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  1. Soda Pop

    Some of us are unable to fish right now

    Some of us are unable to do what we love.... Go Long Range Fishing. Some of us have to take what is going on right now seriously because of our health or a loved ones compromised immune system. If you believe what is going on or not with the COVID-19 just remember some of us would love to be...
  2. Soda Pop

    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    On the Excel 16 day trip right now. We departed San Diego on Wednesday morning. First stop was loading 700 scoops of bait. Spent 2 + hours loading bait for our 16 day trip. We skipped the rocks due to cold water and not much going on. We our now heading to hurricane bank. We’re looking at...
  3. Soda Pop

    Happy New Year... Who is getting ready to go Long Range Fishing 2020 style

    I am excited to be a part of the Team Hoo Cow hunt on the Excel departing Jan. 15 for a 16 day fishing adventure. Hope everyone has a safe New Year. Now when is everyone going fishing for 2020? Lots of Long Range trips will be in full swing after we all ring in the New Year. Lets see when...
  4. Soda Pop

    Independence Sportfishing 15 day trip report.. Nov. 29- Dec. 14

    This trip departed the day after Thanksgiving. Judy at the office sent out e-mails to everyone that if we wanted to we can load the night before and stay on the boat. Some stayed on the boat the night before.... I loaded my stuff and got a hotel and met up on the 29th with only my overnight...
  5. Soda Pop

    Weather forecast for next week. Rain.. prepare yourself Could be rain when loading. I cover my duffle bags with large garbage bags ( thick outside use ) and bring a tarp that you can buy at home depot to cover my dock cart. Just a heads up when loading your carts in the rain. Good luck everyone.
  6. Soda Pop


    I just got the last spot on this trip. Its so close they wanted me to get a cashiers check from my bank. I haven't rode the boat in some time so I understand why they would not accept my check. Not a problem. Just checking to see if anyone is on this trip. This will be my first time on this...
  7. Soda Pop

    Upcoming Cow Trips - 16 & 18 day trips

    I really cut down this year on my Longer trips down south. I am booked on the Excel 16 day Team Hoo Cow Hunt Jan. 15-31.. a really fun group and a few east coast boys that fly in for this trip every year. My next trip will be on the Royal Polaris for an 18 day fishing adventure. This trip JOHN...
  8. Soda Pop

    Sad news about the Chief Sportfishing boat

    This was my first Long Range boat I went on years ago. Back then it was called the Big Game 90 then renamed the Chief. This is really sad news. Every trip I have been on over the years I always made a point to see her. It brings back memories. Its very sad news this boat will no longer be part...
  9. Soda Pop

    Red Rooster trip report.. Guadalupe Island and off shore

    Just got back from a 6 day on the Red Rooster. First I want to thank the Captain & Crew and Mike in the galley. 5 Star customer service! This trip I took a guy with autism with me as my guest. This guy loves to fish and he fished every time the boat was not moving. One day he even got up at 1AM...
  10. Soda Pop

    Red Rooster Roll call .. 6 day IZORLINE ..SEPT. 8-14

    Leaving Saturday for the drive down to San Diego. First stop will be Squdico for a bit of shopping. Need to buy some boots for the guy I am taking with me and some tackle. as of now it looks like we will be fishing Guadalupe Island. I was there 2 weeks ago and fishing was very good with little...
  11. Soda Pop

    Guadalupe Island trip report

    Just got back yesterday from a 6 day Guadalupe Island fishing trip. We were on the Larry Brown trip fishing the Red Rooster. Fishing the Island was really good at times. So here is what worked for us... 40-50 lb line... I myself fished 50 most all the time....40 got bit better but you were...
  12. Soda Pop

    Guadalupe sharks.

    Just got back from fishing the island. The tax man wasn’t that bad but the sharks really put on a show.
  13. Soda Pop

    Roll call.... Red Rooster III... Aug. 17-23... 6 day... LARRY BROWN

    Departing this Saturday Aug.17. I just called the office yesterday... we are fishing Guadalupe Island.. Excited to be part of this trip. looking forward to fishing the Island. Chime in if your on this trip.... or just to give us good luck cheers.
  14. Soda Pop

    How to Treat Seasickness

    I am taking a buddy of mine on a 6 day trip. I took him Rock Cod fishing outside the Golden Gate Bridge for a test to see if he would get seasick. Well he turned green and was very seasick the entire day. I mentor this young man and want him to have a great time out on a long range boat. He...
  15. Soda Pop

    Red Rooster III 5 day trip.... July 30- Aug. 4... Seaguar/Catchy Tackle/Hayabusa/NOMAD TACKLE

    Just got lucky someone cancelled there trip on the Red Rooster. I have been eyeing this trip for some time but it was sold out. Called the office today and guess what.... I got the last spot due to someone that could not make this trip. Aug. 2nd is my birthday so my wife said go out and have a...
  16. Soda Pop

    Fishing reports are really really good... time to get out on the water

    Intrepid Sportfishing Fish Report …………………………......………………………………………... Bill Cavanaugh called in from the Intrepid out of San Diego, CA tonight with a wrap up from fishing today. We had another good day of Yellowtail fishing and had limits again! Good biting Yellowtail today similar to yesterday...
  17. Soda Pop

    Going to do some 6 day trips. Need some tackle tips

    Ok so here's the deal. For the last 15+ years I have been fishing 15-16 day trips where we target the huge Yellowfin Tuna and the speedy Wahoo. At times we will also make stops at the rocks for home grown Yellowtail. I need to make some tackle adjustments and need some help in this department. (...
  18. Soda Pop

    Fresno Ca. lakes to fish .... and fishing gear needed

    I just bought a 14 foot boat. I am looking to find lakes in my area to take my boat and fish for trout-Kokanee-Striped bass-cat fish or anything that bites. I don't really want to drive more than 2 hours..... shorter the better..... and maybe a few days where i camp and take the boat.... Mostly...
  19. Soda Pop

    Fresno Ca. lakes to fish .....

    I just bought a 14 foot boat. I am looking to find lakes in my area to take my boat and fish for trout-Kokanee-Striped bass-cat fish or anything that bites. I don't really want to drive more than 2 hours..... shorter the better..... and maybe a few days where i camp and take the boat.... Mostly...
  20. Soda Pop

    On the water report. 16 day RP trip

    We started fishing today at the rocks. lots of home grown BIG Yellowtail. After that we loaded up on green backs. Nice looking mackerel and a few scads and tubes mixed in. On our way south. Won’t be able to report from the lower zone. No internet where we headed. Great crew and a great bunch of...
  21. Soda Pop

    New toys for upcoming 16 Day RP trip.

    When I was at the Fred Hall show in Long Beach I picked up some new toys for my upcoming Royal Polaris trip in late April.
  22. Soda Pop

    Is the Independance at the dock at the Fred Hall show .. Long Beach

    Every year I the Indy has been at the Fred Hall show. Just a short walk over the bridge. Is the Indy at this years Fred Hall show in Long Beach?
  23. Soda Pop

    Royal Polaris 16 day ... April 24-May 10 ... JOHN COLLINS SPECIAL

    I have been on a number of boats in the San Diego fleet for the past 30+ years. I have yet to ride the RP. So about a year ago a buddy called me up and said hey soda you should jump on this trip in April. I thought to my self.. when I was in my mid 20's I always wanted to ride the legendary...
  24. Soda Pop

    SOLD Brand new Shimano Torium 20HG reel New low price

    $175.00--- Includes shipping lower 48. Brand new Shimano Torium 20HG...… NOW $150.00
  25. Soda Pop

    The Fred Hall show .... Long Beach

    Every year I look forward to the Fred Hall show in Long Beach. My wife and I really enjoy talking with reps and talking with travel agents and guides. This years show is almost here. I have my list so I am ready with some kind of plan. I plan on being at the show March 7th. Hope to run into some...
  26. Soda Pop

    For those boarding trips.... Prepare for rain.

