. SaltH20Angler

    8/20 running in circles

    To add to this.... By missing yesterday's hot zone, you might just find today's hot zone. Besides...a lot of reports are showing other experienced guys are having the same results. Still a great day spent with your son sharpening his gaff/net skills.
  474. SaltH20Angler

    Beautiful day of boating

    All reports are valuable... Thanks for taking the time to write this one. Great attitude BTW. Now you're going to have to post another report once you get 'em good. Lookin' forward to reading it and seeing the pics.
  475. SaltH20Angler

    371 to the hidden

    Like a Boss...Like a-Like a BOSS!!! Nice Read, Thanks for the report. You were definitely a winner that day. Cool pix of the kiddos.
  476. SaltH20Angler

    358 miles of skunk

    Damn bruh... I thought we had it bad having a couple of skunky 100+ mile days this year, but this brings "paying dues" to the next level.These are the days when its better to be lucky. Any other time, you would have been posting a pic of you holdin that big BFT up by the tail. At least you...
  477. SaltH20Angler

    8/18 8/19 PLK

    Awesome, you gotta love it when you are finished because your arms are tired.
  478. SaltH20Angler

    San Clemente Island Saturday with a side of offshore action 8/18/18

    Most fisherman dislike it when we find the paddy and others join in or "poach it". At the same time, most of those same guys seem to think it's ok when they do that to others. It's rare that we are on a paddy and other boats don't stop to fish it. I'm sure there are guys out there that won't...
  479. SaltH20Angler

    Coronados 8/20

    Hell of a day you had, congrats! The bar is set high now, better keep up the catchin. :D
  480. SaltH20Angler

    8/18 LJ Dodo

    Right on Pops!!! :worship:
  481. SaltH20Angler

    10 off Torrey

    Good for you Dave! It's been a really long time since I have been on a YT bite like that. :jig:
  482. SaltH20Angler

    08/18 – La Jolla, N9, S. of the 209 – Big Dodo

    Thanks for the dope bro. Lookin forward to getting out with you soon. Thinking I'll trade some of my mack catchin skills for a YT or two.
  483. SaltH20Angler

    08/18 – La Jolla, N9, S. of the 209 – Big Dodo

    Short Story: Got lucky and learned a valuable lesson after forgetting to put in the plug. Once that alarm was handled, we launched out of Mission Bay, bought a half scoop of lively dines, made a bunch of macs, and hit La Jolla for no love. Decided to pick up and head off shore after an hour...
  484. SaltH20Angler

    Offshore US Waters - General Overview

    Now that's an informative report, thanks Matt!!! On a side note... The guy on the left in the first pic looks like @Hardcor o_O lol
  485. SaltH20Angler

    Sorry flip flops or ??

    Rainbows ($35) are super comfortable but kill your feet beaking them in the first week or so, and the leather is not good when wet. Reef will replace the shoe for free as long as you dont wear them down into the next colored layer of foam. Reefs ($12-$17 at Ross/Marshalls) are very comfortable...
  486. SaltH20Angler

    8-16 limits of yellowfin

    Yes, Thanks for the very Timely report.
  487. SaltH20Angler

    For Sale Turn Key, 22' 1998 Davis cortez Diesel 50k

    I can't speak for the OP, but I don't know how to change the title of a thread (I think most folks don't either). Please share if you know how.
  488. SaltH20Angler

    267 Dorados 8/16

    Hell yeah man! I can't remember the last time I got bit on the first paddy we found. Some days we go all day and don't find that paddy. You found it twice. :jig:
  489. SaltH20Angler

    Mustang 8/14. Hard put in hard work !

    Thanks for the detailed report, really enjoyed the read and pics. Nice Dodos too! Still a good day no matter how you look at it, those Skipjacks sure are fun to pull on.
  490. SaltH20Angler

    2 Rings on Surface Iron

    I'm using the 175# clip. You get 25 of them for $13. It's kinda big, but the Iron is usually a reaction bite so for once in my life... size doesnt matter. o_O
  491. SaltH20Angler

    Starting a new adventure

    Ha! I'd be very interested in a warm burger fishing LJ. Probaby go up to $10 for one. Heck, throw a several 20 lb bags of ice for $2.50 each from Costco and sell em for $20 each when the bite is on. I had a buddy that got stuck good by a sculpin last year. He would of paid $50 for big cup...
  492. SaltH20Angler

    2 Rings on Surface Iron

    X2 on the anglers clip. Keeps me from having to re-tie a flouro leader when I frequently change jigs. It also give the jig more freedom to swim.
  493. SaltH20Angler