    I know there are boats going out on the Longer trips this time of year. Always check the weather reports for San Diego. You don't want your cloths getting WET!! Here is what I do.... I take my outside large garbage bags and cover the duffel bags with anything I don't want wet. I know the red...
  27. Soda Pop

    Excel Team Hoo Cow Hunt - 16 Day....Jan. 15-31 Roll Call

    I just booked this trip today. I am excited to be part of this upcoming trip on the Excel. Looking forward to meeting the anglers that are on this trip. I am sure I have shared the rail with a few of you before.... but always great to meet new friends. The countdown now begins.
  28. Soda Pop

    Red Rooster report from HB Bank

    Dec. 4, 2018 Current Report for Mark Moffat Charter: 20-fish in the 200lb range, 100-mix fish in the 70-80lbs. Today a 205 and 229 tuna caught. The boat is not having good signal, we will try an keep you updated as we get in touched with the boat. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. I...
  29. Soda Pop

    For Sale ..... Intrepid 15 day... $4,000..... Jan. 12-27

    New Lower Price.... $3,000 firm ….. Spot is sold... Thanks everyone for the PM's I am selling my spot on the Silent Jim's Baja Extravaganza trip on the Intrepid out of San Diego. I paid $5,660 and includes all permits. Save over $1,600. You can contact myself at 925-323-6425 or shoot me a...
  30. Soda Pop

    SOLD Intrepid 15 day... $4,000..... Jan. 12-27... Price slashed $3,000 firm

    New Low price... $3,000 firm I am selling my spot on the Silent Jim's Baja Extravaganza trip on the Intrepid out of San Diego. I paid $5,660 and includes all permits. Save over $1,600. You can contact myself at 925-323-6425 or shoot me a PM. This will be a transfer from my name to yours and...
  31. Soda Pop

    14 day trip report.....

    Just got back from my slowest run to HB bank and other southern fishing areas on our trip. I have been fishing long range for a number of years. Been to HB bank over 50 times.....and yes I have had some slow trips but I have never seen it dead..... no life...… we fished it just a couple of...
  32. Soda Pop

    Stay tuned for a new December schedule from the Intrepid

    The Intrepid will soon announce a new December schedule with shorter trips. Stay tuned and watch there web sight. This will be your opportunity to fish close to home and still take care of all your holiday needs.
  33. Soda Pop

    Intrepid 14 day Nov. 6-20 Roll call

    Well I just got home a few days ago. Now I need to unpack from my Spirit of Adventure 10 day repack for the 14 day Hoo's Run and Gun trip on the Intrepid. I leave Monday for the drive down to San Diego. My co pilot will be non other than Donna ( Reel Lady ) She will be going on the Red Rooster...
  34. Soda Pop

    Dolphin Motel closing Oct. 31...... It's the wrecking ball for Point Loma's Dolphin Motel

    Dolphin Motel 2912 Garrison St, San Diego, CA 92106 The Dolphin Motel across from the landing will close its doors Oct. 31. The reopen date is yet to be decided. What I hear is there going to level the old Motel and build a new one. Read the link below...………...
  35. Soda Pop

    Pack your passports

    Just a reminder to those going fishing soon to pack your passports. The trips are getting longer this time of year so if your on a long range trip its a must to have your passports packed and with you on the boat. I have been on trips where a angler forgot his passport a couple of times in the...
  36. Soda Pop

    14-16 Day Gear Recommendations

    I have looked at many boats that do the 14-16 day trips and it seems to me there web pages for tackle recommendations needs to be updated. This site suggests newell reels and a top shot of 100 yards of mono. If you look at this sight or others you will see that many of the long range web pages...
  37. Soda Pop

    Spirit of Adventure 10 day.... Oct. 17-27 Roll call... 2 open spots!

    I have not been on this boat in awhile. I remember the Capt. and crew were great so I booked this charter trip last week. Jim Hart has been doing this trip as charter master for years. Talking to Jim last night 2 of the guys can't go. This is a limited load of 20. Cost is $3,600. If you want to...
  38. Soda Pop

    Sacramento river salmon report

    Hello I hope I am posting this in the right forum. I am going salmon fishing on the Sacramento river this Monday and Tuesday with big Al's fishing guide service. Looks like we will be fishing near or about 20 minutes from the Sacramento metro area. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the...
  39. Soda Pop

    Sacramento salmon report

    Hello I hope I am posting this in the right forum. I am going salmon fishing on the Sacramento river this Monday and Tuesday with big Al's fishing guide service. Looks like we will be fishing near or about 20 minutes from the Sacramento metro area. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the...
  40. Soda Pop

    Sacramento salmon report metro area

    Hello I hope I am posting this in the right forum. I am going salmon fishing on the Sacramento river this Monday and Tuesday with big Al's fishing guide service. Looks like we will be fishing near or about 20 minutes from the Sacramento metro area. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the...
  41. Soda Pop

    Engraving side of fishing reel.

    I live in Fresno Ca. I was looking to get a reel engraved with my name on it. Don't really see anything in my area so I am reaching out for help. If you know a place that can do laser engraving for a reel please help. I can ship it anywhere but need it in about a month. The name will be on the...
  42. Soda Pop

    Guadalupe Island... Red Rooster... JULY 31- AUG. 5 I just got on

    I haven't fished the Lupe in a long time. I think the last time was 1989 or 1990. This trip was sold out for some time. I was lucky to book this trip today...someone could not go.... I will have to refresh my thoughts on this one. Chime in if you can point out what I might be forgetting. 30-100...
  43. Soda Pop

    Roll call Red Rooster 8 day June 14-22 Seeker Rods... and a bit of a story.... I am back

    So my wife and I drove down to San Diego to meet the Red Rooster. They were on a 15 day trip. I missed the trip do to some medical problems. So now that I am doing 100% better Nick the second Capt. on the Rooster said he was running the next 8 day ( Soda ) you should hop on the next...
  44. Soda Pop

    Roll call. Red Rooster June Heat. 15 day

    It’s almost time once again to go on the June Heat trip. This trip is the last boat that fishes HB bank until the intrepid returns in October. Always a great group to fish with and Leo from accurate reels will be our sponsor once again. Starting to get my stuff organized. Did inventory on all my...
  45. Soda Pop

    Royal Polaris Clipperton 2020 is already sold out

    I Wish I would of known about this trip. I have always wanted to do a Clipperton trip not so much about how good or bad the fishing is but to just cross it off on my bucket list. I would ride the boat each way for the pure joy of seeing the ocean on the 6 day ride down and back. Its a 21day...
  46. Soda Pop

    Red Rooster June Heat... I just got on...

    I was looking to book another long trip. One of my favorite trips to do is the June Heat. Always a great group on this trip. Looking at the schedule it was sold out so I called to get on the waiting list. To my surprise the young lady in the office said she had a couple of open spots. I was...
  47. Soda Pop

    A big thanks to longe range chefs

    I just got off a 16 day trip on the Excel in late Nov. / Dec. and a 15 day trip on the Intrepid trip in late Jan. On both these trips the food was very good. Both trips had a few days of very sloppy seas. The wind picked up to some 25-30 knots and both these big boats were rocking and rolling...
  48. Soda Pop

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year

    Just wanted to say hope everyone has a great Christmas and a happy new year. I will be seeing you at the rail someday soon.
  49. Soda Pop

    Intrepid Silent Jim's Baja Extravaganza 15 day .... Jan. 12-27

    Well folks with less than a month to go I figure I better start making a list and checking it twice. Order placed with BHP Tackle. Basil has my top shots on the way. Lots of good people on this trip. This will be Silent Jims very first charter and when he called me I was all over it. Many on...
  50. Soda Pop

    Happy Thanksgiving 2017

    Wishing all my Bloodydeck friends a happy Thanksgiving. I will be having Thanksgiving on the Excel and sleeping on the boat that night. We depart on a 16 day trip Friday. We have a early check in... 5:30 Am so the offer of sleeping on the boat the day before works out great for some of us...
  51. Soda Pop

    Pelagic Gear - 16 Day trip on the Excel ... Nov. 24- Dec. 10 Roll Call

    I missed this trip last year do to a torn muscle in my arm. When this happened I called the Excel office and moved my money to this year. Jason at the Excel office understood and was a great help. So who else is on this trip? I just came back from a 15 day trip Oct. 29 and fishing was off the...
  52. Soda Pop

    Intrepid Catchy Tackle 15 day Oct. 14 Early Check-In

    Those of you that are on Intrepid Catchy Tackle 15 day trip leaving this Sat. Oct. 14.... I just got a memo from Fred the charter master that we are leaving at 9AM if everyone shows up early. Steve will open the office so we can get checked in at 7AM. I know a lot of people on this trip are not...
  53. Soda Pop

    Intrepid Catchy Tackle 15 day Oct. 14-29

    Starting to get things organized for the Oct. 15 day trip aboard the Intrepid. Called BHP tackle for my wind-on's in 100 and 130 fluro top shots. Basil has them in route to my home... Sent my Wahoo reels in to Squidco and there ready...will pick them up on the before we depart. Went...
  54. Soda Pop

    More African Safari pictures

    Here's a few more pictures from our Safari when we visited Kenya and Tanzania. ............................................................................................................................................ If you scroll down on this page I added more pic's of our African Safari my...
  55. Soda Pop

    Are you a tackle whore? Show us your pic's or give us a story.

    Ok so here the deal. I have been fishing my whole life. I caught my first fish when I was 7. My mom took me to a trout farm one day when my dad was at work and from there I was hooked. A few weeks latter my dad buys this boat. A big cabin cruiser that we lived on in the summer. We would load up...
  56. Soda Pop

    African Safari

    So my wife and I visited Kenya and Tanzania on a safari. These are just a few of the pictures we got. I'll bring more on the fishing trips in case this isn't enough. LOL
  57. Soda Pop

    Not fishing... African Safari

    So here the deal. The last few years my wife was kind enough to let me spend between 80-100 days on the water fishing the San Diego long range boats. I like the 15 days trips the best but have done 8-13 days trips also. Not only do I have a love for fishing but I have a love for anything in the...
  58. Soda Pop

    Excel on Wahoo and Tuna in the lower zone

    Very fun day down here in the Lower Zone. 45 wahoo and 45 tuna (4 cows) went in the RSW for the HCI group.
  59. Soda Pop

    June Heat .... Red Rooster 15 day roll call.. May 27- June 11

    Every year the Red Rooster is the last boat going down to the lower zone fishing for Tuna and Wahoo as the summer is just around the corner. The next long trip down to the lower zone what happen until Oct. I have been on the June Heat a few times. Always a great group to share the rail with...
  60. Soda Pop

    Fred Hall show Long Beach March 1-5, 2017

    I love this show every year I go. Always run into some people I know and meet new friends. I will be there Friday March 3rd. After that my wife and I will spend the night in Long Beach and in the morning we will take a drive to San Diego. I depart on a 15 day on the Intrepid Sunday March 5th...
  61. Soda Pop

    A big thanks to SALTYDAWG custom rods

    So i had Bill over at SaltyDawg Rods make me a new rod for cow fishing. I wanted the new UC Viper 7'6. I only have Salty make my rods... he does great work. Told him what colors i wanted and bingo... First fish.... First bait on it... and i nailed a nice 210 LB Cow on it. I also want to thank...
  62. Soda Pop

    BLUEFIN ALERT... Excel Long Range Sportfishing

    BLUEFIN ALERT! We just stopped on a school of bluefin on the way home and Alan just boated this beautiful 104 pounder. Sweet!!!
  63. Soda Pop

    Roll call... 16 day Intrepid Catchy tackle Trip

    Just seeing if anyone here is on this trip. March 5-21 Just arrived back home yesterday from the soft steel 15 day trip. Fishing was really good on the smaller grade 80-140 and a few Cows and 150-180's tossed into the mix. Not much Wahoo but these dates look better for Wahoo fishing.
  64. Soda Pop

    Incredible feat

    Jim Tallerico with a 140 pound fish, caught on 40 pound test wire, while fishing for Wahoo. Previous
  65. Soda Pop

    Excel lands 5 Cows today

    Fishing looks good right now on the BIG X. Keep up the great work Team Hoo. BJ Beck with a 211.8 pound tuna A 219 pounder for John Chambers Sung Chung picked up this 203 pounder Uncle Rick caught this 240 pounder John Nappo with the first cow of the trip
  66. Soda Pop

    Cow fishing

  67. Soda Pop

    Someone posted red 6 hook bait jigs that worked good... i need your help

    what bait jigs work the best down at the buffer zone for tubes? I was reading on one of the post that the red ones were working the best.... Brand name.... hook size...... where to buy them... Just spoke with someone that just got off a trip and they said the red 6 hook bait catchers were...
  68. Soda Pop

    Hayabusa Sabiki Bait Rigs

    what bait jigs work the best down at the buffer zone for tubes? I was reading on one of the post that the red ones were working the best.... Brand name.... hook size...... where to buy them... Just spoke with someone that just got off a trip and they said the red 6 hook bait catchers were...
  69. Soda Pop

    Bait update

    As you all know the bait for the Long Range boats have been on the small size. 3-4 inches and are very hard to put a 5/0 ..6/0 in and have it swim. a good bait is sometimes the biggest key on these trips to getting a good feel your going to get bit... a small bait will make you think and...
  70. Soda Pop

    UV flash light for lighting up Jigs

    Was looking into the UV flashlight for lighting up my PL68 and JR8 and all the other jigs I have. Most of the time I just hold it up to the lights on the boat. After seeing Andre's post I can see a big difference between regular light and UV light. After looking on line here is my question...
  71. Soda Pop

    Intrepid Jan. 29 soft steel 15 day ( sold out ) Roll Call

    This will be my first trip after my bicep surgery. Excited to get back out on the water with all my friends and a chance to meet new friends. PT is now over and I am working with weights at home. Chime in if your one of the lucky anglers that got a spot.... or just chime in to wish us luck...
  72. Soda Pop

    Last PT on my distal biceps .... Soon I will fish again

    Just did my last PT and now I am doing weights at home. I have been doing small weights at PT the last 3 weeks and they taught me how to increase my weights every week. I booked a 16 day trip for March and I will see how I feel in the upcoming weeks. I just might be able to do a late Jan. 15...
  73. Soda Pop

    Intrepid fish report ... 15 day... A great way to start the cow season off

    October 21, 2016 Good Fishing by Kevin Osborne We are having a great time down here. Sorry for the lack of reports due to technical glitches. The weather is good. The fishing is great. Yesterday we had 45 tuna from 120 lbs. to 264 lbs. and 47 wahoo. Bruce Coblentz got a 264, Fred Knilans got a...
  74. Soda Pop

    Viper 7'6 .... But I am still in PT

    SaltyDawg just finished this UC Viper 76 for me. I am still in physical therapy from a complete tear of the distal biceps tendon. I will have to see if I make it out for Cow season this year. PT is going good but I am still away from a full recovery. Its a wait and see game now.
  75. Soda Pop

    Recipes for long range Species

    Looking for new ways to cook or smoke some fish. Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, Yellowtail. Now to be honest with you my wife is the cook... I myself burn water if you get my drift. LOL
  76. Soda Pop

    Catching flying fish on the Excel

    title should say Flying fish jumping on the boat trying to get away from the sharks
  77. Soda Pop

    This was one lucky angler fishing for Wahoo

    Cool story here. On a Wahoo flurry with 4-5 going at once, angler Barry Spires lost his grip on the rod while moving over another angler with a fish on. His rod shot into the water attached to a Wahoo and was gone. A few minutes later another angler snagged his line and reeled in the blue...
  78. Soda Pop

    Fishing is on fire!!!! Reports from some of the boats

    Royal Polaris 21 Sep ... Hello RP Friends, We awoke to very windy and soggy conditions today as I think we are catching a bit of the tropical depression Paine. It seems dramatic changes in weather more often than not have dramatic effects to fishing conditions. Well, things did change, but...
  79. Soda Pop