    Ozborn to the West End SCI 8/5 out of Long Beach

    nice read with good info. I find a lot of value in reports like yours, just as much as when I read reports of great days. Hang in there, you'll get em next time. thanks for sharing.
  494. SaltH20Angler

    New Lo-An Report Aug. 4-5th. 2 Day

    Daaaaaamn, Nice Dorados!!! Feels so good to have a successful trip like this. You have yourself a pretty cool kid there, enjoying the deckhand work more than catching fish. I'd say he earned himself a 50% tip for sure. lol Fine Job!!! :jig:
  495. SaltH20Angler

    From Bad to Worse To Pretty Fantastic - 8.6.18

    I can relate to the shitty feeling of being in a slump and how great it feels to come out of one by putting fish on ice. I just came out of a slump this past Saturday with a couple of Dorado and a Yellowfin, but you guys really hit it out of the park on your slumpbuster. Way to hang in there...
  496. SaltH20Angler

    8/4 – A Couple of Dodos and a Small Yellowfin - 302/371

    Hahaha!! Best show ever. "Where a man can cave in a chest, but cant touch a breast........The Nudie Bar!!"
  497. SaltH20Angler

    8/4 – A Couple of Dodos and a Small Yellowfin - 302/371

    Yeah, we scratched a few and believe me, we were stoked to have them aboard. This certainly beat sitting in a cubicle looking at a screen.
  498. SaltH20Angler

    8/4 – A Couple of Dodos and a Small Yellowfin - 302/371

    PM me when you put a heavy one in ice and I'll give you a bunch of good info to make a great poke' bowl. I know a few other easy ways to make sushi without making rolls. Rolls impress your friends but take a lot of time. With the poke' bowls, just set out all the ingredients and let friends go...
  499. SaltH20Angler

    8/4 – A Couple of Dodos and a Small Yellowfin - 302/371

    You supply the fresh tuna or YT and I'll show you how to make it and where to get the ingredients. Well...I guess that offer depends on where exactly in California you are located.
  500. SaltH20Angler

    8/4 – A Couple of Dodos and a Small Yellowfin - 302/371

    I love cevechi, you would make it with the Dorado, right? I dont think I could make it from the fresh tuna in good conscious cuz I LOOOOVE sushi.
  501. SaltH20Angler

    Producer 8/5

    Got-Dam!! When I was reading the report, I thought to myself that a 30# Dodo is a big fish. Honestly I even thought you might of been a little too generous... Then I saw the pic... I'm sorry for doubting you.
  502. SaltH20Angler

    8-4 aboard the Malihini - First Dodo!

    On a private 20' cc Triton, 3 guys, light blue bottom gelcoat. We passed you guys on the starboard side at about 6 or 6:30pm, but flipped a quick u-turn a couple hundred yards after that to fish a trashcan sized paddy. Pulled a small Blue Shark off it before heading to Point Loma. I posted...
  503. SaltH20Angler

    Miles & Miles of Bait !!

    If you dont go, you'll never know. Glad you got out to give it a shot. You'll get em next time.
  504. SaltH20Angler

    Dorado gone crazy

    hell yeeah!!! Our two paddies only gave up 1 each and we were hesitant to leave fish to find fish. great job!!
  505. SaltH20Angler

    Late report 8/4 Nados to 371 - bag of YFT + 1 Dodo

    Great Job!! congrats on the Dodo bird!! What a great day.
  506. SaltH20Angler

    8-4 aboard the Malihini - First Dodo!

    We saw you guys at the 9 on the way home. We had a similar day, but no YT. Way to go on that nice sized ball slapper!!
  507. SaltH20Angler

    8/5 - The Freedom

    Winner winner!!! Fine job making dinner and great family memories. :jig:
  508. SaltH20Angler

    8/4 – A Couple of Dodos and a Small Yellowfin - 302/371

    No secrets there man, I'll give you all the detail you want. PM me next time you you're ready to do it and I'll give you the dope. The good thing about learning to make sushi rolls is that it tastes good no matter how bad the rolls turn out. The first few times I made it, I had to eat the...
  509. SaltH20Angler

    8/4 – A Couple of Dodos and a Small Yellowfin - 302/371

    Thanks Mike! You guys are always on the VIP list for a bbq at my pad. We just need to get out with you and your son so we have a bunch of fish to cook (or not cook) and eat. You guys have Catalina nailed down for sure.
  510. SaltH20Angler

    8/4 – A Couple of Dodos and a Small Yellowfin - 302/371

    Thanks Man, You are certainly invited bro. I made a few different styles of sushi rolls too, but they were gone so quick, I didnt get a photo.
  511. SaltH20Angler