    Chicken man wins battle over toothy Wahoo

    Wahoo are so thick is the word out on the streets that even a guy in a chicken mask can win a battle over these toothy critters. If your going out in the next few days or even in the months coming up be ready to do battle with these Wahoo. There fun to catch and are very tasty. Good luck to...
  80. Soda Pop

    Capt. Sam Moore at the helm on the Intrepid

    September 07, 2016 Busy Bluefin by Sam Moore We started out our first fishing day of a 3-day trip with Captain Sam Moore at the helm. Pretty incredible day of bluefin tuna fishing. The grade was mostly 70 to 90 pounds and we were busy from 0630 to 1900 with 1 to 5 going the entire day. The...
  81. Soda Pop

    The soda has popped

    Unfortunately I popped (ruptured) my distal bicep tendon and all advice is no fishing for 6 months minimum. I've had to cancel my planned trips. I will really miss spending my days at sea with so many of you. Not sure what I'm going to do keep from going crazy, or driving my wife crazy! It...
  82. Soda Pop

    Roll Call Intrepid 15 day ... Soft Steel/Okuma March 19

    Its time for the Soft Steel trip once again. I have been on this trip every year and what a great bunch of guys and gals we have had in the past. Most will be repeat customers with a sprinkle of new blood on the deck this year. Tony our rep from soft steel always does a great job and helps any...
  83. Soda Pop

    Free SKB tackle box Model 7200

    I will be in San Diego next Friday March 18 and departing on a 15 day trip on Saturday the 19th in the AM. This is a free SKB large box model 7200 I could sell it but wanted to offer the box to get you started. If you are thinking of getting into Long Range fishing this is the perfect box...
  84. Soda Pop

    Fred Hall Show

    Long Beach, CA Long Beach Convention Center March 2 - 6, 2016 San Diego, CA ................................... Del Mar Fairgrounds March 17 - 20, 2016 I love going to the Fred Hall show every year. I will be at Long Beach show Thursday March 3rd when the doors open. Every year my wife and I go...
  85. Soda Pop

    A close call for some anglers fishing
  86. Soda Pop

    For anyone going out in the next few days here is the weather outlook for San Diego

    For anyone going out in the next few days here is the weather outlook for San Diego. I would get garbage bags at Costco or Home Depot to keep your clothes dry. I double bag my clothes and put packing tape around them. Keeps the clothes dry then take your cloths out of the bag in your room. Its...
  87. Soda Pop


    Happy new year to all bloody decker's. I never made it when the fishing clock yelled out.... HOOK UP!!! at midnight. LOL ... I hope everyone has a great 2016. With all the long trips going out at this time and the Fred Hall Long Beach show just around the corner ( March 2 opening day Fred Hall...
  88. Soda Pop

    15 day private charter on the Intrepid ... Feb. 10-25... 2 spots open

    We had 2 guys that can not make this trip. We opened it up to book the last 2 spots. Trip #29 on the Intrepid schedule is $5,600 per person. Most of the group is from Alaska and Canada with a few of us from California. If you want to go on this limited load of 22 give Steve a call in the...
  89. Soda Pop

    Red Rooster 15 day ... Jan. 23- Feb. 7 ... Roll Call

    I have never been with this group before. I am looking forward to meeting and sharing the rail with this group. Just wondering if any other Bloody Deck people are on this trip. On my last trip a week ago 3 cows were caught on PL-68 jigs. Early in the AM about 4AM Wahoo fishing was also a very...
  90. Soda Pop

    Roll Call Intrepid Dec. 8 ..... 14 day ...

    Not many people on this trip but its a go. Any BD members on this trip? Wahoo fishing has been really good my last 2 trips. The Tuna are showing with my first trip in Oct. getting 9 cows. The Nov. trip was a bit slow on the bigger fish but lots of fish in the 60-100 lb class with a few bigger...
  91. Soda Pop

    The Intrepid Angler of the Year Award.... CATCH -A-THREE RIDE FOR FREE is BACK!!

    A new Intrepid Promotion is "The Intrepid Angler of the Year Award" The award is a free long range fishing adventure aboard Intrepid. This years winner is David Rouse, AKA Soda Pop. Soda is a special person to have on board, always positive, helpful to others, generous, hooking and handing off...
  92. Soda Pop

    Grapevine closed.... Check Caltrans if your are driving to go fishing

    I have to reroute my trip.... Thanks Richard for the heads up. I will have to take the 5 then get on the 166 over to the 101 south. The 58 is also closed. Check before you go.
  93. Soda Pop

    Weather check for HN Bank and Clarion Island weather update

    Can anyone help me out here.... I want to see what he weather is doing down south... any storms forming? I don't think we will be down in the area till Oct. 22 I see I put HN bank... its HB..... or Shamada Seamount ... Clarion Island area weather check.
  94. Soda Pop

    Report from the American Angler... Surprise

    Surprise Today we enjoyed a beautiful traveling day in good weather, as the gang spent most of their time rigging and getting suited for the next couple days. Just when we thought it might be a fish less day- the marauders went off. Totally caught off guard, the next thing you know wahoo were...
  95. Soda Pop

    Intrepid report with Kevin Osborne This is a audio report.
  96. Soda Pop

    Catchy Tackle 15 day .... Intrepid .... Oct. 17 roll call

    With less than a month to go I just wanted to see who else is on this trip. I have most of my gear packed. The off season has been a long wait. I did take the time to send my reels in for service and buy a few new toys for my upcoming trips.
  97. Soda Pop

    Scale to calibrate you reels

    I am looking for a new scale to calibrate my reels. I want a good one...easy to read... the last two scales broke on me.... do any of you have knowledge of the Manley Brass Fishing Scale or can you recommend a good scale. It needs to be a 50 LB scale. Thanks
  98. Soda Pop

    Saltiga® 2-Speed Lever Drag Does anyone know the difference in these reels? There is about $140 difference in price. Daiwa's home page.
  99. Soda Pop

    First 15 day leaves Oct. 17 ...... Intrepid

    So with 45 days .... and counting ..... I will leave on the first trip down to the lower zone. I have had all my reels serviced during the off season and they all look like there in tip top shape. Doing my inventory on my tackle and just ordered some top shots from Basil. They will arrive...
  100. Soda Pop

    June Heat .... Red Rooster ... 15 day

    Christina just called me.... I just got on the June Heat trip.... I thought that I might get on this trip... last year I had a really great time.... lots of good people to share the rail with... I just might hop back in the skiff like last year... that was a hoot. Some of the fish I caught last...
  101. Soda Pop

    Okuma A-12SIIa Andros 2-Speed A-Series

    Anyone know when this reel will be for sale? I leave Oct. 17 on a 15 day.... I was hoping to have a new toy to put on my new Salty Dawg Calstar fishing rod he is building for me..... its way past the due date...
  102. Soda Pop

    Captain Jimmy’s Wahoo Bombs Which ones do you like? I am thinking about ordering some to give out on a trip in Feb. I know they work... I have seen them in action ... and the end result was a Wahoo on the deck. If you look at the web page there are names on them. Thanks Soda Pop
  103. Soda Pop

    Excel 3 day report

    Wednesday, August 5 09:21 PM Excels Returning From 3 Day Family Trip Capt Justin checked in from the Excel as they are on a 3 day family fishing trip, we have about 20 kids on the trip this time. We stayed local in US waters so we could have a shot at the Blluefin Tuna and Yellowfin Tuna. We...
  104. Soda Pop

    2015-2016 Cow trips booked

    Are any of you on the trips I booked? I just love to fish for Wahoo and big tuna. Each year is a different game. Last year on my Jan. and Feb. trips the Wahoo were thick at the rocks... all you wanted you could catch. In Jan. we caught 80 on the way down and 90 on the way back at the rocks. In...
  105. Soda Pop

    Red Rooster Web page is comming up... Cal's Reel ConversionsPage ?? What the heck???
  106. Soda Pop