    8/4 – A Couple of Dodos and a Small Yellowfin - 302/371

    Short Version: Found a small paddy @ the 302 loaded with Dorado and couldn’t get them to go on the flylined mack/dine, small hook buried in chunk, colt snipers, small lazer minnows, surface iron, or on the popper. Decided to leave and troll to the next spot. As we troll past the paddy, we get...
  512. SaltH20Angler

    Need 1 person to fish Offshore/Inshore Sat. 8/4 – Mission Bay

    Yo Matthew, Shoot me your contact info and I'll hit you up next time we need a 3rd guy.
  513. SaltH20Angler

    Condor light hot summer sun rocker! 7/31

    What a stud the 82 year young man was that day. That 2nd pic is priceless. Funny how similar smiles on kids faces can be when compared to our older buddies when they catch one worth a story. That guy's son, is so lucky to have made that recent life long memory with his Pops. God bless that...
  514. SaltH20Angler

    Let's leave these biting cows and catch yellowtail

    I hear a lot of threats on the boards about fighting but I never saw a fight on a sporty. Examples of things that led to the threats are people stealing gear, not following lines, bad gaff, sawed off lines, stealing fish, not paying attention throwing iron from the stern, bullies picking on...
  515. SaltH20Angler

    Need 1 person to fish Offshore/Inshore Sat. 8/4 – Mission Bay

    Hello Fellow BD’ers, Editing Post as we found our 3rd guy. Thanks for looking. Let's go get 'em Glenn!!
  516. SaltH20Angler

    Catalina July 27-28

    Love that your wife was your best catch. Atta Boy! Thanks for sharing.
  517. SaltH20Angler

    Late report- Jumbo Tuna got me!

    Badass!! The foamer in your vid was awesome! You'll get em next time.
  518. SaltH20Angler

    Nice Yellowtails at the Nados 7/27

    Perfect hamachi sized YT! Love the Nados.
  519. SaltH20Angler

    Local Offshore & Le Pew 7-29!

    x2... Enjoyed the read. I can totally relate. I cant tell you how many times catchin bigger macks or small bonito late in the day saved the trip, or at least made the skunky day less painful. Last trip, 100+ miles and we couldnt even catch a mack, bonito, or short bass as the sun was...
  520. SaltH20Angler

    Legitimate Attempt - DP 08.29.18

    Love the reports from the future. lol I was thinking of something clever to say and all I could come up with is... Bass to the Future. :frehya2: I make fun, but have done that more than I'd like to admit. I hate it when I typo the thread title because I havent figured out how to edit the...
  521. SaltH20Angler

    San Clemente 28th 29th

    What a nice load of fish...and those reds are super nice. great job!!
  522. SaltH20Angler

    So Cal Skiff Life Fishing Videos

    Hey Justin, I found your channel, watched some vids, and subscribed. One last thing to consider if I may. Not trying to be critical, just helpful. Remember who you are making the videos for (the public). While I respect your artistic nature, and the vids had what I consider movie quality...
  523. SaltH20Angler

    07/21/18 @ the NW 43, 181, 182, N9, Point Loma

    I sure hope so buddy!! I feel comfortable saying that you are always welcome on Benny's sled (and certainly mine when I get it one day), but we have find a way to ditch that Young Salt (@tmitch760) first. :D Problem is that guy brings us bbq ribs everytime we go out o_O not to mention he is...
  524. SaltH20Angler

    So Cal Skiff Life Fishing Videos

    Hey Justin, Happy to help support your videos, I love watching fishing videos. I watch them all of the time and would like to share what I like/dislike to see in my favorite videos in case you find it useful. This is not based in any way about any video you made. Just a few things I notice...
  525. SaltH20Angler

    Big Catalina Yellow Tail

    Exactly! This made me laugh. I can imagine the girls on the next trip with the usual variety (bass, bonito, baracuda, rockfish) and them lookin at Dad like....wheres the big fish like we caught last time. Really special to be able to have 3 generations fishing together...and bringing home a...
  526. SaltH20Angler

    7/21 coronado islands, boat first 'tail!

    Love seeing the smile on your boy's face holding that YT. Good on you for letting it live. There will be many more hitting the deck in the years to come. Thanks for the report.
  527. SaltH20Angler

    07/21/18 @ the NW 43, 181, 182, N9, Point Loma

    Big Brain Benny!! I was thinking there was no way this could happened to the same skiff twice in one day and was puzzled how this could be. I think you are right. I imagine that after this experience the skipper will check the drain plug on the boat before he pulls his car out of the...
  528. SaltH20Angler

    07/21/18 @ the NW 43, 181, 182, N9, Point Loma

    That's the story of my life, Tom. A day late and a dollar short. lol After reading your report from Thursday, I just knew Saturday was the day...until it wasnt. Now it's going to be next Saturday...I hope. Ha! Whatever the outcome, I'll post a report.
  529. SaltH20Angler

    07/21/18 @ the NW 43, 181, 182, N9, Point Loma

    That's weird... There must have been 2 because the skiff I saw was alread tied to the Dana Landing dock at 4:15 am on Saturday. Thankful for the help provided by the lifeguards and also thankful this was inside the harbor.
  530. SaltH20Angler

    07/21/18 @ the NW 43, 181, 182, N9, Point Loma

    Right on Mike!! Happy to see you enjoyed the read man. Look out Brandon Hayward, wait... I think I have to be able to put fish on the deck before I can launch my fishing book author career. lol In all seriousness, it seems pretty easy to write about being on the ocean doing what I love. I'm...
  531. SaltH20Angler

    Best topping for YFT on the bbq?

    mayo and siracha, or sour cream and chipotle, or Chic-Fil-A sauce. Also 2x on that Trader Joes Soyaki.
  532. SaltH20Angler

    Submarines, navy warships, sea shepard, Comedy fishing video 6-21-2018

    I admire you for setting a goal and achieving it bro, plus you got a nice tuna and YT. Those of us that get out of SD fairly often get used to the military vessels, whales and dolphin, and the night critters. Something about your perspective which was captured in the vid kind of made it new...
  533. SaltH20Angler

    43 and north 7/2

    Way to hang in there and make a tuna out of tangled trollers. Thats one better than we got. Smart move on getting out of there.
  534. SaltH20Angler

    07/21/18 @ the NW 43, 181, 182, N9, Point Loma

    Short Story: We went home empty handed. Long, Long Story… (Sorry in advance but what better do you have to do on a Monday morning) After getting out to the 425 a few weeks ago and finding a dozen or so boiling bluefin schools with terns crashing, we couldn’t get them to go. We threw...
  535. SaltH20Angler

    Vintage Iron & Box

    Oh snap! Love those CL scores. how many irons and if you really want to rub it much did you pay? :eek:
  536. SaltH20Angler

    Vintage Iron & Box

    The irons should get bit, but probably not the box. :D Just kidding about the box. Box and Irons look sweet. Where'd you get em from?
  537. SaltH20Angler

    7-19 43 and beyond

    It does help Tom, thanks for the timely report. We're headin out tomorrow and I'm going to give the smaller colt sniper/lazer minnow a real effort. Even changing out the small (weak) treble hook just in case. 20# YFT is not shabby and is 20#s more tuna than I have caught (yet) this year...
  538. SaltH20Angler

    Navionics Yellowtail Tactics Webinar Now on YouTube

    Good info Erik, thanks for the insight. Hoping to get your thoughts on the best way to tell which direction current is coming from. I know it sounds like a stupid question, but when fishing (drifting) on a 19'' skiff, I cant tell if its current or the wind pushing the boat. For all I know...
  539. SaltH20Angler

    Rod clamps ?

    I had thesae issue (but opposite - small reel) for my lexa 300 I wanted to put on a deckhand jigstick. The best advice was for me to go to a local tackle shop and have them put on a reel seat. I did that and only paid $35. I am very happy with the outcome...
  540. SaltH20Angler

    7/14-7/15 Tuna Watching

    We've had our share of tough days and it seems to hurt the most when you find 'em but can't get 'em to go. It's one thing when it takes all morning to find a big paddy that turns out is not holding...but it really sucks to find tuna and birds crashing but they're not interested. Just a few...
  541. SaltH20Angler

    It takes alot

    I can relate because it's feast or famine with me it seems. I certainly have more famine days than feast days but the times we are tuggin on 'em are what keep me fired up for the next trip. I try to adapt to the conditions and situations. In this case it might be time to take a roadtrip and...
  542. SaltH20Angler

    Good Sam's, who also caught fish

    Awesome,feel good video! That guy is a stud.
  543. SaltH20Angler

    Triton Local Wrap Up

    Didnt even need the sprite. :worship:
  544. SaltH20Angler

    Triton Local Wrap Up

    The shot of that kid at the rail bendo is badass. Looks like the guy to his left, is really guiding him through it, love to see that kind of attention to youngsters. Lookin at the first photo, I can hear the kid thinking... "I'm the man!". Thanks for sharin. Get out there and fish fellas. :jig:
  545. SaltH20Angler

    Father's Day Fishing Aboard the Triton

    Dang Dan... At 80 years young, your Pops is a stud. I'm half his age and he looks less tired than me after fishing.:) How fortunate are those of us who can still do this, right? What a great way to spend Father's Day. On a side note, what's up with not putting your Pops on one of those...
  546. SaltH20Angler

    Do you have a Landing net on your boat? It’s the law for everyone who is fishing!