    Advance Reservations for Fish Fish Processing ServicesServices

    I just wanted to let you know every year I make my reservations for same day pick up for my fish. The fish must be RSW.... Frozen takes some time to defrost. If your new to Long Range or been around this is a very good service these Fish Processing companies offer. There are (3) to choose from...
  107. Soda Pop

    BHP Topshots – Momoi Hi-Catch Monofilament 100LB & 130 LB.. 50Ft

    BHP Trolling Topshots – Momoi Hi-Catch Monofilament Momoi's Hi-Catch nylon monofilament is an extremely high quality line produced using strict quality controls. It exhibits low memory, is very soft and flexible while maintaining a high tensile strength to diameter ratio. Hi-Catch is an...
  108. Soda Pop

    Long Drift for 25-70lb fish on the Intrepid... 6-24 fish report

    June 24, 2015 Long Drift by Kevin Osborne We had another fun filled day that started out with a ripper bite on mixed Tuna & Tails, once we reached our fill on those we headed offshore and got on a school of 25-70lb Yellowfin for a long afternoon drift. The weather, the fishing, the atmosphere...
  109. Soda Pop

    Red Rooster 15 day trip report

  110. Soda Pop

    Help.... Getting a weather report for Clarion Island - Hurricane Bank

    I am on a trip leaving Sat. May 30th on the Red Rooster. We will be on a 15 day trip that could fish the buffer zone ( Clarion Island area ) or ( Shimada Seamount ) also know as ( Hurricane Bank ) It takes us 4 days for the ride to the fishing zone so that will put us in the area around June...
  111. Soda Pop

    Last 15 day points her bow south next Sat May 30th

    The Red Rooster will point her bow south for the last trip for Cows until Oct. rolls around. I was lucky to get a spot on this trip.....its been a sellout for years... The last time I was on the June Heat trip aboard the Rooster was 12 years ago. I am all packed up and ready to roll south in my...
  112. Soda Pop

    New cook on the Intrepid

    Anyone know where Jeff Grant came from? He is the new cook on the Intrepid. Perry is also there but Stan is gone.
  113. Soda Pop

    Going long video .... Cow time

    This is a trip I take every year. Some cast members are..... Fishy Buzz ... Soda Pop... Gary Grant.... and a cast of many of the same faces every year and a few new ones.
  114. Soda Pop

    My new Wahoo Marauder

    So I had Salty Dawg make me this new marauder for Sh*ts and giggles. I like having fun and if you have fished with me before, you know I never get serious. Last month on a 15 day trip it was my turn on the troll ..... ask around..... I usually look for the green horn that has never caught a...
  115. Soda Pop

    Okuma Andros 12 ......... 2 speed

    Anyone know when this reel will be out to buy?
  116. Soda Pop

    June Heat ------ Red Rooster ----- 15 Day ---- May 30- June 14

    I just got on this trip..... usually it is sold out every year. Last time I was on the June Heat trip was back in 2004. I know a few of the guys are still on the trip... have been every year..... so it will be fun to share the rail with Bob Cherry and Bob M. that wears the suspenders...... and a...
  117. Soda Pop

    Intrepid nail the Wahoo

    March 01, 2015 Rocks Wahoo by Kevin Osborne Limit style Wahoo fishing this afternoon as we decked 162 fat Skinnies in 6hrs! The rocks came alive like one rarely gets to experience with whales, porpious, bird life, and fast paced Wahoo action. We are very stoked with the day to say the least...
  118. Soda Pop

    Fred Hall Show Long Beach

    This is the time of year that my wife and I look forward too. We will both be at the Fred Hall show Thursday when it opens. Its like a huge toy store that my wife and I look around for a few hours. Not only do they have a good deal of long range boats and tackle there they also have something...
  119. Soda Pop

    Best Wahoo reel to buy

    I want to buy a new Wahoo reel. I have asked one of my friends and I just wanted to get a take on everyone out there. The price is not a factor to me. I am looking for a high end reel that can cast/bait fish for and double for yellowtail. I do like bait fishing more than tossing jigs.... call me...
  120. Soda Pop

    Roll call..... Excel... 16 day.... Jan. 31

    Its almost time to ride south for the Wahoo and Tuna. I was at the rocks last week and we nailed the Wahoo like I have never seen before for this time of year. We caught over 100 Wahoo. As for the Tuna it was a tuff trip... do to weather...wind to 30 knots and heavy rain. We had to move to the...
  121. Soda Pop

    Bait for long range fishing update

    The sardine we picked up on the way out of the harbor looks pretty good. They are a little on the small side but it was the only thing available...
  122. Soda Pop

    Holiday season over.... are you going fishing soon?

    Now that the holiday season has come to an end...... have you booked any long range trips..... going out soon to chase any Wahoo or Tuna? Here are the trips I have booked. Hope to see you on one of these trips. Intrepid Jan. 9 .... 14 day Excel Jan. 31 ... 16 day Intrepid ... March 20 ... 15 day
  123. Soda Pop

    Happy New Year to all..... 2015

    So I just put up my new sport fishing calendar up in my office.... Thank Bill Roecker ....End of another year..... I miss Bill doing the reports at the dock when we arrived back from a trip. I sure hope everyone has a safe and happy new year. Soon I will be back on the water fishing with...
  124. Soda Pop

    Avet 3 speed reels for kite fishing

    Have any of you went to a 3 speed reel for the kite? Avet makes a 50,50W and 80 in there 3 speed reels. Avet Pro EX 3-Speed Game Reel
  125. Soda Pop

    Roll call... Intrepid limited load... 14 day.... Jan. 9.... westcoastfishing

    Well with less than a month to go its time to chime in for your roll call or just to wish us a safe trip and say hello out there in internet land. I am going to start to pack next week.... do inventory on my tackle and pack and unpack..... LOL So who on this trip..... Its all sold out and we...
  126. Soda Pop

    Captain Bill Cavanaugh on the Red Rooster now?

    I fished with Bill last year on the Excel. I just read the Rooster report.... looks like he is filling in for Andy. That news to me. Any take on this? When did he move... ect.
  127. Soda Pop

    Roll Call........ Intrepid 13 day...... Nov. 12 .... Hoo's Tuna Run and Gun / Phil Hein

    Well its about time to see some old friends and meet some new friends. I hear the lower banks are doing good. I was at hurricane bank and the Island last week and the bank was ok... the Island was dead.... things can change at any time...... will just have to wait and see where we go.
  128. Soda Pop

    Rloo Call........ Intrepid 13 day...... Nov. 12 .... Hoo's Tuna Run and Gun / Phil Hein

    Title was misspelled on first post.. did not know how to correct it.
  129. Soda Pop

    JRI new wahoo lure gets the job done at the Bank/Buffer zone

    Jerry from JRI was gracious enough to bring me some of his latest lure to try on my recent trip on the Intrepid. They were a hit! Lots of guys loved the look/design. Those that tried them were hooked and hooked up! Unfortunately one was lost to the anchor, but I bet he still has that lure in...
  130. Soda Pop

    Excel Get 91 Wahoo at Alijos Rocks

    Capt Justin called in from the Excel who have spent the last 1 1/2 days fishing Alijos Rocks, where they had great weather and excellent Wahoo fishing. We are on the Seeker 10 day trip and we ended our time here with 91 Wahoo, the hot tickets were the Wahoo Bombs and YoYo jigs. Anything bright...
  131. Soda Pop

    Roll call ..... Intrepid 15 day ..... Oct. 17

    Well it is almost here. The waiting is almost over! The packing, unpacking, repacking, counting and double counting of tackle has almost come to an end. The anticipation is at its peak! Chime in for a roll call for the 15 day trip aboard the Intrepid. Good luck wishes gladly accepted from...
  132. Soda Pop

    Is it o so true? Banned from bloodydecks? O YESSSSSSSS

    and both have been banned. Who else needs a ban so you ladies can go back to discussing finger nail polish colors on top shots?
  133. Soda Pop

    need help in T-Bar tool for Talica reels

    I have a few Talica reels that I have been using a screwdriver to put on my reels. Last year someone had a T-shaped tool that worked great. Sometimes the screws come up too much and this tool fit right in over the hardware and you just turned it. Any help on this one. I don't want to buy the...
  134. Soda Pop

    Intrepid Oct. 17 - Nov 1 ... 15 day ..... Start of the Cow season

    I live for these trips. Not just for the fishing but the people I have met over the years and the stuff you get to see on the 4 day ride down to the buffer zone or the bank. Sometimes we fish both.... you just never know. With a bit over a month to go I start gathering things I need to take...
  135. Soda Pop

    Fall-Winter trips booked.............. are you ready for Cow-Wahoo Fall-Winter season trips?

    These are the trips I look forward too every year. I have met and shared the rail with some really good people in the past. Are you on any of these trips? Or what big fish trips do you plan on doing? Here is my list of booked trips. Intrepid ... trip # 20 ... 15 day ... Oct. 17-Nov. 1 Intrepid...
  136. Soda Pop

    Moon Phase

    Does the full moon light have an influence on how fish bite when fishing? Some claim it is pointless to fish during a full moon, but others are adamant that their catches are particularly good during a full moon and can barely be surpassed. But what does the angler has to say?
  137. Soda Pop

    New toys for upcoming Cow season

    Had Salty Dawg build me a SD 70XXXXH Rail Rod with the new Alps heavy boat guides. To match the rod Salty built me I have the new Okuma Makaira 50SEa reel. I had Basil from BHP tackle spool me up with the new Seaguar Threadlock line I read about. Basil put 850 yards of the 130lbSeagur...
  138. Soda Pop

    Makaira 50SEa... I am so shocked

    Ok so here is the deal..... I met a guy a couple of years ago standing in line for a 10 day trip. He says to me how many cows do you think we will catch on this trip Soda Pop. I told him the honest truth.... your on the wrong trip to catch big tuna we call cows. You booked a trip where you will...
  139. Soda Pop

    Are you booked on any summer trips? What do you like about them?

    So now that the long trips are over(14-18 day cow trips ) its time to start thinking the summer trips that can range from 4-8 days. I myself haven't been on these kind of trips for a few years. I booked the Ray Jarvis trip on the Intrepid this year.I have fished with fishy and Gary on the...
  140. Soda Pop

    San Diego Bait Barge ever move? < (Click on link )
  141. Soda Pop

    56.6 lb. Yellowtail

    Doug with a 56.6 pound Pacific Yellowtail. Now that is a big Yellowtail.
  142. Soda Pop

    Name your go to tackle store for longe range fishing

    Where I live there just are no tackle stores to go to. A real bummer because at times I just want to window shop ...LOL... ask wife if that ever works when I am in a tackle store that has 1st class customer service and a ton of stuff I could use... my wife thinks I have enough tackle to open my...
  143. Soda Pop

    Tunadwr is now Soda Pop on bloody decks

    I will now be Soda Pop on bloody decks. Thanks to a buddy I fished with I now have my new name everyone knows me as when I am fishing. I posted this here because I fish long range from time to time.
  144. Soda Pop

    Intrepid ... March 21-April 5 ... 15 day ... Are you going on this sold out trip

    I just got all my crap unpacked from my 15 day on the Excel last week and now that everything is clean its time to pack it all up again. This will be my last trip for cows this year. Its been a good year and I have met a lot of new friends along the way. So are you on this trip? Fishing has been...
  145. Soda Pop

    San Diego Bait Barge Moves To Temporary Home Near Harbor Island

    With a 15 day upcoming trip I am on I am curious how the bait will be in the new location.
  146. Soda Pop

    Excel 15 day... Salty Dawg Custom Rods ....Almost ready

    Well I am packing up for the upcoming trip aboard the Excel. Just wanted to thank Bill from Salty Dawg rods and the Excel for putting this trip on. I remember when Bill told me about this trip a few months ago. I immediately called up the Excel office and booked this trip. As I was taking...
  147. Soda Pop

    Rolling dwn on the Intrepid ..... 14 day

    After leaving San Diego Friday with a good load of bait the time for fishing is almost here. Yes........... we will start fishing tomorrow for tuna and wahoo in the lower zone. We are on a 14 day with a great group of passengers. Lots of last minute double checking our gear making sure...
  148. Soda Pop

    Final report.. Intrepid 13 day jackpot fish

    <tbody> November 22, 2013 Fantastic Trip by Kevin Osborne The Intrepid returned this morning from our 13 day Hoo's Run and Gun trip. Thanks again for a wonderful trip..Here are the JP winners: James Wilson: 329.6 YFT David(Soda Pop)Rouse: 222.8 YFT Scott Myers: 215.8 YFT... </tbody>
  149. Soda Pop

    Changing Hotel ... Going to try a new hotel

    I have been staying at the Vagabond Hotel for the last few years. It has always been a great location. My last 15 day in Oct. someone said try the Dolphin Hotel they have free parking for a few days and its cheaper so I called up yesterday and found out it was $50.00 less than the Vagabond and...
  150. Soda Pop

    Roll call .... Intrepid 13 day ... Nov. 9

    Did this trip last year when it was 11 day. Now that its a 13 day gives us more time out on the water. Phil Hein did a great job last year as charter master. Excited to see Phil and some old and new faces. So are you going fishing or are you just wishing? Packing my soda pop and stuff for the...
  151. Soda Pop

    On our way home... Intrepid 15 day

    Well BD'ers were all on our way home from a trip that will have many stories to share. Today was flat calm and we enjoyed dinner and friendship as we move north to San Diego. As a lot of you know we road out a big storm. We were on the perfect boat with Kevin and Billy taking our safety first...
  152. Soda Pop

    Almost time for the Cow trips...... Lets see when your trips depart

    Well gang its almost time to move from the summer 5-8 days trips and get into the fall/winter trips that go anywhere from 10-16 days. So if your booked on a trips lets see when you depart from San Diego. I myself will leave Oct. 4 on a 15 day aboard the Intrepid. One of a few trips I have...
  153. Soda Pop

    Almost time for the Cow trips...... Lets see when your trips depart

    Well gang its almost time to move from the summer 5-8 days trips and get into the fall/winter trips that go anywhere from 10-16 days. So if your booked on a trips lets see when you depart from San Diego. I myself will leave Oct. 4 on a 15 day aboard the Intrepid. One of a few trips I have...
  154. Soda Pop

    WTB.... 40-80lb reel for my new Rod

    I had SaltyDawg just finished another rod for my upcoming Oct. trip. Always love his work. So I am now wanting some help from you bloddydeckers to help me find a reel that will match this rod. Its rated 40-80lb ...... Alps seat, Fuji BHNNG guides. I will use this rod for combo type fishing...
  155. Soda Pop

    Intrepid 15 day ... Oct 4 ... Roll call ...

    Starting to get all my tackle ready for the upcoming 15 day trip aboard the Intrepid. I was forming at the mouth when I was reading all the summer reports. This year I changed up. Did no summer trips. Went to 13-16 day trips out of San Diego. I will fish the Maximus twice this year also. So if...
  156. Soda Pop

    Soon it will be Cow season <<<<<<<,, check out the different clips of tuna fishing. I live for this time of year to come. Soon the long range boats will be heading south in search for the large Yellowfin tuna and the toothy Wahoo. My first trip is Oct. 4 on the Intrepid...
  157. Soda Pop

    Tuna Rods ..... All Roller Rods

    Calstar GF 760 H ... 50-120 lb test ... 6'1 length ... All Rollers ... Custom Blue with black .. $275.00 Seeker Black Steel graphite G 660H-6' AR .... 30 (40) 80LB. ... All Roller Rod .... $150.00 Factory Wrap Rod. Calstar baby boomer rod .. 5'4 in length .... All Roller...
  158. Soda Pop

    Chief cuts trip short.... due to taking on water

    I signed up for a 3 1/2 day trip on the Chief, the old Big Game 90 for old times sake. The boat deported H&M landing on Thursday night. We went to sleep and started early the next morning catching fish. We caught dorado and yellowtail as we headed south to find blue fin. Mid afternoon we had...
  159. Soda Pop

    Chief 3 1/2 day trip roll call departs Aug.29

    Well I am going on this trip. Not my normal trip of 10-16 days but this will bring back the time I got hooked with long range fishing. The Chief is the old big game 90 that I fished for many years. Capt. Mike was at the helm and we had fun. For those who fished with me I am not bringing any of...
  160. Soda Pop

    Capt. Bill Cavanaugh on the Intrepid

    I don't see Capt. Bill Cavanaugh on the Intrepid wed page anymore???? Can anyone tell me what is up with that?? In the past few months they also lost 2 deckhands.<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  161. Soda Pop

    Do not buy a Infinity car.

    I purchased a G-37 14 months ago and the leather seat has a line where the leather is wearing out. I don't know what happened but when I took the car in the dealership told me there was nothing they could do. I called Infinity's customer service at there home office and they just now called me...
  162. Soda Pop

    Lets see the trips you booked for the 2013-2014

    Here is my list...... Chief....... 3 1/2 days....Aug. 29-Sept 2 Intrepid....Oct. 4-Oct 19.....15 day.....Catchy Tackle Maximus.......... Oct. 28-Nov. 1 Intrepid.... Nov. 9-22..... 13 day.... Hoo's Tuna Run and Gun / Phil Hein Maximus......... Nov. 30-Dec. 5 Excel....... Feb. 18-March...
  163. Soda Pop

    Chief............. 3 1/2 day trip... Aug. 29

    My old fishing buddy and I use to fish the big game 90 years ago. We knew it was sold and the new boat is called the Chief. Don't know the Capt or any of his crew. We wanted to bring back old memories so we booked a trip for the Aug. 29th trip. Its been a long time fishing these types of trips...
  164. Soda Pop

    Intrepid 15 day ... Oct. 4...Oct. 19........ Anyone on this trip?

    Just booked another 15 day. The May trip was a shark fest so the only thing I can do is go back out. So I met some really great friends on the May trip that were booked on the Oct trip so why not go back out with some of my new friends I met in May.
  165. Soda Pop

    Where to bu squid 3-4 pounds for Tuna fishing

    I was looking for a market or somewhere I can buy humbolt squid. I want the squid to be around 3-5 lbs per squid. I think they are called humbolt squid? This isfor fishing long range out of San Diego and we will be fishing in Mexican waters on a 15 day trip.
  166. Soda Pop

    Updated RP report

    4/15/13 <TABLE class=contentpaneopen><TBODY><TR><TD vAlign=top colSpan=2><STYLE></STYLE>This mornings bite netted 21 yellowfin tuna, 3 0f which were over 200#. They also had 28 wahoo yesterday. </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
  167. Soda Pop

    Indy is in to some fish.

    <TABLE width=400 align=center><TBODY><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD align=left>04-09-2013 - Hello again from the Indy, we had a good day out here with totals of 44 tuna up to 190 pounds, most fish again fell in that 80 to 140 class with about 15 in the 140 to 190 range. During the day the Wahoo flashed...
  168. Soda Pop

    Intrepid ... How to play music

    Ok so back in Jan. I gave Darren a cd to play for me. This is for the speakers that our outside. Near the old bathroom he had a phone or some kinda chip. I know nothing about this new stuff to play music on. In fact the deckhands were asking what the heck is a cd...LOL My wife wanted me to ask...
  169. Soda Pop

    Limited edition 20SEa in silver

    The new 20 SEa limited edition reel in silver.
  170. Soda Pop

    New Makaira 20

    20 Makaira spool up with 100 lb JB Hollow. Basil did this for me. BHP tackle rocks !!!!!!
  171. Soda Pop

    Intrepid May 11 L&M trip..15 day

    Looked at the schedule and it looks like there are (2) open spots that came up. Great time for Wahoo and it looks like the Tuna are showing up now. Are you going to be standing at the dock wishing or are you going to jump on this trip and have a great time with the L&M gang? I was out last year...
  172. Soda Pop

    BHP Tackle

    Called up Basil and found out he will do my new Mak 30 SEa reel with JB hollow. Always get 5 Star customer service at a great price. For those of you who don't know about BHP tackle check it out. I get all my wind on leaders with a zero faliure rate. Another happy customer LOL Thanks to fishy...
  173. Soda Pop

    Fred Hall Show

    Anyone know of any free JB hollow with a new Okuma Makaira 20 and..or..a 50? I need 100 ands 130 for my new reels I will be buying at the show on Wed.
  174. Soda Pop

    Intrepid 16 day

    Intrepid leaves for a 16 day.. Watch the reports. Soon I will be on my 15 day. Loftus & Martin is the next trip. 1 spot left. I am on................... <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=3 width=776 border=1><TBODY><TR><TD>Trip #30</TD><TD>March 1 Friday </TD><TD>Sunday</TD><TD>March...
  175. Soda Pop

    Shimano 30... 2 speed reel

    TLD 2 spped 30 reel. Good shape. Some boat rash and salt on the lug nuts. Other than that a great reel. Gone though by Alan Tani last year. My wife will do pictures latter. PM me. Box and reel shipped for $150.00
  176. Soda Pop

    Shimano Tiagra 30

    I have a Tiagra 30 two speed for sale. Has spectra line but I would change it. Reel is 10 years old and was gone over by Alan Tani. Works great !!! Box with reel. Pictures latter when wife can do it. $300 shipped with box.. pm me. Thanks
  177. Soda Pop

    Tuna frenzy

    Panama Tuna Fishing Frenzy ok I know this is not out of San Diego but it gets my juice going. Is it May yet? LOL
  178. Soda Pop

    Trips you have booked for the 2013-2014 season

    Here is a list of trips I will be on. (1) May 11-26 Loftus & Martin ... 15 day Intrepid ... 2013 (2) July 13-21 ... Ray Jarvis Memorial ... 8 day Intrepid ... 2013 (3) Maximus Oct. 28-Nov 1 ....2013 (4) Maximus Nov. 30-Dec.4 ...2013 (5) March 21-April 5...15 trip ...2014 I...
  179. Soda Pop

    Fred Hall Long Beach Show

    I will see ya at the Fred Hall show in Long Beach. I will be there on the 6th of March. The next day I have to be in Seattle and the day after that to see my dad in Victoria BC. I missed the Long Beach show last year. I went to Del Mar but it was not the show Long Beach has. Fred Hall -...
  180. Soda Pop

    Roll call.. Jan 6... 14 day Intrepid.... Capt. Kevin's 40th birthday

    Ok so here we are waiting to go Cow fishing like last year and the years before. If you are on this trip (Jan. 6-20) it is my understanding that this will be Capt. Kevin's 40th birthday while were out fishing. I wanted to get Kevin a small birthday gift.... under 200 bucks. Anyone out there know...
  181. Soda Pop

    Five Star Fish Processing

    Another 5 star ***** happy customer here. Thanks for all the help these gals do for me. I see them 6-8 times each year and there customer service is always 5 star. O and the fish......... yummy yummy yummy Thank you again 5 star. See you again after my 14 day trip in Jan.
  182. Soda Pop

    Intrepid 11 day Nov 10-21 roll call

    Anyone going on this trip? I see there is only 1 spot left on this trip. Hoo's Tuna Run and Gun / Phil Hein / Open It is Cow time people. It is what I wait for every year. Are you on or will you be watching from the dock wishing you were on the Intrepid having a blast.
  183. Soda Pop

    Live Bait

    How is the bait? Better than last week? I am leaving Sunday for a 8 day If you just got off from a trip can you give me a bait report. Thanks
  184. Soda Pop

    Spirit of Adventure Roll call... 10/7

    <TABLE class="wp-table-reloaded wp-table-reloaded-id-5" id=wp-table-reloaded-id-5-no-1><TBODY><TR class="row-24 even"><TD class=column-1></TD><TD class=column-2>10/7</TD><TD class=column-3>10/15</TD><TD class=column-4>8 day</TD><TD class=column-5>Charter.</TD><TD class=column-6>Jim Hart/Grady...
  185. Soda Pop

    Albacore Bait Fisherman.. LOL

    Albacore Bait Fishermen - YouTube
  186. Soda Pop

    Albacore vs. Rockfish

    Albacore vs. Rockfish - YouTube
  187. Soda Pop

    Intrepid 11 day Nov. 10-21

    Was on a waiting list for a 13 day on the Rooster but that did not pan out so I booked on the Intrepid 11 day. I was on this trip last year. Anyone else going on this trip?
  188. Soda Pop

    Almost Cow time. Lets see your Cow pic

    A 270 and a 330
  189. Soda Pop

    Red Rooster III Nov. 8-21. sucks to be on the standby

    Wanted to book a trip on the Rooster but waited to long. Kinda sucks to be on standby. So just a heads up if you are looking at a trip that works for you book it before you are standing on the dock wishing not fishing. If I can not get on this trip I will have to look for another cow trip. The...
  190. Soda Pop

    Lets see what trips people are going on for the 2012-2013 season

    Here is a list of trips I have booked this year. Red Rooster 8 day. June 13-21... we all had a blast Intrepid 9 day. July 5-14 Spirit of Adventure 8 day Oct. 7-15 Intrepid 14 day. Jan. 6-20 2013 Intrepid 15 day. May 11-26 2013
  191. Soda Pop

    Roll call Excel May 10.... 15 day.. Are you going?

    Just wanted to see who will be on this trip. I was fishing a 14 day in Jan. and we did good,but I hear the fishing is very good for both Yellowfin and Wahoo. I have not fished the Excel in a number of years. I have been fishing other boats in the fleet. I boat hop alot. This year I will be on...
  192. Soda Pop

    Excel 15 day May10-25

    (Excel 15 day May 10-25) Anyone on this trip? I just booked it. I just could not wait anymore with the reports I am looking at. My buddy just got off the star and they nailed the tuna and wahoo. 49 cows and 100 wahoo in a day. They could not get tuna because the wahoo were so thick they had to...
  193. Soda Pop

    Albacore Bait fisherman

    Albacore Bait Fishermen - YouTube This is so funny. Can you relate?
  194. Soda Pop

    Day at the docks this Sunday

    Going down to San Diego this weekend and will stop by day at the docks. Never been to this event. Sounds like we will have a fun time. So my wife and I will make a weekend trip and have fun. Anyone else going?<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  195. Soda Pop

    Day at the docks this Sunday

    Going down to San Diego this weekend and will stop by day at the docks. Never been to this event. Sounds like the kids there will have a blast. So my wife and I will make a weekend trip and have fun. Anyone else going?
  196. Soda Pop

    Del Mar March 22-25 Fred hall show

    I can not make this years Fred hall show in Long Beach because I will be in Canada. I want to look at the new reels and the new Seeker and calstar rods. Any one think I am in for a low? I love the Long Beach show and I hear the Del Mar show just is not the same.
  197. Soda Pop

    Kona on the Intrepid?

    Anyone know whats up with Kona Mike? I have not seen him on the last few trips?
  198. Soda Pop

    Jan 6 -14 day Intrepid.. You on this trip?

    Anyone one this trip? I just got on a few weeks ago. Carol called and said there was one open spot so I took it. I am leaving on Dec.26 for a 11 day so I wanted to post this now. Be back just in time to hook up with the Intrepid group on Jan 6
  199. Soda Pop

    Roll call Dec. 26 American Angler 11 day

    Who is on this trip? It will be my first time trying this boat out. I hear nothing but good from this baot and the crew.
  200. Soda Pop

    Dec. 26 American Angler

    Anyone on this trip? It will be my first time on the Angler. It is a 10 day calstar trip.
  201. Soda Pop

    Charkbait in San Diego now OPEN Friday Nov. 11

    Hours will be 10am till 2pm veteran's day. Just spoke with Mike and he told me that we were closed but now we will be open a half a day.
  202. Soda Pop

    Charkbait closed Friday Nov. 11 San Diego

    I just called charkbait in San Diego because I had a new reel I was going to buy from them but they told me they are closed for veteran's day. Just so you don't waste your time. I am glad I called because I called Mike last month and told him I would be there Nov. 10th but I had my dates mixed...
  203. Soda Pop

    Laundromat Point Loma

    Anyone know where I can wash my cloths after a trip? I just booked a trip that leaves Jan 6. I will be comming off a 10 day Jan 5th So I will need to find a place I can wash my cloths at. I will also check with my hotel to see if they offer that service.
  204. Soda Pop

    Nov. 12 weather report

    Saturday High: 65 Low: 51 Rain - 100%
  205. Soda Pop

    Vagabond Inn Point Loma Nov. 11

    Who is staying at the Vagabond? I will be there Nov. 11 about 130pm Friday.
  206. Soda Pop

    PL-68 Salas Iron

    I see you guys are catching some big yellowfin on the Salas PL-68. What size and how many ounces and whats the hot color? Also do you use 80 or 100lb on the jig and what lb test would you use? If you have any pic's of the lure that would be great also. I have never used a Iron on the big fish...
  207. Soda Pop

    Shimano Talica ll 50

    Anyone see this reel yet? Is it worth the $$$$ They want $1,199.99 .... I have other Talica's I like and they work very good. I need to hold one in my hand before I put down the money Almost bought the Makaira 30 SE for half this price. What is your take on this new Shimano Talica 50 2...
  208. Soda Pop

    Spectra line

    Do you ever need to change spectra line? On most of my reels the spectra is 10-12 years old. It looks great. Just wanted some feed back on this question. Thanks
  209. Soda Pop

    Intrepid 8 day July 8th. You on this trip?

    Just asking are you on or will you be standing on the dock wishing? Its almost here and it looks like the weather and wind have improved. O ya and the fishing looks like it picked up at the rocks. It will be great to see the guys I fish with from past trips and its always nice to meet new people...
  210. Soda Pop

    San Diego long range trips

    Hi. I will be on the these trips. Wanted to see if anyone has booked any of these trips. Intrepid July 8-16 (8 day ) Nov. 12-23 (11 day ) Polaris Supreme Aug. 25-Sept. 3 ( 9 day ) American Angler Dec. 26- Jan. 5 ( 10 day )<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  211. Soda Pop

    Shimano TLD 2 speed

    I have a TLD 20 2 speed reel that just got back from Alan Tani. All repairs were taking care of and the reel is ready to fish. I have specta line on it and I think its 80 or 60 but dont know for sure. I fished it with a 100 yard mono top shot 50lb line. The reel free spools like crazy...
  212. Soda Pop

    Okuma makaira 2 speed reels

    Looking to buy a new cow reel for my trips this year. I wanted some feed back on the Makaira 20II and the 30II speeds. Will a 20 hold enough 100lb for the fish in the 200-300 and maybe up? How about drag? Is there enough drag and line to pick the 20 2 speed. Whats your input. I will be fishing a...
  213. Soda Pop

    Okuma Makaira 20 2 speed

    Anyone look at these reels yet for cow tuna? Okuma Makaira 20 2 speed
  214. Soda Pop

    Any one on these long range trips? San Diego

    Hi. I will be on the these trips. Wanted to see if anyone has booked any of these trips. Intrepid July 8-16 (8 day ) Nov. 12-23 (11 day ) Polaris Supreme Aug. 25-Sept. 3 ( 9 day ) American Angler Dec. 26- Jan. 5 ( 10 day )
  215. Soda Pop

    large smitty belt with spider harness

    I have a large Smitty belt (approximately 16"x10") with a spider harness for sale. $130.00 includes shipping to the continental US. This is the ultimate in stand up belts. Belt is used and has help land many giant yellowfin. It's a real cow catcher. Also can be used for marlin or other large...
  216. Soda Pop

    Smitty Belt

    I have a Smitty belt for sale. Good for tuna from 30 to 100 lbs. $60 includes shipping within the continental US. PM me with any questions or email me at [email protected] for pics