    And hooks dont get stuck in the netting as easy. Love the rubber coating.
  547. SaltH20Angler

    Yeti cup tipping over on trip ? what to do.

    I call BS without pics. Just kidding, but let's see the cup modification you made.
  548. SaltH20Angler

    New Lexa Question

    I have the same issue with my Lexa 400, but it doesnt happen every time. You can tell when its working right because the loud click and you can actually feel when it properly locks in gear. So when I put it in gear and dont feel/hear the loud click, I'll press the buttom and turn the handle...
  549. SaltH20Angler

    Fathers day on the Freedom

    Yeah you did...and I didnt give you much of a choice on your response either. :-) That point (about kids not knowing how to deal with failure or rejection) has been on my mind for a while and your post lit the fuse. In all seriousness, thanks for giving me an outlet to get that off my chest...
  550. SaltH20Angler

    Fathers day on the Freedom

    I dont know how old your son is or if you're being serious about quitting, but since you posted your gonna get my 2 cents. 1...2...3....Rant started!!!! To me this is more about who you are and what your son sees in your actions. I went out 7 times last year looking for tuna. Left the...
  551. SaltH20Angler

    06/18/18 Catalina East End to Avalon

    A tough ride across the channel certainly makes you appreciate the dry rides back when you get them. Good on you for making the best out of a situation where your boat took a shit.
  552. SaltH20Angler

    Ever get advice from a noob?

    I'll be honest and agree that what you described would have been a little irritating, even when it's coming from someone with good intentions. Its one thing to give a lil advice, but different when you're dealing with a one-upper know it all. Newb or no Newb, nobody like a know it all. It's...
  553. SaltH20Angler

    How to fish with live bait

    Thanks for sharing.. It took me a second to figure out why they weren't bendo after those great casts. Hahaha! I laughed out loud when HighWildFree said... "At least you didn't tell them to throw some Iron." IMO... thats a small price to pay for a story you can tell when your son is a fish...
  554. SaltH20Angler

    La Jolla 6/16 Quick report

    I was gonna say "BS without pics" then I remembered I was there with you guys. :D For those that weren't there, the Calicos were mostly right at 14" with a handful a couple inches bigger. Most were about 2 inches bigger than a foot long, a golden/brown color, with a camo design of darker...
  555. SaltH20Angler

    La Jolla 6/16 Quick report

    I've seen this pic 10 times now....and I laugh out loud everytime. Perfect match on those pearly off-whites.. LOL
  556. SaltH20Angler

    Late Report: Green Bouy 6/16

    Dang, what kind of rod is that? Can't tell for sure, but it looks like mayba a Diawa. Seems like the rod should hold up on bouncing a cuda of that size. Bummer. Thanks for the report.
  557. SaltH20Angler

    Catalina Report 6-14-18

    What an enjoyable read Nick, thanks! Those Calicos look huge. :jig:
  558. SaltH20Angler

    Triton 6/15 report

    At least the beer was cold...and your casting thumb is all warmed up for the next 30 years.o_O Hope you get em good next time. Thanks for the report.
  559. SaltH20Angler

    Slime stick galore at the shoe 6/15

    That doesn't suck a single bit! Good for you guys. 5 hours plus on a wide open bite of legal Barries is an outstanding day. Thanks for sharing.
  560. SaltH20Angler

    Temp bait solution?

    I agree, that cooler bait tank is badass. I dont see any reason it wouldnt keep some macs or dines alive. Looks like its plumbed so that's good and the blue light makes it look rad. Whats the price on this? If it's too much, you can always make one yourself.
  561. SaltH20Angler

    Coronado's 6/13, San Diego

    Once again...San Diego does it the right way. :jig:
  562. SaltH20Angler

    Jumbo Croaker Meets Wham 6/13

    Very nice Sherm!! I love that gold flake looking color on the head of those ghosts, especially when the sun hits it right and the gold turns to purple. Enjoy those fillets bro!!!
  563. SaltH20Angler

    Phishing ad... trick login... very bad

    Good looking out!
  564. SaltH20Angler

    Funny Clip of a Thresher

  565. SaltH20Angler

    No fish in o side harbor. So off to alaska

    How many inches thick are the fillets on that big sumbitch?
  566. SaltH20Angler

    Breakwall Bassin pt.3 (13JUN18)

    I'm jealous, I want Bass Thumb too!! Really enjoyed the read, thanks for sharin. :jig: